A new exclusive from The Daily Beast titled “White House Reporters: Biden Team Wanted Our Questions in Advance” reports that the White House press corps is being pressured to provide briefing questions ahead of time in a way that makes even mainstream media journalists uncomfortable.

“While it’s a relief to see briefings return, particularly with a commitment to factual information, the press can’t really do its job in the briefing room if the White House is picking and choosing the questions they want,” one White House correspondent told The Daily Beast. “That’s not really a free press at all.”

“It pissed off enough reporters for people to flag it for the [White House Correspondents Association] for them to deal with it,” another source reportedly said.

While Obama’s deputy press secretary Eric Schultz calls the move “textbook communications work” designed to ensure that Biden’s press secretary has answers ready instead of having to “repeatedly punt questions”, clearly the reporters on the job feel differently.

“The requests prompted concerns among the White House press corps, whose members, like many reporters, are sensitive to the perception that they are coordinating with political communications staffers,” writes the Beast.

Having questions in advance would indeed be a good way to help insulate press secretary Jen Psaki (for whom liberals are already developing an unwholesome celebrity crush) from hard questions. This would avoid sticky situations like when Psaki deflected inquiries about treasury secretary Janet Yellen’s conflict of interest with the Citadel controversy by babbling about Yellen being the first woman in her position and claiming that receiving $800,000 in speaking fees from that company is no reason for her to recuse herself.

So this is just one more item on the steadily growing pile of fake things about this administration. Everything about it is phony. This is the Astroturf Administration.

Biden and his cohorts point-blank lied about sending out $2000 checks.

Deportations are continuing unimpeded despite all the campaign pledges to the contrary.

The kids in cages that made Rachel Maddow cry on air during the Trump administration are still in their cages and will remain there for the foreseeable future.

The pro-environment candidate has authorized dozens of new oil drilling permits within days of taking office.

Re-entering the Iran nuclear deal seems as far off as ever, with the administration continuing Trump’s “maximum pressure campaign” even as Tehran says the US ending its cruel sanctions is a precondition to resuming the deal.

Biden still hasn’t taken any solid steps to end the horrific war on Yemen, or even to end US facilitation of the slaughter as he promised on the campaign trail (he could have taken major steps toward doing this the day he took office and chose not to).

While this president hides from the press due to his rapidly deteriorating ability to answer questions in complete sentences, the mass media churn out think pieces about how taking himself out of the spotlight is actually a brilliant political move.

As Our Hidden History recently put it, “We got sold a sack of political oregano.”


And that’s all the US empire ever is, really: a murderous, tyrannical planetary oppressor covered up by varying degrees of dishonesty. During the Trump administration the depravity was a little more honest about itself, now during the Biden administration it’s a little more dishonest. The only major change is the thickness with which the makeup is slathered over the skull.

Everything about life in our current world order is dominated by phoniness. Our culture is manufactured by Hollywood. Our dominating political structure is manufactured by think tanks. Our perceptions of what’s going on in the world are manufactured in Langley and Arlington. The whole thing is so fake and stupid. We’ve got to figure out a way to snap out of these artificial boxes they are placing over our minds and these perceptual filters they are placing over our eyes, and birth something real and authentic into our world.


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88 responses to “Everything About The Biden Administration Is Fake”

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  2. Conspiracy Analyst Avatar
    Conspiracy Analyst

    I find it completely ironical, as Robin Williams used to say, that the alt-right members of the military are being screened as possible domestic terrorists while those same military folks murder innocents from Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria…
    How you do create such a blind spot in the liberal world view? How does that not strike them as insanity?

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  4. Imagine if we did start telling the bone-hard Truth to the people. They would explode with indignation. I know of what I speak. Share the simplest of truths with your average American Joe or Kathy. They will argue with you, fight with you, shout at you. If ANYTHING makes them “feel” frightened or in fear for their jobs, their communities or their families, they will reject you out of hand and throw you out on your ear. As Jack Nicholson said in that great movie, “A Few Good Men’–“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.” And he was right. So we get the government, media, and society we deserve. And it’s always the “other guy” that has to do the changing. As Pogo says: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” And again, it is my observation and experience that people in this country don’t really want the actual Truth. They usually seek after lies that make them feel good, safe and secure and it will go on in this way until the people REPENT.+

    1. Perhaps are FORCED to repent, if there is such a thing.

  5. Biden’s administration merely represents a new shade of lipstick on the same scruffy pig.

    1. Or, as I usually put it: “whew, the lipstick is back on the pig. We can now all rest easy.”

  6. At least the deportations are a ray of hope. I am in favor of having an actual country, with borders and immigration laws that are enforced.

    1. I’m not. I like Mexicans. They’re a big improvement on some of the ethnic groups I can think of. Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos, man.

    2. I agree! Population and resources are topics that need to be discussed more.

  7. Here are a couple of gems, which aren’t entirely unrelated to #creepyunclejoe’s make believe administration,



    They need to keep the fences up and double the guard, so that none of those nutjobs escape and terrorize anymore villagers.

  8. Title says it all.
    Everything about creepyzombieguy administration is fake.

    1. The nature of political power is such that those who have it must put out BS to cover it. The BS is inevitable; the only question is whether you prefer your BS raw, cooked, warned over, or already in the garbage pail.

  9. Ms Johnstone if you have the time please read this:
    The class warfare is global. Not until workers in sweatshops in China, Mexico, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh are lifted out of poverty will the American working class be lifted out of poverty. This class war is the real fight, which corporate-owned media platforms and bankrupt liberals refuse to discuss.
    “In a real sense all life is inter-related,” Martin Luther King wrote in his Letter from Birmingham Jail. “All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be.”
    Liberalism, which Rosa Luxemburg called by its more appropriate name — “opportunism” — is an integral component of capitalism. When the citizens grow restive, or when capitalism goes into crisis as it did in the 1930s, liberals ameliorate capitalism’s cruel excesses. Franklin Delano Roosevelt correctly said his greatest achievement was that he saved capitalism.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Papering Over the Rot By Chris Hedges

    1. Thanks Rob, You find excellent articles, by journalists who aptly describe this rotten empire we allowed psychopaths to corrupt.

  10. Caitlin, you write “Everything about life in our current world is dominated by phoniness., …, The whole thing is so fake and stupid. We’ve got to figure out a way to snap out of these artificial boxes they are placing over our minds and these perceptual filters they are placing over our eyes, and birth something real and authentic into our world.” How beautiful. And how true. May I suggest study of the Gospel of Thomas? For example, Saying 17 thereof reads:
    Jesus said, “I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.”
    Using a few insights which emerge from study of the other sayings of the gospel we can interpret this saying as:
    I shall give you what no eye has seen (the gospel of Jesus, which your eye has not yet seen, although it is before you), what no ear has heard (my message for you, which your ear has not yet heard, for you do not yet know that this is my gospel), what no hand has touched (the gospel of the founder of your religion, which your hand has not yet touched, for you do not yet know that this is my gospel), what has not arisen in the human heart (me – Jesus – who is already in you, but this you do not know, for you do not yet know that this is my gospel, and I have not yet arisen in your heart, for you do not yet know that this is my gospel).

    1. So for the sake of discussion, lets say the historical Jesus said:
      Jesus said, “I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.”
      I’m gonna break this apart for modern times. Giving somebody something you think nobody has seen is not a big deal. I could do it right now. What one ear hears is not the same as another ear, so who gives a crap. All of our hands touch things that no other hand has, so this is no big deal either.
      Now if you can make something arise in the human heart that never has before, then I will bow down before you and I’ll do likewise……after I bow down assuming I’m still alive. After that, the let the chips fall where they may and we will course-correct during the journey as long as we are still alive.
      I’m on my way – have been for awhile. Just I didn’t want to go alone……..
      Until next time, BK

  11. “We’ve got to figure out a way to snap out of these artificial boxes they are placing over our minds and these perceptual filters they are placing over our eyes, and birth something real and authentic into our world.”

    Don’t believe them.
    Read people like you who don’t believe them

    it’s a start.

  12. I wouldn’t say I’m in the “plandemic camp” but I am not buying into the hysteria about thousands of new “cases” every day that the media is spewing at us. The PCR tests are inaccurate, as even the WHO acknowledges, and even true positive cases are not “sick” with covid. Flu and pneumonia are being lumped in with Covid deaths and the mask nonsense has gone from ridiculous to absurd. Two masks? Why not four?!
    There is definitely something diabolical going on and it’s not your garden variety power grab.

  13. Why Trump is still your president. The time line.
    Just as a starting point, there is no Biden. But there have been 20 plus doubles who have taken his place, for at least the last three years.
    Obummer was picked up in airforce one and taken from Chicago to DC for his inauguration. Biden had to hire his own jet to get there. First time this ever happened.
    The inauguration was filmed the day before, and was done by Castle Rock entertainment The fraudulent Inauguration, was available at least ten hours before the inauguration was due to take place. At the supposed Inauguration one usurper was sworn in as supposed President, then there was a very long pause in proceeding, with every one scratching their heads. Then Usurper number two appeared, and did the speech.
    If you doubt this was all theatrics, all you have to do is check out the supposed military guards at the inauguration. They do not have a single medal or insignia. Military uniforms sure, but no insignias or medals? Just go back and look at any inauguration and you will see the stark difference. Then we have the two Biden usurpers. What you missed noticing they were two different people? Take another look.
    Then Biden and entourage set of in a cavalcade of cars around DC and past 25,000 troops. Every one of them turned their backs to Biden. And is there any one, who still thinks he is their Supreme Commander? This is the greatest insult the military could ever give, to a supposed supreme Commander.
    The commander of the 25,000 troops was asked what is your mission here and he clearly stated ‘we are here to help the secret service and the police to ensure a peaceful transition to military rule” That made the news man, virtually speechless.
    Some one mentioned some time ago that Biden would never get the nuclear football, the keys to air force one, or the keys to the White House, and that all appears to be correct to date. Over two weeks and he has not set foot in the white house. There is not one genuine photo of him in the oval office. There were a few earlier on, but they were all called out as fake, and were in the Castle Rock Studios. So now you can not even find them any more. But never you mind about that, Fact checkers have said that it’s all bullshit about the oval office not being real.
    Try a google search for Biden in the Oval Office (remember its now two weeks since supposed inauguration) all you will get are pictures of the Oval Office. You will not find a single picture that is not fake, with the usurper Biden in the Oval Office, and most of those, have all ready been expunged from the internet.
    Then around the first of February, a very strange episode evolved. 27 huge Buss’s arrived at the Capital buildings, with completely blacked out windows, at exactly 12 noon. Accompanied by a multitude of police and a flotilla of large white vans. All through the afternoon they were shifting presumably people to some where not too far away, then returning for more. A friend said it was probably the Army moving out. However from the Capital Buildings and with a multitude of police and vans? Not here say, as I have seen videos of the whole thing. Then some one had said, when its all over, look at the sky. By the time it was all finished, it was night and a magnificent skyworks show, then took place.
    So what’s Pelosi been up to? They have the congress and they have the Senate so you would think they have America by the balls. She is solely hell bent on impeaching a man who has left office. If he is no longer President there is no point, whatsoever, in carrying on impeachment. How ever they all know that he is still the President. Martial law is in play and Trump remains President until the insurrection is put down by the military. Just a guess but there is a possibility Trump may stay in the summer White House in Florida, as you President.
    The whole fraudulent election, will be overturned and the republicans will resume power. Many people will go to jail as there are well in excess of 200,000 sealed indictments for the Military to attend to. Those found to be treasonous, will lose every single thing they possess. Some will go to Gitmo and other jails. Some will die by hanging or firing squad. Many big company’s will be completely wiped out and all their assets frozen and confiscated. People like facebook and twitter may well be regarded as treasonous, and so those in charge and owners may face death.
    Beside impeaching Trump law makers and many others, are all hell bent right now, trying desperately to get the death penalty squashed and expunged from the statute books. I wonder why the sudden rush, at this time?

    1. The Deep State has been controlling the USA and the military for decades. There is no need for lame duck Donald and dopey Joe Bitten is the latest puppet president.

      1. What about the Saturnian ant men?

  14. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Anyone who keeps going to vote in the elections organized by our elites, especially since the infamous September 11, 2001 and with everything that has happened afterwards, is a hopeless case with whom there is no more conversation possible.

    Was it possible to reason with the people of the days of Noah and the flood? It’s the same today.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. If I wasn’t so catholic in upbringing this would not be so funny to me, but this is so funny and I thank you Michelle, my bell for all the laughs….
      Seriously – I seriously thank you, but please be aware, Rome is going down and there ain’t no roman god I will bow down too, so pray on your beads all you want, I’m with you, but it might not make a difference.

      1. Perhaps praying will eventually lead you to discover that your prayers will not make God change His mind. If praying opens your mind, then keep praying.

        1. Perhaps you are no longer a Tired and No Longer Active Revolutionary – Perhaps not.
          Personally praying does me good – call it my form of meditation and if you are gonna knock on that then I understand why you are Tired and No Longer Active. Revolutions don’t need sour pussery……
          Consider that old man.

          1. Or old women as the case may be.

  15. Politics is mostly mere scripted theatre and people who think their votes matter are living in fantasia.

  16. At the risk of being labeled racist, I’ll offer another example of almost-certain agenda-driven “manipulation” of the masses. In the last year or two, interracial couples on American TV commercials have become omnipresent. Start watching for yourself. It’s hard to find a commercial that depicts couples without one of these couples being of opposite races. I point this out not because I disapprove of interracial relationships, but only because I’m convinced this new trend couldn’t have happened by accident.

    My guess: Someone sent out a memo to casting agents to make sure a much greater percentage of couples shown in TV commercials were of different races. Furthermore, it makes sense that most national companies use only a couple of national advertising agencies to produce these commercials. So any “orders” to make this happen probably came from a big TV ad agency. I just don’t think it’s plausible that hundreds of advertisers decided independently, and all at once, to make such a “social statement” with these casting decisions.

    I’d add that not too long ago the depiction of such couples would have been a shock to many viewers. For example, I don’t remember seeing these depictions in print ads or TV commercials of just a few years ago. It’s just clear to me that this didn’t happen by accident – and that probably one or two people made sure this did happen.

    I’d love to see some investigative reporting that notes this trend and offers explanations of how and why it occurred – and occurred pretty rapidly and everywhere. That is, am I right that this dictate was passed along from high? This wish expressed, I doubt any such investigative piece will tell us the real, behind-the-scenes story of how and why this happened. If it did, we might see the (subliminal) control that one or two people (behind the curtains) can have on a medium that reaches hundreds of millions of people hundreds of times each day.

    1. Bill, I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for but I read a short piece (for the life of me I can’t remember where…) but one thought on this is that the advertising agencies are now flooded with young college grads who dislike anything boomer and the trend of this is based on their desire to “shock” the boomers. Not a complete answer but something to chew on I suppose.

      1. Those new college grads from communication departments had special psychology courses (Industrial Psychology? I heard it as explanation “what do I teach”), use results of polling and focus groups, so if they feature multiracial couples in ads, one can assume that it improves sales. Plus, those couples are not rare, and allow to create “balanced short ads”, one second of dialog presenting two races — or more if kids are around.

  17. Sure glad that I’m a progressive rather than a liberal – all of whom either think they are liberal because the Democratic leadership tells them they are, but really have no idea what the word means – or they are true Democratic Party liberals, all of whom reside right of center.
    Oh – and I have no celebrity crush, or any other type, on Jen Psaki. Actually, her lying aside, it took only two appearances for me to dislike her. For the first conference, she was more than 16 minutes late and for the second, more than 25 seconds late. At those points, I left both. Once caught in a lie, it is nearly impossible to trust someone. Those extended appearance times were the equivalent of a lie. I’ll give someone two or three minutes – once. When it happens twice in a row, it has now become a habit of someone who thinks that he or she is more important than everyone else.
    Here’s a thought Ms. Psaki – Go hide in the bushes with Sean Spicer. I’m not listening to any lie you have to spin.

    1. Wow. Myself, I’m not that harsh in how I judge others. She has a difficult job, so maybe she deserve to get a little slack.
      I don’t know. I haven’t even watched her. I didn’t even know she existed. Seems like if you are telling a story about fake things…..well, at the end of the story say to your readers:
      I’ll never talk about his again because it is fake.
      In the absence of that, if more stores about the same fake things continue to be told, then truth be told for real – you are just perpetuating the fake things that we already know about. So – something to stew upon.
      My journey in Australia will go through the heart of the country and I’ve already figured out how I’m going to get there. I need somebody else besides my wife, but I need here most of all. The problem is, and we both acknowledge this….or at least I have said it out loud – She is NOT a good navigator. I am, but sometimes I’m the one driving.
      Don’t participate in this effort if you are afraid of getting lost, but if you understand that getting lost is part of the adventure, and that it part of the “fun of it all”, then life will be nothing but discovery and excitement, and let me tell you friends – that is a life worth living!
      Peace is easy and rome is over…….romed over….eaten up….overcome….lost in mystery….rome is over. Or at least it is for me…..still, Italy is a special place. Maybe there can be a race there as well…..what do you think?

    2. The term progressive implies an inherent fascism. A Liberal is an apolitical, amoral, selfish opportunist. We can all agree on that fact. A progressive is the same with a superiority complex and a fundamentalist slant. Progress, the ‘correct’ way to move forward, is highly subjective, a term born of empire and colonialism, historically used by oppressors to justify their bullshit, ‘We massacared X in the name of progress” is a refrain familiar to us all. Standing there saying ‘Progress is what me and mine say it is’ is highly regressive imho. And that’s just a simple analysis of the label! What strikes me most about Harrys post and those of all self-labelled Progressives is the narcissistic belief that I give a fuck about their opinion of themselves and the myopia they concern themselves with. I dont need to be updated on a daily basis mate. Oh look, today Harry thinks being late is the same as a lie, did I just lose braincells reading that? How about you just comment when you learn something useful and if you don’t comment I’ll just assume you still don’t know shit? Notice how despite the huge heap of scorn I’m throwing your way I’m still also teaching you some unassailable (as of yet) truth.Your welcome mate, I’m just doing my bit. Before you assume I’m a right winger based on my vulgar (honest) prose and combative (perfectly reasonable in context) stance, know that I am not. And if I was, my logic still stands, Progressive is a term designed to divide, indoctrinate and instill a sense of unexamined superiority in devotees, so lets just drop it eh? Lets talk to our workin class bretheren on the right and treat em with the respect they deserve for building most every physical edifice in this damn country (not many progressives on the construction sites I work on), rather than slamming half of those stupid enough to vote as terrorists. Lets even try and encourage Liberals (by far the most impossible to engage in reasoned debate) to grow back their withered souls. Get off twitta etc, engage people in real life, heart before mind. Once they love you, your voice becomes part of theirs and they see through your eyes, whether they want to or not, pissing about throwing symbols at strangers online should only be done in the full knowledge that you are just wankin some time away and contributing to the spectacle. Its fine, but if I acted like I’d just saved the universe every time I pulled my pudd you’d get sick of it in no time.

  18. Conspiracy Analyst Avatar
    Conspiracy Analyst

    Jonathan Cook wrote an interesting piece about the externalities of capitalism-costs unloaded onto the consumer which improves a corporation’s bottom line. Our oceans full of micro plastic particles as well as plastic garbage is one such devastating externality. The media does an amazing propaganda job with distracting us from the externalities that Cook mentions. Manufactured consent involves severely limiting the range of questions that get asked. We end up fighting over questions that do nothing to change the horrendous status quo. Wars, assassinations, coup d’etat, drone murder, etc are all externalities that are ignored. We have a government that ignores the people-which is a critical externality of corporate totalitarianism. We have to remember that the media is a corporation too which has no interest in having the truth revealed. Our co-opted media is also a devastating externality of capitalism. I find Cook’s idea of externalities as an important way to attack the depravity of the US lead world order.

    1. Yo – Conspiracy Analyst.
      Guess what – I got the solution for plastic as well.
      Basically, here I’ll keep it simple, but this is part of a larger patent soon to be submitted, so don’t steal these ideas with any bad intent or there will be hell to pay.
      1. Make plastic from the get-go to be recycled.
      2. For all the other plastic, best plan is to burn it now – much energy.
      3. We are gonna need some of that other plastic going forward, but not nearly so much…cause,
      4. We will have other plastic made from the get-go to be recycled.
      As a full-fledged Magna Cum Laude Chemical Engineer from NC State, I say this with confidence, but most of the confidence came later, and I say that with wisdom.
      Things are fixing to get better and its gonna happening during the reckoning in 2021!
      Can you sense it?

  19. Fakeness removal idea
    Here is a simple idea:
    1. Those in government are there because they have been vested by the People they are to govern – right or wrong? (I could argue either way).
    2. Those individuals in government vested as such, should wear a vest so all can see, they are in government. (there should probably be just one single vest – no differentiation for the gubment employees working for the People – you know?)
    That is the idea and I think it might facilitate gradual return of transparency. It won’t happen overnight, but anecdotally seems to me lately big changes can happen fast and this is shaping up to be a golden opportunity for change to occur, and consider this, for it to occur without large-scale violence.
    If that is the revolution that is going to happen, then count me in…….if there is a lot of violence, then count me out.
    Peace is easy

    1. You know what is funniest about this idea. So many folks, myself include I reckon, enjoy every now and then putting on a “uniform”. It makes us feel part of something bigger.
      So it is not like you would have to “convince” the gubment employees to wear a vest. No, most of them would do it with pride. Here is the thing though, if a gubment individual is performing “gubment business”, then they better have that vest on. If they don’t, then they are committing a crime assuming the business their seeking is not in the interest of those they are supposedly “governing”.
      Get my drift?
      2021 – six more weeks of winter says Phil, and Phil knows as I do as well being that I speak “groundhog” language (as well as badger):
      2021 is the year of reckoning!
      So says Phil as well as a badger friend or two of mine!
      ha, ha, ha,…………..ha, ha…..

      1. So here is a hypothetical. Lets say your were going from Margaret River in Western Australia and trying to get to Cairns, which is also in Australia. I believe it would be a northeast journey.
        How about, we all remotely figure out the quickest way to make this journey using only a combustion engine vehicle that stays on the ground.
        We could submit our remote ideas and if you want to win the contest I suggest you add a bit of story to the adventure. Because the one who gets there quickest will not necessarily win this contest in my imagination.
        Get my drift?
        if I was in the contest, I would only do it if I decided most of the folks in Australia would help out a stranger during a time of need if one ever came to be.
        I’m seriously thinking I could make a story out of this.
        p.s. – sorry for any typos….

        1. Sorry, it is my prerogative cause I came up with this imaginary Australian adventure, so I’m going to put forth the – FIRST RULE:
          You can’t take that highway number #1 that goes along the southern coast. I hope that is clear. If you do, you must know, it will be known.
          Now, I have some papers for you to sign, cause if you try to do this don’t blame me if you die!

  20. Capitalism is an Ownership game. Forty years of privatization is at the core of fascism, which has demolished our middle class by neglecting to invest in the public sector so that Wall St banks can profit from predatory loans and credit cards. The Ownership Game is why the Owners hide behind nationalistic pride to garner recruitment because they need military force to acquire more things.

    “The core of fascism is the idea that there is some elite, whether ‘Aryan’ or ‘chosen by God,’ or otherwise, who should run things, and that everyone else exists in order to serve that elite. Inevitably, this official elite consists of the people whom the powers-that-be assign as constituting the owners of almost everything that’s valuable. Increasingly, things become those people’s private possession — even what was formerly a public asset becomes now private. Beaches become private. Schools become private. Natural resources become private.

    It’s not just the art that was stolen by the Nazis and privatized to them and/or shown at museums that they control, which becomes private; it’s whatever the elite want to have, and to control: it’s all now private. That’s the fascist ideal.”


    Fascists especially need to own the communication airwaves (which should belong to the public sector) because without lies, it has no basis for being.

    Private ownership of houses is under attack since the fascists want to be the only ones to own everything so they can rent out everything from houses to appliances. The Great Reset Dystopia mantra is “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” That just doesn’t apply to them.

    Public housing is fine as long as the agenda isn’t to cram people into urban coastal “smart cities” polluted by a cancerous smog of 5G electric grid 24/7 surveillance.

    Cancer cells thrive in acidic darkness. When chlorophyll (trapped sunlight) floods the body, cancer cannot survive. Sunlight, truth is the only cure for this tyrannical malignancy.

    1. Needless to say, the GR Dystopian Mantra has a corollary which goes, “We”ll own everything and be ecstatic!” …

  21. Thank you Caitlin Johnstone. People need to read what you wrote. Real pressure cannot be brought to bear on Joe Biden if he gets away with hiding behind smoke and mirrors.

  22. “This would avoid sticky situations like when Psaki deflected inquiries about treasury secretary Janet Yellen’s conflict of interest with the Citadel controversy by babbling about Yellen being the first woman in her position and claiming that receiving $800,000 in speaking fees from that company is no reason for her to recuse herself.”
    Reminds me of when Hillary Clinton said there was no “quid pro quo.” I believe she was referring to speeches she gave on Wall street for money. Laughable really. Even Trump said something like, ‘if I give a politician a campaign donation I’m going to expect something for it.’
    Sadly, that’s the way the world works, I guess.

  23. What is left? This, The Grayzone, Consortium News, MintPress & Jimmy Dore?
    “Our perceptions of what’s going on in the world are manufactured.”

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Not Jimmy Dore. Not any more.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Read the World Socialist Web Site.

  24. Grace Walden the Second Avatar
    Grace Walden the Second

    Well, this is Jen Psaki we’re talking about here. Back when she was at State, every single day we laughed at her bungled and idiotic statements. Its just a bit fitting that the gaffe-master turned senile babbler should select as the voice of the Executive someone famed for stepping on her tongue.

  25. “So this is just one more item on the steadily growing pile of fake things about this administration. Everything about it is phony. This is the Astroturf Administration.” It most certainly is largely phony and fake, RIGHT NOW. What everyone is missing in their political analysis and prognostications, from Caitlin to Chris Hedges to most of those who comment on this blog, is that things have suddenly changed due to the global pandemic, changed in so fundamental a way that any return to neoliberal economics or politics as usual–INCLUDING PLUTOCRACY–is barred by the unalterable reality of a mutating virus likely to stay one step ahead of even the most draconian efforts to control it. Nothing is more powerful than the survival instinct and the accompanying dread of death that now pervade our world, which had been in death denial for decades if not centuries. No, nothing you think you know is so any longer. We’ve been thrust into uncharted waters, a roiling ocean of global dimension that modern humans have never seen before. All bets, all predictions, all projections, all presumptions, all suppositions, all lessons learned from history, all we thought we knew about past and present and future are off the table for those with eyes to see our unprecedented plight. When the majority of American citizens are ravaged physically and economically by this plague, when they start living in the street, fighting over access to foodbanks, dropping like flies due to an obscenely inadequate health care system, etc., THEN AND ONLY THEN will we find out whether the Biden administration can break with the sorry status quo it embodies and rise to the occasion of helping to do what heretofore we only dreamed about doing, but hereafter MUST do to survive: build a better, more beautiful world upon the elemental, universal principle of reverence for life, human and otherwise.

    1. You’re putting the cart before the horse. The virus is not to blame for these monumental changes. Those who are controlling the narrative are.

      1. And THAT is where you and I and many others have the most profound disagreement. I would suggest that your way of thinking about the pandemic (and theirs) is too familiar, too comfortable, too pat, too expected–the idea that the pandemic now shaking the world, and threatening to make the global economy go belly-up, is just one more plutocratic plot, this time a plandemic. Much of the harder left, along with much of the far right, is dead wrong IMHO when they make this understandable but inaccurate diagnosis. They fall into the trap of extending prior thinking patterns to that which is, again, utterly unprecedented. If I’m right, what we’re facing is MUCH SCARIER than another power grab by the elite, as awful as that would be. Yet also, because of its out-of-control nature, this new thing we must deal with, a genuine global pandemic instead of a strategic plandemic, will open up revolutionary or evolutionary possibilities never seen before.

        1. If I jumped the gun, and you’re not in the plandemic camp, BLB, please forgive me. But what I said still applies to all those who have bought into that position, popular in certain quarters left and right. Narrative control, as you indicate, remains vitally important no matter the nature of the subject.

          1. I wouldn’t say I’m in the “plandemic camp” but I am not buying into the hysteria about thousands of new “cases” every day that the media is spewing at us. The PCR tests are inaccurate, as even the WHO acknowledges, and even true positive cases are not “sick” with covid. Flu and pneumonia are being lumped in with Covid deaths and the mask nonsense has gone from ridiculous to absurd. Two masks? Why not four?!
            There is definitely something diabolical going on and it’s not your garden variety power grab.

    2. The virus is a manufactured crisis meant to achieve certain ends, it’s the greatest fraud perpetrated in world history. If the elites have their way it will never end. The first clue to this was the quickly adopted term “social distancing”. Of course the reality is that it’s “physical distancing”. Social distancing is something else. For instance, if Prince Harry, Megan and I were in bed together our physical distance would be negligible but our social distance would remain light years.

      The faux pandemic is so deadly that one of the first edicts signed by the presidential marionette concerned the support for trans-sexual males being able to compete in women’s sports.

  26. As my hero, Gomer Pyle, used to say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

  27. If you voted for this travesty, you get exactly what you deserve.

    Just like the 4 year psy-op that Trump was, the current traitor administration will be fiddling while the nation burns. So again, if you voted for this administration, you got exactly what you deserved.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I voted for the Socialist Equality Party candidates. I always do. It is the only party I support.

      1. So did I, and it makes us feel virtuous. But that’s all it does, isn’t it?

      2. How ’bout : the Socialist Workers Party?

  28. “The only major change is the thickness with which the makeup is slathered over the skull.”

    There is also a significant difference in the color of the makeup.

    The Donald spent a lot of his time on the golf course, Uncle Joe will be spending a lot of time sleeping in the basement.

  29. So what does Rachel Maddow and her ilk complain about niw tgat Trump is gone. Can only milk this impeachment sham so far.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Who cares what those right-wing tools think?

      1. Maddow is crazy left on her show. But would say anything I am sure for a paycheck.

  30. “You can’t talk about hope if you can’t see reality. Reality’s pretty bleak, but that’s the starting point.” Chris Hedges American Psychosis, short video. Team Biden is just part of the cancer. Cancer Rules!

    1. Excellent video and was as true under Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc etc, as it is under Biden. We are in collapse. Of that, we can agree.

      1. and, unfortunately, our only home Earth is in irreversible collapse.

  31. Such has been the case for decades. Expecting Biden, or any other puppet to be different is delusional. Practically every single nation is dependent on finance. Which means the bank cartel owns them. They will not be allowed to do anything that detracts from that ownership.

  32. It’s not the Biden Administration that’s fake, a lot of things about America are fake.

  33. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Just check out any of these videos and look at the ratio of downvotes to upvotes – typically 10+-to-1. That is 90+% disapproval.
    Nobody believes them anymore.

  34. https://imgflip.com/i/4wbm1k

    And speaking of Wokewashed Astroturf… Have you seen this one? Links to the video and some context is in the first comment.

  35. Look – I thought I would just post this randomly !!

    Charles Manson murders was another CIA psyop !!
    It stopped the ‘anti war’ hippy movement in its tracks !
    ‘Flowers and Beads’ became the face of EVIL !

    To me this is FACT and show you just how long the BS has been going on !

    1. Yes, that story made me angrier than some of the crap that’s happening today, because I was a hippie at the time. The depth of our “intelligence agencies” depravity is almost unimaginable.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      This is of interest …

      Inside The Laurel Canyon: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and The Birth Of The Hippie Generation – Dave McGowan
      Audio Interview
      The book:

      1. Yes, Dave was a true genius. RIP our noble brother

    3. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Yeah, right. Like that has anything to do with reality or the topic under discussion.

  36. Ms Johnstone, some of our ” world leaders ” have some common sense and a hope for the future of humanity. I hope that you have the time to read this.
    This excellent article can be read here:
    Xi and Putin Stand Up for Humanity at Davos: Closed vs Open System Ideologies Clash Again by Matthew Ehret!

    1. Excellent article, highly informative and compulsory reading imho

  37. Russia will soon end the war in Yemen – Russia buys leverage and they have already made agreements with the KSA to allow OIL exploration contracts on Russian soil !

    There is NO more FREE oil for the ZIO/US – plundering countries for oil is no longer an option – Venezuela was their Waterloo !

    US can’t sell any weapons because they are **IT – its over for the MIC and therefor it is OVER for AMERICA !


  38. Mr. Joe Biden is now the President of the United States. Eventually his mental agility and lack of logic are going to be publically revealed to the world and he will be sent to a ” cellar ” never to be seen again. This country’s chaos and collapse should soon follow that. Ms Johnstone ” the owners and the masters ” will then let us peons know just how the new world order is to function. Anyone not following the program will disappear.

    1. Can’t wait until Mr Coherent tells Vlad the ‘Corn Pop’ story !!

  39. Accurate. just watched old video–2018–by Chris Hedges on Utube;
    America, the Farewell Tour.
    1.5 hrs…covers all from garden of Eden to ’18. says same exact thing.
    starts to crank up the resistance.
    of course the answer was Bernie with a 70% majority in both houses and strong impeachment on the Supremes.
    but it is what it is…
    and we have 10 years before permanent eco-loops kick in like methane spouting from everywhere, the dark blue iceless Arctic Sea. a melted south pole, and an acidic

    the plant plankton –one-celled oxygen machines might go extinct in an acidic ocean. they produce 70% of Earthly Oxygen.
    the next cull point will be who can afford to breathe>></{^@&*!
    it's really easy: outlaw the internal infernal combustion engine…yesterday!
    close all gas stations in your city. outlaw coal.
    end income tax and tax only assets: time for the victors to pay.
    taxing work was always stupid.
    tax churches. tax cars unless electric. outlaw leaf blowers. the earth needs dead leaves.
    outlaw plastic un-tensils like forks, et al. eat with your perfectly clean fingers like they do in India. and get used to it.
    end pointless wars for more wars.
    love Russians. they're nice. (Who gave Russia to the billionaires anyway? the CIA!)
    the CIA many-factures our enemies to satisfy the military industrial complex.

    we could work city by city until we can march on Washington, but maybe DC will hit the eco-defenders as if we were fascists and they are not.
    by the way you don't need no ticket to catch this train—cuz they all sold out.
    the cull is on.

    1. Your vision of eco-doom is yet another convenient lever of fear that we’ve been fed to assert control and socially engineer us into slavery.
      The latest science does not support CO2 being the main problem, the bigger picture is more complicated.
      Try suspiciousobservers.org and get up to speed there.
      We’re headed for an ice age ( a repeating cyclical phenomena always preceded by warming) and pole shift and nothing can stop it short of divine intervention.

      You are right on leaf blowers though- utterly wasteful…and of course we can live our lives with less pollution. Plastic and chemicals are more concerning than CO2 IMO

  40. There is very little difference between the two American parties as they are both still under the control of the super rich owners of the multinational corporations who are destroying our planet, – except for two items.
    1. the Environment, – Biden is Much better on the environment, – he is allowing the transition to renewable energy to go ahead, – this is a life and death item for the human race despite it’s dismissal by the ‘conspiracy’ etc. groups, – yes he likes Nuclear, but Nuclear power is now so expensive he will have to let that go.
    2. Womens rights, – men may think it irrelevant, but there will be no real progress in human evolution unless all humans are regarded by each other as humans.

    Hey guys, we now have Biden, stop trying to bring back Trump or whatever t. f. you are trying to do, – and Caitlin, just a tiny gram of generosity for the best of a bad bunch please.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Only socialism will bring real change. Nothing else.

  41. Old, stale oregano with bits of contaminants.

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