The real deep state power grab underway isn’t about Covid, it’s about the new cold war agendas against China and Russia. All analysts who’ve been staring transfixed by Covid anxiety waiting for Bill Gates to usher in the New World Order have completely missed this story due to a misguided collective decision to fixate on this virus.

The virus will certainly play a part in many ways, but the real large-scale power agendas at work revolve around the US-centralized empire’s increasingly urgent campaign to sabotage the China alliance before it upends the current world order completely.

These escalations are accelerating and will probably get a lot worse if/when Biden wins. They put the entire world at risk of nuclear armageddon via a nuclear detonation due to misfire or miscommunication, and will saturate the information ecosystem with mountains of propaganda. That’s to say nothing of all the death and suffering that will be caused by all the new sanctions, proxy conflicts, coups and probably some hot warfare against less powerful nations in order to undermine the China alliance. This is looking to get ugly and too many are missing it.

All year it’s been nonstop, half-formed, contradictory theories about what the unelected power establishment is up to, when their real game has been unfolding right in front of us this whole time. It’s got all the usual war pigs and secretive government agencies, it’s about power, and it’s about lies. Look at it.


Super excited to find out who the demented candidate’s handlers will choose for a figurehead role in his fake presidency.


Mainstream Democrats and Republicans are violent extremists whose murderous ideology has caused orders of magnitude more death and destruction than any government-designated “terrorist” group.


It is September 2020. Trump has decided to remove 500 troops from the middle of the Sahara Desert, a military presence nobody knew existed until one hour ago. All pundits and politicians in America are writing op-eds explaining why this is the worst thing that has ever happened.


US military expansionism is like the barb on a fish hook: no resistance from anyone sending the troops in, but massive resistance to pulling them back out.


Every dollar spent on keeping troops and military equipment outside a nation’s borders was stolen from citizens who are trying to feed and house themselves.


The horrors in Yemen are still happening, are still the worst thing happening in the world, are still entirely man-made, and are still entirely the fault of the US-centralized power alliance.


“The poor should just work harder to become self-sufficient like me,” said the man whose entire way of life is built on foreign slave labor.


Those who respond to videos of police brutality with “Well what do you expect? They were disobeying!” aren’t just defending the police, they’re defending every power structure in the world where the weak are attacked for disobedience by the powerful. From nations down to parents.


Seems like the only time I encounter the term “human nature” is when someone has a vested interest in promoting the idea that humans must always necessarily behave like predatory sociopaths.


The world wars created unfathomable amounts of trauma which resulted in mental illness that we still see today, the kind that travels down family lines. Trauma rarely stops with the initial victim. We don’t talk enough about that, let alone provide compensation for it. The architects of war are solely responsible for breaking the minds of young people, who in turn traumatize their offspring and partners for generations into the future. We still feel the reverberations in the collective psyche to this day.

For example, “dog eat dog” culture is not hardwired; it’s the philosophy of a father who spent his youth on the battlefield scared out of his brain, and developing strategies and walls of dissociation to cope with the horrors he was not just witnessing, but partaking in. Dog-eat-dog makes sense amid the horrors of war, but it makes no sense at home. In fact, it’s incredibly abusive to parent your children that way. Bashing your children to make them obey causes trauma. Telling kids they gotta man up because the world is out to get them causes trauma.

People dismiss criticisms of bad parenting practices because “I turned out okay.” You did not turn out okay. We are not okay. The world is not okay. Something fundamental has to change. Start with you.


“That’s never been successfully done before” is not a legitimate argument when discussing what a healthy society would look like. If humanity is to survive the existential hurdles it now faces, it’s going to have to do many things it’s never successfully done before.


People, generally speaking, are pretty unconscious. Until that changes, you can’t rely on the collective for a clear idea of what matters and what’s going on in the world. The group mind lacks both wisdom and intelligence. This is true of literally all groups and factions.

You’ve got to figure it out on your own, take responsibility for your understanding. You can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you, and you can’t look to what your ideological faction is excited about today for any clues. You’ll be misled. Focus on honing your inner sense maker.

This is what I mean when I say be outwardly collectivist but inwardly individualist. Humanity’s problems cannot be solved without replacing competition with collaboration, but the responsibility for your perception of reality is yours and yours alone.


I cannot for the life of me understand how people manage to treat political revolution and inner work like two separate things. Everything that’s true of becoming a harmonious and truthful human is true of creating a harmonious and truthful world, and each facilitates the other.


“No manipulating” is a perfect, stand-alone instruction for meditation, a perfect stand-alone instruction for living a harmonious life, a perfect stand-alone instruction for having harmonious relationships, and a perfect stand-alone instruction for creating a harmonious world.


Consciousness is the most important thing in all our lives by an unfathomably massive margin, and a lucid examination of how it occurs is an essential component in finding lasting peace of mind. Yet science practically ignores it and most people hardly ever even think about it.


The only thing sillier than living according to other people’s expectations is living according to your own expectations.


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69 responses to “The Real Deep State Power Grab: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Ms Johnstone you are wrong to promote the covid panic and riding that bandwagon will cost you credibility in the long run.

  2. “The War is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. . .. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

    ~George Orwell~ “1984”

    Weapons lobbyist says we must “avoid peace in Europe”.
    Well, of course he did! When brushing his teeth in the morning he is
    thinking about how to sell more weapons – “avoid peace”.
    When he is shaving, when he is having that first sip of coffee in the morning –
    he is thinking about how to sell more weapons.
    Of course! a weapons lobbyist is thinking this. It is burned into his brain.
    Even when, Especially when, he is given the job of US Secretary of Defense.
    Mark Esper says we must AVOID PEACE IN EUROPE

  4. A few days ago The Saker wrote a very interesting article about the upcoming US election:
    which is nothing unusual, except for the following.
    “… the most powerful force in the US political system must be the financial sector. And, of course, there are many other powerful interest groups (MIC, Israel Lobby, the CIA and the ridiculously bloated Intel community, Big Pharma, the US Gulag, the corporate media, Oil, etc.) who all combine their efforts (just like a vector does in mathematics) to produce a “resulting vector” which we call “US policies”.
    To which I commented the following:
    Absolutely correct. The “resulting vector” is as plain as day — to war. All vectors lead to war — the great AmeriKKKan unifying issue.
    Morgan Freeman spelled out quite clearly why this upcoming war will be for AmeriKKKa, as usual, a retaliation against Russia’s unprovoked, still ongoing attack on AmeriKKKa. (I will now add that attempting to stop the US’s march to war will once again be as successful as stopping an incoming tide or a great river from inevitably reaching the sea.)

  5. You’re great, CJ, but you’re misreading the zeitgeist here in the US. USians have never given a damn about foreign policy and we are fixated not on a virus but on the reactions to it especially upcoming compulsory vaccination, quantum tattoos, tracking, bodily autonomy and the possibility of a two-tiered “show me your papers” society. Millions of adult males are going to get a flavor of women being told they don’t have the right to control their own bodies because a billionaire monopolist says so. And what billionaires want isn’t too popular with 30% unemployment. With a Biden win we still won’t see any massive anti-war rallies but we will see massive non-cooperation about anything having to do with the virus and its restrictions. China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela will be fine. The US, as Mao said, is a paper tiger. The rest of the world isn’t paying any attention to the US government’s non-stop psy-ops — those are for the US serfs only. And if Russia and China wanted to absolutely guarantee their own safety they would simply announce that any attack on them would result in the immediate firing of, say, 50 atomic bombs at Israel. That’s how you get a neocon-infested empire to mind its manners.

  6. “Every dollar spent on keeping troops and military equipment outside a nation’s borders was stolen from citizens who are trying to feed and house themselves.”

    The deep state wants world conquest, and we, the people, are nothing to them. They are completely totalitarian, and again, we, the people, are nothing to them. They are madmen, and if we are to live as a people into the future, we must take them down and thoroughly eject them.

  7. We are constantly being ‘played’ by the ‘Deep State’ !

    Here is another example.

  8. “Seems like the only time I encounter the term “human nature” is when someone has a vested interest in promoting the idea that humans must always necessarily behave like predatory sociopaths.”

    Honestly confronting our true nature is not to justify, excuse or embrace it as our consumer propagandist masters encourage (bread and circuses or some navel gazing, anyone?) since it serves their interests to maintain control and diffuse our true power, and it’s certainly not to perpetuate it or to magnify its inherently selfish, prideful dysfunction. Stand before the light in spiritual nakedness and acknowledge what is both good and evil. Then root out the evil, don’t excuse it. Do that individually en masse and our institutions will change.

  9. Outside the matrix:
    Hold a stick in a pond and the stick appears to bend at a distinct angle. The actual end of the stick is not where it seems to be. Watch the setting sun. The sun you’re seeing on the horizon is not the sun at all. The sun itself is already below the horizon and what you are looking at is a projected image. Both illusions are due to light being refracted or bent by the medium through which the light is passing. In the case of the stick, the medium is water. In the case of the sun, the medium is the earth’s atmosphere – air plus dust. Nothing is as it seems.
    A similar illusion is created when the light of consciousness passes through the medium of sense. The consciousness is bent, and a physical image of consciousness – your body – appears where the consciousness is not. So frequently you feel that you are not yourself, that you are incomplete, out of place. Or that there’s no peace or fulfilment where you are now. When you feel this depression, you’re identifying with your image and not your consciousness. You are then literally round the bend.
    The reality, of course, is that you, your consciousness, is back behind the senses and is not bent at all. You are always in that straight place, no matter what position the bending of the light seems to put you in. Be still. The reality is in the feeling of yourself, not in the image of yourself; not in the imagination; not in the intellectual projection.
    Do not be misled by mediums. All mediums bend the truth, whether they are water, atmosphere, sense – or the media that informs you of the news of the day.
    ~ Barry Long

    1. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
      Johny Conspiranoid

      Your sense of where your body is comes from the nerves embeded in your joints, which tell what angle every joint is making. Its accuracy can be affected by habitual, continous muscle tension which can no longer be felt.

    2. Perhaps the best thing I’ve ever read on the internet in my life.

      Thank you, from my mind, heart and soul. Even my ego is high-fiveing this one, while cowering in embarrasment at its truth.

    3. What a refreshing insight – truly from outside the matrix. One of the best things I’ve ever read on the internet. My ego is speechless and my heart and soul are filling in the void with song.

  10. Some of these observations are excruciatingly trite. Thank you.

  11. “Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense, But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”
    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

    Don’t ever become a pessimist… a pessimist is correct oftener than an optimist, but an optimist has more fun, and neither can stop the march of events.
    I never learned from a man who agreed with me.
    – Robert A. Heinlein

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    – H. L. Mencken

  12. The COVID-19 virus will have a huge impact on everything. The Chinese system has kept it under control. Thus, their economy is reopening and has grown by 2.5% in the 2nd quarter. The US system has utterly failed its test given by the virus, and hundreds of thousands are dead and the virus is not under control and the economy declined by a whopping 32% in the 2nd quarter.
    The result of this virus is that the Chinese economy has lept to the top of the world and will be the engine that helps the world fight and recover from this virus, while the USA is a disaster zone with no prospects because its failure at basic public health says the virus can’t be controlled and the economy will not recover until it can be controlled. By the time the USA gets a poorly-tested and rushed-to-market vaccine out to those brave enough to take it, China will be leaps and bounds ahead of the USA.
    After COVID-19, the world will be different. This is an epoch shifting event, and it will mark the end of the American Century, which like the 1000 year Reich before it, crashed and burned long before it self-projected. Fortunately for the world, that seems to be a natural trend. Unfortunately, these fascist governments tend to do a lot of damage before the Great Leader shoots themselves in their bunker.
    The American people have not yet realized just how decisively America has lost the foolish Trade War that Trump began. But over the next decade it will come home to them very, very hard. Well, not to the people in the forgotten areas like the ghettos or Appalachia. They always know the short end of the stick. But it will come as a huge shock to most of the arrogant people around me who pay no attention at all to the important stuff.
    PS…. funny right now is watching the Australians do exactly the wrong thing and chain themselves to the sinking Americans and pissing off the soon-to-be-dominant Chinese. The Aussies will get the double whammy of trying to recover from American style public health while living next door to the world super power who they have worked hard at pissing-off. They’ll be begging for Chinese forgiveness in just a few years.

  13. Here’s irony for you. The favorite phrase of the American military, Gung-Ho, was originally a slogan of the Chinese Communist Party and it means “work together.” Of course, that communist ideal of people working together for the common good is the one thing that the US military is gung-ho to wipe from the face of the earth.

  14. I agree with most of what you’ve written here and generally agree with you on most things, no matter which side of the aisle you’re criticizing. In fact, you sometimes annoy me because I research something, come to a realization about it, and find your essay about the same thoughts I was having in my inbox the next day.

    However, there two things I have to rebut:

    1. Manipulation is a part of nature. Not just human nature, but all nature. When your pet mewls at you for food or attention, they are manipulating you as surely as your baby is manipulating you for the same with its cries and coos. As we get older and learn to communicate, manipulation is a part of that as well – advertisers may call it sales, but your teenager calls it “trying to convince you that going to the lake with friends unsupervised is a good idea.” Yeah, we also know that as persuasion, but persuasion is nothing more than manipulating using logical arguments. So it’s not really fair to condemn all manipulation anymore than it is to condemn all narcissism. We need it. To a degree.

    We also need knives. Knives are for cutting things like food or medicine or fabric, but they can also be used to cut people. That’s not the knife’s fault, it’s the fault of the person using it to do harm to others. Both manipulation and narcissism are the same. Without a healthy dose of narcissism, people develop no self-esteem; it is TOO MUCH that is the problem. And manipulation is natural and healthy, a survival instinct. However, like knives and narcissism, there are those who wield this tool as a weapon, and I totally agree with you that a world of harmony could do without that. However, I can’t condemn all manipulation because some of it is bad. And I mention it’s nature because you mention “human nature” and humans aren’t the only animals that manipulate so hopefully I’ve disarmed that argument.

    2. Yeah, you’re right, most people don’t think about consciousness. I think about it all the time, though, and it is the center of my academic study. So hopefully I can help change that.

  15. Caitlin is right that political revolution can only be effective when motivated by personal inner mental and emotional transformation. This is exactly what the Great Revolutionary Leader said. BIG question: What kind of personal inner mental and emotional transformation is required to bring about effective political revolution? The Great Revolutionary Leader explained all that in detail, but for 1700 years His lectures and strategies have been twisted, corrupted by translation errors and/or hidden by the Roman Catholic Church, the mother of abominations.

    1. The greatest of abominations: the church of self.

      1. Hi Guru, Do you agree that personal inner mental and emotional transformation is required to bring about effective political revolution? If so, What kind of personal transformation is required?

        1. Political revolution becomes unnecessary if we collectively see ourselves as we truly are rather than the false gods we pretend to be. Our psychotic need to affirm our delusion by manipulating our environment and social circles to prop up our pride and ego spawn organizational dysfunction. Change starts with us individually. Love of others follows after we first recognize ourselves as the spiritual and moral cripples we are. With that we understand the failures and pain of our fellow cripples and recognize our need for rescue as well as theirs, and limp together into the future.

  16. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The real deep state power grab underway isn’t about Covid, it’s about the new cold war agendas against China and Russia. “
    What is Russia to the USA?… With apologies to KC & The Sunshine Band…
    “I’m Your Bogey Man…
    That’s what I am…
    I’m your bogeyman
    I’m your bogeyman
    I’m your bogeyman, uh-huh
    I’m your bogeyman uh-huh
    “Super excited to find out who the demented candidate’s handlers will choose for a figurehead role in his fake presidency.”
    For Dem’s VP…
    Not a man.
    Not a White person.
    Solid portfolio for knuckling under to big money outside forces.
    Has some kind of personal story to sell to show Wokeness.
    Not too outspoken. Devoid of original thinking.
    Solid proponent of Globalism.
    Likes Chinese food. Hates Russian food.
    “Seems like the only time I encounter the term “human nature” is when someone has a vested interest in promoting the idea that humans must always necessarily behave like predatory sociopaths.”
    Predatory sociopathy does not describe all of the human race. Just most of it. Glass ten-percent-full kind of thing.
    “That’s never been successfully done before” is not a legitimate argument when discussing what a healthy society would look like. If humanity is to survive the existential hurdles it now faces, it’s going to have to do many things it’s never successfully done before.
    It’s been said that humankind has existed on the earth several times before and extinguished itself. The real question is whether Our Seeders will plant us on this rock one more time or just give up trying.
    “The only thing sillier than living according to other people’s expectations is living according to your own expectations.”
    Living according to one’s own expectations is silly when one’s expectations for oneself suck. If one has high expectations, it’s all good.

  17. generalizations seldom work. Many nations take their orders from eqach other not bosses. whereever there i universal free health care for one thing. small or no armies.
    free education: allof scandinavia, Ireland, Spain (almost) Vietnam, incredibly, and So. Korea. mostly places where they. have hosted wars, take collective actions. i would include most of EU. sliding off a bit in some ways and places. Add Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, the smaller less ambitions ones first. HEW was our name for it–Ripuglicans destroyed the concept esp. after 911.
    911 was a fraud..

  18. For the third time in just over a century, the key to the situation is Germany.
    Russia cannot be defeated militarily. China cannot be defeated economically. Together they are invincible. Therefore, their de facto alliance will hold despite all provocations.
    If Germany asserts its independence, and continues to do business with Russian and China, there’s basically nothing the Empire of Stupid can do. Germany is weak militarily but an industrial powerhouse; it can be occupied but not forced into slavery, which is the Evil Empire’s only realistic option if Germany just says no.
    Third time pays for all.

  19. Thanks for your excellent clues to discovering and living sanity Caitlin.

  20. Covid19 to me is planned by Western, billionaire rulers as a coverup for political and economic change. But I don’t understand why. sovereign countries like China and Russia have applied the ”lockdown” to their countries. It makes this Covid19 power group transcend the entire globe. Almost like the good cop and bad cop working for the same company. Please help unconfused me.

    1. All nations take their marching orders from the same bosses. Sovereignty exists only for show.

    2. science says the best way: intelligent folks follow science. in a way covid makes us one human race right in the face of constructed differences.
      probably conspired by military industrial complexes. Russia is surrounded already even as Trump moves his robots closer to their border–ff all places.
      why not try Peoria. or Palmdale. How about Ames. steal some anthrax from the lab.
      this is noir comedy. Marat/Sade.

      1. Still confused. Why are Russia and China pursuing Covid19 terriorism in their countries??
        By doing so, it makes Russia and China part of the Covid19 strategy for more authoritarian and monetary control.

        1. Who knows what’s in the minds of the controllers. All we can do is guess what they’re up to.

        2. Because you’re wrong about Covid. The fact that it doesn’t fall along power structure lines proves that.

        3. Hi Michelle, I’m not going to say you’re wrong just because you don’t follow today’s message exactly. There are some possible explanations to the paradox you point out.
          Let’s assume that Russia and China really are at war with the USA and not just pretending. Let’s leave out questions about where the virus came from or what the point of it was. (Personally, I think the virus just came along and the oligarchs grabbed it as an opportunity to do things they already had plans for).
          Russia and China are not the same, and their reasons are probably different. So I’ll deal with each separately.
          Russia is an authoritarian country, and Putin is clearly the leader. But he doesn’t have complete power, there are lots of internal forces, even enemies, that want to give Russia back to the West. In addition, Russia’s economy is not particularly strong, and although Putin is popular, that popularity is not a given, and he has to be seen to be helping the average Russian.
          For these reasons, Putin needs to tread carefully, and he has been juggling a lot of balls to keep ahead of the game. He does that well, but the point is he’s not a magician. It has been clear for a while that the USA, together with many countries bordering Russia, want to destroy Russia’s sovereignty and bring it under the yoke of the West. That means he must constantly be on the lookout for new forms of attack. It’s deadly serious, we’re talking existential here.
          One form of attack is biological, germ warfare. The USA has already used these weapons in anger (on Korea, for example). There are about a dozen western-funded biological research facilities in countries bordering Russia. Last year, reports surfaced that the a US institute was advertising for people of Russian descent to take part in biological studies. You can see how that would set the scene.
          When the virus first hit the headlines, what is Putin to do? What is he to assume? Even if it wasn’t germ warfare, a pandemic is not something to take lightly. And Putin really does care about the welfare of his people. Putin didn’t order a lock-down, instead he closed the borders (which is the normal response, lock-down has never been used before, despite what we are being told). The lock-down was first ordered by the mayor of Moscow, weeks later. I doubt it was Putin’s idea, I don’t know. Latest I heard, they were deciding that the lock-down isn’t necessary and they’re lifting it.
          In summary, I would say Putin either got spooked, or he didn’t have sufficient power, or he got bad advice. To be fair, he made some sensible decisions, eg close the borders. I’m glad I wasn’t in his shoes.
          China is different. Remember that a couple of the more recent pandemics were blamed on China, and China copped a lot of flak over it’s handling (eg slow response, covering it up, etc). So one theory is that this time China did everything by the books and came down hard and fast so as to avoid the same criticism this time around. China also let the WHO, and anyone who was paying attention, know exactly what it knew and what it was doing, even before they actually had evidence that it was a pandemic. Other countries then followed China’s example. Keep in mind that China also is wary of US attacks, and understands that germ warfare is one possibility.
          A much more interesting theory is that China reacted in this way as a kind of jujitsu move, to attack the west. The idea is that with the arrival of the virus, China saw an opportunity to game the west. They acted in exactly the right manner to spook the west, and even instituted a massive lock-down to set an example. The idea was that if the west over-reacted, it would harm the economy (which it has). Even though China took an initial hit, the story is that authoritarian China stopped the virus in its tracks, and so was able to restart its economy before too much damage was done. How do you like that one!
          I agree with you that it’s a puzzling thought, are Russia and China part of the global oligarchical narrative control or not? Hopefully this will satisfy you. My hope is that they’re not in on it, but who know.
          cheers, Glen.

          1. Thank you Glen for your valuable information. It is much appreciated. And the time everyone volunteers to try and figure out our world is also appreciated and a free gift.
            And the flame below the Bunsen burner is Caitlan with her reality awareness lighting the way.

        4. I respectfully disagree with Glen. The virus is fake, and Russia and China are not independently moving pieces on the world chessboard. Don’t believe anything the establishment reports. Their deceptions run deep.

          1. Lynn, thank you for validation that Russia and China are part of the fake virus.
            And primarily that Russian and China are part of the chessboard, and not independent. This is new for me and trying to grasp a world with one power structure rather than several. Would you please expound on this a little, as haven’t seen much in writing about.
            thanks, Michelle

          2. Michelle: Zen Gardner, John Rappoport, and David Icke all cover the topics pretty well. From there more information sources will open up to you. It’s going down the rabbit hole for sure. Be careful. It can become an obsession. I should know, ha ha!

            1. Lynn. Thank you for references. Enjoy Rappaport, inkling of Icle, and will look up Gardiner.
              So back to the Matrix and the universe. Now reading Jung’s memories and can add the collective unconscious to list. Now we are The jungle.

      2. Of course it’s not but for 90% of Westerners it’s the distraction to keep their eye off the ball.
        More people have died of AIDS this year than COVID. But it’s use as a tool for fear and distraction has expired. (No pun intended for sure) Peace

  21. If you lived in a society where a certain percentage of people were unpredictable and violent.
    1. Would you carry something to protect yourself or go unarmed?
    2. Would you want police protection for your town?
    3. Would you want laws enacted to protect you and your property?
    4. Would you want violent offenders jailed or removed from your town?

    If not what is a good alternative.

    1. Relevance? Or are you just a trumpic pompeonite?

      1. The relevence is that it is nice to speak of nebulous and often esoteric subjects but life usually comes down to a series of simple and often self serving decisions. Such as, do you want safety. security, a job, etc. What would you give up to keep these and what would you sacrifice to get them.

        1. From my comment below:

          “3. They bribe, blackmail, arrest, scare and threaten people into submission.”

    2. 1-4: “Yes, of course. I might be pretentious but I ain’t stupid”

      A good alternative: Join the mob as a useful idiot, thrill with the flush of raw emotion and revel in the power to damage and intimidate without individual accountability OR hide in my insulated ivory tower away from the unwashed and noisy ones and parrot academic nonsense in support of the MSM narrative and failed Marxist ideologies

  22. The agenda of the transnational financial elites has been in play for over a century. Professors Antony C Sutton, Carol Quigley, Guido Preparata wrote many insightful, well researched, well documented books explaining in depth what their agenda was and is about. For example, The Wall Street Trilogy, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Tragedy and Hope, The Anglo American Establishment and Conjuring Hitler.

  23. Caitlin said:
    “The real deep state power grab underway isn’t about Covid, it’s about the new cold war agendas against China and Russia. All analysts who’ve been staring transfixed by Covid anxiety waiting for Bill Gates to usher in the New World Order have completely missed this story due to a misguided collective decision to fixate on this virus.”
    It is interesting that, in times of crisis, there seem to be three or four other, big disaster narratives going on at the same time. Let’s see, right now we are dealing with covid, the blm demonstrations, a breathing constitutional crisis for a President . . .. What else? All to distract us from starting a cold war? I certainly would not rule it out.
    Is it just me or does there always seem to be three or four big disaster narratives going on in the media?
    I think they’ve got us so distracted and confused, divided, isolated and distrustful of each other that we can’t sort through it all and agree on any solutions.They’ve got us all hating each other and hating ourselves.
    I remember an article somewhere calling this particular type of psyop “the flicker effect.” The premise was that by bombarding people with so many different narratives, we’ll never be able to focus on anything. Keeping us looking here, then there, then there . . . never being able to focus. I believe that’s why commercials are much more than harmless ads to sell stuff, they contribute to this psyop by “flickering” all this content and subliminal messaging, filling our heads with untold amounts of garbage so we can never concentrate or agree on anything.

    So if I were to take a stab at identifying the most immediate problems we face, clearly and concisely, before thinking of possible solutions I’d go with:
    1. We have a global crime syndicate in control of much (all?) of the world’s governments.
    2. They use the media to propagandize people keeping us divided, distracted, confused and isolated.
    3. They bribe, blackmail, arrest, scare and threaten people into submission.
    4. They’ve been successful at dividing, confusing and isolating people making hard to come together on possible solutions.
    5. The last thing the robber barons want are solutions that work for everyone. And they will do anything to stop them
    I really don’t know if these are the right problems, or most immediate, or in the right order. What I do know is that if we can’t identify the problems, we will never find solutions. It does feel daunting, but I’m going to try to do everything I can to not let them get me down. There are solutions, I will always believe that.
    The solution to war is peace.
    The solutions to greed is generosity.
    The solution to hate is Love.
    Treat each other with dignity and respect, compassion and forgiveness.

    I saved a quote from a Chris Hedges article “Only The Struggle Matters” a while back.
    “How is it, then that instead of casting me down, this eternal struggle lifts me up, not discouraging, but consoling me?”
    ~ Eugene Delacroix~

    He was a renaissance painter, I think, going through turmoil for years on how to finish painting the ceiling of a church. The struggle matters. No doubt about it.
    Love. Peace.

  24. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Well said.

  25. Some people call politics in these United States the dog ang pony show. Very rarely does anyone affect anything within our government without massive amounts of money to spend to get it done. Rarely does anyone even tell the ” truth ” about it. This article does:
    Foreign Interference in Elections: Is it Real or Just Political Noise?

  26. INNER and OUTER……you breathe in……… breathe out. You watch the movement and the stillness within. xxx

  27. Thank you Caitlin for another thought-provoking contribution to our collective search for salvation. In particular, thank you for:

    Consciousness is the most important thing in all our lives by an unfathomably massive margin, and a lucid examination of how it occurs is an essential component in finding lasting peace of mind. Yet science practically ignores it and most people hardly ever even think about it.

    I think that a useful question to consider here is “Why does science practically ignore it?” And I think that the answer is that our understanding at this time of the meaning of the term “the real world”) is logically flawed. The error is of a kind which symbolic logicians and mathematicians who specialize in the fundamentals of their discipline call a “categorical error” – which is the treatment or interpretation of a thing of a particular logical category as a thing of a different logical category. In this case the problem is the conflation of “what is” with our conceptual representation of “what is” (which we think of and call the “real world.”) The result of this conflation is “materialism,” the doctrine that the ultimate reality is matter and the properties thereof. This doctrine is the predominant philosophical presumption of the current age. But it is mind-poison. (Joseph Stalin, for example, was a thoroughgoing and consistent materialist. To him another human being was essentially so many pounds of walking meat.)

    Caitlin, if you and those who follow you can bring down materialism I think that you will accomplish something truly worthwhile.

  28. Expect a false flag terrorist attack to be blamed on Iran.

    1. Yes! I’ve often thought that since the radical libertarians who’ve assumed control for over 40 years hold serious contempt for government (aside from an army, police force and court system that protects their private property), there might be an actual FF that would literally destroy our Capitol or WH… and that they would blame it on Iran!

      “It is one thing to oppose intrusive government surveillance or the overreach of federal programs. It is another to call for the evisceration of government itself. Let’s put radical libertarianism into the dustbin of history, along with its cousin communism.”

      “In a libertarian society, there is no commons or public space. There are property lines, not borders. When it comes to real property and physical movement across such real property, there are owners, guests, licensees, business invitees and trespassers – not legal and illegal immigrants.”

      ~ Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute

  29. I like the suggestion the vaccine controversy is distracting us from other agendas. However, the only power nuclear weapons have over us is their threat and the fear they create, them being a hoax and all.

    Op-eds by pundits and politicians are to be ignored. I doubt Americans will figure this out in my lifetime.

    “People, generally speaking, are pretty unconscious.”
    “The group mind lacks both wisdom and intelligence.”
    “…you can’t look to what your ideological faction is excited about today for any clues. You’ll be misled.”
    “Consciousness is the most important thing in all our lives…”
    “…and most people hardly ever even think about it.”

    By far the most relevant remarks I’ve read here. Your readers as a group will be unmoved. Perhaps individuals will experience a connection.

  30. America is now a country where an unmarked van can pull up alongside you, armed thugs in paramilitary gear can grab you and throw you into the van and disappear you for protesting against the government.
    Meanwhile, the far-right proves that they have always been a distraction that is a false lure for ‘Patriots’ by telling everyone that the ‘fight for Freedom’ is about not wearing a mask. They are fighting over their ‘right’ to make other people sick, while the actual Freedom and Democracy that they say they support is being destroyed around them.

    1. Right, they really think masks are tyranny but kneeling on the neck of someone who has no pulse is a normal thing. And they have the time and energy to say it all over the internet.


    Another insightful article.

    And as the noose tightens, here is what happens when we refuse to be responsible for our thoughts and actions.

  32. The author is probably correct but I have always wondered if Trump, and the elements of the deep state that support Trump, are taking a page out of the old British Empire play book and attempting to align (temporarily) with Russia to keep the alleged up-and-coming China in check?
    Do the deep state never-Trumpers disagree with Trump’s approach (assuming I am correct) and want to check Russia and China at the same time? My apologies for using the word “check”. It does not appropriately capture what is really going on here.

    1. It seems to me that Trump isn’t interested in Russia, but is happy to see the DNC going crazy about it again. The only way Biden could lose to Trump is if he starts to look paranoid by raging against Russia instead like Clinton did.

  33. “’That’s never been successfully done before’ is not a legitimate argument when discussing what a healthy society would look like. If humanity is to survive the existential hurdles it now faces, it’s going to have to do many things it’s never successfully done before.” This is where today’s Marxists miss the boat, because the one they’re clinging to can no longer take us where we need to go. The working class did not become sufficiently and persistently revolutionary. But an outwardly similar, inwardly quite different vision which arose at the same as Marxism (and had some influence on it via Lenin’s wife) remains, with necessary 21st Century modifications, a viable boat to take us to the promised land. If you, like me, are tired of and bored with relentless descriptions of how fucked up everything is–if you, like me, understand that after a certain saturation point such descriptions take us nowhere–then maybe you’d be willing to wade through a couple of unusual Victorian novels from the first Gilded Age, both books being free to read on the net. Never has there been a more concrete and compelling vision put forward of a radically egalitarian socioeconomic order “never successfully done before,” along with a detailed navigation map of how to get there from here.

  34. Muy esclarecedora, como siempre.

  35. Thank you… for all you do! You’re a rare sane voice in all the chaos!

  36. It does look like the deep state power strategy may not be working as planned if we look at what is happening outside the US. For example, the big news yesterday that “Trump” is pulling 12.000 troops out of Germany (but moving them to Poland). I can envision that what went on behind the scenes went like this: Andrea Merkel: so you’re telling us we can no longer engage in trade with China, eh? Hell no! In that case you can just pull your fucking troops out of here, starting NOW!

  37. There is war to own our minds:
    Our bodies must also be subjugated quickly and forcefully while the other process is taking place:

  38. There is NO excuse for lockdowns, distancing, tracing, masks or jabs if you have a safe, effective preventative and cure. Sign petition to allow use of Hydrochloroquine against Coronavirus at >

    1. do you mean Hydrochloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine

  39. ‘The only thing sillier than living according to other people’s expectations is living according to your own expectations.’

    You are so right. Eye opener for me. Thank you.

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