It is perfectly valid for the American public to express outrage over Trump’s declaration of victory, but the entire American media and political class forever lost all legitimacy to condemn a nation’s leader for illegitimately crowning themselves by backing the Venezuela coup.

Watching Democrats’ inability to handily defeat a crazy reality TV host in two elections is like seeing someone pick a fight with a six year-old girl and getting their ass kicked, then coming back with a bunch of their friends and watching them all get carried off on stretchers.

All the hours of post-electoral analysis you’re about to hear are just mental gymnastics to avoid confronting one very simple fact: that the way the Democratic Party has been securing funding is incompatible with securing votes. That’s the only correct answer to the question of what went wrong for the Democrats this year. They court wealthy donors who in exchange demand policies which hurt ordinary Americans. Ignore all answers besides this one.

It’s not because of inadequate outreach to this or that demographic. It’s not because of racism. It’s not because of being too “woke”. It’s not because of the Electoral College or gerrymandering. It’s because Democratic donors advance interests which hurt the Democratic base, which naturally makes the base disinclined to vote for them.

People simply are not going to support a party which does not advance their interests. If the Democratic Party were obtaining material benefits for people, they would dominate the US government. But that would mean taking things away from the donor class, so it’s been a no-go. Meanwhile the donor class is never going to support a party which acts against its interests. Getting enough votes and getting the support of wealthy elites are therefore mutually exclusive endeavors. You cannot have both. Dems will keep struggling with votes until they figure this out.

It is good that people are criticizing the Democrats’ garbage performance against a cartoon character opponent. But let’s not kid ourselves: as soon as they get Biden in the line is going to be “We’re doing fine; nothing needs to change. Biden beat the socialist and then beat Trump. Where’s brunch?”

Democrats ignored the left and courted Republicans instead under the mistaken belief that there are millions of Americans who want to coddle the rich, kill the poor, shit on disadvantaged groups and destroy the environment, but to do so with decency.

Maybe there are a lot of liberals who are closet Trump voters. This dark, secret passion they can never admit to publicly, like how all conservatives secretly love gay sex.

Presidents are just narrative management ops the US empire uses to explain to the public why it is doing the things it was always going to do. Like explaining death to children using puppets.

If Biden somehow fails to get in, the elites who installed him as the nominee are responsible for that loss. If Biden secures the election, the elites who installed him are responsible for his administration’s evil actions. You don’t get to control everything and then duck responsibility for your outcomes.

Ignore everyone who’s bitching about the Electoral College right now. They only ever complain about it during actual elections and then forget all about it until the next one.

Leftists who voted Biden did it with the goal of hopefully later getting a chance to wake America up. Liberals who voted Biden did it so they can go back to sleep.

Bush dropped more bombs than Clinton. Obama dropped more bombs than Bush. Trump dropped more bombs than Obama. This trend has much less to do with who’s president than with the nature of global metastatic imperialism. And it ain’t changing with Biden.

The idea that everything will be fine once Trump’s gone is more dangerous than Trump.

There’s no point telling the Democratic establishment that Bernie would have won. They know Bernie would have won. That’s why they stopped him.

The more desperately aggressive and authoritarian the western empire becomes, the more the blue checkmarked commentariat who protect it are going to expose themselves for what they really are.

This is all you’re ever seeing with those liberals and fauxgressives who spend all their time on Twitter taking pot shots at anti-imperialists and finger wagging at people for being too far left. They’re just protecting an increasingly indefensible world order from its critics.

“Antifascists” who support Biden should call themselves Arguably-Slightly-Less-Fascist.

The dumbest thing about this presidential race has been the narrative that nations who will be targeted by the US no matter who wins have a really strong preference for one of the candidates.

Beauty is just a word for the experience of having truly seen something.


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56 responses to “Electoral Musings: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Alexander Zayachkov Avatar
    Alexander Zayachkov

    My nominee for Political Quote of the year –
    “Presidents are just narrative management ops the US empire uses to explain to the public why it is doing the things it was always going to do. Like explaining death to children using puppets.” ~ Caitlin Johnstone

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  3. Don’t be deceived or deluded: the Democratic ‘base’ is its bourgeois donors, nothing more. Despite comparatively minuscule financial support from sell-out trade union leaders irresponsibly squandering their memberships’ hard-earned dues on the party of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Democratic Party remains a thoroughly bourgeois party just as committed to American capitalism as the Republicans. It has alway been so. No working class organisation (eg trade unions) has ever had any permanent representation inside the Democratic party, not even by the formalistic standards of the mass social democratic parties in the rest of the advanced capitalist world.

    At its most ‘progressive’ under FDR, the Democrats introduced the New Deal only to avoid the threat of revolution from an aroused and militant working class engaged in pitched battles with the capitalist class. A potential revolutionary situation was averted only by the reformist CPUSA and other sellout trade union leaders when they effectively transmitted their fears to FDR that quickly made him realise the possible fate that awaited US capitalism if the working class leaders couldn’t control their ‘base’. It definitely wasn’t the Democratic ‘base’ giving notice to America’s rulers, it was their class enemy — the workers.

    From the New Deal onwards, the Democrats have consistently and faithfully served as the prime instrument of political co-optation of liberalism and leftism in the US, basking in their FDR legacy. Yet their ability to perform that role has diminished in concert with their stripping away the last remnants of the New Deal, and the abject failure of shepherd-in-chief Sanders to corral his supporters to vote for Biden illustrates the decline rather well.

    False consciousness, classically manifesting as classes or other social layers acting against their own best material interests, is vitally necessary for the maintenance of capitalist rule. It’s achieved not only by religious, cultural, educational and propagandistic/media brainwashing, but by convincing classes with no conscious and organised political expression of their own that the political expression of their class enemy will ‘best’ serve them.

    The dire situation in the US, where the US truly is the ‘exception’ among the advanced capitalist countries, is this: the working class has no mass party of its own. The Democrats’ willingness to play-act this role has evidently disintegrated, accelerated with WJ Clinton’s killing off what’s left of the New Deal, and anyone who thinks they somehow are ‘betraying’ their working class ‘base’ thereby (eg, Chris Hedges) simply has no understanding of the historic role of the Democrats — not only in supporting capitalism, albeit with a ‘liberal’ and ‘identitarian’ face, but especially in its deluding the US working class that they somehow are its ‘base’.

    The US needs a mass party of the working class that acts for working class interests, by destroying its false consciousness with a program that fundamentally posits that US and the rest of the world desperately need a new ruling class comprising those who actually have real social power to overthrow capitalism and who produce all the necessities of life, the workers.

    1. Well said. I think we need a realignment along parliamentary lines, scrapping our failed ‘two-party’ system. I’d like to cast a vote for the Working Familes Party

  4. I don’t remember who said “politics is the art of getting money from the rich and votes from the poor by promising both of them to defend them against the other” but he definitely nailed it as far as Biden is concerned :o)

  5. Elections only change the face which deceives the electorate.

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Watching Democrats’ inability to handily defeat a crazy reality TV host in two elections is like seeing someone pick a fight with a six year-old girl and getting their ass kicked, then coming back with a bunch of their friends and watching them all get carried off on stretchers.”
    The six year-old girl is a RUSSIAN.
    “… the way the Democratic Party has been securing funding is incompatible with securing votes… They court wealthy donors who in exchange demand policies which hurt ordinary Americans.”
    Once you’ve decided to sell your soul, you don’t care who you sell it to if there’s real money on the line. The love of money is one of the fastest ways into Hell. There are other ways, too.
    “It’s not because of inadequate outreach to this or that demographic.”
    Sure it is. Democrat policies do not appeal to the demographic of those with brains. They do not even try to reach out to people with something upstairs besides empty space. At least The R Party knows who they appeal to: forgotten Americans who buy into an empty myth and other very rich people.
    “Trump dropped more bombs than Obama.”
    Dropping bombs is good for Business. You drop a bomb, you have to make another. And bill it to taxpayers. And do this again and again and…
    “Beauty is just a word for the experience of having truly seen something.”
    The old song goes, “Everything is beautiful… in it’s own way…”. But for some things it gets hard to find what ‘way’ that is…

  7. So where are these ” magical Joe Biden votes coming from “!
    Thursday morning and the election remains unresolved with the prospect of a long legal battle ahead. The most striking feature of all this is America’s failure to arrange a fair, honest, and coherent election system. Instead, we add layers of complexity that only increase the likelihood of failure and opportunities for cheating. But remember, one of the hallmarks of the long emergency is the federal government’s growing impotence and incompetence to deal with anything.

    As for red flags, we have the 4 a.m. Wednesday morning dump of 131,000 votes, all for Mr. Biden, none for Mr. Trump, emanating out of Shiawassee and Antrim Counties, Michigan, populations respectively 68,000 and 23,000. Some person in the chain there declared it was “a typo,” but the returns don’t reflect that the false number was retracted. A similar dump of 27,000, all for Biden, came out of Philadelphia, no explanation. And that was only the beginning of a Democratic Party wholesale mail-in ballot manufacturing effort that continues to this writing.
    This article can be read here:
    Election Update

    1. Who’s saying that about Shiawassee and Antrim Counties, apart from that article?

    2. Trump told his people NOT to vote by mail (even though he did). So of course the mail ballots favor Biden. No cheating necessary.

    3. Still no word from Trump or his legal team about taking the matter of Shiawassee and Antrim Counties to the courts.
      Is Donald J Trump in on this conspiracy to steal the election for the Democratic Party?

  8. But let’s be frank, Donald Trump was never the real problem, he was and is the rancid product of a centuries long experiment in racist colonial settler imperialism, first born on the continent, then later exported to the entire world. It started when European settlers set foot on this occupied “New World” and declared it their own, Native peoples be damned.
    Trump’s penchant for detached, sadistic cruelty is what has always lied under the surface of American “exceptionalism.” This is the same cruelty that spawned Indigenous genocide, the African slave trade, lynching, Jim Crow, and a nation that put its citizens in concentration camps, normalized the nuking of civilians (the only nation on earth to ever do so), carpet bombed South Asian villages and doused their children with napalm and Agent Orange. The same one that trained death squads in Central America and Indonesia. The same one that assassinated Lumumba and ousted democratically elected presidents like Allende and Mossadegh. The same one that allowed for the decimation of Iraq and an entire region based on lies, that tortured children and their parents in the dank cellars of Abu Ghraib, that drone bombed a grandmother picking okra in her field. The same one that turned Libya, once Africa’s wealthiest nation, into a center for the modern slave trade. The same one that has bestowed tanks to its police, trophies of its bloody forays in the global south, now destined to crush its own people. The same one that locked up an entire generation of Black and Brown kids for the possession of a plant or because they injected something into their impoverished arms to alleviate the agony of living in a hellscape of hopelessness.
    This article can be read here:
    Trump was Never the Real Problem By Kenn Orphan

    1. I wonder how much Trump and his supporters would agree. Pretty strongly, I’d guess, though some would only admit it in private and off the record. Their attitude is ‘So what? Deal with it.’

  9. So as the Titanic sinks we are debating if red life vests or blue life vests are better at keeping us alive in 30 degree water.

    1. And I find it fascinating, but probably irrelevant, that when I was a kid, reds were the enemy. Reds were under every bed, and the only good red was dead.

  10. The comparison of Trump to a six year old girl just shows how Caitlin does not understand what Trump is and what’s going on in the The Democrats are not fighting a six year old girl; they are up against a seasoned businessman and long time public figure who has galvanized a populist movement based on deep disaffection and anger in the conservative US working classes. The Democrats are up against a populist movement that represents half of the American population. It never ceases to amaze me is how so many people ignore the objective fact that Trump has immense popularity and support among the voting American population. Trump is a symptom of a deep division & frustration & anger in the US psyche.

    I dont think Trump has the right answers or policies to really serve the people who support him; but neither do the Democrats have the right policies to serve their supporters. Caitlin sees that and says it clearly. Trump is just the best available hope for many Americans (best available means actually really available in the real world – not the best in some notional utopia).

    If the Democrats win the victory is not going to resolve the real underlying issues which have fueled the Trump phenomenon. The US political establishment will return to business as usual and the real issues will be ignored. The can will be kicked down the road.

    1. I might just add that it now appears we have a Trump cult following on the one hand and an anti-Trump cult following on the other. Lovely. Apparently it’s time to once again declare “Mission accomplished!”. On another note, Trump is being encouraged to do a walk away from Twitter and take both his followers and all the resulting revenue generating traffic with him. God bless America.

  11. Someone once sang “when will they ever learn”!
    Apparently not in the “shining city on a hill… never-never land”!

  12. And the winner is . . .
    The global, robber baron, crime syndicate, of course. As always.
    The loser? The environment, seven billion human beings and planet earth.

    1. Why wont people just admit the earth cannot support 7 billion people without commercial food production pretty much destroying the planet. People need to start dying before the environment snaps back. A couple more years of lockdown should do the trick. Food shortages coming your way soon. The oceans are just about depleted in several parts of the world. Fish sizes and quantities are dropping. No one is talking about it though. Oh, nvm, it is just climate change. Drop CO2 levels and we will be just fine. Too many people vs resources. Eugenics 101.

      1. Eugenics is about increasing the proportion of the ‘right’ people, the ‘best’ people, whoever they’re supposed to be.
        Simply having too many people is another matter.

        1. Technically yes. But the ones who will be doing the starving will be in the third world. The poor must go. So we can produce less and save the planet. Water sources getting scarce. Someone has to go, poor preferably. Shut down the west so we can legitimately reduce production and starve off the poor. The right people this time are not aryan but of the right economic class.

        2. Nice spin on eugenics btw. You can increase the proportion of the right people by killing off the wrong people. Although lets use the term promote and exclude. I will promote the right people by feeding them and exclude the wrong people by not feeding them.

    2. I believe there are solutions. I believe the planet is capable of supporting seven billion people. But not without changes. Not unless people stop feeling entitled to anything they want right now, as long as they can afford it.
      Waste less, conserve more is a solution.
      Boycotts are solutions.
      Genocide is not a solution. It’s just evil.
      We all need to be less greedy and more generous.
      We need to be more compassionate and take more personal responsibility for the way things are. Less ready to blame the “other.”
      All life should be valued.
      The solution for hate is love.

  13. Much truth, as usual, in Caitlin’s post, but also one glaring error: “If the Democratic Party were obtaining material benefits for people, they would dominate the US government. But that would mean taking things away from the donor class, so it’s been a no-go.” The first sentence is on the money; the second is off the mark because it fails to grok the concept of post-gold standard fiat money. Check out Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) via another excellent Australian blog, that of economist Bill Mitchell, for a convincing demonstration that the people can have substantial material benefits from their government without having to touch the money of the filthy rich. THAT is the radically new idea that MMT puts on the table, and it’s disheartening to see how many on the left, apparently including Caitlin, still haven’t gotten it.

    1. I wasn’t aware MMT meant leaving the filthy rich, or their money, alone. Many MMTers think taxation is a good way of destroying the money that gives the filthy rich their power.

      1. Yes, MMTers often advocate for taxing the filthy rich both to reduce the obscene political influence they can purchase and to facilitate a more equitable distribution of wealth. But a cardinal principle of MMT is that taxation does not produce revenue for governmental services on the federal level of a currency-sovereign nation. On lower levels of government, however, taxes are necessary to fund services because such governmental units lack the power to create money and thus, like individuals, households, businesses, etc., must obtain it from other parties.

        1. So “people can have substantial material benefits from their government without having to touch the money of the filthy rich,” yet “taxes are necessary to fund services because such [local] governmental units lack the power to create money.”
          So who are they going to tax?

          1. You miss the distinction between the federal level of a currency-sovereign nation and lower levels of government. The highest level can literally create fiat money, unless it self-imposes limits on that power, limits which can be self-removed. The way that governmental services, funded by fiat money, can reach the people is for those services to be federally funded and then, if desired, administered on more local levels. That’s the whole idea behind the current emphasis in MMT on the Job Guarantee (JG), in which federal fiat money is invested in creating decent jobs for everyone who needs them. Rather than go back and forth with me on such issues, why not spend a little time on Bill Mitchell’s blog? There’s a wealth of info to be searched for on virtually aspect of MMT.

            1. So taxes aren’t necessary to fund services because they can be federally funded?

                1. “taxes are necessary” – your comment above?

    2. Not in the habit of replying to my own comment, but just ran across a recent video in which a leading MMT economist was interviewed on the Bloomberg network. Thought it was a clear, useful, and pleasant intro to MMT for those still unfamiliar with it. Here’s the link:

      1. Thank you. Will watch! (And I have read some of Bill Mitchell’s stuff before.)

  14. It strikes me that the “surprising” loss of some Democratic members of the House and failure to win some of the Senate seats they expected to win actually serves the DNC well if Biden pulls this off.

    They get to point to Biden as the candidate who beat Trump, so yay them! But then they have a built-in excuse for not getting anything done for the progressives – Republican Senate, and a vulnerable majority in the House. Not saing this was the DNC’s design, but just a valuable windfall.

    So with four years of Biden-Harris, we get what we expected of Biden-Harris – not much change in the way of policy – without the crazy speeches and cheerleading for domestic terrorism, and with all the excuses pre-made. And of course the Congressional candidates in 2020 need to be a little more “moderate.”

    1. * Congressional candidates in 2022 and 2024

  15. We’re all trapped in a thought box. I can tell that I am. The indecisiveness is torture, and we reject it, are irritated and impatient. Whatever comes next will be no different, because the situation is no different.
    That makes this an opportunity to pray for good. No format. Just engage my heart into the mess and be with it, longing for good patterns to arise, that I can be part of.
    Good and bad, and I can recognize ’em when I see ’em, often look a lot different than what I had imagined.
    Here I am in purgatory, earnestly and patiently and lovingly longing for ways that I can help us all do better.

  16. “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” . The bank cartel is the culprit. They literally own the governments of the world. The massive centralization of governments under their management makes it impossible to cast either of the two by far most effective votes we could cast. With our feet and/or our wallet. By the infliction of the same tyranny throughout the world, one cannot walk away from one in favor of another, because there is little relevant difference between them. Now let’s see if I can pass the CAPTCHA eye test.

  17. You’re beautiful. It isn’t necessary that I see you with my eyes.

  18. Is Donald Trump going to ” mine the white house with explosives ” and then blow it up before Joe Biden moves in; or is Donald Trump going to wait until Joe Biden moves in before blowing it all up? The shit-show is in full gear now!

    1. Rumors that DJT will be vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW any time soon may be comfortably dismissed. Trust me.

  19. Watching this episode of ‘the dumbest shit they can think of’ has been pretty weird.
    The election process, on a ‘good day’, in and of itself, is the complete opposite of verifiable, open, and transparent.
    Yet, here all the actors all are pretending that it is actually a thing that is somehow connected with reality. And, they can’t even fuck it up right enough from within the make believe rules that they wrote down for it. So, they are just making up as much nonsense as they can think of to get what they think they want anyway. It’s like watching children fight over the rules of a make believe game, that they are playing in pretendville. It’s fucking weird.

  20. The best democracy money can buy and just look at it! It needs sending back to its fabricators. While the autopsy progresses folks should meet up in Peoples’ Congresses or Citizen’s Assemblies to discuss what they need at local level and take it from there. One shouldn’t leave the oligarchs out as they are entitled to one vote the same as everyone else as well. There. Fixed it.

  21. Caitlin’s not the only one who thinks there isn’t so much difference between Biden and Trump. The Times had this little quiz recently – I got less than half right.

    “US election quiz: How alike are Donald Trump and Joe Biden?
    Can you match the candidate with the quote? Take our quiz and see if you can find any common ground between the 2020 contenders”

  22. Well, as almost always, I agree with about 95% of what our wonderful Caitlin has written here. In fact, I flatter myself to have thought of about 70% of the same ideas on my own and just by being a still sentient being and having followed US politics far more closely than anyone really should for the last year or so. I do have a small quibble with this one little aphorism, however:

    “Leftists who voted Biden did it with the goal of hopefully later getting a chance to wake America up. Liberals who voted Biden did it so they can go back to sleep.”

    Now certainly it is true that some actual, and many more pseudo-“Leftists,” especially those DSA “foils for the DEMs” types and other such political newbies, probably do have fantasies of “waking up” the always ever so lapsable American masses to the overriding imperative of our time, viz. organizing a mass working class movement, and then perhaps also even a new truly proletarian political party, independent of both the mainstream, thoroughly compromised, criminally active, political parties, and the equally fetid and pestiferous American labor movement, which is just as much in bed with the oligarchs and their cash, and which now serves only one function, namely containing, selling out, and redirecting any workers’ militancy that might arise among their captured members/hostages.

    Although even here I have to wonder how many of these would be “radicals” were motivated by such still vaguely political fantasies compared to the number who bought into all the reiterated DNC hype that “this is the most important election in our lifetimes!” — you know, just like the ones in 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 200, etc. etc. — so, “no matter what you might think of Joe “Numbskull” Biden’s manifest failings, you simply MUST vote for him anyway to stop the DEVIL INCARNATE, Donald “Let’s Quit Counting the Votes Right Now Because, Because, … Well Just Because They Are Probably Going to Unseat My Despicable Ass” Trump.

    Well, whatever the motivation of our inveterately politically naive, American Pretendo-“Leftists” might have been, it seems obvious to me that their plans will be quickly fouled by their continuing to legitimize, however inadvertently and faintly, the whole noisome, incorrigible and probably also quite irreparable American electoral system by casting a vote for either of the current two monsters on offer. In this sense, I have, after so many years of attempting to find some disingenuous psychic accommodation with what I have always known to be, at bottom, a decidedly cruel, indeed genocidal, ever again rampaging EVIL, by moving into the camp of those, obviously quicker than myself, who have long embraced the one hopes somewhat subversive rhetoric and practices denominated by the old slogan; “Don’t vote, it only encourages them!” And indeed it does exactly that! Thus the only viable option it now seems to me is to break with the entire ideological orbit of the establishment worldview and ideation, to the fullest extent possible that is, and attempt to congregate and conspire with those who are attempting to subvert the hegemonic paradigms as well.

    As for the “Liberals” and what they will once again be wont to do, certainly extended intellectual/political slumbers will be high on the agenda just as you say. Some who are a bit more insomniac and full of busy-body nervous energy, may, however, put their remaining hopes and jejune palaver into become better party “hacks,” why maybe even klettering up a couple of rungs on the ladder of the DNC’s abominable entrenched hierarchy. For as we all know, crass opportunism invariable follows in the wake of failed hopes, or in this case, in the wake of a patently Pyrrhic victory, one which must, in time, be recognized as the signal defeat it really is.

    Whether any of what I have just written is really worthy of being written at all, I have no idea, but I do know that it expresses my immediate reactions to what you have written, Caitlin, which in my book, to sum it all up more concisely, seems to me to let both of those two groups of reprobates and Kinderlinker off far too lightly!

    1. I see the entire corrupt political system much as you do, but yet have my fingers crossed that Biden will prevail (though I had the luxury of not having to vote for him but rather for a socialist candidate, living as I do in a solid blue state). Why are my fingers crossed? Because the only thing you can do with a rabid dog, literally out of its mind, is to shoot it, even though the next dog in line is also mean as hell and senile to boot. I’m old enough to have lived through many American presidential elections, including close ones like Kennedy/Nixon. Never before do I remember a candidate calling the election a fraud and taking aggressive steps to abort it before the final results came in. What happened with W and Florida was horrid enough. But Trump has taken this political outrage to a new level of insanity, as he has done with so many other aspects of being president. If forced to choose, as we Americans are in this poor excuse of an election, between a smiling thug and a foaming monster, I’ll hold my nose, take the former, and continue working to change the system in radical, fundamental ways. I’m not at all certain that America or the world could have survived a second term of an emboldened, totally unaccountable, and thus even more viciously rabid Trump. We might not survive with Biden, either, but at least there seems, at first blush, to be a bit of breathing room to continue fighting.

  23. My friends ask me, “Have you been following the US election John?”
    “Not really I say. Life’s too short to waste time watching blowhards huff n puff”
    The real ‘show’ is Mother Nature rebalancing the planet.
    It’s gonna hurt like HELL.

  24. well you stuck yer neck out: the dems won. now they got the house and the House.
    so what they failed to gain in the Stupid, i ean senate. so they can’t get rid of it after all. nor the Electoral University.: this was payback is=n soe private war of the dumbercraps. reversing the demise of Hellery as she would do to others.
    at least the damn tweets ‘ll stop.
    and Biden might i say might decide to leave a happy meme or two before he croaks.
    he’s got a secret HC plan. i think it saves money by making everyone older than him die off. there are two other women out there who talk like you do. i mean pretty damn smarty pants yo ask me. one is Kim Iversen. the other is Whitney Webb. you 3 oughta takeover the planet…sign up with AOC the Angel of congress.
    i quit calling these avenging angels Joan of Arc when i found out what they did to her.
    sheeesh….so keep it up. Biden only needs nevada called and he’s up by 7% to get the crazy 270…AND the actual human vote! that is almost a first right there.

  25. Read today that Trump is 1st President not to start a new war in his term.

    Also that Biden claimed winning and has set his ”transition team” to work

    Lastly why would anyone vote for the Democratic Party supporting
    Antifa and black lives matter?

    1. Musings for another day.

    2. hey Mush! whassup? Biden has not claimed as of one hour ago. he’s waitng for Nevada, said so out loud. needs that 6 to make prez.
      and Antifa, meand Anti-fascist. does this mean you are both neo-nazi fascista AND racist? guess those two go together.
      if you believe that black lives do not matter….

      1. I find that people who throw around the word racist so easily are actually some of the most prejudiced and closed minded people. And yes, people of all races and colors can be prejudiced. Ignorance has no racial boundaries.

        1. the problem is when the cops are racist. and classist. they get away with murder. the right wing used to pretend to oppose jackbooted government thugs, now they are cheering them. democrats just pretend to sometimes oppose them.

          1. Racist cops, like racist anybody, share an undeserved sense of victimhood. They constantly act as if they were some sort of minority that needed to be rescued from a cruel tyrant. That’s how they avoid facing the reality that they caused all of their own problems.

            1. That sort of talk will get you no where today. It is never my fault but yours. You do not understand because you are a racist. 🙂

              1. What the hell are you talking about?

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