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Mike Pompeo, Devourer Of Worlds

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom,
nom nom nom nom nom,
om nom nom nom nom nom nom,

That is the sound that Mike Pompeo makes
when he devours Venezuelan civilians,
when he devours Yemeni war orphans,
when he devours Iranian Covid victims,
when he devours oil and user data,
when he devours Julian Assange,
when he devours nuclear fallout,
when he devours truth and morality,
when he devours your mind,
when he devours everyone’s mind,
when he devours the light of consciousness,
when he devours everything sacred about our species,
when he devours the ecosystem,
when he devours the world.

Mike Pompeo has a fraud face,
an apartheid face,
a slave owner’s face,
my father-in-law’s face.
Mike Pompeo has a face that says,
“I would reach into your chest
and pull out your beating heart
and eat it right in front of you
and then say Oh no, what has happened to your heart?”
He does not use language the way humans use language.
He uses language to make chains for humans.

The world is made of rainbow smoke and miracles,
of feathers and whale songs,
where peacock angels soar
and owl angels hide in webs made of secrets,
where babies coo to their mothers from beyond the stars,
where lovers would fight and die for each other,
and Mike Pompeo wants to devour it all.
Mike Pompeo would devour you where you stand.
Mike Pompeo eats human meat.
Mike Pompeo eats angel meat.
Mike Pompeo eats planet meat.

He said “We lied, we cheated, we stole,” and laughed.
Laughed a laughless laugh
with laughless eyes in a laughless face
painted over a laughless network
of computer chips and pain.
A chorus of laughless laughter followed from the audience,
because they knew that if they did not laugh
he’d grow angry
and devour them.

Mike Pompeo,
Devourer of Worlds.
Devourer of the weak.
Devourer of the vulnerable.
Devourer of the real.
A man promoted beyond his maturation.
A child who didn’t get enough hugs.
A child who was hurt.
A child who was warped.
A broken human
with a hungry ghost
who will never be satiated
no matter how much
he feeds it.







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Latest comments

  • Very good. It is as if you took a photograph of the ‘it’ that devoured ‘him’ and translated it into words.
    I call it/him ‘secretary pompom’ (as if it/he were merely a cartoon villain in a junior high school play, or something).

  • A quote:
    “But thus I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. They are people of a low sort and stock; the hangman and the bloodhound look out of their faces. Mistrust all who talk much of their justice! Verily, their souls lack more than honey. And when they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be pharisees, if only they had – power.”

    — Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  • Leading elected politicians, appointed state officials and agents of the Deep State are psychopaths. Yeshua, the Great Liberator, explained a strategy for dissidents which will eventually cause all those psychopaths to turn on one another and kill one another.

  • We are surrounded by demons posing as human beings.

    In Matthew chapter 5 Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies.”

    Passionately embrace them? Make them your buddies? Invite them over to meet your children? I don’t think that’s what Jesus was implying.

    I think that loving your enemies is not directed at all toward these demons posing as human beings. Loving your enemies has to do with how YOU are reacting to them. What emotions are you summoning within yourself? What are you putting out to Universe to summon back to yourself?

    Do not respond with hate. Do not respond with anger, though that is quite tempting. Don’t even respond with pity. Loving your enemy means… do a check on yourself. Check on your own emotions and state of mind. Keep your thoughts and feelings going in the right direction in spite of being surrounded by demons posing as human beings. These demons are a yardstick on how much you are filled with the right spirit within.

    • Amen. I don’t adhere to a religion or scripture but I agree with your sentiments and I am grateful for your beautifully worded comment. The story of Jesus is a lesson in love and our collective goodwill has unlimited power. They will never win. And we will never lose.

  • Pompeo – The perfect expression of Christian Dominionism

  • Simply put, Mike Pompeo, like the man who appointed him to his current position, is a full-blown psychopath. Nothing more needs be said.

    • Leading elected politicians, appointed state officials and agents of the Deep State are psychopaths. Yeshua, the Great Liberator, explained a strategy for dissidents which will eventually cause all those psychopaths to turn on one another and kill one another.

  • Caitlin, here’s my poem about Michael Pompeo. It’s short:


  • Ironic? Ms Johnstone, did you read Gilgamesh? I can’t remember if the guy was ‘Destroyer’ of worlds or ‘Devourer.; he was a prince who had a strange, hairy guy for a friend. But, the point is actually Gilmagesh is the first written story. Fact or fiction, I think. I really would hate to think an ‘a##’ like Pompeo the author of our last, even as inspiration.

    Gilgamesh may have had a hairy friend; this guy has a moron. I know Trump likes to think of himself as king, but really it is the ‘princes’ behind him who are in control. So, Pompeo is more like Gilgamesh than the president, and Trump like Enikidu (spelling?), the a##who had to be taught how to bathe. I probably stretch the comparison too much because I think you credit Pompeo too much in your poem.

    He is not the ‘Devourer’ of worlds; imperialism certainly is, but Pompeo is just another belligerent bully in a long line of belligerent bullies. The most relevant point being in the course of the last fifty years, the bully in charge has lost all (his) wars. So, rather than see Pompeo as some insatiable consumer, he is more the constantly unsatisfied. Not much works out for the guy, though tragically people do die. Better he be called ‘Waster’ of worlds?

    Do you remember the Houthi blowing-up of a Saudi Arabian pipeline last May? There are all kinds of stories about it, but I think the most relevant fact is the American defence shield failed. Saudi Arabia pays the U.S. for defence. Pompeo, isn’t he Secretary of Defence? The role of Secretary of Defense is emblematic of failure. Failed coups in Venezuela–not just one, but three times; failed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Failure in Vietnam. North Korea–a military action stalled because the Americans could not win. Failure.

    So, with respect, I don’t think Pompeo is a ‘Devourer’ of worlds, more a ‘wanna be.’

  • For those who like to follow words and how they are used, it will be interesting to see if the word “depression” comes into use for the current economic crash.
    The Herbert Hoover crash is of course known in history as The Great Depression.
    Just over a decade ago, we had another large economic meltdown of the capitalist system. One that was largely caused by the greed and schemes of the bankers. But, in this modern propaganda age, the use of the word “depression” was verboten. So, it is now commonly referred to as The Great Recession.
    The capitalist world is currently undergoing yet another meltdown of the capitalist system. It is blamed on the COVID-19, but the system was already teetering before that Black Swan flew over the markets and by the beating of its wings caused the house of cards to collapse. The Martens at the WallStreetOnParade blog have been pointing out that the Fed started pumping big amounts of money into Wall Street back in September.
    But dare they call this a Depression?
    The last time, it seemed as if their heads would explode before they used that dreaded word.
    Perhaps they will this time? Perhaps they’ll have to admit that capitalism has produced yet another depression. But they will claim that they have still magically repealed the business cycle of capitalism. The cycle where the greed grows until it collapses the system. Oh, this time it was all COVID. Or, the racist puppets will claim that the current Depression was called by the China Virus? Perhaps calling it the China Depression? Maybe they can use the word that they had banished from the language, but only if they blame it on some external or internal enemy?
    One thing for sure, Donald Trump will take his place along side Herbert Hoover as one of the Presidents who most definitely did not make America great during his time in office.

  • This article made me despise Mr. Pompeo even more than I already did. He probably would have me jailed and tortured just for reading it. I do not know if I ever met or talked to any Iranians but they deserve my respect for battling ” the owners and the masters ” of the Evil Empire 24/7. Please read this fine article here:
    How Iran Fights the Coronavirus and the United States:: Sanctioned, Alone, but Still More Efficient by Ivan KESIĆ!

  • Its a pretty good bet that once upon a time, the Pompeo’s were Italian immigrants.
    Pompeo gives immigrants a bad name.

  • 150 years ago ….
    the world saw the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in the Russian city of Simbirsk on April 22, 1870.
    Perhaps better known to history as Vladimir Lenin.
    Now there was a man who knew how to fight the oligarchs!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Vlad!
    The world is better for you having been a part of it for awhile.
    And we can thank the Gods and Goddesses that you didn’t take the attitude that the Czar and the state were too powerful and that it was too hopeless to resist. Your resistance was definitely not futile.
    Happy Birthday Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov!

  • So, who would you prefer as SOS…..Pompei, or John Kerry?
    There is a difference between electing Democrats and electing Republicans. Its not a huge difference. Its not a difference between Pompei and Dr. King. But there is a real difference. You get different people in jobs when the Dems are in power. You get the Pompei’s, the Bolton’s, and the Abrams’, and the their wannabe minions in power when the Rethugs are in power. I’m voting to send Pompei back to Kansas.

  • We are ruled by inhuman monsters.

    • Leading elected politicians, appointed state officials and agents of the Deep State are psychopaths. Yeshua, the Great Liberator, explained a strategy for dissidents which will eventually cause all those psychopaths to turn on one another and kill one another.

  • You have him exact

  • He’s a stinker, all right … reminds me of Tony Soprano. One very good thing is that like Killary he’s laid his cards on the table. He should always be referred to as “Lyin’ Cheatin’ Stealin’ Mike”. This will follow him the rest of his days in all his ambitious ascent.

  • Too bad he’s not flying solo. He’s the copilot on a plane load of like minded monsters. The pilot is the banking cartel.

  • Russians killed thousands of CIA proxy ISIS terrorists in Syria….

    “We killed hundreds of Russians in Syria” ~ madman Pompeo

  • Great one, Caitlin. Thanks.

  • Enjoying the relative lightness of today’s offerings. Imaging if Mike and Ellen mated and bred a poem together? <3

    Thanks Caitlin

  • Lake camp said it correctly on redacted tonight. He called Mike Pompeo the Secretary of Stating falsehoods.

    • Meant to say Lee camp verbal dictation is a bitch.

  • The purple headed pimple of poisonous pomposity. this is a term I have used for him for almost a year now. getting truer every day.

  • I once saw a bumper sticker that said I had nothing to lose but my chains.

  • In countless ways, Pompeo reminds me of The Beast Rabban (IMO, amaziing resemblance, too). For example, here’s Agent Orange circling the drain (flag?) and giving Mike “The Beast Rabban” Pompeo his orders: “I want you to squeeze and squeeze………..drive them into utter submission. Do not show the slightest pity or mercy. Never stop. Go! Go! Show no mercy!”

  • A useless horrible excuse for a human…and an evangelising Christian supposedly. He certainly gives Christians a bad name.
    I sincerely hope his personal life is filled with tragedy and he dies and agonising death.

    • And thus we prove the truth of the ancient myth, applicable to all of us, that those who would fight monsters must take great care not to become one.

  • But make no mistake, you did not have to be a “highly placed” banker or technocratic social engineer to know this collapse was going to happen. No crystal ball was ever needed. Please read this article here:
    A Real New Deal & Debt Jubilee or a Green New Deal & Global Dictatorship? by Matthew Ehret

  • like a sword cutting through the smoke,
    your words dispel illusion,
    with psychedelic intensity,
    and i am grateful,
    for your voice.

    you speak wisdom,
    never mind reason and analysis,
    that has its place,
    but it cannot touch wisdom,
    your voice issues from the depths of the earth,
    and beyond it,
    aligned with the voice of life itself.

    as you illuminate the hell-realm,
    and face the putrid filth of the world,
    i stand with you,
    drenched in the clean waters of life,
    bathed in the light,
    of vital wisdom.

  • “Pigface” Pompeo I call him. He makes my nostrils burn when I see his face. He snorts lies like a pig in heat, stuffs his fat cheeks with the suffering of others, rolls around in the dirtiest of smelly political mud, then reads the Bible from his desk like the holiest of Christians. I cringe for the world at his sight. His hypocrisy is in . lockstep with another pigface, Karl Rove., and the world didn’t end. But it just might under Pompeo’s mudslinging lies.

  • That is a very powerful and poetic statement!
    Here is a link to a counterpunch article about just how they stole the election from Bernie.


  • I wonder if Pompeo has unlimited capacity, or if he’ll eventually explode, like the guy from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life:
    R.I.P. Terry Jones

  • Leaving aside the importance of communicating these accurate images to a more or less confused public, has it occurred to anyone that Fat Fetid Mike might actually like being ascribed with these descriptors of dark power? Perhaps not the last stanza, but the rest might actually appeal to his private sense of identity. Routinely eating babies can generate such malign extremity within an already demented soul.

    As an aside, as I wrote ‘already’ in the last sentence above my autocorrect tried to re-edit the word as ‘analready’. ??!!?? I had to contemplate the propriety of changing it back.

  • I have to disagree with your assessment. Pompous wouldn’t say “Oh, no, what happened to your heart.” He’d say “We had national security reasons for eating your heart, and as it’s classified, I’m not at liberty to discuss them.”

  • God Caitlin, I love having someone that shares my views.

  • Here is something very interesting about the imperial oil wars, including the almost-war on Venezuela, apparently interrupted by coronavirus in the Navy.

  • True – all of it – but interestingly – here in Australia where I am writing from – also a perfect description of the current Australian régime’s Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton and his ugly public official Bureaucratic chief Mike Pezzullo – the Devil Twins…

  • oops…
    she dont like MIKE

  • You know “they” make you pay for telling the truth!

  • Wow! Powerful!


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