After a 2016 presidential primary race riddled with scandals, all of which worked against Bernie Sanders to the advantage of anointed establishment favorite Hillary Clinton, the 2020 Democratic presidential primary elections officially began with a massive scandal working against Bernie Sanders to the advantage of an establishment favorite.

The 2020 Iowa caucuses turned out to have been designed to depend on the use of a new, untested app with extensive ties to establishment insiders and to the Pete Buttigieg campaign, and because of problems using this app as of this writing we are still waiting on the full results of the election. The Iowa Democratic Party has bizarrely released a partial result with 62 percent of 99 counties reporting, which just so happens to have favored the campaign of a Mr Peter Buttigieg, who in the sample came out on top in delegates despite coming in second in votes.

A popular “gold standard” poll by the Des Moines Register that is normally released shortly before the Iowa caucuses had Sanders comfortably in first place. The results of the poll were instead left unpublished this time until after elections were underway due to a complaint by the campaign of, you guessed it, Pete Buttigieg. This would be the same Pete Buttigieg who attended the infamous “Stop Sanders” meetings with Democratic Party insiders last year, by the way.

According to an Iowa precinct chair, the problems using the app (developed by the aptly named Shadow, Inc) included literally switching the numbers entered into it on the final step of reporting results.

“A precinct chair in Iowa said the app got stuck on the last step when reporting results,” CNN reports. “It was uploading a picture of the precinct’s results. The chair said they were finally able to upload, so they took a screenshot. The app then showed different numbers than what they had submitted as captured in their screenshot.”

It doesn’t actually matter anymore who really won Iowa at this point; the damage is already done. Iowa is a sparsely populated state with an insignificant number of delegates; nobody campaigns there for the delegates, they campaign to make headlines and generate excitement and favorable press for themselves in the first electoral contest of the presidential primary race. This has already happened, and with Buttigieg first declaring victory before any results were in, followed by his delegate count lead announced hours later, the favorable press has predominantly gone his way.

Even if Sanders turns out to have won the delegate count as well, this will already have happened. He will have already lost the opportunity to start off the primary contest with a win and a rousing victory speech. In every way that matters, he has already been robbed, by extremely shady establishment dealings, in the very first electoral contest of the race.

The very first. Berners are already as outraged as they were at the height of the 2016 DNC scandal, which was still months out from this point in the race. They’re already getting screwed over, and it’s just getting started.

I see many people blaming this on incompetence, some in bad faith and some in good, but in either case there is no legitimate reason to do that anymore. It has been my experience that if someone seems to be totally incompetent but every “oopsie” they make just happens to end up benefiting them, it’s manipulation you’re dealing with, not incompetence. Some people are happy to look dumb if they can get what they want. If you watch their actions and ignore their words, a very revealing pattern shows up immediately.

This is all extremely blatant, and the feelings it brings up in people are completely legitimate. Yet narrative managers like Neera Tanden and Shannon Watts are telling everyone they’re just like Trump if they suspect the Democratic establishment is again doing the thing it did just four years ago.

If such extremely shady shenanigans had occurred in Russia or Venezuela, within minutes Mike Pompeo would have been holding a press conference demanding a new election under UN supervision and an international coalition of sanctions. It’s hilarious how America is constantly staging coups, implementing sanctions and arming violent militias on the basis that their government has an illegitimate democratic process, yet its own most important electoral proceedings would make any third world tin pot dictator blush.

And don’t give me that crap about how Democratic Party primaries are separate from the US electoral system and therefore don’t undermine American democracy; of course they do. If your country has a rigidly enforced two-party system and one of those parties has bogus internal elections, then you do not have any degree of democracy in your country. Saying “Well if you don’t like our rigged primary process you can vote for the other corrupt warmongering pro-establishment party” is not democracy.

The difference between a true totalitarian dictatorship and America is that the totalitarian dictatorship enforces one political belief system which supports the status quo, whereas in America you get the freedom of choice between two political belief systems which support the status quo. The entire system is stacked to ensure the continued rule of the oligarchs, spooks and warmongers who really run things behind the two-handed sock puppet show of the official elected government. The US doesn’t attack and undermine nations when they lack “freedom” or “democracy”, they attack and undermine them when they refuse to bow to the demands of the power establishment which controls the US government and its allies.

The sooner people wake up to this, the better. In Iowa, things couldn’t have gone worse for those responsible for keeping people asleep.


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81 responses to “DNC Completely Loses Public Trust In Its Primary Process On Very First Day”

  1. Nullius en Verba

  2. Sheila Chambers Avatar
    Sheila Chambers

    I have been screeching about this since the FAKE, RIGGED 2016 “election”!

    I’ve been saying over & over again that we have but “two” corporate parties, & our “choices” are OLIGARCH WARMONGER #1 OR OLIGARCH WARMONGER #2 & THAT IS NOT A “CHOICE”!
    Third parties are totally shut out, shut out of the media, shut out of those “debates” shut out of the FAKE, RIGGED “ELECTIONS”!

    Too many members of the electorate are so STUPID & DUPED, they don’t or can’t see just how corrupt the system is.

    Why even bother to “vote” when the whole mess is RIGGED?


  3. Keep on pretending the US can vote itself out of this criminal enterprise, in which both parties and all candidates are equally guilty. Bernie is just as criminal as Trump. He’s just not as successful a psychopath as his competition. Gang rape is democracy in action.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      JWK I respect your posts and your ideas are a valuable part of the discussion. However I’d like to point out a problem that is also occurring in Australia. By saying “both parties” you have fallen into the trap that has been laid to make everyone feel that there are only two parties that matter. I would have preferred if you had written …in which two parties and all candidates are equally guilty. Voting has definitely become a pretense but there is a chance that we may be able to cull a lot of the criminal activity if we fill our parliaments/congress/senates with independent candidates and even some representation from small parties who bring important issues to our attention.

      1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
        Sheila Chambers

        We cannot “vote” out these criminals or haven’t you figured that out yet?
        The “vote” is a FRAUD! Our “votes” are WORTHLESS! It will take a WAR to oust these WARMONGERING OLIGARCHS & people are too dam STUPID, DUPED & UNEDUCATED to see through the LIES their being told by the CORPORATE MEDIA.
        NO position of power will be allowed to go to a “third” party or a progressive.

        1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          Yes I guess it’s quite unrealistic of me to hope that the general population will wake up to the lies and stop voting for the criminals altogether.
          I don’t want to believe that we will have to wait for an armageddon before all weapons of war and greed are put aside. Is there an example from history where humans have learned to live peacefully and share resources equitably?
          Our collective behaviour is currently more primitive than ever before.

      2. I appreciate you optimism, but in the good old uS of A, it is just 2 parties. And even candidates within those two parties don’t stand a chance much less outside parties. 2 examples: !) Bernie in 2016 (will be the same in 2020 as the DNC is working to screw Bernie by using it’s new rules to screw him again, even though the rules were supposed to be better. Think the Godfather movie in promises made “while I’m still alive”) was screwed completely by Hillary and her DNC. 2) Ron Paul in 2012. While Paul’s was more so to get a foothold and recognized platform, bones and rules were broken. In the convention his delegates were robbed. Delegate buses put in a virtual holding pattern. All confirmed by Rachel Maddow no friend of Ron Paul.

        Likewise because the people in the good old uS of A feel secure enough and presently have enough comfort, they see no real need for change. They also as a whole don’t care about corrupted or rigged voting particularly where their favorite legalized criminal is put in office. It’s just the way it is.

  4. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff

    C’MON, MAN!
    Plagiarists don’t get raves.
    China and Ukraine made waves.
    And when you’re confidin’
    your word as a Biden,
    your ancestors spin in their graves.

  5. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff


    There once was a dirtbag named Pete
    In Iowa, he sought to cheat
    The DNC’s man
    To help with their scam
    I pray he goes down to defeat.

  6. The largest donor to the non profit corp associated w/ this (Shadow, I think) is George Soros. He also is the principle shareholder of ESE, the voting machine company.

    Did you know that Adam Schiff is his son in law? :O

    1. Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by billionaire who funded Alabama disinformation campaign
      Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman not only funded the creation of ACRONYM, the group that sabotaged Iowa caucus results; he bankrolled a series of voter manipulation campaigns including the notorious online “false flag operation” in Alabama’s 2017 senate campaign.
      By Max Blumenthal

  7. A good article. RealClearPolitics had Sanders Biden, Buttigeig then Warren in polling. The official DNC and CNN have it Buttigeig, Sanders, Warren and then Biden. Now tell me who really got “impeached”. Looks like someone kicked that dog Biden out of the house. Is Biden no longer the DNC anointed presidential candidate?

    1. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
      Joseph Mirzoeff

      They can’t afford to kill the golden goose of foreign aid kickbacks. Got to get Biden out of scrutiny zone.

  8. Silent Majority Avatar
    Silent Majority

    As a note, the website where slaves can leave messages for sacred senators is running very slowly and appears to be overwhelmed with slaves wanting to comment on the Senate vote to dissolve the constitution.

    1. To suggest there is any retention of any significant aspect of the Constitution of the United States is either delusion or stupidity. Trump is no more or less criminal than any other POTUS since the founding of the nation. The ink wasn’t dry on it when an anti sedition law was signed by John Adams in 1798. The Constitution is deeply flawed, leaving the fox in charge of the hen house.

  9. Perhaps there is a deeper cause and effect at play, ie sowing the seeds of disillusion in the whole election process. Interesting that the app used in Iowa was funded by a billionaire pro Israel lobbyist, while the doomsday election simulations were run by a shady Israeli intelligence outfit. Whatever and whoever are behind all this it is clear Bernie is a massive threat to the status quo and they’ll stop at nothing to make sure he doesn’t get voted in.

    These 3 articles fit the pieces together:

  10. The Australian government is no different. I would like you, Caitlin, to do an article on our government and the fact they’re acting in treason. Our government has sold us out and appointed a fictional ‘Queen of Australia’ without a referendum and ditched the monarchy. I’m so sick of hearing about American politics when our own government is selling us out and is just as corrupt. Aussie’s need to know what is going on behind their backs too.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I think this is why Australians voted not to become a republic. While being a vassal state to the UK throne is in itself repugnant, how much worse would it be if we had a puppet president heading a corrupt government as is happening in the USA. Centrelink and Medicare would be gutted. Can you provide a link to some information about what you posted Shane?

  11. Democratic operative Tara McGowan is denying that her high-profile liberal firm ACRONYM played a role in the Monday evening caucus debacle, claiming that her firm was merely an investor in the company Shadow Inc., which developed the app at the center of the controversy. But internal company documents, a source close to the firms, and public records show a close and intertwined relationship between Acronym and Shadow. Please read this revealing article here:

  12. This half-assed impeachment failure was a burlesque indeed that stripped the pasties and g-string off the American body poliltic. What Americans, in their fathomless confusion, will make of it in the Punch an’ Judy show of our election is not knowable but the result won’t matter. The fact is that though human life on earth, and all that has shared with us our vital home, is in play and at risk in the sick power game, the symbolic figurehead that takes the seat of Presidential power will be as imprisoned as if in an Iron Maiden, as impotent of choice as a bawling steer in the slaughterhouse chute. Please read this Paul Ewdars article here:

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Thanks Ron, an excellent article. The Kafka quote describes the American mindset in it’s current form: “There is infinite hope, but not for us.”

    2. Silent Majority Avatar
      Silent Majority

      The pro-Trump opposition won’t tell anyone, but this was actually a quite brilliant move by the Dems. In contrast to their usual political incompetence.
      My view on the election is that Trump has already lost any sort of fair vote. That contest is already over. Trump might cheat and win, or Trump may stage a revolt to overturn the results, but he can not win outright. Any of the current Dems beats him.
      This impeachment was a good move because it just tied the Republican senators to Trump with a big thick heavy chain.
      The Dems already controlled the House, and it does not look likely to change this cycle. They were near shoo-ins to beat Trump to gain the White House. This impeachment now makes it very hard for a Republican senator to try to separate themselves from the sinking Trump, and thus makes it more likely there will be a corporate Dem majority in the Senate.
      There are pro-Trump channels that masquerade as various sorts of alt opposition. Many are fake lefties. But it has been very instructional to see which ones have lined up solidly with Trump when Trump was pushed to the wall. Oh, they don’t say they are pro-Trump. But by their actions we shall now them.

      1. The completely corrupt DNC may just destroy the democratic party and insure Donald Trumps re-election. Like Nixon, Donald Trump has an ” Enemies List ” that he will go after whole-heartedly. The spectacle might just wake up the people within these United States to completely disdain our whole awful government and its very evil practices.

  13. Maybe my bias is clouding my judgement, but I think that this monstrous disaster in Iowa is going to highlight the patently unfair decision to allow Deval Patrick into the NH Town Halls, but not Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who became famous for courageously calling out the DNC for its cheating of Sanders in 2016. And visa versa, as the criminal level of bias directed against Gabbard is highly suggestive that the same level of bias has been used against Sanders in Iowa.

    It’s open warfare now.

  14. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    A lot of people understand what it is all about. It is about the perpetuation of the “System” allowing the ruling elites to rule over everybody else.

    But the fact that people understand it does not mean that they are ready to let the ruling elites down.

    The truth is that a lot of people need the ruling elites and their “System” to maintain their social status, their money and assets. And we know that for almost everybody, those concerns take precedence over ethic considerations, especially in our days which are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus.

    And I pray the Rosary to hasten His return before I have seen more than enough bs.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      I believe you are right Michel, we are all caught up in the enormous web that we call our financial system. We all depend on each other for the resources to live and the currency we use for trading belongs to the elite.If we throw all the top echelon criminals in jail the system that they have built will collapse. Maybe we just have to let the elites have their gold and their electronic money as they don’t seem to be able to get enough of it. We the people need to start printing and trading in our own money.


    US Wuhan coronavirus pandemic spread seems likely. Crisis mitigation is evolving approach. (I have noticed there are no confirmed cases south of Texas in the Americas. It is likely spreading undetected. Brazil and Ecuador are watching a few people. It’s hard to imagine that it does not become pandemic in the global south.)

    Chloroquine is generic, and should be fairly cheap, a fading treatment for malaria.
    Gilead designed remdesivir to fight bat-borne viruses.
    Notably, two compounds remdesivir (EC50 = 0.77 μM; CC50 > 100 μM; SI > 129.87) and chloroquine (EC50 = 1.13 μM; CC50 > 100 μM, SI > 88.50) potently blocked virus infection at low-micromolar concentration and showed high SI (Fig. 1a, b).

    1. Silent Majority Avatar
      Silent Majority

      The true horror is the idea of the virus getting lose in the American For-Profit health care system. Places like China have an advantage if people can go seek help when they feel ill.
      But in America, nobody goes near a doctor or emergency room unless it is absolutely vital because even with insurance it means hundreds in co-pays and likely some surprise hidden medical bills later. Remember those extra hundreds in co-pays is in a system where the majority of people have no reserves to deal with an emergency and instead only survive, barely, paycheck to paycheck.
      Thus, the American for-profit system is more likely to have sick people who stay away from hospitals and infect the people around them before seeking expensive, for-profit health care.

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        Who owns the patent for this new horror corona virus? Who stands to make a lot of money from the fiasco? This virus which is affecting people in the worst air polluted city in the world is not even as bad as a common flu. Around the world thousands of people die from the flu every day, especially elderly people. The corona virus had only killed 85 people when the mainstream media were screaming that it was a pandemic. How the hell did they know that it was a pandemic unless it was a plan in action. This kind of bullshit has been going on for time immemorial. Remember the collapse of building 7 happening 20 minutes AFTER it was reported by the BBC?

  16. I have been telling my friends for months that the Democratic Party leaders would rather see a second term of President Trump than a first term of President Sanders. They are always aghast that I could even think such a thing. Perhaps the Iowa fiasco will get at least a few of them to reconsider the possibility that I am right.

    1. I have no doubt that you’re right. I’ll go further–one things the DP establishment don’t want, is a big win in which they end up holding both Houses of Congress and the White House. Then they have the awkwardness, for two years till they manage to ditch one of the Houses, of explaining to their supporters why just enough of them vote with the Republicans to give everyone’s donors whatever they want. Right now it’s quite cozy, they can vote with the angels knowing that their bills will go nowhere in the Senate and would be vetoes by Trump even if they did. Trump is more than happy to keep the spotlight on himself at all times, drawing attention while outrages come and go in the shadows, with no real opposition from the Dems.

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        Rob and Mary, that’s a very good point. The rats are even more conniving than I suspected!

    2. Jimmy Dore has been preaching this on his YouTube videos since the 2016 election. Watch him and “alternative media” news and analysis like the Gray Zone, Kyle Kulinski and Matt Taiibi for an accurate representation of the what the real Democratic left believes to be true, unlike the deep state “matrix” narrative by MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the “MSM.”

  17. Again and again. The only people who can steal an election are the people inside the system. Only Americans can steal an election from other Americans. Very ironic here. Democrats have pushed the Russia stole the election theme for three years and now this. Karma, as they say, is a mother…

    1. Silent Majority Avatar
      Silent Majority

      Boss Tweed and Mayors Daley are all Democrats. The Democrats, at least the ones on the inside and who pay attention, all have to know that American elections are frequently rigged. The useful idiots on Twitter may not know it.
      Both parties have long histories of stealing elections, but the Democrats are a bit more famous for it.

  18. If Tanden doesn’t like questions raised about vote tampering, she should support paper ballots, hand counted in public and having non-partisan outsiders manage the voting process. The basic rule for this affair is that there are no accidents in politics. Too many iron rice bowls are at risk to allow a Sanders victory.

    1. Yes please! Paper ballots may restore some faith in the electoral process.

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        How did Americans allow such as easily corruptible vote counting system to be put in place?

        1. The same way we allow every other outrage. We are not consulted and have no power. Sometimes we protest–even if the media covers it, it changes nothing.

          1. Silent Majority Avatar
            Silent Majority

            Need bigger protests. 🙂
            10 million people marching on DC could not be ignored. Especially if they followed Occupy Wall Street and all 10 million stayed to clog the city into a standstill after the weekend.

          2. Yes, that is the answer. The same is also true about the presidential debates. They used to be managed by the League of Women Voters but have been taken over by the political parties and are rigged affairs.

            1. And of course the biggest corruption problems are the press, the lobbyists, the revolving door, and bribery. The legislation in Congress is now written by lobbyists

  19. Most excellent Caitlin!

  20. From the frying pan and into the fire?
    Just checked for recent news about the Iowa Caucus (it is 8:28am EST).
    I skimmed this article from 1:30 am and caught a surprise (bolding is mine):

    DNC gets involved

    Polk County Democrats Chairman Sean Bagniewski confirmed to ABC News that the DNC had been calling precinct chairs and asking for results — meaning the national party committee is actively engaging in calling the leaders of each precinct in order to verify the results.

    And one Democratic official was told that the DNC was “taking over” the accounting. The official said that to their knowledge, this has never happened before.

    Ahead of that results release, Carl Voss, a precinct chairman for Des Moines-55, said while attempting to drop off his precinct packet that he’d been contacted by the Democratic National Committee.

    “They wanted a copy of my math sheet,” he said.

  21. Superdelegates negate the entire primary system for the Democrats. Until the do away with them, their primary system is rigged just the way the DNC wants it.

  22. Its stunning how obvious it all is now. There used to be an air of plausible deniability to rigging of these things. Now there just isn’t the need, as the MSM just shout conspiracy theory or Russian interference at anything they don’t want the public to pay attention to. If Bernie doesn’t end up running as a independent its hard to see how this corrupt system could be broken.

  23. Iowa Caucus results are finally in, aaaannnnddddd, the winner is Jeb Bush.

  24. Voting in America is complicity in a complete fraud. Wake up — stop voting!

    1. How true. By voting one lends credence to their insanity. If no one voted, how in the world could they justify their tyranny. I suspect the Dems are holding up results until they find a way to manipulate them without getting caught.

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        Maybe it’s a good thing that the election process is so corrupt, chaotic, fraudulent, ridiculous and troublesome. The states will have a good enough reason to break away from the federal system and immense power will no longer be concentrated in Washington.

      2. Bull. No way you’re going to persuade EVERYONE not to vote. Low turnout just makes the theft easier.
        That said, voting doesn’t seem to do much good. I do it every other year, it doesn’t take long (I’m white) but I think it’s a mistake to invest energy, money, time in “trying to get good people elected” because the system is rigged.

  25. My favorite headline so far is from Moon of Alabama: ‘Putin Prepares To Release Iowa Caucus Results’.

  26. I have been thrilled by the fact of no results in the Iowa caucus. The only surprise was that these Democratic Party crooks didn’t blame “Russia” for rigging. They did it themselves, such as during the 2016 presidential elections when they manipulated out of the picture in favor of Hillary Clinton. This time, they blamed it on a dysfunctional App made by a company named “shadow.” It couldn’t have been a better match for the status of the Democratic party.
    I couldn’t correspond more with Caitlin Johnstone about the make-up of the American political system. Having lived there, I felt as living in a totalitarian society because the people were brainwashed 24/7 by the propaganda of the mainstream media. The voters have indeed only a choice between to lesser corrupt parties. The whole primary circus is puppet theater choreographed by the mainstream media. The degree of corruption within the Democratic party manifests itself by Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire from New York City, who has bribed his way into the party by paying off the Democratic National Committee, which is dominated by Obama crooks such as Tom Perez.
    Iowa was a big win for President Donald Trump because it showed the chaos and disarray within the Democratic party. All the other primaries will have the stigma of being manipulated.

  27. LOVE your honest and outraged report — I am NOT surprised this happened and that there are partisan stooges trying to make light of it. But I AM disappointed anyway. There’s always the hope that democratic process might be able to survive and even accidentally thrive in the putrid corruption so obviously exposed in the 2016 Democratic primaries. Didn’t the DNC heads finally admit while actually “winning” the lawsuit against them by millions of us voters, that “We are a private entity and if we want to decide elections in smoky back rooms, we can?” (I’m sure I maimed that quote.) I decided that that statement alone justified me NEVER voting for a Democrat again and certainly not trusting that Bernie Sanders and his voters would get a fair election this time! They won’t let him win. I’m sure of it. Though, even if he were “allowed” to win this time, we all know that the president is just a puppet for the Power Elite. We the People need to concentrate on THEIR game. NOT on the corrupt, two-party circus of distraction that keeps everyone focussed on the clowns and the puppets while the puppet masters are running and absolutely ruining our world…

  28. The presidential elections are like a Hollywood movie that claims it is “based on a true story”. That means it is 95% fiction. Yes, it is engaging entertainment, but it’s a lie that they want us to believe is the truth. But it is not the truth. It is a fictional story designed to make us feel good. That means it is a deception and a manipulation. That means we are being fooled. The truth is that no major party candidate is legitimate. They are all fake. They are all bought-and-paid-for puppets. They are all traitors. Is Bernie Sanders the exception? No, he’s a professional politician with 30 years of “service” (based on a true story).

  29. I’ve never voted in my life. A couple of years ago, In order to join the library to use the fax, I had to join the electoral role.. since then I get fined $20 every time there’s an election. The census lady kept coming around hassling me to fill out the form and threatened me with huge fines increasing by the day.. I continually refused.. after several months they fined me $160.. So what..
    I’m so gob smacked that seemingly intelligent people actually believe in the voting system, in the vane hope that your vote means something or will somehow effect change. Keep drinking the Kool aid..
    About as interesting as watching Punch and Judy.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Phil De, if you are in Australia, the fines you quoted are unconstitutional bluffs. No-one can compel you to fill out a form, whether that is in a voting booth or in your home. In my area the census person caught me in the street and demanded that I fill out the census. When I refused she called a nearby police officer. He told me that if I don’t fill out he form I will be fined $90 per day. I told him that the threat of the fine was unconstitutional and he left me alone.

  30. If all this doesn’t blossom into a 3rd major Political Party … I don’t know what the %#!+&@ it would take.
    These R’s & D’s are twins; fraternal brother and sister.
    If you watched the SOTU, you saw how they ALL stood up and applauded the CIA’s busted puppet, Juan Guaidó.
    I hope to hell its his death knell.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Our federal parliament in Australia gave a similar standing ovation to war criminal George W Bush when he visited Australia. It was just as sickening. The only politician who refused to fawn was thrown out of the house!

  31. Will this wake some of the democrats up to what the DNC was been doing for many years? Do not count on that happening.

  32. Excellent article, this whole US election is an Orwellian farce, but the state in 1984 was more competent in deception.

  33. My poor wife. She went to bed totally depressed this evening. She has been a dedicated Democrat all her life (I am a Green voter), though in 2016 she would not vote for Hillary Clinton. This Iowa Caucus clusterfux has depressed her totally. She said, “I am sick of the whole thing, I don’t want any more to do with politics, I wish the Presidential election was done tomorrow”. She doesn’t want me reading about politics any more. She said she wish we could move out of the country.
    Costa Rica, maybe, or perhaps Belize…she mused.
    A walk down memory’s lane: lane – the DNC is totalitarian and corrupt, the DNC lawyers said so
    in court
    From: “DNC Lawsuit Recap: Democracy Averted”
    “In large part, the mainstream media has not covered the lawsuit in the six months between the court’s initial hearings in October 2016 to its latest hearing on April 25, 2017. In the latest hearing, attorneys representing the DNC repeated the tone-deaf argument that neutrality is a political promise and that the DNC can do whatever it wants without being legally bound to the charter. The resulting message is that the Democratic Party serves the interests of itself and its wealthy donors and that its voters have no choice but to deal with their totalitarian authority and undemocratic processes.
    For Sanders supporters, the lawsuit provides an opportunity for vindication for being cheated and attacked by the Democratic establishment. Now, the DNC is on record arguing that its voters have no reason to trust it to maintain free and fair elections. ”

    1. “She said she wish we could move out of the country. Costa Rica, maybe, or perhaps Belize…she mused.”

      I spent many years of my life working in unpaid volunteer leadership positions for The Concord Coalition, a true non-partisan 501C3 organization dedicated to educating voters about federal debt, deficit, monetary and fiscal policy. It would have been more productive to stay home and beat my head against the wall.

      When my wife became seriously ill I resigned my position, telling my cohorts that I didn’t believe anything would change until some colossal economic or geopolitical crisis occurred that was catastrophic enough to awaken a somnambulant public. Shortly thereafter the 2008 meltdown erupted.

      Aha, I thought. Here’s the opportunity for our elected leaders to act responsibly and implement sane, rational policy changes.

      When they instead took the exact opposite approach of bailing out all the crooks, cranking up the funny money printing press, suppressing interest rates and artificially pumping up the stock market, that was my cue that it was time to leave.

      My wife and I spent several weeks exploring Ecuador. As we were flying back to the States at the conclusion of this particular trip, my wife remarked, “You know, we just spent several weeks in a supposedly authoritarian country and I never felt more free in all my life.”

      We sold everything in the US and moved to South America as fast as we could. We have lived here happy, content and peacefully ever since.

      The US is circling the drain faster and faster. Your wife is wise to want to hit the “eject” button. If you come, you’ll find a culture of “tranquilo” and a people who have their priorities straight unlike the cesspool of propaganda, lies, and corruption in The US.

      And election campaigns that are strictly limited to 60 days. Que bueno.

      1. You really shouldn’t have been aiding and abetting the austerity snake oil peddled by Concord and its main funder, Pete Peterson.

        1. You’re so right, Steve.

          Printing trillions of dollars of QE-to-the-moon funny money is much more generationally responsible.

          I’ll be sure to tell my kids and grandkids that you’ll generously accept any debts they accumulate.

          I’ll wait patiently for your contact info and bank account number.

          And thanks.

  34. Tulsi Gabbard meet all the DNC requirements to be on the debate stage, but she’s antiwar. Bloomberg did not meet any of the DNC requirements for debates, so there was an exception. There are no requirements for a billionaire to queue jump a legitimate candidate.

    1. They will try anything to place a roadblock in front of Sanders.

  35. I would have been surprised had the farce NOT been rigged.
    Insanity reigns.

  36. Those Americans are such a sad lot.

  37. It is an idiotic show for low information voters.
    Global banks control US elections, even state elections.
    I have no plans to vote for the rest of my life.

    1. Then what do you suggest the HIGH INFORMATION voters do?

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        As far as I can see, the best thing NOT to do is vote for Democrat or Republican. Their media will not tell you that there are other candidates but there are other candidates and some of them may be very informed and very good people.

  38. I’ve asked this question in a few places this evening of Democrats warning their party brethren to unite against Trump: how can the party unite against Trump when the party leadership is more interested in retaining power than beating him?
    Further: how can they assume the party leadership wishes to beat him just ’cause he’s their greatest political asset?
    No answers as of yet.

  39. Biden is now very close to being out of the race.
    The Oligarchs have abandoned him for MayorCheat. And Biden’s whole campaign was based on him being a solid candidate who could defeat Trump. If he looks like a loser against MayorCheat, Biden ain’t gonna look like a winner against Trump in anyone’s eyes.
    The Oligarchs began with multiple backup plans. Its been rather amazing how fast they’ve all fallen to the wayside. Now, they are left with only MayorCheat.
    The Sanders campaign is impressive on how its chugging along pulling in victories, even with the DNC working hard against it. That’s a good sign. IIRC, last time the story was that he wouldn’t do well in Iowa and had to wait till NH to make an impact. 4 years later, Sanders dominates Iowa so thoroughly that CNN has to cancel a pole and they have to have the Hillary crack computer experts crash the system so they can report fake results. Look at how much stronger Bernie is now.
    Bernie needs to run for President this fall, with or without the Democratic Party.
    If nothing else, that will destroy the Democratic Party. Which is a good first step towards a better future.

  40. Brilliant piece. I suggest you update this report by including the Buttigieg connection to the app provider allegedly owned by a company named Shadow, Inc. that includes Robbie Mook.

    1. And lets not forget the poll that CNN had to shelve the weekend before the caucuses.
      If that poll shows Sanders with a crushing lead, this whole MayorCheat Wins trick is impossible to pull off. CNN is of course right in the middle of any attack on democracy.

  41. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    It’s been a rigged game for a very long time. And anyone is surprised at this? I’m not.

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