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If I had to put a label on my politics and I was being 100 percent straightforward about it I’d probably call myself a “satori populist” or something. I believe humanity wins by awakening from its dysfunctional relationship with mental narrative and moving into enlightened collectivism.

There’s nothing establishment power structures can do to prevent humanity from doing on a mass scale what it’s been doing on a small scale for millennia: shifting from a dysfunctional relationship with the mind into a healthy one. That door is basically unlocked and unguarded, and is likely to remain so.

We’re at an evolve-or-die point as a species, and we’ve been seeing individuals make this shift in consciousness for thousands of years, so we know we have that potential in us. This is constantly overlooked, but it has far-reaching political implications.

You can call this impractical New Age crap or whatever, but is it really more impractical and unrealistic than believing human society can be drastically restructured for the better without such a shift? Or believing we’ll be saved by greedy monopolistic tech oligarchs? Not in my opinion.

The only way to have a truly free and healthy society is for humans to freely collaborate with each other and with our ecosystem. The only way to have this is via a people’s movement out of egoic consciousness and into an awake relationship with reality.

Will we get there? I don’t know. I do know that the potential for such shifts is in us, and can emerge in the most bizarre and unexpected ways imaginable.

The unfortunate reality is that nothing we’re doing works. All our attempts to change the global status quo have failed, and no human societies are operating with the degree of collaboration with each other and with the ecosystem necessary to avert the existential hurdles which face us.

But the door to a mass-scale awakening remains wide open, and looks increasingly more achievable by the day. I see many signs that it’s happening already, completely indifferent to my intellectual babblings about it.

So how would one be a “satori populist”, or whatever you want to call it? Simple. You just do what you probably do already: work to expand public awareness of what’s really going on in the world. But also, additionally, you work to expand consciousness of what’s going on in you as well.

The consistent trend over the last four years, and this year especially, has been an accelerating pattern of expanded awareness. Awareness of government tyranny, police state oppression, electoral corruption, mainstream media lies, etc. This will likely keep accelerating.

Information and awareness will likely keep expanding with increasing speed, regardless of what establishment power structures do. It’s out of their hands now. It’s in the hands of ordinary humans. This can’t avoid expanding our consciousness inwardly, too.

We can’t know what this change will look like, since becoming conscious of the previously unconscious is by its very nature a movement into the unknown. But at this point, what the hell have we as a species got to lose? We either make the jump or we go extinct.

I say floor it.


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Latest comments

  • People are too confused and deluded. It just gets worse and worse. There is way too much information, and it ultimately does not make people more lucid. We must delete the internet and deindustrialize, but that could probably not be achieved without incredible amounts of sorrow and death. I predict that more and more of the world will look like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Uyghuristan, Delhi, Kashmir, Ukraine, Pyongyang… we are sowing evil every day and I haven’t noticed myself or others stopping. Astaghfirullah. Fatihah.

  • The BLM-Antifa Marxist revolt by ‘woke’ young people in the West, hijacked and controlled by the ruling elite, is very meaningful, very significant.
    It is a historical point of change to year zero, a whole new tyranny, a whole new change of consciousness.
    Now the West cannot continue as it has been.
    A point of deep crisis has come.
    The West will have to move in another direction to survive now.
    That direction is existential.
    It is no mind!
    The whole attitude of modern youth is one of revolt against capitalism, individual freedom, property rights and democracy.
    The youth are demolishing western society using Cultural Marxism, social justice, identity politics, group think and cancel culture.
    They will continue destroying western society until they can fully replace it with a Marxist Utopia.
    A ‘Utopia’ free of all the oppressors that they now ‘think’ are everywhere?
    A ‘Utopia’ that according to their far left political worldview, will be far more just, honest and transparent?
    If it is taken to the extreme, western society as we know it will collapse.
    Everything that the west has worked to build and develop over centuries will be shattered, and the collective hive mind will be forced to move to the opposite polarity.
    This has happened throughout history, this has been the dialectic.
    We have been trained in Aristotelian logic, which is linear, one-dimensional.
    Life is not Aristotelian at all, it is Hegelian.
    Logic is not linear, logic is dialectical.
    The very process of life is dialectic, a meeting of the opposites.
    A conflict between the opposites and yet a meeting of the opposites.
    And life goes through this dialectical process.
    Hegel says life moves from thesis to antithesis to synthesis.
    Then the synthesis becomes a thesis again.
    Once the thesis is there, antithesis is created.
    Again they start creating a new balance.
    A higher synthesis arrives.
    That’s how life moves.
    Thesis needs antithesis.
    Unless there is a thesis opposed by an antithesis there is no dynamism, life becomes stagnant.
    We ordinarily understand two things, the positive and the negative.
    Mind moves between the positive and the negative, the left brain and the right brain, reason and intuition, the masculine and the feminine, for and against, the left and right.
    But mind has no approach, no way to go beyond this polarity, this duality, this dialectic.
    If we continue to chose only one part of the mind, we deny the opposite part.
    Then there is bound to be revolt.
    But there is a possibility of a synthesis.
    This synthesis is the goal of all religiousness, of all mysticism.
    The meeting of the opposites.
    The whole experience of the awakened ones emphasizes only this one thing, which is beyond duality and dialectics.
    To realize this transcendental experience is to transform the individual.
    Only awakened individuals then working together can transform the societies of the world.
    The person who is working for enlightenment can find a bridge between the dualities, because without finding the bridge you cannot transcend them, you cannot go above them.
    And the bridge is there, it has only to be discovered.
    Before enlightenment, growth is dialectical.
    Always divided, always finding something which joins it and then again another division and another division.
    You have to pass through a process of dialectics, because where we are now, with mind, we are under the law of dialectics.
    To get free from dialectics is one of the major projects of spiritual evolution.
    It is very easily possible if one works through meditation.
    Because that is the only way to find out the golden mean, the middle point which is transcendence.
    The moment you have found the middle point between.
    You have entered into a new area, unexplored.
    One must accept the total human potentiality, bringing everything within oneself to a peak without feeling any inconsistency, any contradiction.
    The secret key is balance through awareness.
    And one who learns how to balance through awareness becomes capable of knowing what life is, what existence is.
    We call our home the universe, because it is One.
    Still the oneness has multiplicity in it, variety, distinctions, differences.
    The oneness is not a monotonous oneness.
    The oneness is not dead, it is alive.
    And the oneness is not static, it is dynamic.
    Oneness gives you the most important insight into existence.
    Existence is everywhere alive – this very moment.
    You will always find life itself – herenow.
    So in one way enlightenment is the end, the end of the old mind.
    In another way it is a beginning, a tremendous beginning.

    • You Dumb Bologna, BLM is not Fake; I mean, from a Saint Louis Perspective, it’s just a slogan such as Whose Streets it’s only people who see it on TV who think it’s fake or Marxist for that matter whatttever

      Western Society is Garbage

      Western Society Is,

      “the world is wicked replace it with processed material,” like the Christ God Commandeth thee; for real, watch NHK news and count the healthy things we gave Japan and the Healthy things we’re missing; keep a table of each, and you tell me how that turns out

  • From what I have learned from a great thinker, the future happiness and even continued existence of humankind, depends on how much we can see that our true individuality arises from and is enhanced by being a member of a collective. One might ask how much does the beauty and individual meaning of a musical note come from its relation to other notes? Opposites do not need to fight, and that includes the individual and the collective, one person and society.

  • The trouble with billionaires is they’ve tried to mind everyone else’s business for so long they’ve forgotten how to mind their own. The Jim Jones cult leaders won’t go much further.

  • Bid on’s plan is suicide ride. a kamakazi pilot could not have chosen better; millions will be seduced…the fracking wells will continue to leak methane–the new real meth of the planet. 80 times more powerful at trapping the sun’s rays. we’d be better off just burning it…turning meth into CO2 would be a great improvement…but his date for culmination for all this is as STUPID as he appears to be, 2035 is the suicide date.
    collectively we should’ve got Bernie in….2 trillion in 4 years vs 16 trillion for10…i heard on KPFA.
    otherwise i would never even have heard it. the money in both is for electric car subsidies in large part.
    actually if you look at this NOW right now…we might even say Senor Covid is doing our species a favor by cramping our most out-moded style du vie into something that MUST be collective and slower and less polluting…just look at the freeways……capitalism is so stopped up it appears MARX himself did it.
    and good for it i say. we need time to think, feel, and respond like adults….ooops, i mean children…would prob’bly be better. maybe the children shall lead us.
    and maybe money is out-moding itself also…kids never have any.

    [except tramp who got 300,000 for his 3rd B-day]

  • The real world model of what you are does not account for the fact of your awareness. This insight can be used as a dagger in the heart of materialism – the doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its properties. And materialism, the dominant philosophical presumption of the current era, is the source of our problem.

    • Philosophical assumptions provide only our excuses for what we do or plan to do. The dominant source of what we do or plan is our biological constitution and the dominant source of that is our genes. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that the root cause of society’s problems is undesirable genes. But dominant philosophical assumptions will not allow people to admit this.

      • Thank you for your materialist explanation of evil. You exemplify my third point rather well, I think.

  • Ms Johnstone I like that term of yours ” Satori Populism “. Having hopes, aspirations, goals, etc. no matter how far-fetched from main stream thinking does not hurt anyone. Like yourself, I feel something big happening; I can not put a finger on it, or a description, but I definitely feel it coming like a tidal wave. As always, thank you for your great articles.

  • Great writing and concepts. I’d love to but can’t be as optimistic as Caitlin regarding the results of the ongoing expansion of consciousness (inwardly and outwardly). I think that old saying that power corrupts is the curse of humanity. Revolutions eat themselves when they gain power, from French Revolution to Russian, and other attempts at social and national liberation of past and current centuries. At one stage, if our expanded awareness and consciousness transform enough people, society’s organisation and power structures will have to change to get rid of the psychopath oligarchs. So new power structures will be in place, will they be so enlightened in order to prevent the gradual formation of another ruling class?

    • New power structures will require good people with good genes to operate the new structures. The people are the problem, not the power structures.

      • True. Thats why people resist change. Better the devil I know than the one who will replace it.

      • wrong. capitalism is indefensible. we are all trapped in it.

  • The dominant Humanist philosophy teaches that all humans are born innately good, but as they grow up, many get corrupted by their social, cultural, political environment and upbringing. But that is an illogical fallacy: Greed, lying, cheating, corruption, murder, addiction, etc. cannot appear from nowhere if all humans were born innately good in the first place. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that the root cause of society’s problems is undesirable genes; something which must have corrupted the human gene pool very long ago. The question then should be: What is the most ethical, fair, quick, effective and least painful way to drastically modify and improve the human gene pool? ANSWER: Help Mother Nature to do the task for us, through an improved process of natural selection which prevents psychopaths and social parasites surviving and reproducing. This does not mean we promote a policy and strategy of genocide and euthanasia. On the contrary, the Great Liberator recommended a strategy of total non-cooperation with people, organizations, banking systems and government institutions which tolerate oppression, pollution and irresponsible exploitation the earth’s resources, extermination of living species and indoctrination of the masses. This means separating ourselves from the evil empire into frugal, hard-working, honest and responsible, eco-friendly, socialist communities which interconnect with one another for mutual collaboration and support. But LOL who is ready to do that? Any volunteers?

    • free will.

  • I agree with you,Caitlin. You holding the brain is a very apt and impressive image.
    Knowledge and understanding of our resting state default mode is an important is necessary to clarify what you are saying.

  • I agree with you Caitlin. I am impressed that you hold the brain when you give your talk. An integral part of self understanding is knowledge of our resting state default mode. Keep up your good work.

    • Caitlin
      A free and healthy society can only come from understanding our epigenetics and brain development: the science of both of which has developed exponentially over the last decade.

      Time Table of Normal Foetal Brain Development
      Int. J. Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine Vol. 21 (2009) No. 1/2, pp. 4–16

      Neuroimaging’s Role in Neuropsychology: Introduction to the Special Issue of Neuropsychology Review on Neuroimaging in Neuropsychology
      Neuropsychol Rev (2015) 25:221–223 DOI 10.1007/s11065-015-9296-7

      Evolutionary Biology for the 21st Century. PLoS Biol 11(1): e1001466.

      Review Article
      Influence of paternal preconception exposures on their offspring: through epigenetics to phenotype
      Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(1):11-18

      • Yay Science! Double yay scientists! The Lancet as Bible!

  • “There’s nothing establishment power structures can do to prevent humanity from doing on a mass scale what it’s been doing on a small scale for millennia: shifting from a dysfunctional relationship with the mind into a healthy one.”
    The web, social media, 5G, Cancel Culture, racial strife, economic collapse, The Karens of the World, virtue signaling and shaming, consolidation of media companies, Think Tank social engineering measures… all of these and more are about the establishment power structure to CAPTURE YOUR MIND. By capturing your mind and thoughts and beliefs and dreams, they foreclose on one’s ability of the mind and spirit to move from dysfunctional to healthy. There is plenty that establishment power can and will do to stop a healthy mind and society from emerging. It is needed for their very survival to make sure people never develop healthy thinking and positive forms of cooperation with each other. As long as so much of the world is concerned with Likes and Fitting In and Not Going Against The Crowd and following all edicts coming from all levels of Politicians-On-High and Religious Cult leaders, they are closing their own mental and spiritual doorways to the light of healthy development and evolution into something greater.
    “The unfortunate reality is that nothing we’re doing works. All our attempts to change the global status quo have failed…”
    Look at any random group of 100 people. How many of those people do you think really have tried to change anything? One? Two? People are not even trying because they don’t even see a problem.
    “…what the hell have we as a species got to lose? We either make the jump or we go extinct.”
    If we make the jump, great. We all know that’s what we’re here for. But if we don’t make the jump and we go into oblivion, the Universe will still go on, and some form of the Earth will remain after we’ve hit the exit door. Then maybe a more deserving species will begin to populate the Earth, or at least there are such beings already out there in the vastness of the cosmos. Not everyone gets to sit at the Big Table. We’re getting our chance at a seat if we choose to take it.

  • A lot of people are scared of the future and avoid trying to change, they have been told that there is no safe way to change the system. They are like scared children afraid to look out from under the covers. I say we should be more like soldiers- accept our fears, accept what influence they have on us, and get to work anyway.

  • I’m with Cait on this, but I think we will not advance as society unless we can neutralize
    the influence of psychopaths. Psychopathy is a quirk of human personality which is
    very destructive of benign social activity and whatever “progress” we may achieve
    in our societies.

    If you want some insight into psychopathy and its influence in our lives, look at the website theauthoritarians.com.

    Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June 1940) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced a well-validated test and scale for “RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism. He did extensive research on authoritarianism, identifying the psychological makeup of authoritarian followers and authoritarian leaders. He has devised
    a test which reliably identifies psychopaths and has performed many social experiments
    with his grad students which clearly illustrate the destructive influence of psychopathic
    authoritarian leaders and their unthinking followers in social situations.

    His research is depressing, but should be better known. Maybe we can protect ourselves as a society from right wing psychopathic authoritarians, and maybe we can’t, but we should know what science tells us about them.

    • So was Stalin a right wing psychopath dictator too. I always though communists owned the left. Authoritarian psychopaths exist on the left and right.

  • I agree. This clip of Dr. Zack Bush where he says essentially the same thing. The question is not whether we will awaken or not. The question is when and how.


    What has worked in the past is not working now and in fact is destructive and threatening to all living things. Thanks Caitlin for your courage is saying and pointing this out. We are in this together.

  • Technology has hindered the evolution of our species. It’s always one step forward and two steps back. Human beings have a very short attention span and have a hard time grasping the big picture.
    Last year, it was MeToo, now its BLM with Hey19 as a complicating factor. Even many with good intentions can’t see the forest for the trees. We are too dependent on our material comforts to take the leap necessary for real human progress to occur. In a short while we won’t have the choice to make.

  • Although social evolution has been slow, it has been accelerating over historical time. I am hopeful the chaos we see playing out in the collective mind (metaphorically) is in part a symptom of accelerated social evolution. There really is no such thing as chaos in nature. What we call chaos is really complexity.
    I think social evolution is not entirely conscious. It may be more so in some individuals; but for most people the changes occur in the unconscious. I think this applies to slavery for instance.
    Take war for example. Historically most people have always been ok with wars; and are still. Most liberals and conservatives I know are perfectly ok with wars and mass slaughters, so long as they are assured by their leaders the wars are for the good of the countries attacked and for the people killed. Humanitarian wars are perfectly acceptable to most people today; as were crusades in earlier times.
    Whatever shift is required for war to enter the same category as slavery has not yet occurred in the collective unconscious. We may be close to the tipping point; or we may be nowhere near it yet. I’m not sure.

    • You think slavery cannot become vogue again. I think mankind psyche is about to be put to the test in the next couple generations.

  • “Make the Jump”
    One of my favorite ststements .
    Maybe e.e.c. was right
    “There’s a hell of good universe next door.”

  • One point of view, which can come in flashes and glimpses, is that this world is converging upon harmony through what appears to be chaos and is certainly suffering. We seek to envision mechanisms of healing the world. That’s our positive intention, the main thing we learn that’s “good”.
    Mainly, with that, we just don’t fight the progression of events and transitions, but seek to help in little ways as we flow in them.
    I endeavor to have more of those moments while bike commuting. It’s a practice.
    It’s got some familiarity to it now. That’s how it seems to be going.
    I’m not predicting this afternoon any better than anybody else is, though, just trying not to get so upset.

    • Good one John.

  • “Enlightened as to what?”is the question at the bottom of the comments. Enlightened as to the need for extinguishing the fires at the root of our suffering: delusions, greed/ lust, and hatred. All three are the lifeblood of marketing, consumption, and politics. We live in a version of communally constructed hell on earth, where most people have very little if any awareness that they have been configured to be milked of their ability to be happy, their time and ultimately their life force, in servitude to the exacerbation of our suffering through saturation of those three spiritual illnesses. We can’t just react to its manifestation in others and pretend we are Ok. Asking for relief from these states of consciousness implies spiritual connection with other people and with nature which are both in states of crisis. Nor can we assume a superior position because we have some solutions that explain wtf is happening. All any of us can do is cultivate ourselves and our connections genuinely, without expectations of results, but because they are the right thing to do, in order to give back to our true selves, so that others around us could become aware of their true selves also, and feel encouraged to make this shift also. We are human, no one gets to live a spiritual life without practice and failure developing these abilities. However supporting each other in the highest expression of our conscious selves rooted in love and compassion is imho the only good use of whatever time we have left as individuals. Figuring out how to connect with people and with ecosystems is something we can do, if we choose to focus on solutions in the moment and refuse to spend our life force resenting the past in shame and blame or in the future which we can’t actually know, but have many reasons to be fearful of based on observations and predictions. Assuming nothing else changes. So start by being a point source of that change.

    • Right on MM! Yours is a great credo for anyone to operate from.

  • Just when I think I fully understand just how stupid most human beings are, I read an article like this one ….
    “Nasa post sparks panic that everyone’s starsigns have changed – but the truth is more complicated”
    My own mental image of the universe that I am riding on a ball of rock around a giant ball of fusing hydrogen which in turn revolves around a galactic center (most likely consisting of giant black holes) in a universe where all the galaxies are moving apart from each other at a noticeable rate. Given this mental image of the universe, one with everything in motion, then the notion that the other burning balls of fusing hydrogen that appear in the night sky would move positions in the 3000 years since Babylonians should, to me, only merit the statement of “Elementary, my dear Watson.”
    And yet, from this article, I gather that the vast majority of human beings around me believe that they stand on a flat earth, that the stars are painted onto the night sky, and that its a total outrage that someone would dare to change those stars, especially after they’ve built up an entire imaginary belief system based on imaginary images of creatures drawn loosely on the locations of those stars.
    I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that human beings don’t deserve to survive. ….. sigh

    • As a retired scientist, I am also appalled at many people’s lack of basic knowledge of science. A good education should include enough science to make people aware of how things work in general and to inculcate a respect for the scientific method. Without that, we are prey to the large amount of nonsense in the world of discourse. Many people writing in this blog betray their lack of education in this important area of knowledge. Knowing something about science helps you to know who to pay attention to when people discuss scientific matters.

      • Such as?

      • A good education should make people aware that science is, at present, totally subservient to capitalism. Go The Lancet!!!

  • I think there is plenty power establishments can do to hinder human consciousness development; and according to conspiracy theorists such as Icke and Jones and many others they are doing it and have been for a long time. I’m not saying I agree with those narratives; I don’t have enough data to know for sure; but looking at media and entertainment and food production and medicine etc I see a lot of data that could be interpreted that way.

    Although I would love there to be a global shift in consciousness like Caitlin describes, I do not see it happening. Although I see obvious signs of significant changes in human mind and consciousness (due mainly to the internet) I don’t see it as a species shifting to a higher level of consciousness. I don’t see it as an ascension. What I see is a chaos of emotionally intensified bickering and bunkering into partisan mental states and perspectives – aka the culture wars. I see this as a sort of mental crisis playing out in the collective consciousness.

    I agree with Caitlin the best thing any of us can do for ourselves and for the collective is to do our own inner work and live that in our communities as best we can.

    I think things will have to get worse before they will be able to get better; and if we do make it, it most likely will not be pretty or graceful.

    • I see the movement and the change.
      I guess that makes me a liberal, as it what defines the difference between liberal and conservatives. Liberals believe in change and progress, conservative say they don’t exist and try to throttle either whenever they see it happening.
      However, the change is very slow.
      Its faster than the rocks, but nothing like a fast as kudzu spreads.
      For instance, the world has moved to the point where most people don’t believe in slavery, and where there were mass movements to try to end slavery, and even a horrible war with many casualties was fought to end the slavery of another race.
      That’s progress. We’ve gone from a world where slavery was universally accepted, as far as I know in all tribes, to a world where it is now disapproved of and where it does still occur it has to be somewhat hidden such as immigrants working in an unseen sweatshop,
      There has been progress over generations. But its so slow that one doesn’t really see it actually moving before them. Still, it exists, which means that we should be working to help it along. Except the people who think all ‘liberal’ progress should be rolled back and that life was perfect when there was a aristocracy and all the serfs worked for them for free and thought only what a priest told them to think.

      • You are thinking linearly which is a false assumption of the modern era. The world, nature and mankind in general are cyclic in nature. Progressive thought has been around for centuries. It ebbs and flows in popularity over the ages.

  • Then there’s the satori that the world cannot be saved, i.e. that the anthroposphere is sick-unto-death and the absurd notion that it can be saved is like thinking that a terminally ill & elderly patient with stage-4 bone cancer will miraculously recover.

    • Gary — I happen to have stage 4 bone cancer, but through some research have discovered that there are those who have recovered from this condition, and that there are even valid methods to help such recoveries to happen. Given the undeniable reality of these “miraculous” cures, maybe your certainty of Gaia’s and humanity’s near term extinction is premature?

      • Do you really have stage-4 bone cancer or are you playing games, Mike?

        …maybe your certainty of Gaia’s and humanity’s near term extinction is premature

        You, Mike, are not aware of the technosphere aka the anthroposhere NOT being Gaia and NOT being “humanity”. The anthroposphere — being mortal, sick-unto-death, terminally ill — can die without bringing about the extinction of the biosphere and the noosphere.

        I’m happy for you if you really believe that you can receive a miraculous cure. What are these “methods” you refer to?

  • This is great, Caitlin. We need more people who bridge the divide between “spirituality” and “politics.” Spiritual teachers like Adyashanti and others understandably don’t focus on political issues, because their whole spiritual message would get lost in the dissension rampant in the current political world. And political pundits are generally lost in all the narratives and don’t know a thing about consciousness. And yet someone has to bridge that divide! The human species has to bridge that divide! I say, “Floor it!”

  • So Caitlin, I reread your article, even watched the video. I grasp what you are trying to convey. I believe most of us in our heart desire the spiritual through religion, meditation, etc. But we are distracted either willingly or unwillingly by the world around us. Precious few find the desire strong enough to throw off the world in this pursuit to one degree or another. Mostly we desperately cling to the world while deluding ourselves we seek the spiritual. Alas, the human condition. Those who reject such and live fully in the world are the soyrce of really frightening and disruptive forces around us.

  • I suggest a way we can actually do it—by starting with how we raise young children. I call it Sixteen Capabilities. tomdrummond.com/sixteen-capabilities

  • When 190 UN “nations” conspire in secret to use trauma based mind, fascist lockdowns, medieval social distancing, UNISEX BURKAS, Gestapo contact tracing and mandatory voodoo vaccination to enslave humanity…you know the UN is EVIL.
    “LancetGate: Big Pharma Corruption & Coronavirus Lies” at > GlobalResearch(.)ca

  • …and don’t stop for no red lights!

  • The current system is becoming rapidly dysfunctional. History tells us it must shatter into smaller fragments like the roman empire, USSR, etc to rebuild into something else. America and the EU shatter moment is rapidly approaching. It will be painful and replaced with possibly something worse.

  • Thank you for your insight and sanity. This sums it up https://youtu.be/xQucpAdsApw
    Words are a quote from Prem Rawat.
    I suggest becoming familiar with him. Everything he says resounds with your vision.

  • Jeesh! “… shifting from a dysfunctional relationship with the mind into a healthy one.” What a bunch of gobbledygook!

  • So, you sat under a Bo tree and were enlightened?? Enlightened as to what?

    • Here lies the vexing problem with Caitlin’s extraordinary blog. She digs deep inside, takes a hard look outside, and comes up with an incisive, provocative post. She “goes for it” and puts in out there. I’ve seen this same sort of dynamic on other blogs, although not often with the substance and style of this one, and what generally happens? An INTERNET COMMUNITY is gradually formed, a group of commentators who pick up what the blogger has said and run with it–sharpening it, expanding it, modifying it, challenging it, etc. Then others chime in and soon the commentators start talking with each other, often learning as much from each other as from the blogger herself/himself. Sure, there are always trolls who stick their noses into the meaningful dialogue, seeking to disrupt it or impede it, but they are either ignored and eventually disappear or are dealt with in no uncertain terms by those who constructively participate on the blog and value it, refuse to see it trashed. This process, which I’ve seen for many years on the better blogs, DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE or at least happens far less than it should, and the reasons for this continue to escape me. To put it bluntly, so many of the comments on Caitlin’s blog are utter trash. We even had Nazi lovers here a post or two ago. I’d be interested in learning whether others who come here to ponder or participate see what I see and are also bothered by it, and if so, what solutions they might have to solve the problem. Much to her credit, Caitlin is not big on internet censorship, nor am I. But Caitlin’s blog is FAR too good not to have developed an internet community that stands behind her in solidarity or, alternatively, challenges her work on serious, substantive grounds. Either is all good. It’s not a matter of pro or contra, whether one agrees or disagrees with a particular post. It’s a matter of whether the comment section following a post is largely composed of good faith, thoughtful responses that contribute to the blog’s quality and enhance its impact and reach. Caitlin has a unique message that desperately needs to be heard. So how can those of us who recognize this fact help her get that message out more effectively, cut through the continual onslaught of flippant mockery, misdirection, and distortion? How can we work together to build a comment section worthy of her posts?

      • To clarify, this was written when Frederick’s two comments were the only ones yet made today.

      • i read this blog because it is not groupthink which too many are today. Building a community of like minded people develops groupthink. I enjoy this blog not only for Caitlins articulate thought she gives on a wide variety of subjects but also for the diverse opinions. Also generally everyone tries to be civil in their discourse. An open mind must be willing to hear all opinions. That is why groupthink is so wrong as it has created the cancel culture. Too many closed minds in the world today. Very dangerous.

        • I was not calling for groupthink, as I made rather clear. What I was calling for was simply “think.” The comments on this particular post, as a whole, wound up being far more thoughtful and helpful than those on many recent posts. Maybe a page has been turned, maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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