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In An Insane World, Madness Looks Moderate And Sanity Looks Radical

There are no moderate, mainstream centrists in the US-centralized empire. They do not exist.

It’s not that moderate, mainstream centrism is an inherently impossible position. In a healthy world, that’s exactly what the predominant worldview would be. But we do not live in a healthy world.

There are no moderate, mainstream centrists anywhere in the tight alliance of nations which function as a single empire on foreign policy, because that functional empire is built upon murder, terrorism, exploitation, oppression, ecocide and the stockpiling of armageddon weapons.

People who support the status quo of this empire are called “moderates”, but, just like the so-called “moderate rebels” of Syria, they are in fact violent extremists.

This is the reality of living in a world that is profoundly psychologically unhealthy. If you make a career out of facilitating wars which cause explosives to be dropped from the sky on top of innocent human beings causing their bodies to be ripped to shreds and buried in rubble, then you are treated as an exemplar of ideal leadership and rewarded with prestigious positions in politics, punditry, book publishing and think tankery. If you oppose those same wars, you are marginalized and smeared as at best an extremist whack job and at worst a literal traitor conducting psyops for a foreign government.

Because the plutocratic class owns the political class which advances depraved plutocratic agendas and the media class which normalizes and justifies those agendas, a mainstream consensus has been forcibly manufactured that maintaining the oppressive, exploitative, omnicidal, ecocidal status quo is a good and sane thing to do. Voices which point out that this is bat shit crazy are marginalized and ignored when possible and smeared and demonized when necessary.

The ability of our plutocratic rulers and their lackeys to do this is the only reason why defenders of the status quo get to call themselves “centrists” and “moderates”. It’s not because their position is middle-of-the-road in any way whatsoever, it’s because they stand in alignment with the consensus that has been deliberately artificially manufactured and shoved into the mainstream by sheer force of narrative control.

This consensus manufacturing is then carried home by a glitch in human cognition known as status quo bias, which causes us to tend toward holding to the familiar as a default preference and perceive the risk of losing what we have as far less favorable than the reward gaining something better. Psychology Today explains:

Research from Kahneman and Tversky suggests that losses are twice as psychologically harmful as gains are beneficial. In other words, individuals feel twice as much psychological pain from losing $100 as pleasure from gaining $100. One interpretation is that in order for an individual to change course from their current state of affairs is that the alternative must be perceived as twice as beneficial. This highlights the challenges we may face when considering a change to our usual way of doing things.


When military members are considering their choices as their contract comes to an end, many consider re-enlisting simply because they are unaware of the many opportunities that exist for them. Even when we understand our current path is no longer beneficial or no longer makes us happy, we must still overcome the natural urge to stay on the path unless the alternative is sufficiently attractive. In order for us to readily pursue an alternate path, we must believe that the alternative is clearly superior to the current state of affairs.


The status quo effect is pervasive in both inconsequential and major decisions. Oftentimes we are held back by what we believe to be the safe option, simply because it is the default. Bearing in mind our natural propensity for the status quo will enable us to recognize the allure of inertia and more effectively overcome it.

Status quo bias is further exacerbated in our current predicament by the fact that so many people are now so close to the brink of financial ruin and so terrified of what can happen to them if things change in a sudden and unpredictable way. The result of this is that now you’ve got the majority of people in the most dominant country on earth supporting the “slow incremental change” philosophy of so-called centrism, which in practice has always ended up meaning no change whatsoever. Meanwhile our ecosystem is dying and the US is escalating nuclear tensions with Russia and China and everyone’s getting more and more crazy and miserable under the oppressive and exploitative status quo.

Did you ever climb a tree when you were a kid and get stuck because you were afraid to climb down? It’s a common experience for a lot of us. You get lost in the joy of the climb and so pleased with yourself in how well you’re doing, then suddenly you notice that the branches are getting a lot thinner and the wind is starting to sway you back and forth, and suddenly you look down and get terrified.

Maybe you called out for your mother and she came out and told you to climb down, calling up “Well you can’t stay up there!” And you knew she was right, but in that moment the idea of looking down and letting go of the thin branches you were clinging to felt so much scarier than just staying put in your precarious and unsustainable position.

That’s exactly where we’re at right now with status quo bias in our current predicament. People know things need to change, but they’re in such a precarious position that the risk of change feels far too scary to take the leap and force a deviation from our trajectory toward disaster.

But that is our only choice if we are to survive as a species. We know we were able to climb down from whatever trees we got stuck in as kids, and we know that our mother was as right then as that small inner voice inside us is now: we can’t stay here. We’ve got to wake up from the status quo narrative management and find a way to get down from our precarious and unsustainable position to the stable ground of sanity.


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  • Fear of Change, Fear of the Other, and a “Happiness” borne of avoiding pain and misery seem to be the goal or the lot of most of mankind. People who explore and discover and take risks may have greater rewards and moments of joy, but that approach is not conducive to long-term individual survival. And is not encouraged.

  • “As I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius, which to Angels look like torment and insanity, I collected some of their Proverbs”
    –Blake, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”

  • Here is some ” Insanity ” Ms Johnstone, from New York City where the police and the politicians hate each other. Please watch the video of this mayhem in the streets.

  • “That’s exactly where we’re at right now with status quo bias in our current predicament. People know things need to change, but they’re in such a precarious position that the risk of change feels far too scary to take the leap and force a deviation from our trajectory toward disaster.”

    I used to comment a lot on blogs, FDL (now Shadowland) and a couple others (hope Jane is doing well.) It’s been a long time posted on any blog. Been a long time since I’ve been inspired.

    Just wondering, how is it that a person can lose their job, their livelihood, their freedom, even their families’ livelihood freedom and well being, if they speak out, if they stand up against this psychopathic, systemic corruption, genocide and organized crime? What did JFK call it shortly before they assassinated him? A ‘national crime syndicate?

    I would suggest that it’s much more than a U.S. national crime syndicate.

    There are answers.

    Love. Peace.

    • Meant Shadowproof not shadowland.

    • Good thoughts, Shocker. Ed Curtin (“Behind the Curtain” blog) lays out a convincing scenario in which the deep state (for lack of a better term) pulled off a hidden coup to take over the American federal government, beginning with the assassination of JFK, continuing in the string of assassinations of political and social leaders that followed (and accompanying infiltration of all oppositional organizations), continuing further in the consolidation of control over the MSM and Hollywood, and then culminating in the mass murder on September 11, 2001 of 3000 American citizens on American soil, which completed the stage-set for endless imperial war. Once that demonic scenario is grocked, the rest of recent American history falls into place pretty easily, described so well in this perceptive post by Caitlin.

      • It’s almost “transparent”, isn’t it Newton?

        Michael Morrissey wrote a book of essays on the JFK assassination and 9/11 from the angle of “mass psychology”.

        “Specifically he argues there is major value (from the government point of view) in disclosing a limited amount of information concerning government culpability in atrocities such as the JFK assassination and 911. He bases his view on something he calls “Transparency Theory” – thus his title The Transparent Conspiracy. He says the CIA has long recognized that “telling part of the truth is the best way to lie.” They even have a term for it: “white propaganda.” Morrissey argues that for the government to brazenly commit criminal acts can be quite effective in demoralizing and alienating the tuned-in segment of the population that fully comprehends the corrupt nature of our government institutions.
        He then lays out the hypothetical question: if the reality of the 911 conspiracy were widely accepted by the American public, would they be capable of doing anything about it? Morrissey believes that at this point in history they would be powerless (that they lack the power to bring the culprits to trial or even impeach them). Which he contends is a powerful basis for demoralization and alienation.”
        What’s worse than knowing? Knowing and not being able to do a damn thing about it?
        Two “themes” of 9/11 that readily come to mind are “no resistance” and “swallowed whole” (or was that a hole!)


    • Got the date wrong folks, sorry, the statement was apparently madevby WHO on the 4th June 2020, that’s last month, so how come we still have lock-down going on round the country? And other countries too!
      Because of MSM?

    • just go outside. take the vid along on your smartphone and if anyone bothers you, just show the vid.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > That’s exactly where we’re at right now with status quo bias in our current predicament. People know things need to change, but they’re in such a precarious position that the risk of change feels far too scary to take the leap and force a deviation from our trajectory toward disaster.
    > But that is our only choice if we are to survive as a species.
    When we finally become aware of what is really happening, when we truly see it, inside and outside, then everything changes.
    I am afraid to change. If I change, what will happen afterwards? — J. Krishnamurti

  • Logically, based upon Kahneman & Tversy, Biden would have to be twice as appealing as Trump to win over the MAGA vote. Sadly, Trump has made our lives way worse than twice as bad as it was in 2015. Thus, it is possible, I suppose for MAGAs to have a different socio-emotional metric than normal people. Sounds about right 🙂

    • Everything changes all the time, regardless of what we wish. The American ruling class can’t bear the thought of losing their powers and privileges, so they will ensure that no change takes place voluntarily; they will slide, kicking and screaming, off the cliff. Trump, infantile and hysterical, is probably the last instinctual gasp of protest. The Left has been completely neutralized. I hear Biden is going to pick Susan Rice to continue the empire.

  • Same old mainstream news memes… bad America good Russia while shouting from your tree “you get down from your tree”. Trumptards( shills) making everything about Trump.
    Wake up and smell the astro turf

    In reality the global system is Banksterism not a plutocracy, the money men own your govt( corporation) it is theirs which is why they govts all do not operate not in debt slaves( taxpayers) interests .
    Surely everyone here by now knows politics is the art of lying.(Though they are still believe in democracy & R registered voters= WTF).

    To me the insanity looks insane.

    The change that is needed is an inner change or nothing new can come into this world.

    Things are always changing in the world of moss and rust.

  • “In An Insane World, Madness Looks Moderate And Sanity Looks Radical…We’ve got to wake up from the status quo narrative management and find a way to get down from our precarious and unsustainable position to the stable ground of sanity.”
    The noise of the internet with all its endless websites and blogs and social media garbage disposal collection containers has guaranteed that people have to get more radical, more noisy, more outrageous, more insane… in order to get noticed through all that din. And getting noticed and demanding the attention of others is baked deep inside of all of us. Notice me! Notice me! Look at me! Hey! Over here!
    Sanity in today’s world is viewed as a liability and a target of Cancel Culture that must be toppled along with every other link to the past. Along with sanity goes quiet reflection, a measured style, a more reasoned approach to things… sorry, all that’s got to go.
    People have to keep upping the noise even further to try to get noticed. Voices get louder, behavior gets more outrageous. And those who don’t want to participate in all that get ignored (and maybe ridicule thrown in as an extra bonus).
    Elected officials and leaders in any station in life likewise have to get louder, more extreme, pushing more outrageous policies, getting more intrusive, demanding more unquestioned submission, issuing more Executive Orders, demonizing those who differ in the slightest.
    People rarely ever climb down from the tree branch of a precarious and unsustainable position “to the stable ground of sanity”. Instead, they fall down or get knocked off. That’s the next phase of our current worldwide Descent Into Madness. Falling or getting pushed off? Place your bets.
    A society that seeks to destroy its own past is guaranteed to destroy its own future. A society that loses its sanity has only one state of mind left to it.

  • “I don’t think it’s any accident that the onset of the Corona virus pandemic was followed by the George Floyd incident and then the protests, the slogan of which emerged immediately was ‘I can’t breathe’. Well, it’s the same thing as when you put a covering over your nose – you can’t breathe.Through the Corona virus operation, people are being placed into this position where they’re not able to breathe, which they associate with George Floyd, and the concept of the government stepping on their necks, and I think it’s a way of making people feel powerless, and dehumaniz ed, which is what a face covering does… which obscures the face, and impedes breathing, you’re doing some very major psychological fuckery, if I may apply a non-scientific term.” – Jared Beck

    • Actually, instead of feeling powerless, a lot of people got out in the streets. Many of them wearing masks. Time for a new theory for Mr. Beck, I guess.

  • One thing that happens to a sick nation is that it loses the ability to promote talented and honest people to high ranking positions. The whole system becomes rigged so that only the corrupt advance. This works at all levels, from who gets a spot in the elite preschool to the college admissions process to decisions about who gets hired and who gets promoted to who gets to run for President. The end result is two-fold. Competent people are locked out of high jobs by the corruption. Or it becomes only an accident if the person who buys the position is actually competent at it. Of course, in that case, they become a direct threat to the incompetents around them so office politics will usually crush them. The other effect is that only the corrupt old high ranking positions. People with moral character need not apply. These factors accelerate as the ladder is climbed, so only the most corrupt and the least moral can possibly become an overall leader.
    Thus, the everyday corruption of bribery for college admissions to promotion by sleeping with the boss (of whatever gender), leads eventually to the breakdown of the society as it finds that there are only immoral, corrupt fools available for any important job.

    • Yes. Exactly so. But believe it or not, this was not the America I grew up in and lived in for the first half of my life. That America was deeply flawed in many respects–cruel and exploitative in a myriad of ways–but the average American was not money, power or status-obsessed, but rather sought only the security of a decent job that allowed the raising of a family and the enjoyment of life’s modest pleasures. It was during the 1980s that things radically changed on the social as well as the economic level, a cultural sea-change which has finally brought us to the point of the all-pervasive corruption you describe. Almost a decade ago, I tried to capture one small aspect of that sea-change in a short essay you might like to read:


    • a sick nation has high ranking positions.

  • Nations with a sane government and which listen to science are surviving the Trump Plague, and starting to rebound their economies and begin to recover. Donald Trump has been intent from the beginning to make sure that this Plague spreads as widely as possible and kills as many as possible. Its the classic fascist dream, to kill all the weaker and older in the population. Because of Trump’s insanity and incompetence, America has lost the trade war with China that Trump insisted would make America Great Again. The effects of this will be felt for generations.
    With so many Americans out of work and an economy doomed to depression for the forseeable future, isn’t it time that Donald Trump lost his job?
    You’re FIRED!

    • With that said, you would likely agree that having Joe Biden in office would be better for the USA/China relationship. Joe and others have a special communication network with countries that DJT has pissed off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiaKXZkORA8

  • Excellent presentation of a basic psychological mechanism nd it’s political implications Caitlin. It’s a shame that so many commenters on your blog seem to come on board simply to show that their intellects a superior to yours. There should be a blog somewhere else than here where they could show off their abilities without having to one up on someone else’s valuable insights. Fortunately there are truly insightful and constructive commenters here also. I guess a hard hitting truth message like Catlin’s will attract all kinds of stuff, and her comments section presents a challenge to not over censor comments which are overtly abrasive and obnoxious — readers can identify and bypass these with ease.

    • Mike, this is, as you indicate, among the best posts Caitlin has made. I’m on my third reading and still getting new things to ponder from it. It seems a shame that the comment section following her posts is often such a mixed bag compared to other blogs I’ve followed. She deserves better, so how about all of us who comment, including yours truly, doing our best to up our game, to develop further the conversation she initiates rather than simply launch into preaching our own gospel?

  • For most of recorded human history most people believed slavery was entirely OK; even Divinely ordained. Millions of Chinese parents who genuinely loved their daughters believed it was OK and right and even necessary to destroy their feet. One could give endless examples of the horrors human beings have inflicted on themselves and on others in the sincere belief they were entirely right and justified and Divinely ordained.

    It would be nice to believe these horrors were abandoned because of awakening consciousness or moral development, but I wonder were they? perhaps what really happens is that as humanity evolves intellectually and develops new technologies, new economic and political systems begin to emerge to manage the new technologies, and these new systems require changes in previous social arrangements and customs. These changes may appear to be moral awakenings but maybe they are simply adjustments to the requirements of the new systems.

    For instance was slavery abandoned in Western nations on moral grounds or because industrial Capitalism required new arrangements? Industrial Capitalism requires paid workers who produce and consumer; not slaves who only produce.

    This leads me to speculate that humanity will not be able to deal with the major crises of the 21st Century either rationally or humanely (morally); and our collective fate instead will be decided by factors beyond our individual or collective control. If the right technologies and new economic and political systems begin to emerge, humanity might begin to make the necessary adjustments and pass the test…ie survive and continue to develop. If however the present arrangements continue we almost certainly sunk; like Atlantis before us.

    • That’s an awfully passive view of the world and our role in it. Does history not leave at least a little room for the human spirit to alter reality, to impress upon it ideas and ideals not solely derived from the natural order of things? Democracy, for example, that yet to be fully realized conception of what government might be. Your take on the limits imposed by reality strikes me as neoliberal to the core: that there is no alternative (TINA) to the status quo unless new things HAPPEN to us, as opposed to us learning to DO new things.

      • I’d say my perspective in that comment is realist.
        Also it’s not Neoliberal. In fact I clearly say that our fate depends on being able to get beyond Neoliberal Capitalism.

        • who pays the engineer class? (there’s also quite some libertarianism in it, i think)

    • ..actually sir, it wasn’t “millions of Chinese parents”…and court patricians adopted strategies approved by emperors to “weaken”…

      Chinese historical is most interesting…”Dreams of the Red Chamber” is one of limited treatise. However, Philosophy of times is more extensive than Western versions. Confucious (孔夫子) is “western”, though in west, conflated with Taoists. In reality, “filial piety” is opposite the “way” of the individual..

      • Given it began in the 10th Century and lasted for centuries and eventually spread to almost all levels of Chinese society, yes it was millions.

  • Caitlins writing is so incredibly good.

    Yet it falls short in the aspect of implementation – if at all.
    As Ishki pointed out in response to prior article, It is what it is because it makes money for all of us – it’s how we feed ourselves and families. But there is a wide separation between what we do and the pain it causes. We turn the cranks that drive the gears that drag the non-compliant into the wood chipper to be reworked to be made more acceptable.
    I work for a small company which makes equipment which transports materials around a facilty for processing. A common application is transporting food grains, another is chemical powders and another is “gun powder” (they call it “propellant”) for filling gun cartridges. The miltary aspect is booming. 25% of the public in US derive their income directly from government. That would not include myself with income from private emplyer who derives much of his income from the military.
    Money is funneled through some who organize the world to channel the effort to make more money.
    Democracy (if there were such) does nothing to address that.
    Communism/Socialism don’t really exist except as concepts.
    Capitalism is winner take all.
    What we have is a blend of capitalism/Socialism which channels money to the powerful.

    • How disappointing to scroll down to the comments and see a spew from someone who has a one-track mind and doesn’t say a word about the fine article Caitlin has spent her time creating. It would make one think the person who wrote this comment didn’t even read the article.

      • I beg to disagree. Jared’s very first sentence is: “Caitlins writing is so incredibly good.”

  • The only thing for sure is the current system is collapsing. Will it usher in war, a new dark ages, pandemics, etc. No one knows but whatever it is will definitely result in a population reduction over the next generation.

    • A research firm that seems to have an impeccable record of accuracy claims the population of the US will be around 100 million by 2025.

      I wish I was joking but it appears the earliest they plan to eliminate are the US and Europe though I assume Asia, Aus and Africa as well.

      SA is not on the list

      • The article actually says that America is going to become such a shithole that all the immigrants will leave back to South America and Asia. Few to Europe since it too will fall to third world status. I think it is reasonable but a few years early. Perhaps it begins then and decays over a 5 year or more time.

        • You are talking about a different source. This is not an article and they are not walking away.

          Europe will have a similar fate.

          There is no way 240 million Americans can afford to go elsewhere.

          I don’t know what “Article” you are referring to.

          I refuse to post it but it’s on YouTube.

          • It was quite reaonable assumption that most people will return to their home country when things get bad enough. Similar to mexicans returning to their home when there is no work.

  • With the entire world feeding itself with an economy based on fiat currency and debt, with both aspects in a state of collapse, and the bank cartel in panic mode to rescue itself, and the only way they can is to complete the enslavement of the world population with digital currency and One World Government, things aren’t looking too bright. The current Psychopaths In Charge ARE “middle of the road”. The problem being the road leads off a cliff, and a high one at that. It’s true, I am somewhat of a pessimist. But as I often explain, pessimist is a word created by optimists to describe realists. The only hope I see is that either one is magnificently prepared for the impact at the bottom of the cliff, very few of us, or one is cushioned by the bodies of those who fell before you.

  • The story I see is very fucked. This is a systematic culling of the flock.

    The local police are being removed because the police would be our first line of defence against the army and Marines they will send in to cull the herd.

    By eliminating the local police they eliminate the group that would have fought to protect us.

    We will be killed — two of every three of us by 2025.

    • You have a very odd view of the police. They don’t protect anyone but the elite, the elite’s property, and the status quo. That should be evident to you now after the last couple months of protests. I would recommend paying closer attention. The police (don’t know why you stress “local”) are more apt to kill you than to help you. As for using the military to kill 2/3 of us (and who planted in your mind the 2/3 figure, along with details on a future planned genocide), why bother? When all the shit hits the fan, many in this country already point out everyday that they will be more than happy to do all of that genocidal dirty work.

      • You are not thinking clearly.

        1. First they defund the Local Police as they are working on.
        2. They will then send in whatever federal minions to take control and eliminate a large segment of the population. They already defunded the police so they will not be there to slow it down.

        Police when their own community is attacked absolutely would be the first line of defence. It’s their homes too.

        That is why they are defunding them and getting them out of the way.

        • ‘Defunding the police’ is a slogan, not an actuality. What has actually been going on is a continuous rise in funding for militarized police forces, backed up by huge data systems with no purpose but to spy in the population.

  • If we are unable to find a way to break down the madmen in charge it appears at least 2/3rds of us will not be here by 2026.

    The estimated population of the US by 2025 is 100 million people.

    Who is making this decision of who will live and who will die?

    I find this to be scary shit. Should have gotten out of Dodge b4 this started but unquestionably my own fear of change kept me here.

    Now I must simply work on Ascension as I see no other option.

    Trump is our savior. Does he know it? Not sure. The facts are all there and he has actually done enough to show he can do it but his narcissistic tendencies are so overwhelming it’s difficult to watch.

    It does not change the truth though. He has done some really stupid stuff especially relating to protecting animals that are going extinct because I of our stupidity.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > I Watched Joe Biden Give An Award To George W Bush So You Don’t Have To
    And now:
    “Hundreds of former members of the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden”
    Alumni of George W. Bush administration launch pro-Biden super PAC | The Hill | July 1, 2020

    • Keep an eye on Pete Buttigieg. He is part of the Biden bait and switch. They are grooming him for the take over.

  • “Honest Government” satire series by > theJuiceMedia > has honest travel ad5for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, West Papua, Timor Leste and more. They also have some honest history, this Down Under applies to US 2020 Independence (sorta) Day
    Australia Day, also known as Happy Amnesia Day

  • Security through strength.
    Freedom through oppression of the enemy.
    Better to bomb than be bombed.
    A war economy is a strong economy.
    These bumper stickers and others are available at http://www.insanitynow.org

  • Ms Johnstone, here in these United States of America, all of our so called leaders have strings attached to them. The owners and the masters are pulling those strings; each owner and each master has their ” own agenda ” that they want followed. The resulting ” hodge-podge ” of so called leadership has landed us in a rudderless ship going nowhere but down. The insanity is well on its way and is bound to only get worse with each passing day. Absolutely nothing is predictable in this situation; anything can come about. The only certainty is that ” our society ” is in a state of chaos!

  • Caitlin is right about this: Everyone is getting more crazy and miserable under the oppressive and exploitative status quo. But people see no practical alternative. Indeed, we cannot improve the status quo until we improve the human gene pool. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that the root cause of society’s problems is undesirable genes. The question then should be: What is the most ethical, fair, quick, effective and least painful way to drastically modify and improve the human gene pool? ANSWER: Help Mother Nature to do the task for us. The world’s greatest Liberator said to those who took Him seriously: “If you keep to my Message (what I teach) you will indeed be my students and you will know the truth and the truth will liberate you.” (Accurate modern translation of John 8:31-32) He did not advocate a policy of genocide and euthanasia but His strategy and brilliant revolutionary tactics will allow Mother Nature to refine the human gene pool. This will take place through an improved process of natural selection which prevents psychopaths and sociopaths surviving and reproducing. His family said He was mad and the religious leaders said He was possessed by a demon and killed Him. Unfortunately and ironically, dissidents don’t have the insight and motivation to follow the lead of the Great Liberator’s Vision and Mission. The Great revolutionary Leader I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means “Liberator.” His Message and Strategies have been twisted, corrupted by translation errors and/or hidden by the Roman Catholic church, the mother of corruption.

    • That answer you gave fits perfectly into the essay. You have been told that genes are the issue with the way things are. Instead of researching outside the normal flow you simply chose to accept it.

      The fact that thousands of examples have shown the gene selection is total bullshit is not a choice shown to you as dominant.

      You refuse to think on your own.

      It is exactly what goes on when people where a mask that cannot possibly lower risk yet in fact absolutely increases risk. Yet instead of looking at the obvious they follow the group.

      Wake the fuck up and shit up with the bullshit about genes. It bullshit especially since those that created the research are full of shit. Hence your comment is bullshit.

      I have no agenda with you. It must be my poor genes that made me react aborrently to your moronic statement about genes because I have shitty genes.

      Hahahaha. Hahahaha

      I am 100% insane because my genes carry the insanity trait. Not because I’m sick and tired of listening to this gene bullshit.

      Like the Blue bloods. Except they are blue bloods because they hate so much friggin silver until they turned blue. Silver plates, utensils goblets etc. No wonder the rich survived the plague. And you thought it was good genes I bet.


      Yes I prefer insanity. It’s in my genes

  • I guess that’s where leadership comes in. Any takers?

    • See my comment on this article.

    • Here is my point about leadership. In the article, Caitlin re-iterates all the problems we are already familiar with. She then talks about status-quo bias and gives an illustration of someone frozen by fear. She ends by telling us what must happen. They are
      1. wake up to the narrative
      2. find our way to sanity
      Part 2. can’t happen until part 1. is at least partially complete. In fact, I would say that coming out of fear and finding sanity are both consequences to point 1.
      The thing that isn’t explicit here is that people go through these steps at different rates. This is where leadership comes in. First, people will move if they see others moving first. The people who move first are the leaders. Second, the people who are already at least partially awake can see more clearly how to facilitate the process in other people, because they’ve gone through the process themselves. This is part of what Caitlin is doing in these articles. There are others who also focus on this, for example John Rappoport in https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/ . Anyone can choose to become a leader in this way by waking to the narrative and deciding to help others do the same. Many of the commenters on this site are, in their own ways, doing this work.
      Caitlin’s previous article talked about fractals. One of the hidden forces at work is that waking from the narrative automatically produces effects at other levels, and automatically influences others.

      • Nice elaboration, Glen, on one of Caitlin’s best posts, in which she ties together the necessity of consciousness-expansion (a recent theme) with the constrictive context (now become insanely constrictive) in which that expansion must occur. As for leadership, which you astutely emphasize, we indeed have at present only the handful of thought-leaders to which you allude. There is literally no one offering political leadership at the present time, with the possible exception of what Caitlin’s Australian government MAY be about to demonstrate. Check out this post by another exemplary Australian blogger:


  • You can opt to study up on changing your every day life in sensible ways like growing vegetables and riding a bike. You won’t actually have to give up anything, but you’ll change some things like eating out, and watching TV.
    Hey, everybody is already changing that stuff. Look, bikes are sold out. Don’t miss out!
    Peek at this excellent primer on thermo-economics, energy economics​, which is our actual economic structure. Energy is becoming more expensive, and has been doing so, but paying the price causes economic recessions/depressions, so the price has been borrowed, but that has also reached a saturation point, so economic depression has arrived.
    ​ The embedded energy​ in things like concrete slabs in existing buildings may be undervalued now, compared to future costs. The economy may not support building new structures at all in 2030. I don’t know.
    In the near term, we will find that nobody is above suspicion when the question is whether they will be able to service debt, so borrowing will freeze-up, or the government will have to lend to people, knowing that debts can not be serviced, just edging the debt-deflation bomb a little farther, another week or month. That seems to be in a very late phase.
    ​ The inflection we may expect is ​debt deflation, where prices drop, because credit-money dries up, but it will be transient and uneven in asset-classes, because of financial manipulations. It will be followed, or overlaid, with massive currency value evaporation, especially of the $US, especially when the rest of the world decides to change to something like the old gold-standard.
    ​ You and I don’t need to look for “return on investment” in the form of getting paid interest on a loan. We should look for bargains that we can use for the rest of our lives. Houses with good soil and weather conditions gardens, fruit trees and titanium-frame bicycles are some of the things that fit that description in my life. Look for current stability in a community, low costs of provision of services, low intrinsic city cost overhead, now and going forward, and an economy that can provide for that. (Not Chicago, not Detroit, not Phoenix, not Las Vegas)

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