The hashtag #ChinaLiedPeopleDied was recently sent trending on Twitter by “new right” pundit Michael Courdrey with the amplification of all the usual Trump bootlickers and their sheep-like followers, further feeding into the anti-China cold war hysteria conservatives have been aggressively pushing with increasingly frenetic urgency lately. Which is hilarious, since these are the same people who’ve spent the last three years making fun of liberals and calling them NPCs for doing the exact same thing with Russia.

And when I say the exact same thing, I mean literally the exact same thing. The frenzied, shrieking hysteria I’m witnessing right now among Trump’s base regarding China looks and moves in the exact same way the mental zombification of Russia hysteria looked and moved when it began tearing through rank-and-file Democrats in late 2016 and early 2017. The seething, screaming vitriol I get from the MAGA crowd on social media when I talk about this is identical to what I got during that period from Democrats: just as irrational, just as vituperative, and just as emotion-driven.

The 2020 outbreak of China hysteria is so identical to the 2016/2017 outbreak of Russia hysteria that as of this writing if you do a Twitter live search right now for the word “wumao” or “CCP paying you” you’ll see an endless stream of Trump supporters running around bleating accusations of being a paid troll for the Chinese Communist Party at anyone who disputes their hysterical China narratives.

Anyone who’s ever shared anti-establishment ideas on social media will immediately recognize this as identical to accusations which come from the pussyhatted #Resistance crowd of brainwashed MSNBC liberals, who accuse anyone who questions establishment narratives of being a paid troll conducting propaganda for the Russian government. These “How much is the CCP paying you for this?” accusations which have been cluttering up my social media notifications for the last 24 hours are indistinguishable from the “How’s the weather in St Petersburg, Ivan?” McCarthyite accusations I’ve been receiving from rank-and-file Democrats for the last three years.

Just like the froth-mouthed victims of media-induced Russia hysteria, the victims of media-induced China hysteria are always unable to justify their sudden Beijing anxiety in a way that makes any coherent sense. I’ve spent the last few days debating these poor wretches online, because that’s what I do whenever a new sociopathic establishment narrative surfaces to gain an understanding of how it works, and I have yet to encounter a single one which can coherently reconcile the sudden uptick in shrieking China hysteria with the thing that China has always been throughout its historical existence.

They’ll tell me it’s because China lied about the virus and made errors in the early days of the outbreak, but can’t lucidly explain how screaming about this helps fix any problem, and can’t justify the fact that lying about the virus and making errors is exactly what their president just spent weeks doing. They’ll tell me it’s because China is authoritarian, but can’t explain the sudden uptick in outrage over this since China has always had an authoritarian government and that has nothing to do with the virus. They’ll parrot establishment narratives about Uighurs and organ harvesting, but, again, can’t explain how this has any connection to the virus.

When I point out that there are extremely powerful government agencies which stand much to gain from manufacturing consent for new escalations against America’s primary geostrategic rival I mostly get more outraged, incoherent sputtering, but once in a while a more thoughtful China Derangement Syndrome victim will say they don’t want any escalations against China, they just want to end an economic relationship between China and the US which they perceive as unfair. But, again, this has nothing to do with the virus, and also it’s a mighty interesting coincidence that they’ve formed this opinion about the one nation who just so happens to be America’s primary geopolitical foe.

This inability to draw a rational straight line from the facts in evidence to their hysterical anti-China bleating tells you that they are not rending their garments over China because of facts in evidence, they’re reacting emotionally to recent propaganda narratives they’ve been spoon fed and then listing off the things they’ve heard about China in an attempt to justify their irrational behavior.

In reality these people are rallying behind the campaign to blame China for the health crisis they’re now facing because they understand that otherwise the blame will land squarely on the shoulders of their president, who’s running for re-election this year. Deep down they know full well that this isn’t really about China, but about protecting their president. But what they are actually doing, unwittingly, is manufacturing consent for an agenda which is far bigger and far more consequential than who wins the election in November. And it’s no accident that they’re being shepherded in this direction with the help of right-wing establishment narrative managers.

More than two years ago I wrote an article titled “Russiagate Isn’t About Trump, And It Isn’t Even Ultimately About Russia“, about how all these Russia escalations (and the propaganda used to justify them) are ultimately not really about Russia at all, but China. Here’s an excerpt:

This is what Russiagate is ultimately about. Democrats think it’s about impeaching Trump and protecting the world from a nigh-omnipotent supervillain in Vladimir Putin, Trump’s supporters think it’s a “deep state coup” to try and oust their president, but in reality this has nothing to do with Trump, and ultimately not a whole lot to do with Russia either. When all is said and done, Russiagate is about China.


In an essay titled “Russia-China Tandem Changes the World”, US-Russia relations analyst Gilbert Doctorow explains how the surging economic power China depends upon Russia’s willingness to go head-to-head with America and its extensive experience with US attempts to undermine the USSR during the Cold War. Alone both nations are very vulnerable, but together their strengths are complementary in a way that poses a direct threat to America’s self-appointed role as world leader.

And now we’re seeing one of America’s two mainstream factions cheerleading for increased hostility toward America’s primary rival, while the other faction cheerleads for increased hostility against that rival’s right arm. This two-pronged propaganda campaign has enabled the establishment via the Trump administration to escalate tensions not just with China but with Russia as well.

This tracks with something I’ve been pointing to for a while now, which I described in an article from last year titled “37 Tips For Navigating A Society That Is Full Of Propaganda And Manipulation“:

Notice how the manipulators like to split the population in two and then get them arguing over how they should serve the establishment. Arguing over whether it’s better to vote Democrat or Republican, arguing over whether it’s better to increase hostilities with Iran and Venezuela or with Syria and Russia, over whether you should support the US president or the FBI, arguing over how internet censorship should happen and whom should be censored rather than if censorship should happen in the first place. The longer they can keep us arguing over the best way to lick the imperial boot, the longer they keep us from talking about whether we want to lick it at all.

I wrote more about the way the establishment manipulators get the mainstream factions arguing over which nation should be targeted with aggression, rather than if any nations should be targeted at all, in a January 2020 article titled “On The Idiotic Partisan Debate Over Regime Change In Iran Or Syria“:

It is truly, deeply and profoundly stupid because the agenda to topple Iran’s government and the agenda to topple Syria’s government are not two separate agendas. They are the same. Supporting one while opposing the other is like wanting to shoot someone in the head but being morally opposed to shooting them in the heart.


Syria and Iran are allies. Eliminating one government necessarily hurts the other. Iran has been helping Syria to win the war against foreign-backed extremist proxy fighters who nearly succeeded in toppling Damascus before its allies stepped in, and should Syria succeed in rebuilding itself (something the Trump administration is actively preventing it from doing) we can be sure it would return the favor when called upon.

We are now seeing this exact same two-pronged approach used with Russia and China. We’ve actually been seeing it for years, like in this affectionate debate between former CIA Director James Woolsey and Fox News’ Laura Ingraham over which of the two nations America should be more aggressive toward, but it’s kicked into high gear now.

The end result being that you have America’s two mainstream parties arguing over which establishment agenda should be advanced and how establishment interests should be served, and hardly anyone in mainstream circles ever questioning if the establishment should be served at all. Which is just how the establishment likes it.

America has two war parties. The Overton window of acceptable mainstream debate has been ripped away from those who simply want peace and a healthy planet altogether, and now the only permitted arguments are about which wars should occur first.

This is gravely disordered, and it cannot continue.


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43 responses to “Liberal NPCs Hate Russia, Conservative NPCs Hate China”

  1. Hi Caitlin. Great work you are doing. A minor point would you please avoid linking to articles in the Guardian. I can go to the archive version when I am on my laptop but it’s not so easy on the phone. Also does anyone have a link to CDC director Robert Redfield confirming that the corona virus was ptesent in “flu” victims who died last year in the US way before the outbreak in Wutan. I saw a short video but can no longer find it.

  2. The average United States citizen probably resents a whole lot that has happened over the years; but I really wonder if it will ever come down to this!
    Rage and Bloodshed Ahead: Democrat Betrayals and the Coming National Labor Movement by Joaquin Flores!

  3. LOL …. Just two days ago, I was reading ABC (American) screaming fear about cyberattacks on the HHS. They gave two examples, one of which was a rumor spreading on the internet that the USA would soon declare a national quarantine.
    Today …. I read that the State Department just sent a Red Warning to all American abroad telling them to come to the Fatherland right now or risk being locked out. The obvious message is that the USA is threatening to close its borders, even to Americans currently abroad.
    I suppose the difference is in the wording?? ‘national quarantine’ is a conspiracy theory and a cyberattack, while ‘closing the borders’ is something different?
    The best thing to do is to turn off all MSM and get to know your neighbors.

  4. Lurking in the wings is Hillary, like some terrifying bat hanging by her feet in a cavern below the DNC. A bat with theropod instincts. I tell you, I am going to move to Mexico..
    Are we daft? A nuclear-armed country of three hundred twenty-seven million with more problems than people, in desperate need of leadership, In the grip of an epidemic yet unable to design a virus test, and this dreck is the best we can do? You could find better in a New York bus station at three a.m. Maybe we should look there. Mr. Fred Reed is funny; you can read this article here:
    Democracy Inaction – In Action, I Meant to Say — Same Thing By Fred Reed

    1. Wow, the Russians and the Republicans just can’t get enough of Hillary. I think somehow they fantasize that Trump can somehow win an otherwise hopeless election while his incompetence is on clear display and people are dying, but only if they can somehow conjure up Hillary as the opponent. After all, the only reason that Trump won last time was that he ran against the only person in the world more unpopular than Trump.

  5. Hal,
    I think you’re assuming the voting machines are recording the votes accurately. Keep in mind that there’s no verification process to confirm our elections. The way our government validates forgin elections is comparing the exit polls with the machines vote counts. There have been large discrepancies showing in the exit polls in this primary. Perhaps Biden doesn’t really have the support the media claims he has.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Uncle Joe’s the Anointed One of the Uniparty’s Blue Wing. End of.

    2. Remember how in 2016 Bernie seemed to win the caucus states while Hillary won the primaries? Caucuses are a whole lot harder to rig, because everyone is there in person and publicly showing who they support.
      Oh, and the problem is not voting machines. That’s mainly misdirection. The problem is that American elections are counted by some computer spinning away and then everyone trusts the numbers it spits out. Literally, after the polls close everyone goes home or to a party and waits for the corporate TV stations to announce the winner as proclaimed by the government computer. But of course, a computer can be programmed to spit out any desired numbers. The big problem is not the voting machines. The big problem is the way in which the votes are counted. We can completely fix the voting machines, in my state they have, and still have totally rigged and fake elections.

      1. Roberto Gentilli Avatar
        Roberto Gentilli

        In Italy voting goes like this. There are voting sections crewed by a president and five helpers, usually city employees, pensioners or college students, plus observers, named by the politcal parties. Voters vote by drawing a cross on paper ballots. Now, until 1990, when there was a Communist party, the commies always sent a very sharp and well prepared observer to each section, and the other parties tried to do the same. Observers would check every vote and try to disqualify a vote to a rival party because of small irregularities and admit a vote to their own party despite any irregularity, starting quarrels that could draw on for hours. But at the end they marked down all the real votes in their section. The next day all the local papers published the results, the numbers for each section and each party, and with the numbers that the observers had collected, it was easy to add up the results for the city, the province, the region. No way to cheat. In the early 90’s some reputed but partisan journalist claimed fraud because the number of void votes, usually 600,000 or something, had dropped down to 100,000 or something, claiming that at the central level these votes were shifted to Berlusconi. Now there is no longer a Communist party, observers are scarce but fraud is considered an unlikely event.

  6. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    For sure, nothing will change after this pandemic (which the wealthy ruling elites are probably themselves behind as it was the case for 9/11) the same kind of people will remain in charge with the same ideologies i.e. money and profits before people. It is written:

    “Now the rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the works of their hands. They did not stop worshiping demons and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood, which cannot see or hear or walk. Furthermore, they did not repent of their murder, sorcery, sexual immorality, and theft.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

    And yes, they are starting to blame the Russians also for disinformation about the pandemic:

    « Russian pro-Kremlin media have mounted a “significant disinformation campaign” to aggravate the coronavirus pandemic crisis in western countries by destroying confidence in the emergency response, according to an internal EU report.
    » The effort aims to stoke “confusion, panic and fear” and stop people obtaining good information about the contagion, as part of a broader strategy to “subvert European societies from within”, the European diplomatic service analysis says.
    » The nine-page report — dated March 16 and seen by the Financial Times — outlines a wide range of attempts internationally to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic by spreading implausible narratives. It says the effectiveness of vetting put in place by social media companies for coronavirus content is still unclear. […]

    No doubt, we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  7. Gabbard has reportedly stopped her campaign and endorsed, surprise, surprise, Vegetable Joe. If this is true, she has revealed who she really is.

    1. Ah, guess she was part of the anti Sanders game plan all along.

      1. I love the fact that any politician seeking change who takes a smart political move (like acknowledging the Biden has pretty mush won) gets immediately attacked for doing so.
        Sometimes you have to make friends today to fight again tomorrow. But any politician seeking change who makes friends is immediately nailed onto a cross.
        Notice we’ve seen this constantly over the last few years with both Bernie and Corbyn. Any time they try to do anything to build alliances and the sort of broad base that can actually create change, the knives come out and they are bloodied on the internet.
        One might actually start to wonder if the people wielding those knives really want any change at all?

        1. Megaditto.

  8. More on Hybrid War Hypothesis of coronvirus, and new treatment success:
    It seems like a core of links about coronavirus pandemic being military, probably US military, comes through Global Research website, which is Russia-friendly. That seems bold on the part of this Canadian website, and also bold of the authors, like Whitney Webb and Pepe Escobar. My last broad overview included a summary to that date by Professor Anthony Hall, and information indicating that L-strain and S-strain coronaviruses were quite different in some parts of their genome, so one could not be a “parent” of the other. It appears that there are more strains than that. Iran and Italy have sequenced viral strains that are hitting them hard.

  9. You got it backwards Caitlin, they LOVE China and Russia. A constant distraction from their sociopathic manipulations, and their incompetence. Their sole motivation is what will best keep them fat and happy, and if possible make them more so. There are entities that are getting far happier and fatter from this catastrophe they have created. We have been lied to so much and so often that there is no political entity and few media sources that can be believed. Unfortunately, most just pick one and go with it. May your chains rest lightly on your shoulders.

  10. Do you have doubts when things do not add up right? I do. Some of Ms Johnstone’s readers might be interested in reading these two articles. The first is from Mr. Donald Jeffries questioning the ” super virus “:
    The Coronavirus Hobgoblin by Donald Jeffries!
    The second article contains some behind the scenes DNC rumors that seem plausible and very likely:
    A Tale of Two Foreign Policies: The Train-Wreck Abroad Is Bipartisan by Philip Giraldi!

  11. I am sorry Caitlin, but I am for anything that squashes globalism which I think is a cancer upon the world. Even China baiting, coronivirus fear mongering and all the rest. Viva localism, death to globalism.

    1. Nevertheless, it’s time to dial back the malevolence.

    2. I second the motion. It is still industrial capitalism and financial capitalism. The former hate China because it has a better model of industrial organization and is driving them out of business. Russia is not a threat to them.

      The globalists hate Russia and china because it cannot be absorbed into the world government they want to create as a prelude to “reducing” the world population and establishing a new form of feudalism. They think if they can take Russia down, china will fall easily.

      Both factions have created online mobs to support their objectives. Industrial caps are into libertarianism and isolationism. Global caps are into “climate” and “woke”. The latter are obviously more dangerous.

      A thing to understand about this is hat only a minority of people engage in this online …whatever you call it. Most people are repelled by it and disengage from public life. Of course that serves the purposes of al elite factions as well.

  12. Democrats … the party that brought Red Baiting and McCarthyism back to American politics.
    Republicans … the party that never wanted to give up Red Baiting and McCarthyism.

  13. Its amazing how well the mind-control apparatus is working. They’ve got all of the Pavlovian dogs so programmed that all they have to do is throw a switch and all the dogs howl at once.
    I’m still amazed at the Black People Support Biden bit of mind-control. People of color had never supported Biden. But the screens start blaring the message and everyone goes and votes for the guy who was passing crime bills helping the Clintons bring back the federal death penalty making speeches about black, male superpredators. The screens start blaring the message, and suddenly in South Carolina all the people of color are voting for Strom Thurmond’s Senate pal.
    They could probably throw that switch and make masses run naked out into the street and start to dance, but the fascists still have nightmares about the Sixties, so today’s Goebbels will never do that one.
    Come to think of it, they do make millions of people run out in the streets wearing green to go puke up green beer.
    The number one thing to do is to get people, friends, neighbors, go workers, anyone who will listen to you, to Unplug.

    1. Here’s a good article from November predicting just what we’ve witnessed in the last three weeks

      The website features excellent “news, commentary and analysis from the black left.”

    2. Unplugging from the MSM (and compatible alternative and social media) and plugging into clear and independent thinking blogs like this one, are essential to maintaining one’s sanity in a world literally gone mad. The global spread of corona virus is certainly a serious matter calling for prompt, reasonable, and coordinated responses and precautions, but the panic is more dangerous than the pandemic. Since that panic is primarily driven by the MSM, exposing one’s mind to it (and its fellow travelers) is even more dangerous than exposing one’s body to a group of people. So let’s totally unplug from the former, minimize the latter, and hunker down for a while as we ponder what Charles Eisenstein calls the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

  14. Google “governmentcontractswon”; go to that site, hit “contractors by state”, pick Virginia in the drop-down list and behold that in the year 2018 alone, “private” businesses in the state of Virgina (population 8.4 million) were awarded 324,283 contracts worth $46.4 BILLION; that there are 17,538 “private” DoD contractors in Virginia, and that from 2000 to 2018 “private” DoD contractors in Virginia were awarded over $734 billion for 936,040 contracts. Therefore, no majority of voters in Virginia is EVER, and I do mean EVER, going to vote for a candidate who promises to destroy Virginia’s war-based economy and destroy many well-paying jobs. They are going to vote for warmongers time and time and time again in the future, exactly as they have in the past! For those even with their eyes and minds wide shut, this is as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow.
    The illogical, insane reasoning that Caitlin describes she is being subjected to by R and D supporters is the way that these people rationalize to themselves voting for the US’s forever-war-for-forever-profit on the rest of humanity.
    Virginia is not alone in the war business. Check out what “private” DoD contractors in other states such as California receive annually. It’s mind boggling.
    Therefore, the US will NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, be politically capable of changing it’s “foreign policy” unless and until, once again with feeling, Virginians (Americans) are given an alternative to their present “war way” of making a living and no D or R candidate is spelling out in great detail such an alternative. Gabbard’s words, up to this point, anyway, are woefully inadequate. Other candidates who are more specific you’ve probably never heard of, by design.
    Again, IMO, we are going to see and INTESIFICATION of the already-intense anti-Russian, anti-China rhetoric which may lead to a rabid anti-Russian/anit-China candidate being elected president.
    Of course Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi will be watching what transpires in the upcoming US election. What are they going to do if they see such a candidate elected president – say one who promises to force Russia and China to “come to heel” by the even-more-aggressive use of the US military power? What would YOU do if you were in Mr. Putin’s and Mr. Xi’s shoes?
    Americans’ choice is simple. Either somehow organize / design a peace-based economy, and that right soon, or suffer nuclear devastation.

    1. BTW, remember this wonderful little, evidence-free, anti-Russia video?

  15. From the unimaginably imbecilic bile gushing from every Amerikan orifice these days, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave should feel quite proud to be led by either the demented dolt or that orange thing.

    As one who doesn’t live in the good ol’ USA, I can happily say, THANK FUCK!

    1. Some people are trained to hate China and Chinese.
      Some people are trained to hate Russia and Russians.
      Some people are trained to hate America and Americans.
      What’s funny is watching the people who hate one group always pretend that they are different and superior to all of the other haters.

  16. I enjoyed the cartoon at the top. I didn’t know the gray people were a meme until I read the article, but here’s me reading the cartoon:

    reading left gray figure with pussyhat: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”
    me: “mm hm.”
    reading right gray figure with magahat: “China! China! China!”
    me: “wha? this is new. sounds about right.”
    reading dialog bubble coming from CIA logo:
    me: “LOL!!!!”

    I think I imagined the CIA logo little birdie speaking with the voice of The Wicked Witch of the West as she stroked her crystal ball.

  17. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The only winners with this plague are the international wealthy ruling elites. Many people are losing jobs because of this plague but, of course, when you are a billionaire, you get more easily through trials. So a lot of people are very suspicious how this plague started.

    Something is sure; the wealthy ruling elites are transnationals. So, they work together no matter the country they are from and they share the same interests.

    Is it possible that God allows decadent and nasty ruling elites to rule over us because we forgot Him?

    I guess it was the case in the days of Noah and because we are in the return of those days just before the Second Coming of Jesus, it could be the reason why we have a similar situation in our days.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bs.

  18. “Oceania has always/never been at war with Eurasia/East Asia” ~ Orwell
    (what part of Nineteen Eighty-four can you NOT see now)

    1. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      First thought on seeing the cartoon. Thanks.

  19. Pepe Escobar says China is letting the cat out of the bag that this is hybrid-global-war, WW-3, I might say.
    That’s why Trump’s voice sounded insecure today at the press conference.

  20. The ” constant ” in both ” camps ” is HATE -HATE-HATE; hate is what powers most of the population of this unaccountable nation. Americans just love to hate. How in the world can you ever hope to save these people from themselves or their government?

    1. Yup, and when people talk about unjustified hate and call it anti-Semitism; whose hate are they really talking about? Almost every single name that has emerged as having been associated with these ten thousand deaths and still climbing have connections to Israel and Zionists.

  21. Just Possibly the Coronavirus fiasco might derail this business as usual scenario about China and Russia. The financial ruin a long break from normal economic activity will be much more than a distraction. They will have their hands full without needing to game Russia and China at the same time. But it just depends how big the Coronavirus mess gets.
    Really the only antidote to all this hysteria is the actual collapse of the US economy and society. Whether they know it or not the rentier parasite class is steaming ahead at full speed towards the cliff.

    1. Antoon van Maris Avatar
      Antoon van Maris

      Jep, they are nose-diving head first ! They won’t even reach these “november elections”, if anything that is happening in north Italy, 2500 deaths, 8% of those infected, in 2 months, even remotely happens in the states ! They’ll have, no economy, no healthcare “system”, not even an army left in 7 (!) months from now !

      1. Antoon van Maris Avatar
        Antoon van Maris

        Sorry, did i say, 2 month there, it is actually in 1 month and since the death rate world wide is doubling every 3 days, better believe that, for now the 21th, 5000 people have died in Italy alone ! Wich was 5000 world wide on the 17th of this month !

  22. Humans without ethics or morality end up being Devils! My goverment is even worse than that. This article is worth the read:
    The Unaccountable Nation by Danny Sjursen

  23. Excellent analysis Caitlin. Keep up your good work!

  24. It appears at times that some of the protest disguise economic interests.

  25. No, Caitlin. There is no monolithic ruling class. There are financial capitalists and industrial capitalists. The financials are more dangerous. It is important to understand this. tr

  26. Until people wake up to the MSM and switch them all OFF, we are doomed.

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