Roar at sky

Get cat food

Get Pentagon de-funded

Win imaginary argument with God

Lose actual argument with God

Write some blog or something

Call parents

Find way to ruin Mike Pompeo’s day

Do dishes

Burn motherfucker to ground

Discover new ways I’ve been fooling myself

Discover new ways I’ve been limiting myself

Discover new ways I haven’t been loving myself

Vomit up primordial delusion-based conditioning

Become big pimpin’ billionaire poet

Get rid of this annoying film over my perception which inhibits my ability to fully see things as the thunderously beautiful miracles I know they are in each and every moment and be constantly floored by pleasure and gratitude

Clean bathroom

Kill patriarchy

Create healthy world for my kids



Let in pleasure

Create culture

Sing loudly

Listen deeply

Love bravely

Be impaled by presence

Be electrified by ordinariness

Be immolated by aliveness

Do something about fly screen








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51 responses to “To-Do List”

  1. Note to self: *NEVER* read Johnstones’s blogs, while sipping coffee!

  2. My imaginary friend
    My imaginary friend is essential
    I have to have my imaginary friend
    My club of people who all worship the same imaginary friend is essential
    You, see, I can’t just sit and talk by myself with my imaginary friend.
    No, what good would that be?
    What good is an imaginary friend if you can’t take him out in public and show everyone else your imaginary friend and tell everyone that my imaginary friend is the best imaginary friend in all the universe.
    It is essential that I can show off my imaginary friend in public.
    It is essential that I get together with those who share the same imaginary friend and shout and sing and hug each other. This is essential for my psyche.
    The President says so.
    It is vital to the nation that we all show that our imaginary friend is so much better and cooler and far more deadly that any other nation’s imaginary friend.
    I don’t know what we’d do if this wasn’t true.
    We, me and the real people around me, have build our entire world, our entire psyche around the belief that we have the bestest imaginary friend ever. We’d go crazy if we didn’t have our imaginary friend.

  3. well, that took the words right outa my mouth. leaving out all the “KILLs” i suppose.
    i really like to cut those myself. i get to cut cut cut CUT!

    and i’m still pondering my filthy carpet….mop? huh…m.
    and i was gonna paint it…

  4. Anyone looking for a way to annoy Pompeo today could try this:
    I am in the habit of signing Code Pink’s petitions anyway.
    Also Code Pink has sample tweets for this campaign which include Pompeo’s twitter handle:

  5. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    Be afraid.
    Then be more afraid.
    Follow orders.
    Without question.
    Deny my connection to nature.
    Deny my connection to Spirit.
    Do what The Crowd is doing.
    Believe everything on the internet.
    Believe everything on corporate media.
    Give up hope for the future.
    Pick fights with other age groups.
    Pick fights with people who don’t look like me.
    Pick fights with people who don’t think like me.
    Waste as much time as possible.
    Waste resources under my control.
    Find ways to use people.
    Find ways to squeal on others.
    Focus on the trivial and shallow.
    Then be more afraid…
    Keep doing this list day after day.
    And never ask if I should live life differently.

  6. Heh heh… remarkably similar to my to-do list. Mine might be more aspirational than Caitlin’s though. Some of mine are contradictory, like “find a way to keep mice out of my house”, and “be one with nature”. Maybe I should make friends with the mice and cross off both things.
    I am reminded of a list I made some years ago of all the things in my email inbox I received in a week, which included about 50 appeals for money or attention from various charity or political groups. Things like:
    Save the whales
    Save the trees
    Save the dogs
    Save the cows
    Save the babies
    Save the mushrooms
    Save the Palestinians
    Save the Yemenis
    Save the whistleblowers
    Save the Democrats
    Save the local bookstores
    Save the civil liberties
    Save the women

  7. Theresa Barzee Avatar
    Theresa Barzee

    My goddess! This list looks so very much like my own. Except. Yours is coherent. Brilliantly organized. Funny. And? Just heart-breakingly on goal. Please know, your words and your love save lives. Mine, in particular. Often. And all-ways. Peace. T.

  8. My fridge died. Instead of buying a new one, I got a big free one from a friend who was cleaning out a storage room that included a fridge.

    It worked great, but was very ugly. Dirty white and yellowed.
    Cleaned it out and PAINTED IT BLACK.
    Watched some of the paint fridge videos on YouTube.

    Turned out great. (be sure to use appliance paint)
    Put some big blue ceramic pots on top and a small blue quilt on one of the doors.
    Runs great, looks lovely.

    Then I looked at my old white stove. Worked fine, but old and dingy….
    Turned out great!
    I used High Temp appliance paint for my now Black stove.

    Next I think I am going to build a rustic kitchen table…hardware/lumber stores are still open.
    And they will cut the legs and top wood for you for free….
    Think I will use 4×4’s for the legs.

  9. It appears that ” mother nature ” has come to put the United States of America in ” its place ” with a ” pandemic ” that can not be ” bombed into submission. Instead of being concerned about the population of this country our government scapegoats China for the deaths of so many of our citizens. That is not leadership! Two relevant articles of today:
    1.(The debacle over Donald Trump pushing a witch-hunt against China and the WHO is but the latest manifestation of the United States of Americas descent into global disrepute. The Donald Trump administration has tried to cut up nation after nation, including supposed European allies; it has snubbed countless multilateral agreements, most gravely those related to crucial arms controls; and it has set its face against basic international consensus and diplomacy, such as rebuffing calls for ending sanctions the United States has unilaterally imposed on countries struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. This great article can be read here:
    America Last as World Rejects Donald Trumps China Witch-Hunt!
    2.)One thing remains constant: human beings are very adept and resourceful at supplying each other’s needs, which is what business amounts to. Young people, freed from the fate of becoming serfs to corporate giants, can start right now at least imagining what they can do to be useful to others in exchange for a livelihood. The earnest and energetic will find a way to do that at a scale that makes sense when a new order emerges from the wreckage. After a while, it won’t matter much what any government thinks about it, either. Like all the other giants, it will fall, too. This article can be read here:
    When Giants Fall by James Howard Kunstler!

    1. Well Said Ron Campbell.

  10. Haven’t you already done most of those doings?

    What about your ” To BE ” list?
    Far more important than doing is Being.
    Being is primary.

    To Be or not to Be.

    1. “To be is to do”—Socrates.
      “To do is to be”—Jean-Paul Sartre.
      “Do be do be do”—Frank Sinatra.

      1. Agree BEing is far more important than Doing.
        The list:
        Just Be.

  11. The list could include: “Stop global warming or, alternatively, create new planet to live on”, “Convince politicians to behave ethically”, “make corporations responsible for the consequences of their actions”, and “sentence George Bush, weapons makers, and war propagandists/journalists to spend the rest of their lives rebuilding Iraq”.

  12. Laundry
    Get cat food
    Do dishes
    Clean bathroom
    Do something about fly screen

    and, er, kill patriarchy

    Yes, well. There is a reason why patriarchy is not dead.

  13. Delightful description of the mundane reality of our lives, into which (for some of us) come flashes of idealism, prompting (for even less of us) sporadic gestures toward realizing the ideal. Damn shame that Sinatra’s no longer around to sing Caitlin’s vastly-improved version of “That’s Life.”

  14. Getting to Utopia:
    Step 1: Seize control of the US federal government and at least two-thirds of all US state governments (by whatever means prove ultimately necessary).
    Step 2: Keep walking, forever.
    —Write book—done
    —Seize control of US federal government and at least two-thirds of all US state governments
    —Free and Pardon All Political Prisoners
    —Take all of Jeff Bezos’s money
    —Prosecute all living former Presidents (and maybe Reagan’s exhumed corpse) for whatever awful shit they’re most certainly guilty of
    —Abolish intellectual property
    —Rewrite Constitution

    We assure you that’s just the tip—and no matter what, it’ll be one hell of a show.

    November 2024.

    We are coming. Expect us.

    Spread it, mock it, preach it, shame it:

    Now, who wants to help us get this massive boulder rolling up this hill over here? Chances like this don’t come around every day. Be the right kind of rebel—be brave as you know what that is.

    1. Utopia actually means “no place”
      utopia was coined from Ancient Greek by Sir Thomas More in 1516. “Utopia” comes from Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) which translates as “no-place”.

      1. Calamity Jane Avatar
        Calamity Jane

        Have you seen the British tv series Utopia? All about depopulation and vaccines.Topical.

        1. Violent.Like the tyrannical UN with its Gates eugenicist vaxy agenda.
          Their to do list
          1)fabricate a pandemic out of the flu season where sick and elderly die instead call every death a ” COVID19 death”. Use fear to freeze brains.
          2) Stop the worlds largest economy China, then all other nations.
          3) Lock every healthy person up in their home detention and call it ” quarantine”( thats sick people)Take away freedom of movement.
          4) Police state with unlawful legislation and restrictions.
          5)Start mandatory testing with meaningless( and corona contaminated)PCR tests and use chaos to push a vaccination agenda(” immunity passport”)

      2. Yep, that’s why you keep walking, forever.

        “She’s on the horizon. . . I go two steps, she moves two steps
        away. I walk ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps ahead.
        No matter how much I walk, I’ll never reach her. What good is
        utopia? That’s what: it’s good for walking.”

        1. Infinite Onion:

          Find and read, “The House of Government,”
          about the filthy/bloody Bolshevik Revolution.

          The Bolsheviks so lusted after an impossible
          UTOPIA, that they had actually named it their
          “Insatiable Utopia”—to explain their unending
          blood lust and unprecedented carnage against

          The French Utopians similarly acted out their
          filthy/bloody/lusty pursuit, in their “French
          (Brotherhood) Revolution.”


          1. We’ll add it to our reading list. It’s always important to see how others fucked up so you can at least fuck up in new and exciting ways.

            1. I don’t use vulgar language,
              because its use is an expres-
              soon of our R E P T I L I AN

              Spewing vulgar words is akin
              to punching the air with fists—
              counter-productive to tempered/
              reasonable communication.

              The reptilian brain drove those
              blood-lust Bolsheviks to commit
              atrocities Nazis would not
              consider; e.g., they so hated
              attractive Christian children, so
              deeply!, that special torture
              techniques were applied to them
              (( Bolsheviks suffered face-envy,
              as they were, generally, far less
              attractive than Ukrainian
              Christians )).


              1. When you’ve been digging through the muck we’ve been you learn not to mind ideas with a little shit on them.

                1. Wrong: You become the muck through which you crawl – Garbage in ? / Garbage out! – so stop watching the MUCK: gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence, mind-numbing vulgar language, plot twists making of everyone a whore and a lecher—rather than to, as previous generations had focused upon (( before Leftism had launched its brutal attacks against MORAL, HIGH-Culture civilization during the the Sixties and thereafter )), making of our children LADIES and GENTLEMEN. -Rick


    Love it! Especially the gleeful activity of finding a way to ruin Mike Pompeo’s day!

  16. Ginger Zarske Avatar
    Ginger Zarske

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  17. That’s probably enough for one day. Of course there are thousands of thing not listed. No wonder I feel tired all the time, and often get grumpy about holding up the world and saving mankind from itself. I need a day off — even if the world does go flooey without me….

  18. Sounds like a big day Caitlin.

  19. I love you girl. I hate some of your shit though. So what. You’re beautiful just the way you are. To do list and all. What’s yours is yours….I got plenty. Shine on

  20. Kill the patriarchy? It’s been on its

    deathbed from the time Lincoln won

    his war against self-determination

    and for M A T R I A R C H A L central-

    ization (( btw, to nix the utter stupidity

    in those who believe that that war was

    about slavery, study black professor

    Walter Williams’ scribblings about

    Lincoln’s war in’s

    archives )).

    Caitlin! Caitlin! Caitlin!—you do not know
    we’re under matriarchal rule through
    L E F T I S M in the West? That’s why
    America smells of poop, pee, sexual
    fluids and rotting flesh (( 60-million
    BABYCIDES, after women got their
    hear-me-roar right to murder wombed
    babies )).

    You do not know that Leftism is Marxism
    is M A T R I A R C H A L?

    You’re not aware that – for example – Bill
    Clinton is psychologically female, as are
    all leftist “men”—to varying degrees?

    You’re not aware that – for example –
    Coulter is psychologically male—and that
    her lament that women are even allowed
    to vote is product of a soundly logical

    One cannot tell the psychological sex of
    a person by appearance alone.

    Bloody Bolshevik Russia was an example of
    matriarchy unleashed.

    Don’t wish for it.


    1. “One cannot tell the psychological sex of a person by appearance alone”, maybe… but one can tell a psychologically disturbed person by what he posts, for sure.

      1. GPCSN:

        An attack-thought from the get-go,
        rather any hint of FACTUALISM—sign
        of what this scribbler calls, “emoting
        feminine mind”; i.e., you fail to try
        and relate reality, which is the illness
        in LEFTISM.


    2. So many layers, knots, snarls to sort through, pick apart, identify and examine before we can begin to comprehend the elusive notion of “gender differences.” Much of it turns out to be cultural, not natural. But as an examination of animal life shows, there are some built-in differences — but even in that hard-coded reality, individuality is a greater determinant than gender. One HUGE mistake, that both you and Caitlin make, is assigning absolute value judgments based solely on gender. Neither masculine nor feminine traits are 100% good or bad, and to speak as though they were is to betray one’s abject ignorance. Females and female culture can be just as evil, just as deadly, as males and male culture. To assume otherwise is to blindly stumble around in a field of errors.

    3. Ricky oh Ricky…you’re so cute!

      1. S. Black and Jimmy Simple:

        Can’t argue with your insightful points,
        S.Black. // I’m extremely cute-handsome,
        which has been both a benefit and a
        curse, the latter case because both males
        and females hit on me—dear Jimmy.


  21. Only YOU CAN PREVENT Fascist Lockdowns and Contact Tracing >
    Oath Keepers Rally in Austin on May 23

    1. Remember to hug each other.
      Show the world that you do not believe in myths by placing your hands on each other shoulders and breathing directly into the other’s face.
      Show how smart you are and how you don’t fall for these silly tricks by doing this with every other person at the rally.
      Pretty, Please

  22. Oh my gosh, if I ever meet you in the flesh I will prostrate myself at your feet…

  23. Yep, though hubby does the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, helps with the laundry and does most of the yard work (he’s not allowed to touch the flower garden)…fantasizing hiring someone to dust and clean the bathrooms so I can spend more time dismantling false narratives…

  24. To do list :

    Burn mother fucker to ground

    Burn mother fucker to ground

    Burn mother fucker to ground

    Hand it over to Caitlin


  25. Lady, that one is awesome (totally wanted to include explicitave deleted). Love it.

  26. “Love bravely”
    What on Earth Is the US Doing by Bombing Somalia?
    Pompeo Accuses China Of Helping Iran’s ‘Gas For Gold’ Sanctions-Busting In Venezuela
    ​ ​Currently there are five Iranian-flagged tankers transporting fuel to Venezuela across the Atlantic Ocean, with plans to break the American blockade on the Latin American country. Iran has warned that any US attempt at intercepting its fuel tankers “would have serious repercussions for the Trump administration ahead of the November elections.”
    ​ ​But Washington appears ready to do just that, also as the growing number of Iranian supply flights to Caracas via Iran’s US-sanctioned Mahan Air is gaining attention. To get Venezuela’s derelict refineries up and running to meet domestic gas consumption, vital parts are needed — a role that Tehran has stepped up to fill. But in a new twist to the imminent geopolitical showdown, the US has freshly accused China of being part of the Iranian sanctions-busting scheme in Latin America.

    Venezuela To ‘Protect’ 5 Inbound Iranian Tankers With Ships & Planes Military Escort​
    …​we’ve been closely following the saga of Iran’s provocatively sending five fuel-laden tankers to gasoline-starved Venezuela, despite repeat and growing threats of US intervention against the brazen sanctions-busting mission.
    ​ ​And now surely escalating matters from Washington’s point of view, the Maduro government has vowed it will provide navy ships and military aircraft to escort the inbound Iranian fuel tankers.

    1. They have to use the bombs somewhere to enable them to keep on restocking them. Same with bullets, grenades, etc. etc. killing human beings is a great way to get rich.

  27. Not all in one day

  28. Narrow this down to kids, parents and Pompeo’s dirty laundry. Check the Catholic dirty clothes basket.

  29. – Plant seedlings

    – pick fresh Veges

    – long walks

  30. Michael Grace Avatar
    Michael Grace

    You forgot;
    Clean the fridge or part of it

    1. Everyone just did that a few weeks ago.
      Ordinary people had to in order to try to make the room to stock up for this Trump Plague.
      Right now, America’s fridges are cleaner and more organized than they’ve been in decades.
      If that’s what it takes to make America great, done.

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