One of the many good things coming out of these protests is a widening mainstream awareness of what a garbage president Obama was.


“Without the police you’d have vigilantism!”

Vigilantism? You mean like when a band of armed thugs inflict extrajudicial violence upon someone who pissed them off? Like the police do constantly?


Right wingers seem completely incapable of distinguishing between the ideology that’s all about holding massive demonstrations with the goal of dismantling the police and the ideology that’s all about kneeling in front of cameras wearing Kente cloth. This makes cross-ideological communication nearly impossible, about this subject and many others as well.


Mainstream America learning that their country is a militarized authoritarian police state is not what the narrative managers wanted. Blows my mind that this isn’t more obvious to more analysts.

If these massive protests look suspicious to you, it’s because they conflict with your expectations of what an expression of grassroots energy would look like. If they conflict with your expectations of what an expression of grassroots energy would look like, it’s because you’re out of touch with where the zeitgeist is at. If you’re out of touch with where the zeitgeist is at, it’s time to revise your media viewing habits.

There are two ways of looking at these protests:

  1. Elite manipulators are controlling them, and are shoring up more control.
  2. Elite manipulators are not in control of them, and are losing control.

If you believe #1 then the establishment institutions expressing support for the protests are doing so because they like them. If you believe #2 then they’re doing it with the goal of mollifying, neutralizing and co-opting (see entire Obama administration). Given that we’re talking about a dying empire, #2 seems much more likely to me.

Like everything else, this debate often boils down along boring partisan lines: you’re more likely to believe #1 if you support the Republican president and his allies, because you believe (wrongly) that the establishment wants to get rid of him.

I haven’t seen any solid arguments for why elite manipulators would want the rank-and-file mainstream population made aware that they are living in a militarized authoritarian police state. Standard operating procedure for the narrative managers has always been to keep people asleep to that reality.


The only way to believe the establishment is manipulating world events in an attempt to get rid of Trump is to believe he poses a major problem for the establishment. The only way to believe that is to ignore his administration’s policies and behavior throughout his entire term.

Tons of people really seem to believe that the powers that be are fomenting massive protests with the goal of getting rid of Trump, so they can replace him with Biden, who as far as establishment agendas go is functionally indistinguishable from Trump. Why go to all that trouble?

From a narrative management perspective, these protests are hugely destructive to establishment agendas. Why would they spread public awareness that Americans live in an authoritarian police state, and create horrible footage of oppression during a cold war with Russia and China?

Just from that point of view alone it’s a tremendous amount to sacrifice, in exchange for what? A president who’s functionally the same as Trump in every way that matters for establishment power structures? That’s silly. It makes no sense.


It’d take an entire operating room team to extract the boot from the throats of all the sycophantic morons defending indefensible acts of police brutality in my social media notifications right now. It’s just unbelievable the mental contortions people will pull off to try and make unjustifiable assaults sound justifiable. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t realize it was this high-octane psychotic.


It’s stupid how often in this job I have to say “Murdering is bad. Don’t murder people.” It’s starting to feel like everything I talk about, from war to economics to healthcare to police brutality drills down to this. I don’t care what you want, don’t kill people. Jesus.


Arguing that any group should be designated a terrorist organization is just arguing that the surveillance state should be expanded further. If you oppose the surveillance state’s expansion, you should never do this. Like cancer, the surveillance state has no ideology but growth.


Democrats are bad.

“Caitlin loves Republicans!”

Republicans are bad.

“Caitlin loves Democrats!”

Democrats and Republicans are bad.

” ”

” ”

” ”

“Caitlin hates America!”


If mainstream liberals and conservatives applied the same standards and scrutiny to their own government that they apply to governments targeted by western imperialism, they’d be radical leftists.


Politics are so dumb. Like we know we’re all gonna either die in some kind of horrible armageddon pretty soon or figure this thing out and learn to live in harmony, but for now we gotta act all hatey with huge groups of people even though we know it’s about to be a moot point.


We don’t get to just skip the part where we heal society’s racial wounds. It does need to happen. We don’t get to wave it off with a “Yeah I learned racism is bad in school, let’s talk about other stuff.” Healing takes work, and it does need to get done for there to be progress.


The more I learn about the human condition, the clearer it becomes that the principles of individual healing apply to collective healing as well. I have learned that an individual can experience a sudden, drastic shift in consciousness. I see no reason the collective can’t also.


Of course humanity is capable of a transformative leap into health and maturity. Of course it is. The only people who doubt this are those who haven’t yet made such a leap in their own lives.


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98 responses to “Police, Protests, And Human Transformation: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. There wouldn’t be any need for futile and avoidable discussions, about the presence of the natural, sane, human instinct of like-likes-like behaviour, smeared by the Cultural Marxist with invented label “racialism”, if we still had homogeneous race and culture societies, like we used to have centuries ago.

    Homogenity breed loyalty, thus trust and peace, whereas diversity, multiculturalism, and/or multi-religion breed distrust and escalating violence, to civil war, even genocide!

    Slavery of other groups was stupid, because it lead to the same unlike problems, especially after slavery was abolished, but no repatriation was done to prevent an unlike cohabitation time bomb!

    Diversity and multi-culturalism were deliberately pushed by a parasitic ‘elite’, so that a divide and conquer strategy could later be applied to make a weaker population, much like WW1 and WW2 were divide and conquer tricks, to weaken Europe.

    We can’t expect many women to understand this, because hypergamy instinctively makes them adapt to invasion and conquest, to breed with the perceived better invader males, so they can’t see the damage when the original men can no longer influence their opinions, thus the disloyal lustful welcome signs for invading immigrants and wilful aid for these invaders, even at the cost of their and their children’s lives!

  2. Calamity Jane Avatar
    Calamity Jane

    It was a X Blackwater false flag incited chaos, destruction and violence.
    A False flag.

    Incidentally and interestingly Rogue in CIA speak means “pretending to be decent” a double agent .
    “oh how woke you are grandma” can I look into your big wolfish victim story narrative eyes

    CAIT= Central Intelligence Agency Troll.
    “Australians are so mean” “Americans are so mean “.” Russians and Chinese are good”
    All MSM
    Lefty Intervention Narratives .

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      the msm isn’t “lefty”. it is owned buy billionaires. they are capitalists to the bone. it is interventionist. it hires trolls to push its interventions. it would like to shut johnstone up. it would also like to shut craig murray up, and is currently making a “legal” attempt to do that. it finally managed to shut jullian assange up. if you support its efforts against any of these people, you are either a shill or you are ignorant.

  3. Caitlin writes: “principles of individual healing apply to collective healing as well.”

    That sounds truthy. I thought of it again as I was just listening to Ajamu Baraka being interviewed by Code Pink:
    “WTF Is Going on in Latin America: Militarization in the U.S. and Abroad”
    At 33:33, Teri Mattson says what she’s heard from her travels in South America is “Go home and fix your own country first; the rest of us will benefit.”
    There are so many people I desperately want to fix, but they don’t want my help. It’s hard to work on myself, and so easy to see what’s wrong with other people. Perhaps similar to Caitlin’s remark, we should fix ourselves before trying to fix other individuals, as our country should fix itself before trying to fix other countries. Or maybe that only applies to the U.S., since other countries might be stuck until the U.S. is fixed.

  4. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    It’s true that humanity is capable of great transformation. However, those who hate – and who have not made such a leap in their own lives – are nearly always insecure and possessive of low self-esteem, so for the sake of their sanity, need to find some one or some group which they can convince themselves is worse than they themselves are. What is needed , then is to find a way to give such individuals assurance of their own vlaue.

    1. Calamity Jane Avatar
      Calamity Jane

      But how is your transformation going?
      Never mind humanity.
      Why wait for others to transform or to “assure others of their value”.
      Why create more problems.
      If you are identified with an ego of course they are going to have insecurity, low self esteem etc.

  5. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    It is true that humanity is capable of great transformation. However, those who hate – and who have not made such a leap in their own lives – are nearly always insecure and possessive of low self-esteem, so for the sake of their sanity, need to find some one or some group which they can convince themselves is worse than they themselves are. What is needed , then is to find a way to give such individuals assurance of their own vlaue.

  6. Police misconduct is gross and rampant within these United States. So much so that a website can present an array to viewers every single day to peruse. Here is just one article from the Free Thought project newsletter.

  7. Trump is just as bad as Obama, here is the dirt on the Honk Kong pro-demacracy fight.

    Is that US Senator Rubio in the photo, a Zionist US Citizen? Hell, they are all US Citizens!

  8. Caitlin wrote:
    “The only way to believe the establishment is manipulating world events in an attempt to get rid of Trump is to believe he poses a major problem for the establishment. The only way to believe that is to ignore his administration’s policies and behavior throughout his entire term.|

    It is really hard to believe that you have to keep repeating this simple statement.

    But unfortunately you do. It is utterly astounding that people believe that the establishment is trying to get rid of Trump. What the establishment is doing is trying to figure out what they are going to do in 2024 when the Constitution requires that they get rid of Trump. As far as the establishment is concerned Trump is the most successful president there has ever been and they would like for his reign to continue for 1000 years

  9. I can’t find anything about today’s protests in WASHINGTON DC on twitter or local or major news. Can anyone else find coverage by citizens or news organizations?

  10. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Politics are so dumb. Like we know we’re all gonna either die in some kind of horrible armageddon pretty soon or figure this thing out and learn to live in harmony, but for now we gotta act all hatey…”

    It’s hard to save people when they are active participants in their own destruction. It’s impossible to save someone who does not want to be saved. If all one chooses to live for is destruction, then no other form of thought or action will ever challenge that. This is especially true today when so many forms of destruction are now openly gaining toleration and even approval from authority figures and media personalities. The genie is out of the bottle, and it is a foul and nasty genie that fulfills many Wishes of Destruction for all those who open it.

    There is a mind or spirit virus defect in the programming of many that resists harmony and actively seeks disorder and destruction. Some choose to call it Original Sin. But you don’t need any Original Sin if you just have a group of underachieving life forms that stubbornly refuse to evolve into something better. It’s a flaw in the process of Human/Animal evolution that keeps on infecting the human race.

    “I have learned that an individual can experience a sudden, drastic shift in consciousness. I see no reason the collective can’t also.”

    Why can’t The Collective do this? Because it’s like herding cats. We know how that turns out.

  11. So, today it appears that the racism of the BLM faction is going to screw Elizabeth Warren out of the VP Post she’s been scheming towards for over a year.
    Biden is announcing that he ‘hears’ the racist and sexist calls that he must choose a black woman VP.
    Warren of course long ago cut a deal with Biden and the corporate war Democrats. The deal was that she’d do her part in making damn sure that Bernie could ever be President.
    The story of this election cycle is that the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party had its best chance to grab the Presidency since FDR. If there had been a united front behind Bernie, he would have been very tough to beat. But, here’s where Warren comes in. She destroyed any hopes for such a united front by going for her own grab for the Presidency. This was certainly as a part of a larger deal where Warren would get the VP.
    But now, Biden changes his tune from saying that he’d pick a “woman VP” to now leaning towards a Black Woman VP. I can see Warren now suddenly scrambling for a DNA test that shows she’s Black. But, mainly what Warren is doing is reaching around trying to find the handle of the knife that is now embedded deeply into her back.
    When the society goes full blown racist and sexist, its all a matter of which group you belong to. And while “Woman” was the high card four years ago, now its suddenly become Black Woman. And it turns out Warren stabbed Bernie in the back for little gain. Biden, once known as the Senator from Wall St is not going to put Warren within a thousand miles of an economic job like Sec. of Treasury. Maybe she’ll get offered the political dumping ground of Sec. of Labor in a society where everyone hates labor.

    1. Perhaps if she hadn’t buried multiple knives in multiple backs and stopped lying and pandering to several groups a day, she would have the VP spot.
      We are tired.
      Tired of entitled hypocrisy.

  12. Blair Schirmer Avatar
    Blair Schirmer

    “Of course humanity is capable of a transformative leap into health and maturity. Of course it is. The only people who doubt this are those who haven’t yet made such a leap in their own lives.”
    Or… people who pay close attention doubt this because it never actually happens. What happens to one is not the rule or even a guideline for all. What happens to one is no indicator of what billions will or can do. Aggregations do not behave the way a base unit–an essential component–does.
    If you doubt this, make the case. When has humanity made a transformative leap into health and maturity, and retained that progress for a meaningful length of time? The Greeks of Classical Antiquity? The Italian Renaissance? The Enlightenment? Maybe. We can stretch our definitions to try to encompass these, but I assume you see some of the problems already with doing so.
    In any case, what we’re really doing now is creating our successor race through AI research. Such a race may well be healthy and mature. I’d like to think that entities with IQs (use whatever scale you prefer–the idea’s the same) of 200, 300, 400, 500 would inevitably see the absurdity of violence. Such entities would presumably have the intelligence to quickly resolve issues of scarcity, given that every element can be found or synthesized off-Earth. Thus the primary motive for war is eliminated. A majority of Nobelists believe this will happen within the next 200 years. Is there any chance humanity will leap of its own volition into a new Golden Age in a similar amount of time?
    I’ve found discussing this kind of thing impossible with people not familiar with artificial intelligence and its current state, but if you have the background, it’s worth considering and even savoring that extremely high intelligence might be inherently peaceful, in no small part because violence does not serve any end that cannot be got through other means. Too, heightened empathy does seem to accompany heightened intelligence. It’s not a given, but it may be possible to study this and find that brilliant people lean empathic.

    1. For quite some time now, we’ve been creating our own race by having a society that favors big penises and big breasts over any other characteristic.
      What used to be Survival of the Fittest is now Survival of Big Sex Organs.

    2. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that the root cause of society’s problems is undesirable genes. The question then should be: What is the most ethical, fair, quick, effective and least painful way to drastically modify and improve the human gene pool? ANSWER: Help Mother Nature to do the task for us, through an improved process of natural selection which prevents psychopaths surviving and reproducing. I don’t recommend a policy of genocide and euthanasia. On the contrary, I recommend the world’s greatest Liberator who said to those who took Him seriously: “If you keep to my Message (what I teach) you will indeed be my students and you will know the truth and the truth will liberate you.” (Accurate modern translation of John 8:31-32) I thought intelligent people today would understand His strategy and brilliant revolutionary tactics and then put that into practice to cause a revolution. But ironically his message has been corrupted, twisted and/or buried by the Roman Catholic church, the mother of corruption.

  13. It’s time to stop living in the past. We need to move our country forward and escape the shackles of deranged 19th century leaders who are still abiding by the beliefs of John C. Calhoun, defender of slavery and instigator of the Civil War. He was actually against “ideas to expand the use of federal power to promote national economic, intellectual, and cultural development”.

    Think about that. Why would anyone want to oppress the cultivation of human achievement, unless irrational racism clouded his thinking and judgment.

    This “modern” 19th century economic policy keeps 99% of us in chains. The Koch-funded radical libertarian right believes that gov’t should have only 3 functions:

    – insuring the rule of law to protect property rights
    – guaranteeing social order
    – providing for the national defense

    Both parties have been aligned with this ideology for 40 yrs.

    Tribalism is what has secured generational wealth throughout the centuries. It is the source of many historical wars. It is also the cause of racism. You cannot talk about one without the other.

    We should want everyone to have access to quality education and healthcare, to decent wages, job opportunities (federal jobs guarantee program), to own a home, car and raise a family. The elite have made it very clear that their racist and classist fragility cannot even withstand the white demographic to enjoy basic human rights anymore, and that is worth standing up against.

    Let’s break out of this 19th century time warp.

    1. Hmmm

      The founding fathers wrote the Constitution with one overriding concern in mind: the dangers inherent in centralized power in the concentrated in the hands of a few people. They were of course reacting in large part to the tyranny of the Crown which was the personification of centralized power running amok.

      It is for this reason that the foundation of our Constitution is de-centralized power. They accomplished this be granting the States and the citizenry themselves the bulk of the powers rather than the Federal Government.

      And yet, at every turn basically since the inception of the Federal Reserve and the income tax to fed it, we have witnessed the Federal Government’s unending encroachment and usurping the powers of the States and the citizens. And the horrifying results plain to see: Out right tyranny and forfeiture of our individual Rights, Freedoms and Liberties…..

      What ever form of government you are demanding we obey, only one thing is certain: since it does not obey our Constitution, it is not ours…..Conflating our Constitution with “racism” and “Tribalism” which is clearly a transparent attack, isn’t just a falsehood, it is in the context presented here, tantamount to sedition.

      As for COVID-19, the Riots and all the governments subsequent actions, all evidence points to both foreknowledge and thought by many members of the ruling elite in and out of the Beltway….People, always, always look at what the government officials and the ruling elite that own them are actually doing rather than becoming fixated on their rhetoric. And what they are doing is robbing the citizenry blind while trying to take down the Constitution and Bill of Rights………

      1. Yes.
        And never take at face value what the media and politicians say. Pretend they are a man trying to sell you radioactive waste. Always be mindful of the ever present hidden agendas.

  14. Your article states:

    “There are two ways of looking at these protests:

    1. Elite manipulators are controlling them, and are shoring up more control.
    2. Elite manipulators are not in control of them, and are losing control.”

    To believe #2, then one would have to also believe the elite are losing control of the mainstream media, which is covering these protests 24/7 backward and forward, inciting anger, fear, and violence. Outside of those who believe the mainstream media is independent, (or at least believe certain elements are independent), I don’t know anyone proposing the elite’s propaganda machine is going rogue on them.

    Using your logic, that leaves #1.

    1. No it wouldn’t. These protests are historically unprecedented; they can’t just not cover them. They can’t get away with it. If you think liberal figures paying lip service to these protests is the same as supporting them, it’s because you learned nothing from the Obama administration.

      1. The MSM sympathy with the protesters should be a clue.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          the msm is having its little squabbles with the cops. it isn’t a unified coherent block like space lizards. it is a bunch of elites with sometimes differing interests who share a very broad goal. the msm hasn’t been reporting on these numerous instance of police misconduct; they are desperately trying to catch up to lead us safely back to the sheep pen.

      2. MSM reporters are not “free” to report. News producers don’t “decide” where to apply their focus. Some alternative news sources, maybe. But MSM? C’mon.
        To put current events in context, consider the 2002-2003 Iraq anti-war protests. These were the largest in world history. Many millions of people protested internationally in hundreds of cities. The world has seen nothing like it, before or since. And yet the MSM barely covered them. Little mention of them on anniversaries. Pretty much nothing. The average American today remains completely unaware of their enormity. Even back then most Americans were oblivious to their significance.
        In terms of sheer numbers the Iraq anti-war protests dwarf what’s going on today, and yet back then the media had no difficulty minimizing their impact. America went to war cheering on its troops.
        Flash forward to today. The MSM is having a field day with these Floyd protests, the violence, and the myriad of storylines around them. Please show me any sign of any directed restraint. Remember, we’re talking about the same MSM as in 2002-2003.

      3. “These protests are historically unprecedented; they can’t just not cover them. They can’t get away with it.” Ummm, The Yellow Vests?? Total media blackout for 12 mths!

        The entire corporate and liberal media establishment is behind your ‘Revolution’. And when your Revolution doesn’t go againts the current status quo it’s not a revolutionary movement.

        Sorry kiddo.

      4. No they are not they are like the LA riots.
        Orchestrated by Backwaters ( X)
        Its a false flag.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          yes.they.are. and the mlk protests before them. you referring to them as riots and not protests betrays your agenda.

    2. The Elite’s power of the control of MSM has been declining for years.
      The 2016 election was a clear example. There was broad consensus that Hillary must win. And yet, the people voted against the MSM.
      I can’t stand Trump, but it has been clear for some time now that the media’s ability to sway the public was in decline. My own belief is that the wars, and the constant lies surrounding the wars, then more lies about the economy have severely damaged the tool the Elites were using to keep the Masses under control.
      One example was under Obama, when Obama wanted to launch a cruise missile strike against Assad. But, since he still at least acknowledge the Constitution, he was persuaded to get a Congressional fig leaf of approval like Bush/Cheney had before him. But, despite the best efforts of the government to use propaganda about evil Assad, calls to Congress were running heavily against and Obama didn’t get to blow stuff up.
      For those of us who’ve been here awhile, we know the racist fascist used exactly the same line against Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. Its all those commie agitators causing trouble. That’s another problem with using MSM lies to control a population ….. the lies become less effective the more times you use them.

      1. “I can’t stand Trump, but it has been clear for some time now that the media’s ability to sway the public was in decline.”

        “…Obama wanted to launch a cruise missile strike against Assad.”

        I’ve talked to many people who believe in one of the various sideshow distractions, e.g. Trump/QAnon versus the evil deep state and liberal press alliance. The PTB do a good job selling those plot lines. But I have a hard time understanding how anyone could think any recent president operates under their own volition, outside of the elite’s script.

        Consider for a moment… Jesuit-schooled Trump bailed out of bankruptcy by his Rothschild buddies– just the tip of the iceberg there. Plenty of elite connections in Obama’s shady past. If one decides to dig into those topics, beware how deep the rabbit hole goes.

        Presidents never decide anything. To think otherwise is a false assumption, rendering any conversation moot.

  15. “That lack of constructive imagination on the part of the mass is the obstacle that has stood in the way of removing every ancient evil, and made necessary a wave of revolutionary force to do the work. …People could not clearly realize what was to take (that evil’s) place.” This quote patched together from Bellamy’s “Equality,” written at the end of the 19th Century, has much to say about what should be our current agenda. An endless litany of complaints, explanations, and condemnations of the endless horrors of contemporary existence may be necessary to purge the soul and bear witness, but ultimately it gets us nowhere new, leaves us instead mired in–prisoners of–the past and the present, clueless about what a better, more beautiful future would look like and how we might bring it about or at least begin to work toward it. I respectfully invite Caitlin, and all who participate on her extraordinary blog, to further exercise the “constructive imagination” that Bellamy observes to be so largely lacking and so formidably obstructive of human progress. IMHO, only when we again become open to and inspired by utopian thinking, embrace it and engage in it with all of the hope and enthusiasm inherent in the human spirit, will we have a ghost of a chance to free ourselves from the dystopian mire, the TINA swamp, in which we have become so tightly trapped to the point of suffocation.

    1. Lots of people have constructive imaginations. The problem for utopian systematizers is that they come up with different constructions, different from each others’, and different from those of the utopian systematizers as well. The magic truth that resolves the differences might be, in the words of Mr. Zimmerman, ‘You can be in my dream if I can be in your dream.’

      1. Which lead to the constant problem with the left which is that everyone thinks that everyone must agree with them and that anyone who disagrees with them is horrible and should be stoned to death.
        Monty Python lampooned the left decades ago with the bit in “Life of Brian” where everyone is in tiny little groups hating all the other tiny little groups, and of course never combining against the Roman overlords who ruled.
        One would almost think its a clever divide and conquer operation. But nobody in the government seems clever any more, so more likely its just the constant desire of the left to always lose expressing itself.
        The Elites practice dividing and conquering their opponents. The left practices dividing because they think its good fun.

      2. The “problem,” as you put it, with utopian thinkers is the same “problem” that applies to all human thinkers. Believe it or not, they all disagree with each other about damn near everything. Just read the comments to Caitlin’s posts. So the only conclusion I can draw from your pointing out this “problem” is that we should all simply stop thinking. But even then, we wouldn’t agree with each other because there would be no ideas with which to agree or disagree, It’s time to move on from fashionable, superficial sophistry and start thinking long and hard about what a better, more beautiful socioeconomic system would look like–a genuine, viable alternative to neoliberalist capitalism. And hell yes, then let’s argue about it until the cows come home, striving to achieve a common vision, at least in broad outline, which the majority of us can get behind. Or would you rather just shit on all big ideas as “dreams” and bitch?

        1. Wise words. We strongly believe you have a part to play in all this, NewtonFinn. We do not yet know what it is, but the same force—Destiny, Fate, Chaos, The Infinite Onion, whatever one calls it—which led us here has made that very clear. So we thank you and encourage you to stick with the very long walk you must take, we think you shall find it worthwhile. And then maybe your role will be made clearer to us all.
          The time is now to begin clearing the path. We have already begun. We look forward to your arrival.

  16. Barbara Mullin Avatar
    Barbara Mullin

    Last night PBS News with Judy Woodruff and Nick Schifrin had two stories: The military and the Corporate newsmedia has decided to do something about racism. The first Black has been appointed the head of
    (was it the Air Force) and the newsmedia has to get more Black reporters. This followed the George Floyd
    funeral and demonstrations stories. I guess it wasn’t enough for the neoliberals to gift us with the first Black President, so now they will try in these other two areas. None of this will make any change in US imperialism or neoliberalism.

    1. Note of course that this has shifted from doing something about police violence, brutality and murder to what can we give to black leaders to make them happy.

  17. There are a couple of factors that cause me to be suspicious there is a plan by tyrants at play here. How convenient for those wishing the destruction of privately owned business, the bank cartel and corporate oligarchy, that at the very time when the population was largely choosing to ignore the corona flu edicts, we have race riots to insure the destruction of those businesses. Those pesky private businesses are just too damn resilient. How convenient that the armed government worker killing of a person who happens to be black, which happens all the time, frequently caught on camera, gets put forth as the seminal racist moment in modern history. Curious that Caitlin mentions “right wingers” while Democrats control the racist capitals of the US, many of them black Democrats. Not excusing Republicans, just that there are no honest players involved in government, period.

    Racism is an inherited instinct. Inherited from a time when “not like us” was a legitimate reason for fear. As when the Mongol horde came over the hill. Civilization can partly be defined as the ability to overcome instinct with reason and logic. To focus on more beneficial relationships. To repress our racist instinct. There is no culture that has more successfully done so than the west. There are damn few nations that have more successfully done so than the US. Not perfect, but better. By far the worst race problems in the US are a result of the black community falling into the role laid out for them by the US Psychopaths In Charge in general, and by the Democratic party in particular. They have largely been convinced that they cannot function without the aid of the Psychopaths In Charge, and that the Democratic party will provide that aid. That they can blame ALL their failures on whites and Republicans.

  18. I would like to add some information into the stew. The effects of non ionizing radiation look like flu symptoms, if you go to hospital, that is what you will be diagnosed with. Obama gave free `smart´ phones out in Minneapolis and other areas. The damage is cumulative. How long have we been beamed by our wireless phones, cell phones, garage door openers, towers, video games, and gadgets? Babies in utero whose mother use cell phones are born with smaller brains and ADHD. Myriad health effects are caused by non ionizing radiation. Thousands of studies reveal this. In China, pregnant mother must wear protective aprons. Sperm counts, hormone levels and libido are all affected by this radiation. Sperm levels are down 50% in the US. One third of all young couples are having trouble getting pregnant. The shutdown was used to sneak/rush through legislation mandating 5G installation across the US within 180 days. Elon Musk has installed 60 satellites to beam us in geostationary orbit (in April 2020), with the plan of 20,000 satellites by the end of the year. The biological effects are enormous already. Plants develop terpenes when exposed to wifi radiation, due to stress. Terpenes are very flammable, and trees under certain conditions may spontaneously combust. This may explain the ferocity of wildfires in California and Australia. This radiation ages people rapidly and causes diseases in children usually only seen in older adults. It causes dementia. Infom yourselves, shield your families, and fight the installations in your area. Good resources are Takebackyourpower.netm Dr Martin Pall, Dana Ashley. You can cable your devices and shield your dwelling. For goodness sake, protect the children. Love to all.

    1. Over 12000 satellites already up. 5000 VLEO and the rest in LEO. Very Low Earth Orbit.

      The 5G crap on the pole cannot get through glass they claim. The time from satellite to phone under 10ms. That is very fast for satellite which was 200Ms last month.

      Musk has nothing to do with the software that they installed.

      6 feet apart. Odd The troops always stay 5 feet apart so the satellites can determine who is who. HMMM and Gates wants to shoot Nano bots into us that run windows Anti Virus.

      There are people that have already chipped themselves. They thought it was cool. Walmart has a ready to chip service down south. Put arm here. It really says that.

      Its like we are living in the movie Idiocracy.

      Welcome to America. If my Dad was alive he would still be yelling. Still the best country on Earth. But Dad you never lived anywhere else. Doesn’t matter.
      God Bless the Silent Group. What a fucking Name.

      1. Hi Harry,
        For anyone interested in experts on the current state of 5G and its health implications; check out the panel on Josh de Sol´s site,
        Really interesting, and urgent.

      2. Hmmm

        Your comments are spot on Harry!

        And despite the presumed “threat” from the COVID-19 Pandemic the powers that be used the last 6 months to massively accelerate the installation of 5g, not just in the US but much of the the Western World…… The fact that the general population was safely out of the way and thus unable to observe, let alone object was not a co-incidence. Nor was it a co-incidence that the 5G industry was fully prepared to speed up that implementation at precisely the moment COVID-19 was first identified.

        5G, Cell phone tracking, Chips and all manner of spyware infecting every aspect of our lives, like the multitude of “vaccines” for which international patents where issued long before “COVID-19
        officially announced to the public ready and waiting to be foisted on the general population should be viewed just like illicit drugs: JUST SAY NO!

        As free citizens our hearts, minds and bodies do not belong to the State. A State which in the final analysis is just a bunch of people that have demonstrated time and time again that they will not hesitate to put their own self-interests ahead of yours and mine and the Republic. We must re-embrace and restore the full powers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Powers which clearly recognize the rights, powers and freedoms of the individual while reigning in those of government officials and and a tyrannical Federal Government.

        The war against the Constitution and the citizenry began in 1913 but went into high gear in the aftermath of the 9-11 false flag carried out by the zionists. For it is Zionists who today disproportionately occupy so many, many positions of power and influence, not just in Washington, but across the entire country in both the public and private sectors. The destruction of the Republic we are witnessing today is a direct result of this tiny cabal of zionists having seized effective control of the FED, Banking, Media including TV & Internet, etc., and of course both the Federal and most State Governments…

        It was those same zionists that imported israeli style terrorism from the vast experience of the Israeli IDF and Police forces in the form of “Consultants”, “trainers” and “advisors” who taught hundreds of major US Police Departments the use of deadly force for crowd and riot control starting around 2012. Including by the way, that use of that knee hold to the Minneapolis Police Department. Despite cries of denial, Amnesty International among dozens of organizations, have extensively documented Israel’s “Police” use of deadly force against unarmed Palestinian crowds, protesters, and rioters.

  19. Has anyone noticed that despite the lockdown, the economic crisis, tens of millions unemployed and multiple corporations filing for bankruptcy, Wall Street is having a ball? CNBC‘s Jim Cramer examined this anomaly earlier a few days ago, his verdict:

    “We’re looking at a V-shaped recovery in the stock market, and that has almost nothing to do with a V-shaped recovery in the economy. What is going on is one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.”

    The main outcome of the pandemic is that it has led to “one of the greatest wealth transfers in history”. The fortunes of U.S. billionaires increased by $565 billion between March 18 and June 4 while the same 11-week period also saw 42.6 million Americans filing jobless claims. The results are devastating, if hardly a news item: while the American people are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer.

    And instead of uniting us in a fierce battle against Wall Street and its broad daylight robbery of what is left of American wealth, the American Left is investing its last drops of political energy in a ‘race war’ that blames working class whites for everything that’s wrong with the world.

    As America starts to look more and more like Weimar Germany in the 1930’s with the collapse of the monetary system and every type of sexual perversion on the table, one cannot help but be reminded of Walter Benjamin’s old thesis that: behind the emergence of every fascism is a failed left-wing revolution.

    1. The behavior of Wall Street is not an anomaly and it’s not hard to figure out. The US government creates piles of funny money and gives it to the rich. The rich bid asset prices up. Assets are: stocks, bonds, real estate, options, and so on. It is not hard to figure out.

      The Left is not on about identity, the Left is on about class war. Liberals like to stoke identity because they know how to manipulate it. (For example, Stacy Abrams for Biden’s VP.)

      Every sexual ‘perversion’ has been on the table since sex was invented about four billion years ago.

      1. They give that money directly to Wall St. Which of course makes Wall St. go up.
        Most of the benefits went to large corporations.
        The Fed has been pumping money into Wall St via “repo loans” since Wall St went down in Sept. That’s when Wall St started to go up.
        Beyond the repo loans, the Fed has the authority to give up to 4.5 Trillion $ to Wall St backed by $450 billion of taxpayer money. Congress was complaining the Fed wasn’t handing it over fast enough.
        All that money is of course making the prices on Wall St. go up.

  20. The United States of America is ” occupied territory ” and your local police can and will do anything and everything to you that they please to do. Unless you are rich; there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

    1. We can do nothing about this immediately. But dissidents can end the police state, debt-slavery, oppression, violence and wars. Unfortunately and ironically, dissidents don’t know how to do that and they don’t have the insight and motivation to follow the lead of the Great Liberator’s Vision and Mission. The Great revolutionary Leader I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means LIBERATOR. His Message and Strategies have been twisted, corrupted by translation errors and/or hidden by the Roman Catholic church, the mother of corruption.

  21. “Of course humanity is capable of a transformative leap into health and maturity. Of course it is. The only people who doubt this are those who haven’t yet made such a leap in their own lives.”
    It is possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s likely, and it doesn’t mean we’re seeing it now.
    “The more I learn about the human condition, the clearer it becomes that the principles of individual healing apply to collective healing as well. I have learned that an individual can experience a sudden, drastic shift in consciousness. I see no reason the collective can’t also.”
    One of the mythologies of our time (say the last 300 years or so) is that any change is a change for the better (the myth of progress). As in a sudden, drastic shift in consciousness is necessarily a better consciousness. That isn’t true. Healing is by definition a movement towards better health. I will believe in collective healing when I see the issue of racism losing its strength entirely. When it becomes irrelevant. I see no signs of that here. Racism is not becoming irrelevant. It’s becoming deified. Meanwhile injustice continues whilst the whole world focuses on false revolution. Where is the healing?
    Now, back to your point about collective healing. Does the healing come from the mass, or from the individual? Isn’t it an interaction? Therefor an individual aids the healing by healing themselves, and by being receptive to healing from the collective. That is a narrative to spread. What does healing look like? Angry people demanding that others change their behaviour, their character and their world-view? Shaming them and denouncing them? Is that what collective healing looks like? Who is healed in this way?
    I think the most powerful way of effecting collective healing at this point is to meditate on non-racism, and non-violence, and to dedicate the merits of that practice to the whole world.

    1. You are totally ignoring the fact that evil people are in the world who have no desire to heal. They simply desire at all cost even your well being. Such people prevent world healing. However communities can heal sometimes rarely. Most of the times they are just made to feel guilty like the germans after WW2. No healing just guilt.

      1. I accept your observations, but I don’t understand why you say I am ignoring the fact of evil people (other than I didn’t mention them). If you read the comment again, you will find that I expressed over and over my doubts that any healing is taking place. In other words, people are not changing or healing to any great degree, in fact many are being sucked into a vortex of fear, hatred, anger and, as you mention, guilt. The fantasies about a better world are maybe an attempt to deny these feelings. Who knows?
        The last sentence is not pie-in-the-sky. On the one hand I am suggesting that the current uproar is “Full of Sound and Fury; Signifying Nothing”, so being swept up by it is pointless. So, as futile as it might seem, mediation might truly be more effective in comparison. I didn’t mean to imply that this would fix everything, kum ba ya. By effecting healing I just mean having some influence. Note that what I am suggesting doesn’t even try and fix any evil people (unless you are projecting your own ideas into my words). It is simply building those thoughts and intentions into the fabric of your own “reality” (mind is reality), whilst understanding that your internal reality is connected to your external reality.
        Believe me, I know about people who have no desire to heal. I am happy to give it as much energy as I can until I realise it is pointless. Then I move on.

  22. Most all I know of Minnesota is contained in the Movie ‘Fargo’. An enclave of Milk Cows of Swedish and or Scandinavian decent . Or the perfect place for an African American Pimp Obama.

    One other point is Minneapolis has a Twin? Did you know that MSM? What happened to St. Paul? Has an entire city disappeared? Is this a case of ‘Good Twin’ ‘Bad Twin’? If so….Why then, isn’t the National Association of Psychologist looking into the difference? Too busy designing Torture and Extrajudicial murder programs? Perhaps Public Relations is a safer subject for you Scholar.

    Of course, everyone knows about Mall of America. Located in Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minn. There was a time when a vast volume of International Arrivals to the USA was routed thru Minneapolis St. Paul just so foreigners could visit Mall of America. And guess what ? No Security Checks. After clearing Immigration and customs you could board a shuttle bus at the AP that would wisk you to the Mall and back again in time to catch your connecting flight.

    The Democratic Party of the United States comprises visions of Utopia with a ring of shit around its lips

  23. distractions. my fave thing. love to watch ’em unfold. like who wasn’t interested in maria, Oswald’s wife…a little bit. or the lady in the white dress w/ the big black polka dots…
    the dancing isrealies of 911.
    the uss liberty. remember the maine…Tonkin…fergit the 4 million dead femmes, hommes,grannies kids dogd goats,the big ox, the cat …because for what?
    if they ever said why it would be nice…like why kill MLK? theguy with the giggies 3 for dollar…so much hate, then how could you touch him?
    who killed Epstein? we fer shoor know why this time. but why sandra bland? why do suicide cells all have suicide ceiling pipes, two sheets and a chair?

  24. Constance Gardiner Avatar
    Constance Gardiner

    I think this paragraph by Michael Chossudovsky sums it up , although thats not say racism isnt a thing. It looks like innocent people are again being used by the vampire squid plural.

    This campaign against racism is not a protest movement against the financial elites who are pressuring governments to postpone the reopening of the national economy as long as possible.

    Big Money controls the politicians. They control the media that wages the fear campaign. They are also the creditors of the State, who are now in the process of concocting a multi-trillion dollar loan package for indebted governments. Their intent is to deregulate the labor market, and pick up the pieces of bankrupt enterprises.

    “The protests and the riots serve their interests. The financial elites are not the target of the protest movement. Quite the opposite: their elite billionaire foundations are supporting many of the progressive NGOs which are waging the campaign against racism, while also paying lip service to the Democratic Party which is firmly against the reopening of the US economy as part of their 2020 election campaign.“

    Read the whole thing here

    Also dear people , please keep an eye on the massive financial shennanigans going on behind the scenes via Pam Martens excellent blog. Follow the money

    And the Northman Trader also has a clear and sober eye towards this.

    Sad because i feel for all those who are discriminated against and also now being used.

    1. Precisely. A few weeks back, CJ compared propaganda to a game of “look over there”, and isn’t it funny that people all over the world are suddenly looking over there. How do we know? Because we see it on “the media that wages the fear campaign” (which includes the internet). But, wait a minute. Wasn’t it COVID will kill us all? Wasn’t it China did it? Wasn’t it Russia did it? Wasn’t it Korea is going to nuke Australia? Wasn’t it Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump? No, it’s Evil White People, White Privilege, White Supremacy and Police Violence. What sort of zeitgeist changes from one week to the next?
      People, study the comment above. Follow the links. Pay attention to the “massive financial shennanigans going on behind the scenes”. They will harm (and kill) many more people than are killed by police in any given year. There ARE statistics. Why is this kind of murder any less evil than a murder that is video-taped? Do you think the billionaires care if the police are all defunded? They hire private police to protect their stuff and their personal safety. Whilst they get away with murder. Whilst feel-good liberals virtue-signal and silence(disappear) anyone that disagrees.
      I was raised to be proud of my Aboriginal heritage, so how can I be a white supremacist police apologist? Well I don’t conform to acceptable views, so I must be. So I guess I’m just a stupid boot-licker. I guess I’m not smart enough, wise enough, informed enough, rational enough, self-aware enough, objective enough. Compasionate enough. Or maybe it’s just that there really are valid, legitimate alternative ways of seeing things. No, I thought not.
      It’s all very well to take pride in “being in touch with where the zeitgeist is at”, but if that zeitgeist is itself largely the result of propaganda, and you can’t even see it, then “it’s time to revise your media viewing habits.”.
      (Sorry Constance, my frustration isn’t directed at you. I wish others could see the connections you are making.)

  25. Caitlin’s observation about Right Wingers as being isolated by ideology is true of everybody i encounter, including herself, and me too unless i’m on guard. I regard this ideological-isolation of everybody as strong evidence that mankind is selectively stupefied by a parasite’s venom, as wasps keep alive their captives for their children alive.
    The imprisoning of mankind in ideologies is done by Belief, which is falsely thought to be useful and efficient, but which has the opposite effect by dismissing all dissonance . . . because belief somehow always pretends to be the right answer. And yes, it is meaningful that the worst punishment in Bible and Koran is not for disobedience, but for refusing to believe.
    The Jehovahs are not our friends, nor are they godlike. Swindlers is more their line of predation. Where did Trump learn to lie like that ? From the mudShadows, for whom lying is their primary tool of trade.
    These inorganic beings (comprised of aetheric or ‘dark’ matter) are specifically described by the last nagual of a Toltec lineage of scientists of awareness ; understanding their modus operandi answers a lot of questions that otherwise defy satisfactory explanation.
    These parasites control the host by inserting a piece of their own awareness into the energetic structure which Eastern medicine calls the ‘aetheric body’, and this alien implant acts as a rowdy cuckoo chick, shouting down mankind’s native perceptiveness with an internalDialogue which fascinates us by making us the star of our own movie.
    Unlike modern scientists, the Toltec provide a remedy for the disease that causes so much unspoken misery in the most delicious and energy-rich of organic beings, mankind. It requires taking back control of our focus, which we discipline into monitoring the ‘agglutinating force’, the sentient substance which forms and maintains spacetime and every living being, a nuanced dynamic force which misleading ideologies portray as a God who imposes ideology and conformity upon inferior beings.

  26. Unfortunately, Ms Johnstone your wisdom and insight are light years away from the ” mindsets of the general public “. Their ” beliefs ” defy logic and reality but they cling to them as if their lives depended on them. ” Their reality ” does not really exist” it is a fantasyland. They will not allow you or anyone else to tear it down. The Russians or the Chinese or the Cubans; some commies from somewhere are leading these uprisings.

  27. There are actually more than two ways to look at the civil unrest occurring everywhere. Looking at it through the usual prism of left vs right is what they hope we do. That way no one’s peeking behind the curtain.I think there’s actually a far more nefarious agenda at work here and it has to do with America’s faltering place as an economic force in the world. The pandemic isn’t an accident nor is the social conditioning that demands fealty to a series of edicts and commands from the “ experts” who give us an ever-changing litany of possible dangers as well as numbers that don’t add Up regarding both the fatality rates and those of the actually infected. $650 million have been spent on field hospitals, most of which have seen zero patients. That doesn’t stop us from being inundated with reports about the preppping for overflow accompanied by aerial photos taken before the facilities are dismantled. Doesn’t matter, they’ve now got the populace scared not only of an ill-defined existential threat ( kind of like the War on Terror), but worse, as a result of a decade’s worth of programming on social media, they’re afraid of having a point of view that runs counter to the overriding narrative, so convinced have they become of the altruistic nature of there conformist cowardice. This is also what’s driving the capitulation to the mob that’s taking place by white supporters of BLM and by the feckless mouthpieces in the media and in government.
    What’s happening is a top down technocratic takeover of the world’s economy by implementing a new surveillance state using a new medical/ technocratic dragnet which will be sold to us as being egalitarian in terms of how convenient it will be. It’s not any accident that the riots took off so quickly with the seemingly most logical response being the defunding of the po po, right as contact tracing is being rolled out. Where do you actually think this is going? They’re dismantling the economy, literally destroying small businesses. By also destroying the public’s trust in its law enforcement it makes it possible to shift control over to a new series of agencies. Oh sure, they’ll pay lip service to Orion’s of racial parity while granting a lot of concessions to BLM, even hoisting some of their leadership to visible positions in the new technocracy. Honestly, we won’t need police if our every move is monitored and measured including reports of who we comport and kibbutz with, ( the pandemic is just an excuse to implement these draconian measures.)
    I don’t think the powers that be are allowing a race riot in order to unseat Trump. He’s not the issue. He’s a perfect foil for them to point the rage they’ve spent years fomenting and manipulating on the Left who have been whittled down to an ever-finer series of aggrieved minor classes all screeching for attention. Trump isn’t an issue except as a useful lynchpin used to either enrage Or defend. At this point it’s all a dog and pony show and I believe , probably beyond saving.
    I will leave you with a prescient quote from the late musician and social critic, Frank Zappa:
    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.“
    I do believe that where we are currently.

    1. Very good comment. Alot of conjecture but we need to be aware of such a reality. In Russia people fear the police to a great extent. They fully comply knowing they could be arrested brutalized or disappeared with no recourse. Now that is systemic police brutality. What we have in America today is light years from that but could be coming our way soon.

  28. Benjamin Wilson Avatar
    Benjamin Wilson


    1. A robust middle class is the only (known) alternative to slaves/aristocrats.

    2. Riots and lawlessness hurt the middle class a _lot_ more than they hurt the aristocrats.

    3. Therefore, many aristocrats will support riots and lawlessness.

  29. Articles like this show me how biased and out of touch you are. Demonstrations do not erupt nationwide in 20 different cities at the same time. This is a highly organized response by who knows. You so want the world to wake up to your worldview that you bend reality to fit it. I do not know what is happening but the nation sure as hell did not go apeshit because some guy got brutalized and killed by the cops. Stop acting like you know becsuse you dont. Something else is st play here.

    1. “I have no idea what’s happening but I’m 100% certain you’re 100% wrong.”

      1. If the mudShadows oR traditional evil spirits are real, then Khatika is correct in saying there is a hidden agenda from an unrecognised source.
        It’s not you that missed Khatica’s meaning here, but a trick of the intellect, which treats our beliefs as if they define what we cannot understand.
        Khatika made it harder to understand her message by scolding you as if negligent, an unprovoked insult to any craftsman’s self-respect.
        Talking down to you is about her own besieged self-respect, provoked by the dynamic Khatika is alarmed by, yet has no meaningful word for.

      2. That’s so totally certain, it’s certain to be wrong.

        1. It’s what Khatika is saying, not me.

      3. You would. There are few people left with any common sense that simply know when something does not feel right.

    2. ” … the nation sure as hell did not go apeshit because some guy got brutalized and killed by the cops”.

      Absolutely right.

      50% of US citizens were living from paycheck to paycheck before the corona-virus broke out. Since then, over the last 10 weeks, 50 million people lost their jobs ! Social misery has jumped to new highs and all this happened while the CARES act increased the wealth of the billionaires by over 25% or some 565 Billions.

      The US, and more generally the West, have reached their ‘monkey cucumber-grape moment’. It is the rage at a morally bankrupt society that expresses itself spontaneously on the streets today. If you don’t know what is a ‘monkey cucumber-grape moment’ check this video

      1. in my opinion you are partially correct. The time is right for someone to take advantage of it similar to the russian revolution of 1917. It is now taking on a life of its own.

    3. Scolding Caitlin in advance for not agreeing with you resulted in a predictable failure to communicate. Letting your self-importance deliver a message is dumb, especially when it’s as important as outing the hidden hand of the mud shadows.
      Caitlin is neither stupid nor negligent ; you were cruel for no good reason, a characteristic method of stealing lifeForce by the predators on mankind who deny their own existence.

      1. You have a good point (in this and previous comments), but perhaps you don’t know that one of the things that are hidden here are comments that express alternative views. And in terms of what is written in comments, Caitlin is not above “cruelty” herself.
        I take your point about aetheric entities. They have been feeding well ever since they were set loose soon after 911, to encircle the entire planet in a single night. Of course they are involved.
        Starving the mudShadows is only part of the work. Another aspect is clear understanding on an intellectual level. Some of us are trying to add additional analysis to the conversation, just as you are.
        Everyone tries to steal lifeForce, it’s our habit, and I thank you for reminding me about it. BUT, whilst we are waiting for that habit to come under control, there is still a need to find ways to exchange meaningful, useful and correctly formulated thought in order to keep the mental plane healthy. That is a two-way street. Just because a thought is ugly in it’s presentation doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’m not saying CJ should put up with insulting, boorish or malign comments. I’m talking about synthesising different points of view.
        OTOH. CJ, it’s your site, you have the power and you have the right. So there’s that. (But, PLEASE. Think about what some of these people are saying. You really don’t want to live in a world run by social workers! Do you think the stolen generation was stolen because of the police? The traditional tribal aboriginal experience is of at-oneness with the people and the land. Can you understand the trauma of being torn from that at-oneness? It’s a spiritual murder. The tribal aborigines had no police, but their methods of enforcing “law” were sometimes brutal, sometimes deadly and often bloody. There are many many sides to the conversation. Don’t shut yourself off.)

      2. No stupid or dumb. Extremely articulate and intelligent just incredibly unable to step back see through deep ingrained bias. I applaud much of what caitlin writes but will be the first to bluntly call out biased nonsense. We all have biases but sometimes it is just over the top.
        People need to read more history to see similaritirs to today. It will often make thinggs much clearer.

        1. Not a good answer.
          Justifying ferocity against Caitlin is shit think.
          Plus you are uninterested in finding the hidden control you berate us about.
          Adds up to an arsehole thinking it’s a mouth.

    4. Khatika, just how many videos of unjustifiable police executions do you think it would take to rile you up to take to the streets??

      1. .There are not enough. Why not ask what will it take for me to rise up period. Nothiing. I am not a rioter nor destroyer of property. I personally believe uprisings are follyvm at best and dangerous at worst. I would try to get out of their way if possible like most sensible people. There are 350 million people in America we are seeing a very small percentage doing all this damage. This is not a sea change but planned chaos.

        1. Planned by groups such as: Momentum, If Not Now, Sunrise, BLM and ANTIFA. The plans were ready to execute….all were waiting for an appropriate bad white cop story.

    5. The demonstrations have erupted in dozens of countries, Serial Fool. Your nation and other nations are going through this as a backlash to crappy neoliberal policies amid the backdrop of Covid-19 and 40 years of creeping austerity, war, and authoritarian policies. Floyd was just the latest spark. When this dies down –IF it dies down– there will be another spark soon after. Then there will be another. And another.

      1. Society is breaking down gradually due to liberal policies and both liberal and conservative warmongering. Nations will divide, EU back to their proper countries, America fragmented into regions or individual countries. California and Texas succesion movements and others will grow. States will form their own currencies as the break away. Globalism is dying.

      2. DOWN THE PIPE. Thank you, SIKUVIT, for a rare flash of clarity and common sense.

    6. I think the collective “we” who regularly read this site, can recognize “apeshit” pretty well, Khatika. Unfortunately, you are showing all here just how that looks.

    7. I suggest you stop reading it

      That way you wont have to waste any time commenting.

      140 cities I thought it was. Not that anyone really knows anything.

      Its all waves and particles after all, NO? We are a fucking Hologram.

      Even the Dalai Lama has stated that those without religion can look to Quantum Science for answers. 911 was the greatest act ever played. I aw the fucking plane they said…..

    8. Agree Khatika its a false flag.
      Weird Cait lin doesn’t know and is msm-ing again.

  30. Actually, racism is more of a tool than an end game in and of itself. The game plan is to exterminate all dark skinned persons from the entire Earth, part of the new world order, for a detailed analysis of this game plan read the Canadian Patriot, a game plan that was hatched long before America’s civil war.

    1. Is there anything more concise ? They write like we have eternity to figure things out.

    Lies, Coverups, Google, Censorship, and the Whistleblower of the Year: Zach Vorhies (Video)

  32. Caitlin stated….”Politics are so dumb. Like we know we’re all gonna either die in some kind of horrible armageddon pretty soon or figure this thing out and learn to live in harmony, but for now we gotta act all hatey with huge groups of people even though we know it’s about to be a moot point.”
    Observation: Those protesting in large cities never or seldom think about these in small quiet rural communities. Often individuals in large cities think that everyone thinks or should think like them. There are hard working goal oriented individuals in small towns who pay no attention to all of this and they co-exist just fine with those of other hard working races in their communities who share the goals and values. (Many minority parents want their kids raised in towns where they are safe to ride their bikes around and receive a solid education in a safe school with small classes and happy, caring teachers.) When they do observe what is happening, per the MSM, they thank G-d that they live in a small rural community and hope the toxic politically charged large city dwellers stay the heck out of their towns.

    1. LOL. Yeah, I know about small town racists, you think that racism doesn’t exist in your small town but it does you just refuse to acknowledge it. Just like you probably refuse to believe that the kid standing in front of the only grocery store in town is prostituting themselves, or that your neighbors have orgies, and best of all, the dance halls out in the middle of nowhere far from town with the motel on the other side of the parking lot. You’re just super asleep.

      1. it is not the fact that small towns have no racism but that they are safer than large cities. Small towns get decimated by tornados not riots.

      2. Everyone is racist to some degree. How you choose to behave is an indication of your character. Small towns ARE different from large cities. People in my small town, which has a substantial minority population, are quite polite to everyone, generally speaking. That person of whatever color that you are rude to probably knows your mother, and you are going to hear about it from mom!

  33. William Nolan Avatar
    William Nolan

    I wrote this as a Facebook post, but it’s appropse.

    I’m interested in the big issues. What is at the actual root of our problems? Who or what is the cause of all the harm that is being done to Americans, people around the world, and the ecosystem?
    Seems to me that it’s the people in charge of the entire U.S. government and the multinationals who control them.
    More and more people are realizing that the two parties are like wings on the same bird.
    In order to keep the public believing that democracy still exists, the parties have to play the professional wrestler routine, pretending to be adversaries.
    In reality, no matter which party is in office, both parties are happy because it means the status quo is safe. It will be business as usual for politicians who only care about maintaining their cushy lifestyles.
    Their interests have NOTHING to do with the best interests of human beings or the planet.
    So what’s the solution?
    First, awareness. People need to unplug from mainstream media and wake up.
    Second, real change. Not infighting among citizen over this or that petty, manufactured issue.
    I’ll finish by saying that I support protests. Not riots and opportunistic looting by criminals. Protests. Mass, prolonged protests. But protesting against police violence or Trump, or for women’s rights or black lives or whatever is pointless because it doesn’t address root causes.
    What would happen if all people – men, women, all races, so-called liberals and conservatives, united as brothers and sisters to protest against the neoliberal, war profiteering “system” that is deliberately and systematically dividing us for the profit of a tiny minority of uber-elite globalists? If we can’t unite, we are doomed to misery.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      The real root of our problems is capitalism. Support the struggle for socialism. Join the Socialist Equality Party.

      1. I might vote for Kishore, he seems sensible.

      2. Yeah! That’s exactly what we need. We need another Stalin, or better yet Mao. It worked perfectly in USSR and China. Unless you are one of the 100+ million that got murdered. Since we don’t have anything that remotely resembles free market capitalism, I really don’t see how it can be the cause or anything, except perhaps a moment or sanity for anyone who examines the idea.

        1. Another Stalin or Mao could very well be on the horizon.

      3. Absolutely correct. Democracy must move into the economic area, which has managed to buy and control the political arena. That’s the most basic definition of socialism, including but not limited to public ownership of the means of production. I would only add that the root of our interlocking crises of the moment is not merely capitalism as manifested in its former Fordist mode, but the maxed-out, frenzied, globalized, financialized capitalism-on-steroids now known (unfortunately, because the term is so amorphous) as “neoliberalism.”

    Yes, that knee-on-the-neck thing is an Israeli move, practiced daily on the rightful citizens of the land they stole, and whom they hold as prisoners and punching bags. Thanks Eleni.
    Israeli forces trained Minneapolis cops in brutal ‘restraint techniques’ at US conference
    At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by Israel’s Chicago consulate, the second time such an event had been held. There, they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorize the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations. The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI…

    Maybe they can just abolish the Nazi torture techniques from Israel, and keep their local police.
    “A Police-Free Future” – Minneapolis City Council Votes To Abolish Police Department

    1. It appears that nearly or every state that sent teams to that training, were blue/dem states. Are we seeing a bad cops pattern here…..?

      1. Cops are just like everyone else. Some bad some good. However when the people in charge train their cops in brutal techniques expect increased brutality.

        1. Apparently the Bad Cops far outnumber the Good Cops. If there were more Good Cops, then they’d keep the Bad Cops under control. But today, it is obvious that the Bad Cops are in full control and the Good Cops can’t even say a word of complaint.

      2. No, its just a blogger from Texas citing a lot of far-right blogs.

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