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MSM Smear Merchants Target Critics Of Establishment China Narratives

As the US-centralized empire’s slow-motion third world war against unabsorbed governments continues to accelerate, narrative management campaigns are getting more and more frenzied. We see this exemplified in two recent smear pieces published by imperial spinmeisters about critics of the establishment-authorized narratives about what’s happening in China.

The oligarch-funded Axios has published a new article titled “The American blog pushing Xinjiang denialism” about the alternative media outlet The Grayzone.

The article’s author Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian makes flaccid guilt-by-association arguments about the fact that Chinese officials have cited Grayzone articles in the past, suggesting that this is a “classic Russian disinformation tactic” in which naughty governments use western voices to “bolster their claims”. She cites the fact that a Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee condemned the outlet as though that’s an argument, and she bemoans the fact that Grayzone has been “attempting to discredit Adrian Zenz, a researcher whose work has helped uncover the existence and scale of mass internment camps in Xinjiang.”

Missing entirely from the article, conspicuously, is any argument or evidence that The Grayzone has ever published any false information. About Xinjiang, or about anything else.

Grayzone‘s Ben Norton wrote this past June that “in its more than four years of existence, including its first two years hosted at the website AlterNet… The Grayzone has never had to issue a major correction or retract a story.”

I am not citing Norton because I think taking the outlet’s word for it is a valid argument, I’m citing him because I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that what he said is false, and neither have you. There is so much spin going into discrediting The Grayzone at this point that we may rest assured that if it had ever been caught reporting something untrue, establishment narrative managers would have made damn sure we all knew about it.

But they haven’t, because they can’t. All they’ve been able to do is argue that The Grayzone reports things that other media outlets do not report, which are not in alignment with the approved viewpoint of the United States government. Which is to say, all they can argue is that The Grayzone is doing journalism.

In fact, if you believe as I do that journalism’s first and foremost function is to hold your government to account with the light of truth, you can easily make the argument that The Grayzone has published more real journalism just this year than all corporate media like Axios have put out this millennium. The outlet’s original reporting on the OPCW scandal and coverage of the US regime change operations in Nicaragua along with critical journalism on the persecution of Julian Assange, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Russia, China and other unabsorbed governments, all just in the last few months, leave other publications far behind.

To say that this critical reporting shouldn’t be happening is to say that journalism shouldn’t be happening. It’s saying that only the narratives approved by the US State Department and ODNI should be reported, narratives which all happen to facilitate the geostrategic agendas of the United States. It’s saying that narratives which grease the wheels for war, regime change and military expansionism should be swallowed uncritically and receive no pushback of any kind. It’s saying that we still have the exact same mainstream media environment we had in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal’s response to the smear piece–which Axios reportedly refused to publish in full–reads as follows:


The Coda Story article Blumenthal refers to, titled “Pro-Beijing influencers and their rose-tinted view of life in Xinjiang“, is the other smear piece we’re discussing here. Not content with attacking small alternative media outlets, this one focuses on dishonestly smearing three individual Twitter users: Carl Zha, Jerry Grey, and an Australia-based account with a few thousand followers called Xi Fan.

As Blumenthal correctly notes, Coda is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government-funded narrative management operation which according to its own cofounder was set up to do overtly what the CIA used to do covertly, namely orchestrate regime change and disrupt US-targeted governments. Coda‘s editor-in-chief Natalia Antelava, as noted by Youtube commentator Daniel Dumbrill, has blatantly lied about her outlet’s NED funding, tweeting just days ago that “we don’t take money from governments, oligarchs and tech platforms”. Since NED is a government-funded operation, this claim is objectively false.

Dumbrill has posted an excellent thread on Twitter using original footage of the interviews the Coda article’s author Isobel Cockerel did with Zha and Grey, demonstrating clearly and undeniably that Cockerell deceptively edited the words of her interviewees to deliberately misrepresent their positions. Both Carl Zha and Jerry Grey have also posted their own capable (if in my opinion overly kind) refutations of the deceitful smear piece.

In a healthy world, using dishonest manipulation to damage people’s reputations would cost a reporter their job. Instead, writers like Isobel Cockerel and Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian will be rewarded, elevated and offered many new opportunities for their willingness to twist the truth in order to stop people from speaking truth. They know this. That’s why they do it.

There are no words for the depravity of a news media institution which has been entrusted by the public to hold power to account and tell them the truth about what’s going on in the world, and instead abuses that trust by facilitating power and obfuscating the truth. Humanity’s inability to see the world clearly is the primary obstacle preventing us from using the power of our numbers to force real change to avert the manifold crises that our species is now approaching, and instead of helping people see clearly these perception managers are helping to tie the blindfold.

Utterly despicable. Despicable, and unforgivable.


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  • The fact that the mainstream America media is resorting to attacking small alternative media websites like Grayzone or even individual Twitter users no less (!) is truly pathetic.

    This is actually a sign of this mainstream media’s desperation not to mention fear that it is losing control of the narrative, and people are starting to question their psyops/journalism.

    The same hysterical denunciations spewed by Axios and Coda are evocative of the American media’s hate campaigns against those alternative media outlets and individuals (like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett) who questioned similar atrocity porn propaganda that America has been pushing about Syria, as part of its attempts to justify American military bombing of that nation and sponsorship of those lovely pro-democracy head-choppers fighting against the Syrian government.

    Incidentally, significant numbers of these America-backed “moderate” jihadists in Syria are actually Uighurs from China, which partially explains America’s copious crocodile tears for this group.

    Ultimately, the America media always works itself into a self-righteous moral lather against any alternative media or even individuals who commit the Thought Crime of questioning America’s latest Two Minutes of Hate campaigns against any nation that is on America’s hit list.

  • Since the despicable toadies-for-the-oligarchy du jour are women, I’d like to highlight a new “In The Now” video from Rania Khalek on “imperial feminism” (3 minutes, 20 seconds total video time). (I saw it retweeted by Glenn Greenwald.)
    She responds to news like Kamala Harris, and four of the five biggest “defense” contractors have women CEO’s. The oligarchy is eager to hide it’s evil behind female faces, similar to what Black Agenda Report has said for years about “Black faces in high places.”
    Rania’s video is embedded in this tweet:

    • Well done Rania. More videos such as this can be found at raniakhalek.com. She also does a podcast with Kevin Gosztola called “Unauthorized Disclosure” that’s worth a listen.

      • Thanks! I love Kevin Gosztola too. He’s always on fringe of what I have time to look at on a daily basis, so I often miss his stuff.

  • I’m wondering what organizations/people are most in control, or even part of, the “U.S. Centralized Empire.” Perhaps it was made clear in other articles I didn’t see. It just feels a little nebulous/nonspecific to me?
    My view on it is evolving. At this point I see it as more of a global crime syndicate headed by a fairly large group of U.S. interests, but includes oligarchs from around the world who do business together and have shared interests in controlling the world’s population and wealth. Even though I think there’s a lot of evidence pointing to that, I can’t be certain of it. I continue to hold the possibility that there could be a much smaller group of extremely rich and powerful people and/or families and/or organizations, that we almost never hear about, which are ultimately pulling the strings.
    Here’s a list of the “level 1” attendees to the 2020 Davos World Economic forum. Looked like fair number of delegates from China and Russia to me, but certainly dominated by U.S. oligarchs.
    Davos by the Numbers.:

    • Based on what I’ve read, I think it’s most likely as you say “a much smaller group of extremely rich and powerful”.
      I very much doubt any meetings we’re aware of (Davos, Bilderberg, IMF) have much to do with the controllers and their decision-making. I also doubt the controller members themselves are ever mentioned publicly. Look at the levels of secrecy in the organizations we know of… Freemasons, Jesuits, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Knights Templar, Skull & Bones. We can bet none of these groups are at the top. Who knows what’s further up the pyramid?

      • When we are sincerely looking for solutions, I think most of us try to be honest and fair, try to weigh and research things we see and hear, and try to apply logic and Occam’s razor. The oligarch owned, propaganda media makes it more and more difficult to do that. They coverup, dismiss, or ignore all of the closed, secret organizations as crazy conspiracies, and yet they all existed and/or continue to exist.
        In a 1961 speech, President John F. Kennedy talked about secret societies and a national crime syndicate. Became known as “the Secret Society Speech.” Great speech.(start at 5:20.)
        “. . . we are as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
        “. . . And there is a very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expanding its meaning to the very limit of official censorship and concealment.”

        (Start at 5:20.)

      • Yes, the money trail is pretty clear, that is, until it gets too far up the pyramid. After that it disappears into a conspiracy filled haze. There are many opinions on who’s pulling the strings from the top, but I’ve yet to see enough evidence to pull me in. Rothschilds and co? Sure, they’re somewhere high up in the chain of command. I just don’t think they’re the head of the snake.

      • Thanks for the links X. I’ll check them out.

  • Interesting to see discussion on the Israeli Palestinian apartheid-conflict. The corporate controlled media continually made a scapegoat out of South Africa’s over that apartheid-conflict but they ignore this on-going apartheid-conflict in Israel. WHY ???

    • My guess is because the palestinians are not black so tgey cannot use black racism and suppression to compare to America. It doesnt play as well as black suppression. Also becauae of America support of Israel.

      • I think the plight of the Palestinians is more comparable to Native Americans under U.S. genocidal policies than to U.S. Black suppression.

        • The Palestinians were not the first or last to be moved off their lands. It was common practice for centuries. The problem the west made was not simply dispersing them around the middle east to shatter their culture and assimilate them into other cultures.

  • Despicable and unforgivable indeed. It’s a little early in the morning for me to be this mad, but I am reminded of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”. I think most MSM smear merchants are more toadies to the real masters of war, but they deserve at least some of the fierce rage and disgust in this song’s lyrics.

    “You that hide behind walls.
    You that hide behind desks.
    I just want you to know I can see through your masks.”

    “Like Judas of old, you lie and deceive.
    A war can be won, you want me to believe.”

    “You fasten all the triggers for the others to fire.
    Then you sit back and watch, as the death count gets higher.”

    “You might say that I’m young, you might say I’m unlearned,
    but there’s one thing I know, though I’m younger than you…
    That even Jesus would never forgive what you do.”
    “Let me ask you one question:
    Is your money that good?
    Will it buy you forgiveness?
    Do you think that it could?”
    “I think you will find, when your death takes its toll,
    All the money you made will never buy back your soul.”

    Here’s Ed Sheeran singing the song, with lyrics shown:

    • Excelkent. Thanks.

      • You’re welcome. Amazing how that song still resonates after all these years. There’s a bit at the end that reminds me of Caitlin’s attitude towards the death of John McCain:
        from “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan
        “And I hope that you die
        And your death will come soon
        I’ll follow your casket
        On a pale afternoon
        I’ll watch while you’re lowered
        Down to your deathbed
        And I’ll stand over your grave
        ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead.”
        I won’t feel glee when the next Master of War dies, just the grim satisfaction this song evokes. I just noticed Caitlin tweeted:
        “When Kissinger dies everyone should tweet “Saw Henry Kissinger trending and was worried he’d lived long enough to commit another war crime.””
        That’s funny (albeit grim), because I just pounced on another Twitter trend to see if a celebrity I liked was dead, and was relieved he was okay.

  • “Utterly despicable. Despicable, and unforgivable.”

    Absolutely! The question I keep asking myself is: How can these people live with themselves?

  • “In a healthy world, using dishonest manipulation to damage people’s reputations would cost a reporter their job.”
    In today’s very unhealthy and sick world, a so-called reporter’s employability completely depends on their ability to lie, distort, deceive, fool, adhere to approved narratives, and generally be an awful human being. Sadly, there is no shortage of reporters that fully fit this description. “Reporter”?…no, it’s “Distorter”.
    One cannot stop another from selling their souls to the Really Bad One and doing dreadful things to others. But what one can do is to not believe a single damn thing coming out of the mouths or fingers of these useless demon enablers.

  • Good defence. I only comment, Ms Johnstone, because, obviously, people don’t seem to know their history..Grayzone writers excluded, maybe just Max Blumenthal (?). Nor their geography. And, I think a lot of propagandists are taking advantage of people’s ignorance, and making statements that are patently false. Maybe they themselves are equally ignorant but offer opinions nonetheless? I wonder about media that offers no context to controversies. Hong Kong is China; why are there debates about what China is doing, when what England has done lies the way of controversies? How the States are taking advantage of colonial compromises? How come no one is examining the hypocrisies involved? Worse, yet, how lightly the word ‘democracy’ is being tossed around? It makes me wonder about everything. I am glad I like reading, sometimes I wonder if anyone else buys books?

    • You are right. England came in, carved out Hong Kong and made it a seperate entity. What China is doing is no different than Russia reannexing Russian territory as well. Please show me one place the west has stepped in and not thoroughly screwed things up.

  • I always put most televangilist at the top of my despicable list but honestly in the last few years MSM news media personnel top the list. They are a far cry from journalism.

  • Cailtin, you say journalists should tell the truth about what is going on in the world and you denounce those who obfuscate the truth. You do well to expose deception, cheating and hidden agendas. Why not also shine your spotlight on political Z!0 nist involvement in global finance, the Deep State and middle-east conflict? Use your journalist skills to research, influence the discussion and if you find that anti- Z!0 nist allegations are unsubstantiated, unfair and slanderous, then present your facts and shame anyone who falsely accuses them.

    • OBVIOUSLY, Caitlin, along with very other genuinely progressive thinker/communicator is well aware of the evils perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians, its own Muslim citizens, and many of its neighboring countries. They are also well aware of the unseemly amount of influence that the Israeli lobby has on the U.S. government. But ask yourself, without the U.S. backing Israel like a big brother backs a smaller one, what power would Israel have to continue to do what it does? And also consider the many Jews around the world who, like you, deplore much of what their “homeland” is doing these days. It’s well and good to condemn “Zionism,” if by that term you mean deploring the official Israeli actions I’ve at least partially described. But it’s a slippery slope here in light of the long history of Jewish persecution, culminating in the Shoah, and thus we should strive to be careful and precise in walking along it. Surely you see this.

      • When we mention the persecution of Palestine we fail to mention that the other muslim countries refuse to allow any to immigrate to nearby countries. This exacerbates the situation. Relieving overcrowding in palestine would vastly improve their conditions. Instead their muslim brothers put the into refugee camps. The syrians fare no better. I am not excusing Israel but the palestinian problem is the result of blame by all countries. What would happen if America put every person coming in America illegally into a refugee camp. Its time full blame should be spread around to all parties than dumped all upon Israel.

        • The Palestinians don’t want to immigrate, they want to live peacefully in the land which belongs to them. And to think Israel stop its criminal and murderous ways if there were fewer Palestinians is laughable. Israel wants all of Palestine and more and plans to share that land with nothing but Israelis.

          • So how do you explain the refugee camps full of palestinians in Jordan and Syrians in Turkey. Admit that muslim countries dont want them either. If I lived in the hellhole of palestine, I would love to emigrate to another muslim country with better conditions. This is a middle east problem and not just an Israel problem. It will never get solved until it expands beyond a simple Israel Palestinian conflict. Of course that narrative does not fit people who hate Israel.

            • “So how do you explain the refugee camps full of palestinians in Jordan and Syrians in Turkey.”

              What have the Syrians in Turkey to do with the Palestinians in Jordan?
              Are you really that ignorant of the history of the occupation of Palestinian lands and Al Naqba?
              At such an abysmal level of knowledge it is simply impossible to communicate in any fruitful manner.

              “This is a middle east problem and not just an Israel problem”

              It is a problem that started when under US leadership the UN with resolution 181 against the warnings by the British acceded to the demands by the Israelis having entered the lands after the Balfour declaration (which must have assumed the lands in Palestine were not already occupied by people having immigrated there over the time since the destruction of Palestine under Roman rule) to the creation of a divided ethnic? religious? state of Israel and an Arab state.
              You are right, it is not just an Israeli problem, but neither is it a middle east problem as those Nations opposed the plan.

              • Agreed. The real blame is to the idiots who arbitrarily chopped up the middle east into countries across tribal and sectarian lines. It has been chaos ever since. If it wasnt for the oil, no one would care at all what happens there. I see no solution.

      • The Devil’s Trick: God of Israel

  • Caitlin, I always love what you write. You have such a knack for words and a great understanding of propaganda and how we are being manipulated. You are a treasure.

    But could you please write about how we are being manipulated by this Covid-19 “pandemic”? Especially now that Melbourne in your own country has established draconian restrictions on the people for such a minute number of deaths. The media narrative had been brutal everywhere, with fear porn scaring people into demanding that we go back into lockdown and wear useless masks everywhere, etc. This is narrative control like no other, and you’ve hardly discussed it.

    We need your wordcraft in these desperate times!

    • In the meantime, here are some informative videos/interviews on the subject:
      “Who Is Bill Gates?”:
      Dr. Judy Mikovits on Fauci Fraud:
      Dr. Judy Mikovits defense of criticism:
      Larry Romanoff at the beginning of pandemic:
      Nurse Olszewski on CoV19 Hosp. Care:
      Dr. Stella Immanuel: HydroxC Cure

      • I think you’re being a tad dismissive Caitlin>>

          • Fair enough.
            I’m glad you’re here. Slaughtering sacred cows.

          • There might be more to the Victoria story if one reads Mr. Bridge (not necessarily my favourite journo, viewing things with rather conservative glasses) but he made some interesting points regarding the connection to China:”When I inquired if there was anything happening out of the ordinary in Australia aside from the pandemic, Stojkovski mentioned that the Australian federal government [Canberra] was “not happy with the contracts our Victorian State Premier was making with China. Our prime minster [Scott Morrison] said they were not in the national interest.”

            In terms of geopolitical significance, this is huge. Victoria is the only Australian state to formally sign on to the People Republic of China’s major foreign-policy initiative, the Belt and Road Initiative. This contradicts the position of the federal government to not join the BRI as it raised serious geostrategic concerns. According to a report by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, the BRI Framework Agreement “places Victoria in an awkward position as Australia has formally signed onto the ‘Blue Dot Network’ with the US to assist in developing infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region to counter the BRI.”

      • Are you suggesting the draconian responses to this so-called pandemic by world governments are unrelated to the drum beats for war? You’re implying it’s a coincidence both are happening right now? In my opinion this is deploying tunnel vision.

        I know the world stage has many story lines playing out right now, but to approach these two main plots as separate parallel stories is a disservice to your readers.

          • In these unsettling times, I think we are questioning everything. The power grabs, the pandemic, the civil unrest etc. Its as if the entire world is moving all at once. Similar to the run up to WW2. If the US tries an oil embargo on China like they did to Japan, war will be imminent.

          • Caitlin, the COVID scamdemic is huge and complex. Asking for “a complete big-picture understanding” isn’t necessary to realize we are being played. Who has a complete big-picture understanding of 9/11, nearly 19 years after the fact, or of WW2, 75 years after the fact? Plenty of people think they do, because they have been brainwashed to believe a set of official “facts”. Those facts are just clever propaganda. What we are fed about this so-called pandemic is just more clever propaganda, and precisely why no one will be able to provide you with “a complete big-picture understanding”.

        • That the owner of this blog has chosen to support the status quo position on the Covid panic is indeed as she dismissively pointed out to you weird indeed !

          • It’s her blog. I side with much of it, however evidence of worldwide social and political manipulation is now abundantly clear to those who look. From the very beginning of this “pandemic”, local and international mainstream media have been supporting (or at best ignoring) governments stomping all over our individual rights. I expect more from alternative media sources.

      • I’m not an investigative journalist, although I do read those that are, for example your work. “Known facts” on this topic are going to be subjective. Based on your articles it’s possible you’ll disagree with some of my premises.

        Our world, its political systems, international corporations and institutions, etc. are all managed through secretive organizations, which in turn are managed themselves by entities I’m unaware of. I’m sure you’ve seen discussions on this, e.g. David Icke among others.

        Their past orchestrations have included war, nation building, nation destroying, economic ups and downs, social engineering, and I’m sure many others. Much has been written about wars being staged, including all those fought in the last 100+ years. It would be unobservant to believe the next war isn’t their work.

        Pandemics have been faked before. Spanish Flu. Bird Flu. Swine Flu. Makia Freeman documents this in his latest article (Aug 12) over at The Freedom Articles. For months now both Makia Freeman and Jon Rappoport have been documenting the ongoing deceptions around the current pandemic.

        The current “pandemic” has resulted in lockdowns, and in many places a modified martial law. Business shutdowns, restrictions on movement and assembly, mass surveillance, and who knows what else is coming. Whether or not you agree with these Orwellian actions, one must admit it’s been a NWO globalist’s dream come true.

        So there’s evidence of the controllers orchestrating the current pandemic. It also appears they’re laying the foundation for another war. They’ve chosen to do all this right now, simultaneously. Why? I don’t know. That’s why I read investigative journalists.

        • Where I think you’re wrong is that the current pandemic, which has frozen the neoliberal shark in its tracks, a shark which MUST swim to breathe, is “a NWO globalist’s dream come true.” What I see is that the plutocrats, in characteristic fashion, are taking every possible advantage of the crisis, but, at the same time, are as scared shitless as the rest of us about what the hell it is we’re actually dealing with, whether Covid-19 will continue to plague us in recurrent spikes or mutations, whether it is difficult or impossible to build up long-term immunity against, whether a vaccine or effective treatment is in the cards in the foreseeable future, etc. And perhaps even more, I think the plutocrats are scared shitless by the revolutionary/evolutionary potential opened up by this interregnum, this interruption and freezing in place of normal, frantic life in the neoliberal gerbil wheel, already manifest in growing civil disorder of major magnitude. In short, I think that the plutocrats know what we know, whether or not they want to admit it; namely, that EVERYTHING we had taken for granted, the trajectory of western and now global civilization, the so-called end of history, is all suddenly up for grabs. No cabal of plutocrats would possibly have wanted to incur the danger of creating such fundamental existential uncertainty, again IMHO. Weren’t they doing quite fine BEFORE Covid-19 showed its ugly face? If it works, don’t fix it.

        • If evidence seems to be a problem, they lower your standard for ‘evidence’. (yes, they can do that)

          • In this article you stated, “…journalism’s first and foremost function is to hold your government to account with the light of truth,”

            Many believe there’s solid evidence our governments are not being truthful about this virus or the numbers. They claim our governments are using these lies to justify stripping our individual rights, destroy businesses, financially impoverish millions, and plunge economies into chaos. Freedoms and privacy are fast disappearing.

            Hey journalism. Right now we need all the “light of truth” we can get… before it’s too late.

          • I think you’re terrific Caitlin, in part because of what you expressed above: “I try to just be honest”.
            Don’t lose that.

          • Agreed. I think it is more politician groupthink and globalists taking advantage of the situation. Covid is real. Where it came from is irrelevant however freedoms lost are real. Perhaps that is what is most important and should be addressed.

          • But it’s easy to see the evidence of control, manipulation and propaganda being applied on a global scale. It is self evident to those who see. Knowledge of how all the pieces for together is not required to see the cancer. Covid is largely a con job being leveraged by a loose collective of sociopaths with common interests residing in diverse, and sometimes seemingly disparate structures. What is common is their parasitical control which must be identified as the true enemy and eradicated.

  • Ms Johnstone, there are many, many, human beings with the ” Judas gene ” that will betray their family, country, society, or their profession for little or nothing. It is a human failing that just keeps getting more widespead as time goes on. Pedophile priests, cops and judges taking bribes from criminals, leaders betraying their countrypersons, the list goes on and on and just gets bigger. Yes, indeed, they are ” Utterly despicable. Despicable, and unforgivable. ” but they are just a part of our species dysfunction. Should we burn them at the stake, boil them in oil or take off their heads; no matter what is done to them others will follow the very same ” sellout ” path because ethics and morally rarely put food on the table or a nice car in the driveway. Without some Internet websites none of the real truth ever gets told; things should not be like that!

    • I don’t think it’s genetic; I think it’s bio-/psychological:
      Sociopathy due to Pineal Gland Calcification as a result of Fluoride, Aluminum, Glyphosate and micro-/radio-wave (EM) exposures.
      “The Invisible Rainbow” http://bitly.ws/922Y

      • Research has proven that psychopathy is the result of a combination of biology (hereditary) and upbringing (environment).

        • Thanks.
          My reply was to:
          “… ‘Judas Gene’ … getting more widespread … species dysfunction.”
          I counter-opined Sociopathy (as caused by environmental factors, not environmental conditioning, as in upbringing, etc.), not inherited gene(s) to be the cause of said “widespread species dysfunction”.
          Also, is believed (proven?) that Psychopathy develops as a result of a “genetic predisposition”, not a gene.
          The cause of Sociopathy is believed to be only “Environmental” (factors and/or conditioning).
          Anyway, I just wanted to share the idea that Pineal Gland damage/dysfunction (or some other bio-factor) caused by the Fluoride, Aluminum, Glyphosate & EM environmental cocktail we all consume may be (I’m sure it is) adversely affecting behavior, emotions and physical health.
          See original links.

          • In the prior thread, X put up a comment about a book, very popular years ago, called “Ishmael.” His or her comment prompted me to reread the book, and it offers a rather interesting and compelling answer to these questions about the prevalence of evil in high places. It ties into Caitlin’s emphasis upon narrative and is well worth considering along with psychology, biology, chemistry, etc.

  • Upton Sinclair :
    ‘It is difficult to get a man (or woman) to understand something when his (or her) salary depends on them NOT understanding it’
    (Parenthesis mine).

  • Caitlin, Thank you so much for your articles! You, Grayzone , Daniel Dumbrill, and some others are my hope and light to counter frustration and sometimes even depression because of this dystopian world of lies and unscrupulous nonsense from the empire and followers. I will become a patron of you soon!

  • Public deception in support of imperial policy?

    It’s What’s For Dinner, again, and again, and again…

    For dessert, we get murdering somebody and blaming them.

  • hell yea. ive been following Max Blumenthal for a few years now. i find him admirable. coming from a wealthy family, he could’ve lived the life of Paris Hilton, and done nothing. instead, he fights for the common man. going against powerful forces, even against his own ancestry. Max is a noble human being.

    • I agree Dissident, that Max, and also Aaron Mate’, Matt Taibbi, Katie Halper, the Consortium News, with superb editor in chief Joe Lauria, (especially their excellent reporting on Julian Assange), Whitney Webb, and several other independent journalists, are true heroes for truth seekers across the globe. They must report from the sidelines because Big Media won’t let their voices be heard, but they deserve our financial support.

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