I really hope Americans get rid of that dangerous right wing lunatic in congress, by which I mean all of the people in congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not more crazy than all the DC politicians who agree the US should maintain planetary hegemony using bombs, regime change ops, starvation sanctions and nuclear threats. She’s just a less popular genre of crazy.

There is an ideological struggle to determine whether the Republican Party will be the kind of bat shit crazy that believes in QAnon and Jewish Space Lasers or just the kind of bat shit crazy that believes in carpet bombing Iran and destroying the ecosystem for money.

Stop normalizing status quo politics.

Stop normalizing ecocide.

Stop normalizing imperialism.

Stop normalizing mass murder.

Stop normalizing nuclear standoffs.

Stop normalizing starvation sanctions.

Stop normalizing exploitation.

Stop normalizing oppression.

Stop normalizing the mainstream so-called “centrists” who promote these extremist evils.

If people could really grasp how horrific our status quo is, wingnut freaks like Marjorie Taylor Greene wouldn’t stand out against the background, because everyone who helps bolster this murderous and depraved status quo is also a wingnut freak. And there would be just as urgent a push to cast out all the other freaks as there is to cast out her.

The ruling class keeps Americans as poor as possible so they can’t use their money to do naughty things like fund leftist political campaigns or sabotage hedge funds.

People are like two clicks away from burning Wall Street to the ground and setting up guillotines and mainstream analysts are still wringing their hands about how gamer trolls might be compromising the integrity of the market somewhat.

The Democratic Party has a big tent coalition ranging all the way from billionaires, to the lackeys of billionaires, to people who owe favors to billionaires, to people who have been propagandized by billionaires. The whole entire spectrum.

There is absolutely no way the Democratic Party makes the drastic changes we will need to avoid climate collapse or nuclear war. In policy it only promotes slow incremental change, and in practice it promotes no change whatsoever. You’re throwing money and energy into armageddon.

People who think we can be saved by a counter-revolutionary party which never does anything but bolster the status quo have no understanding of how bad things are and how rapidly they are deteriorating.

The way liberals are falling in love with Jen Psaki is very Trumpian and ugly. Don’t celebrity crush on your government’s PR person, it’s gross.

I could understand people being all gaga over Obama for a bit; first Black president, it’s historic and exciting. But the way libs are stanning an old white asshole president and adoring Psaki is just undignified worship of DC royalty.

My current pet conspiracy theory is that both the “Putin Puppet” allegations against Trump and the “Beijing Biden” allegations have their roots in the US intelligence community. Trump greatly ramped up tensions with Russia under that cover; Biden will do the same with China.

Idiot rightists who keep bleating “Beijing Biden” while he ramps up aggressions on China are the new idiot liberals who kept bleating “Putin Puppet” while he ramped up aggression on Russia.

Amid the vast ocean of knowable and unknowable things, a grown adult has scarcely any more knowledge than a newborn. It’s easy to fall into the stale sense of having it all figured out, but in the relative grand scheme of things we’re just babies in a world we do not understand.

I know I’d be taken more seriously by the cool kids if I didn’t post spiritual stuff and kept my more out-there perspectives to myself, but to me that would be manipulative and dishonest. I prefer to just be up front about who I am and where I’m coming from, and you can make up your own mind about me from there.


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67 responses to “Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy And So Is The Rest Of Congress: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  3. When a … well, I hesitate to call this a “column”. Let’s just refer to this as “Random Thoughts”. Anyway, when a whatever-this-piece-of-prose-should-be-called is this crummy, I feel the need to help readers out by doing the Reader’s Digest thing so they don’t have to waste time reading this tripe. Let’s start, shall we?


    Section 1: Everyone in the U.S. Congress sucks.

    Section 2: Marjorie Taylor Green is nuts. So are all other politicians in D.C.

    Section 3: The Republican Party is nuts.

    Section 4: Ah, the “normalizing” section. Apparently we (Caitlin’s “opponents”) are mass-murdering, exploitative, oppressive “centrists.” (Well, we can’t have that, can we?)

    Section 5: The “ruling class” (apparently that’s any U.S. politician whom CJ doesn’t like) is keeping Americans as poor as possible so they can’t donate to leftist causes. Yeah. Right.

    Section 6: Somehow what the GameStop investors are doing is “compromising the integrity of the market”. Shit, CJ. I would think you’d be all over “compromising” the integrity of Wall Street like white on rice.

    Section 7: The Democratic Party is nothing but billionaires. This may be the most surprising thing in this entire … well, I won’t call it a column. It’s more like what lazy sportswriters used to do when they didn’t have an idea good enough to support an entire column … you know, “jottings”. Anyway, thanks for letting me know I’m a billionaire. I mean, I had no idea! I guess I’d better get myself a Rolls Royce.

    Section 8: The Democrats won’t make the “drastic changes” we need to stop climate change and prevent nuclear war. Well, you’ve convinced me. Fuck the Democrats. I’m getting myself a MAGA hat and storming the U.S. Capitol building.

    Section 9: Jen Psaki, the new WS press secretary, sucks. “Undignified worship of D.C. royalty …” Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin. Don’t you know no one with the word “Press” in their job title is D.C. royalty?

    Section 10: “Idiot rightists who keep bleating ‘Beijing Biden’ while he ramps up aggressions on China are the new idiot liberals who kept bleating ‘Putin Puppet’ while he ramped up aggression on China.” I’m sorry, but am I an idiot rightie or an idiot leftie? I’m so confused …

    Section 11: “Amid the vast ocean of knowable and unknowable things, a grown adult has scarcely any more knowledge than a newborn.” Uhh … speak for yourself?

    Section 12: “I know I’d be taken more seriously by the cool kids if I didn’t post spiritual stuff …” This sentence actually made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. If you have one “spiritual” bone in your body, I’m Elmer Fudd.

    Tell you what: I will donate to you, Caitlin – I mean, real money and all – if you can write just one “column” that states, in purest policy terms, what the U.S. government should do without calling anyone any names. But I’m not too worried about losing any money.

    1. It would be helpful if you could read things properly before posting. Just for a start, surely Caitlin is saying it is mainstream analysts that are upset that gamer investors are ‘compromising the integrity of the market’. She is right about the Democratic Party, too; you don’t get to the top there without being on the side of billionaires and corporations that want profitable U.S. wars and American funded regime changes abroad to go on forever. One of the reasons why the vile Trump got into power is because he at least gave the impression that he was going to end the interventionism that always ends in tragedy for the little guy. If you are going to rely on membership of either the Republican or Democratic Party to change the status quo, you are going to be disappointed. Indeed, if the Democratic elite had any desire of even a little meaningful change on the domestic front, Bernie Saunders would not have been cheated out of the nomination.

    2. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
      Johny Conspiranoid

      Your precis isn’t any shorter than the original.

  4. Love that last note Caitlin. Keep being yourself.


  6. Caitlin, I think your more “out there” comments and the expression of your spiritual beliefs are what make the rest of what you say much more believable and understandable and impactful to many of us who are your fans. Politics is extremely important at this dangerous point in history, but we need more than just politics alone for help and guidance in making choices that are healthy for humanity and for this beautiful planet which sustains all.

  7. Your reasoning is stunning. Your conclusions just as good but less important. Your spirituality makes you a princess. To deny spirit is to not realize how much you dont know.

  8. If you have the time Ms Johnstone please peruse this:
    The Liberal Sleepwalkers are not dealing with the passive, stupid thuggish, unthinking herd that they believe half the American people to be.
    The Doom of the Biden Administration and within the next eight years of the entire supposedly great and mighty Democratic Party has been written in deeds on the very first full day of Joe Bidens presidency.
    There were absolutely no surprises whatsoever in it. Joe Biden did what he said he was going to do. He nominated exactly the people he said he was going to nominate. The United States Liberal Mainstream Media with their usual Courage and Character slavishly applauded with unanimous mindless reverence.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Biden Day One: Nothing Changed, Nothing Ever Will by Martin Sieff!

  9. The rational for the “Bejing Biden” label is based on Hunter’s emails that Biden was taking a 50% cut of the money he scooped up from both China and Ukraine. In fact, much of the U.S. political establishment, from DiFi to Mitch McConnel have taken big favors from China, directly or indirectly. Now, of course, Trump has business ties in many countries, any of which could be considered a conflict of interest, but, although I suspect that he genuinely viewed Russia as a potential ally, there was not evidence that they had any more financial influence on him than the many other countries in which his organizations did business. Given that China has given us COVID-19 and Russia is one of the few influential countries that has not harmed us, I’d be more suspicious of Biden’s ties. I also suspect that both the “increased tension” with Russia under Trump and whatever “increased tension” with China we can expect under Biden are well choreographed PR exercises. I was much more concerned about Trump’s apparent loyalty to the Isael-KSA axis of evil than about anything he had going with Russia. As for Biden, I suspect that the people who put him in power are allied with some factions all over the world, including China, and they they are grooming the Western world for a level of totalitarianism that will make the USSR seem like a breath of fresh air in comparison. We’ll not only have endless war; we’ll also have endless pandemic, endless masks, endless speech restrictions and endless restrictions of freedom of movement. And, half the country accepted them willingly.

  10. ” Americans have been fed bullshit and nothing but all my life. They aren’t happy on any other diet. “- From Mr. Paul Edwards

  11. Carolyn, “psychological” is the modern English word which means almost the same as the old word “spiritual.” If you feel you are only flesh and blood then what do you believe your feelings, memories, assumptions and dreams are, if not part of your mind? We are far more than mere flesh and blood. Call it “philosophic stuff” if you will, but let Caitlin keep talking about philosophic stuff then.

  12. IMO: grown adults have a thousand times more knowledge than a new-born but a million times more serious fallacies and stupid myths. At least every new-born comes with a clean slate (open mind) whereas grown adults have their minds corrupted by crooked politicians, bribed academics, advertisers, religious leaders and other mind-controllers and manipulators. After twisting and corrupting someone’s mind it becomes nearly impossible to undo the damage.

    But the world’s Great Liberator announced a brilliant strategy for exposing and defeating those who corrupt and control nearly all minds and it only requires a small number of dedicated revolutionaries: “I came to liberate this civilization but they hate me because I testify that their actions are evil…….I did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword…..everyone on the side of truth listens to me……I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…… I came to give abundant Life……leave the dead to bury the dead and you come follow me….. whoever is not with me is against me……if you preserve my word (My Message) you will perceive the truth and the truth will liberate you.” He was not speaking of mere spiritual liberation or experience. He was speaking of real liberation from deception, injustice, tyranny, indoctrination, oppression, violence, prejudice, illness and addictions. But for over 1700 years the Catholic Church twisted and corrupted His lectures and brilliant revolutionary strategies through translation errors and/or massive censoring of relevant ancient records. The Church collaborates with imperialist governments in fraud, mind control, aggression and oppression. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  13. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Here in Quebec, while there are plenty of homeless people and it is cold, while there are plenty who only survive in Quebec and immigrants who have been promised the universe here and who are instead working for very low wages or not working, our politicians cannot do better than to go there with a promotional campaign for a vaccine. What a pity! It’s really the policy of nothing and emptiness … And these guys have lots of diplomas from the best schools … So, education looks like a waste of time …

    We must take out our Rosaries and pray hard! The decadence is everywhere no doubt.

    1. The same is in Ontario, hopefully “I’m not” someday the people will realize that any hope lies in the streets, not in parliament s. Only when the ruling classes feel seriously afraid will they make some changes. When the USSR collapsed taking with it a viable alternative to neoliberal capitalism I knew it would be open season on the working class and it’s been that way. China is proving that with the big data available today a large authoritarian regime can outperform a financialized neoliberal capitalism economy. Of course it takes a while and they started from a very low base but they have brought hundreds of millions out of poverty, built more K of high speed rail than the rest of the world while we made extractive financial capitalists stronger. Bombardier is down the tubes while China is building a new regional jet with competition for B and AB in a very few years and we have woke and incompetence while extractive financial capitalists pick whatever is left on the bones of our country.

      1. Yes, it looked like these clueless politicians threw themselves on the pandemic and the sale of the famous vaccine as to show that they were doing something and that they were taking care of the population: here is a vaccine to be able to continue your survival life in our beautiful country.

        I am totally fed up… It is similar to the days of Noah and the Flood. Decadence is everywhere. Keeping my Rosary on hand!

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  15. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    It was a fine article except for the final two paragraphs. I dislike any kind of “spiritual stuff”. We are not spirits. We are solid flesh and blood and live on a solid rocklike planet. The events of history are not bible stories. They happened and they happened for concrete reasons, although the series of events may be convoluted. The hand of the Dialectic is in motion all the time. Where we were and were we are going seem closer together in the 21st century.

    1. The ‘spiritual stuff’ is one interpretation of experience. Material reality is another. There are yet others. There is no way to conclusive prove that one is right and the others wrong. The main, dominant fact of human existence is ignorance.

      1. Yes, Starry Gordon, so true, but I would add to the predominant ignorance a bit of something else called intuition, in which the various forms of spirituality–indeed, scientific materialism itself–originate and, in that sense, have common ground in essential human nature

      2. We are not more than the sum of our parts any more than the covid viruses or blades of grass. Beliefs in any absurdities make’s on able to believe other absurdities. I think Voltaire wrote that along with, “there is no god but let the underclass believe there is or they might murder us in our beds”!

    2. The world is more than you can see or touch. The spirit is the basis of all life and far more powerful than the physical plane on which we reside. Archeologists have proven that many of the bible stories actually happened. You believe other history accounts but discount the historical history of Gods Chosen people.

    3. Of course there’s no spiritual stuff but we are mostly nothing as that’s how the atomic structure works. What we see is illusion but it ain’t spiritual. Sub atomic particle physics is way beyond me, as is quantum physics where the electrons can be in more than one place at the same time but some genius level people purport to understand it. It’s so difficult even Einstein who was at the forefront of quantum physics rejected it later in life when he became more conservative. Of course, now it’s accepted as proven science while we continue to learn more. I do know that while we financialize more and more, China builds real wealth. We conjure up trillions, the best and brightest from MIT go to Wall Street to design ever more complex financial algorithms while China builds more K of high speed rail in the Obama recession while we make banksters richer by extracting more from the few left working. How long the party will last, how long amerika can starve the children of Venezuela and Syria and, and, no one knows but it won’t end well, it never does.

    4. You are your own “Darkness” !!!

    5. The laws of physics jibe with everything we know about the human body from observation and experimentation. But, by those laws, a human is still nothing more than an electro-chemical reaction, with no more feelings than a computer. If that were a complete explanation, you could pull out all my teeth with a pair of pliers and I, being a machine, would scream in pain without actually feeling a thing; I’d be a glorified Furby. The fact that humans have perspectives and feelings is the one thing science,in its current state, cannot explain. But that doesn’t mean religion, which is mostly made-up BS, offers anything more than stories that might have seemed like plausible guesses at one time. Yes, there is more to life than what science can explain, and no, we probably won’t ever get a good explanation of it.

  16. Marshall Bellville Avatar
    Marshall Bellville

    Personally, I like you .

  17. Just came across an exceptional interview with a veteran Republican political insider. Amazingly honest and perceptive take on where U.S. politics, and society in general, are at right now–how, as Caitlin puts it, the normal insanity is playing out. Please take the time, fellow American readers of Caitlin’s blog, to listen to a voice from whom both lovers and haters of Trump can learn.

    1. Are you promoting Frank Luntz? On this blog?

      1. I don’t know anything about Frank Luntz. Just thought he had some interesting and useful things to say. My personal politics is somewhere to the left of Che.

      2. It’s a good idea to listen to the sounds from outside one’s bubble occasionally, just to figure out what’s going on in the other bubbles.

      3. Frank Luntz is the epitome of the conniving media manipulators Caitlin rails about. Pretty sure every word that comes out of his mouth has some propaganda angle.
        He is the last person I would listen to to get an honest opinion about anything. He practically invented the idea of media bubbles.
        I’ll even use Wikipedia as a source:
        “Luntz frequently tests word and phrase choices using focus groups and interviews. His stated purpose in this is the goal of causing audiences to react based on emotion. “80 percent of our life is emotion, and only 20 percent is intellect.”
        `”In a 2007 interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Luntz redefined the term “Orwellian” in a “positive” sense, saying that if one reads George Orwell’s essay on language, “To be ‘Orwellian’ is to speak with absolute clarity, to be succinct, to explain what the event is, to talk about what triggers something happening… and to do so without any pejorative whatsoever.”
        “Additionally in his 2007 interview on Fresh Air, Luntz discussed his use of the term “energy exploration” to refer to oil drilling.”
        “His work has included assistance with messaging for Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, and public relations support for pro-Israel policies in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He advocated use of vocabulary crafted to produce a desired effect; including use of the term death tax instead of estate tax, and climate change instead of global warming.”
        I’ll stop there. No offense Newton, you didn’t know who he is. Just felt it important to shed some light on Frank Luntz.

        1. Once Luntz self-identified as a Republican campaign consultant, pollster, etc., I knew he and I had profound political differences. But that didn’t get in the way of listening to what he had to say, because a good deal of it was making sense. Doesn’t winning a battle, Shocker, often involve learning from one’s enemies, especially those who have seen at least a little of their side’s shortcomings? That said, I appreciate your putting Mr. Luntz into fuller context.

        2. I have no problem with the idea of learning from one’s enemies to win a battle.
          Likewise, I think opening up lines of communication with those I’m largely in opposition to is important to find common ground and work on real solutions in the areas we do agree. I read many websites that have opposing views to mine, but I see some common ground and opportunities for learning.
          I don’t, however, think a paid propagandist, with a decades long track record of deception, is someone I would trust enough to engage with. Much less listen to.

        3. It’s called “realpolitik”; you won’t often hear it. You could learn a bit about how things “really” work. Nothing is going to change for the lumpen proletariat and all it will take is a smarter right wing politician to kick over the nasty neoliberal apple cart. You learn nothing from listening to your own Echo chamber which is where most people are today. Manufactured consent has worked for a very long time but that doesn’t mean that it will forever. Like climate change, it’s really hard to get your mind wrapped around what’s coming but COVID should be a wake up call.

  18. Ms Johnstone, you keep on with the spiritual stuff. That’s the best part of your writings. At least you are genuine unlike those cannibals who pose as spiritual teachers like Simon “bonding with my white scaled reptilian daddy Anu by ritually eating a screeching, screaming woman alive” Parkes who likes to end his internet offerings by telling us how much he loves us all. Yeah, and probably with lashings of ketchup….

  19. Ms Johnstone this article was nice to read; calling things what they actually are is rare these days.
    We have needed to eliminate a bunch of euphemisms from our political lexicon if we’re going to have serious debates about the future of the country.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Fixing the Language of Journalism to Reflect Reality by Dave LIndorff!

  20. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024

    Idiot rightists vs online leftists: Now officially unhinged.

  21. Keep it spiritual, Caitlin, or you’re lost too.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Bollocks. Human beings are not spirits. See my post above.

  22. The boisterous patient faction has been medicated and Nurse Ratched (Jen Psaki) again holds sway over the ward.

  23. Insanity among government is a requirement, not a departure from the norm. Government is nothing more than the presumption of authority to hold a gun to the heads of whomever disagrees with them, if not kill them outright. Expecting anything good from it is like expecting a dog to do calculus. They aren’t capable.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      That’s just silly – just this morning my dog was pawing out the proof to L’Hôpital’s rule.:-)

  24. Australia is hereby decreed the land of the rising Sol with regards to the gentle prod waking up of nightscaped rigor mortised slumbering human minds by the gracious priestess of perfecting daily perceptions, Caitlin Johnstone. In simile to drugs, the readers themselves concoct the nature of medicine being derived hereby. Regardless, I’m addicted.

  25. Interesting, not that I saw anything spiritual in anything that you just said, but interesting in other aspects. Bat shit crazy, you just said? Yes, and in the last most worrisome places. So, I won’t even bother, the poor hopeless forces of evil, my heart bleeds for them, because as they say, “They know not what they do”. Even the animals at the slaughter houses know better than they.

  26. No. We can’t walk around screaming into the faces of all the people we don’t agree with, suggesting they should be beheaded and expect to be accepted as a normal person.

    1. My sentiments as well. Be that as it may, Caitlin’s correct about the general nuttiness and psychopathy of US empire’s murdering ways. It may be “normalized” but it isn’t right thinking, right action, etc. It’s ethically wrong and must be called out at every opportunity.

  27. Right on and far out . . .
    Keep on shining Caitlin . . .

  28. It’s called the Abu Ghraib prison manifesto. They’ve denied they have a National Mental Health problem for decades on account of it hurting someones feelings. Americans don’t want good government. They want torture, humiliation, and vindictiveness. Now that’s a National Mental Health issue.

    1. I they had good government it would be a first. Governments exist on the premise they have authority to hold a gun to people’s heads and force them to comply with their decisions based on their opinions. A thing sane people simply do not do. The one and only thing governments have ever demonstrated any expertise at is killing people, and they’re quite good at it.

  29. Right on. damn, this is good!

  30. Pardon Snowden or forever squirm in perfidy!
    the dumbercraps will split before the ripuglicants do.
    you can’t please everyone so you gotta please yourself~~ricky nelson
    all religions believe they found it when they only made it up.
    god is not the answer; god is the question.
    one of the first things a child will say is: why?
    why afghanistan?
    why Cuba, venezuela, iraq, iran, nicaragua, syria, libya, russia, china, the planet, oceans, air, water, lands, races, women, soil, climate…life?
    ask why?

    1. I’d guess class struggle. Is it class struggle? Or just a bunch of coincidences? I bet it’s class struggle. Yes? No?

  31. Pretty much got it in this post, Caitlin. If we only knew what to do about it. With a third or more of the country actually bat shit, and the rest “sanely” omnicidal…time is running out. It’s going to be such a surprise!

  32. Being honest and ” up front ” has been banned, Ms Johnstone!
    Everyone is supposed to be ” a charade ” and be following an act that they present to the world. Not being ” a phony ” is against the rules.

  33. Hope Sheets Sanford Avatar
    Hope Sheets Sanford

    Keep posting the ¨spiritual stuff¨, please.

    1. It’s what sets Caitlin’s blog apart from the rest of the pack in the largely secular left. Little do secular humanists realize that, despite the bastardization of what has come to be called “Christianity,” their core values, the principles and presuppositions that undergird all humanism, secular or otherwise, have their origin in an ancient spiritual movement, at least as far as Western “Civilization” is concerned. The East, of course, has its own wisdom, from which Caitlin prefers to draw. Two very short videos make this crystal clear:


      1. Couldn’t put up all three short videos, so here’s one of the other two. Sufficient IMHO to get Hart’s drift. Hope the link works, and it’s not just a duplicate.

  34. Caitlin for President!

    1. Her lovely husband would qualify under the Constitution’s rules… Caity could be the “power behind the throne” lol.

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  35. Liberals admire the most dubious characters:

    “Such a revocation does not affect citizenship status. Persons wanted on felony charges, such as Mr. Snowden, should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel other than is necessary to return him to the United States,” Psaki said in a statement.

    The State Department said the United States was in touch, through diplomatic and law enforcement channels, with countries that Snowden might travel through or to.”


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