During a suspended parliament without properly elected supervision, the Australian government is slashing financial protections for its own economically struggling citizens while pouring vast fortunes into supporting dangerous US cold war escalations against Australia’s number one trading partner.

In an article titled “Australian government slashes pandemic payments to workers after suspending parliament“, World Socialist Web Site reports:

Despite a worsening COVID-19 surge in Australia’s two most populous states, the Liberal-National government yesterday announced the slashing of its pandemic wage subsidies and welfare benefits, as part of its drive to “reopen the economy.”


Under conditions of mass unemployment, this will impoverish more than five million unemployed or under-employed workers and welfare recipients. The blatant purpose is to give workers no choice but to go back into unsafe workplaces regardless of the danger of infection.


“JobSeeker and JobKeeper are not do—nothing payments,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared, saying they were not designed to prevent people “from going out and seeking work.” Treasury had reported that the payments to workers “potentially blunted their incentives to work, or to take on additional hours of work.”

Got that? It’s too dangerous for our own MPs to go back to work, but everyone else needs to or face economic hardship. These cuts come at a time when 13 out of work Australians can be competing for a single job.

This is happening at the same time that five Australian warships are conducting provocative naval exercises alongside the United States and Japan in the Philippine Sea as a “show of force” against China.

“As the US rogue regime ramps up its new cold war on China, vassal state Australia joined Washington and Japan in joint military exercises in the Philippine Sea — an obvious threat to Beijing,” journalist Ben Norton observed of the operation on Twitter.

“Escalating tension with China might be good for Trump’s election campaign, but can’t see what it does for us,” tweeted President of Australians for War Powers Reform Paul Barratt.

This is also happening at the same time the Morrison government commits $270 billion over the next decade to implement a new long-range missile system and upgrade Australia’s military due to fears of a rising China and its increasingly heated relationship with the USA.

This idiotic expenditure against a nation that is still Australia’s leading trading partner by a very wide margin amounts to no less than $10,800 per Australian citizen. For a family of four, that’s $43,200 per household. The insanity of pouring billions of dollars into protecting Australian interests from Australia’s top economic partner has been hilariously spoofed on the ABC show Utopia:


This is also happening just after the newly released Palace Letters gave us new insights into the way the British government collaborated with the CIA to stage a coup in Australia and oust our Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975. Whitlam’s offense? Trying to assert Australia’s independence as a sovereign nation, of course.

Australia is Washington’s basement gimp. We’re not a real country, and we don’t have a real government. We are functionally nothing more than a US military/intelligence asset, a useful stretch of land in the Indo-Pacific for stationing war machinery and running NSA operations out of. The rights of our citizens always come second to this role, as evidenced by Canberra’s complete abandonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as the US fights to extradite him and imprison him for life for the “crime” of journalism which exposed US war crimes.

And now Australians are being increasingly used as pawns in the US empire’s slow-motion third world war against all nations like China which have refused to be absorbed into the imperial blob like we were. US State Department-funded think tanks and our own Murdoch-dominated news media have been used to manufacture consent for our role in these world-threatening escalations, and for the most part our propagandized populace has put up little resistance.


People ask me why I focus on the US empire instead of on my own “government”. This is why. My real government lies not in Canberra but in Washington, and in the US government agencies and their allied plutocrats who pull its strings.

And we don’t even get the dignity of being offered a pretend vote in their fake elections.


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42 responses to “Australia Pours Money Into Insane US War Games Yet Won’t Support Its Own Citizens”

  1. How to catch wild pigs.

    ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again.

    You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat; you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught.

    Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

  2. Putin makes the decisions in the best interests of Russian’s.

    Xi makes the decisions in the best interests of China.

    Morrison has been threatened with economic armageddon if he doesn’t ‘toe’ the line.

    FED creates money out of thin air and lends it to Australia at interest – which – of course – keeps us in perpetual checkmate.

  3. We Do Not Comply! Avatar
    We Do Not Comply!

    Who decides our freedom, our value system?
    The function of the government in a ‘real’ democracy is to protect the individual, their freedom, their ownership, their possibilities of growth, and to help them.
    Every individual should be free in every possible way from government rule, government control, government domination.
    The government has no business in interfering into people’s life, their bodies, their development, their intelligence.
    Why is the government interfering in healthcare (mask and vaccination compliance), education, the economy, free markets, surveillance and family matters?
    Government is simply a functioning body.
    It is not the master, it is the servant of the people.
    It should take care, that everything keeps on going well, that no individual is being in any way exploited, that no individual is being enslaved, that no individual is being interfered with.
    The government should not become a partner, a competitor, in business, in land, in factories, in anything.
    The government is just a functional body like the post office.
    Now, should the post office start owning land and factories?
    Or the board that runs airlines or railways?
    Government should not own anything because that ownership makes the politician too powerful.
    The philosophy of democracy is totally against the idea of government owning anything: land, schools, libraries, universities.
    That idea is basically communist, that the government should own everything, that no individual should be the owner.
    It is a very subtle psychology to destroy the individual.
    If an individual is taken away from all their ownership, they become a beggar.
    Individuals should be the owners of everything that exists
    Politicians have come to recognize a great factor in human misfortune.
    And, of course, there is no better trick than creating fear.
    It is a psychological technique.
    The politicians who are leading you are more powerful than you, they can punish you, they can destroy you.
    Their whole idea, desire, ambition, is how to dominate people, how to control people, how to corrupt people.
    They have a very hidden politics how to make slaves out of people using fear.
    Of course, it is easy to control paralyzed people, it is easy to control crippled people, it is easy to dominate dead people.
    Wherever there is domination, there is politics.
    The politician is dominating because of physical force, their armies, their police, their armaments, their nuclear weapons.
    They are dominating your life not only from outside but from inside.
    They have become your inside, they have become your morality, they have become your conscience, they have become your very spiritual being.
    From inside they go on dominating you, saying what is right, what is wrong.
    Every society is totalitarian, and every society takes your mind, takes your freedom in such a way that you become just an automaton.
    Society penetrates everyone, because society cannot control you unless it penetrates you, so it becomes a part of you.
    The upbringing, the education, the parents, the teachers, what are they doing?
    They are doing one thing: they are creating the subconscious mind in you.
    Religions call it “conscience”.
    The subconscious mind is not natural, it is a social product.
    This subconscious is supplying you constantly with many ideas which you think are your own.
    They are not.
    They have been fed to you just like a computer is fed.
    You can get information out of a computer only if you have previously fed it.
    The same is the case with mind also.
    Whatsoever you are getting out is just because of what has been fed in before.
    It is a bio computer.
    Everything has been fed in.
    This is what we mean by education, the so-called education: feeding information.
    So it is ready in the subconscious every moment.
    It is so ready, really, that even when you don’t need it, it comes up.
    It constantly overfloods your mind, and it becomes a constant wavering, a constant trembling.
    This subconscious mind is the root cause of so many social evils.
    Really, the world could be one if there were no subconscious mind!
    We cannot use a single word without the subconscious being there.
    And you go on thinking and deceiving yourself that your thoughts are yours.
    They are not!
    Even the very language we use is contaminated, the words we use are contaminated.
    Society uses it very cunningly, and then your reactions, your reflexes, are not spontaneous.
    This subconscious mind is constantly working, day and night.
    The mind’s working is double.
    One working belongs to your conscious mind.
    It is concerned with how to control the subconscious consciously, constantly.
    Then the subconscious is controlling the conscious mind, your behavior.
    It is working to control your reactions, your actions, your reflexes, everything.
    Whatsoever you are doing must be controlled!
    This is the society’s grip on you.
    The first part is conscious, the second is subconscious.
    The subconscious is created by society.
    And the third is the instinctive. which is given by biological nature.
    That which you really are biologically, that which you are born with.
    The third part is the deepest and more dangerous: the biological instinctive nature.
    This second, subconscious mind is controlling outward behavior and also controlling inward instincts.
    Nothing should be allowed to come up to the conscious mind from your instinctive nature if the society is against it.
    So this subconscious creates a great barrier for the instinctive nature.
    This third, instinctive layer is the unconscious.
    The subconscious is controlling it every moment.
    Every moment!
    Conscious, subconscious and unconscious.
    And it controls so fanatically that everything is destroyed, or at least distorted.
    Controlling the masses is very easy because control needs only a cultivation of habits.
    You cultivate programmed habits, then those habits possess you and you need not worry.
    Then you go on with your habits, they become mechanical and you live a robot life.
    You must have heard the name of Pavlov the Russian behaviorist.
    He said there is no consciousness in man or in animals or anywhere, the whole thing is just a mind mechanism.
    You can train the mind mechanism and then it starts working in that way, it is all a question of conditioning.
    Mind functions as a conditioned reflex.
    Make a habit, control the behavior.
    Reward and punishment.
    This is the way to condition the mind if you follow Pavlov.
    Control has become such a supreme value to politicians.
    It is not a value at all.
    Control comes out of fear.
    A controlled person is a dead person.
    Remember, the people who are aware, who are intelligent, enjoy their life and are difficult to control.
    Intelligence is to live a life with full awareness, not confined to any habit, not possessed by any mechanism.
    Intelligence is beyond the mechanism.
    It is a state of no-mind.
    It is ever present within us.
    Intelligence is a Universal Existential Constant!
    It is always alive in the present.
    Only intelligence can save you, nobody else.
    To realize this transcendental experience is to transform the individual.
    Life is a tremendously beautiful pilgrimage, but only for those who are ready to seek and search.
    The more responsibility you throw away onto government shoulders, the less is the possibility of your ever becoming intelligent.
    It is responsibility, the challenge of responsibility, that creates wisdom.

  4. The United States is run by the private club of ruling sociopaths. So is Australia. So is England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Israel, China, and most other countries. Probably Russia is too, but I’m not as convinced about that one. I think Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are not, mainly because they don’t yet have a Rothschild-controlled central bank. That’s the best indicator of who runs the country. Whoever controls the money of a country controls the country. In almost every case, that would be the private club of ruling sociopaths. As George Carlin famously said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

    1. Putin makes the decisions in the best interests of Russian’s.

      Xi makes the decisions in the best interests of China.

      Morrison has been threatened with economic armageddon if he doesn’t ‘toe’ the line.

      FED creates money out of thin air and lends it to Australia at interest – which – of course – keeps us in perpetual checkmate.

  5. Caity, I cry for you – and with you – for sitting here in the U.S. – I am just as helpless as you and incapable of stopping these atrocities performed by my government in my name. If asked, I would never approve them. Not a single one. There’s really nothing more that I can say, because nothing I do makes a difference. Only the passage of time, as the U.S. finally collapses under the burden it assumes – or the people finally rise up in revolution, to take back their country – will make a difference. At least that’s how I see it. But, as we go down the tubes, at least Joe Biden won’t speak as nastily as Trump, no matter if he continues pretty much the same policies that preceded the last several presidents’ rise to power.

  6. If you want to know why Australia slavishly follows America, a good place to start is Guy Rundle’s essays on the Whitlam Dismissal, and the real reasons for it, namely the Pine Gap Treaty. It should be required reading.

  7. Smedley Butler Avatar
    Smedley Butler

    I’ve always wondered what benefits Australia gets from it’s relationship with the USA. Just as I’ve always wondered what benefits the USA gets from it’s relationship with Israel.

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Australia is Washington’s basement gimp. We’re not a real country, and we don’t have a real government.”
    When did ANYONE last have a real country with a real government? Has there ever been one?
    “My real government lies not in Canberra but in Washington, and in the US government agencies and their allied plutocrats who pull its strings. And we don’t even get the dignity of being offered a pretend vote in their fake elections.”
    Everyone in Australia should be allowed to submit a pretend vote in the fake USA elections. Then you too can feel what it’s like to be an American.

  9. Schumpeter’s Gale is blowing and the world gets chaos & waiting while the Olis & Plutos reset the board


  10. “People ask me why I focus on the US empire instead of on my own ‘government’. This is why. My real government lies not in Canberra but in Washington, and in the US government agencies and their allied plutocrats who pull its strings.” As you further indicate, Caitlin, apart from a handful of “rogue” nations, this is true of the entire world. So thank God that two of those nations have nukes. And let’s hope that Iran somehow manages to become the third. I say this, by the way, as a genuine American patriot in love with the Preamble to its Declaration of Independence, proud of the Mashall Plan, the Civil Rights Movement, the Kennedys, etc., and fondly remembering the lifestyle provided to white working-class Americans in the post-WWII bubble, blown all to hell in the 1970s and 80s. If only we could make America great for everyone, inside and outside the country, for the first time.

    1. Forgot N. Korea. The numbers should change accordingly.

  11. Andrew Shelley Avatar
    Andrew Shelley

    I initially read “provocative naval exercises” as “provocative navel exercises”, then I realized our imperial leaders are doing both “naval exercises” AND “navel exercises”

  12. Where your heart lies, there will your wealth be, also.

  13. In the 1930s lots of peoplecwere out of work and the government gave them all a job in the nmilitary to go to war. Fast forward tO today with everyone out of work andcr ready for a job in the military. A good way to get people to join up that want a job, food and a paycheck. I find it no coincidence. Ever wonder if this is the real reason for covid, to get populace ready for war.

  14. I read that Joe Biden was concerned about global warming and climate change because it might disrupt US military operation and exercises. That is an important consideration given the legions of enemies the US has who are all lining up to invade and take over the world. It is important that US soldiers have decent weather in which to conduct their defensive peace operations all around the world.

  15. Agreed . I wish they had a thumbs up feature on this site?

  16. Now is the time, for all good people, to come to the aid of their country.
    A basic typing exercise, that today is true for Americans.
    If any Americans give a damn about America, then now is the time to come to the aid of their country.
    At this time, Trump is openly attacking and jailing any who disagree with him.
    This is of course barely covered in the MSM, just a note here and there. Its like reading an old Soviet newspaper and trying to connect the couple of dots that they can’t hide.
    Trump’s storm troopers are now on the streets of major American cities attacking those who dare to protest against Trump.
    Americans are being grabbed off the streets by people in paramilitary gear who wear no badges nor insignia. Americans are being thrown into the back of unmarked vans and disappeared.
    The Mayor of Portland joined the protestors last night, and was tear gassed by Trump’s stormtroopers.
    The former chair of the Ohio Republican Party was just arrested. Not long after he’d started a PAC to help the Democrats defeat Trump. Now he’s in jail.
    Michael Cohen has been sent back to jail because he wrote a tell-all book about Trump.
    Trump’s stormtroopers are now active in a whole list of American cities arresting people who disagree with Trump.
    What is of course fascinating is that the people who’ve been ranting about Freedom from the insane right are leading the charge to throw all Americans who disagree with them into camps. That was always the far-right’s idea of Freedom. They’ve always felt that you were free to join their fascist parades, but also that they were free to beat the crap out of anyone who was foolish enough to use their freedom to believe something different.
    Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.
    Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.
    (Damn, now Google’s mad at me. I failed to call a motorcycle a bicycle.)

    1. I remember typing that line a million times in my high school typing class in the 1960s (although back then it was “men” instead of “people”). I never dreamed that learning to use a keyboard would become of such immense benefit with the dawning of the computer age. Nor did I dream that my country would become the most virulent force on the planet with the dawning of the American Empire. Live and learn.

    2. So what do you want, antifa beating people on the street or federalist doing it. I find it disingenuous that you only complain about the feds. Dont kid yourself it is not Trump. He is an easy mark. Biden would do the same. Everytime I hear people compain about any president I know they havent a clue who runs this country.

  17. The so called progressive left seems to have been completely oblivious to the union busting that this faux covid pandemic has allowed . The new generation of union leaders have been a dismal disgrace in that most have stupidly embraced the false tenets of materialism which insists unlimited economic growth is possible and the grotesque notion that it is normal that the many must serve the few , the very basis of slavery..

    1. The US labour leaders sold out during the McCarthy era so they would be allowed to continue to exist and keep their dues funded sinecures. Other than the odd 1930’s throwback like Sara Nelson, most have decided to simply play along and cash the checks. They are as useless as the Resistance Democrats in the current oligarchy. We are well and truly fooked.

  18. If you are going to follow in the American Way, then understand that the American Way is to never support their own citizens. The American Way is to work your own citizens to death, let them starve if they can’t work, and deny them medical care and let them die. The two corporate parties are both quite in favor of watching their own citizens die. The rhetoric is different. Trump and the Republicans openly believe in mass murder and have been working since this coronavirus emerged into making sure that as many Americans die as possible in this pandemic. The Democrats put it differently. The Democrats pretend to give a damn about people, but their policy is to firmly put Profits over People. The Democrats will kill you just the same as the Republicans, but they’ll send some cheap flowers to your funeral.
    But, either way, if you want to follow Americans and the American Way, then you’ve got to understand that showing concern for you own citizens is not a part of that.
    If you want a nation that shows concern for its own citizens, you’d better talk to China.

    1. Even better, talk to Cuba.

  19. And yet you continue to espouse support for “proper government” as if there were indeed such a thing as a pie in the sky unicorn and rainbow government. There has never been such a thing. If government is what you want, what you have is what you can expect. The power to hold a gun to the people’s head and force them to do or not do this or that per edict is NOT a position sought by the sane. Government is a for profit venture, owned by the bank cartel, and has been since the world economy changed to fiat currency. It confiscates capital from its subjects, takes it’s cut, and delivers the rest to the bank cartel. Fiat currency facilitates such, punishing frugality and rewarding debt. The purpose of the corona flu psyop is the distressing of assets so the bank cartel can purchase them at a discount with “money” created out of thin air.

  20. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the whole truth once again! The ” empire ” has a ” dog and pony show ” that it must present to scare and intimidate those not under its control. However ” playing games ” with countries that are armed with nuclear weapons is just plain crazy! I am reminded of a great movie called ” The Bedford Incident ” starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier where one warship captains obsession with a Russian submarine was a prelude to war. All it takes is one ” idiot ” doing something stupid to launch world war III.

  21. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Basement gimp. Perfect.


    Shane Patton, police chief to the Victorian death squad that murdered a man assaulting his mother in a Melbourne Park after thirty seconds; life is short when you have a multicultural deaths head gang; is an secondary purjurer to his big bad ex chief Ashton before the royal commission into the lawyer as snitch, ms gobbo.
    Who needs entertainment in vic-silesia when you have a proxy purjurer as the head of deaths head homies.
    The Law is the law, we are told by shane;but not for me you hear him say.
    What about a gutless commissioner who allows a purjurer to walk off with his gift for creating the hated deaths head homies.

  23. The $ycophantic, $ucking, $ubservience of Australian politicians to the Empires of blood (GB and the US) has to be one of the most greasy, grovelling, episodes of human history.
    These excuses for human beings should burn in Hell.

  24. Australia should have an independent foreign policy. Why is Australia and now UK sending naval force ships to the South china sea to join the two US aircraft carriers to provoke China. Should Australian defence forces be used to promote US global domination.

  25. The parallels between the phase we’re in now and the first few months after the 9/11 attacks are overwhelming. The extreme “state of emergency” measure taken by corrupt governments that we all secretly know will be more or less permanent, the propaganda, the mass hysteria, the mob mentality, the exaggeration of the actual threat, the police-state atmosphere, the suppression of dissent, the constant repetition of meaningless slogans that make up the new official narrative, the mass confusion, the chaos and existential fear. It is all so very familiar.

    Running these last two psy-ops together throughout the empire – the simulated pandemic with the racialized civil unrest – was a brilliant move by the matrix owners and controllers. And the masses have learnt the lesson: This is what voting for Trump, Brexit, Corbyn, Sanders and all the rest of that ‘populist’ nonsense gets you: global pandemics, civil race wars, riots, lockdowns, economic depression, societal collapse. And if you fuck around with us some we will make you wear ridiculous face masks forever & paint little arrows and boxes on the floor to show you where to walk and stand. We will bankrupt your businesses, shut down your schools, and turn all of you into psychologically tortured children too afraid to stand up for yourselves. And then we will sic our mobs of fanatics on you, and if you don’t get down on your knees and apologize for being a ‘racist,’ we’ll ‘cancel’ you and your entire family. And then we’ll inject you with any fucking thing we want.

    We were all given plenty of advance warning signs, but now we’re going to get what we deserve. The future is one of ever worsening ritual humiliation. And there is not a single thing that either woke progressives or intimiated bigots are going to do about it.

    1. And there is not a single thing that either woke progressives or intimiated bigots are going to do about it.

      What if you are neither a “woke” progressive nor an “intimiated” [whatever that’s supposed to mean] bigot? How do you suggest the rebellion proceed? Against which specific demographic?

      See, the so-called “New Normal” (i.e., the new ideological narrative that GloboCap is rolling out) is actually not that new at all … or, OK, the pathologization part is (and I’ll be paying close attention to that aspect of it), but, basically, it’s just plain old totalitarianism. It isn’t state-totalitarianism, because our world isn’t ruled by nation-states. It is ruled by global capitalism. We are being reminded of that fact at the moment … and being shown what happens if we start to forget it. ~ CJ Hopkins


  26. It’s the never changing, capitalist/fascist/totalitarian countries who want War First, People Last… with their lock-downs, starving, work-less, penniless, depressed, groveling masked slaves giving up everything so that the Psychopaths in Charge do as they please: use their hard earned taxed poverty wages for upgraded nukes & regime changes in peaceful countries struggling to survive day to day, threatening no one! It’s the Murdering Thieving U.S. Insane Lunatics who threaten the world…never the other way around. They won’t be happy until WW3 begins…and then blame the nuked fall of their Decaying Roman Empire on China & Russia! When its all said & done, Earth will be just another scorched Mars. Maybe this is the way “advanced life” planets die. They’re destroyed by nuke-happy psychopathic chest- thumpers found in the good old USA, and their lackey countries who can’t say NO!

  27. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Caitlin I like you. I like you speaking your mind and many times I am in agreement. But sometimes with you and others, I think, I don’t need to read the rest of this mouthing off. Be it a very intelligent mouthing off. So I would understand also no one being interested in my mouthing off. Thanks for mouthing off Caitlin.

    1. YOU IDIOT..what this world needs is ALOT MORE MOUTHING OFF LIKE CAITLIN DOES!! If there was ALOT MORE MOUTHING OFF, we’d all be in a much different, safer world than what we live in today…where the people, NOT the crazed psychopaths, HAD THE POWER!!!! S0 PAY HOMAGE TO THOSE MOUTHING OFF…THEY ARE SPEAKING WITH THEIR HEARTS FOR THE REST OF US WHIMPS!!!

    2. Smedley Butler Avatar
      Smedley Butler

      What an insult to Nikola to use his picture for your avatar.

  28. The US ambassador to Australia recently flexed the USA’s muscles in a thinly veiled report that highlighted how important the USA was to investment in this country. Easy to read between the lines the implied threat – do what we want or else your economy will be severely damaged. So what happens, our weak PM and feeble government rolls over without a whimper and agrees to cough up staggering amounts of money to bolster the USA’s ever escalating conflict with China – DESPITE the fact that China is now imposing economic sanctions on us. Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot – both feet! No doubt those pathetic weaklings in Canberra think that they will be out of the firing line (as in politically accountable) when the real s**t hits the fan in a few years time.

  29. Accusations, conflict and war games can be orchestrated and increased until international cooperation and trade is so badly stifled that the global economy will be seriously at risk of major collapse. Interest on debts are not paid when countries are at war. Such risks will then prompt the Federal Reserve Bank and most central banks to significantly curb extension of loans and reduce terms of debt repayments. Global credit worthiness will start evaporating and confidence in continued payment of interest on loans will justify creditors demanding that debtors transfer ownership of some assets in exchange for partial debt relief. This means that central banks, which are owned by the world’s invisible managers, will slowly but surely take control of the world’s assets and resources. This in turn means that the invisible managers will control the distribution and use of the world’s assets and resources instead of national governments. Then citizens of the world will have zero say over such matters.

  30. Aha! I got comment.

    Australia’s policy is not quite as dumb as Canada’s, but its close.

    Canada; we dont really need to spend anything on defense, don’t need an army. We just depend on Uncle Sam to protect us.

    Protect us from what?

    The only country which could invade us is the USA. They did it twice.

    1. The US successfully took over Canada when Brian Baloney , Jean Cretin , and associates signed the first NAFTA agreement in the 1980s

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