“The aim of this film is to break a silence: the United States and China may well be on the road to war, and nuclear war is no longer unthinkable,” Pilger says in his 2016 documentary The Coming War on China, which you can watch free on Youtube here or on Vimeo here.

“In a few years China has become the world’s second-biggest economic power,” Pilger’s introduction continues. “The United States is the world’s biggest military power, with bases and missiles and ships covering every continent and every ocean. China is a threat to this dominance, says Washington. But who is the threat? This film is about shifting power, and great danger.”

As we’ve been discussing for years now, the relentless quest of the US-centralized empire-like power alliance for total world domination has put it on a collision course with the surging economic powerhouse of China which refuses to be absorbed into the imperial blob. The empire’s continued existence depends upon its ability to undermine China before it grows too powerful or the empire grows too weak to stop its ascent, at which point global hegemony becomes impossible and we are living in a truly multipolar world.

China has therefore always been the final boss fight in the global campaign of violence and domination by what Pilger calls the “empire which never speaks its name”. And the ramping up of anti-China narrative management by the US government indicates that we are being psychologically primed to accept this world-threatening confrontation, just as Pilger warned in 2016.

“The danger of confrontation grows by the day,” Pilger says.

The powerful film breaks down the way the USA has been encircling China with a “noose” of military bases since the Korean War, which all have massive amounts of military firepower, including nuclear firepower, pointed right at China’s cities. Pilger shows the psychopathic toll this has inflicted upon the people who live in the areas where the US war machine has set up shop in the Pacific, including an especially enraging segment on the use of Bikini Atoll natives as human guinea pigs to test the effects of nuclear radiation on people. Also deeply disturbing is the revelation of just how close the US came to launching nuclear warheads at China due to a miscommunication during the Cuban missile crisis.

The film describes China’s recent history and explains its climb in economic power which led us to this point, and the USA’s generations-long history of provocation and hostility toward its government. It also addresses the silly projection so many westerners harbor that if the US wasn’t bullying and slaughtering the world into compliance, China would take over doing the same.

Back in 2016 it was harder for people to see this escalation on the horizon, but now in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we’re hearing a frantic, disproportionate amount of anti-China sentiment from the Trump administration and its supporters, in the same way we heard Russia hysteria amplified over the last three years by Trump’s enemies. Trump was politically pressured to dangerously escalate cold war tensions with Russia, and he’s now being politically incentivized to pass the blame for his administration’s spectacular failures in addressing this pandemic on to the Chinese government in a way which manufactures support for escalations on that front as well. Two different narratives, same agenda.

“The new president, Donald Trump, has a problem with China,” Pilger says at the end of the documentary. “The urgent question now is will Trump continue with the provocations revealed in this film and take us all to the edge of war?”

The answer to that question appears to be coalescing. It’s a good time for us all to watch this film.


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100 responses to ““The Coming War On China”  –  Watch John Pilger’s Powerfully Relevant Documentary”

  1. Trying to bring a military container for China is desperate. Even tying relations with India fascist PM. Are ee going mad?

    1. We’ve been mad for decades, at least. When I interviewed the late great David Brower in the late 70’s, for then Orion Magazine, my most memorable take away, was his statement, “We should start acting like we’re sane.” Long pause, for dark truthful humor, “While we think we still are.”

  2. Everything in this Pilger docu is important and worthy, but it needs to be two or three videos. I understand the setup, but people hooked by the title are going to decide its inexplicably become a film about the Marshall Islands atrocities instead, after forty minutes or so. You make a film about current events, it needs to be about current events.

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  4. Before China they need to bring “freedom”, “moral compass” and American “values” to North Korea to clear one open front. Then Iran comes as the next target and the final strike in the Middle East Wars and to open another front against China. The final opponent is Russia. Then when the whole world in under the rule of one nation, one god, they will turn against to their own unarmed citizens and non militarized allies. The US will never be a part of the solution to the world problems since the are the source of all misery, alienation and misinformation. While that monster building Pentagon still standing they will always be in need of war. Always looking for something to strike. If there’s nothing they will create something to justify the budget of trillions of dollars.

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  8. For now Heaven is holding back the wind of the WW3. This war, however, is maturing. This time it will be a world war not only by name. The “great sword” will also be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things [φοβητρα (φοβητρον – something which inspires terror, fear)] both [τε] and [και] extraordinary phenomena [σημεια] from [απ] sky [ουρανου] powerful [μεγαλα] will be [εσται].” (Luke 21:11)
    Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts” [και χειμωνες].
    The Aramaic Peshitta: “וסתוא רורבא נהוון” – “and will be great frosts”. We call this today “nuclear winter”.
    In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” [και ταραχαι] (in the sense of confusion and chaos).
    The Aramaic Peshitta: “ושגושיא” – “and confusion” (on the state of public order).
    There will be also significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions, food shortages and epidemics as a result of using this weapon.
    Isaiah writes: “Therefore as the tongue of fire devours the stubble, and as the dry grass sinks down in the flame, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust, because they have rejected the law of Yahweh of Armies, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Therefore Yahweh’s anger burns against his people, and he has stretched out his hand against them and has struck them. [And] The mountains [superpowers, cf. Revelation 17:9] tremble, and their dead bodies are as refuse in the middle of the streets [“and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets” (KJV)]. For all this, his anger is not turned away, but his hand is still stretched out.” (Isaiah 5:24, 25, WEB)
    “All these things are like the first pains of childbirth.” (Matthew 24:8, GNT)
    Others also wrote about this. (Numbers 24:23, 24; Daniel 11:29b, 30a)

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        1. TeganHargreaves Avatar

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          changed my life….

  9. Pilger’s film was made in 2016. Yes, many dynamics are still there but the landscape is changed with SARS-CoV-2 that either is man-made by the Chinese or US financial backers of the outsourced COronavirus creation in the Wuhan lab or introduced via the US contingent at the Wuhan Military games last October or was an animal they said bat but ist turns out those bats live 800km away from Whan and now they say a Pantaloon but haven’t found one in the wild with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in it. Certainly, CHina with it’s mass surveillance, social score tracking, facial recognition and Police State have been best positioned to contain it and come out of the PLANdemic. Here is a link to an interview with Pilger himself about the movie in 2017. Persoanlly I think the threat of Bill Gates running the PLANdemic and WHO is a bigger threa but still please check out what the actual creator has to say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXNO_g4hlKw

    1. France helped China establish its BSL-4 lab.

      The U.S. empire ultimately benefits Western European imperialism, and the American social civil war is really about who controls the U.S..

      China, is just a prize on the warpath to finishing Russia. China may already be captured by Europe’s old banking money. China’s COVID-19 example is the one Western elites on the left most admire.

      Safe bet, if war happens, European financiers will benefit, having hedged positions on both sides of a Sino-American conflict.

    2. Ass-rimmin nyggur-gurl Avatar
      Ass-rimmin nyggur-gurl

      can we PUH-LEEEZE just nuke those slant dink gook chink demon sKKKum off the face of the earth?!?!?

  10. The US is responsible for unimaginable tragedies, horrors, more deaths than any other country by far in the last century. But yet I still thank god that China, or Russia or Germany or Japan hadn’t managed their way to the top, I mean these governments were even more ruthless, imagine if China had the power and control that the US had? We’d all be working 996, demerited our social credit points just for this comment, not that anyone would ever see it the article anyway and living in a prison state that would shock Orwell. Yes the sycophantic US war machine will use this to keep plundering the earth, raping and pillaging.
    I’m sorry but I still think it is the lesser of 2 evil monstrosities. Human nature is given 2 much credit to think any power so great will not corrupt, is naive.

  11. Here’s a fact, america has been at war since WW2 virtually non-stop, america has over 800 military bases around the world, america has lied cheated and killed, america is the fourth Reich, unlike the Germans, they did not try and take over the whole world at once, they are doing it one by one.

    America’s MO is blame other for what you are doing, it’s the old “look over there, look over there” trick, no folks, I’ve been watching this world for over 30 years, and I’ve seen america transform from a good moral country into one of the worst if not the worst, and you know why? the zionists have taken over the whole country. In america they only represent about 2% of the population while they have over 47% in congress and “donate” to just over 50% of the rest.

    1. How do you get to your 2%? Is your 2% Zionists or Jews? There is a big difference between the two.

  12. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, every last one of us – man, woman, and child – is COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

    Nothing personal…it’s just Busine$$ As Usual.

  13. The annoying bit is that the author of this article, one Caitlin Johnstone, keeps blaming the whole white race for the crimes of the few, namely anglosaxons (usa and uk, led by the criminals jews, such as wartburgs, rotschilds and alikes).

    The anglosaxons just so happen to be white, but that is NOT, and I repeat NOT the whole white race. In fact, these anglosaxon criminals, the people that C. Johnstone belongs to, and their owners jewish criminals, are to blame. They have also destroyed many a white European country too, but Caitlin seems to have, conveniently, lost that bit of history. Just remember Yugoslavia, and now Serbia, both countries bombed into submission by these criminals for no other reason than for being independent and wanting to have their own way of life, one that is NOT dictated by these capitalist dictators.

    Where is Caitlin Johnstone to mention that, while ranting ad nauseam abut the white race’s absolute guilt for everything?

    C. Johnstone is their stooge and a servant. A trully leftist journalist would be objective and factual. Much lie John Pilger. I do not hear J. Pilger blaming the white race for the crimes of anglosaxon murderers. I hear him blaming usa.

    Not so much C. Johsntone, which reveals her as a paid writer for the specific task: sowing and flaming up the hatred of non-white cretins to hate everyone white, exactly as her owners, capitalist criminals, anlosaxons and their owner jewish criminals, have planned since the 19th century, when they usurped the European workers movement and turned it into their private army for destruction of Europe as we know it.

    Ms. Caitlin Johnstone is just another fifth column writer, whose task is to turn everyone, including ourselves, the proud white Europeans, against us with the end goal being total destruction of white race.

    I hope you are proud of yourself, slave and servant to the capitalists you calim to abhorr, Ms. C. Johnstone.

    But fear not. You will be forgotten by the history while my proud and the most intelligent, and the most beautiful people, the white European race will prevail and clean up the world of the likes of you and your owners. So, celebrate while you can your delusional “supremacy” over the white race for it is not going to last much longer.

    1. Have you shot up any crowds of people yet or are you still just fantasising about it? Thank fuck I don’t know who you are.

  14. The American empire has been on the prowl for quite a long time but now its coming up against a murderous totalitarian regime that has generations of blood on its hands. With tens of millions of its own murdered or simply starved to death. Has everyone already forgotten the Great Leap Forward or the One Child policy? Neither of these parties are innocent but to assume the Chinese are a “victim” in any way is stretching credulity. They could be so much more but that would require them, those in control, to go against their very nature and thats not going to happen willingly.

  15. Oh look! Caitlin has found another to tell us how horrible the imperialist US Government is/has always been – and most importantly – ALWAYS WILL BE. Except she, like Pillager did not see Trump coming. Everyone who disagrees with her conclusions is a “conspiracy theorist”. This time she cites The Daily Beast! as credible evidence. Hey Caitlin, where’s the war with North Korea you promised? Syria? Iran? Venezuela? My patience is running thin on your predictions and declarations. How many more times are you going to be wrong about Trump who has done more to keep us out of wars than any president in decades? The lack of depth in your opinion pieces are remarkable considering what is observable today.

    Here’s the truth. China has been funded by the Clintons with the help of the Deep State going back decades since Clinton took office in 1992. When the history books are written, we will come to find out that China was the next Nazi Germany on steroids and that the United States would have been emptied out, dumped into their full blown socialist/communist surveillance/police state, organ harvesting, human trafficking, slave labor camps with the help of Silicone Valley and Wall Street until Trump came in and changed that. You can disagree with this all you want.

    Tell me again what you said about Trump and John Bolton? Where is Bolton today?

    Keep shouting from the rooftops about how horrible it always will be.

    People want solutions, not a carnival barker who is insistent on the world being horrible so you can feel right in your moral posturing and righteousness among your followers.

    1. This is really good super wacko bloviate. Hard to pack any more nutbarism into that.

    2. omg, I just watched the movie…US Gov are pure evil

    3. There are none so blind as those who will not see …
      The war on North Korea has never ended, Syria has been ripped to shreds, Venezuela is a mess, Iran … undergoing devastating sanctions and if wasn’t for the behind the scenes assistance from Russia and China, would have been raped and plundered.

      What exactly is Ms Johnston supposed to elucidate?

    4. Conglomerations of sesquipedalian verbiage obviously impress you, but if like yours they have no substance, they are just a weak insult. Your goal is achieved.

      You bleat, but offered no solution. I’ll give you a simple one, we come correct and our governments attempt to engender the fairy-tale society that we are conned into believing exists, rather than the munted shit-show that is the USA [and the UK] today.

      This is how we do it when we’re not a government troll trying to defend the indefensible, i.e. muddy the water:
      …The German National Socialist Workers’ Party weren’t even the Nazis you think they were, you numpty. Unless you already knew that Hitler’s SS had two all Jewish SS corps, a Jewish field Martial, several Jewish generals and many thousands more Jewish Soldiers. …Easily verifiable facts, especially if you happen to have a copy of the pre WWII Jewish Encyclopaedia.

      Hypothetical aliens surveying our planet would asses the USA to be the most corrupt country. …No other country claims to be the land of the free whilst being the first nation to report more male rapes than female rapes in 2012 thanks to its proportionately comparatively large [mostly male] prisoner population. That land of the free known as the USA with approximately 5% of the world’s population has 25% of the world’s prisoner population, more than the two most populous countries, China’s and India’s prisoner populations combined. Again verifiable facts.

      I know she doesn’t need me to fight her battles and I’m the very last man on this world to white knight, I have her back because Caitlin is simply pointing out the blatantly obvious to anyone except the most severely brain-rinsed. …If these sorts of facts aren’t enough to at least give you pause v your bubble, you must be a very weak minded person.

      P.S. Dare to disprove my assertions.

    5. Your “full blown socialist/communist surveillance/police state, organ harvesting, human trafficking, slave labor camps with the help of Silicone Valley and Wall Street” IS happening. Have you forgotten that you have exactly such law in the usa? It is called “the patriot act”. Read it before making a fool of yourself murican.

      You are also trading with the organs, yes. Search the organ trading by albanian mafia under the watchful eye of usa military in Serbian province Kosovo. It has been going on since the 1998 nato illegal aggression on Serbia. By the way you have lost that war too. Serbian military outsmarted “brave and powerful” usa military to the point that the Serbian generals demanded full and unconditional surrender of the nato.

      Did yhou know that? I know you did not. Muricans are stupid beyond belief. You carry that flag rather high buddy. And what to say about the gold, platinum and nickel the usa is draining out of Kosovo? And all other minerals, for which the province is well known – which is why the usa occupied it and built the largest military camp in the world?

      Tone down your pro-Trump bull for he is just another face of your nazist dictatorship. Only stupid conservative idiots do not understand that there is no difference between the clintons and trump, other than the mane of the party they belong to. trump was once a “democrat party” member and a close friend and ally with the clintons.

      You, in your endless stupidity, think that that has no bearing on what his do, and that he is the best thing for the usa. Serves you right everything that is now going on in the usa. trump wanted the army on the streets. And before long, he will bring it out. Hopefully, that will suffice for your nazist dictatorship to drown into its own evil and self-destruct. It is about bloody time it vanishes without the trace.

    6. Seems to me that disloyal U.S. corporations staged an insurrection and destroyed the republic a long time ago. Since then they tried to bribe the Chinese who are now saying, “Thanks for your help. Now go make use of your left hands.” That is probably why U.S. corporations and the gubberment they control are so infuriated.

  16. The propaganda-ist ( PIlger) like this he places the idea of a war( China us) into the minds of people.
    Its part of the mind control as the war is what they want( the banking cabal that profit$ greatly off wars).
    We need peace not war.
    We need bankster progandists like Pilger exposed.They are dangerous.

    1. Are you a troll? Because Pilger is anything and everything BUT a “bankster” propagandist.

      He is a great reporter, unafraid of the imperial powers that be and has been so from the Vietnam War onward. He tells it like it is.

      If YOU do not like that; if you support the imperialist power and its vassal allies, you are entitled to do so. But do NOT besmirch those who have fought against the untruths, the Newspeak, the Doublespeak, the propaganda of the USA, the UK, Australia and so on for decades. Find another target.

      1. Pilger is such a handled ” PET ” progandist .
        This is a Chinese warmonger meme.

        1. Calamity Jane Avatar
          Calamity Jane

          Pilger the banking cabal’s propagandist.
          Selling the idea of democracy .
          Democracy means “Rule by the people”.
          Telling people to vote, that they select these psychos and choose… when they do not.

    2. Then start with Caitlin Johnstone, who blames the whole white race for everyhting evil in the world, to the t from the book “the practical plan” by georg coudenhove-kalergi, the ideological father of “multiculturalism”, EU and the plan to flood Europe with niggers and destroy the white race, for it is the “white race” that is the evil race, according to that inbreed half turk, half japanese hungarian small-time “noble”, who claimed also that the only intelligent race are the jews – his turco-mongolian ashkenazi “jew converts”.

  17. help pull the vampires’ fangs one at a time whenever you see them around you. it’s the only way to avoid the apocalypse that the vampires will most definitely bring to humanity and mother earth when they have finally lost their global dominance.

    how? BDS in every way everyday.

    1. BDS – yes! And return of the Palestinian refugees.

  18. CV19 is 911 part two. This documentary reminds me of an interview of Richard Perle back in the 80s. He’s an older member of the neocon cult. He described to the interviewer how the entire USSR could be taken down with nothing more that a fleet of aircraft carriers in the Arctic ocean. Sound familiar?

  19. Watching this video clip, I could not help but feel, that this is a holocast, and Nazi Germany, seem to be very clear of one thing, the US has taken up Hitler’s Nazi Policies, or, the people behind Hitler are the same people behind the US, the one’s that hide in the shadows. These ARE crimes against Humanity! Never, ever, EVER, trust governments! Question ALL! Think outside the box! Don’t be a serf!

    1. DEAD-ON Stephen Sadd (My Sons name!)
      You must also know about “Operation Paperclip” where 22,000+ Nazis were exported OUT Germany (Via Vatican assistance) to various countries around the world RIGHT AFTER ww2 ended…Mostly by the “Corporate USA” (Also Vatican controlled)
      No Small surprise also that “Right-wing” corporations INSIDE this country supported BOTH sides of WW2…Making way for the BUSH (Scherfs) family to Infiltrate…ALL THE WAY INTO THE PRESIDENCY.
      You just “Hit the Nail on the Head…KEEP Outside-the -Box Friend

      1. No it was not. Fascism was conservative French movement created in late 19th century loosely based on ancient Rome’s ideology of “fascism” – “beam” symbolising the unity of Romans – and Jacobins from the 17th century, with Vatican ideological leanings yes, but you are confusing “fascism” with “nazism”. It was Hitler and his ideology that was strongly supported by Vatican, and it was defended by Vatican until the polish pope who never ended it, only put it on the backburner. Voytila himself was chemical engineer, who was working in Auschwits until 1943, when he managed to run and hide in a small monastery in Czechoslovakia, back then, and there he became the priest, in order to hide and save his head. Vatican to this day is loundering the money for hordes of criminals including Hitler’s nazist movement, which is alive and well.

  20. Caitlin, What’s the point of commenting on a blog that CENSORS by removing comments?
    Pointless for me to comment here, and to be unable to comment is to be excluded from the “conversation”.
    No accident that of the 5 comments I made (3 about comment disappearances and two of ‘substance’ both sharing the same relevant info) only the 3 ‘disappearance’ comments are visible.
    I know you have my email, you send me notifications. Yet no communication about why my comments are removed.
    Why? Short of some legitimate explanation from Ms. Johnstone and a restoration of my comments, this will be my last attempt to communicate with this (exclusive?) “community”.

    1. EXCELLENT Question DREGEYE!!!
      I’ve been CENSORED Several times myself…Especially when I post ANYTHING about “The Anglo Saxon Mission” ..AND, Most of ALL my attempts to post another Vatican controlled site called: redefininggod.com…Witch, by the way has LOADS of VERY INTERESTING information about ALL this CoronaVirus BS!
      Lovers of TRUTH, Will Love this site…Only search for it OUTSIDE this site…..Understand???

      1. To ADD: Lovers of TRUTH will able to SEE Through ALL the LIES…and Make That THIS site makes…ONLY if you Live…OUTSIDE THE BOX!

    2. She is a shill, paid by her jewish criminal owners to spread disinformation and nonsense, pretending to be some kind of a “leftie”. “bogan socialist” and an “anarchist”.

  21. Nonsense. First of all, both sides would have to get permission from Wal-Mart and half a dozen or more other multi-national corporations and/or world wide oligarch billionaires would say “that ain’t gonna happen” because regardless of what the media (also multi-nationals) hypes up to sell their digital pap, there’s simply too much in the way of cross-vested interests for the USA and PRC to actually go to war. If in fact the whole world is owned or controlled by a mere 1% or less of the population, why would they bomb themselves into oblivion? Sabre rattling to justify spending billions on hi-tech killer gadgets, fine they say, just don’t be bombing our globalist joint owned economic engines. Besides, the US market loves things Chinese and vice versa even if there’s always good reasons for squabbling over one thing or another. What all those seemingly hostile states such as the PRC and Russia as well as “friendly” states such as Saudi Arabia and Ukraine (BWOE) really appreciate is the fact that they’ve found it all to easy to buy off US politicians and US Corporate interests. Everyone who has any good sense and wads of cash has been doing so for a great many years regardless of what part of the world they’re from. Can we even get a close estimate of how many million$ and who knows what other valuable commodities have been thrown at some of our favorite political figures and/or their family members and/or “foundations” for just the last 50 years or so? But really, a “Red Chinese” General is caught delivering cash right up the White House steps? Then there’s US Vice President collecting cash donations from “poor” Chinese Monks directly from their US based “moneystary”? The nicest thing is… it always proves to be a great investment for the foreign entities, but as for for the US Treasury and US citizens – maybe “not so much”. Can we blame those who make such investments? They’re just playing it smart and betting on a sure thing… the best form of government money can (and does) buy. Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money. Only poor countries actually get bombed these days, and only then if they fail to buy some political favor in the right circles. There’s some great shakedown artists holding powerful positions either in office and/or simply in power for 30 years or more. At some point they all develop a sense of entitlement, such as “American Royal Class” which operates above the law. Call it “No controlling legal authority” as did Al Gore.. when it is he and his cabal which have been entrusted with being that legal authority. Equal justice for all (all you other suckers, that is!). The World is indeed being run by Pirates but those Pirates are not stupid. How does one come about winning and wearing a crown? Simply kill everyone who objects to it, very simple. The Pirate who wins is King!

  22. I don’t think I will ever be able to remove from my mind the belief that the United States of America is the most evil gathering of people on this planet and no amount of protest from its inhabitants will convince me otherwise.

    1. Your comment is 100% spot on. Evil Politicians are making the plans & doing the deeds. But it’s the Evil brain dead % of the USA population that lets them get away with it. They will not accept Facts about their Evil Empire & seem to feel OK to die for that. Bring it on -I’d like to see the USA Evil Empire destroyed by whatever method works.

      It would be good on this site to be able to Vote Posts UP or Down .

      1. Too many sugar saturated doughnuts. Their brains develop a hole in the middle that collects nonsense and a crusty surface that is impervious to reality.

  23. Sometimes, not everything in Hollywood sucks …..
    “For the most part, humanity … has been a miserable band of thugs, stumbling from one catastrophe to the next. Our history is like the ravings of a lunatic. Chaos. ”
    — from Westworld, season 3.
    Got that one nailed.
    “Do you ever question the nature of your reality?”

    1. Interesting comment. We would all do well to question everything, but who do you turn to for the answers, another selfish, pride filled human being with a 70 year expiration date? Think outside that box. What’s the answer. Who has all the answers, all truth?

  24. War between the US and China … BOOM ~~~ coronavirus … BAM ~~~ who will lose … you and I ~~~ who will win …

  25. Hey folks, we have a smoking gun. Mike Pompeo live on CNN admitting that “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”
    It’s here on Global Research and only seen less than a thousand times. Watch it and, if you know how to, download it while it’s there.

    1. Speak of the devil; I just read this article about Mr.Pompeo.
      There are few things in this life that make me more sick to my stomach than watching Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking. He truly is one of the evilest men I have ever had the displeasure of covering. You can read this article here:
      No Respite for the Wicked, Pompeo Unleashed by Tom Luongo!

      1. And the man bloody well pretends to be a Christian. Clearly one that only reads the OT, definitely NOT one that adheres to the NT’s Good Samaritan example, the “love thy neighbor,” “turn the other cheek,” “easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than rich man to enter heaven” and other like examples of how Christians are supposed to behave.

  26. Interesting. When my last comment posted my previous comment appeared.
    I’ll be more patient (longer than 15 minutes, I guess) next time.
    Disregard my “Caitlin?” comment.
    btw, “Feynmann” I believe
    “Free your ass, and your mind will follow.” ought be credited to George Clinton (Funkadelic/Parliament)

    1. Well, the comment that disappeared/reappeared has disappeared again.
      Curiously, I posted the same comment on The Corbett Report and it still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.” while numerous other comments have “appeared” and this is the first time any of my comments on that site have had this ‘hold’ put on it. I’m going to post the same comment as a reply to this one so as not to have this one disappear also. My other two comments, one starting with “Caitlin?” and the other I am replying to now are both still visable to me while the original one with the links is gone. It was originally between “John Day” and “Feynmann” comments.

  27. Caitlin? Can anyone here explain why my comment referencing Peter Navarro’s ‘war on china’ propaganda with links to his 5-part series from 2015 has vanished from this page? I submitted it, it appeared at the top of “latest comments” just above “John Day” including sending me the ‘follow’ approval email which I confirmed, yet now my comment is gone. I have reloaded the page numerous times to no avail.
    If it be that it has been removed deliberately, I need to know that that happens here.
    Ought I contact the “webmaster”?
    Does anyone see this? Please respond.

    1. Seen similar things with other sites such as:
      They were doing stories on election fraud in South Florida related to Wasserman Schultz.
      Can see references to their stories via duckduckgo but unable to open any of them.

    2. Perhaps it was removed because it wasn’t relevant to the article or you were posting it for ulterior reason? Who knows.

      I didn’t know who Peter Navarro was so I googled it & saw the crap he promotes & his Video’s. He sounds like a War Monger & part of the Military Industrial Complex. A horrible creature without doubt.

      What were you saying about him — Good guy – Bad Guy ? I’d be interested to know as I’m sure others would as well.

  28. I suspect a goal of this blog is to free minds.
    Free people from their mental slavery, as the philosopher Marley said.
    Free your ass, and your mind will follow. 🙂
    Towards that end, today’s dance-able music clip is …..
    Van Morrison, George Benson, Dr. John, Santana, Etta James, and Tom Scott performing Van Morrison’s “Moondance” in 1977


    Lets all emerge from lockdown with Free Minds!!!!!

  29. ​Here is a fit 39 year old woman in an English hospital who can still speak, and thoughtfully encourages distancing precautions be taken seriously: “It’s like having glass in your lungs”. Thank You, Tara.

    Do social distancing. Wash hands with soap before you snack. Don’t touch public touch-things.
    Don’t let virus jump hosts.
    Take 5000 units vitamin D daily, unless you have not taken any before.
    Take 10,000 units per day until June if it is new to you. ​
    Eat fresh vegetables. Do things outside in open spaces.
    The best course is to avoid exposure until there are plenty of tests and treatment is easy to get early in the course, before you are bucking a ventilator in the ICU.
    Scroll down in the blog to see treatments, available and prospective.

  30. Caitlin, you did not answer the most important question. Will I still be able to get my chinese take out of General Tao Chicken when this is all over.

    1. China will survive and be the world’s dominant country because their system was able to get this pandemic under control.
      Meanwhile, in America, Patriots have spent the decades since World War II obsessing about various threats that were going to destroy America. These Patriots obsessed about all sorts of things, include the Godless Commies and the evils of Socialism. These Patriots thus fought valiantly against the evils of Socialized Medicine, believing that was the attempt of the Godless Commies to get a foothold on the sacred old Indian massacre grounds. The Patriots successfully beating back the evil notion that people should have access to health care.
      End the end, it was the failure to provide America with a decent health care system that destroyed America. When the virus hit America, all of those nuclear missiles and jet aircraft and smart bombs could not save America, when what America really needed was nurses and ICU beds. Dying people the hopitals couldn’t care for were left wondering how many ICU beds could have been purchased for the price of one $13 billion aircraft carrier.
      So, if the Chinese are giving their ancient philosophers the title of General before frying them up and delivering them to the world, then yes, you’ll still be able to get your General Tao Chicken delivered to you, whatever that is.

      1. Thank goodness. You should try it. Spicy sweet chicken. Yum

      2. Well played China, well played!!

  31. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I am not sure about the US wanting to go to war with China. The economies are too much interconnected.

    And do not forget, the ruling class and oligarchs of both countries need each other. It is like one big club.

    The real war is the war between the wealthy ruling class against the rest of the population internationally. This one is very real.

    So, it is a violent society just as it was in the days of Noah; so there is no doubt we are in the return of those days just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bs.

  32. However, it would not make much sense for the Ruling Class to reveal their ineptitude to the proles by disrupting their economy and riling them up with an exponentially-increasing death and sickness rate.

  33. Today, WHO total deaths from C-virus at 13,000. Number in the US who die each year from slipping in their bath tub 16,000 (+/-). Number in the US who die each year from medical malpractice, misdiagnosis, mistreatment 250,000 (+/-), (which incidentally is more than are killed with fire arms and die from drug abuse in the US combined). We have been lied to so much and so often by the Sociopaths In Charge and the Mockingbird MSM that only a fool would believe a single mother effing thing they say. Of course fools abound, among them those that believe voting for anyone of either party, or who happens to get elected, has any effect at all.

    1. However, it would not make much sense for the Ruling Class to reveal their ineptitude to the proles by disrupting their economy and riling them up with an exponentially-increasing death and sickness rate.

    2. GEEE! Then You must be aware that all this Covid-19 BS is nothing more than the “Common Cold” most people get annually.
      Have you SMELLED the BS Yet, about this whole LIE the so-called “Elites” are attempting to sell???
      Then also must be aware that ALL of this nonsense is really about the so-called “New Financial System” They will attempt to sell us too.
      BUT…IF, it even passes, the offer will be in KRYTO-CURRENCIES…UNDERSTAND???

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        I wonder why the same politicians who do not mind about thousands of abortions suddenly care about the well-being of the population.

        Truly these are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I have seen more than enough bs.

    3. Please go to the beach and find sneezing, spring break partiers and kiss them. You’ll be fine. Trust me.
      After all, the MSM always lies and those spring break partiers are just waiting to be kissed. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity. Besides, Donald Trump says what you are saying, and Donald Trump never lies.

    4. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      It is not reassuring to see a crisis managed by people who say they have clearly seen airplanes wreckages in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11.

      But it is the price to pay for having elected such people election after election since this sad day in 2001.

      Truly we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  34. The American Way has devolved into a bizarre reverse-Robin Hood world, where the rich steal from the poor and keep it for themselves. Proof of this is that this Covid-19 crisis will undoubtedly be used, just as the 2008 collapse, as a way for the malicious narcissists in Washington, Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms to come together to assure that all their losses are socialized and their profits privatized. Casinos, cruise lines, airlines, hotels and others are already lining up — including of course the scoundrels on Wall Street — for their taxpayer-funded handout. Please read this great article here:
    Covid-19 has taken away bread and circuses, laying bare the true American empire By Michael McCaffrey

  35. Clearly, John Pilger’s film, which is not new as it came out in 2016, has nothing to do with the “fear porn” we’re all obliged to endure from our media and governments during this CV-19 globally manufactured “health crisis”. This film is, like anything John Pilger produces, a brilliant documentary, full of facts people were never informed about by the mainstream media.
    I suggest you watch it before you comment.
    Take only the part about how the people in the Marshall Islands were used as guinea pigs by the US military “scientists”. How horrifying! Yet this is what really happened! Who was ever informed about it?
    Eye-opening for anyone who still wants to believe the official narrative about anything. We’re all exposed to be used like guinea pigs by some authorities or powers-that-should-not-be. Never forget it.

    1. Our Great Leaders, in the elite media, were pushing the war with Eastasia meme at least by 2000. It is not new at all. However, China and its allies are a formidable force. They are far from helpless.

  36. The Xenophobia is hard to deal with. It seems the cold cold war canards just don’t want to die. The evidence is that China has their outbreak under control and America refuses to believe it. Instead of accepting help knowledge and experience from China, Trump has to insult the world with ‘China flu’. Trump is a disgusting pig.

    From start to no new cases took China six weeks. Several weeks in and American politicians only react and do not proact; a few governors aside. Half of America does not even know the problem is serious. Trump stupidity has sentenced tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands to death by not mitigating to preserve health care capability and to buy time to develop a vaccine.

    The health of American people and others around the world sacrificed for a foreign policy. The film provided a needed perspective.

  37. Well they got everyone exactly where they want us, panicked with fear, isolated in our cubicles, distanced from each other. No longer allowed to attend cultural and sporting events. Very limited social exchange. Schools closing, businesses going under. All information and education now only via the heavily censored internet perception management apparatus. The financial engineers are deliberately crashing the economy and these criminal banksters will pilfer everyone’s savings and super and foreclose on their mortgages. The trap has slammed shut. It’s off to the sheering shed to get fleeced or off to the slaughterhouse.
    How can we the people get angry at a virus?
    The perfect crime.

    Medical martial law… https://youtu.be/l2ZRT-gWZ8M

  38. The United States military uses Microsoft computers which are any ” hackers dream ” because every single program in them has built in back doors to make sure that Microsoft was paid. This ” war ” will be over before it ever starts. The United States is a ” paper tiger ” that ” bullies ” small defenseless countries.

  39. Anyone who knows anything about homosexuality knows that some people are still in the closet. The same is true of straight people, not everyone advertises who they are. The same is true of most serial killers and bank robbers. The biggest threat to humanity isn’t global warming, nuclear war or man made pandemics; it’s Zionists, whether they identify as such or not. Whether it’s the destruction of the Amazon, 9-11, or CV-19, it’s all the same people. The U.S. has had an unspoken law since it’s inception that it is better to find 1,000 innocent black men as guilty rather than risk one guilty man escaping justice. Maybe our lives depend on utilizing the same tactics on these Mafia types who bring us so much death.

    1. Kenneth Dooley Avatar
      Kenneth Dooley

      YOU…Just described the difference between a SPIRITUAL Be-Ing and a RELIGIOUS Avatar creature…ONLY “Spiritual Beings” can “Create” whatever they desire with UNLIMITED POWER.
      Religious “Creatures” depend on the so-called FAITH systems on this planet.
      Remember that VERY Ancient quote about POWER???

  40. New information about You-Know-What from a microbiologist in Pittsburgh:

  41. lots of hysteria about CoronaVirus. Check out this report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlplnH3VYyc for a very interesting perspective.

  42. I hope that the USA is in no position after the coronavirus to mount any military or (more) economic attacks on China. It’s easy to forget that the evil that is the US government and military has been at work for so many decades – John Pilger’s documentary reminds us all to shockingly just how long it has been going on.

  43. There will NEVER be another World War…PERIOD!
    The “Creators of the Universe, and Earth” will NOT allow it…They have “Other Plans” for this planet!
    WHY, even post more “FEAR Porn” here…You already KNOW it won’t happen…Just as this “Covy-19 BS” won’t be successful either…The Avatar’s are in a Panic and just want to create as much Fear as they can Before They are Removed FOREVER.

    1. Clearly, John Pilger’s film, which is not new as it came out in 2016, has nothing to do with “fear porn”. It is, like anything John Pilger produces, a brilliant documentary, full of facts people were never informed about by the mainstream media. I suggest you watch it before you comment.
      Take only the part about how people in the Marshall Islands were used as guinea pigs by the US military “scientists”. How horrifying! Yet this is what really happened! Eye-opening for anyone who still wants to believe the official narrative about anything.

      1. I already am aware of what’s in the video Red, because I already KNOW the REAL-Story about this planet, and the Ancient civilization “Seeded” upon it.
        I also am Aware of WHO my “Ancestors ARE”

  44. And, thanks for this. Its a very interesting film. I’ve seen it before, but its time I watched it again.

  45. http://www.johndayblog.com
    Why go nuclear and destroy all the industrial and infrastructure capital which produces the wealth you desire?
    This biological warfare is working so well, holds so much promise, and it’s just in beta-testing now.

    “It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube and out of his mouth. The ventilator should have been doing the work of breathing but he was still gasping for air, moving his mouth, moving his body, struggling. We had to restrain him. With all the coronavirus patients, we’ve had to restrain them. They really hyperventilate, really struggle to breathe. When you’re in that mindstate of struggling to breathe and delirious with fever, you don’t know when someone is trying to help you, so you’ll try to rip the breathing tube out because you feel it is choking you, but you are drowning.

    “When someone has an infection, I’m used to seeing the normal colors you’d associate with it: greens and yellows. The coronavirus patients with ARDS have been having a lot of secretions that are actually pink because they’re filled with blood cells that are leaking into their airways. They are essentially drowning in their own blood and fluids because their lungs are so full. So we’re constantly having to suction out the secretions every time we go into their rooms.”

    1. Spinetingling! Chilling!
      I’ll be sleeping with light on, John!

    2. John Day, public health champion that you are, thank you for telling the truth about this illness. All you doubters, go ahead and doubt, but as a former ICU nurse for many years before becoming a nurse practitioner, I’ve seen “pink froth” in such copious volumes coming out of people’s lungs that they drown in their own fluids despite my tireless efforts to save them, that I know the truth about what this virus can do. ARDS- Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome can be caused by various things and it is never, ever good. Survival is poor. Whether it results from overwhelming pneumococcal pneumonia or Covid-19, it is harrowing stuff trying to save people so affected. Listen up, people. Protect yourselves. And others. Please. Now, starting today, and not one day later.

  46. “In a few years China has become the world’s second-biggest economic power,”
    Then, in 2020, China became the world’s biggest economic power, when the Chinese system successfully contained the COVID-19 outbreak, while the American system spectacularly failed to do so.

    1. Bonnie Camo MD Avatar
      Bonnie Camo MD

      China contained the COVID-19 with IV vitamin C, which Americans are not allowed to know about. It is labeled “false news”.

      1. REALLY? China contained it with vitamin C??

  47. Nukes are all part of the hoax, and you’re a tool.

    1. Right-On!…Understand something about This “Universe” we live in…It is OWNED and OPERATED by OUR Creators…regardless of the Many claims otherwise from those that were ONLY “Allowed” to even Exist…By Design.
      Since ONLY THEY have “Absolute Control” of ALL FORM OF ENERGIES…The Avatars will NEVER succeed at ANYTHING they may have hoped to accomplished.

      1. OMG, someone took this seriously?
        When this is done, I think I’ll try to make some money taking people to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We’ll have to do it soon, but there are still people who were alive on those days.

        1. Be sure to also test those who say those cities were firebombed.

          I can still remember being told to duck and cover to protect our sorry asses from incoming Soviet ICBMs. The more things change…

          Duck and cover has now morphed into social distancing. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We’re being played like fiddles by the richest people of all nations.

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