Biden may be trying to extradite a journalist for exposing US war crimes, and he may be inflicting mass murder and starvation sanctions on disobedient governments around the world to ensure perpetual global domination, but at least America voted out fascism.

The “two” party puppet show is always fake. Always, always, always, always. When you get really into a movie you forget it’s a movie. You don’t see the screen, you don’t see the actors; you’re enthralled by the show. Getting caught up in the puppet show is the same: buy into any part of it and you lose sight of reality. As soon as you mentally reify it because you really like this or that Democrat or really hate this or that Republican, you lose your ability to see what’s happening. You lose sight of the puppeteers and the strings as you clap along with the performance like a child.

There is no meaningful difference between a government with one status quo-enforcing party and a government with two status quo-enforcing parties.

We inhabit two worlds: the real world and the narrative world. In the narrative world, the US drastically changed on January 20th. In the real world―the world minus its narrative soundtrack―all the money, weapons, troops and people are moving basically the same as they were on January 19th.

If President Biden had all the exact same policies and positions but an (R) next to his name, American conservatives would be ferociously defending him from liberal attacks. If parallel universes exist this is definitely happening in one of them.

The most dangerous predators are the ones you don’t see. It’s true in nature, it’s true in interpersonal relationships, and it’s true in politics.

Everyone makes fun of America for having no social safety nets for citizens who’ve fallen on hard times, but that’s not exactly fair. They’ve got the largest prison system in the world.

Capitalism cultists talk about earning money like you can just dig it up in your backyard or something. “If you need more money just go earn it!”, like we’re hunter-gatherers in an abundant forest instead of powerless subjects in an economic system rigged by and for the wealthy.

The leading cause of crazy conspiracy theories is not unregulated online speech but the fact that the world’s most powerful government does evil things constantly while keeping a massive amount of its behavior secret, and the fact that the mainstream media often promotes conspiracy theories.

It’s outrageous that people are allowed to tell lies on the internet and something needs to be done about it. The only ones who should be allowed to lie to us are the government, the news media, the education system and the church.

The US-centralized empire seeks narrative hegemony as urgently as it seeks global hegemony, and for the same reasons.

The mass media have been acting weird the last few years because the US is approaching post-primacy and various propaganda ops are needed to manufacture consent for the agendas which will be needed to try and avert the end of the empire. That’s pretty much all you’re seeing here.

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is the whole “well hey no one’s perfect” attitude people have toward mainstream politicians who literally facilitate acts of mass murder. It’s like “Yeah my husband kills and mutilates prostitutes, but who has a perfect marriage?”


Bush’s “war on terror” never ended, they just stopped calling it that. The only thing that changed was the branding; they just stopped using the “war on terror” label while expanding and normalizing the same protocols and operations. Now even relatively “anti-war” politicians openly support these massive military engagements on the other side of the planet which horrified peace activists in the Bush era.

“You don’t oppose imperialism, you only criticize western imperialism!”

Show me the non-western power that’s circling the planet with hundreds of military bases, waging nonstop wars and orchestrating the destruction of any nation which disobeys it and I’ll criticize them too.

The best way to live is don’t. Don’t live. Don’t try to impose your will on life using the thinky me-mind. Get out of life’s way and let it live itself. Breath comes in and out on its own. Legs move this way or that on their own. Actions happen on their own. Life lives unminded.


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81 responses to “When America Voted Out Fascism: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Niclas Hallander Avatar
    Niclas Hallander

    It seems to me that a lot of people commenting here doesn’t read much more than the title. Because that’s where the only references to “fascism” occur. Moreover, it’s obviously (to me at least) done tongue-in-cheek.

    You who focus on the word “fascist”, do you read this bad, or are you guilty of the logical fallacy Strawman?

    I think Caitlin nails it, as usual, and is funny in the process.

    And sorry for my broken English, it’s not my mother tongue.

    1. Bernard Claypool Avatar
      Bernard Claypool

      “It seems to me that a lot of people commenting here doesn’t read much more than the title.”

      From the first paragraph:

      “… but at least America voted out fascism.”

      There then follow paragraphs explaining that nothing fundamental about the US regime has changed, only the faces heading it up. The “logic” of the “argument” is therefore that fascism remains in place which, in turn, necessitates that it pre-existed Biden, i.e. “Trump Is A Fascist”.

      English better now?

      1. i.e. trump is a fascist. biden is a fascist. obama was a fascist … the status quo ‘democratic’ capitalist system is actually fascist to its core in the sense that an underclass is ruled by corporate powers in unison with political powers. the argument could be construed as: trump is a fascist, so what? the system was fascist before trump, during trump and it will be after trump. it’s the pearl-clutching …

      2. Niclas Hallander Avatar
        Niclas Hallander

        Yeah, wow, you got me! LOL
        Still doesn’t change the facts.
        As Martin noted February 18, the US is as it has been for a long time, and it’s only getting worse. Trump wasn’t the problem; he was a symptom of the real problem. US is run by a handful super rich families and corporations. It really should be called the Corrupted Corporations of America, or something similar, instead. Have you seen the first episode of The Newsroom? The first part where Jeff Daniels’ character Will McAvoy, the always super neutral news anchor, has a breakdown and speaks frankly about the US? It’s really spot on, on the negative parts. And I happen to think that it wasn’t much better before either, it just wasn’t known, as it is more and more today.
        The US needs a new revolution. I’m not saying it has to be a bloody civil war, but the masses needs to replace the system in place today with a new one; one that works for them instead of for the 1% of the 1% and Wall Street.

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  3. Bernard Claypool Avatar
    Bernard Claypool

    Fact No. 1: intellectual standards in general, and in the “social sciences” in particular, have been plummeting since the early-1970s for a variety of reasons that need not be rehearsed here. A nice illustration: Frédéric Lordon’s recent demolition of Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital and Ideology’ (

    Fact No. 2: the current Web2.0/social media stage of the Internet’s development, whatever its undoubted benefits, has allowed a mass of ill-educated, narcissistic clowns to pollute the ether with their “thoughts” on everything from re-varnishing driftwood collections to political philosophy.

    Combine these two facts and one ends up with, amongst other things, the risible “Trump Is A Fascist” trope.

    Fact No. 3: Communist/Marxist theory is so passé, daaaaahling! Haven’t you read Niethammer or Fukuyama, or noticed that something happened in Eastern Europe three decades ago?

    As Chomsky (unsurprisingly a member of the “TIAF” tendency, given his anarchist foundation) has pointed out, challenging dominant ideological narratives in any particular field “takes more time/room” than agreeing with them. For this reason alone, I refer the reader to Lenin’s “Left Wing” Communism – An Infantile Disorder (on anarchism as “anti-fascism”) (, Nicos Poulantzas’ ‘Fascism and Dictatorship – The Third International and the Problem of Fascism’ (, Bob Jessop’s ‘The Capitalist State – Marxist Theories and Methods’ (, Wolfgang Streeck’s ‘The Return of the Repressed’ in the March/April 2017 edition of New Left Review ( and Dylan Riley’s ‘What Is Trump?’ in the November/December 2018 edition of New Left Review (

    It’s not big, clever or hard to be ignorant.

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  5. Fascism is property rights over human rights. The Big Capitalist Owners want rent everything to the 99%. Their answer to the future is “You will own nothing and be happy”. This has always been capitalism’s end game.

    “The core of fascism is the idea that there is some elite, whether ‘Aryan’ or ‘chosen by God,’ or otherwise, who should run things, and that everyone else exists in order to serve that elite. Inevitably, this official elite consists of the people whom the powers-that-be assign as constituting the owners of almost everything that’s valuable. Increasingly, things become those people’s private possession — even what was formerly a public asset becomes now private. Beaches become private. Schools become private. Natural resources become private. It’s not just the art that was stolen by the Nazis and privatized to them and/or shown at museums that they control, which becomes private; it’s whatever the elite want to have, and to control: it’s all now private. That’s the fascist ideal.”

    “Mussolini was the man-of-the-future, but — after Franklin Delano Roosevelt died, and finally Thatcher and Reagan and other ‘free-marketeers’ came into office — Mussolini’s «future» has increasingly become our own «now»: the Axis Powers’ ideology has actually been winning in the post-WW-II world. Only, this time, it’s called instead by such names as «libertarianism» or «neo-liberalism», no longer «fascism», so that only the true-believing fascists, the aristocrats, will even know that it’s actually fascism. It’s their Big Con. It’s their Big Lie. Just renaming fascism as «libertarianism» or «neo-liberalism», has fooled the masses to think that it’s pro-democratic. «Capitalism» has thus come to be re-defined to refer to only the aristocratically controlled form of capitalism: fascism. The ideological battle has thus apparently been won by a cheap terminological deceit. That’s all it takes for dictatorship to be able to win.”

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Can I ask where you are getting your definition of Fascism?
      • Fascists bind themselves together to serve their country
      • inspired by the same passionate ideal of national service
      • the essence of Fascism is teamwork, the power to pull together and to sink individual interests in the service of the nation.
      • The State will not attempt to conduct industry as it would under Socialism, instead, the State will lay down the limits within which industry may operate, and those limits will be the national welfare.
      Private ownership will be permitted and encouraged, provided such activity enriches the nation as well as the individual.
      Mosley Oswald – Ten points of fascism (1933)

      1. there’s a link at the bottom of the comment to an article by Eric Zuesse.

  6. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    America did NOT vote out fascism! It is alive and well in the Congress that just acquitted Donald Trump, the Hitler wannabe, of his crime of incitement to insurrection. You, Caitlin, were among those that dismissed the attempted coup as nothing more than a little bit of hijinks, despite the fact that many of these modern day brownshirts were armed and carrying twist ties in anticipation of kidnapping and murder. I hold you and Pilger, and Greenwald and others responsible for letting this slide.

    1. Carrie Z, if a true coup was planned, there would have been one. You are delusional.

  7. wow…great clarity, thanks.

    1. Both parties are neo-Fascist. It’s just a matter of whether you like sweeten blue Kool-Aide or unsweetened red Kool-Aide. The end result is the same. The death of freedom for the individual.

  8. The elitists are right, democracy is a totally failed experiment largely because roughly half the electorate consists of easily manipulated morons while the plutocrat driven status quo totally controls the political parties, the viable candidate options, the U.S. apparatchik and nomenklatura (anyone who holds any position of bureaucratic power), and obviously both the mainstream and social media, not to mention the courts, law enforcement, the military and (should it nevertheless become necessary) the “democratic” process of counting the votes and ultimately declaring their guys the winners. Such is the reality, prove me wrong, please.

  9. And, no doubt, as a grant writer this worked out very well for all the wrong reasons.
    Webmasters of the alternative left might find this interesting as I did when my brother in law told me that he was once a member of the Weather Underground

  10. Saying the Trump Administration was Fascist is completely daft Caitlin; worthy only of some liberal hack.
    That’ all.

    1. you just said (typed) ‘the trump administration was fascist’.

      1. Selective perception like that is a sure sign of prejudice…. a mental state that hinders perception and intelligence.

        1. too bad you didn’t think about that before making the comment (check Carolyn L Zaremba’s comment above).

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Your ignorance is enormous.

  11. I’m a monkey talking to a fuckin’ tree…

    I fuckin’ swear…

    Please, Everyone,…

    Listen to Caitlin,


    Everyone Else.

  12. Logic is a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Let’s do some very logical thinking now.
    “The US-centralized empire seeks narrative hegemony as urgently as it seeks global hegemony, and for the same reasons.”
    Just exactly WHY does the empire seek narrative hegemony?
    Is it to control how people think and behave?
    If it is indeed to control how people think and behave, just exactly HOW does the empire want people to behave after they are exposed to the empire’s narrative 24/7?
    In other words, what, exactly, is it that it wants people to DO?
    Here’s a very big hint from Caitlin’s article.
    “There is no meaningful difference between a government with one status quo-enforcing party and a government with two status quo-enforcing parties.”
    Ohhhhhh ………. TWO, not one, status quo-enforcing parties. Two. That’s significant, don’t you think?
    I understand that time did not stop on Nov. 3, 2020. Time inexorably marches on………… to 2022 ………… and even to 2024, which I also understand are both significant years in the never-ending “election cycle” of America’s democracy.
    Now, once again with feeling, if the empire’s goal is indeed to control how people think and, even more importantly, how they behave, just exactly HOW does the empire what people to behave? For example, just exactly WHAT does the empire want people to DO when they enter a voting booth in 2022 and 2024? And just exactly WHAT does the empire absolutely NOT want people to DO when they enter a voting booth in 2022 and 2024? Just take a wild stab at it.
    Still don’t know?
    Another hint. The Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) are going to spend billions upon billions of “dollars” over the next two and four years to make absolutely sure that people are going to DO a particular thing when they enter a voting booth, and NOT DO “something else” when they enter a voting booth.
    Let’s add it all up, shall we?
    1. There are TWO, not one, status quo-enforcing parties — the R party and the D party.
    2. The empire wants the status quo to continue forever.
    3. In order for the status quo (murdering by bomb or sanction, stealing around the globe and destroying the ecosystem) to continue forever, people have to always vote for R or D candidates for public office when they step into a voting booth and vote.
    4. The empire is going to spend billions upon billions to create and control the narrative that the people will consume over the next 4 years, and will do absolutely anything to prevent the people from consuming any other narrative for the next four years, including censoring and de-platforming any dissent.
    5. The empire is doing narrative control in order to make sure that people (well-conditioned pigeons, if you will) behave in a certain way (do a certain thing), and NOT behave a certain way (NOT do “something else” with their arms, hands, fingers and marking or pointing devices) when they enter a voting booth in 2022 and 2024.
    If a human being cannot figure out what the OTEC wants him/her/whatever to do and not do when she/he/whatever steps into a voting booth in 2022 and 2024, whatever/she/he is either one stupid motherfucker, or he/she/whatever wants the murdering empire to
    continue doing exactly what it’s been doing ever since even before the days of Teddy Roosevelt. Because I don’t think that anyone can possibly be that stupid, time after time after time after time, I must come to the unavoidable conclusion that average Americans are every bit as evil as their lying, murdering OTEC overlords/governments.
    It is a fact that roughly 154 million people voted for More Of The Same in 2020. It is also a very important fact that tens of millions of voting-age Americans are either directly or indirectly employed by the MIC.
    However, roughly 10+ million people voted for Something Else. Ten+ million people sounds like a lot of people (too bad they’re not all in one state), but, relatively speaking, it isn’t (and that’s exactly the way OTEC wants to keep it). Some of them may even visit Caitlin and Tim’s web site and some may even make comments on their articles. This may give readers the impression that there are many, many more millions of, to use a Caitlin expression, “healthy thinking” Americans “out there” than there actually are.
    Regardless, time does march on. Do you think that the vote tally in 2022 and 2024 (percent-of-vote-wise in 2022) will be significantly different than it has been in every other election in the past, say, 70 years? Remember while you ponder this question to never underestimate the intelligence of the American people! Before they step into the voting booth, The People will carefully consider all of the pluses and minuses, as well as the qualifications of, all the candidates, so they (especially in the case of those tens of millions directly or indirectly employed in the MIC) will know exactly what they’re voting for. And we all know exactly what those tens of millions directly or indirectly employed in the MIC will be voting for.
    Face the horrible truth about America and the Americans who live there, CAITLIN and TIM! You’ve got to call Americans who continue to vote for Rs or Ds, time and time and time again, EXACTLY what they are; and tell them that if they continue to vote for Rs and Ds, they’re either going to help OTEC start WWIII or end human existence by supporting the destruction of the ecosystem. (The only remaining question is which will happen first.) In short, you’ve got to treat “average Americans” who vote for Rs or Ds exactly as you treated VIP-American John McWar, even if that means that you get de-platformed or de-interneted for “meddling” in US democracy and its elections. I doubt if you both will be Assanged, Epsteined or Riched, but I may be wrong on that.

    1. You have been watching too much Star Wars. They have storm troopers and the death star. They dont care what you think.

  13. The following is not trivial; it is wholly relative:

    1. And, it is not funny — in the least.

    2. If the newscasters agree, it must be true.

    3. OMG, WTF, cynical as I am this is beyond the pale. Then again, Murdoch has over 200 media outlets and all, repeat all supported the Iraq invasion but, of course, they all have independent editorial teams…of course, they all think the same way or they wouldn’t be there. Thank you, Noam Chomsky for pointing out how it works and for writing “Manufacturing consent” and, of course, to Edward Bernays for modernizing propaganda; what would the evil psychology industrial complex have done without you?

  14. Please explain: “Don’t live. life lives itself & let life live unminded”. ????????

    1. Translation……mind your own business and get out of the way before you get run over.

  15. In this column Ms. Johnstone is performing a much needed public service. Thank you. At the same time, I think she goes too far in making her point. I have no love for Biden, and many his goals, such as keeping dying profit system alive no matter the cost in lives and much needed sustenance, but he is just not as bad as Trump on SOME domestic issues. He is the lesser of two evils, especially in not spending so much time evoking and greatly increasing the hate, prejudices, murderous anger, and contempt of Americans for each other and for those deemed “other,” including those overseas and south of us. All this evil is not just going to dissipate because Trump is out of office. We will have to live with it for a long time to come. And if Biden continues to favor and even champion neoliberal fantasies, we will have Trump or worse back in 2024. It is a public service to fight against people becoming complacent.

    That being said, I think the way Ms. Johnstone, essentially, in making Biden the equivalent of Trump is really discouraging or undermining the resolve of the men and women who need to fight Joe every step of the way. I think there is a basis to believe that the Biden administration can be pushed some in the right direction, including preventing him from taking us down the road to nuclear annihilation. Every bit this can be done will that much prevent the suffering and death of many people, making it worth every effort.

    1. You nailed it, Alan, the perpetual weakness in Caitlin’s otherwise astute observations. Yes, there is a false equivalency in her position–false in relatively minor ways, yet false enough to help undermine her credibility on all those crucial things she is right about. In getting rid of Trump and electing Biden, the U.S. essentially traded a rabid dog for a mean, vicious dog. Small improvement at best in terms of potential violence, but nevertheless a slight improvement in the possibility to influence or control what the dog does. And domestically speaking, there is a more substantial difference, at least short-term, in swapping Trump for Biden. A friend of mine, for example, in constant need of medical attention, is on Medicaid. He gets substandard medical care, which is deplorable, but at least he gets something. Trump was a constant threat to diminish or eliminate even this abysmal level of care, which helps, however inadequately, to keep my friend alive. Advantage Biden in this particular situation…CLEARLY. Were I to venture a guess about why Caitlin, who surely knows better, keeps hammering on this false equivalency thing–equivalency which holds in terms of the bigger picture involving foreign affairs (and atrocities) but does not hold, at least not fully, in terms of minor, largely domestic, but still significant matters–I would suggest that she’s working overtime to establish her cred with the more progressive/radical folks, those who believe that saying ANYTHING good or positive about the PTB, no matter how qualified or contextualized or faint that praise, is “blaspheme” making one a traitor to the “religion” of humanism. I might also throw in here how people, especially today, can get so wrapped up in their identities, can become so proud and self-righteous about who they are or want to be, that they no longer desire to deal with, perhaps become unable to deal with, inconvenient and countervailing facts. All of which doesn’t mean for a moment that I don’t love her work and the hard, sharp-edged truths she keeps telling us.

      1. i think you’re both getting quite complacent already.

        1. Telling the truth as one sees it is hardly complacent. I challenge you, Martin, to refute what I have said substantively, rather than take a cheap shot at it by glib characterization.

          1. i take it back. you were not getting complacent. you probably never were ‘the men and women who need to fight Joe every step of the way’. as for her pandering to the radical folks:
            it’s what she does, i think. she’s not really into ‘credibility’ from rightwing centrist status quo enthousiasts, imo.

              1. i don’t think so

      2. I think one can make a fairly rational case for Biden being the lesser evil, although of course only time will tell. On election day, it appeared to me that Mr. Trump’s continued thrashing, floundering, and exhibitions of prejudice might well lead to civil war — we got a little taste of that on January 6 — whereas Biden’s membership in the Deep State would lead to the foreign wars which are the cornerstone of its policies. As foreign wars are further away and easier to get out of than civil wars, I prefer the former. Both are evil and whichever won would require continued activism in opposition, but one was definitely more evil (to me) than the other.

        1. Thank you. I could bring myself to vote for neither.

        2. “As foreign wars are further away and easier to get out of than civil wars, I prefer the former.”
          – and you live in the us, probably?

          1. Leaving out the qualifiers and clarifiers in Anarcissie’s comment, and taking one quote out of context to take a swipe at him or her, is bad faith. And to pick up on a back-and-forth between us that ran off the page, just what is your politics, Martin, which is to the left of radically egalitarian eco-socialism?

            1. i don’t think it was a swipe and i don’t think the qualifiers would provide any solace to those experiencing the foreign wars. i think the workers should own the means of production.

    2. It’s not discouraging, reality is not discouraging, it’s a start to making changes. Biden has a record, it ain’t pretty. Harris has a record, it ain’t pretty. Obama/Biden have a record, destroying the country with the highest UN development index in Africa ” don’t forget killery laughing about it” and attempting to destroy another and currently sanctioning anyone who might help rebuild. Starvation sanctioning many other countries like the Clinton starvation sanctioning of Iraq that killed 500,000 children and was pronounced “worth it” by his Lady Macbeth SS. Obomber care was nothing more than a transfer of public money to private corporations. Millions were thrown out of their homes by O/B; the banksters were made whole plus while the media spun it to blame the victims. The system is inverted totalitarianism, neoliberal style; it’s not fixable and pretending that it can be is a recipe for failure which, of course is the idea. Keep goin, Caitlin, I doubt things will change but as Michael Moore once said “F**k hope”, it’s nothing more than a distraction from taking action. BTW, if it wasn’t for covid, almost certainly, Trump would still be POTUS and the sun would raise in the east. All the woke stuff including BLM is a distraction from the fact that the USA has no public health care system or paid maternity/paternity leave or so many other things that the rest of the world takes for granted and B is on record against them, the organs of propaganda and deceit are working well as Edward Bernays set them up.

  16. There is this group of old men in Afghanistan who carry guns. They shoot at anyone who dont belong in their country. When they were young shooting at Russians thd US called them freedom fighters. Now that they are older shooting at Americans, the US calls them Taliban terrorists. So much for narrative.

    1. Spot on! It’s even worse than that; the USA under Carter/Brezinski, taught them how to shoot and supplied the gun’s.

  17. I thought China or Russia was going to circle the moon a few years ago and film equipment from the original moon landing. What became of that.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      “As international doubts grow surrounding the long-past claim of the U.S that it had landed men on the moon, numerous times, the head of the Russian space agency “Roscosmos”, Dmitry Rogozin proposed to check whether the Americans were on the moon.”
      “We have set such a task – to fly to check: were they or were not … They say they were, we will check,”
      I guess ‘diplomacy’ prevailed.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Oh – i almost forgot …
      Was There A Nazi Moon Landing?
      What more proof do you need? …

  18. “Capitalism cultists talk about earning money like you can just dig it up in your backyard or something. “If you need more money just go earn it!”.
    In a truly free market one could do exactly that, since all wealth comes from the earth, either mining or agriculture. Too bad for us the oligarchy is in complete control of all wealth, since it owns most of the mining and agriculture, along with most of the processes that convert that wealth to “money” and income.
    It does indeed closely resemble a movie, where the willing suspension of disbelief is required to complete the experience. Every two years we are presented with a choice of evil, or more evil, and not a lot more evil. Just enough to convince us we need to vote. A vote that the US Psychopaths In Charge need as a source of their authority. Otherwise they would be exposed as the psychotic tyrants they truly are.
    Tyrants do not create tyranny, submission does, just as masters don’t create slavery, slaves do.

  19. Caitlin, I’m not at all convinced that the US voted out Fascism. Under Joe Biden and his instigators, it will go full steam ahead. Washington D. C. is under military occupation such as Bagdad. In Iraq, they call it “Green Zone” in Washington “Red Zone.” The corrupt US Congress has to be protected from its own people, such as in any banana republic. The media is brought into line. A purge is going on punishing dissenting opinions. The Biden/Harris regime works very closely with big tech and big corporations, Wall Street, and the fawning mainstream media. Even the New York Times called for a “Reality Czar,” i.e., ministry of truth! People who do not buy into the official political-correct crap must be reprogrammed, and they will be de-platformed or just deleted from the big censor companies. The global “war on terror,” which the US Empire started after 9/11, is now turned inside against “the enemy from within,” such as the infamous Nanci Pelosi called it. At a whim, the Biden/Harris regime can switch between the two strategies. The upcoming election will be as accessible as in the former Soviet Union, GDR (German Democratic Republic), or Belarus. The Biden/Harris regime knows how well-rigged elections work.
    The clown show, which has been performed for the last couple of days, was just the prelude for more to come. Having watched this circus on fake news, CNN made me vomiting. The perfect person to preside over this charade would have been Josef Stalin with one significant difference: Under Stalin, the “delinquent” would have been executed after the show trial, but in the “liberal” and “humane” US, he will be social destroyed.
    No other country has so many military outposts as the US. The US military occupies three-quarters of the UN member states in one way or the other. That’s why the US Empire has to be criticized all the time.

    1. not to mention the war on irony, sarcasm and humor in general.

      1. Being a sarcastic person by nature, I find many have trouble recognizing sarcasm when it is on display.

  20. Martin Wendelboe Avatar
    Martin Wendelboe

    ❤️ The best way to live is don’t. Don’t live. Don’t try to impose your will on life using the thinky me-mind. Get out of life’s way and let it live itself. Breath comes in and out on its own. Legs move this way or that on their own. Actions happen on their own. Life lives unminded. ❤️

    1. Jesus said much the same thing.

      1. And the Buddah and Confucious and Seneca and Aristotle and and. The reason for the ruling class promotion of fantastical stories is that, if you can believe absurdities, you can believe anything, even if it’s against your interests, actually, especially if it’s against your interests.

        1. And the interesting relationships that those men had with some women. So, it comes as no surprise that evil things hate good people above all others, or that viruses attack bacteria above all others; so much so, that they are given a special name, which escapes me at the moment, but rhymes with virus.

  21. The “musical chairs election” removed the Orange Buffoon, but retained fascism.

    1. Speaking of musical chairs…’s only a matter of time before Mayor Pete becomes Vice President Pete.

      1. That was foretold by the Shadow App…..

  22. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Don Pettit on that technology

    “I’d go the moon in a nanosecond.
    The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore.
    We used to but we … aah … destroyed that technology and … aah … it’s a painful process to build it back again.“

    from around 9:41 here:

  23. John F. Kennedy attempted to bring some sanity to the United States government and that government killed him for it. Any ” leader ” that dares to even talk about bringing sanity to the United States government is risking their lives and the lives of their families. This government answers to no one; it does whatever it feels like doing no matter what the ” consequences ” may be. Presently the United States government is ” preying on itself “; it may eventually kill itself and save the entire universe from any more of the ” evil empire “!

    1. Yes, Ron, every American politician who would be true to self and country is a soldier, in the highest sense of that word. When you run for office, like when you enlist in the military, you must like Lincoln, JFK, and RFK, be willing to die for the cause. Now the cause of the American military, of course, is no longer noble, as it arguably was in WWII, but not so the cause of the American government. That cause remains noble, certainly not as it has developed in history, but rather as it was first envisioned, if only rhetorically, in the Preamble to America’s founding document. That opening portion of the Declaration of Independence contains perhaps the most succinct and elegant expression of the highest Enlightenment values–values sadly betrayed as the ink on the signatures was drying.

      1. All “men” are created equal he wrote from the porch watching his slaves work and calling one in for the afternoon delight. “What you do speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say!”

        1. So true, but the words live on apart from the lives of their authors. Would Shakespeare’s plays be any less profound and sublime if we found out he was an asshole?

  24. I like all of your pieces, but my favorites are the ones where I get a good laugh. A couple of laughs in this one, yeah just go dig up some money in your backyard, and the USA has a great safety net, the biggest prison system in the world.

    As you say it’s all about controlling the narrative. When the women were excitedly going around and spreading the good news that Jesus had delivered, the male managers soon took control of the narrative and codified it, put a religious religion stamp of approval on it and changed it until today. Basically in service of the status quo. Today there is another version of the good need spreading, this time the narrative managers Will not be able to stop it. Simply because they have no creativity, imagination or joy in their life. The odds are definitely stacked against them. They will either wake up or that’s it we will move forward.. It’s inevitable , consciousness is moving forward. We are evolving.

    1. You obviously haven’t been in Walmart or McDonald’s lately… We’re devolving and fast.

  25. Everything is a pack of lies !

    I was watching a quiz show a few years back and the question was ” How many people have walked on the moon ?? ”

    I thought to myself – ZERO !

    I was wrong – quick as a flash the contestant said TWELVE !! Correct !

    I find it unbelievable that people believe a tiny capsule landed on the moon – three astronauts – a moon buggy that resembled a cut down VW beetle – oxygen packs – set of golf clubs were unloaded and THEN somebody stayed behind ( on the moon ) and filmed the takeoff !!

    The mission took EIGHT days – according to NASA !

    This is how STUPID people have become !!

    1. I find it unbelievable that you do. The human race has had rockets for over three thousand years (Chinese), we have been able to keep people in airtight containers for weeks at a time (submarines), and used radio and radar for navigation & tracking since WWII. Add that lot together, and you have a moonshot, with some help from a few simple computers to do the maths.

      The technology used to go to the moon and back is not that complex by today’s standards, it just had to be very reliable and very tough because they couldn’t afford breakdowns on the journey there and back- so if you accept the other dangerous things we do on the planet, then why not a few moonshots?

      By the way, nobody needed to stay behind to take the videos, they left the cameras behind and sent the images back by radio – easy.

      1. You people live amongst us – seriously ?

      2. Please take a trip to the Cape and see the Apollo 11 capsule that carried the men to the moon. Now ask yourself if you think it is possible. I saw it 40 years ago as a very young man and the first though that came to mind was BullSh@#. People are stupid.

    2. I suppose you “know” the earth is flat also. BTW, they didn’t take “a set of golf clubs,” they had one 5-iron and Alan Shepard hit one golf ball–quite far as it turned out, because of the low gravity on the moon, where they actually were. All your denial of this only shows how stupid you’ve become.

      1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        There is more evidence that the earth is flat than there is collectively that Iraq had WMDs, that WT7 collapsed due to ‘office fires’ and that man has set foot on the moon.
        • JP Sears (AwakenWithJP) gives an excellent summary of the points.
        and no cheating …
        • SNOPES: Here’s a Fact: We Went to the Moon in 1969
        Comment: If we didn’t, then this wouldn’t be a fact … but it is – with a capital F.
        • SNOPES: The Moon Landing Collection
        “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for conspiracy theorists.”
        Where else do you think they got that petrified wood that they sent to the Dutch museum?
        And there is no evidence that those telemetry tapes were needed anymore – the case was closed after all.

    3. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      For the collective dossier
      • A short clip – “Puppet on a string”
      • Full documentary – “American Moon”
      • A great read – David McGowan “Wagging the Moondoggie”

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