“This goofy ass Trump letter is gonna get more outraged coverage than the bombshell report on the entire Afghanistan war being a lie and frankly I don’t know if I can handle that right now,” popular Youtube commentator Kyle Kulinski tweeted today.

The post was just one of the many observations that Kulinski tosses into the Twitterverse every day, presented in his typical casual, offhand way without any self-significance. But if you actually pause and think about what he’s saying here, how true it is and what it says about the mass media institutions which people rely upon to form their worldviews, it’s actually a damning indictment of our entire society.

It is a fact that far more news media energy is going into one trivial aspect of an impeachment agenda that will with absolute certainty fail to remove Trump from office than there is for the known fact that the US government fought to suppress indisputable proof that American officials have been consistently lying about an 18-year military occupation which continues to this day. This fact should, by itself, be sufficient to completely discredit the mainstream press. This one tiny piece of information, that there’s vastly more buzz about an irrelevant impeachment sideshow than there is over the Afghanistan Papers, should in and of itself cause everyone to regard the entire establishment media complex with the same amount of respect as it gives the Flat Earth Society.

But it doesn’t. People are so hypnotized by the endless drama of the mass media news churn that all context and sense of proportionality is lost to them. They stand transfixed by the latest kayfabe combat between the two puppets in America’s two-headed one-party system like an infant distracted from the cause of its outrage by a set of shiny, dangling keys.

The public’s total immersion in whatever sparkly clickbait drama gets served before them by the waiters and waitresses of corporate news media enables the narrative managers responsible for manipulating public thought to simply pace mainstream attention away from inconvenient news stories, even after reporting on those very news stories themselves the day before.

This ability to memory-hole attention away from inconvenient truths using the drama of the relentless news churn is the final line of defense for the establishment propaganda machine, and, much like a video game, they save the hardest boss fight for last. Even if a little truth manages to squeak past the wall of billionaire-controlled media employees who are conditioned to understand that they’ll only be able to advance their careers by promoting narratives which favor the establishment upon which those billionaires have built their respective kingdoms, even if that truth then squeaks past the steadily thickening walls of government secrecy, past the increasingly overt infiltration of media organizations by powerful government agencies, and past the empire’s increasingly aggressive war on oppositional journalism, it still has to face the final boss fight of news churn memory-holing. And boy, it’s almost unbeatable.

A lot of dissident-minded optimists got hopeful that maybe once the lies of the Iraq war were exposed, people would lose trust in the political/media class which deceived them about such a massively significant atrocity. These hopes were of course dashed as public attention was simply paced on to the next new, shiny thing, and then on to another and then on to another, and on now to the point where everyone’s babbling about impeachment over some political shenanigans with Ukraine and Joe Biden without hardly anybody bellowing in unmitigated rage that this same party refused to impeach Bush over mountains of literal war crimes. There is no actual correlation between a story’s newsworthiness and the amount of news coverage it ends up getting, so the still earth-shakingly consequential repercussions of Bush administration’s malfeasance have been eclipsed by today’s set of sparkly keys.


This infuriating tactic has been employed time and time again against inconvenient truths which miraculously managed to surmount the many other roadblocks which obstruct people’s understanding that they do not live in a free or just society but a murderous, oppressive and exploitative one. They are able to employ this immensely crucial strategic advantage because the social engineers whose employers benefit from the status quo don’t just work to manipulate information, but narratives as well.

It doesn’t matter how much information gets leaked to the public by whistleblowers, how much information the public gains access to via successful Freedom of Information Act requests, how much information is brought to public attention by investigative journalists combing through documents to connect the dots on the behavior of the powerful, as long as the establishment can manipulate or suppress any narratives that might get told about that information. No matter how much truth gets exposed about the depravity of the powerful, it won’t make one drop of difference in terms of public accountability if nobody’s talking about it. We see this in the way narratives still depict Trump as a Russian stooge despite the information about his many reckless escalations against Russia being publicly available, we see it in the way mainstream media is suppressing all discussion about the OPCW scandal, and we are now seeing it in the way the Afghanistan Papers are being memory-holed despite their temporarily featuring as front-page mainstream news.

This is all proof that simply getting information published isn’t enough. As important as whistleblowers, investigative journalists and leak publishing outlets like WikiLeaks are, by themselves they’re completely impotent, because all they do is reveal information while leaving the control of the dominant narrative in the hands of the establishment spinmeisters. There is no truth that could possibly be exposed that is so damning and so salacious that it couldn’t be manipulated away by establishment narrative control.

This doesn’t mean there’s no hope of ever awakening a critical mass to the fact that they live in a society which is ruled by oligarchs who benefit from keeping everyone else poor and powerless and profit from deceiving us into sending our children overseas to murder other people’s children. All it means is that we need to approach the problem with a very specific focus. It isn’t enough to simply expose the truth; we need to expose the truth while forcefully driving home the message that the media organizations which people rely on to form their entire understanding of the world have been deceiving them.

Yes, expose the truth, but do it while also saying “Look! See? This proves that the mainstream media have been lying to you this entire time! They lie to you about everything!” Drive this point home constantly, as often as possible. The propaganda machine is only able to manipulate people away from inconvenient truths when people trust it; if you can weaken their trust in the plutocratic media and the political class which regurgitates their narratives, you will cripple the machine’s ability to manipulate them in that way.

It’s not enough to simply expose the truth. You must also fully, repeatedly and consistently expose the ones who are telling lies.

This is simply a matter of an adjustment of focus. Far too many truth-tellers think it’s enough to keep their energy close to their chests and mildly speak truths as correctly as they can into the information ecosystem. This is like being in a cage fight and thinking it’s enough to simply have a good fighting stance. We are being attacked by an enemy who seeks to destroy our ability to understand and respond sensibly to our world, so we need to fight back. We need to be moving our feet and ducking and weaving and throwing strikes in combinations, not just standing there with a textbook-perfect fighting posture.

It’s not enough to be right, we’ve also got to win. We win by pouring our energy into sowing distrust in the establishment propaganda machine, mocking it, ridiculing it, showing everyone how absurdly phony it is, until everyone’s laughing at it and treating it with the same amount of deference that they give to flat-earthers. When we’ve accomplished that, that’s how we’ll know that we’ve won. And from there it will be possible to build a healthy world based on truth.


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83 responses to “The News Churn Memory Hole: How The MSM Lies Even When Telling The Truth”

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  2. Let’s start by naming this accurately and then changing our language.There is no”mainstream media”;what we have is the State Controlled Media.

  3. “For ‘in him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your own poets have said, ’For we too are his offspring.”(The Greek poet Aratus, referring to Zeus…In our day, “Zeus” means the techno-industrial megaplex of modernity/”progress”…”The Empire”.)

    The narratives and their tellers will go on. They MUST go on and they will be believed by the majority. That’s genetics…evolutionary psychology. The majority lives, moves, and has its being in the megaplex (a social entity with a techno-industrial economic infrastructure), and the increase/maintenance of the megaplex’s life-supportive power often depends on lies/falsity. Lying (commissional mistruth) and hiding/ignoring (omissional mistruth) is instinctive, often to the point where the liars themselves, let alone the people who want to believe their lies, don’t even know they are lying. Truth only comes out for the majority when it’s not (or when it’s no longer) potentially damaging to the complex, or especially, as in the case of new power-enhancing scientific knowledge, when it can actually increase the complex’s power.

    If the techno-industrial megaplex falls apart, we may have a chance to set-up much smaller social entities (like those that still exist in remnant H&G societies) in which falsehood detection is a more straightforward process (everyone knows everything that’s happening directly or by direct witnesses that they know), but as long as it endures we are stuck with the narratives it must make to maintain itself.

    To work for the downfall of the techno-industrial complex is the only real way to fight for the end of the “narrative problem”, but to do that is also to work for something that could disrupt one’s own life. Quite a dilemma isn’t it? The good and bad thing, is that this dilemma may be resolved soon enough…There is now a good chance that the megaplex will collapse/self-destruct due to a number of forces at work (resource depletion, ecosphere disruption, social stresses, war…), and in that may lie the greatest hope for humanity and the rest of the biosphere.

    One of the ways to induce social stresses, that will increase the chance of megaplex collapse, is Caitlin’s vision of guerrilla warfare…if her message can get beyond the status of preaching to the choir. To me this is how this warfare should be viewed, not as a thing to “correct” the megaplex’s behavior, but to help in its self-destruction via social stresses…mistrust of its internal info control network, its nervous system.

    + Some good ones from John Gray:


  4. Dear Caitlin,
    I was born in 57, moved to Barcelona, Spain in 58, to Naples, Italy in 60, and returned to the States in 62, a “navy brat”, my Dad being put out at the end of his obligation.
    I’d gone to kindergarten and first grade in Naples, on the U.S. naval base, with no problems. We came “home”, and from then, through high school, I spent much time in the office, in detention, writing hundreds of times, things I wouldn’t do, because from second grade on, I was standing up, stating, “this text book is lying, I walked those stones, my Mom translated those inscriptions into the four ancient languages of their time, and it means “thus and such”, and inevitably, I’d be “disciplined” for violating authority, regardless of the actual charge.
    When JFK was assassinated, I knew from the start it was a cover up, simply because there were a host of details that “simply couldn’t fit the narrative”, and yet they were utterly impossible to hide. I knew at eight, a couple years later, as I was investigating the whole thing, all about high velocity bullets, and what they do, I was preparing to go to Vietnam, even then.
    I graduated high school with about a .6 grade point average, because of severe dyslexia, but with a great education, because I’d been reading since two, and have an almost idetic memory, I remember books I read sixty years ago.
    I’ve raised two kids, now in their forties, spent all their lives, opening the truth to them, and helping them get through, without my own problems, even with far greater propaganda, and harsher penalties for challenging.
    If we controlled our own education system, we’d never have allowed our “Media” become so biased, however, we’ve been carefully taught not to think critically, our “history of Nation, of world, of religion” is vastly distorted to work their end, in controlling what people think, it took “an extremist” to stand out, in say 65, and confront teachers with textbook lies, that were fairly innocuous, compared to the books of “school” today.
    I don’t believe a student would survive, holding the attitude I did, and standing their ground, today, I believe they’d be medicated, put in a special school, probably even at “government expense” (of course, actually at our own, government has no money), but it simply would not be allowed.
    I am a machinist, tool maker, mechanic, electronics expert, I am a qualified engineer in several fields, mechanical, electronics, hydraulics, and my hobby is physics, something I seldom have time for, given politics. I am here, with my knowledge, solely because I was raised such that I wasn’t intimidated by adults, and I’d chosen my profession, metal working, in Barcelona, Spain, watching the blacksmith, forging tools back to shape and sharpness, building a new stone structure apartment building, next door to our apartment.
    Adults in America today, only have an “education” if they ignored school, but not so much they didn’t get good grades, and deliberately educated themselves, according to good, well founded principles.
    Our education system is the reason most people are able to believe “the media”, most Americans today, have been bamboozled over war, history, moral principles, pretty much everything of consequence, and only a dedicated, personal effort, can even begin to ameliorate “pre-emtive mal-education”. I still fight false memories, issues that seemed insignificant decades ago, and only now rear their heads, and I see I’ve allowed false assumptions creep in.
    We “owned our own education system” only while we had “primarily home schooled or one room schoolhouse” and education the responsibility of family. As President Madison worked, expanding the empire, with the “Lewis and Clarke” survey of the Louisiana purchase, three or four “territories” were established, Judge and Sheriff designated for each, and “State run education” was established in order to move from “territory, to state, and make their place in the Union”, in short order.
    We, America, lost our control of our own education at that point, and only the adamant, are able to get an “education”, here. I don’t believe we can regain control of our education, and I do believe that means we are going down, soon. I have hopes we have “secession”, and end up several groups of “similar culture states”, however it is quite likely we will simply fail, and God alone knows what happens then.
    I retired out of the Marines, 22 years ago, and began teaching the lies of government to folks around me, who use my services, having done the same for a decade, teaching Marines how to survive combat, with honor intact. My first decade was fraught with lies, and I stayed in precisely to do what a Gunnery Sergeant did, after ten years of Vietnam, as a grunt, and stayed in, to teach the “lessons learned” from that fiasco.
    I fought with my government as a Sergeant, a Staff Sergeant, and Gunnery Sergeant, over everything they promoted, and was fortunate to get out without prison. There are a great many Americans who know the truth, and fight daily for it, however we are far outmatched by the power of the press, and the sheer volume of lies, and liars. If we ever needed a civil or uncivil war, now would be the time.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

    1. Thank you.

      ‘Bamboozled’. Such a nice substitute word for brainwashing.

      The layers of brainwashing go deep in the US population, which is one reason the Russiagate nonsense, for example, somehow finds traction in the minds of so many.

    2. I was born ten years after you, and as a kid I was super eager to please authority figures. It didn’t really occur to me they would lie. I am reasonably sure I’m on the autism spectrum as they call it now. A common feature of autism is being unable to lie effectively, or tell when you are being lied to. I’ve known some dyslexic people, and their strengths and weaknesses often seem the opposite to mine. They are all good at inferring things, and detecting lies. When I graduated both high school and college, they put a special decoration on my costume so everyone could see I was extra smart. Since then, it has occurred to me I’m not that smart, and my main skill was following directions. It genuinely frightens me how much of our education system is obedience training.

      I’m reading a book called “Resisting Illegitimate Authority” by Bruce Levine. I discovered the author from his writing at Counterpunch. It’s not so much a “how to” as a self help guide for natural anti-authoritarians, especially young ones who are struggling. Levine is a psychologist with some interesting things to say about how anti-authoritarians tend to get filtered out of medical school and how he stayed in. He also talks about assaults on anti-authoritarians by institutions of education and psychiatry.

  5. Can you handle the truth? This is the reality of the United States of America!
    The story should have been featured all across the US as Afghanistan continues to kill Americans and much larger numbers of Afghans while also draining billions of dollars from the United States Treasury, but the mainstream media was largely unresponsive, preferring to cover the impeachment saga. This article is here:

    1. Draining $Billions = filling the coffers of the war profiteering upper crust.

      The US dollar press is essentially a giant money washing/wealth creating machine but the name of the game is to create wealth for the selected few.
      Distribute 6 $Trillion among all Americans and you have created enormous inflation and destroyed the dollar forever.
      Whitewash dollar creation through overseas wars killing millions of brown people and you can channel ‘profits’ into the right pockets. Long live the “US System” and the “Free Market”.

    2. It’s not just big business that are the profiteers from this unending slaughter and invasions in sovereign lands — untold numbers of full-time and part-time small businesses and individuals have supply contracts with the US-military behemoth, and many, sickeningly, are our neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

  6. Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China
    Ironically, we can title this the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline.’ Had the Obama Administration not launched their coup d’etat in 2013 at Maidan Square in Kiev, with the subsequent ouster of the elected president in February 2014 in favor of literal neo-nazi parties and corrupt oligarchs under a US puppet regime, the completion of the Power of Siberia pipeline to China would likely not exist today. Negotiations with Beijing for the pipeline had been dragging on for more than ten years when the Ukraine coup took place. After that coup a final agreement was secured by Moscow with Beijing in a matter of weeks as Putin engineered a geopolitical pivot to the East away from NATO.
    Vice President Joe Biden was named by Obama to oversee the Ukraine coup and its aftermath, which apparently included some corrupt sweetheart deals for Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden with Ukraine gas company Burisma. This article is here:

  7. To survive as a credible entity, the OPCW must open itself to a full-scale audit of its activities in Syria by an independent authority with inspector general-like investigatory powers. Anything short of this leaves the OPCW, an organization that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its contributions to world peace, permanently stained by the reality that it is little more than a lap dog of the United States, used to promote the very conflicts it was designed to prevent. This article is here:

  8. Those of us with any sense quit depending on the MSM for information long, long ago. Anyone who still goes to those corrupt propaganda sources is asking to be fooled.

  9. Interstingly the lady in the picture at the top is Natalia Poklonskaya, currently a Deputy of the State Duma in Russia. The pic is probably taken when she served as Prosecutor General of Crimea in 2014, around the time the people of Crimea voted to leave post-coup Ukraine.

  10. When times got bad Rome gave the people Bread, Circuses and Gladiators. Today in America we enter the same era with entertainment galore, welfare for all and Amusements to disract us while the empire crumbles. Nothing can stop this so be smart and prepare for the inevitable.

    1. No, we get circuses without even bread. Chaotic times are revolutionary times.

  11. Caitlin wrote:
    > How The Mainstream Media Lies Even When Telling The Truth
    Meanwhile, the most important investigative journalist and publisher in the world…
    > LONDON: Next Thursday, 19th December, Julian Assange will appear by video link at Westminster Magistrates Court
    > dontextraditeassange.com
    Courage Foundation — Twitter — Dec 16, 2019

    1. Julian Assange is appearing at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London today Friday, December 20:
      > Belmarsh did not bring Julian to Westminster Magistrates’ Court as scheduled due to a Belmarsh mixup.
      So it is postponed to this afternoon.
      Don’t Extradite Assange — @DEAcampaign — Twitter — Dec 20, 2019
      > LIVE: Assange testifies on being recorded during exile in embassy: stakeout
      > WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is appearing at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on Friday, December 20 to testify on espionage claims during his exile at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Assange is expected to testify remotely before Spanish Judge Jose de la Mata, who is overseeing an investigation into surveillance activities of UC Global, a Spanish security firm accused of recording the WikiLeaks founder during his exile and passing the material on to the United States’ intelligence services. Director of UC Global David Morales had been detained in August and has since been released on bail. Assange’s defense team filed a criminal complaint against Morales, accusing his company of privacy offences as well as violation of attorney-client privilege.
      LIVE: Assange testifies on being recorded during exile in embassy: stakeout — Ruptly — YouTube — Dec 20, 2019

      1. Assange arriving 1 hour ago in prison van:
        > #JulianAssange just arrived at #WestminsterMagistratesCourt
        > That photo was taken NOW
        Isabell #FreeAssange — @Isabell89726404 — Twitter — Dec 20, 2019

  12. As not so comic relief:


    Mainstream journalists who dare to question the official Putin-Nazi narrative, even in the most respectful way, are going to come under increasing pressure to tone it down or suffer the consequences. Putin-Nazi paranoia will metastasize. Dissident websites will be deplatformed and demonitized. The Internet will be increasingly monitored for any and all forms of non-conformity. Dissent will be increasingly stigmatized. “Reality” will be increasingly policed. It’s all going to get extremely unpleasant, and that’s assuming that civil war doesn’t break out.

    And as for me, I’m just a political satirist with a barely respectable cult-sized following, so they’ll probably let me get away with continuing to cover the whole ugly show (as long as no one starts to take me seriously). I’ll try to find the humor in it, but honestly, just between you and me, what’s coming may not be all that funny.


  13. Apparently, Donald Trump has not yet decided whether to continue the Obama-installed regime in Ukraine or else to expose it and to go after both Mr. Obama and Mr. Kolomoysky, and abandon the cover-story of Biden and Zlochevsky.
    If he does decide to go after the principlals in the case, then he will have to expose who were the actual principals, and who were merely their agents.
    Thus far, in the United States of American press, all of the attention has been on the agents. Please peruse this entire article here:

  14. I keep alternating between rage and despair. Because rage is just too exhausting to maintain continually for years, and there’s always something new to be outraged about. I want to help, but even when I’m energized by rage, I’m not a warrior. On the Internet, with strangers, I can be bold. With my loved ones who get their news only from CNN, we are already at a stalemate. I’ve already been too bold with revealing my thoughts, and they seem to think I’m a loon, and they seem to be treating me with suspicion that I’m a Trump loving enemy of theirs, because I won’t sit with them in front of the TV, enthralled by the impeachment circus. I think I’m terrible at this. How should I be forceful? I think Caitlin was right when she described the deluded masses as being like members of a cult, and the way to handle them was to be gentle and make sure they know they can come to you if they choose to leave. One of them literally described Trump supporters as being like a cult, with no awareness at all of how their own behavior resembles a cult victim. I tried to think how I got woke. Basically I read stuff, and explored different ideas on the Internet, and I continually see new ideas and reject the ones that seem stupid, and keep the ones that stand up to scrutiny. No one ever told me directly I was thinking the wrong thing. No one handed me the right book, or emailed me the right article. Has anyone ever changed their thinking this way? Because someone said, “Hey dummy, you are listening to liars on the TV”? Should I give up on my loved ones, who may be the world’s most closed minded to my input, and just say bold and forceful things on the Internet? Maybe my words will reach casual browsers who don’t see me as lecturing them in particular? Caitlin said “find the others”. I don’t think I have access to any others.

    Graham Elwood did an interview with Jill Stein recently, part of which was on the topic of staying positive in the face of relentless attacks. She said some interesting things about losing friends over her disloyalty to the Democratic Party. She said something about finding new friends. I think she was successful at “finding the others”.

    1. Here is the other part of the interview with Jill Stein (I think there were only two parts). It is strangely hard to find Graham Elwood’s videos either by most recent or by related topic.
      This part of the interview starts with Jill Stein’s recent Twitter fight with Neera Tanden, but broadens to activist strategies. I think she’s saying about what Caitlin said, but in a different way. Jill Stein said something like 70% of people in the US are already fighting mad, so what we need is political organizing in the sense of community building. Find the others? Or convince the others? Maybe make friends with others so we can point our rage the right direction?

  15. Back early in the century, I was attending a Ralph Nader speech. (and yes, I know with that admission that all of the Russiagate loving Democrats put me onto their Obama Kill Lists).
    As a part of the speech, Nader spoke about why he was running for President. He described how previously he could impact the nation and create change by putting forward information that had previously been hidden. The obvious example is the work he did on automobile safety. Work that still saves many lives every year since he forced the capitalist automakers to get rid of the hard metal dashboards and to put better seat-belts in every car. Back then, he could do a study, get it published. Then see the ‘media’ of that age take up the issue and move it forward. Congress would then begin to hold hearings and maybe even take action.
    By the late 90’s, during the Clinton years, this was no longer true. By then, the post-Reagan media environment wouldn’t publicize his studies and they would be ignored by the legislatures and politicians.
    That was why Ralph Nader said he now felt he needed to run for President. Because the old avenues where a responsive society could change had been closed down.

  16. It’s the Sociology of Ignorance. Ignorance is used as a tool.

  17. Once you Turn Them Off, they seem quite ridiculous when you do happen to give them a small amount of attention. When you get out of the ‘news churn’, the world makes a lot more sense while they seem quite silly.

    Turn Them Off!
    Turn Them Off!
    Turn Them Off!
    Turn Them Off!

    Wouldn’t it be great if the next time they tried to rig an election by their mass lying, nobody was listening.
    Friends Don’t Let Friends pay attention to Mind-Control Propaganda!

  18. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    The Mainstream Corporate Media (aka the self-styled Free Press) is one thing: a War Criminal Media.

    That needs to be emphasized again and again.

    This is the same media that lied about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction; humanitarian intervention in Libya; Syrian government “gas attacks”; a fraudulent War on Terrorism; or the biggest lies of them all “defending freedom and democracy” all to justify the Anglo-American Empire’s bombing, invasion, colonial occupation, economic sanctioning, or political subjugation of multiple nations around the planet–slaughtering hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people as a result.

    If that is not a Supreme International Crime, as established by the Nuremberg Tribunal, nothing is.

    The crimes of this Mainstream corporate media as a *system* (and not just a “few bad apples”) should be put on trial.

  19. Our ruling overlords understand this, better than most people.
    As Michael Parenti says, they care about what you think. That’s all they care about. They don’t care if you live or die, if you eat, if you have a roof over your head, but they care about what you think.
    That is why they are attacking social media so strongly. Tweets, FB posts and YouTube channels make it possible for us plebes to communicate with each other horizontally, without the filter of the talking heads telling us what and how to think about the driblets of info they dole out to us.
    People who announce that social media is detrimental are channeling their rulers, just as much as if they spout Russiagate nonsense.
    This is our only way of talking among ourselves, and we need to protect it.

  20. These faces no-one embraces
    Trade your intelligence for a smile

    He who harasses innocent masses
    Forgives, to save your soul – in time

    Desperate believers, emotion dealers
    Have never learned to cry liquid pearls

    And silently these tribes of traitors
    Have captured everyone, including you

    — Adrian Hates (Diary of Dreams)

  21. This is one of Caitlin’s more important essays. In it, she identifies the vital role the MSM plays in protecting the Status Quo (via narrative control). If “we” somehow “drain the swamp,” we must also make sure that the press corp that was co-opted by the Powers that Be is similarly run out of town, disgraced, put out of business.

    The co-opting of the MSM press might be the biggest story of our times. That is, if the press had not aligned itself with the elite power structure, “they” would never have been able to get away with everything they’ve gotten away with. For them to sustain all their corrupt and nefarious operations, this was a necessity.

    Stories that do show how the MSM has been co-opted, and how real stories and investigations are routinely spiked or are “off limits” are greatly appreciated. Indeed, “exposing the ‘watchdog” press as sycophants” should become a major journalism beat unto itself. (That is, more journalists need to investigate other “journalists: or alleged journalism organizations).

    P.S. I also think someone – many someones – need to create formidable and real investigative journalism organizations that compete with the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News’s of the world. Not random “citizen journalists” or “alternative news sites” but significant organizations with large staffs of real investigators and researchers, with a budget and marketing plan to reach the masses. That is, organizations that cannot be ignored or dismissed. … Just an idea for the “what can we do?” file.

    1. Picture a news organization with 30 full-time Caitlin Johstones, plus researchers, free-lancers and a smart marketing plan. An organization that would align itself with the best “alternative” media/citizen journalists out there (both groups would promote each other). Such an organization would need significant funding to ensure it can stay in business for years. The mission of this hypothetical news organization would be simple – cover/investigate all of the HUNDREDS of news stories that are effectively “off limits” to mainstream inquiry. I think such an organization would quickly develop a world-wide audience of tens of millions of people. That is, it could NOT be ignored or dismissed. Politicians and bureaucrats would HAVE to respond to their calls. Its reporters would get credentials to attend press conferences, and have the opportunity to ask questions no other reporter is asking. Such an organization would quickly shame the other alleged “watchdog” news organizations. Indeed, one “beat” of this news organization would be the effort to expose fraudulent news organizations. Basically, if no press organization is doing “real” and important journalism, someone needs to do it himself. This news organization would have “exclusives” on every important news story in the world.

    2. Hmmm

      It is now clear the 6 major media corporations which control nearly everything we see, hear and read in America are controlled by zionists who’s allegiance belongs to israel, not America. They have by their actions demonstrated a long standing willingness to sacrifice America and Americans on the alter of israeli Imperialism and conquest. These zionist terrorist organizations must be stopped before they have destroyed what little is left of the Republic and our way of life….

      We the people must force “our” Government to follow thru on President Kennedy’s action which identified the likes of the NY Times, which now operates in lock step with those 6 corporations on any issue remotely connected to israel, as an Agents of a foreign Country (israel). And given that israel routinely commits War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide and Apartheid “our” government must treat them in the same manner they have done to literally hundreds of US organizations that support Muslims; SHUT THEM DOWN. Bear in mind that hardly a whimper was heard anywhere in America as one Muslim American organization after another has been shut down, often without just cause….

      1. Many Americans are Zionists, without them Zionism would not be possible to the extent it is now. America and Zionism are not apart any more than Christianity and America are apart.

        There is a reason the US media, post Vietnam war and as part of Reaganomics/Neoliberalism, was bought up and consolidated within the controlled corporate umbrella. By the time the invasion of Iraq took place the US media was completely embedded with the Pentagon as part of it’s narrative masseur divisions. This was one of the first lessons the MIC learned after the American War on Vietnam.

    3. Draining swamps is a slogan dating to times when we did not understand ecology and the vital role of wetlands. Imagine the consequences of draining wetlands in the lower part of Potomac basin.

      Numerous species or subspecies would get extinct, the species that feed on them or have symbiotic relationship would suffer precipitous decline. Economy of a wide surrounding area would suffer from job losses, decimated property values. Hungry creatures would invite a yet larger area.

      But the consequences would be much wider. Migratory species that rely on stopovers in Potomac Marches for reproduction would be hit badly. Repercussions would affect North Atlantic the most. Lastly, imagine the fate of marine life exposed to huge masses of moolah that Potomac wetlands filter from water.

      PS. Who is the guy sitting next to Natalya Vladimirovna?

      1. LOL! Perfect!
        Yes, “Drain The Swamp” is the slogan of Real Estate Developers (REDs) who hate the environment. I well remember the angry cries of all the REDs back when the federal attempts at Wetland Protection were going in during the 90’s.
        BTW, water quality also drops, as those wetland areas often work as filters getting some of the man-made bs out of the water. In the North Atlantic, perhaps the Potomac isn’t such a big deal. But for all of those little wetlands on streams and rivers upstream of where your drinking water is collected definitely help. For that matter, the I’d imagine those Potomac wetlands help clean at least some of the junk before it gets into the Chesapeake.
        But of course, the REDs want to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

  22. But not all people want the “truth”…

    If your family history prides itself on being American patriots, how can you reconcile yourself with the fact that your Great-grandfather was shipped off to fight in France based on US government deceit?

    The US government set up the Lucitania to be sunk by German submarines by loading it with munitions to be used against Germany on the Western Front. A fact they made sure the Germans knew. The US public was kept in ignorance.

    The Eisenhower administration were well aware of the incoming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Again the US public was kept in ignorance. Off Grandpa went to fight the “just war” for “freedom”. Maybe he didn’t return.

    The US Navy set up some confusion in the Gulf of Tonkin. That’s Pa drafted and sent off to the jungle to fight “Gooks” and ungodly “Communism”.

    Next up is Jr. who now signs up for the professional standing Army because fighting America”s wars is a family tradition and identity. Besides, beingen able to afford a mortage, get an education, maybe go to college, get married and start the next generation of muscle for the US System, “the Constitution” and the 2nd Amendment. “Freedom” as he knows it.

    Along comes 9/11 to send him overseas to fight more wars, conveniently already planned and prepared for by the US government, against “Al Qaeda” and assorted “ragheads”.

    Several tours later he realises his mission has morphed. He is now fighting alongside Al Qaeda because the objectives and narrative of his government has changed. His brother lost his legs and dick to an IED when the natives protested his presence. His son has signed up because family tradition and real jobs are scarce and is now being shipped off to Syria more or less undercover because the Pentagon needs to lie about reality.

    Jr., now Sr., reads in the paper, or rather does not read in the paper, that the US government has lied to him for decades. The US government has used him, his family, his family tradition and his unquestioning “Patriotism” to whitewash tens of $Trillions of “United States Dollars” and funnel most all of it to the upper crust of society.

    Now he is being told that there has to be a Wall along the Southern border because a lot of brown people who hate him for his freedoms want to come and live off the dollar machine for free (this is implied and never said out loud) and maybe steal his daughter. But it’s his daughter and his share of the dollar printing machine and medicare is damn expensive and even if he is a Good, Wellmeaning, Freedom loving American with a Big Heart he knows there are limits and he will fight for his freedoms and protect his family.

    Nevermind the “truth”. Life’s too busy for the truth.

    1. Pearl Harbor happened December 7, 1941. Roosevelt was president, not Eisenhower (1953-1961). The US government certainly incited Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, and the Roosevelt administration let it happen. After all, what are 3000 lives if one of them is not yours? In between Roosevelt and Eisenhower, we had Truman (1945-1953), who dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While we generally cannot know the truth about anything, hopefully dates have some reliability. Or maybe not.

      1. Re: the Roosevelt/Eisenhower mixup. Yes, my bad of course.

  23. Caitlin is one of the few truth tellers out there, and my only disagreement is that there is no hope. The U.S. has one party, the war party, with two wings, the difference being one of style not substance. Everything is corrupt and anyone who thinks anything can be changed is delusional. For example, I have a good friend who spent years living in an ashram. She and another friend went with me in 2011 to hear David Icke speak. Guess what? She relies on Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews for her news. The other friend remains a devoted Zionist. Need I say more? The only ticket out of this mess is a spiritual one: Prepare for death, and do absolutely everything you can to make sure you never come back, because the truth is that you can prettify the prison cell all you want, but only a break for freedom will work. The bottom line is that we live on a planet where life lives on life and everything else flows from that fact.

    1. The mainstream press “selling out” or choosing to promote the interests of the “status quo” is the key cog in their operation to sustain the Status Quo. We know the politicians, courts and bureaucrats aren’t going to change the Status Quo. That leaves only the Fourth Estate to hold them accountable, which they are NOT doing (nor will they do). The “integration” is complete – vertically and horizontally. Important stories/revelations do NOT get through the “gate keepers.” Again, we need new “gatekeepers.” We’re not going to get different politicians, but we could get different journalists (real skeptics and watchdogs) … And the politicians and bureaucrats will respond to the truth if it is convincing enough and reaches enough people. (Granted, they probably will not want to do this, but they will be able to gauge which way “the wind is blowing” and out of self interest – the desire to stay in office – will respond … if forced by voters/the public. But Caitlin is right – the real important stories are being suppressed. But what if they were not? What if these stories started getting through the gates and reaching the masses?

      1. We have reached an interesting point where the majority are aware that they are being lied to. Now the narrative managers are spinning this awareness as proof they are being lied to from outside, ie external enemies. So many Americans simply don’t want to know that the real root of the problem starts in America and within the American system itself.

        The US is such a superpower that most Western nations, ostensibly independent, are but planetoids to the power of the Dollar Printing Press and the US death grip on the financial systems they depend on. Not to mention the military and intelligence squeeze they are under.

        Just like Zionism is ultimately a Jewish problem to be solved by the Jewish population, meaning no external solution can be pushed to solve it – so the American working and middle class need to deal with the rot within the US System.

        The alternative is what we are seeing now, a slow (but managed) decent into a dystopian police surveillance state servicing the upper crust on behalf of the rest of the planet. Many Americans seem to think that it is ok to make a living as some kind of plantation enforcer/muscle as long as it is not them in the crosshairs of the plantation owners, but that little space of freedom is illusionary.

    2. The back up plan for the Oligarchs is to convince everyone that there is no hope of a world where the Oligarchs don’t run everything. If they can’t convince you that they are right, then they try to convince you that you can’t have any hope.

    3. You don’t have to come back. It is your choice. It is just that karmic indebtedness incurred in this dimension is generally easier to correct in this dimension. There are many houses for the soul to dwell and work along the path of self improvement. Although I understand that all of the karmic debt that I incur is mine alone, the frustrating reality is that we have collective debt, as a family, as a nation and as a civilization. When you pledge allegiance or swear fealty to an organization you also assume the karmic debt of that entity as well. We didn’t all just happen to incarnate in the times as they are now. There are lessons to be learned for all of us during this period. We are privileged to be here for the final curtain call. And, as much as we want to keep fighting for a better world, in the end we will be judged on the attempt, not wether we were successful or failed. So, ‘fidelis manere ‘

  24. Arundhati Roy: “Our strategy should be not only to confront empire but to lay siege to it, to deprive it of oxygen, to shame it, to mock it, with our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness, and our ability to tell our own stories.”

    1. Yes, we who are aware must express the truth as we can, even if there seemingly is no audience. The narrative managers and their owners hate us for the very reason that we see them for who they are and not for what they pretend to be.

      My thoughts go to Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and all the others locked away for highlighting the truth to power.

  25. Arundhati Roy: “Our strategy should be not only to confront empire but to lay siege to it, to deprive it of oxygen, to shame it, to mock it, with our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness, and our ability to tell our won stories.”

  26. I have a drawing that is very telling. Who sent it to me matters not and I don’t know the original source. It is a picture of a Donkey/Elephant silhouette and it is colored red/white/blue with stars. You can see the trunk of an elephant and the tail of the donkey and the attributes of each animal super-imposed on each. Under the tail, on the floor, lies the head of Trump painted red and blue. When I shared it with another friend, I had to explain that the head of Trump symbolized the product of the political system that the U.S. is living under. I wanted to share it with you but the program won’t allow it. But, it is funny as well as sad, pathetic.

    1. My favorite cartoon is the drawing of a politician standing at a podium. The podium is at the end of a large board hanging over a cliff. At the other end of the board is the audience. The audience is the counterweight that is keeping the politician suspended, as opposed to plummeting to his doom.
      There is an old Grateful Dead tape where during a general admission show, the singer is urging the crowd to back up because the people in front are getting crushed and “their eye’s are bugging out.” The singer gets a chant started in the crowd of “Take a Step Back, Take a Step Back, Take Another Step Back”. Then he ends with, “Now, don’t you all fill better”.
      I hear that chant in my head everytime I see that cartoon. The politician suspended over the abyss by the counter-weight of the audience. “Take a Step Back”, “Take a Step Back”, “Take a Step Back”, “Take Another Step Back”. In such a situation, we would all feel a LOT better!

  27. Another great piece!

  28. The general population is terrified of the truth. Most are desperately trying to keep a roof over their heads, and stepping outside the lines marked by the Sociopaths In Charge is not conducive to doing so. MSM has long ago been discredited, and everyone knows it. People are are either afraid or insane. Courage has no intrinsic value in the current matrix. Witness the plight of Julian. Any positive action must be so radical most can’t comprehend it. A solution I recommend, a poll strike, not participating in election, is indeed incomprehensible to most. Gang rape is democracy in action, but nearly all have been convinced rape is the best solution. The dog and pony show will collapse, sooner rather than later, and one can only hope to survive, which is largely dependent on luck, AKA the will of God.

    1. I think the whole house of cards could crumble much faster than people think. We just need one boy who cries, “Look, the Emperor has no clothes.”
      Now this boy’s observation/truth must reach the masses (which won’t happen as long as today’s MSM is running protection for the establishment). So: An organized and formidable team must take charge of the gates that keep the truth from the public. This news organization COULD be that boy.
      Will it be easy? Hell no. Look at Julian Assange. But it could be done. Better do it now too, ’cause it’s going to be even harder for someone to play this “watchdog” role in the future.

      1. The history of recent revolutions says that it can happen very quickly.
        I’d say the current state of America is that most people will tell you that things are very, very wrong. It is very easy to get people talking along those lines.
        But, as JWK says, people are working overtime just trying to survive. Add to this the fact that they don’t see any viable mechanism for change. So, they keep their heads down, try to stay out of trouble where causing trouble for others is a large, for-profit industry.
        But ….. when there does appear to be a chance for change, they come out and support it.
        Recent events along these lines. The collapse of the Soviet Union. The Obama Change and Hope Campaign, The Occupy Wall Street Movement (please remember to add the Wall Street part as its very important and the propagandists often try to shorten it to Occupy). The Egyptian Revolution. Even the Trump campaign.
        In each case, it appeared that there might be even a slight chance of change. In some cases real, in others, like Obama and Trump, quite phony and manipulative. But that it was fake or real does not matter. The important bit is how the people came out into the streets and supported even the smallest chances to change what in everyone’s mind is a broken system.
        Remember, revolts always surprise everyone. They surprise the spies, the police, the politicians, even the revolutionary vanguards. When the people do see a chance and decide to move, everyone who thought they knew what was happening is instead scrambling and running to keep up with the crowd.

        1. Thanks for your post. The people need a “triggering event.” Our co-opted press is unlikely to provide such an event. A REAL investigative news organization – that happened to reach a mass audience – might.

    2. The Oligarchs would just LOVE your idea of a poll strike. Their ideal world is a world where only Oligarchs bother to vote. It would save them billions of dollars in telling their lies to rig elections.
      If you don’t like the candidates on the ballot, run yourself!

  29. Dear Caitlin……I love your mind girl! Thanks so much for all you do !! I”ve been trying to sign up for your newsletter for a couple months….a friend of mine has also been trying to sign me up……but “They” are messing with you and have not allowed your thoughts to expand outward to more and more people!! Please have your webmaster fix this ASAP! Darrell

    1. Interesting. I signed up quite some time ago, and I successfully receive an email for every new post.
      Does anyone else have the same experience?
      If no, are you running anything that might prevent a JavaScript from running, as I believe that’s what would occur when the button is pushed.
      (and no, I am not the ‘webmaster’….. just an old geek who thinks everyone should get an email whenever Tim and Caitlin post!)

  30. Trump’s allegedly “goofy” letter does what you ask. Trump has just won, he took control of the narrative. How do you live with your TDS? Trump fired Brennan and Clapper his first day in office. He cited the enemy CIA, DNC, and MSM – the deep state. Don’t you agree? Doesn’t Tulsi as well? He makes way for Tulsi and Yang, if DNC will only let them through – just as Bernie made way for Trump. It may all work out, support Tulsi and Yang.

    1. It wasn’t Bernie who made way for Trump. The blame for that goes to $hrillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Bitch, and the totally corrupt DNC. The DNC will NOT let Tulsi through, and highly doubtful Yang will be let through. And on the wild chance Bernie gets the nomination, the entrenched, bought and paid for democratic party bosses/power brokers will do everything they can to sabotage his campaign. I do believe my conviction is confirmed by the recent declaration by the vice chair of the New York state democratic party that she would vote for Trump before she would vote for Tulsi.

      1. Bernie helped by articulating the rigged economy. Trump used the same term, rigged. Bernie explained better and more honestly from the heart than Trump ever could. He convinced the electorate that the old way was no good. Then Wikileaks exposed the hypocrisy and cheating. In 2016, Bernie avoided deep-state and military industrial complex issues, then sold out his followers by supporting Hillary. Bernie straightened our economic thought, Trump deep-state and foreign policy. All good if we now elect Tulsi-Yang.

        1. Aha, anyone who complains about the Oligarchs has helped Trump! Of course. From the same group who has long claimed that Wikileaks was a Trump ally.
          And Bernie was truly awful in 2016 because he tried to run a smart campaign and actually win instead of listing off every issue that ever activist every thought of. Being an old pol who’s actually one elections, he obviously broke what the young pols consider the cardinal rule which is that what matters is that you raise every issue and who cares if you actually get hold of any real power or not.
          And no more friggin Billionaires in office! No matter how much they spend on propaganda to make themselves look cool.

    2. Trump’s first attorney general, in the early days of the Trump administration, stated that prosecuting Assange was a “priority.” That was perhaps my first “tell” about Mr. Trump’s true colors.

  31. There is a liberal (?) blogger I once looked up to and thought very highly of. All of that admiration went out the window once the Russiagate horse shit Schiffted into high gear and that’s when I quit visiting the blog. However, Caitlin’s newest entry here got me to wondering what this blogger was saying about the impeachment circus and whether any mention at all was made about the revelation of about 17 years of lying about Afghanistan. At the moment I am typing these lines I see nothing at the blog even hinting at the subject. In one way I’m hesitant to mention the blog I’m referencing because it deserves ZERO positive attention. However, I think it’s still important for anyone with the time and inclination to peruse through the current crop of postings and see for yourself the proof Caitlin gives about the truly unhinged “leftists” blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome. So…. here’s the blog address:


    It’s not that I disagree with her criticisms of Trump, but the reason I wrote her off about 3 years ago has EVERYTHING to do with her unflinching refusal to call out the democrats for their complicity in Trump’s ascension to the White House. I don’t know if Caitlin is familiar with digby and has read any of her posts, but I would be extremely interested in her opinion of the political viewpoints offered there.

    It took the occasion of a true jackass getting elevated to the White House to separate those democrats and so called leftists who have chosen political and tribal identity from those concerned with seeking and telling truth rather than political identity. “My party right or wrong.”

    1. After revisiting digbyblog, I still can’t find any reference to the Afghanistan leaks…. no mention at all of the OPCW leaks…. nothing about the FBI’s string of lies to the FISA court, Comey’s oversight on those lies, and his devastating beat down on tee vee this past Sunday…. nothing about Julian Assange’s slow assassination in Belmarsh…..

      I didn’t go far back into the recent archive but I really doubt you’ll find any serious, objective assessment of crazy ol’ Unka Joe’s video admission that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired for preparing to investigate little Hunter and Burisma. It’s crystal clear how impossible it is to shame people like digby. Personal integrity means NOTHING to c*#ts like her.

      On a personal note, two of my very best friends are highly intelligent (and thus should know better), yet they allowed themselves to become blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome and have bought into the never ending Russiagate spectacle 1,000%. There is NOTHING that’s going to change their mind. So I have a pretty good idea the frustration Caitlin must feel in dealing with people like that.

  32. With this article Ms Johnstone has caused my eyes to moisten, my spine to tingle, and goose bumps to appear on both of my old arms. Once again the Buddha Ms Caitlin has launched another home run into the minds of humanity. Yes, yes, yes!

  33. Who is this “they” “they” “they”? Face it, the narrative controllers are ultimately controlled by the money, by the banksters. Want to know who this “they” are? Go research who owns the Federal Reserve. It is owned by 6 or 7 families. Let’s name them and give “they” a face. Then do the same research of the ten largest private banks in the world. Name the owners and see if you find a common thread.

    No wonder “they” keep narrating wars, a profitable business plan for this “they,” especially wars in Arab countries where banks tend to be publicly owned and USURY is not allowed — kill two birds with one stone. OK, those countries have narrative controllers too. But for now, let’s focus on who ultimately controls our narratives and name the names of those psychopathic war-loving bankster families.

    I dare someone reply to this thread to name the names and let’s stop hiding them, secreting them behind generic walls when we call them the “blob” or “oligarchy.” Name the perps!

    1. Okay, name them.

      1. Call them out!

  34. “We win by pouring our energy into sowing distrust in the establishment propaganda machine, mocking it, ridiculing it, showing everyone how absurdly phony it is, until everyone’s laughing at it and treating it with the same amount of deference that they give to flat-earthers.”

    The problem is they are actively censoring our platforms. We cannot mock and ridicule them if we do not have a perch from which to speak to each other. They have flashy jumbotrons in every town square while we are reduced to megaphones on a back-alley street corner.
    That’s why ALL censorship must be fought even if the target may not be of your ideological inclination (i.e., the Alex Jones types). The only exception is advocating violence. And in that regard, the New York Times et al should be banned for advocating violence, i.e., war.

    1. “our” model is insufficient to the task.We have a few, random citizen journalists, bloggers and “alternative” news sites which really don’t have big, formidable teams of investigative journalists, editors and researchers. Most (all?) of these people/sites do not get access to the “mainstream.” Too easy to ignore and dismiss these people. “We” need to build a “news gathering” organization that can’t be dismissed and does reach the masses, one that focusses on “off limits” investigative reporting. It wouldn’t be that hard to do – all “we” need is some start-up capital and a business plan.

      1. Bill, you wrote “We” need to build a “news gathering” organization that can’t be dismissed. You don’t seem to realize massive censorship of news gathering organizations is going on in epidemic levels — Facebook, You Tube, Google, WordPress, PayPay, Go Fund Me, etc. They are shutting many of us down and it is really difficult to find alternative platforms. People self-censor just so they won’t get shut down by some vague “community standards” criteria that no one knows what it is. Hopefully Patreon and Bitchute will stay vital and not get compromised so that FREE SPEECH can rule .

  35. It seems strange that even the alternative news are no longer talking about Afghanstan.
    maybe they arent as alternative as I thought.

  36. Thanks CJ. Beautiful writing. “There is no truth that could possibly be exposed that is so damning and so salacious that it couldn’t be manipulated away by establishment narrative control.” They could narrate Mother Teresa to be a terrorist. Such is their insidious level of power and yes that is why as CJ says we need to mock them, ridicule them as tantamount to flat earthers.

  37. “HOW DARE YOU”….generations of young men, the same age as GRETA have been inducted into militaries that marched them off to deaths in deserts, jungles, trenches and shark filled oceans by the same Demonic Warlords who dictate false climate hysteria. There is NO greenhouse, climaclownology is modern alchemy.

    1. Well Joe, all I can respond about the climate is this: the island of Greenland used to produce their electrical needs by generating electricity with fossil fuels. Using those fuels are no longer necessary because now they can use a much cleaner and natural method. They use HYRO-power!
      Yes, the melting of Greenland is so consistent that they can generate electricity 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Right now it is zero dark thirty and below zero up there and the ice sheet is still melting. The feed back loops from the climate are increasing at an incalculable rate. The time stamp on the referenced article is 2016. So, TPTB are always lying to us but they tell us the truth as well and that, to a psychopath, makes the lie okay.
      So, as much as I like to stay engaged in the contemporary discourse, I find it necessary to retreat into the inner sanctum for refuge on occasion. Change is not a defined point in time it is always occurring. So, luck favors those who are prepared.

      1. I agree with climate change. It is changing all the time. However it is hubris to think man causes this. The world is a complex system. Thus CO2 alone cannot be the simple answer to a complex array of factors. We need less passion and more common sense.

  38. Robyn — YES. we have the power as consumers. They are nothing without us. (I stopped eating animals in 1990) What would happen if there was a week-long moratorium on all social media until the biggest giant platforms were turned into public utilities. I don’t like government control but better than unrestrained unaccountable corporate control in partnership with government.

  39. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    In a countrys where now cheating ,stealing and lying(Trump Johnson Morrison]are viewed as acceptable as long as you don’t get caught and even when you do you can always blame society, drugs or the short-changing tooth fairy , violence is probably the purest zero sum game there is at deciding who wins in a anglophile universe . We only want to see winners loser no longer exist . When an anglo wonderlander says he wants social equality , he means “I want a bigger share of the pie than my neighbour” All this should serve to explain why we have such a difficult time getting our message across

  40. Also people have to be confronted about their loyalty to a belief system instead of the truth.
    People rather belong to a tribe than be an independent observer.
    Defining yourself and others on words instead of deeds obfuscates the truth.
    The whole left vs right divide clearly limits the ability to see straight.
    Working class people cheering for a Tory government ffs.
    The need to belong creates a herd mentality and even an angry mob.
    The automatic assumption when you call out one supposed side you must belong to the other side is ridiculous.

  41. Francis Battaglia Avatar
    Francis Battaglia

    Shiny. New. Keys…[insert next “new reality” here]

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.” – Karl Rove

    1. I think of Rove’s quote often but Francis you had the prescience of mind to see it in Caitlin’s ingenious “shiny new keys” metaphor.

    2. “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” > VeteransToday(.)com > WTC vaporization declassified

  42. twitter storms and social media frenzies
    are the final nails
    in the coffin of human progress

  43. How to defeat the empire: Stop shopping at their corporations and banking with their banks for a start. Shop locally with small local businesses and put your money in a member owned local credit union. Then see how they do.

    1. And, I would suggest, stop clicking on MSM web sites and using social media which are part of the mass surveillance industry. Whenever I suggest this to MSM social media-using friends, they tell me that they are too embedded and useful in everyday interactions and, besides, individual boycotts can never make a difference. I think there’s a parallel between my little boycott effort and vegetarian friends who face the constant argument that their refusal to eat mass-farming products can never make a difference. My friends and I comfort ourselves with the knowledge that even if we can’t change anything, at least we’re not complicit in the evil. I hope I don’t sound self-righteous – I understand people who feel that boycotting the MSM, mass surveillance industry, factory farmed products etc. is too inconvenient or too useless to bother with. It’s just a small way I can feel better in the face of the PTB who will retain their power until an unstoppable mass of people with pitchforks brings them to account.

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