Saudi Arabia is just an honest version of America. The tyranny is right out in the open, state censorship is straightforward instead of being outsourced to Silicon Valley, the oligarchs and the official government are the same people, they don’t pretend their wars are humanitarian, and they just directly murder journalists they dislike instead of a using fake judicial system to do it.


Look at Yemen with fresh eyes and it will haunt your dreams and fill you with mountain-moving rage.

That’s why people don’t.

That’s why people should.


Steal from the wealthy and give a bit to your friend and they’ll call you a thief. Steal from the working class and give a bit to agendas you approve of and they’ll call you a philanthropist.


Placing yourself in the ideological center between two corporatist warmongering parties doesn’t make you a centrist, it makes you a corporatist warmonger.


Watching liberals fake enthusiasm for Biden/Harris is like watching women fake enthusiasm in really gross porn. Come on darling, you’re clearly only in this because you’re badly traumatized and got manipulated into an exploitative situation where you felt like you had no choice.


Hillary lost because she was a shit candidate and her supporters didn’t phone bank enough. If Biden loses it will be for the exact same reasons. Stop trying to blame a small, powerless slice of the political spectrum which has nothing in common with you and your shit candidates.


You know how liberals have spent four years screaming at you for not voting for Hillary, and how it doesn’t bother you in the slightest and you relish the taste of their tears? FYI that’s all they can do if you refuse to vote for Biden too.


People only ever think you’re wrong to reject mainstream politics and media because they have no idea how fucked things really are.


It’s not the most famous mainstream media lies that do the most damage. It’s the little ones they tell many time every day via spin, omission, half-truth and distortion which cause everyone to accept the idea that this bat shit crazy status quo is normal and inescapable.


The powerful use ideologies as tools to manipulate mainstream narratives to their advantage. Religious fundamentalism, Zionism, racism, anti-racism, liberalism, conservatism; they’ll use anything they can. Pay less attention to the tools and more to what they’re being used for.


Racists and QAnoners will follow you around and keep talking to you like they’re your friend even while you verbally abuse them. Leftists will write you off forever the instant you say something they don’t like. This dynamic helps someone, and it ain’t the left.


I really wish I lived in this alternate universe people keep talking about where the worst thing about America is Donald Trump.


Establishment guard dogs dislike Trump not because he’s ending the wars (he isn’t), nor because he opposes establishment interests (he doesn’t), but because he’s a poor narrative manager and all too often leaves the ugly face of empire fully exposed. They dislike him for the same reason mobsters would dislike a mob boss who’s constantly yelling in public about how they’re all gonna go out and do a bunch of nasty mobster stuff.


I don’t criticize governments outside the US-centralized empire for the same reason the world’s fattest man doesn’t go around telling other people to lose weight. If you’re part of a globe-spanning power alliance that is far worse than anyone else, it’s gross to point fingers.


If you knew a violent, sadistic kleptomaniac and compulsive liar, you’d probably find yourself siding against that person on most points of contention. If you really understand what the US empire is and what it does, you’ll feel the same way.


A powerful institution made up a bunch of silly, arbitrary rules and sent out a bunch of deeply unconscious human beings to enforce those rules, so naturally it became very abusive. This is the story of the Catholic Church. It’s also the story of the criminal justice system.


I don’t know how to live. Haven’t the foggiest notion how to go about it. Yet life happens anyway. This life lives itself anyway. There’s a lesson in there.


You can always just quit. Give up trying to manage your life, your mind, your emotional state. You might just find that the cells you are made of are a lot more capable and magical than you’d realized, and the managing was only ever getting in their way.


One eye sees that this thing is so very, very, very much bigger than politics and the struggles of tiny primates on a spinning blue marble.

The other eye sees that of course these struggles matter, from the perspective that they matter.

Clear 3-D vision means having both eyes open.


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74 responses to “Saudi Arabia Is Just An Honest America: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. I posted this comment on Caitlin’s page yesterday but it does not appear there today so I repeat: Some historians and geneticists now claim that both political Zionists and Saudi royals are of mixed racial descent and that member of the House of Saud are not Arabs but in fact all so-called “cryptic Jews.” and that Palestinians (derived from the name Philistines) are genetically similar to so-called “Jews.” Any nation or religion which claims to be special and superior should demonstrate superior ethics/behaviour and that should be obvious to all other races, nations, or religions.

  2. Establishment guard dogs dislike Trump not because he’s ending the wars (he isn’t), nor because he opposes establishment interests (he doesn’t), but because he’s a poor narrative manager and all too often leaves the ugly face of empire fully exposed.

    But Trump didn’t initiate a new war.
    Am I wrong?

    1. Trump merely provide more money and greater logistics to fuel wars started by the Deep State in previous years

  3. Ms Johnstone as I read this article I wondered if it could inspire you to comment about nature and its wonders.
    Bummed by climate change, Covid and realizing Biden’s the best our ‘democratic’ system has to offer? Consider what a spider can do…
    Sometimes We Need a Little Reminder from Nature
    Posted on August 19, 2020 by Dave LIndorff

  4. Probably the the greatest invention of mankind was learning how to create dog pooh, while doing away with the dog once needed to create it.

  5. Trump is destroying the Republican Party. In a campaign where he desperately needs to change the conversation away from Donald Trump, he continues to do shoot himself in the foot. The problem is that he’s fired everyone who’s ever disagreed with him, so there is nobody left to give him good advice.
    The Republican Party is going down with him. The Republican Party has gone insane following Trump, and it believes racism, hate and attacking democracy is the way to win an American election. As a result, Trump is going down, the Democrats will control the House, the Senate and the White House. There isn’t likely to be another Republican President for at least 12 years, and possibly 20. And the Democrats are grabbing the state houses in the key reapportionment cycle after the Census.
    The Democrats will be right behind them. The Democrats are mistakenly believing that the unity of the Fuck Trump! movement means that Americans love their banker driven vision of America. They have completely ignored the growing base of their party yelling at them to please stop.
    So, here’s a prediction.
    1) America’s problems don’t go away the day the Army hauls Trump from the White House. And the Democrats don’t have any solutions except lets do whatever the bankers say.
    2) The BLM protests won’t abate. They may die down till next summer, but they’ll be back as sure as a white cop is sure to shoot an unarmed black man. And then the Democrats discover that Joe “Crime Bill” Biden and Kamala “Top Cop” Harris are the wrong people with the wrong ideas on how to respond. They’ll pass some fig-leaf measures, and more unarmed black men will keep dying at the hands of white racist cops and eventually the whole thing explodes in another summer with more record breaking temperatures.
    3) Biden is heading for huge problems with Russia and China. Biden is pre-programmed in to do whatever the Pentagon and the CIA says, and both want escalation and conflict.
    4) Climate Change won’t turn on a dime. More heat, more hurricanes, more fires. We ignored everyone decades ago that said we need to change or else we’ll turn this planet into hell, so now we get hell.
    The bottom line is that Biden-Harris will get a brief honeymoon. Since they have control of Congress, they’ll pass in a few meaningless reforms, being very careful not to go so far as to get Wall Street or Corporate America upset. In other words, more Obama. And none of this will solve any of America’s huge problems.
    So, now that the Republican Brand is dead, the Democrat Brand will die soon behind in. President Biden, or perhaps President Harris, will face a country on the brink of war, with race riots in the streets, more disasters like wildfires and major hurricanes. A President with only the real support of perhaps 25% of the Americans who bother to vote having alienated half their own party. It could have been so easy to throw half the party even a few bones, but now, they celebrate their triumph over the hated progressives and go hug all their Republican friends.
    The Republican Brand is going down the drain.
    The Democrat Brand won’t be far behind.
    Good Riddance to both! Now maybe America will have at a small chance.
    PS … Trump the Fascist Must lose this election by big margins! Vote! Remember, the Republicans are openly saying they will cheat, so vote early and often! (just kidding)

    1. I like your willingness, Abe, to step out on a precarious but plausible ledge. Probably as good a set of predictions as one can make after the U.S. and the world in general have entered uncharted waters, not only politically, socially, and economically…but existentially.

    2. I could well be very wrong about this; but I believe that Biden is not going to beat Trump. My belief is that this election is going to completely disgust the population of these United States and new ” political parties ” are formed because our ” two party money owned system ” does not work anymore. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton showed the population that our political system is totally rigged and needs to be dismantled ASAP.

  6. How about Assange/Manning as the write-in ticket, for those unwilling to sell their souls to either evil?
    They are the ones to stare the monster in the face and not flinch, as it tries to stomp them.
    Sell tee shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and send the money to their respective defense funds.

    1. It could possibly break this country apart. Our future is not looking good at all.

  7. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Saudi Arabia is just an honest version of America. The tyranny is right out in the open…”
    Forget studying civics and politics. Frank Zappa shared all you really need to know: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
    “A powerful institution made up a bunch of silly, arbitrary rules and sent out a bunch of deeply unconscious human beings to enforce those rules, so naturally it became very abusive. This is the story of the Catholic Church. It’s also the story of the criminal justice system.”
    This is also the story of countless other institutions around the world. All institutions construct a house made from straw and desert mirages and turns these into silly, arbitrary rules as if they came from The Most High. Then they lure or brainwash enough deeply unconscious human beings to enforce those faux rules and be subservient to them to keep their empty vessel running on fumes by Emperors With No Clothes who we are never allowed to actually call as naked. From your local Homeowners Association and school boards all the way to the UN. All the same, just the scaling is different.
    “You can always just quit… You might just find that the cells you are made of are a lot more capable and magical than you’d realized, and the managing was only ever getting in their way.”
    This can be good advice since none of us are as smart as we think we are. We think we know how to run the damn bus, but our sense of direction is bad, our driving skills are weak, people around us are trying to lead us off the right road, we don’t know what our destination is, we are running out of gas, the tires are worn out, and none of our passengers are any smarter than we are. Let the bus decide where it wants to go and hope for the best and enjoy the ride.

    1. “Watch out where the huskies go,
      and don’t you eat that yellow snow
      Watch out where the huskies go,
      and don’t you eat that yellow snow”
      — Frank Zappa
      And I don’t think he’d be surprised that there is a whole lot more yellow snow around these days. These days its white snow that’s hard or impossible to find.

      1. “.. and the band played some of the most terriblist shit you ever heard”

        “It can’t happen here.”

        “In your dreams you see yourself as a prophet saving the world. I just can’t believe you are such a fool”

        Frank Zappa

  8. Yemen is and has been the definition of a 3d world shithole for a century at least? It government is based in theocracy as was/is Saudi Arabia’s. The difference being that the Saudis export their religious fervor while the various factions in Yemen apply their religious mania , like the Taliban locally and mostly on their women and children. More US interventionism is not an answer .

    1. For centuries Yemen was known as Felix Arabia, “happy, fortunate, fertile, blessed Arabia”. It was the source of Frankincense and myrrh, and an important node in the global trade routes. Aden is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and some say the original “Eden”. The Yemenis built beautiful multi-storied “skyscrapers” that survive to this day. The actual kingdom of the fabled Queen of Sheba was in Yemen, and there have been a number of prosperous kingdoms in that location over the millennia. The shithole it is today is the result of western interference. It was divided during the cold war into soviet and western aligned countries, and more recently has been the target of Saudi incursions which degenerated gradually into full-blown war. It just happens to be at a strategic location with respect to global trade routes.
      The Saudi version of religious fervour is also a product of western interference, when the British chose to install the house of Saud with its extremist Wahhabism varient of Islam, and give it control over that section of desert. Wahhabism is now being actively spread throughout the world. Whence Al-Qaeda and Isis. (This you probably know, since you imply it in your comment)
      History is important, it helps you understand stuff because it gives a context. Western MSM propaganda relies on a continuous stream of seemingly random and unrelated “BREAKING NEWS” events – devoid of context.
      Your use of “theocracy” as a derogatory term shows prejudice rather than wisdom or insight. Tibet was also a theocracy. Look how easy it is to reframe the definitions: Democracy is rule by mis-informed selfish individuals. Theocracy is the rule based on spiritually inspired tradition.
      US interventionism is never more an answer anywhere. But what is the question that needed to be answered?

      1. While your rebuttal ambles down recorded history you missed my point which is prefaced”for a century at least” ? Until the 19th century Tibetans were occasional cannibal when their religion required it? Democracy has many definitions these days , even the original Athenian form excluded the majority. MS Johnstone constantly hector’s for intervention against Americans by Americans , a position that makes no sense.

  9. “Racists and QAnoners will follow you around and keep talking to you like they’re your friend even while you verbally abuse them. Leftists will write you off forever the instant you say something they don’t like. This dynamic helps someone, and it ain’t the left.”

    Wow. I have seen this pattern again and again. I’m glad to know I am not the only one!

    1. The biggest fault of the left, there from its inception, is the perverse delight it takes in eating its own. Caitlin herself, if you didn’t know or skipped the background info on her website, was viciously attacked FROM THE ALLEGED LEFT for expressing early on a willingness to explore common ground with some on the right who were also opposed to endless, interventionist war. Sort of reminds me of Thomas Paine, who despite having helped inspire the French Revolution, would have wound up headless had not a mistake been made when they were rounding up prisoners to take to the guillotine.

      1. The funny part is that no one on the left can figure out that all of these leftist who attack other leftists are probably working for the Koch Bros.
        Leftists tend to be broke, so the 4th richest guy in the world can usually find a few takers. And then a new internet star is born. And the CIA has had a cottage industry in creating Fake Lefts ever since Vietnam.
        Then the rightwingers use that to criticize the left.
        Its just like the cops attacking a peaceful protest because some cops in black broke a Starbucks window.
        You can spot the real leftist like this.
        They believe in a better future. They believe in human progress. And they know that the only way they can reach this better future is by bringing people together. And the ones with hate on the brain can’t do that.
        Those who divide us are not our friends.

        1. “They believe in a better future. They believe in human progress. And they know that the only way they can reach this better future is by bringing people together. ”
          They “will follow you around and keep talking to you like they’re your friend even while you verbally abuse them.”

  10. People only ever think you’re wrong to reject mainstream politics and media because they have no idea how fucked things really are.

    That is why I say K-Dog for president! Biden will be so much better than Trump people say. But four more years of “talkin and he ain’t put back nothing.” is not going to do anyone any good except rich people and they are doing fine anyway.

    Cry a million tears. We don’t get to do ten thousand years.

    Hubris prevented change.

    1. Four more years of Trump and America is dead.
      I hope you like the sound of Emperor Jared I.
      Its a two horse race, and one of the horses is an open fascist trying to steal the election.

      1. You have been eating to many of those magic mushrooms. Move to SF and live in paradise.

  11. And so it begins again, the never-ending, semi-delusional, train-wreck of an election cycle in which the United States of American people allow themselves to get worked up into a frenzy over the misguided belief that the future of this nation-nay, our very lives-depends on who we elect as president.
    For the next three months, United States of Americans will be dope-fed billions of dollars worth of political propaganda aimed at keeping them glued to their television sets and persuading them that 1) their votes count and 2) electing the right candidate will fix everything that is wrong with this country.
    Incredible, is it not, that in a country of more than 330 million people, we are given only two choices for president? How is it that in a country teeming with creative, intelligent, productive, responsible, moral people, our vote too often comes down to pulling the lever for the lesser of two evils?
    The system is rigged, of course.
    It is a heavily scripted, tightly choreographed, star-studded, ratings-driven, mass-marketed, costly exercise in how to sell a product-in this case, a presidential candidate-to dazzled consumers who will choose image over substance almost every time.
    This article can be read here:
    The Great Election Fraud: Will Our Freedoms Survive Another Election? By John W. Whitehead

    1. You said it.

      In a country of more than 330 million people, we are given only two choices for president? How is it that in a country teeming with creative, intelligent, productive, responsible, moral people, our vote too often comes down to pulling the lever for the lesser of two evils?

      The system is flawed AT OUR PERIL dontcha know!


      I have 9 votes on my website. You can vote for Trump Biden or Me. So far nobody has voted for Trump or Biden.

  12. I went to high school in the 70’s and I think back and wonder if things were really different then or was it just that I was young and had a different perspective? I feel like things were different then, but the horrendous war in Vietnam had just ended, African Americans were rising up and demanding justice, equality and respect, women were rising up demanding justice, equality and respect, LGBT community was rising up demanding justice, equality and respect, violence and corruption seemed to be rampant, . . .. Maybe not so different in many ways? In fact, from that viewpoint, it feels like “Groundhog Day.
    On the other hand, I remember people being kinder, more trusting, more patient with each other. You could pop into friend’s houses unannounced. People seemed to care more about each other. Probably just youthful perspective and the fog of time? Or just wishful thinking? Heh, or pot?
    We do seem much more self absorbed and much less open and friendly with each other, much more selfish, and much less generous with each other. Much less kind and much more unforgiving toward each other. Much quicker to blame and much slower to take responsibility. It seems like people (me) more often give into our more negative human qualities like, impatience, petty jealousy, resentment and vindictiveness. While turning our backs on our more positive human qualities.
    If we’re like this with ourselves, in our daily lives, how can we be expected to have justifiable and righteous outrage and compassion for the horrible things that are happening to the people in Yemen, or anywhere else? How can we be expected to not turn our backs?
    I believe we have been conditioned (brainwashed) to embrace our negative human qualities, conditioned to become more hardened, to injustice and hate. Conditioned to be more callous to human suffering at the hands of genocidal psychopaths?
    How do we find our path to waking each other up to the fact that much of our humanity, as individuals and a society, has been brainwashed out of us?
    Love. Peace.

    1. I meant: “. . . how can we be expected to have compassion for the victims and justifiable and righteous outrage for the horrible things that are happening to the people in Yemen, or anywhere else?

  13. I admire Caitlin Johnstone and despise both Trump and Biden. But at this time in history it is Trump who has taken us far down the road to a dictatorship. Nearly all of the Republicans support this effort because he is the only one who has a solid base in the population. Most Democrats are hypocrites, but as bad as they are, and they are quite bad, we need them to stop Trump and his supporters from destroying what is left of American democracy. In seeing this I am putting aside my very strong disgust with Democrats and voting, and voting for Biden. (No comment I submit to the NY Times is ever published after the time during the primaries that I kept inserting into columns on Biden a list of the reasons he was terrible and couldn’t beat Trump.)

    We need to hold our noses and try not to throw up, go to the polls and yes vote for the lesser of two evils. Biden will do a lot of damage and Harris is a gross opportunist, but right now we need them in the White House instead of a dictator.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      This is the same, old banal cliche nonsense supporters of the Democratic Party drag out every election cycle. We are on to you. The “lesser evil” idea is a trap and just because you are caught in it doesn’t mean I want to join you there. Chew off your own leg.

      1. How does the refusal to vote based upon principle differ in its objective manifestation, likely interpretation, and political impact from a refusal to vote out of laziness, indifference, or contentment with the status quo? Wouldn’t you agree, Carolyn, that the most effective protest vote is made by voting for the Greens or other third party on the ballot, or by writing in a registered write-in candidate? As you undoubtedly know, write-in votes for candidates not registered, whether Tulsi Gabbard or Mickey Mouse, are simply discarded and thus have the same effect as not voting at all.

      2. Is Cornel West just another cliche-spouting Democrat? Try listening to him and you will see that even this man who stood up to Obama is agreeing that this time in history we most need to stop Trump by supporting the Democratic candidates. I despise many of the Democrats and would believe HRC was the Devil’s spawn and up until now I have been unwilling to vote for them. But it is becoming apparent that Trump is going after dictatorship with almost every Republican supporting him and some Democrats, so it is necessary to stop him by voting for that demented rapist warmonger who tried three times too damage Social Security, Mr. MBNA, Joe Biden. I will vote that way with intense disgust, but I am willing to give up looking down on him and refusing to ever support him for a larger purpose. People who choose to be purists will be clean while all around them suffer.

    2. Trump is not a dictator. That is just liberal Democrat nonsense. It’s ok if you dont like him. If you think he is a blowhard and all that; but at least stick to facts and truths; if you can.
      IMO Trump was the lesser evil in 2016; and he is still the lesser evil in 2020. That does not mean I think he is good or doing the right things – he isn’t;, but Democrats have completely lost their way and all credibility. If Trump had not blocked the Clinton’s path back into the Whitehouse the US Imperial machine would have done more harm to the US and the world than Trump’s administration has done. The fact is Trump is the least murderous US President in decades. That does not make him good; just not as awful as the others.

  14. “People only ever think you’re wrong to reject mainstream politics and media because they have no idea how fucked things really are.” One of the truest political statements I’ve ever heard.

  15. Andalusian Musician Avatar
    Andalusian Musician

    And people wonder why America supports Nazis.

    1. From what I heard, the feeling was mutual. Hitler was most impressed by American history.

  16. Caitlin, I think I finally understand what you’ve been saying for years about society being made of narrative. Wrote a piece about how narratives can change in crisis time. or Don’t mumble truth to power. Speak it loudly to everyone. Thanks and love to you.

  17. Current Events: What the headlines say and what the real deal is.

    Headline: “US mulls slapping additional sanctions on Venezuela to stop Caracas oil deals.”

    Reality: Washington resorts to more gangland thuggery (grand theft petroleum) to seize control of another sovereign state that has refused to bend to the immoral and illegal dictates which the DC gangsters slyly call “foreign policy.”

    Headline: “Tikhanovskaya urges EU not to recognise ‘fraudulent’ Belarus elections, vows to lead a peaceful transition of power.”

    Reality: Look at me, Washington has named me the Eastern European version of Juan Guaido so I must be in charge! American “democracy” means never having to actually win an election to end up running the place.

    And so it goes on 19 August 2020.

  18. There is not, nor has there ever been, nor ever will be such a thing as “good government”. All exist only on the premise that a particular criminal gang has sole authority to use violence to force others to do, or not do, this or that. Regardless how good or bad “this or that” may be, there is nothing remotely moral about it. To expect morality from it is an exercise in delusion. If one votes for the “lesser of two evils” one is still voting for evil. I refuse to participate.

  19. Biden has to be the worst candidate in history. Putting up a senile old man and asking for a vote shows they think everyone is a moron. Let us see if they are right. Trump is the anger vote. I am betting there are more angry people out there than moronic ones. Wont matter anyway.

    1. Great article Caitlin. Really enjoyed reading it. You have a real talent.

    2. Biden is just a temporary place holder for (as we know now) Kamala Harris.
      Joltin’ Joe will either conveniently succumb to Covid-19 or suffer some other infirmity leading to a timely attainment of room temperature or, if necessary, the implementation of the 25th amendment. Given the conspicuous emergence of galloping Alzheimer’s Disease, the man couldn’t even give a credible performance as court jester let alone pretend to be chief of state.

      1. Imagine him giving a State of the Union address.

  20. Which other country in the world can sociopaths sign up for a well established warmonger (US military) then have the cheek to claim to be heroes and victims simultaneously afterwards while nearly everyone else thinks there’s nothing wrong with it?

    1. I hated the term Heroes after 9/11. Everyone is a hero. Havent liked it any better today. Best way to cheapen a concept is to overuse it for mundane matters.

      1. You’re a hero for saying this….just reinforcing your point.

        1. LOl. Thanks. I needed that.

      2. Nevertheless, there is something heroic in the way most people strive to make life better for the ones they love, despite the odds. The thing I hate is when the propagandists take a word and twist its meaning for their own use.

    2. Practically all of them. The only differences between nations is how much power have the Psychopaths In Charge acquired (that’s what they do for a living), and what they think they can get away with. They all work for the bank cartel. Which is why the world is being destroyed over a fact free “virus”.

  21. Thanks for sharing your mind Caitlin — it’s a really interesting place. I like it!

    1. Definitely something interesting going on inside of Caitlin. Glad she’s letting us in on some of it.

  22. Well-said. I am truly fascinated: You have an excellent talent with words, and 90% of the time, I find that you express whatever I feel in ways I cannot, perhaps because I am not a native speaker. The first 2 paragraphs of this article, for example -they so resonate with me. I wish you reach more people with your writing. I wish you all the best,

  23. Ms Johnstone my teachers would say: Clear 3-D vision means having all three eyes wide open. Your third ” eye ” is for the yin-yang universe that everything and everyone exists within.

  24. Amazing gold. Your words are so beautiful. They are consistently one of my bright spots.

  25. It’s amazing how evil is the country in which everybody wants to live, with a President that every country wants for their own; and there are so many experts NOT living in America who make a living – disclosing such alleged evil.

    1. Everybody? Every country?
      Guess you must be from that superlative place …
      Nonetheless, the bit about “the President every country wants” is hilarious. For that I give you a pass.

      P.S. It’s not for nothin’ that country is known as “The Great Satan”.

  26. Foster Goodwill Avatar
    Foster Goodwill

    You have a lot of really good points here Caitlin, but I disagree that we are the same here as Saudia Arabia.
    Some of thats true,Viet Nam was our version of Yeman I would say.But to say we are the same,just less honest,is missing a lot of the differences… Sometimes what you say doesnt make common sense to me.Like its not worth voting if you can only vote for bad or terrible. I would hold my nose and vote for bad to prevent terrible,and much extra suffering for the world. I think it would only be pride and anger that would prevent this choice. And while it is understandable, I think it is also irresponsible,to give in to those feelings.

    1. I’m always amazed how much people who don’t get it think they do.

    2. If we’re not the same, why do we enable them?

    3. Opt out.Your vote makes no difference. Most people still think it matters. It doesnt. Opt out and retire from the ratrace. Retreat away from the craziness and find what peace you can. Live your life quietly turning inward instead of outward.

      1. Another version of Timothy Leary’s advice. Didn’t work then. Won’t work now. The trick is figuring out how to opt IN at less than the cost of your soul.

        1. You just need to find the correct drugs.

  27. Your Own Body Is Not Your Possession…It is the Shape Lent to you by Heaven and Earth. Your Life is Not Your Possession; it is Harmony Between Your Forces, granted for a time by Heaven and Earth. Your Nature and Destiny are Not Your Possessions; they are the Course Laid Down for you by Heaven and Earth. Your Children and Grandchildren are Not Your Possessions; Heaven and Earth lend them to you to cast off from your body as an insect sheds its skin. Therefore you travel without knowing where you go, stay without knowing what you cling to, are fed without knowing how. You are the Breath of Heaven and Earth which goes To and Fro; How can You Ever Possess It? – From The Book Of Lieh – Tzu

  28. Foster Goodwill Avatar
    Foster Goodwill

    Theres been a lot of talk that Russian interference in trumps election was a hoax, or exagerated,
    Here is a report from Rolling Stone, about the recent bipartisan senate report ,that shows some of the damage they did.

    1. There is a reason it is bi-partisan and that is that both the Republicans and the Democrats, paid for as they are by the US arms industry, need an external enemy to deflect attention from the corruption of the US political system from which they benefit. The senate report presents not one independently verifiable fact.

      1. Bipartisanship is what happens when an idea must either be squashed or reinforced.

      2. A perfect example of Goebbels’ Law in action. Never stop telling the Big Lie. Most people don’t retain what they hear even if they pay attention, but if they remember anything at all it will most likely be what they heard most often.

  29. Thank you and spot on.

  30. Link to the banned movie “Plandemic”
    “Created by the team behind the game-changing Plandemic video segment from Mikki Willis featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits that went viral and was banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19, this new FEATURE LENGTH PIECE which is the most revelatory film on what is driving the vaccine agenda, the various roles of the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and more.

    Going deep into what is really happening with mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, big pharma and our health protection agencies, Mikki’s new film finally connects the dots…”

    May have to sign up to watch, but believe me, there are important facts ALL Australians DESERVE to know.
    Want to make an informed decision on our currant Health System & Vaccinations? Then get to it!

    1. While I’m sure Covid suits the oligarchs because it keeps the populace off the streets, feeds a constant state of fear, allows for even more authoritarianism, slows climate change temporarily, defects attention from the implosion of corporate capitalism and strengthens the position of the MSM, it seems too chaotic, too haphazard and lame to be a ‘plandemic’
      The different approaches taken by each nation, the disparate views by right and left wing pundits, the announcement of vaccines from Russia and China and the cynicism of some media organisations,
      I seems more like the old SNAFU to me.
      Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

      1. With you on this. Plus, there is revolutionary/evolutionary potential here big time when governments utterly fail to even begin to address the ravages of the coming Covid Depression. The plutocrats were doing just fine with the pre-Covid status quo. Why would they take a chance on trying to fix or fundamentally fuck with something that was working so well for them?

  31. Always pay attention to President Trump’s hand shakes. He appears to have a different one according to every person or occasion. That’s an interesting looking hand shake and perhaps some even more interesting looking expressions in the accompanying photo. Perhaps Caitlin should sponsor a “caption this photo” contest? Which of these two cats got the canary and which got a mouthful of dry feathers?

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