This is getting really, really, really weird.

WikiLeaks has published yet another set of leaked internal documents from within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) adding even more material to the mountain of evidence that we’ve been lied to about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria last year which resulted in airstrikes upon that nation from the US, UK and France.

This new WikiLeaks drop includes an email from the OPCW Chief of Cabinet Sebastien Braha (who is reportedly so detested by organisation inspectors that they code named him “Voldemort”) throwing a fit over the Ian Henderson Engineering Assessment which found that the Douma incident was likely a staged event. Braha is seen ordering OPCW staff to “remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever” from the organisation’s secure registry.

The drop also includes the minutes from an OPCW toxicology meeting with “three Toxicologists/Clinical pharmacologists, one bioanalytical and toxicological chemist”, all four of whom are specialists in chemical weapons analysis.

“With respect to the consistency of the observed and reported symptoms of the alleged victims with possible exposure to chlorine gas or similar, the experts were conclusive in their statements that there was no correlation between symptoms and chlorine exposure,” the document reads.

According to the leaked minutes from the toxicology meeting, the chief expert offered “the possibility of the event being a propaganda exercise” as one potential explanation for the Douma incident. The other OPCW experts agreed that the key “take-away message” from the meeting was “that the symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified”.

Like all the other many, many, many, many different leaks which have been hemorrhaging from the OPCW about the Douma incident, none of the important information contained in these publications was included in any of the OPCW’s public reports on the matter. According to the OPCW’s Final Report published in March 2019, the investigative team found “reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place. This toxic chemical contained reactive chlorine. The toxic chemical was likely molecular chlorine.”

We now know that these “reasonable grounds” contain more holes than a spaghetti strainer executed by firing squad. This is extremely important information about an unsolved war crime which resulted in dozens of civilian deaths and led to an act of war which cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and had many far-reaching geopolitical consequences.

Yet the mass media, freakishly, has had absolutely nothing to say about this extremely newsworthy story.

As of this writing, a Google News search for this story brings up an article by RT, another by Al-Masdar News, and some entries by alternative outlets you’ve almost certainly never heard of like UrduPoint News and People’s Pundit Daily.

Make no mistake about it: this is insane. The fact that an extremely important news story of immense geopolitical consequence is not getting any mainstream news media coverage, at all, is absolutely stark raving insane.

Up until the OPCW leaks, WikiLeaks drops always made mainstream news headlines. Everyone remembers how the 2016 news cycle was largely dominated by leaked Democratic Party emails emerging from the outlet. Even the relatively minor ICE agents publication by WikiLeaks last year, containing information that was already public, garnered headlines from top US outlets like The Washington Post , Newsweek, and USA Today. Now, on this exponentially more important story, zero coverage.

The mass media’s stone-dead silence on the OPCW scandal is becoming its own scandal, of equal or perhaps even greater significance than the OPCW scandal itself. It opens up a whole litany of questions which have tremendous importance for every citizen of the western world; questions like, how are people supposed to participate in democracy if all the outlets they normally turn to to make informed voting decisions adamantly refuse to tell them about the existence of massive news stories like the OPCW scandal? How are people meant to address such conspiracies of silence when there is no mechanism in place to hold the entire mass media to account for its complicity in it? And by what mechanism are all these outlets unifying in that conspiracy of silence?

We can at least gain some insight into that last question with the internal Newsweek emails which were published by journalist Tareq Haddad two weeks ago. The emails feature multiple Newsweek editors telling Haddad that they would not publish a word about the OPCW leaks for two reasons: (1) because no other outlets were reporting on them, and (2) because the US government-funded narrative management firm Bellingcat had published a laughably bogus article explaining why the leaks weren’t newsworthy. Haddad has since resigned from Newsweek.

We may be certain that this story is being killed in news rooms all around the world in similar fashion, and possibly using those very same excuses. As long as no other “respectable” (i.e. establishment) outlets are covering this story, it can be treated as a non-story, using a deceitful US government-funded narrative management operation as justification as needed. If one journalist threw his life into chaos and uncertainty by resigning and blowing the whistle on this conspiracy of silence, we may be certain that the same is happening to countless others who don’t have to courage and/or ability to do the same.

Many alternative media commentators are highlighting this news media blackout on social media today.

“Our fearless media watchdogs still maintaining complete blackout on OPCW whistleblower leaks debunking WMD attack in Douma. The leaks show that Trump—like Dubya— used fake WMDs to bomb Arab country—then strong-armed OPCW to cover up the lies,” tweeted journalist Mark Ames.

The US attacked Syria for a chemical attack by Assad last year. But official OPCW scientists who investigated the event didn’t find evidence the Syrian military used chemical weapons. The media has chosen to ignore this story and fire its own journalists who try to report on it,” tweeted author and analyst Max Abrahms.

This is the FOURTH leak showing how the OPCW fabricated a report on a supposed Syrian ‘chemical’ attack,” tweeted journalist Ben Norton. “And mainstream Western corporate media outlets are still silent, showing how authoritarian these ‘democracies’ are and how tightly they control info.”

“Media silence on this story is its own scandal,” tweeted journalist Aaron Maté.

But this spin machine is twirling off its axis trying to normalize this silence.

Bellingcat narrative jockeys such as “senior investigator” Nick Waters are already scrambling to perception manage everyone into believing their own eyes are lying to them. Waters has a thread on Twitter that’s being shared around by all the usual Syria spinmeisters claiming, based on no evidence whatsoever, that WikiLeaks is selectively publishing the documents it has to create a false impression of events in the OPCW. Waters falsely claims that an email by Sebastien “Voldemort” Braha — the guy at the center of the scandal — proves that Ian Henderson was not a part of the Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) in Douma, in contradiction to the claims made by the anonymous second OPCW whistleblower who goes by the pseudonym of “Alex”.

As Waters is one hundred percent aware, Henderson absolutely was part of the Douma Fact-Finding Mission, and one of the FFM members who actually went to Douma no less. I’ve put together a Twitter thread refuting Waters’ ridiculous claims which you can read by clicking here, but in short an arbitrary distinction seems to have been made between the FFM and the “FFM core team”, or what is labeled the “FFM Alpha team” in a newly leaked email trying to marginalize Henderson’s assessment. Henderson actually went to Douma as part of the FFM, unlike almost all members of the so-called “core team” who except for one paramedic operated solely in another nation (probably Turkey).

Of course, the distinction of whether Henderson was or was not “in the FFM” is also itself irrelevant and arbitrary, since we know for a fact that he is a longtime OPCW inspector who went to Douma and contributed an assessment which was hidden from the public by the OPCW.

So this narrative being spun by the US government-funded propagandists at Bellingcat is bogus from top to bottom, but what’s infuriating is that we already know who editors in news rooms are going to listen to.

It’s absolutely amazing how tightly interlaced Bellingcat is with the upper echelons of mainstream news media and the public framing of what’s going on in Syria. Mere hours after the latest WikiLeaks drop, CNN pundit Brian Stelter shared an article about Bellingcat founder and former Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Eliot Higgins, who warns of the dangers posed by alternative media reporters who cover underreported stories like the OPCW scandal.

“We have this alternative media ecosystem that is driving a lot of disinformation. It is not understood by journalists or anyone really beyond a very small group of people who are really engaged with it,” reads the ironic Higgins quote in the excerpt shared by Stelter.

We’ve been seeing a mad rush from mass media pundits to give this US government-funded narrative management operation unearned and undeserved legitimacy, churning out tweets like Stelter’s and fawning puff pieces by The New York TimesThe Guardian and The New YorkerThis unearned and undeserved legitimacy is then used by editors to justify looking to Bellingcat for instructions on how to think about important information on Syria rather than doing their own basic investigation and analysis. It’s a self-validating feedback loop which just so happens to work out very conveniently for the government which funds Bellingcat.

It remains unknown exactly what’s transpiring in news rooms around the world to maintain the conspiracy of silence on the OPCW scandal, but what is known is that by itself this scandalous silence is enough to fully discredit the mass media forever. WikiLeaks has exposed these outlets for the monolithic propaganda engine that they really are, and they did it just by publishing extremely newsworthy leak after extremely newsworthy leak.

In order to perception manage us any harder, these freaks are going to have to go around literally confiscating our ears and eyeballs.


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45 responses to “Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal”

  1. It does seem that one mainstream (kind of) reporter IS speaking about Douma. Strange that the truth is coming from FOX News…

  2. Why is “Operation Timber Sycamore” missing from this conversation? The CIA and Saudi Arabia teamed up to start the war in Syria. Also missing is General Wesley Clark’s speech in 2007 in which he reveals the Pentagon’s plan to bring about regime change in Syria and many other countries in the Middle East.

  3. Free Julian Assange! Free Chelsea Manning!

  4. Thank you very much for your research.
    We need more of them.
    Free Julian Assan Assange!

  5. If you are unsure of anything, blame ISRAEL!

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      That’s a strange comment to make on a forum that is discussing the corruption of and the media silence about an investigative body. Maybe some people in Israel played a part in the cover up but not the whole nation of Israel.

  6. Obviously the credibility of OPCW is in question not just as to the Douma issue but also now to what extend it likewise did in regard of other investigations. For me personally this article underlines that I already suspected. However I do like to thank the various contributors who have posted their say, including links to video’s, etc. I am also impressed with contributors posting their say without inappropriate usage of the English language. It makes it worthy to read each and every comment. We are all entitled to our own views, but as long as we express ourselves in an appropriate civilized manner our contributions may be more respected and considered for what message is sought to be conveyed.
    As for any critic about my grammatical usage of the English language, I am proud of it, never having had formal education in the English language, and it never prevented me as a Professional Advocate to defeat in litigation opponent Rhodes Scholar lawyers! It is time for the ordinary person to take back their constitutional and other legal rights! Thank you all, and the best for 2020.

  7. Thanks for this valuable observation, Caitin. My efforts to piece together the outlines of the entity we call the deep state are kind of scattershot, similar to those of a naturalist gathering evidence about surrounding wildlife by noting the appearance of walking paths, types of scat, flattened grasses, nibbled bushes, etc. It has become obvious that the mass media, the intel community and the Democratic Party are some members of the deep state and that global hegemony is one of its primary goals. It would be hard to deny that false flag operations are central to its m. o. and that it has set out to destroy truth tellers via smear campaigns as well as bogus arrests and incarceration. As you note, Caitlin, the deep state’s devotion to its own lies is creepy as hell. Perhaps wishing to avoid physical repression, it hopes to control us through our minds and perceptions. (But it is fully prepared for physical repression of the populace. I first became aware of domestic internment camps in the 1980s, and most Americans have noticed the increasing militarism of our local police in recent decades. And the Bush II administration tested crowd control weaponry and techniques during the occupation of Iraq.) It just occurred to me that the mind control techniques could be aimed at the unwoke among our fellows with the intention of preventing them from coming to our rescue in the event that we’re rounded up.

    It should go without saying that you are doing the hard and dangerous work of waking people up and exposing our overlords for what they are. You and all truth tellers deserve the support of all of us. We also need to be on the lookout for fauxgressives and controlled opposition sites — without becoming paranoid or purity-driven. But I do remember a fauxgressive webforum that forbade criticism of the White Helmets and questioning of false flag events.

    Also, I had great difficulty getting into your website this morning; my computer thought it didn’t exist. And your site is one of two that cause my scroll wheel to go crazy, the other being this one: Interesting.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I agree with your comments S.Black. Caitlin is providing an extremely valuable service to those of us who are keeping an eye on the evil wrongdoings of the elite and the disgusting ‘leaders’ that they impose on us.
      I hope I am wrong but it is my belief that the mind control techniques are already working perfectly well on 95% of the population in the English speaking countries. There are many people who are trying to break free of the media imposed consensus reality but when they begin to research outside the box, the sheer magnitude of the evil overwhelms them and they become paranoid and isolated.
      So that leaves 5% of the population who have some awareness of what is going on. It is a very slow process trying to educate people by respectfully inviting them to look a little deeper. So many people are in a zombie comfort zone and they sincerely want to believe and trust their favourite broadcaster or newspaper. How do we teach people to hone their filtering skills? The way the media works now is like a filter going in reverse: only the muck is allowed to come through.
      Regarding not being able to access Caitlin’s website, it was down for a few hours during disruptions to the electric supply in Victoria, Australia.

  8. They are definately banking on a captive audience.

  9. I’d love to get hold of leaked OPCW emails about what really happened in Salisbury, a story constantly rewritten to (a) accommodate inconvenient new dribbles of fact and (b) hot up the propaganda campaign against Russia.

    Meanwhile, what is the MSM over here actually doing? Continuing to smear and demonise Jeremy Corbyn, of course, as part of its campaign to ensure that Labour is returned to the Atlanticist fold with a safe pair of Bliarite hands in control.

    Our recent election was really a Colour Revolution, and its objective was the objective of all such stunts: putting in power a US friendly government. Johnson does Trump better than Trump: all the “Centrist” MSM outlets are clearly in love with his charisma, especially when it can be used to beat up Mr Corbyn. He won over the working class North, after all. A nightmare development of terrifying significance, since it removes the last bastion protecting the welfare state.

  10. Australia’s ABC News has a program called “Media Watch”, where they report on dodgy things the media do during their everyday activities. I decided to send them a tip on the OPCW leaks. I’m putting my money on them NOT following up on this one!

    Feel free to tip them off about this as well… if enough people do it, who knows, maybe they’ll bite. 🙂

  11. I’m fully aware of the lies our mainstream media tell us, so I started reading Caitlin Johnstone’s piece expecting no surprises. However, I can imagine that critics will jump on anything they find that could support an argument that this is poorly written. So when I came across the sentence

    “Now, on this exponentially more important story, zero coverage.”

    I can imagine them saying here is a journalist using words (‘exponentially’) she doesn’t understand.
    For anyone challenging the orthodox narrative, good English should be paramount.

    1. This is a bit pedantic.
      “Ultimately, though, he and Les treat the Internet with wide-eyed optimism, insisting that its benefits exponentially outweigh any negatives.”
      Washington PostDec 26, 2019

      1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
        Joe Van Steenbergen

        More than a bit, I think. The meaning is obvious.

    2. Yes, it’s shocking that Caitlin seems to make no effort to retain the crucial Grammar Nanny readership.

    3. Don’t be a smart aleck… they are universally disliked. And we’re all sure you are simply perfection personified, aren’t you Martin?

  12. Isn’t it interesting to observe Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron aren’t saying one word about the stupendously massive OPCW Douma docs scandal…

    It seems clear the proverbial cat has got the tongues of Mr. Trump, Ms. May and Mr. Macron.

    There’s a worthy-of-discussion viral cat video for you… The video’s title might be minimalist, like, say: “The Cat Has Trump, May, Macron Tongues Tied Over OPCW Scandal” or whatever…

  13. Caitlin wrote:
    > Media’s Deafening Silence . . .
    Yes. Like in that classic fragment where Jonathan Pie showed us what reporters can’t say on TV (on Syria, etc.), and the reality of mass propaganda:
    The F… News — Jonathan Pie

    1. First there was FKN News with Deek

    2. Heh heh… good one. I was not familiar with Jonathan Pie.

      I clicked on another video in the You Tube list, “Tom Walker AKA Jonathan Pie on satire, freedom of speech and debating better”:

      In the video he is interviewed by Krishnan “Straight Face” Guru-Murthy (
      I wasn’t following all of the interview, but at 34:18 Guru-Murthy asks, “Speaking of the moral high ground, you worked for RT for six months.” Ugh. I thought his answer was really interesting though. Among other things, he said he could not make a living without selling out, until RT. No other outlet would both pay him and guarantee editorial control of his work.

  14. I tried a search on “opcw” to see what comes up. The only hits that looked like establishment “news” sites in the first few pages of results were these two from the same date in November, with nearly the same headline and content. I don’t know where to begin to unspin them, but they keep mentioning Russia, and it’s clear they want you to think only Russia has motive to question the questionable.

  15. Here are a couple of stories about a man who gets his opinions published, but only rarely on Wikileaks, which is where I will focus, of course.
    Heeeree’s Georgie!

  16. I noticed recently The Weather Channel has been advertising itself as “America’s Most Trusted TV News Network.” At first I thought, “ha ha, funny, since they are the only weather channel.” Then I looked closer, and they are indeed claiming to be the most trusted news. Maybe because they never say anything controversial. They rarely mention climate change, though they have shows on any other weather related topic you can think of. I saw them play a few seconds of a clip of a Democrat presidential candidate mentioning climate change, then they returned to the studio hosts who said something to soften it, like it’s important to some people, or something.


      Here you go, talk about weather? Talk to this guy.

  17. the msm is no more credible today than pravda and izvestia back in the old ussr.

    1. Ron Unz at Unz Review has been saying that for some time now. It’s actually self evident that the MSM is no better and probably even worse than Pravda was back in the day.

  18. Thank you, as always, Caitlin (and Tim).
    I had a nightmare where the CIA director was torturing journalist Julian Assange, while the Bellingcat? director was playing Call Of Duty and masturbating in the corner. Then I realized I was wide awake. Gina Haspel used the Nuremberg defense during her confirmation hearing(s). Therefore, through the transitive property, she is a Nazi war criminal. That makes Eliot Higgins her Joseph Goebbels, which means he is a Nazi war propagandist. If only the Nuremberg trials could be reconvened…

  19. Dear Caitlin, rest assured, no one can lie forever, and continue in trust. Mainstream media is jumping through hoops, trying to earn trust back, not recognizing, “telling the same lies, with the same mis-applied facts” can’t save the narrative, and drives even more away, looking for something resembling the truth.
    At this point, “only those who truly want to trust State, or are embedded with it”, actually believe what is stated, “authoritatively”. Once they ran out of “the last, finest thread of truth”, by which to insure the story, they must ever increase the lies, to cover more lies.
    We, any People, won’t rise up in rebellion, until and unless we are driven hard to it, and have nothing to lose. This is human nature, at its lowest level. Most will fight, when “State” turns completely rogue, but until “anyone at random” is at risk, only those targeted, will risk their lives for the truth. They tend to be people tied to real oaths, morals, principles they would apply, with regret, even unto their own children, believing the law, the rule of law, is accountable even for “loved ones”.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

  20. Mainstream medias have zero credibility.

    There was a very good article recently about 9/11 and all the lies around it by Paul Craig Roberts:

    Days of Noah all over again. The good news is that it means the Second Coming of Jesus is very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I am fed up with all the bullshit.

  21. Apparently, Yellow Journalism is a subject in the curriculum of the course of study toward a degree.
    Lifted from the internet the characteristics of this practice are listed below. They are kind of, really, what is happening to our stream of information in this era. It is not necessarily a new phenomenon. What is new, is as you stated, the total suppression of reality to benefit the TPTB and the War Profiteers that have long been the “Great Oz” behind the curtain.

    1)scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news

    2)lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings

    3)use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called

    4)emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips

    5)dramatic sympathy with the “underdog” against the system.

  22. Bottom line with all this is: Trump’s and his allies’ attack against Syria was a callous Act of War…a criminal act and multiple war crimes.

  23. That’s because “mass media” is corporate media, and therefore invested in a profit motive, which includes players in the MIC, which made some money selling missiles.

  24. The OPCW and the media rascals behave like whores. They are paid and bribed by the U. S. Empire and its profiteers, the plutocratic class for whom the media prostitutes scribble. As a rough guide, one should believe nothing that comes out of these organizations or the lying press. CNN Brian Stelter’s so-called “reliable sources” are a joke and the best example of how this guy lies like a trouper. The guys from the lying press can’t be trusted; they demonstrate it every day. The best example is the so-called Russian collusion or the impeachment “scandal.” It’s all fabricated by the Dems and their fawning media puppets.

  25. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
    Step O’Rafferty

    The mass media false narrative is not a new phenomena. We have always needed an underground or alternative media in order to disseminate the truth. In my younger days the truth was published using pamphlets, posters and magazines. Nowadays it’s available on the internet however the current climate of tightening censorship may force us back to the printing press again.
    In Australia it was the corporate media that formulated the consensus reality which encouraged so many of our young people to sacrifice themselves on the ruling elite’s alters of world war I and world war II. During those periods the considerable opposition to those wars was heavily censored.
    The mass media treats the citizens as though they are brainless morons. Are they correct in assuming that we are brainless morons? The television news broadcasts and the newspapers are still popular.

    1. I think you answered your own question.

  26. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    The fact that that vaunted Anglo-American Free Press is relying on former women’s underwear company employee, Eliot Higgins, as their “go to guy” to provide credibility for their narrative management memes about the OPCW scandal is truly pathetic and suggestive of how morally bankrupt this media truly is.

    Apparently, a background in lingerie, RPG video games, and dubious skill in “social media forensic investigation” are all that’s needed to become a famed citizen propagandist and political darling of the Anglo-American imperial establishment!

    But just remember, pride goeth before a fall.

  27. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    It’s really pathetic how all the mainstream media mouthpieces are relying on Eliot “Bellingcrap” Higgins of all people as their “go to guy” to provide credibility for their narrative management memes about the OPCW scandal–not to mentioning peddling fawning hagiographic profiles of Higgins by the New York Times or UK Guardian rags.

    From women’s underwear employee and video game junkie to famous citizen propagandist and political darling of the Anglo-American imperialist class … all in a handful of years!

    Higgins has become extremely haughty and arrogant with his 15 minutes of fame.

    But just remember, pride goeth before a fall.

  28. Managers lie to maintain control over others.

    Pretty much everything going on right now boils down to those seven words, doesn’t it?

  29. My old mind just had a ” wild thought “. Just imagine some ” public minded lawyer ” goes before the United States Supreme Court with a case to banish the ” main stream media ” from the public airwaves for ” fake news ” and the lawyer wins the case and ” alternative media ” is given the ” public airwaves “. Now that would be fun.

  30. I think, at this late point, the refusal to cover the OPCW scandal is not because of any fear of the public reaction it will cause, most people have been successfully turned away from following such stories in an objective manner, and are easily able to reject anything that counters Western narratives as the work of an evil Putin and Assad, propagated by useful idiots on social media, but more that the corporate media itself cannot countenance the prospect of reporting material that is so diametrically opposed to the aims of their governments. It’s evidence, finally, of the entire corporate media having been on a war footing for a considerable period. That we are at war is the even bigger story that is going unreported.

  31. Rest assured that those sociopaths at Bellingcat, are rolling on the floor laughing after having read this article, and of course no one really wants to touch this story since obviously it was their own journalists who placed those cylinders there(old time journalism). Your heart is in the right place, but there’s probably no one on the planet that deserves to live anyway

    1. Speak for yourself, Roy.

  32. Thanks again. This is the real protein I my “holiday”

  33. Bravissimo! Utterly excellent analysis, Catilin. Keep up the great work!

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