It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose mass murder for profit and power.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose the globe-spanning power alliance that is perpetrating most of that mass murder on the world stage today.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose the existence of secretive government agencies which have extensive histories of committing horrific crimes.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to say that everyone ought to have a basic standard of living instead of being deprived of food, shelter and medicine if they have the wrong imaginary numbers in their bank account.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose the existence of a small class of elites who use their vast fortunes to manipulate our entire society toward their advantage.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to want plutocrats and government agencies to stop deliberately manipulating people’s minds using mass media propaganda.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to want everyone to have an equal chance of getting their voice heard in our information ecosystem instead of a few select power-serving lackeys.

It should not be considered radical or extremist to want a society that is ruled by the many for the benefit of the many instead of one that is run by the few for the benefit of the few.

It is very normal, sane and healthy to want a world where everyone has what they need to live, where everyone is free to do, say and think whatever they like as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else, and where nobody is being murdered by powerful governments. This is a very basic, intuitive, common sense desire to have for yourself and for your fellow human beings; it’s wanting for your society what you want for yourself.

Yet people who promote policies which are aimed at creating this kind of world are consistently marginalized and dismissed as radicals and extremists. It’s okay to say you oppose war in principle, but if you oppose any specific acts of warmongering being perpetrated by your government you’ll get labeled a Russian asset, a dictator apologist and all sorts of other pejorative labels which exist solely to justify keeping you off of mainstream platforms. It’s okay to think we should live in peaceful collaboration with each other and our ecosystem, but if you promote specific policies to make that happen you’re an evil commie, a class warrior and a moonbat in the same way.

Simply advocating sanity over insanity gets you shoved out of sight and out of mind by the narrative managers responsible for preserving a world order that is stark raving insane from top to bottom. If you oppose the systems exploited by the ruling power establishment which murders, exploits and oppresses people at home and abroad all day every day while destroying the very ecosystem we depend on for survival, then you are branded a lunatic and your wrongthink quarantined so as not to infect the mainstream herd.

This dynamic is made possible by the fact that the powerful are constantly pouring their wealth and influence into manufacturing the collective delusion that madness is sanity and sickness is health. The plutocrat-controlled political class and the plutocrat-owned media class feed the public an unceasing stream of propaganda aimed at convincing them that capitalism is totally working, that western imperialism is a kooky conspiracy theory, and that the military, police and politicians are our friends. This is what’s constantly being done by mainstream news media, and with varying degrees of subtlety it’s what is being done by every show on television and every movie churned out by Hollywood as well.

But that’s all it is: a collective propaganda-induced delusion. In reality it is the mainstream promoters of the establishment-authorized status quo who are the violent extremists, and it is those who desire health and sanity who are the moderates.

The madness of our world will necessarily continue for as long as we are unable to collectively find our way out of it, and we will be unable to collectively find our way out of it for as long as they are able to keep us collectively confused about what is madness and what is sanity. About what is normal and what is abnormal. About what is moderate and what is extreme.

If you oppose the madness of our world, don’t make an identity out of being a “radical”. Don’t build an egoic structure around life on the fringe. You are not radical, and your ideas should not be fringe. To live a revolutionary life, you should insist on the normality and mundaneness of your own position. Sanity should not be special and unusual, and we should not participate in the delusion that it is.

Let your life be an expression of the common sense ordinariness of revolution.


Image via Pixabay.

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82 responses to “In An Insane World, Revolution Is The Moderate Position”

  1. Heute mal wieder ein Artikel von Caitlin Johnstone, bzw. eine Übersetzung davon, vom englischen ins deutsche, mit ein paar Anmerkungen, bzw. Verlinkungen von mir dazu. Ein Danke an Caitlin von mir, für dies Ausformung solcher, ihrer Gedanken.
    Den Originalartikel gibt es hier: “In An Insane World, Revolution Is The Moderate Position”. Wie immer gilt, Übersetzungsfehler sind nicht ausgeschlossen und möglicherweise ist das Eine oder Andere besser zu übersetzen.
    Nachstehend nun alle von mir gemachten Anmerkungen, die nicht zum Originalartikel gehören.
    [7] Abducted Warriors – Dance Revolution [Fifth Of November Mix]

  2. Wow Caitlin, great writing!
    I think this should be translated and will do so quite certainly the next few days. I’ll come back to this.
    For now, just one more quote. Until soon, cheers!

    The „pathology of normalcy“ rarely deteriorates to graver forms of mental illness because society produces the antidote against such deterioration. When pathological processes become socially patterned, they lose their individual character. On the contrary, the sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology and arranges the means to give satisfactions which fit the pathology. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation; in fact, it is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society-and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic. ― (1973a: The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, New York (Holt, Rinehart and Winston) 1973, p. 356.)

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  4. And it’s the rational position.

  5. State Media Propaganda & Syria Under Joe Biden, w/ journalist Vanessa Beeley
    “What we are facing now is a war against humanity—and I can’t put it any more clearly than that. As you are, I would probably align myself more with the left. But at the same time, those who have been more open to discourse are the right. The censorship, the new fascism, is actually coming from the left. Particularly over the Covid-19, the shutdown has come from the left. The censorship is coming from the left….for me, I’m trying to get out of this left/right paradigm. I’m trying to say we need to unite against a much bigger threat than the Republicans or the Democrats, or the Labour or the Conservative….We need to be united, reallly, against what is a threat against our entire culture, heritage, our social interaction….”

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Thank you – Vanessa Beeley and Eva K Bartlett are the finest
      Here from Eva’s site In Gaza (and see the related prior article linked)
      By Richard Medhurst December 4, 2020

      1. This is what happens when journalists question the narrative. I believe the CIA, George Soros and other organizations pay people to sit all day on computers and villify people who have the courage to speak up. Then havecthe MSM pile on for more visibility.

        1. OMG – George Soros!
          (Russia, Russia, Russia!) {NO: CHINA, CHINA, CHINA!) Where will the search for the bogeyman lead this time?

    2. If you go far enough left or far enough right then you will end up in the same place. The system prolongs itself by making those options appear as unpalatable as possible. The denigration of these deviations from the status quo force all discourse to within boundaries to which the system can conceivably go . Self preservation of the system is its highest good. Tweaking the system to make it better is an illusion of the system, for the system and by the system.

      1. “Blessed be the body, and health to all of its parts. “

  6. Good article. Thank you Caitlyn.

    Just to live a simple life is what most of us want. We are not seeking great amounts of wealth and power. Others are doing that who do not share our vision of how life should be lived. We will not fit in and that is o.k. We have to get used to the fact that we will not ever fit into a system that is driven by power and greed. Yes, we must voice our opposition to this system of oppression. There is not much time left to do this. We have to act quick in order to get our voices heard. Peace.

  7. History proves over and over again that only effective revolutionary action will end tyranny and only Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy and tactics will succeed in the end. Read more of this here:

  8. Caitlin, the world is insane. Here is an excellent article showing how people are now advocating a complete 180 from their opinions not 5 years ago.

  9. If I had to bet the future on Caitlin who runs a blog, or on the assholes who run the world, I’d go with Caitlin. She may be but a bit of refreshing water surrounded by a massive edifice of stone. But she’s nestled herself nicely in a very deep crack as things approach the freezing point.

  10. Excellent Article.
    Thank You.

  11. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose the existence of a small class of elites who use their vast fortunes to manipulate our entire society toward their advantage…The madness of our world will necessarily continue for as long as we are unable to collectively find our way out of it…”
    How did it happen that some of the very worst “human beings” (defined loosely) on the planet have their filthy paws on the steering wheel of the great nations and corporations and cities and towns of the world? Yes, there’s all that business of narcissism and sociopaths having ruthlessness to seize power and all that. But there still is something wrong with that picture. Why isn’t there enough of a counterbalance and counter force by sensible and sane human beings to change the overall power dynamic?

    The first thing that must happen is that The Sane and Sensible People need to seize and take our existential narrative back. We are the sane ones. We are the normal ones. We don’t look to Them for guidance about anything. We don’t need Them for anything other than to get out of our damn way so we can live the lives The Divine would prefer that we live. We need to set the terms, redefine the game, seize the power of framing and definition. In short, We play only Our game, not There’s. We decide what is normal and right and just, not Those sloppy-drunk on ill-gotten money and power and influence. We decide and define who the Radicals and Extremists are. And you only need one guess to get that right. Once that is done, everything else flows.

  12. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I cannot thank God enough for not having had children.

    I would have been so worried about them in this crazy world ruled by decadent elites.

    I wonder how many people enjoy enough this crazy world to take a vaccine just to continue to live in this hellish society.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  13. So I am getting a little miffed at the double standards people exhibit. Either the MSM is spouting propaganda and all of it is twisted or they are telling the truth. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say they lie about this but tell the truth about that. So you either move counter to whatever they tell you or believe it all. Those who straddle both sides are hypocrits. Either live your life at the whim of others or go your own way. Be true to yourself no matter the cost.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      That is a logical error. It is right to treat the mainstream media as the tool of imperialism and oligarchy that it is. But to say that it doesn’t occasionally print something truthful is just as biased an opinion as believing that everything it says is truthful. In other words, your comments displays simplistic thinking. I am sure that Trump, for example, tells his fascist supporters to “be true to” themselves in promoting their beliefs in fascism and violence. Being true to oneself is only a good thing insofar as oneself believes in universal human rights and dignity and opposes tyranny and the rule of the elites. I don’t trust the MSM, either, because I know they are the paid mouthpieces of the ruling class. But they sometimes accidently print something that is true.

      1. Then the error will be you deciding the truth from lies. Thus rejecting it all is the safer course in my opinion even though that is fraught with errors as well. I believe such people who travel such a path are labeled either conspiracy theorists or anarchists.

    2. This is the same error as Caitlin described above: “It’s okay to say you oppose war in principle, but if you oppose any specific acts of warmongering being perpetrated by your government you’ll get labeled a Russian asset, a dictator apologist and all sorts of other pejorative labels which exist solely to justify keeping you off of mainstream platforms..”

      Or also known as throwing the baby our with the bathwater. It is hard sometimes to distinguish truth amidst lies and propaganda – especially since some of the best propaganda is factually correct.

  14. DNI John Ratcliffe: China Using ‘Gene Editing’ to Boost Military

    Am I wrong or is that what we are doing with this covid vaccine by editing our RNA. Just semantics and propoganda.

  15. The meaning in the context of the article is clear:

    “if they have the wrong imaginary numbers in their bank account.”

    But in a mathematical context, the numbers in a bank account are “real numbers.” The units currency they represent are as real as points on a scoreboard – valuable in some imaginary way. Surprisingly, people will deliver useful goods and services in exchange for transferring some of your points to them.

    Imaginary numbers are multiples of the square root of -1.

      1. Yes, we must.

  16. “It’s okay to think we should live in peaceful collaboration with each other and our ecosystem, but if you promote specific policies to make that happen you’re an evil commie, a class warrior and a moonbat in the same way.”
    Those most responsible (the global robber barons) for the denial of a healthy, “peaceful existence in collaboration with each other and our ecosystem” are now talking about “The Great Reset” in which they claim they will bring about just that. Does anyone really believe it?
    The “Great Reset” is more like the “The Great Con Job.” They will be/are using technology like IoT, block chain, health passports, 5G. . . for ultimate control over the masses and propagandizing it under the guise of creating a healthy, peaceful, sustainable society.

    “The Great Reset” will be the theme of “World Economic Forum” in Davos in January 2021.
    This is not a conspiracy theory. Here is the propaganda video by the WEF with eight predictions by the unelected, WEF, global robber barons that will happen by 2031.
    “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy.”
    “Whatever you want you’ll rent. And it will be delivered by drone”
    “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading super power.”
    . . .

    More on “The Great Reset” from Allison McDowell:
    And Cory Morningstar:
    “The ruling class has weaponized the power of both fear and conformity against us. That Covid-19 is the catalyst to usher in a new global architecture, that is the 4IR, is not conjecture, not “conspiracy theory“, but a fact. Full compliance is the goal. A physical transformation away from our physical world, towards a full embracing of an artificial, digital, virtual world, is being engineered, right before our very eyes. The social engineering of a collective consciousness. Social license is being harvested to reset the capitalist system – under the guise of a climate emergency and saving the planet. This we know: the planet will not be saved by those that have destroyed it.”

    1. It is all in plain sight for anyone interested. Unfortunately people either dont care or refuse to believe it. People feel safer believing the MSM, CDC and other institutions they have put their faith. Thus itbisxeasier to direct and control them by these institutions. Cli.ate change, covid restrictions, the great reset all have the same underlying theme.

    2. Just a foot note to my comment: I don’t reply to people who think poor people must die.

        Khatika / November 5, 2020
        “Technically yes. But the ones who will be doing the starving will be in the third world. The poor must go. So we can produce less and save the planet. Water sources getting scarce. Someone has to go, poor preferably. Shut down the west so we can legitimately reduce production and starve off the poor. The right people this time are not aryan but of the right economic class.”

    3. Here is an opinion that the 4th IR can be done quite well without the delusional psychopaths who are currently plotting against us.

      A better question yet would be as to the necessity of any of this nonsense.

      1. Not a fan of strategic culture. I consider it another side of crime syndicate propaganda.

      2. BTW. Since you posted this after my footnote. How do you feel about those who think poor people must die?

        1. They are called eugenists. That got a bad name after WW2 so they called themselves progressives. Planned parenthood is one of their brainchilds.

      3. This highlights an important idea for many, especially benevolent libertarians…that societal improvements should benefit autonomy\sovereignty. It seems there are many optimist builders, especially tech oriented, who tout disruptive technology empowering individual autonomy, but it seems TPTB just use the optimist builders to further tighten their grip on humanity. From a systems perspective, the enemy is power and the antidote is decentralization. It’s not utopia and there will be “bad” decentralized areas, but we have to accept that. Otherwise, power centralizes. The enemy isn’t “bad”…it’s power.

        1. The workability of all systems and solutions are imbued with a fatal flaw and that is scale. The band and the tribe are numbers levels of interaction and existence that allow natural human limitations to function properly. The farther away from this things are, the more they go awry. Globalism is the penultimate level of off the rails human inabilities. As scale increases, so do the malignant symptoms.

          Farming eventually gave rise to new types of behaviors and systems. Industrialization again warped the fragile fabric. Technology is the ultimate mechanism of illusory dominance and omnipotence. Every step up in scale implies a greater level of incompetence and another round of corrective actions that endlessly create more problems. Entropy is an unyielding taskmaster. As we approach the end game of bartering away our thoroughly adequate core existence for comfort and security, it is useful to point out that functioning appropriate to the limitations of limited beings is right here in front of our very noses obscured by the fantasies of scale.

    4. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      FYI (re Khatika’s comment indented – with thanks)
      Eugenics Timeline

      1. See his Nov. 5 comment I posted above.

  17. What we feel is very much universal, for all people, everywhere. What we believe is what we are programmed to believe.

  18. I am doing my part by not wearing a mask and inspiring others to do likewise.
    I also ignore all other covid quarantine directives. Lucky for me I dont live in melbourne or I would be wrestled to the ground, jailed and fined.

    1. Lucky for you you don’t live near me or I’d blow your dumbshit head off.

      Posting this horseshit on the day when Covid-19 is now the leading cause of death in the US. Thanks for spreading, asshole.

      1. Quit believing the MSM. When you subtract all the deaths in nursing homes from the total only 126 people have died in canada. You are the true danger to humanity. Joining in with whatever the MSM spouts and then getting worked up enough to attack others who disagree with you. Mob mentality.

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          It isn’t the MSM “spouting” information about Covid-19. The World Socialist Web Site also tells the same story about the spread of the disease. You sound like some ignorant nutcase. Talk about mob mentality. The science is real. Those in denial of science deserve to go under.

          1. Science has been corrupted for over 30 years. It is controlled by big money and government. Unfortunately only true scientists know this has occurred. They publish about such corruption but their work is marginalized. So please stop spouting established science. That went out the window a long time ago with the climate change takeover of the scientific community. Plenty of virologists publish about how this covid plandemic is nonsense but please dont read them, it will upset your world view

        1. Wrong place. Should appear under Pasha diatribe.

  19. Whew. This post is such solid common sense–but the comments are mostly whackadoodle stuff. I want to mention a couple items: the Obama administration decided to spend a trillion dollars not to get rid of the US’s dangerous collection of nuclear weapons–thousands of them–but to build a NEW generation of nukes. The Trump administration made it $1.7 billion. I find this breathtaking in its insanity. The other item also comes from Obama– he did an interview in which the reporter was criticized for giving Obama a chance to look over the draft and edit out anything he didn’t like. One thing left in was this: Obama said that when he was told he had won the Nobel Peace Prize, his reaction was, “I’m going to use my acceptance speech to make the case for war.” This is doubly insane because he had that reaction, and because he made a point of making it public–he could have deleted it. But y’know–war is peace.

  20. “It is very normal, sane and healthy to want a world where everyone has what they need to live, where everyone is free to do, say and think whatever they like as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else, and where nobody is being murdered by powerful governments. This is a very basic, intuitive, common sense desire to have for yourself and for your fellow human beings; it’s wanting for your society what you want for yourself.”

    This could be advertising copy for Anarcho-Capitalism. The socialists among us would argue that the state is required if “everyone has what they need to live”, while in fact the state prevents it. If half your income was not confiscated by the state, how much charity would you be capable of? Real human charity, not the faux charity of redistribution by the use of force, wherein state actors take their cut before the distribution. How little income would it take to provide for yourself? The state is a parasite.

    1. While I disagree with your advocacy of the virtual absence of government (assuming I’m reading you right), the thinker who I believe got the political, economic, social, and individual levels into proper balance, Edward Bellamy, envisioned an egalitarian post-revolutionary government which acted, when appropriate, by plebiscite but largely left people alone to live their lives as they saw fit. Because the essential structures for human flourishing had been put into place, the government was able to retreat into the background. For example, the need for taxes or for public or private charity were eliminated, except for the personal charity we show one another by solidarity and goodwill. Bellamy’s “Looking Backward” and its corrective and expansive sequel, “Equality” (both free to read on the net) offer an intriguing blend of socialism and libertarianism, and you might enjoy checking him out.

      1. You read me correctly, and I will check out the links you provide, but I’m not optimistic. There has never been a government that did not specialize in methods of killing people. It’s the only talent they have ever demonstrated, and they typically become quite good at it. The problem being, any government requires the threat of violence, otherwise they would simply be ignored. That threat is anathema to civility. Sane people simply do not threaten their neighbors with violence, except as required to keep those neighbors from doing so to them. The absolute best “government” is the Golden Rule. Which the psychopaths that usually end up in control of government have no interest in.

    Jim Kunstler gives election-lawfare briefing:
    The bigger questions for Mr. Wood and Miz Powell surround what kind of evidence they will bring into a courtroom. Miz Powell, especially, because of her relationship with General Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, appears to have inside Department of Defense (DOD) information that goes deep into the Dominion vote tabulation company’s origins, history, and abnormal activities in the 2020 election. That includes the seizure of Dominion servers at the giant US military complex outside Frankfurt, where the CIA maintains its chief cyberwarfare IT center outside the USA. General Flynn has been bottled up since 2017 in a corrupt prosecution eventually dropped by the DOJ, but stalled for half a year by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan even after he was ordered by the DC Circuit to dismiss the case.
    But now General Flynn has been liberated by presidential pardon to speak and act, and he’s doing both in startling terms. On Wednesday, he joined with retired three-star general Thomas McInerney in calling for the president to declare martial law in order to use military tribunals to investigate and prosecute treason in the election. They’re not the only ones chattering about that. They allege that Dominion Systems — which is not an American-owned company — invited meddling by several foreign nations and, in fact, enabled it through connections to the Internet. There is evidence that Chinese companies linked to the CCP are majority investors in the holding company out of Switzerland, UBS Securities, that owns Dominion. And lurking in the background of that is the evidence exposed from Hunter Biden’s laptop, of multi-million dollar deals for the Biden Family to represent Chinese companies affiliated with China’s Intel service.

    Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around”
    Williams acknowledged that “we can’t force someone to take a vaccine,” but when on to explain how people who didn’t take it would have their freedom of mobility severely restricted.
    “What we can do is to say sometimes for access or ease of getting into certain settings, if you don’t have vaccination then you’re not allowed into that setting without other protection materials,” said Williams.

    Dispossession and Imperialism Repackaged as “Feeding the World” (Monsanto gets Ukraine at fire-sale)
    The world is fast losing farms and farmers through the concentration of land into the hands of rich and powerful land speculators and agribusiness corporations. Smallholder farmers are being criminalised and even made to disappear when it comes to the struggle for land. They are constantly exposed to systematic expulsion.
    In 2014, the Oakland Institute found that institutional investors, including hedge funds, private equity and pension funds, are eager to capitalise on global farmland as a new and highly desirable asset class.

    1. A vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have it.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        You are so ignorant. Of course you have to be tested to know whether you have Covid-19 or not. You may have symptoms caused by something else. Or you may be carrying the virus without displaying any symptoms whatsoever but still be a danger to others. You reveal your ignorance with this stupid comment.

        1. The world has truly gone insane. Similar to the insanity which gripped it almost 100 years ago. If you cannot see the insanity taking place around you, nothing I can say will open your eyes. China went insane during Mao cultural revolution but they could not see it until they looked back. So it will be for this era of insanity.


      Colonialism is alive and well. Transhumanism is the colonization of the individual.

  23. Will repost this *everywhere*! A repost for the “Everyperson Everywhere”. Thank you, Caitlin for your wonderfully wise words. Narrative *can* set us free after all.

  24. Cutting through like a knife Caitoz. Reminds me of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the cave”
    so do sheeple in their maaa- maaa – maaasks.

  25. I love your columns as well as the informed comments. I recommend a youtube channel called argusfest, he does show called ‘If we were honest’ that features some discussion panels that contain some of the best researched and thought out critiques of what is going on socially and politically. Beyond critique, we need to articulate and act upon the culture and values we want to preserve against the destructive juggernaut of industry and its current mutation. The stars are with us, as revelations and expose’s abound.Sustainability is what many indigenous cultures have been doing for ages. Its not rocket science. Lets make the great freeset our own, and have a great time creating a just world.

  26. Thank u for writing that! I think that individuals being made responsible for the structural disjuncture of the collective, leads to a sense of annihilation that is hard to shake. I look forward to getting your emails because they provide some emotional respite from the very real sense of horror that is integral to the mode of control that comes with full spectrum parasitism…Its either environmental schizophrenia or a flock of deranged parrots doing voice work for some entity…I hear the #7 a lot IDK if it’s an actual cult of surveillance or my technological impairment talking for me. Either way I don’t plan to be a victim of my own lack of compassion so I appreciate what u say about sanity given how insane the atmosphere really is…all the best!

  27. “… everyone ought to have a basic standard of living instead of being deprived of food, shelter and medicine if they have the wrong imaginary numbers in their bank account.”

    That’s it. 100%. Amen.

  28. This is so beautiful and sane and refreshing. Thank you

  29. It should not be considered radical or extremist to oppose “The Great Reset.”
    Are people really okay with this?
    Alison McDowell:
    “What we are living through is not a public health emergency but a reset of the global economy managed from Davos on behalf of the finance, technology and defense sectors. This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow”
    They are propagandizing/usurping/monetizing terms like “socialism”. . . “green new deal” to condition us into conformity with the coming technological, authoritarian fascism they are in the process of enslaving us with.
    “It’s not just air travel that the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum intend to regulate. In their imagined future, presentation of tokenized credentials will be required to go to work, to school, to the store, to access public buildings and events. Such micro-management was unfathomable mere months ago, at least to everyone not in on the scheme.”
    “I am here to speak of Davos’s plans to deny us the opportunity to communally atone for and begin to remedy the devastation capitalism has wrought against nature and Indigenous people.”

    1. Thank you! You spoke 10/27/2020 You spoke to where is all the data going, from taking the test? My question too. Here in Hawaii they just implemented a new system, so the tourist could visit. You can order a test online and are supervised on Zoom. The saliva test is called Vault. Vault was developed at Rutgers NJ. Jay A. Tischfield director Human Genetics. RUCDR scientists work to convert precious biosamples into renewable resources thereby extending research capabilities. Their slogan. They have built the largest biorepository/bioprocessing facility in the world. RUCDR, Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions Industry Services stakeholders to monetize the real value of biological assets. Not only can they do what ever they want with the DNA they can sell it and they plan on making a lot of money. Thank you, for all your research and writing about this incredible game changer. I for one do NOT consent to this insane agenda.

      1. I think you may have meant this for Alison McDowel’s blog?
        I don’t recall writing anything about where the testing data is going.
        They are monetizing biological assets. These DNA (mRNA) vaccines are frightening. Opening the door to madness on a whole new level.

    2. “finance, technology and defense sectors.”

      “Military” or “war” sector, not “defense.” Framing is important, as the U.S. War Department figured out 75 years ago when it cooked up the new name for itself.

  30. It’s not too late. We can collectivize. Nobody has to starve.

  31. when i got my big concussion i took a test @ Neurology. an hour or so later my brain was fried, exhausted, tears in my eyes, and head in hands.
    the young lady a student i guessed. was so serious. i asked her how i did. she said what do you mean? i said what was my score…no score at all.
    then what’s it for?
    well, she said you were normal to the test.
    i said this test was abnormal. [i wantd to swear]
    she went silent. i told her that for me, coming over here clear cross town was also abnormal. hospitals are all abnormal and this test was a stress test to me. i gleaned nada from it baba. so there. AND i had to wait an hour past my appt time so tht you guys wont be done today until midnight if you keep losing one hour every hour like you did with me. and you need better magazines.
    when i got home the head of the Dept called me. i was floored. she asked me all about myself and what i said. and she said “We messed up. the test showed us you had your logic and your problem solving fine but it took a lot out of you emotionally.” …i started…she went on…”we made it worse for you. sorry.”
    wow, i went. thanks. that’s normal. then i went over her pay grade:
    how come our frakking .GOV can’t ever say they’re sorry?
    someday they will. i hope. she said.
    medical people are trained to never talk politics.
    so they are going to learn a very big lesson the hard way, when they take the Big Vax. From what i hear and read, i am not going to be in the first billion.
    i’d rather go herd….

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You sound completely incoherent and demented.

      1. He is saying you cannot trust the medical community. That it has been politicized like so many other things. News, science, medicine etc. Those bedrock things you hold most dear.

      2. Actually, this is an outstanding piece of creative writing.

        1. Outstanding because a good deal of thought is reflected here, it is posed in an authentic artistic style, and moreover managed to draw me into an “experience” that I could feel and relate to.

  32. Common sense and a sense of our common humanity.
    A pot-smoking comedian working out of his garage has become one of the most truth-telling of truthtellers because he is in touch with those two things—like the most of us are. And he’s pretty smart too. Righteous indignation is what’s called for right now—thanks to Jimmy for being appropriately pissed-off.
    Nancy Pelosi needs some sail-trimming….if not a trial for crimes against humanity.

    1. Jimmy operates on the assumption that our number one allegiance should be to our values and principles, and especially to truth which, if we don’t possess, we have an obligation to pursue. We must give up the usual human knee jerk response of just following the leader, whomever might be in power, showing our loyalty to demonstrably corrupt in-groups, pop stars, political parties, “charismatic” pols, slick talkers, self-serving populists and other false prophets, especially if they gravitate to high office and megabucks. Blind party loyalty gave us Uncle Joe. Reality TV showbiz skills gave us the Donald. Some bait and switch jive gave us the Obomber. So it always goes.
      Seek the truth on your own, tapping as many sources as possible. Look first at every side of an issue, and mentally test each against numerous different contingencies before choosing the path you will walk. Reason things out for yourself don’t just adopt the nostrums of some supposed wise man. Learn to think logically first if you don’t know how (that’s the most important thing you were supposed to pick up in school) or how to recognise clear logic or just plain common sense in would-be leaders. Recognise that the real world is complex and many truths lay hidden twisted around other truths and sometimes some lies.
      Jimmy may sometimes sound a bit disorganised or inarticulate as decades of his life were previously spent primarily trying to make people laugh rather than think, analyse and come to judgements on existential issues but he seems focused like a laser on helping you understand that there are absolutely no wise men or women with any influence in either of the two major political parties in America. Any candidates demonstrating such talent are not tolerated and will have their campaigns sabotaged with extreme prejudice (e.g., Sanders, Gabbard). Moreover, no one holding power in these self-serving cliques has any real interest in helping you, the “common man” or the “little people,” in your daily struggle against the system which is structured essentially for the benefit of the inside elite upper classes ONLY. Anything else you may think you discern emanating from the American political system is only crafty showmanship and empty words.
      Jimmy doesn’t say there are NO solutions to the many serious problems that threaten to destroy this planet and the humans that live upon its surface, just that i) discovering, disseminating and selling those ideas, ii) identifying the people who may be capable of implementing them and iii) putting those individuals into positions of power to enact said solutions is going to be damned difficult [my surmise based on his many and varied spiels].
      Plenty of potentially effective ideas based on scientific fact and logic are floating around out there, and they are widely disseminated but convincing the public of their efficacy is often problematic. (Look at the resistance to the expert advice re the Covid pandemic, anthropogenic climate change, or unlimited deficit spending to fund bankrupting wars of choice.) Electing the right persons to implement such progress seems the biggest obstacle. (Uninformed deniers or permanent riders of the public gravy train prove more popular in the public arena.) At the same time we must safeguard against electing individuals with some of the wild-eyed social programs to completely restructure society that are now being proposed and even demanded (e.g., completely eliminating the police; or ensuring absolutely “equal representation” in societal roles based exclusively on quotas related to race, gender or sexual identification rather than established qualifications or work history.)
      At least Jimmy gets his listeners to thinking about such challenges whose time will eventually come when the shit hits the fan… as it inevitably will, even if too late.

      1. I love Jimmy Dore as an authentic, caring, courageous, and outspoken human being. But ever since Covid shut down what he so enjoys doing, his shows and in-person exchanges with panelists and guests, he seems to have become more angry than enlightening. Indeed, he knows himself well enough–is not so full of himself–that he’s able to refer in humorous fashion to what critics have called his “impotent rage.” On a certain level, of course, everything and everyone these days ARE fucked up, so shortcomings and evasions, failures of compassion or nerve, need to be constantly pointed out. But anger is only a starting point, a prelude, and these days we’re saturated with it. Thus I look forward to Jimmy working his way through endless denunciation and offering us more of the insight and wisdom that are certainly inside him…and which we so desperately need.

    2. Excellent video. Every mask wearing fear mongering fanatic needs to watch it. Brutal truth.

  33. Thanks for a voice of reason and sanity. My views are regularly considered radical, extreme, not realistic. I know they’re what is possible and what should be normal. I feel so alone in my thinking. You echo my sentiments perfectly and completely giving me a much needed feeling of validation and solidarity.

  34. “Right To Try Voodoo” ~ the barbaric history of the medical mafia
    “WuFlu Bat Stew News for You” ~ Hydrochloroquine, miracle preventive and cure
    “Body Electric Secrets” ~ amazing suppressed medical technology
    all at principia-scientific

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