Liberals should definitely get their hopes up very, very high that John Bolton is going to provide the information needed to bring down the Trump administration and restore order to the universe. Definitely put all your eggs in that basket and invest all of your emotions in it.


Friendly reminder that you aren’t actually required to care about the impeachment show or have any opinions about it whatsoever.


The difference between the totalitarianism of dictatorships and the inverted totalitarianism of “free” societies is that in totalitarianism they allow one ideology which supports the status quo, while inverted totalitarianism allows two ideologies which support the status quo.


Mike Pompeo lies so reliably and so significantly that in a very real way you would gain a more accurate picture of reality by believing the exact opposite of all his public statements than you would by believing them.


The establishment which runs the empire is not afraid of Trump, and it is not afraid of Bernie. It’s afraid of you. They can handle one man in the White House who is less than ideal. What they absolutely cannot handle is ordinary people using their numbers to effect real change.


The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight, largely due to senseless recent escalations between the US and Russia. But hey, nuclear armageddon is a small price to pay if we get to retaliate for even a single one of those $46,000 worth of Russian Facebook memes.


Fixing the world’s problems and fixing your own inner dysfunction are inseparably unified objectives. It’s okay to emphasize one more than the other at different stages in your life, but valuing one without valuing the other is a contradictory, intellectually dishonest position.


Some people who learn a bit about what’s really going on in the world start believing society’s problems are being driven by otherworldly forces like reptilians or Satanism because it’s more comfortable than grappling with the reality that our ills are very, very, very human.


Reading The New York Times to learn about what’s happening in the world is like reading Calvin and Hobbes to learn about tigers.


Step 1: Launch vicious smear against Sanders.
Step 2: Shout “DON’T FIGHT! WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER! DO YOU WANT TRUMP TO WIN???” at anyone who objects.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1-3 until Sanders is neutralized.


The 2016 Democratic presidential primary was rigged. It was useful not because it offered any real opportunity to elect a good candidate, but because trying to do so and watching what happened woke people up to establishment corruption. The same will be true of the 2020 primary.

If you don’t push against the will of the establishment manipulators, you’ll never force them to expose themselves. Let them install Biden/Warren/Buttigeig without opposition and they won’t be forced to sabotage democracy. Force them to provide proof of their own corruption.

This is not to say Americans shouldn’t try to nominate a true progressive candidate; it’s to say that they should. Try very, very hard to nominate your favorite candidate. Try your very hardest. And then, watch what happens. Watch what they do to you. And never, ever forget.


If you’re a grown adult making an angsty public spectacle about receiving angry online comments from supporters of a politician you just smeared, you should feel ashamed of yourself. If you’re a professional news reporter doing the same, you should immediately change careers.


Hillary Clinton has become another David Duke. In the same way being “endorsed” by Duke gets a progressive politician cancelled, being attacked by Hillary gives them a boost.


Biden debating Trump would look like a geriatric squirrel with glaucoma fighting a rabid wolverine.


Every single day I get extreme vitriol directed at me for expressing skepticism of The Official Narrative Of The Day. This vitriol never causes me the slightest flicker of self-doubt, because I distinctly remember seeing the exact same vitriol in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion.


The existence of some opposition to the Iranian government within Iran doesn’t legitimize attempts to foment civil war there. There were grassroots elements to US-sponsored uprisings in Libya, Syria and Ukraine too, but they wouldn’t have occurred without western interventionism.


Don’t babble about the need to “support” anti-government protesters in unabsorbed nations. “Support” is too conveniently vague. Specify what you want them to receive. Weapons? Money? Retweets? Prayers? At the very least be forthright and honest about what it is you’re advocating.


“Trump doesn’t want war! He’s just using sanctions and CIA ops to encourage the Iranian people to rise up and oust the regime!”
“Yeah that’s civil war. That’s the thing that civil war is.”
“Well okay but the people doing it will look different from me so it doesn’t count.”


Trump supporters are George W Bush supporters LARPing as Ron Paul supporters.


The many have been propagandized into supporting the interests of the few. But it’s worse than that: the many have also been propagandized into believing that those few among them who advocate for the interests of the many are the real enemy. This whole dynamic must reverse.


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36 responses to “#Resistance Hero John Bolton: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Trump on Bolton: “fired because frankly, if I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now”.
    Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) — Twitter — Jan 29, 2020

    1. rob reiner, one of those goody two shoes who own and run hollywood neoliberal propaganda machine: “Bolton, be a patriot and tell what you know about Trump’s crimes.”… good times…

  2. Lets start with a pre-assumption that all the crises in last 2 or 3 years (N. Korea, Venezuela, Iran*) are just a theater for the public. Why such a theater instead of a real war? Because the public (of Europe and the US) is not mesmerized with real wars any more – it doesn’t put them mentally into patriotic slumber needed for “american dream” – and elite’s prolonged insisting on Vietnam type war-machine active ignorance of public’s emotions would compromise the whole production.

    That also means that all mentioned “evil” countries (that is, their elite) are just actors on the stage. And another important conclusion is that all those post 2001 real wars (premeditated in 1990`s by the Pentagon) were just part of the same scenario.
    What is the purpose of these “real and virtual” wars of 21st century? Obviously, we, the public of Europe and the US, are at the focus, we are targeted – together with all those well-to-do, job dependent, consumer citizens around the globe – to be “changed” (remember slogan We are the change?).

    Main conclusion is that all these “democracy-bringing” wars are just a background story – lines needed as context for introduction of the real story – in this new millennium production: main story is about us in the west, we are second and the most important battleground. But because western public stopped responding to scripted stimuli around 2014, the “play” scenario had to be prolonged (Ukraine, Turkey, Venezuela, N. Korea and Iran*) and extra soapy, emotion captivating, chapters written (thus public faux dialectic polarizer Trump was successfully introduced).

    Time window for execution of final phase of scripted social “change” can be predicted by relying on solar activity. All social perturbations are most likely to succeed when the Sun is most active. Next active part of solar cycle 25 will begin in 2020/21 and will be long, lasting up to 2027, peaking in 2024/26. That would be the best time for people to disobey subliminal instructions by acting most willfully ignorant to programed triggering (divide & conquer tactics), coming from political, sport’s and marketing arena.

    * By reading this pdf paper, titled “Iran’s Jewish Rulers” you can see that Iran’s elites are part of global elite structure (millennia old) that I named as Fenix-Bureaucracy-International Co., subsidiary of Family-Banking-Intelligence LLc :
    >> <<.

    It seems that POTUS returned favor to Iran's elite – which is currently struggling with dissatisfaction of their own public – by faked "killing" (retirement) of that Soleimani character (who was too disliked by the Iranians as suppressor of public's dissent and elites there decided to accept US offer to retract him from public view, while at the same time mourning his "departure" and misdirecting anger, focusing it outwards to an old, foreign enemy). Few missiles flew, plane was crashed and all is under old/new order and control.
    And favor owed by the US to Iran was for staging 1979 pre-election faked Tehran US Embassy "hostage situation" that ensured Reagan (demented puppet) winning US elections and provided the US with a new "enemy" needed for misdirection, while Neo-liberals took over institutions, dismantling any remnants of (never has been) republic.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Thanks Dejan, you have certainly opened up a rabbit warren for me! It just goes to show how we are tricked into believing that we cannot extricate ourselves from history and the greed and powerlust of certain families. We certainly need a new world order but not in any shape or form that may be recommended to us by the present day psychopathic elite. A global ascent of consciousness is the only way we are going to leave greed and war behind us.
      As for the best time for people to disobey subliminal instructions, I would say that it is now. Why do you suggest the peak of solar activity in 2024/26?

  3. Now we know John Bolton was the disgruntled whistleblower. They held up the impeachment for 33 days until his book was finished.

  4. `Hmmm

    Bernie Sanders is the primary controlled opposition candidate for the Democratic Party. He is responsible for making the otherwise bleeding heart “liberal” mainstream candidates Warren and Biden appear more “conservative” and they hope attractive to the independents…..

    Sanders is after all the man that upon graduating from College in the early 1960’s (before Vietnam dominated the public consciousness and troop levels were still low) when faced with a relatively low draft number ran home to israel. He immediately entered a Kibbutz. In those days every Kibbutz in israel was under military authority which meant working on one fulfilled israeli citizens military obligation. If he had simply gone into the IDF to fulfill his military serve obligation he would have at that time automatically forfeited his US citizenship. (rightfully so because there is no military in the entire world that does not require taking an oath of allegiance to the country it serves) Instead, he “volunteered” to serve on a Kibbutz which, while under military authority, allowed him to keep his US citizenship.

    Sanders graduated from College more or less penniless. But, somehow not only did he manage to get to and later back from israel, he accumulated enough money to buy a Farm in Vermont upon his return. A rather spectacular turn of a events for Sanders considering that he received no money for working on the Kibbutz. His official “biography” has basically tried to rewrite that entire period of his life for obvious reasons…..

    Doesn’t anybody think there is cause for alarm that half the Democrats candidates still in the running are Jewish and all of them are unquestionably defined by their public and private actions and rhetoric as israel uber alles israel zionists? (even Tulsi) Or the fact that the Republican opposition candidate in the form of the President has quite literally spent his entire first term putting israel ahead of America and Americans?

    Heads the zionists wins, tails America and the American people lose. Either way, in 2021 it will still be israel first last and always and America and the American people be damned…..

    1. the Bernie campaign survey asking what issues his supporters consider to be most important to them doesn’t even include foreign policy issues in the list, i heard. not one of the “progressive” journalists have so far confronted Bernie about his zionist record. he recently called iran evil, and blamed hamas for Israhellis crimes. of course all of the “candidates” ob both sides of the isle have signed their pledge of allegiance to israhell. but the zionists who own the system have to fake a fight between Bernie and the rest, as if Bernie is an alternative choice in any meaningful way…

      1. BDS the system including this phony balony election, i’d say. organize real people’s town hall and have real people’s elections. help the system implode, instead of explode and hurt other peoples, in every way you can!

    2. what do you mean, low draft number?
      sanders never had a draft number , relatively low or relatively high. they didn’t have the draft lottery in the early 60’s. i do know he went to the south and participated at some personal risk in civil rights demonstrations.
      how did rahm emmanuel who had some kind of rank in the idf, manage to serve as obama’s chief of staff?
      you assume that he had a substantial amount of money with no supporting evidence whatever. for all i know, if he did buy a farm, it was extremely cheap since land could go for less than a hundred bucks an acre.
      i do know sanders has criticised israel.

      he’s weak on foreign policy, which is why i hope if he wins he appoints tulsi gabbard as sos, but he’s miles ahead of most other candidates, especially on domestic policy like healthcare and levelling the playing field.

  5. Let me ask: why if, the constitution is considered to be a contract between “we the people” which haven’t been born yet, the founding fathers not bother to ascribe their own name to it.

    There seems to be some really astute posters here. So I’m trusting that you’ve noticed that after the War of Northern Aggression, especially from the 13th forward. You will not find a single time an upper class (C)itizen nowhere.

    That can only mean one thing, the Sovereign State Citizen, has been reduced to a mere serf/subject.

    If you’ll read the Peace Treaty of 1783. It begins with the king declaring himself to be the Prince of thes United State. The same thing is true of the next two treaties, the Jay and Gant Treaties. Then I’m wondering how the conquered king came to tell us what the terms were to be?

    Oh, I do feel bad for we the Serfs. We’re subjected to whimsical behavior of the political class. As they act out their roles. Seriously, though, if I were to lay out the results of an administration after four years. The overall picture wouldn’t be all that distinguishable. The debt grows, Military interventionism, continues, the BANKSTERS sake us down, in some way. Corporations dominate the finding, hand picking the winners.

    The saddest part is that we think that a piece of paper written by men who’re long dead and didn’t bother to bind themselves with their own signature. We have the audacity to believe it was given to/for us. You know, even if someone couldn’t write their name on a contract, they were still required to make a X on the contract. Otherwise it wouldn’t be binding. Show me the contract with my signature on it. The next time you want to raise taxes.

    One more thing; are you feeling displaced, yet? Because the European descendants will soon be extinct, the world over.

    1. Caitlin, have you considered adding an edit option? I’m guessing that option isn’t available. Yeah, I need to use one, LOL

      I wasn’t sure if links were allowed, but I see that they are.

      Here’s a link showing the establishment trash, that is/was a part of this administration. It took me awhile before I gave up on tribalism. Now I’m more interested in trying to find what I agree on with someone and trying to work through the rest. Our children’s future is at stake. We’ll have to figure out how we can deescalate the animosity between our fellow countrymen, s

  6. Let’s see what happens, in life, in general. That;s not passivity, but I am seeing a lot that suggests that the waves that wash and crash upon the world in human-history are not directly driven by anybody’s stories about how things work. I rally dig. I’m not lazy.
    (If we have to debate what happened on 9/11, and you believe any part of the official conspiracy theory about ragheads-with-boxcutters, then you have not done your homework. Who suspended the laws of physics that day? I forget.)
    There is the appearance of a mechanical world, operating through cause, effect, and secret cause-and-effect, but that may not actually be what causes our waves of history. We explain things as a simplification to allow our minds to work with them, hopefully to our benefit. Sometimes our models are better, sometimes worse than no model.
    Sometimes it’s the same no matter what you, I, John Bolton, Donald Trump or Jeff Bezos thinks, even if we all disagree, because making up narratives is what we do.
    Don’t be evil. Don’t be gullible, but embrace mystery when appropriate, too.
    You may have that Wuhan coronavirus this year. Seems likely we;ll be exposed.

  7. Gang rape is democracy in action. It matters not which sociopath you vote for. They’re all in the same club, and you aren’t. Expecting the catastrophe of government to magically transform into a beneficial operation merely by electing the “right” candidate is delusional. Bernie may, or may not, reduce or eliminate the military footprint of the US Sociopaths In Charge, but I assure you, he will express sociopathic views in other areas, and they to will be enforced at gunpoint. I suspect the CIA visits each new president and shows them the Zapruder film, after which things go back to exactly what they were. We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters.

    1. one can only judge a politician by his r her record. Bernie’s record isn’t promising anything different from the well-established neoliberal agenda.

      1. bernie’s record promises a return to the new deal, which is anathema to the whole neoliberal agenda.

  8. Their global warming narrative was losing traction so plan B has been invoked.A global pandemic(Event 201-OCTOBER 2019)to usher in their NWO using the next Pearl Harbour/911.

  9. You are a breath of fresh air!! I had despaired of finding a voice of reason. It’s difficult to find someone who dispassionately, objectively analyzes what’s going on. Most of my friends in the metaphysical community are in the cult of Q, slavishly adore 45 and are convinced that 45 is taking down the Deep State; my gut feeling is that his tweets, statements, appointments, actions & legislation say the opposite. (I am one of the few people I know who is willing to be wrong, however.) The best case scenario I can think of is that he is the greatest actor of all time. I am very distressed re: the polarity that is going on, and all the labels & vitriol people are slinging at each other–only drives the wedge deeper, and it just seems to be getting worse. If we can’t summon basic decency, kindness and compassion, we are lost.

    1. I think you need a different community.
      I’d be very, very leary about taking metaphysical advice from people like that.

    2. Decency? Uhm then why did you call me stupid and a jerk and privileged on twitter without real provocation and without knowing me, when all I tried to do initially was question you on your loyalty for Assange. Sure, I admit that I was a bit rude with his first statement but that was to illicit a response from you but i apologized for that right away. Please try not to judge someone right of the bet and assume that this person is attacking you. I wasn’t, I was challenging you. Forget Assange and his opinion on 9/11 but I belief that you should revisit your thoughts on 9/11 as you claim that there is no evidence of an “inside job” claim. If this is not your claim then please explain to me what you believe happened on 9/11 and who you think is responsible. Is there evidence of the “establishment” or “deep state” claim? Arguably there is not but It all depends what you perceive as evidence but in case of 9/11 you will never get what you seem to demand as evidence, Governmental documents stating that some government agency or person ordered the attacks on the twin towers. However, you can find giant pieces of the puzzle for everyone to see that are easily put together to draw logical conclusions about who is responsible for 9/11. Hint: it ain’t the 19 hijackers. 9/11 is not some trivial event that you only consider part of your memory. Instead, it is the most important event of this century so far and that is why so many other people like me have been critical of you for not treating it that way. I also feel that you fall for the old left right paradigm by seemingly showing your support for Bernie and yet you also make excellent observations on the “establishment” or “the deep state” and that it doesn’t matter who is in power.

      I hope you can forgive me for insulting you on Twitter but I hope you will take part of the responsibility for this as well and perhaps see that the discussion got out of hand as a direct result of having only to read words on a screen and not the true intentions that I had of just challenging some of your beliefs.
      Keep up the good fight!

      1. Whether or not 9/11 was an inside job or not is largely irrelevant. The fact that there is no doubt the US Sociopaths In Charge would commit such a crime if it served their purpose is the relevant point.

  10. As to impeachment, anything that tries to claw even a small bit of power back towards Congress and away from an increasingly imperial Office of the President is a good thing.
    Anything that pushes the system in a direction of broader participation is a good thing.
    And Trump has been so obnoxious at basically claiming the Constitution isn’t even there and grabbing power directly to himself, then impeaching him is a step in the right direction. It won’t solve anything. It won’t solve much. But it would be a step in the correct direction. You don’t have to love the Democrats nor the CIA to support impeaching a President who most definitely needs to be impeached. Convincing people to support Trump because the people shouldn’t like the Democrats nor the CIA is a con-job. Yet another way to get suckers to support a billionaire.

  11. I cannot say enough good things about John Bolton because there is nothing to say.

  12. Jon Rappoport is a genius. He’s been writing about this stuff for decades. Over the last 30 years, Jon’s independent research has encompassed such areas as: deep politics, conspiracies, alternative health, the potential of the human imagination, mind control, the medical cartel, symbology, and solutions to the takeover of the planet by hidden elites.

  13. Correction:
    you would gain a more accurate picture of reality by believing the exact opposite of all his public statements than you would “following the mainstream media news….”

  14. As the Superbowl nears and the Democratic primary race heats up, followers of the much more important but far more complicated and confusing electoral process would be well-advised to consider the following analogy as a simplified explanation of what’s going on.

    In the National Football League, as in all major sports associations, champions are determined by the outcomes of increasingly competitive contests between numerous independent teams. In American electoral politics, there is only One Team – call it what you will, The Oligarchy, Big Money, The Military-Industrial Complex, America, Inc., you get the picture. The Team is made up of the offensive (Republican) unit, whose goal is to put up points, that is, shovel as much money into the owners’ pockets as possible, and the defensive (Democrat) unit, whose mission is to defend this goal by preventing progressive candidates or policies from threatening the owners’ profits. The fans (voters & taxpayers), eagerly buy into the game day hysteria, convinced by the fact that the units wear different colored uniforms (red/blue) and chant antagonistic cheers at each other, while overlooking the equally obvious fact that the owners not only pay the players of both units, but the judiciary referees and mainstream media announcers and commentators as well.

    This framework may be used as a convenient reference in play-by-play analysis of the political process.

    1. You think the Super Bowls aren’t rigged? ROFLOL!

    the DNC just rigged the 2020
    Democratic National Convention
    AGAINST Progressives:

  16. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “…the many have also been propagandized into believing that those few among them who advocate for the interests of the many are the real enemy. This whole dynamic must reverse.”

    Think about Assange, Snowden. Yes, the notion of good and evil seems to be lost among the many. But do not forget that a lot of people among the many share the interest of the few in maintaining the “System” at any cost because it means maintaining their social status, money and assets at the same time.

    Because in our days, which are the return of the days of Noah, there are nothing of value superior to money, assets and social status. I would even say those are the ONLY values in our days.

    The good news is that the return of Jesus is near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I have seen more than enough bs.

  17. Just because I thought you would like this….written by Chanie Gorkin, 11th grade US…

    Today was the absolute worst day ever
    And don’t try to convince me that
    There’s something good in every day
    Because, when you take a closer look,
    This world is a pretty evil place.
    Even if
    Some goodness does shine through once in a while
    Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.
    And it’s not true that
    It’s all in the mind and heart
    True happiness can be obtained
    Only if one’s surroundings are good
    It’s not true that good exists
    I’m sure you can agree that
    The reality
    My attitude
    It’s all beyond my control
    And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that
    Today was a good day

    [Now read from the bottom to top]

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Very clever! Pessimism back-flipping into optimism. An exercise well worth doing at least once a day.

  18. “Oceania has always/never been at war with Eurasia/Eastasia” ~ Orwell (paraphrased)
    Fabian Socialist insider, Geo Orwell laid out their NWO gameplan in Nineteen Eighty Four, which they have followed to a tee. First split the world into three spheres, then conduct low level regional war to develop weapons for the final solution, World War Three.
    PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, released Sept 2000 stated US must overthrow seven mid east nations, but would require a New Pearl Harbor, PRESTO >
    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com
    We are cannon fodder, tax slaves or collateral damage to the demonic warlords.

  19. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Chalmers Johnson: “I no longer read the New York Times for the news – I read it for the lies”

    1. hmmm… should be past tense, since he died a few years back.

      1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        “To have been or not to have been – that was the question” – William Shakespeare (whoever HE was). Do let us know when you done the term on punctuation.

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      This is what I do with Murdoch’s ‘The Australian’ newspaper whenever I visit the local library.

  20. At seven pm a main hatchway caved in, he said
    Fellas, it’s been good t’know ya
    The captain wired in he had water comin’ in
    And the good ship and crew was in peril
    And later that night when his lights went outta sight
    Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

    When the democrats embrace John Bolton, the end is near.

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