When Zen teacher Issan Dorsey was asked to describe the essence of Zen art, he answered, “Nothing extra.”

“Nothing extra” is also of course the essence of Zen living itself: perceiving life as it actually is, as opposed to perceiving it through a bunch of believed narrative filters about yourself, about others, about reality, and so on. These narrative filters are an extra pile of layers that are added on top of the actual experience of life, and they give a distorted view which causes a lot of confusion and suffering. Relinquishing belief in them brings clarity and peace.

This is also the essence of clearly understanding what’s really going on in the world. Like so much else, the approach to the large is the same as the approach to the small, which is to say the approach to seeing clearly in the big picture is the same as the approach to seeing clearly as an individual: you need to learn to look at it without the extra narrative overlay.

Because the news media are controlled by plutocrats who have a vested interest in protecting the status quo upon which their kingdoms are built, almost everything in the news is useless narrative fluff. It doesn’t tell you what’s really going on, it rather tries to influence what’s going on by manipulating the perceptions of the audience. It does this by either (A) distracting from what really matters by focusing on what doesn’t matter, or (B) actively working to manipulate how the audience thinks about a given issue.

When you strip away all the empty fluff and manipulative spin, there are basically only four often-overlapping pieces of information that really matter in the big picture: (1) where the money is going, (2) where the resources are going, (3) where the weapons are going, and (4) where the people are going. When it comes to understanding world dynamics, accurate information about these four things is the only real news you’ll ever encounter. Everything else is empty narrative spin meant to justify, distort, or distract from information about these things.

If you ignore everything else and only focus on finding the most accurate information possible about these four items, you will have an infinitely clearer understanding of what’s really going on in the world than someone who trusts news reporters to walk them through it.

Watch where the money is going because you can trust the raw numbers of financial transactions a lot more than you can trust the stories people are telling. A massive percentage of daily news coverage goes toward analyzing the latest foam-brained gibberish that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth even though we all know he’s going to contradict himself two days later, but the fact that he’s been heavily funded by an oligarch who happens to have been a longtime proponent of the Iran policies this administration has been advancing is much more solid.

Zoom out and watch where the money is going in the big picture and you’ll see that a grossly disproportionate amount of it is moving away from the general public and toward a very small group of people, which we just saw illustrated in the historically unprecedented multitrillion-dollar wealth transfer in the US corporate bailout. If you watch this small group and pay attention to the projects, candidates, think tanks and media outlets they pour their wealth into, you will notice that they exert an incredible amount of influence on all four crucial factors: where the money goes, where the resources go, where the weapons go, and where the people go.

Watching where the resources are going gives you an even clearer image of what’s going on because resources, unlike money, are completely independent of narrative. There is no such thing as “money” without the thoughts that humans agree to collectively think about it, but oil would still be oil even if all humans were wiped off the face of the earth. When you see the US ramping up escalations against Venezuela, ignore the narratives about “drug trafficking” and what a bad, bad man Nicolás Maduro is, and look at what resources lie beneath the ground in that nation to find out what this is really about. Mentally “mute” the soundtracks the political/media class spout about who’s doing what to whom and just watch where the resources are going, and who’s controlling them. That way you’ll be able to discern the powerful from the disempowered and the takers from their victims.

Watch where the weapons are going because those are another non-narrative factor which exerts a huge influence on the world; a bullet will stop a beating heart regardless of what the mind thinks about it. Ignore the irrelevant narrative fluff about where the coronavirus originated and whether or not it’s racist to say “Wuhan virus”, and look at the ring of US military bases encircling China and the way the Marine Corps is shifting its attention onto that nation. Ignore Trump’s gibberish about ending wars and note that he’s been expanding them and increasing foreign troop presence. Ignore the Democratic Party’s nonsense about Trump having loyalties to Russia and watch his administration’s many dangerous nuclear escalations against that nation. Ignore international finger-wagging at humanitarian abuses by Israel and Saudi Arabia and look at who’s still selling them weapons and supporting them militarily.

Watch where the people are going for another important piece of real information that isn’t dependent on narrative. Where are the prisoners? Where are the refugees, where are they going, and what are they fleeing? Where are people moving to, and what do they want?

With each of these four items you can simply watch raw data and ignore all the stories the establishment spinmeisters tell about that data. As long as you make sure you’re getting the most accurate data possible, it’s like you’re looking at a globe and watching lines in four different colors moving around in it from place to place and person to person. And without anyone’s stories tainting your view.

You will notice that there’s a heavy degree of overlap between these four items. You see the weapons moving toward China and you notice that’s the nation with the US hegemony-threatening Belt and Road Initiative (where the resources are moving) and the key player in the US dollar-threatening Shanghai Cooperation Organization (where the money is moving). You see Julian Assange locked in prison (where the people are going) for exposing US war crimes (where the weapons are going). You see US troops illegally occupying Syrian oil fields (where the weapons and resources are going) to prevent the Syrian government from using it to rebuild the nation (where the money is going). And so on.

Nearly everything that makes it to the top of the daily news churn is either propaganda distortion or distracting drivel, and either way you can safely ignore it. Just watch where the money is going, where the resources are going, where the weapons are going and where the people are going, and ignore all the narrative chatter.

Nothing extra.


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57 responses to “How To Tell Real News From Useless Narrative Fluff”

  1. Look at all the pieces moving to different places while you stay at home and be careful what you touch, There is a whole lot restaging and restructuring. Just be aware, and consider what you may do, and do differently, and more humanly.
    Bill Gates:
    “Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person […] Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”
    ​ ​Notably, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – which has an endowment of $52 billion – has given more than $2.4 billion to the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2000…

    ​The Things You Cannot Say about Coronavirus:
    “Spy on your neighbors if they go outside”, “Doctors are the New Soldiers, and brave doctors say to…”

    Stealing the initiative in the battle for human societal consciousness… Go Team Rothschild!
    On the same day the British Labour party announced the election of a center-right new party leader to replace the much denigrated socialist Jeremy Corbyn, the Financial Times(!) calls for the socialist policies Corbyn had planned to implement.
    “If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that it has injected a sense of togetherness into polarised societies. But the virus, and the economic lockdowns needed to combat it, also shine a glaring light on existing inequalities — and even create new ones. Beyond defeating the disease, the great test all countries will soon face is whether current feelings of common purpose will shape society after the crisis. As western leaders learnt in the Great Depression, and after the second world war, to demand collective sacrifice you must offer a social contract that benefits everyone.”

  2. It is important to understand that the U.S. doesn’t give a shit about Venezuela’s oil. What matters to the U.S. ruling class is that Venezuela has a socialist, independent government and that is ABSOLUTELY not permitted. No nation — and I know Australians who are politically aware know this all too well — is to be permitted sovereignty, particularly if they do not kowtow to the U.S. government. The policies enacted against the indigenous peoples of this continent trained the United States to see the entire world as they viewed the continent, theirs for the raping and pillaging, and no dissent allowed anywhere. I cannot even verbalize how much I despise my nation and the many, many people who think its policies are just fine. And if you think I’m too harsh, let me tell you about the Sand Creek Massacre and how the brutality celebrated there continues today.

    1. Susan, I couldn’t agree more with you! It is an absolute disgrace to Australia, whom I might add, is still a whore to the Queens Service (the UK). Still, they are the Imperalist Pigs they have always been, evil and greedy by nature, that is her ruling class!

      Currently, Australia is facing ANOTHER WAR CRIMES charge of killing civilions in Afganistan by the Australian Military, whilst giving assistance to the Global Bully, the USA!
      “A Four Corners investigation has uncovered new allegations that unarmed civilians were unlawfully killed by Australian special forces in Afghanistan.”

      In 1966, Australia & UK invaded Indonesia because they are a Communist Nation, rounding up over 500,000 civilians, bulldozing massive pits into the ground, forcing the people at gun point into the pits where they unloaded machine gun fire on them, then proceeded to fill in the pits with the bulldozers, crushing and smothering those still alive!
      THIS, is what the Australian Goverment Whores have done! At least a Prositute earns an honest livng, not like these filthy deceitful swine!

  3. Another crucial aspect to watch, is the “occupation of the U.S.” by Federal troops, federally directed State Troops, CDC directed “Medical troops”, as the need to control “the American People” rises, with the rise of information, contradicting the idiotic, “federal narrative”.
    U.S. government maintains its control by maintaining a passive population, with lies, promises of gifts, and threats of mayhem, for those who challenge its authority. While I’ve personally lived under the threats of being silenced for years, today, it is no longer the few who are threatened, but the “general whole”, as far too much truth is getting out, among “the masses”, and the effort to “Balkanize” America is wavering, as “everyone” begins to see the exact same threat, put against us all.
    We have all, the world over, been threatened with a “cold virus”, perhaps weaponized, and perhaps only its name weaponized, but the focus of attention is off “the actors”, and on the actions. Iran is crucial to completing the BRI, bringing the “middle east oil producers” into peaceful trading positions, if successfully negotiated by Russian and Chinese efforts.
    Italy is critical in opening the EU to the BRI, and they too, are receiving aid in battling this “new crisis”, to keep the dream alive. China is of course, central to the issue, and it is crucial for the world to see China as “evil”, rather than “first victim”.
    Regardless of all this, the U.S., and its western allies, have “shot our wad”, we’ve long run out of money, capital, and have used manipulation to its very end possibilities. Beware of the “dying Elephant in the room, when it falls, anything beneath it is dead, also. We, the U.S. remain a great danger, because we have far to fall, and “no aim”, no control, fighting the very fact, we must fall.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

    1. Thank you John McClain. I concur. And if you challenge they oust you. Look what they did to Captain Crozier when he became more vocal about getting medical supplies to the sailors aboard the USS Teddy Roosevelt. He was taken off the ship on grounds of “failing to obey the chain of command.” It was heartening to watch the sailors cheer him as he descended the ship, deployed no more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayaLwHW-244

  4. Template for Letter to Public Officials Regarding Stay-at-Home Orders March 2020


    SOLARI REPORTS – Catherine Austin Fitts

    Shock doctrine is upon us.

    The economy in much of the developed world is being shut down by order of national governments….


    Gates is invested into 5G, vaccines and he already had #Event201 pandemic exercise in 2019… so he knew the virus was coming and went ahead and invested into vaccines to make money off of us.. yet now he wants to add computer chips into the vaccines..

    Just who does Bill Gates think he is? What is that Bob Dylan says about Satan coming in many forms … is Gates trying to be the ‘second coming’??

    Importantly, I had this thought this evening – what is happening to those who have died? Most will have died alone maybe in hospital … having no family or friends about … nobody having seen them die … having to take the ‘word’ of a professional on trust … had they signed their organ donation form (if in UK) … would anyone be asked in a crisis? … how do we know they are dead … no one can see them because of lockdown … what is going on here??

    The longer this ‘farce’ continues the more questions are being raised … I wonder what Gates thinks ….. I haven’t voted for him!

    So to summarise, Bill Gates is a far greater threat to the human race than Covid19. He should be behind bars.

    1. BillGates has riled the religious right who dislikes women’s choice and birth control.
      Based on that they put forth crazy narratives about evil Bill murdering babies and implanting devices into vaccines! But then again these same people believe a god in man’s image controls everything going down here. So what can one expect?

      1. Read The Nation article on Bill Gates. It has nothing to do with crazy right wingers and women’s right to choose. It is about Gates’ scamming philanthropy strategy to shield his and fellow billionaires’ wealth and other schemes against the interests of the commonweal. https://www.thenation.com/article/society/bill-gates-foundation-philanthropy/

      1. Gilder, Linda Leonard is not paranoid. That implies fantasy imaginations. Linda is informed. All her facts are based on public record. Study Event 201 and you’ll see for yourself.

      2. Boris Johnson Avatar
        Boris Johnson


  6. Many, many, years ago I worked as a selector in a large food warehouse in Somerville MA. At one point I led a small worker revolt against the management that had a ” piece count ” quota system “. I gave them their quota for three weeks before the came tome and begged me to stop. I demanded that they tell me that in front of everyone like when they humiliated me about it. I gave them their piece count but the stores never got their orders on time because every truck I filled orders for had to be restacked or suffer a lot of damage during transport. This ways in the days before shrink-wrap. I mention all of this because I Staten Island worker was recently fired from Amazon for caring about the health of his co-workers more than making more money for Amazon. Please read this heart-braking article here:

  7. Beautifully simple analysis Caitlin. Like Zen mind, just cut away all the crap, and reality is revealed. In the ordinary human mind, there are no facts, only interpretations. Zen mind is not there due to your doing something, but it is revealed when you stop doing all your unnecessary shaping of things.

  8. Much in the same way as Caitlin has outlined ,stop listening to the gossip about he/she,this or that .Look at what is actually done ,the actions etc, by him/her this country or that .Only then will one really understand and see the bull$it for what it is.
    Great article Caitlin .

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      Yes so much bs, it stinks.

      How sad for the children of today being raised in the last 20 years bs.

      Mr Gerald Celente has a clear view on it:


      Truly, truly, these are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I do have seen enough of all the bs.

  9. Ron Campbell and all — this essay will shake you up. the author describes the end game plan the psychopaths intend and how, using standard psychopathy methods, they will approach it. http://alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4175-waves-of-mutilation-medical-tyranny-and-the-cashless-society

    1. Thanks Coll Doll, that was worth reading.

  10. The United States taxpaying public got shafted once again by its political and corporate leaders who only answer to the every wish of the mega billionaires that own them.

  11. Jerry's Kid Avatar
    Jerry’s Kid

    Music for a Lockdown …. 😉
    “Where have all the people gone my honey,
    Where have all the people gone today.
    There’s no need for you to be worrying about all those people,
    You never see those people anyway.”

  12. Newton Finn — There’s a period you missed in Act I regarding civilization that preceded traditional science’s view that civilization began a mere 5,000 years ago. Gobekli Tepe negated that concept, not to mention sites in Malta, Easter Island, Indonesia and particularly Egypt. There are many writers on this topic including geologist Dr. Robert Schoch. A good introductory book to read is Graham Hancock’s “Magician of the Gods”

    1. I referred to Act I of the human drama, expansively/over-expansively, as taking us from the trees and caves through the hunter-gatherer and agrarian village modes of existence. That goes back a hell of a lot longer than 5000 years, and no doubt glosses over, as you suggest, many variations of human culture that cannot be captured in a snapshot. Thanks for the interesting book you mention, which I’ll check out.

  13. The biggest difference today is that a global coronavirus pandemic threatens to be the catalyzer used to justify military dictatorship in the United States of America and broader nuclear confrontation with Russia and China.
    Instead of names like “Dulles”, or “Lemnitzer”, todays coup directors feature such names as “Pompeo” and “O Shawnessy” both Deep State assets highly positioned in 3rd and 4th place to take over the Presidency at the drop of a hat. You can read this revealing article here:
    Standing on the Precipice of Martial Law by Matthew Ehret!

    1. ron campbell — I like your two links. thanks!

  14. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Maybe it will become a good habit to be confined.

    When will come the elections organized by our wealthy ruling elites, maybe we will remember this good habit.

    Truly, we live in the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I am fed up and I have seen more than enough of all the bullshit.

  15. If this site represents real news, then here’s some useless narrative fluff:

    ICNARC: 50% of those dead of “Covid-19” were over 70; any different from NHS care as usual?

  16. The #MeToo axe being taken to Biden, and the fact that his dementia is becoming more and more a talking point among DNC sheepdogs, and is no longer denied by any Democrat having an off-record conversation, truly raises some very big questions. It also makes other things increasingly likely.
    If it comes from the DNC, this is Hillary’s move – point blank. Please read this scary article here:
    Coronavirus Props Up Cuomo as Madam Secretary Takes the #MeToo Axe to Biden and Bloomberg Yanks a Billion from Sleepy Joe by Joaquin Flores!

    1. Defiance Demon Avatar
      Defiance Demon

      Joaquin Flores is talking out of his ass in that article. He bases his implication of Jimmy Dore boosting Colonel Cheeto on the stupid Trump bots who post comments praising Dore for bashing the DNC and the gutless wonders like Bernie & Tulsi. Those bots delude themselves into thinking that Dore’s dem bashing is a sly endorsement of their god and savior, and it’s nothing of the sort! What it is is pathetic self delusion.

  17. Strive to live a quiet and simple life and to mind your own business. Wise words but difficult since other people are determined to tell you what to do all the time. Wear a mask. Dont shake hands. Keep your distance. Close your business. Go home and dont go outside. Give me your money. Fight my wars for me. And on and on….

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      And those are the same “others” who swear they have seen wreckages of airplanes in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 2001.

      Truly, we live in the return of the days of Noah when everybody except Noah was of bad faith. I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bs.

  18. Absolutely. Thank you once again Cait. You are the calm upon the face of turbulent waters.
    But: WTF can we do about it?
    Being informed is being enlightened. But what use is being enlightened in a world of lunatics?
    The Evil Empire is crumbling. But History tells us it’s not the fall we should fear, but the interregnum.

    1. IMHO, we are no longer in the (second) interregnum. While the lights have been darkened by this pandemic, the stage has been set for Act V of the human drama. Act I took us from the trees and caves to hunting-gathering and the agrarian village. Act II told the story of ancient slave empires. Then came the first interregnum called the Middle Ages. Act III opened with the Renaissance and Enlightenment and brought us to the nation state and Fordist capitalism. Act IV moved the story into global neoliberalism, plutocracy, and precarious wage slavery. So what comes after this second interregnum as the curtain is again about to lift? Caitlin admits that no one knows, but there would seem to be only two possible concluding acts for the human drama: stillbirth of civilization by ecocide or nuclear war, or some form of eco-socialism straining to be born like a 9-month-old baby in the birth canal. Let us insist that Act V be interactive, with full audience participation, and then let each of us play our part in helping that beautiful, miraculous new baby to enter and redeem our world.

      1. I love the the interactive possibility because that is what I have suspected to be in the big EVENT that has been alluded to .What it actually entails is anyone’s guess and maybe what each and every one of us expects is exactly what we will each experience ,who really knows .
        The second coming of the Christ being ,Contact with extraterrestrial beings , nirvana ,etc .all options are on the table .LOL

  19. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is very scary to have to have the same mainstream medias in the same hands which they were in when 9/11 happened.

    You know “we can clearly seen wreckages of airplanes there in the Pentagone and clearly see an airplane hitting the building and also look at those wreckages in this field in Pennsylvania…” when it was impossible to see any wreckage on the screen…

    And now we have to trust those mainstream medias with the current crisis… or do we?

    It is a scary situation.

    Truly, these are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bs.

  20. All the wealth is going to the banking cartel, on the premise of an imaginary virus. Since the death rate of not eating is 100%, how is it that every single non-government job is not essential? Soon there will be mass foreclosure, transferring all property to the banks. Every low income to upper middle class home will be part of the company towns of the banking cartel’s selected corporations. The people are going into their cages. Nearly all the resources are already the property of the banking cartel. Venezuela is merely a hold out. Seems a great deal of US weaponry is being dispersed around the US on long trains loaded with military vehicles and tanks. Absolute tyranny and enslavement of the population approaches, while the sheep sit in their quarantine wringing their hands, and calling the police if they see someone outdoors. They deserve it.

  21. In calling out “plutocrats” Caitlin links to that 2016 Forbes article that lists “some” of the US billionaires who control US news.  I find that list to be quite cherry picked.  But even taking the list at face value — for those of you who appreciate statistics — of the 15 billionaires named on the Forbes list 33% are jewish, a group comprising 2% of the US population.   Thanks Caitlin for the insight!  Wonder what the outcome would be if similar statistics were gathered in other industries, especially finance?

    1. Zero-tolerance policy for antisemitic shit on my site. It’s like my one rule. Please respect it.

      1. I have too many cherished friends, kibbutz history, and step children to be slandered as anti-semitic. There is nothing anti-semitic with statistics. They speak for themselves. Condemn the statistics, not the messenger.

      2. This exposes the one thing your analysis is missing. 5) If you want to know who rules over us, just work out who we are not allowed to criticize. There’s a reason why even the slightest suggestion that anyone is saying anything mildly questionable about Jews causes cold sweats, shortness of breath, hair to stand on end, muscles to clench, and all the other physical reactions that come with triggering of a psycho-social taboo. It’s actually a suppressed terror that amounts to a kind of paralysis. This fear reaction been implanted in the populace by means of almost entirely Jewish Supremacist-owned and operated mass media, education curriculum, entertainment industries’ myth making apparatus, government propaganda, and so on. We’re not even allowed to utter the name of our racist, supremacist oppressors in independent/alternative media.

  22. As much as I adore Jimmy Dore he doesn’t come close to analyzing the depth of “where the money is going.” The most explosive information on that topic is from the video that smart folks like Pepe Escobar are referencing called How Blackrock Leveraged Control of the US Economy. https://fashthenation.com/2020/03/how-trump-nationalized-u-s-financial-markets/

  23. Just a knit pick re/ use of accurate language: elites are pursuing change, not the status quo. Unless you limit ‘status quo’ to mean only ‘maintenance of elite power’.

  24. Caitlin, you amaze me. In the midst of the craziest shitstorm of a lifetime, you find the calm to write a timeless reference piece that will serve for years to come.
    Also, it helps to stay anchored in real life. Gardening, cooking, running, just sitting. Watching the birds and the creepycrawlies.

  25. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!

  26. Thank You Caitlin. First Class Stuff. I guess Zen is where it’s at.

  27. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    So we have to analyze by ourselves the news because they will disinform us all the time.

    It is like the famous report on 9/11 where they told us that we could clearly see an airplane hitting the Pentagone and nothing looking like an airplane was visible… and no wreckage nothing… same thing in the field in Pennsylvania, no wreckage nothing…

    Truly it is as it was in the days of Noah when Noah was the only man of good faith, everybody else being of bad faith. It is because we are in the return of those days just before the return of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I do have seen enough bs.

  28. I find that even within a news piece which had a headline suggesting their might be some real info in the piece, then a huge amount of the piece is still propaganda. These examples exist in pretty much all media, because today it seems that all media is somebody’s propaganda organ.
    The form is this. There is a piece of actual news. This is often little more than a paragraph or two of a piece. Then, the piece continues with lots of propaganda about someone or some country. This is where the propaganda is evidence free and only consists of a phrase relating to previous propaganda.
    An example is a news story about Russia, which contains a nugget of real information, but where after that paragraph or two then proceeds with the litany of crimes of which Putin is accused. Or, the same with Israel, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, etc, etc, etc. It also works aimed at individual politicians, usually one who’s pissed off an oligarch or the deep state.
    Thus, even when a news piece has a little bit of real news, and not just a story about some celebrity that died or whatever, even then you can discard approximately 75% of the article.

    1. John Reed, a nice exposition of the process of fabricating news. There’s an additional layer above that which you describe re which bits of information get selected as newsworthy enough to bother writing up a piece around. Lakoff is good on this, and how deeply embedded it is in our language and therefore influences the thoughts that it is possible for us to have. See here for an explation, though I’m sure you’re already well aware of the idea. https://newsframes.wordpress.com/

  29. Thanks Caitlin you put it in a nutshell as usual but the stark reality remains
    WTF can be done about it

    When you try to share the truth with people they just don’t want to know. They’re too busy on the treadmill of vacuous existence of consumerism
    They prioritize their slavery with a smile, dumbed out about their real significance and power
    Just look at CV and how our captured govts follow their master’s orders and have us locked down and filled with the toxic vibes of fear, all over the common cold that’s killed less people than abortion

    It’s a Scamdemic not a pandemic, another false flag
    Just like every war since Napolean, 9/11, CV and the total control of every facet of humanity, the same predatory Rothschild/Rockefeller ilk have sought their NWO by any means

    Depopulation has been a global elite obsession since the US pioneered Eugenics in the 1920s & showed the Nazis how to do it

    What better way than through their corporate subsidiary the UN that controls all global peak bodies like the WHO and the IPCC and is totally unaccountable

    Global elites are terrified of ‘people power’ and the downfall of the US and its inalienable rights and constitution by replacing it with the UN model of top down control, removal of private property and gun ownership is it’s top priority coz the rest will then fall easily

    Agenda 21 has been their vehicle with SMART crap and Sustainable BS but CV along with 5G is their ultimate weapon as the Rockefeller Foundation researched in 2010? ‘Lock Step’

    And as usual we’re gonna hand it to them on a plate, even beg them to enslave us
    Endlessly writing about the same crap achieves nothing in the scale of things

    We need to learn from the virus in being a solvent to clean all the toxic cells in the body of power

    1. Every successful revolutionary has heard people tell them that it was impossible to fight the mighty King, Dictator, System, etc.
      Every successful revolutionary has ignored those people.

    2. Exactly right, Marcus. I’ve replaced the word “smart” with the word “surveillance” when talking about technology. We all need to start calling it what it is. Surveillance technology was never designed to make people’s lives better (look at how people have become enslaved to their devices, as well), that’s just how they sold them on the technolgy that was designed to surveil and control them.

      And you are 100% spot-on regarding the UN’s “sustainability” scam. They’ve used a lot of nice-sounding words to cover for what is nothing less than global dominance and tyranny. Climate change is a part of this — who wouldn’t want to save the Earth, right? But what they don’t address in their Climate Change doctrine speaks volumes. There is no mention of reducing global trade (one of the key drivers of CO2 emissions), or deforestation, or planned obsolescence (appliances that are deliberately designed to break down in ~7 years instead of 20 or 30 years, like the “old” technology), etc. Fix those things, and we would greatly reduce CO2 emissions and pollution (which is also not mentioned enough in the Climate Change agenda).

      Good on you for being able to see through the fog on this issue.

      1. excellent points JM and Marcus. I’ll now dispense with their PR word “smart” from my vocabulary too

  30. Getting hacked on this site. Essential message given and received.

  31. John Ringland Avatar
    John Ringland

    Follow the flow of…
    The money, the resources,
    Weapons and people.

    Need nothing extra…
    See through the narrative fluff,
    Know what’s going on.

    Haiku summary,
    The pith with nothing extra…
    Love this article.

  32. >>Watch where the people are going for another important piece of real information
    >>that isn’t dependent on narrative. Where are the prisoners? Where are the refugees,
    >>where are they going, and what are they fleeing?

    The more important answers to those questions is where are all those hundreds of C-suite execs and highly places politicials going on their sudden retirement, and why?

  33. jerry fischer Avatar
    jerry fischer

    “something wonderful, nothing special”,
    zazen dharma…
    it’s a riddle that rhymes without words…
    take your shoes off, sit awhile, doing nothing…
    “Nothing Doing! simply breathing is absurd!” ~j.f.

    {1st line quote by Shunryu Suzuki, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice” 1970

  34. “Operation Dark Winter” at Andrews AFB, June 2001 by John Hopkins & CenterforHealthSecurity > simulation of a smallpox attack on the US by IRAQ > predictive programming for 9/11
    “Clade X Pandemic Exercise” in May 2018 by John Hopkins & CenterforHealthSecurity > simulation of a bioweapon attack, narrative management
    “EVENT 201” in Oct 2019 by John Hopkins & CenterforHealthSecurity > simulation of a CORONA pandemic, outcome objectives
    Notice any patterns ?

    1. OMG, people at a medical school study disease!!!!!! OMG! That’s obviously highly suspicious behavior!

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