Q: What is a liberal?

A: A liberal is a violent white supremacist extremist who supports and participates in the mass slaughter of brown-skinned human beings overseas while tweeting that white supremacist extremists are bad.

Q: What is capitalism?

A: Capitalism is a wonderful economic and political system which has given us powerful technology, a wide assortment of breakfast cereals, and near term human extinction.

Q: What is China?

A: China is a large Asiatic nation which westerners use as an emotional punching bag for their capitalism-induced rage, propaganda-induced confusion, and fears about the death of the US empire.

Q: What is Israel?

A: Israel is a US military operation that is used to justify continual western military expansionism in a crucial geostrategic region, with some civilians sprinkled on top for cover.

Q: What is a “tankie”?

A: Anyone to the left of you on foreign policy.

Q: Who is the biggest leak source of CIA documents to the news media?

A: The CIA.

Q: What is the Republican Party?

A: An organization which assures Americans of conservative sensibilities that the status quo is working fine.

Q: What is the Democratic Party?

A: An organization which assures Americans of liberal sensibilities that the status quo is working fine.

Q: What’s the difference between a prostitute and a mainstream media pundit?

A: One gets paid handfuls of cash to do shameful and degrading things which tear apart the fabric of society, the other earns an honest living as a sex worker.

You’re allowed to choose between oligarchic warmongers who make you feel uncomfortable or oligarchic warmongers who make you feel comfortable. Those are your choices.

The main difference between QAnon conspiracy theories and Russiagate conspiracy theories is that one makes people do dumb things like alienate their families and riot at government buildings while the other manufactures consent for cold war agendas that may end all life on earth.

The difference between an anti-imperialist socialist and a Bernie Sanders progressive is far greater than the difference between a Bernie Sanders progressive and a Hillary Clinton liberal.

The first thing an authoritarian power does to quash protests nowadays is always to cut the internet, because it kills dissidents’ ability to organize and share information. Don’t think the increasing normalization of internet censorship in the west is about anything else.

I’m going to keep pointing this out until it catches on: Trump was targeted with accusations of subservience to Russia, hiding the fact that he was ramping up aggressions against Russia. Biden’s being hit with accusations of loyalty to China, hiding his escalations against China.

They’re recycling the exact same script, and why wouldn’t they? It worked. The public have been enthusiastically consenting to world-threatening cold war escalations which benefit them in no way, shape or form. It’s a very effective psyop.

This will continue. If you think Biden will be cuddly with Beijing, you are wrong. Please re-evaluate your worldview as the facts prove you wrong.

Just as a body will fight to eject any pathogen which threatens its survival, an empire will fight to eject anyone who threatens its survival. Whenever you see a person or government targeted by the full might of the empire, that’s what you’re looking at.

Like a shark, the empire must keep advancing or it will die. Any government or leader which stands in the way of its continual expansion around the globe is seen, correctly, as an existential threat. Not to the US as a nation, but to the empire which must keep advancing or die.

This is why you’ll never see a US politician actually slamming the brakes on imperialism. If anyone gets anywhere near a position where they might do so, they will be targeted and eliminated. It’s the one door you’re forbidden to go through, because it threatens an entire empire. They might let you advance a few mildly progressive domestic agendas, but they will never, ever let you anywhere near the possibility of ending western imperialism.

In order to end the wars and move toward health, the empire will necessarily have to die. Not the United States as a nation, but the globe-spanning oligarchic power structure whose power, wealth and military might have been loosely centralized around Washington DC.

And of course many of those who threaten the empire’s survival won’t be nice people; this isn’t a Hollywood movie about Good Guys versus Bad Guys. But only the US-centralized empire is waging a nonstop war upon the world with the aim of perpetual unipolar planetary domination.

Ending the empire won’t solve all our world’s problems. But because the empire can only survive on a steady diet of death and destruction, its death is a necessary first step toward creating a healthy, peaceful world.


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100 responses to “The Empire Must Die: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  3. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Imperialism isn’t simply some ‘policy’, carried out by ‘bad actors’ that can be turned on and off like a tap. Its existence is the inevitable economic outcome of capitalism reaching such a level of of development that it has burst the boundaries of the nation state and is forced to find new markets and avenues of investment and exploitation beyond those boundaries. It’s thus not true that imperialism’s ‘death is a necessary first step toward creating a healthy, peaceful world’. Imperialism can end only with the death of capitalism. The death of capitalism is thus the true ‘first step’, the pre-condition for the death of imperialism.

    1. Probably back to feudalism. It seemed to be quite popular for centuries.

    2. I will have to disagree with you there Stephen. To understand the world you have to get to the basics and I see that as Human Intelligence. Sometimes I think if they spent the next 400 years perfecting robotics and A.I. they would end up with something just like you and I. We are all intelligence and have a ‘Self’ How we relate to others who also are like us in this respect yet ‘different’ determines everything. The eternal problem that I see built in, is that on so many levels it is nearly impossible to ‘reconcile’ our different individual perspectives. We all have a different perspective, a perspective that began to be formed the day we were born. It is like we all learned a language all our own and have trouble communicating. So we have wars over resources and beliefs. To calm the situation we create religions with Gods. We form societies and common delusions manifest and form within these societies compounding the already inherent problems. When you get down to it though, There is no God, not in the way he is represented anyway and we are all equally fallible, so no one should play God. Capitalism? I don’t think you will agree with me entirely here and that is your ‘liberty’ and a unique individual not to bow to me. When you and I act on our different perspectives and ‘thoughts’ then there are different outcomes. When we continue down our individual path constantly creating our own world and environment, we end up in a different worlds or environments. If one of our worlds creates more resources or wealth, that is ours. That is where our capital is. Our capital was born of the actions and decisions we as an individual made. We should not have to pause our life our journey to be have our capital taken from us. Who has the authority or right or privilege to do this. Who is this God? Who is the God that can swoop in and destroy or pillage the fruit of every thought, action and decision we have made since birth? Socialism fails because invariably an ‘Individual’ gets to hold power. Just as in any other system of Religion or Politics. His or Her thoughts now direct the journey of life for others like Him of Her. He or She now has ‘Power’ over the fruits of others. Those under this power are no longer free.
      Imperialism on the other hand is simply the abuse and forcing of power the power of a society a culture a Religion a nation onto others. It is a force of ‘Intelligence’ a force of power on ‘others’ who failings are no more inherent than yours. If taken this way Imperialism is the abuse of Power not Capitalism. Imperialism is not rooted in economics or capitalism even though economics and capitalism here on a planet with varied resources always plays a dominant part. Remember we live on a planet with a history of perpetual war. War because we cannot reconcile our perspectives. Then Remember and factor in the self and all the bad actions, thoughts and decisions in service of the self and you have a really chaotic mess. Welcome to Planet Earth.
      So to conclude ‘stamping out capitalism’ is simply stamping out peoples lives. Imperialism is premeditated stomping. Capitalism is simply allocating the resources inherent in your unique individual life journey. Capitalism is not Evil, Evil is Evil and born of the Self. I don’t see fix for that. That is why I constantly preach here for a world dominated by a collective Intelligence. This world will have different dynamics. If we could actually live in a world were it is possible to for once ‘Reconcile’ that would be a new start and I believe that is possible.

  4. You need not to be in a hurry to lower your pants to get vaccinated the following article warns us:


    Do not forget that we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus, there are not a lot of people you can trust.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. I trust most folks, but I gave up praying on the Rosary along time ago, but oh how I do love Mary. She was special – no denying that.
      I believe if I understand my scripture a promise was made that there would never be another flood, so I advise you to study up a bit before you get too lost on your Rosary counting and praying and such. I think it would do you good to just plant a few seeds for each bead on the Rosary. I’ve done that myself and it did me good.

  5. The capitalists are so greedy, they will sell us the rope we hang them with. Lenin, Stalin, whoever. The mistake they made was believing that the greed wouldn’t affect them. Well, the greed is alive and well all over the world. The most greedy are called sociopaths and they have run the world for Millenia and will continue whether they speak English or Chinese or whatever. “We have Paleo emotions, archaic institutions and god like technology” Harari. Not a good recipe for a future. Glad I’ve lived most of my life in the rich vassal state north of the USA. I see no way out of the dystopian future world, people aren’t built that way. We are either at or past the tipping point of climate catastrophe and doing nothing of consequence which is normal for a species evolved to worry about the predators about to eat us or being excluded from the tribe which meant certain death from predators or another group. Perhaps we can wake up when it’s really bad and come up with some kind of Geo engineering to reverse the worst effects but I’m not hopeful. Inertia of climate change will continue if we never put another gram of CO2 into the atmosphere. Of course, no one wants to hear that. Carter gave his malaise speed and we could have done something big then. Regan gave his morning in amerika speech and guess who got elected. Nothing has changed, nothing will change, enjoy yourself it’s later than you think.

    1. That is why capitalism only works locally. Simple.

  6. U.S. imperialism is a fact, which the U.S. Government always denies. However, U.S. President Barack Obama implicitly ‘justified’ it when he told graduating students at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, on 28 May, 2014, “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation.” That means: every other nation is “dispensable”; only the U.S. is not. He then went into a tirade against Russia and China, and even added: “From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums… It will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world.” He was telling these West Point cadets (ever so tactfully) that they would be waging war for the benefit of America’s international corporations, and against “rising middle classes [which] compete with us, and governments [which] seek a greater say in global forums” — and that these graduating cadets would be serving in the U.S. military forces in order to crush such “competitors,” if and when America’s diplomatic corps and CIA are turning out to be insufficient to do the job. U.S. military muscle, he was telling them, is against “rising middle classes [which] compete with us, and governments [which] seek a greater say in global forums” — to block such “rise,” and to prevent those other nations from having “a greater say in global forums.” How much more clearly — though only by way of logical inference from what he was explicitly asserting — could he have admitted that America’s military is for global conquest, against all other nations (the world’s “dispensable” nations), and is NOT for national defense? And how much more hostile could he possibly have been to “rising middle classes” abroad, than to say they “compete with us,” and to tell — to America’s future generals, no less — that it will be their “task to respond,” to them, and to that?
    This great article can be read here:
    Who Controls American Imperialism? by Eric Zuesse!

    1. Barak obomber and his blackish AG allowed and supported the banksters as they threw millions of mostly black and brown people into the street and got a Nobel PP, expanded Afghanistan, destroyed Libya, almost destroyed Syria and will sanction anyone trying to rebuild it. Biden, a Cheer leader for the invasion of Iraq and a leader at throwing hundreds of thousands of black and brown people into jail and lots of other good stuff. Trump was a vulgar loose cannon who gave the ruling classes what they wanted, tax cuts, regulatory cuts, and hundreds of corporate judges, removable only by impeachment. You can’t make this stuff up and they still get elected. The “manufactured consent” stuff is really good or more likely, the electorate is really Dumb.

    2. Kind of reminds me of the so-called “Forever” stamps. Even Ben Franklin would have said that is foolishness and it must have arisen from fiat. That is what Ben Franklin just whispered in my ear.
      Ain’t nothing indispensable and if you think you are then you are fixing to learn a hard lesson…..so says history.
      Prove me wrong, but so far there is so much proof in the pudding, that this will all be a piece of cake.
      Get ready for the next Revolution!
      It is upon you…….as every
      moment goes
      I know what side I am on.

  7. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    At least, the empire’s claim to be “democratic” no longer convinces anyone. Rather, it is a fairly explicit totalitarianism unless you are blind.

    And ruled by decadent people with little or no scruples. The end of the world is near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Michel – the BÉL…lets keep it simple. You take one bead and then I’ll take the next. We will get through that Rosary in a heartbeat and then we can enjoy each other’s company. What do you think about that my bell?

  8. Never gave alot of thought to what makes a white supremist. I agree with your definition. White liberals and white conservatives are equally guilty. We actually have one of the more white supremist presidents now than in recent years. Oh yes, obama was a white supremist too. He advocated and supported the empire structure of greed and killing which is really what the concept of white supremist is all about. Far right groups are not so much racist as extremely desiring the freedom to be left alone. Thus a danger to the empire and being painted as racist. Those who desire freedom from the empire are a danger to thecempire. Thus china, russia desiring autonomy are the enemy.

    1. I’m tired of talking about white supremist – I don’t mean to be flippant, but I could give a flip, and I’ve good reason for this sentiment. There are MORE IMPORTANT things to be talking about just now…….
      Alright Khatika, that is how you are wrong #4. Do you want to hear a 5th?
      I like your angle much of the time, but I did say that the times of sour pussery being desirable are coming to an end because their is some serious business upon the horizon and I don’t know about you, but I plan on working hard! Physically. I can’t wait.
      Best to you,

  9. The Ministry of Truth does not approve of this article. Expect it to be flushed down the memory hole.

    1. MEMO
      Feb 6 21
      To: Ministry of Truth
      From: You will never know.
      Your lack of approval will make no difference because the truth is always revealed and there are many memory holes and sometimes the memories land and are saved for future reference.
      You can expect to learn a bit about the truth cause your ministry is an outright failure and you must know this. I advise you to resign.

  10. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Did someone say “Waycism”?
    Actually there is no such thing as ‘Racism’ ™
    There is only respect and admiration for each other’s differences and cultural diversity and a perfectly reasonable desire to maintain and defend your own. ’Waycism’ has been weaponised in the lexicon of eugenicist antihuman Sabbatean supremacists who want to exterminate all but their own race.
    • Muhammad Ali the destruction of culture
    Digressing …
    Despite some critics re ‘exploitation’ (probably by SJW types), I think the photographic work of Jimmy Nelson (Before They Pass Away) is fascinating and brilliant.
    Enjoy the journey …
    He gave a TED Talk …

    1. “Actually there is no such thing as ‘Racism’ ™ There is only respect and admiration for each other’s differences and cultural diversity and a perfectly reasonable desire to maintain and defend your own.”
      I’ve no doubt only such noble motives were behind the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan.

    2. Julius Skoolafish….I loved what Muhammad Ali said – it truly rang true to me. I loved those pictures even more, but I had to stop because they were breaking my heart. I saved it to come back to later so that I can learn something.
      p.s. – I think then next place in Australia that I go to in my imaginary journey will have something to do with the fishes and their swimming. Thanks again – may the stars in the heavens shine upon you in the soon to be future and may you feel the light coming from them!

  11. Robert Christian Avatar
    Robert Christian

    Hey, I’m an American, from LA to Portland (OR), don’t kill me, I’m on that with chardonnay and motorcycles. I was U before internet and had to take really terrible jobs.

    1. So Robert Christian – what is you point, if you don’t mind me asking? Did you not learn anything from the terrible jobs you took, or did you just turn into an old curmudgeon full of attitude and pussery?
      What is your point?
      My point is that I have worked my way down deep into the rabbit hold and I’ve studied this thought and that suggestion and I hit a lot of dead ends, but I kept my wits about me and I’m still alive and I made it out. Now, let me tell you I got one serious attitude – and I know this: I’m not alone.
      Please don’t answer my query cause I already know – your post was pointless.

  12. The movie “There Will Be Blood” is such a great allegory for humanity. The masses are given a choice between the predatory “capitalist leader” promising worldly comfort and the predatory “spiritual leader” promising eternal comfort. Both leaders understand the real game, the lies, but also recognize each other as the only worthy real players and, thus, they are bitter rivals. For the masses the correct answer is and will always be neither, but humans just can’t seem to learn that lesson and probably never will.

    1. Robert Christian Avatar
      Robert Christian

      That’s why it didn’t win an Oscar like it should have!!!!

    2. Your damn straight there will be blood.
      Without blood what would we be?
      I like to keep the blood flowing in my brain cause I don’t want to go all stupid dementia when I get old. Kill me before that please – I’d just assume not exist if I can’t think for myself.
      I don’t ascribe to “predatory” spiritual leaders – seems to be a contradiction to me. You got your spirit – I got mine.
      Ready for some rain?

  13. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    But without the empire, it would be difficult to overcome a pandemic like the one we are in now.

    Thanks to the incredible medical resources of the empire, we now only have to lower our pants to receive a formidable vaccine that will give us access to heaven on earth.

    I am totally fed up. Decadence is everywhere and the more you climb the socio-economic ladder, the more decadent. It is no doubt the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. Keeping my Rosary on hand!

      1. Yowzah – agreed…
        but you never know what the numbers might have in store cause its random when you get deep down….

  14. What does it mean when the author doesn’t know the difference between the cart and the horse?

    Q: What is Israel?

    A: Israel is a US military operation that is used to justify continual western military expansionism in a crucial geostrategic region, with some civilians sprinkled on top for cover.

    1. So, I was just talking to Yowzah and it made me think about Israel. I thought about Israel even this morning as I awoke. I think about Israel often. I don’t why.
      What I mainly think about is Israel’s neighbors and how things have been going for them. So much of it seems so unfair, just like the ongoing imprisonment of Julian Assange. I don’t know about you all, but I’m sensing some big time ripples coming soon……I just don’t understand how you could be in the neighborhood, but not be in the interest of the neighbors. Almost as if you are puppet and somebody else is pulling your strings. Bottom line is……forget it. I’m not saying just now. I already have. I’ve said it a zillion times. I don’t think Israel is acting like an instrument of peace – I think it is the opposite, and I have no idea what to do about that but it breaks my heart and makes me sad.
      Will these trivial family squabbles last forever? If so, then the fate of homo sapiens is sealed. If you never figure Mutual Aid, you will never figure out even more incredible mysteries just waiting to be discovered. Your choice. I’m sick of thinking about Israel.
      Israel will get what it has given.
      How you like them apples?

  15. “Capitalism is a wonderful economic and political system which has given us powerful technology, a wide assortment of breakfast cereals, and near term human extinction.” That unarguable point, that our way of life is ecocidal, renders secondary the rest of Caitlin’s astute observations, except for those which allude to the threat of nuclear war.

  16. Another summary, with just a headline, a quote, and a short video:
    STRATCOM chief claims nuclear war with Russia or China a ‘REAL POSSIBILITY,’ says US can’t assume ‘strategic deterrence will hold’
    “But with Russia and China advancing their capabilities and continuing to “exert themselves globally,” Richard said STRATCOM must understand what it’s facing.”

    1. The rhetoric of yesteryear but my how things have stayed the same .The neocons must at all costs keep the bogeyman alive.

  17. The empire is dying, which is why it’s gone full speed ahead with ever more insanity. If we’re lucky, it won’t take us with it. How sad our survival is dependent on luck. How equally sad that , if our luck holds, the old empire will be replaced by a lesser version with equal growth opportunity. Seems we won’t ever learn that putting psychopaths in charge, with lesser psychopathic squads of goons with guns at there disposal, is not a viable social form. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters. Saints do not engage in politics, psychopaths do. If anyone remotely resembling a saint were to do so, they would immediately be silenced, jailed, or disposed of.

    1. Bernie “sat on the back bench” trying, trying, trying, and now he has some access to change things nationally.

      1. Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which one fills up.

      2. You’d still swallow the Bernie schtick whole if he pretended to run again in ‘24, but wouldn’t it take at least a little more effort? Thank goodness the DNC have another “progressive” all lined up, happily making it her daily business to give your mirror image on the right it’s focus for hate.
        The new administration has taken great care to dunk Sanders’s hopes of cooperation and access to power in a steaming tub of their own personal feces, then forced him to swallow his way out; maybe you weren’t watching that month.

    2. The speed of decline can be observed by the surge in the budget deficit.

  18. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    • A liberal is someone who demands the right to silence the freedom to speak or express an opinion of anyone who does not agree with that is offending them.
    • A liberal is someone who demands that Navalny should be the president of Russia because “democracy, freedom and rule of law – and cocaine”.
    • A liberal is an extreme leftist who uses extreme militant tactics to prove that they do not understand the definition of fascism.
    • A liberal is someone who, when you mention the murder of the Romanov family by the Bolsheviks, pants orgasmically but if you mention the Katyn Forest massacre or the book “The Anti-Humans” by Dumitru Bacu calls you a ‘nazi’ because they don’t know what that means either.

    1. Liberals are NOT leftists – though they may be extremists. They are currently trying to censor, deplatform and demonitize actual leftists.

      1. Yup, Liberal, Conservative are not left, right points on an economic spectrum but rather, social viewpoints that frequently come together when it comes to subjects such as: empire, national welfare (or lack thereof), the surveillance state, etc…

      2. Thank you. Too many Americans seem to live in their own universe when defining “left” and even believe the DNC to be a leftist party despite being a full-on capitalist party full of imperialists. It’s really painful to watch.

  19. How does someone mention internet censorship linked to authoritarianism and completely omit it from her definition of China?

    (maybe considering tankie as a pejorative is the clue to why…)

  20. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin once again speaks the truth! Thank You!

  21. But of course the British Empire is left totally out of the discussion along with Israel ‘s claims that the British Empire which totally controls the U.S. is totally under their control, which of course I’m not the least bit surprised of since that is the MO of the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS, to blame others for our own misdeeds. The Nazis were the handiwork of U.S and UK oligarchs, and Germans who were forced to stay out in the open all winter and died by the millions got the blame. Meanwhile the ultimate victims who suffered 12 million dead, the Roma and Russians 27 million dead are never mentioned at all. So, of course I totally understand the U.S is being used the same way Germany was used, but hush, not a word about that. But great job Caitlin, no doubt you would be shut down in a heart beat if you tried to tell the complete truth.

    1. “Roma and Russians 27 million dead are never mentioned at all.”
      News to me.

  22. Lady, you live on the other side of the planet so fuck off with thinking you’re some kind of expert on all that is America – Melbourne would have been Nanking-ed by the Japanese in WWII if not for America and wfrom e’re the only thing keeping your sheltered, inexperienced self from becoming a ChiCom serfs…then again, you Socialists have no problem with giving up any rights that might “offend” or “oppress” anyone not white. You are so full of typical, unwarranted, leftist arrogance and self-importance that you are blind to the fact that you don’t even approve of yourself. Go back to pillaging from aboriginals, aspiring to become as lame as Canadians and polluting on a massive scale for a country that produces nothing and having a clear case of nation-envy. Run along.

    1. Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List
      By William Blum

      Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

      China 1949 to early 1960s
      Albania 1949-53
      East Germany 1950s
      Iran 1953 *
      Guatemala 1954 *
      Costa Rica mid-1950s
      Syria 1956-7
      Egypt 1957
      Indonesia 1957-8
      British Guiana 1953-64 *
      Iraq 1963 *
      North Vietnam 1945-73
      Cambodia 1955-70 *
      Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
      Ecuador 1960-63 *
      Congo 1960 *
      France 1965
      Brazil 1962-64 *
      Dominican Republic 1963 *
      Cuba 1959 to present
      Bolivia 1964 *
      Indonesia 1965 *
      Ghana 1966 *
      Chile 1964-73 *
      Greece 1967 *
      Costa Rica 1970-71
      Bolivia 1971 *
      Australia 1973-75 *
      Angola 1975, 1980s
      Zaire 1975
      Portugal 1974-76 *
      Jamaica 1976-80 *
      Seychelles 1979-81
      Chad 1981-82 *
      Grenada 1983 *
      South Yemen 1982-84
      Suriname 1982-84
      Fiji 1987 *
      Libya 1980s
      Nicaragua 1981-90 *
      Panama 1989 *
      Bulgaria 1990 *
      Albania 1991 *
      Iraq 1991
      Afghanistan 1980s *
      Somalia 1993
      Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
      Ecuador 2000 *
      Afghanistan 2001 *
      Venezuela 2002 *
      Iraq 2003 *
      Haiti 2004 *
      Somalia 2007 to present
      Honduras 2009 *
      Libya 2011 *
      Syria 2012
      Ukraine 2014

      1. Good come back. ‘nut said.

        1. Kurtz might regard that list as proof of US superiority.
          “The horror! The horror!”

      2. Excellent, Jack. Thanks for the reminders.

    2. If you give yourself the possibility that you have more to learn, you may well regret this rant.

      Then again if you have nothing else to learn, people will just ignore you.

    3. So you’re just another clueless rightwing ass clown. Scurry on back to QAnon.

    4. Now, now, now there angry Walter. Chillax. Those commies and socialists aren’t coming to get ya. Listen to some ocean sounds.

  23. Feb 04, 2021
    Mass Rapes. Sweeping Surveillance. Forced Labor. Exposing China’s Crackdown on Uyghur Muslims
    BDUWELI AYUP: “Yes. After I was released from the camp, I faced a big problem that I have to keep my cellphone on, 24 hours. And if I visit my friend, and because we are together and I was already blacklisted, and my friend become blacklisted person. In that case, my friend was in danger. So, I lived in that surveillance system, and it’s not possible to me to live further. That’s why I faced escape. I escaped the country because of this, because of the surveillance.”
    LISTEN READ MORE Transcript https://www.democracynow.org/2021/2/4/uyghur_camps_china_abuse_torture

    1. Your biggest problem is taking “Democracy Now” seriously.

      1. The biggest problem with people like you is that you are drawing breath .

        ISRAEL runs America

        Rothschilds run ISRAEL

        Over the past 200 years – US has started a war (on average ) every 22 months !

    2. The one-sided testimony of Ms. “they killed babies in Iraqi incubators” was also pretty convincing back in 1991 before UN, isn’t she?

    3. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Your first article by Democracy Now relies on the BBC, Guardian, Intercept … that’s like relying on the SOHR (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) for news on Syria or Bellingcat for an honest ‘analysis’ of the shooting down of the MH17.
      From your third article – the “Capitol Attack” – “storming of the Capitol”
      The astonishing thing is that everything about the ‘storming of the Capitol’ was so obviously staged with crisis actors led by verified antifa activists and ‘liberals’.
      • Some crisis actors scaling some outside walls using ladders and ropes as if they storming a medieval castle – purely theatrical – they get their photo taken and then high five each other. Shame there was no burning oil at hand.
      • Fake shooting of the crisis actor actress acting person named Ashli Babbit. Where is her “assailant”? Not possible to disappear in that closed environment.
      • The action surrounding Ashli’s so-called shooting (fake blood only applied when on the stretcher going to the ambulance) was so obviously staged, including the media/press and ’SWAT Team’, not to mention the smashing of the glass panel with the helmet.
      • One of ‘SWAT Team’ actors pretending to caution and subdue an imaginary enemy on the floor ahead while they look into the wall and then forgetting his cue.
      • The casual way the Antifa hordes were escorted peacefully into the Capitol building and offices for photo shoots – then congratulating themselves on their ‘performance’.
      • The entire government [both elements of the duopoly] and its so-called security militia were totally complicit and in on this farce.

      1. https://imgflip.com/i/4vnmue

        So far – with exception of (OPERATION MH) CHAOS Agent “Jayden X” – who was identified and ostracized from every BLM and “ANTIFA(scist)” group in the country, long before his appearance at the Capitol – I’ve seen 0 credible evidence of this “ANTIFA(scist)” presence at the capitol. There were however many well known fascists and Far-Reich wingers present for the putsch… And none of those “PATRIOTS” on hand to support Trump, thought to stop or arrest any of the folks committing crimes… Why was that, exactly. You show up at demonstration that I organized (or support and happen to be attending), acting like an AGENT PROVOCATEUR, and committing crimes – I’ll arrest you myself, or get a crowd of oeople yo surround you and eject you from the area.

        And let’s be clear – “The Proud Boys” nominal leader, and FBI Informant, Gusano Oreo, announced in advance that his people would be there, out if uniform, and dressed in black.




        This isn’t to say that events there weren’t caused or allowed to happen by elements of the US Government; or that they haven’t seized upon them for the purposes of an unjustifiable domestic crackdown and rollback of rights.


        But you appear to be grasping at straws – in order to justify a fairly unprecedented attempt at a putsch, by Trump-aligned forces. Had this been Bolivia, or had thd Qanon’ers been correct about fascistic forces in the Pentagon – poised to back them… “The Plan” might have worked.

        1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
          Julius Skoolafish

          There is no evidence that you have been paying attention – have you not heard of the left wing/liberal provocateur activist John Sullivan (or Jayden X) or the CNN-NPR photo-‘Journalist’, Jade Sacker who were embedded in the group to film the fake shooting of Ashli Babbitt?
          Divide-and-Conquer DC ‘Capitol Siege’ Psyop a Fiat Accompli
          Oh, btw, Q/Q-anon was always a psyop. Trump knew that. He played his part.
          I see you are citing NY Slimes – why not go for Snopes?

          1. In fact – I have been paying attention – perhaps you missed the part where I pointed out that “Jayden X” is an INFILTRATOR into the BLM scene – that is persona non grata. CNN putting him on air, and misidentifying him – does nothing nothing to change that. So that’s proof that there was 1 Agent PROVOCATEUR…so what? Are you willing to acknowledge that BLM protests and “ANTIFA(scist)” actions were thus to be held harmless – because of Federal Agents and assets infiltrating and breaking the law?

            I started off with a non-NY Times source – and direct photographic evidence that you were wrong. The important part of those articles is that this idea you’re advancing, put firth by Matt Gaetz on the day of the putsch – is nonsense, and always was.

            I’ve seen the evidence that you right wingers have put forward – much of it simply FALSE. “ANTIFA(scists)” don’t hug Nazis – like Matthew Heimbach…but Trump supporters do. Qanon shaman being present at a few BLM protests doesn’t make him a member, or organizer of BLM. It may mean that he too is a Fed … Or it may mean that he was sympathetic to the cause – just like Ammon Bundy was.


            “Jayden X” is more welcome amongst “The Proud Boys”, than he is anywhere on the left. And in that article he us seen meeting and coordinating with a PB. AND PB’s were seen all over the Capitol that day. Perhaps the whole Trumper movement is BLM and “ANTIFA(scists)”, too now? As we’ve been told – Qanon was a PSYOP (and a LARP) – with the FBI being inserted in place of the actual parties behind the Operation. Perhaps Gusano Oreo really works for the CIA or Pentagon, as well.

        2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
          Julius Skoolafish

          Why all the word salad?
          The event was so OBVIOUSLY staged with VERY POOR ACTORS. You should be looking for who recruited and paid those actors, not for a ‘reaction’ and ‘solution’ to a ‘problem’ that ‘YOU’ invented.
          When you find who recruited those actors and agent provocateurs you might just find out who is behind the “storming of the Castle” and their true agenda.

          “The law would create new “dedicated offices” within each of these agencies to deal with internal threats to the country. These divisions would have a sunset clause of 10 years, meaning that—for the next decade at least—we would potentially have new police cadres conducting intelligence missions and investigations, trying to sniff out extremists and radicals in our midst. It might be safe to assume that, with time, such programs would grow—garnering more funding, personnel, and resources.”

          • Feds: Let’s Launch a Domestic Terror War!
          I bet they have more success against non-liberal Americans just minding their own business than they did against those pesky ISIS and al Qaeda phantoms.
          But hey, you might even solve 911 – that would be a feather in your cap.
          But I see what you did there –
          If you lose the narrative surrounding this staged event all that effort that went into preparing the ‘Patriot Act 2.0’ in advance will have been wasted and then you don’t have a platform from which to hurl all your ad hominems, labels and hateful bigotry.
          Because they must not see you put that orange under the cup.

          “No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”

          – Gerard Menuhin – “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”

          1. Except that it was clearly Trump and his squad of fascist goons that encouraged thousands of his supporters to storm the Capitol. And they had two full-on riot test-runs, in December and the post election period. So your arguments fall flat – along with your lack of evidence – and your lame attempts to blame your own side’s poor strategy, and ineptitude at organization at running a peaceful nonviolent protest.

            When that’s the goal – you say so to the attendees in advance, so that they’re all on the same page. You don’t hype them up with violent rhetoric. And then when anyone DOES get out of hand – or you find some PROVOCATEURS in attendance – you take action to neutralize the threat yourselves – thereby depriving the cops of their excuses to declare an unlawful assembly.

            Now – clearly, the Democrats and elements of the Trump Regime BOTH – ALLOWED your Putsch to occur. They should have had National Guard, DC Cops and soldiers deployed in advance to bust your thick skulls, and gas you – the way they did to BLM protestors, all Spring and Summer long, in DC. But just as with the Far-Reich riots in the period between the Election and 1/6 – they clearly let you folks show exactly what kind of violent psychopaths supported Trump.

            But the important part – is that your own people played along – and played right into their hands. I mean…what was the point?!?! Did you idiots really think that you were going stop Biden from becoming President?

            Last spring, Whitney Webb laid out the plans that you provided the justification for – right on cue. DHS was talking about Social Media Censorship. $hillary and her people had gamed out the “Transition Integrity Project”, a year in advance.

            If you idiots weren’t such novice organizers – led by Intelligence assets like Gusano Oreo, Roger Stone, and the like…you’d have planned a candle light vigil. Hell you could have followed the example if the Yippies, and organized an event to hold hands and form a circle around Capitol Hill…to LEVITATE the CAPITOL… BUT NO… You promoted “STOP the Steal” – and “STORM the Capitol”… And that’s what you got.

            The fact that you @$$holes who constantly talk about “Personal Responsibility” for everyone else – should accept none for yourselves is unsurprising. As usual -Trumpies show themselves to be highly un-self-aware, dishonest hypocrites. And as for “word Salad” …you seem like you’re stocking a salad bar, yourself.

    4. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Re the Ashli Babbitt Act

      Everything Wrong With the Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less


      I did love the performance of ‘SWAT 1’

      But it served the ‘narrative’ perfectly
      PATHETIC (acting)

  24. i dig these “dichos” they call them in Spanish. one accurate shot after another.
    dicho means said.
    Nader said it too…still does. Thom Hartman. any kid in Yemen. whip out the khat, boys.
    We shall never win in Yemen either: they don’t have an air force.
    the last war US won was vs Nazis and Japs.
    no air force means a street fight…or nuke.

    i think it don’t matter if nukes hit targets. just send ’em straight up and life on earth goes under ground for 500,000 years.

    Looks like Rittenhouse willatually miss his senior year. awww…we should all send him a package of Skittles.

    1. Rittenhouse is a full-scale hero who was defending his community and self against a mob of violent, screeching, bipedal tapeworms. I hope the turd who got half his arm blown off lives in pain and misery for the rest of his meaningless existence. Any other kids you wanna pick on? Maybe Nick Sandman – who did literally nothing while he was harangued by a Stolen Valor scumbag and a pack of black racist lunatics? As the left becomes more and more violent and irrational, there will be plenty more Kyle Rittenhouse emerging as people get fed up with the childish, hypocritical street tantrums, recreational outrage and bullying of modern fascists and Thought Police known as “liberals”. #freekyle

      1. There will probably be plenty more Timothy McVeigh emerging too. Doesn’t mean we have to put up with it.

      2. Wow – you are an equal opportunity @$$hole and a virulent warmongering historical revisionist of the highest order. The US hasn’t “saved” Australia from anything (they were in fact involved in allied Operations in the WWII Pacific theater – and were never threatened directly – and WWII was largely win by the USSR). And contrary to your Reichwing lies and fascist hero worship – Kyle Rittenhouse was illegally armed – not from Kenosha – and breaking the law just by carrying a weapon there that day, in public. He stopped nothing, and prevented nothing. He was immature, trigger-happy idiot, whose poor tactics and foolish choices precipitated all of that. Notice that among all of the armed right wing supporters of Trump, and unaccountable racist police violence – that Rittenhouse is the only one who shot anybody. The first person he shot – in the head – may or may not have been justified. But he was nonetheless subject to arrest for suspicion of homicide, and illegally carrying a weapon in public – from that point forward. The second person he shot may justifiable as self-defense (or not – we’ll see what a jury thinks) – but he did have a right to lawfully arrest Rittenhouse. Ironically he may have used unlawful force in attempting to make an arrest – but Rittenhouse was clearly resisting and evading. The third man he shot had harmed no one – and had MORE right to be armed than Rittenhouse. He was a MEDIC. Your lack of empathy denotes a psychopathic personality – and your support of Empire and perpetual Warcrimes simply reinforces that impression.

        1. I have an idea. Maybe each day as you wake and before you go to bed each night you can say tem times; ” I am a spiritual being, an unique individual, who I am is on the inside.”. If possibly you did this long enough then one day maybe ‘poof ‘ It would just hit you; people are who they are on the inside! . Whether you are good or bad has nothing to do with skin color! Then the sky would be bluer. The grass would grow greener, you might even see a unicorn. Well maybe not the unicorn I don’t know if they are really a thing. But hey it’s worth a try!

          1. ^^^^^^^^^^ Deflection and misdirection. If you were in any way spiritually adept – you wouldn’t a vile Reichwinger.

            The purpose of spirituality usn’t help us IGNORE reality – it us to help us see it more clearly – so that we can fix whst’s broken. There’s nothing missing in my spiritual development – but CLEARLY, there is in yours.

      3. Rittenhouse is a kid misled by dangerous dunces. The jobless march for peace and employment. Good jobs for all woudl solve just about every social/economic ill. Except for the armed dunces who should be arrested for training kids like Rittenhouse.

      4. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        I highly recommend the works of Matthew Raphael Johnson. His focus is on Russian (and Ukrainian) history from an Orthodox perspective.
        Here is his take on Kyle Rittenhouse
        “… our right to self defence has been officially and completely negated”
        Enjoy the rest of the playlist – various topics.
        Here is Johnson’s home page for many essays and links to his books:
        The Russian Orthodox Medievalist – rusjournal

      5. Anyone who thinks Rittenhouse did nothing wrong needs to have their head examined. In every post, you sound deranged. Try some CBT, Prozac, “natural supplements” or maybe even a xanie. Deep breaths, Walter, deep breaths. Geez.

  25. I think I like your “Notes from the edge…” more every time I read them.

    It combines Succinct, Insightful, and a Punch to your thinking.

    I would encourage you to do more Q & A type pieces.

    Love your work Caitlin.

  26. Q: What is China?

    A: China is a large Asiatic nation which westerners use as an emotional punching bag for their capitalism-induced rage, propaganda-induced confusion, and fears about the death of the US empire.

    B: Correction: China is a racist nation that tortures and imprisons 10s of thousands of Uyghurs and which sees the rest of the world as inferior.

    1. C: Correction: The US is a racist nation that kills or imprisons 10s of thousands of POC and which sees the rest of the world as inferior.

      1. You are forgetting and leaving out one important thing. Something liberals of the 60’s would NEVER forget SPIRITUALITY. The reason MLK rejected CRT. When you say “the U.S. is a racist nation” You mean ‘White people’ which makes you the racist. What about African American service members? What about the Rwandan genocide did white people do that? No American is lied to and brainwashed, like you. You are making so many variables simply not exist and use ‘Racism’ as a simple shortcut. Where you should be using Algebra and Calculus all you can do is addition.

        1. MLK wasn’t a scholar of Ethnic Studies – nor was the last word on issues of race. He was murdered by the US’ white supremacist Government. So checkmate – in favor of Critical Race Theory.

          And for the record – the US and European nations were DEEPLY involved in the Rwandan genocide – helped to spur it on, and covered it up while it was occurring. Wikileaks cables showed as much.

          You are exhibiting what’s known as “White Fragility”. Face the facts ,- this is a country that was built upon a racist foundation. The passage of 50 years hasn’t been enough to turn the entire ship of State around. Simply being “not racist” isn’t enough. We need to be “anti-racist” which doesn’t mean being “anti-white” in any respect.





          Facing reality isn’t hate. There are numerous ways in which racism is still evident and empirically verifiable, in our present times. Burying your head in the sand won’t change that.

          The existence of black servicemen goes back to the Civil War, the Revolutionary war – even. It proves nothing. Many of the Confederate monuments were put up during a time when black WWI soldiers were returning to their homes. It was an obvious reminder of who was in charge, and a public display of white supremacy.

          If you support racism – just acknowledge that. If not – do the work to become better informed, and challenge the misconceptions you have – and the sources of racist disinformation to which you’ve been giving undue credence.

          1. See below, spout more nonsense

            1. Please note – that any attempt to educate Mr. Clint is “nonsense”… It’s certainly a wasted effort. No matter what evidence is put forth – he’ll just ignore it.
              http://whale.to/m/disin.htm“9. Play Dumb. No matter what evidence or logical argument is offered, avoid discussing issues except with denials they have any credibility, make any sense, provide any proof, contain or make a point, have logic, or support a conclusion. Mix well for maximum effect.”

            2. Too bad when B.S. just won’t win the day.

              1. And yet you keep offering it up – in the face of actual evidence that you’re wrong.

                Looking at your posts – a pattern emerges – of a Far-Right Troglodyte – and a supporter of racists, racism and white supremacy. How “spiritual”…

      2. Born in 1963. That means I got to experience bell bottoms, tire tread flip flop and shirts with zippers down the middle the first time. It was Peace, Love, Spirituality (not religion) Peace, Love, Spirituality all the time. This was a time when there was real widespread racism and The Idea that a person is an individual, unique and possess a ‘Spirit’ which is of no color was the foundation from which to combat real racism. They won that fight too. Your generation though has done nothing but take us back 50 years with your violence, hate and racism.

      3. To Another Worldview Is Possible

        “MLK wasn’t a scholar of Ethnic Studies – nor was the last word on issues of race.”
        No MLK was a person who believe in spirituality, the part of a person you don’t seem to want to talk about or address. “Ethnic Studies” Just opinions of people who think like you. Yet you hold it up as some great science. See;
        ‘The appeal to authority fallacy (a.k.a. argument from authority) is easily one of the most common logical fallacies. This is the fallacy that occurs when you base your claim on the people who agree with you rather than on the actual facts of the argument’
        Citing an opinion as authoritative
        Citing people who aren’t actually experts
        Using authority as a logical proof
        Citing a small minority of experts when an opposing majority consensus exists

        He was murdered by the US’ white supremacist Government.

        Only in your ‘opinion’ is it a “white supremacist Government.” other interpretations might say that while there may have been some racist in there it really was all about ‘Power’ That is why I as a white person now fear them

        “So checkmate – in favor of Critical Race Theory.” – This only shows how overboard you are that you can take essentially nothing while ignoring everything and claim victory

        “And for the record – the US and European nations were DEEPLY involved in the Rwandan genocide – helped to spur it on, and covered it up while it was occurring. Wikileaks cables showed as much.”
        Not saying they weren’t involved. Again though I would believe ‘Power’ to be the motivating factor. Also it was POC with the machetes doing the actual killing of the POC. Perhaps it was your group that was covering it up so the world would not see this. That makes more sense than what you say. It is all just speculation, You are not God and know it all and at the end of the day it was POC chopping POC into bits.

        “You are exhibiting what’s known as “White Fragility”. – Are you some kind of expert, who knows me better than I even know myself and am I a perpetual liar or delusional that I have no moral code? Strong statement from a person who up to this point has only dodged topics, make questionable statements and proven nothing while claiming victory.
        “Face the facts “ – OMG, there you go again.

        -” this is a country that was built upon a racist foundation.” Just a statement that shows no proof and excludes all the variables that don’t fit the proclamation. you judging the people in a time you didn’t experience which I guess is easy to do when you don’t see people as unique spiritual individuals. I could say 2678 x 45 = 12378 but who really knows.

        Simply being “not racist” isn’t enough. We need to be “anti-racist” – Which is what I believe MLK was doing when he talked about ‘SPIRITUALITY’ as pointing out that a person is who they are on the inside as a unique individual is about as “anti-racist” as I can imagine. It pretty much stomps out judging a person by their skin color.
        “which doesn’t mean being “anti-white” in any respect.” oh the contradiction, you attach motives, thinking and all sorts of attributes, You tell me I am this and that based entirelyon the color of my skin. You are the everything MLK fought against. I don’t know how attempting to cancel my opinion of myself would not be “anti” And you feel you can do this because I am ‘white’. I would call that “anti-white”

        “Facing reality isn’t hate.” No but what you preach is racism and racism leads to hate. I think we have all seen enough examples of that.
        “There are numerous ways in which racism is still evident and empirically verifiable, in our present times. “ Yes, there will always be racism somewhere, You for instance. Hey you got one right.

        “Burying your head in the sand won’t change that.” Please go look in a mirror. SPIRITUALITY, The person is on the inside.

        1. Ethnic Studies – like American Studies, American History, are certainly soft sciences – but they are ACADEMIC disciplines, nonetheless. I’m well schooled in all of them – you appear to be wilfully IGNORANT if basic facts, that you could learn in an introductory class, in any of the three. There’s no point arguing with a committed ignoramus. But Ethnic Studies as a discipline – isn’t mere opinion.

          You argued your initial white supremacy-blind and racism-blind post, that racism was something that was cured 50 years ago. I gave you links to 4 Investigative reports proving that you were wrong about… And that appears to be the part of what I wrote that you decided to completely ignore.

          Of course power is part of racism and white supremacy. But the power has always been held and directed by one group of people, and used against the other. The murder if Fred Hampton by the FBI and Chicago Police, demonstrates the White Supremacist nature of the country. He became threatening to the system when he began making alliances with racist southern whites living in Chicago. But it was Hampton who was murdered on orders from Hoover – not the white racists with whom he’d developed pragmatic working relationships.

          It isn’t MY OPINION that the US is a nation that was founded upon White Supremacy. Justice Taney wrote the opinion in Plessy v Ferguson – only a few narrow parts of which were reversed by Brown v Board. Perhaps you should attempt to read it…or take a ckass on these subjects, from someone who has. That’s not an “appeal to authority” – it’s an appeal to reason, and evidence.

          1. Still just can’t say the word ‘Spirituality’ can you.

            1. I can say it – but it is a meaningless canard – and a distraction from real issues. There’s nothing “spiritual” about the denying and obfuscation of racism and white supremacy – the legacy of our history in this country. And as I pointed to you with 4 Investigative Reports, that you’re continuing to ignore – racism STILL EXISTS. Most if the signs on water fountains are gone, but there are still “sundown towns”. Black lives are still devalued – and more likely to be stolen by police, without any cause. Ask Sandra Bland, or Tamir Rice, or Philando Castille… Oh wait… You can’t – they’re all dead.

              In everything from medical care to home loans racism is still a real part of our human society and our common reality.

              If you were the beneficiary of any REAL “spiritual” enlightenment – you wouldn’t be spending your time denying reality – you’d be working in the cause to correct those issues.

      4. D: Correction of Correction: Catlin Johnstone’s perception of China is woefully lacking in understanding of the facts.

        The people of China are decent people that treat other human beings fairly because their government has taught them what suffering is in the past. The leadership of China, however, only have regard for Chinese and the greatness of China. As far as they are concerned it would be great for China if the rest of the world served the interests of China. Not even Chinese people like Xi Jinping because he sees himself as ushering in the next great Chinese dynasty. That is why China is so intolerant of dissent and has instituted re-education programs for people that do not tow the party line.

        We need to see democratic republics flourish. Americans should be concerned with making sure that the government of America is returned to upholding the idea of democratic republic.

        The only way a democratic republican form of government can be sustainable is if the idea of federalism is also enshrined, where local communities retain their sovereignty while the sole role of the federal government is to mediate disputes between the local communities. This can be a hierarchical structure with several levels of umbrella governments which mediate the disputes between the more local communities under their jurisdiction. But we need something like that to ensure that the voices of the people are heard.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Xinjiang religious leader: U.S. should get facts straight

      “We in Xinjiang live as freely as fish in the sea. We see our livelihood improve in every way. What US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said of Xinjiang was far from fact. […] We wrote a letter to him explaining the truth on all his claims … We got no reply.“

      True story in Xinjiang: alleged ‘missing’ people found safe and sound (2:45)
      CGTN’s exclusive interview with reportedly missing Uygur (2:59)

    3. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/09/15/is-langley-unleashing-jihad-against-china-in-xinjiang/

      You’re OMMITTING the REASON why China is concerned with the Uighur population within their borders ,- or as the US/CIA/Pompeo State Dept. Calls them – Eastern Turkistanis… Or as those in Syria would call them ISIS and Al Qaeda Terrorists.

      1. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/02/china-uyghurs-living-abroad-tell-of-campaign-of-intimidation/

        Let’s not be fooled by actors that tell of the virtuousness of their intentions with a smiling face. Xi Jinping always has a smile on his face, that belies what he is thinking on the inside for what he intends for those he encounters.

        Let’s not see this as good America, bad China or good China bad America. Let look at this as how consolidation of power and usurping of the rights of the people, through corrupting the rules by which we agree to live together, always ends in disaster for everyone.

        One thing that is different about China than any other major part of the world and that is 90% of all Chinese see themselves as one race, as one culture, i.e. they all think of themselves as Chinese. No other significant segment of the world’s civilization has that kind of perspective of a shared culture, shared identity. I live with people from China whom I call friends, and who teach me about the realities of China, so I am not in any way prejudiced against Chinese people, I love Chinese people just as much as I love anyone else from any part of the world. This is just a fact of China that we need to be aware of.

        What Europe and the United States and the rest of the western states need to do is to embrace the idea of federal-democratic-republican forms of government to remain a check against Chinese hegemony.

        Clearly the United States is not currently embracing that idea, but the people of the United States should exert all the pressure they can to transition the United States back into embracing that form of government as the most sustainable and inclusive form of government. What we need to do in the west is to start talking about how we make our governments competent. I think that isn’t achieved just through the process of democratic elections. It isn’t achieved just through the process of recognizing the sovereignty of each local community through federalism, nor is it achieved through the process of recognizing the sovereignty of the people. It is achieved through the process of recognizing that all three components that must be present before the most competent from each region are able to rise to positions of authority so that their region of the world can move forward.

        One last thing that need to be considered is the relationship between Australia and China. China is Australia’s biggest trading partner for both the export and import of goods. Trade statistics shows the dominance of China, with 39% all goods exported in 2019-20 going to China, while 27% of all goods imported were from China.

        So we should weigh Catlin’s comments about China in terms of this reality in Australia. Australia’s economy is dependent on China. Australia is no longer a western economy, it is an Chinese centric economy.

  27. Great post! REally, I don’t say that easily. Thankful some in the world have the whatever it is to say the right thing. The easy way is so Easy and so many take it.

    My only thought would be, could this be re-worded? Q: What is Israel?

    A: Israel is a US military operation that is used to justify continual western military expansionism in a crucial geostrategic region, with some civilians sprinkled on top for cover.

    Q. What is the U.S.?

    A. The U.S. is a Israeli military operation that is used to justify continued Israeli expansionism in a curucial geostrategic region, with Many civilians sprinkled on top for cover.

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