The DC Circuit has ruled that the CIA is under no obligation to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests pertaining to its involvement with insurgent militias in Syria, overturning a lower court’s previous ruling in favor of a Buzzfeed News reporter seeking such documents.

As Sputnik‘s Morgan Artyukhina clearly outlines, this ruling comes despite the fact that mainstream news outlets have been reporting on the Central Intelligence Agency’s activities in Syria for years, and despite a US president having openly tweeted about those activities.

“In other words, the CIA will not be required to admit to actions it is widely reported as having done, much less divulge documents about them to the press for even greater scrutiny,” Artyukhina writes, calling to mind the Julian Assange quote “The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security.”

The CIA’s brazen collaboration with dangerous extremist factions seeking to topple Damascus, and its equally brazen refusal to provide the public with any information about the extent of its involvement in Syria from the earliest stages of the violence in that nation onwards, will necessarily provide fodder for conspiracy theories.

It is public knowledge that the CIA was involved in the Syrian war to some extent, it is public knowledge that the CIA has a well-documented history of doing extremely evil things, and it is public knowledge that the US government has long sought control over Syria. Due to the agency’s refusal to be transparent about the exact nature of its involvement in that nation, people are left to fill in the knowledge gaps with their own speculation.

Of course they will do this. Why wouldn’t they? Why would anyone give the lying, torturingpropagandizingdrug traffickingcoup-stagingwarmongering, psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency the benefit of the doubt and assume their actions in Syria have been benevolent just because the hard facts have been hidden behind a wall of government secrecy?

Yet they will be expected to. Anyone with a sufficient degree of influence who comes right out and says the CIA knowingly armed violent jihadists with the goal of orchestrating regime change in Syria will be attacked as a crazy conspiracy theorist by the narrative managers of the establishment media. If their words are really disruptive to establishment narratives, there will be calls to deplatform, unemploy, and ban them from social media.

And really such is the case with all the melodramatic garment rending about the dangers of conspiracy theories today. All the fixation on the way unregulated speech on the internet has contributed to the circulation of conspiracy theories conveniently ignores the real cause of those theories: government secrecy.

If the most powerful government in the world were not hiding a massive amount of its behavior behind increasingly opaque walls of secrecy, people would not need to fill in the gaps with theories about what’s happening, because there would be no gaps; they would simply see what’s happening.

“But Caitlin!” one might object. “How could America engage in all its military operations around the world if it didn’t keep information about its behaviors a secret?”

Exactly, my smooth-brained friend. Exactly.

Government secrecy is indeed necessary for winning wars. Government secrecy is also necessary for starting those wars in the first place. US government agencies have an extensive history of using false pretenses to initiate military conflicts; if they could not hide the facts behind a veil of government opacity, the public would never engage in them. The American people would never have allowed their sons to go to Vietnam if they’d known the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie. They’d never have sent their sons and daughters to invade Iraq if they’d known weapons of mass destruction were a lie. They would lose the support of the public, and the international community would refuse to back them.


Protecting the lives of foreign military and intelligence personnel is the primary argument against government transparency in the United States, a premise which takes it for granted that there need to be foreign military and intelligence personnel at all. The only reason the lives of troops and intelligence officers would be endangered without massive walls of government secrecy is because those personnel are out there facilitating imperialist acts of mass murder and tyranny. The argument is essentially “Well we can’t tell you the truth about what’s happening in our government, because it would mean we’d have to stop doing extremely evil things.”

The argument that the internet needs strict censorship to eliminate dangerous conspiracy theories takes it as a given that simply eliminating government secrecy is impossible, which in turn takes it as a given that the US government cannot simply stop inflicting grave evils around the world. Our ability to share information with each other online is therefore ultimately being increasingly choked off by monopolistic Silicon Valley megacorporations because no one in charge can fathom the idea of the United States government ceasing to butcher human beings around the world.

That is the real underlying argument over internet censorship today. Should people have free access to information about what their own government is doing, or should their government be permitted to do evil things in secret while people who form theories about what they’re doing are shoved further and further away from audibility? That’s the real debate here.

The powerful should not be permitted to keep secrets from the public. They should not be permitted to jail journalists who try to reveal those secrets to the public, and they should not be permitted to collaborate with monopolistic corporations to censor people who form theories about those secrets. The amount of secrecy you are entitled to should be directly inverse to the amount of power that you have.

The US government has powerful agencies whose literal job is to conspire. The fact that people are punished and condemned for forming theories about how that conspiring might take place, even while those agencies are completely lacking in transparency, is abusive.

If the government was not doing evil things in secret, then it wouldn’t need secrecy. If the government didn’t have secrecy, there would be no conspiracy theories. Stop pointing your attacks at powerless people who are just trying to figure out what’s going on in the world amidst a sea of government secrecy and propaganda, and point your attacks instead at the power structures that are actually responsible for the existence of conspiracy theories in the first place.


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56 responses to “Conspiracy Theories Are Caused By Government Secrecy”

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  2. So Consortium News has picked up this article, which is smart. Here is a link:
    I’ve posted a comment there as well, but it hasn’t made it through the editors yet. If it doesn’t get posted there, then I will post it here cause I only hang out in places where I’m allowed to talk. I think it will get posted there because they have top-notch editors, but best to be safe and to check out news from more than just one place. This little cross-reference opportunity has occurred by happenstance and I figured why not. Lets see what happens. This is a little test of the future…..a little tickle.
    It ain’t anything like the Irish Mob. Hells-Bells – I don’t mess with them. Ha, ha.

    ps – this is why I support more precise time stamps on each and every message. You might as well go down to the minute. What is the harm in that? Plus, it is good information to try to make heads or tails of the discussion. The steak was wonderful, but the evening is not yet over, and at the end of the day, it all boils down to taking care of that which is most important. Julian Assange is going to die soon if he is not released. That is what somebody just whispered in my ear.

    1. “Even if it does I think trying to hide the facts is a fools game because the truth is always revealed”
      I’ve got no problem with “conspiracy theories”. Most of them belong in the dust bin.
      Obvious, obvious, so obvious it is so freaking so ridiculously Irish Mob Valentines Day massacre obvious. So some conspiracy obviously have merit. If you want to know how to kill a spook just read down below. All you have to do is not believe in them. Refuse the fear and the spooks are dead. So obviously simple, but Saint Valentine still died a martyr I reckon. Hell Copernicus got burned at the stake for telling the truth. Seems like history is repeating here don’t it. Ah well. What is obvious to one is stupid to another I suppose, so what you gonna do? I wish Muhammad Ali was around now, and if so, I’d ask him. Man what a travesty it all seems to be.


        Fallen angels…Who are they? Where are they? What do they want?
        Elizabeth Clare Prophet tears the mask from the face of the ancient deceivers of mankind…exposing their profile of evil and tracing it back to the fall of heavenly angels into human bodies.
        Strong ties bind the fallen angels in the earth to the dark prophecies of our time and to the evil that is enacted daily through mans inhumanity to man.
        War, religious hatred and fanaticism, terrorism, global pandemics, economic turmoil and extreme weather are the harvest of ancient sowings by rebel angels and a duped humanity.
        Fallen Angels Among Us: What You Need to Know shows how we can effect positive change on planet earth. It takes us behind the world of appearances and shares a perspective that is shocking and yet profoundly hopeful.


      Fallen angels…Who are they? Where are they? What do they want?
      Elizabeth Clare Prophet tears the mask from the face of the ancient deceivers of mankind…exposing their profile of evil and tracing it back to the fall of heavenly angels into human bodies.
      Strong ties bind the fallen angels in the earth to the dark prophecies of our time and to the evil that is enacted daily through mans inhumanity to man.
      War, religious hatred and fanaticism, terrorism, global pandemics, economic turmoil and extreme weather are the harvest of ancient sowings by rebel angels and a duped humanity.
      Fallen Angels Among Us: What You Need to Know shows how we can effect positive change on planet earth. It takes us behind the world of appearances and shares a perspective that is shocking and yet profoundly hopeful.

      1. The jewish holiday of Purim commemorates he biblical tale of Esther and her bravery. It has a message that should not be ignored; that there comes a time, when the stakes are so high that one must put our lives on the line, that we must find our power inside and meet the seemingly unsurmountable challenge. MLK said, “If there is nothing to die for, there is nothing to live for.”

        In everyone’s life there are challenges, and at some point there are life or death challenges, whether it be standing up for justice or fighting cancer and our fear of death must be overcome by our love for freedom, justice, and well-being.

        Orwell’s 1984 presents a very grim picture, where in the end, there is no hope, the controllers have considered every possibility, they are everywhere, behind, in front, etc. and there is no escape. They would use torture to break the spirits of those who tried to escape. Today it seems so similar what is happening, but modernized.

        Do I have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to imagine that the secret organization that shouldn’t be in a democracy, but is, is everywhere, in the newsrooms, in the gov’t., fb, silicone valley, in every imaginiable place, spying on every aspect of our lives, behind the hippy movement, behind all the major and minor events; that they have probably created the the sources that create the polarity, just like in the book. What then? Are we trapped? And they keep the masses unaware that we are trapped, until its too late, and it doesn’t matter if we know it or not, but then all their lies just become the accepted truth, just like in the book? In many ways that has already happened and is continuing to happen.

        I am like the protagonist in the story. I will never give up fighting for our freedom. I understand Charles Eisenstein’s idea of not “othering”. It makes perfect sense to me, up to a point. In Germany, during Hitler’s rise, would it be wrong to other? Not othering means we want to be inclusive, we want to love everyone. Like Chirst, we want to love our enemies. Do we love them as we kill them to protect our freedom and resist their desire to enslave us? It seems hypocritical and absurd. It’s very similar to saying a prayer for the chicken right before you cut off its head, a gesture that is only to absolve the human, it does nothing I should imagine for the chicken.

        Of course, I can love Hitler, and hate his behavior, to always make that distinction. In any case we should never tolerate or accept tyranny, and modern tyranny has become much more sophisticated, It can exist and people can be maneuvered such that they are blind to it. Then it becomes like Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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  4. To the elite this covid era is an golden opportunity to put in practice what they would never be able to do in other circumstances. What was considered an unthinkable way of living some decades ago now is our reality. I cannot cease to be surprised how far our blind obedience without wondering about the consequences in the long run. After 9/11 everything related to security is permanent. The machine of the state is openly used to protect impunity. To protect criminals and thieves. They don’t have to answer anymore even to the Supreme Court. Everything is allowed if there is a proper coverage from the media to mask and to mislead. We are in the beginning of a long process of voluntary slavery under the heavy security surveillance of the state. Any voice is disagreement is a “terrorist” thanks to the founders of this witches hunting G. W. Bush and Cheney.
    What is surprising about this whole thing is the fact that is a movement worldwide synchronized. Someone or a huge group took control over the governments, banks, industries. They are all chained and blinded. Evern those with an illusion of control. They don’t know where they are going. They are just moving on and seeing what will happen. No one will be accountable for anything. I’ve seen experiments worldwide where governments took from the citizens their right to own a gun. Some years later the citizens become hostages of criminals, corrupt police officers, military personnel, secret agencies. From every now and on we are all going to live in the saddest era of humankind. Surrounded by misery, mental illness, fear, hate, xenophobia. They are slowing destroying what took centuries to be build. And they think that going to push everything in one world, one nation will be the best. It was tried several times in ancient times. All failed. collapsed from inside. Aliens will not come to rescue us form our mistakes. We are here for a good reason.

    1. I’m in agreement with a substantial portion of what you say–see the same things, have similar apprehensions. But I also view things from a different perspective than you apparently do. That different perspective was described in a comment made yesterday on Ed Curtin’s excellent blog. “Our pre-pandemic way of life was a highway to hell, was it not? There we were in our gerbil wheel jobs, spinning them frantically to stay in our cages and be fed, knowing all the while that these gerbil wheels, seemingly going nowhere, were actually driving the global economy with ever increasing speed toward the death of the human spirit and planetary ecocide. Surely we knew then what we know now: that there HAD to be a great reset if there was to be a future for ourselves and for other living things. Period. Pandemic or no pandemic. Now as for the terms of that reset, who is to determine and apply them, THOSE crucial questions remain open as long as there is fight in us. Thus we must strive against the MSM and their overlords to make these questions the focus of intense, ongoing public debate. Meaningful discussion begins, however, not with the intrinsic evil of a great reset but rather with its existential necessity.”

      1. It makes sense. Not sure if I can totally resonate with the gerbil part. Maybe most of it. However, quoting Nietzsche here,“We have to be careful that in throwing out the devil, we don’t throw out the best part of ourselves.” The world pre pandemic was much better. I know it.
        I would not like to see a future where the whole world has the same “way of living” as in the USA: paranoid, fear, hate, indifference, xenophobia, consumerism, surveillance, ignorance about geography, politics, history, etc. Neither I would like to see the whole world living as orthodox jews, Russians, Arabs, etc. Our differences and peculiarities are what makes us unique. We need diversity. We need divergence. We need common sense, We need a pinch of madness and a bold life to have a glimpse of a better future.
        This thing that we’re living on right now will never bring anything good from it. I know it.

  5. Its Valentine’s Day where I’m at – with a big heart: not the massacre that happened to occur on the same day. Massacres, if you look through the long history have been on the uptick since the fall of the Minoan Culture if I got my facts straight. You know that culture which was as much matriarchal as otherwise. I believe it was a volcano that did them in.
    Anyhow, I’d like to see some future discussion regarding differentiation between “personal” narrative and “group” narrative. I think understanding the distinction of this will be critical for better future communication. What do you think on Valentines Day?
    I’m thinking I better go flip the NY Sirloin that is currently marinating on the outside grill (it is chilly here today) upon which it will soon be cooked in about 3 hours or so. I’m going for a high temperature to start things off, then six minutes on each side. After that, my sweetie and I, will share some red wine and look into each other’s eyes. We’ve been doing it for a long time and so I doubt either of us will learn anything new, but you never know!
    Happy Valentine’s Day
    p.s. – I’m not a robot, but I’m clicking the button NOW

    1. By the way, the Wikipedia write-up on the Minoan culture greatly lacks substance or glosses over so many important issues. I’ve seen better study of the place from an old friend who I shared some personnel communications with perhaps 12 years ago or something like that. He was a deep thinker and he studied hard and the conclusions he reached resonated with me. We shared ideas. Basically he felt it was a Matriarchal society and he backed his sentiment up with facts that were compelling. Go to Wikipedia and it seems as if his study is not even mentioned. Sad, sad, sad because I think he was the real expert. Sad thing is, his sentiment upset the powers that be and so his ideas were not allowed to enter the narrative. Funny thing is, the ideas got through anyhow, and at the end of the day, the truth always prevails. That is why it is so easy to kill a spook – they are full lies and illusion and the moment you disbelieve them, they die.
      I think I made copies of what my studying friend sent me and I think I could dig up some of our old conversations and I think that would be a better use of my time than throwing out my attitude here. So, that is what I’m gonna do.

      1. This idea that “the truth will always prevail”, is it wishful thinking. When will it prevail and for how long?

        1. Tom – out of respect for you (I really, really like your horizontal governing video), I’ll answer your question.
          1. It will prevail the moment after I type this letter, or it will prevail in an hour or two, or sometime tomorrow, or the next day, or sometime thereafter.
          2. Otherwise, it will prevail without “us” ever knowing that it prevailed. Meaning with, no flippancy intended, that we will all be gone.
          From one generation to the next I suppose the most to be hoped for is incremental improvement, but sometimes I think – all of us here would agree (for the most part) I think – that “quantum” sort of changes happen oh so rapidly. If they can happen molecularly, why can’t they happen on a larger scale?
          Myself, I have faith in the “human spirit” collectively.
          Anyhow, does that answer your question? If not, feel free to contact me directly at the other forum that is still being developed, but for which I have high hopes.
          Best Regards,

  6. Back in the 60s we said about what you said about the evil empire and it’s CIA terrorists. They said we were paranoid commie conspiracy theorists. Oh please. Turned out we were right only we didn’t know ten percent of what was going on. Here we are, 50/60 years later and nothing has changed other than the technologies. Carter and Brezinski created and trained and armed the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan and going on twenty years the MI complex is still making money off them. No doubt, 20 years from now the MI complex will still be getting rich off their ISIS creations. “War is a racket” written by USMC General Smedley Butler is all you need to read to understand what’s going on and you can get it free if you look online. Gives you a simple explanation of what a racket is too. About a century old and just as revelant today but then again, so is Shakespeare and the Bible; they all explain the human condition and the role of greedy sociopaths in the hell we create on earth because we’re unable or unwilling to understand them.

    1. Nailed it, Bob, about what we knew in the 60s and didn’t know: we knew “the system” and “the Man” sucked (blood) big time, but had little idea how much they sucked or would continue to suck. Today we know a little more, but what we knew in the 60s was enough then, like what we know today is enough now, to make anything but a revolutionary stance–or one entailing an evolutionary leap–utterly trivial. Here’s Ed Curtin’s most recent take on the subject:

  7. Would some United States citizens move to Russia because of the last election? That thought never crossed my mind until I read this article.
    This article can be read here:
    New American Regime = Exact Same Challenges for Russia by Tim Kirby!

  8. “Our leaders are the finest men, and we elect them again and again. And that’s what I learned in school today; that’s what I learned in school.”

      1. Agreed! Pete Seeger was one of the greatest political songwriters and performers.

  9. See “Obama Confidant’s Spine-Chilling Proposal” :
    In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-“independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites – as well as other activist groups – which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.
    Yes, “false conspiracy theories.” And, all of that effort itself was/is a Conspiracy.
    Then, consider “OPCW Chief Dodges Questions on Syria Cover-up.”
    Is that another “false conspiracy [theory]?” Or, is it the Truth — of another Conspiracy?

  10. Thank you for more of your admirable insight and reasoning, Caitlin Johnstone!

  11. Another great article from Ms. Johnstone. This ruling shows that all three branches of government have been corrupted beyond any hope of redemption. It matters not a whit who the current sock puppet is in the oval office. The senseless murder of innocents will continue unabated until there is a sea-change in the consciousness of humanity. “Teach your children well…”

  12. “The American people would never have allowed their sons to go to Vietnam if they’d known the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie. They’d never have sent their sons and daughters to invade Iraq if they’d known weapons of mass destruction were a lie.” I certainly hope so, but young people desperately seeking a secure supply of food and shelter, along with something to do that APPEARS to be exciting and important, might still sign up for the military, might they not? From their perspective, being a soldier could beat the hell out living in your parents’ basement and slaving away at a shitty gig job. Smart and devious it was for the system to thus eliminate the need of a draft.

    “Our ability to share information with each other online is therefore ultimately being increasingly choked off by monopolistic Silicon Valley megacorporations because no one in charge can fathom the idea of the United States government ceasing to butcher human beings around the world.” Oh yes, the vision thing is what holds us back, even the most intense critics of our insane system. One day perhaps there will come a 21st Century Edward Bellamy, who will, through art, help us not only fathom the idea of a better, more beautiful world, but allow us to FEEL like we were already living in it. If you want to both fathom and feel that sublime alternative, to imaginatively experience what living in such a world would be like, “Looking Backward” and “Equality” are both free to read on the net. These two novels from the first Gilded Age are as life-changing now as they were then.

    1. American’s believe their own propaganda at the lowest to the highest level. It doesn’t even have to be good although much of it is. Unfortunately, it seems that the rest of the people’s of the world, at least the western world which is all I know.

      1. Is it that they believe it, Bob, or just no longer give a shit, want only to maximize their personal happiness for the short time they’re here?

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  16. In the game, Whispering Down The Lane, we never know what to expect at the end, when it starts off with the truth. Can you even imagine what we’ll wind up with when it starts with a lie.

  17. So beautiful to read this, which states it so clearly. One thing to add perhaps, is that it seems quite likely that the See Eye Aye is behind almost everything, the media, the courts, etc. and thereby control it all. What must get into the minds of everyone is that there is an option: restructure all gov’ts. from top-down vertical to bottom up horizontal which is by and for the people, decentralized, no more politicians or lobbyists, more efficient and effective, much more democratic, and virtually incorruptible. Please help make this 7 minute animation I produced and wrote explaining this:

    1. meant to say, make the animation viral.

  18. War, the costliest of endeavors, is a trillion/yr green light to flood newly issued public money directly into the bank accounts of the profiteers. Little of that amount is actually spent on our troops for their safety and income. Industrial hemp production would easily eliminate the “need” for oil wars, but what would then justify requiring that amount of free money?

  19. “…the lying, torturing, propagandizing, drug trafficking, coup-staging, warmongering, psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency…”
    I wish I wrote that!

    1. You might like this then.

      1. Wow! Who is he? I’m a codger, so please excuse the question if I should know.

  20. There is a deep and fundamental flaw in the castigation of “conspiracy theories”. Just exactly how is one supposed to discover and expose a conspiracy without first having a theory there is one? If one does not have a theory that the CIA is up to no good, why would one pursue discovery of their evil acts? This of course is beside the point that the CIA invented the term “conspiracy theory” as a pejorative to contain the exposure of its part in murdering a “democratically elected” POTUS in 1963.

  21. I received this email from LaRouchePAC, the other day, my question concerns the sentence pasted into the subject line of this post,
    “The mass movement which has emerged in the fight to defend Donald Trump and the nation over the past four years, must understand Britain’s “empire of the mind” and how to defeat it.”
    Which can be found further on in this post; In light of the other two links that I posted concerning an essay on antisemitism and another concerning a psyop officer resigning her position in the Army; REALLY? For real? Are these people for real? Or are they just another manifestation of the British Empire?.

    What is the Modern British Empire?
    Sir Richard Dearlove, Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper
    You’ve seen it most recently in the British intelligence-run coup against Donald Trump.

    How many times have you asked, or been asked, “why do you talk about the British Empire? I don’t see an empire, I see a broken down island that can barely govern itself.”

    Over the next four weeks, author Robert Ingraham will take that on from the standpoint of history, money and, most importantly, ideas.

    The modern British Empire is fundamentally, an “empire of the mind,” shaping how people think, defining the issues they are allowed to think about, flattening the world into simple-minded categories. (How much of today’s political discussion is dominated by the categories, “capitalism vs. communism,” which are distorted shadows of the real fight between global empire and sovereign nations?)

    One of the Empire’s most evil spokesmen, Bertrand Russell, spoke of the danger of an “unruly genius,” emerging from within the “lower classes,” and infecting them with the power of their minds. Such “unruly geniuses” were Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, and Lyndon LaRouche.

    The mass movement which has emerged in the fight to defend Donald Trump and the nation over the past four years, must understand Britain’s “empire of the mind” and how to defeat it.

    1. London is the home of the bank cartel. Enough said.

  22. Thanks Caitlin
    Here in Sydney it feels kind of uncomfortable when in parts of your blog you quote yourself. This is just feedbackl not necessarily a criticism. Why not just say what you want to say – even if you said it before?
    From where I sit it just feels a little creepy – like because you said it before it deserves a citation. With respect

  23. State secrets of state crimes in a so-called democracy is a contradiction in logic. If Nazi crimes of state
    were not kept secret, why should US state crimes be kept secret? Part of the problem is with the destruction
    of law, destroyed by the major powers in WWII with the abrogation of The Law of Neutrality, which destroyed
    all law everywhere. Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher, wrote about this in his books, Historical Reason and/or An Interpretation of Universal History, wherein he critiques Arnold Toynbee’s 6-7 volume tome.

    Linguistics versus action: Oriana Fallaci wrote in ‘A Man’ that ‘words are the real bullets. Contrast that with
    ‘Justice comes out the barrel of a gun,’ or ‘God is on the side of the heavy battalions.’ Words are persuasive,
    actions command. Cervantes made fun of idealism in Don Quixote. When German soldiers post WWI became frustrated with talk, with no resolution to the conditions suffered post war, due to US demands
    for war debts, and France and English demands for reparations . . . these ‘true patriots,’ what they called
    themselves before they were known as Nazi’s — said ‘Enough talk, let’s just shoot them.’ And so they did.

  24. Your facetious essay and satire is much appreciated and even more so that you are so right. It has now become rather obvious that the Great Chicago fire was intentionally set, that the great experiment of Prohibition was a psyop with the intended purpose of introducing widespread corruption into our society, and the list goes on and on, so check out this link;

    1. Foreign distillers loved prohibition. Americans were chiefly beer drinkers before prohibition, but market forces due to the illegal status of alcohol drove it to be delivered in more concentrated form, such as imported Canadian, Irish and Scotch whiskey, as well as Tequila and rum. The same effect, of course, drove the trade in cocaine and crack cocaine because coca was outlawed, and led to the heroin trade when opium was outlawed..

  25. CIA Operation Zero Footprint armed big Mo hood, overthrow Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt & Libya
    CIA Operation Timber Sycamore shipped Libyan weapons to CIA/ISIS in Syria
    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” > “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” >

  26. Out front is all of the ” bullshit beliefs ” about what the United States of America is all about. Behind the curtains the monsters, devils, killers, etc. do everything that their evil minds can think of doing because they are never ever held responsible for their actions. All crimes are committed with total impunity; Satan would be envious! The owners and the masters here are completely ” untouchable “!


    1. CIA, or something akin to it, as the CIA was not in existence in its present form when Jean d’Arc, Black Hawk, Lincoln, Vittorio (if you are referring to the Apache leader Victorio) and Archduke Ferdinand were killed. On the other hand, it is well-documented that the CIA was involved in capturing and killing Che Guevara in Bolivia.

      I do not know the reference to Bosch.

  28. It doesn’t matter. Millions of people could see a dozen individuals make outright personal confessions of the most heinous crimes in the world imaginable on prime time television along with supporting real time videos of such actions and the mainstream media could and would somehow manage to either spin it into a positive thing or else call it fabricated proof of yet more “Russian interference”. Meanwhile the Justice Department and Congress, basically anyone with actual prosecutorial power, would stick their heads in the sand and mumble something about “We don’t have any evidence of that” (after having fully secured same) in order to protect “their guys”. There’s no controlling legal authority to control the legal authority. It’s good to be King.

  29. You are making assumptions based on supposed facts that may or may not exist. If such information does indeed exist, it is classified to protect you and your way of life. It is the CIA, trust them. They are the experts. (This is sarcasm for those who have trouble recognizing such things).

    1. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
      Comorbidity 2024


      Indeed. Sometimes “they” know what’s best for us, so trust them and don’t leave your house til your told. Sometimes “they” don’t know what’s best for us, so…send me money and “I’ll” tell you what’s best for us.

  30. Any time a government or corporation attempts to conceal the truth from the public, there will be so-called ‘conspiracy’ theories. The word ‘conspiracy’ is the wrong one to use, as it implies a plot to overthrow the government, or take over the world – as in large scale changes that would affect whole populations.

    The reality is different, that most often those secrets are just to cover up wrongdoings, not actual conspiracies.

    Let’s call them what they really are – coverups, secrets, propaganda, lies, etc, and stop trying to discredit the ‘theorists’ as nut jobs. We need to remember that there is usually no smoke without fire, meaning that there is usually some (or a lot of) truth in the theories.

    After all, those same governments and corporations deliberately wrap falsehoods around the truth so that they are not believed, and then go to great lengths to discredit those who claim them to be true.

    1. I very much like the idea of our stopping the repetition of the CIA-inspired term “conspiracy theory” and instead talking about “coverups, secrets, propaganda, lies, etc.” When you use the language and conceptual frame of the enemy, the enemy has already won the first round. Same goes, as Ed Curtin clued me in, to “9/11,” with its obvious connection to the emergency phone number, which often is the only thing standing between life and death. I now refer to Sept. 11 or to the Word Trade Center Atrocity, but I’m sure that someone could come up with even better substitutes.

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