We each have an eye deep inside us, and it is all the same eye, and it is the universe’s eye.

The eye wants the same thing any eye wants: to see.

The eye wants to see it all, especially that which is hidden. That which is hidden behind veils of unconsciousness. That which is hidden behind veils of government secrecy. That which is hidden behind veils of propaganda.

The eye just wants things to come into visibility. Your unprocessed childhood trauma buried deep in your subconscious. Secret government documents about the misdeeds of the powerful. The truth about what’s happening in the world behind all the establishment narrative spin. The truth of what’s happening at the heart of consciousness.

The eye doesn’t discriminate. Doesn’t favor any one type of movement into visibility over any other. It just wants to see. To see it all.

The eye loves to see previously unconscious psychological dynamics brought into the light of consciousness through intensive therapy and inner work.

The eye loves to see the truth about abusive power dynamics brought into the light of consciousness by leaks and investigative journalism.

The eye loves to see the truth about what’s happening in the world punch through the confusion and distortion of mass media manipulation.

The eye loves to see the truth of your being brought into the light of consciousness by meditation and self enquiry.

The eye loves to see. The eye loves seeing. The eye loves what it sees.

What is God’s will? If you can accept that God is consciousness (a tall order in the west but not so much in the east), then knowing what God wants is not difficult, because knowing what consciousness wants is not difficult.

Consciousness desires consciousness, and consciousness desires objects to be conscious of. It is that simple.

Consciousness desires for there to be a universe to be conscious of, and consciousness desires to be as conscious of that universe is possible.

This is why there is a universe. This is also why there is sentient life in the universe perceiving it. This is also why, among that sentient life, are large-brained primates with greatly expanded capacity for perception and understanding.

Consciousness created the universe in order to have something to be conscious of, and consciousness created conscious life forms to facilitate that conscious expansion. Like the universe itself life started out simple, and its capacity for conscious exploration was very limited. In the appearance of time, life evolved greater and greater capacity for sensory input, then it evolved capacity for abstract thought and language.

Now the universe is not only capable of consciously perceiving itself and exploring itself, but of learning about itself and thinking about itself as well. It is now capable of learning about its history, learning about how its parts work, learning with more and more consciousness how it is happening.

That consciousness is the eye that is in all of us. We are all one with the universe’s conscious exploration of itself. We are all participating in the one consciousness’s loving exploration of its creation.

For this reason, learning about yourself and bringing consciousness to your inner processes is doing the will of the eye, is doing the will of consciousness, is doing the will of God.

So is being a scientist.

So is being an artist.

So is being a teacher.

So is being an investigative journalist.

So is being a truth teller.

So is being an activist.

So is being a spiritual coach.

So is being a psychonaut.

Wherever you are either participating in the expansion of consciousness or making new things to be conscious of, you are doing what the eye wants, because the eye loves seeing and the eye loves having things to see. You are participating in the dance of consciousness. You are doing the will of God.

We are here to participate in the expansion of consciousness.

Our world appears disordered at the moment because much of it is deeply unconscious. Humanity is mostly unconscious of its inner dynamics and sleepwalks through life in a very destructive way. People loaded with unconscious trauma ascend to positions of power and spread their trauma around without consciousness. Government secrecy and corporate secrecy keep most power dynamics which affect the world unconscious. Propaganda distorts humanity’s collective efforts to consciously perceive the reality of our situation.

Wherever there is a lack of clear seeing, there is disharmony. Wherever anything moves into consciousness, harmony is increased. Becoming individually conscious of unconscious mental habits created in response to early childhood trauma allows us to change or eliminate those habits and begin functioning more harmoniously. Becoming collectively conscious of racial inequality allows us to collectively begin moving toward racial harmony. Becoming collectively conscious of the abuses of tyranny allows us to collectively begin moving toward political harmony. Wherever there is more seeing, there is more harmony.

This is why we are here. To make the unseen seen and to dispel illusions which distort our perception. The more visible the universe and humanity’s dance in it becomes to us, the more harmony there will be.

We create a harmonious world by doing the will of the eye. We create a harmonious world by expanding consciousness, inwardly and outwardly, at every opportunity.


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118 responses to “The Universe Is Just Trying To See Itself”

  1. I have long harboured the fun idea that the Universe is moving toward its own enlightenment, and am amused by the thought that, in some small way, I am assisting in this birth-of-a-god event simply by living, feeling and observing. I can’t say that I have any firm beliefs, but I suspect that there is a lot of truth in the ideas you have expressed here. Lovely article; I’m now feeling less alone, so thanks for that.

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  3. Stephan Borau Avatar
    Stephan Borau

    Brilliant, lucid post! Thank you Caitlin. As Carl Jung also said, humans are here to be conscious of Creation. You used the G-word (which I think has caused some consternation through this thread). Surprising, but good to know you are against organized religion and not against divinity. Of course you are clearly spiritually-minded. Keep speaking the truth!

  4. Thank you Caitlin.
    I have been struggling with it all lately and reading this has helped immensely.

  5. Martin Wendelboe Avatar
    Martin Wendelboe

    I am about to become your biggest fan. It is brilliant _()_ THANKS

    “The eye just wants things to come into visibility. Your unprocessed childhood trauma buried deep in your subconscious. Secret government documents about the misdeeds of the powerful. The truth about what’s happening in the world behind all the establishment narrative spin. The truth of what’s happening at the heart of consciousness.”

  6. Do you really want to see yourself? I don’t think so. This website and blog is full of angry people using intellect to get across their points and looking intelligent doing so. But like all of mankind, especially gods, they refuse to take a real inventory of selves, they refuse to judge themselves accurately, just as they protest being judged. They so detest the idea of having their pride hurt, and I understand its harm in the short run, but at this juncture of history, people REALLY NEED to assess where they have gone wrong, and to correct it, in order to correct the direction that mankind (gods) have taken the human race. They need to repent. For those who don’t know GReek and the bible, repent, (metanioa) is the greek word meaning to “change direction 180 degrees, to change behavior totally” to correct yourself. So you see, it is not just “being sorry” it is changing self.
    People, take a real inventory and assess yourselves accurately, brutally, to make the change necessary for us all in order to make mankind worthy, and thus capable, of surviving. I am not very willing to participate in the perpetuation of the human race in its present state=it is not worthy to continue to risk life, freedom, and health doing so.
    People have been sayers, not doers. They will agree, point out the way, and even give a couple of bucks. (though not to me) for good causes. But few will truly roll up their sleaves and struggle with enthusiastic effort. Some do, not many. THey will think for a few minutes, take the effort to research a few minutes, but few will really plunge in and be heroes. That is unacceptable.
    People will not be sacrificial. They will see the poverty in other lands, they will see that our corporations are exploiting other peoples to bring us luxuries (here we call some as being necessities). No boycotts or suits. That is unacceptable.
    People are plastic, are phony. But they will continue to buy cosmetics, to wear expensive clothing to look more attractive, will buy new cars and tvs knowing full well that people are starving in other nations and at home, but they just dont’ care. But they will blog on a website how terrible our materialism and capitalism is. That is unacceptable.
    People know that entertainment is not healthy, that most foods are not healthy, that pharmaceuticals are not good. But they will continue to watch it, to eat it, to consume harmful meds without exercising will power to forego the tasty food and thrilling entertainment, eat correctly, and exercise vigorously to remove the need for addictive harmful pharmaceuticals. That is not acceptable.
    People see the evils of the system, see that they are harming others, like cops who put people in jail for victimless crimes, pharmaceutical company employees, entertainers, etc.. who promote wrong values and worldviews, and still do it. Their income is more important than other’s lives. That is unacceptable.
    NEed I go on? Take an honest inventory people. Risk doing your tall ego a little damage to allow for the existance of the human race. Judge righteously, not with mercy, but with justice in mind, as peace without justice is not peace at all. Until there is justice served, the human race is doomed, your children and all future generations hang on this concept. YOU need to begin justice at home, in your own character, making yourself an agent of justice, by becoming just. That starts with REAL self-inventory, correcting “sin” and beginning to put real effort into being a heroic agent of righteousness initiating justice on the land. Let us not be couch intellects, looking oh so intelligent as we blog on a website, but are not righteous. BE doers of righteousness, not just sayers. Hypocrites are the first ones to be agents of death. tHe road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    1. Mr. Michael, you remember me one person I knew a long long time ago. He was like many people living in. this “prison of belief” world. He thought himself to be the reincarnation of Moses. He even had a tree in front of his house like the one in the burning bush scene in that movie with Charlton Heston. From the 50s till 1999 he waited the call of god for him to become Moses again. Nothing happened. He died. And here we are in lockdown. I got you. I was waiting the right moment to pass the knowledge of that man for someone like you. I’m not patronizing nor being sarcastic here. I see and I speak things as I see it. Religion is like clonazepam, cocaine, LSD, but I understand those who need it. I have to take my drugs to not shit myself.


      Jesus did not write, and those who wrote later did it according to their capabilities of understanding, and many are the contradictions. Then later, in the fourth century, when Rome forged its church, which was roman and not christian, intentional mistakes were added to the contradictions, all for the benefit of Rome, of the Empire,which was in total decadence. Everything was distorted in order to give the priests or the roman bailiffs the maximum of authority, whether to obtain money or to supply the Empire with the subjection of people. And Our Father prayer suffered all sorts of adulterations. Note:
      OUR FATHER, WHO IS IN HEAVEN – Jesus taught that God is Spirit and Truth, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, who sees everything in secret and in secret rewards according to each one’s deeds. He taught that God is above any type of relativism, above time and places. The God mentioned in Our Father prayer, which is roman adulteration, anthropomorphic or external to everything and everybody, and slave of feigned clothing, idolatries, formulism and formalism, candles and other idolizing and pagan trinkets, has never been the Sacred Origin that Jesus represented the best way he could. There is no sense of time and places for God, and He does not suffer any restrictions. He is in the deep inside of everything and everyone as EMANATING, SUSTAINING AND DESTINING DIVINE CENTRE, and no one will gain anything by saying the contrary because the ignorance, the error and the evil will be crushed at the right time.
      HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME – If God and His name depended on man’s sanctification He would be lost! Never would Jesus say such nonsense! This proposition is too stupid to deserve more attention.
      YOUR KINGDOM COME – It was the same Jesus who proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is inside each one, and it will not come with external signs. Everything depends on the internal blossoming of spirits. Besides, any fool is able to know that it is the spirit’s duty to march towards TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, because there is no flaw in God and all, in principle, is for Him – Eternal, Perfect and Immutable. Those who got involved in being seller of pretences and idolatries are the ones who invented this clamorous mistake: for the kingdom of God to come, the fools need to buy nonsense, and bow before the sellers of nonsense, etc.
      Any Books and Prayers that teach to search God outside, far away, through simulations or lures are criminals. Waiting for God with open arms on top of mountains or not mountains is work of the ignorant or swindlers; it is the beginning of many mistakes, deviations, immorality, etc. God is OMNIPRESENT, and the communion between the child and the Divine Father is in the TEMPLE OF CONSCIENCE.
      YOUR WILL BE DONE – Never would Jesus teach such foolishness because He knew that the WILL OF GOD IS ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, which will be done whether everything that is relative, spirit or matter, wants it or not! To put the WILL OF GOD in terms of possible alternative, yes or no, is something that would never cross Jesus’ mind. Jesus had the Law of God as irrevocable; and his Divine Example of submission to the WILL OF GOD has never given place to any ambiguities. Whatever seems like that is man’s invention.
      ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN – Again the dullness of subjecting God to places or time, etc! Again men’s foolishness, intending to subject God to their narrow-mindedness, to their restrictions and, above all, doing so to trade formalisms and idolatries with the fools! By affirming that God is far or in a territorial heaven, the owners of clergies become the mediators, or sellers of idolatries or superstitious nonsense.
      The other propositions are childish; and in God there is no forgiveness for sins, because the Divine Justice does not set precedents. Reequilibrium is acquired through deeds, that is why God offers opportunities, conditions and situations, etc. Let us not consider temptations from the part of God, but tests to be passed instead. It is not God’s job nor Christs’ or conscious spirits’ to pass the tests for whoever it may be. If someone KNOWS THE TRUTH AND PRACTISES THE GOOD, he will certainly get help for the success of his battles. God gives the elements but the achievement is up to the spirit. Understand clearly that the INNER temptation is always worse than the outer one. Therefore, no one should blame God or whoever it may be for their negligence or intentional wish to surrender to error. This is what Jesus taught, especially through His Divine Example. He did not put any responsibility on God, whose Fundamental Laws guarantee the relative free will to spirits. Do not forget that rights mean duties. And if it were not this way, God would be deaf or wrong or even evil, because Humanity is full of people who keep repeating the Our Father prayer all the time and commit crimes, from massive assassinations to the most depraved habits. This is what God wants: “Know yourself and reach fulfilment”!

      1. Nonsense. Jesus the man-god never walked the earth, the New Testament was composed by pharisee Josephus for the Roman Empire, it was created to impose a slave and submissive mentality on the people to render them easier to rule over, as well as being a gateway to hell, and an opiate of the christians- a work of evil genius. Furthermore, while you speak some truth regarding the spiritual nature of existence, and you can call it god, but that implies greatness and authority, when it is in reality just a statement of the nature of existance. god is bullshit. To take it further, there is no such thing as divine or universal justice, evil people prosper and righteous people are murdered and in poverty. I have been knowledgable and righteous for years, and continue to do righteousness, and have received the minimal assistance of being protected. I am still sane, and am thankful that god-satan has not murdered me yet. Gotta be thankful for him not murdering me, his nature is soooo good. All those holy christians all avoid me, have for five years as I attempt to save humanity, stole my money, allowed my sister to put me in prison with lies and keep the inheritance from my mom that would have assisted my work in saving the human race. It appears (I am not sure) that god’s people (christians) only do good for appearance sake, most tell me to be quiet as I am not in the hell realm, so I should be thankful. Why live if there is no great purpose in it? I am trying to accomplish an immense and immensely important task, and have been impeeded by god at every move. God is good? God has justice? bullshit. I am now aware that his force is in most of nature, but that does not explain how the most evil people hold the power and use it to accomplish evil deeds, and have planned much worse things for the planet. My book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY pretty much lays out a lot of truth never seen before, with a code of ethics to live by instead of worshiping gods.

        1. Wow! Mr. Michael, you look upset with the world more than anyone here. Let’s take a moment to have a beer, it’s Friday! We are all in lockdown, isn’t? And yes, Jesus never existed. I know that. Several Popes in history already said that but never got any attention from the media. The same applies to god and satan. But just for the record, if I had to choose one side, I’m so going to hell. Yes, you’re right. The world is plenty of evil people and assholes. But our task is to find those who are not, don’t you think? Unless you are looking to find a partnership to open a franchise in order to get a piece of the cake, isn’t? I almost admire your sister. But after what she did stealing your rightful money… it’s not fair. I understand. I gave up my inheritance to benefit my sisters. I was born with the talent to afford my lifestyle and opinions. Probably I’m the only person in the world to have turned my back to the Grand Canyon when in Flagstaff, AZ.I already tore a bundle of hundred dollar bills in front of girlfriends, ex-wife and friends just interested in money. I turned my back to British Petroleum, El Paso Oil and Gas, Transgas, Aramco, Anglo-American, etc when they tried to bribe me. I’m not a saint. I just do what I think it’s right. And of course there is justice but only that one in the constitution and unfortunately that book will not give a jack-shit for people like us if the topic is metaphysics, petty differences, bitterness or trying to promote a new book in the shelf.

          1. promoting a book? I attached it to emails that went viral, millions have read it, I made less than $10 from it. So if you accuse me of greed, you can fuck yourself. It involved 10,000 hours of research. The money would be used to save humanity. My sister kept the money, spends $200 on restaurant meals every week, hasnt worked for fifteen years, she is a dam cunt. Go and try to insult somebody else, it is wasted on me, I am bullet-proof.

            1. Raganar, The Damn Retired Avatar
              Raganar, The Damn Retired

              Ouch, I was just writing something to praise of one of your comments. But looks like I struck some nerve on you, isn’t? You’re not a bullet-proof person. You just grow old without achieving what you thought you deserved. I got you and for that I can I forgive you.

          2. Save your forgiveness for somebody else, I dont need it. I have just begun to fight. I have penned three books, the last two a year ago, and that was one of them. I am now a revolutionary, and am stronger and angrier than just about anyone half my age. The odds are against us, but the game is over when the game is over. I ain’t beat, and wont’ be until I am dead (or victorious)

        2. I dont do beers or south. Go fuck yourself and stay far away from me, RAG

  7. Normand Drolet Avatar
    Normand Drolet

    Thank you Caitlin Johnstone for this extraordinary piece. Even though I’m not in that place and don’t quite know how to go there, still I absolutely know this is the truth. Truth has a feel, a sound, a smell, a look, a taste. This, what I’ve just read, comes from the Truth.

    1. Are you nuts? God loves truth? Does the bible really seem truthful to you? or does the quran? Do you see christians in the citizen journalist field? Do you see pastors telling the truth regarding israel and palestinians? or christians researching??? Who the hell falls for this stupidity?

      1. Normand Drolet Avatar
        Normand Drolet

        “We each have an eye deep inside us, and it is all the same eye, and it is the universe’s eye.”
        That is Caitlin Johnstone’s gift for today. It is a golden gift.

      2. Eventually, the intellectuals can make some improvement in the world, don’t you think? I am an intellectual in the sense that I am always studying and learning.

        1. You weren’t quoting “Jesus” (ie., Y’shua, that is, Joshua Bar Abbas). you were quoting Spinoza. So, good for you!

          1. Yeah… I got what you mean just know Shane. I missed a lot of posts. I’m not sure I want to read all comments till the end of this nested thread. LOL

        2. Most intellectuals intellectualize to appear smart and show they are so smart. I did not say “intelligent hard working people working to benefit the human race” which is who you are referring to, not the intellectuals I see here. I don’t consider myself an intellectual, but a revolutionary. Yes, I have been an activist, am an author, lectured to graduate students for fifteen years, but do not consider myself an intellectual. Those who search for ultimate truth and knowledge are best called “scientists” Do you percieve my communication?

          1. I’m trying to Mr. Michael. I just need to take sometime to read all this comments. I have a strange feeling that I already ruined everything in our early interactions, LOL. It’s okay. We will survive. Let me focus for now, we will have an opportunity to discuss it but I think we need focus in Caitlin as well. We are going far South from this post. LOL

  8. “You could never convince a monkey to give you her banana today for the promise of unlimited bananas in monkey heaven when she dies. You can with people” Harari. Sorry, our common belief in stories, especially absurdities allows us to build large societies but it also allows a small ruling class to extract real wealth from the workers. As long as we have that flaw/advantage we will continue to be manipulated by the elites. If you believe that it’s going to change then you are a faith based person who will continue to be taken advantage of.

  9. Everything in the entire universe is related: we are all cousins!

  10. My mother, who is presently in a “care facility” used to always save the spiders. She would try to catch them and then she would set them outside. That made an impression on me.
    I’ve got a picture of my mother and my father in their youth on the family calendar hanging on the bulletin board in my room.
    Just now, I can’t even see my own mother and I’m wondering if I don’t get some sort of certificate whether I will be allowed to ever see her again. That seems unfair to me, so guess what. I plan on doing something about it and my plan is already in motion. I plan ahead and I mean serious business and I’m not kidding around.
    So the five states I have in mind once again are as follows: NC, VA, WV, KY, TN. Those are the states and their is another place, another forum, that is supposedly going to be opening up for more discussion soon, and if you go there you can join the little community I have setup there. The more the merrier, but you will have more standing if you are a resident in one of the said states.
    So, breaking away from the philosophical considerations, the US of A, the country I reside in, just bombed another country and claimed self-defense. I read elsewhere, the idea of another, that that was an impeachable offense, and I 100% agree!
    You get what you give!

    1. I would like to further say, that I take with a grain of salt any MSM articles suggesting that peace in Yemen is being pursued. I’m all for peace, but without justice peace will never last.
      So some princes need to be dispossessed of what they think they own, and some presidents need to be removed from office for perpetuating continued suffering of innocence, and most importantly sometimes justice…….especially justices that stems from deep-rooted indignancy cannot be stopped because it is like a tsunami. Honestly, this is precarious because it is a tsunami of retributive indignancy for all the ignominy that for far too long has gone without punishment, and so when it rises to this sort of crescendo than only God knows what will happen next, and God knows, even God might not know that, and I don’t think God does, cause I ain’t no fucking Calvinist.
      We either live together or we die together, and God knows that! God and the Goddess they are both one together intermingled with each other after the beginning. The two them just love creation and they know what is gonna happen, but they will never tell. Free will – ain’t it awesome!

      1. “God loves creation”- is that why he created hell and puts most people there? His love, allowing selfishness, allowing such evil, his love is one i Could do without. i dont trust anyone who wants worship, who deceives, who likes to hide his true nature, who pretends to be what he is not. i dont trust him.

        1. You ain’t talking about the same God and Goddess I am, so please, consider that.
          Come on MLK do you want to fight over semantics or do you really want things to be better. Are you upset that your Bible studies ended in disharmony or should you maybe contemplate where that disharmony stems from? I ain’t buying your book, but if you need $3 just get a hold of me and I’ll send it to you.
          If “God” doesn’t love creation she wouldn’t of had to create hell, or was she a he – hell, hard to know the difference sometimes and frankly, what the hell is the difference.
          You can’t have one without the other and once the zero was clipped, then two entities had been created mathematically after which the sky of consciousness was just waiting to be disovered.
          See you later MLK, but I’d just prefer if you not try to talk to me cause you get on my nerves. I’m sure many feel likewise towards me, and that is fine in my book cause I know their are lots of its and bits and mitts that sit in their pits just contemplating what it is all about, and no harm in that now is there MLK?
          Later dude.

        2. Most choose to make their ownself god and worship our creations instead.

        3. To BK-I was a christian for ten years with scores of christian friends- then debunked the bible and they all left. I wanted to remain friends, but they had no more interest in me. I became homeless and despite many requests, none responded to many phone calls and emails-in prison none visited– and now byou offer me $3- I attached my books to emails gone viral, none were purchased. I have a small government check=god can keep his fukn $3

        4. BK-You are another creepy god- creepy like a spider spreading its web of lies and manipulations and hell-god can just keep his distance thank you- i prefer good character with integrity and hate of evil and deception=hate of gods

          1. MLK – I don’t deserve all the acrimony you are flinging at me, and I don’t blame you for swatting the spider, but if you want to “shake it with me”, then fine. Lets get in the ring and DUKE it out!
            I’m ready for a good fight and if you kick my ass as long as I’m not dead afterwards, I’ll half-way consider you a friend assuming you want to fight the good fight.
            Alternatively, I might spank your ass and then flip you onto the flow and make you all fuzzy and befuddled; and if I did that, I won’t kill you (metaphorically), but I might stand over your lame ass and look in your eyes and then you can really sense the kind of person I am. Cause if you looked back the wrong way, and the fighting forum was as such, then I might just deliver the killing blow in a moment of passion and disgust.
            Can you imagine that. Two possible outcomes. Neither of them seem desirable to me, but whatever.
            There is a 3rd I suppose. Maybe you could honor my request this time and not try to engage me in conversation. You honestly seem to me like you have some anger issues, and I know it takes one to know one, so honestly – give that some consideration.
            You catch more flies with sugar and spiders kill the bugs and that is why my Mom always tried to save them.
            See you elsewhere MLK.

            1. sugar? what makes you think I want to catch a spider or fly or attract them? read all my comments, especially the one on top. I am not scared of spiders, i swat them.

              1. MLK
                I don’t think about you at all.
                Please leave me alone with your acrimony at least here at this forum.
                I won’t trouble you again with any feedback on your posts here, and perhaps you could do likewise for me.
                If it is a deal, then please don’t respond. If you respond, then I will understand.
                As an aside, it is annoying when these posts go so far over to the right….BK

    2. Hello Big K! I’ll send my kind thoughts and wishes to your mom. With love, Ragnar, the damn retired.

  11. a mote drifts the abysmal darkness
    bound in warm comfort
    an occasional glimmer… murmur
    betrays consciousness… life
    seeking all directions at once
    awareness… freedom
    pulled… tethered… bound again
    more and ever more

    comfort embraces
    arising feelings
    tinged emotion… emote
    ebb and flow
    this tide
    a song impressed
    of love

    what does a smile feel like without a face
    a soul having no windows
    what’s left for the cosmos to desire
    if not this

  12. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “We each have an eye deep inside us, and it is all the same eye, and it is the universe’s eye. The eye wants the same thing any eye wants: …to see it all, especially that which is hidden.”
    Many, many people today have eyes that do NOT want to see. They have become so twisted and alienated from their essential nature that they believe that anything that falls outside of their minuscule and threatened world view and sense of self must either be cancelled or denied outright or ignored and ridiculed and hidden from their view. IF ONLY everyone really wanted to see. That would solve 99 percent of humanity’s problems. You can’t find a solution to a problem if you refuse to SEE the problem in the first place.
    Perhaps it should be said that the Eye DESPERATELY WANTS TO SEE IF YOU WOULD ONLY LET IT.
    “What is God’s will?… “Consciousness created the universe in order to have something to be conscious of…”
    Consciousness did not create the universe eons ago. Consciousness creates the universe EVERY MICROSECOND OF EVERY MOMENT. You want a different universe? Create one RIGHT NOW. You’re already doing it… you’ve been doing it your whole life every single moment… why not create one that you WANT? Oh, it’s too tough? Oh, I don’t know how? Oh, let somebody else do it? Oh, I don’t believe that I can do it? Oh, I think that kind of talk is silly? OK, that’s what your universe will give you because you just declared that to be so.
    Does that power scare you? Maybe. It sure does scare a whole lot of people because they run away from it. All the time. What a shame. What a loss. Running away from the very answers that you seek and free you.
    God is outside of and beyond time. Right now, we are all locked inside of time… at least we might believe that we are. God has given us the gift of existence. If only The Almighty had gifted us with a bit more wisdom to start us off on the right path instead of so much wallowing in all this confusion and alienation.
    You know what that old song says…
    “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all the obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It’s gonna be a bright Sun-Shiny day.”

  13. The reason for the current situation is the same as it has always been throughout human history – the moment-to-moment performance of behavior that was/has been/is being “reinforced” with the basic necessities of life – shelter, clothing, food, warmth, “love”, etc. If that means killing better than whatever other animal in the neighborhood, that (thy?) will be done.
    For at least most of the last thousand years, for most humans living in “cities”, anyway, survival means somehow acquiring (doing absolutely anything to acquire) “money” that can be exchanged for those necessities of life, 24/7. Your article completely ignores the, for lack of a better word, “immediacy” of an individual human beings’ existential requirements at any point in human history.
    Why do underground miners continue, day after day after day, to risk their lives going deep underground to mine whatever? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    Why do mercenaries risk their lives, day after day after day, killing and killing and killing whomever? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    Why do people employed in the cigarette industry, from tobacco farmers to factory workers to retail stores, continue to produce and market a cancer-causing substance that will kill millions of people all over the world, year after year after year? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    Why do the millions of people directly or indirectly (the pizza parlor, hospital, movie theater, auto-dealership, etc. just down the street from the local Lockheed Martin sub-sub-sub-contractor) employed in the military-security-congressional-industrial complex – SA/FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/JSOC/USMC/USN/BIW etc. ad infinitum – continue to do, day after day after day, what they do? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs (including regime changes and, very unfortunately, starting a nuclear war).
    Why do people employed in the whaling industry continue to risk their lives at sea, day after day after day, killing mammals that live in the oceans of the world? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    Why do people employed in the fossil fuel industry continue to explore for fossil fuel on land and at sea, day after day after day when they know in their heart of hearts that what they are doing is poisoning their Mother Earth’s biosphere to the point where Mother Earth will no longer support human life? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    What specific behavior does “doing absolutely anything to keep their jobs” consist of? What are all of these people going to do if they feel that their livelihoods are being threatened (that they’re going to become “unemployed”) by candidates for political offices who have control over foreign (war) policy, energy policy, fishing policy, tobacco/asbestos/GM food/GHG policies? Specifically, which candidates for political office are they going to vote for? “Naturally”, candidates whose “platforms” they believe will lead to the continuation of their livelihoods.
    THIS – how we “make our livings” – not our species’ lack of seeing or navel-contemplation, is EXACTLY why “the current situation” is the way it is in the world today. The slowly evolving “system” we human beings have, whether intentionally or unintentionally, “agreed upon” and lived within for the past many thousand of years is the problem.
    Therefore, WE have to figure out a better “system” (way of life) very soon or we (the living end of the eons-old human species) are going to die in a nuclear war or an environmental catastrophe.
    So, instead of ignoring how we produce and acquire the daily necessities of life, let us, each and every one of us, start figuring out the specific details of a better way of life. On a day to day basis, just exactly WHAT does that better world “look like”? How does it “operate”? If humanity is going to survive beyond the lifetimes of the present human beings born TODAY, imagining and giving birth to this at-first-only-imagined better world is exactly what WE, not THEM, not SOMEONE ELSE, and definitely not the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC), are going to have to do.
    If I were you, I’d first try to imagine a system in which each and every person involved in the ways of life I’ve described above is satisfied that they’ll be able to “make a living” (literally survive) should that new system come into being. Put differently, they’d vote for it.
    That’s your challenge. Humanity’s survival depends upon your ability to “think outside” the present-day, soon-to-fail, irresolvable conundrum in which we are now living.
    What will the “foundation stone” of YOUR system be? Will it be the same one at the foundation of the present conundrum – “greed is good” – that all every single human being of 7.4 billion individuals has to do is get out of bed every day and attempt to satisfy his/her insatiable greed and “the current situation” will turn out just fine for the collective whole of humanity?
    No, the foundation stone of a better world must not be “greed is good”. It must be something miraculously simple – to “do unto other as you would have them do unto you” because
    there. is. no. other. way. out. of. the. “current. situation”.
    That is the most obvious “thing” in the world, even to a 70-year-old atheist like myself.
    But the OTEC will vehemently, violently disagree, because they would not be able to remain the OTEC in an “economic” system that had such a revolutionary foundation. The OTEC need the greed-based system that has been around forever. But the greed-based system is failing, so we will soon find out what the OTEC have up their sleeves to keep the present fatally-flawed system on life-support from literally one day to the next. How can I predict the future behavior of the OTEC with absolute certainty? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs.

    1. Some good thoughts here Ishkabibble.
      “No, the foundation stone of a better world must not be “greed is good”. It must be something miraculously simple – to “do unto other as you would have them do unto you” because there. is. no. other. way. out. of. the. “current. situation”.
      I agree with that. Many people don’t see that, though. In a way you’re doing what Caitlin writes about.
      “This is why we are here. To make the unseen seen and to dispel illusions which distort our perception. The more visible the universe and humanity’s dance in it becomes to us, the more harmony there will be.”
      Ishkabible said:
      “Will it be the same one at the foundation of the present conundrum – “greed is good” – that all every single human being of 7.4 billion individuals has to do is get out of bed every day and attempt to satisfy his/her insatiable greed and “the current situation” will turn out just fine for the collective whole of humanity?”
      I would argue, though, that the vast majority of people on this planet get out of bed to satisfy their need to survive. Not that greed doesn’t play a part in most people’s lives.
      Having said that, many people (especially in the U.S.) have much more than they need to survive and, wrongly, justify/conflate their greed and selfishness with survival or “survival of the fittest” as being the natural order of things
      We have been conditioned/brainwashed to be greedy and selfish, especially in the U.S. “I got mine you gotta get yours.” Not seeing that we must be more generous, compassionate and respectful of each other has created a boatload of disharmony, don’t you think?
      As you say, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
      “We are here to participate in the expansion of consciousness.”
      Thanks for contributing to that Ishkabibble.

    2. EXACTLY… that is the premice of the conclusion of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, which lays out a blueprint for a new civilization free of demonic influence and greed and selfishness, and a new way of life.

    3. Speaking of imagining, I want to take a mind trip. I want to compare two worlds – the earth on which we live and another planet that is identical to ours, except that in that planet’s solar system there has been a brief solar event whose radiation has not only instantaneously killed all of the people on that planet, but, amazingly, also slowed down the physical deterioration of any of the things that the planet’s deceased inhabitants created.
      Hearing about the calamity on the twin planet, millions of people from our planet, who just happen to be unemployed ex-technicians from various professions (yes, a very competent bunch), jump into spacecraft and fly to that other planet. But, before they leave, they agree that all of what is on the other planet will be “owned” equally among them and used for the good of all. (Yes, you’re right, that is exactly where I’m going.)
      Just like there is on this planet, there is an internet on the other planet, so the immigrants instantly realize that a so-called representative government will not be necessary……….. on the other planet. In that place there shall be direct democracy. People will hammer out important decisions among themselves using the internet as a means of virtually instantaneous mass communication.
      There will be only one “nation” on this new world. That nation will cover the entire world. There will be no other nation to export to. There will be no other nation to import from. The immigrants will either design a stand-alone economic system that does not need either imports or exports, or they will die.
      Every person in the new world will be a “world citizen”. There will be only one set of rules for every person. All these rules boil down to one systemic foundation stone that infants are taught not long after their birth — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
      Again, human beings will either sink or swim together on this new world.
      After the new immigrants arrive on their new planet, using existing transportation systems, they disperse all over their planet so that they can get their new (old) machines up and running; fields plowed and planted; hospitals operating, etc. (Yes, it wasn’t easy. But with the common good in mind, people were successful. Just accept it for the moment.)
      The immigrants soon realize that it takes very few people (far fewer than immigrated) to keep the machines running, food on the table, etc., and with some more design engineering and automation, even fewer people will be required as time goes on. Not only that, but the products of these machines can be made to a much better quality then they apparently were previously, so these products will last far longer. As a result, it is realized that perhaps some of the huge machines/factories can be operated far less frequently than they used to be by the previous inhabitants. For example, automobiles soon come to be made much simpler, easier to fix and much more reliable. They have a far greater useful lifespan than they once had.
      The people enjoy leisure time, developing their artistic abilities, playing games and other non-productive activities.
      Rather than unfairly have the same small number of people constantly toiling on the machines, the people decide to divide up, or “distribute”, the human labor that is necessary to operate the machines, plow the fields, construct buildings, roads, etc. That is, everyone has to work on the machines, etc., but for only a short period of time each year. And as the machines get improved and further automated, even less labor is required and, therefore, even more of each individual’s time is “free”.
      The newly-designed machines in this new world come to do almost all of the things that must be done, and the “profit” from the machines – leisure time and the actual products of the machines – is equally divided among all people.
      Some of the leisure time is used for training all people in the variety of tasks they will be undertaking – everything from brain surgery to sewage treatment. Apprenticeship and training via video (just like Youtube on planet earth!) are found to be the ideal ways of training people. It is soon discovered that most medical and dental procedures can be either performed by robots or learned in a fraction of the time once thought to be absolutely necessary.
      Through apprenticeship and video schooling, the population becomes very knowledgeable, so they soon realize that by reducing their own population by slow attrition – by having only one or two children – the remaining population has even less to do (less water treatment, housing, electricity, food, everything), so their descendants have even more free time to themselves.
      These people’s new-found religion is two-faceted — the Golden Rule and the continually-evolving simplicity, ease-of-use, and, most importantly, high-quality-construction and, therefore, long usable life of the products they create. Unlike the people did back on planet Earth, the people on this new world strive to manufacture things only once — things that with simple, inexpensive maintenance, last essentially forever.
      Transportation systems move people to and from the machines and other places where labor is needed, as well as moving people about the planet for other less practical reasons.
      Life is great in the new world.
      Now, what are some of the general details of YOUR better world?

      1. Dream of a Ridiculous Man, Teodore Dostoyevski, Movie: the Green Planet. my vision is a cornucopia of utopias, with every city reinventing itself thru horizontal self governing or organizing, collaborating on a gigantic network of networks. In this way each city will emerge organically, autonomously, and collaboratively. The reference point will be to make all human needs as accessible as possible and to never contaminate or pollute. Localization is key.With feedback and transparency, all will be continually improving. If one ever wonders why hasn’t society refined and refined until happiness is the norm, and everyone is friendly, warm, open, fun, respectful, playful, and witty, unafraid of anything, totally free and guileless, and much more expressive in an artistic manner, we all know why, the gov’t. and the economy. Life exceeds burning man and is constantly fascinating and fun. Still everyone will have to endure some challenges as that can never be completely avoided.

      2. Well, that was amazing.
        Not sure where to begin. Guess I’ll start with a quote from the article.
        “We are here to participate in the expansion of consciousness.
        “Our world appears disordered at the moment because much of it is deeply unconscious.”
        Having the courage to put out a vision for our planet, like yours, is a great contribution to helping the universe, as Caitlin puts it, become conscious of the possibilities that could exist for us all. Thank you.
        It’s getting late so I’m not going through it in depth.
        But I will say, imagine a planet where people were able to put there egos and pride aside and were able to communicate, and trust and forgive each other, and listen to each other, and support each other, and work together enough to create the planet you describe. (Yeesh, Newton’s going to have field day with this next time we talk about the robber barons.)
        A beautiful thing Ishkabibble.

        1. This is supposed to be part 2 of the future civilization

          Work is from dawn to dusk six days a week, but doesn’t have to be slave-like, as this is not to make people rich. Nobody will be rich, nor poor. There will be no competition. Everybody shares everything except for clothing and hygiene. There will be no currency; and food, clothing, and other supplies will be made and distributed according to needs and desires of the people as exchange for the quality of their contribution to the community. On the seventh day of each week, the community will gather in a constructed hall with tables and benches and a stage. There can be a barbecue or buffet, entertainment of music, athletic contests such as amateur wrestling, weight-lifting competition, gymnastics, musicianship, rap, poetry recital, debates, and the like. Also to be included would be voting on any issues or policies, and if necessary, trials for any perceived transgressions. In the case of anybody feeling wronged, the accuser and the defendant will each state their case, anybody in the community can question them, and since all there will be familiar with them and their character, the community can decide who is at fault, and if necessary, decide on restitution and/or corrective punishment. Now I know you probably don’t think that we could do without technology. Candles may replace electric light, wood fire replace gas or electric cooking and heating, and horses replace vehicles if truly desired to travel. For water, wells can be dug and made; with a spout for the community to benefit from. Restrooms can simply be replaced with a closet and in it a seat to sit over a pot that has a cover. When you need to relieve yourself, sit on the seat and go (let your waste plop or flow) into the pot (remove the cover first, of course), and if it is night-time, you cover the pot and go back to sleep. If you relieve yourself during the day, you just carry the pot to a dug-out hole, a distance away from living quarters, throw out the waste into the hole that has a cover to it, and cover it. The pot can be cleaned. Showers and baths are not necessary. Everybody can easily take bird-baths, a method of sanitary living practiced by some people when incarcerated. All you need is two basins of warm water. In the first, you wet a wash cloth with soap and wash your entire body (standing undressed), then you get another wash cloth and soaking it in the other basin, you wipe off the soap and washed skin and rinse yourself of the soap and dirt. This may require rinsing twice, but the whole process takes three minutes or so. You are cleansed, and have used little water, and no pollutants. With a little innovation, all needs can be met, as people lived like this for eons. All of society’s many luxuries and entertainments are a recent invention, and have done a thorough and quick job of subverting humanity, and are of necessity to be eliminated. A useful and purposeful life far exceeds the quality of an entertained one. Now, I ask you, in what way is this type of civilization lacking or detrimental? Where are its shortcomings that could not be utilized for good? Entertainment, the one benefit that will be removed from our lives if this is implemented, is defined in the Webster Dictionary as: amusement and diversion; neither one needed in a healthy society. We have here the elimination of all=poverty, war, bad health, wasted lives, crime, pollution, drugs, subversion, deception, oppression, oppressive rule, undereducated youth, all of society’s ills are eliminated. Some good is there to work for. Is this not worth fighting for? All future generations, with the preventive education of the history of the world for them to learn what to avoid, and training youth to test for deception from their youth on, and to encourage independent character from youth, we will have a new civilization free from evil rule.


        2. I will not forgive those who refuse to apologize. Simple.

      3. I am a lover of having purpose in my life, and work is not a bad word to me, I enjoy being occupied with useful vocation in assisting human beings in some manner, and this is doable
        I don’t have to tell you the world’s problems. Greed, selfishness, pollution, drugs, bad health, bad food, crime, war, global warming, sickness, the list can go on for pages. I have a blueprint for a type of  society that would rid us of all these bad elements, and the removal of them would be permanent; basically this is a map to the Garden of Eden living for all future generations, a wonderful alternative to the world fascist police state of slavery planned by the elite and Vatican. This is not rocket science, neither is the path to take to achieve it. It is self-sustaining agricultural communities. First of all, this way of life is practiced by a few people in the US already, but my idea has quite a few variations from their model; but we can take many pointers from the Amish, who live quite peaceably and healthily outside of modern society’ s norms. Their idea of self-sustaining agricultural communities without any technology is the basic path to healing the planet. The Amish have been doing this successfully for centuries. Kibbutzes in Israel also showed the benefits of this way of life also. It is do-able and sustainable. Here is the idea: Build housing on fertile land, each community should house about 150 people, which is the scientifically optimal maximum of population for relational community to have everyone familiar with one another, and to have peace and order with one another. Men and women living separately, discouraging any sex. Procreation shall be done by artificial insemination. Sex can lead to disease, addictive lust, unwanted pregnancy, confusion in thinking that lust is love (calling it “making love” does not make it love), and the introduction to the hell realm (insanity). These communities, in which the one hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty will live, will be situated on about a hundred acres of farmable land. There will be planted thereon fruit trees, vegetables, nuts, have some hens for eggs, perhaps some catfish farms if the local stream will allow it, and some places for other farm products like sheep and goats for wool and dairy; and cotton for clothing. Farming chores will be rotated on an equal basis to allow for fairness. There will also be other vocations- carpentry, blacksmithing, glassblowing, pottery, weaving, tanning, candle and soap making, etc….which can each be apprenticed and learned by several youths of the community. Regarding youth: I propose a whole new paradigm, one not known to the west in all recorded history: A removal of the institution of marriage and the family as we know it. I am aware that this is contrary to what we are told is gods’ will, but I have soundly debunked the Bible as being a good moral guide, in fact, THE UNTOLD NATURE proves beyond any doubt that the ethics promoted in the Bible are intentionally subversive. So here goes: Upon being weaned, the child is handed over to mentors-and there will be five to seven children under the care of each mentor-and a mentor should be carefully chosen by the community as one having high intellect, outstanding ethics, excelling teaching skills, patience, and wisdom. The mentors will spend 24/7 with the children, and shall impart the proper SHARES (the code to live by, as introduced in THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY) ethical standards, give the youth a strong disciplined habit of developing strong bodies and minds, impart on them the necessity for respectful independent thinking and critical analytical ability to test everything for truth, community mindedness, and all other desirable traits, along with good relational abilities and the three Rs. Notice that I don’t introduce the idea of instilling good leadership values- I want to make sure that the future generations have NO leaders, that teamwork and reasoning are what makes the community work and be strong. Leaders tend to work for self, and followers tend to let leaders think for them, and look at what has resulted. There will be no leaders to lord over the people, no masters and no slaves. Everything will be done democratically, with reason and debate resulting in accord and mutually beneficial decisions. Somebody will be elected to assign jobs, and as said before, jobs are going to be rotated. Now here is a drawback-with no technology there will not be the entertainment that we as a people have become accustomed to in modern day. That does not negate all extra-curricular activity. Congas, recorders (a flute-like instrument made of wood), rattlers, and other instruments can still be made and played, including voice. Really talented community citizens can rap and there can be practiced harmonizing and singing. Imagine youth partaking in debate, athletics, and gymnastics, rather than spending all their time on the phone or watching television.


  14. All true…BUT the eye (and the I) of the universe, which is identically the eye and I of god (“deus sive natura”–Spinoza) does see everything, does know everything, that which was, that which is, that which is yet to be (“what is past, or passing, or to come”–Yeats). To the extent that we, like any of the living parts of this one whole universe, this unibeing endlessness, become even infinitesmally conscious of ourselves we see with that eye, think with that I.

      1. If I were a Calvinist, would I take my theology from a heretical Jew?

    1. I hope not because nothing pisses me off more than that.

    2. The spirit world is superior to the physical. Time does not exist there. Thus a 1000 years is the same as a day.

  15. funny that you align an eye with God. ON the back of the one dollar bill is an eye above a pyramid, the seal of the United STates. It is the falcon eye of the egyptian god Horus, also known as the all-seeing eye of satan. ONe nation under god. underneath the pyramid are the words “novus ordo seclorum” latin, the language of the RC church, meaning “new world order” SAtan rules the world, and does so in deception and manipulation. His tool to bring us all into submission to his rule is the bible. HE has no love of truth, using lies to the utmost. YOur whole supposition is faulty and totally skewed. God is satan, and is evil, does not love truth, and has put the world in a spell of sleepiness and unconsciousness. WAKE UP!!!

    1. MLK
      Hells-Bells, I woke up this morning and I felt OK.
      So what does it mean even if all you say is true? Don’t get me wrong, I agree there are so many symbols around us that have come out of the long human history and it is good to understand where they came from. I agree. In fact, if you consider the holiday of Christmas, a celebration of new birth, well the Pagans had been doing that same thing for along time and for good reason. It is just about around the solstice time and if we cut to the chase, the celestial bodies in the sky most definitely have a big influence on our big ole goofy brains and our minds. Both individually and collectively.
      OK, I’m done for the day I hope, but who knows what the future holds.
      superfluous post of the day or maybe not…..3121

      1. Moses was an egyptian prince, and composed the pentateuch, including genesis, which is obviously a fabrication =noah, tower of babel, etc.. The Egyptians had the Kemmet mystery schools, which had founded the idea of teaching in allegories=parables. Horus was the god, the son of ISis and Osiris. Triune. You get it? ANd yes, it is satan. I was a christian for ten years, studied the bible independently 10,000 hours, and left it when I saw the true nature of the faith and its god= satan. My book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY buries the faith in a deep pit of its own dirt. Buries it. I was a true believer,and am still in my right mind, DESPITE CHRISTIANITY. Ask me any question for evidence. The book is on Amazon for $3- unlike the money-loving hypocritical pastors, I have no love of money or profit, I wrote it to inform and to protect the people from its evil influence.

      2. The new testament was composed by Jospephus, a pharisee turned Roman for the Roman empire to rule over the people easier- it imposes a slave and submissive mentality on the people-to be obedient, and easy to rule in hell, as marx said= it is an opiate of the people. A gateway to hell. By the way, SAturnalia was celebrated on December 25th. My books reveal much more, much much more.
        Our nations’ leaders are all freemasons, who worship satan knowingly, and do not have our best interest at heart. trump was trained in a jesuit college, as was biden. and we are headed towards a 500 million world population by 2025- what it means is that satanic followers are leading us to destruction, under the guise of godliness.

        1. Good stuff MLK – I’ll look into it.
          can’t even come up with a name for this – how about a symbol……hmmmmmm
          OK – take the “number” 0 and what do you have?
          I mean is the number 0 an entity?
          OK, forget that….take the concept of 0 and what do you have?
          It means nothing.
          Now, you still must have an image in your mind for the concept of “0” and assuming the image is the symbol I just typed, then take a pair of scissors and cut it. Then stretch it into a line, the length of which obviously is a function of the size of the “0” symbol, but how do we even know what that size is?
          Regardless, it must have a size to exist in the earthly plane we all reside within which is actually 3-dimensional.
          So now you have a line of length a function of the initial relative size of the 0 symbol. If you want my opinion, the line is infinitely thin and it basically is the number 1. I’d get rid of that tip, but I have no control of the font in this post.
          Now, and lastly, do you believe 0 exists and do you believe in infinitely thin lines? I do believe both of those suppositions, but I believe they are imaginary and can only exist in my mind in any sort of pure form. Thus, even though we can both imagine these concepts and symbols what you are imagining will not be the same as what I am.
          To put it simply, this is why you cannot prove the non-existence of some sort of “God” or “Goddess” if you prefer, but on the other hand, this is also why you can’t prove the opposite. It is quandary, and so at the end of the day, my goal is to be as “harmless” as possible, and I’m thankful just to take another breath.
          I ain’t even going back to edit this post cause I wasn’t planning on posting it in the first place. I reckon you got my goal MLK and I thank you for that.
          Peace and see you around,

          1. I do not worship any god. But I certainly do not doubt his (her)existence. Read my other posts here. I was a devout Christian true believer for ten years, studied the bible inside out, coming to write my book, as well as other books. As I read your comment, a tiny spider came down on a thread in front of me on my computer. VEry coincidental, which you know there is no such thing. That said, your stated purpose “to do the least harm possible” is noble, but not enough. At this point, god’s truly good members need to take considerable courage and sacrifice to save humanity, for the future generations to live in freedom and outside the hell realm. The powers plan a 500 million world population goal, and it is time to take a stand against the hell for a few survivors that they are working diligently to create. not being bad is not good enough. We need multitudes of heroes. I will be glad to be one of the first.

            1. Hey Man.
              Don’t be presumptuous.
              What did you do to the spider?
              Don’t judge me buddy.

            2. What did you do to the spider?
              Please answer this question.

              1. I stated in another comment, i swatted it. I dont want to be bitten. I have a distaste for spiders, they are sneaky and carnivorous.

    1. Much appreciated Martin. On my personal “study” list, but I’m not sure how long it is gonna last there cause the little I read about it, from an admittedly biased source, suggested it was a lot of philosophical difficulty that after awhile is more trouble than it is worth.
      I plan on studying Pliny the Elder a bit though and I think that might be a decent rabbit hole to go into, and I’m so happy it is so easy to do this sort of thing these days. Our ancestors most definitely didn’t have the opportunities that we all do now, and I’m not being preachy when I say it, so all those who act like the end of the world is just around the corner must not really appreciate all the struggles it took to get us to this moment in time.
      Thanks again Martin.
      thankful post for the day

    2. Funny that when I made a request for heroism, after stating clearly that I am fully aware of God, who does NOT know everything, you said not to judge you. While I Simply swatted the spider (who wants to be bitten?), I was not judging you in particular, and notice I addressed those men and women of god who seek to do good, in my reply to you. Was I mistaken regarding you? Perhaps you have no such inclination, and I was misjudging you. By the way, we need to discern good from bad, right from wrong, etc.. that is also called “judging” and is necessary to lead a righteous life, or we will accept and practice all kinds of destructive thinking and behavior. God has NOT shown complete goodness, has shown NOT to have full knowledge, and has shown to be a liar. But he has also shown some goodness and some righteousness. So which character traits do you want to have, and why don’t you want to be judged?
      Joh 3:19  This is why people are condemned: The light came into the world. Yet, people loved the dark rather than the light because their actions were evil. 
      Joh 3:20  People who do what is wrong hate the light and don’t come to the light. They don’t want their actions to be exposed. 
      Joh 3:21  But people who do what is true come to the light so that the things they do for God may be clearly seen. 

      I called for heroes, not for those who don’t want to be judged.

  16. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “…doing the will of God.”

    But they tell us (the political and media elites) that it is God’s will to lower his pants to receive an altruistic vaccine.
    So you have to come into yourself to perceive the will of God well because our ruling elites can lie to us about the will of God, especially in our day when people are as liars as they were in Noah’s time.

    Decadence is everywhere. The end of the world must be very near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Dang Michel. Fine, I’ve told you this once, but I reckon I need to quote it to you cause I’m taking what you say literally, and so that informs my response. From the Bible…..
      Literally, the flood just passed, which would no more return. Neither shall there any more be a flood (of any kind) to destroy the earth. Regions might be devastated and tribes of animals and men swept away, but never again would there be a universal destruction of the earth or of man.
      From Genesis I think and there are I’m sure slightly different wordings….but the point is “God” in the Book of Genesis made a proclamation, and yet YOU, continue to imply imminent destruction and YOU use the name of Noah when you say this. Here is my query for you while your keeping your rosary in hand:
      Do you think God was playing a trick on the flood survivors and thought…..hell yeah, there won’t be another flood, but I’s got lots of other tricks up my sleeve that would wipe them all out, so yeah let me tell “them” something that calms their small minds.
      Personally, I don’t think that is “God’s” style, or at least I can tell you, it is not the style of any God I would worship. So, that is why, if you believe in the God of Genesis, which presumably being that you have a rosary in hand, you do; well then, you must not really think that God would wipe everything out again, do you? If you do, I advise you to look within and let go of all your anger. Either that or go study the Bible.
      Tidbit of the day: 3121

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        I agree with you; there will not be another flood but Jesus told us this:

        “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Matthew 24:37

        It means the return of Jesus in very near!

        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

        1. Hey – I got no problem with keeping a Rosary in hand.
          I think it is a good thing. I pray as well, but I promised Mary that I wouldn’t make a request of her ever again after I made one in a moment of desperation and she heard my prayer. I have faith.
          Still, the problem with written words after the fact is it is hard for any author of said words to not interject their own thoughts and ideas.
          This doesn’t mean that the theme is diminished, it just means to me, that the specific words cannot be taken literally cause frankly that makes no sense if you understand how humans are. I’m one of them, so I have standing on this.
          I’m praying for some fierce but bloodless times ahead. I’m praying this for the sake of the innocent.
          culminating post of the day and thanks MLK just below 3121

      2. god repented and gave us a rainbow. that made it all okay. God commanded the Hebrews to destroy whole nations, even children and animals. God created hell. He created us in his image and says that we deserve hell, and that we have tongues like asps and feet quick to shed blood. There is no truth in god, no goodness in god, no love in god. wAke up and stop believing everything that you are told. Look at the big picture and also look at specifics, put the puzzle pieces together and see how they fit, connect the dots. Frankly put, the bible is lies, God is not good, and it is not only about consciousness. Caitlin is one of my favorite commentators, but has failed this time.


        1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
          Michel Bélisle

          I respect your opinion…

          But your comments and the other comments do not answer the main question in my comment:

          “Is it God’s will to lower his pants to receive an altruistic vaccine?”

          Keeping my Rosary on hand!

          1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
            Michel Bélisle

            Strange isn’t it? No more answers…

            Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  17. The “Universe” might be trying to “see” itself, but I don’t think it really can unless the eye was truly in the middle of the “universe” and could see in all directions (most unlikely). Otherwise, the only way to see the universe (at least the outer surface) is if “the eye(s)” were outside, but then if they were, would they not be part of the universe?
    It really is a quandary, so I just try to ascribe to the motto: “Do no harm”….and then if you want to take that up one level, “try to do good”, but immediately there will be arguments regarding what is “good” amongst the members of the universe, but there ought be some basic things all members could agree upon: I think “trying” to do no harm is a good starting point and then lets go from there.
    Problem is there are some entities out there that are addicted to “harm” and making it worse is they have fooled themselves to thinking they are “doing good”, when it is obvious that that is not the case. So, I think these identities ought be identified for ALL to judge. If the judgement is the entitles are causing large-scale harm (suffering of innocence in particular), then it is simple – they ought just be dismantled in an orderly and systematic fashion during a “time of transition”.
    Once that crap is done, it will be better for everyone else…..this is why, it is good to be a peasant who says:
    I proclaim no harm
    There is no chance of achieving this unless you actually consciously choose to do it in full wit, i.e. being “inwit” about it, and then back up what you say with actions consistent with what you proclaimed and then be on an ongoing journey to get better in doing it.
    That is my apricot for day: 3121

    1. “Consciousness desires for there to be a universe to be conscious of, and consciousness desires to be as conscious of that universe is possible.” CJ
      A little too anthropocentric for my conscious level!
      Is this, reasoning, thinking egos desire, to be the sun of the universe?
      Don’t we each first have to acknowledge our insignificance, as separate individuals, within the whole, in order to come together as a planetary community?
      Don’t we first have to become more fully aware of our own deficits, as but one living species on a finite planet?

      1. Word of the day:
        I believe Copernicus got burned at the stake, so I hope than answers your question(s).
        Like I said it can become a quandary and so I can rest easy in my effort to be harmless. Sometimes the easiest and best lessons are those that are learned when the learning is fun.
        response for the day 3121
        ps – got my italics ending wrong in the post above, but oh well, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out

  18. I struggle with the question of how is it that we human beings are so much the same, yet see each other so differently.
    Nice answer.

    1. Likewise!
      Homo-sapiens’ first attempt at separation from the natural drive of ‘animal instinct’ with the recognition that “I think therefore, I am” (Descartes) is the origin of the individual mind; namely the superficial – ego: “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance/the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.” (Oxford languages)
      The significant question is: which part of the ‘eye’ dominates? The why, when and how it functions is, apparently, still quite elusive?
      Isn’t this equivalent to “we human beings are so much the same” (Shocker), without allowing for – tolerating the depths of each ‘others’ individual uniqueness’s?

      1. ‘I think therefore I am’ assumes an I in the first place. ‘There is thought’ might be more accurate.
        It’s also pretty dubious to claim this as the origin of the individual mind, though it has done much to make the idea respectable in Western thought.

      2. Thanks EM. I’ll have to mull on this a bit.
        “Isn’t this equivalent to “we human beings are so much the same” (Shocker), without allowing for – tolerating the depths of each ‘others’ individual uniqueness’s?”
        Perhaps it’s because we have such difficulty understanding (or tolerating?) our own uniqueness that we wrestle so much with tolerating the uniqueness of each other?
        As Caitlin said:
        “Wherever there is a lack of clear seeing, there is disharmony. Wherever anything moves into consciousness, harmony is increased.”
        Heh, that should be put up on billboards.

        1. This is the point, isn’t it, in a nutshell?
          The very notion, by some Americans, of ‘American Exceptionalism’ is intolerance personified.
          It is the idea that some are more unique (superior) than ‘others’.
          Isn’t this what those expatriate Aristocrats, who actually drafted the American Constitution thought?
          Was… “there… a lack of clear seeing?” Was there disharmony?
          “Wherever anything moves into consciousness, harmony is increased.” Were these guys not conscious of what they were attempting to do? Were they not seeing clearly? Has harmony increased since 1787?
          Perhaps Caitlin is referring to a more imprecise aspect of conscious!

        2. “Wake up and pay attention, coffee at the next exit.” might work, too.

      3. @ EM [Isn’t that it in a Nutshell]
        I suppose that is how people justify “American Exceptionalism” – that they are, actually, more superior than others.
        Beyond that, I would think that’s how individuals justify their own intolerance toward others, including other Americans; how I might justify driving aggressively or cutting someone off (heh, not that I’ve ever done that, mind you.) when I’m in a hurry, for example. “My time is more important than theirs.”
        Off the topic a bit, but speaking of the rat race, this reminds me of an article I read earlier today, about a study in the journal Nature Communications.
        From the article:
        “As if the way social media dominates every facet of our lives wasn’t evident enough: A new study found that people pursue “likes” on platforms like Facebook and Instagram much in the same way rats pursue food.”
        More evidence that we are much more alike than we may care to admit. And that we haven’t really achieved that “separation from the natural drive of ‘animal instinct’ ” as you referred to earlier.
        Here’s the link to the study findings in the journal Nature Communications:
        [I replied to your first comment in attempt to keep things in realm of the readable.]

  19. If in effect such is “God”, what does that make the opponent’s effect?

  20. The subjective requires objective machinery in order to function. That objective machinery must be envisaged by the subjective to be brought to reality. Once again the central Taoist axiom of opposites defining, nay creating, each other explains all existence and all flux within that existence. The unexpected emergent properties of this ever-evolving universe which make the whole greater and more complex than the mere sum of its parts are what truly make this place interesting… to be both loved and feared as appropriate. In infinite iterations of the universe over infinite time every possibility will play out an infinite number of times. Every lifetime is just one ticket to one show. As the shows never stop, you will be entertained…forever. Boundaries between sentience are mere illusion as the subjective phenomenon is a universal, like fire, nuclear fusion, or gravitation–the same everywhere and every moment.

  21. I’m wondering why this site hides the hidden hand. It is glaringly obvious except to those with a hidden agenda.

    1. If it’s glaringly obvious, why are you wondering? Or do you have a hidden agenda?
      As for me, it’s far from obvious what you’re getting at.

  22. If life is consciousness, then the hope in life is having a vision of something better and positive despite the apparent domination of fearful, negative and hate filled energy we see now. Furthermore, what matters is to learn the difference between positive and negative and never quit striving in any way we can for the positive.

  23. How true, Caitlin, “the eye wants to see”. Sadly, the situation is very dramatic and difficult, because whether the eye holder wants it or not, the eye sees, regardless. But, there the millions, billions, who have been blinded, by various religions first, then by politicians, who learnt from Religion how to invent, how to lie, how to promise what they know they’ll never fulfil. So the moral obligation is for those who still see, to lead the blind. Fortunately, with the amount of evidence, of declassified documents we increasingly have, with the Internet, etc, the blind who wish to recover their sight, can do so.

  24. Reminds me also of one of the more cryptic Christian revelations: St. Matthew 6:22-23. “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. So if the light within you is darkness, how deep is that darkness!” (CSB)

    1. Another translation of that scripture
      Mat 6:19  “Stop storing up treasures for yourselves on earth, where moths and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. 
      Mat 6:20  Instead, store up treasures for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust don’t destroy and thieves don’t break in and steal. 
      Mat 6:21  Your heart will be where your treasure is. 
      Mat 6:22  “The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is unclouded, your whole body will be full of light. 
      Mat 6:23  But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. If the light in you is darkness, how dark it will be! 
      Mat 6:24  “No one can serve two masters. He will hate the first master and love the second, or he will be devoted to the first and despise the second. You cannot serve God and wealth. 

      the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. and to have a cloudy eye, one that loves money, does not love neighbor, that is selfish and greedy and murderous or sensual, is going to create a dark, painful life. The word “healthy” or “unclouded” or “single”=pure and correct. Just being conscious and aware and knowledgeable is not enough. YOu need purity of heart and mind as well. God, and I am not calling the god of the bible as this god, the God I would work for is one who would love righteousness in all ways, that being the directive, not belief, not worship, not obedience. I love righteousness and serve that, not a god who would tell me to be obedient in killing my only son, or make me bow down to him, or make me annihilate whole nations. I dont’ trust gods, and I work for the people under nobody.

      1. > the God I would work for is one who would love righteousness in all ways, that being the directive, not belief, not worship, not obedience. I love righteousness and serve that, not a god who would tell me to be obedient in killing my only son, or make me bow down to him, or make me annihilate whole nations.

        Yup. Which is why we need the NT to make any sense of the OT.

  25. Yes. We have to get past the Enlightenment idea that God is the impersonal forces of nature, to see that our consciousness proceeds from God’s consciousness.

  26. That life is the universe seeing itself is a revelation I’ve experienced several times. I love the way you sowed that into wanting truth. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to know what’s true beyond what I think or believe.

  27. I love this.Excellent essay Caitlin. It also reminds me of the series of films called “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds”

  28. Funny. I have always thought of Caitlin as somewhat a dreamer. She seems to have many layers like an onion or is it cake.

  29. The all seeing eye. Government has an all seeing eye or at least wants to have one. Does your eye have any relation to the eye on the dollar bill. Bor perhaps your eye of the universe implies God within us and around us. Quite a use of metaphors, hey.

  30. LOL. DISCUS owned in part or in whole by George Soros, he loves humans so much, you can tell by everything that he does; but my guess is that he may in fact be right and all humans should die, but I’ll leave that task to Soros if that’s what he wants to do.

  31. comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    comorbidity 2024

    Remember, people will judge you by your actions not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold but so does a hard-boiled egg. ~Maya Angelou

    1. Both actions and intentions count

      1. comorbidity 2024 Avatar
        comorbidity 2024

        I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.
        ~James A. Baldwin
        Be less White with Coke.

      2. christians (gods) took all my money ($12k) putting me in debt, when i was homeless, none helped, when in prison, none cared. my mom died, my sister put me in jail with lies and kept the will ($2million)no christian assisted me. I would have used it to save humanity. i tried to start an organization to save humanity, none joined. my books could enlighten humanity, i attached them to emails gone viral, none purchased, i could save humanity, Christians now “remember me” and call me, but dont want to save humanity. god is dead, and i am glad to know that, as being righteous, to me, evil being alive is repugnant. i have apologized to Christians for harsh words said, but other than deserved anger, have done none harm. the problem is god= i am glad he is in hell where he belongs- and will not try to save him- i have no urge to help evil inhuman gods- they are evil and not worth the effort- god can kiss my ass- keep your lousy three bucks nickel- the germs you spread are contemptible- i will squish all spiders-god is an evil deceptive worm-everything god touches turns sour and wrong

  32. LOL. No doubt you wanted to be helpful, but everything that Caitlin said I had figured out on my own as a child; what I was referring to was the apparent inability of the great mass of humanity to appreciate that, because if they did the human condition as a whole would no doubt be much different. Humans as a whole it seems to me consider themselves both intelligent and moral, but I’ve witnessed other animals that were better at both tasks. What the Ego would have to do with it is beyond me as it is a matter of self introspection, although, one of metaphysical design, a task of the Id, the Ego, is more of the mindless decision making based upon the various chemical outputs of our flesh.

  33. LOL. No doubt you wanted to be helpful, but everything that Caitlin said I had figured out on my own as a child; what I was referring to was the apparent inability of the great mass of humanity to appreciate that, because if they did the human condition as a whole would no doubt be much different. Humans as a whole it seems to me consider themselves both intelligent and moral, but I’ve witnessed other animals that were better at both tasks.

    1. god=satan, and is contemptible beyond words, i detest gods-they have no integrity or righteouysness

  34. Another beautiful essay! Thank you Caitlin. You put into words what I’ve been thinking for a long time.

  35. Mike McDonnell Avatar
    Mike McDonnell

    Cait, you have made a beautiful piece of art to accompany this equally beautiful article. Bless you, dear. You make many of us more happy, which I think is the best thing any of us can work at. Thank you.

  36. I appreciate this.

  37. THIS is by far the very best post you have ever written.

  38. Caitlin, you have invoked the words of Gurdjieff, Douglas Harding and Barry Long (to name a few). But I feel you have extrapolated a tad too far.
    Consciousness/awareness/’God’ is not interested in humanity’s ignorance.
    Consciousness is ‘concerned ‘ with only Love and Life.
    Problems are the effect, ignorance of consciousness is the cause.
    It’s always been that way.

    1. So true, Johnny. A tad too far.

      Not only has it ‘always been that way,’ as you stated, but it will always be that way.

      As a lifetime Rationalist, I am surprised at this burst of God speak from this writer who until now, I have always considered to be something of a realist. No so, as it now appears..

    2. “Consciousness is ‘concerned ‘ with only Love and Life.” And truth.

  39. No doubt you can have a mind and still be mindless

    1. Mahesvara Jeff Emshoff Avatar
      Mahesvara Jeff Emshoff

      Everything in the universe is imbued with pure undifferentiated consciousness. It is the ego construct that is limited and can seem “mindless.” The more you identify with the body and all its attractions and aversions, the less you can perceive what is true and eternal.

      1. LOL. No doubt you wanted to be helpful, but everything that Caitlin said I had figured out on my own as a child; what I was referring to was the apparent inability of the great mass of humanity to appreciate that, because if they did the human condition as a whole would no doubt be much different. Humans as a whole it seems to me consider themselves both intelligent and moral, but I’ve witnessed other animals that were better at both tasks.

  40. I love original ideas! I have often wondered that if there was no consciousness what would be the purpose in all these things that make up the universe? it would be like a ghosttown, with absolutely no point. Your thoughts take it further.

  41. Mahesvara Jeff Emshoff Avatar
    Mahesvara Jeff Emshoff

    अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि Aham Brahmāsmi

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