This is your brain:

This is your brain on media echo chambers:

Prior to the US election I wrote a couple of articles saying that if Biden wins he will be attacked by the right as a Xi Jinping puppet even as he escalates dangerous cold war aggressions with China, in exactly the same way Trump was attacked by Democrats as a Putin puppet even as he escalated dangerous cold war aggressions with Russia. This extremely obvious prediction is of course already coming true.

I’m still getting dopey wingnuts in my social media notifications telling me that Biden is a Xi Jinping puppet who is going to be soft on China, even as Biden packs his cabinet with virulent anti-China hawks:

It’s not hard to see where people of a certain ideological bent are getting the impression that Biden is going to be a sycophantic Beijing lackey, though, with influential rightist voices pounding that message into their skulls all day every day despite all evidence to the contrary. Just today within hours of this writing you’ve got Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw tweeting that “Biden‘s plan is to let radicals destroy our economy, with little if any benefit for the environment, and huge benefits for China,” right-wing pundit Paul Joseph Watson labeling the murderous war whore Blinken a “compromised SIMP for China”, and bloodthirsty psychopath Tom Cotton proclaiming on no basis whatsoever that Biden is “surrounding himself with panda huggers who will only reinforce his instincts to go soft on China.”

“Panda huggers.” This is a sitting member of the US Senate.

This complete schizm from reality, where you’ve got an incoming administration stacked with Beltway insiders who want to attack Chinese interests running alongside an alternate imaginary universe in which Biden is a subservient CCP lackey, is only made possible with the existence of media echo chambers. It’s the same exact dynamic that made it possible for liberals to spend four years shrieking conspiracy theories about the executive branch of the US government being run by a literal Russian agent even as Trump advanced mountains of world-threatening cold war escalations against Moscow in the real world.

You see this dynamic at work in conventional media, where plutocrat-controlled outlets like Breitbart are still frantically pushing the Russiagate sequel narrative that Hunter Biden’s activities in China mean that his father is a CCP asset. You also see it in social media, where, as explained by journalist Jonathan Cook in an article about the documentary The Social Dilemma, “as we get herded into our echo chambers of self-reinforcing information, we lose more and more sense of the real world and of each other.”

“We live in different information universes, chosen for us by algorithms whose only criterion is how to maximise our attention for advertisers’ products to generate greater profits for the internet giants,” writes Cook.

Because people are a lot more likely to click, read and share information which validates their pre-existing opinions and follow people who do the same, social media is notorious for the way it creates tightly insulated echo chambers which masturbate our confirmation bias and hide any information which might cause us cognitive dissonance by contradicting it. Whole media careers were built on this phenomenon during the years of Russiagate hysteria, and we see it play out in spheres from imperialism to Covid-19 commentary to economic policy.

Someone benefits from this dynamic, and it isn’t you. As we’ve discussed previously, we know from WikiLeaks documents that powerful people actively seek to build ideological echo chambers for the purpose of propaganda and indoctrination, and there is surely a lot more study going into the subject than we’ve seen been shown. Splitting the public up into two oppositional factions who barely interact and can’t even communicate with each other because they don’t share a common reality keeps the populace impotent, ignorant, and powerless to stop the unfolding of the agendas of the powerful.

You should not be afraid of your government being too nice to China. What you should worry about is the US-centralized power alliance advancing a multifront new cold war conducted simultaneously against two nuclear-armed nations for the first time ever in human history. There are far, far too many small moving parts in such a cold war for things to happen in a safely predictable manner, which means there are far, far too many chances for something to go very, very wrong.

Whenever someone tells you that a US president is going to be “soft” on a nation the US government has marked as an enemy, you are being played. Aways, always, always, always. It’s just people manipulating you away from your natural, healthy inclination toward peace. Get out of your echo chamber, look at the raw information instead of the narratives, and stop letting the sociopaths manipulate you.


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46 responses to “This Is Your Brain On Echo Chambers: Right Calls Biden A Xi Puppet As He Packs His Cabinet With China Hawks”

  1. It’s really encouraging to hear all the commenters displaying their attempts to make sense out of the webs of madness the modern world is embroiled in. Thanks for letting this attempt at free speech run it’s often zany course Caitlin.

  2. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    America desperately needs its Two Minutes of Hate against other countries like a meth addict needs his next hit.

    For Democrats and their ilk, Hate Russia was their unifying and mobilizing ideology.

    For Republicans and their ilk, Hate China is their unifying and mobilizing ideology.

    Hate is the only thing that holds the American Empire together.

    Without its Two Minutes of Hate, America will break up apart into a million pieces.

    Deep down, Americans know that–and that is why they so readily engage in these spittle-flecked campaigns.

    Welcome to the Orwellian world of America … where the same American Empire that bombs, invades, sanctions, regime changes, encircles, or colonizes multiple nations around the world whines like a triggered little snowflake that poor innocent war criminal America is being “threatened”!

    Truly pathetic.

    1. Thanks usa-ma. You hit the USA public nail right on it’s pointy little head!

  3. I have a good friend who thinks he is getting outside the echo chamber by watching both Fox News and CNN. He is an intelligent guy, yet he believes in RussiaGate. I have started to forward some articles to him (including this one) in the hopes of broadening his horizons a bit. I hope it doesn’t end up straining our friendship, but I feel strongly that people are going to have to wake up from their TV induced hypnosis if we are to survive.

    1. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
      Christian J. Chuba

      There are many good websites (in addition to this one of course). I’d always tell someone, just look to see what speaks to you … my list some are ‘out there’ I’ll summarize. – Kind of like a drudgereport for decent people on world events. They go through the effort of summarizing AP and other official news outlet stories rather than mindlessly link to them. Just hearing the same stories minus the slavish propaganda will deprogram many people. – Ron Pillar, I’m a groupie. Does investigative journalism, along the lines of Cailtlin. – Max Blumenthal contributes here, U.S. imperialism in South America. – M.E., Yemen, if your friend is very sensitive to anything that insinuates that Israel is not the celestial city he might be offended. – If your friend has a conservative bent, foreign policy restraint. This Larison is passionately against our atrocities in Yemen but polite about it. – Ah .. on our State Dept list of Russian disinfo. Discuss military conflicts, sympathetic to the countries at the receiving end of our attention. – Saker was an intel guy from the ‘other side’ during the Cold War, values decency, Orthodox Christian, only site that regularly publishes speeches from Nasrallah, does military analysis, arrogant but I always feel like I learned something. – anonymous analyst, German Intel guy, writes very well. I put him last because he has been on a pro-Trump binge lately. I think they are secret lovers. Given what he normally writes about I have no idea what he sees in him.

      1. Thanks for this kind response. I am familiar with about half of the sites you mention. I’ll acquaint myself with the others. Some of my friends are not even on the internet at all. I’m 64 years old, and many of my friends are in their ’70’s, grew up in rural America, and are barely tech savvy at all. I’ve gotten away from recent developments, and do not engage in Facebook or Tweets, etc. I gave up TV years ago. It was like waking from a dream. Thanks again- stay well.

    2. “I listen to the entire political spectrum, from Republican warmongering corporatists all the way to Democratic warmongering corporatists!”

  4. Ms Johnstone Donald Trump is probably going to Bomb Iran before he leaves office!
    The planes were ordered on short notice to fly to the Middle East nonstop from their home base in North Dakota, refueling along the way in mid-air. The bombers were accompanied on the mission by F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, as well as KC-10 and KC-135 refueling planes, US Central Command (CENTCOM) said.
    “The ability to quickly move forces into, out of and around the theater to seize, retain and exploit the initiative is key to deterring potential aggression,” Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot, commander of the US military’s 9th Air Force, said in a statement.
    The general said deploying bombers to the region allows their crews to better acquaint themselves with the area and work better with local units.
    “These missions help bomber aircrews gain familiarity with the region’s airspace and command and control functions and allow them to integrate with the theater’s US and partner air assets, increasing the combined force’s overall readiness,” Guillot said.
    The US has previously deployed B-52 bombers to the region during periods of heightened tensions. This occurred in early 2020 after the US killed top Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani in an airstrike in Iraq. The strategic aircraft were also sent to the region in May 2019, when Iran allegedly attacked a number of US allies in the Persian Gulf and shot down an American spy drone that flew near its airspace.
    The deployment of the long-range heavy bombers came amid reports that the Trump administration — and Israel — planned to carry out military operations against Iran before Biden enters office. The US president-elect is expected to take a somewhat softer, more diplomatic approach than Trump, who pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal world powers signed with Iran and employed a so-called “maximum pressure” campaign of heavy economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
    This article can be read here:
    In threat to Iran, US sends heavy bombers to Middle East via Israel By Judah Ari Gross

  5. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    …“social media is notorious for the way it creates tightly insulated echo chambers which masturbate our confirmation bias and hide any information which might cause us cognitive dissonance by contradicting it. Whole media careers were built on this phenomenon…”
    So-called “social” media is a cancer eating away at our humanity and our sense of community with every passing moment. It is a devil’s brew of the worst of human thought and behavior that seeks to lower the level of human interaction with every click and toxic retort. It may be the tool that actually does us in even more than the other big threats to our existence.
    “Splitting the public up into two oppositional factions who barely interact and can’t even communicate with each other because they don’t share a common reality keeps the populace impotent, ignorant, and powerless to stop the unfolding of the agendas of the powerful.”
    People today have short attention spans. They don’t have any depth of thinking and they certainly don’t want shades of grey. The Dark Powers successfully exploit this weakness to their benefit with little pushback from an easily amused public. Those who love simplicity don’t want anything more challenging and they certainly aren’t the least bit concerned about those who are actively doing them in.
    “You should not be afraid of your government being too nice to China. What you should worry about is the US-centralized power alliance advancing a multifront new cold war conducted simultaneously against two nuclear-armed nations for the first time ever in human history. “
    We should indeed be concerned about Empires measuring the size of their manhoods against each other but since that has nothing to do with reporting on our neighbors for not wearing masks or the speed of our internet connections or the latest video of some fool acting the fool on the web we won’t be concerned about it. You gotta have priorities, you know.

  6. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    Caitlin I feel your pain. Try disassociation. You are no longer someone who cares about truth. You are Loki, the Nordic god of chaos and you are enjoying the mayhem. I just love it when the swamp dwellers call the other guy ‘the swamp’.

    Moron of the week award goes to Brian Kilmeade (not exactly an upset).
    He was furious because he would not stand for China dictating U.S. foreign policy.
    China stated … “he [Biden] needs to collaborate with China, not fight with it” Well, China is bringing up an issue that directly relates to them.

    Netanyahu has declared, ‘There can be no going back to the Iran nuclear deal’. This of course is fine even though its an agreement that Israel had no part in. We the U.S. have no say in the matter. Our master has spoken.

    Again, we will fritter away our strength until we are unable to harm other countries.

    1. Well, they will collaborate with China because every restaurants and bars going bankrupt during the lockdown will be bought by Chinese people, in the US, in Canada also and elsewhere also.

      And after we will live again after having received a needle in out b… (vaccine).

      Jesus is Great! What a blessing to do not have children in our days which are the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus! Jesus Himself prophesied the days we are in now:

      “For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.” (Luke 23:29)

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  7. “Splitting the public up into two oppositional factions who barely interact and can’t even communicate with each other because they don’t share a common reality keeps the populace impotent, ignorant, and powerless to stop the unfolding of the agendas of the powerful.” Surely so. But I’m not sure whether this was deliberately planned by the plutocrats as a political strategy, or whether this bifurcation spontaneously emerged from tech company algorithms designed only to increase their profits. Clearly, the plutocrats have seized upon this bifurcation to keep the populace divided and engaged in a kind of civil war, but it’s sort of like the pandemic–was it a plot hatched or an opportunity exploited? This might not seem to matter at this point, but IMHO the answer helps to determine not only what we’re up against but also the best ways to fight the bastards.

    1. Plot or opportunity? Well, both. And both a subset of progress which is the driver. Progress rules the elites as surely as it drives the masses. As Joseph Campbell stated, it is the myth of our time. An infantile fantasy of omnipotence. This too shall pass. Kaczynski tells us that the amount of pain involved in its demise simply adds with time. The horror that we avoid now will be transferred to our decedents a hundred fold.

      1. You may be right, of course, about the coming horror, and you are certainly right about the myth/religion of progress, but why not allow ourselves to imagine, if only for a moment, a future more utopian than dystopian? Why do pessimism and futility permeate so many comments on this blog, when its author, with eyes wide open to the evil around us, says that our times are pregnant with possibility, that she has never been more excited to be alive? Is there not a jarring disconnect between Caitlin’s vision and spirit and those of a good number of her participating readers? As cogently as she thinks and writes, why isn’t she getting through to them, at least a little bit?

      “Divide and conquer.
      “It’s one of the oldest military strategies in the books, and it’s proven to be the police state’s most effective weapon for maintaining the status quo.
      “How do you conquer a nation?
      “Distract them with football games, political circuses and Black Friday sales. Keep them focused on their differences—economic, religious, environmental, political, racial [gender- pandemic]—so they can never agree on anything. And then, when they’re so divided that they are incapable of joining forces against a common threat, start picking them off one by one.”

  8. “We live in different information universes, chosen for us by algorithms whose only criterion is how to maximise our attention for advertisers’ products to generate greater profits for the internet giants,”
    Which precisely explains how we got the recent POTUS candidates, displayed as the “best and brightest”. Really? That’s the best they have? You can look across the board at ALL of the two party’s leadership and get the same picture. These are far from the “best and brightest”. They may be bright, since psychopaths are often quite intelligent, but they certainly have zero qualification for best.

    1. Regardless. The democrats ignored people like Tulsi Gabbard and Sanders to flock to Biden. This is just a sign of how brainwashed the people have become. The propaganda is working quite well.

    2. This raises the question of why these people were selected. I think Trump sabotaged the Republican fix for 2016 by exploiting weaknesses in its pseudodemocratic primary structure, but the choice of Biden is hard to figure from any angle. Someone should investigate. About a year ago I was conversing with some deplorables about Biden and a perfectly intelligent young Black woman hotly defended him against all criticism. Anita Hill, the crime bill, the invasion of Iraq, his creepiness, just bounced off her shell. How do people get this way?

  9. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    in passing …
    WESTERN VALUES™. The country that judges other countries’ elections just had an election. Somebody won. One day a court will tell us who. Apparently counting votes is a tremendously difficult task, requiring enormous amounts of time.
    See also (via Fort Russ – Matthew Ehret)
    Solving the US Water Crisis: JFK, NAWAPA and China’s New Silk Road

    1. Everyone needs to watch this. It is the greatest threat to humanity today which no one is talking about. All they can talk about is climate change.

      1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        and this …(thank you Khatika)
        Lockdowns Kill – [By Design]
        James Corbett – none better

        1. Another excellent video. Disobey. Start the movement, each of us. Stop wearing your mask. It has become a sign of sobmission, not a means of protection.

    “Reset” wasn’t previously a bad word, but now it’s getting that way. I liked it because it was neutral and without a lot of baggage.
    I want to use it neutrally at first, if I may.
    We are a very effective species at getting our needs met. We communicate with each other, use tools, use tools and energy to make tools and harvest energy to make tools and energy and food.
    And we communicate over vast stretches of time and distance now.
    Nothing can stand in our way but success, and the class of special humans that has arisen in the millennia preceding our births, the class of kings and nobles (and bankers, and the CIA, and so on). This special class of people swings into action to get rid of entire populations of humans when the population outgrows the food supply.
    This helps our species continue living, moving, solving problems, growing food, finding water and fuel, and living.
    It is technically possible to work things out without these specialists in population reduction, but we are not used to it, and we have not really come to grips with the issue, itself. Each of us sees a small part of the great world, and few can grasp that all the people in a region have surpassed the ability of the region to feed them.
    This is a very unpopular topic, and strictly forbidden in most polite circles.
    For me to suggest that the kings, lords, rulers and powerful functionaries have the useful purpose of killing a lot of people from time to time, without being seen to have done so, is not just unusual, and rude, but weird.
    Everybody knows that wars happen accidentally, or from bad guys, or religion, racism, misunderstandings, and things like that.
    My thesis is simpler, that the cold hearted power elites use wars to kill off a bunch of people when the economy fails, and to induce the surviving people to work hard, doing what they are told to do for the good of their whole clan.
    Through this crisis response, a new economy is worked out. It is our way.

    I see this cycle of history as being different from the recent cycles we have studied in history, because the food supply we are now outpacing is more intricate, as it is driven by vast cheap energy to do almost all of the work, transport food thousands of miles to us, and to spend 10 calories of diesel energy equivalent for every calorie of food we eat. When diesel (and electricity, etc.) declines, we get poor, and when it declines more, we may break the economy that supports our lives, go through desperate hardship for indefinite periods of time, and even behave badly along the way.
    Wars are already being imposed upon people who live on top of oil, forcing their economies into failure to support them. That keep their economies sitting on the oil, not using it. The kings and owners will need it. Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela all have a moderately good grasp of this dynamic. There is really no limit to the populations who have to do with less oil, through economic destruction, so the owners can keep the overall structure , their power structure, intact. That is of primary importance to them, and they make all the decisions.
    Glenn Greenwald points out his observation that the ruling coalition is composed of all those power figures who oppose withdrawing from the war in Afghanistan (which was justified only by lies, and was done for geopolitical reasons).
    Nuclear weapons change the old model, but the same tools of fear, panic, blaming the “enemy”, and blind obedience because the family will die if you stop to ask questions, still apply.
    Joseph Mercola DO has this good article about “The Great Reset” leveraged off COVID-19. It’s not a fake virus, but the fear factor is amplified 100 times over what would be promoted to society if “a great reset” were not at hand for structural reasons like finite oil being unable to catch up to infinitely leveraged debt bubbles, built on debt bubbles. People will have to give up property, privacy, freedom of speech and association, in order to fully submit to the new technocratic system (a high tech fascism, and China is ahead). I’m not a follower of Dr Mercola, but this article is right on, especially since he cuts and pastes long excerpts from “The Great Reset For Dummies” by Tessa (fights robots) Lena.

    I am certain this techno-fascism approach cannot work at the goal I see, which is to maximize the rich complexity of life on earth through enhancing complex ecosystems, not simplifying them. That’s my view, and it is the opposite of the techno-fascists who seek to simplify life to monoculture systems which they control through genetic engineering, factory farms, and chemical inputs made in factories on the Texas gulf coast. For the ruling elites, all permission must come from them, from the top, otherwise they are losing power, “melting, melting…”
    My advocacy of the antithesis of this, maximizing the richness and complexity of life, which is typified by the Amazon rain forest, arose from my meditations and thoughts on “the meaning/purpose of life”. My simplest and broadest take was that a sterile ball of metals , dirt and water receiving solar energy is the antithesis of life’s goals. We all inherently understand that life is better, and more life is better-er. In the Amazon, the photosynthetic energy of 1 photon may click through a dozen life forms as that energy clicks down a tiny bit each time in the cascade of organisms giving to and feeding off other organisms and their left-overs. Using factory farming techniques, poisons like roundUp and DDT kill all life except the monorop, and it dies and is harvested, feeding only humans or cattle or pigs, then being processed into “food” to be bought and consumed one time by one person, whose waste goes into a landfill and a treatment plant. That reduces the dozen steps of the photon supporting life down to maybe 3, but you have to average that with the time the field sits bare and poisoned, with dead soil, just awaiting fertilizer and irrigation water.

    Self organizing complex living systems are way smarter and more adaptive than our tunnel vision narcissistic and sociopathic class of kings, spooks and bankers.
    My highest purpose in this value system is to be a steward of life.
    My approach to “The Great Reset” is to foster life in every nook and cranny, life that feeds me and helps me feed other life and keep feeding living cycles like compost heaps and worms and bees and birds (and , disappointingly, squirrels, raccoons, possums, and bucks who antler-shred my fruit trees in rutting season). I am just working this out as I go, seeking tricks that don’t use poison and bullets.
    I still drive. I still have lots of fossil fuel inputs to my vegetable gardens, but I am trying to limit them to initial investments, and find ways to move forward with complex life supporting me and an increasingly well balanced food growing ecosystem.
    I’m learning. I’m passing it on. I hope I am only beginning a process that will become wiser and more complex with passing generations, a renaissance of life, and orchestra and ballet of life, dancing life, complex and vivid and resilient.

    1. The greater a people’s prosperity, the fewer children they have, and the less they damage the environment. The perpetuation of avoidable poverty by the Psychopaths In Charge is the greatest threat to our existence.

      1. In the larger sense, don’t the “Psychopaths In Charge” also live in the “environment,” along with the rest of us? Don’t you suppose that many of them see what you see? Might this not be a fruitful starting point for another of Caitlin’s inspired and incisive commentaries?

    2. John, your rather lengthy sharing finally made some real sense to me. It’s not really too different from many of my own half baked understandings. (little semi-fake humility on my part).

  11. It never fails Caitlin, every time I read one of your posts I’m like “oh my God, she’s got it absolutely right, this is the whole disaster in a nutshell, and she puts it so well!!” And then the next day, it starts all over. Just thanks.

  12. Ah, Ms Johnstone, my fellow United States citizens love their ” echo chamber comas ” because it allows them to completely suppress any and all logic, justice, empathy, and shame for the blood-thirsty Evil Empire that they cherish and support. The Evil Empire has no soul at all; and it requires its subjects to be soul-less as well. Resistance is futile!

    1. Do you think that resistance is encouraged by saying it is futile? Or were you quoting Data, who successfully resisted at the cost of his life, to indicate the difficulties we must face and fight?

      1. Those that seriously intend to resist do not care about the odds or the futility; they intend to resist no matter what the consequences may be. Not resisting is not any part of their nature! These are the people that move mountains!

    2. You got it exactly right Ron!

  13. Caitlin, when it comes to the real enemy of the Neocons and Neoliberals, Russia is the real enemy, not China. You have to understand GLOBALIZATION. China is Part of the Globalization project that started over 30 years ago. It’s a complex parasitic relationship. The Globalist elites in the US are working towards the “Great Reset” using the Coronavirus pseudemic that started in China and use it as an excuse to move towards a society that will resemble the totalitarian, repressive communist one like in China. A lot of our big corporations are still doing great business there. However they are not in Russia. Russia was kicked out of the G8 years ago, because they were not going to go along with the Globalization project and the New World Order enslavement project of the G7 (without Russia now). Trump was bad enough as a president, but he was not really part of the “Globalist Club”. I assure you Mr BIDEN is totally compromised by the NWO evil Globalists comprised of the MIS, Transnational corporations & International Finance, and will try to act “tough” with China, but this will be just a distraction. The US Shadow Government elites control him totally, something they could not always do with Idiot Trump. Here’s an example how they worked with our “enemy” Communist China:

    Gates, Fauci, CCP, Big Pharma, international Bankers, they have all colluded with the WHO to create the Coronavirus “pseudemic”.
    (the NIH, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, sent $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab in 2014, and then showered the Chinese scientists at this lab with another $3.7 million in 2019 to keep their work going, the work of developing a bat virus that could attack people. Two back-to-back 5-year projects that took $7.4 million out of taxpayer pockets and out of the United States).
    WHO is a globalist institution and so are the actors that are colluding with it.

    How Joe Biden was ‘recruited’ to become agent of Chinese Communist party
    While Joe was cutting deals with China, the Chinese Communist party was putting its hooks into him:

    1. You are wrong. You are a victim of the echo chamber dynamic described in this article. China was temporarily courted to pull it away from the USSR and a bunch of plutocrats rode a lot of wealth on that move, but it insists on its own sovereignty and an agenda to halt its rise and roll back its power has long been in the works. Obama got the ball rolling on this years ago. Biden will continue ramping up the same anti-China agendas as his predecessors Trump and Obama, and I will document those escalations in this space. When that happens, you need to make sure you re-evaluate your incorrect position based on the new evidence presented. You should already be beginning that re-evaluation based on the information I just gave you about his cabinet picks.

      1. Right. That’s what the “Pivot to Asia” foreign policy during the Obomber administration was all about. The US thought it was going to pick off as new allies all the countries surrounding China and make them antagonists rather than partners with the Chinese and their grand plans like the BRI. This was pretty much the same strategy that had been employed against Russia and its former satellites and Soviet republics in Eastern Europe. Vietnam and the Philippines were supposed to be the new Georgia and Ukraine set in the Orient.
        Washington’s oft repeated big trick is to dangle beaucoup bucks before the leaders of third rate powers to get them to change allegiances and to play on age old resentments that small regional powers often have against the local monolith like Russia or China. Ego-driven lightweights like Poroshenko and Duterte are often susceptible to Yankee flattery that they can wield some real power under the American umbrella.
        So, Washington promises Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei etc that it will bring “justice” and support their claims for sundry rocks in the South China Sea, especially the ones fortified by China to ensure shipping lanes stay upon under potential aggression… from the Americans (who else would be a threat?)
        That Washington would preach the usual bullshit about peace and harmony while actually pursuing treachery and bloodshed is no surprise, however, one must snap to attention over the ballsy evolution of its attitude of unconcern about who knows and understands this disconnect. I don’t doubt that Russia and China have always known that Washington is totally untrustworthy. The Russians even coined a new term to describe this state of complete and absolute American unreliability, which I don’t remember because I don’t speak their language. But today, most of the American people also must know, they must know that America drafts very real plans to eradicate the entire Chinese fleet off their own coast within a 72-hour time frame… all for pursuing nothing more than their own national interests. They know unless they have been living under a rock for the entirety of the 21st century or have thoroughly perfected the art of Orwellian Double Think.

      2. It’s competition for tribute. China has a long history of receiving tribute from all of the world which it knew. This is Chinese world history. It’s how Chinese rulers naturally see the world. Russia is historically Byzantine (Greek) in it’s diplomacy and somewhat isolationist militarily, defending in depth, then counter-attacking decisively.
        Our owners cannot get their new demotion worked out amongst themselves and plan to squeeze us for blood and dominate the rest of the world, which is bigger and more complex than China and Russia, and more flexible to adapt against the empire.
        How much more hubris shall the world receive?

      3. I think the provocations against China, like those against Russia, have been largely theatrical. There _was_ a plan to push the Russians out of the Caucasus, Ukraine, and Syria in order to dominate the Black Sea and the Middle East, but the US had no intention of applying serious military muscle to it (which could have led to a major war). The US actually has no problems with Russia, and they have a common interest in keeping Muslims tamped down in the Middle East. Likewise, the US will play at constructing a ring of hostile states around China, but this is unlikely to succeed, and when it fails, the US plan is to retreat to Australia and India, or possibly Africa if things go very badly. Again, the US has no actual conflicts with China; the pseudo-war with China is 90% prolefeed. This was all laid out pretty well by George Orwell in _1984_: ‘We have always been at war with Eastasia,’ etc.

      4. I sort of agree with you, Ms Johnstone, but have you considered you might be in an echo chamber? I say this because I read your article the same day I read about the new Asian trade deal. It’s huge with everyone, China to Australia in it. And, after I read about Xi wanting to end global poverty; China has officially ended national poverty, and wants to end global poverty. It kind of puts the altercations with India in a new light; they’ve long had a caste system which is like class–which they’re supposed to end but haven’t, and reminds me of the States being classless but not really. I think if you follow the money sotta speak, the Americans have a real problem and a lot of the war propaganda is them trying to be relevant to a world that has moved on. I don’t know if it’s anti-globalization but the thing about the Americans going to war is the reality they’re doing it for a buck. Weapons sales and all that, just real war is now fought via technology. The Chinese, Russians even the Indians, can fight that kind of war; the Americans can’t as evidence by the proliferation of weapons and number of friendly fire accidents demonstrates. They’re all brawn in a more cerebral world. I think the argument has changed.

        1. Thanks for a different and intriguing slant.

  14. Very good piece (nearly) always.
    I’d just add that I see these being ‘separate echo chambers’ as being separate for the to-be-manipulated masses only.
    For elite strategists, let us say the military armaments bloc (Eisenhower’s miltary-industrial complex, and it is complex), they both get their ‘war party’ into key power in Biden’s cabinet and also keep Biden moving in that direction against any counter-tendencies and also (project fear) increase the fear in the population of being defined as ‘treacherous anti-national’ (“Commie” or “pro-terrorist’) if they don’t join in: silent by-standers are just about tolerated.
    For the manipulable-masses, these are two quite different psychological worlds or echo chambers; for ‘ruling class blocs’, strategic elites, they are compatible complementary methods for synergistically pushing in the same strategic direction. Their success is partly measured by our not seeing the connection.

    1. “. . .increase the fear in the population of being defined as ‘treacherous anti-national’ (“Commie” or “pro-terrorist’) if they don’t join in: silent by-standers are just about tolerated.
      For the manipulable-masses, these are two quite different psychological worlds or echo chambers; for ‘ruling class blocs’, strategic elites, they are compatible complementary methods for synergistically pushing in the same strategic direction. Their success is partly measured by our not seeing the connection.”
      Yes. This is a good way of saying it, thank you. The two, allegedly opposite, “ruling class blocs” are “compatible and complimentary” and are pushing us “in the same direction.”
      Fear is a powerful tool to keep people from speaking out. Most people definitely fear being labeled as the “wrong” or unpopular group and, for the most part, choose one of the two “acceptable” groups, without seeing the connection between, and the primary motive of, the two groups to keep the system intact.
      But it’s not enough to bring the truth to light. We must have a reason to overcome our fears. Most need to see a viable path to positive solutions before we speak out.

      1. Should have said: “. . . before we allow ourselves to acknowledge the connections.”

  15. The Chinese have been doing strategy for more than 1500 years.
    The US has had more strategic blunders than any other nation on Earth.

  16. It is a sad indictment on the state of the world if 80 million people vote for a man, who although not as crazy as Trump, nevertheless poses a real threat to the rest of the world.

    Any way you look at it, democracy has failed us yet again.

    1. Gang rape is democracy in action. It’s a tool of the worst tyrants, convincing their subjects they have a say in the matter. They don’t. Both of the latest POTUS candidates are the property of the bank cartel, and we will never see one that isn’t. Not as long as we have such a huge number of people being controlled by so few. The smaller the state, the more control the people have over it. It gives them the only votes that are effective. Their feet, and their wallet.

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