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How To Actually Effectively Cope With Your Covid-19 Anxiety

As 2020 gets crazier and crazier, emotional self-care is getting more and more important. A lot of people, especially the “plugged-in” types who like to pay close attention to what’s going on in the world, are getting into some looping stress patterns over the Covid-19 pandemic that are unnecessary, unhealthy, and unhelpful.

It’s an understandable web to get tangled in; there are all these alarming news stories and statistics pouring in every single day, many of which speak of dangers which may pose a direct threat to the lives and livelihoods of ourselves and our loved ones. Some people spend hours online combing through all the latest information they can find about this thing, and as they’re doing this a tremendous amount of stress builds up in the background of their experience, ultimately culminating in depression, panic attacks, angry outbursts, substance abuse or other unpleasantness.

You see strategies for coping with this increasingly common problem everywhere online, from common healthy stress management techniques like deep breathing and meditation, to escapist claims that the virus doesn’t pose any real danger, to many people simply unplugging from their news feeds altogether. What people aren’t talking about nearly enough, in my opinion, is the simple yet highly effective practice of consciously feeling your feelings.

You wouldn’t think “feel your feelings” is something that needs to be said; it sounds not just like common sense, but like something that happens automatically without your intention or permission. We’ve all experienced emotions we’d prefer not to experience if given the choice, so we assume emotion arises unbidden like a force of nature.

While that can certainly be true, a tremendous range of our emotional spectrum is often blotted out by a basic lack of emotional attentiveness. Our culture tends to encourage us to put all but our loudest emotions on the back burner and focus on other matters, and Covid-19 happens to feed into that dynamic especially well by giving us a bunch of sparkly news headlines and statistics to focus on while this low-level background anxiety slowly builds unnoticed.

Feelings need to be felt. Not acted out on other people, but felt. They’re like small children; if you just give them a cuddle, let them cry and listen to their grievances they feel better in a few minutes, but if you deprive them of attention they’ll start acting out to get it.

At some point between childhood and adulthood, most of us consciously created strategies to stop our feelings from coming up unbidden. At some point, crying in front of your peers became embarrassing and you learned how to stop it from happening. Most of us never thought to take down those defences after they were installed. Some of us have never even re-learned how to cry again. Letting your feelings flow again will take a conscious effort from most of us.

No matter how much mantra repetition, deep breathing or positive affirmations you do, unless you’ve felt those feelings all the way through you’re just wallpapering over the actual issue. A huge percentage of the anxiety that people are currently experiencing is just a big backlog of feelings that need to be felt.

For some of you, just reminding you of that will be enough. Put down the phone and quietly meditate on it until it bubbles up. Hold your feelings like they’re a little baby newborn. Let them happen until they’re all the way done.

Others might need to try out some different strategies. Here are some of mine.

First, I always check in with my body. Am I clenching anything? Hands, bum, tummy, forehead, jaw? What else is happening? Is there background nausea, or a lump in my throat, or is my heart thumping too hard? I investigate. Close your eyes now and try it with me. Scan around for a few minutes.

Try tapping around with the tips of your fingers on one hand of the areas that you identified are tight. You’ll find spots that are a little bit sore. They feel like a light bruise. Tap on those spots for a little longer until they release. Once you’ve done that, let your fingers tap round your body and find other tight spots. Do this for at least a few minutes.

As you’re doing this, the loud buzz of anxiety releases and the actual root feelings become more clear. Sometimes all you have to do is feel them. You will probably feel embarrassed to feel them. That’s just one of the layers of defence you put in all those years ago. If it feels stuck, use your theater improv skills to exaggerate and try some feelings on until you find the source feeling. Feel them all the way through. Sometimes they feel their way to the other side, oftentimes they end abruptly with a burp, the shakes, a yawn or some other release.

If that doesn’t work, I usually hop up and do a very easy qi gong sequence a dear friend of mine taught me years ago. I think any kind of repetitive energy movement would do though. Basically I do the same movement over and over again with my eyes closed. Once the energy is moving around the body I can sense areas of blockage. I just keep looking at them until I’ve fully seen all the parts of it and then it releases, usually by a big expression of feeling like a roar or something, that usually ends in dry retching.

I know I’m done when I’m at zero again. I don’t stop until I feel totally at peace. I think that’s important to note because some people really get off on having big feelings and having their big feelings all over everyone else. Sometimes people want other people to “own” their feelings. Rather than feeling them, they try to make other people feel them by proxy. They’re usually referred to as drama queens.

The point is to release the feelings so your natural peaceful zero point can shine through again. You are the sky, the feelings are weather. Identifying as the weather will mean you are invested in keeping the weather going. Identifying as the feeling will mean you will be invested in keeping the feeling going. Set the intention to let it speak to you, and then let it pass. That’s where health is.

A lot of people are saying that the fear of the coronavirus is more damaging than the virus itself. I think that’s true, but not in the way they mean it. They’re often trying to say that the coronavirus itself a nothingburger and the fear is being used to manipulate us. I think the virus is a real thing, and also our fear will be used by ourselves and others to manipulate us. We need to clear a path to inspiration by feeling through our feelings and getting back to zero as often as possible. This will help us in the big picture by seeing what’s happening and responding with grace, and in the micro by keeping our immune systems in full relaxed readiness and not tangled up, tripping over itself, fighting ghosts and in panic-mode.

Do the internal work and the external work will follow. This is how we save ourselves.


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Latest comments

  • It really strikes me reading these comments to an article about feelings, that hardly anyone is writing about how they feel. What I see is people describing how they perceive authority figures, and that looks to me like the way abused children see their abusive parents: all-powerful and infinitely malevolent. The reasonable concern that we all have of catching a highly contagious virus (which, fortunately, is very rarely fatal) seems to have triggered an avalanche of buried pain. Me, I feel disoriented and have to work at focus and concentration. It’s unnerving to see normally bustling city streets nearly empty.

    It’s interesting how popular culture has taken the stereotype of the heavy-handed state in the book 1984 as the model of what an unfree culture looks like. The omnipresent state that controls your thoughts is more like that ultimate abusive parent, the horrible invisible man in the sky that Judaism and Christianity invented. You know, the guy who loves you so much he’ll punish you forever for breaking one of his arbitrary rules. It is the church, not the American ruling class, that is obsessed with controlling your thoughts and every deed. Our one percenters already control everything worth controlling. They care only about “supervising” your public actions. Despite their formidable power, they live in constant terror, like the slaveholders of the old south, that you will realize how powerful you are when we stand together in numbers.

    Insidious plots to further enslave us, if they succeed, would weaken the illusions that keep most of us compliant. Even people who really believe that they live in a magical place called “the free world” can be counted on to take notice if their chains suddenly become so heavy that they finally notice they’ve always been there.

    • At first I felt annoyed and depressed. Annoyance gave way to anger, which spurred me to investigate the data (morbidity and mortality). It is just as I suspected: more fantasy than 9/11 in the service of state control. As far as I am concerned, the only appropriate feeling is anger, which might lead to revolutionary political action.

  • New research reveals that the so-called CV-19 virus isn’t really a virus at all, but rather a psychosomatic mental illness caused from being locked up in one’s own home for weeks on end that has symptoms resembling a respiratory illness.

  • March 31 2020 John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    Jesus has the answer to all our seeking. The world as commonly conceived and experienced is a mind created illusion. To see the world as it really is – a manifestation of God’s Unconditional Love/Bliss – frees us from the bondage of our illusions regarding reality.

    In this passage Jesus informs us of the purpose of his teaching. He is a Bodhisattva who seeks to free us from our troubling illusions about the world and ourselves and the nature of reality. Only the full truth will make us free of unnecessary suffering. Realization is the foundational understanding that undoes almost all of our problems. Ignorance of the real nature of reality gives rise to our difficulties. Be still in all your fervid mental activity, and know that all of this is God, who is Perfect LoveRadiance – including yourself! Practice is to constantly remember this true nature of all your experience.

    To have the full experience of God’s eternal Presence in and as all things including yourself, is to see your previous experience of this world as false and deluding. Your whole worldview will collapse in such an epiphany. This signals the death of the ego’s domination of your experience, and the birth of a whole new infinitely expanded prospect…… Meditation is the precious key to realizing this new life, and deepening your constant experience of it.

  • There are family owned small businesses all over that, virus or not, have to stay open to pay the bills. These folks are not going to be getting any ” bailout money ” or even any sympathy from our governmental tax collectors. How many Wendy’s or Burger Kings, diners or delis will have to fold up because people can not ” eat in ” anymore. Bars and big restaurants are not the only ones this virus has doomed.

    • denmark pays every worker 80% of their salary from now untii they work again.

      nice Thump huh?

  • CORRECTION: The link about the latest REAL info about What the Avatar god is up to, check it out:
    There are some VERY “Interesting” information there folks, and should shed LOADS of LIGHT about what This site is all about.

  • “…to escapist claims that the virus doesn’t pose any real danger…”
    We are definitely being played by this psychological operation, and the real pandemic is not a viral threat, but one of manufactured fear. The COVID-19 virus does indeed pose a danger, but not much more danger than other flu viruses. It would be a mistake to dismiss this as an escapist claim. Question it, yes. Research it, yes. But dismiss it as “escapist”? No. This manufactured event is like 9/11 and the “terrorist” threat we were conditioned to fear then. Only now the entire world is targeted, not just the United States, so the ruling sociopaths have upped the ante in a major way. Beware of dismissing possibilities as “escapist”. That’s the same thing as dismissing them as “conspiracy theory”.

    • Interesting comment sir,

      We have to admit that the wealthy ruling elites are genius. Now you cannot go outside to protest their policies in any way because, as those elites are telling you, you will be careless to your human brothers also.

      Just look at what happened to pastor Howard-Browne in Florida who wanted to keep his church open:


      This is why this crisis is becoming, as you say, as suspicious as 9/11.

      Truly, we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

    • 100% correct, Chico. This crisis has had a strange feeling about it from the get-go. I think that people are right to be skeptical, especially since this virus is ushering all kinds of openings to 5G (surveillance and control), ID2020 (biometric identification and tracking), GPS tracking (via cell phones and other methods), digital currencies and digital wallets, crowd control measures (martial law, extra electronic surveillance, elimination of civil rights and liberties), militarization of control, etc. All of these things are being discussed at very high levels, and many (if not all of them ) have been included in various versions of the bills that have passed in the U.S. as a result of this virus.

      IMHO, this virus is about much, much more than health and safety. One also cannot rule out the idea that this is biological warfare. Many of the strains around the world appear to be completely unrelated to one another. Are we lobbing viruses at each other instead of missles?

      • Forgot one of the more important violations of our civil liberties: the very real possibility of mandated vaccines (possibly with tracking/RFID chips?).

    • I think the following opinion is accurate:

      “Again, there is much speculation that it was not an accident, but criminally timed to coincide with the crashing of the world’s financial system, also engineered. The virus would help the crash in two ways: firstly it would, however briefly, bring to a halt a significant part of the functioning of the world’s economies, forcing bankruptcies and a widespread increase of indebtedness and enslavement to the global Money Power; and secondly, an exaggerated panic over the virus in the same globalists’ media would serve to distract mankind from its enslavement taking an important step forwards. Certainly if the financial crash was deliberate, the coincidence of the virus was a windfall for whoever was behind the crash.”


      It has to be expected since those in charge are the same who were in charge at the time of the suspicious 9/11 event in 2001.

      Part of the fault is on us. We kept on casting our votes since then. We prefer a lie to the truth because we wanted to protect our social status, our assets and our money.

      Truly, the return of the days of Noah are here and I pray the Rosary to hasten the glorious return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bs.

      • I have a similar perspective. As usual, there are multiple goals being pursued by the ruling sociopaths with the coronavirus psy-op.
        1) Deflect responsibility for the planned global economic crash onto the coronavirus.
        2) Allow “medical” martial law to become standard practice.
        3) Implement mandatory injections (“vaccines”).
        There are surely other goals that I am not aware of.

        • Indulging in suspicions, I wonder if the virus has been around in the US for awhile, as 80% of people have either little or no symptoms. Maybe that is why they are not testing, and planning to get back to work. All 5 corona viruses exist in the US, pointing to it as the original source. I live in Mexico, but had something with those symptoms that went to pneumonia in November. Nagging symptoms, but I made do with home remedies, and recovered, despite being in high risk categories.

  • Stress and Anxiety comes from fear. Fear comes from a lack of faith… faith in one’s own self, faith in the wisdom of Universe, faith in maintaining a good connection to our Divine Source that provided for us and our well-being long before we ever knew our own names. Our real battle is not with a virus, or the deranged circumstances and human players that came together to create today’s toxic concoction of cosmic madness.

    Anxiety comes from a willing retreat into the low-energy mind of indulging in our worse, most base emotions upon which we’ve spent a lifetime trying to bury once-and-for-all in that big graveyard along with every bad and hurtful thing we’ve ever experienced in our lives. We can’t allow ourselves to give life back to and re-animate these ghouls of the soul. We can’t retreat back into infancy and foolish hope that some White Knight is coming along to save us from the virus or those who choose to exploit it. We have to save ourselves. That’s why we came into this world in the first place – to learn that fact. When we know this deep inside, we feel empowered. This empowerment defeats the virus, defeats our feeling vulnerable, defeats our stress and anxiety that quickly begins to melt away as did the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. WE are the Man/Woman behind the curtain. Your oppressor is the face staring back at you in the mirror. And so is your White Knight.

    • It’s hard to believe a mother’s anxiety does not somehow protect her nine month old baby from some disaster.
      Anxiety, might be excessive but also might adrenaline when running from the bear. i’d just like to say if i was hunting with some of you i’d be calmed by the sure knowledge that all i had to do was not outrun the bear but only you.
      the virus is not like that. here we try to protect our playful kids and then i read about a 9 month old baby just died from it. if nature give mommies anxiety i’d have stepped in for her break. but then i’d absorb the worry and preparation and devise a system where baby can grow and laugh and not crawl across the floor as babies always did before. i’d be worried and i was. i did it. raised a baby grrrl. and still am. 40 years later. we love we worry. that’s it. so we learn and we find out how the best way is to deal with it. mommy needs sleep. for sure.
      baby needs sleep. calm must prevail…unless the ship is sinking then someone has to find a float, someone has to grab the emergency by the balls and break it down to its parts.
      Calm is fine. Alacrity is better. it’s like a surge potential. do not lose your fear, just contain it. you cannot be afraid to act.
      you would not be happy with a bear in the house: so lock the doors. keep a gun.
      a virus has a different approach, and more refined. but what we do is the answer. so read all about it and answer the call. we are all one with this.
      being out of the caves we now learn to work together in a very abstract trusting way. are we good enough?
      this is where the life lesson kicks in. maybe we are too neanderthal…maybe we brough tthis down upon ourselves. humanity is reckless.

    • SAY Folks, if you want to find out WHAT the Avatar’s god is up about this planet go to their website at: https://www.redifinggod.com/
      Also there people going around to all these hospitals and finding out that the BS being told over the media is ALL LIES…I found several videos posted from around the world saying this is ALL BS.
      Here is the latest one from the USA. https://youtu.be/zJJU5UZmTO/
      I HOPE Catlin lets you SEE it.

      • AND! Just as thought Catlin has blocked access to BOTH links folks!!!
        Try looking up god’s website OUTSIDE of this page.
        This whole BS coronavirus WILL BE EXPOSED!
        COUNT ON IT.

  • Excellent advice as usual Catlin. Shows you have done a lot of inner work knowing yourself. When I am alone, I occasionally just let it all go, and let myself be loudly emotionally, kinetically expressive. When it naturally runs it’s course, I just sit down in my easy chair and enjoy the relaxation that comes from intentionally letting go of all control. Letting shouting and cursing reach a climax feels great too. allowing me to feel I have said all I need to say to Trump and his deluded followers — then I can let go of all that and feel some sympathy and love for the poor bastards……

  • you might find this interesting…..RUDOLPH STEINER/5G/VIRUS

    • YES! I just spent 6 hrs. last week researching this b.s. and read that Wuhan, China was piloted in 2018 for 5g network. It ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!

  • You are absolutely on target when it comes to diagnose the source of all those things that negatively impact our collective lives; i.e., the perverse influence of the psychopaths that we have placed in positions of authority to degrade all aspects of our life in society, couples with their relentless pursuit of money and power at all costs without giving an iota of shit to the consequences of their actions. To that I want to add the absence of a regulatory entity called GOVERNMENT whose core function should be to protect the citizenry from the abuses from those in power, and finally and most importantly, the political disengagement, willful ignorance, apathy and cowardice of our fellow countrymen.

    All this social malady is systemic and can be attributed to CAPITALISM working at its best as a mechanism that promotes inequality, monopolization, destruction of the public good through privatization, stagnation, and continuous degradation of the quality of things and of life at large. What we are experiencing right now is corporate tyranny and fascism writ large. Only a herd of “exceptional” fools imbued with feelings of superiority, group thinking, helplessness, and faux patriotism would fail to see that.

    What takes me to the next point: I think that the “spirituality” that you are sharing with your readers is counterproductive to meaningful systemic changes. It is nothing more than a coping mechanism reminiscent of the myriad of corporate-sponsored books – remember Who moved my cheese? – that were written during the apex of the leveraged buyouts era to conceal the corporate cruelty and cushion the blow of the massive layoffs that took place. Spirituality per se is nonsensical for the simple reason that spirits do not exist; they are just constructs of the mind. Energy in the context of spirituality is absurd because energy is by definition the capacity to do work and can only be transformed, neither created nor destructed.
    People don’t need diversionary tactics to elude reality, they already do that voluntarily every day. What they need to do is feel the pain and use that as an incentive to pursue a comprehensive systemic change.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon because what people want in the face of this pandemic is to “return to normal”, without thinking for a moment that “normal” is what took us to the abyss that we are facing now. If I were you, I would use my talents to prod your readers in the path of revolutionary change. Most of them have a propensity for inaction, a delusional assessment of their own situation that is encapsulated in something that John Steinbeck said: “In the U.S. socialism does not have a change to take root because the average American don’t see himself as a member of the exploited proletariat, but as a millionaire temporarily in distress”.

    • “Normal” now involves being deeply in debt and attempting to rely on the “kindness” of others. We modern people are eager to take advantage of each other (for some reason) and typically the advantage being taken is disguised as some sort of kindness or service. Larry Nassar sexually abused scores of Gymnasts under the guise of “medical treatment” for years and got away with it! Some car salesmen, school teachers, bankers, physicians, Priests (and so many more) can be ruthless predators. Our family’s only two rock-solid business relationships are (at the moment) with the Landscaper and the Housekeeper. I feel much less in danger from SARS-CoV-2 than from my automobile insurer or automobile salesman (both of whom are a clear and continuing danger).

  • As we deal with this ” virus ” in our own ways this article strikes me as very realistic and sound. Please read it here:
    People Get Ready!

  • We did keep on casting our votes since the suspicious 9/11 event in the elections organized for us by the wealthy System elites. We worshipped the System, the government and money.

    So, maybe this is the kind of existence we deserve to be in isolation etc… the kind of hell our elites have prepared for us and which they have the secret…

    Truly, this is the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen more than enough of all the bullshit.

    • That’s right. You asked for it . . .you got it . . .Toyota.

  • I made myself feel good by buying a .12 gauge shotgun.

    • I take it you have a big hoard of toilet paper to protect from looters? 😉

      • Toilet paper is not enough. Stock up on paper dinner napkins and other paper products, especially cocktail umbrellas. The latter are sure to ward off evil viruses as hey shrink from such signs of heavenly omnipotence. Beware of people who tell you to behave rationally, as they are probably in the service of Satan or Putin. Shotguns are good, but better are machine guns. Best are small (50 kilotons or less) nuclear weapons.

  • Lets please be kind in our comments. Information, links and opinions are fine. No one has the full picture, I am willing to change my opinions as new information surfaces. Lets all be open, and courteous, and be willing to be wrong. I love the conversation on this site. I send love and light to all, wishes for the best.

  • Another effective strategy is to get reliable information. For example, Off-Guardian has a story today March 30 about a statistical operation that measures excess mortality in Europe on a weekly basis. It shows that, with the Exception of Italy, excess mortality in Europe has been lower than in the two previous years. In brief, this implies that deaths from the current virus of choice are lower than the hype suggests. Also, the OG article asks the obvious question, if deaths are lower, why are we on lock-down? This is a good question, as it leads to reasonable inferences that the real plague is the global ruling class which has manufactured this virus plague for some other purpose. Our job is to discover that purpose and thwart their plans. et us get together and do that.

  • “The More I See Of The Moneyed Classes, The More I Understand the Guillotine.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

  • I cannot see this crisis otherwise. It seems it is a very suspicious event.

    In fact, many commentators have noticed how this crisis have played in favor of the “System” elites.

    With this crisis, the “System” elites have put an end to the yellow vests protests in France and also the protests in Hong Kong etc…

    I suspect it was the goal all along. It is very similar to what 9/11 has achieved.

    Truly, we are in the return of the days of Noah because it is a violent society as it was then and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough of all the bs.

  • One of, if not the primary, deepest desires of all higher forms of live is the desire for freedom. When its frustrated, we suffer. Sometimes to the point of insanity. Yet to avoid a virus that is inconsequential compared to the death historically rained upon us by criminal gangs of sociopaths, also known as governments, we surrender our freedom to those same sociopaths. In fact, we actively encourage that surrender. No wonder we are in a panic. We are denying the natural animal within us.

    • There are organized forces out there that specifically want the readers of Caitlin to die. They come to this blog and post the nonsense from Trump and the Koch brothers that all of this is a hoax and that it is foolish to try to protect yourself from this deadly virus.
      Note that the original mortality rates of 2% were while the virus was contained within the efficient Chinese system. Now that it has moved on to the failed states of the capitalist west, this ‘hoax’ is now showing death rates of 9-10% in Italy. And if you look at the facts on the Johns Hopkins site, Italy has at least somewhat been successful at ‘flattening the curve’, at least in comparison to the land of Trump and Koch where the curve looks like the launch of a ballistic missile. Deaths in America will quickly escalate as hospitals are overwhelmed. That is what this person, and whatever forces are behind him, want for the readers of this blog. Someone wants us dead.

      • Would that be the same Johns Hopkins that hosted Event 201? The predictive exercise that nearly perfectly described our current situation October 18 2019? The plain simple fact is that the Sociopaths In Charge, of both parties, and their Mockingbird Media, have lied to us so much and so often, that a rational person cannot believe a single thing they say. You have no idea what the facts are in this tragedy. In fact, its not too difficult to find contradictory statements of “fact” published on the same day, and sometimes by the same “expert”. We have no idea what the death rate from C-virus is. We do know what the death rate from collapsed economy is. Last I checked, the death rate from not eating is 100%.

  • Again, wonderful stuff, Caitlin,
    There is one thing I would add to your advice though, and that is having ones spiritual Life-Force as directed awareness out on the environment. Be awaredly permeating the universe about you . . . it’s the same phenomenon one experiences when out in nature looking over a wonderful distant vista or gorgeous sunset. It is empowering of YOU the spiritual presence.
    The “New Age” thinking is to “center oneself,” but that is actually the act of reducing one’s presence and power. You get spiritually dotted that way.
    One of the lead researchers on the forum I run is half-Chinese, and fluent in both spoken and written Chinese. She tells me that the Western interpretation and understanding of qi gong as being the DIRECTING of one’s spiritual Life-Force is in error. The actual Chinese written symbol and ancient meaning of the word is CULTIVATE, this as in develop and manifest and empower.
    Hence, the fuller more beneficial practice is to manifest one’s spiritual Presence and Life-Force such that it encompasses all within one’s purview: encompass and take control of all within your manifested awareness.
    This results in you being at cause rather than being at effect.
    Simple drills and exercises have been developed that enable individuals to recover knowing control of this capacity that is native to us. And this knowledge is being used/practiced by winning elite athletes, top business types and other individuals who like winning in life.

  • Here’s a little something to let you know how much we’re loved and cared for.

  • I will have more anxiety when the Internet is shut down for a couple of weeks, which I’ve read rumoured could happen sooner rather than later.

  • Thank you.

  • Very good. 🙂 Collectively we fear the feeling of being fearful. We tend to resist it like the plague. Circumvent it, ‘fix’ it, keep it out. The fear was already in us. It was fear of losing control, of living in a safety that was not fully real. So best thing to do is making friends with fear. If you allow it to be fully there, it will transform the mind, and then it will leave you. And then, when it comes back again, you meet a friend.

    So the virus is actually a great chance to free ourselves from a bad habit.
    Death has always been part of life, anyway.
    Life is always lethal in the end…

    So, the feeling of fear is not a problem to be solved.
    On the contrary. Mustering the guts (!) to feel the fear is actually a solution for the problem of living out of fear.

    The ‘magick trick’ is, however, the willingness to feel it fully and totally. If there stil is some resisting going on, some trying to control it, you will just stay stuck in the middle of it.

  • Anxiety is a natural involuntary physiological response in our bodies when we become aware of a threat which we do not yet fully understand. The physiological response can arise and become chronic when we don’t know what to do or feel that any options we have are not free of backlash or when the threat seems bigger than our capability to manage. Anxiety is like potential energy being stored and ready to motivate us into action. This physiological activity includes production of hormones which temporarily reduce the effective immune response which our body makes towards infections. When we are able to apply and expend that energy afterwards in effective action to either dodge or eliminate or minimize the threat, then we will not suffer negative consequences from our anxiety. A short burst of anxiety and energy can be put to good use; but when we remain indecisive and inactive when facing a threat, sustained anxiety (trapped energy) reduces our body’s ability to fight infections. Therefore we need to put out energy into action. Even doing a few little things to improve our readiness to manage the threat when it approaches or doing little things to minimize the impact or discussing plans and possible actions is better than trying to deny our anxiety or trying to find something to distract ourselves rather than dealing with the threat. Even if we don’t yet know what to do, it still helps to talk to someone about it rather than dwell on it without talking or acting in some meaningful way. There are practical things we can do to protect ourselves from the coronavirus by boosting and maintaining our immune systems so that we can beat this infection. Meditate or pray about it, pause, take courage and then do something to minimize the threat by boosting our immune system. I can explain more about the excellent and effective immune system we can have and why it gives better protection than face masks, sanitizers and social isolation.

  • Perspective helps me. We are dying in far greater numbers because of car crashes, cancer, heart disease, even unnecessary medical interventions. Here are some US numbers, I imagine it’s somewhat similar in the rest of the world. In the US there are 33,000 fatalities from car collisions every year. That’s more than 100 people per day. Heart disease kills 800,000 people in the US every year. Cancer kills 600,000 people ever year. The third leading cause of death in the US is unnecessary medical interventions which kill 400,000 people in the US every year.

    I keep these numbers in my mind, always. It gives me proper perspective of what is really dangerous in our society. Heart disease is the number one killer. If you want to be afraid, be afraid of not exercising, smoking cigarettes, and eating red meat. That one is well under our control. The number two killer isn’t under our individual control as much. That’s cancer which kills 600,000 people per year. I can’t control the amount of pollution and toxic chemicals we pour into the environment but I do my best to be very aware and add as little as possible. The third leading cause of death, amazes me; unnecessary medical interventions. Yes the third leading cause of death in the US is going to the doctor. I don’t say yes to most of what they offer me.

    Covid-19 has a long way to go before it’s anywhere near as dangerous as any of the above. When you think about how many died last week from coronavirus, add up some of the other deaths that happened last week

    • Thank you.

  • Check it out:
    The Great Change

  • With you on that one Caitlin. Thanks for the reminder

  • Ms Johnstone, some people are worry-warts; they are not themselves if they are not ” worrying ” about something. Some people find it impossible to be still; they have to pace or hum or tap their fingers. It seems as though every individual is perhaps a little weird. If I can not do something about something then it is best that I never think about it at all. I do not control any ” nukes ” so I should not think about them. I can not stop” living ” because the virus is going around; I have to adapt to it and the reality of it. Everyone has to one way or another. Life is going to go on.

    • You are “Beginning” to Understand WHY FEAR should NOT be a reason to “Imprison” yourself for ANY reason.
      True also is You final quote; LIFE IS GOING TO GO ON!
      The quest is WHO’s Life will go On???
      Clue: Human BE-Ings who live without FEAR….I SEE them everyday where I live.
      They are the ones who don’t ware those ridiculous face mask, and don’t SIT insider their homes cowering in FEAR.
      People that FOLLOW the “Fears mongers” are living in “Home Prisons” an dare NOT FREE…witch makes them FEEL like they are Criminals…That MUST “REPENT” for SINS they have committed.
      Doesn’t THAT sound “Familiar” to YOU…In Religious circles???

      • Organized forces want the readers of this blog to die. They come here repeating ridiculous nonsense from Trump and the Koch brothers about how its all a hoax. People are dying, and there are people out there who want the readers of Caitlin to die. Don’t let them fool you. Then, remember this act of shame when it is the time for retribution and re-education camps.

        • It seems You have thinking “Bass Ackwards” about This site, and there are NEVER going to be “re-education camps”…another name for “Concentration camps”…REMEMBER Who created those???
          THE NAZIS…ring a bell???

          • And who made possible the Nazis ad the other inter-war fascists? The same people who are peddling panic-compliance-control-complicity today: namely the global ruling class. Humans are exceptionally good at taming natural threats; not so good with human made threats. I remain just a little concerned about all those nukes.

          • Thank you for pushing back on that “you must comply and obey” nonsense, Kenny. More people need to do that.

  • Thanks for this! I usually save your article to my Conspiracies file. (That’s a compliment, BTW) Today I saved this one to my Critical Health News file. (Also a compliment)

  • Thank you Cait. I was getting grumpy and tense. We went up to the roof and had a dance party watching Venus set with the moon shining. Shook it out. Sang to the stars. That works. I would recommend the latest video from Truthstream Media. What we are really dealing with, aside from mortality and smashed down emotions. Be Well All.

  • You need too look into Stoicism. Your own worst enemy, remember feelings are transit and have little to do with reality.

  • This article READ like a “Benevolent” person wrote it, BUT…It was full of Holes…It reminded me, as Ranking member of Religious sect I was a Leading Minister in (Jehovahs Witnesses 48 yrs) Of How I used “Persuasive Language” used in my reasoning with the congregation I was an assistant head of.
    Only problem was I was unknowingly tell LIES I had once Be-LIE-ved in (Believed in)
    Any “Realistic” Medical person will tell you the ROOT Cause for ILL-Ness (IL-At-Ease/DIS-Ease) is FEAR
    So the idea of “DEALING with Fear” is Foolishness and VERY similar to Trusting in a BELIEF system as Religions teach people (Sheeple) to deal with.
    Attaining KNOWLEDGE is Far more POWERFUL!
    BELIEF System Do Not require Knowledge, and are “Disintegrating” Right Now, the very SAME people (Avatars) are hoping everyone will just sit still so that they execute Their “Agenda 2020 or Anglo-Saxon Agenda” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d86DR7TO98/
    Watch the video and attain KNOWLEDGE.
    UNderstand OUR Ancient Relatives will NEVER let this agenda succeed…THEN YOU WILL HAVE PEACE!

      SOMEONE doesn’t want YOU to SEE it Huh???
      Do a Search of videos of BILL RYAN (The Anglo Saxon Mission) and you MIGHT find it that way.
      Geeee Catlin I SEE now that you are just like I used to be using “Persuasive Language”

      • Go forth, get the virus, and die you stupid %@#$7 @#$%@ ^!##$% @#$%#$$ ^ &&** @#%@ $^##%& @@#%@## !!!!!

        • Thank You George, for verifying the point I made about this site. Your Reaction was one based on FEAR.

  • Feeling one’s feelings is valuable in learning the effect that the world is creating, and for the other reasons reviewed. But learning not to mistake the feelings as one’s identity — that steps toward liberation!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Caitlin!

  • Awesome and I haven’t even finished it I’m only halfway keep on keepin on…I sent you a long one of my own I hope you get it same subject great minds work together. I like your cocoon show by the way nice to see the lucky guy…!

  • Figure out what you can do to help heroically, and do it.
    Real liberating…
    Grow vegetables. It’s spring. Nurseries are “agricultural support”.
    They are critical. They don’t close.
    Planting dry beans from the grocery store is cheap.
    Do something to nurture life.

    • “Grow vegetables.” It’s Autumn in many other parts of the world.

      • Cabbages do wonderfully in fall into mid-winter and can last well into Spring. Then begin with your summer vegetables.

      • So grow an autumn/winter garden. Dr. Day does. So do I and we live in completely different parts of America.

  • “Fiddling the Figures – the Magic Trick” by David Icke on TheirTube
    500,000 WILL DIE IN UK > Imperial College Wizard >
    Bozo Bo Jo goes lockdown > 5,700 may die in UK

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