Hi welcome to the timeline where people call you a crazy radical extremist for saying your government should stop committing acts of mass murder.

When they say a withdrawal from Afghanistan should be contingent on certain conditions being met, the “conditions” they really mean are puppet regimes in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

Think of the mental contortions you’d have to do in order to see a 19-year military occupation as normal and attempts to end it as abnormal. Now look how many people in the political/media class have done those mental contortions. That’s the power of imperial narrative control.

Western propaganda works to decouple imperialism-targeted nations and people from their governments. It’s not Syria’s government, it’s “the Assad regime” with the Syrian people held as separate. It’s not China’s government, it’s “the CCP” with the Chinese people held as separate. They always work to spin governments the empire doesn’t like as these hostile, alien invaders of a nation which has nothing to do with them. They point at it like it’s an ugly growth. “Uh-oh, what’s that MADURO REGIME doing in Venezuela?? We can lance that for you.”

And of course the self-described “anarchists” who suck at thinking always fall for it, because they regard all governments as illegitimate. So they wind up clapping along with CIA/CNN narratives, cheering for the downfall of a government in unwitting service of a much bigger government.

Meanwhile the actual people of the targeted nation are generally supportive of their government and find it vastly preferable to the empire’s campaign to “free” them. Their government that they support is spun as an alien invader, by alien invaders.

Hating on China doesn’t make you a “populist”, it makes you a tool of the US State Department.


Trump’s horrible horrifying horrific assault on democracy that everyone’s spent weeks freaking out about is infinitely less destructive to democracy than (A) the status quo US policy of interfering in elections and toppling governments around the world, and (B) the basic US electoral system.

The only real difference between Democrats’ denial of the 2016 election results and Republicans’ denial of the 2020 election results is that Democrats’ claims were backed by sociopathic intelligence agencies with a known history of lying and by their mass media stenographers. One got an authoritative-looking seal of approval, the other did not, but that seal of approval is just as worthless as the say-so of Rudolph Giuliani.

There’s never been a better time to be a woman, minority or member of the LGBT community who works in the DC establishment and enjoys dropping cluster munitions on children.

FYI the correct response to “Give Biden a chance” is “Fuck the whole entire way off you moron. You mindless automaton. You foam-brained human livestock. You bootlicking, oligarch-coddling, mass murder-enabling shitbag.”

You live in a world full of birds, music, moonlight and miracles, where we dance on a microscopic island in an infinite ocean of mystery while beauty erupts from the core of every moment. It would be a shame to spend any of your time here defending Joe Biden.

All the conspiratorial fantasies about a Marxist Orwellian dystopia happening under Biden are far less horrific than the garden variety American imperialist mass slaughter that will actually be happening under Biden.

Being happy when a Democrat is in the White House is like a boxer celebrating every time he gets hit with a left hook instead of a right cross.

Everyone talks about how racist and misogynistic Australia is, but what they all too often forget is that it also routinely commits acts of mass murder and war crimes.

“Boot camp” is a hazing ritual for the grossest fraternity that ever existed.

Qassem Soleimani was assassinated because his successful military campaigns against ISIS and al Qaeda were the best argument against the US needing to remain in the Middle East to fight terrorists. An actual stabilizing force could not be tolerated.

Fun fact: if you ever want to chat with an American conservative you can just quietly whisper to yourself “the US is supposed to be a democracy” and one will come crashing through your wall like the Kool-Aid man yelling “ACTUALLY IT’S A REPUBLIC”.

Remember when they found a new mutation of covid at a Danish mink farm and everyone got super racist against white people and talked about how uncivilized their disgusting mink markets are?

The word “entitlement” has been (deliberately) made into a dirty word, but that’s exactly what people need right now. They need to feel entitled to dignified lives, to having their basic needs met, and to taking back what was stolen from them by the ruling class.

I talk all the time about how things are just going to keep getting worse as long as human behavior is driven by profit and then people are like “Caitlin why aren’t you talking about the Great Reset??” and I’m like “I AM!” People keep acting like a move to funnel wealth and power upward is some sort of freakish anomaly and not the entirely predictable and utterly inevitable result of leaving human behavior to be driven by profit. We were always headed in this exact direction.

When I started this gig I learned very early on that the articles which get the most shares are ones which are appealing to one of America’s two mainstream political factions. Everyone who gets into any kind of media related to US politics receives this same message. Most don’t reject the temptation.

I was given a natural incentive to go mainstream partisan; no plutocratic funding or CIA infiltration required. The partisan dynamic is just that strong, which is why so many media figures become Dem shills or doofy Trumpers instead of nonpartisan free thinkers. There’s so much energy feeding into the partisan dynamic that people can float whole media careers on it very easily. A lot of the information distortion you see is no more complex or conspiratorial than that.

Every mistake I’ve ever made at this job was due to following the lead of other people and covering the stuff others thought I should cover. Every success I’ve ever had was due to following my own insight and intuition. Now I just dismiss people who try to cajole me into writing what they want.

Which is actually a good way to live life in general.


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93 responses to “The Correct Response To “Give Biden A Chance”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
    Johny Conspiranoid

    “There’s so much energy feeding into the partisan dynamic that people can float whole media careers on it very easily. A lot of the information distortion you see is no more complex or conspiratorial than that.”
    Yes but perhaps there is conspiracy to create and maintain that very dynamic.

  2. Well, it appears to me the BS is all on your part because if you ever visited East Germany you would have seen they used a fuel called lignite which is coal with high concentrations of sulphur which turned many of the buildings black. In addition, the Czech republic also used these types of fuel producing acid rain which destroyed main forests and started to destroy the Black forest in Bavaria. As they say in the UK, you street are talking out of your arse

    1. They had acid rain in the UK too. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Or are you street talking out of your arse?

      1. Oh dear, you seem to have left the important part the acid rain because of the easterly weather front came from former Eastern block countries which at the time used lignite coal. The clean air act of the 1950s, after horrendous smog and deaths caused by it, banned lignite coals. As I said, the expression talking out of your arse it applicable

        1. I lived in Rhineland Phalz for a couple of years before the wall came down, they didn’t suffer nearly as much from acid rain as the UK did. According to your imagined history, the acid rain must have stopped at the East German border then started again in the UK. Either the weather was conspiring to deceive me, or you are street talking out of your arse again.

          1. I lived in Berlin before the Wende and visited the East so I witnessed first hand what the environmental costs were to allowing Ulbricht, Honecker, Kranz and the politburo having carte blanche to do as they wished. If you visited the Black Forest in Bayern, you would have seen and heard a different tale. It appears you are suffering from amnesia remember Chernobyl, the radiation progressed from Ukraine to Norway to Scotland . It traversed via a natural weather system called the jets winds they circulate at high altitudes. Unfortunately, you are still making a faux pas or in plain English talking out of your arse

            1. I’ve been through the Schwartzwald in Bayern plenty of times, and I still didn’t see anything that would make me think consumerism, accountability and avarice were a problem in the east. What I saw in Eastern Europe was a clean land full of decent hard working people who worked hard, went to church, and were proud of their country. Now years later you guys want to pull the wool over everyones eyes and make us believe there was something wrong with eastern europe. What is your motivation? Did eastern europe hurt your feelings, or are you just trying to pretend socialism is something its not? Whatever you’re up to, it’s not helping the environment.

              1. Evidently, you didn’t see the destruction by acid rain caused by the burning of lignite coal in Eastern Europe which has been very well documented. Really, you seem to forget that the raison de etre of the Berlin protection wall saw so many trying to escape. I personally met a number who did escape. Yes, there was many decent people, as there is in every country on the face of the Earth, however, just as in the capitalist West the Eastern State Capitalist Socialist countries had their apparatchiks. If you visited some of the Villas around Berlin, you could see their or the state run shops which required foreign currency unobtainable to most ordinary people. I knew/ know many ordinary Berliners and, yes, many missed the old system but many rebelled against it. Remember the demonstrations against Honecker, the demonstrations in Alexander Platz, Leipzig, Halle etc. Notice at the begging of my posts I used the East German term Wende not Wiedervereinigung. It seems your time in Germany did not permit you to distinguish between the difference. It wasn’t socialism it was State monopoly, just like the Transnational Financiers supported the Bolshevik Revolution, just like they want to impose on the all the nations of the Earth. Hmm, does helping the environment mean suppression of the truth or is dictatorial regimes whether of the State Capitalist or State Communist paradigm the nirvana of the people. Think on tovarisch! !!!

                1. Where was the consumerism, avarive and accountability you used to be so worried about? And when did Eastern Europe shrink down to just Berlin? And how did I drive through the schwarzwald so many times and not see the acid rain you said was there? Your full of shit.

                  1. The consumerism was all led by the politburo, the apparatchiks living in their splendid mansions supplied with the finest goods from both the Warsaw Pact and Western Imperialist countries. “ How come I didn’t see any acid rain when I drove through the Schwartzwald..”. Hmm, if you had done more walking in the Wald you would have seen plenty of evidence of dead and dying trees caused by acid rain from the Warsaw Pact countries. It’s been well documented. It appears your reading comprehension is lacking I also mentioned Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine. Just to reiterate you are talking out of your arse comrade

                    1. Consumerism, avarice and accountability boils down to a story about a few rich beaurocrats? You’ve done a lot of mental gymnastics to support a narrative about a whole part of the world that you are only pretending to understand. You’re a real bullshitter.

                    2. Oh dear, evidently you didn’t see the villas and mansions the apparatchiks lived in. The closed streets with guards at either end to stop the ordinary proletariat from wandering down and seeing that not everyone in this regime,, just like in their alter ego in the West. Evidently, you fail to grasp the privileges these apparatchiks had to visit the Western Imperial enemy on shopping expeditions. Dearie me, you are quite a zealot in all power to the proletariat. Unfortunately, it was all power to those who grabbed the most just like in the Western Imperialism. Alas, like all zealots I can see you have your head stuck up your arse hence why you talk out of it comrade. ‍♂️

                    3. What’s this? A triggered liar turns out to be a conservative? Shocking.

                    4. It seems you need more of this but your is getting bigger by the comment comrade

                    5. John KnoxJohn Knox Avatar
                      John KnoxJohn Knox

                      Unlike you, I’m talking about things that I actually saw.

                    6. “ unlike you I am talking about things I saw” Only in your imagination comrade.

  3. You’re so right on about all the nut cases, in fact it’s been so long since I’ve spent any real time around real people I feel like maybe I’m in the movie, “The Body Snatchers”, and that I’m one of the last humans on Earth. Doesn’t really matter though, because more and more it seems that humans never really existed all to begin with. That like everything else in this world it was never anything but a filthy lie.

  4. Trump’s horrific assault on democracy and American imperialist mass slaughter that will happen under Biden are examples of Deep State puppets doing what reclusive super-wealth globalists bribe, threaten or blackmail them into doing. Psychopaths rise to the top of all power structures.

  5. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Think of the mental contortions you’d have to do in order to see a 19-year military occupation as normal and attempts to end it as abnormal.”
    How about a 200-year-long occupation of millions of acres of land? That’s what happened when The Exception Nation took the lands of Native Americans. And other such examples around the globe. Empires gotta empire.
    “The only real difference between Democrats’ denial of the 2016 election results and Republicans’ denial of the 2020 election results is that Democrats’ claims were backed by sociopathic intelligence agencies with a known history of lying and by their mass media stenographers.”
    From now on, the losers of elections will cry foul and that the other side cheated to win. They probably did cheat, but the losing side is just mad that their attempts to cheat were bested by the other side of cheaters.
    “…you moron. You mindless automaton. You foam-brained human livestock. You bootlicking, oligarch-coddling, mass murder-enabling shitbag.”
    Actual livestock is much smarter than this. Livestock do not bootlick or coddle Empire or commit terrible acts except if one considers eating grass a big sin. And they get to poo wherever they feel like. Wait, that’s sort of just like Empires.
    “It would be a shame to spend any of your time here defending Joe Biden.”
    Joe Biden doesn’t need anyone to defend him. He needs people to tell him who he is.

    1. As Bush said and America still believes, we must kill them over there so they dont kill us over here. That justifies everything forever.

  6. Ms Johnstone, this article, like your work, is magnificent!
    A House Divided..? This is a House shattered, dismantled, atomized. This is inexorable disintegration, the inevitable consequence of a continuous, uninterrupted, controlled demolition.
    Whose plan was it? It was Capitalism’s. Not, of course, the plan they thought they were implementing. All these percolating disasters are unintended consequences of an economic system the sole purpose of which is to grind the living world to powder for money; a system without one single provision for the care and preservation of life in any form other than as a source of monetary gain. It is a system for which life itself has no intrinsic value. With this as its foundational principle, it followed that whatever was done to humanity and the living world was of no concern to Capitalism. And it hasn’t been. The fouling and pillaging of the living world and the evisceration of our society are simply collateral damage.
    This magnificent article can be read here:
    Controlled Demolition By Paul Edwards!

    1. Ron goes straight down the pipe in his distillation of the essence of capitalism. But let me suggest that there is a broader term or concept to describe humanity’s long history of economic oppression and predation. During the first Gilded Age, an American novelist named Edward Bellamy referred to “the rule of the rich,” which be believed had been in place, in one form or another, since we left the hunter-gatherer tribe. Ancient slave empires, feudalism, monarchies, etc. merely culminated in capitalism, all being similar social orders in which the many were compelled to serve the wealthy few. If you expand the concept of the rich to include the privileged oligarchs of authoritarian communism, then Bellamy appears to have put his finger on the ONLY form of socioeconomic life that so-called civilized humanity has ever known. Small wonder that the effort to overthrow or fundamentally change a system in place for millennia would meet with entrenched, almost insurmountable resistance.

      1. Hierarchy is the enemy of humanity. It would seem to emanate from an expanding need/capacity to store of food (energy) which arose along with sedentary agriculture, and the apparently concomitant seizure by an emergent elite within the social grouping of the power to mandate allocation of that food/energy store.

        From that incipient state the sky is the limit as regards domination and abuse by that elite. However the grand trajectory is invariably much like that of a shooting star – it always entails a plummeting to earth as the intense blaze of progressive glory ultimately expires within the inescapable crucible of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

        Can we break the nexus between energy storage and elite rule? That would seem to be the practical nub of Caitlin’s aspiration to a higher human consciousness, essentially delivering civilisation without domination and brutality. I don’t believe we can, which is one of the few things, albeit a fundamental one, that I disagree with Caitlin upon.

        There is much of substantial human importance that is unavoidably lost by departing the intimately interactive world of the Hunter-gatherer for the increasingly egoic, constructed world of ‘civilisation. The real situation is well-revealed by the circularity of the most basic questions: Can we have the contrivances of civilisation without becoming emotionally dependent upon them? If we are not emotionally dependent upon them, then why have them at all?

        Such regression to a ‘primitive’ state might seem repugnant, even abhorrent, to the average modern citizen. I’m aware from scant records on the subject however, that Hunter-gathers themselves were very attached to and positive toward the lifestyle. They’d probably be aghast at life within a society that can accept the tasering of its children whilst in the necessarily routine care of strangers.

    2. Thanks Ron, I always appreciate magnificent articles you bring to our attention like Paul Edwards “Controlled Demolition”

  7. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024

    Politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s problems.

    Marshall McLuhan

  8. Question: What in your view needs to change in order to make United States foreign conduct abide by international law and therefore enhance the prospects for world peace?
    Christopher Black: It will require a revolution in the United States to do that, an overthrow of the economic powers that control the machinery of the state, but there is no prospect of that happening. There is really no effective opposition to these policies in the United States The peace movement is weak and fragmented, dominated by the “cruise missile liberals”. The voices of reason have no power, no real influence among the masses of the people which are dominated by a sophisticated propaganda machine known as the “media”. Censorship is increasing and the few critical voices that exist are being silenced.
    It will take, in my view, a military defeat of the United States in order to bring about the conditions necessary for the required changes.
    This fine article can be read here:
    A Biden Administration Will Be Dominated by More United States Aggression by Finian Cunningham!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Thanks for sharing this. I like Finian Cunningham.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      By the way, I just discovered that Facebook has banned Strategic Culture from its pages so I can’t share the article there. I will now email it to my email mailing list, which is much longer than my friends list on FB. I have also sent an objection directly to Facebook itself, not that that will have any effect.

      1. Websites that are placed on a watch list by ” U.S. government agencies ” are being banned or censored all over the place. The ” martial law era ” will be here soon.

  9. Great site, posted by another commenter here.Thought I’d repost it.
    Alison McDowel nails the great reset. Under reported in the alt media, she has a clear idea where this going.
    In her video, “The Fourth American Industrial Revolution Revealed” she discusses how we will become (are becoming) prisoners of technology.
    The Great Reset. Artificial intelligence, blockchain IDs, the internet of things, digital health passports (coming,) social credit scores (already here,) genetic profiling, neural programming, 5G, self driving cars, wearable/implantable technology . . ..
    Virtual consumption.They’re turning human beings into a commodity.
    Our rights will be controlled and individualized by a bio-security state and run on block chain. It will start by our governments forcing us to have a blockchain security ID for health (pandemic) purposes and they will layer in education, housing and all government services.
    Australia, working with Singapore is one of about 6 countries on the leading edge of the block chain bio security state. Their disability payment system is already in blockchain.
    It is frightening, but not hopeless. As she said in the video below, “they wouldn’t want to control us if we weren’t powerful.”

    1. We are not being “turned into a commodity”, we have been commodities for a long time. Just see TV, and radio, and newspapers which are all old communication media in which the user is the product and the advertisers are the clients.

  10. Well, the result of the US 2020 election is pretty much in.
    Roughly 66.5% of eligible voters voted.
    Roughly 10.4 million people did not vote for an R or D for POTUS.
    Roughly 153 million people voted for more of the same that they’ve experienced for at least the past 30 years of R or D rule (made no difference which) — perpetual growth; worsening environment; perpetual war; no medicare for all; an increasingly wealthy 0.01% and an increasingly poorer 99.99%; injustice system to the benefit of the wealthy and detriment of the poor.
    In short, More Of The Same wins by a landslide and that is exactly what Elite Americans will deliver to average Americans for the next four years. That’s the very definition of “democracy in action”, isn’t it — voters getting what they voted for?

    1. The triumph of marketing. The vast majority of those voters don’t want more of the same at all, but they’re so focused on and concerned about the “other” party that they’ll readily eat whatever shit shit sandwich their side offers up.

      1. Please disregard the redundancy 🙂

  11. “The word ‘entitlement’ has been (deliberately) made into a dirty word, but that’s exactly what people need right now. They need to feel entitled to dignified lives, to having their basic needs met, and to taking back what was stolen from them by the ruling class.” Same goes for the word “privileged.” Having the ability to lead a halfway decent life has become perceived as something exceptional, something outside the norm or mean or average, something reserved for the fortunate few. The hidden message here, by implication and connotation, is that the default human position is a brutal, desperate, relentless scramble to survive, often by crawling over the backs of others. THAT view of human nature and normality is the very heart of neoliberalism, and every time we call someone “privileged’ who merely has the opportunity to lead a fairly decent life–something that EVERY human being inherently deserves–we inadvertently buy into and reinforce neoliberal thinking. We opponents of neoliberalism must become much more aware of our language–entitlement, privilege, etc.–because you can’t tear down the master’s house with the master’s tools.

  12. Thanks for the perfect succinct response when the subject of “giving Biden a chance” comes up on the family Thanksgiving Zoom call.

  13. Along the same lines as the ‘Give Biden a chance’ and ‘look at how “diverse” our shiny new cabinet of psychopathic serial killers is…’, is the one that I saw in a tweet on the Jimmy Dore show yesterday… It was something along the lines of ‘Antony Blinken can’t be a horrible human being… He’s got two newborns at home’… My first thought was -so did Sadaam Hussein at one point – and Blinken’s advice saw that guy (or one of his five “doubles”) hanged to death by his own people… If only Antony Blinken had been kind enough to have named his babies Uday and Qusay…perhaps the Blue MAGA crowd would see him as he is… If the USA is “The World’s Policeman” – who’s the World’s Internal Affairs Division?

  14. Bitcoin donations ??
    Bitcoin: the destroyer of the sovereignty of nations.
    Who would benefit?

  15. Caitlin, as I read your article, your anger and disgust came through clearly. It reminded me of the man who raged against the sun because it was so hot. The world has always been full of injustice. We are just so much more aware of it in our information age. Though futile it still must be done. Continue on, some will listen.

  16. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Thank you Caitlin for your inspired articles and poetry.

    In the current context, this may be the best bit of predictive programming ever … read into this what you will …

  17. “And of course the self-described “anarchists” who suck at thinking always fall for it, because they regard all governments as illegitimate”. If the only argument I could make against any political philosophy is “they suck at thinking”, I would keep my mouth shut. Any and every government ever inflicted on any population is clearly definable as the threat of violence to force compliance, whether that compliance is with “just” or “evil” dictates is beside the point, since once such authority is “justified”, there is no guarantee that “just” won’t become “evil”. In fact, one can guarantee that it WILL become evil, for only evil would consider holding a gun to people’s heads and forcing them to comply with their point of view. Regardless of whether the majority favors that point of view or not. You rant, rave, and gnash your teeth over the violence inflicted by the US Military Industrial Complex, as do I, but then have no problem with a government willing to threaten violence against its own people, as long as you agree with their goals.

    1. There are many examples of governments who have the support of the population because the only way to avoid the ubiquitous “tragedy of the commons” and 2might is right” is to agree on common rules.

      1. Wherein lies the evil of governments, which rarely prevent might is right, and far more often facilitate it, if they aren’t the agents of it. How can one be more engaged in “might is right” than assembling a cadre of armed thugs to force compliance with the opinions of politicians? Common rules are simple. Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff. Governments most often are engaged in direct violation of such common rules on a massive scale.

    2. I am very clearly and specifically referring to anarchists who suck at thinking, not to anarchists in general. The internet is full of both smart anarchists and dumbass anarchists, and if you haven’t met any of the latter don’t worry: you will. Don’t get your knickers in a knot.

      1. Knickers unknotted. There are abundant dumbasses in any and all political ideologies, no doubt. Your comment on anarchism just seemed to be painting with a rather broad brush.

      2. Caitlin is there anyone out there, anyone at all with the potential to be a real instrument of change?

        Anyone, you think is worth listening to?

    3. Mate, it seems that perhaps you suck at thinking. You’ve entirely missed Caitlin’s point in the excerpt you’ve quoted. Quite apparently you’ve done so due to the limited peripheral vision available to you whilst so furiously peddling your favourite ideological bicycle in its preset direction.

      Whether or not the Govt. in question is evil or not, it is up to the people within its jurisdiction to resolve that for themselves. It is not the crusading duty of the US to do it for them, especially against their expressed will, especially involving the broad-scale murder of that target polity’s citizens, and especially as a proxy manoeuvre against a nation(s) other than the one being targeted.

      The matter of the fundamental merit of Govt. per se was not the issue under examination, until you made it so. Do you get it now?

      BTW, I agree regarding the fundamental inhumanity (evil?) of hierarchical power structures. However it is important to be clear and somewhat harmonious regarding what the point or base construct of any particular conversation is otherwise communication is destroyed. That leads directly into the lap of the ‘evil’ twin sisters of socio-political hierarchy – social alienation and atomisation. The only way to resist the growth of ‘the machine’ is to form social lumps (culture) too individually large and too spatially numerous for it to easily consume its way through them. Disagreement is a necessary but dangerous solvent to this reconstruction. Great care and thoughtfulness is needed in its application.

      1. Necessary and constructive corrective c/o Greg. Since I also have an occasional tendency to peddle my own ideological bicycle when commenting on Caitlin’s blog, I won’t be surprised if he soon jumps on my ass as well. It’s all good. By the way, Greg, I like that idea of a social/cultural lump too big, not to fail, but to be absorbed in Borg-like fashion.

        1. Just a quick modifier. The lumps need to be large enough for social needs but not so large as to replicate the basic problem. Connectivity and (relative) diversity between widely distributed groups is probably the most significant things. No group too small, too large, too isolated or too homogenous across the greater scale of things. Indeed the antithesis of The Blob.

  18. Polarisation is amazing. I recently posted on F.B. suggesting that Biden was a cook and the election was a fraud, and was swamped by people accusing me of being a white supremacist. The idea that both Trump AND Biden could be crooks fries people’s brains.

    I do think that the election was a total fraud and that in his attempts to investigate, Trump is yet again doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

  19. Lord, what fools these mortals be. Best line ever!

  20. The mind wars are far advanced. People have been manouvered into either complacency or helplessness. This is the result of a long campaign of mindfuckery. Check out wrenchinthegears. com to see where it is heading.

    1. Great site! Thanks Robin.
      Mind wars is another neglected area in most alt media. The advances in technology related to how we really are being trapped in the matrix is frightening.
      The Great Reset. Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, digital health passports (coming,) social credit scores (already here,) genetic profiling, neural programming, 5G, self driving cars, wearable/implantable technology . . ..
      Virtual consumption.They’re turning human beings into a commodity. Alison McDowell is on top of what’s coming, she’s brilliant.
      Conspiracy theory, my arse.
      Great video here:
      “The Fouth industrial Revolution Revealed With Alison McDowell”

      1. Ok. Watch this. It is big time scary. Coming our way soon.

  21. When we walk down the aisles of our local supermarket some of might think we have lots of choices.
    Most of the products on the shelves are manufactured by monopoly or duopoly corporations.
    eg: Fizzy brown drink 1 and fizzy brown drink 2.
    Soap powder A, B, or C and soap powder D, E or F.
    Small independent manufacturers are lucky to get shelf space.
    Politically, it’s a ‘choice’ between death by hanging or death by guillotine.
    Still, unless they come to my house with guns blazing: FUCK EM

    1. Actually it is a market strategy. By offering a large group of choices it fragments the market so a new product can only get a few percent of the market share among so many other products. Add this to brand loyalty and a new product needs massive advertising to get accepted.

  22. Caitlin wrote: All the conspiratorial fantasies about a Marxist Orwellian dystopia happening under Biden are far less horrific than the garden variety American imperialist mass slaughter that will actually be happening under Biden.

    That opinion would change just to read one article about Great Reset — I recommend this one by a talented young woman Great Reset for Dummies https://tessa.substack.com/p/great-reset-dummies

    1. Unfortunately, Caitlin is unwilling to understand that the notion of left or right is the conspiratorial fantasy. The people behind this scamdemic, behind regime change, behind the Imperialist wars are the same group who have been pushing their agenda of a NWO read Great Reset for over a century. If Caitlin reads the books from Professors Antony C Sutton, Carol Quigley, Guido Preparata, she will have it spelled out to her what the Transational Financiers strategy is for the vast majority of humanity. Moreover, if she reads their book The Great Reset, it is laid out in detail what they intend to do!

      1. This great reset doesn’t sound half bad. An entire new way of functioning in the world is what we need. People fail to remember that just 200 years ago the entire eastern half of the USA was once lush forests but america kills every animal standing, wipes out the trees sending many species of plants and animals over the extinction cliff. The Amazon is being burned on purpose and now they have their eyes set on mangroves. The USA refuses to set limits on population out of greed. Humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet destroying everything in sight. I do not believe we should be murdering people but we need to slow birth rates way down. The planet won’t tolerate what we are doing to it. I do not believe the great reset has anything to do with a fantasy that environmentalists and socialists have taken control. Socialists and environmentalist are the enemy of capitalism. Capitalism is the current driving, destructive force in this big mess.

        1. If you ever went to Eastern Europe before the Soviet Socialist Empire collapsed, you could see the environmental damage on a monumental scale whole forests destroyed by acid rain. Indeed, you can see the same forces at work in the Peoples Republic of China: smog, polllution destruction of natural habitats, the 3 gorges dam etc. Uncontrolled consumerism, uncontrolled accountability, uncontrolled avarice is the problem. As Mahatma Gandhi said “ there is enough in the world for everyone but never enough for greed”. The 0.0001% have an insatiable appetite for greed!!!!

          1. Bullshit, eastern Europe was far less polluted back then. The people were a lot more responsible and less selfish too; the accusation of uncontrolled consumerism is merely a projection by spoiled, fat westerners who watch too much television and imagine themselves surrounded by enemies.

            1. Did you go to Eastern Europe before the Soviet Empire collapse ? Did you visit the polluted and dead forests in Czechoslovakia? Did you see the thick black sulphurous coal turning the buildings black in Eastern Germany? It was nothing to do the people and everything to do with the tyrannical regimes who had could do as they pleased. Make no mistake uncontrolled consumerism of the state monopoly capitalism kind is just as bad as the state monopoly socialist type. Spoilt, fat Westerners hmm. Have a look at the major of the US or Western Europe and you will find hundreds of thousands of homeless jobless hungry people. “ imagine themselves surrounded by enemies “ Hmm, a 1,000,000 people took to the streets of the U.K. protesting about the illegal invasion of Iraq. Don’t confuse the views of the transnational financiers puppets leading the government’s with the ordinary people!

              1. I did, you didn’t. You don’t know what you’re talking about- you just repeat what other liars wrote.

                1. Well, it appears to me the BS is all on your part because if you ever visited East Germany you would have seen they used a fuel called lignite which is coal with high concentrations of sulphur which turned many of the buildings black. In addition, the Czech republic also used these types of fuel producing acid rain which destroyed main forests and started to destroy the Black forest in Bavaria. As they say in the UK, you street are talking out of your arse

                  1. I went to eastern Europe before the fall of the wall, and you did not. Your story about consumerism and pollution is still mbullshit.

                    1. So did I and I witnessed first hand the blackened buildings of Eastern Germany because of burning lignite coal. Indeed, if you had gone to Eisenhuetten Stadt it would have been like a page out of dante’s inferno.You must have gone with rosy coloured spectacles.

        2. David, we need a great freeset, based on indigenous wisdom and harmony with all living beings. The reset proposed by WEF and WHO and assorted oligarchs is a dystopian fascist prison world, beyond most peoples wildest nightmares. Check out Argusfest on youtube, and the work of Alison McDowell and Cory Morningstar. The ‘ reset’ is not at all ecological. The data it is based on is enormously energy consuming.

    2. Been reading articles about it all year. I wrote about it in the very article that you are commenting on. A lot of it is overblown hysteria ensuing from people believing every claim in every clickbait headline will come to pass (“morality pills” etc), and a lot of it is very real and very much where we’ve been headed as I described. But even if all those headlines were true and all 100% revolved around Joe Biden getting into office, it STILL wouldn’t be as horrific as the imperialist mass slaughter the US empire is inflicting right now and will continue to inflict under Biden. If you disagree, it’s only because you fail to appreciate how horrific mass military slaughter is and has been. Which was my entire point.

      1. Good point Caitlin.

      2. Mass slaughter is indeed horrific but what is more horrendous is the fact that the very same group, The Transnational Financiers, orchestrated WW1, WW2 as detailed by Professors Sutton, Quigley and Preparata in their books Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution, Tragedy and Hope plus Conjuring Hitler. The Transnational Financiers believe in the Hegelian doctrine of thesis +antithesis = synergy. Hence why the U.N, I.M.F, World Bank and plethora of other global organisations to forward their long term strategy of a one world government better known as the New World Order.

        Furthermore, they have orchestrated financial crashes and created globalisation in order to dismantle nation states as the economist, Professor Michael Hudson has outlined in many of books. A creation of a feudal financial structure as the Bank of International Settlements, the central bankers bank, was set up to do.

        There plans have always been an open secret you only have to read previous statements from Kissinger, the Rockefeller’s, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilaterals, The Bildeberg group, The Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum to realise this.

        The Scamdemic is but one more piece in the jigsaw as Metternich said “ War is an extension of politics” and all politics is about power and that is what they want absolute power over everyone and every resource on the planet!

      3. You write of current mass slaughter. Great reset enthusiasts are focused on coming mass slaughter by starvation etc. Same subject different emphasis. Both killing off humanity.

      4. Yes, and I love your pottery too.

      5. “If you disagree, it’s only because you fail to appreciate how horrific mass military slaughter is and has been.”
        I fear what the global, robber baron crime syndicate is up to will allow them create a much worse slaughter of innocent lives. The great reset will ensure that even fewer realize it is happening and that no one will be able to speak out about it.

  23. Caitlin, your writing is exquisite, however, I have seldom read an opinion piece that was so right and so wrong all at the same time. Your 360 view of the machinations of the world in general leaves one, or at least this one, quite dizzy.

    Keep up the good work, at least you are willing to give everyone a proper lashing.

  24. Ah, the wise Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth once again!
    Your Own Body Is Not Your Possession…It is the Shape Lent to you by Heaven and Earth. Your Life is Not Your Possession; it is Harmony Between Your Forces, granted for a time by Heaven and Earth. Your Nature and Destiny are Not Your Possessions; they are the Course Laid Down for you by Heaven and Earth. Your Children and Grandchildren are Not Your Possessions; Heaven and Earth lend them to you to cast off from your body as an insect sheds its skin. Therefore you travel without knowing where you go, stay without knowing what you cling to, are fed without knowing how. You are the Breath of Heaven and Earth which goes To and Fro; How can You Ever Possess It? – From The Book Of Lieh – Tzu

  25. “Fraction Magic” by Beverly Harris at > BlackBoxVoting.org
    Every election in the world has been stolen by the Privey Council, CIA, MI-6, Mossad for decades. What they failed to capture at crooked polling locations, they corrected with assassinations. American imperialism is a British invention.

    1. Right after the election – I went to blackboxvoting.org – hoping to find such an article… From what I could see…the site was totally BLANK… Nothing there (that I could see)… Now it’s all back… Funny how that is…

      Another good, relevant article, is https://blackboxvoting.org/proof-of-fraud/

      On point…

      And I’m beginning to think that your Canadian Patriot is on to something, too…

  26. I am an American who is a Democrat. I do not have any recollection that Democrats in 2016 denied the election outcome, but rather were stunned that Trump’s campaign played the Electoral College so well. No Democrat demanded a second election, in person only, with extreme measures to prevent supposed voter fraud, and Trumpsters are doing. The investigation into Russian interference went through normal channels after he was inaugurated, not while denying him access to normal transition activities. The ensuing rhetoric of “he is not our President” was not denying the election outcome but a rhetorical reminder that (1) he lost the popular vote and (2) he represented nothing that Democrats (half the voting population) cared to be associated with. If only we could fast rewind back to 2016 and let you live here in the states from then until now; your perspective likely would be different (not that I have any interest in reliving the past 4 years). As much as you despise Americans butting in to other countries’ affairs, you have no restraint advising us from afar about America.

    1. “Divide & Conquer, the Left/Right Fraud” at CorbettReport(.)com > UNIPARTY tyranny

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      “DEMOCRACY: it is controlled by capitalist ownership and control of the media, grants from tax-free foundations and favoured press coverage for favoured political candidates. Wide franchise to vote is given to the people to make them easier to control by making them think that “the people” are responsible for the inevitable distortions and negative consequences of the policies the super-rich mattoids impose in order to serve their selfish interests. Democracy separates authority from responsibility, this making it virtually impossible for the voters to reform the system. Those in authority (the mattoids) have no responsibility. Those responsible (the politicians) have no authority except that which is lent to them by their controllers.“

      W. A. Carto. May 20, 2003 in “Populism vs Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle” and cited in ”Publisher’s Note” in “The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy” by Matthew Raphael Johnson (first published 2003 – Third Edition 2010)

      You (We) have been played.

    3. “As much as you despise Americans butting in to other countries’ affairs, you have no restraint advising us from afar about America.”

      You are saying that nations (and their citizens) deeply afflicted by US intervention have no legitimate grounds for ‘advising’ the US from afar with regard to the events or processes of that affliction. A typical comatose utterance from the dismal vapour of the ‘Great American Dream’, which is everyone else’s nightmare not to mention also being a grotesque burden for most Americans were they to ever wake enough to make an inkling of sense of the things surrounding them. An unusually perceptive American had this to say about this general condition of nationally induced stupidity:


    4. Someone has to care about foreign policy because obviously americans do not. Not a single debate question was about foreign policy… Terrible. Life does exist outside your bubble.

    5. No. The Intelligence Coup was begun even before the election – with $hillary calling him a “Putin Puppet” – to distract from her own Russian connections, and the damning Revelations about ber and her campaign and DNC collusion, that wefe leaked from the inside – not hacked. After the Election Robbie Mook and Podesta came up with the idea of “Russian Meddling” to distract from all of those issues, her collosal failure to win in the general, after CHEATING to STEAL the Nomination from the more popular/electable candidate – and most importantly to tie Trump’s hands around one of the issues that he ran upon – improving our relationship with Russia. That was a reversal of the Imperial trend begun in earnest under Obama’s Second Term – the New Cold War with Russia – as Strategy laid out clearly in the 1990’s by Brzezinski and Wolfowitz – and restated by PNAC. The Nazi Coup in Ujraine was the final and overt declaration.

      Aaron Mate’, the late Stephen F. Cohen, Ray McGovern and John Kiriakou – have all laid out in detail – exactly how FAR OUTSIDE of the Regular Channels, SPYGATE aka “RussiaGate” actually was. Their goal was to tie Trump’s hands once in office, and undermine the legitmacy of his win. And it also set-up a 2018 retaking of the House, a whole bunch of grifting and fundraising, a d once Mueller came clean and admitted that he had nothing – it setup the subtext of their doomed Impeachment attempt. (Had they ACTUALLY wanted to remove him from office – there were a bunch of UNDENIABLE and wholly legitimate grounds to do so – and on points that even sone Senate Republicans would have had a hard time ignoring or dismissing as “Partisan”… Things like “EMOLUMENTS”, “CORRUPTION”, and “FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY”… But they wanted him in office until now, for strategic reasons, clearly.

      As for claims of Fraud and Election theft… He may not be wrong. The “Election Integrity” guy from DHS said that “Bad Actors” couldn’t steal our elections… And by that be probably meant Russia or Iran or Tommy Wiseau… But I’ll bet that he doesn’t consider the DHS itself, or the CIA, or MI-6 or Mossad or the Pentagon to be “Bad Actors”… Because all of them have those capabilities. And now the refrain is VERY FAMILIAR… ‘where’s your proof?” Well where’s the PROOF that the Magician didn’t briefly cut his assistant in half…and then miraculously restore her? After all – it occurred inside of a “black box”. https://blackboxvoting.org/proof-of-fraud/

      I’m no Trump supporter…but I did find it quite ODD, how the leads in key Swing States all seemed to switch in the middle of the night. And just like Al Gore had a right to exhaust his legal options in 2000 – Trump has that right now.

      Are you UNAWARE that $hillary’s SPOOKY AF people (Podesta et al) were GAMING OUT these EXACT scenarios a year ago? Their goal was – NO MATTER WHAT – declare victory – and preveng Trump from doing the same. And these people are OLD HANDS at election theft. TDMSRESEARCH.COM

  27. The Bidens should get their chances with the Bushes, Clintons and other friends in courts of law.
    Brilliant idealistic lawyer, Sidney Powell does not represent Team Trump. (She clearly states these voting systems were used to rob Californians who voted for Sanders, and give them Clinton, instead.)
    Sidney Powell represents the American voters, who have the constitutional right to cast their ballots and have them tallied correctly.
    That’s easy to like. I listened to the 20 minute radio interview with Ms Powell.
    This is a criminal case she is making about vote rigging.
    ​ ​I agree with the campaign’s statement that I am not part of the campaign’s legal team. I never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for my expenses or fees.
    ​ ​My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.
    ​ ​The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates. We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week. It will be epic.
    ​ ​We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia, for example, who have neither regard for human life nor the people who are the engine of this exceptional country.
    ​ ​#WeThePeople elected Donald Trump and other Republican candidates to restore the vision of America as a place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    ​ ​You may assist this effort by making a non tax-deductible contribution to

    http://www.DefendingTheRepublic.org. #KrakenOnSteroids”​ [I did]

    Here are the moving parts behind this approach:
    1. The facts about Dominion and Smartmatic, above.
    2. The strong statistical indication about voter fraud, also above.
    3. Powell’s statement to Larry O’Connor on Friday that she represents the people, not the president:
    4. The information that Michael Flynn Jr. and Lin Wood provided about the administration separating from Powell for financial reasons and her still being in the fight.

    1. Is there any way I could make a non tax-deductible contribution to the communists? I’m asking for a friend.

    2. There’s not a single thing that’s exceptional about your shithole country. It’s full of stupid, selfish, violent, self important, disease infested people

    3. Spot on. I still believe there are good guys and Sidney Powell is one of them.

    4. Enough already. Your secretly preferred candidate lost. Cue the next bloodthirsty ghoul in line to the American Game of Thrones. Sidney Powell is a silly tool. It’s all just too much…

      1. Yeah. Enough already with black boxes and proprietary software to “count” votes. Election integrity should be front and center.

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