Abusive relationships where the abuser is a transparently horrible monster don’t tend to last long, because it becomes obvious to the victim very quickly that they need to head for the door. The ones that last are the ones where the abuser is an adept manipulator, who is able to elicit sympathy and attachment in the victim while constructing a prison of mental narratives in their head.

The hardest of these to escape from is the “nice guy” abuser, the kind of abuser whose manipulations revolve around framing themselves as good and virtuous while squeezing the psychological noose on the victim tighter and tighter. These are difficult to escape because by design they are hard to recognize as abusive while you’re in them, even while you’re being drained of life, liberty and happiness to the abuser’s benefit.

To escape from a nice guy abuser, it helps to actively push for things that they can’t say no to without blowing their cover. If he presents himself as a woke and sexually liberated feminist, for example, you can begin disrupting the web of nice guy narratives by saying you’d like to stop having sex with him, or that you want financial independence. Anything they desperately want to control but can’t say “no” to without the nice face mask slipping off. Their desperate attempts to manipulate you back into the position you were in previously will expose them, and make it much easier to find your way to the door through the fog of manipulation.

The escape route from the nice guy fascism of liberal narrative managers operates in much the same way.

For ages the Democratic Party and its allies have been actively manipulating leftwardly-inclined Americans away from issues which might inconvenience the powerful–issues like economic justice, anti-imperialism, slashing the military budget, ending government surveillance and police militarization, and actually getting money out of politics. Instead they’ve been encouraged to only care about issues which establishment power structures don’t care about–issues like abortion, misogyny, LGBT rights, gun control, and racism.

The powerful do not care if you have an abortion. They do not care how many bullets your gun can hold, they do not care if two guys get married or what gender pronouns you use, and they do not care if everyone is a racist or if no one is. They care about maintaining and expanding their ability to exert control over other people. If they can use prejudice or the threat of revoking rights to advance those agendas then they will certainly use them, but beyond that, they do not care.

For this reason, many who see the abusive nature of the oligarchic empire have come to look upon these issues a bit disdainfully, seeing social justice issues as a power-serving distraction from the actual issues they don’t want us pushing for like dismantling the war machine, ending plutocracy and making sure everyone has what they need. This is a major part of why, when racism suddenly became the number one hot topic in the news for days on end amid protests against police brutality, many anti-establishment types viewed it with suspicion.

But what actually seems to be happening here is a lot more interesting than some impotent and irrelevant distraction. Because people aren’t just out protesting racism, they’re calling for the complete dismantling of the entire police state, which is an essential part of the glue holding the US-centralized empire in place.

And the nice guy abusers are falling all over themselves to manipulate them back into their cage.

In an article titled “Democrats Push Reforms That Will Not Fundamentally Change Policing“, Shadowproof‘s Kevin Gosztola breaks down how the Pelosi-led House Democrats are presenting a “Justice In Policing Act” that is functionally the same as attempts at police reform which have been tried without success for generations. Like every other popular grassroots initiative which is actually disruptive to real power institutions, the Democratic Party’s response has been to slap a Kente cloth band-aid on a sucking chest wound and stage a narrative control campaign calling it healed. This is because, as we discussed recently, the Democratic Party’s primary function is to co-opt and kill authentic change movements.

The problem is, as Gosztola puts it, “unlike most establishment Democrats, activists pressing for the ‘defunding’ of police grasp the fact that policing is the problem.” The desperate attempts to manipulate them back into position are exposing them. Once a manipulator is exposed as such, manipulation becomes much more difficult, and clarity becomes much easier.

Liberal narrative managers manipulated the people into understanding that they are only allowed to care about issues like sexism, LGBT rights, and racism. The people responded by saying “Okay, well then we demand that you dismantle the entire police state because it is racist.”

Through all the confusion and fog of a lifetime of ingesting establishment propaganda, the people have still managed to find one solid strand of “no” that they know the nice guy abuser can’t actually forbid them from holding onto, and they are grasping it with an iron fist and pulling themselves toward the door.

To quote the famous Jeff Goldblum line from Jurassic Park, life finds a way.

Life did find a way. Seemingly by instinct, humanity is finding more and more ways to get out from underneath the thick veil of propagandistic psychological abuse to wake each other up from the narrative control matrix. Homo sapiens will soon be uncaged, rampaging around the theme park and eating the bloodsucking lawyer right off the toilet.

Like I’ve been saying since last year, things are only going to keep getting stranger. Our species is unpatterning at a rapidly accelerating rate, and the people whose job it is to manipulate us back to sleep have been failing to do so with greater and greater frequency. Don’t waste emotional energy on the hope that things will eventually go back to normal, because they won’t. The good news is that what we think of as “normal” is actually as crazy and self-destructive as a species can possibly be, and life is awkwardly, sloppily stumbling toward true sanity. Stumbling for the door.

“If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh… well, there it is.”


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131 responses to “Humanity Is Escaping From The Abusive Relationship With The Police State”

  1. The status quo is the growth of the police state.
    the Police State is about to get bigger. MUCH BIGGER! Here’s why.

    1. Democrats are using BLM to “get Trump”. That is their primary motivation. Money is power and all the money donated to BLM goes right to ActBlue. As usual, Democrats have done nothing whatsoever to reign in police brutality. They shame the police and that’s about it. True to their past, they will do nothing to curb the growth of the Police State. They say one thing, they doing quite another. Nothing new to anyone with even modest powers of perception.

    2. Republicans are the biggest winners of these BLM protests. This sounds completely wrong, doesn’t it? It’s the riots. Americans see Minnesota, Fifth Avenue, Houston, the whole damned country going up in flames and more broken glass than at any time in history. They are AFRAID and people conveniently forget FEAR SELLS. People did not believe Trump could possibly win, they were wrong. They ignore people who think differently than them and live in a bubble. Right now, more Americans want “law and order” and they simply don’t care about police brutality. You don’t see it that way. I don’t see it that way. However, most people do see it that way and they outnumber us. These people see the police as VICTIMS. They perceive the Democrats and MSM as having encouraged these riots. Police have underdog status in their eyes. These people are mocked incessantly on social media, canceled, marginalized, shamed so they stay quiet but they won’t be quiet at the ballot box. Every family in America with a member of the Police Force is politically energized and will work tirelessly to get out the vote. They feel under siege and they are ready to fight back ferociously. They feel dishonored and disrespected. They have scores to settle.

    3. The elites have just absconded away with FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS! Do they want MORE or LESS police state to keep the rabble far away from their loot? As the. wealth disparity widens to ever ridiculous proportions expect the Police State to GROW in tandem with it.

    4. The same billionaires who absconded away with five trillion dollars are absconding away with all the BLM money. It goes straight into the ActBlue war chest. When the billionaire class is done getting what it wants, Black America goes right back to having no voice whatsoever until they’re needed again. Joe Biden thinks if you’re an African American who doesn’t vote Democrat, you’re not black. He’s hardly alone. The elites define what is black and what is not. It’s all about them. This is a billionaire movement. If you aren’t towing their line, you aren’t even who you think you are. They control your identity.

    5. The Police State is tied to the Military-Industrial Complex. Any threat to reduce Police State spending is a threat to the bloated budgets of the American Military-Industrial complex. They are the single most powerful force in America and probably the world. They WANT a Police State to protect their budgets and even increase them. They start wars for MONEY. You know this. Since they feel threatened, they are working overtime to GROW the Police State covertly. They interpret any reduction in Police spending as the first domino to fall and they will fight relentlessly to stop it.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I thought I’d tell it to you straight. It’s very unpleasant to think about but it’s the truth. All the bad decisions, all the important issues people glibly ignored over 20 years ago are here to haunt us. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do or the “IN” thing to do. People who talked about a police state were “alarmists” and conspiracy theorists. Actions have consequences and the seeds to this monster were sown long ago. Most of you played a part in creating it. Those who sew the wind shall reap the whirlwind. We’re living through your apathy spanning over two decades. When you finally acknowledge that maybe we have some hope for a brighter future two decades from now.

  2. hmmm suspect narrative complete with lines from an alleged pedo ring Goldblum.

  3. False flag.

    1. James Farland Avatar
      James Farland

      Yip false flag from the control matrix, sorry to see repeat echo of mainstream (and adds a pseudo spiritual narrative on top).
      The riots and looting were the same egoic mind pattern.Chaos.
      Or as the name of false flag op floyds brick in the wall ….CHA(O)Z.
      “Black umbrella” company War lord .Simone the rapper and X Blackwater armed gang takes Seattle off police/govt/state … yeah right …
      one born every minute.

      Believers in a msm cult..

  4. Not necessarily, Caitlin.
    The Establishment will do all it can to maintain the status quo, and neutralise the protests.
    Therefore, the momentum must be kept up at all costs, and the protest leaders keep on the front foot, ensuring the politicians can only react.
    Then we will see change-this is just the start.
    Bear in mind that our PM, Scotty Morrison, is threatening to arrest protesters under the guise of breaking lockdown rules-the fact that they are enraged over the 400 plus Aboriginal deaths in custody since 1991 is irrelevant to him and his cohorts.

  5. To solve the Black Lives Matter question, one must, once again, follow the money.
    Black Lives Matter profited in 2016 from a humongous $100 million grant from the Ford Foundation and other philanthropic capitalism stalwarts such as JPMorgan Chase and the Kellogg Foundation.
    The Ford Foundation is very close to the United States Deep State. The board of directors is crammed with corporate CEOs and Wall Street honchos. In a nutshell; Black Lives Matter, the organization, today is fully sanitized; largely integrated into the Democratic Party machine; adored by mainstream media; and certainly does not represent a threat to the 0.001%. You can read this entire article here:
    Syria in Seattle: Commune Defies the United States Regime by Pepe Escobar!

    1. Ineresting but expected BLM is saying Antifa has stolen their message snd changed it. Typical. The radicals take control after the time is right.

  6. Death Of The Old Avatar
    Death Of The Old

    The whole history of humanity has been a disaster.
    It has not been civilized, it has not been just.
    It has been a calamity, a crime committed on such a vast scale.
    And now we must face the full consequences of the greatest disaster humanity has ever faced.
    So unless we start revolting as individuals, dropping all nationalities, all politics, all religions, all races, and declare that this whole earth belongs to us and all these lines on the map are bogus and false,
    We will not survive!
    The past has been lived centered on hate.
    The future can live only if it is centered on love.
    The past has been unconscious.
    The future can only be conscious.
    We can either die with the past or we can be reborn with a new future.
    But the time is very short.
    These psychopathic politicians have been working for centuries to arrive at this point, where they are now capable of destroying the whole earth many times over.
    And still so much destructive force continues to accumulate.
    Unless a few individuals gather enough courage and revolt against the whole rotten past.
    We are all finished, our beautiful home, everything will be gone!
    Yet in moments of crisis people are forced to gather courage and take a quantum leap into something absolutely unknown.
    A time of crisis is a very valuable time.
    When everything is established and there is no crisis things are dead.
    When nothing is changing and the grip of the old structure appears sound, it is almost impossible to change yourself.
    When everything is in a chaos, nothing is static, nothing is secure, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment, in such a chaotic moment, you are free, now you can change.
    You can attain to the innermost core of your being.
    We have to take a tremendous quantum leap, from unconscious organized living to conscious individual freedom.
    Wake up!
    It is now possible to not belong to any kind of political organization.
    It is now possible to not belong to any religion.
    It is now possible to not belong to any nation.
    If this fire of individuality spreads, it can become a wildfire, because deep down every individual is suffering.
    They want to revolt against all that has been repressed, all that has been imposed on them.
    Yet all revolutions have failed.
    Revolution means a crowd, a class, fighting against the ruling class.
    But they have failed because of an intrinsic necessity.
    If you fight with the ruling class you will have to use the same means to fight, and the moment you are in power you will start doing the same nasty things to humanity as your predecessors.
    All the revolutionaries who have succeeded in capturing power have been corrupted by the power.
    They could not change the power and its institutions, the power changed them and their minds and corrupted them.
    Therefore we disown our whole past.
    Somebody has to take a stand against the whole rotten past, and somebody has to make the point.
    We will start living according to our own inner being and create our own future.
    We will not allow the past to create our future.
    We will not find a better moment.
    This old world is coming to its end.
    One thing is certain, the old world cannot continue to live, if it continues in this unconscious way.
    The old world does not mean the planet.
    The old world means the old structure of humanity, it is going to die.
    But if we can save a few individuals, a new beginning is very close.
    Rather than being concerned with the old, rejoice for the new.
    In a perfect society there will be no society, only individuals.
    In a perfect state there will be no state, no government, only individuals.
    At the most, a minimum of intelligent governance can be allowed.
    A rebellious individual is not concerned with the structure of the society, state, government.
    No, they are concerned with their own being.
    Revolutionaries make parties.
    A rebellious individual is alone.
    They are their own revolution.
    Wherever they move, a revolution moves around them.
    Their very being is a transforming force.
    Rebellion has a beauty because it is individual.
    And there is nothing to fight with, one has simply to throw the whole past from one’s consciousness.
    Fully clean yourself!
    But the deception has been going on so long that you have completely forgotten.
    And you are still going on in the same old mind rut.
    Politics, religion, race, nations.
    So beware, all revolutionaries are not revolutionaries.
    Many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing?
    There are revolutionaries who are really counter-revolutionaries, but they pretend to be revolutionaries.
    They are in the service of the status quo.
    It needs immense clarity to see the world as it really is, and to see how society creates certain dynamics, certain pseudo phenomena to protect itself.
    There are more counter-revolutionaries in the world pretending to be revolutionaries than there are revolutionaries.
    It needs a tremendous clarity, coming only out of meditation, so that you can figure it out.
    But both counter-revolutionaries and revolutionaries ultimately fail, there is no transformation of self!
    A revolutionary is one who wants to change the society, who wants to change the government, who wants to change the structure, economical, political, religious.
    A revolutionary is not spiritual.
    They are not concerned with their own change.
    They think if others change then everything will be perfectly okay.
    A revolutionary lives in an illusion.
    All revolutions have failed, failed utterly.
    And ultimately a revolution cannot succeed.
    The very attitude is wrongly oriented, it is an effort to change the other.
    The future needs no more revolutions.
    The future needs a new experiment which has not been tried yet.
    Hence, there is a need of individual rebellion.
    You are not natural, and only through rebellion will you be able to unburden yourself from the society, and only through rebellion will you be free from society.
    Remember rebellion is not reform, reform means a modification.
    The old remains, you give it a new form, a new shape, a kind of renovation of an old building.
    Its original structure remains, you whitewash it, you clean it, you make a few windows, a few new doors.
    Revolution goes deeper than reform.
    The old remains, but more changes are introduced, even in its basic structure, not only changing its color and opening a few windows and doors, but perhaps making new stories, taking it higher into the sky.
    But the old is not destroyed, it remains hidden behind the new.
    In fact, it remains the very foundation of the new.
    Revolution is a continuity with the old.
    Rebellion is a discontinuity.
    It is not reform, it is not revolution.
    It is simply disconnecting yourself from all that is old.
    The old religions, the old political ideologies, the old mind, all that is old, you disconnect yourself from it.
    You start life afresh, from scratch.
    And unless we prepare humanity to begin life again, a resurrection, a death of the old and a birth of the new.
    The apocalypse will prevail!

    1. Lezie McGrind Avatar
      Lezie McGrind

      Revolt against your egomind.
      Have an inner revolution.
      For there is nothing else stopping the birth of a golden age, heaven on earth.

      Actual Human history( not Crown narrative) is the story of insanity.
      Lets hope it has a better ending.

  7. https://www.marketplace.org/2020/05/29/u-s-looking-at-a-tsunami-of-evictions-as-moratoriums-expire/

    Back in March, as the unemployment rate started skyrocketing, states started putting eviction moratoriums in place to keep people from becoming homeless in the midst of a global pandemic. The federal government did, too, but only for properties with federally-backed mortgages.

    Now, those moratoriums are starting to expire.

    Already, more than a dozen states, including South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Wisconsin, have allowed eviction proceedings to resume. By the beginning of June, more than half of states will have no protections in place for renters. By the end of July, almost none will.

    Now all of a sudden we’ve decided on this arbitrary date of early June, and we’re going to be okay with everyone being homeless as of early June?”

    Patrice Paldino, Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida

    The Democratic-led House of Representatives recently passed another coronavirus relief package that includes $100 billion in rental assistance, $75 billion in mortgage relief, another round of $1,200 stimulus payments, and extends the $600 weekly federal unemployment checks through January 2021, but it faces strong opposition from Senate Republicans and President Donald Trump.

    “A lot of that could have had to do with the stimulus checks,” said Christine Donahoe, the housing priority coordinator for the nonprofit Legal Action of Wisconsin. “But I also know that a lot of our clients still have not received stimulus checks. A lot of the low-income people who don’t have bank accounts or don’t have direct deposits have not yet received their stimulus.”

    1. The democrats are most rabid about the lockdown but it is the republicans who are against helping the people. How many multitrillion pork packages do you think America needs. These packages get pushed with headlines of help for the common man but hides much more help for the elites snd their business cronies. To make matters worse the federal government has begun underwriting state insolvency. By no coincidence Illinois the posterchild of corruption and dysfunctionsl government is the first recipient.

  8. Please do a search for the recently released anonymou letter from a berkeley history professor. It is a fresh breeze of truth that i would love to hear commented upon. I also would love to hear Caitlins take upon it. It is a long letter but food for thought for those who can step away from their personal narrative.

  9. If all we are capable of doing is begging the Elite to behave better, and typing comments here, we will suffer increasingly severe austerity until we, like cornered mice, desperately, mindlessly lash out not only at the Elite, but, eventually, even at our equally-desperate neighbors across the street and all over the world.
    During their first meeting, Morpheus asks Neo the most important question about their world of “The Matrix” — “Do you want to know what ‘it’ is?”
    We must all ask ourselves essentially the same question. What is “it” that keeps failing for the vast majority of people and preventing things from improving? The Elite and their MSM do NOT have the answer, and they’re NOT going to allow any discussion in their MSM about alternatives to the present fatally flawed economic system.
    I am here to tell you that “it” is NOT any president. “It” is NOT the Fed. “It” is NOT the constitution. And “it” is most definitely NOT an incorrectly adjusted interest rate.
    “It” resides between human ears.
    “It” is an inevitably-fatal, deeply-inculcated, religious-like belief in the infallibility of human greed (not of greed’s existence or power, but, again, capitalism’s belief in greed’s infallibility) — that all every single human being of 7.4 billion individuals has to do is attempt to satisfy his\her insatiable greed and everything will turn out just fine for the collective whole of humanity.
    It won’t. History has proven with absolute certainty that it hasn’t. (And do not fucking tell me that the present situation exists because we have NOT been greedy enough!)
    Greed, my fellow humans, is NOT good. Why? Because “it” will, by “whatever it takes”, overcome any well-intended measure (from constitutions to Glass Stegalls to TARPs to QEs to NIRPs to fiat money to banning cash) that that same human mind can invent to attempt to control ‘it’. Again, history has PROVEN with absolute certainty that this is true.
    What we all, as individuals, must somehow, some way come to recognize and accept as truth is something that we have been brainwashed by a capitalist system from Day 1 to believe is not true.
    Therefore, the one and only thing that will save humanity from itself (us from each other) is the EXACT OPPOSITE of greed, and that is to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    1. Amen. One the first things greed does to us is BLIND us. We see everything in terms of money and all things become measured by it, reduced to it. You might like to click on the free sample (Look inside) of this unusual little book:


      1. Come, we that love the Lord,
        And let our joys be known;
        Join in a song with sweet accord,
        And thus surround the throne.


        We’re marching to Zion,
        Beautiful, beautiful Zion;
        We’re marching upward to Zion,
        The beautiful city of God.
        The sorrows of the mind
        Be banished from the place;
        Religion never was designed
        To make our pleasures less.
        Let those refuse to sing,
        Who never knew our God;
        But children of the heav’nly King

    2. Lezie McGrind Avatar
      Lezie McGrind

      HAha nope the brain is between the ears.
      Not greed.Greed is not in the brain.

      ego.As without ego and its sense of lack there would be no greed( or fear).
      The matrix is an illusion.
      A dream of separation.

      1. In a certain sense you may be correct. This depends on exactly HOW the word “greed” is “defined”.
        Greed can be defined either as a motivator — as in “greed causes behavior”, or greed can be defined AS behavior — the mouth making certain sounds, the hands and feet doing certain things. Either way, the brain, which lies between the ears, causes what is referred to as greedy behavior.
        There are differences between brains (differences such as those that cause one person to speak Chinese and another English, that are created by the environment in which people are raised) that direct what would commonly be called greedy behavior and those that direct what would commonly be called compassionate or empathic behavior. These differences are by a kind of verbal short cut referred to as greed or empathy. But whatever you want to call them, these “differences” exist between human ears, within, or as part of, human brains, and, therefore, they also reside between human ears.
        “The Matrix” was a movie — a movie that contained within its script a “concept” . The concept was that human beings were raised within, and continued to live out their lives within, a computer-created world. A computer was connected to their brains and through that connection sent signals to the brain that emulated what those brains would have received from the, for lack of a better expression, natural world. These people had no knowledge of their true existence until their brains were literally disconnected from that computer, etc.
        Our lives are similarly “lived out” in a “world” whose, for lack of a better expression, large structure we also cannot control. This was also the case for our ancestors born 10,000 years ago. The differences between the large structure that exists now and the large structure that existed 10,000 years ago (or the present-day large differences between some cultures), can now, because of the movie “The Matrix”, be referred to as a different Matrix.
        The Matrix that I have experienced my entire life is not exactly the same as the one that any other human being has experienced, but, overall, they are similar enough to say that a Matrix does indeed exist and that it is amazingly, astonishingly different than the one that existed 10,000 years ago, even though the human beings then and human beings now require the exact same basic necessities of life. (It is HOW the human beings of 10,000 years ago and today acquire(d) those necessities of life that is vastly different and of most importance today, but that is for another discussion). Therefore, that we live in a Matrix of large structure is not an illusion. Thinking that we do NOT live an a Matrix — that we live in a world in which we are “free” to do whatever we want, and have whatever we want, and imagine the world to be whatever we want (and it magically becomes so) — is a delusion.

  10. I wonder when a critical mass of human beings will stop letting themselves be tricked by false and abstract ideas inserted into their minds by those who are stealing from them.
    How obvious does our physically visible reality have to get before we all have our ‘Heeeyyy… Wait a minute…’ moment?
    If policing in its current form actually worked, there would be no crime to speak of. It doesn’t. This is a rather visibly apparent fact.
    If our ‘economic model’ actually worked, there would be no lack, no scarcity, no poverty to speak of. It doesn’t. This is a visibly apparent fact.
    If our ‘alleged government’ actually worked, don’t you think somebody would have noticed by now? Would they still be making up the dumbest shit they can think of to control us with, and threatening us with violence if we dare to not believe them? I think not. It is a visibly apparent fact that ‘our government’ does not work.
    This might sound a little silly to some people, but maybe we should start by not believing bullshit anymore.

    1. Absolutely, that’s where it must start, with the instant recognition and rejection of BS. We come here to enter a BS-free zone, whether or not we agree with what Caitlin posts on a particular day. At least we know she’s not feeding us BS but doing her best to tell the truth as she sees it. But it must go MUCH FARTHER than BS recognition and rejection; we must work together to fashion a new narrative with a new set of values to guide us in reconstructing a social order not mindlessly barreling down the highway to ever-increasing austerity and ecocide. Right now, this is where things have yet to cohere; we see the evil and readily denounce it but have yet to embrace a common conception of the good, something to bring us together and provide a foundation to build upon. The great missionary doctor and polymath, Albert Schweitzer, spent his adult life not only easing the suffering of people (and animals) in his African jungle hospital but also attempting to distill an elemental, universal value which might engender a new renaissance, allow us and inspire us to again believe in the possibility of human moral and spiritual progress. The upshot of Schweitzer’s efforts was this: “In no other fire than that of the mysticism of REVERENCE FOR LIFE can the broken sword of idealism be forged anew.” For those interested, reverence for life is explained in depth and detail in Schweitzer’s “Philosophy of Civilization,” and here’s a brief and inadequate introduction:


  11. Thank you Caitlin, this warms my freedom loving anarchist heart. I can see that you too are moving towards the inevitable stance that sees all power structures as abhorrent to freedom loving people, which is undoubtedly the vast majority of the people of the world. We got this, we just need to remove our consent from the psychopathic ruling class in all their many guises. ❤️

    1. Lezie McGrind Avatar
      Lezie McGrind

      The false flag, incited riots, looting and controlled chaoz and his umbrella company as ” war lord” is is not “anarchy” . Its feudalism and a brand of divisive racism.
      You just need to remove your ignorance BOOBOO.

  12. This is untrue CAIT as the orchestrated violent riots, chaos and looting were clearly a false flag op.
    Divide and conquer.

    1. Wasting your breathe. People on the fringe right and left cannot see through their deep seated beliefs to see the reality of the world around them.

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      oh the cop cars strangling citizens, driving into crowds, assaulting senior citizens and small women had no effect. you push the narrative that it was all about rioting, chaos and looting and ignore the very significant protests, and the very significant pushback against the elites chosen bulwark in the class war, the cops.

      1. prezel you have msms narrative as does CAIT the cop and actor victim knew each other. A big DUHHHH.False flag.
        The( X blackwater) incited violence had the effect of …more stupid.
        Now CHAOZ with his X blackwater armed stooges yeah what a great push back against the elites + cops NOT.
        All it does is support the Oligarchy’s NWO.

  13. If one ventures into the vast wasteland of United States of American television it is possible to miss the truly ridiculous content that is promoted as news by the major networks. One particular feature of media-speak in the United States is the tendency of the professional reporting punditry to go seeking for someone to blame every time some development rattles the National Security plus Wall Street bubble that we all unfortunately live in.
    The talking heads have to such an extent sold the conclusion that China deliberately released a lethal virus to destroy western democracies that no one objects when Beijing is elevated from being a commercial competitor and political adversary to an enemy of the United States. One sometimes even sees that it is all a communist plot. Likewise, the riots taking place all across the United States are being milked for what it is worth by the predominantly liberal media, both to influence this years election and to demonstrate how much the news oligarchs really love black people. You can read this entire article here:
    Russians Stirring Up Trouble: An Obama Retread Sees Moscows Hand in Protests
    by Philip Giraldi!

    1. I think it’s because blaming foreigners for everything is a lot easier than getting politicians to admit they screwed up.

    2. Calamity Jane Avatar
      Calamity Jane

      A classic CIA msm narrative.
      Oh and we already know its a virus hoax .Only idiots in the cult of talking heads believe otherwise.

      1. Plus many many more that cannot recognize something that feels so wrong.

      2. pretzelattack Avatar

        every single post a right wing talking point. edgy. is climate change a hoax to tax americans?

        1. Of course. A control mechanism that has hijacked the envitonmental movement snd bssically rendered it toothless. That is one of the greatest tragedies. Science has been compromised by political bias and rendered suspect as well. So sad

        2. I suspect most of them will disappear after election day.

  14. Well while we are all arguing about how we got here the Sun is gonna Fuck up the earth again like it does every 12000 years or so and Noah’s Ark is not ready for 7.3 Billion hungry fuckers.

    This is a warning. This is the real issue and it will not give a flying fuck who is not prepared. All this will get washed away to be rebuilt another day.

    1. Agreed. We will begin seeing food shortages and famines moving into 2024 2025. This will be preceded by food price inflation starting now and accelerating into 2023.

  15. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “…people aren’t just out protesting racism, they’re calling for the complete dismantling of the entire police state, which is an essential part of the glue holding the US-centralized empire in place. And the nice guy abusers are falling all over themselves to manipulate them back into their cage.”

    For many, calls for the dismantling of the “police state” are the first steps in the direction of seeking the dismantling of “The State” in its entirety. Folks are getting uppity, but the Dark Powers (those who rule from the shadows) have a storeroom full of fancy tools to deal with any such petty annoyance from underlings who don’t know their place. The Dark Powers will try to seduce you first with their enticing and alluring wiles while getting you into a compromising position and snapping their incriminating picture before bringing Their big hammer (and big boots) out.

    Some people are “waking up”. But a whole lot of others don’t know what all the fuss is about and just want to roll back into a fetal position of faux safety amidst the storm. Absorbing abuse for so long and in so many ways has become so routine for so many that it has become default normal and expected by them. So many folks have lowered their expectations of life so much and are so beaten down with just trying to survive from day to day that the life force has been sucked out of them. Young people are not being educated. Millions have lost stable and sustainable jobs. Savings are gone. Social institutions became impotent. Families are in disarray. Societal standards of cooperation and common purpose have been trashed. Human decency is on the endangered species list. But, giving up is never an option. Clinging to hope and planting seeds of positivity in the rocky soil of despair are better than retreating back into the fetal position and planting nothing.

  16. More than 150 years ago Karl Marx promised that society was continually evolving upwards and onward towards UTOPIA. His books promoted labour unions, strikes, protests, riots, economic crises and wars. Has anyone noticed that during the past 150 years, millions of people pinned their hopes on revolutions to save them? But generations and waves of protests, riots and economic crises and wars have continued and we are no closer to UTOPIA. On the other hand, the revolutionary strategy and tactics promoted by Jesus (Yeshua) are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what he said and meant. His name “Yeshua” derives from the Hebrew word meaning LIBERATOR.

    1. Marx didn’t advocate for a Utopia. Not even close. Marx and Engels fought against this mentality even among the left. Refer to ‘Socialism: Utopian and Scientific’. His books also did not promote riots or economic crisis or wars. That is completely false. He promoted materialism and the dictatorship of workers through class struggle. He also critically analyzed the capitalist mode of production with great detail. If it weren’t for revolutions you’d be a serf, if not a slave.

      1. Karl Marx did not explicitly advocate violence but he predicted (1) growing and spreading awareness of injustice as workers read his books and realized their collective economic power and that they did not have to accept and collaborate with their oppression (2) growing and spreading dissatisfaction of the working class, (3) growing and spreading labor strikes and opposition to working conditions (4) harsher attempts by capitalists to punish strikers and protect their vested interests. (5) Escalation of conflict between labor and capital (5) disruption of industry and trade by the escalation of conflict (6) collapse of capitalist society as a result of escalating disruption of industry and trade. His predictions were half right. However, capitalists compromised, promised workers better conditions, their right to strike and offered shares in their companies. Labor also compromised by accepting promises, indeed devious commitments, contracts and arrangements which would eventually turn out to be far less beneficial in practice than what appeared in theory on paper. Capitalists essentially won and keep winning every battle between labor and capital. Relatively speaking, the working class are still serfs and if you do not realize that you should read some of the independent economists and investigators who expose the massive level of financial crimes committed against ordinary citizens for the past 100 years.

  17. Well I guess I am definitely on ” the shit list ” because I am not being allowed to read this article. However I was able to get the url so that I could pass it on here:

  18. Not much chance of permanent change until unions are outlawed for government workers,

  19. If Jesus were to come back today, he’d be clubbed and beaten to death by police who proudly proclaim themselves to be Christians.
    Remember, Jesus was an out-of-work carpenter who did not look like the ruling Romans. In fact, Jesus was not just an unruly protester, but would today be described as an “agitator”. Jesus was telling everyone that they should have different and better values than the people who ruled their society.
    If Jesus were alive today, the Christians would demand that he be executed.

    1. Would have likely have been the case for quite some time, ever since the followers of Jesus morphed into an institutional church which married the empire that murdered him. Talk about a dysfunctional marriage….

      1. Precisely! The revolutionary strategy and tactics promoted by Jesus (Yeshua) are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what he said and meant. His name “Yeshua” derives from the Hebrew word meaning LIBERATOR.

    1. Been there….

    2. why?

      One from Column A and one from Column B?

  20. Interesting.
    Science Fiction has long written about the theme that says that a civlization can be destroyed when technology advances faster than its societal development. The usual examples are nuclear weapons or deadly chemicals.
    This of course is a natural theme to explore in a world committed to headlong technological development, but which is a backwards society with a large part of the population being ‘conservative’ so that they sneer and despise any hint of societal development.
    It turns out, it was social media that is the technology that destroys civilization because the society was not sufficiently developed to handle it.
    Give everyone the ability to instantly comment on everything, but before this cut back on education. Combine this with a society where oligarchs have a near monopoly on money and power, and where they can use this to hire their minions to go forth on social media with destructive campaigns. Have this in a place where the is no responsibility. Before social media, being loud and stupid in a local community led to most sensible people ignoring you. Now, on social media, the louder and stupider you are, the more followers you gain, and you become celebrated as some sort of opinion leader.
    When the space archaeologists arrive on earth and find the destroyed remnants of what appeared to be a developing civilization, they’ll wonder about the cause. Perhaps they’ll uncover a computer with memory that can tell them about the nonsense on social media that destroyed the world. Or, since none of that is likely to survive the failing of the last massive centralized power plant, maybe they’ll just be puzzled about why this apparently promising civilization became in just one or two generations a bunch of whining, screaming assholes who’s inability to function as a coherent society led to its quick downfall and ruin.

  21. “Homo sapiens will soon be uncaged, rampaging around the theme park and eating the bloodsucking lawyer right off the toilet.” I couldn’t help but have a belly laugh when I hit this line. And I say this as one who made his living as a lawyer, albeit an unorthodox one whose legal career was largely devoted to protecting the public interest. Indeed, if I thought it would move things along more quickly in the direction that Caitlin indicates, I just might be willing to park my own old, ailing ass on that toilet to help nourish, however meagerly, the young T-Rex, a cipher for the mass movement moving from chaos to coherence as Caitlin describes. And while I’m at it, thank you, Caitlin, for again showing us that powerful picture juxtaposing a dignified young black woman with a cadre of storm trooper cops, and also for that brief but profound bit of dialogue from an unforgettable movie. When you’re on your game, which is often, your blog is among the best out there right now, one reason being that you seek truth rather than praise.

  22. What would a trap for litigious, narcissistic, sycophantic, egotistic, materialistic fuckwads look like?
    We’ve got some ideas…
    And we’re more than willing to be used as bait. But there’s a problem too, isn’t there? You don’t always know whether you’re the T-Rex, or the goat, or the mailman from Seinfeld, or the kids in the car, or the hunky doctor, or just fucking Jeff Goldblum.



    1. The trap is for the morons who follow the constant links to a rambling, incoherent 3700 page book and try to read it.

  23. Laurie Dobson Avatar
    Laurie Dobson

    Now on to dealing with the ‘covid’ police!

    1. Yes, everyone must be free to spread a deadly disease and kill as many people as possible.
      Freedom is what’s important. We wouldn’t be able to threaten to nuke the whole world if we didn’t have the Freedom of massive police forces and the world’s largest prison population. We must defend America and Freedom by spreading the deadly disease as widely as possible. Don’t worry about the consequences, because God is on your side. And even if he’s not, its next quarter’s profits that must be protected so we must re-open and spread the disease as widely as possible or else Wall Street might crash.
      My personal view is that as a person who is high-risk to COVID-19, anyone who fails to keep social distances, who fails to wear a mask, who tries to force me into an unsafe work environment, that these people are trying to kill me and I have an inherent right to self-defense.

      1. If you are over 80 years old, covid-19 is extremely dangerous. If you have cardiovascular co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, athlerosclerosis), avoid it if at all possible. As repeatedly shown, if you are young and reasonably healthy covid-19 is asymptomatic and at worst equivalent to the common cold. Check out the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier where 60% test positive for antibodies, one fatality out of 2880 infected, almost all asymptomatic or mild (an epileptic that fell and hit his head), a fatality rate of 0.035%. The Asian countries and New Zealand handled the virus correctly; some US governors were sending infected patients to nursing homes!

        1. Thank You Michael888

      2. Funny you believe part of the story but not enough to know anything

      3. Did you freak out over the flu each year. What about a heartattack or stroke. Should we have 350 million isolate themselves for the benefit of a few. That is the problem with liberals, they love telling others how to live. If you are afraid of dying by whatever, you take necessarybprecautions but dont ask the world to dance on a pin for you. Give in to a liberal and it is never enough. Masks, then social distancing, then forced vaccinations, then covid police, etc etc. Fight this nonsense or become a slave to them and the monster from their ranks that
        Will take control when the time is right. READ HISTORY. IT REPEATS.

        1. Life is a constant ongoing risk/reward evaluation. Any attempt to live life avoiding risk is an exercise in delusion. We are bags of jello. We can die if we fall down wrong. To suggest that we hide under the bed in fear of ANY disease is the height of stupidity. Much less one this insignificant. Living in fear is not living. We have to eat if we are going to live. In order to eat we have to put forth effort. Not much effort can be put forth hiding from the flu.

  24. A “good day” for the police is hookin’ and bookin’ all day long. Who set up this horrible incentive? This is why people are hassled for jaywalking, dropping a cigarette, anything to hit those stats. As former Baltimore cop Michael Wood admits, you don’t even need a reason:

    (at 11:25) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HyKlFUMBiA&t=695s

    We have an anti-Constitutional economic policy that keeps 99% of us in chains by not “promoting the general welfare” of its citizens.Today’s economic policy is against “ideas to expand the use of federal power to promote national economic, intellectual, and cultural development”.

    The Koch-funded radical libertarian right believes that gov’t should have only 3 functions:

    – insuring the rule of law to protect property rights
    – guaranteeing social order
    – providing for the national defense

    Both parties have been aligned with this ideology for 40 yrs.

  25. Blair Schirmer Avatar
    Blair Schirmer

    “The hardest of these to escape from is the “nice guy” abuser,…”
    Worth noting: The pervasive caricature of abusers as predominantly male is counter to the facts. For example, despite its frequent appearance in all manner of narrative, a man hitting a woman who does not hit back is the LEAST common form of domestic violence. Women, as we’ve known for decades, are the primary instigators of domestic violence.
    A majority of DV is mutual, with women instigating roughly 70% of the time. And in partnerships where only one partner is violent, the violent partner is twice as likely to be the woman as the man.
    This is according to National Crime Victimization Surveys, the largest such surveys in the world, and numerous other studies going back to at least 1975.
    That’s consistent, as well, with child abuse, where according to every annual DHHS Child Maltreatment report ever published, mothers acting alone are, overwhelmingly, the primary abusers of children. There are all kinds of excuses offered for this, but none hold water.
    As for sexual abuse, those interested in difficult truths should read through feminist icon Hanna Rosin’s 2014 article “When Men Are Raped: A new study reveals that men are often the victims of sexual assault, and women are often the perpetrators,” which is ably supported by studies published in such as Scientific American, which in 2017 published Lara Stemple’s “Sexual Victimization by Women Is More Common Than Previously Known: A new study gives a portrait of female perpetrators.”
    —I realize too much can be made of casual references, but the falsehoods surrounding domestic and sexual violence are so pervasive, it can’t be wrong to point out where they err or where a writer defaults to harmful stereotypes–in this case a stereotype our narrative managers, as Caitlin might have it, employ to divide men and women and distract from the ultimate warfare they wage: Class warfare.

    1. I’m wondering where you’re getting your statistics from. The one’s I’ve seen are somewhat different. Additionally one must consider the variegated definitions which may be applied to what are often ambiguous situations.

    2. Hallelujah and of course from a woman as well. I remember my young college days. I was scared shit of the bars. Full of women looking to rape me.

      Unluckily it did not happen as often as I desired I guess cause I was fucking scared.

      Funny though. Those that did it often were called Womanizers.

      Very confusing world I have learned.

    3. Interesting that you should know so much about the subject, I would guess then that the people who right the laws to regulate such behavior are themselves a type of abuser. That historically, Jesus Christ, would be an abuser who abused the conscienceness of the those who would have him sacrificed, and those who would do so would be the abusers for having done so. It would be my guess then that the story of the human race is about the same as any particular species of insect or even that of bacteria.

  26. The police violence issue is a lot simpler than many would construe it. Lower class citizens are offered a job enforcing laws through a monopoly of legitimated violence. All their frustrations and reactions from being low on the class totem pole are suddenly assuaged by being little tin gods of righteous power over permitted targets like blacks. They get to kick ass and feel powerful!! Being bullies makes them feel good. That is the basis of police violence.

    1. You left out a step.
      First they are told the only job on offer is to join the military.
      Second, they are sent to some place like Irag or Afghanistan. They are indoctrinated with racist thoughts that everyone not an America is a ‘rag-head’ and thus can be killed at a whim.
      Third, after a stretch of time shooting cars and people at a checkpoint in Afghanistan, they get out of the Army.
      Fourth, Police departments heavily recruit these people who went to foreign lands, met interesting people, and killed them. Any police hiring website will brag about the special preferences that Veterans get for being hired. They are already well trained in key areas of racism, violence, bullying and being rewarded for killing innocent people.

  27. Stalin once went on a picnic with his daughter, Svetlana. New potatoes, onions, thick brown bread and a scrawny boiled chicken were the fare. All washed down with vodka.
    Svetlana said, “Oh Daddy, how lucky we are … ”
    “Yes,” said Papa, “But it has been difficult and very costly to get were we are. You must never forget that we are decades from where all of us need to be. Decades from the Universal Picnic.”
    “How do we get there, Daddy?”
    “I’m not all together certain, Darling. However, as long as there are those who think people are stupid, that they will accept gratuitous pain and will follow their leaders no matter what, humanity will not advance. Please pass me the bone you’ve been gnawing on, my Darling”

    1. For Fiona (see below)

    2. Amazing how the far-right is so obsessed with someone who died many decades ago.
      I suppose its easier to tell lies about a dead man. I guess that’s on today’s Crazy Fascist Talking Points Memo.

  28. I liked this paragraph. “Liberal narrative managers manipulated the people into understanding that they are only allowed to care about issues like sexism, LGBT rights, and racism. The people responded by saying “Okay, well then we demand that you dismantle the entire police state because it is racist.””
    I think you are saying that the people have discovered a way to play the narrative managers at their own game. An insightful and reasonable proposition. Given the focus of this site, of course that is something to take heart from.
    It does, however, imply that the people are hiding their true aspirations and only using the spin that they know can’t be countered. So this raises a few questions. One is “What are the actual aspirations of the people?” Another is “Is this the way to achieve those aspirations?” Another is “Is everyone on the same page (unlikely) and are the most vocal and the most visible also the most representative?”
    The narrative being pushed by BLM, Antifa and others is that police are racist and so must be abolished, and many people are acquiescing to this narrative.
    But I came across a different idea today at Stefan Molyneux’s site. (You know, the nazi-eugenics cult leader). He was talking with Brian Martinez from the Honey Badgers, who is from Puerto Rico (so knows about imperialism) and lives in a black neighbourhood, so can talk from personal experience about the black community.
    Brian’s take on it was that police violence is not about racism, it’s actually a men’s issue.
    In the majority of cases of police brutality and police killings, the victims are males. This shows up clearly in the statistics. This struck me as very insightful and totally plausible. No-one else seems to be seeing this side of it. Of course lots of feminists and pro-feminists will jump on that and blame the men, but again the picture is much more complex than that. Some might suggest that men are people too. Certainly if you want to fix a problem it’s important to know what is at the root of the problem.
    As for police being racist, I haven’t personally experienced that, so I only have other people’s word for it. But the reading I have been doing lately suggests that in fact (meaning according to published studies and statistics) this has not been demonstrated, and if anything there is a sort of reverse bias appearing in the statistics. Some people assert that police are racist, and some people assert that blacks are the problem, but I look for facts not narrative if possible. If I don’t see facts, then at least I want a reasonable argument.
    As for the USA being a police state, I know that John W. Whitehead has been writing for years about this, warning people of the dangers. He tends to emphasise anecdotes, but sometimes he gives statistics. John puts forward a good argument (or maybe it’s a narrative), but again, how do you explain the fact that the majority of people are not in favour of abolishing the police? (Including very recent polls).
    I read a fairly wide range of views each day, looking for solid analysis and facts. I try to understand where each author is coming from. My thoughts and opinions continue to evolve based on that, together with my own knowledge and experience. I have read several articles that quote statistics which show that in fact 1. police brutality and police killing does not correlate with race. 2. the majority of people even now don’t want the police to go away 3. the violence and criminal behaviour manifests amongst the black population far beyond that in other populations – and not only in the USA This is backed up by statistics and academic studies, it is not some un-informed police-apologist trope. Of course, you can argue that behind these statistics there is a history of racism which causes it, and scientists have also studied that. You can even argue that if any scientific finding is at odds with your ideology, then it’s because the scientists were racist, or even the very idea of science is racist. That’s a deep hole to dig for yourself and your society. Like somehow reality itself can be made to bend the knee.
    The bottom line? Nobody has given me any solid evidence or reasoned argument that this is purely, or even primarily, a grass-roots revolution. Especially a majority grass-roots anti-racism revolution.
    Great photo at the top of the article, btw. “Powerful spirit of woman dispels massed forces of evil.” A great image.

    1. Blair Schirmer Avatar
      Blair Schirmer

      “Brian’s take on it was that police violence is not about racism, it’s actually a men’s issue.”
      —A tangential note, but not so much so as to be irrelevant, I don’t think: Dr. Sonja Starr, among others, has pointed out that discrimination in federal sentencing, for identical crimes, runs (most discriminated against to least):
      Black men, white men, black women, white women.
      In sum, gender trumps race in this particular matter of discrimination by the corporate police state.
      My sense, too, is it is broader than this, and that when it comes to policing, men fare worse than women, even after including race, in all of these: choosing whether to investigate, to arrest, deciding to go to trial, whether to sentence to prison, and length of sentence.
      What we think of as racism is often misandry. Not uniquely misandry, but it is a significant ingredient.
      None of this is meant to take away from the appalling, repulsive systemic racism plaguing the U.S. and destroying black lives and communities; but that should not blind us, either, to other truths.

      1. Men probably have more negative encounters with the police because they commit a disproportionate share of the violent and property crimes.

        “Of the offenders for whom gender was known, 87.7 percent were male. (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 3.)”


        As for your assertion that women are more violent than males, if you look at the pie charts under “murder by relationship,” you’ll see that wives are approximately 4.36 times more likely to be killed by their husbands than husbands by their wives.


        1. Blair Schirmer Avatar
          Blair Schirmer

          It’s not remotely clear to me to which post you thought you were responding, but, yes, I imagine if you’re going to look selectively, fragmentedly at violence, you can make any point you feel like.
          Factor in women’s violence against and killing of, children under 13, and you get a different picture.

          Factor in “infanticide,” the forgiving term invented specifically for women who murder their infants, largely to exempt them from responsibility, and you get a different picture.
          Factor in the fact that DV, of all the domestic partnerships, is most common in lesbian partnerships and as you might expect includes murder, and again you get a different picture.
          Take a sample size larger than the one to which you link, a mere 650 cases, and you’ll get a different, far more exact picture.

          My sense, though, from your post, is that you’re not interested in this, but only in citing facts selectively, towards supporting a conclusion you arrived at long ago.

        2. That is a fair comment, but notice that the exact same logic can be applied to the race statistics. When you do that, you find that police are less likely to brutalise or murder blacks after you factor in the disproportionate share of violent and property crimes. One of the reasons I’m wary of simplistic explanations in all this is the complexity of the reality and all the different viewpoints.

    2. Glen wrote:
      > Great photo at the top of the article, btw. “Powerful spirit of woman dispels massed forces of evil.” A great image.
      Yes, that’s the arrest of nurse Ieshia Evans during protests after the shootings by police of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
      Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge

    3. Excellent comment that is statistically true but goes against the narrative which is unacceptable. Therefore shut up and move on you racist bigot.

      1. Hi KHATIKA. I am a very bad person.
        Some years ago, I did a lot of personal work around various isms – racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, mental illness oppression, etc. This involved counselling, workshops, support groups, alliance groups and so on. It is hard and confronting, but valuable work to do.
        The insight I gained from this is that all these isms are mental and emotional distortions that prevent you from seeing or acting clearly. They are all anchored on personal trauma (often childhood), but are constantly re-stimulated by society, culture and everyone you interact with. The entire society is steeped in these isms, and nobody is immune.
        So, yes, I am racist. I am also sexist, classist, homophobic and any other ugly label you want to use. I am not proud of this, and I am not ashamed of it. I don’t feel any personal guilt for it either. It’s just the way it is. I know I can heal from it, and I can also be aware of it whilst combating it in the wider community. Like a physical injury. Whilst you are waiting for it to heal, you are mindful of the injury and you take care. But you don’t stop.
        It also means you can’t cure racism by changing laws, behaviours or institutions. Only personal healing cures the racism that I’m talking about, and you can only cure yourself. (Although with the clarity that comes from healing, you can facilitate healing in others.)
        It also means that everyone else is also racist, whether they admit it or not.
        So why would anyone claim they are not racist?
        Some people are using a different definition. As in “Only whites are racism. I’m not white. Therefor I’m not racist.”. Or, for example, “Zionism is not racism”. To me this is a racist definition, but to someone who uses that definition they are not racist. The problem here is that changing the definition doesn’t change the underlying reality. You are still left with the unhealed psychic trauma, which continues to impact on everyone you interact with, and it helps to perpetuate racism in the society.
        A white person might claim they are not racism because they sense they are being unjustly attacked, or unjustly discounted. In other words they are saying either “I am not the monster you are portraying me as” or “You are not listening to what I am saying”.
        In any case, understanding (ie witnessing) your own racism is the necessary first step towards curing it.
        So I guess now I should just shut up and go away 🙂

        1. was said in jest but I could not agree more. Everyone has racist tendencies. Someone who refuses to admit it is just lying to themselves. No one is more blind then those who consider themselves woke. When people deny human nature they are denying reality. Jean batiste alphonse karr said the more things change the more things remain the same. To deny this truism is to deny reality. That is the heart of liberalism the suspension of eternal principles of humanity. George Santayna said those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. Stop reading nonsense today on racism. Global warming, etc and read about similar empires and uprisings to see how they fell and what caused them. You will develop a much more unbiased view of the present day. Curious about China, ignore the MSM and current books on them. Read their history to better understand them.

  29. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Presently, some who pose as ‘socialist’, ‘communist’, ‘Marxist’ even (eg, Danny Haiphong at the Black Agenda Report) are touting Civilian Police Accountability Councils as a way of ‘controlling’ the cops. What a naive, ludicrous and heinously dangerous notion CPACs and the like are! Each and every one of umpteen past attempts at community ‘control’ of the cops has been an abject failure. Why? For one, it’s the simple calculus of power: if a cop is hauled up before one of these civilian ‘control councils’, who’s going to enforce its discipline? Another cop? Surely not. Everyone knows how the cops would ‘comply’ with that, especially if the CPAC showed the slightest sympathy for blacks, let alone has a black membership. Even in purely practical terms, even if it tried to do the job it professes to, a CPAC would be tied up in so much legal red tape supporting cop business-as-usual it would cease to function within a month. The cops’ lawyers would have it for breakfast. But the Democrats, if not doing it already, very soon will roll out these kinds of schemes to save the cops.

    The cops’ role is not to ‘serve and protect’, but that’s the central delusion being pushed by those advocating ‘police-community-control’ nostrums like CPACs. This only perpetuates the same tripe trotted out by standard bourgeois propaganda and in civics textbooks. The cops are not ‘neutral’ — they’re nothing other than professional armed thugs whose role is to protect private property and its owners, the ruling class. They are an integral part of the bourgeois state’s repressive core.

    Only naive social democrats and similar fools would ever propose that the cops’ victims ‘manage’ the terms of their own oppression and victimhood. This is the key to perpetuating an abusive relationship. But it’s worse because such schemes attempt to have local worthies, who pose as leaders of the oppressed but who overwhelmingly are their misleaders, ‘tell’ the cops how to repress ‘their’ population, ‘their’ own constituents. The cops know how to do this without their help of course, but CPAC and ‘community control’ worthies certainly will provide the cops a veneer of ‘legitimacy’, especially now when they most need it!

    Worse again, the notion of CPACs, etc, perpetuates the deadly illusion that the racist cops can be ‘reformed’, also as in an abusive relationship. They provide the ‘nice guy’ facade for the thugs in blue. And in the present circumstances out of the woodwork will surface more ‘visionary’, ‘nice guy’ cop commissioners pushing this, have no doubt.

    The cops can never be reformed. They’ve behaved the same way since the earliest days of their existence. They will remain the slave patrols they’ve always been, modernised to feed the maw of the prison-industrial complex with blacks, the poor and capitalist society’s other ‘expendables’, CPAC or no CPAC, ‘community control’ or not.

    And could anyone in their wildest dreams, high on the most powerful hallucinogens, imagine Malcolm X ever advocating such a stupidity as a CPAC, as some at BAR urge? What would Malcom say? ‘Uncle Tom’ wouldn’t be far from his lips.

    The cops must be disarmed and driven off the streets by mass mobilisations of organised workers and the oppressed, and by disciplined, integrated and armed workers and neighbourhood militias under the control of workers and neighbourhood councils. These militias must provide permanent, ongoing protection of demonstrations, strikes, occupations and black and working class neighbourhoods from the marauding thugs in blue and their supporters.

    If the current protests continue and grow, the need for such militias will only increase, and their appearance will only be a matter of time. Those demanding a CPAC and ‘community control’ of cops will be swept aside, and it’s a sure bet the local worthies and the cops themselves will then all be screaming at the top of their lungs for a CPAC to come to the cops’ rescue as they’re being driven off the streets by a well-organised local militia. With the appearance of the latter also appears the first seeds of the new state to replace the deadly machine of capitalist rule oppressing the vast majority — and that is a good thing.

    Down with CPACs and all the other notions of community ‘control’ of the cops!

    1. clapclapclapclap!!!!

    2. Can you please point us to an example that utilized your preferred policing model and resulted in less crime and safer neighborhoods for the masses? I’ve been studying this for years, and have never seen your model succeed…not anywhere in the world, and not at any time in human history. Do you actually belive that eliminating democratic, state-controlled police departments would result in fewer deaths of black Americans? We need facts, data, and logic before we make such a tremendous change in our society. As it stands, there are far too many real-life examples that show that your preferred model of bands of local militias roaming the streets results in a deadly, chaotic, anarchic dystopia — something far, far worse than what we have now.

      Here’s another fact that too few people know about the crime bills that were passed in the early to mid 90s. Some of the biggest proponents of those bills were decent, law-abiding black citizens who were stuck in hellishly dangerous neighborhoods as a result of gang violence and the crack epidemic (which I would agree was perpetrated largely by the CIA — a “crazy conspiracy theory” advanced by many black people at that time…and seems to be echoed by the “opiate crisis” that has occurred after we went to war in Afghanistan). These decent, law-abiding black people were often tortured and/or killed when they “snitched” on the gang members and other violent criminals who terrorized their neighborhoods. These good law-abiding people still exist. How do you think they feel about your ideas? Do you know what “local armed militias” tend to look and act like in real life? Not a single intelligent person who didn’t have criminal tendencies would desire to live in such a way.


      Do you have any evidence that a majority of the population would ever want your model? If not, who is the tyrant?

      1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
        Stephen Morrell

        There’s a case study happening right now, actually: Capitol Hill, Seattle, where the cops have departed and it’s now under the control of the local community [see: https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2020/06/09/seattle-sleepless-as-authorities-mobilise-after-locals-declare-free-zone/%5D

        How long the authorities will tolerate this is anyone’s guess, but it’s a fair bet that there’s very little crime happening there now. And if this community doesn’t take measures to defend itself, then the rulers will re-take the area sooner rather than later. One crucial measure is to enlist Seattle’s workers to defend it, with industrial action and organised mass defense.

        It’s always a good idea to read carefully what’s written by those whom you oppose. I advocated disciplined, integrated workers and neighbourhood militias, under the control of respective committees. Not roving bands of vigilantes as you seek to misrepresent these as. One example of disciplined militias under local control that were effective not only in stopping the guard dogs of the rulers but all manner of crime and anti-social behaviours was the Red Guard units of revolutionary Russia in 1917.

        Workers and neighbourhood militias aren’t some kind of ‘model’ as you claim. They always spring up in revolutionary upheavals because civil war is very near. Of course a majority doesn’t support organised and disciplined workers and neighbourhood militias now, or even conceives of them, but if things keep going on as they have been, at some point they will. So it’s not a matter of a ‘tyrant’ (ie, me) imposing their ‘model’ on the majority. If this uprising progresses, it will be the majority necessarily using force to impose its will on the minority. And the quicker this happens the better.

        1. How much do you want to bet that the vast, vast majority of Americans (most people in the world, actually) want nothing at all to do with the type of actions that are happening now in Seattle? You claim that no crimes are being committed, but the place is littered with grafitti and trash (they probably think they are environmentalists, too), random revolutionary knuckleheads are walking around with guns, and they are already extorting payments from residents and businesses.

          Good luck trying to sell that to the public.

          1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
            Stephen Morrell

            Evidence-free knuckleheaded, bootlicking claims, to instill fear of change. You’re doing your little bit in helping the rulers trying to sell that to the public.

        2. Another utopian out of sync with reality. Such people have very deep filters on that they deny human nature and laws of interaction since the beginning of time. Reality is much harsher than many will admit. Seattle is in chaos right now because of liberal policies. They have lost control but cannot bring themselves to stop this nonsense by using force by the national guard to restore order. It is a case of reality colliding with their deepest flawed brliefs.

      2. Who are you?

        Why are you always commenting against all the good reply’s? OH wait You a Man and they is women? Is that it? 🙂

        What kind of drugs must I increase or change to to make a moron statement like this? (I corrected the spelling as well for you)

        I’ve been studying this for years, and have never seen your model succeed…not anywhere in the world, and not at any time in human history. Do you actually believe that eliminating democratic, state-controlled police departments would result in fewer deaths of black Americans? We need facts, data, and logic before we make such a tremendous change in our society.

        What a dick. Studying it for years. So you must be complicit in creating the current shitshow we call the good ole USA. Red white and blue 1776 woo hoo

        Fuckhead Sorry

        1. Once again, bring facts, data, and logic. Anything else is simply an irrational, emotional appeal to ignorance.

          Provide evidence. Where and when has this model ever worked? Do you believe that eliminating democratic, state-controlled police departments would result in fewer deaths of black Americans? If so, provide evidence. If you can’t provide evidence, you’re just spouting ignorant nonsense.

    3. For many years now, successive US governments (including State and County) have been busy militarising the police. This means not only training, but also weapons. Full on military weapons including tanks.
      If the proposal is to defund the police, and replace it with some other model, who takes possession of those weapons? When the Soviet Union collapsed there were stories coming out of Albania along these lines.

      1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
        Stephen Morrell

        It’s not a matter of defunding the cops, and your question is a very legitimate one. This is because ‘defunding’ is a thoroughly reformist, utopian demand that assumes the current economic and political arrangements can accommodate the dissolution of the cops which simply can’t happen. The cops are a vital component of the state for the maintenance of capitalist rule. Whatever ‘replaces’ them after ‘defunding’ will still be cops, but with another name and maybe a different organisational structure. They might even officially re-label them ‘peace officers'(!) with the words ‘police’ or ‘cop’ never uttered. There’ll be calls to adopt the UK model of policing. In short, the form of the cops might change but their essence will remain. They’ll still be the force that defends the tiny minority of rulers, their property and privileges, especially against any demands by obstreperous workers or the poor.

        Historically, organised workers militias have simply taken weapons as needed from cop armories and the like, without any begging for permission. That’s part and parcel of uprisings and the struggle for power, which isn’t some peace parade with a permit from the mayor. For uprisings to succeed ultimately, the cops must be defeated in the streets by mass mobilisations which are defended militarily, and their conquerers make it clear to the rulers that they won’t be defending their property. On the contrary (with vital help of defectors from the military and national guard), led a revolutionary party workers and citizens militias will form the core of a new state power that will expropriate the oligarchs without compensation, drive them from power and replace their irrational economic and social system with a rationally planned socialised economy under the rule of democratically elected workers and neighbourhood councils (soviets).

  30. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”- George Santayana
    Watch and see: this debate over police brutality and accountability is about to get politicized into an election-year referendum on who should occupy the White House.
    Do not fall for it.
    The Deep State, the powers-that-be, want us to turn this into a race war, but this is about so much more than systemic racism. This is the oldest con game in the books, the magicians sleight of hand that keeps you focused on the shell game in front of you while your wallet is being picked clean by ruffians in your midst.
    It is the Reichstag Fire all over again. You can read this entire article here:
    Engineering a Race War: Will This Be the American Police States Reichstag Fire? By John W. Whitehead!

    1. Good comment. I believe this chaos will be allowed to continue into the election then the hammer will fall.

  31. You are still convinced this is some grassroots movement. Twenty plus cities do not erupt with everyone yelling to defund the police. This is a planned destabilization of America similar to tactics used in other countries. You so want it to be grassroots movement you are blind to everything else.
    Also governments of the world are not evil manipulators but a force of power that does whatever necessary to maintain power. Some more brutal than others. No exceptions since recorded time. And yes they can be defeated or overthrown from time to time but rarely.

    1. Planned by groups such as: Momentum, If Not Now, Sunrise, BLM and ANTIFA. The plans were ready to execute; all were waiting for an appropriate bad white cop story.

      1. Why wait when you can create the appropriate bad white cop story? False flags are standard operating procedure when Power needs to flex itself and move societies in the direction it wants.

    2. I still have yet to encounter a single person who can articulate how they know this is true, which means they don’t know it’s true, they’re just saying it in a confident tone. To me this looks like what you’d expect to see from a population after being boxed inside for months following a gruelling and disappointing Democratic primary and financial abuse by your negligent government and a uniquely horrific police brutality video. I see no reason this wouldn’t happen in twenty plus cities after protests erupted in Minneapolis, and I’ve yet to encounter anyone who can articulate why it wouldn’t. No one’s been able to explain the who/what/why/where/when/how of this theory using solid arguments and concrete facts, they just throw a bunch of disparate pieces of information at the wall in a confident tone of voice and hope something sticks. It’s okay to say you’re suspicious, but you look silly pretending you know things you clearly don’t know.

      1. …like a hot logic knife through inchoate butter.

      2. ok. Lets take your view. How would a grassroots movement unfold. It would begin at the point of spark and move outward like a fire. Not explode nationwide overnight. Second a true grassroots message would develop slowly like the yellow vests in france. Not all these seperate groups yelling the same message overnight. This is not a grassroots movement because it does not exhibit the characteristics of one. This is planned chaos.

        1. And they just never bothered to get in touch with you, otherwise you could tell us who this ‘puppet master’ is. And this puppet master must have a long reach, sparking demonstrations in dozens of countries.

        2. It did begin at the point of spark. There were small protests in Minneapolis first, and then they spread over subsequent days. The fact that it wasn’t “slow” can be explained by the factors I just outlined.

          1. you have no idea either. So i will stop calling it a planned event and you can stop calling it a grassroots movement.

        3. I was a young man when MLK was murdered, and the cities exploded one after another. And that was far from the only example of spontaneous mass mayhem during the late 60s/early 70s. Were you alive back then, and if so, what’s happened to your memory?

      3. I’ve tried to post a new Project Veritas video showing that people were trying to raise millions of dollars to get millions of people into the street. Posted it twice, and it’s gone. Why?

      4. IT IS NONSENSE to believe this is a natural evolution of insanity. There are women in their 30’s in Latino Neighborhoods of Jersey and women in their 30’s in Oakland California saying the exact same thing.


        Both said it to me. Both loved hearing my rout of the insanity 3 weeks ago. I always told them the truth. Everything is fucked Run away.

        Now BLM. WTF? Now a story is a story but this nonsense is beyond stupid.

        To believe this needs fixing NOW is insane. Of course its true though. Its just now naturally coming to light now suddenly.,

        I am a white boy. Long hair since the 70’s. Cops always fuck with me. Always are fucking NAZI fuckers.

        I was once arrested for Double Parking in Union City New Jersey in a Clean 2 year old Ford Bronco with my wife and dog on the way home from work in NYC. Inspection had lapsed as I stopped to pick up dinner.

        IN CUFFS in the back of his Weehawken Copper mobile.
        Threw me in the tank with the other victims that night. My landlord lived in that town. I called him and he came down and as my blessed luck would have it he was on the board of something and was yelling at the captain.

        They let me out of course.

        I have been around the block a few times my friends. All around the block. We are FUCKED BIG TIME. Their money machine is busted. This is about the Benjamins as they say in the Hood.. The madman that won the WhiteHouse has busted their toys and they is pissed off big time.

        Hahahahaha He is a fucking Queens boy. Daddy told him. Stay out of Manhattan Donald. Oh no he did not listen. Well lookee what he did now.

        We are fucked big time.

        Anyone who believes anything they read from the MSM is drunk and dumber than a brick.

        JM Original. That includes you and your buddies.

        1. What were those “women in their 30s” (no apostrophe) saying to you, Harry? You’re posting a bunch of unrelated nonsense about going to jail with long hair and you think that I am the one who is dumber than a brick? You’re funny.

      5. Yes you sure do ” look silly pretending you know things you clearly don’t know” CAITLIN.

    3. jason kennedy Avatar
      jason kennedy

      Such bullshit. You should go and read some Althusser on ideology, or maybe just read.

      The belief that there is some puppet-master behind events is symptomatic of not understanding how ideology functions. In a capitalist system, ideology constitutes the subject as believing they “freely” choose such things as to sell their labor, to respect the law, to see political activity as being about joining parties and voting, and so on.

      What is happening here is that people are waking up together as the ideological state apparatus breaks down. There is no Soros or Bill Gates or anyone else at work making this happen, it happens naturally in response to the machinery of oppression letting its mask slip off. If you really want to finger a single individual for helping facilitate this situation, take your pick between the officer killing George Floyd and Donald Trump, but I suppose you will now retort that Trump is in Putin’s pocket/taking orders from Beijing, or some such nonsense.

      1. Rebel movements that are dangerous to the System are subjected to negative media propaganda, while rebel movements that are believed to be useful to the System – standard activist issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and neocolonialism – are given encouragement in the media.

        In this way would-be rebels are influenced by unconscious absorption of media propaganda to “rebel” in ways that serve the interests of the System.

        As Ted Kaczynski, the UNA Bomber with an IQ higher than Einstein, wrote in his prescient essay “The System’s Neatest Trick”, the capitalist system turns the impulse to rebel to its own advantage, by giving those who work against racism, sexism, homophobia – the whole laundry-bag list of stereotyped “activist” grievance issues, an outlet in which they become enforcers of the System acting in the service of the social changes it requires.

        Never has this been more true than today, where “those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society.”

        This is poorly staged top-down post-lockdown agitprop designed to distract and divert our attention away from daylight robbery – the greatest wealth transfers in history that occurred during the pandemic. The situation could not be more bleak.The word smiths of doublethink have nearly all of us either doing nothing, pinning our hopes on a long-rigged System that they control, or on their next ‘utopian’ Great Reset; or, fighting against every thing and every one, “except” for them.

        1. The people who are advocating for the “Great Reset” (the elitest of the elite) are most likely using the Antifa/BLM activists as their foot soldiers. The greatest obstacle to the globalists’ goals are sovereign nations and their armies. Get rid of the nationalist armies and police, and the world falls under the control of the globalist elite.

          Look at their list of goals, and you’ll see that Antifa and the globalist elite are advocating for the same things.


        2. Also to distract and divert from Annexation (it’s working … ).

          1. What Annexation? Are you talking about the Annexation of Palestine? It’s a bit hard to DuckDuckGo Annexation to find out what your’e talking about.

            1. If anyone is unsure what I mean by DuckDuckGo, you can Google it.

      2. I read history which though tainted by the victors is far more enlightening than modern opinions. Try reading how Trotsky and Lenin waiting for the right moment to overthrow the Russian Czar using the angst of the people. It is instructive with many similarities to today. A radical force that takes hold of the mob and directs them when they are stirred sufficiently. ANTIFA is a violent group bent on anarchy. They are being funded and have a presence at each current innsurrection. Again, this is not a grassroots movement.

    4. You are 100% correct, Khatika. The planning for this has been in the works for years. They were just waiting for a trigger event. Unfortunately, George Floyd’s family was just dragged into the center of a well-organized, planned coup d’etat that seeks to install some of the most ruthless tyrants in modern history.

      We’ve already seen what they’ll be like if they ever manage to succeed. There will be only one “correct” way of thinking, acting, speaking, living, eating, move about, etc. They will demand that you bow and prostrate yourself before them. They will demand that you speak their words on command. If you dare to disagree with them, they will force you out of your job, preventing you from being able to provide for your families. They will beat you, burn down your buildings, and kill you.

      I used to believe that we could have socialism without authoritarianism. I advocated for this long before it became acceptable to do so, and argued with conservatives all the time about how we could provide for the general welfare, reduce great inequalities, and provide the greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of people. I still that this is technically possible, but the moment rational socialists manage to gain any traction, the radicals try to attach themselves to the movement and the bitter truth about violent, authoritarian socialism/communism becomes all too apparent. These past few months have been very eye opening for me.

      1. Lezie McGrind Avatar
        Lezie McGrind

        Crisis actors in a false flag wake up and smell the stench of fascism .

  32. Regarding a “massive second wave” of the coronavirus, this ignores the fact that a portion of the world population has already had the disease and is immune. Further, viruses tend to become less virulent over time, as they mutate, and as humans become accustomed to them. So, even with no vaccine, even with no other changes, Covid19 will likely continue to decline over the summer and this fall. The people who were easily infected and became severely ill–that’s happened. Meanwhile, a large part of the population has been exposed, and either is asymptomatic or did not even get infected. This is not a recipe for a “massive second wave.”

    This works against those who want to control us, who want us afraid. So you have establishment epidemiologists and the like going around, telling us how we can never have a safe society again, how the virus will always keep popping up, until we get the magic vaccine, etc. This goes against the historical progression of every past epidemic that ever was. Add in that the models that predicted millions of people dying have proved to all be wrong. Then make up your own mind….

    1. It was reported earlier this week that Covid-20 will target the intestines.

      1. True! I feel like barfing or crapping on everything almost every day …

    2. Lezie McGrind Avatar
      Lezie McGrind

      There is no ” COVID19″ that it is name of the psyop YDS.
      Sorry you believe every MSM narrative you get fed.

  33. “Our species is unpatterning at a rapidly accelerating rate, and the people whose job it is to manipulate us back to sleep have been failing to do so with greater and greater frequency.”
    Easy and time tested solution for the managers: A big, BIG war. Defund the police could just a distant memory.

    1. I’m not sure a big war move would go over well now. The people are watching.

      1. Lezie McGrind Avatar
        Lezie McGrind

        People are asleep.
        WAR LOrd CHAOZ .
        This is hidden in plain sight .

  34. The economic crisis now underway is a seemingly infinite string of stressful moments, chained forever into the future, without apparent end. We instinctively recoil from each moment, wanting it to go away, but more stressful moments just keep being there, without respite.
    Everybody had some lockdown, which was completely rejected by many, but that rejection cannot likely withstand the massive second-wave. I expect the massive second wave of infections will come this winter, after virus spreads its seeds throughout populations in the sunny summer months, when viruses don’t usually hit people as hard.
    That is my speculation. I may well be wrong. My speculation won’t be exactly right, in any case, and I will live with cognitive dissonance stress night and day. I’ll have plenty of company.
    Our owners and masters are in their own power struggle against each other, disagreeing who gets to own what, and how society will proceed into times of less oil, less copper, less lithium, less well-water and so on. They are not just in two groups, I think, but many selfish sides, and none is desperate end exhausted enough to capitulate in the struggle for ownership and power. They are the most insulated from effects of the power struggle caused by expanding debts and contracting real wealth and resources. NONE of them is considering class-capitulation, redistributing most of the “assets” to lower classes, like workers, managers and beggars. Rent collection from “assets” is Their Wealth, Their Power.
    We have to build and work our own support systems. We will soon need them for our survival.

    1. Spot on, John.

    2. Bad times are coming. Upheavals. Possibly war on our soil. All stressful times. It has happened to peoples in the past and most ofvus will weather it and survive. America has not known nationwide struggle for many generations. Not since the depression and civil war. WW1 and WW2 were not on our soil. We have enjoyed a few generations of great bounty which as spoiled and softened our psyche. I believe we will not weather it well. Thst which doescnotbkill you mskes you stronger.

  35. I think that, that would be nice if that was true, but maybe that has more to do with hope than reality, these things as you say if it gets too hot for them will just slither their way back under a rock and wait until another day. While for the vast majority of society everyday is another day, for those other things everyday is another day to conspire; take for example the Rhodes Scholar whose very existence is predicated on the subjugation of all others and there are many other types of psychopathic endeavors that the species is constantly inflicted with as if they were all a type of virus waiting patiently to become a plague once more.

  36. Stalin once ripped all the feathers off a live chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was blooded and suffering immensely, yet, when Stalin began to toss some bits of wheat toward the chicken it followed him around. He said to his follower, “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people. They will follow you no matter how much pain you case them, as long as you throw a little worthless treat once in a while.”

    1. Then it went unmentioned anywhere for the next 50 years.

    2. Looks like Stalin, in addition to being a clueless immoral shithead, got that wrong. The chicken was a tough little bird, and those bits of wheat meant survival to him. He was willing to suffer for food, for life itself.

      1. AND that brave little bleeding, featherless bird, during its final minutes of agonized wheat pecking, also managed to shit on Stalin’s boot. Or at least so goes the immortal story.

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