My home state of Victoria has become the center of attention in the anti-lockdown movement for its authoritarian crackdown against not just people who are in violation of lockdown protocol, but people who merely post about staging future anti-lockdown protests on social media.

Police have been breaking into people’s homes and arresting them in front of their children under charges of “incitement” for posting about anti-lockdown protests on Facebook, drawing international headlines. This is obviously a major threat to human rights that sets a dangerous precedent and will have many undesirable knock-on effects, and it should be condemned unequivocally.

“This is awful. ‘Incitement’ is going to be used to crack down on all sorts of protests – including on issues we agree with and think are worth protesting,” explained Australian author and analyst Ketan Joshi of one such arrest. “Every time I post about this, I am stunned by the number of people who seem furiously unwilling to draw any connection between what’s happening above and the history of climate and anti-racist protest in Australia.”

“Those who claim Covid-19 is being exploited by governments to dismantle our diminishing freedoms have just been handed a chilling new piece of evidence to support their case,” tweeted journalist Jonathan Cook.

Indeed this ham-fisted approach seems to be a lot more popular among residents of Melbourne and the state of Victoria who are subjected to it than to a large portion of the outside world. Part of this discrepancy is due to Australia having an entire culture built around the phrase “No worries, whatever you reckon’s a fair thing,” but another part is the fact that people in other self-proclaimed democracies are accustomed to having a bill of rights to protect them against such intrusive overreach.

Many Australians are unaware of this, but we are in fact the only developed democracy that does not have a bill of rights built into its legal infrastructure. An inordinate amount of trust is instead placed upon our legislature and judicial system to always do the right thing on a case-by-case basis, a premise that has been fully discredited by things like the Facebook post arrests, the silencing of sexual assault victims in Victoria, the police raids on two Australian journalists last year, the almost-instituted ban on reporting political corruption in Queensland, and the trial, conviction, sentencing and imprisonment of a man entirely in secret whose very identity itself is classified, just to pick from a few very recent examples.

As we’ve discussed previously, it’s a guarantee that there will be authoritarian agendas rolled out during the Covid-19 pandemic which our rulers have no intention of ever fully rolling back. We know this because that’s what always happens; the US Patriot Act was mostly already written prior to 9/11 and the pre-planned Orwellian measures were simply slid in at a time of chaos and confusion when people were less likely to push back on creeping authoritarianism.

The trouble is, we can’t see it.

For months I’ve been getting many people telling me every day that I need to be sounding the alarm about this virus giving cover for an authoritarian power grab that will thrust us into a dystopia from which we will never recover. Few of them can agree on exactly what form this power grab is taking, and none can lucidly explain in their own words exactly what they know and how they know it when I ask them to, but they want me to write essays defending their viewpoint.

It’s not that they’re wrong to be suspicious; again, it’s a guarantee that authoritarians and plutocrats are at the very least opportunistically shoring up power and wealth for themselves in a whole host of ways amid the confusing upheavals of 2020. It’s just that I can’t write essays which I can competently defend about things I cannot see. The level of evidence and argumentation that I apply to the rest of my work simply is not there at this time. I’ve been looking at this thing from every angle, and a powerful evidence-based argument for any kind of centralized monolithic global power grab in relation to this virus just isn’t forthcoming.

This doesn’t mean such a power grab doesn’t exist, it just means that if it does exist, the bulk of it is happening in secret. And it is a very safe bet that there are at the very least a lot of agendas being planned within establishment power structures around the world which we would object to if they weren’t hidden behind thick veils of corporate, financial, and government opacity.

Which brings us to Julian Assange, whose extradition trial of world-shaping importance is set to resume a few hours from this writing.

Assange started a leak publishing outlet on the premise that corrupt power can be fought with the light of truth. Corrupt power responded by smearing, torturing and imprisoning him, thereby proving his thesis unassailably correct. The depravity of the powerful can only operate behind veils of secrecy, because if it happened out in the open our greatly outnumbered rulers would risk finding themselves on the wrong end of a guillotine blade. Assange sought to hold power in check by reducing the amount of hiding space it has for its malfeasance, which is why he is currently behind bars.

If we had transparency for the powerful as we ought, there wouldn’t be any wild theorizing about what they’re up to behind the walls of secrecy. Indeed, the various agendas that are doubtless being schemed toward by oligarchs and unaccountable government agencies wouldn’t even exist, because people only plot such evils when they are out of the public eye. Whatever’s going on with this virus would be clear as day, and the fact that people are paranoid and distrustful of authority figures about the matter is solely the fault of those authority figures’ refusal to have transparency and accountability.

The more secrecy the powerful are able to obtain, the more wars they start, the more exploitation, oppression and thievery they can get away with, the more power they can steal from the people and shift to themselves. Which is precisely why they are going after a journalist who made it his vocation to deprive them of secrecy.


As Jonathan Cook recently put it, “Assange had to be made to suffer horribly and in public – to be made an example of – to deter other journalists from ever following in his footsteps. He is the modern equivalent of a severed head on a pike displayed at the city gates.”

We must not allow them to get away with this. Especially now, when transparency for the powerful is more important than ever.

Looking at you, Australia.


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168 responses to “At A Time Of Rapidly Creeping Authoritarianism, Assange’s Freedom Is More Crucial Than Ever”

  1. This might help Dr Kendrick suggests that the whole episode might be just an honest mistake which no one has been prepared to rectify.
    Cock up rather than conspiracy? Could be, except that both Fauchi and Ferguson have been making false claims for at least 20 years, Fauchi with Aids and Ferguson with Foot and Mouth here in the UK, seems like a pattern to me.

  2. You sound like a typical sov.
    The US is just about the worst example to give from among first world countries. In the US police regularly break & enter and murder citizens; sometimes sleeping in their beds. If you behaved as bone-headed as that guy in the US you could get yourself shot.

    1. ps – this was posted as a reply to a comment below. No idea how it got to be here.
      Also the anti-robot thing is almost abusive

  3. Will Australia export its approach, or will the U.S. find a way to usurp it?

    1. They’ll one-up it by mandating that all children of arrestees be present and accounted for during cuffing.

  4. “I’ve been looking at this thing from every angle…”
    No, you haven’t. There are perspectives that you will not entertain, that you dismiss with emotional venom, and that you actively censor. This is why you cannot write about a number of critical subjects that many of your readers would like to see you address. It’s a shame, because the service you could do of advancing truth is many times greater than the service you have already accomplished.

    1. That’s just some nonsense you made up in your feeble mind, my Holocaust-denying friend.

    2. So why does Chico neglect to specify which angles he so caustically accuses Caitlin of neglecting ?
      If the truth were as important to Chico that it justifies publicly shaming our favourite author, why leave everybody in the dark ? Claiming superior knowledge while keeping it secret is a hallmark of the swindler.
      But no ordinary swindler, hunting easyMoney, this one is intent on opposing Caitlins’ work as a pioneer of understanding. The ‘coincidental’ unspecified missing truthes are a fabricated pretext, forged with the intent of wounding Caitlin’s spirit, while undermining the value of her heroic journalism.
      What kind of humanBeing ? would launch so vicious and baseless an attack.?.
      I propose a spirituallyDead human, a concept which lingers in our muchAbused language in terms like zombie, despite all attempts to nihilise them as merely fictitious.
      A zombie directed by the farmers of mankind, who feed on our distress, is more plausible and more dignified than the pejorative nonExplanation of ‘human nature’. Something profits by tearing down our leaders. In Colombia they shoot leaders like Caitlin, hundreds a year, while in Australia the cruelty of repression is achieved by character assassins with anonymous titles.
      I know of no cure for the disease which turns human beings into ghouls.
      Death is the traditional remedy. Sooner the better.
      The lies of Chico are evidence of an irredeemable moral illness, a cruelty for Cruelty’s sake.
      Death for the First Proven Lie culls these creatures at the earliest provable symptom of nonHuman possession.

  5. When any government arrests its very own citizens for just talking about protesting some government action or policy you know that government has gone into the ” thought police zone ” and the ” re-education torture camps will be soon to follow. It is very sickening what the owners and the masters are capable of doing all over this planet. It seems like every day a new disgusting turn of events takes place. Something is extremely wrong with humanity when ” big brother government ” stoops to this low level of constantly watching its very own citizens.

  6. I attempted to answer a direct question from Caitlin. I hope she saw my reply–but the nature of how the comment threads organize on this web site means that about a couple dozen posts of people attacking each other intervened. That kind of thing makes it very difficult to hold a meaningful discussion here. I’m not sure how to solve this problem (organizing comment threads in web sites is not my area of expertise), but it would be nice if the discussion flowed more logically.

    1. I have meaningful discussions on forums which other journalists provide with a menu of topic pages for logical thread and focus. Perhaps Caitlin can provide the same. That might encourage more readers to support her on Patreon?

  7. Mark Zuckerberg Gets Paid to Serve You Lies
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, engagement
    Lies get more engagement than truth. Engagement equals more money from ads. It’s called a business model.

  8. We are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and as it was the case in the days of Noah, people are decadent, especially the ruling elites of our time.

    Everything happening now shows the obvious decadence of our society.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. And in a decadent society, the only future for mankind is a vaccine, i.e. a syringe in the b…

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  9. I refuse to get sucked into this spat about whether the plutocrats planned or merely took advantage of the pandemic. I also refuse to add one more dystopian description of the endless abominations going on around us. To be frank, that stuff not only enervates but, at this post-saturation point, bores me. Instead, let me offer a SOLUTION–yes, you heard that right–to our twin existential problems of human oppression and environmental destruction. I’ll do it by repeating a comment I made this morning on the other great Australian blog, that of MMT economist Bill Mitchell. The comment begins with a quote from his latest blog post.

    “From abroad, it looks like the US government is stepping back when it should be engaging in supporting all incomes and introducing large-scale job creation programs.” From over here, it looks much the same. I’m unimpressed by employment statistics these days, however well-crunched, because they usually fail to take into consideration the mass substitution of BS jobs for decent jobs, a substitution which had been occurring since the 1970s and was taken to the max following the 2008 GFC (great financial crisis), which bailed out the rich and powerful and left the rest of us hanging in the wind. Whether you’re working some sort of gig or temp job or not, no solid foundation is provided to live a viable life or look forward to a viable future, and that’s precisely the precarious and dispiriting position into which we’ve pushed so many of the young. Small wonder we have so much civil unrest these days, easily triggered by a single outrageous incident. Yet the answer, at least initially, seems so obvious to me; namely, the implementation of MMT’s JG (job guarantee) proposal, which would not only provide those viable lives and futures now lacking, but would also put people to work taking desperately-needed care of each other in this cold neoliberal world, and, even more importantly, put them to work to begin to restore the endangered health of our natural environment, already lingering on life support. Indeed, these two new focuses of human endeavor would likely become the principal ones once the JG foot was inside the door. It wouldn’t be long, I suspect, before the JG was supplemented with an intensely reinvigorated public sector pursuing both essential tasks. Please note that we’re talking about fiat money here, new money created by the mere decision to invest it, so we could let the rich alone to stew in the soul-damaging consequences of having an insane amount of money in a world where many suffer from obscene want. Let me again refer to the sign in my front yard: “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER. BAIL OUT EVERYONE.” Our essential post-Covid political challenge, now that fiat money has been revealed by MMT and demonstrated by two massive and instantaneous bail-outs of the rich and powerful (in 2008 and now), is to redirect that awesomely ample financial stream, limited only by available or readily obtainable resources, to average people, to what the good book calls “the least of these,” and to all living things. Is it possible to conceive of a more simple and elegant path toward the solution of a civilizational and planetary problem of life and death, as concrete and doable a first step toward that solution from which the rest would flow, than can be found in two little letters: JG?

    1. The Jewish people at one time had a jubilee every seven years when all debt was forgiven. Also usery was considered evil. That system would correct alot of inbalances today to the distress of the bankers.

      1. Theoretically speaking, if a currency-sovereign nation like the U.S. decided that massive debt relief was the best thing to do, giving everyone a new jubilee-style start, then all debt subject to immediate payment could be paid off in a heartbeat/keystroke simply by the federal decision to do so, to invest its fiat money in PAYING OFF, NOT STIFFING creditors. They wouldn’t have much to bitch about, would they? The danger to avoid here, of course, would be inflation, which is why we need the guidance of economists of the MMT persuasion, who have studied inflation far more deeply than their mainstream colleagues. On a more practical level, there are certainly more partial and incremental, yet effective and lasting ways to responsibly and humanely put an end to debt peonage.

      2. According to the Book of Jubilees ….49 years is a jubilee and this is when debt was forgiven, slaves were released and property reverted to its original owner etc.
        written as : 7 weeks of years, (each week being 7 years in time)
        Larger measurements of time was in the number of jubilees
        Ie: chap 6 v 5 And Noach made the ark in all respects … the twenty seventh jubilee of years in the fifth week(of years) in the fifth year …..

  10. Whew! This is not happening in Canada to the same degree. No doubt because we actually have a charter of rights, of sorts. (“Section9, section 9, leave me alone, copper!”)

    Maybe this is why we have all these Australians coming to Canada these days. Encountered one the other day, a cashier in a “Bulk Barn”.

    As for Assange, I know I am shouting into the wind about this, but it is time to forget about Assange. He is used as a decoy. All this time, energy, money need to be directed at the persons responsible for the conditions you are talking about.

    It all sounds like a kind of vicarious masochism. People who do not have the guts to really stand up to corrupt power transfer their fears onto Assange. Its like in primitive societies which practiced human sacrifice. People would actually go into orgasms out of relief that someone else is being tortured and killed, even while they expressed obsessive love for the victim.

    If all these people really wanted him out this bad, they could do it. It involves doing some things which are highly illegal until they are done by about 100 000 determined and well organized people. I do not think that should be a controversial statement. TR

    1. NO! If we forget about Assange, we might as well turn the lights out on the entire Human Being evolutionary experiment. And the rats and cockroaches shall inherit the Earth.

  11. The ” chaste ” of owners and masters have their own views!
    Commander-in-Chief Bonespur waddles into a new controversy:
    In the latest scandal precipitated by Commander in Chief Donald Trump – a man who notoriously got a doctor to lie for him about his having debilitating “bone spurs” so he would not have to serve in the military during the Vietnam War – we have a president who is the leader of the military who, it is reliably confirmed, has disparaged the people who fought in those wars.
    He has called them “losers” for being killed or captured in battle. He has declined to memorialize them. He has had wounded veterans kept out of military parades because he felt vets in wheelchairs and on walkers or crutches or missing limbs “are not a good look.”
    He has called soldiers who served in Vietnam “losers and suckers” for going and fighting and dying there, since, as he knew from his own experience, the draft was “easy to get out of.” And he has declined to visit the graves in France of United States dead from WWI, calling them “losers” for getting killed. This article can be read here:
    Donald Trump Disses Troops but Correctly Labels 2 of Americas Costliest Wars Unjustified or “Stupid” by Dave LIndorff!

    1. With all due respect, anyone who volunteers for the U.S. military, after all the well-known death and destruction it’s brought upon the world, is indeed a sucker or a psychopath. I do empathize with those who were drafted but don’t believe they should be elevated as “America’s bravest heroes” any more than the police.

      1. I empathize with those who were drafted but wives, children or parents who suffered from the loss of those sent to war deserve equal honor and memorials to their names.

  12. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > It’s not that they’re wrong to be suspicious; again, it’s a guarantee that authoritarians and plutocrats are at the very least opportunistically shoring up power and wealth for themselves in a whole host of ways amid the confusing upheavals of 2020.
    Yes, and about the relative significance of this virus — to some degree — maybe this:

  13. I’m not stepping into the ongoing argument here–I just want to alert Ms Johnstone to the fact that one of the links in the article, the one about sexual abuse victims being gagged, led to an attempt to install malware–please remove that link and either replace it with an innocent one, or none (you don’t have to have links and substantiation for every small point).

  14. Have you seen this? This remarkably haunting brand new song was forwarded to me by a friend, along with this note from the composer: “Hello world
    please forgive the intrusion.
    I would love you to watch and listen to this song, if you would like to.
    the song is called “like a movie”, and was written by request from julian assange’s father.
    I realised, in writing a song about julian and his situation that he is a nuanced character, and not one who fits easily into a heroic narrative. I’ve tried to be true to all of this, to the original intent of his dad, and to the fact that regardless of everything, his ongoing incarceration and possible removal to the US amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, and a calculated assault on truth telling, all of which is worthy of deep concern.
    even if you’re unsure about some of the sentiments of this song….I hope you enjoy the nice harmonies.
    please feel free to share this song as much as you wish, or not
    respectfully yours
    stephen taberner

    1. He is a hero. I’m not at all religious but I would compare him to Jesus Christ, the man. He is being crucified for trying to tell the truth to the masses, most of whom prefer to turn a blind eye to injustice and crimes being committed in our names.

  15. Sandra Gathercole Avatar
    Sandra Gathercole

    Caitlin I read you because of your fearless ability to put your finger dead center on every issue. With Covid, your fnger has lost its compass. The case for Covid as a pre- planned global reset, orchestrated by the FAANGs, Pharma, and Wall Street, has been made and thoroughly documented by many. If you cannot see it, please start following Global Research, Mercola, and Children’s Health Defence (Robert Kennedy) online, and read Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshanna Zuboff. Your voice is needed in this argument.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I prefer to follow the World Socialist Web Site, Consortium News and the Greyzone. Global Research is a haven for wild conspiracy theories and I don’t trust Mercola at all.

      1. Global Research is a republisher… Not all articles posted there reflect the views of the site… But frankly – what you may consider to be “wild conspiracy theories” may in fact prove to be right. If you disgree with an author there – challenge their work publicly… But you may find that they are well reasoned, and founded in absolutely verifiable information.

        While the Grayzone is usually GREAT in their areas of expertise…they still sell the official (now completely crumbling) narrative of “9/11” – and bad foreigners who attacked us… But Dick Cheney was clearly in charge – and Al Qaeda couldn’t have turned off the air defenses at the Pentagon – or wired WTC7 for controlled demolition (which is now pretty well established). deserves more respect than you appear willing to give them. If you don’t like them – try The Last American Vagabond – website and youtube channel… He’s ALSO very good.

        1. Totally agree. I would add Off-Guardian an IseMedia with Ben Swann too.

          I have many other go to’s these days, though some may not like their style, so I won’t include them here.

          My old faithfuls are very disappointing on this issue, be it indie media or people I once admired.

    2. Correct. Caitlin claims she doesn’t have enough evidence to comment re covid but has no problem talking about oligarchy and deep state activities which are equally real and equally unprovable. Covid is the most blatant assault by the powers that be EVER. We don’t need court proven evidence to see that. Assange is a victim of this abuse. Freeing him would be nice but what would it actually change? Nothing.
      The time is over for tokenism. 2 things need to occur, primarily the complete evisceration of the corporate structure which the majority of the oligarchy hide behind. Next, the abolition of the billionaire class. No one person or group should have the level of influence and ability to corrupt. Gates being the prime example. Doesn’t matter if you think he’s an angel or the devil himself. He treats the planet and the people like his own private version of The Sims. Wrong.

        1. Allow me to say – that I support Caitlin’s rightnto pick her own battles. She’s OUT HERE and EXPOSED – and even when she’s 100% right – she’s subject to slander and smears… When it comes to COVID 1984 and “9/11” – I’ll happilynlet people who aren’t sure what to say – defer to those who do. What she has said on both subjects is plenty, for me… When she feels like she has a better grasp – perhaps she’ll do more. In the meantime – she’s damn good at what she does. We shouldn’t demand of her – that which we could be doing, ourselves. I used to cover “9/11” and Assasinations, and systemic racism – and how the Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots, and working for the same oligarchs – on a radioshow that went by this username in a major media market… Nothing I said could ever be challenged effectively – without bringing me more publicity… But still – it didn’t last forever. No good deed goes unpunished – as Julian Assange shows us as an object lesson. Let’s not force Caitlin to lean out beyond her solid base. In the world of Judo – that will get you slammed.

      1. the only logical answer her is that Caitlin is deep state. how can such a knowledgable person miss the obvious, She is a piece of shit. cant believe i once gave her money.

        1. How do we know that YOU aren’t “Deep State” ? Certainmy nothing that she writes advances their preferred narratives… If you’re going to make EXTRA-ordinary claims – then you need extraordinary evidence… She’s basically encouraged all of us to do it and show her how we want to see it done. She can’t be everywhere – or effectively research and cover every topic. So I think she’s doing fine – by sticking to her strengths – and picking her fights wisely. There are plenty of folks who’ve made this their speciality of the moment. When she sees her moment – I’m sure that she’ll be on the right side of all this. As it is – she’s done a good service with this column – speaking in defense of the right to protest, on COVID – and EVERY OTHER ISSUE.

          Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. And try not be so mean and coarse in your criticisms. She has feelings, I’m sure.

  16. About the guy is Melbourne…
    That is the kind of behavior usually associated with sovereign citizen crackpots. Refusing to answer the door to police is illegal and asking for trouble. They have no option but to force entry under such circumstances.
    I dont support the police criminalizing people for expressing an opinion on the internet or for organizing peaceful protests. And I also dont support people who refuse to open the door to police or who resist arrest.

    1. Too bad you offspring of convicts have no legitimate rights, and are just livestock roaming and breeding on her Majesty’s property (“desmegne lands”). Here in the USA, the police need a valid warrant to enter a dwelling – and thus any unlawful or unconstitutional or fraudulent predicates for the warrant – will be grounds to have all persons and evidence seized – properly returned – assuming that you still have a just and impartial system of courts…(frankly, none of us do, in the legal system run and overseen, however remotely, by the British BAR system). Fighting to reseatblish things that should never be questioned as rights, or to restore unjustly taken liberty and property – is an onerous task – and an undue burden. The system that you seem to revere unquestioningly, is better known as “LAWFARE”. Ambassador Craig Murray and Julian Assange have supporters and people who will aid them… But our inalienable rights shouldn’t depend on an ability to militantly defend afainstbegregious abuses.

      The term “Sovereign Citizen” is an Oxymoron. People are EITHER Sovereign – or Subjects. You sound like the later. If you want to say that NONE are Sovereign – then fine. You can start by telling that to the Queen. Otherwise you might do well to read Chief Justice John Jay’s fulp opinion, in Chisholm v. Georgia… It makes a reasonable statement on why the People of the Several united States were and still ate Sovereign.

      If you want to argue tgat it diesn’t truly apply within the commonwealth – well there’s nothing in that opinion which would argue the point. But the Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest and the Confirmitorio Cartarum – should still protect all of the rights that those who are often deliberately mislabeled as “Sovereign Citizens”, are trying desperately to defend in the face of a rapacious, and intellectually dishonest, imperial authority.

      1. You sound like a typical sov.
        The US is just about the worst example to give from among first world countries. In the US police regularly break & enter and murder citizens; sometimes sleeping in their beds. If you behaved as bone-headed as that guy in the US you could get yourself shot.

        1. Unlike BOOTLICKERS and apologists for unaccountable police violence and murder – there is very little “typical” about folks who are actually Sovereign… It is a diverse and heterogenous group – a fact for which, your derogatory and false comment fails to account.

          If the police show up with a warrant then they can come in. If not – they – like you – can go fuck themselves. It’s a simple policy – and it has worked for as long as I’ve keeping to it.

          Anyone who wants to TRESPASS upon or abrogate my rights – is perfectly welcome to come give it a try.

    2. And i don’t support people who are “Just following orders.”

    3. So if I come home one day and my door is broken off the hinges I guess I should figure thieves or the police have been by. Somehow that very thought seems wrong. Yet you jusrify that very reality.

  17. A somewhat disparate attempt to conflate the covid panic and the now irrelevant Mr Assange. Minimizing the permanent loss of civil rights and personal freedoms such as they were for the masses while maximizing Mr Assanges efforts at exposing war-crimes and corruption which failed to change anything. Hobby horses eventually crumble and band wagons run out of fuel ? Mr Assange , Snowden , and Manning are now dead men walking having been shunned , slimed , and made irrelevant , by the new con , covid panic , the second wave which will arrive we are told with this winter flu season, or as biological warfare is released by machine intelligence.,

    1. I have been wondering if we are just being primed for the next virus which will be far more deadly. Hope not.

    2. Jim McDonagh wrote:
      > Mr Assanges efforts at exposing war-crimes and corruption which failed to change anything.
      He started an ongoing change in human consciousness. Wait and see. Or better, act and see.

      1. Most of the world views Mr Assange as a pervy , ego-maniacal brat , and convict , forcefully removed from the world stage by authorities. A persona successfully shaped by the MSM . The mans character having long replaced the issues he attempted to bring to the world stage

        1. You mean the MSM, the prostitutes view Assange like that not the people. Hence why they have to employ prostitutes like Luke Harding to invent lies. If you watch the interview between him and Aaron Mate, you can witness how the MSMs lies are torn apart when a journalist starts to ask probing questions.

          1. Unfortunately, most of “the people” have no idea who Assange is or what he has done. Of those who do, many are phony liberals who have lapped up the lies about him being a rapist or a Putin stooge, or both.
            Those of us who know the truth have a tremendous struggle to educate those who don’t and don’t really care to.
            I’ve been trying to do it for years.

            1. More and more people are beginning to stop reading the MSM and swallowing whatever the propaganda the TV pumps out. Hence why their revenues are falling. The old trick they are now using is ignoring the political trial of Assange. Our role is to make his political persecution for revealing the crimes of the Anglo American Zionist empire is not ignored.

      2. Jim McDonagh wrote:
        > Most of the world views Mr Assange as a pervy , ego-maniacal brat , and convict , forcefully removed from the world stage by authorities. A persona successfully shaped by the MSM . The mans character having long replaced the issues he attempted to bring to the world stage
        There is still much of that, of course, especially in the US, as very well explained by UN’s Nils Melzer:
        “In the end it finally dawned on me that I had been blinded by propaganda, and that Assange had been systematically slandered to divert attention from the crimes he exposed. Once he had been dehumanized through isolation, ridicule and shame, just like the witches we used to burn at the stake, it was easy to deprive him of his most fundamental rights without provoking public outrage worldwide. And thus, a legal precedent is being set, through the backdoor of our own complacency, which in the future can and will be applied just as well to disclosures by The Guardian, the New York Times and ABC News.”
        — Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture
        But there is clearly more, it’s a complex and evolving situation.
        For example, according to a 2011 Reuters/Ipsos international poll (23 countries around the world) and a 2018 Economist/YouGov United States poll, the US is the only country where a majority of the population opposes WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, which are seen favorably in all other countries. That’s right, in all other countries of the world. Where, by the way — in almost all of them — America is viewed as the greatest threat to world peace, according to a well-known 2013 WIN/Gallup international survey.
        However, even in the US, other polls also show that public trust in mainstream media is extremely low now.
        And there is as well a gradual awakening on world issues, a quiet but expanding consciousness change, with more and more people beginning to understand how the world really works.
        Thanks notably to revelations from WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, etc., with maybe small but numerous contributions from a growing long list of true journalists, researchers, whistleblowers, etc. such as Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Craig Murray, Joe Lauria, also Caitlin Johnstone, yes, and many, many more.
        Follow them, you can add your part.
        Some sources on the mentioned polls:
        What Public Opinion on Assange Tells Us About the US Government Direction — Strategic Culture
        53% of Americans say Julian Assange should be extradited to America — YouGov
        Which Country Is The Greatest Threat to World Peace? — Brilliant Maps

  18. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Which brings us to Julian Assange, whose extradition trial of world-shaping importance is set to resume a few hours from this writing.
    Yes, and this is a crucial moment to review some of Caitlin’s very important articles on the extraordinary case of Julian Assange, which is setting an indeed historic, world-shaping legal precedent for the end of freedom of the press.
    For instance:
    Humanity Is Making A Very Important Decision When It Comes To Assange — Caitlin Johnstone
    Or the extensive, very informative report:
    Debunking All The Assange Smears — Caitlin Johnstone
    And many more:
    Posts Tagged “Assange” — Caitlin Johnstone

  19. Having failed to overthrow the government there, we’re now penalizing the civilian population for our failure. Enough is enough.

    American policy in Syria over the last decade has been marked by ill-considered and destructive interference by our government. From Obama’s reckless declaration that Assad “must go” to arming insurgents to Trump’s illegal attacks to the current policy of occupation and economic war, the U.S. has meddled where it should have stayed out. The bias in favor of “action” in our foreign policy debates has led the last two administrations into a dead-end policy in which there are only costs and no benefits for the United States. Having failed to overthrow the Syrian government, the U.S. is now penalizing the civilian population for that failure.

    Occupying Syrian territory indefinitely has nothing to do with defending the United States, and American soldiers should not be put at risk for the sake of such a pointless mission. Rather than strangling the Syrian people with sanctions and violating Syria’s sovereignty, the U.S. should be aiding in the reconstruction and relief effort in order to help stabilize the country and the surrounding region. Above all, we need political leaders who understand that Syria is not and never was ours to “lose” and that there is nothing to be “won” by continuing to torment its population with sanctions. This fine article can be read here:
    Get Out of Syria by Daniel Larison

    1. In my very humble opinion – this article shows just why the United States government has its troops in Syria.
      Israel attack kills dozens of Syrian soldiers and “Iranian militia operatives.” But who’s counting? By Gideon Levy

      “The most conspicuous aspects of the US intervention in Syria are its flagrant illegality and manifest imperialism, yet at no point do the scholars point out that the US occupation of northeastern Syria, the US take-over of Syria’s oil fields, US training and funding of insurgents, US missile strikes on Syria, and the imposition of coercive economic measures, are criminal, murderous, and anti-democratic, though they openly acknowledge that Washington has pursued all of these means to achieve its goal of overthrowing the Syrian government…
      …If we’re to be honest, the prosperity of investors and high-level executives of major corporations is the principal aim of the liberal (note, not liberal democratic, but liberal sans democratic) international order which Landis and Simon cite as the desired end of US policy. The prosperity of US citizens en masse—Main Street not Wall Street—is not the primum mobile of US foreign policy. Neither is building democratic governance and middle-class societies abroad an authentic goal, however much this deceit figures in the rhetorical flourishes of various US experts in casuistry,”
      —-Stephen Gowans

  20. Aha, Ms Johnstone, the ” Gestapo ” is alive and well on your website branding and slandering those with other thoughts and opinions not to their liking. He posts here to police the thoughts of others; but who sent him and what is his agenda? It could be that he thinks I have his money in my pockets and he must mug me on sight to take it back. Us old people are just a drain and a pain. The human race is a very dysfunctional species; the universe in its infinite wisdom will probably make sure that humanity never contaminates another planet. Thank You Ms Johnstone for being a soulful beacon of sanity for this hell on earth!

  21. From the operarth ‘Sphere (The Most Passionate Love Triangle Never Imagined)’: “Without passion, what’s the fucking point?” Assange demonstrates this without hesitation.

  22. This siding with anti-maskers alarms me quite a bit because I am a diabetic and 40% of all Covid deaths are diabetics. I don’t for a minute believe all the people in my town and on social media getting sick are in on this. It’s a deadly virus that causes heart and lungs damage in even the healthiest of people. If I come into contact with the virus there is a good chance I will die and I believe that my right to life and liberty trump’s anyone’s desire to be mask free. With that being said I am highly suspicious that the virus was created by the U.S. military and released on humans. The virus is so smart it conviently just so happens to kill people that the government hates like the elderly, blacks, immuno compromised +-gay. In other words people that the government views as a strain on the system or just plain undesirable. This is why Trump calls it the chinese virus everyday, to assign blame to anyone but the U.S. and deflect. Where it comes from may be debatable but the existence of the virus is a real and dangerous thing. There’s just no way all these ppl are in on the conspiracy.

    1. Dear David, with respect, If you are diabetic or in any way more vulnerable to infections, then wear a mask, stay at home, sanitize as much as possible and keep your distance when in public. I understand your fear and if you believe those preventions help, then do that, but please do not impose your restrictions because of your vulnerability on others who have jobs to do and want to provide adequately for their families.

      1. TIRED, … with whatever respect is due, wear a mask. Like I do when I have to go to work.

        The virus is real. It is not a conspiracy perpetrated by 99.9999% of the world’s medical and public health experts.

        I don’t support the home invasions and arrests of [stupid/deluded] people who moronically call for rallies against science and reality. The fact that authoritarians use whatever opportunities are available to extend their power doesn’t mean that every opportunity that becomes available is a hoax.

        I am so tired of being expected to listen respectfully to arrogant yahoos who say COVID-19 is fake, global warming is fake, “BLM” is a Jewish-financed plot to divide and conquer the populous.

        1. “We were only following orders.” Nazis at the Nuremberg trials.

        2. You could be forgiven for thinking that there is ANYTHING like 99.9999% uniformity of opinions or consensus upon the issue – if you were keeping to your own counsel – and not instructing others what to believe – or how to behave. But since you are – you have an implicit duty to find out what the spectrum of belief and understanding is for yourself – and not relying upon the heavily censored input of the Inverted Totalitarian and MOCKINGBIRD media empires… Believe me – there is far more dissent and uncertainty than you are being led to believe. Bill Gates isn’t Jewish to my knowledge, nor are the Rockefellers… But their “LOCKSTEP” and “Event 201” plans read like clairvoyant predictions of what we see occurring – right down to censorship and marginalization of dissenting views – and atlernative hypotheses, critical evaluations of statistics and theiriesbeing delivered to the general populous as unquestionable facts, by the Gateses and Faucis of the world – and their compromised and controlled institutions, and media platforms. Do you realize that the WHO was rightly criticized for creatimg a NEEDLESS panic in 2009 – over H1N1 flu? They’re like the boys who cry “Wolf” to many of us.

          If you want to see a sampling of the diverse views out out there on Covid 1984 – try – where you will find the censored voices and research of many professionals – who fall outside your grotesquely magnified consensus-“reality”.

          And there are a diversity views beyond those that you’ve listed. Many acknowledge it to be real – while feeling that the statistics are being deliberately cooked – to justify a panic – designed to pave the way for a “Shock Doctrine” solution, and a pre-ordained agenda – like that put forward by the genocidal eugenicists, like Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum.

        3. It is not a fake, it is just being inflated to some ridiculous pandemic. It is just the flu being used as a means of control. Wake up to what is happening And look beyond covid. Anti maskers are actually fighting for your personal freedom but you are too blind or scared to see it.

          1. katika declares her allegiance to the agenda of maximising death and crippling by infectious microbe.
            Traitor to truth and traitor to mankind.
            As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
            Anti maskers think themselves entitled to spread death and suffering amongst we who take the recommended precautions.
            katika says this is a human right.
            Go figger.

    2. It’s not necessary that “all these ppl are in on the conspiracy.” It’s just that they are falling for the hysterical scare tactics. It’s a real virus but nowhere near the killer it’s made out to be. Most of the dead were elderly and thrown under the bus by their governments. If you’re in a vulnerable category, protect yourself, not with a mask, but with a healthy diet full of disease-fighting vegetables. Diabetes can be cured by a plant-based diet.

    3. Dear David, Seems you do not know my opinions. Further down I argued that the W.H. O. are “Orchestrating global panic using a novel strain of influenza.” Few if any experts question this new viral infection. Many trustworthy virologists (but not all) agree that COVID-19 was a product of research. Most agree that it is contagious, fast and fatal for certain patients. I agree with them. Few if any deny the recommendation to isolate vulnerable people from social contacts. I agree!

  23. We are now all Julian Assange. We are all being persecuted because we don’t “believe” the male bovine fecal matter. A note to those of you in the US: don’t give up your right to keep and bear arms like Australians and New Zealanders did. If you do, it’s not even dangerous for the tyrant’s goons to attack you. There is nothing to discourage them, except their moral boundaries, which they don’t have.

    1. Wrong on this one. To some degree all those guns protect us from the government, but the US leads in another thing besides its military–its propaganda apparatus is second to none, There are more guns than people here, and they are disproportionately in the hands of the right wing people who are being whipped up in their side of the culture wars to the point where they actually believe the kid who shot three people, killing two, at a BLM protest, was a hero. The government’s goons may not even have to attack us, they can just get their stupid cultists to do it.

      1. That must be why there is such a massive armed resistance to the current peaceful riots. Oh, wait, there isn’t one. Maybe those “right wingers” aren’t so malevolent after all. I’ve seen much discourse claiming his justification, very little claiming his heroism. In fact, in my personal communication, there is much suggestion he probably should have done a little more to avoid the confrontation. But then again, 17 year olds are not famous for their wisdom.

        1. You must be conversing with a very ‘enlightened’ class of Brownshirt thug.

          The “Boogaloo” movement, KKK/Neo-Nazis and militias, and such – have been pretty active – sometimes even in “Antifa(scist)” garb, commiting acts of accelerationist provocation.

          Rightwing violence is occurring – it just winds up being minimized in the press, and the right’s external communications. Internally they fetishize it.

          So far most (but not all) of the far right violence, has been limited to a sub-firearms level. They’ve taken to using cars as weapons, like ISIS, to a surprising degree.

  24. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    I could not say it better that Yolande Norris-Clark

    “I’m Done with this”

  25. I don’t KNOW anything. However, what I wonder about is what I would do if I was Bezos, Gates, or Zuckerberg rich, and i had access to the best science which was telling me that if the human part of the world didn’t get its act together, those 50 bazillion dollar yachts were not going to save us from the catastrophe just ahead and by the way already underway.
    wouldn’t take much consideration to recognize the futility of getting some of my richest capitalist colleagues to cut back so as to shrink their ecological footprints.
    Besides, there are only a handful of us compared to half the planet that can’t take care of its basic needs, are the source of health and crime problems, and have this nagging tendency to want to hang onto their natural resources, which is to say keep getting in the way.
    It wouldn’t take long to come to the conclusion, as Gates has, that the real problem is that the planet is overpopulated by poor people, the kind of people you would never let yer daughter or son date.
    The late Garret Hardin learned the hard way that ya don’t want to talk about carrying capacity, especially the notion that government would have to enforce such a thing. How many people can this space support and who gets to be those people. Hmm
    So, with the help of some of the planet’s best and brightest, the rich and the intelligent would collaborate seeking ways to shrink the population of everybody but themselves, retaining for themselves the relative few who would be necessary to wash the windows, grow the lab food, that sorta thing.
    But they’d have to find a way to “cull the herd” without appearing to cull the herd, cuz even we nincompoops could get angry enough to literally fight against that.
    OK, so first thing we’ll need to do is make the military and the police our friends. Let them know we are on their side and will take care of them. When it’s all said and done, we won’t need all of them, but we can cross that bridge when get to it.
    So, how do we erase — hmm, let’s say — six billion people without erasing ourselves?
    And how do we do it quickly, cuz all the PhDs are telling us we have no more than 30 years and counting down to downsize the population.
    Yes, we will have to sacrifice much of our wealth, but that, we know, is __ don’t tell anybody just yet — the source of their problem and ours.
    No worries, we will still hold the keys to the kingdom and they those of the impure genes will be even more beholden to us and thereby controllable.
    So, how do we do this without putting ourselves at too great a risk?
    How difficult would it be to design a bug that took down the least productive worker bees, first. You know, take out the elderly who are a disproportionate burden on all systems. Take out the weakest mentally and emotionally, the disabled….

    1. You very much seem to “get it”. I very much hope that Ms. Johnstone reads your brief but accurate summary of the proper suspicions of many of us – and regards it as an answer to her challenge. None of that is a cryptic self-referential “Q-drop”ping… It is a concise summary of the big picture motivations and agenda of a Bill Gates, and his plutocratic brethren. Eugenics + plausibly deniable genocide + increased totalitarian control of the restive masses (a piece that she already seems to get).


    2. I am sure you have read the polio vaccine in Africa has caused widespread polio to erupt. Lucky the pharmaceutical companies cannot be held responsibly. I am sure Bill Gates was not involved with this program. I am positive the Covid vaccine will be better.

    3. This is something I have been theorizing for years, but I figured the delay in implementation was because of the minor problem that many of them wanted the germ ethnically tailored and that turned out not to be doable–and the major problem that the elite would insist on a 100% guaranteed antidote for themselves. Nothing is more important to them than their own precious asses. So I don’t think COVID19 fits the bill because it is hitting some rich and powerful people (tho I don’t think it has killed any so far) and more importantly, because it isn’t killing enough to do any good if your goal is to reduce the population to something sustainable, which means eliminating at least half. Any more than that too fast and the economy collapses but half the population would be more than enough to support the elite in the style to which they’re accustomed.

      1. plague is too unpredictable since it can mutate. Covid will work just fine. Disrupt the system until food is scarce. Starvation will take care of the pipulation with the poorest starving. Right group dying, mission accomplished.

  26. Martyn Ilyes points out that it is quite possible she was wrongly arrested for incitement, and also he suggests that protesting is protected by court’s interpretations of the Commonwealth constitution, and that right cannot be taken away by either state or federal acts:

    1. As the US has aptly demonstrated, having the original Bill of Rights, your constitution is of little value. It’s just a piece of paper. If it was in any way effective, it would never be needed.

      1. Not true. While the Bill of Rights is often ignored, especially lately, it has protected countless people through the centuries. It’s not an ironclad protection but it has and does have value.

  27. Covid 19 is the latest step in a century old plan to control the world and create a New World Order first outlined by Cecil Rhodes protege, Lord Alfred Milner, and consequently by Lionel Curtis and Miner’ s Kindergarten group which included some of the powerful people in the British Empire to create an Anglo American world empire as outlined by Professor Carol Quigley, a Harvard Professor a well entrenched establishment figure and former mentor to Bill Clinton, in his books The Anglo American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope.

    This began to take fruition when the US was coerced into entering WW1 and the creation of the Federal Reserve which is Federal in name only since it’s controlled by Transnational finance. As Rothschild said at the beginning of the 19th century when the house of Rothschild controlled the finance of the British Empire, The Austrian Hungarian Empire and the French Republic “ I care not who sits on the throne who controls the purse controls the throne”. As true then as true now as can be witnessed to the massive QE bailouts to Wall Street and the City of London both in the crash of 2008 because of their fraudulent schemes and the payouts to them because of the “ scamdemic “ which they orchestrated via their control of the W.H.O, the M.S.M, their control of academic and medical institutions using front organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plus all the other foundations and NGOs they control.

    They have not hidden their plans in some secretive hidden bank vaults Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Gates, the World Economic Forum have all made their positions clear A NEW WORLD ORDER which you can discover simply by looking at what they have said and more importantly what they have done and continue to do. Professor Michael Hudson, economist and former US state advisor under Reagan, has written extensively the financial goals is to return the world to a feudalistic society which concurs with what Professors Quigley and Antony C Sutton have stated in their books.

    Be under no illusion this “ scamdemic “ is just one further step in their plan!

  28. Australia. indigenous people were once classified as funa & flora

    1. You mean like chattel? Seems a problem in other places as well.

  29. Hi Caitlin, I admire your writing skill and you can write articles to make a few people believe that Covid-19 is being used as a power grab. But mountains of research show that most people trust officials appointed by the state or directors of professional institutions rather than believe alternative positions even when facts and figures do not support official statements. People are also easily persuaded by propagandists like the public relations team which promotes Bill Gates. I wish you had the financial clout to influence people, but you were apparently not born into a wealthy Illuminati family and you are too honest, fair and decent to remain with them even if you were.

    1. With respect, it’s not so much trust, it is the result of the scientific application of indoctrination. Instead of individuals forming their own opinions and beliefs as they mature into adulthood, a set of beliefs about the way the world works and of the institutions of class rule are enforced. This halts the normal emotional maturing into adulthood and hence we have a population of infantile adults incapable of critical thought or challenging authority and who are easily manipulated by propaganda campaigns stoking fear and hatred.

      It’s not that they trust those in power, as much as they are dependent on the system that abuses them to give them a sense of place and stability. The idea of change means accepting responsibility for a trip into the unknown that they are incapable of and it scares them to death. That they are so easily swayed in the states by meaningless slogans of “change” and “yes we can” is because they are desperate for answers via the ballot box. (One obvious thing that is overlooked is that the DNC ran a black man and a women in the primaries, that meant the USA was going to have its first colored or first women president to give the illusion of progress.)

      The uncritical support for Sanders required the erasing the betrayals of Obama from the memory banks, while Sanders policies do not meet the already failed perspective of social democracy and can do nothing to halt the unwinding of the system, details his followers were not the least interested in, as they looked to Sanders as a savior.

      It is this fear of change and responsibility that has the populace voting for war criminals who have everything to gain, while demonizing and vilifying activists that have their best interests at heart and have nothing to gain.

      Back here in the land of Oz, where denial reigns supreme, shoot to kill laws to put down social unrest should be a red flag to everyone, and it is thanks to the lackeys of the legal fraternity that this is not public knowledge. Australian parliament to pass expanded laws to call out the military to suppress domestic unrest

      This a psychological war, not one of education and facts, and our failure to recognize this and fight fire with fire and exploit the Achilles heel of the psychopaths in power (psychology 101) will be our downfall.

      Indoctrinated and infantile
      We swallow every insane lie
      As denial, blind hope and optimism,
      Hold up walls that are our prison

      Evidence, data who needs that?
      It’s just a bunch of useless facts
      That only make me feel uneasy,
      A little sick, a little queasy

      It’s the migrants NO it’s the Jews
      So many scapegoats, now which to choose?
      Don’t forget the Cultural Marxists
      Hiding at home in your bread baskets!

      Now, I haven’t studied history
      Or any political economy,
      Don’t know shit about anthropology
      Or developmental psychology

      I have no expertise at all
      No diplomas hanging on the wall
      But I know everything there is to know
      Because Jordan Peterson told me so
      Now I am registered with Jobster
      Looking for work as a lobster

      Hang on tight we’re going down
      Slavish fools to knaves and clowns
      No money left for the sick and poor
      We’ve spent it all on endless war
      And edumacation, who needs that?
      Surely there’s an app for that

      Now, faster than the world’s revolving
      Humanity is fast devolving
      While good ol’ Donald is no one’s hero,
      Why, he’s fiddler just like Nero

      Can’t believe it’s come to this,
      My God we are fucking idiots.

      1. OK David, then let me be more precise: Most people do not “trust” officials appointed by the state or directors of professional institutions. But they fail to regularly and critically question officials appointed by the state or directors of professional institutions because it is too difficult and time-consuming to do one’s own research and critically question official narratives. The average person does not have the training and experience to do proper research. Those who are trained and experienced become complacent and intellectually lazy or victims of emotional manipulation. It takes a great deal of humility to admit we were wrong and deceived. Much easier to close one’s mind or find comfort in following the crowd. Most people find movies, sporting events, chatting with mates at the bar more enjoyable than engaging in research and self-criticism.

      2. I like your poem!

      3. Dear David, Seems you do not know my opinions. Further down I argued that the W.H. O. are “Orchestrating global panic using a novel strain of influenza.” Few if any experts question this new viral infection. I agree with them. Many trustworthy virologists (but not all) agree that COVID-19 was a product of research. Most agree that it is contagious, fast and fatal for certain patients. I agree with them. Few if any deny the recommendation to isolate vulnerable people from social contacts. I agree!

        1. Everyone is vulnerable and anyone can spread the covid virus without knowing it. That’s why we wear masks, we want to protect the crackpots and everyone else too.

          1. Less than 1% of the population has it – and even with “flattening the curve” we’re all likely to get it – or at least be exposed enough to create some immunity – one way or another… Which means that 99% of the people wearing these masks – aren’t really protecting anybody from anything.

            Here’s a question…are these masks FREE? Who makes them? Is the Blackstone Group heavily invested in their production? These seem like relevant questions – in relation to an unfunded mandate.

            You don’t bubblewrap the entire planet – because you have kid – and because some people have “special needs”. You don’t quarantine the healthy. Shutting down the world’s economy and food production has some pretty dire health consequences, too… Anybody looking at that? How many more suicides and domestic violence incidents have there been? Are Sexual assaults UP – or down?

            And of course the social aspect shouldn’t be ignored. You have people being turned into informants against their neighbors. Children are being subject to a mass incidence of abuse and developmental delay – because of a lack of social interaction.

            And these rules – are in many cases – absolutely nonsensical… ludicrous even. Where BETTER to socially distance – than the beach – particularly in Winter. And yet Los Angeles and San Diego Counties decided that those MUST be closed… Meanwhile Ventura and Orange County – plenty safe. Except that surfers from LA and San Diego were then forced to go crowd the breaks in the OC and Ventura.

            Blind obedience – is the stuff of tyrrany.

            1. So lets just all get guns and randomly start shooting in all directions. If some fool thinks it isn’t safe, he should do the right thing and buy a bulletproof vest. Or just stay home forever.

              1. It’s not clear from your comment if we agree or disagree…but my issue isn’t with people deciding to wear a mask – but rather the draconian social mandates – and Mid Control Cult-like peet pressuring – for something of limited value or benefit per the scientific research – and the warnings that come upon their boxes.

                As for bulletproof vests…people can feel free to buy and wear those as well… But a better comparison for Covid1984, than guns – would appear to be rubberbands and paperclips…sure YOU COULD put someone’s eye out with one…but you and they would have to be exceedingly unlucky for it to happen…and rather body armor – a pair of sunglasses will offer plenty of protection, against the nominal threat.

                While firearms have their legitimate and illigitimate uses – they aren’t granted to all, upon birth, by the creator, as the rights that are beimg impaired here have been.

              2. It’s not clear from your comment if we agree or disagree…but my issue isn’t with people deciding to wear a mask – but rather the draconian social mandates – and Mind Control Cult-like peer pressuring – for something of limited value or benefit per the scientific research – and the warnings that come upon their boxes.

                As for bulletproof vests…people can feel free to buy and wear those as well… But a better comparison for Covid1984, than guns – would appear to be rubberbands and paperclips…sure… YOU COULD put someone’s eye out with one…but you and they would have to be exceedingly unlucky for it to happen…and rather than body armor – a pair of sunglasses will offer plenty of protection, against the nominal threat.

                While firearms have their legitimate and illegitimate uses – they aren’t granted to all, upon birth, by the creator, as the rights that are being impaired here, have been.

  30. “people who merely post about staging future anti-lockdown protests on social media.”
    This is my first serious disAgreement with Caitlin’s analysis of current events.
    My own assessment is that Covid19’s highly infectious skill and longTerm impact is a mortal danger to people wirh compromised immune systems, and conclude that due diligence requires that its spread be limited with the cooperation of all citizens.
    Directly undermining this is the current mischief of misRepresenting plagueControl measures as an attack on individual sovereignty.
    This raises 2 considerations :
    One is that the battle for sovereignty was lost long ago in Rome’s prime. Constantine declaring himself the secondComing of the HebrewMessiah and abolishing polyTheism … was the fatal turning point.
    Second is that the endResult of defying the measures implemented to protect the community from rogue unBelievers is seeding the infection amongst we who comply with the temporary behavioural restrictions.

    There is no grey zone of ambiguity in seeing this from a scientist’s perspective : wilfully spreading the virus is tantamount to manslaughter. Those who neither know noR care whether they are a mortal anger to others are no longer human ; they have surrendered their sovereignty to self-importance and ideology.

    As to whether this lethal aberration in priorities is attributable to my hypothesis of predatorial interference in the behaviour of mankind’s moral weaklings, the logic of manslaughter remains valid. Like knowingly passing Aids by having unprotected sex with an uninformed intimate, passing Covid19 is a potentially a matter of criminal intent or criminal negligence.

    It is a mistake to confuse genuine antiPlague leadership
    with the creeping attrition of personal freedom.

    I state this knowing that the Liberal and Labor parties of Australia both abandoned principles of protecting individual sovereignty long ago. The government monopoly on painManagement and prohibiting traditional herbal remedies with massive enforcement and lifeSentences for defiance … is proof enough that we are treated as cattle by our self-appointed political candidates.

    Drawing a distinction between legitimate temporary restriction and an ongoing hidden agenda to turn us into a mob of fools far from easy, and Caitlin strives heroically to alert us to the alarming success of the sly foolMakers.

    The blizzard of nonSense commentary which i have been drawing attention to in recent posts has a pragmatic reason for existing : while we remain confused and unCertain, we are easily manipulated by a semblance of concern from those who built the legal machinery that reduces Democracy to a 4 yearly ritual of choosing between tweedleOligarch and tweedleDumber.

    One of my most important personal discoveries (insight cannot be gifted by persuasion) is that in this World … we must steal our freedom back from the thieves of sovereignty. How we steal back our freedom of thinking and the responsibilities that are inseparable from self-reliance is a topic which can be discussed at length without noticeable benefit to readers, but i persist as an act of controlledFolly because to remain silent would make me complicit in the degrading of mankind.

    I use the term controlledFolly to hilight the idea that our understanding of the nuances of perception is susceptible to misinformation and inadequate understanding. This intractable existentialParadox can be resolved by strategic decisions which cut through the clutter of obfuscation.

    One of my controlledFollies is to employ scientific method in discerning hidden agenda and attributing their intendedOutcome wherever the evidence points. This method is not foolproof, but it is far more reliable than the emotions that make most of our decisions on our behalf.

    Freedom is as simple as ridding ourselves of all mistaken beliefs, yet doing so is “somehow” one of the most difficult and elusive of Life’s options.

    Caitlin is correct in linking Assange’s persecution with the worst agenda, the imprisoning of mankind in a darkAge of Belief and Cynicism. Covid19 is being unconscionably used to manipulate us into helplessness and surrender ; in this conclusion Caitlin surely is correct.

    However, defending the irresponsibility of defying reasonable restrictions designed to limit the harm of a plague is a mistake that reduces our chance of surviving a temporary killer. Soon enough we will have countermmeasures to this horrible virus and the behavioural restrictions will cease to benefit the greater good of all concerned.

    Discernment appears to be the core dynamic of intelligence. It is regrettable that so few strive to maximise our opportunity to become as perceptive and incisive as possible. Caitlin’s example of independent self-education and sharing her thoughts through the art of Journalism is one of our brighter lights in this time of barbarism.

    1. I agree with much of your post. However we disagree on the use of pandemic countermeasures versus personal choice. There is a fine line between freedom and tyranny. It is both sad and obvious that Covid is being used to breach that line.

      1. “There is a fine line between freedom and tyranny.”
        No katikette, there is a monumentalGulf between tyranny verSus freedom.
        These opposites might look the same to you, but only because you are too careless & vindictive to see gaping differences.
        If you actually agreed with something i wrote, you could make an effort to specify what it is. Pretending to agree is too easy, and contradicts your many hurtful remarks.

  31. jimmy gulag-free Avatar
    jimmy gulag-free

    closer to the veil one can see throughit like male burka, the screen is worthless at night….at night i hear such things as “useless eaters” from Kissinger.
    “the ownership society ” from Dubya.
    “i ain’t worried about labor. I got enough money to pay half the poor to kill the other half.”
    ~~jay Gould robber baron of rocky /morgan era.
    “it was worth it.” ~~mad-one Alldark, on killing babies in Iraq.
    “he has weapons of mass destruction”. Gen’l Colin Powell holding up a vial of nerve gas at UN in NYC. {CAn you imagine what might have happened if he dropped that? well, it was probably fake. a General is not gonna even hold a vial of nerve gas anywhere. He spoke at the Dumbercats Convention. Once upon a time conversion to a “Kinder Gentler nation,” by Bush I. Then he massacres the poor conscripts of Iraq as they fled home.
    at least the aristocracy knows what we want.
    “We came. We saw. He died….” with a bayonet up his ass in a drainage ditch anyone can see on the new TV. Internet should start taking shit like TV used to. so many lies. no rules.
    love ya brave lady. keep on keepin on.
    i wanna collect all the crazy quotes and put ’em al together and publish to see how many peephole believe this shit. how about Trickle down? Laissez-faire? or Mussolini’s famous i am not fascist, but only a joining together of Gov. and Corporate structure.
    seem like a flash back goin on! huh?
    and the Catholics who have the no honor of having the most dictators of any religion per nation. Marcos, Salazar, Franco, Diaz, Pinochet. Hitler, Honneker, Rios Montt, Noriega, Somoza, Anes, juntas in Brazil and Argentina, followed by Macri and Bolsanaro, papa Doc, baby doc, Batista, Napoleon, Poland ( i fergotwho), Dominican Republic (for 40 yers) the sprinkling of holy water upon the slave ships. the 1938 endorsement of hitler by the pope. The current pope saying recently “We cannot be afraid to use the word, WAR, anymore.”
    and how about “collateral damage?” Casual casualties? 4 million dead in Vietnam. who knows in Islam. the hatred is tangible.
    The obvious police empowerment…militarization…and nazi training schools for gangsterism in practice. plus a certain child-like korruption circus going on that is blatant and disgusting. Nader, Bernie, AOC et al are right. they know and they are powerless under Perez, Podesta, and Pelosi who just had her hair done inside (illegal) and without mask, (illegal) on video (stupid) and looking more senile by the hours than even Biden.
    No one up there cares. this is Rome on lead.
    Aussie have two movies on my all time underrated list: Rabbit Proof Fence, and Gallipoli.

    where do thugs come from?

    1. Jimmy seems to be coherent-free as well as gulag-free.
      An unintelligible post loaded with emotive extremes.
      Cognitive junk adds to confusion. Increases difficulty of clarity.

      1. And yet somehow – he “gets it”…and you don’t. While atypical in his style of poetic prose – I find him far more lucid and reasonable than your post above. His is littered with cryptic – but ‘spot-on’ allusions… Your post, by contrast, is littered with unchallenged and little considered assumptions – lifted almost directly from the narratives of the powerful and reprehensible. From me – he’d get the thumbs-up (were that a possibility, upon this platform)…and yours would get nkt just the thumbs-down – but the sort of boos and hisses properly reserved for the bootlickers of inappropriately assumed “authority”.

        1. Incoherent support for an incoherent post.
          Contradiction with zero intellectual content.
          Seen any bootlickers lately ? . . . Of course Not.
          This “boos and hisses” is a figment of a mortally–diseased imagination, channelled writing by a creature that hides behind a phoney name … this is not a reply.
          In short, worldView is another arsehole with nothing but shit to contribute when wisdom and knowledge is needed.

          1. If you find my reply somehow incoherent – eork on your reading comprehension. I’ve no need to prove you any more wrong than I have above and below…

            But for the record this username is no “Anonymous” – but rather “Pseudononymous”. It was the name of the radioshow that I did for many years on LA’s Pacifica Radio station, in the 2000’s – before your 5 eyes associates – like well-known SPOOK Ian Master(‘)s – managed to retake the place. So if you wished to do some digging – and were any ki d of resourceful researcher – you could just as easily have “Doxx’d” and “outted” me byy proper name… Were you no just looking for snide and easy means of dismissing cogent critiques of your lick-spittle sophistry – and work in “Perception Management”, narrative control, and the like.

          2. If you find my reply somehow incoherent – work on your reading comprehension. I’ve no need to prove you any more wrong, than I already have, above and below…

            But for the record this username is not actually “Anonymous” – but rather “Pseudononymous”. It was the name of the radioshow that I did for many years on LA’s Pacifica Radio station, in the 2000’s – before your 5 eyes associates – like the well-known Aussie CIA-SPOOK-ON LOAN Ian Master(‘)s – managed to retake the place. So if you’d wished to do some digging – and were any kind of resourceful researcher – you could just as easily have “Doxx’d” and “outted” me by my proper name…

            Were you not just looking for snide and easy means of dismissing cogent critiques of your lick-spittle sophistry – and work in the lucrative fields of “Perception Management”, narrative control, and the like – that is.

  32. I wish the people outraged by this particular arrest would understand that the arrest of pregnant women in front of her children is not that uncommon in Australia with people who have been classified as “other”, until of course their death in custody. This arrest could/should be a Fred Hampton moment when disparate, usually antagonistic, demographics should recognize their humanity and similarities and take on the masters class.

  33. Absolutely nothing is too diabolical for a scheming selfish owner or master. Depravity is what they excel in. Exploiting the masses is what they excel in. Indeed Mr. Julian Assange is to be made an extremely open example of the power possessed by the Evil Empire. Mr. Assange will not be shown one iota of mercy by his tormentors at any stage of his forthcoming demise. It would not surprise me if he was sent to ” Gitmo ” in Cuba where the Central Intelligence Agency will surely extract all his contacts from him. ” Our Democracy ” is a complete ” figment of our imagination “; we are truly the sheeple being herded to our doom by the maniacs in their mansions and their lapdog governmental officials.

    1. A bitter pill from RonCampbell.
      As usual, this miserable man has no solution to the problem he raises.
      Thus the endpoint of Ronny’s daitribe is aggravatedHelplessness.
      Beware those who paint us into dismal ontological corners ;
      following their thoughts … leads to despair and melancholia.
      = Ron is an arsehole.

      1. If you meet five “arseholes” a day – one of them is probably yourself.

        Jimmy Gulag-Free and Mr. Campbell appear to have a far firmer grasp upon ourr common reality, than you do.

        This “plague” kills less than 1% of those infected – though it seems that ventilators kill in the neighborhood of 90+% of those who are put upon them, once that happens. High flow Oxygen with nasal canullas appears to be a far more effective treatment – and far less prone to iatrogenic homicide…but at least in the USA – Medicare payments and standards of care were militating against the one, and towards the other.

        The Black Death killed half of London – but those who survived did so with their God-given rights intact (and whether one believes or disbelieves is irrelevant – the important thing is that in our Western legal tradition rights come not from the STATE, or the consent of the mob, but from above – and then unto the people, on an individual-, not a societal- basis).

        As we’ve seen in recent decades – “Emergency” measures quickly become permanent fixtures of our societies – rolled-out under the “Shock Doctrine”.

        And this plan for Tyrrany in medical garb has a fairly recent and traceable history. Under the Cheney/W. Regime – the Pentagon used the deliberately orchestrated, “false-flag”, Anthrax letter attacks (upon members of media, and opposition lawmakers), to justify their “Dark Winter” military exercises. From that came the Constitutionally non-compliant Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) – which is being used for the campaign here in the USA. But that appears to have been complented by contemporaneous analogs elsewhere, around the globe, where needed – because of those pesky traditions of deference towards the rights of mankind.

        Later we had the wrongful panic over H1N1 and Swine Flu – being propounded by the WHO – and rightly exposed, and criticized as a hoax, by European lawmakers. Around that time the Rockefeller Foundation put out their LOCKSTEP plan and proposal – which appears to posit the use of a medical “Emergency” – to reshape the world’s economic and social systems to even further the advantages of the Plutocratic Oligarchical class that it represents.

        This has been followed on by a near global program of unquestioning vaccine-acceptance-religious-orthodoxy, promoted by a Eugenics- and population elimination- favoring Billionaire, named Gates. This in spite of a bad history of deaths and severe permanent injuries – mostly in the developing world (Africa and India, notably) – caused by programs of his design – and which by “law” the injured parties are afforded no proper remedy, or recourse.

        And then from there we have the Gates/World Economic Forum- sponsored – “EVENT 201” which not only predicted with true clairvoyance the emergence of this (bio-weaponized-)virus – but the currently observed curtailments of not just long established rights, but any dissenting public discussion, discourse and debate about either topic. If you’re ignorant about that “exercise” (gone “live”) – as you appear to be – perhaps you should do some research into that area. Globalresearch.cahas a number of authors with a plethora of information which you currently appear to hold in contempt – prior to investigation…both about the PLAN-demic and social panic – but also about the medicine and publuc health policy. In this text box, I can do all of it no adequate justice. Additionally you should avail yourself of thresearch of Whitney Webb – across a number of platforms and publications – including now, her own – “unlimited hangout”. She will no doubt be the first to make you aware of the ID2020 agenda – which seems to fit perfectly into the framework of “LOCKSTEP”, “Dark Winter” and “Event 201”. If you cannot THEN see where all of this is headed – you must be truly blind – or some kind of disingenuous influence agent.

        1. Another bullshitter leading with a groundless ad hominem insult.
          Bullshit : as in the mortality rate is as high as 15% in France and Belgium, was initially at 6% in USA, but has improved.
          Claiming 1% fatality is consistent with the liars who want us to believe Covid19 is no more dangerous than influenza, an agenda in alignment with those who feed on war and human sacrifice.
          A worldView in which contempt and contradiction substitutes for knowledge and respect .. is something to flush, disinfect, and deodorise afterwards.

          1. Leading with insult is apparently your forte, as is trafficking in bullshit.

              1. Apparently Emojis don’t work here… That was a crying laugh – and a thumbs-up..

            1. i reply in the language of the commentator.
              Gregory Herr does what he accuses.
              No reasoning = pure contempt for intellectual content.
              Cannot discern the difference, Greg ?

          2. Considering that the Ad Hominem in question was one that merely reflected your disingenuous contempt for proper argument – now in evidence all over this comments section – it is pretty funny that you think to speak down at me for reflecting properly – back to its source.

            As for your numbers – they are of dubious sourcing and relevance. Different States are using different criteria to determine what actually classifies as a “COVID” death. In the USA – the CDC has tajen the unusual step of telling Doctors how to classify deaths – on certificates that THEY are then swearing upon. And of course there are financial incentives at play from MediCare, as well. As a result – as Dr. Birx has ADMITTED – many of those listed in US statistics – were killed by something other than COVID. So Stage 4 lung cancer patients in hospice and palliative care, can be be found amongst those numbers – without even so much as a positive test result. And also included are those who died from obvious extrenal causes, luke a car or motorcycle accident – while being merely suspected, or having a mild case.

            And of course there is plenty of scoence to suggest that the testing itself is of a dubious nature. Aside from Papayas tgat have come back as positive cases of infection – others point to the failure of this virus to yet be validated by Koch’s postulates…

            But obviously – judgimg by your selective and disingenuous disinformation all over this page – you’re about validating and bolstering a bona fide propaganda and fear campaign – more than you are about reason or research. Happy “Narrative Management” to you.

          3. Perhaps you are right about one thing, Peter. My ability to reason and discern the quality of “intellectual content” may not be up to your level. Not that I’m impressed, but what the hell, you need a concession.
            I didn’t know that something which is apparent, obvious, and straightforward can be counted as an “accusation”. What I did discern is that you took it upon yourself to call Ron a “miserable man” and then went on to ridicule Jimmy’s post.
            I appreciate the often illuminating efforts of Ron and Jimmy and was thus compelled to snark back at your snarkiness. No worries, just because I now see that you are an asshole, doesn’t mean I won’t give your “intellectual content” a fair shake (shouldn’t take long anyway) going forward.
            By the way Jimmy, anyone who can reference Nicole Kidman, Sarah Silverman, and Kristen Wiig in the same post is cool with me. And I’m still laughing over:
            “Forgiveness is what you feel AFTER you kill them for killing millions of people. Then you can forgive yourself for hesitating earlier”

            1. I have yet to see anything posted by Ron or Jimmy that struck me as being perceptive or constructive.
              I explained why Ron’s post leaves readers nowhere but misery, and that this outcome expresses his fundamental belief of futility and helplessness.
              Herr Gregory now tells us that he finds these merchants of misery and despair “often illuminating”, a statement that only contradicts, without citing anything luminous. This negligent contradiction i interpret as another barefaced lie from the mudShadow mind.
              “Forgiveness is what you feel AFTER you kill them for killing millions of people.” is yours to explain.
              I have identified forgiveness as a toxic meme which nihilises the meaning & value of doing the right thing. Perhaps you can explain to me how your phantasy of righteous murder climaxing with forgiving yourself for not doing the right thing, but i doubt this can be explained without contradicting yourself or losing the plot in pejorative obfuscation.

            2. Are you always so droll and obtuse? Avail yourself of some humour, why don’t you?
              “Negligent contradiction”—that’s rich!

          1. You agree so much, why not marry a kindred spirit ?

            1. We’ll need to meet and have at least one date first… Bit really – several folks have agreed with me – that you’te full of –it…and yourself… But really it seems fairly sexist to presume about our gender identities and compatibility – knowing neither of us.

  34. For real progress to be made on these issues, centralized power must be represented in its relationship with “left” and “right.”

  35. BraidingSweetgrass Avatar

    One of the few endearing features of our elites is their propensity to highlight what they are about to do.
    WEF Chairman Klaus Schwabs “Fourth Industrial Revolution” goes a long way toward contextualising covid fascism and the 5G brouhaha.
    In a nutshell,
    1- nobody is going to vote that an AI takes their job, so an authoritarian apparatus is necessary.
    2- in order to remove criticism of 5G, you promote people who make outlandish claims like “covid is transmitted by 5G”. From that point on, anyone who criticises 5G is seen as a nutter. Make no mistake AI will be immersed in 5G networks and it is most likely already here.

    1. Klaus Schwabs has made a fundamental error in choosing “nobody is going to vote that an AI takes their job”>/i> as a predicate for his extrapolation.
      I cannot speak for others, but from childhood i intended to retire from paid work by the time i reached 35.
      This was so i could spend the rest of my life pursuing activities that do not get paid, a deficiency in priorities which emerges from using money as the definitive criterion of a person’s worth.
      I live by an ethic which can be stated “
      doing what needs to be done” ; this navigational principle addresses the things that get neglected because nobody wants to work at them.
      My core unWanted task turned out to be investigating what i term massStupidity … the contradiction between the 1964 Blackbird aircraft and the vexatious venting on internet forums : how can one intelligence produce such opposite outcomes .?.
      The answer is that the opposite outcomes come from opposing agendas ; one human and one predatory.
      Two agendas = two minds.
      In short, my detective work encountered an irrefutable influence on humanBehaviour early in 2009 ; an influence so pervasive and forceful that i was obliged to extensively audit my realityMap to incorporate a concept which today is “somehow” permitted Only in phantasy and scienceFiction.
      Taking evil seriously is instantly dismissed as proof of madness in this cynical & self-obsessed zeitGeist.
      Regardless of our competence in other matters, no evidence is required to dismiss dissenting information.
      Belief gets rid of verification and innovation, because Belief pretends to be a complete answer by disBelieving all information which doesNotAgree.
      This nihilising intellectual shortCircuit is a fnord. Fnords were proposed in RobertAntonWilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus”, defined as things which are there, but which are not ordinarily seen by humanBeings.
      Illuminatus was so successful as a novel, that it spawned a play which ended up with a Royal Performance in London, and furthered the writing career of both authors.
      Today the fnords remain among us, as discontinuities of reasoning … as in assuming nobody has something better to do than sell their labour to the highest bidder (if they can find one). Rephrased like this, it makes Klays Schwabs look amateurish, but it bypassed his editor as the foundation of a book, and got published.
      Fnords are difficult to think about because we have no cognitive architecture in which to classify them.
      How can they be real ? when we cannot classify them or their effects.
      What matters is the effect : massStupidity needs an explanation, and ‘human nature’ is no explanation at all.
      Denying the existence of evilSpirits is itself a noteworthy contradiction of commonSense : surely our predecessors cannot ALL be wrong in speaking of evilSpirits as having real effects on unfortunate individuals. Look at every cultural tradition and we find demons, djinn, deceitful troublemakers, Greek gods, oR faeries. Today UFOs fill the same forbidden role (forbidden to be taken seriously, that is).
      These facts of life do not cease to exist because we now disBelieve their existence.
      Quite the opposite, we have abandoned traditional countermeasures provided by the shamen ; first by believing that Jesus protects sheepish hisBelievers, then by disBelieving that Jesus is real, and now believing-without-evidence that darkMatter is lifeless, sterile, and without sentient content.
      The nihilising of traditional knowledge is a distinctive pattern associated with monoTheism. The agenda of convert.:.orDie purged the world of libraries and traditional knowledge. Mankind was converted to conformism, a hierarchy which deprives everybody (except billionaires) of freedom of choice on how to spend our precious time in this mysterious society of wageSlavery, taboo, and cruel punishments.
      When the toltec are proven correct in informing us that we have a symbiont which cares nothing for our welfare, then we have a new avenue for understanding our predicament and innovating counterMeasures to the interference which is outlined in the Active Side of Infinity.
      The ignoring of information about the mudShadows is not natural ; nor is investigating them the kind of work that wins sponsors and gratitude for solving the mystery of mankind’s subjugation by ideology and governments.
      Schwab’s proposal is safe to think about because it leads nowhere. Thinking about the mudShadows changes one’s perspective from futile to purposeful. The difference between the two realityMaps is that only one makes sense of massStupidity.

  36. To correct an apparent contradiction: “Emperors and their agents have imprisoned and tortured truth-tellers since recorded history……. such crimes usually escape recorded history.” Such crimes can be revealed by intelligently reading between the lines of all historical relevant records and deriving logical conclusions.

  37. The Rising Tide pumps out some nice informative journalism, as does the Canadian Patriot Review. And, there are lots of espionage websites run by former spies, CIA, M-16 , etcetera. LOL, high probability of human extinction by the end of the month, think ‘Cuban Missile Crisis ‘.

  38. “The depravity of the powerful can only operate behind veils of secrecy, because if it happened out in the open our greatly outnumbered rulers would risk finding themselves on the wrong end of a guillotine blade.”

    But Assange’s torture and the violation of his fundamental rights have happened in the open, and no guillotines have yet appeared. The key has been the tight control of the narrative, as you well know. This theory needs some more work.

  39. Indeed “corrupt power can be fought with the light of truth.” Caitlin fights by shining the light of truth to expose ugly facts and treason which “operates behind veils of secrecy.” Emperors and their agents have smeared, imprisoned and tortured truth-tellers since recorded history. Roman and Jewish leaders publicly tortured and killed the world’s Greatest Liberator and then their agents secretly arrested interrogated and killed His Ambassadors. As Caitlin writes: “The depravity of the powerful can only operate behind veils of secrecy” and such crimes usually escape recorded history. An historically preserved letter to Thessalonians around 60 CE stated that people look the other way when injustice does not affect them: “Trouble will come to those who do not believe the truth but “condone injustice.” Isaiah 26:9 predicted that people will not seek the truth, change their ways and start practicing justice until the world is in crisis. It looks like that time may be coming.

    1. To correct an apparent contradiction: “Emperors and their agents have imprisoned and tortured truth-tellers since recorded history……. such crimes usually escape recorded history.” Such crimes can be revealed by intelligently reading between the lines of all historical relevant records and deriving logical conclusions.

  40. “This doesn’t mean such a power grab doesn’t exist, it just means that if it does exist, the bulk of it is happening in secret.”

    That made me think of Disaster Capitalism. Here is Naomi Klein in a video made a month ago.

    It is the most recent thing I could find. It has a mainstream flavor but what can you expect from ‘The Nation’

    This was a great article.

    Free Julian! Fight for him if you can. Rage against the machine.

    1. Cool. Do you understand it well enough to clearly and concisely explain it in your own words?

      1. After the Deep Sate persisted for several decade indoctrinating 99% of the Western world, it is not surprising that people do not want to read excellent articles like the one R.A. linked to he comment.

        1. It’s not about not wanting to read it, don’t be silly. It’s just an unbroken pattern I’ve been noticing where people with this worldview cannot actually explain that worldview with any degree of coherence, which to me means there’s not much robust argumentation happening. Asking people to explain it in their own words rather than hand-waving at an article a la “Read the Mueller report” also makes it possible to point out inconsistencies and faulty logic in their specific opinion.

          1. After years of research as a psychologist I agree with other social scientists in the field of mind control: Indoctrination uses several techniques to bypass the cognitive skills and logic of those they target for mind control. This is also true of religious indoctrination and especially for people who are emotionally insecure. Accurate, relevant facts and figures will not change the minds of people who are indoctrinated. A change of mind requires a crisis to change one’s personal values and priorities and lead to emotional maturity.

            1. It is indeed very easy to bypass a reader’s critical faculties. For example I could very easily write a persuasive essay about Covid giving cover for a monolithic global power grab using a hodgepodge of disparate points of information presented in an assertive way which creates the illusion of a cohesive connection of dots. It would make people believe that such a power grab is indeed underway, but when asked by someone else to explain why they thought my essay proved this they would struggle to form a coherent response.

              1. ‘making things up in a crazy panic’
                Is an succinct and accurate way of describing the ‘pandemic’
                The hotchpotch and fragmented nature of various government’s responses to this event, undermine the claim of conspiracy theorists.
                If it’s a plan, then it’s a bad one, cause it ain’t working. The cat is out of the bag.

                1. A better way of understanding the responses being tested out, on a local basis, in varioys heterogenous contects around the world – is not so much ONE plan – but a playbook with varying plans – being rolled-out with pnly a partial and uneven regard for the circumstances – and with adequately delicate concern for for the legal and political situations of each unique Jurisdiction. A hundred years from now (but probably more like 20) – in a more homogenized global tyrrany – you will doubtlessly see a more uniform application of authoritarian rule-making, with only the thinnest and most fragile of narrative justifications, given as the ostensible predicate – as we see at present.

                  “Conspiracy-Theorist(s)” was a perjorative term popularized by the CIA – to discredit the critics of the fradulent “Warren Commission” report…and made part of the accepted cultural lexicon – by their assets in the OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD media.

                  I think that a less loaded term would be “Political Researchers”, or even “Covert Operations Researchers”…

                  I don’t think that I really disagree on balance, with your point here… Just that terminology is and unoccasioned demand for uniformity across diverse circumstances, seems to undermine what is otherwise a very salient observation.

                  In California – our right to Coastal Access was hinged, seemingly, not upon any true medical neccesity, or peer-reviewed scientific research – but rather upon which political party nhapoened to be in charge, of any given County. The same was seen in Florida. In Texas – Gun shops were considered “essential” – but Womens’ Healthcare providers were not…in California just tge opposite was held as as sacrosanct received wisdom.

                  1. If there’s one thing we can be certain of in a chaotic Universe, it’s uncertainty.

                  2. “with adequately delicate concern for for the legal and political situations of each unique Jurisdiction.”
                    So we can add plagiarism to abuse and toxic bullshit coming from worldView.

                    1. No…you certainly cannot…since thise are my own words… If you think that I copied someone else’s work – and were making an honest critique – and not just a disinfirmative strawman argument…
             then you could link-back directly to wherever you found those exact words.

                      What you cannot do is make baseless (ad hominem) allegations -upon some credibility – that you never had in the first place.

                      Nothing is toxic here – bit your disinformational work – and abusive demeanor… Caitlin should consider whether you’re adding anything worthwhile to the discussikn on her blog… Or just disingenuous abuse towards those who are… So far I’m at least the third party here that you’ve cone at in an intellectually dishonest and abusive fashion.


                2. What? Which part of the plan isn’t working??? The wealthiest have seen their wealth increase while everyone else has been made poorer. Civil rights are being eroded more each week. Economies are being destroyed and chaos is erupting. Citizens are at each other’s throats. Are you looking at a different planet???

      2. You’re asking an awful lot of a layman… Allow me to say that I support you in whatever you do. Talk about whatever pleases you – and “9/11” or Covid 1984 to those whona firmer grasp on those subjects… But allow to suggest that ylu make that same offer to someone who CAN put it all i to words coherently and in a tidy fashion. Professor Michel Chossoudovsky at is quite capable, and no doubt willing to do so… Additionally you two shoukd have a mutually beneficial relationship, otherwise – since his site republishes the works of many authors – and I think yku would both benefit rrom the collaboration. His site needs your perspective – and you could find new readers and supporters there as well. Independent media professionals need each other – now mor than ever.

        Also – Ms. Whitney Webb – has done a tremendous amount of fantastic research – that you could benefit from reviewing. She’s all over the web and youtube – from Mintpress news to The Last American Vagabond, to Jimmy Dore and Graham Elwood – to her own “unlimited hangout”. Since you do the video/pod thing, too – allow me to suggest her as a great guest.

        Unrelated – but evidnce of her tenacioys digging as an investigative reporter – this is one article of many on these subjects of elite level criminality – intersecting with Government.

        1. You again, spouting more bullshit of the most toxic kind.
          Being a layman is no justification for spoonfeeding mental retards ; your unconditional support for Caitlin is as much a fraud as the rest of worldView’s self-aggrandising posturing.
          Those who cannot put words into meaningful arrangement in their own mind cannot conceal their cognitive incompetence when they write.

          1. Again you demonstrate a FULL TIME commitment to “Perception Management” and “Narrative Control” – that should let any casual observer see exactly who you are, and what you’re up to…

            You’re confusing CAN’T or COULDN’T – with SHOULDN’T or WON’T – or – just not willing to spend the time typing on a tiny a keyboard. If you think that you’re such an EXPERT – then please – by all means – contact Professor Chossoudovsky – and offer to debate him publicly on his youtube channel – or your own platform. I’m sure he’d make the time to make mincemeat of your disingenuous arguments, and unquestioning and uncritical references to “authority”.

            Likewise Whitney Webb would own-you – one on one… So be a real mensch – and challenge one of them, directly.

            In the past I actually wasted an hour or more crafting a well sourced and thoughtful response to Ms. Johnstone’s Requests for Comment… But because of a server glitch, or a page reset , or my own clumsiness – I lost all of that work, time and energy… And nobody is PAYING me…unlike you, it would seem.

            And really, since while I understand this issue well – but not as well as the two folks I mentioned – why put the burden upon someone who hasn’t formally self-declared, as a spokeseman for a movement?

            When it comes to questions of the physics of the WTC collapses – I could direct someone to the University of Alaska Study on WTC7’s seemingly controlled demolition, and point to many of the obvious failings of the NIST report on Buildings 1 &2… But I might make a mistake – or somehow make an inartfull response… Far easier it would be, to refer Caitlin to Richard Gage and the thousands of “Architects and Engineers for ‘9/11’ Truth” – rather than accidentally provide a strawman, for some idiot like yourself to seize upon, and then claim a spurious victory, by knocking over an error of my own – and not that of a real expert’s.

            I’m sure Caitlin is familiar with the breed of disinformant that you are showing yourself to be – all up and down this page… Anyone who questions imperial orthodoxy – on Syria, “RussiaGate”, Venezuela, or Julian Assange – will inevitably attract a few ‘full timer’s like yourself

            At least get an “Alt”, or another “Sock puppet” account name… It will make you look like less of a dedicated and deliberately disinformative entity.



            1. Word salad from a creature that thinks like Trump.
              If it had something worth saying it would stay on topic.

              1. That is such a childish and disingenuous smear – that I feel no need to address it at length… Thanks fot shkwing EXACTLY who and WHAT you are… As Ray McGovern put it recently, “I hold no brief for Trump… But even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

                And you are giving far more nuance and credence to Trump’s paranoid and narcissistic takes – by comparing them to my own… Congratulations – you’ve made Trump appear to be far more lucid and intelligent – than he ever would do for himself.

                1. You call me “childish and disingenuous”, a deceitful projection of your own attitude.
                  This dishonesty serves only one purpose, the same purpose which i criticised in Ron Campbell ; leaving your readers cornered by futility and despair.

                  Since i despise both despair and futility, despising the authors who generate it is simple and straightforward.

                  You have displayed your contempt for truthfulness, and i have remarked upon that moral vaccuum. It remains for the readers to decide who is the fake.
                  Nameless assassin, you will get no more answers from me.

                  1. That’s fine by me- because you have nothing honest or substantial to add to the discussion here, from what I’ve seen..

                    I called your dishonest ACCUSATIONS and SMEAR ATTEMPTS – “childish and disingenuous” – Perhaps your unconcious mind is self-aware enough to acknowledge that you are those things as well…or perhaps you’re just using slimy dodges like
                    “#2 – Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the ‘How dare you!’ gambit. ”

                    And “#4 – Use a straw man. Find or create a seeming element of your opponent’s argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.”

                    Your tendency towards “#5 – Name calling and ridicule” – have been previously noted.


                    If you were more than a half-assed script-kitty – as a researcher – you would already know my “Government Name”… And judging by your obsequious and subservient relationship to ‘the authorities’ – and demonstrated dishonesty – for all I know, you may ALREADY know who I am… (Perhaps having access to a thick dossier – because THEY certainly know who I am… And doubtlessly have a thick file, ready to distribute to their internet shield carriers.) But for now – my “name” is what’s at the top of this post – to you, particularly. Merely posting under what we must be led to believe is an incomplete version of your actual name – has done nothing to improve your believability, or honesty. Perhaps if you put your age and profession, area of residence and the like – we could get you to show some more integrity in your posts.

              2. And someone as verbose and intellectually dishonest as yourself…should NEVER use the term “Word salad”… It seems to be as much an example of psychological “projection”, as your critiques of so many others here have been.

      3. The author posits that Western civilization in general, and the U.S. in particular, is facing a systemic collapse. Therefore, the ruling elite have decided to induce a collapse on their terms, using a natural pandemic as a cover.

        The author goes on to describe the nature of the ruling elite–how they use charitable foundations to hide their ruling mechanisms in plain sight–the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, etc. I don’t agree with every assertion of the author, but I think the overall outline they have made is worth looking into.

      4. “Do you understand it well enough to clearly and concisely explain it in your own words?”
        Irrelevant. Do you, Caitlin, understand it well enough to clearly and concisely explain how it is untrue? That is, after all, your demonstrated strength that your readers appreciate. If you don’t understand it, don’t avoid the subject. Instead, you should publicly pursue the necessary cogent understanding. In other words, learn. Your readers can help you along. Stop censoring them when they try to help. Learning is a reciprocal process. Engage in the debate and learn things you do not know. There are indeed things you do not know that you are certain you do know. In a world of massive deception orchestrated by organized sociopaths, we all have this problem. Only by comparing beliefs using free speech and open inquiry can we overcome it.

        1. Not how the burden of proof works, buttercup. Trying to get me to prove a negative is called shifting the burden of proof, and it’s a logical fallacy.

    2. excellent article but the author would be far more credible if he did not write “FABRICATING a pandemic” but rather “Orchestrating global panic using a novel strain of influenza.” Few if any experts question this new viral infection. Many trustworthy virologists (but not all) agree that COVID-19 was a product of research. Most agree that it is contagious, fast and fatal for certain patients. Few if any deny the recommendation to isolate vulnerable people from social contacts.

      1. “excellent article but”
        here is an amateur telling a successful journalist what to write.
        A classic example of self-importance pretending superiority.
        Tired’s ealier remarks demolish the facade of intellectual competence,
        but this is no obstacle to trumpLike trolls who always know besster.

        1. Excsllent. You just described yourself Peter.

          1. Trust katika to say something stupid and nasty. Always the same. Cheap shots.
            Never substance, never corresponds with observable reality.
            I only get to see her ugly posts. `
            She lives her life like this : no escaping what you are, khatika.

            1. It seems that her points are spot-on…which would explain your distaste for her… Your posts seem to provide only an ILLUSION of substance – strung along through an impenetrable wall of text – that very few would actually have the time or energy to properly deconstruct.

              1. Again you reply by accusing me of what you do.
                Not interesting, nor original, noR truthful.
                Repeating disconnected phrases plagiarised from some misquoted psychologist gives a fake appearance of knowledge without any of the substance.
                Your failure to address the substance of my meaning is either failure to understand oR mental cowardice.

                1. Againn I did NOTHING OF THE SORT. YOU are a TRANSPARENT LIAR. I spoke my own mind – and used my own words…if you argue otherwise – provide your proof.

                  I accused you of doing what YOU DO… And you prevaricate and come back with some kind of Goebbels-like Rubber v. Glue – ad hominem. Believe it or not – people can see what you’re up to here – and declare it accordingly… You’re starting to show signs of the “Dark Triad”, here – your MALIGNANT NARCISSISM screams out from page – at all who look… But accordimg to you – it is everyone ELSE who is somehow defective – because they disagree with you – and call you on your reliance upon the “Brandolini effect” (Bullshit asymmetry principle).

                  1. A definitive difference between me and worldView is that he is mirroring a presumption that my critiques are trollery from a frustrated idealist like Ron Campbell.
                    worldView is a collector of exotic ideas from the lunaticFringe, whereas my thinking is more original than collecting opinions,
                    predicated on a realityMap substantially altered by my 50year investigation of forbiddenKnowledge,
                    Observed through the filter of intent, the difference between our posts is stark.
                    worldView posts with spite, intending to injure how I am interpreted ;
                    I aim at disrupting & exposing nasty habits which worldView and his alleged consensus indulge in.
                    Which reminds me of a quote along the lines that being lied to makes men angry,
                    whereas telling them the truth evokes fury.
                    What I see in worldView and kataki’s animosity is more than anger ; they want me voiceless, socially dead.
                    One of the characteristics of mudShadow syndrome is a ferocity which disregards everything except injuring the object of their fury.
                    Notice that the afflicted never engage with my proposed adjustments to the collective realityMap.
                    This too is characteristic of mudShadow methodology.
                    Nothing I say is worth understanding in context, everything is an affront … to be punished with maximum abuse and ridicule.
                    In their surrender to fury, even the pettiest of disagreement is facetiously loaded with real contempt and loathing.
                    A characteristic pattern which is easy to spot, and difficult to disguise as banter.
                    To attribute this bizarre symptom to ‘human nature’ is a grave mistake,
                    yet too many accept this as an adequate explanation of the endemic injustice
                    which provokes free spirits like Caitlin to investigate and report their findings.


            2. It seems that her points are spot-on…which would explain your distaste for her… Further up the page she takes several substantial passes at the subject.

              Your posts seem to provide only an ILLUSION of substance – strung along through an impenetrable wall of text – that very few would actually have the time or energy to properly deconstruct.

              1. Best not to argue with Peter. Make your comment, let him insult you and move on.

                1. I get that… But my style is Kung Fu – nkt Aikido or Tai Chi… I don’t start fights…I END THEM.

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