The most powerful government in the world is currently conducting a prosecution to protect its right to lie to the public about the evil things that it does, and somehow the public isn’t shaking the earth with unmitigated rage about this.


“Assange isn’t a journalist! He has an agenda!”

Every journalist in the world has an agenda. It just happens that most journalists have fame, wealth and esteem as their agenda while Assange’s agenda is, in his own words, “crushing bastards”.

It’s crazy how there are still people who try to claim Assange isn’t a journalist. He is, and it’s not even debatable. Publishing information that informs the public about what’s going on in the world is exactly the thing that journalism is.


The mainstream press have been far, far less critical of immensely powerful world-dominating government agencies than they’ve been of one thin, frail man locked in a cage who published inconvenient facts about those agencies.


The very worst fringe conspiracy theories do far less damage than mainstream, establishment-promoted conspiracy theories.


If I died today my one regret would be that I wasn’t mean enough to shitty MSM reporters.


Step 1: Destroy nations and displace tens of millions of people.

Step 2: Wait for some of those people to hate you and want to fight back.

Step 3: Use their desire to fight back as justification to repeat Step 1.


Ask someone how much a dollar bill is worth and they’ll tell you a dollar. Put a gun to their head and ask “Are you sure it’s not worth 100 dollars?” and they’ll say “Ah yes you’re right, my mistake.”

That’s the economy under the US empire.


Q: What is Novichok?

A: Novichok is a very gentle poison which the Kremlin uses whenever it wants to ask the world to please smash Russia via economic warfare without actually endangering the life of its target.


No US soldier has died for any reason that could be described as heroic, or even justifiable, for generations. We simply do not have a world order where such a thing happens anymore. They only ever die defending the interests of corporations and depraved government agencies.


Hi I’m Leftish McPundit. If you leftists actually care about getting things done you need to do the practical, pragmatic, realistic thing and support the party that actively sabotages all your agendas and is openly saying it won’t get anything done.


Trump supporters who act like they’re nonpartisan outsiders that see beyond the two-party system are hilarious. Minus the hysterical narrative spin he’s a garden variety Republican with comparable GOP support to other Republican presidents. Trump supporters are the same as MSNBC Democrats.


“You can’t use THAT outlet to defend your anti-imperialist position!” exclaimed the Smart Internet Person. “They often report things that are inconvenient to the empire! You may only defend anti-imperialism using pro-imperialist sources who never say anti-imperialist things.”


Three months ago Americans were talking about dismantling the police state. Now they’re talking about fighting each other. The crosshairs are always moved off of actual power structures. Who benefits?


There’s disagreement between America’s two mainstream political parties about the exact underlying cause of protests against racism, injustice and police brutality, but they’ve narrowed it down to either Russia or China.


It’s so dumb how people babble about relations between China and Australia worsening. No, the US is ramping up its escalations against China to prevent the creation of a multipolar world and Washington’s servile basement gimp Australia is along for the ride. That’s all this is.

They act like it’s just some natural thing that happened all by itself. “Aw yeah we just spontaneously decided we need to spend $270 billion on military posturing against our top business partner and bleat about Wuhan and we all hate TikTok now for some reason.” Idiots.


I am constantly being lectured that increasing aggressions against China is the only possible option by people who have literally never heard the word detente in their lives.


Believing China wants to take over your country so it can have control over a bunch of random white people is as dumb and egocentric as believing space aliens would fly across the galaxy to stick probes in your butt.


Ten percent of my social media notifications every day for the last four years:

“Caitlin I’ve noticed you have opinions about the most powerful and influential government on planet earth. As an American, I find this strange and suspicious.”


Wisdom will let you see things correctly. Cleverness plus wisdom will let you persuade others that you are seeing things correctly. Cleverness without wisdom will let you persuade others that you are seeing things correctly, even when you are seeing things incorrectly.


In a world that is dying and a society that is insane, “It’s always been that way” is never a valid argument.


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60 responses to “The Assange Trial, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > It’s crazy how there are still people who try to claim Assange isn’t a journalist. He is, and it’s not even debatable. Publishing information that informs the public about what’s going on in the world is exactly the thing that journalism is.
    That’s the essence of the matter. And thus it’s utterly absurd what the US government is trying to do now, setting a legal precedent with Julian Assange in order to threaten all investigative journalists and publishers with espionage charges. That is, as a matter of fact, in order to end free press.
    Normal definitions are as follows.
    Spy: “a person employed by one nation to secretly convey classified information of strategic importance to another nation”
    Journalism: “the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media”
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    So, spies pass strategic information from nation A to nation B, and they do it secretly so that nation B has a decisive advantage over unaware nation A.
    Contrary to that, investigative journalism and publishing is a public service, openly informing the public on unlawfully covered-up crimes and corruption:
    “. . . the First Amendment interest in the publication of matters of the highest public concern. . . . This type of information is plainly of the type entitled to the strongest protection that the First Amendment offers. . . . the documents were of public importance. Therefore, the First Amendment protects the publication . . .”
    — Federal Judge John G. Koeltl, on WikiLeaks’ media activities, July 30, 2019
    DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks dismissed in major free press victory — Defend WikiLeaks — Aug 3, 2019
    On the other hand, classification to cover up government crimes and corruption is explicitly outlawed. Executive orders such as “Classified National Security Information” have the force of law:
    “Classified National Security Information
    “Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.
    “(a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
    “(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
    “(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency; . . .”
    — U.S. Executive Order 13526, December 29, 2009
    The President Executive Order 13526 | National Archives

  2. I like most of your writing.
    A few bits I’m not so keen on.
    But this was a wonderful collage of rants against the machine!

  3. War Criminal Polls Avatar
    War Criminal Polls

    Lets start a pool….
    To which country will the Trump family flee to?

    Brazil seems a likely choice. Perhaps we’ll call that the ‘traditional’ choice for fleeing fascists. The Trump’s will find new friends among people whose histories don’t go back before 1946.
    The UK seems likely. You can’t swing a dead cat around London without hitting some foreign oligarch who’s fled some other country with lots of money.
    And, if we are considering right-wing countries that don’t have a functioning democracy, Australia has to be on the list. Although, I’m guessing that watching the Trump family get used to the fact that summer is winter and that it is hot for Christmas will be interesting. I wonder how many times people around them will have to listen to “Back in New York ….”

  4. Peter Mann / September 7, 2020

    A bitter pill from RonCampbell.
    As usual, this miserable man has no solution to the problem he raises.
    Thus the endpoint of Ronny’s daitribe is aggravatedHelplessness.
    Beware those who paint us into dismal ontological corners ;
    following their thoughts … leads to despair and melancholia.
    = Ron is an arsehole.

    Aha, Ms Johnstone the ” Gestapo ” is after me again. Who is he employed by?

  5. The tragic case of Julian Assange shows very clearly that the general public cares only about the issues their Media tells them to care about. The Mainstream Media (which is not a free press) is owned by the people (the transnational Oligarch class) Julian exposed so effectively. Those people view Julian as the most dangerous man in the world. They mean to destroy him and in doing so send a very clear message to all independent journalists and publishers.

  6. Does anyone remember when the most recent ex-President of the U.S.A. gave a speech calling upon the nation to develop a “domestic army” at least as strong as the US military? Wonderful… sparing no expense lots of Federal agencies have developed their own internal armed forces including the Bureau of Land Management which famously invaded some poor rancher a few years ago only to be repelled by outraged armed local citizens. Such “domestic armies” have forever been touted as being necessary regardless of all the already existing City, County, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. At what point does this all not represent needless duplication? There was once a saying in Texas, “One Riot, One Ranger”, but now every bureaucrat and politician needs a personal army to command?

    On the other hand (maybe) recently some Democrat party members holding “command” positions such as mayors and governors have astonishingly ordered all their own law enforcement personnel to stay away and stand down from riots, burning, looting, beatings, illegal occupations, shootings and other such “peaceful protests” while at the same time forbidding any outside law enforcement, the National Guard and certainly any orange persons from entering the fray to restore order. Media rumor has it that the riots across the country are being initiated by well funded and well organized domestic terrorist groups either bused or flown in to a targeted city. It has been made quite obvious that Democrat leaders are effectively protecting these self-described trained Marxists who been recorded screaming that they are ready to take over the country by force, burning everything if necessary. This all depends of course upon which news channel one watches.

    Do these politicians actually want their own cities burned and people terrorized? Apparently so (see how this works?). Oh, this smells very rotten, IMHO, particularly when some of the rioters manage to get arrested and then immediately released by (exclusively Democrat) officials to go back on the streets and continue their programmed mayhem. Are some of these “trained Marxist” demonstrators, at least those who are not simply guilty of being “useful idiots” actually serving in yet another branch of our U.S. “domestic army”? Could it be these “bad guys” or “resistance/freedom fighters” (depending upon one’s point of view) are in reality agents and actors working for a certain secret government agency (or agency with secrets) or perhaps even one or more contracted NGOs all charged with the manufacture of domestic propaganda?

    Follow the money folks, always follow the money. Meanwhile, study up on the subject of “Manufacturing Consent”. For your homework assignment, please turn in your thoughts on exactly whose consent is currently being manufactured and to what end. Is this not like… “Hail Big Brother!”… “We need more law enforcement, obviously!”… “Give us Orange-Man, only he will save us!” Please note there was never any mention of such things as “secret societies”, “aliens” or “blood oaths” here. That of course would be 😉 ridiculous and inappropriate as well as totally beyond the edge of any currently acceptable narrative matrix.

  7. Carl Bernstein, the former Washington Post reported who can really say that when they made a movie about me, I was played by Robert Redford, has warned that America is already in a cold civil war.
    One feature of wars, and especially civil wars, there is no neutral. You have to choose sides. You can’t be Neutral in a Civil War.
    In this one, you are either Fascist or Anti-Fascist. Those are the two sides. If you don’t believe me, ask people in Syria about what you have to do when faced with violent extremists who want to overthrow your government.
    Are you with us or against us?
    Do you support Fascism, or do you oppose Fascism?
    Its a clear choice, and you are going to have to pick a side.
    Donald Trump and his storm troopers have been gunning down American in the streets. First in Wisconsin, now we find out that there is an eye witness to Trump’s US Marshall’s gunning down the suspect in the killing of the Trump thug in Portland. That eye-witness says that the victim of the assasination was not armed. Was not holding a gun. That the police did not announce themselves, but simply pulled up and immediately opened fire?
    The cold civil war is heating up. There is blood in the streets.
    Vote Biden!
    I don’t think he’s great. I think he’s scum. But at this point, we need a strong vote to defeat Trump and his fascists so throughougly that any claims to have somehow have ‘won’ this election sound as ridiculous as claims that Gaido is President of Venezuela.
    We need massive turn out.
    Do not believe the “they are all the same’ propaganda.
    This is a fight to stop Fascism. Fascism and Ant-Fascism are not the same. No matter how they try to spin it.
    “This is a battle for the soul of our country.” — Joe Biden.
    Fascism must be stopped.
    Vote Biden. Tell people around you to Vote Biden.
    They are not the same.
    Fascism MUST be defeated.

    1. Your comment is messed up. True, they’re not the same. Biden would be the more effective puppet. We’ve been on the road to fascism for a long time and Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc. are all complicit. Good God, where have you been all your life?
      By the way, Carl Bernstein was played by Dustin Hoffman, not Robert Redford.

    2. Bernstein was played by Dustin Hoffman. Woodward was played by Redford. Time for you to watch ATPM again.

  8. There;s one part of the article with which I mostly agree, but have an exception:
    “No US soldier has died for any reason that could be described as heroic, or even justifiable, for generations. We simply do not have a world order where such a thing happens anymore. They only ever die defending the interests of corporations and depraved government agencies.”

    There are actually some soldiers who have bought into the concept of patriotism (defined as my country can do no wrong, no matter how wring it is) – and haven’t yet figured out that they are considered as expendable as toilet paper and equally replaceable, by those making money off their efforts. They haven’t yet learned the truth, but joined the military for various reasons, such as an abusive home life, needing a job and unable to get any other, thinking that their fighting actually had something to do with U.S. security, etc.

    I actually feel sorry for those who were maimed or murdered out of ignorance that they are there to serve the dollar. I don’t support the government engaging in illegal wars in my name, when I never gave it permission to represent me in such activities. But I can still have compassion for those ignorants who suffer out of altruism or need.

    1. I completely miss, how an act that saves another human life, at the risk, and sometimes at the cost of their own life, is not an act of heroism. Is not justifiable? If a soldier gives up their own life to save the life of another, is that not heroic? No matter what code name or propaganda message the Pentagon issued about their ‘mission’? They still gave up their life to save the life of another human being?
      Who knows what that life they saved might become?
      I’ve met anti-war vets who’s lives were saved by someone else on the battlefield. Now they work trying to save other lives and end war? Was that not a heroic act to save this life? Is that not justifiable?
      Are we now so far down the rabbit hole where even anti-war voices are saying that some lives are expendable? That some lives don’t matter?
      I have been an anti-war peace activist for a long lifetime. All life is precious. All life matters. Any other stance is a firm stride on the path to evil.

      1. Yes, an individual soldier can act and die courageously in defense of fellow soldiers, but one can’t be a “hero” (God how I hate that overused and cheapened word) unless the cause for which one fights is just. Nazi soldiers undoubtedly acted and died courageously for their comrades in arms, but could they possibly be considered “heroes?” The last time that America was in an arguably just war was in WWII, and that was Caitlin’s simple, obvious, unarguable point.

      2. Hi White Rose,
        Caitlin’s statement makes sense when seen from the perspective that heroism is an attribute of loyalty to the wellbeing of mankind. She thinks that heroism is sullied by agendas which degrade the dignity and intelligence of mankind.
        You are correct in thinking that personal loyalty which evokes selfless riskTaking is heroic ; here Caitlin is emphasising the importance of having a higher purpose.

  9. In my old mind both Donald Trump and Bob Woodward are at fault.
    We have reached the point in United States politics where the Lord God of Hosts could descend from heaven on a pillar of fire, denounce Donald Trump from atop Mt. Everest in a voice audible throughout the universe, and Trump’s fiercest defenders would wave it off as “fake news” even as Mitch McConnell gavels God out of order.
    Donald Trump and his people treat their time in Washington D.C. as nothing more than an opportunity to loot the Treasury and enrich their friends. Their relationship to the people is entirely transactional, and is noxiously dismissive of the higher ideals of service or public responsibility.
    This articale can be read here:
    Six Deadly Months Late, Bob Woodward Warns Us Trump Is Lying About COVID

    1. Ron, methinks thou totally underestimates where the collective cabal is taking us. The narrative currently being weaved would make even Niccolò Machiavelli blush. Besides, Mt. Everest is in the wrong hemisphere for a U.S. meme even if it does carry an Anglo derived name. Just for fun let’s call it Chomolungma and then guess which god might soon descend.

  10. If you believe the pro-Trump propaganda that the Democrats are trying to blame the protests on Russia and China, here’s dose of truth. Joe Biden, speaking on the protest, apparently the day after Donald Trump had just attacked and tear gassed protesters for his photo-op outside a church, Joe Biden saying that the time has come for America to deal with systemic racism.
    That is clearly not an attempt to blame the unrest on ‘outside agitators’, like a long line of demagogues stretching from George Wallace to Donald Trump, but a clear statement that the problem is from within America and America’s history of racism.

    1. Oh, and for the people who fell for the Russian propaganda about ‘Dementia Joe’, watch the above. its a 20+ minute performance of reading a speech. Compare that to Dementia Don, who can’t read the word ‘Motown’ from a teleprompter. With Dementia Don, the standards are so low that the pundits celebrate when he is able to read a speech from a teleprompter without fracking it up. Normally Dementia Don is so incoherent that journalists have to rewrite what he just said to make it even coherent enough to write about.
      This is why the losers at Trump Campaign HQ are trying desperate to figure out how to get out of the debates. They are throwing up fake ideas like drug testing for the candidates. Like Donald Trump really wants America to know what prescription grade pharmaceuticals he’s on while he’s doing brilliant things like confessing to the premeditated murder of 200,000 Americans to Bob Woodward.
      Of course, Trump Campaign HQ is in a bind. They are trailing badly. And they’ve so mismanaged their finances by spending $800 million to get there, that they are now broke and going dark in key battleground states because they can’t pay for the ads. Because of this, Trump Campaign HQ is like any broke Green Party campaign that desperately needs the FREE TV time of the debate stage. But they know if they put Dementia Don up there against a seasoned pro like Biden, that, well, who knows what Dementia Don will end up saying. He’s likely to end up talking about his love letters to Kim Jong Un and then talking about the evils of water-saving toilets.

      1. #TrumpKnew
        200,000 dead.
        500,000 dead by next Jan.

    2. No – perhaps not a problem to blame the unrest on outside agitators. However, Biden is as big a contributor to systemic racism and its resultant problems as was Wallace or Trump.
      This was ‘polspeak.’ you need to look into Biden’s entire history, but start your search with the development of for-profit prisons and their effect on justice, racism, broken communities, the need to increase public assistance and so much more. You can move out from there, both before and after in his political career.
      I’ll never vote for Trump, whom I’ve detested for more than three decades, but nothing in Biden’s past makes me want to vote for him either. He and Trump are mostly birds of a feather, with the greatest difference being that Biden speaks softly, so you don’t often see the negative results until to late, whereas trump is loud and annoying, but tells you how he plans to stick it to us. You need to understand that the supposed two major parties are really nothing more than subdivisions of the same party.
      Rhetoric is worthless. Action speaks.

  11. Dementia Don is soooooo brain damaged?
    Response – How brain damaged is he?
    Dementia Don is sooooo brain damaged, that he flubs reading the word “Motown” from a teleprompter.
    OK, so lets say your an old white guy, who for some reason despite being young when Motown was cranking out regular number one hits, that you still haven’t heard of them. So there you are, you are reading a speech, obviously written by someone more literate than you, that includes the word “motown”? How is that a hard word to just say phonetically. Mo then Town. Simple right? Dementia Don managed by some extraordinary feat to turn this into “MoTang”.
    Is it possible that unlike every other American male wanting to get laid who always kept some Motown Barry White music on hand to set the correct mood, did a young Donald Trump try to do this by offering women a glass of Tang? That might explain why he felt he needed to ‘grab them by the p……’

  12. Caitlin, there is a common theme to all your complaints. Government. There has never been a good one, there is not one now, and there never will be. Coercive government’s origin lies in the marauding gang that reasoned out that instead of stealing everything, raping all the women, and killing all who resisted slavery, they could just settle in place and become a successful parasite, as in one that doesn’t kill its host. Sometimes such parasites do kill their host, just as governments do sometimes kill their nation. To suggest that an institution that survives on control of, and theft from it’s subjects can suddenly become altruistic is a delusion. To do so would be suicide for such government.

    1. Agree. Parasites are an apt description.

    2. Government is the means by which the people come together to work for the common good.
      Which is why oligarchs like the Koch’s have waged a long and expensive campaign attacking the very concept of government. Because ‘the common good’ is an evil concept when your goal is to grab everything for yourself and tell everyone else to go starve to death or die, without health care, from a pandemic that should have been controllable.

      1. If you write off the possible restoration of genuine democratic government, you abandon the ONLY viable counter-force to global corporate control and exploitation of the world, which is leading us inevitably to further oppression and ecocide. We don’t want to abandon the state but reclaim it.

      2. Name a good one. Name one that does not exist by the threat of violence. If you find one or more of their actions worthy of resistance, men with guns will appear. As I often point out, there is no such thing as a “tax payer”. Taxes are collected, at gunpoint. If you refuse to pay, and refuse to be kidnapped and thrown in a cage after having all the product of your life’s work confiscated, you will be summarily executed. “The means by which people come together”, as in 51% force the 49% to abide by their preference, or die?

        1. Without some sort of government to protect you, “all the product of your life’s work” will be subject to violent confiscation by the nearest thug or group of thugs. This is so obvious that it’s not worth further debate. Without a governmental monopoly on violence, only the strongest and most vicious among us would, to use Spock’s words, “live long and prosper.” The rest of us would be slaves at best, dead at worst.

    3. During this pandemic, its been fascinating to watch how it has played out. It is quite clear that the world’s best performance in this pandemic crisis has been by the strong government of the Chinese Communist Party. The worst performance is by Koch style Libertarians..
      China got hit first, and were surprised by it as it was of course a new, novel thing. Their government took firm measures to protect the health of the people. Even though today’s ‘communists’ are really capitalists, they still put People Over Profits and took strong steps to control the virus. They banned all travel to and from the province where it had broken out. They shut down factories, IIRC nationwide. They implemented mass testing abilities, and did extensive investigation and contract tracing and quarantine measures for those who had come in contact with the virus. They got the virus under control and now their big fight is in containing it from coming back in from outside the country.
      Compare this to the Land of the Free, where decades of oligarch propaganda has attacked the very concept of government and every notion of the common good and spread the selfish notion that its all about me and only me and to tell the rest of the world to go frackthemselves. In this land of the Koch’s anti-government messages, we have 200,000 dead. An economy that can not reopen because the virus is way out of control. We have crowds of idiots who refuse to wear a mask and somehow take other people being sensible as a personal insult. It is clearly Profits over People. Drop Dead for Corporate America. America, the land of the anti-government individual is looking at 500,000 dead by next Jan, and who knows how many rubber sacks for corpses they’ll need before this is done.
      It is quite clear that the world’s best performance in this pandemic crisis has been by the strong government of the Chinese Communist Party. The worst performance is by Koch style Libertarians..

      1. And the worst about the Koch agenda is they are fake libertarians. Their infantile idea of liberty is zero accountability for the rich. Genuine libertarian philosophy was defined by John Stewart Mill in his essay ‘On Liberty’, in which Mill makes clear that membership of society entails responsibility for the welfare of the collective good.
        The nature of the Chinese government is ideologically inconceivable to Western values. I had to read investigative journalist Wifred Burchett’s autoBiography to find an adequate description of the Mao’s Great Leap Forward, an unprecedented government-led revolution aimed at eliminating poverty.
        In short, it was a grand vision and a grand success … and the Chinese have been warProofing their country ever since the USA dropped biological weapons on North Korea (before the armistice cooled the stalemate.)

        1. Wifred Burchett is the BEST reporter ever. If you can get a copy of it, read “Vietnam Will Win”. It is the only true reporting of the Viet Nam war I have ever seen.

          1. Yes. Vietnam outclassed the USA, and Wilf was the only war correspondent ever to embed with the Viet fighters.
            His description of their selfless concern for protecting Viet sovereignty and culture is moving and convincing.
            If only the West had leadership like that …
            I managed to get an out of print “Grasshoppers & Elephants : Why Viet Nam Fell”, their account of the last 55 Days.

  13. Julian the Philosopher, in his own words approx: we don’t know what the hell is going on, and we need to know through accumulating massive amounts of data what these titanic orgs are doing. We need to find that out first and then figure out what we are to do to change things. How can we know where to go when we don’t even have a map showing where we are?

  14. Thank you Caitlin for always standing up for the truth in such a clear and courageous manner.

    I for one is “shaking with rage” every single day over the horrific maltreatment of Julian Assange for revealing the truth about the nefarious “bastards” who are driving us all to a premature annihilation. Apart from being a “thin frail man, locked up in a cage” Julian Assange is and always will be considered as one of the most significant and powerful JOURNALIST that has ever graced this doomed planet. I feel immense pity for all you dimwits out there who don’t get this unmitigated fact.

    1. I agree with you about Assange. He will always stand head and shoulders over his tormentors, no matter what they do to him.
      I have no pity, however, for those who choose to believe bullshit, salacious, nonsensical propaganda about him. They aren’t fit to lick his boots.

      1. I agree with you – pity was a wrong choice of word., far too polite…

  15. “<iIf you leftists actually care about getting things done you need to do the practical, pragmatic, realistic thing
    and support the party that actively sabotages all your agendas while openly saying it won't get anything done.”
    This satire summarises the Democrat position ; Caitlin’s genius is in bringing the internal contradiction into clear focus. We are being asked to agree with selfHarming impotence, and nobody recognises the essence of the deception … except investigators like Caitlin.
    It’s not enough to read her posts because they are better than most, then critique it as if you were her schoolmistress. Unless you are serious about finding what is real, and innovate a viable alternative …

  16. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Sigh, all foxes evetually age and die.

    1. What perfect music to match the tribute! And wow.

  17. Incrementally, and organically, the internet is backfiring on its developers and exploiters.
    It has become chaotic and uncontrollable.
    The plutocrats are attempting to wrest control.
    They will fail.
    The Universe/Life came from Chaos. Chaos is its natural state.
    Chaos is the creative energy behind evolution and Life itself.
    Que sera sera.

    1. Hope you’re right. Certainly this blog is one big backfire.

  18. Believing China wants to take over your country so it can have control over a bunch of random white people is as dumb and egocentric as believing space aliens would fly across the galaxy to stick probes in your butt.- Ms Caitlin Johnstone!
    That Ms Johnstone is priceless!

    1. Absolutely spot on. It’s amazing, idiot Australians swallow this crap not once but twice. We were told exactly the same thing in the 60’s and 70’s, only that time it was the Vietnamese who were going to come and invade Australia and bring Communism to convert us all. Australians swallowed that crap then, and are again, swallowing similar crap. At the time, The poor bloody Vietnamese didn’t even know Australia existed. Nor did they have the means to invade anyone. But we sure taught them who we are. Why is it, Western nations constantly INVADE and wage war against defenceless nations, telling us if we don’t, they will invade us, when there’s never a shred of evidence to support their claims ? Yet Idiot Australians, swallow it every time without ever demanding EVIDENCE.

  19. Some day the United States government will face another nuclear armed government that will not back down. At that point an idiotic world war is likely to begin!
    This article can be read here:
    The South China Sea: What Is Really at Issue by Eric Zuesse!

    1. The referred article by Eric Zuesse gives an excellent perspective, with a quality of writing which requires sobriety and an encyclopaedic knowledge. I appreciate the enormous amount of work that underlies such clarity of thinking ; it offers a cognitive shortCut to better understanding, and i thank Ron Campbell for drawing our attention to Eric Zuesse’s insights.

      1. Why Thank You, Peter. There are many sites on the Internet that are good, very good, great, and Magnificent. Julian Assange is being tortured and persecuted for what he and others brought to the Internet for humanity to behold and question. Ms Johnstone is doing the same. These are the people that should be leading humanity instead of the charlatans now doing so. Humanity is chock full of magnificent people that we should be drafting into leadership positions. John F. Kennedy brought magnificent people to his administration as well as trying to get rid of the people taking this country down the wrong paths. The ” deep state ” was not going to let that happen so they killed him.

        1. Ron Campbell turned credit-where-it-is-due … into self-promotion, an opportunity to repeat yet again what everyone already knows.
          Reminds me of the old joke : don’t vote, it only encourages them.

          1. There isn’t an iota of self-promotion in Ron’s reply, you prick.

            1. Preaching the same old crap, as if he’s a world expert is self-promotion, you dopey assassin.

  20. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Am I piggybacking? Yep.

  21. Very sad, and unless Hindu and Myan mythology are wrong and the world as we know it doesm’t end this September, that is the fate we will all most certainly will face.

  22. “The most powerful government in the world is currently conducting a prosecution to protect its right to lie to the public about the evil things that it does…”
    True Power does not come from raw brute force but from an ethical compass and honest moral persuasion. Anything less is just the reflexive flailings of a bully. Bullies do not believe they do evil. Understanding evil is not in their tool bag. But bullies do lie. That’s a concept they understand well.
    “Wisdom will let you see things correctly. Cleverness plus wisdom will let you persuade others that you are seeing things correctly. Cleverness without wisdom will let you persuade others that you are seeing things correctly, even when you are seeing things incorrectly.”
    Most people today are either too busy fighting each other, trying to put food on the table, virtue signaling, or preoccupied with nonsense to bother with such things as Wisdom and Cleverness. But if it’s anger, fear, confusion, and loss of hope, there’s an abundance of that to last for years. What we also have is widespread Not-So-Cleverness teamed with Gaping-Lack-of-Wisdom.
    “In a world that is dying and a society that is insane, ‘It’s always been that way’ is never a valid argument.
    They tried that argument in Atlantis and other civilizations that disappeared. Guess we today want to prove we have more Cleverness Without Wisdom than they did.

    1. This time will be different because the world’s greatest liberator announced a secret plan for eliminating the world’s psychopaths and parasites. Only those who are wise and clever will be able to decode and activate the secret strategy when they realise that all other efforts to defeat tyrants and parasites have failed.

      1. Tired neglected to name “the world’s greatest liberator”.
        Nor does he tell us the plan for eliminating Psychopaths & Parasites.
        Posting empty satire which leads to profound disappointment is demoralising the undecided ; a thoroughly rotten betrayal of his readers.

  23. Fyi This came into my email box showing only ‘No Sender’ and with no subject. Only when clicking open the email did it show Caitlin’s name and the subject line. I am hoping this is just a temporary glitch and not a gremling.

  24. The most powerful government in the world is currently conducting a prosecution to protect its right to lie to the public about the evil things that it does, and somehow the public isn’t shaking the earth with unmitigated rage about this.

    How can you be so smart but not understand that America is incapable of admitting wrong. Talk about a finger plugging a dike! If America were to look at all the fingers it has poked into places to keep the American way of life going, all hell would break lose. Admit wrong and the center could not and would not hold.

    America is the Omelas of Ursula Le Guin.

    They all know it is there, all the people of Omelas. Some of them have come to see it, others are content merely to know it is there. They all know that it has to be there. Some of them understand why, and some do not, but they all understand that their happiness, the beauty of their city, the tenderness of their friendships, the health of their children, the wisdom of their scholars, the skill of their makers, even the abundance of their harvest and the kindly weathers of their skies, depend wholly on this child’s abominable misery.

    In Omelas only one child was locked away in misery to ensure the prosperity of everyone else. In America the children locked up to provide prosperity to its upper class is beyond count.

    Some Americans have seen them, others are content merely to know they are there. And NO none of them have to be there to suffer.

    Considering those in detention by the INS I mean children has both as metaphor and literally.

    1. How can you be so smart but not understand
      Keith Hayes produces YetAnother diatribe against Caitlin, telling her she is stupid for trying to tell the truth to power, and to we whom the USA robs of aspiration and self-respect.
      His sole purpose in life appears to be sabotaging the best of mankind.
      Where have i seen that before ?
      Telling Caitlin her work is stupid and futile is disgusting.

      1. Go F yourself. I have the highest respect for Catlin or I’d not be here. My writing was a rhetorical statement to introduce my point and I doubt Catlin has taken any offense. You have an agenda and I don’t appreciate it but if you wish to continue embarrassing yourself go right ahead.

        The writing technique I used is not uncommon and has to be used carefully. Which I did. It is used when making an elephant in the room analogy. Used when pointing out the obvious such as you being a troll.

        Free Julian

        1. And very interesting. I re-read what I wrote after I responded to you. I never used the word stupid but you used it twice implying I did. If I were her I’d ban your troll ass. I asked a standard rhetorical question.

        2. I’m already fucked by the USA, Keith.
          “The writing technique I used is not uncommon” ; nor is the idiotic belief that ridicule is amusing uncommon. If you have something to say, don’t fuck it by pretending it’s something else.
          Your posts display a lack of perspective, respect, and humour … attributes i associate with self-importance and stupidity. When you change that, then my conversation with you will change in accord.

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