I wouldn’t invest any emotional energy in the hope that things will eventually return to normal. They won’t. The good news is that what we think of as “normal” is actually as crazy as a species could possibly be, and we may in fact be clumsily stumbling toward actual sanity.

Speaking of which, please prioritize your mental health at this point in history. Like, really, truly prioritize it. Things are only going to get more unusual and confusing from here on out, and you’ll need to keep your feet underneath you.


Keep truthfully saying what you believe to be true in each moment and eventually you will have pissed off everyone.


Me, a naive idiot: It’s a real problem how US police brutalize and kill people who don’t obey them.

Half of the entire internet: Well obviously the police are going to brutalize and kill someone who disobeys them, you naive idiot.

Me, now informed: Ah, I stand corrected.


Funny how the people who bleat “all lives matter” clearly believe cop lives matter much much more than other lives.

I swear some people have a whole other brain for thinking about police brutality. A tiny shriveled up brain they keep in the sock drawer which has a completely different system of logic and values when it comes to acts of violence committed by someone who is wearing a badge.


Most of the bootlickers defending acts of police brutality right now are really just defending the brutal way they were parented or the brutal way they parent their kids. Disobey and you deserve to be assaulted.


What did all you “don’t tread on me” types think tyranny was going to look like anyway? What is it about the government’s goon squad executing people on site for not being submissive enough that doesn’t scream tyranny to you?


Dear America,

I think part of the problem we’re all having with you is that when you said you wanted to be the world’s police, we didn’t quite understand what the word “police” means in your country.



Defund/dismantle/disarm/abolish the police: Revolutionary. Paradigm-shifting. As threatening to establishment power structures as “End US imperialism”.

Reform/transform the police: Boring fauxgressive inertia-generating verbiage. As paradigm-changing as “Don’t attack Iran, attack Syria”.

The delusion that everything revolves around Trump is a confusion-making blind spot for both Democrats and Republicans. Trump is unremarkable as a president and is unremarkable as a man. What’s remarkable is the time period we are living in.

No event of any major significance can be accurately understood through a framework of mainstream partisan politics or a Trump-centric worldview. This is as true of these protests as it is of everything else.


The goal has always been to get dissident ideas into mainstream consciousness. If you resist this, you resist changing the status quo. There’s always a bit of a hipstery “I was here before it was cool” pushback when dissident ideas like dismantling the police state get more mainstream traction. But if you actually care about making the world healthy, you’ll always see their going mainstream as a good thing.


If no other good comes from the whole statues controversy than getting more people to re-evaluate their esteem for Winston Churchill, it will have been worthwhile.

Most of the people alive today are better people than Winston Churchill was. He was good at killing and bad at being a decent human being. Let’s acknowledge this, keep moving forward as a species, and leave shitty dead men in our dust.


Number of protesters killed by police in Hong Kong still sits at zero. More protesters have already been killed by police in these new US protests than in over a year of Hong Kong demonstrations.


If your “anarchism” has you reading from the same foreign policy page as Bill Kristol, then it ain’t anarchism, it’s just empire sycophancy wearing a sexier dress. And I really wish we lived in a world where it wasn’t necessary to point that out.


Democrats harassing Green Party voters are like a sex doll manufacturer harassing people who want actual relationships with human beings.

“You’re destroying my business!”

‘You don’t even have what I want.’

“Yes I do!”

‘No you just have some fake imitation.’


“If America isn’t in charge of the world then someone else will be,” said the idiot. “Who will be the America if not America? And when two guys get married, who wears the dress? I can’t imagine the absence of any role without someone else stepping into it. I find life confusing.”


The most distinctive feature of the last four years has been expanding consciousness. Expanding consciousness of media corruption, of DNC corruption, of government corruption, of the abuse of immigrants, of police militarization, of unhealed racial wounds, etc.

It’s encouraging. You can’t fix something you haven’t made conscious. This is true of our own unresolved psychological issues, and it’s true of our unresolved collective issues as well. The first step toward a healthy world is expanded consciousness.

This is why increasing government opacity, internet censorship, and the war on journalism are so dangerous. Corruption and abuse thrive in darkness, and corrupt abusers want to keep that darkness intact. They want to keep things as unconscious as possible.



When artists point to the ideal of living life to its fullest, they usually depict someone going on all sorts of awesome adventures. In reality, most people who live interesting lives sleepwalk through the whole thing. You live life to its fullest by simply being present for it.

We’re living in the most fascinating point in history that has ever been recorded. Probably worthwhile to be present for it.


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63 responses to ““Normal” Isn’t Coming Back, Prioritize Your Mental Health: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report had a similar thought a couple weeks ago:

    “When things seem like they’re coming apart, we need to ask: for whom? it may be that things are finally coming together.”


    I have to keep a rubber band on my wrist so I can snap myself when I like Glen or Caitlin too much, lest I become mentally lazy. 🙂

  2. If you want change, do not vote for an R or a D. It’s as simple as that.

    1. No, it’s not that simple anymore! If you truly believe that you need to expand your consciousness

  3. After reading your essay Caitlin, and all the comments made afterwards, I think that after the dust settles the world will be a lot worse for most people than it is today. I would advise most people who care about humanity to forget about the humans and make friends with the so-called wild animals of the world as they are the only true friends that you will ever have.

  4. True: “Corruption and abuse thrive in darkness, and corrupt abusers want to keep that darkness intact.” Thanks to journalists like Caitlin, it is possible to come into the light to some extent. The world’s greatest Liberator said: “I am the Light of the world.” Much of what Caitlin says was already said 2000 years ago by that great Liberator. Unfortunately and ironically, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what He said and meant.

  5. Caitlin wrote:
    > Me, a naive idiot: It’s a real problem how US police brutalize and kill people who don’t obey them.
    > Half of the entire internet: Well obviously the police are going to brutalize and kill someone who disobeys them, you naive idiot.
    > Me, now informed: Ah, I stand corrected.
    Do you remember forty years ago, when cops could even be the good guys? How times have changed…
    Hill Street Blues

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “I wouldn’t invest any emotional energy in the hope that things will eventually return to normal. They won’t.”

    The bad news is that things will not return to normal. The good news is that things will not return to normal.

    The truth: There is no such thing as normal. There are temporarily repeating patterns of varying cycles; some of which expire quickly and others that appear to last a long time but in Cosmic Time they will appear to expire just as fast.

    People today are expending so much emotional energy in being programmed every moment by corporate media and social media sewer pipes, in being outraged and offended by most everything that happens around them during the day, and in trying to look cool and not stand out from the pack that it’s no reason why so many are exhausted all the time. When their lives are over, a point in time will come when they will realize, “My whole life is OVER and I MISSED IT!” By then it’s too late.

    “When artists point to the ideal of living life to its fullest, they usually depict someone going on all sorts of awesome adventures. In reality, most people who live interesting lives sleepwalk through the whole thing.”

    Every damn thing about a person is a miracle. That you got here in the first place. That you weren’t thrown off into space by a spinning globe. That you found food. That you found someone to care about. That you get to live another day. Everything about life is a miracle. An old saying goes, “It’s a shame that youth gets wasted on young people”. Here’s a saying that should be added: “It’s a shame that life gets to be lived by a bunch of stupid creatures who refuse to appreciate it”…

  7. Once upon a time there was a restaurant,
    This restaurant had two very simple options on its menu,
    Option 1 was shit that tasted just like crap,
    Option 2 was crap that tasted just like shit,
    One day that shitty, and simultaneously crappy, restaurant went out of business.
    The name of that restaurant, strangely enough, was The US Government.
    The End.

  8. CAIT you mean Notes from the mainstream narrative.
    The Floyd False flag all mainstream twaddle.
    There was no normal unless you mean back to insane as normal, and its back to that.

    1. Harry McNaugh Avatar
      Harry McNaugh

      Yeah and I can see how in past article Caitlin was getting upset with her ” circle jerking” of “her” lefty controlled opposition always mainstream narrative.
      My fav confessional in the last piece is
      “But if you actually care about making the world healthy, you’ll always see their going mainstream as a good thing.” .
      Hahaha hidden from your gone mainstream readers in plain sight …how very establishment.

  9. The racists on here are panicking because their fantasy world is falling apart and reality is making them look like fools. Good.

    1. You throw that racist word around pretty freely when you are a r6acist too. Everyone is to one extent or another.

      1. If I was a racist you wouldn’t be trolling me, you’d be agreeing with me every time.

        1. Racists never think they are racist. Truly honest people will understand everyone has bias snd are racist to some extent.

          1. History has been kinder to MLK than George Wallace. You might want to think about that.

  10. Leftists politicians don’t say and do the things they do because they are incompetent or nuts IMO. They are the paid actors of globalist billionaires created by free trade with the Chinese Communist Party.

    This is what the plan-demic and riots are all about. The left will continue pushing for lock-downs and rioting in blue states and neocon red states until they secure massive mail in voter fraud. Not just to steal the Presidential election but to steal the Senate and maintain the House.

    This is their last chance to get their one world government before Trump completely undoes their work subverting the American people since the 1960s and fully exposes the criminal treason of the last leftist administration. Criminal treason that will certainly include the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, Nadler, Hillary, obama and all of the bureaucrats that worked for him. They will make sure this country burns to the ground before they allow all that.

    “They” are the globalist billionaires from the west who made their fortunes by selling out American labor, technology and intellectual property to China. The left’s leadership (whether democrat or neocon) is fully in bed with the Chicoms and has been for decades. Pretty revealing that the amount of billionaire families on the planet ballooned from less than 5 to 2208 since free trade was opened with China.

    You see, if you hand the self serving (leftist politicians) lots of cash they will commit treason against national sovereignty and will embrace global citizenship every time. And why not? After all those who made it rich by selling us out will be the 1% who rule the 99% in a socialist environment. This is why the democrat party is the tool of and takes their narrative queues from the Chinese communist party.

    Keep your eyes open, the left must erase our national history and sovereignty from the public’s mindset (through the rioting) and eliminate the middle class from all western cultures (through the continuance of plan-demics) to get their chinese lead global government.

    Trump derangement or delusion?


    1. Fantasy, I”d say. Lots of fantasies around, getting up and walking the streets. Can’t tell them from the usual ghosts.

    2. Yes elite globalists must eliminate the “troublesome” middle class because the middle class is financially capable of opposing globalism and anything which detracts from their wealth and status as middle class.

    3. Just seeing this now, but had to chime in. You are 100% correct, W Larry (and Tired…Revolutionary). The past few months have been incredibly eye-opening. As a long-time leftist who always thought that we could have socialism without authoritarianism, I’ve had my ass handed to me by reality. I could not have been more wrong. It has been a terribly awakening for me.

  11. The police are not of themselves the problem, the problem is with the people who manage the police – your government. The police are themselves a problem in the way that unions are a problem – see also teachers and education.

    The protests are not about racism or police brutality. The protests are a distraction from the real issues. The protests are bum fights for the entertainment of the unwashed.

    1. Government is not the problem. Government itself is neutral. What matters is who controls the government. The founders of the United States designed our government to be owned and operated by and for the people. Their vision for our nation has long been undermined and was finally toppled about 40 years ago. Our government is now owned and operated by private wealth for the benefit of the oligarchy, not the citizens. We the people need to take our government back.

      1. Nailed it. The task for all of us, but the plutocratic elite, is to recover control of our government. What it is supposed to be, how it is supposed to operate, what its guiding principles are, is succinctly and elegantly set forth in the Preamble to the American Declaration of Independence. I wish everyone would simply pull it up and read it, since the last time that happened for many of us was when we were students in school. Once the American citizens regain control of the political process, THEN we can argue with each other about this or that issue, and may the majority prevail, but UNTIL THEN, we should be united in our efforts to get money out of politics ASAP. And we need to use whatever means are necessary, including, perhaps, even the mayhem we’re now seeing, which may likely be unavoidable whenever a thoroughly corrupt system begins to implode.

      2. Which I interpret as: Our government is the problem.
        Yes I would agree that there is an underlying cause for why our government is so corrupt and incompetent, but still it is the immediate problem and it is our responsibility to fix it – we are responsible for the problem. As with the current situation, our owners will seek to distract and divide us – race, income, religion, region, political party, fear, pedantic debates of form of government, …

        1. Getting money out of politics is like getting money out of gambling.

      3. I’d agree except that the government has been working for the oligarchy for much much longer than 40 years. Hell, the constitution was ratified in 1887 (?). Slavery Was incorporated through legal language wizardry because the oligarchs at the time, participating in the constitutional convention, knew that abolishing it was a non starter. The smartest and most rapacious minds present simply applied themselves to institutionalising slavery. The Declaration of Independence (happy Fourth everyone) and constitutional republic it spawned were condemned from that moment.
        Have you read ‘War is a Racket?” Smedley Butler lays it out very clearly in simple language in 1934. It’s based on his own personal experience beginning in the 1890’s.
        To your point, I think that in the past 40 years the chickens have finally and truly come home to roost.

  12. Statues are erected for what a person did not his kind of personal life. Churchill rallied a nation on the brink of defeat to fight tyranny. Robert E. Lee went against his personal beliefs to fight for Virginia and was one of the truly great military geniuses in history. I believe you too often assume people of all generations think the same. It is not so.

    1. What is sacred about Virginia or any state? What Lee, in effect, stood up for is the filthy murderous institution of slavery. Really being for Virginia means fighting against it when it is wrong just as a father will oppose a child when it is wrong. Judging Lee does require putting him in his historical context, but should we, who now should know better, honor him and his bad choice?

      And if Lee was a military genius then study his work in course on military history, but do not put up statues to a traitor for the general public.

      1. Right. Robert E. Lee was a sick war criminal, not a military genius. He sent poor young “rebels” to their deaths for old Virginny and people still think he should be honored for it? The human race continues to devolve.

        1. Another ignorant ststement by one who ptobably knows next to nothing about the man or his motivations.

        2. Ironically, the people arguing loudest to “save our history” are no doubt the same ones who whinge regularly about how we’ve mollycoddled American children for decades by “giving everybody trophies, even when they lose”.

          Those statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond VA are essentially giant trophies which honored losers and traitors. I don’t give a damn how “fine a General” Robert E Lee was, he was leading troops of men to fight against The Army of The United States of America. It’s time people understood that to be the treason that it was. Guys like Lee belong in the history books but they do not deserve memorials and statues.

      2. Quite right. A state is a human construction, not something given by God or Nature. If it becomes a vehicle for slavery and genocide, it is only reasonable to destroy it. Robert E. Lee chose to serve slavery.

        1. Such an ignorant statement. Lee was against slavery on a personal level but honorable to support virginia. Many men fight for a country based on honor when they disagree with the cause. Such men put duty above themselves. Too many today are so selfish and self centered they have no idea what honor even means.

          1. Robert E. Lee was not honorable to fight for a slave-holding state if he was against slavery on a “personal level.” He was a moron as are you if you support such hypocrisy.
            John Brown was an honorable man who gave his life to fight the institution of slavery.

            1. You will never understand history when you view it through the lens of todays thinking. A common flaw for those who easily judge times or men based on todays standards. You seem incapable to shift your paradigm to see history as it truly was not as you want it to be.

      3. Robert E Lee was an honorable man loved by his men and respected by his enemies. Few men have acheived such praise. He was not a traitor. He made a difficult choice in difficult times. Eventually all such men are forgotten when people such as yourself feel their time has come and past.

        1. You are one of the few commenters here who consistently maintains reasonable and objective viewpoints. Too many self-righteous bandwagoners attending this party.

    2. Rowan Bircumshaw Avatar
      Rowan Bircumshaw

      https://medium.com/@write_12958/the-crimes-of-winston-churchill-c5e3ecb229b3 read this Khatika then think about Winston Churchill again. This long list of horrific genocide and cruelty is not his personal life. This man was not a hero. One good thing doesn’t outweigh all the bad. I am an Englishman in my mid 50’s, just for some background.

  13. I certainly hope things don’t return to “normal”. Historically, normal for humans has most often consisted of slavery, for all races. At least since we became “civilized”. Whether being legally owned, or the product of our endeavors being confiscated. The result is the same. We can only hope that someday we will determine that letting a gang of Psychopaths In Charge control our lives is not a sane proposition.
    Politician: One who is most effective getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often.
    Government: 1) An institution dedicated to keeping politicians fat and happy. 2) A subsidiary of the banking cartel.

    1. Demicracy is an abberstion in history not the norm. Its end is rapidly approaching.

      1. A what?

        Look, if you’re going to troll every comment that doesn’t agree with your POV, the least you could do is use a damn spellchecker.

  14. Anyone reviewed the Seth Rich Murder Lately. How’s that goin for you DNC? How’s that goin for you DCPD? Impotent Cowards

  15. “The most distinctive feature of the last four years has been expanding consciousness. Expanding consciousness of media corruption, of DNC corruption, of government corruption, of the abuse of immigrants, of police militarization, of unhealed racial wounds, etc.”
    Some of us get it intuitively, but most of us are guided by indy journalists — aka truth-tellers — whom we’ve learned to trust and who work hard to root out the truth and make sure the rest of us hear it. I thank you all so much for this. We need you.

    1. Yes, indy journalists like Caitlin are essential, help us see through our plutocratic, authoritarian, ecocidal system and also to help keep our feet on the ground as she implores us–to take care of ourselves by seeing the evils ever more clearly and nevertheless learning to love ourselves and others, even our “enemies,” even those abusive cops, even the plutocrats and their politician puppets. Could there be a tougher task than this seemingly impossible balancing act? We’ve known for quite some time that the neoliberal system in which we live leads to death for people and planet. We’ve known for quite some time that this system must go and be replaced by something more ecological and more humane. We’ve suspected for quite some time, and now know, how scary and threatening it is when an old story dies before a new one is born, yet suddenly we’re thrust into that chaotic space between stories and must make the best of it, perhaps even help to write the new one. The only way I know to do this, to tackle both tasks, is to love. Yet even “love” has become an amorphous, confusing, contradictory word in the midst of our neoliberal madness. Perhaps we’d be better off by talking about AND LIVING INTO something like Schweitzer’s elemental, universal value of “reverence for life.”

  16. I would access your twitter link but it appears that twitter will not let me.

    1. Twitter and FB are a total waste of time.

      1. Fully agree. Echo chamber.

  17. If anyone’s interested in trying qi gong for mental and physical health (or an indoor activity), I have a video to recommend. I like “Qi Gong: The Deeper Flow” by Lee Holden.

    Qi gong is similar to yoga and tai chi, but without holding poses. It’s all slow, gentle movements, but more strenuous than it looks. I tried a video with a different instructor, but I found him bossy and abrasive, where Lee Holden has a very relaxing voice. I like this video better than the other Lee Holden videos I’ve tried, because he’s outside with a pretty lake in the background instead of in a studio. Also this one is a little less than half an hour, which I find much easier to do every day than the 45 minute one. This one does not involve sitting on the floor. I think it is designed to stimulate not just blood circulation in deep tissues and organs, but other bodily fluids like joint fluid and lymph fluid, and also stimulates digestion and ear/nose/throat drainage. I am currently finding it helpful in regaining range of motion in a frozen shoulder. He says stuff about life force flowing, which sounds a bit airy-fairy, but you don’t have to take it literally. It’s still a pleasant visualization, which I find helpful as I try to “manifest in the now”, which I think is the same as meditation or mindfulness or whatever we are calling it now.
    I give myself credit for both exercise and meditation if I try to focus.
    I’ve been doing the same video off and on for 7 years, and after a few years I started having a strong urge to add jazz hands, or spirit fingers, to certain movements. Not sure what that’s about. I hope it’s bad energy escaping.

  18. Just to prove your point Caitlin–the demonization of immigrants–white racism–America gone astray:

  19. Unfortunately, Ms Caitlin Johnstone is very correct; ” normal” as well as ” peaceful “, may never return to whatever is left of humanity after 2020 is over. The chaos may become so massive that any ” sanity ” at all will be disregarded. Keep you “floatation devise near you because you are going to need it and you will not have time to search for it when the shit hits the fan.

    1. This is only going to play out until the election. Then the gloves will come off.

  20. What we are facing is nothing less than regime change. That is why these strange crowds have begun to gather round ancient and forgotten monuments, demanding their removal and destruction. They do not know what they want, or understand what they are destroying. But that no longer matters. They are convinced that their moment has come, except this time there will be no need to storm the Winter Palace by force, for the Left are already in control of every lever of power and influence.

    The modern state has to police more and more of our lives, because it has set itself against the normal. It defines normal acquisition as greed, normal group preferences as bigotry, and normal morality as hate. Consequently it has to watch over us at all times to make sure we aren’t too assertive about our normality, while it caters to our abnormalities.

    In other times, the state’s whole justification for existing is to support and protect normal life against the criminal, the savage, the perverse. Even tyrants never questioned this assumption. But now, just like Mao’s Cultural Revolutin in the 1960’s, to subvert society, the state derides all traditional standards and definitions of decency, as it normalizes or even celebrates criminals, savages and perverts.

    The American rebels running amok do not threaten but serve a ruling clique. Look at their targets. They are destroying middle- and working-class stores and communities. They’re tearing down Main Streets. Clear, nuanced and measured language has been replaced by raving idiocies and obscenities. Piss Christ is beautiful. Shakespeare sucks. Unless they’re trannies, men are toxic, especially white ones. To get confirmation of this, just turn on your television, browse thrimough a magazine or talk to your kids about what they’re learning in schools.

    Do not worry too much about the statues which are now coming down. They mean surprisingly little. Worry more about the ones they are soon going to be putting up, and what they will represent. Perhaps our grandchildren will find the courage to pull them down.

    1. Do you not see the contradiction in your comment? First, you accurately describe the pervasive perversion of the status quo, our current neoliberal regime. Then, you condemn the young people who are trying to tear it down, actually claim that they are serving our plutocratic masters. You are right to observe that these young rebels lack any clear and viable idea of what they want, tend to say wild and crazy things, but what they DO know, and what so many of the rest of us only pretended to know (in light of our complacency and complicity), is that the system now running the show leads only to the death of people and planet, and that time is short and ever-shortening “to alter or abolish it.” Regime chance is usually messy, chaotic, unhinged, somewhat crazy. But it’s a ride we all must go on–and hopefully come through–if our civilization and our species is to have a ghost of a chance to transform and survive.

      1. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        1. Do you realize that this cynicism is PRECISELY how neoliberalism has taught you to think, how it wants you to think, how it needs you to think? As Caitlin has said repeatedly, the first step in the revolution is to free your mind from TINA.

  21. Well written CJ, and all true. However we have to draw the line at fomented, demented behaviour. Protest is legitimate, and police brutality and killing has to stop ! But robbery, violence, and mayhem is not protest. It’s crime masquerading as protest. And the criminal elements should be resolutely dealt with by the legal process we have, imperfect though it may be. No society can evolve, let alone function, while mobs terrorise the people. And letting them get away with it will evoke vigilante justice, because the people have no other means to stop the indiscriminate infringement of their rights to go about their lawful business.
    Otherwise I agree with you.

  22. COME THOU FONT OF EVERY BLESSING https://youtu.be/NjfToqk5w5g

    Very calming hymn. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who can mitigate the terrible things of the Tribulation until he comes, soon, I pray for wiping all tears away, no more pain or suffering or death. Everyone always asks why there is evil, noone ever asks why there is good.

    We have left off thanking God for blessings including the protections of law and constituion we used to have which are being taken away one by one. We need to support whistleblowers and good law enforcement including prosecutors in the minority but still while imperfect has been better than many other countries. The antichrist is also called The Man of Lawlessness.

    Read the Olivet Discourse for what we need to do in these last days before Jesus comes to rule. Matthew 24 at King James Online.
    These foreign policy actions remain largely accepted and popular. The country may hate Trump, with good reason, but his foreign policy is so far actually less lethal than Obama’s or Bush’s or Clinton’s.

    They are quite happy to cheer and identify with the FBI and war criminals like Mattis. That exaggerated hatred of Trump contains a number of contradictions.


    The Pentagon against President Trump

    Voltaire Network | 12 June 2020

    Two months ago we had envisioned the possibility that martial law might be declared to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic [1]. The European Union then slammed our article as pro-Russian propaganda [2]. However, the fact remains that a number of key military officers have recently come out of their reserve.
    Defense Secretary Mark Esper has publicly distanced himself from President Donald Trump’s recent announcement to deploy the military to restore public order, which has been seriously disturbed by the violent protests in the wake of George Flyod’s tragic death.

    Former Secretary of Defense General Jim Mattis gave an interview to The Atlantic last week along with the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, General Mike Milley. While the latter, as top-ranking military officer in service, failed to speak during the meeting, he nevertheless handed over an OpEd column to the monthly magazine pronouncing himself against the mobilization of the Armed Forces for the purpose of maintaining public order. His former boss explicitly denounced the divisive policy allegedly carried out by President Donald Trump.

    1. I thank God for all the blessings in my life. Not my will but Thine be done.

  23. I POSTED THIS ON FB TODAY… thought I’d share here too.

    If a person writes a book of fiction, they’re deemed to be the “Author.” When legislators & faux journalists scribe bogus narratives & then get passed into law by a ‘Captured Government’ &/or Voiced /”reported’ through mainstream media, the WORDS become “Authoritative.” Then, the unsuspecting people (sheeple) who’ve been indoctrinated to BELIEVE that such ‘word narratives’ that fly through the airwaves are True, they hastily act & react upon those narratives as if such trending written-language is “the next best / latest thing to support”. THEY NEVER STOP TO CONSIDER WHETHER THOSE STORIES ARE FOUNDED FOR THE GREATER GOOD, OR WHETHER THE WORDS ARE ACTUALLY CASTING SPELLS ACROSS THE LAND TO FULFILL THE AGENDAS OF THE PSYCHOPATH ELITES.

    LESSON: It is easier to fool people
    than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    [[As Iesu said while hanging there after being “crossed”:

  24. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO TO WATCH!! The biggest factor of how they use the word “IMMUNITY”came to Light: THEY WANT TO IMMUNIZE US SO WE NO LONGER ARE RESPONSIVE TO OUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. They say it’s more important for “older people” BECAUSE MOST OF THE YOUNGER PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE HAD A GOOD DOSE OF Mercury & Aluminum & other neurotoxins injected into them for the past several decades. This NARRATIVE is GETTING MORE AND MORE DIRE BY THE DAY.. BY the Hour!!! <3 and STRENGTH TO ALL.

    1. I have been suspicious of Covid-19 and now I know what itis all about…and how my 401K will be used! You are a gem for posting the link for us! We are fortunate to have this information, now, so we know what to expect. Thank you!

    2. Great video. There is no secret conspiracy. The social engineers have revealed their hand and officially launched the Great Reset as their predetermined solution to this manufactured crisis.

      1. Did you notice that tucked among that multitrillion corona package was a provision to bail out bankrupt states. Eg. Illinois. This is the last hurrah for America as the financial hub of the world. The fed will print so many dollars that they will devalue to little value as the world eventually dumps the dollar. Not tomorrow but coming towards us.

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