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Hate China

It is China’s fault that humans get sick, and that novel viruses sometimes occur.

It is China’s fault that millions of Americans are being thrown off their employer-provided health insurance.

It is China’s fault that your government is unrolling increasingly authoritarian measures during this pandemic instead of ensuring financial security through economic hardship.

It is China’s fault that manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. Those jobs and money will definitely come back if you just hate China enough.

It is China’s fault that people are scared and confused. It is China’s fault that capitalism isn’t rescuing us.

It is China’s fault that you are hurting. It is China’s fault that life is hard for you.

It is China’s fault that things never seem to get better in your country, no matter who you vote for.

It is China’s fault that it now takes two parents working overtime to feed a family while the wealthy get wealthier and wealthier.

It is China’s fault that everything feels so uncertain now, and that we’ve all got a growing feeling that something’s about to give.

It is China’s fault that you are overworked and undercompensated, and it is China’s fault that you suspect anyone else could possibly be responsible for this besides China.

It is China’s fault that you feel insecure, unloved, inadequate and unworthy. It is China’s fault that you have been betrayed, abused, attacked and abandoned by those who were supposed to love you.

It is China’s fault that early childhood is inherently traumatic, and that this leaves us all living and acting from unconscious pain.

It is China’s fault that we reject love from others because we have not yet learned to love ourselves.

It is China’s fault that we are hurtling through space on a spinning rock in a universe that we do not understand, and that our recently evolved brains have not yet made peace with this reality.

It is China’s fault that our inability to directly experience one another’s inner worlds leaves us with a perpetual background feeling of loneliness and alienation.

It is China’s fault that life is short and full of suffering. It is China’s fault that nothing is certain and meaning is an illusion.

China single-handedly invented the existence of illness.

China single-handedly invented economic hardship.

China single-handedly invented all hardship.

China is the cause of all your suffering.

Not those in your own nation who appear to be responsible.


China did this.

Not your kind and beneficent leaders.

Your kind and beneficent leaders would never hurt you.

Your kind and beneficent leaders love you.

Your kind and beneficent leaders are your friend.

Trust your kind and beneficent leaders.

Hate China.

Hate China with all your might.

Hating China will solve all your problems.

You just keep hating while we roll out the economic sanctions.

Keep hating while we unleash the proxy conflicts.

Keep hating while we deploy the war ships.

Keep hating and trust the movements of our missiles.

Above all keep hating while we tell you what to think.

Hate China and trust your kind and beneficent leaders.

Hate China.

Trust us.



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  • The facinating thing about the alarmists in govt is that they are responsible for giving China it’s power and for offshoring our jobs. Bill Clinton granted China most-favored-nation status, accelerating the offshoring of our jobs and the destruction of the American middle/working classes. Our corporations lobbied for this for years, just so they could exploit slave labor and practically non-existent environmental laws. Our Republican presidents were every bit as guilty, as both parties serve our corporate masters.

    If anyone protested this, they would be accused of being a protectionist — apparently labor should never be protected against competition, no matter how unfair. But the capitalists got their due when China demanded (as any intelligent government who cares about its people would do) that US companies share their intellectual property with their Chinese partners. For some reason, the “free market” types become unhinged when the Chinese use this IP to produce their own goods that compete with these US companies — apparently, capital (which is what IP is) should not have to compete in the market like labor does.

    We gave China their power because of US corporate, capitalistic greed. Did people really think they wouldn’t turn around and use it against us when they finally amassed enough wealth and power to do so? China didn’t do this to us, our greedy corporate masters are 100% responsible for the mess we’re in now.

    • JM: ALL of your analyses, CORRECT!

  • Hi Caitlin,

    So, I got a little lippy on twitter a few months back and you blocked me. I apologize. I truly value the work you do. You and @iwelsh regularly strike to the problems facing this world better than any others. Would you please consider lifting the block on @TheRealWebstir on twitter? I promise I’ll mind my manners in the future.

  • I am convinced some other group of beings are in charge These folks clearly would have launched their lunacy long ago Thank you to whoever is in charge out there

  • Why is some poor country on the other side of this planet hated and reviled so much by the governmental officials of these United States?? This very revealing article lays out that historical timeline very well. You can read this article here:
    To Understand Irans 150-Year Fight, Follow the Trail of Blood and Oil
    by Ms Cynthia Chung!

  • > Hate China. . . .
    > Obey.

    2 Minutes Hate – 1984

  • Well Covid-19 started it’s development in a laboratory in Fort Detrick, MD, then the US Government decided it was too dangerous and shut Dr. Fauci and his virus down. Dr. Fauci then contracted with the Chinese to continue work, the Chinese allowed it in spite of the safety risks. They weaponized the virus using CRISPR technology to add a number of genes including five, four to produce parts of the glycoprotein that binds to human epithelial cells and one to produce a shepherding protein that corals the four pieces together and combines them into one. It was done this way rather than as one long RNA chain to disguise this function. It somehow got loose, whether intentional or not, you have to admit it was convenient for the Chinese since it allowed them to greatly reduce the protests in Hong Kong. But the main point is both the US and Chinese had a part in this, neither is innocent.

    • You state it as though it were established fact. It is not. It’s a theory. It could be true but there is no proof of how this virus originated, who did what to it, who released it, was the release accidental or any of a dozen other pertinent questions. That the US CDC, the Pentagon and the WIV were working on similar viruses is not in dispute. Until the US releases what it knows or some brave soul blows his whistle, there is not much chance of finding out, for sure, the answers to most of the questions. At the moment the proceedings of the US CDC are conducted in the utmost secrecy. There are far more questions than answers.

      • the most likely –to me– explanation is this: BATS do and did have a virus people could and did catch…Asians have been, we have not, eating bats for 5,000 years. sure flue happens. but not so nasty. no one complained. no one died.
        then BIOwarfare labs were born. not even one of them i have heard of evr creates vaccines or protective DEFENSIVE products. they are ALL 100% offensive just like Atomic bombs–you had to use MAD to assure your survival. mutually assured destruction . but BioWar can be a secret war.
        no one knows just exactly HOW it gets started. and isn’t’ that sweet for the CIA and KGB and even GSK–the vaccine maker which inflicted Canada with narcoplexy in their 2009-10 anti-viral vaccine for the HIBI virus. people died from lack of sleep. could that be worse?
        And this is just starting: bio labs all over are using the corona family sub species phylum whatever you call it to work on because colds spread easily and all you have to know how to do –getting so much easier via CHRISPR technology—is to add in say 4 genes of ebola. or some new version of small pox never before seen on earth. or any other gene one can find in monkeys or gorillas or in whales who knows? do you know?
        if you do tell us all about it. i want to know ALL about this before i can be called a well-informed citizen in a functional democracy….and before i end up a cadaver in a gutter someplace.
        remember this: anthrax never needed to fly. horses cows goats all grazers came to it. they would sneeze throught the dust, stir it up with their hooves, and it would go right up their noses from the ground. it took Ft.Da Trick to make it fly or float on air. to kill a Postal woker and a secretary lady in an attempted murder of Daschle and Leahy in congress. then they found a man they accused of insanity, dead by “suicide” in a park. he worked at DIE Trick.
        Case closed. so a man’s wife is leaving him and he goes to kll the two democratic leaders of congress….connect those dots. please.
        we shall be attacked in more ways than one.
        this covid thang is too weak–it is either an exeriment or a lead up to something greater…20% of cases die. but cases are less than one % of population. see worldometer. do the big one like world, USA EU Russia, China India Divide cases by population. yo uwill see less than 1%.
        so 20% death rate is propagandized presentation of what it really:
        20% 0f 1%
        for that we shut down entre econ 101’s stuff that would have started a revolution has turned into a civic duty. manipulated? or overly cautious. i got tested no one was there. the set up on San Franciso was huge but more people were giving the test than getting it.
        something else is coming. we shall see. do not become sheeple now!

    • This is what keeps me up at night. Are we lobbing viruses at each other instead of bombs? In the early weeks of the pandemic, many people reported military aircraft flying overhead in the middle of the night. This happened nearly every night, but seemed to slow or stop after a few weeks. Could it have been related? Sometimes, we could hear droplets, like rain drops, falling after these planes would pass. Some of us wondered what they were doing, as these late-night/early-morning flights were not normal.

      I am 98% convinced that this is not a naturally-occuring virus. There are too many gain-of-function traits for it to be natural — all of these characteristics are things that the labs have been working on for years. Another tell is that the global lockdown that we’ve seen has never happened in all of human history. It’s as if the governments know something about this virus that we do not.

  • The key to reversing Chinas comparative advantages over the United States is removing the barriers to commerce which make local production unattractive. It is that simple. And with oil prices now very low and low for a long time to come, Donald Trump is now fighting lower shipping costs from overseas.
    The United States maintains an extravagant government at not only the federal level but state and local as well. The United States of American people can follow Donald Trump blaming China all they want, but China is the symptom, government is the disease. You can read this entire article here:
    Donald Trump Has Won the Propaganda War With China by Tom Luongo!

  • Thanks to the beautiful universal law of karma… If you hate anything… that’s what karma gives you right back. Hate directed back at you.

    If you ignore your own faults and foolish behaviors… you have people come in your life who will fault you and do foolish things to you. And ignore the fact that they are doing these things to you.

    If you wear a mask as part of your “normal” daily life like China… pretty quickly you begin to look just like China. And act like it, too.

    If you willingly sign a bad contract or bad deal with someone… is it the other person’s fault that you were so dumb?

    It’s awfully sad that “hate” is so very often used as the glue to bind together a country and a culture. Works every time. Remove the “hate” and the so-called national cohesion goes with it. Nothing else to hold it together.

    For some misguided souls, if their hate was removed they would have no identity left and would not know what to do with their time. You may have a family member like this. Or an entire nation.

    As for China? Always better to use paper plates anyway.

  • Love all land mass.
    Love all people and Gods creations.

  • Hate is very toxic. Love is very healing. Which will you choose?

  • yep. well, i invented a theory of hell on hearth and under ocean…it goes like this:
    we don’t need to know who did it. it’s good message anyway.
    if it was god if there is a god and /or Mother Nature Mother of that rascal Gaia,
    it could only be warning shot across our bows to say, uhmmm…you guys, put the brakes on and
    spread the breaks around. Capitalism has been diagnosed by us to GAia’s cancer.
    if it was a bat virus revised by mankind, i know him! then that too is a bad idea we ought to regulate by Destroying the CIA and let the pieces sink into the swamp or whatever JFK said.
    if we ALL say that they cannot assassinate all of us.
    and we can let elctions all over the world just go on and live with the people’s choice…
    …even tho’ we of course do KNOW Better than they do what is gonna be good for them.
    we’ll be so nice so as not to blow them up
    and concentrate upon cleaning up our own bad air–see what the virus has done to that!
    and quit burning carbon for anything.
    i’m just sayin’…..
    it don’t matter who made it, who said it, only what we do about it.
    back to normal ain’t a gonna happen.
    when America was great, it was really really bad.
    bad boys don’t last.

  • Well there’s the reason why our leaders are so ignorant.

  • This is what the plandemic is all about. The left will maintain lockdowns in blue states and neocon red states until they secure massive mail in voter fraud. Not just to steal the Presidential election but to steal the Senate and maintain the House.
    This is their last chance to get their one world government before Trump completely undoes their work subverting the American people since the 1960s and fully exposes the criminal treason of the last leftist administration. Criminal treason that will certainly include the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, Nadler, Hillary and all of the bureaucrats that worked for Obama. They will make sure this country burns to the ground before they allow all that.

    “They” are the globalist billionaires from the west who made their fortunes by selling out American labor, technology and intellectual property to China. The left’s leadership (whether democrat or neocon) is fully in bed with the Chicoms and has been for decades. Pretty revealing that the amount of billionaire families on the planet ballooned from 2 to 2208 since free trade was opened with China.

    You see, if you hand the self serving lots of cash they will commit adultery against national sovereignty and will embrace global citizenship. And why not? After all, those who made it rich by selling us out will be the 1% who rule the 99% in a socialist environment. This is why the democrat party is the tool of and takes their narrative queues from the Chinese communist party.


  • Your Economic Impact Payment Has Arrived!!
    I think the RNC would like me to send them money but I know that they and no other government body ever wants to hear or bear witness to the reality of “my community” that I call “Satanville”!

    I used my “government handout” to pay bills and purchase a new computer which I found out I could not use because I only use “linux” operating
    systems on the Internet. And “microsoft” does not allow the new computer to be used for anything except windows 10.

    I guess that not having any rational plan to deal with this pandemic my government will keep on “baiing out the corporations and the public” to surpress any anger towards our corrupt, and extremely incompetent, political leaders.
    This Weeks United States Governmental Propaganda!

    • Ron – I look to switch to Linux soon.

      I realized a month or two ago that something is very very fishy with Win 10.


      Because 2 of my vendors that I always use suddenly e-mailed me saying thwy won’t support my Win 7.

      I was like WTF???

      That’s when a bell went off that there’s something in Win 10 that’s worse than all the other Wins.

      There is no pangemic, it’s all a scam. We call it the scamdemic.

      And there should be NO gov’t. That is the biggest reason for our mess worldwide, is that people worship the gov’t. It’s their religion.


      Be well

      • google chossudovsky
        mostly on global research


        the korrupt shun democracy because they know better: we all need a pill and they only need money
        after a while they won’t even need money because they will turn it into fluff as they OWN everything from food to housing….black rock already owns 45,000 EMPTY homes in CA. 4,500 n Copenhagen and who knows how much the other Wall St. piggies own. Mnunchkin who was NOT a munchkin from wizard of oz evicted 100,000 home owners in SoCal…wonder how many of those are re-occupied. G. Bush II called ti the Ownership Society..he said for us to join it. as if anyone could afford a home.
        And now comes AI. we’ll need reparations. for institutionalized job losses. of course ask any black man how did that movement go…US blacks deserve repaarations and so does Africa, for years of extraction under arms. so do all women. so do the unborn future generations and the past loses of genocidal wars, so do indigenous peepholes allover the world. so does GAIA for the damage we’ve doen to The Garden.
        and so does beauty wherever it has been replaced by ugliness.

  • If you vote Dem or Rep you are an accessory to murder. Hate yourself.

    • You mean if you vote at ALL!

      Gov’t is a method by which to control, kidnap, steal & cage the people.

      Not to mention stress people out (psychological warfare) & keep people poor & no free market.

  • Excellent article. But tell me who should I hate if I cannot hate China. I have to blame someone for my current condition. If not China then who. Surely you dont expect md to hate myself. I love myself. I do nothing wrong. It has to be others that are causing all my problems.

    • Well, it is so old-fashioned but you could go back to “THE RUSSIANS DID IT” but people may laugh at you.

      • Hate LIARS, because we suffer
        and die for lack of truth-telling
        about K N O W L E D G E.

        Communists’ default mode is
        to lie—as all leftists do that far
        more than do rightists—in the
        opinion of this Jungian/Freudian/
        NLP student of psychology.


        • I don’t think that’s true & bringing stupid criminal politics into your viewpoint just makes you look ignorant IMO.

          This is what the evils WANT, different types of people fighting so we never get along & never fight THEM.

          I still consider myself very very LEFT & have only become more conservative since I became a truther.

          I had no idea that 90% of all truthers are conservative (go figure).

          I lie maybe 2-3 times a year if that.

          I believe in honesty.

          This is something integral to the person & their conscious & how much they love & trust themselves & if Jung didn’t say that & I’m sure he did, then I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

          As for Freud, his nephew was a very evil person.

          I’m not saying Freud was b/c I haven’t researched Freud other than what I know of him generally, but I question whether Freud was also evil.

          In fact, I just came across my notes on his nephew yesterday when I was editing my article on toxic fluoride..

          • Michelle, replace “conservative” with
            this word—to better understand the
            psychological difference between
            rightists and leftists: L O G I C A L,
            as leftists are mostly driven by
            their E M O T I O N A L triggers not

            So, when you notice you’re becoming
            more conservative—you are thinking
            more and emoting less, to arrive at
            correct answers to social ills and to
            your own problems.

            Fluoride?—causes calcification of
            pineal gland and lowers IQ, among
            other very bad effects.


            • Liar.

              • John, do you stomp your foot AND pound your fist AND dribble spittle when you type: “Liar”? What a sight! You even lack any creativity when you type that word. // Mr.-Can’t-Find-the-Library John Knox, let me help you attack me more strongly/creatively: “ L I A R ! //. L I A R ! //. L I A R ! .“. Now copy that, and post it everywhere you find me—and take your meds! -Rick

                • Are they still hiding your message window? Saping your precious bodily fluids?

                  • brilliant..cat fight!
                    wow…and i thot i was pissed off. look guys we are all reading caitie….so we can’t be that far apart.
                    gotta alow for typos ad brainfarts. let it go!
                    some guy called me a bolshevik as if i knew exactly what TF that meant.

                    we have a great talent here try to keep up with her. ok.
                    love you guys cuyz we alllove the same grrrl.
                    this happened to me in high school and it wasnt the head cheerleared or the homecoming creamdream.
                    either. i got ideas. some crazy…but this war on conspitacy theories is a sign we are right on someof them/
                    remember there is an enemy out there and names are painted on walls theese days not knitted in the new flag.

              • welcome to Ft. Knox…
                dear Dr. No:
                liberals are tree huggers don’t you know we are in love with trees and it’s our idea of birth control not climate control.
                get real love a tree!
                yers truly,
                Papa Doc

                • Jimmy Gulag,

                  Speaking of “G U L A G,” and quoting Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, “[ Anarchist ] Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.” // You anarchists are clueless about history, and the hell you’ll unleash on your own loved ones—and on dear puppies. -Rick

                  • anarchy and gulags do not go together. Stalin was NOT an anarchist. nor am i. i think peephole like you should be muzzled, and puppies like you never hit the news paper.

                    • Bolsheviks were Uber-Anarchists. Once again, you’re clueless. -Rick

                  • Bol what? a-n-arc-is-tea for 2…and me for U…bah humbug!

                    i’m a VOYEUR…voyaging…an anlabelist. party on, dick.

  • Point well made Caitlin Johnstone. Thank you. Your other contribution is having readers from all across the spectrum, who comment providing material to study one’s fellow man and woman – even one who appears to think Donne was engaged in satire when he wrote “Do not ask… That comment really convinced me how varied the human race can be.

  • Ummm, Caitlin, great wisdom again my Dear. Wisdom and fun enough to make me smile.

  • China also did not force you to believe lies peddled by the same people who gave you WMDs in Iraq, Russiagate, impeachment, et cetera.

    Of course the most despicable peddlers of lies are not those who also championed all the previously mentioned nonsense, but rather all the `left’ outlets who went along (and continue to go along) with the fearmongering. In fact, you see some complaining that the response has not been extreme enough! Which only helps the anti-China cause.

    This is why it is important to always question and confront the information given to you—regardless of the source. If you don’t, today’s mass hysteria and toilet paper panic-buying could become tomorrow’s hot war.

    Also, are people not reading fables to their kids anymore? Do none of us remember “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? This is at least the third or fourth attempt in the last two decades at mass-hysteria generation over a virus that is not extremely dangerous. What the hell is going to happen if an actually dangerous one shows up? Will the masses’ gullibility simply work in our favor then? Or does the unprecedented response to the current overhyped virus result in mass rejection of the narrative, leading to actual mass death (the kind where you won’t need to pad the numbers to reinforce your narrative)?

    And one last bit of advice to any leftists attempting to use the mainstream virus narrative to push for more collectivism: You’re building on top of a foundation of sand. This manufactured crisis cannot be used as-is to bring about much-needed change. You can certainly use it, but you’re going to need to attack the narrative itself in the process.

    Wake the fuck up, we’ve got work to do.


  • Two words would have prevented this fiasco that is the United States of America.
    Term Limits.
    We the people allowed our ‘public servants’ to decide they didn’t want to work anymore.
    We the people allowed them to tell us they were worth being paid by our taxes to speak for us.
    We the people allowed them to run for office again and again because we were too lazy to say no!

    Now our ‘public servants’ make more money than we do, thanks to our taxes, and could care less about us.
    But let’s hate China because it is easier than fighting to get our country back from our ‘public servants’!

    • Yes! Term Limits term limits TERM LIMITS (It may already be too late). But what can we do about the deep state bureaucrats who transcend election cycles and apparently “really know” how to run the government? Is the insertion of the character that is Trump not a turd in their collective punchbowl? Can we make it illegal for any and all lawyers, especially the Ivy League ones, as well as any and all second generation wannabe politicians (the new American royalty class?) to even run for office? Can we make it illegal (once again) for massive corporations to funnel huge wads of cash into a political system in which they don’t actually (otherwise) have the right to vote but apparently do have the right to purchase political favors? Can we do the same for foreign nationals? Can we do away with “public servants” having to take an oath of office whereby they make a pie crust promise to God and the People to support the U.S. Constitution and give their unequivocal full support to the actual rule of law particularly as to “equal justice for all”? Unfortunately such an oath today appears as the height of hypocrisy. Can we do away with the creation of massively wealthy tax exempt “charitable” foundations and organizations by massively wealthy individuals as a means for them to spend such money according to their own, perhaps questionable agenda as opposed to their being forced to pay their taxes like the rest of us in support of our government “by the people, for the people”? Is thirty trillion in debt bordering on too much? Adjusted for inflation? Who really covers that? Is being idealistic totally out of fashion? Is Silicon Valley in an active geologic fault zone? To be continued… or perhaps not?

    • I hate to say this, but the term limits wouldn’t help at all.

      All gov’ts are run by criminals & meant to control us the 99%.

      Show me ONE time in the history of the US gov’t or any gov’t worldwide, for that matter, that is not run & controlled by the evils who control the world.

      And trumpet has been in power for only one term (not even) & look at how much tyranny he’s managed to ensew in just a short period of time.

      Mind you, I can’t give him total credit, as he’s backed by the evils & this was all pre-planned decades in advance.

      All of the actors have their job to do, but even besides this scamdemic he’s done tons of damage even before 3 years was up.

      I hope one day you realize that getting rid of gov’t is the ONLY answer.


  • Tim/Caitlin, do you have a PO BOX?

    I’ll send mind-blowing info about that
    C’ville event.


  • Tim/Caitlin, do you have a Post
    Office Box, to which I may send
    Mind-Blowing info about that
    C’ville event?

    It’ll shake-up your world.

    Contact me,


    • Why not just post it here?

      • Oakley, can’t risk that middle-
        of-night pounding on my front

        It’s GRAND JURY worthy info.


        • – Sorry, “ O a k e y “ –

  • “That’s why they call it the American dream, people, because you have to sleep to believe in it.”

    George Carlin

    Thanks for the rant, Caitlin. How much more easy is it to control the populace when the media echo your message over and over again?

  • You must be a moron. H1N1 is from the the USA. You idiot!

  • HATE is the only “four-letter word” in the English language. Thank you Caitlin, another of your excellent revelations.

  • Prohibition doesn’t work.

  • And yet . . .
    Truth becomes fiction when the fiction’s true;
    Real becomes not-real where the unreal’s real.

    — Dream of the Red Chamber

  • Hi Caitlin,

    Great video from Dr. Shiva about the collusion of certain American parties with China. I think this is quite accurate.


  • George O’rwells two minute hate of 1984 is now hate 24/7 inside the United States of America. Now we must hate China first instead of Russia. Perhaps we should love anything, everything, and anyone that our government hates and get our souls back in order!

  • Masterful. Mind blowing.

  • China – the new way to spell Russia!

  • Excellent article, Caitlin and Tim! It’s so good that you’ve developed a following of Deep State admirers who just happen to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate China. There’s very good money in hating Russia, China, Iran, China, Venezuela, China, Nicaragua, China, Syria, China, North Korea, China, etc., China, etc., China, etc. China. And especially China, but there’s also Russia and China, too. And whatever you do, don’t forget to hate China. You can even grab a rosary and instead of saying prayers on each bead, just repeat “I hate China” as you grab each bead.

    • The nations you cite
      are social/cultural/
      political sewers.

      Hate sewers, as they
      are repositories of
      disease, suffering,
      and death.

      Hate evil, else be en-
      slaved by it.


  • The coming war on China, documentary

    • For all the puppy/kitten lovers,
      note that that Chinese culture
      feeds live animals to its Zoo-
      captive predators—to entertain
      the character/personality
      mind-set in its people.

      Study the history of all Commie
      systems: brutality of rape, torture
      and rotting-flesh D E A T H S !

      Communists are atheists, having
      no moral conscience, which is
      revealed in the above pro-China
      video, which is partly correct, re
      U.S. military’s bad behavior, but
      hides the far more savage/brutal
      outcomes from Red systems of
      control and enslavement.

      Wake up, you puppy and kitten
      and China lovers.

      Why are Chinese and North Korean
      people so desperate to escape and
      reach ANY Western nation-state,


      P.S. Find and read books on Maoist’s
      China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia, as
      you’ll read of your coming bleak future
      under any Commie rule.

      • For what possible reason are you here? This blog has nothing to do with you or the way you see the world or life in general. Are you being paid to screw with us or is this merely a way you get off?

        • Oh, I guess it has something
          to do with an exchange of
          ideas, in order uncover truths,
          which exchange leftist minds
          H A T E, always resorting to
          name-calling instead of any
          reasonable reply.

          I’ve worked/studied 40 years
          examining the ROOT cause
          of minds like yours.

          You suffer what we rightist
          psychologists call, BPD:

          – borderline personality disorder –

          Research BPD, dear Newton.


        • Oh, I guess it has something
          to do with an exchange of
          ideas, in order TO uncover truths,
          which exchange leftist minds
          H A T E, always resorting to
          name-calling instead of any
          reasonable reply.

          I’ve worked/studied 40 years
          examining the ROOT cause
          of minds like yours.

          You suffer what we rightist
          psychologists call, BPD:

          – borderline personality disorder –

          Research BPD, dear Newton.


        • I’m confused.

          Are you telling Caitlin she’s not allowed to write whatever she wants on her OWN blog/site?

          Maybe you meant something else so I’ll await your response.

          • He’s reacting to my posts, not

    • What a warmonger .

      • Pilger’s US loose to China war meme .

  • Every single influenza pandemic in recent years has originated in China -.H1N1, bird flu, SARS and now the Wuhan virus . To point the finger at China for novel viral outbreaks that spread worldwide is like pointing the finger at Nazis for the Holocaust.

    • In truth, Nazi Germany would have envied the US–we’ve been creating mayhem since our founding–genocide of the natives, slavery, and serial military actions.

    • Corona flu is a minor problem compared to what the US Psychopaths In Charge are doing to their tax cattle in response to it. The only difference between the Psychopaths In Charge of the US and those of China is what they think they can get away with.

      • Our P S Y C H O P A T H S are Marxian
        leftists, controlling every aspect of
        American society.

        Leftist Pelosi & Company RULE, to
        explain this cultural-sewer-of-America.

        Watch her TV and big screen movies,
        replete with violence and sex and
        mind-twisting plots,

        Pelosi’s Hollywood rules.

        Who runs Hollywood?

        Oops!, Caitlin—I ought not to have
        asked that ! ! !

        We don’t want too much truth-telling,



    • And how do you know that this current corona virus originated in China? Because the US government and its kept media tells you so. The Chinese government says differently. I don’t believe anyone on this. I don’t know where it came from and most likely never will. It’s possible no one knows and will ever know. I only know that you’ll get kicked off YouTube for even suggesting that some non-Chinese source might be responsible. The important thing is to hate China until our “kind and beneficent leaders” decide on another group of “literal Nazis” for us to hate.

    • Yeh, b/c the evils know where to go when they want something done on the down low LOL

      that doesn’t mean that China funded the invention of these so called viruses, it doesn’t even mean they were IN CHARGE of creating them, it just means they used China to manufactur them like almost every country on EARTH uses China to manufacture toxic poisonous BS goods that they sell to us & we buy.

      China has no conscious. They treat their citizens like garbage, pollute their air so people can’t breathe, & will take your dollar for anything & create it. Everyone knows that.

      Why are you blaming them when Fauci was in the picture of having created the stupid flu CV that everyone is petrified of b/c they can’t even figure things out on their own that this isn’t ABOUT CV, this is about the holocaust they have started.

      Note: Fauci isn’t even the head of this plandemic, he’s just the front man on camera & of course pyschopath Gates too, but he definitely had his hands in this just like he had his hands in creating the HIV or at least spreading it so people died. And I just learned they didn’t die from HIV, they died b/c of the drugs since their immune system was already compromised..

      The CV is just a respiratory flu that you can get well from within 24-72 hours if you are holistic & you know how to heal yourself, but most people don’t know how to heal themselves & they blindly believe in the criminal toxic allopathic industry & do whatever they say b/c they are STUPID.

      And we should shut down the entire WORLD & cause total tyranny & collapse over this???

      They always controlled us, but now they are openly showing that they control us & nothing pisses me off more than people who WANT TO BE SLAVES or who ignore the facts when they are right in front of them!!!

    • 10 minutes spent on Wikipedia:
      researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2016 found that the 2009 H1N1 virus likely originated from pigs in a very small region of central Mexico. An earlier story that it came from Asia was unfounded speculation by US agriculture officials. 150,000 to 575,000 deaths worldwide. Not China.
      bird flu pandemic – 35 deaths. But, yeah, China.
      sars pandemic – 774 deaths. Yes, China.
      For comparison, consider the AIDS pandemic – millions dead, definitely not made in China.
      – oh right, that’s not an influenza pandemic, so it doesn’t count.
      Or the spanish flu, 17 million to 50 million dead. – oh right, you’re only counting recent influenza pandemics, so it doesn’t count.
      2017-2018 flu season – 46,000 and 95,000 deaths in the USA. Not linked to China, but since the newspapers didn’t report this as a pandemic, I guess it doesn’t count.
      the WHO estimates that 250,000 to 500,000 people die of seasonal flu annually. Not made in China.
      So, based on 800 deaths from influenza viruses first detected in China, and one that came from Mexico, and discounting non-influenza viruses, and discounting influenza viruses that are too long ago, and totally ignoring hundreds of thousands of normal deaths from influenza, therefor COVID19 virus DEFINITELY came from China, QED. I sure can’t see any holes in THAT logic. Bonus points for mentioning the Holocaust.

      • Glen: Possibly a good reframing of culpability, but consider this fact: In 1998, Pentagon/DoD had reported that 3,000 Chinese military front-companies were operating throughout America. // Hmmm, I wonder, how many now? // It’s called an I N F I L T R A T I O N, dear Glen. // Chinese moles are in every university, working alongside American professorial D U P E S. -Rick

        • I was highlighting invalid facts and invalid logic.
          If no culpability has been demonstrated, (and Cam did not demonstrate anything of substance), then there is no culpability to reframe.
          And why would you assume anyone is to blame, anyway? Sometimes a disease is just a disease.

          • Re your quote about HIERARCHIES, Glen: That quote demonstrates the default position of all LEFTIST systems: to L I E—in order to persuade that UTOPIAN equality is possible on this plane of existence—that NON-hierarchical systems even are possible (( e.g., erase the natural hierarchy of child/parent, of man/woman, of village-genius/village-idiot, of homosexual male couple’s dominance vs. submission sexuality, of doctor/patient, of floor-sweeper/library-keeper, of . . . )). // THERE’s NOT O-N-E idea in that quote which even hints at any truth, as it’s an absolute fabrication, avoiding u-t-t-e-r R E A L I T Y. // Communists used ANARCHICAL violence in pre-Nazi Germany — and, note, that those nasty “brown shirts” were established by a cabal of pro-communist homosexuals (( this scribbler had documented that in several essay, in the late Nineties, after reading a Jewish historian’s detailed account )) — which caused man-on-the-street Germans’ heavy reprisals against them. -Rick.

  • Right on Caitlin!! Here is some Covid truth telling I think you and your readers will find interesting.


  • So now we don’t have to hate Russia, Russia, Russia? China’s agenda is to screw over the rest of the world by sucking up all of the assets to help China. They’ve been doing it for years, with much help from politicians, businessmen, universities, big tech, etc. all around the world who have also been profiting mightily from selling their countries out. But now that China has become so powerful thanks to their help, are these people are finally realizing that they have been bought and paid for useful idiots who must now bow to the will of China to keep their countries and businesses alive?

  • Ms. Johnstone nails it!
    (The truth is we should hate the Chinese government just as we hate all coercive governments.)
    I have no faith in any government anywhere.
    For the sake of humanity, you should not either.

    • It’s good to see a few other anarchists here.

      Normally they aren’t anywhere except on certain FB groups or YT channels LOL

      • Michelle, anarchical mind-sets are a
        result of childhood interactions with
        an authority figure (( parent/teacher )),
        who had so injured the child’s psyche
        that he/she grows up to hate ALL
        authority. It’s not a stable mind, as it
        wishes more than anything – subcon-
        sciously so – to K I L L anyone that
        reminds of that childhood experience.


        • Hi Rick.
          There is a more mature understanding of the word anarchy which is not the result of childhood trauma. You could describe it as a system of governance whereby the people themselves, collectively and individually, take responsibility for their own actions and their own welfare (as a community). There are cities in Spain (eg Barcelona and Zaragoza) that are run as anarchies, and have done so successfully since the 1930s.
          The fact that most people now associate anarchy with chaos or childish tantrums smacks of propaganda. An effective way to kill a radical new idea has always been to change the definition of the word to something negative and completely different.

          • BS. i have been to Barcelona. they have policemen.

            • It seems I was partly wrong. The anarchists were overthrown by communists before Franco.

              However, my point still stands. Read the comment again, but delete “that are run as anarchies, and have done so successfully since the 1930s.” The message is the same, and your experiences as a tourist doesn’t address that message.

              You can google the following quote, and it describes my understanding of anarchy well. Nothing here about childhood trauma or hatred of authority.

              “The fundamental concepts of anarchism are statelessness and opposition to hierarchy. To these ends, the Catalonian revolutionaries organised the region under cooperative and communal principals. Factories became worker cooperatives, farms became communes … This was done without the utilisation of state control. Society became increasingly democratic, and everyone was increasingly equal in both principal and practice.”

              Are you unable to envision the role of a policeman without the need for a hierarchy? Ponder the fact that even in the USA, policeman have the motto “to serve and protect”. Is it not possible that this was once the intention?

              If you want a more fact-based criticism of anarchism’s premises, it might be from Jordan Peterson’s assertion that hierarchy is a natural phenomena in all human groups. As an alleged Jungian, I’m sure Rick would be interested in Jordan’s work.

              • That quote demonstrates the default position of all LEFTIST systems: to L I E—in order to persuade that UTOPIAN equality is possible on this plane of existence—that NON-hierarchical systems even are possible (( e.g., erase the natural hierarchy of child/parent, of man/woman, of village-genius/village-idiot, of homosexual male couple’s dominance vs. submission sexuality, of doctor/patient, of floor-sweeper/library-keeper, of . . . )). // THERE’s NOT O-N-E idea in that quote which even hints at any truth, as it’s an absolute fabrication, avoiding u-t-t-e-r R E A L I T Y. // Communists used ANARCHICAL violence in pre-Nazi Germany — and, note, that those nasty “brown shirts” were established by a cabal of pro-communist homosexuals (( this scribbler had documented that in several essay, in the late Nineties, after reading a Jewish historian’s detailed account )) — which caused man-on-the-street Germans’ heavy reprisals against them. -Rick.

  • It’s the same bigotry that happens every election year in America. And it usually works.

  • China buys countries and strips them of their resources.

    China takes the livelihood of Uyghurs away and places them in concentration camps.

    Yes Catlin let’s not detract from the glory of China.

    I have no idea what your point is here except that you are hoping that oligarchy No. 2 is going to be more benevolent than Oligarchy No. 1.

    Please clarify.

    • I had an English teacher once who did not realize that, ‘Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee’, was satire.

      • For Whom the Bell Tolls
        John Donne

        No man is an island,
        Entire of itself.
        Each is a piece of the continent,
        A part of the main.
        If a clod be washed away by the sea,
        Europe is the less.
        As well as if a promontory were.
        As well as if a manor of thine own
        Or of thine friend’s were.
        Each man’s death diminishes me,
        For I am involved in mankind.
        Therefore, send not to know
        For whom the bell tolls,
        It tolls for thee.

        I don’t think that’s satire, he is saying that we are all connected. That’s why the (funeral) bell tolls for everyone. Maybe I misunderstand the definition of satire.

        • Glen: Replace “island” with this term: I N D I V I D U A L, in John Dunne’s poem—to see his mistake, as all collectivist systems are I N V O L U N T A R Y and C O E R S I V E (( if the poem isn’t some inexplicable satire )). // That poem serves communist-collectivism’s evil seduction of an impossible Utopia—on this plane of existence. -Rick

          • when the spider ets the whole web jiggles. nothing can be built upon bad roads and no rules of the road.
            no one can breathe bad air and live. no one can use polluted water.
            yes. we oughta make Ayn Rand rollover in her filthy grave. she is an idiot obseessed with capitals favors.
            Korruptitalism is her faux paw.
            it left poor greenspan saying hiw world view was flawed.

      • Roy, I just realised you’re pointing out to Timothy that Caitlin’s post was satire.
        Timothy, I can’t see where Caitlin is glorifying China. She’s just parodying the latest viral outbreak of US propaganda.
        Think of it like a vaccine. Exposure to this article might help you build up a resistance to the live propaganda.

    • I 100% agree with you, Timothy. Why don’t people see or understand this about China?

    • I 100% agree with you, Timothy. Why can’t people see or understand this? Have they digested too much propaganda?

      • Because it’s not.

        It’s about the EVILS who control the world & have been controlling the world for thousands of years & who had this plandemic planned for decades AND who had 911 planned since the 1940’s.

        It’s time to wake up to the truth dear.


        The only way to stop this is to be WOKE & to formulate a plan otherwise bitching & complaining solves nothing.

  • What is this “China” you speak of, Sister?
    Maybe we should understand it before trying to answer so many hard questions.

    Do take vitamin-D 5000 – 10,000 units per day until you’re done with your coronavirus date, whenever that may be. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/05/sunny-months.html

  • Funny how none of our fearless leaders have indulged in the thought of genuinely and honestly making peace with China, or anyone else (including us), for that matter.
    That’s pretty weird, right?

  • Caitlin, having to
    think more deeply?

    We suffer and die
    for lack of truth-telling.


  • You can spread hate…
    or you can spread love.

  • Caitlin, having to
    think more deeply?

  • Exterminate! Exterminate!

  • Caitlin:

    As late as 1955, Mao’s officers
    we’re hanging the bodies of
    enemies on meat hooks in
    their mess halls, and cooking
    that flesh, then eating it.


    P.S. Communistic atheists
    have no moral conscience.


    Fear them.

    China is foundationally evil,
    making our “bad leaders” to
    appear as angels in compar-

    Choose a side commensurate
    with your own moral conscience,

    • Unlike our leaders in Washington who are “Christians” with no moral conscience.

      • Stop your B. S. Here. If US government is so call christian why are they so corrupted and immoral now. Trumps is a habitual liar and racist. Even the country of america was stolen from the native indians. Just the amount of wars that was created by this govenment is countless.

    • P.P.S.
      Find and read Chinese writers
      who’ve published books on
      Dear Mother Leader Mao, who
      mothered “his” people into
      mass-murdering one another
      and, then, cannibalizing each
      other—after “his” Long March
      agricultural reforms fell into
      “his” dystopian “Utopia.”

    • You miss her point. Sad.

      • I also was just thinking this. Who cares how bad China might be.

        If you blame all your problems on others then you do nothing to change yourself- where the real problems actually are.

        Once you blame others you become powerless to do anything. Because it means changing others which you can’t do – and not changing yourself which you can do.

        Isn’t that what we’ve been telling the poor- “stop blaming others and get off your lazy ass and get a job”

        So let’s take our own advice

        • Who cares, Robert?—Because that sick collective
          mind works to destroy the West for E N S L A V E M E N T,
          under matriarchal communism.


          • You still seem to miss the point of this post. Hating China is NOT going to fix our problems.
            Even if what you say is true what good does does it do for America to hate and blame China?
            How does hating and blaming China fix the fucked up mess we have become?
            How does hating and blaming China:
            -fix our healthcare mess
            -fix our massive poverty issue
            -fix our jobless issues
            -fix immigration issues
            -fix our racism issues
            -fix all of our totally internal issues that China has absolutely no control over.

            Why is hating and blaming China going to do anything other than make us blind to the fact that these problems are all “made in America”. And we ourselves need to fix them.
            How has blaming China made our pathetic response to the pandemic any better. How many people has it cured. How has it made us investigate how we could do it better. How is blaming China going to make the recovery better?
            Not at all – got it – hating and blaming China or any other country is not going to fix the US issues and problems that Caitlin describes in this post
            All it does is not place the blame squarely on our own politicians.

            • Robert:

              In the study of logic, you are committing the Fallacy of Relevance—in not seeing how all that you point out, about America’s social-cultural ills, is a stand-alone issue, unrelated to being on guard against an ever-growing threat—as Chinese military leaders have said, in each of the last 30 years!, that they work to defeat us, by waging war against us.

              They just blurt that out – every year – while our brain-dead leaders lust after profits—in the face of a growing, dreadful threat.

              The communist mind is a deeply sick mind, ever demanding a perfect equality in a universe of unequal things.

              It is matriarchal in its drive to feed all of her “children” equally/fairly.

              She’s NUTS!


              • Please explain to me then how, as I obviously do not get it, that our lack of universal health care is directly related to the threat from China?
                How was our poor response to Covid directly related to the threat from China?
                Your then saying if China was not a threat we would have universal health care and we would have done a better job handling Covid.
                Please be specific and cite sources of information on this.

                Also, not to be nit picky, Robert is not the name I use. To me it is common courtesy to call a person by their preferred name.

                • How can you have a poor response to a media hyped fear pandemic. Please continue wearing your mask and gloves, keeping a good social distance. I am sure it makes you feel so much safer. Amazing how easy it is to make people afraid.

                  • You have a poor response because 100,000 people died, 33M unemployed and the economy is in the shitter.
                    You have a poor response because even if it was hyped you weren’t taking it seriously just in case it was real. You simply did not do what was needed and you were not prepared to start with. You had nothing to respond with.
                    I’m not afraid of the virus but I have a healthy respect for something that can kill me.

                    • You are afraid. A majoritybof the world is afraid. There is no proper response against an imaginary hyped fear. No one in power can protect you. Gloves and masks cannot protect you. Vaccines cannot protect you. Get a grip and man up. Go live your life and ignore the imaginary. And abovexall rlse stop blaming others for your fear.

                    • Four poignant words reveal the
                      R E A L I T Y of this Deep State

                      – You Have Been Hoaxed –

                      “We’ve been Covid-19-Hoaxed.“

                      T-shirt worthy?

                      Go ahead, make some bucks.


          • Who cares? You have the audacity to say that china destroy the west? The west are war mongers who created wars, slavery and colonization everywhere and yet u dare to accuse other of your horrible crimes to humanity.

            • Just curious, Rene:

              Are you a Chinese troll, having to spew the Party Line here—possibly because you have family on mainland China, who would otherwise be disappeared ?

              – just curios –


      • Greg, her point amounted to
        an equivocation between two
        RELATIVE evils, East and West,
        the latter being far less evil.



        • No.

    • Do you dream in black and white? Are you really a Jungian? Have you engaged with your Shadow?
      Caitlin isn’t choosing a side here. Why do you project your Shadow onto her?

      • You have to choose on this plane—that is why we are here: to choose good or evil. // Choosing is the testing part of learning!—learning of what it is YOU embrace: the S H A D O W or the L I G H T. // Caitlin must be either COLD or HOT—not lukewarm on the matter of Evil in China, lest she be ejected as so much vomit (( to reference a line in the Holy Bible )). // Yes, I’m mostly Jungian, but Freud was no dummy. -Rick

  • This administration has turned the whole country into victims.
    All of our problems and ills are somebody else’s fault. We are now a 100% victim country.

    If everything is beyond our control there is nothing we can do but curl up in a fetal position and protect ourselves.

    And that is basically what we are doing.

    Defund WHO – give the high ground to China – brilliant!

    Block out and insult our allies. So they go elsewhere for support. Brilliant!

    Lash out blindly against anybody who dares to not support our tantrums. Diplomacy is dead… just bully any body we dares to cross us.

    Sort of reminds me of my 4 year old granddaughter who I have just spent 2 1/2 months in lockdown. Her tantrums were just like this.

    We have a county with the emotional intelligence of a 4 year old. Brilliant!

    • This administration? Comments like that show the power of propoganda. If we just get rid of this administration things will get so much better. Please go vote out this evil administration and put in the true righteous administration which will make it all better.

      • This administration? How about the Obama Administration and the Democrats with their fixation on Russia?

      • This administration? What about the Obama administration and the Democrats with their fixation on Russia?

        • I never said administrations did not do some of this but it seems to me this one is a bit over the top lately.
          And I also never said a different one would not also blame others. Maybe I’m just paying more attention now. Who knows. Either way I think that all this hate China is even more of a diversion from looking at ourselves and fixing our problems than is typical.

          • Maybe, Bob, you need to do a little bit more research on the modus operandi of the Chinese government. Then see if this might change your mind about them.

            • I’m sorry. Change my mind? Do you want me to hate China?
              Why would I do that?
              Why would I blame China for our problems?

    • “If everything is beyond our control there is nothing we can do but curl up in a fetal position and protect ourselves.”
      Everything is NOT beyound our control. Government whores are the problem, and MSM propaganda. Get rid of them, end of problem! But hey, this means standing up to them, calling the rodents out.
      Australians CAN claim Australia back if they want, but they WILL need to PUSH_BACK, lest the boot of Tyranny bears down upon their throats!

  • I don’t know, Caitlin. I think you’re overly nuanced with this one.

    • I blame China.

  • They are here.
    Chinas new WMD.
    Murder Hornets.

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