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Internet Censorship, Ego Death, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

There is no legitimate basis upon which to support monopolistic plutocratic megacorporations with extensive government ties silencing dissident voices in order to control the thoughts that people think about Covid-19. This is true regardless of your stance on the virus itself.

It is a known fact that Silicon Valley tech giants have extensive ties to the US government. Like, it’s not a secret. At all. Yet whenever you object to internet censorship you always get people babbling about how it’s a “private company” so it’s okay. If a company is intertwined with government power in myriad ways, how is its deplatforming behavior meaningfully distinct from state censorship? Especially when its willingness to collaborate with the government protects it from antitrust cases, thereby killing any potential competition?

“Free market” types say “If you don’t like it you can go on another platform!” No you can’t. There’s no competition. If you don’t like Twitter you can leave a platform of hundreds of millions for a platform like Gab, which is like ten people and nine of them are Nazis.

They’ll say “No biggie, go be on that tiny platform over there, there’s plenty of free speech there!” I am sure there is. There’s free speech in the desert, too. Free speech doesn’t matter if you’ve isolated yourself on a platform where your voice is only heard by a few fringey people.

They’ve herded everyone onto a few monopolistic government-tied platforms, and now they’re censoring those platforms with an increasingly authoritarian fist. There’s no “free market” solution to this problem, because it’s not happening in a free market.


Friendly reminder that nobody ever asked if you consented to the United States ruling the planet, and you aren’t served by hating any of the governments which refuse to bow to its commands.


It’s so weird to me how foreign policy is just another tick box to American voters, same as any other policy. It’s like seeing a guy on a dating site who is bad on mass murder but on the other hand is good on cats and cooking at home and thinking, “Yeah why not, I like cats.”


“Those Chinese sure have an evil oppressive government,” said the guy whose government robs its citizens to violently destroy disobedient nations around the world, made possible by a one-party political system and the most sophisticated propaganda engine ever made.


My views on escalations against China arise from the same principles as all my other antiwar views, but a few longtime followers are like “OMG! OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LOVE THE CCP!” Bitch if you want unprincipled antiwar-when-politically-convenient takes go watch Tucker Carlson.


Facebook forbids female nipples, and now Twitter is scolding people for swearing. It’s obnoxious how America enforces its freakish puritanical values via Silicon Valley.


Elon Musk has named his newborn son “X Æ A-1”, which is pronounced “Elon Musk is an insufferable wanker”.


Trump ended up being not another Hitler, but another Obama.

This is not a compliment.


Democrats constantly tell leftists that they need to compromise with billionaires, bankers, exploitative corporations, war profiteers and sociopathic government agencies, and that they are simultaneously also incapable of compromising with the left on any agenda whatsoever.


Democrats have been consistently attacking Trump’s imperialism not because it is evil and murderous, but because Trump’s approach to imperialism is gaudy, unrefined, and unfashionable.


I was writing and tweeting about Tara Reade a bit, but the ugly insane vitriol being spewed about her by liberals is just too viscerally disturbing for me. Can’t do it. Hits too close to home. I’m sure I’m not the only rape survivor who’s been cowed into shutting up about this.



The Pulitzers are a vapid circle jerk where propagandists give each other trophies and assure one another that they still have souls.


“Think tank” is a great and accurate label. Not because a great deal of thought happens in them, but because they’re dedicated to controlling what people think, and because they are artificial enclosures made for slimy creatures.


“I am an independent-minded critical thinker,” said the person who was convinced by an 8chan anon that the world is being rescued by the president of the United States.


There’s an experience commonly referred to as “ego death” which people sometimes experience on psychedelics, in deep meditation etc which refers to the experience of no self; there’s just sensory input and maybe some light mind flickerings without the sense of a separate self.

The thing is, the ego never actually goes away during these experiences, because it was never there to begin with. There is no solid thing to be found anywhere in experience that can be called an ego or a separate self; there’s just thoughts, memories, sense impressions, etc.

In other words, there is no “ego” that can “die”. What actually disappears during these experiences is your belief in the separate self, the “me”, the ego. It’s the belief that dissipates, a belief in something that was only ever an illusion. All the entheogen/meditation practice/whatever did was make it possible for you to see the reality of your actual experience; it didn’t change anything about you, it just clarified your vision so you could see clearly what was always already the case.

The cool thing about this is it means you can learn to experience egolessness in your normal, everyday life, not just during special “mystical” moments, because it’s just perceiving the reality of your experience as it is actually occuring. It’s just a matter of investigating your own experience and then re-training your perceptual habits to align with your findings. Look for the separate self. Really hunt it down. Leave no stone unturned within you. All you’ll find is thought, sense impressions, feelings, etc.

Egolessness is not a matter of attaining some special state, it’s a matter of training oneself out of an erroneous habit of perceiving. Most human organisms are simply misperceiving the reality of the raw data that’s showing up on their screens, and we can learn to correct that.

So all you need to do is sincerely get curious about the reality of your everyday experience. Investigate the nature of perception, consciousness and self in your own experience and see the reality of egolessness. The truth is life is just happening without any separate “me”. Once you discover the reality of egolessness, you can learn to stop imbuing the imaginary separate self with the power of belief. All psychological suffering ultimately stems from this fundamental misperception.

This isn’t something which requires any faith or trust in me or anyone else; it’s simply a matter of investigating your own experience, seeing through the illusion, and then ceasing to place belief in that illusion. It needn’t be difficult or prolonged.


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  • The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” It does not explicitly say that the government can’t cut tacit deals with private oligopolies to achieve precisely those ends. Something tells me that the Federalist Society asshats who now dominate the US federal bench will find this distinction persuasive.

  • Wow, Caitlin, you just caught me by surprise. You started talking about ego death, and I though ooh-kayy. But it soon became clear that you actually get it. Which means personal experience. That’s a bit rare.

    ” it’s simply a matter of investigating your own experience, seeing through the illusion, and then ceasing to place belief in that illusion. It needn’t be difficult or prolonged.”

    Pretty much sums up the process. I would have said that seeing through the illusion destroys the belief in it, but maybe your path was different. It can be a bit tricky, though, which is why many find it difficult and prolonged. Some think they can escape from this reality and arrive at a different (better) one. Others cling to any attainment as though this is the new and improved self. They even learn how to be careful about how they say it so others don’t correct them. You don’t give that impression. You truly seem to be speaking from authentic experience. As you probably know, when the delusion drops away, all becomes clear in the sense that the paradoxes are resolved. There are, however, layers of subtler perception and therefor belief which can be missed if you’re not thorough. Good to have a teacher or a guide. On the other hand, it is said that once you have that first experience, the final goal is assured.

    You are impressive in so many ways, even without a self-existing ego.

    cheers, Glen.

  • “This is true regardless of your stance on the virus itself.”
    But what *is* your stance on *the* issue, Caitlin?
    Your loyal readers need to know. It’s like a ginormous elephant in the room of your blog. Come on… you’ve had long enough. What is your view, or what is your excuse?

  • Did you know that WW II is not over? I surely did not!
    Today, as the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of this victory, why not think very seriously about finally winning that war once and for all?
    If you are confused by this statement, then you might want to sit down and take a deep breath before reading on. Within the next 12 minutes, you will likely discover a disturbing fact which may frighten you a little bit: The allies never actually won World War II.. This very revealing article can be read here:
    For Victory Day: It Is Time To Think About Finally Winning WWII by Matthew Ehret!

  • “Elon Musk has named his newborn son “X Æ A-1”, which is pronounced “Elon Musk is an insufferable wanker” Yes!

  • https://twitter.com/ozraeliavi/status/1259081832085090305?s=21

    Mother ARRESTED and her child ripped from her arms in Sydney today.

    For breaching lockdown laws.

    That she was protesting.

    You should write more locally. Save Australia Caitlin. At least try. Lockdown is facism because it is not supported by ANY real science

  • Most voters are unconscious; they are driven by prejudices; they are overwhelmingly reactive, not active, in political matters. What they are reacting to are mainly their own prejudices.
    This means, of course, that the public are manipulable.
    Vulnerabilities are buttons to push, instead of fellow-beings to have compassion and authentic caring for and about. This is the PR or propaganda profession, and it is hired by billionaires in order to manipulate their followers in whatever ways those billionaires want them to be manipulated, to vote for whatever politicians the given billionaire wants to win any given election.
    And that is the ineradicable, and often fatal, flaw, in any democracy. This article can be read here:
    The Ineradicable, and Often Fatal, Flaw in Any Democracy by Eric Zuesse!

    • All voters are unconscious as you wouldn’t vote for the Crown authority to have authority over you if you were conscious.
      We do not have a democracy. That is dogma fed to your mind by the state.
      All parties( ideologies) as parts of govt which are designed to capture ” voters” you identifying with what they say they are .

  • “It is a known fact that Silicon Valley tech giants have extensive ties to the US government… Yet whenever you object to internet censorship you always get people babbling about how it’s a ‘private company’ so it’s okay.

    Since the United States is fully and effectively “owned” by corporations, doesn’t make the USA a corporate subsidiary of them?

    “Friendly reminder that nobody ever asked if you consented to the United States ruling the planet, and you aren’t served by hating any of the governments which refuse to bow to its commands.”

    There has never been a bully anywhere that ever asked permission to be a bully. And the bully always only serves itself exclusively.

    “Facebook forbids female nipples, and now Twitter is scolding people for swearing.”

    But the much bigger obscenity is that anyone goes anywhere near those platforms.

    “‘Think tank’ is a great and accurate label. Not because a great deal of thought happens in them, but because they’re dedicated to controlling what people think, and because they are artificial enclosures made for slimy creatures.”

    There are great big tanks that house human waste and used up, filthy petroleum products. But at least those tanks are being honest about it.

    “I am an independent-minded critical thinker,” said the person who was convinced by an 8chan anon that the world is being rescued by the president of the United States.

    No one who is truly an independent-minded critical thinker would ever use that definition about themselves. To do so is to wed oneself to a narrative that makes them a slave to something and thus not independent from it.

    “Egolessness is not a matter of attaining some special state, it’s a matter of training oneself out of an erroneous habit of perceiving.”

    If we ever lose our habit for erroneous habit of perceiving, we’ve just finished off the entire advertising and propaganda profession.

  • First and foremost. CHINA IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE UNITED STATES, just as imperialistic and much more nationalistic. So please stop with the poor misunderstood China crap.

    As far as Facebook and our ability to communicate, that all hinged on the decision by the FCC to declare that the ISPs are not common carriers and are not regulated by the Communications Act of 1934.

    “This legislation is what Ajit Pai is referring to when he complains about the FCC relying on dusty old phone regulations to enforce net neutrality. But the Title II regulatory framework is not strictly about phones, anymore than prior common-carriage protections were about ships or telegraphs — it’s about basic principles of openness and nondiscrimination, no matter the technology used to communicate.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/made-by-history/wp/2017/11/27/what-fcc-chair-ajit-pai-gets-wrong-about-net-neutrality/

    And I think everyone should read the Communications Act of 1934 because it will let you know how far down the road toward Fascism the United Sates has traveled since 1934. Common decency was still a thing, even in government, back then, even though it’s abuses were at the time already decried. https://transition.fcc.gov/Reports/1934new.pdf

  • One of the problems with reality is the extent to which it resembles bad fiction.



    “. . . Don Quixote meets al-Qaeda. . . ”
    —Matt Taibbi

    • Well, you know what Kurt Vonnegut said: ‘Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.’ Loosely speaking….

      • Never let the sense get in the way, we say. It’s in the nonsense that you find real truth.

        “The most dangerous ideas are those that are true. Read the
        literature, but don’t read too much of it. Read a bit to notice
        something that everybody is doing wrong. Something that just
        doesn’t feel right. Read enough to develop your intuitions, and
        then trust your intuitions. Don’t be too worried if everybody
        else says it’s nonsense. But, there is one thing. If you think it is
        a really good idea, and other people tell you it’s COMPLETE
        NONSENSE. Then you are really onto something.”

  • If there is no “I”, there is no “you” so it is pointless to tell others how “you can learn to experience egolessness”. The rulers like nothing better than to subsume all individual egos into the nostrism of the hive mind over which they exercise control.

    • Agree it is not an experience (which the ego mind loves and values).
      All egos collectively are the “hive” mind.

  • Truth can easily bear any examination, criticism, or argument. It neither needs nor requires protection by censorship. Lies do.

    The only difference between the Psychopaths In Charge of this nation and that nation is what they think they can get away with. They are all getting away with quite a lot lately. Speaking of egos, what an exorbitant exaggerated expression of such they have.

  • Hmmm

    The fact that you fail to mention israel or its lobbies at all when discussing censorship in America should have been a red flag to all right out of the gate. I am curious how this post will be displayed when posted……

    2 among many issues I have with your article: First is your indictment of the “government” while failing to name the one specific foreign power that has long standing agreements with the major social media platforms to censor and manipulate content in order to shield its crimes not just against Palestinians but against America and the American people: ISRAEL. Israel’s “close ties” to these “platforms” are such that they have long standing formal written agreements with Facebook, You tube twitter etc….

    Second was your immediate condemnation and dismissal of GAB. An alternative platform which not coincidentally, allows criticism of the jewish/zionist/israeli lobbies and israel. Israel and its lobbies are the group (One group because there really isn’t any question that the majority of these “lobbies” are in fact acting as agents of a foreign power and thus should be forced to register as such) primarily responsible for the censorship which has allowed tyranny to flourish in America. Your decision to taint GAB by evoking the specter of antisemitism via your reference to the “Nazis” is right in line with the rest of the lobbies efforts to crush free speech by eliminating competing outlets.

    What I find more interesting than your obvious omissions are your conclusions. Essentially you regurgitate a long-winded version of blame the victim. Blaming the victim is of course a favored ploy of zionists the world over. If only we were more introspective, it only we could come to grips with our inner self. If only we…..

    The solution is painfully obvious because it is clear that “our” government is in bed with the enemy: we the people must force the government to either take control of all the assets or shut down Google, Face Book, Twitter and You Tube because they are in fact direct threats to America and the American people. And in the process arrest their corporate officers on the charges of sedition, terrorism and in some cases, outright treason. And given the direct ties to Israel and the clear intent of those agreements we must cut all military, intelligence and economic aid to Israel. And given israel’s massive ongoing espionage war against the US all treaties and agreements are null and void…. We must treat the terrorist state of Israel exactly the same as we have treated every Muslim terrorist state…….

    • One of the major obstacles for any peace treaty between Israelis and Palestinians is that Israelis are unwilling to divide the city of Jerusalem. They argue that this city is “the eternal capital of the Jewish people”—and surely you cannot compromise on something eternal. What are a few dead people compared to eternity? This is of course utter nonsense. Eternity is at the very least 13.8 billion years—the current age of the universe. Planet Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, and humans have existed for at least 2 million years. In contrast, the city of Jerusalem was established just 5,000 years ago and the Jewish people are at most 3,000 years old. This hardly qualifies as eternity. As for the future, the current understanding of physics tells us that planet Earth will be absorbed by an expanding sun about 7.5 billion years from now, and that our universe will continue to exist for at least 13 billion years more. Does anyone seriously believe that the Jewish people, the state of Israel, or the city of Jerusalem will still exist 13,000 years from now, let alone 13 billion years? Looking to the future, Zionism has a horizon of no more than a few centuries, yet it is enough to exhaust the imagination of most Israelis and somehow qualify as ‘eternity.’ And people are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of “the eternal city,” which they would probably refuse to make for an ephemeral collection of houses.

    • Great post. Until the American people point the finger at Israel and the religion that produces the racist, imperialistic, murderous mindset of the one country that has undermined this country more than any other. Then it is all just pissing in the wind. We will never know who the real adversary to our freedom and liberties. We will always be looking away as they stab us in the back. It is no secret that they conduct more espionage here in the U.S. than just about anyone. The five ‘Dancing Israelis’ on 9/11, giving high fives, lighting their lighters and celebrating! What is it going to take? I live in the Bible belt and it is pretty sad. They equate Israel with the miracles of the Bible. It is a fantasy land detached from reality. To all those programmed out there to say it’s “anti-semitic” let me remind you that the Palestinians are semitic. Using your intelligence services and those domestically here to plan and implement 9/11 for various reasons Seems kind of anti – something, anti-American? Israel is an interest group, simple as that. Their interest is Israel. Not America, Israel.

      • Pointing the finger an Israel will accomplish nothing. Israel is a tool, like the rest of the Blob’s congeries of satellites. ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us.’

        • Perhaps, Americans do themselves great harm. They also are motivated by money/power and the Israel lobby has plenty of that. Also consider that Israel is the only nation welded to a religion. Other countries may have a dominant religion, Israel is different in this regard. I don’t have to play naive as to which country the true loyalty lies. Think for a moment if all the dual passport holders in the media and politics held say ‘Russian’ passports as well as American citizenship? What would people think then. I personally am tired of this country being subverted for the interest of another. When you think ‘Globalist’ think ‘Zionist’

          • I think maybe we should all do a thought experiment! If Israel was nuked off the face of the planet and ceased to exist, would the Blob still exist along with its neo-liberal full spectrum dominance agenda? I think it would, it would just down one very influential member. Now do the same to the USA, and you get a very different story. Setting aside the fact that both countries would nuke the world to smithereens on the way out, it would seem to me that postage stamp sized and resource poor Isreal would need to find a new big brother to help them bully the world.

          • Israelis often use the term ‘the three great religions,’ thinking that these religions are Christianity (2.3 billion adherents), Islam (1.8 billion) and Judaism (15 million). Hinduism, with its billion believers, and Buddhism, with its 500 million followers—not to mention the Shinto religion (50 million) and the Sikh religion (25 million)—don’t make the cut. This warped concept of ‘the three great religions’ often implies in the minds of Israelis that all major religious and ethical traditions emerged out of the womb of Judaism, which was the first religion to preach universal ethical rules. As if humans prior to the days of Abraham and Moses lived in a Hobbesian state of nature without any moral commitments, and as if all of contemporary morality derives from the Ten Commandments. This is a baseless and insolent idea, which ignores many of the world’s most important ethical traditions.

            • Good into and a great perspective! Thanks

            • Good info and a great perspective! Thanks

            • Hmmm

              Of course Judaisms concept of “universal ethical rules” do not apply to treatment of gentiles. Which invalidates any possible claims about being the first…..

        • Its not Israel.
          What harm did a piece of land ever do.
          Don’t make yourself into an enemy( ego loves than)
          Its human unconsciousness.

    • Yeah and forgetting the Zionist lobby(” global/ banking cabal/oligarchy/establishment” ) is a big omission.

    • Good post, DDearborn! While it is true that Israeli leadership is a private club of sociopaths, things are much the same in the U.S., England, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and just about every other country. Yes, Jewish sociopaths are currently the King of the Hill and a shoe-in for the proverbial “elephant in the room”, and you are quite right that they should not be so conspicuously ignored. Kudos for having the courage to say so.

  • While I think we all need to be more aware and critical of our egos, I still admire Caitlin Johnstone’s columns very much. This time especially:

    1. As a criminal defense lawyer who works on some civil rights issues I love the logic and imagery of this phrase by Ms. Johnstone: “There’s free speech in the desert”

    2. I love how this sentence shows the utter hypocrisy of neoliberals “Democrats constantly tell leftists that they need to compromise with billionaires, bankers, exploitative corporations, war profiteers and sociopathic government agencies, and that they are simultaneously also incapable of compromising with the left on any agenda whatsoever.”

    3. And then there is this: “The Pulitzers are a vapid circle jerk where propagandists give each other trophies and assure one another that they still have souls.”

    Much of the gold of truthful insight and writing is in Ms. Caitlin Johnstone’s columns. Ms. Johnstone is one person, but you feel what she writes is like a wave breaking repeatedly on the rocks of persistent establishment lies that are slowly being worn away.

    Thank you Caitlin Johnstone for all of your work.


  • Caitlin, you will fit better on MINDS & MeWe

  • A Christian perspective DEFINITELY not shared by all Christians (mores the pity):

    1) The five senses world is temporal
    2) The spiritual world lasts, well, much longer . . .

    Every stinking, blooming, nefarious thing happening right now is in Christina eschatology (along with Islam and Jewish eschatology). That should garner a little attention.

    The difference is THE FIX that made the relationship between humans and God available again. Get over the apple in the garden with a snake hanging from a tree – SO MUCH MORE than that.

    Reality: God gives salvation freely. You know what they say about things that are free; we have been conditioned to think free things are junk.

    Falsehood: Lucifer gives knowledge to “special people”. That makes the elites feel they are ‘chosen.”

    Fact: Only God can Create
    Fact: Lucifer can only do a sad impression

    The stage is currently being set for what is known as the “End Times”.

    God’s salvation is still freely given via Christ Jesus.

    In the not-too-distant future, you will be forced to decide: worship the one true God or worship the Fake. You think you will do the right thing but look how they are already manipulating you right now.

    If you can’t see past the lies now, you won’t be able to see the truth when things REALLY get bad.

    Too many people in America have had it too easy for too long. We have become lazy, fat and stupid and want safety and security at any cost, even as we piss away our constitutional rights.

    Not you, of course.

    Here’s the great thing right how: Time very shortly will tell who was right and who was wrong.

    Choose wisely.

    • Some of what you say resonates. But I’m more interested in, and moved by, the religion OF Jesus than the religion ABOUT Jesus. Seems to me that Caitlin’s ruminations about liberation from the ego fit nicely within the former, not so much within the latter. Same goes for her incisive sociopolitical insights, those bursts of clarity which make posts like this so helpful.

    • LOL. You say your God is all loving yet you describe a hateful, psychopathic God, no God worth believing in needs anything from anyone, you’re either on or you’re off, there are no demands whatsoever, if you’re a piece of manure like so many are, or a gutless swine that aids and abets the manure then you can’t appreciate and therefore cannot experience that which is. That is all there is to it, it’s not a moral call it’s a talent, you’re either in tune with the universe or you’re not. Unfortunately it would appear that while most can conceive of a God most cannot conceive that they are in fact not God themself.

    • I wish God would stop trying to be so cool …

    • Fact: Christians, like most religionists, are fools full of fairy tales.

      • As are most of my atheist/agnostic brothers and sisters. Why not live and let live, let go of our aggression, when it comes to “metaphysics,” a subject about which we all are inherently ignorant and limited, left largely to our intuitions, inclinations, and inspirations? Why not focus instead on growing in compassion and wisdom (the latter being a different animal than knowledge), on seeking to practice together and bond with each other and all living things through what Albert Schweitzer, echoing the Jains centuries before him, called “reverence for life”…meaning THIS life? Why not heed Thoreau’s counsel that we take life “one world at a time?”

        • Umm, cause some of us don’t go around shoving in other peoples faces there completely unfounded and unprovable personal belief systems, while damning everything and everyone else that doesn’t agree with them. If you got Caitlin’s egoless reference at all, even in the slightest bit, you would grasp this. The great minds you quoted seemed to, at least in part, grasp this, yet you don’t. Further self examination therefore is in order, I should think.

          • A good many Christians do precisely what you say. But then again, a good many do not, consider their faith largely a personal and private concern. What I was responding to, with a series of questions, was a blanket statement disparaging not only Christians in general but most religious people. That’s bigotry IMHO, of which atheists can be as guilty as religious believers. Shouldn’t self-examination require us all, no matter our metaphysics, to call that out? And isn’t Caitlin about as good at doing this as anyone blogging these days?

    • Sounds like ego talking.
      Time is an illusion .

      • The above was a reply to “Chris”.

      • It’s all an illusion. Still, if you pick up an illusionary knife and stab yourself in the illusionary hand, the pain is an illusion.
        In the same way, time is an illusion.

        • Glen it was in reference and context to wrong minded Chris tian .A segment of time or comparisons , “Time” cannot tell you right from wrong.
          Sure if you believe in and reside in a body in time and stab yourself with a knife its gonna hurt so don’t do it. You don’t need time . Can you even know if it was wrong or right waiting “for time to tell you .
          A wrong mind may think determine physical and or mental(ego) pleasure as a way to judge what is “right and wrong”.

    • Hi Chris.
      Unfortunately, you come across a bit conflicted and in pain.
      It isn’t really about who was right and who was wrong – that’s the temporal way of seeing it.
      God offers Salvation through the living Christ. It’s offered freely, completely and without reservation. It needs to be accepted freely, completely and without reservation. Or resistance.
      God doesn’t withhold Salvation because of your imperfections, it is just that the imperfections stop you from accepting it. As a sinner, you are not able to overcome those imperfections yourself. But by accepting Salvation through Christ, atonement becomes possible. You can’t force anyone else to accept Salvation, just as God doesn’t.
      Only God can Create. Not you. Only Christ can heal. Not you. These are indeed scary times. Allow Christ to be YOUR refuge, and His works will work through you. People are not to blame for they know not what they do. Be humble. Walk in peace. Fear no evil. God be with you.

      • Glen
        Oh boy can we miscreate!
        And in the sonship we can both allow healing and heal.

    • Your intuition is very good, if it is intuition. You will absolutely love my book. If you e-mail a request to andrews53@outlook.com I will attach to the reply a pdf copy of the book.

  • I love this “Trump ended up being not another Hitler, but another Obama. This is not a compliment.”

    Same old rubbish. Different bin.

  • Ah, once again, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks wisdom along with the truth. May the heavens bless her.

    • And you too, Ron. 🙂

  • The global banking cabal’s zionists run the US Caitlin.
    Trump is their powerless weak puppet.
    A Poopet if you are not a lover of Trumpaloompas.

  • http://www.johndayblog.com
    That sensory awareness without egoic filter happened to me one day in June 1982, when I let go of the strut under the airplane wing, as I hung out the door.
    It lasted a few second, I guess. That seems about right. The chute was on a static line, so it threaded out and popped, and I was floating in a parachute above the field.
    That was such an intensely compelling moment of total, screaming awareness of every fiber of my body,
    “AAAGHHH!” that I did it again right away. There was time, and a couple of us wanted to.
    It didn’t happen the second time. I “stood it up”, landing with good form, but that was ordinary.
    Once… I never jumped again.

  • The best ‘acid’ test I know is staying in a float tank without freaking out. For those that don’t know, a float tank is a sensory deprivation experience, designed for the ultimate relaxation. You float in a high-saline solution (like the Red Sea) that is heated to your body temperature, as is the air. The idea is that you ‘float’ not physically feeling the water or the air around you. The tank is also sealed tight and sound-proofed, so you don’t have any external sensory input of any kind. No sound, light, heat, touch – nothing. Not a good idea for those who suffer claustrophobia.

    Some people hate it and freak out withing a few minutes, others like me love it and can stay inside for hours. Like meditation, you are left with your own thoughts and emotions – nothing to distract you at all. Deeply relaxing.

    In my view, if you can survive an hour in a float tank it means you can live with yourself as an independent entity, and can therefore think for yourself too.

  • The govt is the “collective ego” seeking to divide and conquer .
    Fearful and needing to control the narrative.
    Censorship is the only way to keep all its falsities in place, believed and so given a reality they don’t have.

    We have a economic monopoly.Never had a ” free market” thats a banksters bedtime story for debt slaves.
    The US doesn’t control your govt the UN( shadow govt ) does.

    Keep looking.
    PS Don’t get caught up in experiences.Its the reality of your being not of your experiences.
    What you find inside is what you are looking for.

  • Good and Wise Friends
    Practice the Eight-Fold Path
    and the heavens can easily be reached
    Extinguish the attachment and devotion
    to the mirage of your self–image
    and that mountain of illusion
    will be toppled
    Abstain from harmful conduct
    and the waves of anger and greed will cease
    Purify unwholesome thoughts
    and the ocean of darkness will evaporate
    End cruelty
    and the vicious demons will disappear
    The Tathagata of Enlightenment
    is deep within your essential nature
    emitting a Great and Bright Light
    which outwardly illuminates
    the truth of what is
    and inwardly illuminates
    the conditioned mind
    so that it may be purified
    The hell of what you have endured
    from all previous transgressions
    will be destroyed at once
    Inwardly and outwardly
    there will be a marvelous penetration
    which becomes the true experience
    of a heavenly realm in this pure land
    But you must do your part
    otherwise you will be lost
    in a world full of delusion and suffering
    (from the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch)

  • Wonderful post Caitlin.

  • When surfing the net and I brush up against articles promulgating THE NARRATIVE I am put in mind of Lewis Carol’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” Dont know why.

  • About ego and reality, William James, in The Varieties of Religious Experience, (1901-1902) wrote about the importance of observing. For him, beliefs got in the way. Observing is what I think is the basis of what you are saying.

  • An American here, to say that for the most part our national politics has devolved into strict party line adherence, once one decides whether to be a Democrat or a Republican. The other side of the aisle is evil even when they say exactly the same thing. Yet, other than in the rare random local instance, a third party vote just narrows the already slim margins between the two major parties and allows people to pat themselves on their own back for voting their conscience.

    • A book that really nails this polarization and explains the crucial role of the MSM in fueling it, feeding off of it, is “Hate, Inc.” by Matt Tabbai. It’s more a pop book than a deep book, and thus easy and enjoyable to read, but it lays out all the current levels of media deception and manipulation, updating the 1988 classic by Herman and Chomsky, “Manufacturing Consent.”

      • Should be Taibbi, not Tabbai. Sorry, getting old.

    • We agree. So lets stop the nonsense and make some new nonsense. We’ll mess up, fail, but in new and exciting ways. Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually get things right because once you put aside the utter rubbish of money as finite resource, well then being a good, moral person becomes that much easier.

      You want a movement that actually cares? That loves it’s people?

      November 2024.

      We are coming. Expect us.

      • …and they all voted for imperialist, corporate democrats.

        “Wait for 2030! We’ll fix it then!”

        • Possibly.

          We promise a good show though.

          And while they appear strong, they are so weak. They have quite limited options to use against what we’re offering. And all those options are utterly brutal.

          We must not mistake their displays of force and strength as actual strength. We have never been closer to victory, true victory, than we find ourselves today.

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