Nothing of significance has changed since Trump left office, apart from the narratives about how much things have changed.

The wars are still going. Washington is still the hub of an oligarchic globe-spanning empire. Americans are still being impoverished and propagandized into political impotence by an unfathomably wealthy plutocracy. Sanctions are still squeezing people to death in Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea. The world’s worst mass atrocity is still continuing in Yemen. The kids are still in cages. Authoritarian creep continues to metastasize. All the old abuses roll on completely uninterrupted, along the same trajectories they were on before.

If you were to take the entire US-centralized power structure and assess its overall behavior as a whole, you would find that the actual behavioral changes amount to the tiniest fraction of a single percentile of the total. If you’d just been analyzing the raw data without looking at the news stories, you’d see that the money, troops, weapons and resources have continued to move in more or less the same ways after January 20th as they were moving before.

What has changed is the narratives, the stories that Americans are being fed by those who are responsible for controlling the way people think, act, organize, and vote. If you are a Democrat, you have been hearing that the country is now a thousand percent better without the Orange Menace in charge. If you are a Republican, you’ve been hearing that it’s a thousand percent worse. In reality, in terms of the overall operation of the empire both domestically and internationally, hardly anything of significance has changed apart from the narrative overlay.

Which is not to say that nothing of significance has changed. It is significant that US liberals are no longer being psychologically pummelled with hysterical narratives about a looming fascist takeover and their government being infiltrated at its highest levels by Kremlin operatives. This relentless barrage of emotional intensity has been literally making people sick, and the fact that they are no longer being psychologically abused in this way is not insignificant.

So the actual US empire is chugging along in essentially the same way it was before Trump left office, but people’s actual quality of life is different anyway, simply because they are being fed different narratives by the mass media. They truly feel inside as though they are living in a very different America now than they were prior to January 20th, even though as far as the real world is concerned they most certainly are not.

And this is just such a perfect illustration of how pervasively human consciousness is dominated by mental narrative.

So much of our society is made out of mental stories in our heads. Identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government–these are all made-up conceptual constructs with no existence in the physical world, no existence outside our shared stories we’ve come to collectively regard as true.

Our society is made up of collective narratives, and our experience is dominated by mental narrative as well. The majority of most people’s interest and attention from moment to moment goes not to the raw data their senses are feeding their brains about the material world, but to thought. To mental chatter about a “me” character (which is itself ultimately just another conceptual construct) and all its adventures real and imagined, what it wants and what it doesn’t want, who has wronged it and who has won its approval. For most people, present-moment awareness of their actual surroundings is largely eclipsed by mental narrative the majority of the time.

So both externally and internally, human life is dominated by narrative to a truly massive extent. Is it any wonder, then, that the cleverest and greediest of humans expend so much effort working to determine what our society’s dominant narratives will be?

From news media propaganda to Hollywood to internet censorship to government secrecy to think tanks to Bellingcat to Wikipedia entries, vast fortunes are continuously poured into controlling the dominant worldwide narratives by the power structures who benefit from them. This narrative management campaign is so far-reaching and ubiquitous that even highly intelligent people are swept up in its manipulations, simply because they are receiving the same narratives from so many different sources and receive insufficient contradictory input to create doubt in them.

The dominant narratives all tell us the same few things over and over again. Capitalism is working great. Your government is your friend. The governments who oppose your government are bad. The so-called “liberal world order” is a planetary status quo of nonstop murderous imperialism, exploitative neoliberalism and ecocidal capitalism running underneath a propaganda soundtrack babbling endlessly about how everything is fine and it’s going to get better any minute now.

And it’s all lies, half-truths and distortions. The status quo is killing, oppressing and exploiting human beings all around the world while rapidly destroying our ecosystem and putting us on an increasingly dangerous collision course with nuclear war. We will transcend our enslavement to mental narrative and evolve into a mature species with a mature relationship with its recently evolved capacity for abstract thought, or we will continue on our self-destructive trajectory until we meet an unpleasant end.


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63 responses to “The Fact That Americans Think Biden Has Changed Things Shows How Narrative Rules Our World”

  1. Can’t help but think of the obvious correlation of the masses believing Saddam conspired with Bin Laden to bomb Downtown Manhattan with passenger jets to the current collective malaise of the masses living in oblivious complacency that Biden has brought progress and change.


    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      From WMD collaborator to asset … Go figure
      Former U.S. Official: Al-Qaeda In Syria Is “An Asset” For U.S. Strategy – Moon of Alabama

  2. Biden appears to be handling the COVID epidemic response better than Trump. People are happy about that because it affects them personally. They should be concerned about wars of empire too but that seems far away and nothing they can do anything about.

  3. Suggestion: Look at the real reason for attacks on Venezuela, Syria, Libya, et al. OIL. The concern for climate change is a lie….as the attacks and sanctions demonstrate. There is room here for a real article regarding the absolute hypocrisy of concern for the climate. Venezuela has the one of the largest oil fields in the world. Syria has plenty of oil. Look off the coast of Gaza. What about Libya?

    doug Higgins. aka Stormy

  4. Mike McDonnell Avatar
    Mike McDonnell

    As usual, I agree with what Cait has to say, but I think that this statement: “The dominant narratives all tell us the same few things over and over again. Capitalism is working great. Your government is your friend. The governments who oppose your government are bad.” should be modified in that the dominant narrative is that the government is your enemy except for the Department of Defense. This can be seen in the purposeful degradation of the Postal Service and the chintzy welfare system we have. The oligarchs do not want people to think that the government might actually support them except for killing “bad guys” who want to destroy our precious American Way of Life.
    Our only hope is to wake up to what the billionaires are doing to us.

  5. I think we generally tend to believe the narrative that projects what will enhance our personal welfare, even though the projection is rarely a product of reality. When you start honestly looking at actions and directions that most definitely won’t enhance your personal welfare, you have a far greater opportunity to discover truth. I’m creeping up on a thing that may become truth at some point. That the pie in the sky made out of thin air western economy, and perhaps world wide as well, is not going to be fiscally capable of implementing much of anything before long. If we can just avoid the spasmodic destruction of the planet upon the arrival of that failure, there is indeed a chance at a “great reset” besides the psychotic one proposed by the mentally ill in charge. A breakup into ever smaller political units would definitely provide opportunity. Opportunity to cast the only votes that really matter, and can’t be defrauded. Our feet and our wallet. Which two votes are being actively and aggressively attacked by the Psychopaths In Charge, by keeping us poor, and denying us travel.

  6. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
    Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

  7. I just want to mention one last observation before I crash, most of us remember how Bush used a color indicating terrorism risks to his political advantage, the risks always went up as his popularity went down; recently various Bishops, priests etcetera have noticed that the threats of the pandemic always seem to occur right at the same time as Christian Holidays; coincidence? Or, is this another extension of using a disease to advance an economic and political agenda? The inquiring minds of religious leaders want to know.

    1. cases go up during holidays because people meet during holidays. it’s literally that simple.

  8. Cannibalism, LOL, so we really are nothing more than simple single cell pathogens, or even simpler, even our religions, LOL, I love your work and this pretty much suggests strongly that everything about us is a delusional lie. We are just like the insects we try so hard to exterminate.
    Researchers find instance of parasites fueling cannibalism

    by Bob Yirka ,

    Parasite turns shrimp into voracious cannibals
    Gammarus duebeni pair. Credit: Alison Dunn

    (—A small team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.K. and South Africa, has found evidence that suggests parasites infecting a certain type of shrimp leads to a higher incidence of cannibalism. In their paper published in Royal Society Open Science, the team discusses their study of a type of shrimp that lives off the coast of Ireland and what they discovered about parasites that infest them.

    Scientists have known for some time that parasitic behavior can cause a host to modify its behavior in ways that benefit the parasite. One parasitic wasp for example, stuns its ladybug host into serving as a guard for its larvae, and in another case a type of tapeworm causes a host fish to swim faster or slower to reduce or increase its chances of being eaten by larger prey. Now it appears that certain types of parasites can also increase the chances of a host becoming cannibalistic.
    The team was studying the shrimp Gammarus duebeni celticus, and the parasites that infest them, known as Pleistophora mulleri—very tiny creatures that make themselves at home in the shrimp’s muscles. Because they are so small, one or two of the parasites do not have much of an impact, but as they multiply to thousands, the team found, they can have a dramatic impact on how the shrimp host behaves. Adult shrimp that were heavily infested were found to eat substantially more of their own young, than did those that were not infested.

    The team believes the cannibalistic behavior is caused by the increased food demand of the parasite, and the reduced ability of the host to feed itself due to muscle damage from the parasite. Eating its own young provides an easy meal and helps to sate the demands of the parasite, thus, it thus, it makes sense—at least for the shrimp.

    Parasite turns shrimp into voracious cannibals
    Gammarus duebeni celticus pair. Credit: University of Leeds

    The team notes that cannibalism has been found in over 300 species, which of course, includes humans. While it is not known if parasitic infection may be behind some cases of human cannibalism, the researchers note that one very common type of parasite that infests between 10 and 20 percent of the British population is suspected of making people less risk averse, which could perhaps allow people to resort more easily to cannibalism under extreme circumstances.

  9. I spend my days contemplating all kinds of things: the hard problem of consciousness, what is matter? And if it’s just energy why does it arrange itself in a lattice of this particular form? If the universe is tending towards entropy, why do we see things increasing in complexity? Technology and the like … who are the entities on the other side of the DMT veil (self transforming elf machines)? Why is it that humans have such a sophisticated language system? And many other things … what I don’t spend my time doing is following the football scores, nor do I pay any attention to politician X stating something rather base and self serving in response to politician Y’s self serving comment. But people do … I think. What is it about the humdrum of daily news that one finds so compelling? Frankly the shadows dancing on my bedroom wall are far more interesting. The way trees shimmer in the breeze… have you ever gone outside and noticed how everything is like covered in cars? Why are these ape descendants whizzing about in hydrocarbon powered metal cages? It all seems so strange and quite dull in comparison to the deep mysteries of our existence. I guess what I’m trying to say is … why are we on the wrong trip? Or at least why are we on this trip. It just seems to me that there are better trips to be had and that the current ride is kinda boring, a bit mean and terribly unsophisticated. How can we all just stop playing this game and play a different one that’s better, kinder and far more mysterious and compelling?


    Study confirms evolutionary link between social structure and selfishness
    by Rice University

    This study suggests that an overcrowded world would produce fewer psychopaths rather than more, despite the observation that psychopaths tend to flock to urban centers where they can exist undetected.

    1. @LYNN, i think that your conclusions about how that study relates to humans is incorrect, because pantry moths dont have royal families (or immensely rich powerful families) who remain separated from the rest of society, who wield power over others.

      The study might relate to humans who are on an equal social footing, but it isn’t indicating a promise of a better world whilst the upper class is allowed to maintain its separation from the average folk.

  11. Well, Biden has changed things. The way he has arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic, I mean U.S.A., is so much better than when Donald Trump arranged them.

  12. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    One lesson I was taught by someone else in my journey to writing as I do at present was not to use words that imply totality when you are only talking about a generalisation. I liked how this essay started off, but then you said, “These are all made-up conceptual constructs…” and “Our society is made up of collective narratives….”
    I think that is too sweeping. When you write like that, you are apt to think like that, too. It is possible to denounce how our Western society runs in the strongest terms, I think, without over-generalising. It might take longer, but you will end up with clearer thoughts and you will take more people along with you.

    1. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      Clear writing requires clear thinking.

    2. I don’t think that it’s too sweeping and I have two writing degrees, but this has nothing to do with writing. Caitlin is referring to two different types of narratives here, an ancient one which guides our lives in a way that is often referred to as culture, and the more recent narrative generally referred to as society in flux.
      As to the point that you are making, I think it’s impossible to over-generalize it, because a great lie was started about 150 years ago and has since been set in stone in the minds of the masses, to which even the very woke Caitlin has fallen victim to, so I will not speak it, but that lie couched in false morality as it is guarantees our eventual total destruction because it produces the very toxin in our offspring that will seek our deaths.
      Therefore there is nothing that Caitlin can say that is too strong.

  13. The odds that anyone will read this is very slim, but very rewarding if anyone does. Pretty much explains the present insanity behind the imperialism at hand.

  14. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024

    Who decides if Caitlin is allowed to go outside today?

  15. There is much news coverage in the USA about how President Biden and the Democrats plan to eliminate the filibuster, which can be used in the US Senate to require a two-thirds majority to pass legislation. They claim this is needed to pass large tax increases on American millionaires and corporations. However, Biden and Democrats are funded and controlled by these wealthy titans. The tax promises were made during the election campaign to explain how massive social welfare programs can be afforded. This is why Biden and his team will not eliminate the filibuster as it allows them to propose such things knowing that some Republicans will filibuster so as Biden secretly promised his sponsors “Nothing will fundamentally change.”

    1. There is a difference between 2/3rds and 3/5ths and I think you are full of it.
      Moreover, I care not anymore about the trivialities occurring in DC. More important consideration will soon be front and center.

      1. Frank Thompson Avatar
        Frank Thompson

        More important trivialities will soon be under consideration.

  16. Probably the reason why Americans are the way they are, plus the U.K., France and Israel.

    1. Lynn – I didn’t read the article, but I’m gonna eat you up! In a good way of course.

  17. A must read for anyone wanting to know more of where the deep state came from, however, I should warn you, that John Wayne Boothe didn’t die in any damn barn, an account of his trial can still be found in some old texts, and the reason why some people don’t want the Library of Congress to require a physical copy anymore; that way history can be changed with a push of a button without a trace.

    1. I think the old “mysteries” and false histories will be solved in good time. I think they must be if there are going to be future good times. I think if there ain’t gonna be future good times then you are just blowing in the wind. So, if you think about it Lynn, what is the point in pointing out the obvious? We know already.
      Actions speak louder than words.
      If you can do both, then God Bless you, but if you are just blowing in the wind, then you are at the disposal of another. Get out and do some action for the better. Directly.
      I ain’t a homegrown terrorist, nor a vigilante, but some things are obvious and the moment of truth is upon is. It will be or it won’t and Biden’s misbegotten team ain’t making anything better – they are just kicking the can down the road and making it so much worse. Good bye DNC is what I think and good riddance and Andrew Jackson you can shove it up your Indian Removal Act of asshole hatefulness that sealed the fate of the country – you can’t be forgiven for that cause you are in your grave and dead, and the party you started ought be as well and they soon will be. Good-bye DNC. You lies are coming home to roost.
      Evidence is evidence and lets get on with what must be done.
      I’m planning a poker game at my place soon and only my good friends will be invited. It is good to have good friends and it is better to know that you are willing to die for the sake of good faith across the table. I am, but I don’t want to, but I will if I have to cause what choice is there if your eyes and your mind are open? No denying history, but it don’t always have to be that way – it can’t be cause it is a dead end road.


    Jonathan Pollard to Israeli spies: “go the fuck home”
    By Jonas E. Alexis on Mar 26, 2021 07:42 pm

    “If you don’t like the accusation of double loyalty, then go the fuck home.”

    US still fully engaged in crushing Yemen with hi-tech weaponry
    By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on Mar 26, 2021 03:50

    If little Yemen can dish this level of resistance out to the Saudis, just imagine what the Iranians could do in a major shooting war.

    Yemen: On the Sixth Anniversary of “Operation Decisive Storm”, Derailment and Violations Amounting to War Crimes

    By VT Editors on Mar 26, 2021 12:41 pm

    Geneva- SAM for Rights and Liberties: The level of enjoyment by individuals of their fundamental rights in the country is constantly declining because of the serious and illegal encroachments carried out by all parties involved in the conflict in Yemen six years ago , emphasizing that the participation of some States in the

  19. “Tens of thousands gather at the Mexican border, brought there by the drug cartels, fleeing a history of economic destruction wrought by Joe Biden and his very British sponsors. Britain’s Boris Johnson and Biden discuss “helping” the developing sector with Green infrastructure projects, but only to “counter” China’s very real large and significant economic driver, the Belt and Road.

    To any thinking human being this is a very bad and very dangerous joke. This week, the Avatar will present more of the same with an infrastructure bill which will actually kill the economy.

    You won’t find the answer to this in the 24-hour “get enraged” news cycle, designed solely to drive the American people toward a final Civil War.

    The answer lies in a return to the American System of political economy, understanding the real principles by which America became great, and electing an entire new class of leaders to bring these ideas to life again.”
    Barbara Boyd

  20. Do You Believe in Magic?
    The people pretending to run the world’s financial affairs do. The more layers of abstract game-playing they add to the existing armatures of unreality they’ve already constructed, the more certain it becomes that they will blow up all the support systems of a sunsetting hyper-tech economy that now has no safe lane to continue running in.
    Virtually all the big nations are doing this now in desperation because they don’t understand that the hyper-tech economy is hostage to the deteriorating economics of energy, basically fossil fuels, and oil especially. The macro mega-system can’t grow anymore. We’re now in the de-growth phase of a dynamic that pulsates through history, as everything in the universe pulsates. We attempted to compensate for de-growth with debt, borrowing from the future.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Do You Believe in Magic? by James Howard Kunstler

    1. Ron – yep, seems as such.
      I like to keep it simple.
      All debts MUST be paid! Pay off your debts if you want to be free.
      Such was the call of the wolves as they searched for their next meal. The pack needs to eat and it escaped the rabbit hole by eating them up one at a time and we, the members of the pack, mean business. Serious business is what the pack is all about. Serious business.
      Its a dog-eat-dog world the wolves thought as they looked for their next meal, and they should know. They do know. They mean business. Serious business is what they mean.
      Sally and I got stuck in some mud. I hope there are some friendly folks roundabout these places, at the border of Tejas and a state full of other nations. Sally didn’t blame me and I didn’t blame her, but we were in a fix and I’m not sure what is gonna happen next. Are you kind reader? If so, please enlighten me.
      We got out the shovels and commenced to digging.
      I kept the letters in the vehicle – I didn’t want them to get wet or muddy.
      Just another day in the adventure towards our final destination I reckon.
      “Wonder what is going to happen next”, the navigator said to the driver. She was not in the mood for casual conversation……the sun felt like it was blazing and the work was hard. Finally though, through a two-team-effort, the vehicle was released from the wet mud, and we continued the day’s initial traveling to get to the postal office to deliver the hand-written letters. I felt partially responsible for today’s troubles, but I knew I had no bad intent, so that is just how it goes sometimes. I ain’t losing any sleep over it.

      The story will continue later.

  21. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Not all Americans are fooled by this game, Caitlin. Those of us who read you, and Grayone, and the WSWS, and Consortium News, etc. In other words, those of us who read and support true investigative journalism and do our best to maintain our wits amongst the cargo container ship-sized piles of shit dumped on us daily by mainstream media and the advertising industry.

    1. The cargo ship shows to me how fragile things our in the “global economy” of big cargo ships going down dredged canals and such.
      So they got “lucky” and there was a fortuitous high-tide and supposedly the big ship with all its containers (wonder whats in them?) has been released to find an anchor on a nearby lake.
      There are SO MANY pressure points of this sort out there so vulnerable and it will be so easy to expose them and I reckon if things keep getting worse, then what is the harm in that?
      A house built on sand don’t last.

  22. I really appreciate that you can keep doing this website day in and day out, but the truth is is Americans like many other animals when they defecate it stinks and keeps on stinking until it dries.

  23. Newton E. Finn Avatar
    Newton E. Finn

    How about a reality check? Biden’s been in office a couple of months. He’s done a few decent things and said some decent things, yet so much remains to be done…or not done. After Biden’s been in office for a year or so, we’ll be in a position to form solid opinions about his progress or lack thereof (1) in making American plutocracy a bit better for the average citizen and the poor, and (2) in making the world a bit less under-the-heel of American imperialism. So long as plutocracy and imperialism remain entrenched, that’s the best we can hope for. The wild card remains the pandemic, which has already forced the American government to do things unthinkable pre-pandemic, like sending sizeable checks to all citizens and at least temporarily freezing evictions and foreclosures. If variants of the virus cause additional surges and lockdowns in the U.S., as the variants have done elsewhere, then Biden may feel forced to take bolder actions to protect public health and the economic viability of the American people, may then become too pre-occupied with these domestic issues to expand military aggression overseas even if he wanted to. This would provide immediately a defining moment, what Biden does or does not do should Covid become chronic rather than acute, and his administration could be judged in toto at that point.

    1. LOL Really? That he’s already resumed murdering little children in Yemen doesn’t tell you anything?

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Newton Finn is one of those pseudo-lefts who believes the Democrats are a progressive party of the people. Deluded, in other words.

        1. He seems to believe all the nonsense he learned in his junior high civics classes!

        2. I once cited Caitlin’s piece on Trump’s anti-Russia policies to a DNC true-believer. His response was that it was all Russian propaganda. It’s amazing, really.

      2. Newton E. Finn Avatar
        Newton E. Finn

        We’ll have to see where Biden goes, how fast he moves to end this nightmare. He’s taken some initial steps, but only initial steps, in the right direction. If there is insufficient follow-through, if he doesn’t succeed in extricating America from this obscenity, then he should be judged accordingly. The situation has been further complicated following Biden’s initial steps, if reports are accurate that the Houthis recently launched their strongest drone and missile offensive to date. This seems to be a pretty good assessment of the current state of affairs:

        1. Don’t blame the Houthis for defending themselves.
          Blame Biden for making things worse with his blinked-out secretary and others who are the specific individuals who have perpetuated this crime of the century upon innocence. Blame them and blame Biden – I do.
          Be aware, other countries who have spent their limited funds wisely have already put plans in place and I’m not sure I want them to succeed cause I want peace.
          Newton, if you think Biden’s team has done one peaceful thing so far, please enlighten me, but basically I ain’t seeing it and let me tell you their are a pack a wolves about and they want BLOOD! Idon’t blame them.

        2. You’re swallowing all the BS the liberals are dishing out. Steps in the right direction? Such as? The Houthis are complicating matters for Joe by defending themselves?Give me a fucking break.
          You’ll continue to make excuses for these criminals just as I’m sure you did for Obomber.

    2. From a political standpoint, given all the inherent complexity, I’m all for allowing anybody a chance to prove something one way or the other. Prove it mainly via meaningful action and real measurable change in direction that is evident and in the open.
      So far, all Biden’s team seems to have done is double-down from the get go. Doubling down on a bad bet means insolvency. It is not promising and suggests as my gut tells me – things are just getting worse. I don’t think they have much time to change course as they have sort of backed themselves into a corner and there are some vicious wolves who emerged from the rabbit hole and they already have blood on their fanes, I mean canines. The blood is dripping of their teeth cause they just ate a bunch of rabbits and they want more!
      I said to Sally, “Sally, I have some hand-written letters I need to deliver. Can we stop off at a post office somewhere please”. “No problem” she responded. “Thanks, Sally, you are the best.” I had already studied the map and here are the directions I gave her:
      “Take 2381 then turn right on the 3rd dirt road. Luckily the water levels are low now and we can cross it. Then we will cross the state line and hit E2115, then D4447 which reaches E2103 (not to be confused with E2101) which then intersects with N4460. Take this N4460, maybe we will smell the Paper Plant, and then get on 70, get off on Wolf St to the right, turn right on S. Railroad St., then turn right again on Old State. Go by the Gift Shop just after and then the post office will be on the left a bit further along (Buris St I think it is).”
      “OK”, was all Sally said, and she started us off gently.
      I’ve always wanted to go to Valliant, and I’ve always been respectful of the Choctaw.
      We were on our way for another day of adventure!


    3. COVID is a joke, but a real virus, it is not a pandemic, there is no emergency created by the “virus” per se.

      TDS created by Orange man bad and your basic liberal outlook have blinded you, and have you cheering on the decimation of the country you live in. That is beyond sad. You come to a site with many truths, and still cannot see the biggest and obvious picture.

      That is reality of your “belief system”, and “they” are using it for great evil. We do not wish harm on “your type” but it seems only you can prevent such a necessity.

      And whatever you do, do not Google the “Ashkenazi”

      1. Oooh, oooooh….stock. I’m glad you weren’t talking to me. I know about the Ashkenazi, I’ve heard the term before. Of course I looked it up to refresh my memory.
        All I can say to you is – that is old history. Myself, I’m sick of that shit.
        I’m ready for something better, for a clean slate, for a Constitutional Convention, but if not that, then anything better would do. I ain’t in a rush and this is what I said to Sally:
        We made it you fine driver you – through toils and troubles, we got the letters mailed. Thank-you so much. I love you. I do.
        These were letters I’m sending to my longest of all the longest friends I have ever had, so that is why I agreed to be a navigator for you. I knew through and through you had the toughness to do the difficult job and only a few do and only a few should ever feel the need for this sort of thing, but you and me, we do, and so that is why I love being in the vehicle with you. You give me hope. Thank-you for letting me help.
        I thought all these things but I didn’t say them to Sally. She was in a foul mood.
        The journey continued and we left the little Valliant city on our way to Memphis. The letters had been given by hand to the fine post office lady and she smiled at me when I handed them over to her and she laughed I suppose after I left due to my muddy disposition, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and these letters are important. At least they were to me. Now they are in the hands of others and I trust them to get the letters delivered. I have faith.
        Time for a new game is what I think.


        1. What I said to Sally was simply. Thank-you.
          What I’m saying to everybody else is what I think is going on. I have a habit of expressing my views and I’m a believer in talking across the table. I prefer tables of good faith, but if you come to a table with bad intent, then the table will be turned – that is the premonition Sally had.
          Better times on the way.

    4. I don’t think you caught the drift of Caitlin’s article. The media will tell you that Biden has succeeded swimmingly whether he did or not. It’s their role in service to power. Most Americans do not have the acumen to grok this. They won’t see it or won’t accept it.

    5. The government has sent “sizeable checks to all citizens”? So far I’ve received two checks signed by Trump & a letter asking about my taxes from the Biden bunch. Yup, things is a lot better! (Btw, I’m not a Trump fan!)

  24. In the following excerpted paragraph, did you not mean to write (NOT):
    So the actual US empire is chugging along in essentially the same way it was before Trump left office, but people’s actual quality of life is (NOT) different anyway, simply because they are being fed different narratives by the mass media. They truly feel inside as though they are living in a very different America now than they were prior to January 20th, even though as far as the real world is concerned they most certainly are not.

    1. Apologies, in haste, I jumped the gun!

      1. So you are saying not having the not is the way she meant to type it?
        Em, em, me, em umm is that what you are saying?

  25. The puppets change. The puppteers dont.

    1. Death to the puppEteers. Death by hanging. From the own strings of their making!
      Serious apricot of the day on today 32921 428pm est. 4321 is coming up soon.
      Death to the puppeteers.

  26. Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar interview, with transcript. 🙂
    Everything that made industrial capitalism rich, everything that made America so strong on the 19th century, through its protective tariffs, through its public infrastructure investment all the way down through world war two and the aftermath, was that we had a mixed economy in America. Europe also had a mixed economy, and in fact, every economy since Babylon has had a mixed economy.

    But in America you’ve had something entirely different since 1980. Something that was not foreseen by anybody, because it seemed to be so disruptive: namely, the financial sector saying, “We need liberty – for ourselves, from government.” By “liberty” they meant taking planning and subsidy, economic and tax policy, out of the hands of government and put into the hands of Wall Street. The result was libertarianism as a “free market.” In the form of a centralized economy that is concentrated in the hands of the financial centers – Wall Street, the City of London, the Paris Bourse. What you’re having today is an attempt by the financial sector to take on the role that the landlord class had in Europe, from feudal times through the 19th century. It’s a kind of resurgence of feudalism.

    If you look at the last 200 years of economic theory from Adam Smith and Marx, onward, everybody expected a mixed economy to become more and more productive, and to free itself from the landlords – and also to free itself from banking.

  27. Americans are the victims of mind control. They don’t think, they respond the way they have been programmed. Garbage in, garbage out.

  28. Fear not, Russia and China have told Uncle Scam to go f%$& himself and no doubt nuclear war will wipe it all away in due time.

  29. The story continues:
    “Ms. Sally, you drive so well. I just want to tell you that.” I said quietly as we packed up our stuff for the next day of the journey. I’m not sure she heard me, but it doesn’t matter cause it is the thought that counts most of the time and I suspect she already knows how I feel.
    We had made it through most of Tejas by this point in time. We were in the northeastern corner of the state on our way to our destination. The purpose of this journey may not be clear to any given reader, if there are any, being that the purpose has not been stated – nor will it be directly. So, one can deduce, in the minds of the readers that there are many purposes.
    Sally, looked over after we packed up the last bag. “Time to go” was all she said.

    The story is not over yet, and I told everyone I talked with that there would be no difference between Biden and Trump. Best I can tell, it has just gotten worse.

  30. First, they came for the Conspiracy Theorists, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators. Next, they came for those daring to even speak Truth to Power, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators.
    Then, the level of worldwide Controlled Narratives was exposed through the most obvious Pys-Op of a (renewed) McCarthyite Russian Campaign, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators. And finally . . . .

  31. “The kids are still in cages.”

    One of the most intelligent articles on the “Border Industrial Complex” I have seen:

  32. Caitlin,

    It sounds as if you never read the American Media and as if never spoke with Americans, otherwise you’d know the majority, including millions who voted for Biden, are most unhappy by their choice of Government.


    1. Newton E. Finn Avatar
      Newton E. Finn

      According to what I can find, Biden’s approval rating is currently at about 54% vs. a disapproval rating of about 40%. This is about the same as W when he started off and substantially better than Trump. What are your sources indicating the contrary, assuming you have any?

      1. Statistics are complete BS !!

        How could an incoherent – demented – hair sniffing PEDO have an approval rating above 5% ???

        You won’t survive what is coming with your IQ !

  33. succinct and incisive, as usual..kudos!

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