The much-anticipated report on potential war crimes by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan has been released, recommending 19 current or former soldiers be investigated for up to 39 murders.

Not combat kills. Not accidental kills. Not non-combatants killed by disputable decisions made in the heat of battle. Not civilians killed due to recklessness or carelessness on the part of Australian forces. Murders. Of non-combatants who died for no other reason than happening to live in a region the US power alliance has seen geostrategic value in keeping militarily occupied for 19 years.

The information about atrocities perpetrated by Australian forces in Afghanistan has taken many years to emerge, was fought tooth and claw with attacks on whistleblowers and journalists, and surely only touches on a tiny fraction of the war crimes which have been perpetrated and covered up with the investigation finding that “the criminal behaviour of a few was commenced, committed, continued and concealed at the patrol commander level”.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, ADF Chief Angus Campbell describes a “self-centred warrior culture” in Australia’s Special Air Service which “was embraced and amplified by some experienced, charismatic and influential non-commissioned officers and their proteges, who sought to fuse military excellence with ego, elitism and entitlement,” leading to acts of horrific brutality.

“In this context it is alleged that some patrols took the law into their own hands: rules were broken, stories concocted, lies told and prisoners killed,” says Campbell.

“The Brereton report also found evidence that junior soldiers were required by their patrol commanders to shoot a prisoner to achieve their first kill, in a practice known as ‘blooding’,” SMH reports.

Troops “carried ‘throwdowns’ – foreign weapons and equipment such as pistols, small hand-held radios and grenades to be placed with the bodies of enemies killed in action for the purpose of taking photos,” reports SMH. “This practice eventually was used for the purpose of concealing deliberate unlawful killings.”

The Guardian’s Christopher Knaus writes the following:

One of the more disturbing alleged incidents canvassed in the documents released on Thursday comes from prior work by military sociologist Samantha Crompvoets, who had the job of examining special forces culture and began to hear disturbing allegations of war crimes.


One soldier told her: “Guys just had this blood lust. Psychos. Absolute psychos. And we bred them.”


She heard one allegation that two 14-year-old boys were stopped by SAS, who decided they might be Taliban sympathisers. Their throats were slit.


“The rest of the troop then had to ‘clean up the mess’ by finding others to help dispose of the bodies,” Crompvoets reported. “In the end, the bodies were bagged and thrown in a nearby river.”


Her work eventually triggered the Brereton report.

These are unforgivable atrocities which cry out to the heavens for vengeance. Nothing can undo them. Nothing can set them right. And any grown adult looking at the situation with clear eyes knows that nothing can be done to prevent them from continuing to happen going forward.

If you train teenagers to kill, deliberately warping their minds so as to normalize the entirely abnormal act of killing their fellow human beings, and then leave them to their own devices in an unfamiliar land full of unfamiliar people over whom they hold the power of life and death, these things will happen. They cannot but happen. They have happened many, many times in ways we will never know about, not just at the hands of Australian forces but of the entire occupying coalition.

This is on top of the massive pile of corpses the US power alliance has already heaped upon Afghanistan by the Trump administration’s record-shattering bombing campaigns and corresponding civilian casualties, and by the nearly two full eight-year presidential administrations previous to it.

Afghanistan is a military occupation which we know for a fact we were deceived about from the very beginning and deceived into allowing to continue, every step of the way. Knowing that we were deceived into it and knowing what its grave consequences are, there is no excuse for it to continue.

There is no legitimacy in babbling about “power vacuums” and what political system Afghanistan will have after brutalizing that nation in the way that we have. At this point such arguments are like a rapist saying he can’t stop raping a woman because some other rapist might come along and rape her if he stops. The most depraved and murderous force in the nation, which has already been killing far more civilians than the Taliban and ISIS, has no business concerning itself with what might happen after it leaves.

Get out of Afghanistan. Get the fuck out. Now. Not just Australia, but the entire murderous occupying coalition. It’s not your country and you’re making it worse. Get. The fuck. Out.

Do not concern yourself with what might happen when you leave. What will happen when you leave is that you will not be there murdering human beings. There are no “conditions” which need to be met first. You are the violent extremists in Afghanistan doing the killing and destroying. You are the terrorists. Leave.

There is no more destructive force on this earth than the tight alliance of nations loosely centralized around the United States which functions as a single empire on foreign policy. The only beneficial thing such a blood-soaked empire can do for the world is to cease its behavior and cease to exist. It is not the benevolent good guy staving off the bad guys, it is the bad guy, and its depravity must come to an end.

Let the world sort out its own affairs without the “help” of the psychopathic force which unleashes such horrors upon our species.


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67 responses to “Australian War Crimes Report Means Get The Fuck Out Of Afghanistan”

  1. Daniel
    Chapter 12

    1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

    2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

    4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

  2. I thought Australia was part of the British empire, and as everyone knows the U.S. which isn’t a part of the British empire, is completely under the control of the British empire, essentially America is nothing more than a nation of slaves serving her Majesty, so when subjects of the British empire talk about those filthy Americans killing people all over the world; why don’t they ever mention their complicity in murder and slavery?

    1. There are powerful interests in the world and one among them is the City of London. Clarified here:

  3. US bankrupted itself on Vietnam then worked with global capital to invent new non gold standard economy. US crime arm expanded exponentially using debt sterilized by export surplus nations, especially Saudia Arabia and later China. That game is over and the current chaos is the result. The wealth effect was a debt based illusion. Nobody but Fed buying US Treasuries now, but Global Capital who own all central banks mostly only interested in brokering debt not owning debt, especially low yielding\non-performing debt…Big boy poker game going on now between big capital holders: Big Daddy Global Capital, Most Favored Son USA, and China\Russia. The real game is always between capital holders and we, the people, are just along for the ride.

    1. I call them ” the new desperadoes “; they are the ones now new to criminal actions because the jobs are all gone and there is no food at home if they have a home. The U.S. is going to be swamped with them in 2021, and beyond, and there are not enough ” police ” anywhere to handle this coming crime wave.

  4. The act of killing innocents is what happens when you go to war. Notice the lack of reportage and outrage regarding the “collateral damage” of drone strikes and the rampant targeting errors. Thirty nine wanton deaths are a drop in the bucket to these. Profit and unaccountability are inextricably intertwined.

    Whether it is in a death camp or a mob of machete wielding slaughterers, to not go along with the flow is to be personally marked for extinction. In a military unit this is known as fragging and is a tool to remove the incompetent and weak links so that the majority may survive.

    Imminent death or grievous harm has a way of narrowing focus to those actions and behaviors which will in some way promote the continued existence of the individual organism or group. It works this way for everybody. That it will exhibit wantonly at times is a certainty. Assigning ultimate responsibility to the poor son of a bitch at the bottom is a device to allow the promoters, profiteers and mongers to escape accountability for creating the situation in which the inevitable then occurs.

  5. Ms Johnstone, every Monday and Friday I get to read the comments of Mr, James Howard Kunstler who always presents some zingers to remember. here are some from today’s article:
    The global banking system is ten-months pregnant with Rosemary’s Baby. The Covid-19 winter lockdowns will put a bullet in the brain of any remaining small businesses, and the giant zombie companies are next to fall. Rent, mortgage, and loan forbearances run out in December. If they are not renewed, many families stand to lose their homes; if they are extended, many creditors and landlords will be screwed, unable to meet their own obligations. Few in the media or in officialdom seem to comprehend that unpaid debts thunder through the system, and eventually undermine the whole system, especially the currencies that circulate like the system’s blood supply. Not only will there be no money for Progressive economic experiments, there will not be enough money to arrest the fast-sinking standard of living in America. Biden & Company, so triumphal in these days of dwindling daylight, are in for shock with 2021.
    Finally, a few words of encouragement to those of you almost terminally disgusted with the dishonesty and bad faith of the people who have been running things in our country: this is not a place like Russia in 1989. The Soviet overlords had a captive press, of course, but the Internet was barely a larval presence in world culture then. All the Russian people had to fight the immersive milieu of lies they lived in was the mimeograph machine and the verbal grapevine. We have much better resources for distributing information in America today, despite our tribulations with the corporate news media and their Silicon Valley cadres. We have a pretty sturdy alt-news network and many diligent entrepreneurial reporters who are able to get the news out. It will get out, and it pays to remember that truth has Godly powers of its own.
    This entire article can be read here:
    The Many Layers of Travail by James Howard Kunstler

  6. Here is a link to redacted version of the report by the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF):

    “The nature and extent of the misconduct allegedly committed by ADF members on operations in Afghanistan is very confronting. The Report discloses allegations of 39 unlawful killings by or involving ADF members. The Report also discloses separate allegations that ADF members cruelly treated persons under their control. None of these alleged crimes was committed during the heat of battle. The alleged victims were noncombatants or no longer combatants.”

    There’s been a lot of discussion about this report across many news and discussion websites over the past couple of days. Something that I have find very depressing is the sheer number of people willing to defend the killers.

    Perhaps the most common defence is basically adopted from Jack Nicholson’s courtroom speech in “A Few Good Men” – this is what they have to do to defend us and we should be grateful that they’re out there, doing what it takes. A frequent addition is to note that because we’re all safe at home, we can’t understand and we shouldn’t criticise.

    1. I think the main cause of the defense of military is the belief that afghanistan is full of bad people. A similar thing happened in vietnam. The belief that the populace, men, women and children are possible bomb carriers. Thus there are no innocents, only combatants and possible combatants.

  7. Graveyard of empires indeed.

  8. Biden was always personally arguing with the few attendees at his rallies. He was a crotchety old codger who loved to run his mouth, like the trash-talking Obama.

    1. Above comment was directed to Newton Finn and Bless the beasts below. No idea why the site entered my response up here rather than formatting it one letter at a time in the vertical as every added response gets squeezed rightward to infinity. That surely needs fixing.
      In any case, Biden was most certainly provocative and incendiary. And will continue to be. Just watch him.

      1. The mispositioning of comments, Realist, has also happened to me on more than one occasion. Don’t know whether I’m at fault or whether there’s some glitch in the program. Look, I’m no Biden fan and agree that he can be a crotchety old man in his interaction with audience members, and also agree that he hasn’t a clue about what America needs, could easily turn out to be another Obama-like disaster (if we let him). BUT, it’s simply not a rational position that Biden’s political rhetoric, at least so far, is even close to Trump’s in terms of being incendiary and provocative. You’re too intelligent and perceptive a person not to see this, wherever on the political spectrum your politics might lie. And it’s this sort of acknowledgement of obvious, objective facts (which, unfortunately, are fewer than we might like) which provides a beginning point for meaningful and fruitful political discussion.

  9. Best analysis of unjust wars ever written, thank you CJ

  10. I always admire your integrity when you call certain spades the psychotic shovels they truly are. No matter how young or old, abused, or privileged, people must be held responsible for their actions. They know in their hearts the difference between right and wrong. We all do.

  11. Murdering Human Beings is the main occupation of the Fascist Empire. Now that we have a masked war criminal who wants to lock up the whole country so they can get high and watch fear porn tv, things should be fine. I am sure if Uncle Sam leaves Afghanistan, he can find more people to murder. Shit, he will get Israel to help him kill the Persians.

  12. elsie says…….
    WAR – it’s a fight to see who’s gonna be The Boss
    WAR – it’s a fight to see who’s gonna be your Boss.

  13. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024

    Put the grunts in impossible situations. When things go wrong, court martial them.

  14. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The only beneficial thing such a blood-soaked empire can do for the world is to cease its behavior and cease to exist. It is not the benevolent good guy staving off the bad guys, it is the bad guy, and its depravity must come to an end.”
    One of the most successful – and tragic – and heinous – and evil – mythologies to emerge in “civilized” society is that there is (any) honor in being the Death Arm of the State. Take a dash of human deviancy (and deviants), add a good measure of self-deluded State entitlement conniving and misplaced feelings of self-grandeur, and you have a successful recipe for mass death wrapped up in a pretty bow of fictional justifications rooted in massive delusions to take precious lives from irreplaceable human beings.
    Why are they allowed to do these things? Why will they continue to do these things without interference? BECAUSE THEY CAN… and there is no one to stop them. Brutality pays and pays well all along the Death Food Chain. May the BIg K give all of you what you all richly deserve.

    1. Why did castles have high walls?
      Why were medieval towns surrounded by walls? Because bad men with armies attacked them. The best way to get an army to leave is force them out with your own armed force. When population density reached a certain point armies form. This is simply an outgrowth of tribes and gangs. Normal human social behavior because people will pay a high price to feel safe.

  15. Most Christians are complacent zombies who support their corrupt governments and their evil policies. They also support their “deceiving accomplishment” namely the universal church which God sent to mislead those who do not love the truth but condone injustice. This is what the Greek text in 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 says but most translators don’t get it. The church-state alliance is the convincing but counterfeit accomplishment which deceives most people. These ancient scriptures say this sorry situation will continue until our civilization implodes because 99% of people are not interested in discovering the truth and condemning wars and psychopath politicians. They condone injustice because that is easier than questioning and exposing the corrupt leaders they elected. Zombies will not survive the collapse of this civilization.

    1. As former american presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin wrote recently, you cannot explain the behavior of some politicians in charge except that you have to conclude they are under influence of evil spirits.

      Sadly, what we have seen so far this year seems to confirm that.

      We are truly living in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus; the decadence is everywhere.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  16. Every time the media ignores the evidence, or censors those seeking it, they only display further that there must be some fire behind all of this smoke.
    This great article can be read here:
    6 Factors Which Point to a Rigged Election

  17. Aha, Ms Johnstone; if one suffers absolutely no consequences for ones actions; there is absolutely no reason to curb anything that your heart, mind, lust, or depravity can conger up. The criminals in this world get to prey on other humans because those other humans are the ones ” obeying the rules and the law “! If the police and the courts step aside and allow ordinary people the chance to do whatever they want to to the evil criminals; the criminals will disappear very quickly.

  18. “These are unforgivable atrocities which cry out to the heavens for vengeance. Nothing can undo them. “Nothing can set them right. And any grown adult looking at the situation with clear eyes knows that nothing can be done to prevent them from continuing to happen going forward.”
    These are unforgivable acts. I’ve been screaming about ending these wars for fifteen years now. Nothing has changed for the better. It feels hopeless and it makes me miserable. I’ve just been screaming about one set of atrocities to the next. Never any resolutions. Just anger and misery.
    After reading the Greenpeace JRA yesterday, I think I found something that gives me some hope. Maybe try a different approach; less reactionary, more focused. I don’t agree with everything in it, but it’s time for me to stop thinking I’m right about everything. The JRA is the closest thing to a sane, comprehensive plan of action I’ve seen.
    Good luck with your vengeance.
    “Peace, Demilitarization, and Global Solidarity”
    ” We support the #PeopleOverPentagon Agenda, including reallocating the Pentagon budget to fund human needs and protections to ensure the U.S. never goes to war without congressional authorization or without identifying revenue to pay for current and future costs.[109]
    “We support the Friends Committee on National Legislation,[110] Win Without War,[111] and others working toward disarmament and nonproliferation including advancing and protecting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and the New START Nuclear Treaty with Russia.
    “We support the common but differentiated responsibilities principle of international environmental law establishing that while all states need to come together to combat global environmental destruction, the U.S. has a much greater responsibility to change behavior and fund solutions.”

    1. “Courage. We are rooted in what is necessary and just, not what current power structures deem possible. We boldly reject the notion that humans are innately greedy or broken, and that we are not capable of transformational change.”

      1. Typical. Deny the inner nature of man. They are not robots which can be programmed to behave like a dog. Evil does exist in the world no matter how much you want to deny it.

        1. I’d say the way people are sitting up and begging for the vaccine, they certainly can be programmed like a dog!

          1. most can be programmed like a dog! but not everyone, like you and me, we rebel.

    2. JRA:
      “The story we’ve been told over and over again by corporate elites insists that the world they have built and now control is inevitable. They tell us that inequality is the result of individual shortcomings, not systemic failures. They offer us a false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy planet. They preach that rugged individualism, the privatization of nature, neoliberalism, and the free market hold the solutions to all of our problems. And they use racism and fear to manipulate their way into the halls of power and write the rules for society.”
      “Their story is a lie designed to maintain their power by convincing us that the future we fight for is not possible. Our story asserts that the just, green, and peaceful future we deserve is possible and together we can build the power to manifest it.

      1. Yes we can build the power to manifest the just, green, and peaceful future we deserve. But to do that we must act to allow nature to eliminate those who do not deserve it and would corrupt the just, green, and peaceful future again. Enlightened people must lead honest, poor and confused masses in a global liberation movement which Israel’s Greatest Liberator and His Ambassadors described, lived, taught and promoted until the authorities assassinated them.

  19. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Nice work Caitlin and especially thank you for the link to the Abby Martin video.

    I see your article has been mirrored under the title …

    “Minor Australian Military Indiscretions Report Means Please, Would You Kindly Leave Afghanistan”

    Having read your article and watched the Abby Martin piece (sensational as usual!) it makes you wonder what kind of person becomes Defence Force Chief, let alone Governor General.

  20. This article is a true public service. Thank you Caitlin Johnstone.

    In his memoir, Seymour Hersh wrote essentially that My Lai was the rule not the exception – mass murder of civilians in an occupied country. Joe Biden was a key driving force in the effort to have the US invade and occupy Iraq and that made for many more My Lais, the mass slaughter of civilians. The best hope for Biden is that he can be forced, not convinced, to stop doing what he really wants – to run the world, regardless of the cost.

    The minimum I can think of is to use one’s time to write and talk about what Biden really is, while showing that what he says and the few decent impulses he has had, mean nothing to all the dead and their grieving families, and how Biden has badly effected those Americans one is hoping to influence. The comment I kept using to respond to NY Times articles that were about Biden during the Democratic primaries is a starting point for me because it was aimed at influencing voters by reminding them of what he did to them personally. The NY Times disliked this so much they refused to ever publish any comment I made online after that, no matter what it was about. Maybe it was effective. It got 94 recommends. A later version of it was:

    Biden will eventually sink in the polls despite all the propaganda the mainstream media puts out about him and suppresses all the bad things in his past. He is just not electable because of:

    1. all the seniors who are angry that Biden tried to undermine Social Security three times.

    2. anyone concerned with climate change – Joe was a big promoter of fracking worldwide.

    3. the many working people driven to desperation through “lunch box Joe’s” vigorous support of NAFTA and the vile TPP.

    4. many of the students who are now carrying crushing debt loads and look forward to a life of servitude because Biden, MBNA’s man, made sure they would not be able to declare bankruptcy.

    5. all the sons and daughters killed or maimed in Iraq, after Biden held – per Scott Ritter UN arms inspector – sham hearings promoting such war. When Biden publicly mourns the untimely death of his son, he never mourns the deaths of millions of innocent men and women he helped cause.

    6. many will stay home because of all the women he has disrespected with his unwanted touching, and still won’t admit it is not innocent – it’s how he fakes being a “friend” to people – and his past efforts to reduce insurance coverage of contraception.

    7. everyone else who suffered because Biden’s idea of working well with certain heinous politicians is to sell out to them: 90% for them and 10% for the American people.

    Please go away, Joe Biden, media invention, job and people killer, cruel smiling fake.

  21. Last words:
    “Stop shooting! I’m Pat fucking Tillman!”

  22. Why in the wide wide world of sports would we expect sane behavior of a gang of Psychopaths In Charge that constitute all governments every where. They all operate under the same pretense, “do as we say or we will kill you”, and then they proceed to hire as many amoral thugs as needed to carry out the pretense. The largest difference between one and another is their size. The larger the population, the more psychopaths it will contain, and the more resources there are for them to steal for their evil purposes.

  23. Proof found for Q’Anon’s pedophile theory!
    Turns out ….
    it was….
    The fat, donut-eating, Blue Line.
    Louisville Metro Police accused of running a large pedophile ring.
    “The police department, meanwhile, still had hundreds of thousands records in its possession. Assistant County Attorney Roy Denny admitted in a letter to the Journal ’s lawyers that 9,700 folders comprising 738,000 records, containing 470 gigabytes of data, were discovered on the hidden file. Instead of being turned over, according to the law, the records were deliberately deleted.

    It is highly unlikely that the trove of deleted records merely pertained to the handful of officers charged and sentenced thus far. It is entirely likely that many more officers up the chain of command and city officials knew of this behavior and attempted to sweep it under the rug.

    Jon Fleischaker, an attorney for the Courier- Journal, told the newspaper, “I have practiced open records law since the law was enacted 45 years ago, and I have never seen anything so brazen.” He added, “they have destroyed their ability to comply with the open records law, and they did it purposely, and they didn’t tell the truth about it.””
    Think about it …. 470 GB of data destroyed, by the donut-eaters, to protect a large police pedophile ring.
    470 GB is a lot of data. A feature length movie is about what, 1GB? …. so they had something like 400 feature length movies worth of ‘evidence’. I’m guessing that was the donut-eaters, private, kiddie-porn stash.
    When you know someone is getting dorked up the fanny, its a pretty sure bet a cop is behind it.

    1. Thanks for posting that article. So many officials and leaders in our world are evil and they cover up and escape justice because most people are apathetic, willfully blind, credulous or complicit.

  24. It’s so evil. Take young people filled with energy and desire to be part of something that matters and then marginalize them and cut off avenues at home so you can trick them into doing your bidding with lies and deceitful propaganda including promises of free training and education which you purposely deny at home in order to create the desperation.

    1. There is a reason that more soldiers die of suicide than in combat. Whether it please the Psychopaths In Charge or not, the sane, or should I say less insane among us have a hardwired respect for human life. That’s the reason the military rifle ranges started using silhouette targets, in the general form of a human’s upper torso, instead of round bulls eye targets. To get them used to firing on a human shaped target. This psychological assault on basic humanity resulted from research showing about 15% of troops did all the killing in combat situations. Not efficient enough.

  25. Yes, Yes, Yes.

    Sometimes, okay – frequently, you say it just as it needs to be said.

    Thanks Caitlan.

  26. In other, perhaps somewhat related news, it appears the US military has once again been caught coddling and protecting sexual predators who prey upon their own fellow soldiers. Are we to take away the message that such miscreants are in some strange, perverse way desirable to have within our armed forces?

  27. I wonder will Julian Assange have a christmas tree in his cell and will he get a christmas card from the prime minister

    1. He will be lucky to survive until Christmas.

  28. Harold Pinter 2005 Nobel speech:

    “Political language, as used by politicians, does not venture into any of this territory since the majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.”

    But first he said this:
    “But as I have said, the search for the truth can never stop. It cannot be adjourned, it cannot be postponed. It has to be faced, right there, on the spot.”

  29. SAS Australia, a ‘reality’ TV show franchised from our Mother country, is in our faces right now.
    I wonder when the celebrities involved will be trained to MURDER IN COLD BLOOD.

    1. It’s such a disgusting propaganda op. I keep thinking about writing something about it.

      1. The desensitisation of the Sheeple Caitlin ?
        The stench of testosterone must be as thick as the celebrities in those rooms.

  30. A reporter once asked Gandhi the question: “What do you think of Western civilization?”

    Gandhi’s response is as pertinent today as it was then. “I think it would be a good idea,” he replied.

  31. There was an interesting quote in the article referring to the ‘making of psychos’.
    This is the purpose of basic training, and the SAS look for youngsters showing the traits of psychopathology because they want soldiers who will kill anyone on command, without hesitation and without the resultant mental breakdowns that ‘normal’ people suffer from following periods of this kind of activity. I doubt very much the claim that this only went to the Patrol Commander level, as this is the preferred style of combat for these ‘elite’ troops. As always, some low to mid-level scapegoats will be found to have been responsible whereas the real guilt is always at the top. The Generals and the PM must also be made to pay the price, ie prison time. The Australian military, and Australian Governments have been, and still are, committing war crimes wherever the military have been deployed overseas, especially when ‘assisting’ the US in its international criminality.

  32. And where is our Christian PM?
    He’s swanning around Japan (on official business of course) then two weeks in isolation.

  33. And where are these retired SAS men now working? Private security? Hopefully not the police. Have any of them committed sucicide? Sounds like some should.

  34. War is hell!
    Fake News!
    ISIS Sympathizer!
    We must stay to prevent another 9/11!
    And other bullshit that we hear justifying these atrocities. War is big business and the product they sell is death.

  35. Murdering those two boys is about as low as they can go. This is just so unlike the Australia I know. We need to get out of the US “regime-change” adventures and grow a pair.

    1. HelenB. NO ! This is the REAL Australia, the country that the MSM and your very own Government refuse to allow you to see the light of day, pretending all is well. I’m a veteran of the Vietnam debacle, and this news is not new to me. Whenever I try to tell Australians of the realities we faced during that ILLEGAL engagement, people’s eyes roll and they refuse to hear the FACTS, far to painfull to face full on. Much easier to kid yourself everything is rosy and shiny. I share your belief Australians need to develop a back bone and refuse to sycophantly agree to U.S. demands to follow them in their ILLEGAL WARS OF CHOICE.

      1. So true talked to someone about endless wars and occupations yesterday. His response, yea, but I still think we need to stay in afghanistan.

    2. I fear that “the Australia (you) know” is much like the America I know, and much like so many nation states others know. Who wants to learn that their father (or Uncle Sam), seemingly such a nice fellow, had (and still has) a dark, secret side as a killer of the innocent? So many people emotionally bond with their country akin to the way they bond with their family. The LAST thing they want to hear is that they have bonded with a hidden monster, with Mr. Hyde alongside Dr. Jekyll. THIS is the deep-seated psychological barrier faced by the radical left in virtually every country. It’s epitomized in the so-far futile attempt to convince the majority of Americans of a blatantly obvious fact: that elements of their own government were in on the World Trade Center Atrocity (WTCA).

  36. Thank you! You vocalized the sentiments I’ve had for the last 20 years! I’m embarrassed to be from the US. We are the biggest terrorists by far. There have never been terrorists on the scale that we’ve done anywhere from any country.

  37. Although the MSM and most of the politicians want the U.S. public and the world to ” move on ” from Donald Trump the massive 2020 voter fraud is never going to just ” go away “.
    This article can be read here:
    Pre-election Scandals Disappear Down Media Rabbit Hole By Jeff Minick

  38. Australia should try to be more like America, we never do anything wrong. And, if we ever did our mass media outlets would let us know all about it.

    1. LOL, I’m being facetious here, please don’t take this seriously.

      1. I got you right away. I was only wondering how the US media will spin this to make well meaning but brainwashed Amerikkans think it’s okay.

        1. Dubya told us twenty years ago: We are killing these “terrorists” over there so we don’t have to fight them here. [I know, that’s total bullshit.]
          Frankly, it is a puzzlement why none of the many legal and illegal migrants flooding into our “exceptional” country ever try to employ terrorist acts, like car bombs or mass shootings, against this beneficent heaven on earth [which treats them like shit]. It is mostly deranged Americans pushed to their psychological limits who engage in such stuff. The two Tsarnaev boys from Chechnya who deployed pressure cooker bombs in Boston and the US military psychologist of ME descent who shot up an air base seem to be the only ones to try such a stunt since 9-11. Before that the blind sheik bombed the parking garage at the WTC but failed to cause extensive damage. Most of the other domestic terrorists [Tim McVeigh, the Las Vegas hotel sniper etc] have been home grown.
          I’m waiting for this place to turn into a Northern Ireland writ large once Unca Joe Biden takes office. The guy is way more provocative and incendiary in his rhetoric than Trump ever was.

          1. Some of what you say is true. But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a statement more obviously false than the claim that Biden’s rhetoric is “way more provocative and incendiary” than Trump’s ever was. Like Ali in the boxing ring, Trump, in the presidential arena, set a standard of incendiary rhetoric almost impossible to meet, much less exceed. Surely even his diehard supporters can own up to this. Isn’t that one of the reasons they love him?

            1. It’s not Biden’s rhetoric that’s incendiary and provocative. Quite the opposite. Like Obama, he’s a cold-stone liar and sadly, many idiots believe him. Trump, on the other hand, says exactly what’s in his head and I actually think that’s preferable. The fact that he has tried to bring troops home and been vociferously opposed by the military/political establishment tells me he’s not one of them which is a big plus for him, even though he has no clue what the country really needs.

  39. Out of afghanistan, korea, germany, japan, iraq, and the hundreds of other US outposts throughout the world, some 300 sites. The entire world knows we are the ‘tough’ guys. We are the occupiers, the killers and the minimal acts of aid and assistance are far outweighed by the hostility.

    1. In fact, over 800 of varying sizes. Imagine all that money being pumped back into dying US cities … giving people a roof over their heads and food in their belly.

    2. On the contrary, Thomas, we, Australia are not the tough guys, we like to pretend we are, by sucking up to the biggest bully on the block, hoping some of their bullying will rub of on us and make us as tough as them. Fat chance of that ever occurring. In reality, compared to the rest of the World, Australia is like a fly on an elephants back side, that’s how tough we really are. L.O.L.

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