To stop the exacerbation of Trumpism the talking heads are recommending internet censorship, regulations on media, new domestic terror laws, literally anything they can possibly think of except changing the conditions which gave rise to Trumpism.

The most imminent threat to US democracy is not Russia, nor fascist insurrectionists, but the fact that US democracy is entirely fictional.

Saying US democracy is being threatened is like saying Grinches are a critically endangered species.

The previous president intervened in the primary to appoint his right-hand man as his chosen successor. That successor will be installed in a five-day, star-studded celebration surrounded by a sea of barbed wire and heavily armed soldiers. What “democracy” is under attack, exactly?

No, the Capitol riot was not “karma” for America’s international coups and regime change interventions.

Karma would be the US actually reaping what it sows.

Karma would be the US government toppled and replaced with a foreign puppet regime, and millions of Americans killed.

Karma would be tens of millions of Americans displaced by widespread violence.

Karma would be the US becoming a failed state where people are again sold as slaves.

Karma would be nuclear bombs dropped on US cities.

Karma would be Americans starved to death by crushing sanctions.

Karma would be America’s forests soaked with Agent Orange.

Karma would be mass executions of Americans in sports stadiums.

Karma would be massacres of entire towns: men, women and children.

Karma would be foreign soldiers raping and killing civilians with impunity.

Karma would be foreign-backed extremists mutilating Americans to death and publicly displaying their corpses.

Karma for US interventionism would be for America to collapse and burn in chaos and torture.

That would be “karma”.

That would be the chickens coming home to roost.

I am not saying it would be a good thing if this happened. It most definitely would not.

I am saying the US must cease brutalizing the world.

We now know for a fact that monopolistic Silicon Valley megacorporations can be pressured by the plutocrat-controlled political/media class to silence political factions online. Good thing there’s no way this can possibly go wrong.

When you realize that corporations are America’s real government, the whole “it isn’t censorship if it’s a private company doing it” argument is seen for the joke that it is. It’s also completely specious, because the government is directly involved in the censorship.

Soon social media will just be an app that sends everything you say to the FBI and gives you regular notifications that the government is your friend, and then everyone will finally be happy.

Back before he was silenced Assange tweeted “The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security.”

I think of this quote often.

The mass media have earned every bit of the contempt the public has for them. Every little bit of it.

Rightists suck at conspiracy analysis because their worldview requires an elite cabal planning and orchestrating all evil dynamics, whereas leftists understand that many (though not all) of those dynamics will unfold on their own in a system where human behavior is driven by profit-seeking. In situations where you are ideologically prohibited from blaming the obvious culprit capitalism, you’ll come up with all kinds of other wacky explanations.

The best most reliable way to accurately predict what will happen in a given situation is to ignore whatever laws, trends and dynamics everyone else is pointing at and just assume the most powerful people will find a way to get whatever it is they want somehow. Doesn’t mean elites always win, and it certainly doesn’t mean we should stop fighting. It’s just the most reliable way to accurately guess what will happen in a given situation, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sectarian feuds in the online left always boil down to “the whole system is rigged against the people” lefties versus “we can work with the oligarchic empire to advance our interests” lefties.

The US empire has two faces: the plastic smiling one based in Hollywood, and the blood-spattered one based in DC, Arlington and Langley. If you live in wealthy western nations you’re presented with the former. If you live in the Middle East or the Global South you get the latter.

One of the weirdest things in my life these days is watching people enthusiastically arguing that they should receive less assistance from their government. Never until I began commenting on US politics was this ever a part of my life. The brainwashing there is out of this world.

If a political party always succeeds at advancing sick agendas and always fails at advancing healthy agendas, it’s because it only exists to advance sick agendas.

Victory for your revolutionary political goals won’t be a victory for the ego. If you are sincere about this, you want your marginalized viewpoint to become mainstream and mundane. You want your insight and understanding to become as common as grass. You can’t be in this for you.

A lot of revolutionary-minded types get a sense of coolness and specialness from their marginalized ideology. It makes them feel good to be uniquely right about things. But that attitude will actually get in the way if your goals are attained and your views become mainstream.

If you are sincere about this stuff and not just in it for egoic masturbation (many are), you can’t keep a lot of identity wrapped up in being the underdog, in being fringe and marginalized. Because the ultimate goal is to be the exact opposite.


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55 responses to “What ‘Democracy’ Is Under Attack? Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. It’s not too late to add your voice to those asking Trump to pardon Julian Assange. A Hail Mary, I know, but surely worth the effort it takes to literally lift a finger.

    (Scroll to the bottom to select Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or web form.)

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    2. Today, January 19, last day for Trump’s pardon:
      “Use this tool to reach out to people who may be able to reach Trump before he leaves office 20th to persuade him to #pardonAssangeNOW.”
      Stella Moris #pardonAssange — Jan 19, 2021
      “Full Tucker Carlson Segment Calling For President Trump To Pardon Julian Assange
      “‘[Trump] can achieve a major victory for the principles that this country was founded on & that make it a good place to live.’
      “‘Make a statement in our defense, defend the Bill of Rights.’”
      The Columbia Bugle — Jan 19, 2021
      Should we Pardon Julian Assange? — Tucker Carlson — Jan 18, 2021

      1. Wow, Tucker Carlson was on the case. I had seen him have Jimmy Dore on recently to make a really good case in a few minutes. I had not seen that he had Pamela Anderson on too. Fantastic.

      2. Minecritter wrote:
        > Wow, Tucker Carlson was on the case.
        Yes, and it looks like there is a battle over Julian’s pardon right now.
        Report: White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Blocking Assange Pardon — Breitbart — Jan 19, 2021
        “UPDATE: President Trump’s pardons and commutations is now expected to be announced sometime before midnight, due to last minute paperwork being handled, a source tells Belaaz. The number of pardons and commutations has reportedly grown from 100 to 150.”
        Belaaz — Jan 19, 2021 — 22:38 UTC/GMT
        “Yeah that’s what I would put it at [50/50]. There were some developments today that might have helped swing things. A lot of good people went out on a limb today.”
        Cassandra Fairbanks — Jan 20, 2021 — 0:56 UTC/GMT
        “Tucker Carlson Blasting GOP Establishment For Trying To Block Pardon Of Julian Assange
        “Tucker says that the Senate GOP, specifically Mitch McConnell ‘has sent word over to the WH: if you pardon Julian Assange, we are much more likely to convict you in an impeachment trial.’”
        The Columbia Bugle — Jan 20, 2021 — 1:52 UTC/GMT
        About the threats against Trump, Obama commuted the sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning on January 17, 2017 — after seven years in prison — and no problem.
        According to the United Nations, Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained since December 7, 2010.

  2. OK, in preparation for the military-seeming inauguration, let me remind you of these facts.
    1. Biden was in 5th place or something like that.
    2. Karmala was in last place. I can’t remember – had she already dropped out?
    3. Suddenly, if the effed-up state of SC, Biden gets a dubious victory.
    4. Oh my goodness, suddenly everybody switches sides.
    5. They drop out.
    6. The support the Delaware dimwit.
    7. Bernie goes stupid.
    8. The DNC is so corrupt.
    9. Some things are obvious.
    10. I always thought the DNC would be the first part to go by the wayside, and they deserve to be, because Jackson was an absolute asshole – even though he could throw a good party in the White House.
    11. Whatever, let the RNC go first and the DNC will follow.
    12. Lets get rid of both of them corrupt parties.
    13. Meanwhile, there are some of us who already have better plans.
    14. Get ready.
    15. The reckoning is coming!
    Go Bills!

    1. Of course, that was typed in passion and there were a few typos, but I hope you can read between the lines!
      The thing is Biden was shoved down everybody’s ass, even though most wanted Bernie, and if you are donkey in the first place, then obviously that ain’t smart – assuming you are a donkey that cares. When is the last time you met a caring donkey? I can’t remember when myself – donkeys get on my nerves about as much as elephants. The Clinton’s screwed it all up with their neoliberal corporate-loving ruthless corrupt lawless ways, but it was screwed up before them, so it ain’t no big deal. It has been screwed up for a long time. How far back do you want to go?

  3. Australian lady Avatar
    Australian lady

    So, no sympathy for “les deplorables” Caitlin?
    You seem content to cast the people of the U.S. into oblivion, and your punishment karma is very bitch-y indeed.
    Appalling U.S. foreign policy is not exercised in a vacuum. And your use of the word “coup” follows the establishment narrative- why not try inverting the meaning and see the Capitol “riot” as a coup against the people? You know, like all those other U.S. instigated coups?
    Is the problem the people, those Trumpists, for whom Trump is a synecdoche, and, ergo, you cannot see them as a class? Not “classy” enough (deplorable, etc)?
    Youthful revolutionaries, bless ’em, tend to use the keyboard like a bullhorn.
    Short loud blasts.
    But Caitlin, you have some weasel-ly words embedded there.

  4. Caitlin says: “revolutionary-minded types get a sense of coolness and specialness from their marginalized ideology.” Yes and there are hundreds of different ideologies to choose from and all working against one another! What a recipe for failure. Whether marginalized or not, any revolutionary ideas, plans, hopes and strategies we adopt and promote MUST be consistent with known facts, and must address the real sobering state of the world, rather than a mix of fantasies and fallacies. MUST be practically feasible, and communicated in plain language for everyone to understand.

  5. Holy Moly. I wouldn’t want to be around you when you were having a temper tantrum, contemplating all of the mayhem that you think is deserved, but if I was, let me tell you this.
    I would give it back to you equivalently, or maybe, even a bit more. It is not that I would be trying to assert my will, it is just, I don’t even like thinking about millions dying. You might want to think about that, and you might not. I’m just throwing it out there at the table for consideration because sometimes too much passion even if it is justified ends up just making things worse. I’ve learned this the hard way.

    1. TeganHargreaves Avatar

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      1. Who in their right mind thinks there is a market here to exploit? Are they posting just to be an annoyance?
        As someone else already inquired – how does this get past the reCAPTCHA?
        God help the individual if there is one posting this utter bullshit about making money that isn’t deserved, but if it is not an individual then I want to know who is directing the fucking robots.
        Get ready – the reckoning is on the way. It is coming in 2021.

    2. TeganHargreaves Avatar

      I quit working at shoprite to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $45 to 85 per/h.GHJ Without a doubt, this is the easiest and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had. I actually started 6 months ago and this has totally
      changed my life….

    3. Buffalo Ken wrote:
      > contemplating all of the mayhem that you think is deserved . . . millions dying . . . sometimes too much passion even if it is justified ends up just making things worse. I’ve learned this the hard way.
      About those “Karma” lines of factual US atrocities from the victims’ point of view, as we can see, Caitlin powerfully shows us the reverse situations so that we can really understand. Because you know what happens…
      Question: How many people died in the Vietnam War?
      American answer: See the Vietnam Memorial Wall. 58,320.
      Rest of the world: Say what?? 1 to 4 million people died.
      As Caitlin explains:
      “That would be ‘karma’.
      “That would be the chickens coming home to roost.
      “I am not saying it would be a good thing if this happened. It most definitely would not.
      “I am saying the US must cease brutalizing the world.”
      So, to clarify, I will try to give just one example — even if there are many more — for each one of the “Karma” lines: US government wars, coups organized by the CIA, etc.
      – Indonesia, 1965–66 (puppet regime, millions killed).
      – Syria, Iraq, etc., 21st century (tens of millions displaced by widespread violence).
      – Libya, 2011 (failed state where people are again sold as slaves).
      – Japan, 1945 (nuclear bombs dropped on cities).
      – Yemen blockade, since 2016 (starved to death by crushing sanctions).
      – Vietnam, 1960s (forests soaked with Agent Orange).
      – Chile, 1973 (mass executions in sports stadiums).
      – Raqqa bombing, Syria, 2017 (massacres of entire towns: men, women and children). Or carpet bombings of Cambodia (1969—1973), North Korea (1950–1953)… OK, I stop here.
      Etc., etc.
      More information:
      “Altogether, in the three parts of this report, I have estimated that America’s post-9/11 wars have killed about 6 million people.”
      How Many Millions of People Have Been Killed in America’s Post-9/11 Wars? — Consortium News — March–April 2018
      – Part One: Iraq
      – Part 2: Afghanistan and Pakistan
      – Part 3: Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen
      “The number of people killed by the uninterrupted series of wars, coups d’État and other subversive operations executed by the United States from the end of the War in 1945 until now — a number estimated at 20 to 30 million victims.”
      From 1945 Until Today – 20 to 30 Million People Killed by the USA — Global Research — November 21, 2018

      1. JMG – Wise you are.
        Gracious me, I’m the last one who will ever try to stifle passion. I have it in spades….and hearts, and clubs, and diamonds if you must know.
        Sometimes my passion is so strong I think I could strike you down in a heartbeat – and guess what – I think I am correct about that.
        Still, I’ve had it with the misery, and enough is enough. If you want to bring it back up then how far back do you want to go? There is plenty of blame to go around.
        2020 if you look back was a year I called the “Year of Peace”. Once peace takes place, then reckoning is on it’s way because justice must be served.
        I hope you and I are on the same page and I think we are, but if not, lets discuss it. Tell me what drink you would like. I will serve it to you and we ever talk across the table because that is the kind of host that I am. I like talking and I know what good communication can achieve!

      2. p.s.
        I know this as well and I’m not alone.
        The harm that has been caused by the complex of military, industrial, press, gubment, and others in positions of power MUST be stopped.
        The sooner the better, and yes indeed, this could turn into a bloody battle. Let the blood flow is what I think – and let those who have caused suffering of innocence be the ones – one at a time – whose blood flows into the ground where hopefully it will help a plant grow later on after the memories of all the suffering have slowly ebbed away.
        How you like them apples?

      3. Buffalo Ken wrote:
        > The harm that has been caused by the complex of military, industrial, press, gubment, and others in positions of power MUST be stopped. . . .
        > How you like them apples?
        Well, in my view it’s just essential to look at the facts so that we all can learn and do our part so that things can improve. When people are aware, wrong ways are seen as wrong and abandoned. And better ways can then be found. That’s all.
        Caitlin just sheds light, and has explained her position, that I think has some similarities to a recent BLM tweet — 1.1M likes — on the different but related topic of police brutality:
        “We’re not asking for you to shoot them like you shoot us. We’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them.”
        Tye Winters, DO, FACOP, FAAP — Jan 7, 2021

        1. it is just essential to look at the facts
          JMG – I knew it! We agree! In the end the TRUTH is revealed – it always is. The truth matters – even if we (us humans) are all dead after the fact. If so, then that is the truth.

          1. Like how about this truth. And it is on topic given today’s celebration in the US of A of the great MLK.
            Him, and JFK, and JFK’s brother, Robert, and Malcolm X were all assassinated in cold blood in the 60’s and this is one of the things that “WE” know!
            We know the spooks who pulled off these jobs, and the TRUTH is coming. That will be part of reckoning. Right?
            Either that, or we will all be dead. Simple.
            Here is the first drink I’ll offer across the table while we sit here in the “rabbit hole”. It is an Old Fashioned. I’m running low on Maker’s Mark, but I’ve still got me some Kentucky Whisky!
            Karma always prevails, but Karma is wise and Karma doesn’t kill unnecessarily. I’d like to think that Karma is discriminate in her ways, but who knows – maybe she is not even a she!
            How deep down do you want to go?

  6. On January 20th Trump needs to declare himself president and and swear himself in like his unelected CIA dupe Juan Guaidó did in Venezuela. Then threaten the EU countries and other US suck ups to recognize Trump and not Biden as President of the US. Trump would threaten them with nukes or else!
    Netflix might love this idea!

  7. The Supreme Court has done so much to bury any pretence of “democracy” and “voter accountability” in the USA and not simply through Citizens United 2010 abuse of the Constitution.

    The Supreme Court is a signal failure – it cannot even look at Texas’s complaint that Constitution is being subverted for fear of street riots yet undermined American Voters with corporate money to buy elections.

    If Ruth Bader Ginsburg was such a fetishist for the 14th Amendment it appears only in limited circumstances and the Court has no inkling of preserving the Union. The Texas Lawsuit was Fort Sumter

  8. Can you afford to pay $1,000.00 for a carrot?? Can you afford to pay one million dollars for a side of beef?? As depicted in the movie ” Soylent Green ” in our near future only the very rich will be able to buy ” real food “; everyone else will be eating each other. What a better way to cull the human herd than ” forever wars ” that generate bad publicity. There are way too many of us ” peons ” breathing air, drinking water, and breeding; the owners and the masters are no longer in need of any of our services; we must therefore be ” eliminated “!

  9. “If a political party always succeeds at advancing sick agendas and always fails at advancing healthy agendas, it’s because it only exists to advance sick agendas.

    This article at Common Dreams caught my eye:

    “In a furious statement, Jayapal slammed Republican lawmakers for “cruelly and selfishly” refusing to “take the bare minimum Covid-19 precaution and simply wear a damn mask in a crowded room during a pandemic—creating a superspreader event on top of a domestic terrorist attack.”
    “We are at risk because of them. Follow the rules or leave.”
    I have nothing but contempt for what those republicans did at the Capitol, but how could the representatives possibly have contracted Covid?
    Haven’t they taken the, barely tested, miracle vaccine they’re forcing on everyone else?
    Surely any member of Congress who wanted the vaccine could have had it weeks ago.
    Are they just irresponsible and did not get it yet?
    Or perhaps, they secretly think the cure is worse than the disease?
    Or, did they get the vaccine and it actually doesn’t work?

  10. The ‘Ides of March’, they came early this year – on 6 January, at least for one current U.S. ‘Caesar’. What happened; how it happened; who concocted the Capitol events, will be long debated. However, the daggers had long been sharpened for Caesar, well before the invasion of the Capitol. In a sense, the stage was already set – Trump walked into the DC ‘Forum’, and ended ‘stabbed to death’, as had Julius. It has been truly Shakespearean.
    This relvant article can be read here:
    Without Democracy in the U.S., Can the Simulacra of Democracy Survive Elsewhere? by Alastair Crooke

  11. I suspect the US folks got a taste of what it is like when a US-supported gang decides to take over and remove elected government officials in another country. We now have private militias who wish to ‘take over’ – I don’t think they know what they want to take over. Nor would they have the brains to do something once they ‘took over.’ So here is where the US is, as the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper states: “Authorities also have ignored the dangerous spread of “open carry” laws, which allow vigilantes to tote military-style weapons (which by the way are perfectly legal to purchase [my comment]) to public gatherings and even into state capitals.” I do believe the US is destroying itself. We’ve had plenty of examples of how it is done, examples from our own government, in other countries, over the years.


    Our financial masters seek to keep us, in America, divided and conquered. This is the same battle being fought again, as it was in the Revolution, as it was in the Civil War, when the bank of England backed the Confederate States, and Lincoln printed “greenbacks”. It revisits the war that FDR quietly waged against the financial predominance of the Bank of England, and their global “bankster’ confederates. FDR died at an unfortunate moment. Stalin was absolutely convinced that “Churchill’s gang” poisoned him.

    Here are 2 videos, which I recently posted, which portray in words and video the acts of agents provocateur, which were carried out at the US Capital on January 6, and portrayed as savage-threats against good Americans by the billionaire-owned media, with cancellation of contrary voices on social media, the new “press”.

    Masako Ganaha shows the work of 2 agents provocateur at the capital, breaking the windows, calling people up the stairs to them, urging them to dive in, then immediately spreading the word that police had killed an unarmed young woman Trump supporter, as they changed clothes on the way out. The BLM activist who recorded the majority of this video was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN later. No questions asked.

    Veteran American War Correspondent, Michael Yon stayed outside the Capital, observing and recording the actions of agents provocateur, which is an ancient profession. (Agents provocateur were paid by Ross Perot to direct a crowd of angry Iranians to perform a prison break, which released some Americans, when that was never the intention of the revolutionary fervor at all.)

    1. Surprise, surprise, agent provocateurs are used more often than admitted by the ruling classes if they admit it at all. Usually used against unions and other left causes and it’s effective. At the G20 in Toronto they were used extensively and over a thousand Canadians were locked up in cages, kettled in the rain for hours etc and it cost over a billion dollars and there were no consequences. The propaganda associated was good, just like in DC. Our society’s work on the old principal that one priest is better than 100 soldiers, cheaper and more effective only now, it’s social media and other media, all educated by the best head shrinkers money can buy.

  13. I agree, often people’s egos get in the way and often people assume that the person is on an ego trip, rather than putting out things that are really needed. I am too old to be concerned about ego shit. I don’t value judgements about me good or bad. I am only writing and being an activist cuz I see things that aren’t being done or noticed that need to be done, like making a giganitc network of networks, connecting all the disparate groups and projects moving us to a new paradigm, there are millions. We have been working earnestly on this since March, 2020, our team grew to over 25 people in many different countries. Right now, we are at a crossroads, because we have become aware of more and more orgs. trying to do something similar or the same and we want to collaborate with all, not compete, and in such a way that there is no central authority.

    Tomorrow we have a zoom with some highly respected experts to discuss ways to connect databases such that each group maintains their sovereignty and everyone’s databases flow into a central database that is categorized, ever growing, and accesseible to all, but is controlled by no one. And other issues like state of the art tools for organizing and collaborating on all scales, as well as interoperability.

    Besides promoting localization, reinventing cities, ethical use of AI, we wish to put the idea of horizontal governing in the minds of everyone, for them to realize that this might be the best option for humanity to take when it comes to self governance:

    Since we have the same understanding about most everything, it would be great if you recognized what we are doing if you see the value in it and stop ignoring it. Lets be friends.

  14. Remember HUAC? Most supposed progressives do, as well. Yet, in the face of what could not be more clear as a worldwide PsyOp campaign, they joined the stage with the interrogators.
    “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency … at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? Answer: “No, we don’t. As long as we accomplish our (short-term) goals, the (long-term) repercussions are not our concern.”

    1. There is still some democracy left in the US to get rid of. There is movement in Congress to expel representatives who voted against certifying Biden’s election, thus depriving their constituents of their right of elected representation and increasing the paranoia and hysteria of the Right. In other words, democracy is to be protected by anti-democratic actions. The events of January 6th were a riot and a clown show, but evidently there are people who would like to see a real insurrection, that is, an organized, armed attempt to replace the existing government. First they came for the right-wingers….

  15. The ” Donald Trump Administration ” of 4 years of ludicrous government is about to be followed by many more years of United States Derangement. Humans killed, governments toppled, massive profits made by the already rich, and humanity sinking into much more depravity. My ” government ” has things in store for this world much more evil than anything Donald Trump ever imagined.

  16. “people enthusiastically arguing that they should receive less assistance from their government”

    Recall Reagan’s “‘government is not the solution, government is the problem”
    and the Republican strategy to spend all the budget on defense so none would be left for social programs.
    As if a nation could remain competitive without top quality education, infrastructure maintenance and social/political good will as long as it kept enough weapons pointed at the rest of the world.
    Someone may soon be eating our lunch.

  17. One of your best matrix articles. Karma is indeed a bitch and fear not, there is still time.

  18. What is coming on the 20th with its 5 day celebration of the end of Trump’s reign is a slap in the face to nearly half the country. How is this going to “heal the nation” and help us “build back better?”

    I wonder how many days (or hours) it will take for the war machine to get its first “Biden kill?”
    It will probably happen before the party’s first day is over. Will the faux “Lefties” drink a toast to the victim?

    Are we going to have a 5 day party with proper “social distancing?” That is something I’ve got to see.

    The next market bubble is about to burst, and it’s going to be a big “correction.” Are the faux “Lefties” going to enjoy watching the value of their portfolios cut in half, or worse? I think the party is not going to be worth the hangover.

    This will be a good year to grow a garden, if any of the younger generation even knows how.

  19. The only problem with the perfectly logical conclusions being cited in this article is that it is all too easily regarded as being absolutely true but therefore it also invokes a high degree of cognitive dissonance for many readers. If such be the personal case, relief only comes by way of acceptance of this truth. We don’t have to like it, we can continue to cry, bitch and moan in our relative impotency (unless big tech cuts us off) but we will learn to live with it (unless they cut off our booze). We will all ultimately be assimilated. Then again, Rome wasn’t burned in a day. Cheers! Hail Big Sister!

  20. Everything you said about Karma is going to come true within the next 4 years, that was always the plan.

  21. As we speak, the US Psychopaths In Charge are indeed preparing to inflict the same carnage on their own people they have on the rest of the world. Half of them anyway. Describing anyone who ever spoke in favor of, or voted for Trump, or otherwise opposes the established oligarchic technocracy as “domestic terrorists”, and we all know how they treat those they apply the “terrorist” label to. I’m fully aware that Trump never opposed the oligarchic technocracy, but that’s the view that got him support from half the people. The sin the people of the US are guilty of is one that’s common among many here. Caitlin included. Their acceptance of the artificial left vs right paradigm, and the hatred it promotes. As long as we are at each other’s throats, the Psychopaths In Charge escape scrutiny. Free to go about their business of impoverishing or killing whomever they please for fun and profit. The enemy is the state, the bank cartel, and the 0.1% that owns them, not our neighbor. Division and fear are the primary tools of tyrants.

  22. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    “Deeply troubled by Russia’s decision to arrest Aleksey Navalny. Confident political leaders do not fear competing voices, nor see the need to commit violence against or wrongfully detain, political opponents.”
    … Secretary Pompeo
    Stop spluttering all of you !! (Yes, I am thinking of Assange.)

    1. They did not confine him to punish him but to protect him. If they let him loose, the CIA would kill him and blame it on them. He will stay in protective custody until this blows over then be quietly rekeased.

      1. Who, Navalny or Assange — or both?

        1. Assange is in the hands of the absolutely corrupt and sick and soon to be broken up UK. They can shove it up their Kingdom’s ass cause it is fixing to be spilt up. Sadly Julian Assange is likely gonna be martyr for their stupid lawless, selfish, effed-up, noblelessnes, murdering hatefulness. You get what you give. Split up the Kingdom that was never united in the first place. Some things are so obvious and if they can’t start this up like they should then we will start it up ourselves on our own accord. Better if Ireland united first, but it don’t matter.

  23. > “The US empire has two faces: the plastic smiling one based in Hollywood, and the blood-spattered one based in DC, Arlington and Langley.”

    .. this reminds me of the splendid tv series: The Boys.
    The people of the USA live under the comforting protection of virtuous Superheroes. An industry of Hollywood style glamour surrounds and elevates them. But, our protagonist, by misfortune, stumbles through the veneer to see the murderous, self-gratifying, destructive reality which everyone is blind to.

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  25. As to “democracy”, given the make-up of the US electorate, is it really such a great idea? I know it’s axiomatic, no alternative…. But really, all the bozos voting for Trump, all the desperate, with no alternative but to vote Biden. Very sad. There are a small group of people who know what would need to be done for the US to survive as a society, as part of the world, of the Earth. What system could put them in power? And, would we stand for it? Instead, what we are forced to accept–in our democracy–is “leadership” which does the exact opposite of what needs doing, over and over and over: either in every case, like Trump, or by and large, like Biden will do. Our karma is on its way, self-imposed…

    Very provocative piece, Caitlin. Wonder if the flag wavers have any inkling what that flag really stands for…..

    1. As more than one philosopher has said, ‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.’

  26. “ The previous president intervened in the primary to appoint his right-hand man as his chosen successor”

    No! Both factually and philosophically incorrect, Cait. It’s unusual for you to start off on the wrong foot but you got it wrong here.
    Obama finally got around to endorsing Biden on April 14, after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. So it was hardly an intervention, and it was done at a fairly leisurely pace, clearly not heavy-handed.

      1. Not that I forgot, but, boy, was that sickening to read that again.

    1. Bob D. – Obama didn’t officially endorse Biden until 4/14, but prior to that, the “Mod” squad all dropped out, with Mayor Hall Monitor 1st to drop out and endorse Biden. (You don’t think Obama worked behind the scenes to get CIA Pete to drop out?) The timing was obviously strategic, to block Bernie and boost Biden, who had been trailing in every state. Jim Clyburn endorsed Biden (Sexual predator and genocidal maniac Iraqi-child-killing Bill Clinton croaked out the truth at John Lewis’s funeral, that Clyburn had entered the fray to help “end a family squabble”). In the last debate, Biden vs Bernie, Bernie threw the fight to Biden by withholding all of the obvious lines of attack we were all waiting for him to launch–Biden’s warmongering, corruption, decades-long history of blatant lies, sexual predation, obvious cognitive decline, on and on. Bernie wouldn’t lay a glove on him, so he ensured his own defeat (he also did this by Russiagate-itng himself!) So Bernie finished himself off and threw it to Biden, but no way Biden would have been the nominee without DNC/Obama interference. Caitlin did not get it wrong. You can retract and apologize now. 🙂

      1. I guess we have different interpretations of “intervened to appoint”.
        An intervention implies a very active role. Obama’s role was subtle, as the nzherald story quoted:
        “ According to NBC News, former president Barack Obama’s “hidden hand” has played a subtle role in the sudden surge of support for Biden, who served him loyally as vice president for eight years.
        “There appears to be a quiet hand behind the rapid movement…”
        I accept that there’s no convincing you or Cait that my point had any validity, so I’ll continue on down the road… but thanks for opening my eyes a little.

  27. I shake my head in disbelief when I hear some media twit say “our sacred democracy is under attack.” WTF? The U.S. is not a democracy, but a kleptocracy run by oligarchs. Actually, I like Sheldon Wolin’s definition of the U.S. – “inverted totalitarianism.” We have the “appearance” of democracy because people vote, despite primaries being rigged and other such voter suppression. Now, the govt. is going to look into whether or not the Capitol riots were funded by foreign governments. How long will it take to blame those pesky Russians for dividing our nation? What a farce!

  28. Yes, Ms Johnstone, ” Karma would be the United States actually reaping what it sows. ” If ” the heavens ” ever decide to ” justly punish ” the United States of America it would completely remove it from the universe. As usual another great and ” on point ” article from you! Thank You!

  29. I so wish your posts were published far and wide on the main stream news.

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