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Be Outwardly Collectivist And Inwardly Individualist

Individualism could theoretically work as a political system, in a hypothetical world where nobody is ever helpless and the planet has infinite resources and the ecosystem is infinitely robust. But we do not live in such a world.

No, we live in a world where every single person is born helpless and somebody needs to take good care of them to help turn them into physically and psychologically healthy adults, where people get sick and become disabled, where most of us go through a prolonged period of steadily increasing weakness and convalescence before death. A world with a fragile ecosystem and finite resources.

Individualism has no real answers for the mass-scale implementation of its value system in such a world. The only way to believe it does is with a lot of compartmentalizing away from reality and refusing to look at the tremendous suffering that is brought on by saying people who need help must either get it from family members who are hopefully kind or rely on the charity of strangers who are hopefully feeling charitable. Refusing to look at the reality that ecocide will continue as long as it remains profitable and no collectivist measures are put in place to prevent it from being so.

The only thing that can help humanity, as our situation appears from behind this pair of eyes, is what I call enlightened collectivism.

But this doesn’t mean that individualism has nothing to offer.

Individualists tend to have a more lucid than average understanding of the concept of self-sovereignty, which will be an essential component of any healthy world if one exists in humanity’s future. When it comes to what happens up to the border of your own skin, collectivism should hold no power. The thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, the ideas you consume, the words you speak, the substances you ingest, whether you have sex, what kind of sex you have, and whether or not a fetus gets to use your body to gestate in should all be outside anyone else’s jurisdiction and under your total individual control.

More importantly, individualism values taking personal responsibility for one’s own inner state of being. It is not ultimately the responsibility of the collective to ensure that you are happy and at peace–it’s yours. It’s the responsibility of the collective to ensure that every member of that collective has their fundamental material needs met, but when it comes to actually forming a healthy relationship with yourself and with the world, that’s your job.

Because we all come into the world helpless and are surrounded by giants who are all lugging around countless generations of psychological pain, we are all somewhat mad. If you think you’re not, it’s either because you’ve done years of hard inner work, or because you haven’t done any. Anyone who’s begun sincere work on uprooting their delusion-based conditioning and becoming an authentic human being in this world understands how much crap there is to process through before you can come to a deep and lasting happiness here.

When you come into this world it is the collective that does the first install of the software you will use for the rest of your life. What most people neglect is that as an adult, downloading your updates is solely your responsibility.

People who’ve put a lot of energy into collectivist thought often miss this. They often dismiss talk of inner work as masturbatory navel-gazing and a distraction from engaging in class struggle. But guess what, mate? You’d be a lot more useful in that struggle if you weren’t a miserable neurotic twat.

And unless we’ve done serious inner work, that’s what we all are. Unless we’ve expanded our consciousness inwardly as well as outwardly, we’re necessarily operating to a greater or lesser degree from a place of confusion and pain. You’re a lot less useful to the collective when you’re operating from a place of confusion and pain than from a place of clarity and serenity.

But collectivist thinkers often neglect this, which is why people who’ve poured their energy and attention into the far left end of the political spectrum are frequently miserable and neurotic people. They’re right about everything, but they’re also wildly inharmonious, because they’ve put all their attention into expanding consciousness outwardly into economic, racial and social dynamics while neglecting their individual responsibility to expand it into their own inner dynamics as well.

For this reason, the usefulness of collectivist thinking ends at your own skin. From your skin outwards, it’s best to be a radical collectivist and seek collectivist solutions to our collective plight. From your skin inwards, it’s best to be a radical individualist with an acute understanding that everything which happens therein is your responsibility and no one else’s.

Collectivism for the collective, individualism for the individual. You can’t apply one universal system across all possible scalings of humanity; an individual requires a different system than a family, a family requires a different system than a community, a community requires a different system than a nation, and a nation requires a different system than a planet. Lucidly understanding these distinctions at each level helps the collective on all of them.


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  • This perspective can permanently end the “ism” debate.

    If we, as a collective, simply shifted our priority to raising well-adjusted, secure, healthy individuals, give them a stable environment and space to master their own unique skills and talents, who would then offer their gifts to benefit the whole, it would indeed be a beautiful, astounding world.

    But in today’s global corporate-controlled world, the individual free-thinking spirit has been almost completely eradicated by the corporate bulldozer. Anyone whose individual expressive seed still stirs is under increasing psychological pressures from these corporate puppet masters. We must recognize and resist the depth of control that is exerted on our own individual destiny and break the illusion of freedom for actual freedom.

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
    ~ Charles Mackay (1841)

    If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.
    ~ George S. Patton

    Actually, Capitalism Is Collectivist

    • Mae,

      Great comment, horrible video. I guess if I wanted to get baffled with bullshit I would have thought the video more appealing. But I don’t like being baffled with bullshit. Especially when he throws in the usual bullshit on top of his special kind of bullshit.
      Anyway, your comment was made to make me think that there are people here that get it. And not just inside the OverFinn window.
      You’re really close. Don’t let this video lead you astray.

      • Dolph Flipperr agreed! Her comment gets it, the video not. Capitalism is, at its core, anti-collective and an overblown expression of the animal instinct for hoarding. He who dies with the most toys wins, planet be damned.

        • Hi, Keeping up with the Jones’,

          A person who works for what they own can spend their money in any way that they choose. Society may have become materialistic, but that’s a whole other story about conditioning and control. If you rightly accuse the people you speak of hoarding and just accumulating more ‘toys’, then you are most likely dealing with a psychopath whose sole purpose in life to compete with those around them, destroy them in the process if necessary, and take what they see as theirs. This applies to the people who run the corporations that pollute and strip mine the planet too. These are not the traits of your average American nor Northern Europeans , but of those who have taken over this country and others. So your fight is with the controllers. Though you have been conditioned to see that the ‘decent people’ who have no control over what these controllers do as the problem. So now the controllers tell you to kill yourself ( and others too) to save the planet. LOL But the controllers will still be here for sure. And just to ask for a friend, what does your neighbor have that you want but you don’t seem to have the ability to acquire yet? A little common sense and decency? Yeah, they don’t have to have that much for that jealousy demon to rear it’s angry head. Anyway, save the planet for normal thinkers ok. LOL

  • “[Collectivist thinkers are] right about everything . . . ” Much as I love everything you write, and I do, I’m not quite ready to concede that anyone is right about everything. Doesn’t make for much of a starting point for discussion, about anything.

  • I wish that Caitlin would ponder a vexing question and then write about it, maybe even come up with a way to address it. Why, unlike in other high-quality blogs I’ve visited over the years, no genuine internet community has coalesced in the comment section? Whether the comments be pro or contra, they should serve to expand the conversation, deepen it, sharpen it, question it, qualify it, challenge it, etc.–thereby working together to take the blog to an even higher level. What gets created in such an interchange of meaningful comments–again, whether pro or contra–is a unifying and heartening solidarity. Readers learn not only from the blogger but also from each other, and a common sense of spirit and purpose emerges (quite different from a uniformity of views), which in turn evolves into a genuine internet community. Did you ever go to the bathroom, do your business, and inadvertently leave a string of toilet paper hanging visibly from your backside? That’s as close as I can get to describing (with some notable exceptions) the comment section I encounter on this otherwise outstanding blog.

    • Finn,

      It’s sounds like you are more than a bit anal. And can you be more specific in what you are trying to say here without toilet paper analogy. lol
      You claim to want to hear different opinions, but seriously, what you really want is a uniformity of views. Which in other words means that maybe Caitlin should start banning people in the comments section who don’t meet the criteria that can be set by her, but also at this point you huh. Yep, it sounds like you would like to form a gang of those who hold the same opinion as you do in the comments and to get rid of the agitators, you know, those that see things a little differently. So one way to get rid of the agitators would be to have your ‘internet community’ gang up on them here. Yeah, that happens a lot these days. And that’s why people are losing their ability to say what they really think, Kind of 1984-ish. They get shunned and isolated if they don’t get with the ‘program’.
      But don’t worry mate, the people who come closest to the truth are always eliminated. And most often not even with any effort by the blogger themselves these days. And one thing is for sure, if you keep patting the blogger on the behind (lol) for what they are feeding you without question, you will get to stay. And that’s really because you can’t see past your own……..

      • Since I made it clear more than once in my comment that I was NOT talking about uniformity of views, only seeking substance in comments either pro or con to Caitlin’s take, I guess I’ll complete my anal profile by telling your that you are full of shit. By the way, you show real balls, What?, in posting under an assumed name, taking your shots from the cowardly cover of anonymity.

        • Hi Nitwit,

          Yeah, you say one thing and then this, “a unifying and heartening solidarity. Readers learn not only from the blogger but also from each other, and a common sense of spirit and purpose emerges (quite different from a uniformity of views)’. Now tell me what the difference is?
          And what do you want from me? You want to come to my house so you can try to get my mind right in person? Try it stupid. The “what” is for your protection asshole.

          • You purposely misconstrue Newton’s comment, turn it on its head, and then detrimentally do exactly what he describes with his analogy. You neither inform nor sharpen discussion.
            It’s the spirit of discussion Newton is referring to—not any kind of uniformity of opinion.

            • Hi Herr,

              No I didn’t misconstrue anything. What Finn wants to do is to create is his own OverFinn window. It’s to have a seemingly lively debate but within the parameters that he sets. Yeah, and now picture a string of toilet paper hanging visibly from your backside. LOL Oh yeah, that happens all the time in his world. And if he needs something to compare his comments to, I have a string of toilet paper used only once and still good on one side.

  • Humans are animals with individual instinctual needs we are promoted to satisfy. We are are also social animals with powerful needs to be accepted by those around us. That is because an individual alone has little power, were as group can very powerful. This creates a huge inner conflict within us that can only be resolved with careful attention to our inner processes.

  • For me it is simply this: do you believe in freedom for oneself and for others? If so, then any collectivist endeavours must be voluntary. The collective or perhaps better described as the community or syndicate, must be attractive to people to make them want to be a part of it. And if not, we should have the right to renounce any affiliation with said collective. As soon as there is coercion of any form, the collective becomes a control mechanism which can and will be used to further the aims of the psychopathic elites.

    • too right

      • That’s mean I agree, in case you’re not an Aussie

  • Well I was going to say something about what you wrote but besides what appears to be your regular trolls (50%) the other half appears to be negative, to that I just believe that no one should have to worry about if their government is out to kill them, but obviously they do. Our bill or rights grants us the pursuit of happiness, therefore it is everybody’s business to make sure that everyone is happy, just like it is everybody’s business if someone’s civil rights are being violated, and in the end everybody’s happiness is everyone’s business, or what’s a government for?

    • Roy,

      I bet you had help writing this. Was Jack Daniels helping you. With all this circular thinking I’m surprised that you didn’t get dizzy and fall. down. Or did you? And now it’s “No worries mate”. lol

  • Great Teachers are far and few between.
    Jiddu Krishnamurti, Barry Long,
    Peter Kropotkin and Eckhart Tolle number amongst them.

  • I have been around debates about socialism vs capitalism (or collectivism vs individualism) since university days. It boils down to the assumptions one makes about mankind. Neither take into account the greed for material things and the lust for power. Outrageous avarice when you are a billionaire and have more money than you can ever spend is a form of insanity that results in gross inequality and ruins any capitalist economic model. Outrageous lust for power tends to destroy freedoms as leaders seek to control speech and though in collectivist systems.
    My own preference is that supply of all things essential to life of mankind be collectivist and the remainder be individual. I can see no reason other than outrageous greed for America’s healthcare system, that provides first class care for a tiny percentage of its population at an outrageous price. Private healthcare provision comes with a 35% mark up for bloated insurance companies whose chiefs fly around in private jets and make tens of millions in salaries and bonuses each year. This is just an example….but I think all things like clean air (ridding it of pollutants), like fresh clean water, like100% inclusive access healthcare, like affordable public transport, energy for homes, garbage collection, schooling and care of the environment should be government funded and collective. All else can be individual responsibility. Humanity doesn’t have a good record of taking responsibility for its actions…don’t believe me, just look at the debate about climate change, look at filthy mines polluting the environments of small towns and indigenous populations. The way I look at it if someone came up my driveway and shot on my doorstep, I would expect them to clean it up….certainly in the US corporations pollute the air, the land and the sea with total impunity. It is outrageous.

    • Peter,

      The only things that should be collective were the few things in the US Constitution that were agreed upon to be collective. Other than those, including the items you listed, should be of the free market, where competition keeps prices low and services high.

      • “…the items you listed, should be of the free market, where competition keeps prices low and services high…”

        Just like the American health care system does

        • Excellent example showing that the vaunted Capitalist “Free Market” is just a sham. How anyone can defend Capitalism in the face of civilization and environmental collapse, all due to greed (which Capitalists will tell you “Greed is Good!!!), just shows how deep the social programming and denial goes.

        • luis,

          The health care system is not in a free market. It falls into the ‘new collectivist’ owned system that Caitlin wants more of. And I guess you do too.
          And to Fuzz, calling the system that we are in now ‘capitalism’ is a strawman argument. What we need is ‘free market capitalism’, which would be just about impossible to get back to at this point with the consolidation of all the corporations that that should be providing independent choices, but are under one giant umbrella company instead now. You know, lots of choices, but all coming out of the same box. And only that box.

  • “You’d be a lot more useful in that struggle if you weren’t a miserable neurotic twat.” Judging by the comments, the miserable neurotic twats aren’t all fans of collectivism.

  • “…We live in a world where every single person is born helpless and somebody needs to take good care of them to help turn them into physically and psychologically healthy adults… We all come into the world helpless and are surrounded by giants who are all lugging around countless generations of psychological pain, we are all somewhat mad.”
    We are born into a big toxic waste dump of negativity, shattered dreams, laziness, power-tripping vultures, low-energy thinking, and surrounded by people who spend their lives committed to continue this pattern of depravity while adding their own putrid substances to the vast stinky mix. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can raise our nostrils above the smell, grab for the protruding branch from the Tree of Life that we might be floating near, wash the stink off our bodies and the garbage from our brains, and spending the rest of our lives keeping the dreadful stench off of ourselves while helping others to wash themselves off should they choose to do so. Who knew Wash Day could be so fun.

  • Few are willing to be “governed” until they feel the sword point at their throats? Something the our elites discovered at the dawn of human history.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altruism

    There forever has been and forever will be, IMHO, enough total assholes inhabiting this planet to successfully screw up the possibility of humankind ever creating an idealistic paradise through the mechanism of political action whereby such assholes will inevitably insist upon themselves being at the head of the line and the top of the pile.

  • So well said and so true.

    In my limited experience on this Earth I have been blessed to know two people that somehow were not infected by society.

    One was my wife I met it a sweatshop in NYC in 1981. I was 23 and she was 36. I took a shit job pushing a hand truck for $3.50 an hour. She was a wildly hot Puerto Rican floor lady from my point of view. I once slapped her butt and got belted in the face. God bless her. We eventually took that whole place away together and started our own business a block away. Long story but we did well enough to have a home and a life. She was the sweetest finest human I have ever known and not because I say so. She simply was an angel. She got some illness and spent 9 years in bed at home. She never complained. I did all the time. I took care and hired people etc but after she was gone I finally learned.

    During that time a Uruguayan man came as a worker with another guy to paint my house. He was amazing. He had a crappy job and I showed him his own goodness because it was just pouring out of his smile and his kindness.

    He was able to get an incredible job as a carpenter at insane pay working for companies that repaired section 8 housing. I am talking about $125 hour.

    He was able to buy a home and also a condo which he repaired himself and rented.

    He is my best friend today. He is not wealthy but together we bought another property and condo. My money his ability to find the property, fix them, rent them and maintain them. I said to him on day one 50/50. My money Your skills.

    Trust is the key word here.

    I am blessed to still have this man as my best friend and family. He is 21 years younger (I am 63) yet I learn from him always.

    It seems when someone is raised with only love it just turns out a different type of human. He does not have the thinking worrying disease so many of us seem to battle. She did not either.

    He just focuses on what he wants in life and it comes to him. Some call it Power of Attraction. I cannot say what to call it but it exists.

    His parents own land in Uruguay, lots of land but they are far from living a life of materialism. They live in a small home and are happy. He talks to his Mom and Dad all the time and it is so beautiful to see.

    I am blessed to have had such a beautiful wife for the 30 years I had her and I am blessed to have him.

    I struggle with looking inward and I will never stop learning and trying to shutdown my nagging thoughts that are not what I am. I keep saying I am a spiritual being and I am not this body and I know that I will find that place where they are someday.

    Thank you Caitlin for saying what you say as it helped me remember how good life can be when you look around and see how lost most people are. Such a tragedy what they are attempting. We cannot allow this to reach the evil end they are planning.

    Stay Happy. It appears important. 🙂

  • Just BE.
    Don’t be a concept.
    I don’t think CIatlin should be telling people which concept to ego identify themselves with , such as collectivism . Collectivism or individualism that’s not enlightenment.

    • Sorry to be so blunt Caitlin but I disagree with your advice to your followers.

    • She is not giving advice.

      Just saying out loud what she believes.

      You need not be sorry to say what you believe.

      I think that is her point but I will keep learning till I am sure.

  • Same old msms memes collectivism Ciatlin.
    The Global govt has a Marxist pretending to be socialism in play this does not lead to enlightenment.
    Locking healthy people up making them loose their livelihoods violating their rights and using police to jail them is being done in the name of collectivism /socialism.
    Enlightenment is neither collectivism or socialism.
    Its not a concept.

    • Enlightenment is a political concept based in Platonic idealism and Catholic tradition. The definition of the term being fluid as cultural values change.

  • “For this reason, the usefulness of collectivist thinking ends at your own skin. From your skin outwards, it’s best to be a radical collectivist and seek collectivist solutions to our collective plight. From your skin inwards, it’s best to be a radical individualist with an acute understanding that everything which happens therein is your responsibility and no one else’s.”</b?
    But just exactly WHAT would/should these transformed people actually DO to change the whatever-you-want-to-call-it system or Matrix in which we live? Presumably, these transformed people would indeed want the present arrangement to change, right?
    So let's assume for the moment that every single voter in the US becomes a "radical collectivist" and a "radical individualist with an acute understanding that everything which happens therein is their responsibility and no one else's". Once again, just exactly how would these people BEHAVE after such a transformation? What do they DO that will be different than what they USED to do, BEFORE their transformation — wave their magic wands, wish or pray really hard, what?
    US citizens live in a "system" in which they are allowed to vote in a federal election every four years. In the past, before their recent transformation, the vast majority voted for Rs or Ds for public office. These now-transformed/woke voters see the historical and present results of electing R or D presidents and congress-people in the recemt and distant past. These transformed voters know that BOTH of those parties are to blame for the present-day situation of perpetual war, perpetual bail-outs of the Elite corporations and banks, people having to hold more than one job to barely eek out an existence, people getting beaten or murdered by the Elite's pit-bull police for maybe no reason, etc. etc.
    Therefore, with all of the above real-life experience of being ruled by Rs and Ds fully in their transformed minds, just exactly WHAT SHOULD THEY DO?
    Qutie obviously, if these transformed voters want change, they are NOT going to once again repeat their previous time-proven mistakes of voting for an R or a D candidate for POTUS OR CONGRESS in the upcoming election! These transformed people know that Real change will be obtained ONLY by voting for candidates from OTHER parties. These transformed people instinctively know that beneficial change will NOT be obtained by shooting dead a bunch of Elite in their Manhattan or DC or Arlington mansions.
    These transformed people know that there are only 435 members of the house of representatives.
    That there are only 100 senators in the senate.
    That there is only ONE president in the white house.
    That the entire elected federal government consists of only 536 human beings. They know that THESE 536 people are the people who MAINTAIN the whatever-you-want-to-call-it system in which a microscopic percentage of the population owns or controls the vast majority of LARGE SCALE capital equipment, wealth and land (upon which the vast majority of the population vitally depends), for their own astronomical profit. These suddenly-transformed people know that the Elite OWN those 536 R or D human beings.
    These transformed people also know that the aforementioned microscopic percentage is spending literally billions of printed-out-of-thin-air "dollars" in order to make absolutely sure that they will walk into a voting booth in November and vote for an R or a D candidate for POTUS and R or D candidates for both legislative branches.
    These transformed people know that the Elite do not care one iota WHICH R or D candidates they vote for because ALL R or D candidates for public office will MAINTAIN their power, which means that they will maintain the present system exactly as it is.
    These transformed people know that by supporting illegal war against the world and unconstitutional acts against American citizens at home, these 536 human beings have proven themselves unfit for office.
    These transformed people know that ALL of these 536 can be removed from office only, ONLY,
    ONLY!, if they DO NOT vote for an R or a D in the upcoming election and the mid-term two years down the road. These transformed individualist collectivists suddenly come to realize that doing that simple thing is really all it will take for them to literally change the world for the better — that all each of them has to do is step into the voting booth in November and NOT vote for an R or D. These transformed people can already imagine how the world WILL be the day AFTER they vote all the scum-of-the-earth Rs and Ds out of office.

    • Bla bla bla democracy dogma, bla bla bla vote bla bla ishdribble .
      “He who counts the vote counts” GC how old are you Isdribble ?.
      We all know politics is corrupt everywhere in the world always has been .For a start the political system ( Govt) the politicians work for is set up not for the people but for the banking cabal Govts are set up as corporations. Fully funded by the debt slaves or as they like to call them “taxpayers”.

      • You did not read what he said.

        He said DO NOT VOTE

  • Ciatlin If everyone left thinking to the collective you’d get…. this.
    More negative “helpless” mind programming .
    Projection of mental illness and judgement of ” others” as ” fucked” have to say again its not spiritual its the ego.
    Wait for the collective mob (and this propaganda) to save you ?!.

    Don’t worry about knowing the universe, know yourself.

    • Agree totally Jane, pointing at the groups of extremists that think they are woke when they are not looking within or finding out who they are, this is just the creation of ” communism” or Germany’s neo nazi period of socialism . Full of woke COVID rabid climate change egomaniac fanatics .
      Not seeking enlightenment except in the social media blog drivel and looking outwards to the universe find what is inside you is providing seekers/followers with the wrong map for guidance, a road that leads to entrapment not enlightenment.

  • Ah, as usual, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth once again. Until you have had that battle with all of your various demons, illusions, egos, etc., etc.; and have won that battle you can not cope with any reality. You must know exactly who and what you are before you can use your talents, wit, and foresight to get anything done for the betterment of humanity. A solid individual is very hard to bend or break; a solid individual can be physically weak; but still have the internal fortitude to withstand severe hardships.

    • Ron,

      Caitlin speaks in tongues that can only be understood by the ignorant. The division of labor was what brought this ‘new collectivism’ that she says we need now to fruition a very long time ago, though under a different title. The free markets took care of themselves. Now she thinks that there needs to be a ‘new collective market’ formed to take the place of the once free markets. Yeah, ok, that was the plan all along, on now she’s right on board with that. So now she wants you to hop, hop, hop on board too. Sure, join this new collective agenda so you will have more time to do some inner work for yourself. LOL I think that’s how Alexander Solzhenitsyn found the time to the inner work that he needed. It’s always good to get your mind right for the ‘new collective’ so you can tell people how great of an idea it was later. You might even write a book about it.

      • Earlier today I read an article that made me feel sad because the shit is going to hit the fan and most people will not be able to cope with it. It also made me sad because there is nothing that I can do about it. Going outside is very dangerous now because many people are ready to snap over anything. I truly admire Ms Johnstone because not only is she telling the truth but she also has the stamina to withstand the insults and mindless platitudes of her fellow human beings.

        • Ron,

          Caitlin is not telling any truth. I read some of her articles in the last couple of years and something has really changed about her lately. Her most recent works are pure elitist communist leaning propaganda. They are very misleading and full of logical fallacies. They are mostly about destroying everything that could be considered current and foundationally sound. It’s more like she has become a proponent of the teachings of critical theory to accomplish the destruction all current cultures by decrying that diversity is strength, borders are not needed, the police need to be removed, and any government no matter how small and efficient is evil. All these things will usher in a new normal for sure. One where there will be no group of dissenters to cohesively fight back. Yeah, the individuals should just sit back and take it now, meditate some and then enjoy the outcome. I think someone said that about being raped once since the police or anyone else will dare to help you.
          So when I read her articles now I see her as evil with an agenda. And I don’t think I’m wrong about this at all. Like I said, something has changed here. While sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s not.

          • Everyone is entirely entitled to their own opinion. My opinion of Ms Johnstones writing is entirely different from yours.

            • Ron,

              I believe that’s because you are looking for a confirmation bias in her articles, while I’m just reading them.

              • Without basic comprehension skills, to be sure.

          • I have noticed a subtle shift as well but I cannot yet discern what is happening. Our opinions change over time so I assume that is the reason.

          • I gotta say I did not understand what she stated I now see.

            What? You make a point though I am unclear what you believe it means. Not arguing, more asking. I am new to Caitlin but born in the 50s. I did not realize that she was saying what your comment a bunch higher up on the page enlightened for me.

            That said I was outside earlier today and my close friend stopped by and he noticed an issue with my leader at the front of the house (the pipe connected to the gutters that collects rainwater).

            It started pouring out. Really heavy wonderful Rain. It had been over 55 years since I recalled just standing in the Rain.

            I was there at 12 years old Naked running in rain in a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania they used to send me for 6 weeks. I always would hate that I could not be home for summer. I had to go to camp.

            But in the moment earlier today it was that day. Fuck it was incredible.

            It has nothing to do with this conversation either. I had a bar of soap 55 years ago and washed in the rain.

            I bet that many children that have what we consider nothing have those experiences all the time. And they are happy when they have them assuming God willing they are not starving.

            We need to be Human again.

            Our humanity has been hidden from us. I have been following some ladies that claim we must fight evil to get through this time and move on to the New Earth. This is a great awakening. It is a time we must all use our Humanity and connect via our pineal glands as one Consciousness, the Gaia Grid they called it.

            We must break our contracts made before we came to these bodies as we have been hijacked by evil.

            Rudolph Steiner said this over 100 years ago that it is much harder to be Human today. Materialism has changed what we are. Me me me me.

            We must dump me me and go back to what we are. Human. Consciousness is not our thoughts or our brains. It is 100% our Heartspace.

            This is all that matters today. We must be Human again. They want to put Nanotech into us and control us. The fuck Brit PM stated he will not allow any Anti Vaxxers to exist.

            He said this. He said you cannot hide from us anymore as our smart cities and our nano tech will find you. We will not let you get away.

            This is very sick shit people.

            Arguing we have no time for.

            Hear me or find Magenta Pixie I think her name is.

            One of the 9 collective or some such thing.

            Human is Love. We must connect as one and destroy the evil or we will be no more in this dimension.

            The New Earth is 5D. Evil does not have the ability to reach 5G.

            Good luck to all.

            • I read it.

              Dolph Flipperr, OverFinn Window Analyst

  • The COVID mental disease is the greatest threat to democracy today, because people go mad in herds, but they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one…

  • I am 76 years old now but the ” pain ” still lingers within me. Jacob Hornberger brought it on today with a podcast that I dare not watch lest it causes me pain and heartache. If you have not seen the movie ” Executive Action ” starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, and Will Geer I recommend it highly. The podcast is here:
    Regime Change: November 1963

    • Thank you Ron for the link about our fraudulent history!

      • Mr. Hornberger has quite an array of JFK facts up on the FFF website. There are many books also available. Back in 1963 many people were killed to make examples of them. No president of the United States has ever went up against ” national security ” and lived. Regime Change is how our government operates; it makes organized crime look like the little league.

  • Caitlin , I have just discovered Harry Vox ( Voxnews) and he is brilliant. Would love to see you both together making videos and doing interviews etc. You would create the Perfect Storm. If you haven’t already come across him ( You probably have already) there are a few of his interviews left on You Tube.

    Love your stuff

    sarah Scott

  • Very interesting and well articulated. I find your point a bit analogous to Bakunin: “freedom without socialism is exploitation and socialism without freedom is barbarism”.

    • Thats exactly what the Nazis though too Fethon .
      And the mobs that burnt woman as witches.

      The concept has nothing to do with freedom.

    • Exactly. Bakunin also points out that collective systems need to be designed on assumption that people will act badly, not that they will be perfect. Hence same pay for delegates as workers, worker recall of delegates, meetings of workers to direct delegates, and limited tenure, to ensure delegates vote for policies in the workers interests, rather than policies that entrench committee member power.
      Ecovillages and intensional communities, whose systems are probably more inspired by Kropotkin than Bakunin, also recognise the necessary tension between collective and individual.

  • Your article seems to fit your world view. Love the part about you have the rights of sex, gestation etc. Problem is the outward collectivism then tells your sovereign body go here do this wear that. This or that is not allowed. Why cant that wonderful collective just as easily say, you cannot stop gestation. You cannot have or be this or that when it comes to sex. You cannot pick and choose. The collective stomps on the individual rights. That is where the true struggle occurs. For every one that decides these rights belong to you others wants to redefine them. Somebody is always unhappy. Humans are great. Humanity is evil.

    • ‘Individual’ and ‘collective’ are both artifacts of culture — fables, one might say. They are abstracts from certain kinds of experience and consciousness and do not have separate material existence. Attributing totality to a part or an aspect of something is an error; taken seriously over a long period of time to the extent of being an ideology, an ism, it is a pathology with a poor prognosis.

      • Yip agree Anarcissie she is dealing in concepts, projecting her ” fucked” and “mentally ill” world and selling the ideas the msm concepts like collectivism /socialism . But what they want for this socialism as we can see with police jailing healthy people in the name of this saving lives socialism is its really more like Marxism/Nazi-socialism= fascism .
        It begs the question has Ciatlin been mind programmed by msms or is she willingly knowingly doing this?
        The whole of humanity is believing (what is untrue) and manifesting this world.We all see it through the filter of our own minds.
        At the moment we seem to be in a ego( fear) based thinking matrix.
        To change it requires love.
        Self knowledge is everyone’s birthright, you already have in you what you seek , people need to stop looking out at the world/universe for enlightenment.

      • Not artifacts of culture . I think Individual and collective are products of self consciousness. A recent mutation exhibited by Homo-Sapiens. As such it is a conundrum used to justify many aspects of various cultures. Which always break down to collectivism for the masses and individual rights for the few based on the power to force ones beliefs on others..

  • Collectivism is the very CAUSE of the problems you wish to correct. All government is collectivist. It cannot exist without a population willing to be governed. By far the worst environmental culprits are those with the most collectivist governments. Corporations are a creation of the collectivist state, and are sociopathic by their very nature. Collectivism is what created our fiat currency debt based economy that finances a living standard far above what we can actually afford, tech advances far faster than we can assimilate them, and wastes resources on a vast scale. Collectivism inhibits charity by reducing the wealth of the individual, and so their ability to support others. By supplanting charity, it discourages charity, denying us our humanity. By robbing the family it denies the family’s ability to care for the young and the old.

    • Exactly.

    • So, what you are saying is that oligarchs are collectivists. I think reality says your definitions are off somewhere.

      • They are shadow-boxing with illusions. Show me an individual that is not the product of collectivities. Show me a collective that is not composed of individuals.

        • Semantics. This is an age old struggle of self determination vs societal demands. States rights vs federal rights etc. You want the collective to march this way, i want it to go that way. Thats why cultures clash. Yes we are all products of the collective but we want personal freedoms as we see fit. caitlin said it perfectly when she defined her desire for personal right to gestation. Thus struggle with those in society who think differently.

    • Few are willing to be “governed” until they feel the sword point at their throats? Something the our elites discovered at the dawn of human history.

  • Excellent insights Caitlin. The truth is so calming and reassuring. I only wish more of us would (could) articulate it as clearly as you do.

  • A fine piece. Left Libertarian pov ftw.

  • Thank you Caitlin. Right on.

  • Excellent piece. Resonates well with me.

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