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Lindsey Graham, Protests, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Liberals are talking about Lindsey Graham’s sexual orientation again. If you are more interested in the fact that Lindsey Graham is a hypocritical closeted gay Republican than you are in the fact that Lindsey Graham is a murderous war pig who advances mass military slaughter at every opportunity, your priorities are disordered.

Obviously Graham is so deep in the closet he’s partied with the White Witch and Aslan the Lion, but the real scandal is that he is a closet psychopath. Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t leave a painful mark on our consciousness because he was gay, but because he horrifically murdered 17 people. And Lindsey Graham has helped kill a lot more than 17 people.

In a healthy world we’d treat being gay as normal and being a warmonger as more reprehensible than being a serial killer.


I know this is a tough time for Americans and I truly do sympathize, but god damn it’s so nice that nobody’s talking about that stupid fake presidential election anymore.


“I support your right to protest, just not the way you are doing it,” said every defender of every oppressive power structure about every form of protest of any kind.


The people demand those in power demilitarize the police and stop police violence. Those in power respond by using police violence to silence the people because their power depends on police militarization.


My job’s going to be so much easier now that US police have completely invalidated every argument that gets made about every “regime” in need of humanitarian bombing.


Seriously mad about Russia and Antifa and George Soros and the Communist Party of China conspiring to trick Americans into not wanting police to murder them.


I’ve been arguing with people the last few days who claim these protests are being staged/controlled by powerful elites, and not one of them has been able to provide a lucid argument using solid facts for why that’s true. Not one. Yet it’s a common belief in conspiracy circles.

There’s good conspiracy theory and there’s bad conspiracy theory. Believing a brutalized and economically oppressed population is protesting police brutality and racism due to an elite conspiracy to forcibly remove Trump, in a fucking election year, is bad conspiracy theory.


Friendly reminder that in today’s inverted totalitarian oligarchic empire, maneuvers designed to nullify and neuter the legitimate grievances of the populace are always preceded by the words “I hear you”.

Ignore words and photogenic gestures of solidarity and watch what actual, tangible changes are being put into effect instead. You’ll see two very, very different pictures. This applies to the official response to the protests, but it applies to politics generally and to manipulative people in your life as well.


One thing all these videos are making clear is that there’s a pervasive belief in police culture from coast to coast that it is okay to physically assault a stranger who has made you feel emotionally upset. An attack on the officer’s ego is treated as an attack on the officer.

Police should definitely be made to feel ashamed of having this attitude. It’s not okay to assault someone who hurt your feewings, you fucking infant. You’re a taxpayer-funded employee. You get to retire after 25 years. Get the absolute fuck over yourself.


Every time a libertarian on the internet paternalistically tells me he’s “disappointed” in me for saying something he disagrees with, an angel gets its wings.


Whenever you’re worried about a major development in 2020, just relax and remember that it will soon be eclipsed by something much, much bigger.


Just because there are powerful people conspiring to do terrible things does not mean they will succeed. They are not wise, they are not particularly smart, and they fail frequently. Don’t make gods of these assholes.

A lot of people think of the oligarchs like Greek deities moving chess pieces from Mount Olympus with total control over the affairs of man. In reality they’re just sociopaths who don’t understand normal humans all that well, and their agendas often faceplant. Don’t fall into the trap of believing every minute detail of everything that happens is controlled by nigh-omnipotent manipulators. They’re just clever primates who know a few tricks; they don’t really understand healthy humans, and we constantly move in ways they didn’t predict.

Humanity has so very, very much more potential than even most healthy humans understand, let alone sociopaths with no deep insight into human nature. Things are shifting, and the sociopaths will be the very last ones to know it. They’ll have no idea what’s going on.


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  • “Things are shifting, and the sociopaths will be the very last ones to know it.”
    If the past is any indication, things shift in the direction the sociopaths orchestrate. That is, after all, the reason for all the deception and manipulation they use against us. Until the vast majority understands they are being played, the shift will be pretty much what the sociopaths planned for.

  • Stirred up^ a Hornet’s Nest here Ms. Caitlyn. Here is some thoughts from an old man living in a paradise of his own making, at this moment in time rainbows are dancing all over my living rooms, (Yes, Plural) I take to heart the story in the ‘River Why’ by David James Duncan, about the Garden World, which when we die here we live there, when we show up as old folks, all worn out by life here on earth, we begin to grow backwards, younger, instead of older, until we become once again babes on our mother’s breast, and then we see the Queen, and to see the Queen is to die, because She is sending us on our way to another life, so there is not much to worry about, like death, because to die here is to live there. I am proud to be witnessing the black and brown brothers and sisters standing UP^ for themselves, I am also glad some White People are joining them on the streets, about time for a change here on good old Earth…..My goal is to hit eighty years and still be able to get my old butt out there to do some good work, like supporting my local food pantry so none of my brothers and sisters should go to bed with an empty belly. I wish I had Mr. Bezo’s fortune, I could feed the whole world, for awhile anyway. The Locust Plague in Africa only deserved a casual mention on the news, yet many people there have no food, no money, so they just drop dead, Who Cares? While here in America our Glorious Leader wants to call out the might of the Military to shoot his own people down in cold blood, because they happen to dis-agree with his policies…..Here is how to win via protests: Rent a thousand Port-A-Potties, line the streets with them, then get your water bottles and a sandwich or two, and just Sit Down on the streets, fill them from curb to curb, sing a mighty song as one voice; “We Shall Over-come” over and over again, until you do “Over-Come” Then you have Won! Love to Courage…..The Old Alaskan Man….

  • Minneapolis city council wants to abolish their police force. I truly hope they do so the world can see what happens next.

  • The current upheaval can be quite simply analyzed. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. The bank cartel and corporate oligarchs, by way of their servants, the Psychopaths In Charge and the CIA controlled corporate owned Mockingbird Media, keep us in constant fear of whatever bogey man they invent, and at each other’s throats because “they are oppressing us” when in fact we all suffer the same oppression applied by the same tyrants. The oppression is applied unequally for the very purpose of division.

    I would dispute “they aren’t that smart”. It’s quite common for psychopaths to be very intelligent. They have proven so by the very fact they have successfully dominated their victims ever since the first time a gang of marauders chose a different method. Instead of stealing what they could carry, enslaving what they could feed, burning and killing the rest, they settled in place and continued bleeding the locals. That is, the first time government appeared. They have deceived us by many methods, from a king endowed by God, to “democracy”. Where by It’s our fault. Everything would be just peachy if we only elected the proper psychopath, or party of psychopaths to empower with the authority to hold a gun to peoples heads and force them to do this, and not do that. As long as we insist on government that is applied by force, we will be governed by psychopaths. It’s the ideal environment for them, and no good and decent human being has any desire to be a part of it. At least not in a significant number.

  • I thought your argument was very right on though somewhat confused on the sociopath psychopath thing, maybe 70 years ago being gay would make you a sociopath, maybe today you have to be a paedophile to be a sociopath, or a cannibal; but who among us isn’t a cannibal? Don’t Catholics when they partake of the Holy Eucharist consume the flesh of Jesus? Cannibals? And, what about before Jesus? What was he talking about when he said that now you can eat me instead of them? Who’s them? Other people? Is that what Christians were eating before they became Christians? Other people? And, what about those Christians that didn’t become Christians? What are they eating? Other people? I think maybe cannibals are all among us. That we never gave up on cannibalism and all of those tens of thousands of missing children who are never seen or heard of again all over the world go. Into people’s stomachs. So, sure, among the Judaic and Christian world nothing but cannibalism; are there any among us who aren’t sociopaths? My guess is extremely unlikely, especially when we take into account who all is running the show.

  • Simple solutions are extremely evident.such as:
    1. kill the electoral college. then the Senate, which could be replaced by a house of Femmes. only women allowed to run for it: one for every 500,000 people, so only one for ND or Wyoming. eg.
    Stop the CIA and let it sink into the mire it has created. no more meddling with foreign democracies. sorry what if Sweden goes communal: eliminates all immortal beings we call persons. do we declare war on Swedes?
    2. End IRS and replace with ASSETS TAX. Only the victors should pay for the help they received for free. like knowledge and roads the wheel medicine and of course law and order. Poor people got no reason…
    3. Allow AI but only with BMI alongside. that is basic minimum income…say @ 2,000 per month…anyone over 18.
    4. make it mandatory that every house is occupied by real peole living there, either as tenants or owners. do not tax any home worth under 500,000.
    5. shrink the DOD down by 20% a year each year forever until it chokes to death screaming it cannot breathe like this.
    6. Make all voting registered upon receipt. and also by mail and location. mail is better however, and cheaper.
    7. triple HEW and CDC and EPA
    8. Make all corpos mortal. no more buying and selling each other as if they were female or slaves. FEEmales were the first slaves and should be paid reparations.
    9. Cut work to 4 day week and 6 hour days: same ol’ pay.
    10. make the minimum wage $30 per hour–not my fault the 15 took too long.
    11. and maybe most important: kill the FED. put in Public Banks at every level of .GOV and make those government agencies and pensions funds etc. put all their money into the local Public Banks.
    12. Close all Gas Stations. we killed alcohol once and now we have to kill or outlaw ICE–the Internal Combustion Engine. anyone caught driving one must pay a huge fine. or have the car confiscated. i prefer the latter get out and walk!
    13. Subsidize all wind and solar with the same ones we used for oil and coal. like the depleted oil allowance. what crap. since oil wells will become worth less used only for plastic….do we really need plastic toothbrushes? we may be able to make tooth brushes out of biodegradable imitaion plastic doesn’t that sond nice. but i’m not a chemist. i imagine hemp performing as a toothbrush, but that was just a dream. the USS Constitution old iron sides, sailed under hemp.
    14. Make all cops femes and send all cops to kindergarten classes to learn how to teach. let the children save them. or if the kids cannot get through, put them all on the shackle train.
    15. universal Single Payer Health Care….100% not like medicare with it’s heinous co-pay of 20%.
    Rejoin the united nations. And reform it towards another house where it’s one person one vote. thus, China and/or India would get to say what up wit dat more often. the US mght not have the money or it might. but it’s people will become better off. and the economic stimuli mentioned above will boost our equality and prosperity for all. Trickle down is a dead rat, and Bubble Up is the new drink for economists to swallow.

    we simply switch from coddling Supply to empowering Demand.

  • Headline today on corporate news tells me that black organizers and leaders don’t really want real change.
    “Many black organizers say they don’t want police kneeling or marching with them.”
    That’s from Mickey Mouse News (https://abcnews.go.com/)
    Why do I say that this tells me that they don’t want change?
    Because I read history.
    Reading history tells me that real change happens when the police (or other enforcers) start to change sides. When you start seeing soldiers and police join the protesters, then real change is on the brink of occurring.
    When the police and soldiers start to change sides, that’s when the Elites get very nervous. They don’t mind sitting in their mansions drinking wine while soldiers keep the mob at bay and while the army crushes the resistance. But, when they see their protectors and enforcers changing sides and joining the mob, then they start to realize that they are in trouble. That’s the moment when a society is on the brink of real change.
    The “Black Organizers” and “Black Leaders” don’t want real change. They are quite happy with the status quo. They’ve got money and power and at least some influence. Enough influence to get more money at least. Writers like Glenn Ford and Black Agenda Report have written about this for a long, long time. The “Black Leaders” get very comfortable with their lives, and don’t really want change.
    Of course, they keep their Black Leadership position by seeming to lead the protests. They appear to be leaders by making stirring speeches. But, when they get the meeting with the Governor, they don’t want real change. Some money going to them, their organizations, and their favorite fellow organizations will suit them quite nicely. Real change would disturb them as they don’t want anything to shake up their world and their cushy position in it.
    America seems to be on the brink of real change.
    Police have been joining the protests.
    The protests do reach beyond the Black community.
    Both the former Sec of Def and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have told military commanders that the oath that they swore was to the Constitution and not to a specific President.
    OMG say “Black Organizers” and “Black Leaders”
    Why else would an activist leader make statements that tell people not to join their movement? They don’t want the police to join. They don’t want Whites to join. They’ve had it great under Trump. Donations are skyrocketing.
    OMG, if our movement grows, then there might be some real change, and then we’d have to get real jobs.

    • An activist leader telling people not to join their movement is logic that stands out. It is out of character for any real activist leader. Any real activist leader is always looking to grow their movement. That’s the direction in which Success lies.
      An activist leader telling people not to join their movement stands out like Assad using chemical weapons every time he’s about to win.

    • Hearing “Activist Leaders” reminds me….. Remember the award that Activist Leader Jesse Jackson gave to President Trump for all the good works President Trump did for the black communities? Go to YouTube. If you keep scrolling, you can find them. I am surprised they are still available to view, as the MSM does not want you to know the about that. The MSM wants you to believe our president is the opposite. Activist Leader Jesse Jackson totally turned against his good friend, DJT, after presenting the award to him.

  • “Humanity has so very, very much more potential than even most healthy humans understand, let alone sociopaths with no deep insight into human nature.”

    Those who personally embody and make outward appeals to the worst aspects of human nature will never lack for customers or their own sense of twisted self-satisfaction. Countless customers around the world are sadly lined up at the sociopaths’ door each morning begging for another day of abuse. That’s what absorbing years of pain and suffering does to one’s thinking and feeling process. After a time, a person can lose a sense of being a worthy and valuable creation. One can lose the sense of feeling powerful and unique. Expectations for what to get out of life become some low and empty and a person becomes easy feeding grounds for those who Feast on Misery. And those who feast have an unlimited appetite.

    Good and decent people are not allowed to rise up the chain to most influential positions in society. Those positions are the personal domain of those who by their nature bully and feast their way to the top of the heap as they know no other way to think or live. It’s a full-time job to work at robbing people and society and the world-at-large of it’s Divine Potential and intended legacy for growth and positivity and evolution to a Higher State of Being.

    • It takes ruthlessness to climb that chain. And each rung along the way, only the most ruthless advance, while those with a soul are told they are not management material.
      There is nothing in this world today that says “lets promote Suzy because she’s a decent human being.” Nope, the person who gets the promotion is the one who gets the high score across the following categories.
      a) Abusing workers to increase profit. The classic was Walmart store managers making workers work “off-the-clock”. That makes the store manager show the best “results” and gives them the promotion.
      b) Blackmail. Nothing like good old fashion blackmail. Get something on the person making the decision on the promotion. If you can’t do that, knock competitors out of the running. Nothing works in this modern world like a good smear campaign.
      c) Sleep with the boss. The oldest profession merges with the corporate world. Business is booming with so many women in leadership positions, but everybody watching the men.
      Nope, being a “good and decent person” is not on the list.
      This has slowly changed over the years. This has happened with the corporate takeover. When a person owned the store, they could decide to promote the dept manager who is a decent person and who has impressed the owner. Being a good person in the community and having a good reputation mattered more. The corporatization of work has destroyed this, and created the modern world that gets meaner and nastier because its designed to continually get meaner and nastier because only the meanest and the nastiest climbs the ladder and its a constant escalation not to be out-meaned or out-nastied.

      • It’s not so much that the good and decent are held back from the positions of power held by psychopaths, it’s more that good and decent people have no desire to assume such power and control over people. Psychopaths naturally gravitate toward such positions. It’s the ideal environment for them. Which is why all government and corporate leadership is saturated with them.

  • Ms Johnstone calls them ” copoloia “. Her previous article showed an old man on the ground bleeding from his head. This article about it make me sick:

    • Sorry, it is ” copologia “. The old man made the police do that to him is the excuse being given. It must always be the victims fault!

      • Mayor says old man was “an agitator”, which apparently is supposed to make it good and decent to beat him to the ground.

  • Just following orders. From a guy in a bunker.

  • The Lines are Drawn. The Curse is Cast.

    So … The American Left has its race war. They (the Left) have been advocating for this, and planning this, for a very long time. I first became aware of it, (I’ve been a leftist since the late 1960s … still am), in the late 1990s. Now it’s here … but wait … what? … The Left is now calling it a ‘dress rehearsal’? (O Geez…).
    Dress rehearsal … Interesting concept … They have declared that the current Mass Media-initiated, and Mass Media-fueled, and highly stage-managed ‘uprising’, (in which 16 out of every 100 ‘protesters’ is possibly really an operative in disguise), is only a ‘practice revolution’ run-through, in full costume, (with real batons and real tear gas though), before they launch the real thing. (Sigh … I suppose somehow someone could be more lame)…
    Okey doke, then. It’s on. It may be a “rehearsal”, but the fascist leather boots sure look real, don’t they? The brawny arms … The hardwood clubs … Every one a firearm at her or his side … There’s sure a LOT of ’em. They get paid.
    16 out of every 100 ‘protesters’ are figured to be operatives? Surely that is an exaggeration? Even so … (who knows?), whatever the actual accurate numbers, imagine the degree of organization it took to have all those ‘squads’ in place, ready to go, in all those different cities. The Left may be still holding “rehearsals” for the real thing, but seems like the other guys are ready for the ‘performance’ right effing NOW!
    In fact, it seems like THEY have already started ‘playing the game’.
    Imagine the degree of organization and planning being revealed. This appears to be CIA-level, ‘color revolution’-caliber, stuff we see happening. These people who appear to be orchestrating these events have been doing these things all over the world, for a VERY long time, and they’re REALLY good at it.
    Trump doesn’t really appear to even be in the direct ‘command loop’. He looks more like just another ‘king’ on the board. Kings are clunky. They can hardly move. (Their most powerful move is to go hide behind their castle). Everybody has to protect them, but everybody knows that the real power on the board lies elsewhere.
    While the Left wants time to “rehearse”, (in full costume), before the real thing starts, the ‘other guys’ have had lots of practice, and they appear to be ‘ready’, (right NOW!), for the opening whistle.
    I agree with those who say the Elites are scared. Any dangerous beast or foe, however, is even MORE dangerous when cornered and ‘existentially’ frightened.
    OK, Then. Blacks against Whites. The American Left’s long advocated race war is here. It’s effing ON! … (soon as the Left finishes rehearsing, I guess).
    Let’s see … Shouldn’t a competent general officer assess forces before leading troops into battle? Let’s assess forces then.
    63% of the American population is “non-Hispanic white”. Using a base US population figure of 325 million, there are about 205 million ‘non-Hispanic white people’ in America.
    Race gets really complicated real fast though. Even just counting races gets real hard, real fast. The very concept of ‘race’ is roughly (very roughly) analogous to ‘breeds’ that humans have intentionally created among domesticated animals, (dogs, cattle, birds, etc). The various races were ‘bred’ by nature, by environmental forces where they lived, over at least tens, into hundreds of thousands of years.
    If we go back to the very mists of human ‘civilization’, we’re talking about, (what?), 10,000 years? 100 Centuries?
    What is ‘civilization’? Families form into clans; clans form into tribes. The bonds of intermarriage, human biology itself, make it so. The next level, ‘nation’, is where ‘civilization’ starts. Different tribes joined together to form ‘political bonds’, in order to enhance their own chances for survival in a hyper (life or death) competitive environment. When tribes join with other tribes, they comprise a ‘nation’ of people.
    We all know that the various ‘races’ are all the same species. A pretty girl is a pretty girl. And any man who sees her will smile and hope. Which handsome boy will not catch every girl’s attention? (Substitute ‘gender-of-preference’, if desired). The race of either does not matter.
    We’re all ‘mongrels’. Human genes have mixed between races for a VERY long time.
    So THAT’s why it’s so darned hard to even count up a roster of ‘the races’, (an assessment of forces), in America.
    Non-Hispanic whites: 205 million. But the problem is that a LOT of Hispanic people consider themselves ‘white’. They identify with their European (Spanish) heritage, not with the indigenous and/or ‘mestizo’ (mixed race) people of Latin America.
    Are Spanish people ‘white’?
    Well … There you go … That’s how it goes with race. The Spanish mixed with the Moors and Carthaginians of North Africa, people who themselves were related to Phoenicians, and others, sailing out from the Levant shores of the Middle East, and the Nile Delta. King Juba was a great and powerful king, when he annihilated Caesar’s legions, (under Caesar’s hapless but loyal lieutenant general, Curio). King Juba was not white. When King Juba stood on some shores of his kingdom, he could see Spain through the mists (on clear days). Hannibal encamped in Spain, to plan his attack on Rome.
    Pretty girls. Lusty men. Genes mixed.
    Rome, itself dominated by the ‘blonder’ North Italian tribes, (back into the mists of the Etruscans), colonized Spain as a ‘Province’. The Gauls (French) were blocked by the Pyrenees mountain tribes, (whose descendents are the Basques of northwest Spain), but Marseille, on the south coast, was a center of trade and commerce, (and also a naval fortress), trading with Spain, and Carthage, (and other North Africans).
    Are Spanish people ‘white’? Well … THEY think they are. But the Spanish do show their heritage in their genes. They show more ‘color’. Darker hair, (in general). More tawny skin. Often natural tight curls, in men and women both.
    Anyway … If we count Hispanic people who think they are white, as white, then the American population is about 73% white. That’s about 237 million white people in the US. (In the entire world, there are a bit less that a billion white people, so about 25% live in the US).
    African Americans comprise a bit less than 13% of our population. That’s about 42 million people.
    237 to 42. And the American Left thinks that forces are lined up favorably for a race war in the US?
    Okey doke then.
    42 million is a LOT of people. That many people can sure make a lot of trouble. But so is 237 million a LOT of people. The Left seems to have a fundamental misperception regarding the alignment of the relative power of the forces that the Left, ITSELF, has ‘defined’.
    I’ve seen two videos now, produced by two young black men, who both looked to be in their mid-late 20s, in which these young black men were warning black people that the current riots are a ‘set up’, and that black folks are being used to further other people’s ambitions. Both young men questioned the motives of Black Lives Matter specifically, and mentioned the rumor that BLM is funded by a billionaire oligarch.
    So … You folks (addressing the Marionette Left) got your race war … “Dress rehearsal”? Yea … Well … The other guys appear to be ‘ready’. (Geez … C’mon guys…Sigh…As a leftist myself, it’s embarrassing).
    “OK Listen Up!”, say the Mass Media Barons, (because the Marionette Left demanded it), “Blacks against Whites! Be ready! No ‘holds’ barred once you hear the bell. Go to your corner and come out fighting!”
    “No .. No .. No .. We .. we .. We gotta have a dress rehearsal first”. (O geez … Sigh…forehead on fist).
    You think the ‘bad guys’ can’t grind the mill? Sure looks t’ me like they’re ready t’ try their best.
    42 million Black people. 237 million white people. Yea … OK … race war sounds great, (cue the rolling eyes)…But wait … There’s more … And it just gets worse.
    Only about 21% of those 42 million Black people are ‘poor’, (officially classified as “below the poverty line”). That’s only less than 9 million. Add on another 27% of Black people who are ‘near poor’, (to the lowest edge of middle class), and you have another 11 million people. That’s 20 million poor (to sub-middle class) Black people.
    52 % of African Americans are either upper middle class, or middle class. That’s about 22 million Black Americans who have some kind of ‘stake’ in the status quo. They have at least a ‘decent’ job. They are able to care for their families in dignity. Their children wear shoes that fit. They might even have a mortgage and some ‘equity’.
    And the real ‘kicker’ is, (in our force assessment), that approximately half the American working class, (maybe 80 million people or thereabouts) do not merely ‘not favor’ the Marionette Left, they don’t merely ‘dislike’ the American Marionette Left, they rather hate the Marionette Left’s guts with vehement passion.
    So … The forces are lined up … The Left is whimpering “it’s just a dress rehearsal”, while the other side practices the heft of the hardwood batons on palms … Sounds like ‘The Ref’, (the Mass Media Barons), is all set to blow the whistle …
    And here steps center stage, Max Elbaum, (an aging Jewish old-line Brooklyn communist), and the klieg-lit spokeswomen, (are there ANY men? I never recall seeing one), of BLM, (all with 501(c) donation checks already in the bank), to cheer on the “race war dress rehearsal”.
    And these young black guys in these videos I saw, who look like they just got back from ‘the corner’, are sitting down, and turning on their video cameras, and saying, “Wait wait wait … wait a damn minute here … You want us, you want us poor black folks who got nuthin’ much except maybe a ‘piece’, to go fight all those mean ass serious looking cops? Uhh … They got fuckin’ guns, man. What? … You want us go have gun battles with the cops? You think all them fancy black folks already got a mortgage, they kids in good schools, gonna be rooting for us poor scrabble niggers if we go rioting in the streets?” (Hey … I’m just quoting … It was a black guy who said it).
    “This is a set-up”, both young black men said.
    (Cue the sportscaster): “Well there you have it folks. The Left is holding dress rehearsals. Elite Muscle is already swinging its clubs. As the Left apparently awaits the opening whistle, the other side already seems to be playing the game in full force”.
    And meanwhile, (back at the ranch), ‘the troops’, (the boys down at the corner), are swallowing hard and chafing at their collars. “Black against white? That’s what these sucka’s want? They want us poor ass niggers to go out and fight the ‘whole thing’ for them? Fuck that … That don’t sound right.”
    Geezus H, guys (addressing the American Marionette Left) … Are you REALLY this stupid?
    Or is there some other factor at work here?\
    This is CIA-level operations. These people control ALL the Mass Media. They are REALLY good at what they do.
    Are you, my fellow leftists, REALLY this inept?
    Or … Alternate possibility … How deeply ‘prepared’ might the Enemy be? (I’m Ukrainian by ethnic heritage. Did you know that the 2014 Maidan Coup in Ukraine had been planned since right after WW2? It’s a long story I could explain sometime). 16 in every 100 on the street are operatives? How deeply, and/or highly, infiltrated might they be?
    Well … Anyway … Here we are boys and girls, (and all the other 95 genders) … You got what you wanted … The Race War the Marionette Left has been planning for SO long is HERE …
    (Whenever you finish your dress rehearsals, I s’pose…).
    What’s our next move? Do we have any plan, at all, besides getting more people to come out and shriek and yell hatefully at the heavily armed police?
    How do these events, that the Marionette Left has advocated and planned for so long, ‘translate’ into benefits for, (anything good happening for), the nation’s Common People? How does the Left plan to ‘develop’ the race war into gaining political power for the Common People against the Elites?
    You DO have a ‘plan’, don’t you? You didn’t start all this shit without even having a ‘plan’, did you?
    What’s the plan?
    Max Elbaum tells us: “The motion of Black America will be decisive”. Well … LOL … Yea … but at least some black folks are saying, “how come WE always get stuck with the shit work?”.
    THAT’s your plan? Black America, and whatever forces Black America can muster in support, is going to ‘decide’ the issue?
    Does Mr. Elbaum happen to know that 3 out of 4 African Americans “strongly oppose” immigration? Folks barely hanging on the caboose of the train correctly see those outstretched hands of the immigrants running to catch the train, as a personal threat. Every time a hand gains hold on the rail, another hand loses hold, and a person, or a family, tumbles off into the receding distance as the train just chugs on.
    Did Mr. Elbaum happen to notice how African Americans REFUSED to vote for the Left, sending ole Bernie down in flames.
    But we gotta hand it to ya, (addressing the Marionette Left). You did it … With your enthusiastic supporters, the Mass Media Barons, hyping people into a frenzy of Mass Mob Hysteria, you got what you wanted.
    We gots ourselves an honest-to-god ‘race war’.
    237 to 42 … Okey doke …. The other guys are READY, bigger and meaner than shit across the field. What’s our next move?



    • That’s GREAT! Could you please link to your own blog? Thanks!

    • I like websites that limit comments to 500 char.

      • Give us the links to those ones too. I’ll check them out after I check out Caliban’s!
        You’re not obliged to read all of the comments.

  • “I’ve been arguing with people the last few days who claim these protests are being staged/controlled by powerful elites, and not one of them has been able to provide a lucid argument using solid facts for why that’s true. Not one. Yet it’s a common belief in conspiracy circles.”

    I haven’t heard that one, and I’m pretty well versed in the latest conspiracies. Although, I have heard that various smaller groups have ‘piggybacked’ on the protests, or infiltrated them, with various agendas. Some of these groups may be helped/pushed by a hidden hand with an agenda to sow violence and dischord, thus providing an excuse to delegitimize the largely peaceful and legit protesters and perhaps with the ultimate goal to crush the protests with the military/police.

    Perhaps you are arguing against a strawman concocted by those in cahoots with the same agenda. It seems so ridiculous that someone would actually argue that the protests are -no qualifier here- “staged/controlled,” or in other words that they are much more astroturf than grassroots…and with the goal to “forcibly remove Trump.” And the fact that these so-called “conspiracy theorists” can’t point to any facts or evidence to support this vacuous theory is, of course, telling.

    • Actually we’re witnessing distraction from a major Annexation coming up in the next few weeks against which no one will have the energy to protest.
      Covid19/20/21 didn’t last long enough, the timing was close but not good enough; so “light ’em up”.
      Look this way, not that way …

  • Ms Johnstone, people cemented in ” denial ” have millions of tangents to go off on instead of ever admitting the ” truth “. The ” protests ” are just another ” flim-flam ” or a ” communist plot ” there is no ” racism ” in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is gods country where nothing is ever wrong.

  • That’s exactly what I have wanted to say for as long as I’ve been reading her posts. The comment section of this site is one of the best on the net.

  • Graham, Zionist reprobate Israeli evangelical Babylonian Talmudic Rabbi, whose allegiances to the state of Israel and the Abomination of desolation it represents, a travesty to the concept of the Christian faith. For whom the bell tolls? We need spiritual natural wisdom that celebrates our humanity as humans, as well, Christians of a faith of forgiveness and doing good towards others as we would have done to ourselves, Lindsey Graham, must love to see Palestinian Christians killed and others in the name of Judaism? How contrite is the dementia of the currency of greed, and the money changers, do we not see this evil??? Mental retardation says, do unto other before they due unto you… Fake Christian Grahams hypocrisy, is his demented idea if being a Christian…

  • I never seem to see anything about the backgrounds of police officers in the US. Aren’t a lot of them ex- military and therefore more prone to use violence since they’ve already done so with impunity? Isn’t this a part of the militarization of the police? Why isn’t this talked about?
    How about a truly civilian police force with no ex-military.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Just because there are powerful people conspiring to do terrible things does not mean they will succeed. They are not wise, they are not particularly smart, and they fail frequently. Don’t make gods of these assholes.
    Of course, those most powerful criminals are not intellectuals. “You shall know them by their fruits”. So, yes, they are rather gangsters in suits and ties, simply greedy war profiteers, investors, corporations, politicians, etc. But they do hire intelligent people with no scruples. And, effectively, all of them are organized crime — government and private sectors.
    When you, like many, have been following for a long time the consequences of what those powerful people do, then you know they aren’t interested in true democracy, the people, etc., but only in power.
    As President Kennedy said in November of 1963 to his friend Senator George Smathers, “I’ve got to do something about those bastards… They should be stripped of their exorbitant power.”
    And how do they get their power? Of course they have virtually unlimited money and resources, they can buy almost any D.C. and foreign politician, etc., but, what’s their key, how do they do it?
    Basically, while government transparency is the foundation of democracy, code of silence is the foundation of organized crime. They know that unbounded secrecy gives unlimited power, and that’s what they want.
    There is a very important one-minute speech on this…
    “Once it has become a crime to tell the truth, then we will have tyranny.”
    — Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

  • Senator Lindsey is a gay sock puppet for a criminal cabal of sociopath mass murders who are waging an ongoing genocide against the human species on our planet? Who knew?
    Armed formations of individuals are allowed to physically assault the American population whenever their payroll managers tell them to, because somebody told them that they were specialer than everyone else? We shoulda seen that one coming.
    There is still such a thing as racism for much the same reason, even though every single human being on Earth literally belongs to some race or other? Super weird.
    The Wizards of Oz keep trying the same stupid shit over and over again, and it keeps backfiring on them in spectacular fashion, so they wash it off and try it again? Kinda looks that way.

  • ‘Sociopath’ is just one of several subcategories of ‘psychopath’ So, it’s natural that sociopaths don’t understand healthy people. Psychopaths don’t even see value in considering other when deciding to act. It’s all about them.
    Now the psychopathic oligarchs may not be smarter than the rest of us, but they do have money to hire people that formulate clever schemes. Usually, those hired are either narcissists or are psychopaths themselves.

    If the goal s to end police violence, in order to regain our freedoms, it may, ultimately, only be found in violent revolution. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • There is one piece of evidence of someone coordinating support for the rioting: the piles of bricks that have been found in many cities in areas without any construction, tons of bricks somehow placed there without detection. Not sure what it means, but it’s hard not to conclude that this isn’t just random or unplanned.

    • One observer claimed she saw police present and overseeing or participating in offloading the bricks. However, where are the bricks now? A recently manufactured brick can be traced to its manufacturer and probably the transactions by which it made its way to the street.

  • Re: Folks saying the recent uprising are lead by powerful elites. People who say this are modeling the USA policy of powerful elites taking power here in the US and supporting powerful elite dictators in countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UA Emirates, Brazil, etc. They cannot imagine a movement lead by anyone else but an elite.

  • (“Humanity has so very, very much more potential than even most healthy humans understand, let alone sociopaths with no deep insight into human nature. Things are shifting, and the sociopaths will be the very last ones to know it. They’ll have no idea what’s going on.”) – CJ

    – A very critical observation. Being very good at “manipulating” other people is not the same as “understanding” them, nor does it suggest you will be able to accurately “predict” their future behavior.

    I guarantee you that our psychopathic elites did not “predict” protest gatherings of mainly white people in places like Ireland and New Zealand, as well as people protesting around the globe chanting in solidarity – “I can’t breathe!”

    All triggered and in response essentially to what amounts to just – “one more day of the status quo in America” – yet another police murder of a Black man.

    • “All triggered and in response essentially to what amounts to just – “one more day of the status quo in America” – yet another police murder of a Black man.”
      That’s when you should increase your level of skepticism. Every bad conspiracy theory begins with a question like `Why now?’—but then again, so does every `good’ (true) one.
      Obvious (not necessarily accurate) answer: convergence of anti-Trump narratives; less obvious answer: the rise of socialism’s popularity is forcing the neoliberal regimes to vent some steam before the kettle comes to a screaming boil that no one will be able to ignore.
      Possible answer: We’re ignorant fools and this is the real screaming boil.

      • Even less obvious answer; exhaust the the possibility of protest against the upcoming, illegal Annexation of occupied territories to the detriment of a long oppressed nation.
        Light ’em up!

  • I’ve avoided telling you how much I love you, or more accurately, the spirit that inspires you because I don’t want to come off as a creeper. But I do. As an older white guy I’m not supposed to share your Divinely inspired compassion and objectivity but to hell with all that. Stay tough and resilient. You are making an important difference and I support your essential work.

  • Is George Soros in a command bunker somewhere orchestrating things? No, that’s clearly nonsense. Those explanations are a distraction from what actually occurs.
    It’s all swirling narratives. Which ones get amplified, repeated, that’s the control.
    Let’s step back from this current manipulation game and look at 2020’s other big con: The Virus. Is there some global conspiracy run by Bill Gates to microchip everyone? No, that’s a distraction. We do however have a professional class who is terribly infatuated with math and credentials and modelling; who have been shitting on working-class Republican voters for years as ignorant racist scumfucks who don’t believe in science. You’ve got a media that’s painted Trump as an utter buffoon (he’s pretty awful, yes) for years to act as the villain in the piece about why the good guys need to lock everyone in their homes. You’ve got governments that would love the opportunity to increase surveillance. You have repeated examples in recent history of attempts to generate overblown fear about viruses. You have corporations that stand to make a killing on tests and vaccines and therapeutic treatments. Et cetera, et cetera.
    There’s no master plan coordinated in a room filled with cigar smoke. It’s factions of assholes and ignorant fools vying for power and narrative control with other factions of assholes and ignorant fools in a constantly shifting terrain. And the people are just pieces on the board. So when ANY of those factions says they’re with you (the people), they’ll support you, they see the need for change too? They’re using you, and yes, they may fail, because they’re not all-knowing, but their failure likely benefits another faction, not you. You can make it benefit you with the right kinds of narrative and preparation however.
    And the idea that because it’s an election year it’s not some plot to remove Trump? That argument makes zero sense. Elections in America are propaganda wars. If you’re claiming it’s some kind of coup, then again we say: distraction. America’s whole shtick is look how great we are, every four or eight years a peaceful exchange of power—norms!
    Right now it is obvious that Democrat politicians, after decades of overseeing brutal and unjust police systems, are now throwing their hired thugs under the bus in an attempt to make themselves look good and so that you will ignore that it was their failures that are the ultimate cause. Just elect them and their party of change this November, not those regressive Republicans, some of whom supported bringing thing military into your cities (norms!). And they for sure don’t want you to remember their silence during Obama’s OWS crackdown, or the fact that they sat by while the police collected surplus military gear for years. They’ve changed! Trump’s natural authoritarian tendencies can be used to further distance themselves from association with such brutal tactics (look at all the airtime of the allegedly tear-gassed protestors for the Bible photo-op).
    Look at the narratives, it’s quite clear what is being attempted. But yes, again, they’re not all-powerful, they don’t always get what they want.
    BUT, because the people have no narrative that can compete—and remember, the people, being scattered, distracted, divided, et cetera, need a far more powerful narrative than the status quo’s—they never benefit from the failures of the factions. They are always the ones the pay the bulk of the price.
    So yeah, forgive us—and at the risk of hindsight labeling us a `Bad Rebel’—for not joining the revolt that’s `totally gonna change everything man’ despite looking almost exactly the same as every other instance of neutered forms of narrowly-focused protest in which we have heard that.
    We’re focused on one thing: Death to the Tyrant King. For anyone who wants to destroy this monster’s real heart, we’d recommend you do the same and don’t get distracted by some Woke Drama Kids putting on pieces of protest theater—if only we had better funded Arts & Culture programs for them to engage in rather than sucking all the energy out of every movement with their extroverted, narcissistic, look-at-me nonsense.


  • From Black Alliance for Peach and US out of Africa

    Are we in an organizing moment?

  • Just want to thank you, Caitlin. I’ve been on your wavelength for much longer than I’ve been reading you, but what you think and say reinforces my resolve with better words and clearer thinking.

  • For me, you hit the bullseye every time but this piece is dead center!

  • “Just because there are powerful people conspiring to do terrible things does not mean they will succeed. They are not wise, they are not particularly smart, and they fail frequently. Don’t make gods of these assholes.” Among the most incisive words I’ve yet heard from Caitlin, and I’ve heard many. I don’t think that “protest” gets to the heart of what’s going on in America’s city streets right now. I believe that we’re seeing a generation, deprived of a viable future, attempting to outright dismantle the status quo, not to change it (for which they have understandably abandoned hope). The American social contract that provided decent (and often more than decent) lives to the Boomers, after they quickly abandoned their revolutionary impulses, was broken in the late 70s/early 80s, and the chickens are now coming home to roost. Millions of young people (joined by some older as well) are essentially saying: “Fuck the system that has no place for us except something like a marginal Uber driver. Let’s tear the MF down and see what happens. Can it get any worse?” The answer, of course, is yes…especially for most of us Boomers who are so quick to utter the line Caitlin attributes to us: “I support your right to protest, just not the way you are doing it….”

    • Spot on Newton!

    • The younger generations are not as captured by the traditional media, however, they have been captured by the latest generation of narrative mongers. And this latest generation isn’t any smarter than the previous ones, they’re not any less ignorant, they’re still mostly captured by the same foundational viruses that Mother Culture infects everyone with.
      If we could vaccinate them against these viruses (and these ones are actually deadly) then we might have some hope. So that’s what we tried to do.

    • Powerful people are not omnipotent. They have foibles and weaknesses. (See ‘Plutarch’s Lives’ a primary inspiration for Shakespeare’s great ‘fatal flaw’ character tragedies).Their own corruption of moral spirit can indeed greatly hinder them. (Some say our powerful military would lose a full scale shooting war in a rout because our weapons procurement process is so corrupt that many of our uber expensive high-tech weapons systems won’t work, and/or can’t hold up, under the rigors of actual battle conditions).

      But, OTOH, those in power, those holding the reins of the most powerful power structure that has ever existed in all of Human History, did manage to get where they are. Somehow … So maybe we should presume that maybe they’re not complete dunces?

      We’re not up against a ‘Caesar’ caliber mind, at least I have never sensed the presence of one, but only a foolish general would belittle his enemy’s power, strength, and capabilities. MUCH better to meet an enemy who is weaker than expected, than vice versa. Many an army has been annihilated because an Enemy they thought was going to be a weak pushover turned out to be courageous and leather-tough warriors.

      The part you don’t seem to ‘get’, Mr. Finn, is that about half the nation supports our Enemy. You talk, and act, like that doesn’t matter, which only shows that you know about as much about ‘revolution’ as an infantry soldier knows about flying a jet fighter.

      “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half” –J Gould

      You don’t really know what that even means, do you, Mr. Finn? It’s MUCH more true today, (with the power of modern Mass Media), that it was in Jay Gould’s day.

      You don’t just tear shit down and hope something better takes its place. Honest to god? That your ‘plan’?? Tear the MF down, and we’ll hope something better takes it place?

      Okey doke … I think I’ll see if there’s a better general officer to sign up to follow.

      You are certainly a general eager to send his troops to fight on very unfavorable ground, without even being concerned. The troops can tell, you know. They are not loyal to officers who needlessly, and/or carelessly, put them in danger.

      They will love and hail the general who always puts them in position to win, fighting from the high ground.

      • It’s a long-term plan.
        Here is the flow-chart:
        1. Tear shit down
        2. Did something better takes its place?
        3. If no, then goto 1.

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