The Iowa caucuses are currently underway as of this writing. Regardless of the results we will inevitably see an increase in tensions on social media between progressives and the status quo-supporting pundit class, which will result in even more hysterical shrieking about mean, angry Bernie Bros from the latter. They will whine, they will concern troll, they will claim that the online impoliteness of rank-and-file progressives is harming the Democrats and helping Trump, and they will pour an increasing amount of energy into increasingly melodramatic displays of victimhood.

This will be intensely stupid.

It will be intensely stupid for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s ridiculous for any grown adult to lose their shit over people criticizing them on the internet, even if those criticisms are numerous and harsh; if you can’t handle criticism, don’t shout your political opinions on giant social media platforms. If you are a professional political commentator it’s vastly more ridiculous, since you chose to share your political perspective as your literal job. Grow the fuck up, dipshit.

I think maybe one of the reasons the blue-checkmarked commentariat are so shocked and appalled by the backlash they receive when they smear Bernie Sanders online is due to the fact that both social media and the progressive movement are still relatively new. Until fairly recently, a pundit would just tell the riff raff how to think without ever having to worry about them talking back; seeing their spin-jobs attacked by insolent commoners is a new development. Which is why this pundit class has been successfully lobbying Twitter to create options which allow them to hide replies or forbid comments altogether.

The second thing that makes the shrieking about angry Bernie Bros insufferably stupid is that lives are literally on the line here. People are dying. They are dying due to lack of healthcare, they are dying due to poverty, they are dying in police violence,  they are dying in wars, and here’s this coordinated class of spinmeisters in their ivory towers babbling about ponies and unicorns and electability. It is absolutely okay for a victim of the status quo to be rude to its defenders.

I mean, how disgustingly entitled can you get? What kind of weird, isolated, privileged life have you been living where you think it’s reasonable to condescendingly tell the working class that it’s unrealistic of them to want to stay alive instead of dying as a result of America’s uniquely awful healthcare system, and then bitch and moan when they tell you off? You may as well be shouting down from your marble balcony telling the unwashed masses to die more quietly. Fuck off.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, anger is the perfect tool for killing off all sympathy and loyalties to manipulators and their deceitful narrative management. Let me explain.

The other day I heard a ruckus next door and went outside to see a man chasing a frightened woman around the back of their apartment. She was yelling at him to leave and he was spouting some bullshit about how she was attacking him. Finally I heard her say, “You’ve breached!”, meaning he’d violated his restraining order.

After hearing that I yelled some stuff at the guy and he scuttled off like the parasite he is, but what stuck with me was the way the woman said “you’ve breached”. She didn’t say it in a threatening way, as in “I’m going to call the police and send you to jail.” She was trying to protect him. She was trying to warn him that he was about to set off a chain of consequences that she wouldn’t be able to shield him from. Like she normally does. Like so many abuse victims normally do.

Anyone who’s escaped a relationship with an abusive manipulator will immediately know what I’m talking about. In such a relationship you quickly learn that anything that happens to the abuser will be blamed on you, and you will be made to pay for it in any number of painful ways. This causes you to develop a Stockholm syndrome-like mentality where you sympathise with your abuser in order to compartmentalize away from the stress of being constantly under fire in this way, and you find yourself working to shelter them from the consequences of their actions.

The trouble with experiencing this sympathy, apart from the obvious, is that sympathy makes a wonderful adhesive for belief. When you sympathise with someone, you are more likely to believe the narratives they give you about what’s going on. This is why so many of them play the victim, like the way my neighbor’s ex claimed he was being attacked while menacingly chasing after a woman much smaller than himself, and the way establishment narrative managers claim they’re being bullied and harrassed by the victims of the status quo they work to defend.

You’ll notice too that these establishment manipulators always use victimhood narratives designed to appeal to soft-hearted leftists. The completely false “Bernie bro” myth works to spin Sanders’ supporters as a bunch of aggressive, straight white male dudebros attacking women and people of color online who support centrist candidates. Racism and misogyny are things that progressives are naturally sensitive to and want to stay far away from; the bogus narrative is designed to hook into their preexisting sympathies.

Whether it be from a significant other, a parent, or a cult leader, anyone who has escaped from the mental prison of an adept manipulator eventually learns that anger is the only way to kill off the sympathy hooks which can be used to draw you back into the relationship. Replacing your sympathy with anger is like a white hot fire which burns off any purchase a manipulator might find in your mind to lure you back into believing their stories about you, about them, and about what’s really happening.

Bernie supporters have gotten very good at giving bad faith manipulators their anger instead of their sympathy. In 2015 it wasn’t uncommon to see such manipulators receiving calm, rational responses to their smears explaining that Bernie is not actually an evil unelectable Marxist who hates women and loves rape. Now in 2020 such smears receive a mountain fuck offs from grizzled veterans who understand exactly what game is being played here. They do not extend their sympathy to people who are trying to manipulate how they think, and rightly so.

Anyone who objects to this is either an idiot or a manipulator, or perhaps both. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to try and manipulate ordinary human beings away from expressing anger about an infuriating situation, and anyone who tries to is just showing you their true face.


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80 responses to “Only Assholes Bitch About Sanders Supporters Being Rude Online”

  1. awwww…worthless blog being worthless

  2. Cold Case Fanatic Avatar
    Cold Case Fanatic

    Shitbags like you who have nothing constructive or useful to say are the more apt definition of useful idiots and ass clowns. Look everybody! The ass clown is trying to call other people ass clowns XD XD XD

  3. Good article – very astute on many points.

    In my view, who gets elected to the President’s seat is most important from an economic perspective. As the economy is on its way to complete annihilation of all but the .01%, the non-0.01% would be better served by someone in the ‘Seat’ that at least gives a hoot about people other than themselves. Things will get really bad – much worse than they are today. If that someone in the ‘Seat’ is willing and able to help the ordinary citizen even just a little bit, people will be in a better position than if that someone in the ‘Seat’ is pro-establishment.

    As far as the true fix of our socioeconomic system, no one person can do this from within a completely corrupted system run by the few. A system controlled by the few will always favor itself to the nth degree it can get away with. For the true fix to occur, the power to approve legislation must rest with the masses and a system that does not include a single leader format. There is not only no need for a ‘supreme leader’ but it is highly detrimental to have one.

    There will come a time where the opportunity to implement such a system is possible. Right now, if we can get some people in the upper offices that will at least try and prevent more harm, that would be good.

  4. I’m unclear about the timeline you use to determine the progressive movement is relatively new. It’s been around over 100 years, and is in essence the source of the tyranny we suffer, by promoting the superiority of the “intellectual elite” to justify said tyranny. Any notion that government will work for the benefit of its subjects if we just elect the proper psychopath to hold a gun to our heads is delusional. Gang rape is democracy in action.

    1. Huh? Those dejenerits like Upton Sinclair and Jack London? Working-class elitists? Mao did better?

  5. Caitlin, you should have figured out by now, after witnessing the Sanders pledge on 5/3/2015 to throw the vote and his support to the anointed select candidate, the way he pulled down his pants when he had solid proof of DNC cheating, and his continuing to cheer and stump for the Harpy, what his job is.
    This year, he renewed that same pledge.

    All he’ll do, even if he gathers a majority of the Democratic primary vote, will be to take all these votes and give them over to whoever is select (ain’t him noway.) And he’ll campaign for the Democrat imperialist abomination for another 4-5 months, yet again.

    That the base of Sanders activists and voters are mainly too stupid to see their nose in front of their eyes is not a good reason to lose one’s shirt supporting him. If they fall for the sheepdog trick, played every election season since time immemorial, too bad for them.

    Sanders is also a strong imperialist. A guy who votes for war (except when he can pull a grandstand in a no’count vote like 2002, after having voted a big yes to the general AUM 2001 — and anyway he always voted for all the appropriations and all Zionist measures, provided they were “Labour”-genocidal.

    The fact that he is asking for bigger crumbs from the war profits to fall to the middle (not working-) class is negligible, too, in the grand scheme of things: the world needs the US to wither, not more imperialism to keep the American middle class well-fed and enjoying life.

    Sanders may be the lesser evil, all told. Of course, except he isn’t, because his job is not to win anything, only to bring the disgruntled vote back to the Dims. Also, that lesser evil nonsense is what’s killing us. Anything but third-party vote or no vote, no matter the voter’s intent, is treason.

  6. Interesting:

    No doubt, we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus… and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I’m not sure what the times of Noah were like but after clicking on that link and hearing about all the plotting and scheming that goes on behind the facade of democracy, it certainly has a second century AD Roman flavour to it.

  7. The Iowa Democrat Party has selectively released partial results (it is 5:20 pm EST). Buttigieg is winning!
    No surprise there.

    62% of precincts reported

    1. Hmmm
      It turns out that Buttigieg’s biggest and richest backer is a dual citizen israeli who has been funding jewish terrorist groups operating out of illegally occupied Palestine for years named Seth Klarman. He also just a happens to be the top funder of group behind Iowa’s voting app. The delays in reporting is the result of a failed app developed by what is essentially his company Shadow Inc. Naturally, we are supposed to believe any connection between Klarman, his malware, I mean app and the fact it is his guy winning is purely coincidental.

      Means, motive, opportunity and who benefits….. Your absolutely right, Bettigieg winning is no surprise at this point.

      1. You are lying, he is not THE TOP FUNDER of shadow, come on there is no excuse to report inaccurately (or intentionally lie, I’ll let you address that), when this story is all over the undesirables sites.

        Everyone knows the #1 funder of Shadow is/was GEORGE SOROS at 2.6mil

        1. Hmmm

          “Everybody? Oh well then, that settles it. After all, it doesn’t get more definitive than “everybody”!

          Soros did give millions. But my research clearly indicated Soros is not the biggest contributor of direct AND indirect funding to Shadow. Not everybody walks in or out the front door…… Regardless, the direct ties to Israel and the obvious implication of a foreign country tampering with our electoral process is self-evident here.

          As to your attempt to cast aspersions, I would like to point out that opinions are like assholes, everybody has got one.

  8. Yeah, wasn’t it in the movie “Network” that Howard Beale said, “But first, you’ve got to get angry!” Sometimes Hollywood tells the truth (but not often).

  9. If public officials are empowered to ignore constitutional provisions whenever they want, then what is the point of having a Constitution? Please read this timely article here:

  10. william c wesley Avatar
    william c wesley

    Of course agreed on all accounts. When an adversary has lost against your argument they will invariable cite your “tone” as offensive as they saunter off. This means they have lost the argument and need a sour grapes explanation for it, you did not win by argument, you won by rudeness.

  11. Thanks for standing up for righteous long delayed anger directed at abusive manipulators. It made me feel better about telling off my abusive father in no uncertain terms, and telling him if he every layed a finger on me again I would kill him for sure. Yes part of me felt sorry that I had been pushed to say what I did but the results in permanently getting rid of his attacks was well worth it.

  12. Now who messed up the voting in Iowa? The choices are quite ” unlimited “! I doubt we will ever found out just who did it. Are more ” goofs ” in the works? What a country.

    1. Is Mr. Seth Klarman responsible for this fiasco?

  13. As Green Voters such as myself know from experience, Democrats may ask upon hearing you are a Green Voter, “why did you waste your vote?”.
    It makes me laugh.
    Post Iowa-Caucus-fiasco I will now laugh even harder.

  14. Hmmm

    Oh my Caitlin, your slip is showing again….

    When it comes to America’s National elections, citizens have no need to waste time examining individual candidates. The fact of the matter is your “vote” has essentially been nullified before the first vote was cast yesterday because ever single Candidate still in the running for President has been carefully vetted to ensure that they have demonstrated their fealty to NutenYahoo and faithfully proven their allegiance to the state of israel…….Just as Trump has so painfully demonstrated time and time again to the American people.

    Sanders is not so much the “controlled opposition” as he a convenient distraction to hide the fact that the entire Presidential election is rigged by the zionists. They accomplish this by making sure no matter who actually end up getting into office it is israel and the israeli people, not America and the American people who win…..It ain’t rocket science, but it is very effective way to control a country and its people.

    it defies belief that anyone honestly believes that it was just or ever in the best interest of America and the American people, let alone our “National Security” to sacrifice more than 100,000 American soldiers, hundreds of thousands wounded, literally millions of innocent civilians dead, 50+ Million turned into refugees, and more than 10 trillion tax dollars to turn 2/3’s of the Middle East into rubble, install puppet governments all so that a tiny cabal of jewish supremacists leading a racist, bigoted, hatefilled seperatist political movement called zionism can build a jewish only empire for sea to sea……..

  15. Insist on paper ballots. Always. Everywhere.

  16. Below I half-in-jest remarked that it is only a matter of time that the Iowa Caucus software application glitches are blamed on the Russians.
    Keep reading.
    Buttigieg this morning claimed victory. Go figure.
    Did not know until today that Buttigieg is being linked to the CIA and other assorted fascist security types.
    Better read this. And you decide or not. Forewarned is …
    Did these Buttigieg stinkers mess with the software app?

    1. Apparently the major players at the company that made the Iowa caucuses software also worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    2. **** BREAKING NEWS ****
      The fix is/was in !!
      Step 1) create irregularities
      Step 2) Joe Biden threatens lawsuit if full explanation for 1) is not given BEFORE the results are released. BEFORE means: the Iowa Caucus results won’t be released until well into the primary season essentially nullifying their affect downstream on other primaries.
      The fix was in !!

    3. Buttigieg declared himself the winner because that worked out so well for “President” Guido in Venezuela. The CIA will insist on running this world whether we like it or not.

  17. Which presidential candidate will investigate who put the explosives in the buildings that were demolished on 911?

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      After reading the hundreds of independent investigations about the WTC collapses I surmise that it was the Mossad “Israeli art students” who set the explosives. There may have also been directed energy weapons used as well because the chunks of debris turned to dust as it was falling.
      No president of the USA is going to bring this to light because they are human. Only a robot president that has been programmed to tell the truth and nothing but the truth would reveal the real perpetrators. It would then be thrown to the scrap heap because of it’s ‘unfortunate mistake’.

  18. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to try and manipulate ordinary human beings away from expressing anger about an infuriating situation, and anyone who tries to is just showing you their true face.
    American Fascism is imposed by the limits of niceness. Americans are a very nice people, as we see ourselves, and people from other countries are simply bigoted and not nice for thinking otherwise. Bush’s Global War on Terror was built on the proposition that if we can find and round up and eliminate the people who are not nice, especially not nice to America, then by definition, the world will be populated by nice people. American politics is designed to be dull and nice. Angry fringe groups, especially American Black People, used to be nice – but in the 1960’s became very Not Nice, and we don’t know what to do with them. (Interesting construct of the use of the ideas of US and THEM.)
    People who get excited and upset about Problems are not nice, because Problems are simply things WE ponder every four years, and then ignore again. Trying to do something about Problems in a rudely persistent manner is Not Nice.
    A member of the Idaho GOP, a state representative, said that the US Constitution allows one to shoot Socialists. Yes of course, but why come out and say it? The haters will twist the comment to make it look Not Nice. I hope this helps people understand. If you don’t try to be nice, there’s nothing America can do for you.

  19. Anger is a truly liberating force – not much of it in these comments, but satire, cynicism and even passive acceptance abounds. When thinking of US politics my own brain virtually explodes with fierce unmitigated fury, to such a degree that I feel ready to commit violence on some nearby inert object, usually the TV, and I am not even American.

    At this ripe old age, nothing invigorates more than anger – anger protects me from bitterness, defensiveness and blind obedience, it’s my motivator, it keeps me fighting for justice, truth and universal human rights. It keeps me alive,

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I agree Lili-Ann, anger is liberating and it is useful. However in the context of this forum it could be alienating and counter-productive. Especially if it is directed at people who are taking the time to post here. I have left other very important forums because there are too many verbally violent and belittling posts directed at people who are merely trying to take part in a discussion.
      I use my angry energy to make posters and post them up in my local town. Then conservative people can vent their anger by ripping them down!

      1. Sorry Step, but didn’t you just belittled my post, despite the fact I wasn’t attacking anyone in particular, just merely voicing an opinion. My anger is directed towards the insane psychopaths running your country, destroying everything and everyone standing in their way – not the American people per se. Read the comment above by Steve O , about American niceness, he’s got it down to a T. I prefer honesty to niceness, don’t you?

        1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          It was not my intention to belittle your post or your sentiments. And yes the post that Steve O wrote is an eye opener and a lesson for me. That is why I like this forum, it is challenging and it is a great opportunity to share ideas and knowledge.
          The anger we feel towards the psychopaths drives us to do what we can.
          Sometimes I feel like our ship has already sunk. The elites are in the lifeboats and we are grasping onto the floating debris in a sea of uncertainty. Anger will definitely drive us to find a solution.

  20. The democratic party days are numbered. Progressives are not going to continue to be suppressed. The are too vocal and active. Either they take over the party or break away.

  21. The Iowa caucus is over, but there are no results yet. The corrupt Democratic Party are already rigging the primaries from day one. They want Bernie Sanders destroyed and the corrupt Joe Biden to win. Don’t believe the results, which will be presumably doctored.

    1. Yeah, I figure Bernie must have won in a landslide in the real count, so the Matrix had to be rejiggered to fit the desired outcome. Buttigieg claimed HE won, so you gotta believe the fix is in.

    2. Question is, when and how will they blame the Russians for this?
      Or even better will they say that Trump Republicans assisted Russians in messing with the caucus software application?

  22. DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders — The Onion — Feb 4, 2020

  23. This is something that appears to be ingrained in American power structures. After all, you hear the same complaints towards other nations. How dare they try to build missiles to fight back? America claims not only that it has a holy right to kill anyone in the world, but America also consistently claims that nobody has the right to ever try to resist or fight back. Much of American foreign policy seems to consist of shock that either poor peasants fight back in a guerrilla war or that Russia builds missiles or that Syria would dare bomb the Al-Qaida proxies. This is just another example, this time aimed at Americans, to say how dare you try to fight back when we decree that your life is ruined for the benefit or maybe just the amusement of the elites.

    1. Top comment!

  24. Hmmm, something very odd is going on in Iowa.
    First, CNN did a big poll and advertised it for a big release on the weekend. Then they suddenly pulled it. Other polls have showed Sanders pulling out to big leads pre-caucus. Of course, we all know that CNN is completely non-partisan and never shows any effort to downplay or blackout the Sanders campaign.
    Now, the Dems suddenly in this age of easy communications are saying they can’t collect the results of the caucuses and report them. In this age where everyone has a cell phone and a camera, we are told the special app the Dem clowns wrote stopped working and that they can’t even manage manage to work a phone.
    In most countries, strange delays in announcing the results are regarded as something suspicious. It will be interesting to see CNN not cover the cries that will arise after this fiasco that something is wrong with an American election.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      It is “Highly likely” that the Russians are cutting or blocking Democrat phone lines and interfering with the special app. They have no skripals at all.

      1. Best, funniest post so far this new year! And spoken with a “high degree of confidence”.

    2. The people counting the votes determine the winner not the people voting.

      1. Stalin’s comment

        1. Yup and very true.

    3. What you are witnessing is armed robbery in broad daylight… and the perpetrators don’t care who knows because nobody will be able to do a thing about it. If it is litigated, either the courts will uphold the criminal acts or a judgement will come far too late to change a fait accompli. It would be quite the constitutional crisis to extract a president elected by fraud. There is no prescription for it in the constitution, unless the fraud were considered treason, allowing impeachment and removal. The courts (representing power and the status quo like both the other branches of government) would never let it come to that. They’d manufacture a judgement from whole cloth to keep the person chosen by the insider elites as the Supreme Court did for Dubya over Gore.

  25. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    The Republican Democrat dance is way too already seen. Seen that, done that vote and be free lie. That delusion that if you vote anything will or can change. US politics are a waste of time and thought. It’s a club and you ain’t in it. And you wouldn’t want to be. Just a bunch of nutto psychopaths. Go ahead and vote for XYZ you are still going to get fucked in the ass while your pocket is getting picked.

  26. I agree with the sentiment of the opinion piece. At the same time, if change is truly desired…I appeal to everyone to vote for Libertarian Adam Kokesh, who, if elected, will shut down the federal government his first day in office and go home. No federal government, no federal government to crony-capitalist with, no federal government to corrupt. Think about it?

    1. Uh, wrong election. Not running today,.
      And yep, the Libertarian great idea is to get rid of the government then we can each have our own one-on-one, no rules but still fair, fight with a billionaire. Guess who wins? With no government at all, then you end up something like Columbia where the rich just hire death squads to eliminate those pesky people who want to get off their knees.

      1. Of course violence perpetrated by government is sooo much better than that perpetrated by “billionaires” which it just so happens are a product of government in the first place. Without fiat currency created by government, how many such billionaires would there be? Damn few, since most got their billions by government corruption.

        1. horseshit it’s a byproduct of government. the rich get richer by owning the government, in our present system, but they have power in any case. they always have, under any system that uses money.

    2. The glaring problem of the Libertarian Party is the same as that of the other parties. That government can be “fixed” if we get the right people in charge. An organization that controls people with the threat of violence is evil, regardless which psychopath or group of psychopaths is in charge. Gang rape is democracy in action.

      1. I agree. That is why Adam Kokesh makes the best argument, to shut down the federal government.

  27. Pretending the Dems have an election worthy candidate
    is like watching CNN for anything real.

    1. Wonder how low CNN ratings must fall before they do something about it.

  28. What a whole lot about nothing
    The next president has already been anointed & it isn’t Bernie

    1. Did you post anything of value?

    2. Yep, those evil Russians will reelect Trump and the left will meltdown. He will reward them by giving away Alaska.

      1. If Alaska became part of Russia would Alaskans receive better health care?

  29. Why can’t I see my comment that I just posted

  30. I’ve been reading a meme that the DNC is going to plug Hillary for Veep.
    How dense would any presidential candidate have to be, to not know that they would be Arkancided in side of a year if Hillary was their VP?
    Really, nobody is that stupid among the current candidates with a chance.
    I do not include hopeless-Joe Biden.
    He could probably get off with declaring unfitness from Alzheimers,.
    Then he’s like to go be an attraction at a children’s petting zoo.

    1. The favored combo of the DNC is reportedly Biden and Hitlery. I assume their fondest fantasy is that either Joe, whilst already pushing 80, will either stroke out or develop such a conspicuous case of Alzheimer’s that he will be removed from office under the 25th Amendment and Hitlery will replace him. Likewise, many progressives are demanding that Tulsi Gabbard be Bernie Sanders’ running mate to ensure continuity of their program should the old man (who would be over 80 at inauguration) pass away. It is said that the warmonger wing of the party (the vast majority) in a desperation move will try to cram Hitlery down Bernie’s throat should he win the nomination–again playing actuarial odds. And I used to think that Konrad Adenauer served far too long as Chancellor of West Germany!

  31. I strongly supported Bernie in 2016, then he threw his supporters under the bus…he knew the rigging was going on and did nothing about it…he was not obligated to honor any DNC agreement, since it was null and void as a result of the rigging…Bernie had the power of his immense supporters to unleash his proclaimed revolution as an Independent in the General election and would have won…Instead he campaigned for the Wall Street #QueenOfWarmongers…It took him how long to stand up for the Tulsi smears after she stuck her neck out for him in 2016?…And he continues to tow the establishment party line despite his rhetoric…Tulsi has proven time and time again she will fight for us… Madam President, Commander In Chief #TULSI2020

    1. Do you think the intelligence community’s schenanigans and coup was limited to Trump?
      They went after Bernie through his wife.
      The FBI investigated her for a mortgage application irregularity.
      The investigation began in January 2016 (the Iowa caucus was in February 2016, by the way).
      The FBI did not release all their hooks (that we know of) from Bernie until
      immediately after the 2018 midterm elections.
      So Bernie’s desertion of his supporters for support of Hillary
      needs to be understood in light of the Sword of Damocles
      the FBI was holding over his head.
      Bernie was an obedient stooge, and a traitor to his own supporters ,
      because he was owned. Bernie was also a rabid promoter of the
      “President is a Russian agent” nonsense, and we must wonder if
      we need to view that in light of the FBI leash Bernie was wearing.

      1. So who would you vote for?

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Any candidate who is aligned to either of the two ‘elite endorsed’ parties, no matter how intelligent, fair minded, kind or progressive they appear to be, is locked by a ball and chain to the establishment. It is unrealistic to believe that such a candidate could achieve any meaningful reform. Mary Jones is correct: Bernie could have taken his supporters elsewhere once the shenanigans of the selection process became known. Jill Stein offered to stand aside as leader of the Greens if Bernie wanted to step into her place. He chose to tow the Democrat party line and that is exactly what he will do if he becomes president. The war machine will grind on and like Barak before him he will be forced to endorse the world death squad policy of those who sit above him in the hierarchy. Republican or Democrat presidents in the USA means death and mayhem to the rest of the world. To those of you in America I am pleading with you to vote for independent candidates who intend to concentrate on rebuilding your decaying infrastructure and establishing a national health scheme. Bring your young service men and women home to inject some vitality back into your crumbling country.

    3. I too was sorry that Bernie supported Hitlery, but do you think it’s possible he figured by running as an independent (or Green) he would be throwing the election to Trump, his reputation amongst liberals/progressives would be shot to hell and he would have no future in politics? Perhaps he would have even been besmirched as a colluder with Trump and the Russians by the embittered Hitlery and her deranged Democratic acolytes, in which case he might now be facing baseless but very biting indictments by Mueller. Though that dog and pony show was discredited, those indicted are still facing some pretty serious legal consequences.

      1. Realist,

        It is likely that Bernie felt Hillary would call off the attack dogs – the FBI – once she became President. A strong incentive to support Hillary over his own supporters. (see my above post).

        Bernie’s desertion of his supporters happened **before** the “Trump as a Russian agent” nonsense really got started.

        (disclosure: I am a Green voter)

      2. once again, you can’t get on the ballot in most states by running as an independent. i don’t know why people have trouble understanding this; they know the game is rigged in other respects so why is is difficult to understand this is just another way of rigging it? he had to agree to support the winner in 2016 in order to run in the first place.

        1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          In Australia a person may stand as a candidate if they meet certain logical and fair legal requirements and pay a fee of $2,000
          We do get some independents in our parliament but we are not going to advance politically until the electorate abandons parties. Should the two houses of parliament become full of independent representatives we would be in uncharted territory but I believe it is worth a try.
          I understand that in places like the UK a true representation is not possible because of the house of (privileged) Lords

          1. The counterpart to the HL in the US is the Senate where power is not apportioned to class (wealth) per se but to the power structures in individual states. Under this unrepresentative system states with huge populations (like California, Florida, Texas and New York) are given the same representation as tiny states (like Wyoming, the Dakotas, Vermont and Rhode Island). There are rather more small states than large and these are mostly Republican, giving the GOP a baked in advantage in the Congress. Not that Dem senators do not vote just like Republicans most of the time anyway. It’s rigged to favor wealth and privilege. The Electoral College (which actually elects the president and not the people) reflects the same built-in bias favoring small, rural GOP states, which is why both Trump and Dubya won, though receiving fewer actual popular votes. It’s what the “founding fathers” intended. They were elitists and never trusted the prols of their day any more than the oligarchy does today.

  32. Vince, you sound like an intelligent informed individual. Yes, let’s have 30 more years of the same bullshit. Your a fucking moron.

  33. It’s been said before- the bosses of the democratic party would rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders. Notice the silence following the Iowa caucus? They’re in damage control mode because the working class is pushing Sanders to the front of the pack.

  34. Only assholes support bernie! He’s nothing but a lying commie scumbag who sells socialism to useful idiots and ass clowns.

    1. Thought Trump only trolled on twitter?

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I respect this forum because bullying, name calling and labeling are quite rare.

    3. Cold Case Fanatic Avatar
      Cold Case Fanatic

      Shitbags like you who have nothing constructive or useful to say are the more apt definition of useful idiots and ass clowns. Look everybody! The ass clown is trying to call other people ass clowns XD XD XD

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