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In Hollywood miserable rich people who are bad at living teach the public how to live.

In Hollywood people who have lost touch with their humanity teach the public how to be human.

In Hollywood the most fake people in the world teach the public about reality.

In Hollywood they make ninety-minute commercials about how America is perfectly sane and how neoliberalism is totally working.

In Hollywood people pretend to be other people saying words that other people wrote telling stories about things which never happened and we base our entire culture on this.

In Hollywood they make horror movies about a murderous psychopath running around slashing people, instead of making horror movies about the fact that murderous psychopaths rule our entire world right this very moment.

In Hollywood they make movies about good guys fighting bad guys, but it’s never the real kind of good guys and it’s never the real kind of bad guys.

In Hollywood they make movies about heroes fighting powerful villains with ambitions of global domination, but it’s always imaginary villains in an imaginary world and not the real-life villains who are doing exactly that in this world.

In Hollywood they make movies about cops and soldiers fighting on the side of justice to rescue good people from bad people, instead of about the real kind who do the very opposite.

In Hollywood they make movies about a band of protagonists fighting to save the world from disaster, but it’s always some far-fetched imaginary disaster and not the actual disasters our world is hurtling toward right this very minute.

In Hollywood they make movies about superheroes punching supervillains into buildings and supervillains punching superheroes into buildings, never about superheroes using their powers to to do the things real heroes do like leak evidence of corporate and government malfeasance, defy unjust laws, free the unjustly imprisoned, or conduct investigative journalism.

In Hollywood they make movies about imaginary billionaires who use their wealth to fight crime and injustice, instead of about real billionaires who do literally the exact opposite.

In Hollywood they make movies about protagonists who start off happy and then something bad happens so they have to get things back to normal, but it’s a fictional normal that normal people have never experienced in their lives because our society is gravely dysfunctional.

In Hollywood they teach us to expect clear linear stories with easily recognizable good guys and bad guys, and then in Washington and Langley they exploit these expectations by telling fake linear stories about targeted governments with easily recognizable good guys and bad guys.

In Hollywood they train you to think in terms of hard linear narrative and then propagandists exploit that training, when real life follows no hard linear narratives and awakening from this delusion exposes the whole deceitful puppet show.







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  • The informal name “Tinseltown”[1] for Hollywood does not describe all this in a exhaustive way, but is sufficient to give an idea of the extent.

    [1] https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-definition/Tinseltown

  • “I want to live in a world where culture is created by the people, rather than by Hollywood.”
    — Caitlin Johnstone

    My List Of Demands — Caitlin Johnstone

  • I read a comment many years ago about the name ‘Hollywood ‘ : apparently ye olde witches of yore knew that the whiter the wood used in a wand, the more powerful it became to cast spells. The whitest wood was….holly. Holly Wood and movie magic!

    • Have a look at this documentary[1] at 32:49 min about the “holly tree”: youtu.be/MY8Nfzcn1qQ?t=1969

      [1] https://www.outofshadows.org/
      The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

      This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.[…]

  • Substitute “Hollywood” for Royal family and your words equally apply.

  • Hollywood feeds us fake stories to brainwash us. They make Churchill and FDR into heroes, when they were war-mongering sociopaths. They make Nazis into the most evil group that ever existed, when they were just the opposite. They make the Holocaust real, when it was total fiction. Hollywood, with bad intent, molds our minds. It programs us. I studied film in my youth, saw all the best movies, and enjoyed how they manipulated me. No longer. I won’t watch movies any more. I understand now how insidious they are. They are vehicles for mind control, designed and orchestrated by sociopaths of the lowest order, scum of the earth actually. These are the same scumbags who prey on young actors and actresses desperate to become stars, using them for their own sexual depravity. The movie industry is rotten to the core, and always has been, no matter how clean their fantasy tales appear to be to the gullible audiences.

    • The most insidious effect of Hollywood (aka: all Media Production & TV stations) remains, for the general schleps like me and you, that we believe that it is a real subject to discuss. We protest and complain about the fictions we are forced to believe in, as if we are in control. This discussion only serves to reinforce the myth we seek to unravel. Mass Media has become its own conversation piece, where talking about it makes you feel like you have some control, and we all know that repetition reinforcement of the brand is more important than the content. i.e. Coke ads have nothing to do with the product sold, it’s just the constant reminder for the brand. Nobody drinks that stuff really, do they?
      Arguing about it confirms it is on your mind and in your face. The marketing of its own self importance is a success, no? You believe it just like it told you to.


    • The Holocaust was fiction? Are you mad. Tell that to my grandmother.

  • The convention is less than two weeks away and serious questions about the Democrats strategy should be plain to see for anyone who pays even cursory attention to presidential politics.
    How can they possibly run Joe Biden?
    It is not that Joe Biden has not been a good soldier for the empire, he has. It is that he is unpresentable as a candidate in public. The evidence of his cognitive decline, which has accelerated in recent months, mounts every time he fails to even read a teleprompter correctly.
    The only thing the Democrats are united on is their hatred for Donald Trump. But that hatred cannot be an animating principle to base an election strategy on, though, to this point, they certainly have tried.
    This article can be read here:
    The DNC Convention Is the Election by Tom Luongo!

  • So true
    I used to live there
    You are getting better and better with your posts EVERY day!

  • Fitness guru Jack LaLanne famously said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” That should also apply to most news and entertainment.

  • This article is mostly accurate, but it does paint too many with an undeserved wide brush. Not only are some of the actors actually very good and caring people, while others are not, but some of the very best movies, whether American or foreign films, are actually based on true stories.

  • If I live long enough to vote this November; I have no doubt that all kinds of double-dealing and corruption is going to take place everywhere in these United States. Our goverment is too corrupt to do anything honestly.
    Add into the witch’s cauldron the continued use of easily hacked antiquated voting machines as well as confusing ballots in many districts, and the question of whether an election can even be run with expectations of a credible result becomes paramount. President Trump has several times claimed that the expected surge in mail-in voting could result in “the most corrupt vote in our nation’s history.” Trump is often wrong when he speaks or tweets spontaneously, but this time he just might be right.
    You can read this article here:
    Voting Fraud Is Real: The Electoral System Is Vulnerable by Philip Giraldi!

    • Agreed. This will be the most corrupt election in US history. This may be our last election.

      • Khatika, it is sad but you are very correct; this may be the very last election ever held in the United States of America. Come 2021 this country might not exist anymore.

      • What???
        Most corrupt election in US history? Come 2021 this country might not exist?

        • “Most corrupt”… I’m unclear how our elections can get more corrupt.
        • “election”… I’m unclear how people can still believe we choose the President.
        • “very last election”… thank God the phony spectacle will come to an end.
        • “this country might not exist anymore”… at least in terms of sovereignty, this country hasn’t existed for a very long time.

  • Thank you so much for addressing this topic. I avoid watching movies, and have for a long time. The response to audio-visual stimuli is so strong in humans that we are easy prey to the psychological manipulation of this so-called “art form.” And as you infer, many of those involved with the production of movies (and television also of course) have their own psychological problems, deficiencies, and outright derangements, which are then impaled into the consciousness of anyone unlucky enough to be exposed to their “creativity.”
    And if a movie is not violent, evil, and destructive (a rarity), then it is usually completely insipid, inane, and stupid. Either way, great things to put into your brain, right?
    Obviously, there are always exceptions. But they are not worth sifting through the detritus and psychological land-mines to try and find, IMHO.
    While I do not support censorship, I do believe there should be a limit to how much damage any industry is allowed to wreak upon the population, and the planet.
    Instead of that unfortunately we celebrate this idiocy.
    Which is why it is so refreshing to read your column today. Thank you for that.
    Movies at the very least need to be dethroned from their “coin of the realm” status, and recognized for the aberrant and depraved societal poison that they so often are. Maybe one day………

    • Does ‘Hollywood’ matter any more? While movies and videos may be a powerful art form for individual experience, they don’t seem to affect the public discourse or political evolution very much. The biggest current public effect of these media seems to have been the controversy over Daenerys Targaryen turning bad.

      • Well, “Hollywood”, for me at least but I suspect for many, is a euphemism for the entire “motion picture” industry.
        And I would say it has had, and continues to have, a tremendous effect on human society, and the psychological health, or more accurately, the lack of same, amongst the individual humans, we, who populate that society.
        Whatever one has witnessed by watching movies and television becomes part of one’s life experience and is inextricably embedded in one’s mind, consciously or unconsciously; and thus has a permanent effect on the perspective, thoughts, and actions of both the individual, and the society as a whole.
        One way this can be easily seen is by the frequent use of the phrase:
        “You know, like in the movie……….” or similar phrases. Very clearly that indicates that people are using movies as a reference point or “measuring stick” to try and understand “real life.”
        And any such “understanding” based on such a debased and disfunctional representation will obviously be flawed. Sometimes fatally so, both to the individual, and the society.
        Are there bigger threats to human society than this? Oh hell yes. But that doesn’t diminish the damage done by “Hollywood.” IMHO.

  • Great insight, Caitlin, as usual. You inspire me to enter the lists in what you call the narrative matrix.

  • Never did understand how making a living pretending to be someone you aren’t gave you authority to explain the truth.

  • have you been listening to this song?

  • A paragraph from ” The Imperial Animal” By Lionel Tiger & Robin Fox. Copyright 1971.

    They have all the enthusiasms of hunting primates, but with few of the circumstance which this reality can be reflected. So they create their own realities: they make up teams; they set up businesses; and political parties; they form secret societies and cabals for and against the government; they set up regiments; they make up fantasies about honor and dignity; they turn their enemies into not-men—into prey. They generate forms of automatic loyalty and complete dedication that can spread the Jesuitical message of the Church Militant and also send screaming jets to a foreign country. All a country needs is a couple dozen males who take their fantasies about their own omnipotence so seriously that they spend money, kill people, and even commit Abraham’s presumptuous conceit of sacrificing their sons to voices of grandeur they think they hear.

  • Hollywood is merely part of the US state propaganda machine. Scripts are reviewed by the CIA, heroes routinely break laws and act like Ayn Rand characters who acknowledge no limits win their law breaking to catch a suspect or gun people down.
    The US is run by psychopaths, as Caitlin notes. There may have been a time where the US was a force for good in the world….I don’t know when it was, perhaps when they were committing genocide agains Indians and enslaving Blacks….or perhaps it is just another myth justifying America’s murderous exceptionalism.
    The US has spread like evil cockroaches over the globe with thousands of military bases and has become a major force for evil, driven, not by the Davos crowd, but by the Bilderberg Group.

  • … yo

    you need to take some time off and get your bearings back.

    who gives a fuck about hollywood ?


  • Because the population of the United States is so urban and concentrated, the Heartland outside major urban areas is now less densely populated, incredibly than it was 200 years ago when land hungry settlers were spreading across it like human locusts.
    This means that the great populations concentrated in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami have no idea of the true environmental realities that exist behind their romantic Green policy dreams. They have no sense of how much fresh water they consume or how limited its supply always was, even before Global Climate Change started to dramatically shrink the water tables.
    This eye opening article can be read here:
    Water Wars and Americas Fate by Martin Sieff!

    • Global Climate Change did not shrink the water tables. Over consumption by people and most importantly agriculture has destroyed our water suppky. Its days are numbered. We converted desert into farmland with massive amounts of water. It is the true worldwide environmental danger. Farmland will revert to desert once people lose access to unlimited water.

    • One more aspect is that when the water supply gets critical the countries with plentiful water before will have to cut back agriculture. These are the countries feeding thebworld with food exports. Once these stop, worldwide starvation will occur. Hundreds of millions will die. Yielding less consumption and a chance for water to replenish. Harsh reality but part of the cycle of life.

  • In Hollywood Dick Cheney is proven right.
    Immediately after the sham “killing of bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan”
    Dick Cheney was all over the tube telling us that torture made the
    “successful” raid possible.
    A Hollywood movie was quickly produced that reinforced the rightful place
    of torture as an instrument of “good” in the “killing bin Laden”.
    The “Killing of Osama Bin Laden” was a fraud.

    After the raid:
    The body of so-called “Bin Laden” was immediately thrown overboard mafia-style to the bottom of the ocean.
    Before we got to even see it.
    Photos of the body were ordered destroyed or turned over to the CIA, out of reach of FOIA requests.
    The helmet cameras were at first heralded, Hurrah !!, everyone said. But then we were told, “they never existed”.
    The witnesses, the Seals, were ordered silent forever. No witnesses. Forever.
    The DNA was handled by the CIA itself.

    At the same time the CIA is claiming, “We got Bin Laden”, they are eliminating all evidence.

    Who trusts the CIA?

    It was a year and a half before the book “No Easy Day” was published by one of the Seals.

    The Seal that got the best look at the body, took pictures of the body, collected bodily fluid samples and compared the body
    to pictures he had brought on the raid, said in his book that he had refused to identify the body as Bin Laden.
    The Seal said on 60 Minutes that when he got back to base the CIA came in and told him and General McRaven, “you got him, it was Bin Laden”.
    The CIA. The CIA told the Seals and General McRaven it was bin Laden.

    Three years later another Seal broke ranks and came out into the lime light.
    His version and the first Seal’s version do not match up. But the second Seal explained it as, “fog of war”.
    The second Seal, who is credited with shooting “Bin Laden”, said he did seven things in less than one second.
    That is the total time he had to look at “bin Laden”.
    Less than one second and doing multiple things. And while wearing night vision goggles.

    He said, while wearing night vision goggles, that he:
    1) jumped into the doorway.
    2) id’d the figure as bin Laden
    3) made sure he wasn’t going to shoot any women or children
    4) raised his weapon because the figure was taller than he expected
    5) noticed a weapon on a nearby shelf
    6) saw that the figure appeared to be reaching for the weapon
    7) put several shots into the skull of the figure
    He said that all took place in less than one second and then he continued into the room and the next in his sweep.
    Never stopped to look at “the mess” he had made.

    There is no evidence, but there are two witnesses. One which refused to id the body as bin Laden
    and the other had less than a second to make his id while wearing night vision goggles
    and dealing with the fog of war.

    Witnesses ordered to be silent forever. Photos destroyed. Helmet cameras “never existed”.
    Body immediately thrown overboard to the bottom of the ocean mafia-style. The CIA handled the DNA.

    The CIA told us all what to believe, as they were destoying all evidence right in front of us.
    Their claim was echoed and multiplied a million times in the news media and *Hollywood*.

    The sham killing of bin Laden served several purposes.
    Congress was producing a report on the use of torture that was to come out in the fall.
    There had been nothing to show for all the torture, except for a dark hole in the soul of this country.
    The CIA had spied on Congress while it worked on the report and were caught.
    The CIA had destroyed torture tapes contrary to the direct orders of a judge. The ACLU had
    taken the CIA to court over the contemptuous behaviour and a final judgement was imminent.
    The tenth anniversary of 911 was four months away and there was nothing to show for it. We were still
    in Afghanistan and bin Laden was supposedly still on the loose.
    President Obama would owe the CIA *BIG TIME*, transforming the Democrats from security wimps into
    “the party that got bin Laden”.

    • Nice summary, Levi. The fact that they were so desperate to quickly off-load “Bin Laden’s” body made the whole thing look suspicious from the start.

      • I have little doubt that Bin Laden went into hiding and had to be found and erased, however they did it, for the simple reason that he and his organization had nothing whatsoever to do with the September 11 Atrocity.

        • Heck yes.

    • Heck. In my post script I left off a big one – THE big one, 9/11.
      When Lee Harvey Oswald was silenced there would be no trial.
      Oswald would never get to defend himself in court, the
      government was not required to present court-worthy and
      cross-examinable evidence. His silencing was essential to
      promoting the government narrative and keeping the American People
      in the dark – free and in the dark.
      Days after 9/11 the Taliban offered to take Bin Laden into custody and
      even send him to a third-party country for trial. Bush’s answer
      was 1) a refusal to show evidence TO ANYBODY, us included
      2) Bombs.
      Fast forward ten bloody war years.
      A “Bin Laden” met his stage-managed end in Abbottabad, Pakistan
      and now the government narrative about 9/11 was sealed and secured.
      This is what I thought about as I saw crowds of clowns pouring
      into the streets to celebrate the brave news c/o the CIA and
      Navy Seals. “Yippee!!, we got Bin Laden”. The liars won that
      day and the clowns poured into the streets to celebrate their darkness.
      “Yippee!! More futile wars, more worship of militarism, more Patriotic
      Acts, more control over the beliefs of free and in the dark Americans”.

      • Yes, oh yes, yet I continue to believe that somehow, some way, the truth about September 11 will eventually come out and rock the world. Those 3300 plus architects and engineers for 9/11 truth are not going to go away. Both the organization and the case they make grows in strength, and more and more people I speak to, especially young people, knew that the official explanation of September 11 is BS. By the way, Ed Curtin schooled me not to talk of the atrocity as 9/11 because of likely intentional linkage to the emergency phone number–a subtle bit of implicit positive spin via association/connotation.

        • We’re expecting the guilty to allow investigation and conviction of themselves. Could happen I guess. The PTB might throw a few minions into the public arena for slaughter. The real culprits are guilty of many far greater crimes committed throughout history. Their identities have never been revealed, and I doubt that will change.

  • From Goodreads:

    Hollywood marks the 5th episode in Gore Vidal’s “Narratives of Empire,” his celebrated series of six historical novels that form his extended biography of the USA.

    It’s 1917. President Woodrow Wilson is about to lead the country into the Great War in Europe. In California, a new industry is born that will irreversibly transform America. Caroline Sanford, the alluring heroine of Empire, discovers the power of moving pictures to manipulate reality as she vaults to screen stardom under the name of Emma Traxler. Just as Caroline must balance her two lives — West Coast movie star & East Coast newspaper publisher & senator’s mistress — so too must America balance its two power centers: Hollywood & Washington.

    Here’s history as only Gore Vidal can recreate it: brimming with intrigue & scandal, peopled by the greats of the silver screen & American politics.

    Gore Vidal witnessed it from the inside.

  • That was fantastically written, Caitlin !!! Thank you!!! Love you !!!

  • Pulled at that thread again huh? Here’s a question: Does all music need to have an agenda or message? No? Didn’t think so. Some forms of art (novels, music, FILM) simply serve the purpose of escapism and that’s fine.
    In Caitlin’s world, where everything seems to revolve around having taken the “red pill”, the world is increasingly monochromatic and you can’t appreciate a Hollywood film as art because everthing has a political agenda and the people behind the propaganda machine are ALL evil. Even if they were all evil, it wouldn’t invalidate genuinely good films that somehow slip through the cracks and show us some light. Is it impossible that a ‘bad’ person’ might do a ‘good’ thing? Of course not. An arms dealer could conceivably help a little old lady across the road. Does this invalidate the deed? That appears to be your position Caitlin because the statements you make about Hollywood are made without giving it ANY quarter. I don’t care what the motives of the arms dealer were for helping the old lady, they’re irrelevent. It’s the effect that had on the old lady that matters.
    Here’s a quote from ‘The English Patient’ : “Every night I cut out my heart. But in the morning it was full again.”
    This pertains to the drive of one’s heart. In your case Caitlin, every day brings on a new fever, so compelled are you to write down what has consumed you in the splenetic watches of the night.
    Sounds like you need a film to help you unwind. Here’s a few suggestions based on the works of three authors whose work was well portrayed (albeit as a mosaic in some cases) by Hollywood.
    The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje – winner of the Golden Man Booker). Despite the backdrop of WWII this film adaptation was not about the politics of war but rather a meditation on the facets of love and what it can bring us to. It is a story told with an unwavering sense of honesty. Any overarching message about war was one of its futility. (This film was a U.S. and British collaboration – Miramax released it so it qualifies as a Hollywood film).
    The Shawshank Redemption (Stephen King novella) A prison film, yes. It shows that people can be and are wrongly incarcerated. It illustrates that those inside the walls are so often better than those on the outside (especially the overseers). It shows us that ‘hope’ isn’t a pointless emotion even in the darkest of places and that being proactive in the face of overwhelming odds can lead to rebirth.
    Life of Pi (Yann Martel). An allegory. Check it out.

    • I would add Triumph of the Will. An excellent example of a well-made, artistic, high-impact, feel-good movie. Generally regarded as propaganda. How about Gone with the Wind? Was it art or propaganda? Last night I watched Erroll Flynn in Santa Fe Trail. Many watching it today would consider it to be disgusting pro-slavery propaganda, others today would consider it an honest and even-handed attempt to portray history in a popular film. Buster Keaton’s The General has also been accused of being blatant pro-confederacy propaganda, and maybe it was.
      The point is that art can be propaganda, and propaganda can be art. The best propaganda is entertaining, and you go away feeling good about yourself AND YOUR MANDATED CULTURE. The best propaganda is so entertaining that you fail to see the propaganda at all. The best propaganda can be enjoyed and appreciated as art. But. At the same time, it is targeted at a particular audience for a particular purpose, and you watch it at your peril. Watch Triumph of the Will if you think I’m exaggerating.
      It is absolutely beyond question that Hollywood is a propaganda machine, and that the CIA and the Pentagon work closely with the studios to make sure it doesn’t get off-message. Sorry if it spoils your evening entertainment, but the more people who become aware of it, the better. I am happy to keep the best, the most artistic films, but most of what Hollywood churns out is crap, and its only use is to keep people in a state of stupor (oh, and money).
      What sort of culture is it when Disney can appropriate the stories and characters of our culture, and then forbid us from reproducing those same stories and characters? Do you not see that it is an enforced and controlled culture. I am sick of people who think that “art” is somehow above reproach or criticism, and we are not allowed to question its effect on society. Most people have seen the propaganda images of Hitler’s infamous book-burnings, but how many know that the books in question were from a pornographic collection, including images that would be illegal in our own society (ask yourself what pornography is illegal in our society)? I recently watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which those book-burning scenes were referenced, without context. This is just one example of how Hollywood propaganda keeps us in ignorance and cartoon bliss.
      This is an important, and complex, topic. Caitlin is justified in bringing it up.

      • Now THAT was a useful comment, Glen, which effectively addressed a criticism of Caitlin’s post by developing it further and qualifying it. Precisely the kind of commentary that improves an already excellent blog. Thank you.

  • I worked producing advertising for along time. I then became involved with MSM newspapers and magazine’s. It became very obvious then, that the Ad machine created the information for the News Papers/TV to have something to write about. Now it’s a Marketing Press Releases copied word perfect into the Front Page’s. Lazy Journalism.
    There are no bi lines in the Ads Production, but the Journalists remain deluded, bathed in their public glorification naming at the head of their reporting. That is really a transparent ego con, cos the Ad Makers earn 2000+% more than what the ego scrabbles get, and no one knows.
    The people need a leader, and if they don’t have one they create one out of any mythology. Alarmism and threat fears do drive us to wanting someone else to be in control. COVID19, Russia, China, Iraq, Churchill, USA…Up to you really in the end. The rational that “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” is really a Disney cartoon of dependence and conformity which lacks personal responsibility. We can spend hours arguing that we can see who’s controlling us, and stand proud telling them “we can see you”, but if you are not already at the top of the control pile, you are climbing it, and if not climbing, then you are pissed off and might be calling yourself a victim of circumstance that needs saving. All a behavioural circle, no? I protest everyday about this covid19 set up, and the general public are too frightened just laugh at me, reassuring me that the ‘Media Info is the Truth’. Remaining Self Censored behind the masks of anonymity looks like responsibility, no?. Perfect. A Dumb Public who has a leader they can trust..

    • “The rational that ‘WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’ is really a Disney cartoon of dependence and conformity which lacks personal responsibility.” It certainly can be that, and I agree with a good portion of what you say. But I also have a sign in my front yard that puts a different spin on this togetherness thing: “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER / BAIL OUT EVERYBODY.” To me, these two go together like love and marriage used to, like horse and carriage still do.

  • Do you know Brecht’s Hollywood Elegies written while he was in exile here in Santa Monica?

    Bertolt Brecht, “Hollywood Elegies”


    The village of Hollywood was planned according to the notion

    People in these parts have of heaven. In these parts

    They have come to the conclusion that God

    Requiring a heaven and a hell, didn’t need to

    Plan two establishments but

    Just the one: heaven. It

    Serves the unprosperous, unsuccessful

    As hell.


    By the sea stand the oil derricks. Up the canyons

    The gold prospectors’ bones lie bleaching. Their sons

    Built the dream factories of Hollywood.

    The four cities

    Are filled with the oily stench

    Of films.


    The city is named after the angels

    And you meet angels everywhere

    They smell of oil and wear golden diaphrams

    And, with blue rings round their eyes

    Feed the writers in their swimming pools every morning.


    Beneath the green pepper trees

    The musicians play the whore, two by two

    With the writers. Bach

    Has written a Strumpet Voluntary. Dante wriggles

    His skinny ass.


    The angels of Los Angeles

    Are tired out with smiling. Desperately

    Behind the fruit stalls of an evening

    They buy little bottles

    Containing sex odors.


    Above the four cities the fighter planes

    Of the Defense Department circle at a great height

    So that the stink of greed and poverty

    Shall not reach them.

    • Nice.

  • I sometimes think ancient promises of a future golden age of universal justice, truth, peace, goodwill and good health described in the Bible is only a Hollywood fairy story. But when I read the ancient prophetic descriptions of how the world will appear in the days before the new and glorious age begins I can’t avoid concluding that (1) either those ancient prophetic books are very clever forgeries written perhaps 50 or 70 years ago by secret societies who now control the world in the direction of those prophetic details; or (2) those ancient prophets were geniuses who had incredible insight and incomparable advanced foresight for the future; or (3) those ancient prophets had mysterious supernatural mental powers unknown to modern man. Either way, studying Bible prophesy explains why the world must get much worse before this civilization collapses to prepare the way for a new and better civilization. Studying Bible prophesy gives me peace of mind for the future and boosts my hope as I prepare to take part in the coming revolution which will accelerate the collapse of this civilization. In all effective revolutions, the time for action is the key to success. But the time for planning is now. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

    • “The belief in the kingdom of God is the most difficult demand Christian faith makes of us. We are asked to believe in what seems impossible; namely, in the victory of the spirit of God over the spirit of the world. But the miracle must occur in us before it occurs in the world. …Nothing will come to pass without inwardness, (without becoming) conscious of our real relationship to the past and of our freedom from it.” Albert Schweitzer, “Pilgrimage to Humanity”

      • According to Isaiah 26:9: People will not change their ways and start practicing justice until the world is in crisis. Trouble will come to those who do not believe the truth but “condone injustice.” This is the correct translation of 2 Thessalonians 2:12

      • The real impossibility is to believe “the world” and “god” are in opposition to one another. This false dichotomy creates the devastating cognitive dissonance for which religion supplies the famous but deadly opiate. Funny how that topsy-turvy Book claims the creator of this world of pain and disappointment is the good guy, while his opposite number (there’s that dualism again), who gave our mythic first parents the gift of reason, is the “evil” one. And old Jesus promised the kingdom of god would arrive “before this generation has passed away,” leaving generations of theologians to churn our reams of pure moonshine to explain that the magical words really mean something different than what they say.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > In Hollywood they make horror movies about a murderous psychopath running around slashing people, instead of making horror movies about the fact that murderous psychopaths rule our entire world right this very moment.
    Here is one of the few lone exceptions, inspired by a real whistleblower — and adviser to director Oliver Stone:
    JFK film’s character “X” (played by Donald Sutherland) was mainly based on US Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, who from 1955
    through 1964 coordinated operations between the Department of Defense and the CIA, and was the Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.
    Prouty first hand witnessed Allen Dulles’ CIA quietly infiltrating all branches of the Federal Government on behalf of the Military–Industrial Complex. That is, the mostly unelected war profiteers and power grabbers that President Eisenhower warned the American people about, and who now rule the country and much of the world.
    For extensive details, see L. Fletcher Prouty’s book “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World”. Full text:
    JFK (5/7) Movie clip – Coup d’État (1991) HD

  • I watch a ton of TV and movies, though I know I shouldn’t. There’s almost nothing left I can use to soothe myself. I already quit watching “news” on TV many years ago. Anything that can get through TV filters is the news your enemy wants you to see. Except maybe some talks on C-SPAN once in a while. As I get older though, learning more about reality is ruining my TV/movie time. I can no longer enjoy shows that glorify war, or glorify cops. Superhero shows seem more dumb and violent than they used to. I used to follow American Humane Association’s reviews of how animals were treated in movies, but it looks like Hollywood still can’t use horses without killing them. I saw a documentary about child actors that was predictably disturbing. Between that and other stories from actors like Rose McGowan and Corey Feldman, the rate of children unharmed by being actors must be comparable to the rate of combat veterans without PTSD. So I can’t enjoy movies with animals or children anymore. Not sure what’s left. The percent of things I watch that are animated has gone way up.

    • I, too, have quit watching TV news, TV in general, and Hollywood movies. And for the same reason: “Anything that can get through…is (something) your enemy wants you to see.” Well put.

  • I know I’ve posted this song before, but it’s so perfect:
    Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds
    “You’re looking for the golden lie
    Hollywood infected your brain
    You wanted kissing in the rain, oh, oh
    I’ve been living in a movie scene
    Puking American dreams, oh, oh”

    • Thanks for posting. I’m impressed. Intelligent pop. And what a voice!

  • Hollywood is The Land of Illusion. Fake things made up to appear real. Layers of illusion on top of other layers of illusion. Drill down deep and you find more illusion. If you reach the base layer you’ll find it’s a foundation of lies.
    Remind you of anything, like maybe those who control the world today who have constructed Their/Our World of Illusions?
    Hollywood, the land of everyone and everything for sale. Anything for the right price – or even the wrong one. Remind you of anything, like those who control the world today? A world of money, by money, for money. Money is the World and the World is Money. In fact, money is greater than the world for them because Money has bought them The World.
    Hollywood is where dreams go to die. Hollywood is where your last shred of integrity gets snuffed out of you. Hollywood is where you go to sell your soul.
    Hollywood is where they drop you in a New York minute if you are of no value to them.
    Hollywood is where they make entire award programs to honor each other and make themselves feel good to cover up the darkness and emptiness in their souls. Then they go party and act like they’re having fun to convince themselves that they’re not already dead inside.
    Is Hollywood a reflection of Our World or is it the other way around? Or maybe, they are just one in the same.
    In the middle of multiple worldwide crises, many people are hoping for a “Hollywood” ending. Let’s pray we don’t get one. We deserve much better than the karma that awaits them.

  • You misread hollywood movies. They are to escape from reality for a couple hours. Thus musicals during WW2. Now these actors telling others what to do, well why not. Every other person seems to want to tell me how to live. They can too. Now whether I take the time to even listen to them. That is another matter.

  • I think its a bad idea to watch too much TV and movies, because we get used to people lying, pretending they are someone else, and we willfully suspend disbelief. Being more of a reader than a watcher, I look at people like Obama and Fauci, and immediately see that they are lying, deceptive people. So many get fooled. How many hours of watching deception leads to that blindness to reality?

    • Yea. Stick with reality TV. Also soap operas since everyone knows they are real too.

    • Obama’s always been an obvious snake-oil salesman, in my opinion. But Fauci? He’s a doctor who reports medical facts. Where’s the deception?

      • Check out Brasscheck.tv. They have lots of info on Fauci´s history of medical fraud. He has the same M.O., does it over and over. Its been a decades long re framing of medical theory and practice towards a pharmaceutical industrial model of health. Fauci has been the guy who has allocated hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to fund medical research, he has been, through funding, a sort of mafia figure, funding and censoring science so as to shape its results to favor industry and his cronies.

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