I’m just going to keep saying this: the fact that powerful intelligence agencies have been using minors as sex slaves to manipulate our society via blackmail is vastly more significant than the details of who they blackmailed and who facilitated that blackmailing.

I will say it again, in caps: POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL. How is this not the main story? How are people more interested in Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc than in this earth-shattering revelation?


Never use the word “whore” to refer to a sex worker; they earn an honest and respectable living and they shouldn’t be demeaned for it. That word should only ever be used for members of the mainstream news media.


Again, they’re not talking about banning TikTok because of data mining, they are talking about banning TikTok because of data mining that isn’t run by western oligarchs and intelligence agencies.

Democrats are pretending the Trump administration wants to ban TikTok because TikTok kids hurt Trump’s feelings. No they don’t, they want to ban it because they can’t abide a popular social media app that western spooks and narrative managers aren’t balls-deep involved in.


The economic rise of China will end US unipolar hegemony if something isn’t done to stop it. One way to stop it would be to narative manage the world into collaborating with hard economic sanctions. The neocons, war pigs and American supremacists are already pushing for this.


Once you realize that corporate power is America’s real government, it becomes clear that corporate media is state media. It’s just a tyrannical regime brainwashing its populace with propaganda, brutalizing protesters, and attacking anyone in the world who disobeys its dictates.


“Reputable news outlet” is a meaningless term, since those it’s generally applied to have been repeatedly caught in extremely egregious world-shaping lies. Good reporting directs readers to where they can verify important information for themselves; doesn’t matter if they’re CNN or RT.


The main risk of cold war escalations is not that a government will decide to wage a nuclear war, it’s that a nuke will be set off due to miscommunication or misfire amid heightening tensions (as nearly happened multiple times during the last cold war) and set MAD into motion.

This is what we’re letting the morons in charge play with when they continue ramping up escalations against Russia and China. This isn’t a fucking game. But we’re letting them treat it like one. A bunch of children playing with armageddon weapons like fucking toys.


Your most paranoid, far-fetched theory about the horrific things the powerful might be doing behind the cloak of government secrecy is probably still less horrific than what the US-centralized power alliance has been doing right out in the open in Yemen for seven years.


One of the main lessons I’ve learned from the Trump era is that one can see literally anything as “a gift to Vladimir Putin” if they squint hard enough and are stupid enough.


Hillary 2016 and Biden 2020 have had Democrats arguing that the Iraq invasion wasn’t actually so bad, and prior to that Obama’s two terms had Democrats arguing that continuing all of Bush’s most evil policies and wars is okay. They love Bush now because they gaslit themselves into doing so in order to avoid a crushing mountain of cognitive dissonance.

I’ve seen so many liberals all like “Man it’s so heckin’ crazy that I love Bush now, probably because of unity and open-mindedness and stuff.” No you dipshit, you love Bush now out of psychological necessity. Someone benefits from that, and it ain’t you.


Believing the world’s problems will be solved by greedy tech plutocrats like Elon Musk is dumber than believing America’s problems will be solved by electing Joe Biden.


People defend Elon Musk so aggressively because he was their last argument for their shitty worldview.


A murderous theocratic empire formed the backbone of what we call “western culture”, and so many of our societal illnesses trace directly back to this.


Hollywood is the single most heartless, artless, unfeeling cesspool of sociopathy on planet earth, and humanity would greatly benefit from ceasing to get its culture from there.


Every American who’s been responding to the BLM protests with “It’s about class, it’s not about race at all!” had better show the fuck up when the eviction protests start.


Humanity’s struggle right now is a battle between desire and fear. We all want a much better world than the one we’ve got, but we’re being paralyzed by fear via propaganda by a power establishment which is built on the status quo. Just push for what you want, humans.


You can have the feeling that you totally know what’s true or you can have a humble devotion to trying to learn the truth as best you can from moment to moment. You can’t have both.


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61 responses to “TikTok, Epstein, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. “Never use the word “whore” to refer to a sex worker; they earn an honest and respectable living and they shouldn’t be demeaned for it. That word should only ever be used for members of the mainstream news media.”

    Sure, in your world maybe. In the real world, no man or women who fucks people for money is looked on with much esteem and that shows in how prostitutes are murdered at disproportionate rates. Doesn’t mean they need to be shamed about it, they probably already feel some shame, and why shouldn’t they. What can you feel proud about if your purpose in a career is to get someone else off. Is that respectable to you, being a cum dumpster or cum wad for sale for random people?

  2. “Hollywood is the single most heartless, artless, unfeeling cesspool of sociopathy on planet earth, and humanity would greatly benefit from ceasing to get its culture from there”.
    Please can we expand on this? On the one hand we are exposed to historical stories showing us aspects of our history that are truthful but hard to swallow and on the other hand …..

  3. “Every American who’s been responding to the BLM protests with “It’s about class, it’s not about race at all!” had better show the fuck up when the eviction protests start.

    Caitlin, I think you know that people who say “It’s about class, it’s not about race at all!” aren’t saying that racism is not A problem, but that it’s not THE problem. The root causes of racism are in the class struggle. Do you believe that George Floyd’s being a working person was incidental to his murder? If we allow ourselves to be distracted by racism, and especially if we point the finger at one another because our analysis of the struggle is different, we’re dividing ourselves. And you know what? That’s exactly what the servants of capital want. Because if you think they’re all motivated by emotion – racial hatred or fear or whatever – and don’t have an ongoing game plan to maintain their power, you’re very mistaken.
    But wait a minute: You can’t think that because you’re the one I go to most often for your clear vision of the importance of control of the narrative matrix in their maintaining their power. So why all of a sudden are you ragging on people who try to point out that racism is not THE problem? Presumably because their saying it is divisive. Isn’t your finger-pointing divisive too? And aren’t you being just a tiny bit patronizing when you tell people what demonstrations to go to?

    I wish there were some way of knowing whether you even see comments after we go to the trouble of clicking on grainy pictures of highways over and over again to be able to make them. This is something you need to address.

    1. That’s just you imagining that everyone has your position. They don’t. I’ve had plenty of people tell me it’s exclusively a class issue and racism is just a peripheral problem that we don’t need to worry about.

      1. Well if they say that I can’t agree with it. I hope I made that clear. I admit that I took it personally and decided I was entitled to get in your face a little over it.

        Those people, if I may be permitted, need to work towards a convergence of struggles – against racism; against exploitation of work; against control via institutions, be they schools, banks, the press, whatever; against sexism and gernderism; against the continuing destruction of the environment; against the commodification and financialisation of all aspects of human life. And for that there has to be a convergence of analyses.

        Perhaps they should consider the problem of racism through the lens of your own analysis: Racism is a narrative – that non-white people are somehow inferior – among many narratives created by those who have the power to shape narrative becasue they control over the means of production of that narrative. (Another example of such created narratives, as you often point out, is that we have enemies – currently the Chinese or the Russians – who are out to undermine our democracies and take over our markets and ultimately enslave us [after all, don’t we do it to others all the time, constantly?]. Since we have enemies we need to “defend” ourselves.)

        And the purpose of that racist narrative is to enable the exploitation of those it singles out as being somehow less human, and whose work is therefore less valuable, entitling whites to remunerate them less for it, or not at all.

        Seeing it that way, it’s hard to separate the idea of racism from the idea of domination – domination of the narrative and domination in general. If Blacks or Latinos or Aborigenes are being exploited and whites of European descent are also being exploited, then how do they figure we don’t belong to the same class? Or is “our” exploitation somehow more unjust than theirs?

        Just my two cents. Thanks for answering and please keep writing. I wish you much courage

    2. Gene Poole, here’s a recent letter to the editor I wrote supporting your point:

      Ronald Reagan became president on a platform emphasizing “trickle down economics”, reasoning that if the rich got richer, then wealth would “trickle down” for the rest of us. Despite being fully discredited, but this ridiculous idea just keeps going. Indeed, the top 0.1 percent of the population now has as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent – a grotesque disparity not seen since 1937! Add the fact that average black families have one tenth the wealth of average white families (unchanged since 1950) and our racial tensions are no surprise.

      Marianne Williamson suggests giving $500 billion over ten years to organizations working on behalf of African Americans as a way to repay and atone for their ancestors having been kidnapped and enslaved. No doubt many Republicans saw this idea as a flagrant waste of money, but since the pandemic those same financially prudent “leaders” have printed several trillion dollars out of thin air and handed it over to the wealthy. (The rest of us get $1200…) No doubt there is a glaring element of racism in the US and Black Lives DO Matter, but redistributing the wealth would work wonders – or more accurately, REVERSING the upward redistribution of wealth that has gone on since Reagan.

      1. Thanks. See my reply to Caitlin above.

        Yes, as Eric Toussaint recenly wrote, that 1200$ check ended up mostly in the pockets of capital, because the poor play by the rules and pay their rent and car notes and health and other bills. So in fact it’s a case of “trickle up.”

  4. The only difference between the Psychopaths In Charge of one nation and those of another is what they think they can get away with. The more power, the more they can get away with, and the US is on the tail end of its run of being the most powerful. There is nothing any sane person can imagine that is so evil the various Psychopaths In Charge will not do it if they decide it serves their psychosis. Why is child sex trafficking not the big news? Because a great many of them are involved in it, governments, media, and entertainment. I’ve never been a church goer, but I become more and more convinced that there are indeed demons in the world.

  5. Cornelius Pipe Avatar
    Cornelius Pipe

    “One way to stop it would be to narative manage the world into collaborating with hard economic sanctions.”

    “Hard economic sanctions” won’t work any more. The US gangsters are merely grasping at straws. China and Russia (and the EU) do not need the US or its trade – and they’d be fine if the US sank into the sea right NOW. The fact that they are dealing with each other in their own currencies has ALREADY ended the US empire.

    The US outraged Russiagate and Chinagate squawking will avail them of nothing except contemptuous mirth.

    “Never use the word “whore” to refer to a sex worker; they earn an honest and respectable living and they shouldn’t be demeaned for it. That word should only ever be used for members of the mainstream news media.”
    Ohhhh, I just love it when you talk dirty to me baby, they probably do too, but they are far worse, than that, they are traitors to humanity, and I vote we the people hold them accountable, including our corrupt and Treasonous Parliament!
    This coming September brings a very real possibility of war, and, a MASSIVE financial collapse. Try and Imagine someone who has just slipped over the cliff, but are still hanging on to that little bit of ledge, hanging there. For how long would you suppose before they lose their grip and fall?
    This, is where we are right here and now.

  7. “Hollywood is the single most heartless, artless, unfeeling cesspool of sociopathy on planet earth” Apparently, that author has never been to Sacramento.

    1. (Just kidding, Sac and Hollywood have plenty of good people too!)

  8. “A murderous theocratic empire formed the backbone of what we call “western culture”, and so many of our societal illnesses trace directly back to this.”

    Completely disagree as a root cause, although it’s certainly a popular and fashionable target these days, especially by the MSM. It is but one particular relative to the universal of flawed, depraved humankind whether in history or geography they may be found. The illness comes from us and stains our societies, not the other way around.Remember those peace loving Aztecs? The gentle Mongols? Those peace loving Moslems? How about those tasteful (pun intended) Maoris or our wacky Celtic brethren? Pop culture mythology about our agrarian noble savage ancestors is as inane as the Disney and Hollywood drivel produced for our future gamma class mob drones.

    Love much of your thought provoking blog and your followers’ comments but I think we all should heed your last comment:

    ”You can have the feeling that you totally know what’s true or you can have a humble devotion to trying to learn the truth as best you can from moment to moment. You can’t have both.”

  9. Vegan Eco- socialism?
    A way out of this in$anity?
    It’s not as crazy as it sounds:

  10. So, Caitlin, are you of the suspicion that the Epstein scandal has a parallel with the Profumo Affair in the UK?
    Honeytraps for the elite?

  11. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Never use the word ‘whore’ to refer to a sex worker; they earn an honest and respectable living and they shouldn’t be demeaned for it. That word should only ever be used for members of the mainstream news media.”
    At least sex workers provide a useful service. The corporate media does the very same act on us but we get no pleasure out of it when they do it to us.
    “Reputable news outlet” is a meaningless term…”
    Other meaningless terms today: Free speech, Democracy, Capitalism, Freedom, “I promise”, “You can trust me”, “There’s nothing to worry about”, “Trust Science”, “I’ll never cheat on you…”
    “Hollywood is the single most heartless, artless, unfeeling cesspool of sociopathy on planet earth…”
    And often, the sidewalks are filthy and the smoggy air is still tough to breathe and at night cold winds blow in from the Pacific, and sometimes the methane gas underground ignites the sewer street manholes and big flames shoot out. And bad things still happen on couches.
    “Humanity’s struggle right now is a battle between desire and fear.”
    Humanity’s struggle right now is between survival and disappearing. Humanity’s struggle right now is between sanity and dangerous delusion. Humanity’s struggle right now is between five people owning the entire world or a world in which human beings can achieve more than just the barest of surviving.

  12. If ‘tiktok’ (whatever the hell that is) is fucking up, then fuck ‘tiktok’.
    But, I’ll tell you what…
    If you want to see something pretty fucked up, just let your kid watch whatever he or she wants on ‘youtube’, then leave him or her alone for about half an hour with ‘youtube’s’ algorithm that automatically selects their next video.
    Then, go see for yourselves what ‘youtube’ has them watching.
    If what you observe does not give you ’cause for concern’, then you probably need to look again.

  13. Damn. You’ve been reading my thoughts again Caitlin.
    Amen to it all.

  14. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    “POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL.” So true, shake people out of their hypnosis and get us to acknowledging that “the establishment” is evil. As in this earlier – and ongoing – history, the powerful are not well and will use secrecy to carry out their sinister plans.

  15. Caitlin your a breath of fresh air, everything I’ve ever read has appeared in the few articles I’ve read by you, courageous is the only fitting word to try to describe your wonderful writing, I can tell from your writings that you. will hate reading this. but I’m not in a position to make more constructive contribution.

  16. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

    At the ripe age of 72… well understanding of the Hollywood seen… Who owns the largest studios that promote the most filth and rubbish called art, well folks, what can you expect??? Hitler said it in Mein Kampf, the decadence of the worship of Baal and those that demonize the minds of the masses, are forever cursing our young ones with mental illness and pedophilia, and demonic sorcery… nothing wholesome as far as real art is concerned. We have regressed to the Dark ages of ill reprehensible love of money and hellish decadence with no end in sight.

    1. 74 here.
      Well, who does own them? Are you afraid to come out and say it? You’re not afraid to cite Hitler as a reference, so you presumably have a pair. Or is it that you just don’t really know? I’ll answer for you: Big money owns Hollywood, and the media, and needless to say all the big corporations, and well on its way to owning all the schools and prisons too, and of course all the bomb makers and the newspapers who keep us convinced we need thel to fight an Enemy “out there.” Money. Not people, whatever they’re colour or religion or ethnic origin. Money is a force of its own, and it’s sublimely free of prejudice. Which, I think, is more than we can say for you. Or am I wrong?

  17. Reading the tea leaves.


    The owner of TikTok will respond to Trumps threat because the owner of TiKTok wants to make money. All ByteDance has to do is suppress videos that violate Trump Community Standards (like both of the Portland Protest videos on my website do at You-Tube) from now to election time and it is all good.

    Mission Accomplished. Somebody hand Trump the fighter pilot Helmet.

  18. And in other news, we are now to Fear China because “the Chinese” are sending seemingly random people in the US packages of unidentified seeds that might be dangerous. Or someone using a Chinese return address has sent some seeds.
    Q: Instead of spreading the fear, why are the seeds not identified. We have botanists, right? We know experts all over the USA who likely could identified said seeds in minutes, don’t we? So why do MSM outlets just report on the feared unidentified seeds with the admonitions:
    Don’t open the packets;
    Don’t plant them;
    Don’t destroy them;
    Don’t flush them down the toilet;
    Don’t throw them into the trash?

    But, above all, don’t identify them, because it is fear of the unknown that is most easily spread.

    1. Fear seeds. Something like a Morning Glory — Evening Awfulness.

  19. Maybe don’t use the term “balls deep” when writing an essay about child sex slaves and teen social media sites, although it’s a great article that speaks the truth.

  20. It is common knowledge that 80% of internet traffic revolves the around the 3d party for profit sex industry . The cultural and social damage done by this globally is immense , but has made almost all of us experts in basic gynecology beginning as teenagers ?

    1. The Internet, and the contents of the Internet, did not fall from Mars. Nothing is on the Internet that was not out there already, and for a long time. The use of children for sex slavery, for instance, goes back to the ancient world. The difference between then and now is that the Internet has revealed what the respectable people kept hidden.

      1. @Anarcissie – Very true that sex slavery, both of adults and minors, has been going on for pretty much as long as humanity has existed.

        The internet, however, has (as with most other things) made it much easier to access and to distribute.

  21. Tik-Toc is being leveraged by Mr Trump’s threats as a ploy to maximize the profits/bribes /payoffs from a hostile buyout/take-over now in progress by US interests , Ther spin being applied here is intended to provide cover for that aspect of business as usual US style.

  22. That powerful intel agencies have been using KIDS AS SEX SLAVES is a close as you or anyone else is going to get to any real story about whatever the truth happens to be in this situation. It is an outrageous claim and anyone with a right-leaning world view is going to reject the notion as lying left wing filth. The truth at the end of the day may indeed be that a ‘sex slave operation’ is factual, but getting there is a long twisted road and nobody has a map. This will allow people to believe whatever they wish.

    It is hard for me to understand why intel agencies would bother with a physical honey trap when surveillance is ubiquitous. But this could be a personal bias. My dilemma as I type this is does; homeland security know what I am typing right now or do I have to post it under Caitlins’ article first. I suspect it is a function of how many lists I am on now. I know I am on some. I want radical change and I write about it on the net. I know I am on lists because a mistake was made and the ‘man behind the curtain’ metaphor is an accurate description of what I know for a hard fact to be true.

    Anybody who would get any serious traction investigating a ‘sex slave operation’ would suddenly experience a lot of bad luck. Packages missing in the mail. Canceled credit cards. Even car trouble. And if you really are lucky, and you don’t leave your phone at home. Then everywhere you go someone will at your destination before you get there. If they want you to know you are watched you will be seeing the same suit over and over again. Different people but the same dress code which nobody else can pick up on. Those who reach this exalted level of butt-fuckery will have found something significant out worthy of repression and their name will be on several lists.

  23. Caitlin, I love your work and insights. I yearn to see a more common discussion of the psychology of those in charge. I want to coin a new acronym: DAOS – Delusional and/or Sociopathic. This idea will help us tease apart the question, Are they lying to us or lying to themselves?

    In my view, the main difference between Trump and Hillary in 2016 is that Trump makes no effort to hide the fact that he’s a delusional, narcissistic sociopath, whereas Hillary forged a very lucrative political career out of her ability to carefully conceal the fact that she’s a delusional, narcissistic sociopath. Two different flavors of the same odious substance…..

  24. Ms Johnstone there are many ” sex workers ” that live within my large apartment building. Very few of them have any manners or ” upbringing ” that would lead them to being called respectable. Adult prostitution should not be a crime but barely teenage girls should not be enticed into thinking that it is easy money. Sex work like drug dealing can get you killed or very seriously hurt.

    1. People become sex workers for the same reason they become meatpacking workers or many other distasteful occupations: they don’t see any alternative. It certainly isn’t easy money.

    2. If the government thought there was a way to make serious money on prostitution, they would regulate it similar to marijuana.

      1. Our government makes more money from prostitution and drug dealing than organized crime in 2020. These enterprises are kept illegal to boost profits.

    3. “…barely teenage girls (or teenage boys)should not be enticed into thinking that it is easy money.” No they shouldn’t, and calling it “an honest and respectable way of living” is doing just that. I find it Caitlin’s comment on sex-workers appalling and irresponsible, but I do agree they should never be demeaned for it, because they are innocent victims of a brutish, rapacious and narcissistic human society.

  25. “Every American who’s been responding to the BLM protests with ‘It’s about class, it’s not about race at all!’ had better show the fuck up when the eviction protests start.” Again, Caitlin cuts through the BS with a burst of clarity. Let no one doubt that Caitlin has been given a gift and has chosen to share it with us. Argue with her all you want–no one is right about everything and we all have grasped our own part of the truth elephant–but many if not most of us come here to be…well…illuminated and strengthened in our own journeys toward the light, to know that we are not mistaken or crazy or alone in hating the world that we humans have created, as opposed to the larger, more beautiful, infinitely mysterious creation that envelopes us, has brought us into being, and now demands so much more of us. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this blog, with words like “fuck,” etc., is a sacred space. And YES, whether we as a species will respond in solidarity, courage, and perseverance to the economic devastation about to be unleashed by the Covid Depression, which temporarily froze the neoliberal new world order in its frenzied trajectory, will be THE deciding factor in the future of humankind and all other lifeforms. Is the history of this planet to end in nuclear war or ecocide, in sudden death by fire or slower death by ever-intensifying dystopia? OR (again that word, because nothing is certain) will the best in the human spirit somehow, some way, come to the fore and once and for all overthrow the bastards and the system they’ve created which have brought us to this point of utter futility, misery, and self-destructive madness? Every time I read a comment here or elsewhere to the effect that the bastards have already won, that’s it’s too late to change the system, that we’re inevitably doomed, I wince, because I know that the person who feels this way is essentially a good person with his or her heart in the right place but his or her head in the wrong one, that she or he has allowed that remorseless bitch called TINA to seep inside and whisper. If we human beings are to have any chance to pull off this evolution/revolution we dream about and know must happen soon if life is to continue and be worth living, then one thing is absolutely necessary: WE MUST CHOOSE TO BELIEVE, WILL OURSELVES TO BELIEVE, THAT IT’S POSSIBLE, and that, by God, despite all appearances, WE’RE UP TO IT.

    1. Hey Newton,

      This is a biggy my friend, the collective consciousness. And it has to be done in the right way, with flow, and in conjunction with the Natural Law, anything else would be counterproductive. For me, the saying ‘Be the change you want to see’ is a propelling force with equal benefit to both myself, and those around me. We are undoubtedly here, at this moment in time, for a reason – at our own behest to boot. The Awakening has indeed started and direction of this will be paramount in shaping the future conscious experiences of those Souls, yet to come here. I for one, will be counted.

      I wish you well for your journey,


      1. And I for yours, Paul. Thank you for pointing out that we journey together, flow together, awaken together–those who preceded us, those here now, those yet to come. As Caitlin knows and keeps telling us in various ways, only our collective consciousness will be able to prevail.

  26. Yeah. Plenty amiss in the US and this world. Ignorance, injustice, and irrationality just about everywhere one looks. Is this new? Or is it because technology instantly brings everything to our doorstep?

    Back in the day most wouldn’t even be aware of the events in the next county. These days unpleasant and ugly news comes to us from sources all around the planet. And we get the multiplier effect as a deluge of commentators weigh in with their outrage, further riling us up.

    Deep breath. In and out. So where was I? Doesn’t matter.

    1. You are correct. Too much information is resulting in screwed up prople from fear, anxiety, war, etc etc. We are all becoming neurotic.

  27. “Powerful intelligence services have been using kids as sex slaves to manipulate society via blackmail. How is not the main story?”

    So do you suggest we forget about the the utterly reprehensible crimes the “victims” of the blackmail have committed against these kids and direct our outrage towards the most powerful and virtually untouchable institutions on earth?

    Can’t follow your reasoning here.

    1. missing an “this”

    2. Yes. Stop the “intelligence” agencies. That way it all stops.
      Get some guy drunk, film him having sex with a minor. He’s under your control for ever.
      Whilst I am disgusted at the drunk, that doesn’t change anything.
      The real criminal is the manipulator who organises all of this.

  28. It seems obvious to me that this, “POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL”, is merely a continuation of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. See here (https://www.unz.com/lromanoff/cia-project-mk-ultra/) for more details.

    1. I should have added that this article is fully documented, and parts of it are utterly horrifying.

      1. There is not any part of the United States Government that is not utterly horrifying.

  29. “NASA Future War 2025 is Here Already” > TruthStreamMedia(.)com
    July 2001 conference explaining “trauma based mind control is
    necessary for Continuity of Government success”

  30. Edward Hackett Avatar
    Edward Hackett

    I would not limit the use of the term “whore” to the media. I find that politicians are equally qualified to be labeled with that pejorative term.

    Interesting to note, there is no equivalent term for men who engage in the same money-making occupation.

    My father always said that women in the sex trade were honest – you got what you paid for. Whereas a politician never stays bought and always needs additional funding.

    With politicians, the F****G you get is never worth the F****G you get.

    Example – Congress takes a 3-day vacation, while many Americans go without food and are facing eviction or mortgage foreclosure. I hope they get the rest they deserve – eternal!!

  31. Ehm, the whole Hollywood thing, the way you generalized it – jumped the shark on that one. Your political insights are great but Hollywood cannot be uniformly conflated with having a specific political agenda in every film it turns out. There are films made for no other reason than to champion the human spirit. And some of the people who make them are simply artists.

    1. “Military Top Secret Hollywood Film Studio” > TruthStreamMedia(.)com
      CIA Lookout Mountain predictive programming center

    2. It’s a long time since I saw a Hollywood film that I considered art.

  32. For six thousand years, since the invention of the wheel, the measure of human progress was movement, the ability to move. There is something … fair in the fact that the end times we seem to live in are heading towards the complete immobilization of humanity. This is no accident, though for at least several decades, if not for 100 years, that the technological progress has been sought in the old way: individual wings, flying cars, even teleportation, and of course the conquest of space – but real… traffic is in the opposite direction. It is no accident that the word “communication” means both straight transport and information transfer. At least from the expansion of the internet, if not from the proliferation of personal computers, humanity pulls feathers from its wings by itself, wanting to be stuck in one place, but not in the old, safe, high, community sense, but in extreme individuality combined with extreme susceptibility to external imprinting. Dystopian visions of passive skin bags connected to information systems are dangerously approaching as the future of the human race.
    ​ ​And this fight is accelerating right before our eyes. On the one hand, we have been more than ever chained to computers, online banking, closed and isolated. At the same time, the signs of material culture are being destroyed, the same which could lead (at least the wanted ones) to a conclusion, that there had once been some other reality. And finally, at the decision-making level, there is a war – a real, global, and ruthless war over resources, sources and tools of power and control. And the only positive​ (?)​​ ​ is that this time that conflict is not about our lives, but only our consciousness, so something that when we lose it, we will not remember that we ever had it…

  33. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/07/not-deceived.html
    What is the best way to enslave (other) people?
    This is the important and recurrent question, plaguing our shadowy puppet-masters again these days.
    It has already been established that physically enslaving people is very costly, brutal, and inefficient, because the slaves know they are slaves and hate their masters, who they are able to identify and take revenge upon.
    Debt slavery was the permanent-fix, but it is also showing signs of weakness. It needs shoring up with better marketing.
    Other aspects of technology also demand consideration. Machines are better slaves for a lot of work than people are, and machines are getting better at running the machines. They also show promise in learning to fix other machines, and AI is good at figuring out what is wrong, so most of the debt-slaves will soon become redundant to industry.
    Economics still needs “markets”, so living humans will buy and use stuff, as long as they have money.
    Our puppet-masters hate giving handouts to “useless eaters”, but they are having to wade in that pond a little this year.
    This is all so confusing, because we are made to live in a world of other people, animals and plants.
    We just don’t think and feel right to deal with a world of machine-slaves, which we rule absolutely.
    Maybe our shadowy puppet masters can find a way to transfer their consciousnesses into super-intelligent AI platforms, and live forever, ruling a world of other intelligent and less intelligent machines.
    Until then, there is another war on, the war for our consciousnesses, but there is armed back-up, to make sure our bodies comply, until our consciousnesses are completely subsumed into the nice Borg.

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