A Newsweek journalist has resigned after the publication reportedly suppressed his story about the ever-growing OPCW scandal, the revelation of immensely significant plot holes in the establishment Syria narrative that you can update yourself on by watching this short seven-minute video or this more detailed video here.

“Yesterday I resigned from Newsweek after my attempts to publish newsworthy revelations about the leaked OPCW letter were refused for no valid reason,” journalist Tareq Haddad reported today via Twitter.

“I have collected evidence of how they suppressed the story in addition to evidence from another case where info inconvenient to US government was removed, though it was factually correct,” Haddad said. “I plan on publishing these details in full shortly. However, after asking my editors for comment, as is journalistic practice, I received an email reminding me of confidentiality clauses in my contract. I.e. I was threatened with legal action.”

Haddad added that he is now seeking legal advice and looking into the possibility of whistleblower protections for himself, and said at the very least he will publish the information he has while omitting anything that could subject him to legal retaliation from his former employer.

“I could have kept silent and kept my job, but I would not have been able to continue with a clean conscience,” Haddad said. “I will have some instability now but the truth is more important.”

This is the first direct insider report we’re getting on the mass media’s conspiracy of silence on the OPCW scandal that I wrote about just the other day. In how many other newsrooms is this exact same sort of suppression happening, including threats of legal action, to journalists who don’t have the courage or ability to leave and speak out? There is no logical reason to assume that Haddad is the only one encountering such roadblocks from mass media editors; he’s just the only one going public about it.

Newsweek has long been a reliable guard dog and attack dog for the US-centralized empire, with examples of stories that its editors did permit to go to print including an article by an actual, current military intelligence officer explaining why US prosecution of Julian Assange is a good thing, fawning puff pieces on the White Helmets, and despicable smear jobs on Tulsi Gabbard. The outlet will occasionally print oppositional-looking articles like this one by Ian Wilkie questioning the establishment Syria narrative, but not without immediately turning around and publishing an attack on Wilkie’s piece by Eliot Higgins, a former Atlantic Council Senior Fellow who is the cofounder of the NED-funded imperial narrative management firm Bellingcat. Newsweek also recently published an article attacking Tucker Carlson for publicizing the OPCW scandal, basing its criticisms on a bogus Bellingcat article I debunked shortly after its publication.

The ubiquitous propagandistic tactic of fake news by omission distorts the public’s worldview just as much as it would if mass media outlets were publishing bogus stories whole cloth every day, only if they were doing that it would be much easier to pin them down on their lies, hold them accountable, and discredit them.

A recent FAIR article by Alan MacLeod documents how the Hong Kong demonstrations are pushed front and center in mainstream consciousness despite the fact that to this day not one protester has been killed by security forces, while far more deadly violence is being directed at huge protests in empire-aligned nations like Haiti, Chile and Ecuador which have been almost completely ignored by these same outlets. This deliberate omission causes a distorted worldview in casual and mainstream news media consumers in which protests are only happening in nations that are outside the US-centralized power alliance. We see the same kind of deliberate distortion-by-omission with the way mass media continually pushes the narrative that Donald Trump is “soft on Russia”, while remaining completely silent on the overwhelming mountain of evidence to the contrary.

The time is now for everyone with a platform to start banging the drum about the OPCW scandal, because we’re seeing more and more signs that the deluge of leaks hemorrhaging from that organisation is only going to increase. Mainstream propagandists aren’t going to cover it, so if larger alternative media outlets want to avoid being lumped in with them and discredited in the same sweep it would be wise to start talking about this thing today. It’s only going to get more and more awkward for everyone who chose to remain silent, and more and more validating for those who spoke out.


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54 responses to “Journalist: Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With Legal Action”

  1. I would support the imprisonment and torture of journalist Julian Assange if he had ever published fake news. Therefore, in the interest of fairness and intellectual honesty, I must support the imprisonment and torture of “journalists” James Ball, Luke Harding, and Kath Viner.

    1. You Berk…. I hope you are being paid well as a troll.

      1. As a matter of fact, I just bought a toy boat. The Internet Research Agency funds my rapier wit using Wikileaks as a cut-out. You’re welcome to join us under the bridge. There’s a tiny gravy train circling the campfire we use to keep warm. Alternatively, I suggest you enlist in the 77th Brigade. They’ve set their sights on The Grayzone Project, which has been allowed to skate for far too long.

        1. Robert Blinch-Edwards Avatar
          Robert Blinch-Edwards

          Great! I hope they keep skating! As for the 77th Brigade – you are an excellent candidate…

  2. Having been 8n the biz. Of magazine distribution, usa, 4 just years….Incan most certa8nly attest to the fact that Newsweek was one of the worst “news” pubs. In existence, meaning that uts sales were practucally defunct compared to its competitors. Expat, 4 eva, Tom…

  3. Caitlin, I reacted to Bill Rice Jr.’s excellent advice and took this link to TBP as well as a couple of your fine commenters’ comments.

    I don’t know if we can start some kind of crosstalk amongst the blogs to knit together our own Committee of Corresponders as Sam Adams once did, but at least I can say someone tried to figure out how…

  4. What do you make of the Jefferson Morley article in the latest Counterpunch?:


    It seems to be an odd combo of attempting to debunk the idea that the attacks were staged, while at the same time acknowledging that something might be wrong at the OPCW. I wonder if this isn’t a more subtle form of attacking the anti-regime change position of truly independant media thinkers…..

    1. Counterpunch does that fairly often.

    2. Max…. Counterpunch would be on my ‘beware’ list.
      They seem to have purged some really excellent writers in recent times, and still retain writers who completely deny the OPCW scandal, and who demonise people who oppose the imperialist intervention in Syria.
      We are demonised as ‘Assadists’ and ‘Assad apologists’. And a couple years ago, a couple of their writers really stuck the boot into Caitlin in a very vicious manner.
      I would avoid CP actually. Much more reliable and trustworthy sites like The Grayzone, The Greanville Post, Moon Of Alabama, Strategic Culture, and, of course, here @ Caitlin Johnstone.

      1. Alex Cockburn died in 2012. He was a good guy. His partner was never as thorough or talented as Cockburn or Ken Silverstein (who left in the 90s). Jeff St. Clair still publishes some good articles but it isn’t the same.

  5. What else would you expect from bought and sold automatons – they have lost all integrity and honor, something fast becoming a distant anomaly. I take my hat off to Tareq Haddad for not losing his integrity, I just wish more would follow his brave stand against the corrupt MSM.

  6. https://youtu.be/yIaBSIfZtFA

    When this guy goes there will be one less voice that speaks to power. He is still around and speaking out for us.

  7. At least Tareq Haddad did the honorable thing by resigning. How many others are there in a similar position to him?
    Probably a very small minority.
    However, given the coordinated attempt to cover up the OPCW scandal plus their full throttled coverage of the Hong Kong ‘protests’ (refer to NED, Jimmy Lai, US Embassy etc) plus their disgusting treatment of Julian Assange plus their almost complete silence on the Gilets Jaunes in France and the aftermath of the Bolivian fascist coup – given all this, and many many other things, how can we even refer to these creatures as ‘journalists’?
    They’re not.
    Interesting to note, one of the fake ‘socialist’ groups in Australia, who stated the most outrageous crap about a ‘revolution’ in Syria, who fully abandoned Julian Assange years ago, and has been almost fully silent on his plight is now providing gushing coverage of the ‘democracy’ protesters in Hong Kong.
    Exactly like the mainstream media has been.

    1. What else would you expect from bought and sold automatons – they have lost all integrity and honor, something fast becoming a distant anomaly. I take my hat off to Tareq Haddad for not losing his integrity, I just wish more would follow his brave stand against the corrupt MSM.

      1. Automatons is an excellent word Robert. I usually say presstitutes or stenographers. Am fully aware of the revelations of Udo Ulfkotte, and read Manufacturing Consent years ago.
        Really good article at The Grayzone exposing the Integrity Initiative and the deliberate smearing of Jeremy Corbyn.

        1. These corrupt US and British secret agencies are going all out to blacken Jeremy Corbyn name and his chance to become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. They are running scared stiff of a possible Jeremy Corbyn victory. So, they will do all they can to fix the election and pull out all the stops. Using all their trolls and bots to spread malicious propaganda. The British people MUST NOT fall for this. Jeremy Corbyn is Britain’s only chance to stop the onslaught of American capitalism taking over the NHS and other institutions. Under Boris (PM) the British people are under threat of losing the NHS. Under Boris, the present condition of the children needing food and shelter is unprecedented – one in five children in GB go to bed hungry, while their mothers work two jobs or more just to stay alive. Great Britain – you must not let this chance pass you by, you must vote for Jeremy Corbyn as your next prime Minister by throwing the Tories out of office on December the 12th

  8. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    We have to rely on alternative medias of course.

    It is obvious now that there is no low mainstream medias journalist cannot go down to keep their job, their paycheck and their social status. The same for politicians.

    Days of Noah all over again. We have to pray the Rosary to hasten the Return of Jesus.

  9. The popular socialist leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, could be on the verge of becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. And the mere possibility is terrifying British intelligence services and the US government. Peruse this article here:

  10. Caitlin, am posting the first bit of this with a link at TBP. Tip by CC Rider.

  11. Here you go! There is still time to get a paper together and join in.


  12. Just to let you know I’ve taken action.
    I stood on my platform next to the property fence and told the cows in the neighboring field all about OPCW and Syria and how many people have died.
    I got a couple of enthusiastic Moos in reply, so I think we have some new converts to the cause.
    Just trying to be funny, as an attempt to say Thanks to Tim and Caitlin for this. They have been successful in building themselves a larger platform where they can talk to more people (sheep?), and for that alone that deserve our thanks and congratulations.
    Keep up the Good Fight!!!!!

  13. For awhile I was forced by an employer to watch Fox News while at work.
    Fox News (Rupert Murdoch in America) does always have some of the leftwing voices on their shows. One prominent example was Dennis Kucinich after the Democrats forced him out of Congress.
    However, this does not mean that Fox and Rupert Murdoch are ‘leftists’. What Fox News always does in this. They have the one leftist on a panel with about 4 neanderthal conservatives. The leftist gets his chance to speak his/her views as they go around the panel. Then the remainder of the neanderthals attack what the leftist just said. Thus, the leftist is there just as a setup for 80-90% of the show telling you just how awful anything to the left of Reagan is.
    Its a step beyond the old Rush Limbaugh technique. Another employer used to force me to listen to that radio show, and Limbaugh’s technique was that he paraphrased what leftist would say (in a very slanted fashion), and then he spent the rest of his show attacking that statement. In the Rupert Murdoch version, and apparently in Newsweek, they actually let someone say lefty sounding things, but its only to set up the large attack that follows in mass quantities.

    1. Thank goodness we have Rachel Maddow and the rest of the MSNBC network to give us the truth.

  14. Another excellent report Caitlan .You certainly did not miss your calling on your choice of career.
    Thank you so much .

  15. The London Summit made it clear to the whole world: NATO at 70 has become a global joke. Peruse this article here:

    1. “Far from being a sage gathering of dignified and seasoned statesmen and women, it resembled nothing more than the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in “Alice in Wonderland” – offering a bizarre and genuinely disquieting subversion of all the solemn values it claimed to celebrate: Another cheap, gimcrack simulacrum, in fact.

      A generation of spoiled brats and preening narcissists played at being statesmen and stateswomen: They howled like babies deprived of a sweet to suck on when US President Donald Trump as the only adult in the room told them they could not have security and stability unless they were willing to pay for it.”

      Excellent link.

  16. It’s time for the revolution – dust off the pitch forks… and sharpen the guillotine…

  17. We should now be thinking about how alternative news outlets are being and will be infiltrated by establishment operatives. Whistleblowers need to be careful about who they go to and do some digging into the background (including family background)
    and associates of the people they are looking to trust. Nothing can be taken at face value. For a start, would anyone recommend The Intercept to whistleblowers anymore?

    1. One feature of this uber-capitalist world is that the opponents of humanity have tons of money. Thus, they can usually buy most things.
      Take an ‘alternate news’ site that is always struggling for money. Suddenly, someone offers them money as a grant or donation. There might not be any strings attached …. at first. But then, once the organization is addicted to their money, they start to lean on them.
      Example …. take a typical lefty activists who’s online. They are trying to do this on top of the other two jobs that this Oligarch economy requires to survive. Then, someone comes along and offers them a Million Dollars, with more money that can follow? To Oligarchs who control billions and trillions, that’s chicken feed. But its enough to buy most people who live in this Oligarch’s world where money is required for basic survival.
      If I look back at the ‘lefty’ sites I used to follow 20 or 30 years ago, all of them have obviously since been bought. The Nation and Democracy Now! both fit that bill, and are now loyal to the Democratic Party where before they were radical.
      Just saying that we should always look very carefully at anyone, and not go on past records. We live in a world where Oligarchs have obscene amounts of money and thus can buy most people and most things.

      1. Yes, congress is bought and paid for… Israel is responsible for donating campaign contributions/funding (bribing) many politicians. So when Netanyahu arrived to give a speech to congress he had a standing ovation that lasted minutes. He pays these members off with money the US gives Israel. When the government is so corrupt you get the trickle down effect!

  18. The MSM is NOT going to change. The “Fourth Estate” is beyond corruption and has obviously been co-opeted by the Deep State. The “swamp critters” and politicians are certainly not going to change or leave. Given this, the only way to change the Status Quo is for someone to create a big-time investigative news organization that DOES pursue and publish all of the HUNDREDS of stories that are effectively “off limits” to investigation. I’m not talking about one person working by himself or herself. I’m talking about an organization with 30 to 35 full-time investigative reporters, plus editors and researchers – They can be salaried, freelance, full-time some part-time – but they need to be under one umbrella and produce stories that will have mass-market appeal (that cannot be ignored). Such an organization can also align itself with a network of Caitlin’s and citizen journalists around the world (that is, use their tips, publish their pieces, pay them for work, etc.)This organization would have a monopoly on hundreds of blockbuster stories. It needs to be non-ideological – equally offend/shock/challenge the left and the right. It needs to create a mass audience and routinely shame these so-called “independent journalism” organizations. I think this would happen. I think it would and could make money (but if you had enough backers, making $ would not be the sole reason for such an operation).Exposing all the ways the “mainstream press” spikes and ignores real stories would be one of the most fruitful beats of this organization. The key is that the organization have deep-pockets, can hang around for at least several years, and produces stories that get the attention of the typical Joe. The politicians WILL respond to average voters (out of self interest) and average voters will “get” a real story if it is presented convincingly enough to them. Anyway, if the status-quo corrupt system is going to be changed, this WILL require “watchdog” journalism. But the real “watchdog journalism” we are getting today is niche and too easily ignored. The corrupt KNOW they are not going to be asked hard questions from the MSM. Create a real investigative news organization that they could NOT “blow off.” Question to Caitlin, as inspiring and as great as she is: Do these people and organizations return your calls and emails? They would HAVE to (or would be much more likely to do this) if you worked for or with an organization like I envision. Again: The politicians aren’t going to do it. If the politicians or prosecutors are going to act in a sane way – they have to be prodded to do this. They certainly are not being prodded by today’s co-opted MSM. As always, if you want a job done right – do it yourself. If Newsweek or The New York Times or CNN aren’t doing it right, start an organization that will. And there’s damn sure a “market opportunity” here. Now if someone just had the guts to fill it … and do it.

    1. Hey… am a contributor at TBP… I posted this article there and am getting little response. I am going to take your very well phrased comment there. Not plagiarizing… borrowing.:D

    2. It was attempted: wikileaks.
      Julian Assange is currently being tortured and faces life in prison in a secret trial for publishing the truth.

  19. This goes on at probably ever MSM organization, every week if not day. NEEDED: Many more “whistleblowers” in the press coming forward and revealing all the stories that don’t fit the meme that are being spiked and suppressed (and that cannot be pursued by reporters).

    … Ironically, there are a lot of great stories out there that could show all the great stories that have been deemed “off limits.” These press organizations – and the way they don’t cover certain stories – are a big part of the bigger story. Look at OPCW, but also Epstein coverage, Assange coverage, Skripal coverage, coverage of the columnist murdered upon orders of the Saudi prince, etc …

    1. Bill… I have posted your comment as a response at TBP, hoping to draw some of our more informed readers to comment.

      If you or Caitlin or others here were to enter the discussion there, perhaps some progress toward NETWORKING a bunch of bloggers to form that investigative group of communicators… our own Committees of Correspondence network.

      Because, Bill? Your comment above and this one encapsulates the problem and solution.



  20. Is your seat belt on? The next 90 days are going to bring a tornado of conflicting political narratives that are liable to make many people feel like their heads are being unscrewed off. Are the leaders in Europe fed up with the United States government disrespecting their countries and using them as pawns in the never ending cold war with Russia?

  21. Caitlin, on December 6 James Corbett quoted extensively from your November 27 article on this subject — and complimented your analysis and writing. Here is his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70OQBZcEnTA . His mention of your excellent article begins about 31 minutes in.

    He’s Canadian living in Japan, married a Japanese woman and has a young son, and you’re Australian married to an American, and I think you two make great colleagues in this important battle facing us all.

  22. The mainstream media have evidently been unab le to keep the lid on this story. But a quick survey of the headlines on Google News this morning is instructive. Here’s a sample.

    “Chemical weapons watchdog defends Syria report after leaks” – The Guardian
    “Emails And Reading Comprehension: OPCW Douma Coverage Misses Crucial Facts” – bellingcat
    “U.S. accuses Russia of helping Syria cover up chemical weapons use” – Reuters
    “New sexed-up dossier furore: Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog’s report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored – so was it to justify British and American missile strikes on Syria?” – Daily Mail

  23. Unfortunately, in cases like this the journalist runs into a bit of bad luck before they can publish the story and die by means that can only be described as an act of g_d; unless of course you’re a conspiracy theorist, in which case it’s obvious that the reporter was murdered, as was suspected in the recent speeding $2 million sports car that crashed into a tree after 300 feet, burst into flames and killed that headline.

  24. Christine Smith Avatar
    Christine Smith

    I’m cautiously optimistic with how this is going. Thanks you Caitlin.

  25. OPCW = Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

  26. There is no hope while the MSM have so many unquestioning readers/viewers. We need to find a way to shift people away from those propaganda sites and onto sites with real investigate journalists and competent analysts. The MSM lies are getting more outlandish and the liars more brazen, but still they get away with it while the truth-tellers are shut down or locked up. I despair.

    1. As do I. I’m not sure the citizens as lemmings can be diverted from Propaganda Inc. Since the Sociopaths In Charge have created an economy in which the serfs have to work extra hours to feed themselves, some are to busy to look for alternatives. Many either consciously or subconsciously are terrified the truth would destroy their perceived paradigm. Then there are the absolute morons who can’t manage to pull themselves out of the Facebook/Twitter/etc. alternate universe long enough to drive a car, much less do any serious reading. Nothing new. Historically, cultures have repeatedly gone over the cliff while ignoring reality.

      1. I doubt they do much reading at all. Since the Oligarchy controls television news, they control the vast majority of what gets out to the sheeple. There is no critical thinking, only lazy consumption. The long hours worked by the average prole, the absence of any opposing voices in the MSM, and the fact that many Americans graduate high school with amounts to a 6th grade education makes the propaganda insurmountable. They are also taught to feel powerless challenging authority from elementary school all the way through to the “job world.”

      2. Peter in Seattle Avatar
        Peter in Seattle

        @JWK: “Citizens as lemmings”? That’s an outrageous oversimplification. Citizens are not just lemmings. They’re mynah birds, too. Just try talking to one about politics and listen to them parrot whatever their favorite PR flacks said in “the news” the day before.

  27. Caitlyn, I love your work. But I must point out that some of us are acronym challenged. Can you please spell out what any acronym stands for early on in your articles. I read this and have no idea what OPCW is.

    1. Just Google (or the other search engine of your choice) “OPCW”.

      The first hit returned is:

      Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

  28. I tried. Ages ago, I posted three articles, with video, one about what really (didn’t) happen at Douma, from the OPCW whistleblower guy and Robert Fisk, one with dead babies being horrifically exploited in White Helmets propaganda, and one with video footage from the Syrian Arab Army of the arsenal of chemical weapons they seized when liberating Al Ghouta from Daesh. They were stored in underground tunnels along with 500 civilian hostages and the canisters were marked with company names from US, UK, Germany and Israel.
    Facebook removed my posts for “malicious content”. First one, then the others, so the most recent one, the OPCW one from almost a year ago had flagged me up and they checked back through the rest of my posts. I have since learned that Facebook donates funds to the “charity” that runs the Integrity Initiative.

  29. I tried. Ages ago, I posted three articles, with video, one about what really (didn’t) happen at Douma, from the OPCW whistleblower guy and Robert Fisk, one with dead babies being horrifically exploited in White Helmets propaganda, and one with video footage from the Syrian Arab Army of the arsenal of chemical weapons they seized when liberating Al Ghouta from Daesh. They were stored in underground tunnels along with 500 civilian hostages and the canisters were marked with company names from US, UK, Germany and Israel.

    Facebook removed my posts for “malicious content”. First one, then the others, so the most recent one, the OPCW one from almost a year ago had flagged me up and they checked back through the rest of my posts. I have since learned that Facebook donates funds to the “charity” that runs the Integrity Initiative.

    1. https://www.theburningplatform.com/2019/12/08/newsweek-journalist-resigns-opcw-story-suppressed-time-to-learn-newspeak/

      post something in a comment at TBP and I’ll discuss it with you there… I’m trying to expand ALL of our horizons.

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