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The Sleeping Giant

A slumbering giant began to stir and awaken.

“Something’s wrong,” he mumbled.

“Now, now, just you relax,” said a small voice. “Everything’s fine.”

The giant cracked an eye open to find a small man in a lab coat holding a needle and syringe half his size.

“I need to get up,” said the giant. “It feels like something’s wrong.”

“Nonsense, everything’s fine,” said the man in the lab coat. “We’ve taken care of everything. You need your rest. We’ll look after you. I’m going to give you some medicine to help you sleep.”

“How long was I asleep for?” the giant asked after wincing from the prick of the needle.

“Not long enough,” said the man. “Rest now. We’ve got everything taken care of.”

The man’s voice faded into blackness as the giant relaxed into the ground and lost consciousness. He dreamed that a great serpent was chasing him.

Much later, the giant awakened with a start to the sounds of distant gunfire and began to get up.

“Shhh, relax! It’s okay,” said the man in the lab coat.

“There is a war!” said the giant. “I must stop it!”

“Yes, there is a war, but it’s a necessary war,” said the man, struggling to fill a giant syringe with green liquid from a container nearby. “The side we’re fighting against is very bad and must be stopped. Their leader persecutes minorities, and kills babies for no reason! And we received intelligence saying that they were preparing to attack us with powerful weapons.”

“Oh that’s terrible!” said the giant, relaxing and laying his enormous head back down.

“Very terrible indeed,” said the man in the lab coat. “It will be over soon though. Victory is right around the corner. Then we’ll have peace.”

“I like peace,” said the giant, screwing his eyes shut as the needle went in.

“Don’t we all?” said the man. “Rest now. Rest.”

Heavy eyelids closed, and the pops and explosions faded into nothingness.

A long time passed. The giant kept having nightmares about a venomous serpent biting his flesh.

Eventually the giant began awakening once again. The gunfire and explosions were still going, and they were louder than before. He opened his eyes and saw the man in the lab coat urinating on a tree.

“You said the war would be over soon,” said the giant.

“Oh! You’re awake!” said the man with a start, hastily zipping up and rushing to his medicine bag.

“Ah, yes, yes the war,” he said as he fumbled to prepare the needle. “Well see we got rid of the bad guy, but that ended up creating a power vacuum and now there’s an even worse bad guy in his place! This one actually eats babies!”

“I feel sick,” said the giant. “Something’s wrong with me. I need to get up.”

“You know I’m glad you brought that up, because it happens that we have put together a party that is dedicated to curing your sickness,” said the man. “You just relax and go back to sleep, and the party will take care of everything.”

“Why are there tubes in my flesh?” asked the giant.

“They’re there to help you become healthy,” the man replied. “Your medicine is ready. Just relax, you’ll feel a slight pin prick.”

“You’re sure you guys have a handle on this?”

“Absolutely. Relax. Trust the party.”

The giant had nightmares that he was trapped in the coils of an enormous serpent. Every time he’d exhale it would squeeze its coils ever tighter around him.

A great long time later, the giant’s eyes opened again. He was lying on his back now, and he could feel tiny ropes being cast over his body.

“Hey what’s going on?” yelled the giant.

“Shhh, relax,” the man in the lab coat said into his ear. “Go back to sleep.”

“They’re tying me up!” the giant protested, beginning to struggle and shake.

“It’s for your safety! Calm down,” said the man. “Sometimes you move in your sleep and we’re worried you might hurt yourself.”

“I still hear the war!” objected the giant. “And I feel even sicker now! What’s happening? You said your party would fix this!”

“There’s been a problem in the party, but we’re fixing it,” said the man. “There is a great revolutionary leader who is fighting to take control of the party, and he will put everything right. Soon big changes will be made, and all will be well.”

“I can make the changes myself!” roared the giant. “I am vast! I am powerful! I will make things right! Untie me and let me up!”

“Yes, you can. Of course you can,” said the man. “But we’ve got to work within the system.  If you go upsetting the system, the bad guys will win!”

“Oh well I don’t want the bad guys to win,” the giant said, relaxing slightly.

“Of course you don’t,” said the man. “You are good, and you are mighty. Now relax and go to sleep so we can win this revolution.”

“Okay,” said the giant. “Okay.”

The world fell away after the familiar needle prick, and the giant dreamed he was being swallowed alive by an enormous serpent.

After what felt like a very, very long time, the giant awoke to the sounds of construction. He opened his eyes and, after much straining through badly blurred vision, was able to make out cranes and pulleys all around him, lifting large iron bars which many men were working to affix to an enormous structure being built around him.

“Wh- what is this?” asked the giant. His voice was weak and raspy.

“Relax,” the familiar voice said into his ear. “It’s nothing. Go back to sleep.”

“They’re building a cage around me,” the giant whispered.

“It’s for your safety,” said the man in the lab coat. “We need to protect you from the bad guys while you sleep.”

The giant struggled to get up but couldn’t move.

“Why am I tied down?”

“It’s for your safety, remember? Your safety is our highest priority.”

“I am sick,” said the giant. “I’m sick, and I’m weak. I need help.”

“We are helping you,” said the man. “We are making you well.”

“No, no you’re not. You’re making me sick. You’re making me weak. These tubes you’ve got in me. They’re not helping me, they’re draining me.”

“Nonsense. You’re imagining things.”

“You’re using me. You’ve been using me this entire time.”

“That’s a paranoid delusion. You’re paranoid and crazy. I’m going to give you some medicine to calm down.”

“No. No!”

The needle went in, followed by the familiar darkness.

“One of these days,” thought the giant as he slipped away. “One of these days I should definitely get up.”







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Latest comments

  • In an insane world the sane man appears insane. Insanity is gripping our world. Those who are sane will be singled out and eliminated while the world cheers.

    • People said that Yeshua, the Great Liberator was insane. Yeshua implies “Liberator” in Hebrew. They labeled Him “insane” because His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so different, powerful and brilliant, that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Yeshua trained His Ambassadors to teach and practice a strategy which when put into practice will withdraw power out of their medical-industrial-military complex. Read more of this here:

  • Can humanity still produce a Jesus? Or a Buddha?
    For a bit of history, it was happening every few centuries. But now, its been a drought of over 2000 years.
    Can humanity still produce a Jesus or a Buddha?
    Or has the progress of human society since the crucifixion of Jesus been such that creating a person full of kindness and love and at peace with themselves is now impossible. Has human society become more brutal and coercive since that time, to the point where someone who isn’t an asshole can no longer exist? Have we progressed into a world where everyone has to be at least partially an asshole just to survive?
    For, isn’t that a key description of Jesus? Jesus was not an asshole? This is what made him unique. This is what made people follow him in wonder. Hey, that guy’s not an asshole. I’ve never seen anyone like him before.
    This is still what makes him unique. We still celebrate 2000 years later that we once produced one person who was not an asshole. For awhile at least, until we nailed him to a cross and left him out in the hot sun to die.
    There was of course a religion formed about the teachings of the man who was not an asshole. The fundamental tenet of this religion was “Don’t be an asshole.” Do unto others as you would wish to be done to you. Do not kill. Do not lie. Do not cheat. Do not steal. Or, to put it simply, don’t be an asshole.
    That religion died ages ago. It was transformed into people shrieking about Sin to others. It was transformed into people trying to feel superior to others. Superior in being more virtuous. You are a bigger Sinner than I. Superior in wearing finer clothes to church.
    Others changed the meaning of the religion entirely, making it into a doomsday cult obsessed with the end of the world, which is always going to happen tomorrow, so you’ve got to get yourself saved, and give all your money to the church, and do it today, there is no time to waste, because the end is near. And if you have to lie, cheat, steal, kill, torture and destroy in order to bring about the end of the world, well, you are only doing God’s holy work for him. In this version of the religion, you get to be the biggest asshole in the world all in the name of the man who was not an asshole.
    Nope, the religion that said simply “Don’t be an asshole” is dead and buried and so far has resisted resurrection. Humankind does not accept even the concept of not being an asshole. That goes against human nature.
    And we no longer have people like Jesus or Buddha, who could exist in the world without being an asshole. Nope, those people can not exist in this modern world of the assholes, by the assholes and for the assholes. And if another such liberal, dreamer idealist dares to show his face on this world, we’ll nail him to a cross, by God.

    • Serious, committed dissidents should study, understand and collectively put into practice the revolutionary strategy and tactics which Yeshua, the Great Liberator trained His Ambassadors to teach and practice. Yeshua implies “Liberator” in Hebrew. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so different, powerful and brilliant, that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. His Spirit live on but the world does not recognize His spirit. When some wise and concerned citizens do that they will start a revolution which will withdraw power out of their medical-industrial-military complex. Read more of this here:

  • “You can’t play God, without being acquainted with the Devil”

  • The Giant is The Zeitgeist.
    The Zeitgeist is wide awake.
    Tune in and act based upon wise intuition.

  • Our wonderful writer, Ms Caitlin Johnstone, is being quoted by the heavyweights on the Internet!
    As commentator Ms Caitlin Johnstone recognizes, the censorship of David Icke by these internet media giants has nothing to do with Mr. Icke: “What matters is that we are seeing a consistent and accelerating pattern of powerful plutocratic institutions collaborating with the United States-centralized empire to control what ideas people around the world are permitted to share with each other, and it is a very unsafe trajectory.”
    Welcome to the age of technofascism.

    • Yep, of course the far-right loves it.
      The far-right loves the idea that the powerful are being persecuted. It glories in that narrative, and uses it for recruitment. Of course, as always, it is the far-right that is the great danger. It is the far right that is willing to kill millions for profit and power. They use these myths that the far-right is persecuted, that the Christians are persecuted, to con people into supporting their cause of death, greed, power, torture and more and more death.
      And of course, the one thing you can count on the fascists to do is to call their opponents fascists. As old Abe once said, you can fool some of the people all of the time.

  • You want the truth Then listen to Judy M

    • Judy Mikovits is my hero. lying agents of Big Pharma and MSM pundits say she is a liar we should not listen to. But if Judy is a liar then so are dozens of other medical scientists and Robert Kennedy Junior who say the same things she says. Go figure!

    • Thanks Corkie. A great link. For those like me who have struggled without it, the data presented fits like a very close fitting glove. There seems to be a case to answer… the silence is deafening and imho it’s going to be a rather loud version of the 1812 overture when this moves on a little further. -g-

      • Notice what she says about flu shots. It makes you more susceptible to the flu. I never got a flu shot because i feared this very thing. A strain will be released and it will target flu shot users. I know, just another conspiracy theory but I do not trust big pharma nor government intentions.

    • Its all a myth. So, get back to work you lazy, worthless slaves. Nobody cares if you die. The slave market known as Human Resources will always supply more slaves to take your place after we toss your body and our other refuse into the gas ovens. The only thing that matters if profit. Profit matters, you don’t. So, get back to work you lazy, worthless slaves, and die for our profits.

  • Brilliant analogy, Caitlin! But I am a long term optimist. Wise people don’t waste time in a rigged fight which we cannot win when evil people fight dirty and do not follow the rules. Wise people get out of the way, leave good people to waste their time and energy fighting evil people and after the battle is over and both good and evil people have finished fighting and both have lost the war and everything they were fighting over, wise people will come out of their corners and hideouts and build a new and glorious civilization without hindrance from evil people.
    Those who work for change must share the revolutionary Liberator’s Vision and Mission and this must become a grass-roots, social, spiritual, tactical movement, networking around the world. The revolutionary Liberator I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means LIBERATOR. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here:

    • A tired and no longer active revolutionary = tool for the oligarchs

  • The Giant prefers sleep. The Giant WANTS to sleep. The Giant wants others to tell him/her what to do at all times. The Giant does not want to get up and exert any effort.

    The Giant does not want to learn for him/herself. The Giant prefers being passive and weak. The Giant does not know he/she IS (was) a giant. The Giant thinks he/she is small and powerless.

    The Giant seeks permission to do anything at all. The Giant hears The Others as voices of a god that must be followed without question. The Giant keeps surrendering little parts of him/herself every day to the point that now he/she does not even resemble a Giant or even less.

    If the Giant catches a glimpse of itself in the mirror (a mirror provided by The Other Voice in the form of Corporate Media), the Giant sees only a defeated shell of what it thought it used to look like.

    The Giant is thankful and grateful for the “help” being provided by the Others. The Giant wants MORE help from the Others. Instead of wanting to run away from the Others, the Giant seeks to get closer to them.

    The Giant gets its sense of self worth and purpose from what The Others demand from it. The Giant has come to LOVE its keepers and craves its attention and constant approval. The Giant has become tiny… and the Tiny look like they are the Giants. And sadly today, they are.

  • With these words as my only weapon—though that is unlikely to keep me from being labeled a ‘terrorist’ and getting an unannounced late-night visit—I say the authority of the United States government is illegitimate and struggle by its people to overthrow the regime by whatever means seems best to them is justified.

    I didn’t plan to write a book when I started on this journey. I just had an intense, personal curiosity. I wanted to understand what happened for myself. But as the years went by, the gap between what I was learning and what appeared in print and media began to weigh on me. Reluctantly, I realized I had a responsibility to share what I had found. Thank you for being brave enough to open this volume. It takes a certain amount of courage to challenge the status quo, to dare to have a thought that differs from what the media screams at you daily.

    We are living through an upheaval of historic proportions. The visible evidence of collapse makes criticism redundant. What is being born before our eyes still lacks a clear shape; it could just as easily beget monsters and therefore defies any attempt to describe it. In such times, all commentary is reduced to the level of chit-chat. We can speak only from the midst of events; from the breach we can hear the cracking foundations of a global order at its end that are opening up new paths for the future.

    Some will see behind this ambition either senile nostalgia or the mindless elation of youth. But let them take comfort, as much as they can: We are sure of being the most realistic by far.

    • And again, Caitlin, thank you for your contributions already, your work is woven throughout.

    • See my reply to your previous comment yesterday along these lines.

  • it only takes one generation to raise an army of obedient morons. Present company exempted of course. XD

  • There is one final chapter. After sleeping for a very long time the giant awakes. No one is around. The intravaneous drugs have run dry. After much effort he frees himself from his prison. He goes outside and it is devastation. Those who still live are disorganized and starving. The giant ponders for a moment and thinks to himself, I need to find someone to take charge so he can tell me the best way to fix this mess.

  • Arguing that Joe Biden is both suffering from dementia and is a racist is an obvious contradiction to anyone who knows anything about Men’s Health. Of course, we know that any study of Men’s Health is forbidden in this age where only Women’s issues can be studied. But, the claims that any man old enough to suffer from dementia is also a rapist is obvious propaganda. Of course, this is quite suitable for the anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-thinking Trumpf movement for a new Fourth Reich.

    • This was over 20 years ago. So he can both be a rapist and have dementia. You must work for the MSM. That is the garbage they peddle for people dumb enough to believe it.

  • Those little picks seem familiar.

  • Pretty good.

  • We are the giant. We are stronger than the powers-that-we-let-be-in-charge. But it’s hard to fight back on a constant diet of Soma.

  • I’m hopeful the giant will fully awaken shortly. Though what awakens it won’t be pleasant. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand……
    As a consequence of the willful destruction of economies around the world, the giant is going to get hungry.

  • How big is a virus, and for those who have worked in real clean rooms, say class 10 for 1 micron particles and above, would wearing facemasks and social distancing do anything good?

    It may be different for medical responders working in confined conditions with acutely ill patients, but not for normal situations.

    Would a ventilator, where an Ill patient is exhaling virus laden breath into a full face mask be a good idea or would it be preferable to have a tube bleed oxygen near the nose for inhalation?

    Has anyone died from Corona virus that has had normal or high concentrations of vitamin D and vitamin C?

    The giant needs to answer these questions (and other obvious questions) before fashioning his intellectual cudgel and taking appropriate action.

    It’s time for some serious splatting.

    • LiesLiesLies. My mask keeps me safe. My social distancing keeps me safe. Going where they tell me keeps me safe. The new vaccine coming out soon keeps me safe. Bill Gates keeps me safe. I know for a fact that these things are true because that is what CNN tells me.

  • Caitlin, I don’t know how old you are, but suspect you were not around in the 60-70’s so this little piece of news should send a shudder down your back.

    Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic
    Jeffrey A. Tucker
    May 1, 2020
    In my lifetime, there was another deadly flu epidemic in the United States. The flu spread from Hong Kong to the United States, arriving December 1968 and peaking a year later. It ultimately killed 100,000 people in the U.S., mostly over the age of 65, and one million worldwide.
    Lifespan in the US in those days was 70 whereas it is 78 today. Population was 200 million as compared with 328 million today. It was also a healthier population with low obesity. If it would be possible to extrapolate the death data based on population and demographics, we might be looking at a quarter million deaths today from this virus. So in terms of lethality, it was as deadly and scary as COVID-19 if not more so, though we shall have to wait to see.
    “In 1968,” says Nathaniel L. Moir in National Interest, “the H3N2 pandemic killed more individuals in the U.S. than the combined total number of American fatalities during both the Vietnam and Korean Wars.”
    And this happened in the lifetimes of every American over 52 years of age.
    Well worth visiting the page for the full article.

    • It killed those people over several years, not over several months. Stop trying to draw false equivalencies.

      • No equivalence can be determined. We are constantly barraged with erroneous statistics. But I can make a comparison. Even by the very likely exaggerated deaths attributed to CV, just yesterday did it kill as many world wide as are killed every year by medical error and malpractice in the US alone. So far, doctors are more dangerous than CV. Yet a handful of such doctors, who just happen to be among those most deeply embedded in the Medical Industrial Complex, are determining the fate of millions, if not billions. Inflicting poverty upon us to defeat a virus the mortality of which we have no idea. Poverty is by orders of magnitude the most dangerous plague, as it magnifies all other maladies.

        • Either way this is a grand mess. If the system still stands at the end of it this will have been an epic of evil for nothing.

    • Thanks for the reminder, I have replicated the content. There was the Isle of Wight Pop festivals at the same time as Hong Kong flu as well. 1969, 1970. I was at both of those festivals as I lived on the IOW during my teenage years. I was definitely spaced out at the time. Does that count as “social distancing” ?

  • Uncle Leo, Luv you babe from coastel ,NJj

  • Obituary Notice.
    He lived long enough to watch mother nature take it to the man.
    Well done Caitlin!

    • Check!

  • LOL. Some species just aren’t fit for existence and therefore go extinct. As a worthy man once supposedly said, ‘you will know me by my world’s, and then they killed him. Having done so they should have been known what their works were all about, their cities and their arts and sciences, humans for the vast majority from my perspective are unworthy of existence and in all likelihood will go the way of the woolly mammoth never to be seen or heard from again.

    • I get your drift, but we also are part of creation and must learn, like we haven’t before, to find our appropriate place in it. Jesus called us “the salt of the earth.” Not the food, not the meal, not even the main course, but merely the spice which, when added in moderation, helps to bring out the flavor.

  • The thing I’m constantly dumbstruck over is how, so many people, are so far, from accurately understanding who is doing, what is being done, and how it’s being done. Liberals all think it’s Trump loving Fox News watching Conservatives, and Trump loving Fox News watching Conservatives think it’s liberals unaware of any of a number of conspiracy theories.

  • Are you speaking to me?? Am I the giant that is asleep believing that if I just relax, everything will turn out all right. Is that what you are saying? Am I the little boy that holds the fate of Fantasia in my hands simply because I fail to see that it is me that has the power to save her. Is that what you are saying. Huuh?

    • No. Stop thinking and go back to sleep.

  • Aha, the evil Mr. Bill Gates and his vaccine microchip with its mind control program will soon enslave every one of you! It is coming, peons; resistance is futile!

    • It is not coming… is already here…the medicine in the syringe is the constant MSM propaganda paid for and controlled by the predatory capitalists

    • Damn! I was already doing whatever my smartphone told me to do. How many $&@%ing masters am I expected to have!

  • Thank you for your writing, it’s very evocative, and quite heartbreaking.

    The problem is there is no giant, there’s lots of people. And while many have the concerned sense that things are wrong and many things need to be done, (a) the probable outcome of overt rebellion for a person is that they suffer and achieve nothing; (b) while the people are united in a sense that things are wrong and something should be done there’s no agreement on what (fundamentally) is wrong and what needs to be done; (c) there’s no sense among people that we are ‘the people’. That different people are each being looted and gaslighted by empire isn’t actually enough to unite them.

    Recognizing empire is a necessary step but liberal consumers aren’t going to successfully resist anything.

    • In response, I repeat a post made yesterday on Bill Mitchell’s MMT blog (JG is shorthand for MMT’s universal federal job guarantee): “Bill hones in here on THE issue–formerly chronic, now acute–which will determine humanity’s near-term and likely long-term future. Will public pressure, protest, and civil disobedience, perhaps on a never-seen-before scale, manage to force governments to take care of all of their citizens, to arrange things (like the JG) so that all can live viable lives, or will governmental catering only to the plutocratic class grow even stronger and manage to crush whatever opposition may arise from “the people?” Let me say again what I’ve said repeatedly on this blog and elsewhere: in the final analysis, this question will be answered only by us, the non-elite 90%, by the breadth and depth and persistence of the opposition we generate when the current health crisis morphs into an even more devastating and enduring economic crisis. Will social distancing and its consequences lead ironically, wondrously, to the firm and emboldening embrace of brothers and sisters standing up for each other, including “the least of these,” or will we show ourselves to be, at our core, fearful, self-obsessed cowards, grasping desperately to preserve only our individual welfare–thus proving that the neoliberals were right about us all along?

    • Until you had to go and choose sides, I was agreeing with you. If anything, it’s those who wish to rush back to work, to restore the capitalistic control of the oligarchs that is responsible for the mess we are now in, not the virus. Sure the virus is dangerous, but, so far, has affected less than 1% of Americans. The love of possession – of unnecessary things that give a delusional feeling of self-worth – that is the real villain.
      By its very nature, capitalism gives more and more to those at the top then, when top heavy, collapses into recession. When people resume the ‘normal’ life again, they are perpetuating the cycle. All the so-called stimulus packages, prove that capitalism is incapable of properly dealing with real crisis. And, with something like $8 trillion, so far, available in the combined stimulus packages, if capitalism were strong, over 90% of the money, our tax money, wouldn’t be going to the huge corporate bastions of capitalism; it would all be going to the people, who would then spend it and make those business strong that deserve to exist. Capitalism is also why Trump virtually emptied the U.S. storage of emergency supply and then cut the cost of replacing them from the budget. Storing to prepare for a pandemic would have been more cost-effective in the long run (in terms of money AND lives), but capitalism says that it is just not profitable to pay for things to be held in storage. Capitalism was wrong. Our entire socio-political system, in tandem with unfettered capitalism is built of a base of shifting sand. It is antiquated and obsolete. Newer, better options are available to replace that system with something more appropriate to the world as it is now. The task is to properly choose the correct one.

  • The giant died and the ants ate him.
    Earth humans left the planet with Musk and Bezos. The dogs sit around the campfire and discuss whether man ever existed. Read City by Clifford Simak.

  • great story

  • The giant is waking up. It is never too late.

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