Ten million Americans declare unemployment in two weeks and all your government does is give you a $1,200 “advance” on your tax return while bailing out corporations with the largest wealth transfer ever, and some of you are still shrieking about Russia and China. Pathetic fucking tools.

Your rights are evaporating, your government has failed to provide the bare minimum social safety nets during a very manageable pandemic, your nation’s billionaire class has been growing wealthier and wealthier while most of you would struggle to pay a $1000 emergency bill, but sure, China is your real enemy.


Many Americans being plunged into debt and destitution. Many young Americans about to start contemplating joining the military. Many Pentagon officials factoring this in to their future calculations. Poverty has long served as a makeshift draft in the dangerous, dying US empire.

Not that it should surprise any American that this crisis has only wound up benefiting massive corporations, debt slave owners, government agencies and the US war machine. These are the real US government, after all.


Keep in mind that virtually everything you hear from conservatives and mainstream liberals right now is basically just an irrational lashing out over their entire ideology faceplanting in front of the entire world.


Governments which prohibit people from providing for themselves without providing for those people do not deserve to exist. There is no legitimate basis for declaring a lockdown in any area without first ensuring that you can adequately provide for everyone whose financial stability is disrupted by this, and if you do it’s perfectly legitimate for the citizenry to resist your lockdown.


I could probably think of dozens of things the drivers of the US government could stand to gain by deliberately letting this pandemic get a lot worse than it needs to in America.


The entire Cuomo family is a corrupt political dynasty and the sooner America flushes them down the toilet the better.


Friendly reminder that more people would trust “authoritative” news outlets about this virus if those outlets didn’t have an extensive history of constantly lying to the public about very important matters. You can’t blame people for being distrustful when you made them that way.


I personally wouldn’t invest a lot of emotional energy in the hope that things will go back to normal. “Normal” is gone forever. Even before the virus the only consistent pattern we’ve been seeing is things getting stranger and stranger. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Covid stats paint an unclear picture since governments likely distort their numbers, testing is sparse and many are asymptomatic. To get a clearer picture of our situation, listen to what medical staff are saying where it’s bad, since overwhelmed hospitals are the primary concern.


People: May we please have minimal authoritarian responses to this pandemic and adequate protection from poverty?

Governments: No but you may have the exact opposite of those things.


There isn’t actually any contradiction in the beliefs that (A) the virus is dangerous, (B) mass unemployment is dangerous, and (C) authoritarian government policies are dangerous. There needn’t be any cognitive dissonance holding all three at once; they’re not mutually exclusive.


Contrary to popular belief, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was not about an oppressive dictatorship but a society getting exactly what it asked for; people were so dumbed down by television that they voted for books to be burned because they didn’t want to be challenged or offended. Worth remembering as people are demanding more authoritarian lockdown measures and snitching on their neighbors for going on a second run.


Continuing starvation sanctions during a global pandemic is biowarfare.


I don’t remember voting for a paradigm where powerful governments pour the lion’s share of resources into sabotaging, toppling and destroying nations which don’t defer to their interests. Do you?


Start-ups and mom-and-pop shops are going bust all over the place and the US government is helping the big corporations sweep them up for peanuts. Time to stop stanning for billionaires my aspirational, entrepreneurial friends. You are mere fleas to them.


USA: We’re moving more troops to the Middle East.

Middle East: Why?

USA: To protect the troops we already have there.

Middle East: Why were those troops here?

USA: To protect the military bases we have there.

Middle East: And why were those bases here?

USA: Our troops needed somewhere to sleep.


We should be relaxing at home assured of our financial and medical stability while bankers, debt collectors and arms manufacturers stress about their future.


I hope all you couples stuck at home together are getting world-transformingly vulnerable with each other and having world-transformingly awesome sex (in that order).


The post-apocalyptic movies lied to you about human nature. People tend to be more caring and compassionate with each other in a time of great crisis, not less. Please remember this going forward.


Nobody knows what’s going to happen and anyone who says they do is bullshitting.

There’s no reason to feel confident that anything is impossible anymore, because everything’s changing so quickly and unpredictably. Orwellian dystopia? Maybe. World War 3? Maybe. Nuclear war? Maybe. Revolution? Maybe. Mass-scale awakening? Maybe. Create a new world? Maybe.


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87 responses to “Someone’s Screwing You, And It Ain’t China: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Caitlin:
    You’re probably familiar with economist John Williams’ website Shadowstats, but if not I would urge you to check it out. He provides more accurate unemployment and inflation statistics than does the government, which of course just flat out lies. His graphs/statistics can be accessed at http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data

  2. I encourage everyone to read this and follow up all the links it contains as well:


    1. furthermore; see newsfromunderground.com postings and Dana Ashlie´s latest video on youtube. A doctor treating patients in New York testifies that these patients do not have flu. They are suffering and dying from oxygen deprivation. This is linked definitively to 5G (60 ghz). Note also that new legislation passed with emergency bailout bill rushes the installation of 5G in schools across the country within 180 days. People may not leave their homes to protest. The `public comment´ time frame is only about 20 days at this point. The Governor of CA has announced the rollout. When kids go back to school, we could see the `pandemic´ move to a new demographic. How tidy.

  3. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    More on the COVID-19 pandemic and the American Hybrid War on China.


    The Trump Regime has issued a directive for US government officials to push the “Chinese cover-up” meme in their talking points.

    White House Pushes U.S. Officials to Criticize China For Coronavirus ‘Cover-Up’

    1. I wrote this song for Julian:
      Mother Superior and The Twisted Sisters
      Fake News Blues – The Scream

      He also appears briefly in the series The Doctor Sirius on YouTube.
      God Speed Julian!

  4. And let’s not forget a current Israeli-puppet signing a Bill to bring in foreign workers to ‘take the place of Americans losing their jobs’.

    Wait. What? They forced your doors closed and sent you home, you ‘lose’ your job…..but it’s okay for a foreign worker to now step into ‘all the jobs Americans lost’?????

    I wonder if Amerikans will ever figure it out?


    ~ Occams

    1. Have you checked the price of Brains these days?

      U: S. 16;000. A lb

      Chinese. 1.50. Lb

      Russian. 1.50. Lb.

      There the answer right there.

      How many Americans do you need for a lb of Brains???

      Answer: Plenty

  5. NobodysaysBOO Avatar

    “Skepticism is next to godliness not cleanliness, because IT is the pry that keeps the door open so some truth can leak out.”
    KEEP up the good work as long as you can.

    we have become sloppy and not hygienic as we could have been,in our politics,behavior and the scum we let come here in droves. Our uncontrolled floods of water and human excrement are going to kill us all.
    we never built out our nation ,we quit on ourselves.

    1. Amazing what is happening in the USA, 1,000. deaths a day, despite attempts to hide it, and likely to be 10,000. by next week, and interestingly some are blaming the rich jetsetters for spreading it far and wide, – probably correctly.

      I feel it is important to study the politics of the total dominance of the Super rich, – they have their philosophy, – Neo-liberalism, an a posteriori attitude, – we are rich therefore we did right as we are rich, therefore we should rule as we are the rich, but if you look closely, their philosophy is a form of Anarchism.
      Socialists don’t cope very well with Anarchists, so the left is doing poorly.

      However, – as i have mentioned to you before, it is a very primitive form of Anarchism, – recognisably as Stirnerite Anarchism, if you look on the Internet, – please do, very important history there, and succinctly summarised as, – “If everybody is totally selfish then we will end up co-operating with each other or die” (my summary).

      If, after study, you accept my statement/interpretation, you may see the connection to the Hunter Gatherer stage of human development.

      In other words, we are governed, .. by a group of pre human savages, the 701, or whatever number, of multibilionaires, – totally ruthless and immoral, barely apes, and often you feel that they are not actually human.
      I suspect that that is a correct feeling.

      Having said that I acknowledge there are exceptions, although I doubt that Bill Gates is one.

  6. Pepé le Pew (channeled through Peter in Seattle) Avatar
    Pepé le Pew (channeled through Peter in Seattle)

    I hope all you couples stuck at home together are getting world-transformingly vulnerable with each other and having world-transformingly awesome sex (in that order).

    The people my heart really goes out to are locked-down French married couples, unable to make it to their usual nooners and cinq à sept with their lovers and mistresses… But who am I kidding? Love, she will always find a way, non? 😉

  7. Rowan Bircumshaw Avatar
    Rowan Bircumshaw

    Check out the preceding 5 years average weekly death rate in your province, state, county or country. You may be surprised by the number. You might have to flick quite a few google pages before you come across the links. Here in the UK, for March it averages 11000 per week, Do the math, they already have the numbers they need. Don’ fall for the msm bullshit. Use your own mind.

  8. Catherine Hurd Avatar
    Catherine Hurd

    Thank you.

  9. Séamus Ó Néill •

    The world has got a problem, the bully is bankrupt (Feb 16th) and this time America is in deep s–t. Wars are usually the psychopaths way to sort out their financial problems but this time I’m not so sure.Trump may be an egotistical moron, but he’s not completely stupid. We know of two aircraft carriers that are limping along, badly infected with Corvid-19….that’s quite a few planes out of service. He learnt a lesson from his, completely mindless, murder of General Solemani, when Iran showed a minute fraction of its capabilities….I think he knows the futility of striking Iran. He’s back to trying Venezuela but Putin made a strategic chess move and I think it’s checkmate there also. If America is contemplating war it needs allies… even before a worldwide pandemic they were getting scarce, now I think they’re non-existent. It’s now ramping up a “blame the Chinese” to a crescendo, and God knows there’s enough half-witted racists in America to fall for that, but the world is not so easily fooled…..as I say the world’s got a problem….with America !

    1. This may be war. The US is waging financial war on 1/3 of the worlds population via economic seige; sanctions. It is not hard to believe they may use biowarfare as well. They certainly have a long history of that, both at home and abroad.

  10. Bravo, you are the revolution…keep up the tireless work!

  11. Krona is most likely a Chinese bio weapon, maybe not, but China is responsible. America needs us now, we absolutely must stop buying anything and everything from China. Spend your money on U.S. products and put Americans back to work.

    1. US corporate greed already handed the US manufacturing sector and millions of good paying jobs over to China.

  12. One of the things I have learned to keep in mind is that in todays twisted world anything is possible. Please read this article and make up your own mind about it.
    Coronavirus Is More Than a Health Disaster – It’s a Human Calamity By Peter Koenig

  13. In just a matter of a few weeks, the world has been taken by storm due to the Covid-19 disease which has spread from China, ravaging Europe and North America. This week, the global death toll surpassed 50,000. Potentially, the death toll in the United States could reach into the millions.
    Nevertheless, the persistence of Cold War ideological mindsets – seemingly immune to the necessary common response to overcome the Covid-19 emergency – is a depressing sign of failure in political and moral leadership. Please read this great article here:
    Russophobia Immune to Global Solidarity!

  14. Appreciating that the vast majority of human beings have not yet killed anyone, we are forced to realize that leading a relatively peaceful life “at the local level” is, at the very least, POSSIBLE. At the inter-national level of human relationships, however, a peaceful relationship has so far been impossible for humanity to achieve and, again, this is IMO entirely do to the Elite’s mistaken belief in the INFALLIBILITY of greed (and, even worse in a nuclear-armed world, in one’s own exceptionalism).
    IMO, the movie “Tomorrowland” it is one of the most important, “smartest” attempts made so far at “waking up” both the bewildered herd AND its Elite to the ongoing, worsening human crisis. Here’s Governor Nix’s complete speech near the end of the movie.
    “Let’s imagine  . if you glimpsed the future; you were frightened by what you saw; what would you DO with that information? You would go to   .the politicians, captains of industry?
    And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck. The only facts they WON’T challenge are the ones that keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in.
    But what if . what if there was a way of skipping the middle man and putting the critical news directly into everyone’s head?
    The probability of wide-spread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop it was to show it—to scare people straight      because what reasonable human being wouldn’t be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they’ve ever known or loved?
    To save civilization, I would show its collapse.
    But how do you think this vision was received? How do you think people RESPONDED to the prospect of imminent doom?
    They gobbled it up like a chocolate eclair! They didn’t fear their demise, they re-packaged it. It could be enjoyed as video-games, as TV shows, books, movies. The entire world wholeheartedly embraced the apocalypse and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon.
    Meanwhile, your Earth was crumbling all around you.
    You’ve got simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Explain that one!
    Bees and butterflies start to disappear; the glaciers melt; algae blooms.
    All around you the coal mine canaries are dropping dead and YOU WON”T TAKE THE HINT!
    In every moment there’s the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it, you won’t DO what is necessary to make it a reality. So you dwell on this, oh, terrible future. You resign yourselves to it for one reason    because THAT future does not ask anything of you TODAY.
    So yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic    but you all just steered for it anyway, full steam ahead. Why? Because you WANT to sink! You gave up! That’s not the monitor’s fault. That’s yours.”

    You know what’s so ironic? The bewildered herd is so UNIMAGINABLY well brainwashed that it can not “figure out” that it will NOT be told of impending doom by its (in a different way) brainwashed Elite. The herd believes so much in the sincerity and, for lack of a better expression, good will of “authorities”, along with the effectiveness of “the system” (the Matrix) in which it has been raised, it cannot grasp that the Elite and their great system could possibly fail catastrophically. The herd’s brains literally can not “see” reality, just like bulls in the ring cannot see what’s going on behind that strange looking guy’s cape.
    For example, just ask the dead who lived and killed in those trenches during WWI, or marched right into the “showers” in Auschwitz, what THEY would have said to those who told them what the future had in store for them. “Impossible!”, they would have replied.
    Even when hermits or movie producers try to explain it to “voters” through appeals to their imagination or movies like “Tomorrowland” or “The Matrix”, because those individual human beings are not hearing or reading or seeing this terrible-but-accurate elucidation of the real world on their master-Elite’s newspapers or web sites or TV “news” shows, or in the Elite’s public school classrooms’ Elite-approved textbooks, those individuals are INCAPABLE of reacting effectively to impending doom. In short, these individuals have to / EXPECT TO be told what to do and what to think by those who so effectively control them.
    “If things were that bad, we’d hear about it in the news.”
    Once again with feeling, NO, WE WON’T!
    Accurate descriptions of the real world; the possible “prescriptions” to repair the fatal flaws in the present system and the “instructions” on how to behave for a truly better future must come NOT from the Elite, but from OURSELVES. The Elite are INCAPABLE of it.
    Even if we self-centered voters DID somehow manage to overcome their brainwashing and see reality, because of our educations, we would IMO still have, to put it mildly, great difficulty organizing and creating a plan of action, let alone implementing it. For example, The Day After the “out of the blue” collapse, desperately trying to find a foundation-stone of a new system before the ensuing political chaos becomes uncontrollably, irretreivably widespread, we would almost certainly fall back on the fatally-flawed myths that inexorably led to the system that is about to collapse around us — the INFALLIBILITY of greed and that growth is God.
    It is a testament to the power of propaganda that what should be obvious is completely lost on we who have been subjected to it every day of our lives. Even the intelligent producers of Tomorrowland, The Matrix, THX1138, Logan’s Run, The Time Machine, Soylent Green, Star Trek, etc. are, so far anyway, incapable of elucidating even a fictional-but-viable-looking “movie-solution” to humanity’s very-real, increasingly-serious conundrum. After the enemies in these prescient movies are vanquished or escaped from, “they lived happily ever after” is all we temporarily-relieved viewers take home to munch on.
    So what is the foundation-stone of the post-systemic-failure going to be? Is it going to be “let the president become Napoleon”; “TBTF banks know what’s best for us”; “stand up and do what comes naturally”; “last man standing”; “dog eat dog”; “might makes right”; “do what our gang says or we’ll kill you”?
    Or is it going to be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
    As Klattu (in the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still”) told those assembled in front of his flying saucer 66 years ago, “the decision rests with you”.
    The decision for humanity’s future does indeed rest with us and we and our descendants will suffer the consequences of our decisions, just as we are suffering the decisions of our distant and not so distant ancestors today.

    1. You’ve cut to the ultimate question. The best answer I’ve yet to see comes from a late 19th Century American novelist. But no one reads anymore, especially not Victorian novels.


  15. Excellent, true rant! We all should be sounding the alarm to each other as Caitlin has! I just read that citizens of Hawaii cannot even soak up their beautiful sunny, healthy skies on their beaches or they will be fined $5000 and/or one year in prison!! Wow, here in NW Montana we pray for those naturally sunny skies that lift our emotions & give us precious Vit D & healthy UV rays! Fascism to the extreme!! Welcome to 1984’s word for word script that was based on Orwell’s own WW2 experience. In my own family, I cannot talk to two of my sisters who sit before mainstream propaganda 24/7 and parrot everything dictated to them! They cannot tolerate my differing views and cannot wait for killer vaccines to end their lives! A dystopian nightmare has become our reality for those of us who know THE TRUTH about how the globalists have finally enacted their well-thought-out WET DREAM to take over the world & de-populate it by door-to-door forced vaccines. They will hoop & holler in their mansions (built with our stolen TAX DOLLARS) & celebrate as they watch (their well-planned & enacted) play by play Superbowl Extravaganza explode on their TV sets, while our deaths, poverty, disparage grow inside of our own prison homes! There is a universal, guiding force out there, and Karma will make them pay one day. They will not be able to run or hide from it, and they will be severely judged for their treachery toward the people on our planet!

  16. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The matrix serves the interests of the wealthy upper class.

    So, this is why this crisis is suspicious. And the reaction to this crisis is dividing itself the same way that 9/11 divided itself in polls:

    “This politico-cultural separation of social classes now forms the unsurpassable substrate of national political life. A recent JDD survey (3) on the French perception of government action in the coronavirus crisis underscored this reality: the wealthy categories said they were the most confident in the government, at a very high level. 72%, when 51% of employees and 56% of workers declared that they did not trust the executive.”

    You have to remember that the wealthy are always promoting their own interests, especially by protecting the statu quo of the “System” upon which their wealth, their social status and assets are based.

    And in our days which are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, it is more so and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I am fed up with all the bs.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      So, by the reaction the upper socio-economic class seems to have facing this crisis, it seems that they perceive that this crisis will, in a way, save the “System” which is so important to them.

      And I think it is a good assessment in the long run. The article I quote above is from France, a country where the lower classes have been protesting for over a year every week-end. And now, of course, no more protest.

      The wealthy ruling class and the “System” will regain control of the situation because of this crisis.

      It looks like something from the days of Noah and probably it is because we are in the return of those days just before the return of Jesus, which return I pray the Rosary to hasten because I have seen enough bs.

  17. Neoliberalism–that awful word for global hyper-capitalism, relentlessly accelerating in warp drive–has not only diminished us economically and socially, but also existentially. When STEM displaces the humanities both academically and culturally, when people see themselves only as competitive consumers with no higher end than survival (for the many) or enjoyment (for the few), when the virtual fantasy world takes precedence over the real one, then we lack the character, the courage, the existential depth to face death unafraid, to accept it as an inevitable part of life. This sapping of the human spirit is by far the most insidious and dangerous aspect of the neoliberal new world order, yet it is rarely talked about except occasionally in outlier blogs like this one. The opening for revolution we thought was happening in the late 60s/early 70s is now happening before our eyes, as the elite, more brazenly and transparently than ever, put their boot down on the struggling masses. Shakespeare wrote that even the small worm turns when tread up. The question of the hour is whether neoliberalism has managed to devolve the human being to a level beneath even the small worm.

  18. “Pathetic fucking tools.”

    Thank you for that. The beginning of all wisdom is to call itself by it’s real name. You have lots of good truth today, as usual.

  19. “There isn’t actually any contradiction in the beliefs that (A) the virus is dangerous, (B) mass unemployment is dangerous, and (C) authoritarian government policies are dangerous. There needn’t be any cognitive dissonance holding all three at once; they’re not mutually exclusive.”
    Exactly. But that seems to be very hard for some to wrap their heads around.
    “I could probably think of dozens of things the drivers of the US government could stand to gain by deliberately letting this pandemic get a lot worse than it needs to in America.”
    I could also think of dozens of things they could stand to lose from it. Like their heads. It may take a lot to wake up an American, but if this won’t do it, nothing will.
    Also, to me, this looks like the stub of a future blog post.
    “Governments which prohibit people from providing for themselves without providing for those people do not deserve to exist. There is no legitimate basis for declaring a lockdown in any area without first ensuring that you can adequately provide for everyone whose financial stability is disrupted by this, and if you do it’s perfectly legitimate for the citizenry to resist your lockdown.”
    My guess is, in some places, bricks will fly well before the ICU’s overflow.
    “I hope all you couples stuck at home together are getting world-transformingly vulnerable with each other and having world-transformingly awesome sex (in that order).”
    I sure wish that for you, too, Caitlin.

  20. Theresa Barzee Avatar
    Theresa Barzee

    Huge thanks, Caitlin! Your work saves my very soul every single day.

  21. No, Caitlin, I’m not getting “world-transforming awesome sex”………because my 72 yr. old widower boyfriend (I’m 73 and a widow) is an hour away and considers me a contamination risk! I truly envy those who are sheltering in place with a loved one or family…….

  22. If you are a politician, the first order of business is to garner as many large sum political campaign donors as possible. Trump is only acting as his innate nature demands. The biggest donors must be rewarded bigly.

  23. Robert Heuermann Avatar
    Robert Heuermann

    I don’t think you are going to make many friends calling 300 million Americans “pathetic…….tools”. Even tho its true. Please be careful. The stuff you write they will come for you. Way before the rest of us. But thanks. Have never yet seen you be off the mark understanding the State. Your analysis is always incisive.

  24. What the Elite (the 0.01%) are doing is “herd (99.99%) management” in order to maintaintain their Elite status. The Elite will never, Never, NEVER, NEVER! design or propose a “system” or “Matrix” or “arrangement” that is different than the one that existed before the first virus cases “showed up” (via aircraft passengers) in the US.
    The increasingly desperate behavior of the Fed, in very careful coordination/concert with other central banks and “financial authorities” is, obviously to me, an attempt to meet the mandatory, IMO INHERENTLY-IMPOSSILBE goals of section 2, the “Purposes” of the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP):
    The purposes of this Act are—
    (1) ………
    (2) to ensure that such authority and such facilities are
    used in a manner that—

    The fact of the matter is that 2A and B of the above REQUIRE that the “treasury” PREVENT private “home values” (presumably, prices) and the “value” (prices) of shares in the private stock market from falling, as well as, presumably, preventing the “value” of “life savings” in banks and “retirement accounts” (whatever that means).
    We can now see with 20/20 hindsight that, as a direct result of the actions of the Fed and other central banks over the past 12 years, that, indeed, those 2A and B goals have been (up until the “covid crash” a few days ago) marvelously fulfilled. Great accomplishment, right? (Now, just exactly WHERE does “inflation” fit into this well-thought-out plan/mandate to maintain “value”? IMO, we’re about to find out.)
    I can’t help but think of Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, the FOMC and the Congress (of morons) as Men of La Mancha. They dreamed-up an impossible dream and they and their successors have desperately tried to make it reality. But it simply isn’t happening. Think of Richard Nixon as the original “plate spinner”; the petro-dollar as the sticks and the post-TARP central banks around the world as other plate spinners — all trying, increasingly desperately, to keep more and more debt-plates spinning while dropping none (preventing loss on investments, homes, savings, etc.). Here they are and what’s happening right now:
    Yes, folks, “push” is finally coming to “shove”. Just maybe the phony numbers have hit the fan.
    There have been several fatal financial/economic errors in US history. The second-most egregious was the recent de facto creation of, or at least the official recognition of, the so-called too-big-to-fail (“systemically important”) banks. Carefully ponder how dangerous that single act/acknowledgment truly is to humanity’s future. Start off by answering the simple question. What happens after a TBTF bank repeatedly, irresponsibly makes bad decisions and repeatedly loses a lot of money? We now know with absolute certainty The Only Answer Allowed: The US government, purportedly on behalf of US taxpayers, will do “whatever it takes” to keep any TBTF bank “in business”. AFAIK, the ONLY things in the world that the US government considers to be TBTF are itself and those banks. Human beings, and even the planet itself, can suffer and die, but the US government and, by extension, its banks (again, of herd-control) must be rescued, no matter what. Therefore, they, not us, will be the last men standing.
    The MOST fatal error on the part of “western” central banks is believing that they can continue to print a literally infinite supply of “money” out of thin air and, literally two seconds later, buy literally any thing or any body on Mother Earth, REGARLESS OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES with that “money”. Nations that refuse to accept those USD either have their governments replaced or those countries are reduced to stone-age rubble.
    Ever since the beginning of the ONGOING great financial crisis over a decade ago, so-called TBTF banks have been ruling the waves. TBTF bank CEOs are TBTJail. The military-industrial complex has been TBTF ever since the end of WWII. The US’s perpetual wars are, if history is a guide, TBTF, because their failure would cause the US’s war-addicted economy to fail.
    The US stock market is now TBTDrop (the Fed proves this literally every day). It is perfectly obvious that all of these TBTF are literally holding the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “economic system” hostage. The Fed is paying these TBTF ransom (“profit”) in order to maintain/sustain the present economic system — the “living end” of centuries-old “arrangement” in which a microscopic percentage of the human population owns or controls the vast majority of LARGE SCALE capital equipment, land and wealth (upon which the vast majority of humanity vitally depends) for their own astronomical profit.
    This present situation within an epidemic provides the 99.99% a very rare opportunity to discuss and design a better arrangement than the present one. Here’s the first question that we should answer. Should 0.01% of the population control the lives of the 99.99%?

    1. Debt must be a good thing because governments think that going ever deeper in debt is the road to Utopia, right? Otherwise, why go ever deeper in debt? Shouldn’t be the goal of a government to be “free” of debt? No, because TBTF banks own/control governments, not the other way around.

  25. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The best “System” would be the one promoted by Sir Thomas More in his famous book “Utopia”.

    He describes a society without money and where even gold is despised. It is a society totally based upon the needs of the population.

    I doubt it could be possible; this is why Sir Thomas More called his book “Utopia”. And it is probably even less possible in our days which are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

    1. George Critch Avatar
      George Critch

      Ou-Topos, from the Greek, No Place. Utopia; It ain’t happening. Going to be a tough grind moving forward because there is no going back. The ultimate virtue is truth and that is our purpose here, to seek the truth. With outlets like these maybe the truth can be attained. It isn’t about the destination as much as it is about the journey. Keep learning and trying to understand. And from the Latin,
      Nullify en Verba,, question everything

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        Thank you for your comment George!

        God Bless!

  26. Yeas. Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on humanity. You should see how stupid people are acting at our local grocery store. I talked to the mgr about it. 10 lines open cordened off. One woman walking up and down the line choosing one for you. Long line waiting on this woman. No more express line as people with 2 items placed behind large orders. Basically fear chaos.

  27. Caitlin, overall good article. I agree with all you said but two points.
    1. There are no authoritative news outlets left. Alt news is the best we have.
    2. Reports of hospital personnel is contradictory and hard to believe especially from someplace like NY.

    This is all impossible to believe. Saw article where prisoners in NY are digging mass graves. You know that is a lie. This is not 1800. A mass grave would be dug with backhoes and bulldozers not prisoners and shovels.

  28. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/04/bored-by-success.html
    I worked a full day at clinic yesterday, not just Thursday afternoon, as I usually do, because I went in to help work out the flows, tent placements, car greeting and routing, parking spots for drive up swabs and so on.,
    We have a covered waiting area by the south entrance, and we have put a big tent in it, and a portable privacy fence around it for COVID testing patients to wait outdoors. It is really the best sheltered place, but there is another, smaller space that can serve as a waiting area, if we have to put two exam tents in this space. The greeting/masking desk is in front of the entry, and we can locate a provider-space for gowning/gloving, specimens, documents nearby and sheltered also. We got it laid out, and still, we wait…
    “The Wai-ai-ting is the hardest part”, quoth Tom Petty, but it’s not quite true.
    The first thing a medical student learns on-call is to deal with onslaughts of urgent work, emergencies all night and day. The later, and more psychological challenge is to deal with the lulls, the unnervingly quiet periods, while awaiting the onslaught.
    Due to Austin, Texas cancelling South By Southwest on Friday March 6, a full week before spring break, then cancelling school the Friday before spring break, a strong signal was sent early, before Austin had confirmed COVID cases (or tests, really). That first weekend of spring break, the wife of the UT president, then the president tested positive, after schmoozing donors on the east coast for a week or two. Austin was shut down by the time we heard that, voluntarily shut down. The restaurant closures did not come until after spring break, but traffic on all the streets had already dried up, and restaurants were largely empty. Grocery stores had already cut hours and had people waiting outside to keep aisles uncrowded inside. The mandatory shuttering made very little change.
    Austinites were early adopters. Austin continues to have a trickle of COVID cases, as our ability to test gradually increases, and our hospitals and clinics are waiting with the decks cleared for action. Waiting…
    Austin/Travis-County has 351 confirmed cases this morning, in something like a million people. The Health Department is still able to trace contacts. My first positive patient did not have a fever. I broke protocols to test her, because she lost her sense of smell. As of yesterday afternoon, she was feeling better, but we will check on her again today. She remains “minimally symptomatic”. University Hospital did not have a COVID patient, but my brother Robert’s hospital has 2.
    There are a million people in this area, who have not had novel coronavirus infection, and will eventually get it, we presume.
    At this rate, it will take over a decade for everybody to get infected. That seems un-doable, since you can only do so much work at home, and the internet is bound to break some day. Everybody at work was somewhat uncomfortable with the waiting yesterday. I recognized the pattern in myself. It must be embraced.
    Those of you in New York are in a different boat, a cruise-ship, hunkered down with a clear and present threat.
    What we know from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic is that having a long quiet quarantine is the best possible thing, the least damaging to society, the economy, and tears up the fewest families with untimely deaths.
    Extended, uneasy bored waiting is success, the best we can do.
    In Austin, it is spring. A coworker took a picture of me with the artichokes a few days ago, out in the vegetable garden I planted for my coworkers, which I was tending a little, as I do. Thanks LouAnne.
    The new staff entrance is through the garden and break-patio area. It’s getting attention. People are cropping kale and chard, and picking and eating the sugar-snap peas. The magic may be starting to work. I have planted this garden 4 years ago as a subliminal invitation to healthy, humanizing change, in the transition, which is now upon us. There are other humanizing and natural changes for us, as the machine tries to completely isolate and de-humanize us. We are the human animals which nature evolved so gradually to work effectively in small groups, to grow food and take care of each other, and emergencies. That is where our strengths lie.
    We must now explore our human strengths as we await the onslaught of dread contagion.
    This is our transition to a future more human or less human.
    It is our future to build as cooperative groups or as isolated slaves.

    1. Thanks for the fear report. So how do you know they are covid patients and not just sick with something else. What you have is a bunch of scaredcpeople running down to be tested. We have the same thing here as well. Had a friend with strep throat. Hospitals and doctors would not treat her because she had a fever. Had to to go to one of your tent clinics to be swabbed before she could get antibiotics. That is what is really happening. This fear has paralyzed our health care system.

      1. Decades of malign neglect have paralyzed your health care system. A good chunk of “developing” countries are doing better than the States. Because dividend is the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Cuba is sending doctors around the globe to help get this under control. You’ll wish you’d live in a socialist country soon enough. Like, four or five weeks from now.

        1. Some of us already do!

          1. By all means. Move to cuba. Enjoy the good life.

            1. You should go to a socialist country. They live pretty much like we do. When America is socialist it will be very good indeed.

    2. Thanks man. Be safe out there.

      1. Thnks, I’m doing what needs to be done, and without fear.
        “Fear is the mind-killer.” People may impute emotions to a bureacracy, or to another person, but it may be their outward projection of feelings they have hidden.
        I dunno.
        We all have work to do. It’s easier to take the precautions and do the work, at least for me.

  29. The “pandemic” is cover for the economic warfare.

    Hiding the truth in the lies, all part of the coronavirus swindle: Eddie Large and 568 others

  30. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
    make violent revelation inevitable” ~ JFK
    unfortunately, THOSE have surrounded us with toxic chemicals and 5G death rays, waiting for the faintest sign of revolution, and will respond with psychopath justified VENGEANCE.

  31. Since you insist on voting to choose which Sociopaths are put In Charge, don’t be shocked when they act like sociopaths. Only sociopaths or psychopaths have any desire whatsoever to put a gun to anyone’s head and force them to do anything. If they are running for office, they are indeed sociopaths. The only difference is which paradigm they prefer to exploit on behalf of the banking cartel. While the tax slaves of the US are entirely justified in criticizing theme for putting 6 trillion dollars on a credit card and distributing only 350 billion to the tax slaves, the balance going to Wall Street and the banks, there is no justification for it in the first place. Using one credit card to pay down the debt on another credit card is not a viable economic plan. Dollars can be printed, wealth cannot. They have destroyed what was left of a viable economy, using a virus for cover. By putting us in ever increasing debt which can’t be covered, they have mortgaged all assets to the banking cartel. When the debt isn’t covered they will own the world. So pick your preferred paradigm, liberal, conservative, progressive, socialist , capitalist. The result will be the same.

  32. Furthermore Caitlin, some of us know where we are heading because the gods of this world, or Powers that Be, documented their plans and strategies in various cryptic or not-so-cryptic blueprints which have come to light through one or two insiders who were not psychopaths but normal people and heroes who felt guilty over their contributions and decided to leak inside information to journalists who could help get the news out. Most of those heroes were tracked down and suicided accidentally on purpose. But if you cannot do so, some of us can read the minds of psychopaths and their minions, psycho-analyse them and see exactly what they are doing and where they are heading with their plans. They tell their minions when to spread bio-weapons, where to foment revolutions, start wars or to shoot nuclear missiles. And yes, they know how to manipulate the weather or initiate shudders and small movements of tectonic plates to create a larger earthquake where they want to cause havoc in territories of “uncooperative” governments. Yes, their minions can influence the location and timing of earthquakes and tell when an asteroid will hit the earth months beforehand. It’s not the black arts or magic, only extremely high level science and technology. You might not know but some of us do!

  33. This ” lockdown ” has the average citizen between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to run to. The United States ” government ” continues to cater to the billionaires and thus its eventual chaos and implosion are inevitable. The entire universe will be better off after the demise of this extremely ” evil empire “!

  34. Your absolutely right $1200 is crumbs in context of a $2T bailout-but this country has never done right by American Descendants of Slavery-#ADOS by making us whole -prior to this pandemic we were pushing for a black agenda which included reparations starting at $17T for the accrued disadvantages of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, redlining and mass incarceration-Everyone told us it wasn’t possible, feasible and it would never happen -where would the money come from? As if that was our fault too-Coronavirus happens and all of a sudden money was pulled out of thin air, magically overnight to bail out big business-nobody asked how that happened and where this money came from -we’ve lived this con game for 400 years! And we have never been made whole in an America we built with free slave labor-now everyone will eat some of what we have lived as the bottom caste in this country. We don’t have enough to be citizens and that was before Corona reared its ugly head- we will continue to push for specific set asides that we never received but make no mistake this isn’t reparations and everyone will get the politics they deserve.

  35. You are so right! This is the biggest false flag that the Deep State has perpetrated! I Have to give them credit for all the willing actors and actresses! So many millions of sheeple have been caught in this trap! Check this out and see if you can see any of these videos of closed hospitals:


    1. Yeas. Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on humanity.

  36. Great article Caitlin. I’m sure that you get tons more email than you could ever hope to read, and you sure wouldn’t believe anything that came from a near alright website, but I sent something that one of those nut jobs had found about an America with 200 million fewer citizens than it has now by 2025, but obviously that’s just a bunch of crock; right? After all that’s what the Nazis were all about; trying to stop a Zionist take over of the world. We were told 6 million, but the last figures are 136,582 dead, but the 12 million dead Roma still holds. Interesting thing about Roma females from Eastern Europe they have the same gene that makes them susceptible to breast cancer as Jewish women do. One thing about these Mafia, Zionist they sure love to kill and rob, and then blame their victims. My guess is that most humans alive today will be dead by 2025.

  37. Thx for sharing. I’m a new fan. Your insightful is very helpful. I look forward to reading your articles. When I check my email I’m looking for a notification from you. Keep up the good work!

  38. OJILLIO, take a pill and settle down. I live In Australia, Western Australia to be exact. Our Premier has just cut our state off from the rest of Australia, good move, I say even if it was a little late. We have no less than 12-14 hospitals in my city, mix of public and private, currently we have less than 200 infected patients taking up beds spread out amongst these hospitals, thus from where I sit, I see very little pressure to relieve the hospital workers who, (despite claims to the contrary) are not exactly working their butts off right now. Do the math, see how many are in each hospital, there’s no way anyone can call that a serious situation. We are being conned, no doubt about it.

  39. Caitlin, I think you’d benefit from looking into the provisions of the “Recovery” bill in the US. It is far more *ahem* generous than you are thinking. The reason it will help to know the details is that the amount of helicopter money that’s being dropped on the actual common people is a sure sign that the a$$hole$ are scared $h*tle$$. They feared (and are probably still fearing) a global economic collapse, and they are pulling out all stops. As an example, payments for unemployment — qualification for which has been substantially expanded — is $600 per week ON TOP OF whatever the state amount already is. In New Jersey, which has the highest weekly maximum, qualifiers will receive $1319 PER WEEK! People who don’t even file tax returns can file a simple return showing that they owe nothing in order to receive the payment of $1200 which never is to be repaid.

  40. you got it again. nice job. i mean anyone could just write this one over and over again for the rest of our lives and we’d, or i, would always be appreciative . very insightful. of course, i’m a writier and i hate you..just kidding.
    i have been slapping something like this together almost all day making it look like a covert plan to take over the planet for the new world order. but since you are already barking up this tree, i’ll just say it up front. it’s a conspiracy.
    china is the patsy. Russia already said so. one of our carriers is getting sick in Guam. i wanna get sick in Guam all right. over 100 of ’em. fun, huh. i would wanna get sick drunk on coconut wine and graceful wahines. if any.
    is Guam radioactive? you live near there….ahh that one felt good.
    you also live near antarctica not to forget about the calving season almost over, huh? calves are those cubes you put in yer martinis the bartenders hate to see. the boor! they think.
    i saw Rabbit Proof Fence and Gallipoli so i know ALL about Aussies now.
    but what i wanna say is you are a fresh perfect voice and i will send you some money as soon as i get my masterpiece published.
    or make more than you do. my daughter currently is out-earning me. but she’s pnly working . i’m the one trying to save the planet. for her.
    do you think Tramp is guilty of malishcent negligents, or negligenitalialual malfeasance of duty while under oath. or just plain murder. or only conspiracy to commit serial murder, mass murder, and racial profiling as a kicker./ any or all? not to mention poor Melania….you ought to invite her over. see if she can get out for while.

  41. As dangerous as it is for terminally ill old people, obviously this virus is just the carefully controlled sideshow distraction that’s being hyped up to obfuscate the real existenial threat to our entire way of life… But it’s deeply disturbing to me how we gave away all our freedom for nothing without any resistance or opposition whatsoever. It’s game over now. We’re not coming back from this total capitulation, but many thanks to all those who did their best to raise the alarm in spite of constant scorn and ridicule from the sleepwalking majority. Sometimes evil triumphs over good.

    1. Yeas. Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on humanity. You should see how stupid people are acting at our local grocery store. I talked to the mgr about it. 10 lines open cordened off. One woman walking up and down the line choosing one for you. Long line waiting on this woman. No more express line as people with 2 items placed behind large orders. Basically fear chaos.

  42. jerry fischer Avatar
    jerry fischer

    How BlackRock Leveraged Control of the U.S. Economy

    4,092 views Mar 29, 2020

    In less than a week the Federal Reserve has been merged with the U.S. Treasury (implying it wasn’t always that way) and BlackRock, the world’s largest and most powerful financial services institution, has been put in charge of executing future acquisitions and trades. Who is BlackRock? What do they own? And perhaps more importantly, what and who do they control? Jazz and James dive into BlackRock and uncover a significant portion of the apparatus by which U.S. politics are controlled and manipulated.

    Full episode: https://therightstuff.biz/2020/03/29/

    How BlackRock Leveraged Control of the U.S. Economy https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=QT4EkCLQEeI&feature=emb_logo

    30 Comments “It’s very rare for a video to actually come straight out and name “them”.

      1. Of course Bloomberg would supply the public the sanitized version. It’s *never* what’s said that’s the problem, it’s always what’s not said. The sin of omission. People have been so dumbed down, silenced, disinformed, outright lied to, that they are now incapable of reading between the lines, or heaven forbid, seek out information beyond what is spoonfed from on high.
        Jerry Fischer’s linked article is the real deal, regardless of the guys’ subjective comments. Peel that opinionation layer away and seek out the evidentiary facts.

    1. Unfortunately, some of those comments are straight out anti-Semitic.

  43. Absolutely spot on. A fantastic article. I agree with everything you said and it sickens me the state the world, and certainly the US, is in right now. I pray for all of us to get through the devastation the government seems intent on creating. Truly unbelievable.

  44. Ronald A McMillan Avatar
    Ronald A McMillan

    The Fewer people there are means more for those at the top. Rich don’t give a rat’s ass about people getting sick; in a country where healthcare is for-profit, every related industry profits from your illness and misery. Don’t forget that the undertakers will get paid too.

  45. foster goodwill Avatar
    foster goodwill

    Good points Caitlin! A short article you might be interested in regarding the nuclear madness.https://mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/1/messages/APfXfD1XRQASXoadCwoKUKPXf1k?.src=fp

  46. Caitlin, when are you going to start writing about BLACKROCK, probably the most wealthy, powerful, and influential company in the world today? CEO Larry Fink has been given the reins to “manage” the “transition” merger of the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.
    While the coronavirus is providing perfect cover, historically unprecedented changes to the global monetary system are in the works, i.e., nothing less than a creative destruction the likes of which the world will not have not seen since 1929. Cui bono?

    1. Thanks Cat, but we should “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, right?

  47. Elyse Gilbert Avatar
    Elyse Gilbert

    Caitlin, I’ve been following you for years and you just keep getting better and better at what you do. That is, telling the truth with an articulate, gutsy and most creative way of capturing both interest and the need to know. Thank you so very much! Spot on.

  48. I would like to believe that people will finally awaken from their snooze-fest and see that they are being royally screwed.

  49. I just found out a former school classmate (mid 1980’s) of mine died from COVID-19 yesterday. He was sick for less than a week. This virus is nothing to mess with. Why did governments allow this to spread all over the world?

  50. I would like to pass on a great article that frames the crisis in a productive way and should stimulate intelligent discussion. Charles Eisenstein´s Coronation. Lets be as inspired and visionary as we can at this juncture.

  51. I would like to pass on a great article that frames the crisis in a productive way and should stimulate intelligent discussion. Charles Eisenstein´s Coronation. Lets be as inspired and visionary as we can at this junction.

  52. I’m beginning to better understand why you gave the public permission to use your works, Caitlin. If we continue along this current trajectory, your work will be banned soon. I’ve saved every one of your essays. Hopefully someday my grandchildren will read them and get an honest picture of what happened to our world. Thank you for your courage and generosity.

  53. Stop blathering. We understand the gravity of the situation so just STOP! Get off your ass and go help out at a hospital in your own country.

    1. The point she’s making is that serious stuff is happening ‘behind the scenes’ while everybody’s attention is focused on CV. I think that’s a reminder worth providing.

    2. Telling a person who’s not a medical professional to help out at a hospital? Doing what? She’s not “blathering”. You, on the other hand, sound hysterical.

    3. Take another GRUMP PILL, asshole.

    4. antoon van maris Avatar
      antoon van maris

      Being a ass, thats going to help ! ta , lol !

    5. OJILLIO, take a pill and settle down. I live In Australia, Western Australia to be exact. Our Premier has just cut our state off from the rest of Australia, good move, I say even if it was a little late. We have no less than 12-14 hospitals in my city, mix of public and private, currently we have less than 200 infected patients taking up beds spread out amongst these hospitals, thus from where I sit, I see very little pressure to relieve the hospital workers who, (despite claims to the contrary) are not exactly working their butts off right now. Do the math, see how many are in each hospital, there’s no way anyone can call that a serious situation. We are being conned, no doubt about it.

      1. Eddy, within a week or so, the words that you have posted here are unfortunately gonna look pretty hollow. Do the math, indeed. Do the math on an exponential equation. It ain’t pretty!

      2. I live in a city of over a million. All of our hospitals combined have way less than 100 covid patients admited. Thst is .0001% of the population. They are not dead just very sick right now. Is this panic worth it. No it is a con. Those in power were prewarned and dymped their stocks. That at least is an established fact.

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