“President-elect Joe Biden is expected to take a historic step and select a woman to head the Pentagon for the first time, shattering one of the few remaining barriers to women in the department and the presidential Cabinet,” reads a new report from the AP. “Michele Flournoy, a politically moderate Pentagon veteran, is regarded by U.S. officials and political insiders as a top choice for the position.”

“Seen as a steady hand who favors strong military cooperation abroad, Flournoy, 59, has served multiple times in the Pentagon, starting in the 1990s and most recently as the undersecretary of defense for policy from 2009 to 2012,” says the AP. “She serves on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor, which could raise concerns from some lawmakers. But her moderate views would likely ensure wide bipartisan support in a position that requires Senate confirmation.”

This word “moderate” which the AP news agency keeps bleating is of course complete nonsense. Standing in the middle ground between two corporatist warmongering parties does not make you a moderate, it makes you a corporatist warmonger. Flournoy is no more “moderate” than the “moderate rebels” in Syria which mass media outlets like AP praised for years until it became undeniable that they were largely Al Qaeda affiliates; the only reason such a position can be portrayed as mainstream and moderate is because vast fortunes have been poured into making it that way.

As we discussed recently, Flournoy is a bloodthirsty imperialist and war profiteer who peace activists Medea Benjamin and Nicolas JS Davies accurately labeled an “angel of death” for the American empire. As leader of the laughably titled Department of “Defense” she can be expected to oversee the same agendas of unipolar global domination at the expense of rivers of blood as her predecessors, in more or less exactly the same ways.

There is nothing special or noteworthy about a murderous ghoul rising to the top of a war machine that can only be run by murderous ghouls. But because Michele Flournoy is a woman, we will see her appointment as “Defense” Secretary applauded and upheld as a major landmark for women by a political/media class which has never cared about women beyond their ability to turn the gears of the machine.

And of course establishment narrative managers are already greasing the wheels for that applause.

“White progressives training their fire on women and women of color who are under consideration to lead the nat sec departments makes me deeply uncomfortable about their allyship for those communities,” tweeted MSNBC contributor Mieke Eoyang. “Especially when the nat sec community is dominated by white men.”

It’s only going to get dumber from here, folks.

Let’s clear this up before the girl power parade starts: the first woman to head the US war machine will not be a groundbreaking pioneer of feminist achievement. She will be a mass murderer who wears Spanx. Her appointment will not be an advancement for women, it will be imperialism in pumps.

Modern mainstream feminism has abandoned women’s interests so thoroughly and completely in almost all spheres of importance that it has largely become only superficially distinct from the patriarchy it purports to oppose. The plight of mothers, elderly women, young girls, caregivers and wives have been almost entirely shuffled out of popular discourse, with focus instead shifted onto discussions about whether women are being adequately rewarded for their service to the God of Capitalism, or how they’re just as qualified as men to murder thousands of people at a time.

Instead of fighting to correct the societal imbalances which have resulted from millennia of male domination of society, mainstream feminism now promotes and applauds the very worst aspects of those imbalances. Instead of fighting to help women out of the impossible situation where they’re expected to simultaneously be successful capitalists and good mothers in an economic system where families can’t survive on a single income and children and the elderly are being neglected, we’re getting headlines about murderous warmongers “breaking barriers” and think pieces about how women should be allowed to inherit dukedoms.


In a system where dominant cultural narratives are always being deliberately twisted toward the advantage of the powerful, healthy collective impulses consistently wind up being diverted and corrupted until they find themselves unwittingly serving the very forces they set out to push back against. Movements toward racial equality have been twisted into support for the Democratic Party whose austerity policies and legal authoritarianism disproportionately hurt racial minorities worse than anyone else. Movements to elect a Democratic Socialist get funneled into support for the idiotic Russia conspiracies of the #Resistance. Movements to fight patriarchy wind up amplifying the most unhealthy aspects of patriarchy.

A true feminism would work toward a reversal of all the unhealthy aspects of society which were put there by social engineers without any input from women.

All around the world for thousands of years, wherever a civilization sprang up, the larger, stronger gender was naturally in a position to assert dominance over the way that civilization was run. Leadership systems were invented by men, social hierarchies were invented by men, marriage was invented by men, family structural norms were designed by men, money was invented by men, war was invented by men, and men invented religions which just so happened to have patriarchal gods who all agreed that the way men had set things up was indeed right and just.

Women were essentially property throughout most of this, and thus had very little input into how any of it was set up. Generation after generation after generation of women were born into this male-engineered society, over thousands and thousands of years, into a system so deeply and extensively normalized that it’s almost impossible to imagine what our society might look like had it not been dominated entirely by men throughout its history.

And then, very, very recently in the grand scheme of things, a healthy impulse emerged among women to cease being second-class citizens, and to instead stand as equals with their brothers.

In response, after much whining and foot-dragging, the men who ran things said in effect, “Right. Okay. You want equality? Fine. The jobs we invented are over there, the capitol building for the government we invented is over there, the bank for the economic system we invented is across the street, the Department of War is two blocks that way, and the Church of the Patriarchal God is around the corner. Welcome to equality!”

And some rich guys standing by watching leaned in and whispered to each other, “Sweet, double the workforce! We can halve their wages!”

We should not be cheering for women rising to the top of a psychopathic war machine. We should be dismantling that war machine and rolling back all the conditions which led to it. True feminism, which is interested in guiding the world toward balance and heath in a way that benefits women and their children, would make this a priority.

Push against the celebrations of women being elevated to positions which go directly against the interests of women. Do not let mass murder and psychopathy become the landmark for success in the kind of world we are creating for our daughters. Oppose this madness and push for the kind of world we all know deep down we ought to have.


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61 responses to “This Isn’t Feminism, It’s Imperialism In Pumps”

  1. “Instead of fighting to correct the societal imbalances which have resulted from millennia of male domination of society, mainstream feminism now promotes and applauds the very worst aspects of those imbalances.”
    I agree with Caitlin. Slightly off the point, though related: it is the desire for power that brings humans into conflict, and is leading us to yet another world war – this time nuclear.

  2. Does anybody with more than a few operating brain cells believe that things will change for the better just because there is a female running the Pentgram?
    Get real.
    Just like Cankles masquerading as Sect. of State, or Madeline -500,000 dead children is worth it- Albright, simply proves that women are no different than men when it comes to outright viciousness, probably even worse.
    As other posters here have noted the inclusion of women into sensitive positions has not improved America AT ALL. Especially in the foreign affairs department. They are just as war mongering and dangerous to humanity as their male counterparts.
    By the way, a few facts: Saddam Hussein was NOT killed by navy SEALS. The truth is he died in December of 2001 of a long and serious illness which included diabetes. The SEAL team that was involved in that charade were all later, murdered to cover the deception. The entire affair was a dog and pony show for gullible, stupid and dumbed down, brainwashed Americans. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was correct..

    America needs to get out of the war business but until the marriage between multi national corporations and the Pentagram remains nothing will change. As long as Israhell continues to run Washington’s foreign policies, especially in the Middle East, nothing will change.
    As long as tech companies like Gargoogle, Twitter, Facebook continue to be nothing more than propaganda outlets, censoring and destroying freedom of speech, nothing will change.
    Have you ever noticed Jack Dorsey looks like a drugged out street urchin whose been living under the Santa Monica freeway for a couple years? Even has pin hole eyes.(drugs?)
    As long as the military industrial complex continues to exist and grow, nothing will change…..
    That is until it all implodes on itself.

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    have you seen women fight, it looks nothing like the Matrix.
    they are going to lead our forces…what a joke
    this is how USA gets its butt kicked

  5. What a great article and brilliant comments, Ms Johnstone. I, personally became sceptical of female government appointments when Hilary Clinton was appointed Sec of State: she laughed when Saddam Hussein was killed. I just found it really awful to see her relish a man’s death. Gina Haskell, Susan Rice, Clinton, now Michele Floury, they’re women become equal to war mongering men–I hardly see that as an accomplishment. Women as nurturers aren’t praised, but not nurturing children is criticized, and this strange situation of the state providing institutional care for children, or debates about it, with no recognition that women are penalized if they want to raise their own. If they want to be nurturers. And, in a weird way, it’s a privilege of the elite to raise their children while working class women must separate from theirs; their value is in what they contribute to the economy, not in how they nurture the young .

  6. Even if the pretender to the throne is successful in the bid of his handlers to usurp the will of the people there will be ramifications. Dissolution is a distinct possibility though it may draw on out over time. A fourth generation civil war, so to speak. The foreign interference narrative became laughable this year as the Act Blue organization became the recipient of overseas cash and is protected from transparency by a legal framework erected to do just that. Those that wanted to take the US down a few notches from at home and abroad did not deny themselves the opportunity. But in spite of being so flush and owning a hundred percent of the media and social networks they were still unable to create that Blue Wave. No matter how elegantly coiffed and manicured you may be, if you are not clean you smell funny. The small successes of deviousness, like denying the wimpy Sanders his just due, only created an unfounded illusion of omniscience. That self deceit continues into the ongoing plot against the throne. Rather than adapt to changing circumstances the plan is to overwhelm with more of the same because of a tunnel like vision and adherence to global fealty. The color of this color revolution is rainbow. It would nearly have been worth its total success to see the righteous as they turn on each other to fight for the scraps of the pie as the puppeteers laugh from on high.

  7. Bernadette Ferrer Avatar
    Bernadette Ferrer

    I apologize for my ignorance in advance. Could someone please explain ‘ Movements toward racial equality have been twisted into support for the Democratic Party whose austerity policies and legal authoritarianism disproportionately hurt racial minorities worse than anyone else’?

    I am an Asian American living in the Democratic city of San Francisco. Throughout my personal and professional journey, I have suffered in silence from the psychological terror, manipulations, and betrayals by these Democrat Church parishioners & Synagogue members navigating throughout SF Bay Area.

    As I cannot change ‘their’ nature, Could someone please clarify my perceived missing puzzle of what are these ‘austerity policies and legal authoritarianism’?

    PS: Caitlin, Thank you so much for all that you do and will continue to do. Bring on 2021!

  8. It’s all about accountability. We have to hold our leaders accountable, whether they are men or women, hold them to the same standard. So far, she seems to be on the other side of the fence from my preferences.

  9. Love your work Caitlin but you are wrong about this; “money was invented by men, ” money is older than patriarchal civilization, don’t confuse usury with money. We have institutionalized usury using debt for money, completely bonkers but allowing the wealthiest to rule is “civilization” apparently. Money originated in native cultures as a payment for a debt. They believed they owed their lives to the Great Mother and needed a way to symbolically pay for the things they took. I work with a surveyor of native ancestry who pays the Earth Mother on the site before he goes to work cutting brush and branches to so he can take his shots. The Great Mother is an archetype for money, the shadow side is usury. The Kogi follow the river down out of the mountains of Colombia to the ocean each year to pay the Great Mother for her many gifts of the year. Money is sacred and is based on love, usury is based on fear, fear of there not being enough to go around.

  10. All of us are composed of masculine and feminine aspects, which can be healthy or unhealthy, or even sick and depraved.
    Obvious what is what, isn’t it?
    What do you want sick and depraved to look like?
    Do you care?

  11. It is grim to see the coven of neocon ghouls being assembled by Biden. I expect Biden will quickly go on to reestablish business as usual for the murderous Washington Regime after four years of relative restraint due to President Trump.
    I think patriarchy was an inevitable consequence of the development of agriculture and civilisation (citification). In the shift from mobile hunter/gathering tribal groups to stationary agricultural communities and ultimately cities, the roles of the sexes and the distribution of power shifted in favor of males. The only way this can be undone (seems to me) is by advances in social consciousness; and I guess we have seen some of that in recent centuries. But women being as able sociopaths and warmongers as men is not an advance for anyone, least of all for women.

    1. “It is grim to see the coven of neocon ghouls being assembled by Biden.”
      I agree that biden is assembling a coven of neocon ghouls. The implication that the current president is not a neocon ghoul is laughable.
      “. . . after four years of relative restraint due to President Trump.
      Nonsense. He’s just been fighting a different front for the global, robber baron crime syndicate.

      1. Nope… wrong. Trump is almost universally hated by the Western Neoliberal Globalist Establishment. He is not on their team. That much ought to be obvious but for some reason many cannot see it.
        Trump has been the least murderous US President in decades. That too many cannot or will not see.

  12. Michele Flournoy is obviously other puppet of the Deep State because you don’t get such high appointments except when you do the Deep State’s bidding. I want to learn more about the names and activities of elite reclusive globalists who really control the USA and the Deep State?

  13. The “river of blood” reference is quite appropriate here as it recalls the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet story. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekhmet
    (She’s baaack?).

  14. Biden is not president-elect!

    1. Thank you for stating the obvious. All this conjecture only serves to diminish the truth, which is that it was a fraudulent election.


  15. Interestingly the latest issue of Forbes Magazine features their list of mega-successful, mega-wealthy women. Coincidence?

  16. “imperialism in pumps”. Says it all.

  17. Wow, are the perpetual war Democrats about to get outflanked on the left? By Trump!
    They better start demanding an end to these wars, before Trump starts bringing the troops home. They will completely lose whatever they have left of the anti war vote if they don’t. This could, possibly, some damage. Not that they don’t deserve it.
    Who knows what’s really going on with this. Probably more, crime syndicate, Machiavellian garbage to create more division and chaos. And, in the end, more death, destruction and control over the planet.

    New Defense Chief Puts DoD On Notice: “All Wars Must End”
    Published: November 15, 2020
    Share | Print This

    Source: ZeroHedge
    Trump’s new Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller sent a late Friday memo to the entire Department of Defense workforce signaling what the administration will be up to in Trump’s last weeks in office — a likely major US troop reduction, especially from the Middle East.
    “We are not a people of perpetual war – it is the antithesis of everything for which we stand and for which our ancestors fought,” Miller said in the memo, and emphasized that “All wars must end.”

  18. Some of the wisest teachers that I encountered in life stated ” the women ” are the center of any human society. If the females go downhill they take the whole society downhill with them. United States females no longer value morals or ethics; families are an unwanted burden. Our society is doomed; we are swirling faster down the toilet every day. There are no brakes to slow any of it down or to stop it!!

  19. Keep on Caitlin, ripping off the smiley face masks they hide their ugliness behind!

  20. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “…Flournoy is a bloodthirsty imperialist and war profiteer…”
    When sorting out resumes, being a bloodthirsty imperialist and war profiteer is an absolute necessary for one to be considered for a big chair in The Exceptional Nation. Traits that are considered deviant pathologies in normal human beings are top leadership qualities in certain depraved circles. The cream rises to the top? More like, what the dog leaves behind rises to the top.
    “…because Michele Flournoy is a woman, we will see her appointment as ‘Defense’ Secretary applauded and upheld as a major landmark for women by a political/media class which has never cared about women beyond their ability to turn the gears of the machine.”
    First of all, she needs to change the name of the department. It is not “Defense” but The Offensive Department. And in more ways than one.
    “She will be a mass murderer who wears Spanx.”
    Death with a wink and a smile. Imperialism with a Happy Face. Mommy swinging her death machine around as if she were a man swinging around his…
    Good leaders can be men or women. Horrible leaders can be men or women. In this age of Woked-Up Faux Political Correctness, the field must be leveled to provide women the chance to be as royally effed up as men sitting behind those big desks. Equal opportunity Failure-ism.
    “True feminism… is interested in guiding the world toward balance and heath in a way…”
    And that’s why we won’t get true feminism. We are in the midst of a grand teardown project. The norms of a healthy society are being torn down. But in this twisted neighborhood project, the good norms and healthy society are good buildings now being torn down and replaced by the worst kind of ghetto squalor. Nice job, boys AND girls.

    1. Well said. The most important factor in guiding this country is not one’s sex, choice of mating partners, race, ethnicity or religion. It is bringing PEACE and prosperity to this world ravaged for decades by wars of choice perpetrated by the American government–wars counter to the wishes of the American people, I might add. That is why I supported Tulsi Gabbard, who just happens to be a woman, for the presidency. You saw how advantageous her gender was to her in that endeavor. Nothing overcomes the bloodlust for war amongst the actual subterranean American leadership and their fixers in elected office and the media.

  21. Of course they wanted women in the workforce … doubles the tax base. And the State gets to raise the children.
    Children are the ones who pay the price.

    1. I agree. See my comment below…

  22. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > As leader of the laughably titled Department of “Defense” she can be expected to oversee the same agendas of unipolar global domination at the expense of rivers of blood as her predecessors, in more or less exactly the same ways.
    Yes, when some veils fall from our eyes it’s quite a shock sometimes. For example, the Department of Defense can reveal itself as something else. However, since Department of “Aggression” is too explicit, a technically accurate description would be Department of “Full-Spectrum Dominance”, as they themselves have said. That is, the opposite of democracy, also known as fascism.
    That could change with a civilized Secretary of Defense such as Tulsi Gabbard, Daniel Everette Hale, or Daniel Ellsberg.
    To be fair, most countries have now a purely defensive military doctrine and, at least in recent history, that’s why they never attack other countries.
    For example even, in fact currently peaceful nations, but designed/imaginary enemies needed to keep the military–industrial complex going:
    “Iran’s strategy is primarily a defensive one, in which deterrence is of central importance . . .
    “Iran’s military doctrine and CONOPs are designed first and foremost to deter aggression against it and, secondly, to enhance its regional standing and strategic weight. In the same interview quoted above, Najjar noted that
    “‘The defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on deterrence. We have always announced that our policies are defensive. We in fact believe that the development of these capabilities will contribute to peace and stability in the region.’”
    Asymmetric Ambition and Conventional Reality: Iran’s Evolving Defense Strategy, Doctrine, and Capabilities — RAND Corporation
    “The Defensive Nature of the Strategy
    “For more than sixty years, China’s military strategy has undergone several updates and reorientations. However, there is one thing that has remained constant: its defensive nature. Some basic principles in the strategy can speak for it, namely: defense, self-defense and post-emptive strike.
    “By ‘defense’ China means it will not wage aggressive wars against other countries. It will not provoke a strategic military offense.”
    China’s Military Strategy: Defensive or Offensive? — Yunzhu Yao
    “Russia’s 2010 military doctrine defines itself as strictly defensive.”
    Military doctrine of Russia — Wikipedia
    United States
    “Most modern US doctrine is based around the concept of full spectrum operations, which combine offensive, defensive, and stability or civil support operations simultaneously as part of an interdependent joint or combined force to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative.”
    Military doctrine — Wikipedia
    “I have said earlier that the United States is now totally frank about putting its cards on the table. That is the case. Its official declared policy is now defined as ‘full spectrum dominance’. That is not my term, it is theirs.”
    — Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize acceptance speech
    Full-spectrum dominance — Wikipedia
    “It’s Time To Bring Our Troops Home . . .
    “These are men and women of all ages who are willing to put their lives on the line for our country. Incredible, incredible people who are putting service above self. They are why it’s so important, they are why it’s critical that we honor their service, that we honor their great sacrifice by making sure that they are only sent on missions that serve the interest of the American people, that keep us safe. That we end these regime change wars that have proven so costly in so many ways. . . .
    “I will continue to do all that I can, I will continue to do everything I possibly can to bring them home as safely and quickly as possible, and to bring about this change in our foreign policy so that our troops are not continously being sent off to fight in these regime change wars, that the missions that they are sent on are truly worthy of the great sacrifices that they and their families are making.”
    — US Army Major Tulsi Gabbard
    It’s Time To Bring Our Troops Home #MemorialDay — Tulsi Gabbard

  23. It is a frightening thing to consider, but the ultimate success of democracy in the United States largely hinges on the integrity of just three voting machine companies, which conduct their affairs with almost no government oversight and regulation. Unless that changes, the greatest democracy will start looking like a banana republic in the eyes of the world.
    This fine article can be read here:
    When Does a “Glitch” Become a Coup? It Is Time to Regulate Americas Fly-by-Night Voting Machine Monopoly by Robert Bridge!

  24. There isn’t really any widely accepted definition of ‘feminism’. It means entirely different things to different ‘feminists’. People should try working towards a less exploitative and less abusive society, and economy, for all, including women, instead.

    What is happening now is exactly as some of us predicted would happen, all along, if ‘feminists’ didn’t adequately define their terms, within a sensible, political and economic (and sexual and psychological), ideological context. But, men who said this were simply written off as ‘male chauvinist pigs’, for daring to disagree with anything that any woman said about anything. In the peace movement, in Britain, some ‘wimmin’ said; ‘all wimmin are inherently peaceful, all men are inherently violent, therefore men have no right to be in the peace movement, except to passively support the wimmin leaders’. Some of them kept saying this, even after Margaret Thatcher became PM and launched a ‘war to save her face’ against Argentina in the Malvinas. I remember listening to a BBC radio interview with a Greenham Common ‘Wimmin’s Peace Camp woman, who was in an English prison (long after Greenham was closed as a US military base). When she was asked about men in prison, she said; ‘there are no men peace activists, because men are inherently violent, so there are no men peace prisoners’. I knew that, at that very time, two men, who were in the same Trident Ploughshares affinity group as me, were both in a men’s prison in Glasgow for taking part in Trident Ploughshares NVDA activities

    Although Christianity may have been invented by men, and the first Roman emperor to legally accept it was Constantine (whose mother had already converted to Christianity) and, later, Christianity was made compulsory in the Roman empire by the emperor, Theodosius and bishop, Ambrose, who were men, it mostly aimed to appeal to women in the Roman empire. Funds were raised by the Christianity being deliberately aimed at wealthy war widows, so that they would leave all of their land and money to the church in their wills. That is how the medieval church became wealthy land-owners. Men may have started Christianity, but it has mainly been supported by women.

  25. The comments here are uninformed and tedious – pass !

    1. I haven’t read ’em yet, and maybe you’re right. But if so, why not yourself make a comment that’s informed and interesting? Easy to be critical and pass, harder to say something constructive and helpful.

      1. Now, after reading all of the comments below this one, let me say without hesitation that they are among the best I have so far seen on this blog. Very encouraging to say the least, and thanks to all who put in their valuable two cents.

    2. Hillary is that you?

  26. What an achievement–women have the same capacity for evil as men! We should all be so proud!

  27. Real women support peace. Why is this so hard?

  28. “Pantsuit Plutocracy” is what I call it.

  29. Ever since we concluded that rape was not an acceptable means of procreation, women have held the club. Women have a vagina, and there are few things men won’t do for access to it. Women have perfectly demonstrated their moral ethical values differ little from those of men. Every evil that men demonstrated in their long domination is precisely mirrored in women who have achieved such position. The issue is not gender. It’s that any position of authority is the perfect environment for psychopaths of one sort or another, and so such positions are eventually saturated with them. Female psychopaths are just as insane as male psychopaths. The fact that there is such a position as she’s to be appointed to insures that a psychopath will likely occupy it. While anecdotal, In my personal experience it appears that women are even more materially acquisitive then men are. How much of what men acquire is to fill their non sexual desires, and how much of it is for the purpose of securing vagina access? It certainly appears there are a great number of women who have weaponized their vagina for exactly that purpose. To get more and better stuff.

    1. This is a sick view of history and human nature. Also one with a lot of truth.

    2. Elizabeth the First and Katherine the Great proved your point many generations ago. Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, and Indira Gandhi did again in modern times. Hillary Clinton was mightily pissed because she didn’t get her chance to become the most recent incarnation of the goddess Shiva on earth. The bloody reign of Kamala the Magnificent has surely been planned in great detail by the minions of the DNC who arranged Trump the Accidental’s removal from power in a risible performance by a disposable sock puppet named Biden the Witless.
      Even if not the historical cause of massive carnage in wars of their own creation, female heads of state like Theresa May, Angela Merkel and the Sisterhood responsible for the disaster that is now Sweden have proven to be quite the equals of men in leading formerly thriving and harmonious societies down the path to dissension, rising crime and economic erosion.
      Turning societal control over to the “fair” sex has not magically made life fairer for all the people. As per usual, it’s just improved the lot of some already in George Carlin’s infamous “Big Club.” It’s just shuffled a bit of money around amongst the top 0.001%. Most women, like most men, have hardly felt the slightest droplet of trickle down. Only the rich are in a position to accumulate government “free stuff,” the rest have to spend whatever little of it they may receive just to survive.
      Just how does it help anyone feed, clothe and educate their planned or fortuitous offspring to know that the country’s top war monger, ever pushing for conflict with the world’s other great powers as per job description, pisses sitting down rather than standing up? What’s the upside to justify making genital anatomy the deciding factor as to who fills the office? Seems like the incoming administration intends to be the most sexist and racist in history. Moreover, once this “ceiling” has been breached, when do we start hearing the clamor for an oppressed “trans” rather than a “cis” woman, intersex or male individual to fill the various public offices? The demand for power along with everything material based on one’s group identity is quite past the point of the absurd but unfortunately only growing!

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Hear, hear. Thanks for mentioning Kamala Harris as just another power in support of capitalism faker. I live in SF, where she was Prosecutor. She wanted to lock up parents whose kids skipped school, she refused to prosecute Steven Mnuchin for his financial crimes (and now he is Secretary of the Treasusry), and she supported the vile “three strikes” law which allowed the state to send someone with a past history of criminal behavior to be locked up for life, even after they had served their time and reformed their lives, if they so much as had a cracked headlight. A friend of mine lived in terror of this outcome until he was pardoned by Jerry Brown.

        1. It’s spelt “Kabala” … maybe you need to update your spell checker?

      2. Well said. I would dread a USA led by Kamala Harris, who didn’t even survive the first cut in the Primaries. Her record is appalling.
        There’s no evidence that women make better, less corrupt leaders than men, not in recent history and not in ancient history. There have been some good ones viewed in retrospect, such as Elizabeth 1, but her reign became more bloodthirsty and vicious as it progressed, a fact she mused upon in her dotage.
        In current times, the females who have the economic power in the EU are incompetent and corrupt. How they survive in their jobs when they have caused such economic havoc perplexes me.
        A woman running the Pentagon is tokenism, and surprising in view of the conflict of interest she has serving on the board of one of the Pentagon’s suppliers of death-dealing equipment.
        It’s so clear to see who is running this scam.
        Anyway, it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and I predict the theft of this election will not succeed. Trump won in a landslide.

        1. The antiwar stance of some diehard Trump supporters should be damn encouraging to those of us who can’t stand him. To quote him in a far more appropriate context than Charlottesville, it seems like “there’s very fine people on both sides.” Is there just the faintest glimmer of hope here, against all odds, that its people can make America great–not again but for the first time–despite the outgoing and incoming presidents? Might out-of-control Covid trigger not only a second Great Depression but also a second American Revolution? And no, I will NOT tell you what I’m smoking.

  30. When James Lovelock suggested his hypothesis of the Earth as a living, self regulating organism, he named it after Gaia, the ancient goddess of the Earth.
    MOTHER Earth.
    The horrific irony of women (perceived by most folks as the more nurturing of the genders) being accomplices to the attempted destruction and ongoing exploitation of Gaia and its inhabitants, should not be ignored.
    Nothing, absolutely nothing, that the male of our species does should surprise us.

  31. Highly valid observations, Caitlin. Thank you!.

    …. similarly relevant of course for the (potential?!) new black VP: Kamala Harris – simply warmongering under another guise!!

    In fact I believe there are now (or were until recently) 3 female ‘Defence (War?!) Ministers’ in the Western world, to help support the normalisation and public acceptance of war and our psychological conditioning to women actively participating in the creation of conflict for money!

    What you highlighted and what most people seem unaware of, is that women are being asked (coerced?!) to be equal in a world created by men for men.

    By that I mean, a world designed for millennia to accommodate mens’ natural behavioural preferences (left-brained) in the way society works and of course, their subsequent testosterone fuelled actions.

    As a result, it’s a bit like asking women to swim upstream with one hand tied behind their backs in order to be equal in a man’s world, as womens’ innate behavioural preferences go completely counter to those of men.

    (Arguably the original divine design plan, for two aspects to complement one another: male/female!)

    This of course, is supporting the global agenda to create the acceptance of ‘one gender’, where we all act the same, (women now behaving and acting like men considered as wholly acceptable, laudable and of course ‘equal’), then we open the floodgates to the increasingly publicised transexual agenda, where we are neither one nor the other gender. We become all the same!

    And… with women becoming increasingly less fertile and the science available to take a human embryo and raise it to full term (9m) in a laboratory without ‘requiring’ the mother, this is projected to be the new normal in another 30 or so years. Now we no longer need women for their unique human reproductive qualities!

    The result? … we are gradually suppressing and eliminating all the natural qualities represented in the female of the species ie; compassion, creativity, free thinking, collaboration, intuition and from that, our direct connection to the Divine as self-determining beings, should we so choose, in favour of a one gender, masculine-oriented creation, from which the step into transhumanism becomes so much easier…

    … as once humans accept and consider themselves as one gender, we lose and forego all that makes us uniquely and biologically human, the balance between the natural male/female traits, including our heart-led, compassionate and collaborative female associated traits, which also includes our more right-brained, free thinking, genius and individualistic capacities.

    How much easier then to surrender the next step to becoming technologically augmented and connected to Hive Mind as a collective!

    1. Sounds completely reasonable but our own destructive tendencies will not allow it reach fruition. Either that or Jesud will return to us as the bible says and put an end to such madness.

    2. I’m inclined to agree with many of your observations, Caroline, but won’t we be deemed cis-gendered people who hate trans people? Surely neither of us are blanket haters of any group, but failure to fully affirm what others do is now tantamount, in many woke minds, to personal animosity. How to move past this, IMHO, is a pressing issue, so that once again (or maybe for the first time) we can actually talk to one another, learn from each other, move forward together.

      1. Hi Newton…. my observations were purely that. Not judgements. Just observing the ‘curated trends’ that have been demarked for us and we are being actively ‘encouraged’ to adopt to benefit the agenda. Everyone has the free will to do as they choose as that should be. Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

  32. The main problem with feminism, radical or otherwise, is that as a bourgeois ideology it can’t address the material needs of working women and therefore the woman question in its full scope. This isn’t just a ‘mainstream’ feminism problem. Feminism sees main dividing line in society as a sex one. The woman question consequently is seen by feminism as a problem that can be solved within the framework of capitalism. It’s not a coincidence that feminism can’t get around the fact that women’s oppression arose with the advent of class society, around the time of the neolithic revolution, when women became property and currency. In the epoch of primitive communism prior to then, men and women socially were far more equal despite material and technical backwardness, yet feminism, ‘radical’ or otherwise will have it that men have always been oppressing women.
    Around the time of Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch (1970), another expression more often used regarding the woman question was ‘women’s liberation’, and there was such a thing called the women’s liberation movement. This is where the starting point for addressing the woman question should be, but it also indicates the extent of the rightward political trajectory since then that ‘women’s liberation’ is rarely mentioned in feminist political discourse. Rather it’s sexism and other manifestations of personal-level discrimination against lifestyle choices — ‘the personal is political’ was a frequent rallying cry of bourgeois feminists; and the ‘male gaze’ and pornography also came to be portrayed as the great ‘threats’ to women. During the late 70s-early 80s an unholy anti-sex alliance between feminists and the most reactionary elements arose on the issue of pornography (eg, Catherine McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin). Aside from advocating equal access and opportunities, ‘radical’ and ‘socialist’ feminists on the other hand went not much further than advocating wages for housework.
    Feminism’s roots in the Enlightenment and the French Revolution haven’t extended much further today. As in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), women’s equality still boils down to married partners treating each other properly, plus having the same access to resources and opportunities as men in bourgeois society. For working-class women, this meant equalising their oppression with working-class men.
    The first and most serious effort to conceive of women’s complete liberation was by the utopian socialist Charles Fourier who recognised that liberty is meaningless and can never occur for anyone living in poverty. Fourier advocated reconstructing society completely to replace the nuclear family, to eliminate the division of labour between men and women. He regarded heterosexual monogamy as an extension of bourgeois property in the sexual sphere, and viewed the patriarchal family as inherently sexually repressive. He advocated the raising of children collectively without particular relation to their biological parents as part of his utopian plalanxes, and was for total sexual freedom. Fourier’s conception of women’s liberation remains just as relevant today as it was in the early 1800s, and Marx and Engels took much from him.
    While a program for the true liberation of women can never be limited to what today’s feminists deem fit, capitalism itself simply can never provide the material basis and prerequisites for the liberation of women: socialised housework, restaurants and laundries, free 24-hour childcare, free education, free healthcare (including free contraception and abortion), and meaningful work for all.
    The nuclear family, bourgeois society’s very own ‘prisonhouse of peoples’, is a key reproducer of stultifying bourgeois authority, ‘discipline’ and master-slave values in the domestic sphere; and it’s also the chief institution for the capitalist class to transmit its property to its heirs. It’s not for nothing then that the nuclear family is depicted in all bourgeois ideology and propaganda as the ‘foundation’ of society, of ‘civilisation’; nor that the nuclear family is very rarely or never mentioned by feminists. Yet the necessary condition for the liberation of women is the replacement of the nuclear family, and that won’t occur this side of a socialist revolution, something well beyond the pale for feminism, bourgeois/mainstream or ‘radical’.

    1. Once you remove love and morals from the world, women are lost. They are the weaker species. Men are called to love and nurture women and women are called to be helpmates. Without this women are simply objects of desire. As this dynamic was destroyed women had two choices, use their female physical and emotional assets to survive. When accepted as equal their only choice was to compete directly with men. This destroyed the family and society.

    2. Don’t agree with all you say, Stephen, but thank you for making a most insightful and informative comment. Couldn’t agree more about the urgent necessity of something like a socialist revolution, but I would describe it as an eco-socialist evolution. Hope you keep posting like this and building up the comment section of this extraordinary blog. Look forward to other opportunities to flesh out our differences and, more importantly, explore our common ground.

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  34. The comment that “”women have more to prove than men”” comes to mind, and usually they do there level best to live up to those expectations. Use Hillary Clinton a “highlight” example of this. So expect to see so much more from her in proving she can “”do a better job”” than the men. Rivers of blood will become torrents just to prove a point.


  35. The comment that “”women have more to prove than men”” comes to mind, and usually they do there level best to live up to those expectations. Use Hillary Clinton a “highlight” example of this. So expect to see so much more from her in proving she can “”do a better job”” than the men. Rivers of blood will become torrents just to prove a point.

    1. It would be fair to at least hat tipped those from whom you cop quotes …

      “Rivers of blood will become torrents just to prove a point.” Then again, may you are Kamnam too…

      Do you have a site that will pay me $30 hour just to breathe the noxious fumes? I’m not greedy at all, I’ll take $25.

      “Rivers of blood will become torrents just to prove a point.”

  36. I thank you for your well presented and balanced essay. In my view women being effectively granted the status of ‘honorary’ men is the exact opposite of what women or indeed the world needs. The cabal and its underling oligarchs clearly think otherwise.

  37. there was an observation made early 1970s about the push for female coppers “being clobbered by a female wielded truncheon is still being clobbered by the State.”

  38. Ms Johnstone women have risen to the top everywhere; including ” organized crime ” so why not be at the top killing more humans?? The money from war and drugs is keeping the United States of America afloat; a warmongering female will never hear a ” no ” from any politician of either party. If a woman screams bomb Iran; Iran will be bombed without any hesitation or thought. As with China, or Russia it will be full steam ahead! The women devoted to war will be ” untouchable ” to any and all dissent from their policies. The owners and the masters will be extremely pleased!

  39. The comment that “”women have more to prove than men”” comes to mind, and usually they do there level best to live up to those expectations. Use Hillary Clinton a “highlight” example of this. So expect to see so much more from her in proving she can “”do a better job”” than the men. Rivers of blood will become torrents just to prove a point.

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