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You Have No Obligation To Conform To A Wildly Sick Society

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a Russian propagandist for criticizing the most powerful and destructive institutions on earth.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a Chinese propagandist for advocating peace and detente instead of loyalty to the continual unipolar domination of a sociopathic global empire at all cost.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a dictator apologist any time you oppose murderous interventionism and the lies which are universally used to manufacture support for it.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a crazy conspiracy theorist for believing the plutocratic media distorts the truth to protect the interests of the plutocratic class.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a deranged extremist for saying the system which has marched our species to the brink of extinction is not working.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which brands you a freak and an outcast for saying everyone should be given what they need in a world of plenty instead of letting people die while elite predators hoard far more than they need.

You have no obligation to conform to a society where you are branded a dangerous radical for saying that Black and Indigenous lives matter and that police funding should be re-routed to programs which actually work.

You have no obligation to conform to a society where you are branded a misandrist bitch for saying rape culture is a problem and more consciousness needs to be brought to the power dynamics of gender.

You have no obligation to conform to a society where you are branded a loser for choosing to heal your psychological wounds and bring consciousness to your inner processes instead of spreading your mental demons around the world in search of conquest and domination.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which turns its back on gentleness, on kindness, on understanding, on deep listening, and stands with greed, violence, oppression, exploitation, and a rat race wherein you must step on your neighbor’s head to keep your own above water.

You have no obligation to conform to a society which rejects collaboration and harmony in favor of competition and obedience at the expense of the very ecosystem we depend on for survival.

The madness of our society gives you permission to turn away from its doctrines and expectations. When everyone’s dropping dead after drinking from the punch bowl, you are allowed to take a pass on the Kool-Aid. When the people standing in line for the ride are coming out the other end as ground mince meat, you have permission to jump the fence and go elsewhere.

You have permission to reject the doctrines and expectations of your society.

You have permission to reject the doctrines and expectations of your culture.

You have permission to reject the doctrines and expectations of your family.

You have permission to reject the doctrines and expectations you yourself have held dear all your life up until the very moment you read this sentence.

You are not what they told you you are. You do not have to be what they told you you must be. You do not have to become what they told you you must become.

Life is so very, very much more than the thin layer of mental chatter which makes up our whole society could ever begin to perceive. You are so very, very much more than the doctrines and expectations of our pervasively sick culture could ever even guess at.

Set down the catechism of culture and make your home in the ineffable. Come and swim in the living waters. Come and sing with the hammerhead whales.

Your every breath contains more adventure than all the garbage summer blockbusters that Hollywood has ever made. The energy crackling in your cells this very moment contains more truth than every religious scripture ever written.

You are innately worthwhile. You were innately worthwhile the moment you arrived here, before you attained a single attainment, before you earned a single dollar, before you received your first nod of approval from someone with more power than you.

You have permission to simply be that, and to see where that adventure takes you.

Everything our species has tried has led us to a dying world and a society that is stark raving mad, so nobody is in any position to tell you that you are wrong.

Find that still, guiding voice within you which existed before they began caging you with their word-spells, and just see where it leads you.

Wherever it leads, it’s better than following the proverbial lemmings off the cliff.


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  • Vive-se desde antes de sair da barriga da mãe, envolvido na ideologia capitalista, e esta, por si só, forja a mente do indivíduo e o conduz ao encontro do que esta mesma ideologia intenciona. O sectarismo é o eixo que se desdobra em vários outros ismos, como machismo, racismo, homofobismo, etc.
    As pequenas minorias dominantes, que ao longo do tempo, configuraram esta ideologia, não tem nada de psicopatia, mas, em sua grande maioria, seguem uma crença de fundo sectário-religioso, a chamada DESTINO MANIFESTO, que por sua vez, justifica todos os meios conspiratórios usados contra a grande maioria populacional do planeta, como único caminho para que essas elites cheguem ao fim proposto por tal crença.

  • Well now…THAT was a breath of Fresh Air…I’m feeling’ better already!

    ( But for the Love of God, DO NOT tell Doc Fauci, nor his minions in the fake news…I’ve had about all of their Deep Concern that I can stomach.)

  • Our society is NOT sick. Our society is indoctrinated by psychopaths whom they think look after their interests. Psychopaths are NOT sick. They inherited undesirable genes and for more than 70 years, scientists have known that undesirable genes are the root cause of society’s problems. Super-wealthy psychopaths own the big banks which instigate and sponsor wars, revolutions and violent strategies which enrich these psychopaths. Constitutions, laws, economic principles and regulations etc. partly restrain but do not eliminate evil. But Yeshua, whose name means Liberator in Hebrew, explained how we can contribute to the downfall of their evil empire by indirectly precipitating enough conflict, wars and violence to accelerate the implosion of this evil empire. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in their crimes against humanity, but we don’t do that because that is too challenging. Even critical analysts, journalists, dissidents, protesters and looter continue to enjoy the benefits of remaining part of the establishment and complicity in their crimes. Yeshua explained everything in detail but for 1700 years the Catholic Church twisted and corrupted His lectures and brilliant revolutionary strategies through translation errors and/or massive censoring of relevant ancient records. The Catholic Church is the mother of abominations, collaborating with governments in fraud, mind control, aggression and oppression. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

    • All religion is the stuff of morons. The Christian crap spewed daily is the most irritating – especially from the evangelical/born-again nutcases.

      Jesus taught that all must be respected loved forgiven, but he certainly had very little patience for the RICH. Wonderful instructions. So what has this evolved to?

      A cult of personality “Jesus (Son of God). To be accepted in heaven, you must accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. Irrespective of all heinous crimes you may have committed. As long as you accept Jesus with your dying breath, voila, you are going to heaven.

      When a small child dies from Cancer (God works in mysterious ways), But God has answered their prayers when a Christain lands a plumb job.

      You could be the most kind, generous, giving, loving person the world has ever known, but if Jesus isn’t your personal lord and saviour, you are doomed to HELL. At the same time, the serial killer who accepted Jesus as he was being put in the gas chamber is going to heaven.

      As Rickie Gervais has said, “If you don’t sin, he died for nothing!”

  • Amen, Sister.

  • OMG does this trigger old memories. Protesting war in the 60s we were called non-conformists. It was probably intended to be an insult. We really did not stop the war. We just pushed it around. And here we are again. What can we do different this time?

  • “It would still be a massive escalation beyond previous online censorship protocols to begin censoring people simply because they are wrong. People are allowed to be wrong. A free society allows people the right to voice wrong beliefs because the only alternative is creating a monolithic Ministry of Truth which has authority over what the right and wrong beliefs are.”

    There are a couple of problems with the above statement. First of all, there can be no such thing as “on-line censorship protocols.” That term implies that “rules” exist independently of people, therefore YouTube could claim that an “algorithm” made the censorship decision, not them. But an algorithm is just a flowchart of “Yes” and “No” choices, which were manually-input by a human being. An algorithm is only one person’s opinion, expressed in flowchart form. But they’ll never let you see the flowchart.

    The second problem is the idea that people should be allowed to voice wrong beliefs. But there is no way to determine if a belief is “right” or “wrong”. So by definition, it’s impossible to express a wrong belief, because belief is a matter of opinion. And what may be an “established fact” today, could be proven wrong tomorrow. Beliefs are a mixture of faith, hope, optimism, reality, and expectations. But the State wishes to destroy independent thought in the form of “beliefs”. That’s why art is becoming illegal. In Cuba, it’s completely illegal, https://quillette.com/2020/12/13/cubas-doomed-war-on-independent-art/
    And in Venezuela, free speech itself is becoming illegal.

  • We have to admit that it is not so tempting to take a vaccine to have the “chance” to continue living in a rotten society which resembles the society of the days of Noah and the Flood and where decadence is everywhere especially among the ruling upper classes.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  • Caitlin, we (if I may) have a million words running around our cognitively dissociative brains and they just won’t come it in an orderly fashion. And then there you go putting them down in such an eloquent and poetic manner so that we can just unscramble our own thoughts as we read your articles.
    Ignore those few ’nerds’ and detractors – they just reveal their agenda without content or contribution.
    What I find astonishing and admirable is that you (and indeed many other merit-worthy writers) must have countless topics running through your brain and yet you are able to stay focussed and articulate just one at a time within a finite scope to give all your readers signposts and a sensation of direction.
    A Million Roses to you and Tim …
    • Infinity Sound
    • I have an obligation to admit when I am wrong or have been misled and to share the truth as I discover it.

  • So I’ve got no argument with you, but what do we have an obligation to in your opinion? Because without that what meaning does our life have if not a self-centered one. It is easy to point out the flaws but a whole nether matter to make a true difference for the better, and I’ve got no formula for that but after awhile if your just saying the same thing ad infinitum, then I’m not sure you have much left to teach. Could be a break in the action would do you good, and then you could come back refreshed and able to teach again with passion.
    My obligation is mainly to my family and my ancestors and the struggles they went through and the effort they made to pass on something better for the next generation.
    My plan is to honor that obligation with dignity in 2021 because 2021 is gonna be a year of serious business if my imagination holds true.
    Now on to some gotcha-reCaptcha so I can post this little message to you all. Oh yeah, I’m lurking, but lately I haven’t learned much, so I doubt I’ll be spending much more time here. Nonetheless, I put out a big-time thanks to Caitlin and I reckon I should send in some funds for the many things I have learned. I reckon I’ll do that, but maybe not – what difference would it make at this moment in time?

  • You have no obligation to conform to a society that is controlled, from top to bottom, by a global robber baron crime syndicate.
    Don’t worry, though. They’re coming to “save” us from all of the greed, corruption, wars, death, and planet destroying pollution they’re responsible for.
    “The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican (“the Council”), a historic new partnership between some of the world’s largest investment and business leaders and the Vatican, launched today?
    “The Council is led by a core group of global leaders, known as Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism, who meet annually with Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson. These leaders represent more than $10.5 trillion in assets under management, companies with over $2.1 trillion of market capitalization, and 200 million workers in over 163 countries.”
    Read what the Guardians of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican have to say here. The full list of Guardians is as follows:

    Ajay Banga, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard
    Oliver Bäte, Chairman of the Board of Management, Allianz SE
    Marc Benioff, Chair, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, Salesforce
    Edward Breen, Executive Chairman, Dupont
    Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
    Mark Carney, COP26 Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister, and United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance
    Carmine Di Sibio, Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EY
    Brunello Cucinelli, Executive Chairman and Creative Director, Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A.
    Roger Ferguson, President and Chief Executive Officer, TIAA
    Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder and Managing Partner, Inclusive Capital Partners
    Kenneth Frazier, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Co., Inc.
    Fabrizio Freda, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies
    Marcie Frost, Chief Executive Officer, CalPERS
    Alex Gorsky, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson
    Angel Gurria, Secretary General, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    Alfred Kelly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Visa Inc.
    William Lauder, Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies
    Bernard Looney, Chief Executive Officer, BP
    Fiona Ma, Treasurer, State of California
    Hiro Mizuno, Member of the Board, Principles for Responsible Investment
    Brian Moynihan, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America
    Deanna Mulligan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Guardian Life Insurance Company of
    Ronald P. O’Hanley, President and Chief Executive Officer, State Street Corporation
    Rajiv Shah, President, The Rockefeller Foundation
    Tidjane Thiam, Board Member, Kering Group
    Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation
    Mark Weinberger, Former Chair and CEO of EY, and Board member of J&J, MetLife and Saudi Aramco

  • “You Have No Obligation To Conform To A Wildly Sick Society”
    The nice thing about Life is that we have no obligation to conform to… ANYTHING. Oh sure, there are the commonly accepted ways of getting along and growing up and relating to each other. But each day is a blank slate that we fill up any way we want to. That burden, however, is too monumental and scary for most humans so we take the easy and lazy way out and find the nearest embedded ditches and happily slide ourselves into them. What a waste.
    And as far as a Sick Society goes, such sickness is running wild these days every place at every turn. There is a very lethal virus going around but it’s not so much the one that everyone is talking about. Instead, it’s that Virus of Sickness that permeates most everything. Is there a vaccine for THAT? Yes, it’s called reclaiming your bearings and your morality and goodness and sense of purpose. It’s not masking your mouth or your eyes and ears to the Evil that surrounds you and doing whatever you can to mitigate and overcome it. It’s not following the crowd and not just doing the same things you did yesterday. Life is moving too fast for that. Old patterns don’t work so well anymore. You must be quicker afoot and in thought to navigate all the things coming at us like hockey pucks being shot a goalie under siege. Slow and predicable just ain’t gonna cut it.
    This planet is “Sick” for a reason. If you never knew or felt sickness, you’d never know how bad it feels and how much you want to get out of that state of being. That’s what we’re here to learn. That’s what all this Sickness is about. Feel it, remember it, transcend it. And never go back to it again. May we all get well.

  • Dear Caitlin, this is very well said, as usual, and makes me proud of you, also as usual. I am glad to be your patron.
    While it is true that we humans are traversing the Heart of Darkness presently, I do not believe that we are destined to remain in it forever.
    The powers that be are busy destroying their hold on our hearts and minds through their grotesque malfeasance. By inflicting pain and ruin they are awakening us. Trust is a capital sum, from which only so much can be withdrawn if it is not replenished.
    It is a hopeful sign that people such as you have the keenness of vision to see things as they are, and the clarity to tell us that it does not have to be this way. Thank you.

  • “You have no obligation to conform to a society where you are branded a dangerous radical for saying that Black and Indigenous lives matter and that police funding should be re-routed to programs which actually work.”

    Please write an article about those systems that work in the place of police.

    • Social services. Drug and alcohol dependency and rehab programs. Child protection services. Hospitals and refuges for the mentally ill. Community action programs. Housing associations. Parks and recreation services. Youth services. Libraries. Community colleges. Just to be going on with.
      Any other questions?

  • you have no obligation to believe that you are a long lasting, independent, separate entity either, and that is at the bottom of all anxiety, restlessness and discontent…the burden of being a noun…

    • Great point! How does language influence all of this? An important question, indeed. Studies show that more peaceful societies past and present, like some N. American indigenous languages, don’t use nouns and speak mostly with verbs.

  • I would say you require no permission to reject the doctrines and expectations of your society. You require nobody’s permission to reject the dictates of a transnational oligarchy handed down through the utterly illegitimate co-opted governments they have subverted. Take a close look at where this is leading us, it blows my mind that this is still pretty well under wraps: https://markcrispinmiller.com/2020/11/is-this-post-election-struggle-meant-to-touch-off-civil-war-to-justify-the-big-crackdown-long-but-well-worth-reading/?fbclid=IwAR2Uw52IvhRCfIzf_uF1LVZ8M155jNAZwMwBQpDiuMkKRhJERRyYuveWt58

    • Good article. Funny how the Transition Integrity Project was so prescient. Well, it’s not actually funny at all. I’ve been trying to come to terms with the idea of there being little time left—and that the end will require a stoicism that will eventually be broken.

    • I haven’t read the article yet; but he’s a fairly well-known figure, and a quick glance at his wiki (blech!) notes that he’s under ‘behavioral review’ in his professorial position at NYU for “wrongthink” on his views regarding the virus, among other things. What chilling times we live in.

  • I would say you require no permission to reject the doctrines and expectations of your society. You require nobody’s permission to reject the dictates of a transnational oligarchy handed down through the utterly illegitimate co-opted governments they have subverted. Take a close look at where this is leading us, it blows my mind that this is still pretty well under wraps: https://markcrispinmiller.com/2020/11/is-this-post-election-struggle-meant-to-touch-off-civil-war-to-justify-the-big-crackdown-long-but-well-worth-reading/?fbclid=IwAR2Uw52IvhRCfIzf_uF1LVZ8M155jNAZwMwBQpDiuMkKRhJERRyYuveWt58

  • Word spells indeed. Of what does this style recall? Words in red, implied to stand above the background narrative. One does not simply assume Godhead in the absence of existing hierarchy thereof. Even gifts carry a price, and an exchange extracted. Nothing wears so heavy as a crown, except perhaps a cone. How much kin? So where to begin? Open up the window sucka left me catch my breath. Pillory, burn, crucify passé today, enough recycling paves the way. Tesla valve… very interesting. If it doesn’t feel good you ain’t doing it write. Black dawn? US Imperial dollars preferred?

  • Way to leave out covid, you coward. Of course you have no obligation to mention the fake pandemic, the hoax, the gigantic con, the Great Reset, the unneeded shut down, the subsequent bankruptcies and suicides, the shit PCR test, the shittier vaccine, etc. Nope, no obligation, but a thinking person would think that while you are busy listing shitty things you might say a little something about the shittiest thing since 9/11. But no, not a word.

      • I have noticed the omission as well in many articles. Would really like to see your thoughts on the great reset and all it entails since this too is along the same lines as many of your articles.

        • Caitlin’s already indicated in prior comments that she hasn’t been convinced by the evidence so far put forward that the pandemic was, from its inception, a plutocratic plot. I share this opinion, which surely impacts one’s take on the various “great resets” being talked about. In her own way and on her own terms, hasn’t Caitlin been calling for a great reset of the neoliberal world order since this blog began, a reset that serves humanity, does not kill the environment and other living things, and does kill criminal imperial war?

          • We shall have to wait then until the interrelationship between these unrelated things become clearer.

    • I recall Caitlan explaining clearly why she hasn’t covered Covid in the past. She has also been pretty forthright in explaining why she hasn’t covered things like 911 as well. Maybe you can find these pieces and have a better understanding. Best.

      • It’s not just Caitlin. There is a swathe of thinker/writers who carry on critiquing society like it is pre-covid time, back in the old normal. But shit has changed. Everyone knows this. Everyone feels this. Everyone see this. This is big! And with many disparate parts. But I am not a professional writer so I am not “able to articulately connect them all using facts and robust argumentation,” as C expects me to do in a blog comment. But another writer whom I respect, Naomi Wolf, is doing what I am accusing C of and here is a cogent and well written critique of Wolf’s new book taking down the Covid conspiracy theorists called The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie.

        Naomi Klein: Gatekeeper Extraordinaire Veteran journalist lines up alongside the mainstream, attacking “conspiracy theorists” and “covid denialism”. https://off-guardian.org/2020/12/11/naomi-klein-gatekeeper-extraordinaire/

        • Naomi Klein, of course …. Would I be the first to make that mistake? It’s this old guy thing, Fucking names! Can’t remember names. Sorry ,,,, lol.

          • Oh baby, if you want to rumble I am ready. Explaining (and explaining away) the whole covid thing uses a lot of internet space. Luckily there are actual sites which explain it well and critically. This is not one. But you do other shit wonderfully. But if you want to do this C, start an open thread. Then see how long before the brain police attack and fuck with the thread. Until they come let’s do it C.

  • and you have no obligation to conform to a society that does not support restoration of all rights of the Palestinians.

  • A living philosophy Caitlin. Beautiful.
    Can I add, at risk of being pilloried:
    You have no obligation to eat or wear dead animals, or consume their body fluids.
    You have no obligation to work 35, 40, 50, or 60 hours a week.
    You have no obligation to watch, or listen to the destructive distractions that pass for news or entertainment.
    You have no obligation to honour ‘your’ flag, or support ‘your’ military.
    You have no obligation to cheer for a team or an individual who sells their bodies/souls to the highest bidder.
    Did I miss any?

    • How about this one? You have no obligation to believe that we can’t fix this mess.

      • Oh yes, John, and I would go even further. You DO have an obligation–to yourself, to humanity, to God–to believe that we CAN fix this mess. Otherwise, you’re part of it.

  • Sigmund Freud once said he could take 12 babies and raise them to be whatever he wanted them to be. Well, we the rest of humanity, have been raised to be things that people in our lives, along with a myriad of other sources of information and actions have made us into the things that we are, and most of those things are things that people intentionally wanted us to be. What we think, how we act and how we interact with others is, essentially what we are. What I have learned in 8 decades is that most people are hung up psychologically in small ways and often in profoundly disturbing ways. That so many people seem to accept outrageous mass violence with little or no concern is certainly telling of what a truly sick society it is that we live in. By the very same means that we have have become this kind of people, however, we can become a better more righteous people, and it all comes down to learning and thinking in ways that bring peace of mind and quality of life to all living things.

  • I salute your Greatness!

  • Me, Me and of course Me. I am the center of my universe. The world revolves around me. I do not need to do anything I dont want to do. If I cannot see it, it does not exist. What I want is most important. I have no obligation to any but myself. I think not. This line of thought is what has destroyed mankind since the beginning.

    • Does it have to be binary? Guides are always appreciated, but gatekeepers are too much. I have great respect for religious scholarship, discipline, culture, etc. I have read many terrific religious critiques of neoliberalism, but they always end with…and that’s why we are the only answer. Once you become aware of incursions on sovereignty, you see it everywhere…constant manipulation, coercion, and battles of will. The gist of most religions is solid and universally accepted…golden rule, etc, but then the busybody gatekeepers take over and add so many layers of rules and dogma and differentiation. In any grouping, it seems the busybodies never stop…can’t stop…won’t stop.

    • How on Earth do you get that from Caitlin’s essay?

      • Simple, ever paragraph begins with yourself. All emphasis on you. All about your freedom from obligation.

        • Every paragraph is pointing out that you do not HAVE to do certain things that enable others to do bad things. It highlights, to the person reading the piece, the fact that they are enablers acting without thought of the consequences. You missed the point!

  • Everything that you say is probably true on paper, but as you also often say, almost everything on paper isn’t true.

  • This is brilliant and beautiful and inspiring and so very necessary. Thank you.

  • Thanks again Caitlin, well said as usual!

  • Pierre Kory is a critical care pulmonologist who is completely sick of people dying slowly in his ICUs, because they did not get early treatment for COVID before their lungs and other organs failed.
    He is part of Professor Paul Marik MDs large group of academic physicians, “not a politician”, as he has to defend himself.
    He points out that no CDC money has gone into investigating existing drugs to treat COVID, only vaccines and novel patented creations like remdesivir, things that will make profits, if we wait long enough.
    The data in favor of ivermectin treatment of COVID, prophylactically, and at every stage of illness, is powerful and of high quality. It is ignored by the CDC. (Why?)
    Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, delivers passionate testimony during the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II.”

  • Yesterday morning I ordered #200 bottles of #100 capsules each of 5000 unit vitamin-D for $670 to give to anybody and everybody by Christmas.
    I gave a bottle to a panhandler I often donate to yesterday morning on my bike commute to work,
    I gave another bottle to a school crossing guard who waves at me.
    I explained to both guys why to take it every day. I’m out now.
    The new vitamin-D should come in next Monday or Tuesday.

    Second time posting this:
    Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: Time to Act. Comment on: “Vitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19 Patients”

    Fight by living without fear.

    • Not only do a great many of us suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency, and zinc deficiency, but the actions of the Psychopaths In Charge inflict even further destruction of our already weak immune systems. Our immune system is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it will stop working. All this isolation and sanitization produces just that effect. We NEED exposure to pathogens in order to keep our immune system strong. Add to that the immune system weakening because of stress and depression, and it’s no wonder people are getting sick. In fact, it’s surprising more aren’t sick. And don’t forget vitamin K, which is needed to make D3 work in regard to bone health.

      • It’s telling that we were told to stay in our houses at the very beginning, and throughout this sh*tshow (not saying it’s a hoax, just that the response has been really hinky), people have been banned from outdoor spaces in many places.

        I spent the entire summer swimming at my neighbor’s pool, so I got lots of sun therapy. Problem is, now we’re heading into the winter. My husband and I live in Texas, so luckily for us, we still get warm weather much of the time. I’m very worried about our family and friends back home in Massachusetts, though.

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