Dissent is Russian, or haven’t you heard?

Dissent is Russian.

Peace activism is Russian.

Exposing war crimes is Russian.

Inconveniencing Democrats is Russian.

Tara Reade? Russian.

Julian Assange? Russian.

Jill Stein? Russian.

Tulsi Gabbard? Russian.

Russia? You bet your sweet ass that’s Russian.

Conspiracy theories are Russian.

Alternative media are Russian.

It’s Russian to ask questions.

It’s Russian to reveal objective facts.

It’s Russian to tell the truth.

Truth is Russian in an empire of lies.

If truth is Russian, I don’t want to be Australian.

If truth is Russian, you can call me Svetlana.

If truth is Russian, then I will ascend to the clouds

by climbing a Tolstoy novel,

kicking my feet out in front of me

with my bum low to the ground

balancing a bottle of vodka atop a fur hat

whilst shouting “Stallone was the bad guy in Rocky IV

until my voice is hoarse.

If truth is Russian, then let’s all get Russian.

Get as Russian as possible.

Get aggressively Russian.

Get offensively Russian.

Get Russianly Russian.

Get so Russian it hurts.

Get so Russian they write Palmer Report articles about you.

Get so Russian that Rachel Maddow spits your name like it’s poison.

Get so Russian that Putin calls you and says tone it down.

Get so Russian that Khabib Nurmagomedov has nightmares about fighting you.

Camus said “The only way to deal with an unfree world

is to become so absolutely Russian

that your very existence is an act of rebellion,”

or something like that.

So get Russian, baby.

Fold your arms and get low on the dance floor.

Get low, shorty,

get low, low, low.

Get low,

get low,

and get Russian.







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66 responses to “Get Russian”

  1. Spaceba Comrade!

    The truth fits into this poem – like a Nesting Doll.

  2. I don’t wanna be Russian.
    I want to be un-nationalized.
    A human being.

  3. Defiance Demon Avatar
    Defiance Demon

    As a longtime amateur Russophile, this was a tremendously fun read. Thank you!

  4. First time I literally laughed so loud my eyes teared since this pre-planned crisis began. Thank you.

  5. I love it!


  6. It is a gift to Donald Trump that he will use to devastating effect. Not only will he go after Biden for allowing his son to take a job with a Ukrainian oligarch at a time when he was supposedly cleaning up Ukrainian corruption, or go after Democrats in general for trying to drive him out of office on a phony charge of Russian collusion. Now he will go after them for nominating a hair-sniffing, child-molesting rapist after raising hell about his own penchant for locker-room banter.
    Yes, Donald Trump is an idiot. But not only is Joe Bidens idiocy well established, but his boat is sinking now that Tara Reade has opened up a huge gash in the hull. Please read this timely article here:
    Trump vs. Biden: Who Is More Awful? by Daniel Lazare

  7. To Life… with Russians and all Humankind

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    Get Russian?

    I don’t think so. There’s far too much Russian these days. We’re all Russian here, we’re all Russian there, we’re Russian all around way too fast.

    Instead, we need to slow down and stop and smell the roses. Or smell whatever else happens to be around. You just can’t do that when you’re Russian around all the time.

    Yes, we live in a fast-paced society today. But “The Virus” has forced things to slow down world-wide. And many are adjusting to the slower, non-Russian-around pace.

    So maybe we need to be less Russian. But don’t slow down too much and fall asleep, either. Way too many around the world are already asleep and don’t want to be wakened.

  9. Calamity Jane Avatar
    Calamity Jane

    Yeah, lets get back to our source not being identified with the name of a land mass( obediently nationalized)or identified with media stereotypes.
    Divide and conquer.
    Nationalism is not only unessential its a concept and idea brought about by the Oligarchy mind controllers.
    How can they have their profitable wars without it.

  10. As a United States citizen I am extremely ashamed of my government. Anything that reveals its depravity and corruption makes me happy. It should be swept away and something else put it its place. This article makes me happy because the demons need to eliminate each other. Please read this fine article here:
    Slouching Toward Resolution by James Howard Kunstler!

  11. It seems obvious what is happening. President Donald Trump and his administration are scapegoating China for the social and economic disaster that the U.S. has incurred from the Covid-19 pandemic. With more than 63,000 American deaths in a matter of two months, over a million people infected – a third of the world’s total – and at least 30 million unemployed, the Trump administration is seeking to blame China rather than be held to account for its own failings and gross incompetence. Please read this fine article here:
    Back to the Future: “Evil Communist” Bogeyman Returns!

    1. Calamity Jane Avatar
      Calamity Jane

      Hogwash Ron.
      Its Operation COVID19.
      No “deadly virus” was necessary in the global govts marketing bio-terrorism.

      1. I read that article Calamity Jane. Just about everything is corrupt nowadays; why not the pharmacy industry. For every story about this virus there is a counter-claim the other way. Meanwhile everything is falling apart.

  12. Paul Battenbough Avatar
    Paul Battenbough

    not really true. they still give a platform to George Galloway, Jesse Ventura, Lee Camp etc They don’t let that kind of thing loose on Western TV news. That’s a fact. Do they have balance of both left and right. Yes they do.

  13. What is funny is that RT is increasingly dominated by right wing opinion writers and increasingly snarky western-style headlines which are reducing RT’s credibility as a credible alternative to the gaurdian or the new york times …

    1. Paul Battenbough Avatar
      Paul Battenbough

      not really true. they still give a platform to George Galloway, Jesse Ventura, Lee Camp etc They don’t let that kind of thing loose on Western TV news. That’s a fact. Do they have balance of both left and right. Yes they do.

    2. I get what you’re saying. RT can be toxic now and then, and they shouldn’t do it — it taints the credibilty they’ve been able to build.

    3. What I’ve noticed is the slippage of RT during couple of years in terms of substance and quality. It used to be a go-to site for not only alternative views but also for reasoned views. Sadly, much of RT now mimics tabloid journalism albeit it with a Russian flavor.

      1. Calamity Jane Avatar
        Calamity Jane

        90% of msms media is owned by the media conglomerate thats why its all selling the same stories.
        Stories being the key word a NEWS is in the business of facts or truth but in marketing stories and making people believe.

        1. Calamity Jane Avatar
          Calamity Jane

          News in NOT in the business of facts and truth but in selling stories. NEWS stories the majority of it is political propaganda .
          Somehow the word “NOT” in the previous comment did not appear where it should .

  14. This is so great – definitely one of my favorite poems EVER – if not the favorite

  15. Boris Alotofcrap Avatar
    Boris Alotofcrap

    Boris is laughing so hard his face is hurting. Come, Svetlana. We do the Kazotsky kick!

  16. So very true. Enjoyed it.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    How dare you not be afraid.
    We must therefore be afraid of you.

  17. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    I’m proud that three of my four loving grandparents were Russian immigrants to the U.S. (and the fourth was Hungarian). Nuff said!

    1. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
      R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

      My father’s parents were born in Ukraine.

      The original territory of The Rus, the tribe that would give its name to Russia, was around Kiev. The Rus are proudly claimed by Ukrainians as a Ukrainian tribe. The fierce horsemen of the Ukrainian Steppes (plains), the original ‘Cossack’, pronounced co-SOCK, a plural proper noun with no ‘s’ on the end, by my family elders who taught me this lore, were Ukrainians. The roots of the Cossack go back in time to the 12th and 13th centuries, when they rose against Ghengis Khan’s Mongol invaders, fierce horsemen themselves, (whose genetic ‘Asian-eyed’ legacy can be seen in the faces of many Ukrainians, and even in Putin’s own face.

      Putin has always confidently said that American aggression in Ukraine is doomed to failure, because these ‘anglo’ people will never maintain a division of Slav against Slav.

      The roots of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, which the US has exploited, date to the Great Famine, the Holodomor, that Stalin deliberately engineered against Ukraine. Putin talks much about healing the many crimes of the Soviet Union, and the divisions those crimes caused among Slavic peoples.

      1. And in humanities departments all across the West they deny the existence of the Holodomor as they praise the ideology which gave rise to it.

      2. Not so sure about Ghengis and his mates having ‘asian’ eyes, what they did have was as many Chinese wives/concubines as they could afford to keep, so about 30 for the humblest among them, somewhat changed the appearance of their descendants.
        On topic though I was always a bit bemused that the Russians in the USSR subsidised their empire and generally had the worst standard of living in the empire, don’t think they’re up for doing that again.

  18. Apparently, there are a significant number of otherwise intelligent people gathered here that are actually paying attention to the ramblings of the insane. Waaay back, when the first shrieks of “the Russians are coming” erupted, I tuned out. Politics is nothing more nor less than which sociopath is the best at getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lie. It deserves no more attention or validation than any other fraudulent endeavor. Voting is just playing their game.

  19. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
    R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

    Yea … But … The means of communication are the means of power. When you have highly centralized control of ALL a nation’s Mass Media, as the Elites who rule over the US (with a cunningly gloved fist) do, you can get a distressingly large percentage of the population believing anything you want them to believe.

    To accomplish our political objectives, (to create a more just world, and therefore a more peaceful world, before we annihilate ourselves), we MUST realize that folks is jes’ folks.

    We can all surely ‘see’ that Caitlyn Johnstone is a stunningly brilliant person, who has gathered much wisdom from her difficult and often painful experience, (and is also an excellent writer), and she just naturally attracts a readership comprised of people of higher degrees of intelligence. Those of us who are gifted with higher degrees of intelligence, however, as everyone I’ve encountered here on Ms. Johnstone’s blog clearly are, (I haven’t been here that long, and I’d assume that ‘troglodytes’ occasionally visit, but I haven’t encountered any here yet), must try to realize that most humans are of only average intelligence, and as many are of below average intelligence as above average.

    Folks is jes’ folks …

    This is the reality of our Human Condition. These are just the conditions that we must operate in, and under, because we have no power to change them. If everyone had the general level of intelligence, and critical thinking skills, of people here, our task would be different, and most likely MUCH easier.

    But folks is jes’ folks.

    We can denigrate ‘the folks’ as “sheeple”, or bigots, or racists, or misogynists, or some other hateful epithet, but what good does that do us politically? When we denigrate people, it only drives them away from us, and that hurts us politically, rather than helps us. We’re in a game of ‘hearts and minds’. The object of the game is to get the most people on our side. When we alienate people with a derisive attitude toward them, that just drives them away from us and thus makes us politically weaker.

    Putin will be remembered as a great hero of ‘Mother Russia’ for many thousands of years, (assuming Humanity survives to remember anything at all). Just as there are still statues of Caesar in Rome, so there will be statues of Putin in Moscow thousands of years from now. In Russia he is already being compared to Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, and Ivan the Terrible. He has been able to accomplish what he has because he won the hearts and minds of nearly ALL the Common People. In 2014, when he acted decisively to forestall US aggression in Ukraine, his approval ratings in Russia were bumping 90%. The 10% that disapproved were mostly the Elites and their minions he had dispossessed to rescue the Common People from penury. (Since he was first elected 20 years ago, the incomes of average Russians have increased TEN TIMES over). Because of difficult choices he was more recently been forced to make, (cutting pensions, etc), to meet US aggression (sanctions, aka: economic warfare), to keep Russia strong in the face of what he saw coming, his approval ratings have slipped to ‘only’ 70%.

    In the US, (I am American), the Left has foolishly, (‘stupidly’ is actually a much better word), alienated the largest percentage of the Common People, which is why the American Left is so pitifully weak, and so easily manipulated by its own Enemy, (the Elites).

    The American Left stupidly believes that if we can just win an election, and get a person like ole Sheepdog Bernie in the White House, we can accomplish our objectives with the largest percentage of the nation’s yeomen folk, the American Common People, highly confused and bamboozled by our Enemy, and hating our guts with vehement passion.

    This is so massively STUPID that one wonders how or why so many perfectly intelligent people have come to believe it. “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half”, –J Gould, (19th century US Industrialist). With the power of modern Mass Media under the TOTAL control of the Elites, this is even much truer today than it was in Gould’s day.

    Our Enemy is arguably the most powerful enemy that has ever existed in all Human History. The Enemy has COMPLETE and total control of ALL US Mass Media. The Enemy’s power is so great that it has managed to convince even ole Sheepdog Bernie that the giant Big Lie RussiaGate hoax is real. Even many (likely even most) people on the Left in the US believe this masterstroke RussiaGate Big Lie.

    If the ‘case’ that supports the RussiaGate hoax were presented in a court of law, according to legitimate ‘rules of evidence’, it would be thrown out at the Preliminary Hearing with the judge sternly admonishing the prosecutor not to waste the Court’s time with such a speciously preposterous ‘case’. Yet RussiaGate has been accepted as ‘fact’ by the majority of the American population.

    THAT is how powerful our Enemy is.

    The ‘facts’ are not obscure, or especially hard to find. The facts are known. But when ALL Mass Media are under highly centralized control, the facts don’t matter. What matters is what people believe, and the Mass Media Barons that rule over our lives can easily manipulate people’s beliefs.

    If we intend to defeat this Enemy, (as I fully well do), we must first realize how IMMENSE our task is. We are not yet even thinking in a proper ‘scale’. We are not yet even approaching ‘the problem’ in a way that addresses its actual immense scope.

    The US is currently experiencing circumstances that are conditions perfectly suited to political ‘revolution’. (I do NOT use this ‘R’ world casually or lightly, as so many, including ole Sheepdog Bernie, enjoy doing). About 150-200 MILLION Americans had $500 or less in total cash assets when this lockdown began some 7 weeks ago, They are now living in a condition of fear, crushing anxiety for their children’s survival, and growing rage.

    These are genuinely ‘revolutionary’ conditions, but unfortunately we lack the general ‘consciousness’ to take advantage of them. Instead we are saddled with ‘leaders’, like poor pathetic ole Bernie, whose concept of ‘revolution’ is that we must line up to vote for our own Enemy’s old lapdog errand boy and bagman, ole Skinny Joe Biden, who is clearly in the early stages of dementia. (I just read an article yesterday that posited that support is building among the Scum Vipers that run the Democratic Party that they have to face up to the reality of Biden’s dementia, on top of the baggage of the Tara Reade accusations, and that a coup is brewing for the Convention in July that will resurrect and anoint Demon Witch Hillary to again carry the mantle of ‘feminism’ (to bamboozle ‘the rubes’) as the First Woman).

    The American Mass Media Barons who rule our nation, (and now even have complete control over our electoral process itself, which they run as just another TV reality-show), are now producing dangerous anti-China hysteria in the US, which is even surpassing, in sheer hysterical volume and dingbat craziness, the RussiaGate hysteria.

    Somewhere there is a ‘Goebbels Committee’, (which probably meets in some Idaho or Montana wilderness aerie that has enough heliports, an hour or less from their jets in Jackson Hole, so only a few quick hours from their NY or DC offices), staffed by the most brilliant minds in mass psychology, that are planning how to keep people’s ‘hearts and minds’ under their control, including how to keep the Marionette American Left, (even ole Noam Chomsky, for whom I have consummate respect and admiration), dancing on the ends of their lesser of two evils (LOTE) strings.

    What’s our plan?

    I do have a ‘plan’. It is very simple, but unfortunately, it is intricately complex to try to ‘explain’.

    ‘Consciousness’ is the first ‘key’. Self-awareness is the first crucial ‘key’. We must work to develop our collective consciousness, our collective self-awareness. We must rid our collective consciousness of self-defeating ideas and ideologies. We are defeating ourselves by adopting ideologies that our own Enemy has tricked us into adopting.

    The means of communications are the means of power. I am here because Ms. Johnstone’s sheer brilliance as a communicator first captured my attention, and then steadily drew me here.


    1. No revolution was ever started by fat people. No economy, no food, lots of hungry people. I suggest investing in pitchforks, wooden rails, tar, and feathers. I’m not suggesting things will get better. They could just as likely get significantly worse. But, things WILL change.

      1. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
        R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

        Indeed … Thank you for these thoughtful comments.

    2. Much truth in your post, crucially important truth. Glad you’re participating in the incipient revolution that Caitlin is trying to foment here by helping us get our heads straight. I think that an unprecedented revolutionary opening will soon occur when the masses, currently confused and frozen in fear, begin to awake to how the elite has positioned itself to pick what’s left in their nearly empty pockets following this pandemic/panic, have already obscenely profited from it by having their government lackeys pour more fiat money into their overflowing coffers. The question of the hour will then become: Has a half-century of neoliberalism managed to make cowards of us all, or is there enough substance left in the human spirit for it to fight harder than ever for a better, more beautiful world? History will pose the question; only we can answer it.

  20. The Russia gate conspiracy theory perpetrated by the DNC was a cover their ass move. After they were caught stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Now the evidence is there that they are all frauds. AOC and fraud Bernie Sanders voted for the Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi legislation for the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world That benefited the very wealthy and the Banksters. Neither the repulsive party or the Democrooks.

  21. Fools Russian where angels fear to tread. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  22. Christopher Dobbie Avatar
    Christopher Dobbie

    He/she’s Russian to tell the truth.

  23. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian

  24. Rose Hollins Avatar
    Rose Hollins

    Yay! Russian! Very funny, bravo. It’s my share for International Workers Day, Caitlin (though being less exposed to US daily propaganda here in Aotearoha/NZ I’ll have to google some of the [Russian!] names you feature)! Lovely poetry for world peace – ha! Apopo (te reo Maori for tomorrow)…

  25. That is totally awesome

    Thank You Caitlin.

  26. John Hemingway Avatar
    John Hemingway

    Hi Caitlin,

    My wife is Russian, from St Petersburg, and I just wanted to say that your poem is fantastic and that if you haven’t been to Russia yet you should go there. It will surprise you, it surprised me. The people are very hospitable, the food is great and their love of culture is immense.


    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      I have just one thing on my bucket list – to visit St Petersburg. I hate you – [not really]. Thanks for the endorsement

  27. So deliciously borscht red Russian! You remind Caitlin that when I was 14 (1963) in a rural Australian town – studying Modern history and having to do a special report that I wrote to the Russian Embassy in Canberra for anything to help with whatever was the focus for my report (subject lost into the deeper recesses of my grey matter). Back came a bulging envelope filled with a sheaf of information on five-year plans – the statistics on the number of tractors per square cm of farming land (I jest) but sort of – the number of televisions, refrigerators per household… I was a fundamentalist protestant then – and too naïve to be aware of ideologies. But obviously I was impressed by the embassy’s kindness in taking my request seriously. When my wife and in mid-1976 set off for our “Grand Tour” (open-ended – who knew where it might end – actually after 18 months and most a year divided between Madrid and München) we opted not for the overland through Pakistan then via Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey to London route- but for the Trans Siberian Railway. And what an interesting way to head to Western Europe. From Yokohama a Russian cruise ship through the Tsugaru Straits (Honshu/Hokkaido) to Nakhodka – a pre-revolutionary Czarist era train to Khabarovsk and some days there (the beginning of theatre/circus/ballet/concert hall visits over the next three weeks. Culture – or rather CULTURE – at every turn. History and other tours provided. Accommodation fine – the train journey (early summer – amazing scenery – a total of seven days crossing from Eastern Asia to Helsinki – with stops – Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Moscow. We were part of no delegation – just the two of us – kindness from people along the way – half-a-dozen words of German a linking thread as at times mid-late morning we toasted to “Freundschaft!” And met actors (Pushkin Theatre Co on tour) saw the Kirov Ballet Co from Leningrad perform a Georgian ballet in the beautiful Bolshoi Theatre – visiting journalist Pat Dayman (?) in the vast Super deluxe suite at the Hotel metropole overlooking the Bolshoi – the bathroom far larger than our entire room at the Rossiya just below Red Square (now gone). But it opened our eyes in ways totally unexpected to the way political perspectives out of political impulse interpreted that land – and no doubt, one imagined, other lands too. We were seeing for ourselves – even if at a naïve and essentially “innocent” level… I know this is not necessarily the point of your poetic essay to-day – but it reminds me of a time when I understood the shared humanity we were privileged to experience all those decades ago.

    1. Defiance Demon Avatar
      Defiance Demon

      What an interesting and informative post! One that makes me most envious.

  28. Chris Jonsson Avatar
    Chris Jonsson

    I like it. I must be Russian.

  29. Thanks for the belly laugh, Caitlin. I love the idea of Putin asking us to tone it down. I went to Russia in 1982, from New Zealand. Lovely people, lots of vodka and dancing and no one asked to buy my Levis.

  30. Caitlin Is it too late for me at 80 to try whatever that was. PS, i hate Vodka.

  31. William Nolan Avatar
    William Nolan

    LMAO That was great!
    OMG! All of a sudden I’m so Russian that I’m giddy.
    Privetstvuyu, tovarishchi. Ura!

  32. It may be that Donald Trump mat be found right about this!
    Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine by Matthew Ehret!
    Bill Gates will never own me.
    Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible “Crimes Against Humanity”? by Robert Bridge

    1. Yes, there’s already a WhiteHouse.gov petition to do exactly that. They are already over the number of required signatures. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation most definitely needs to be investigated. Let’s see if anything ever comes of it.

      1. Lets face the dark reality that in the United States ” billionaire ” never have to worry about the ” laws or morality or jail ” because they are so untouchable.

  33. How about not getting nationalized.
    Not being identified with the name of a land mass.
    No human being is “Russian” they just were born somewhere and were told that is who they are .
    Why encourage the Crown’s MO?

    1. The reason that nationalism is essential to our survival is because we would not have a voice in a globalized world, nor would we have any choice in the ways we might want to live. Think about it: Do you have more say in very local/city politics, or in national politics? Now ask how that would work when a small cabal of the global elite run everything (which is what they would do). How much of a say would you have then? These people might not even live on the same continent as you, and they certainly aren’t going to let you speak at one of their regular meetings.

      We need different cities, states, and nations that all have their own political, economic, cultural, etc. traits so that people can live in a nation and with people that share their values.

      If anything, we need more nationalism and less globalism.

      1. R Zwarich ('Caliban') Avatar
        R Zwarich (‘Caliban’)

        More nationalism, certainly, but with an internationalist perspective. Democracy must be both decentralized, to make it accessible, and centralized, to make it effective. A healthy balance must be sought and created.

        The Elites’ ‘Globalization’ is a plan for centralization of power only, with LESS democratic accessibility.

        ‘Internationalist nationalism’ (to coin a term) is what both Russia and China are advocating. They advocate for a “multi-polar world” in which all nations respect the interests of all other nations, and negotiate ‘win-win’ trade contracts that recognize, through honest negotiations, the interests of all sides.

        This is the essence and basic ethos of the Belt and Road Initiative which both China and Russia, and the other nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, are advancing.

        Many Europeans are buying into the BARI because they recognize the obvious advantages to them. Uniting Eurasia into a cooperative ‘market’ has obvious appeal to Europeans.

        The China and SCO initiated Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, (AIIB), from which the US is rather pointedly excluded, has been joined by many of the US’s oldest and staunchest allies, including some of our Anglo allies, (New Zealand and Australia are both members).

        This is clearly perceived as a major threat by the US Elites, whose own intention is that the US must rule the the world, which is obviously why they are using their control of Mass Media to demonize both Russia and China.

        Achieving “Full Spectrum Dominance”, (which is no less than a modernized articulation of “America (Deutschland) Uber Alles”, which as we all know was Hitler’s stated goal), is actually the formal and written stated policy of the US Government. The goal of achieving “Full Spectrum Dominance” is clearly stated in US/Pentagon policy statements.

        1. Calamity Jane Avatar
          Calamity Jane

          What democracy????
          The Democracy Dogma.
          A bedtime story daddy tells you.

        2. Agreed. We need nationalism with total respect and cooperation(only when asked/invited) between nation-states. I would love to see a multi-polar world where everyone abides by certain agreed-upon rules. The most important rule is that each nation should stay out of the affairs of other people and countries unless they are specifically requested to get involved, and they should remain involved only for a very limited time. Sovereignty is vital, as always.

      2. Yes. The key book here is “Reclaiming the State” by Mitchell and Fazi, a must-read if one is to grasp not only the details but the big picture of how neoliberalism has nearly accomplished “the end of history.”

      3. Calamity Jane Avatar
        Calamity Jane

        Yeah, lets get back to our source not being identified with the name of a land mass( obediently nationalized)or identified with media stereotypes.
        Divide and conquer.
        Nationalism is not only unessential its a concept and idea brought about by the Oligarchy mind controllers.
        How can they have their profitable wars without it.

    2. Calamity Jane Avatar
      Calamity Jane

      Yeah, lets get back to our source not being identified with the name of a land mass( obediently nationalized)or identified with media stereotypes.
      Separatism. Divide and conquer.

  34. Mia Worsfield Avatar
    Mia Worsfield

    yep… I am definitely Russian … and proud to say so… love it Caitlin.

  35. Ms Johnstone some of your readers will just love this.
    This extremely important revealing article can be read here:
    The Victory America Won for Fascism and Nazism After WWII by Eric Zuesse!

  36. This low enough? (Hoping the link works)

    1. Link of the day!

    2. That was fun! Imagine how hard their buns are thighs are! Thanks for sharing,

  37. What about President Kushner? I wonder about President Kushner, sometimes.

  38. catherine fehrenkamp Avatar
    catherine fehrenkamp


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