I hate the mainstream scoff.

Do you know the mainstream scoff? It’s the scoff people who’ve been indoctrinated into the mainstream worldview make when you say something which falls outside that worldview. Something like “Nothing of substance has changed since the Trump administration.” Or “The west sided with al Qaeda in Syria.” Or “Check out this link to an article from an alternative media outlet.”

It’s any kind of swift, vapid dismissal someone makes when you offer a perspective that isn’t a part of the mainstream perspective, solely on the basis that it is not part of the mainstream perspective. A laugh. A “Pfft!”. A “LOL”. A laugh-cry emoji. Whatever form it takes, the dismissal can be summed up as “That’s a fringe position, so I’m dismissing it.” Which is really just saying “That’s not how they told me it works on CNN, therefore it’s not real.”

One of the many major obstacles to spreading awareness of what’s really going on in the world is the widespread belief that the mainstream worldview is mainstream because it is better. More accurate, more sensible, more reflective of objective reality. And of course this is nonsense. The mainstream perspective isn’t mainstream because it is better, it’s mainstream because wealthy and powerful people have poured a vast amount of energy and wealth into making it mainstream.

That’s why it’s such a joke that someone who sits in the ideological middle ground between the warmongering corporatist Democratic Party and the warmongering corporatist Republican Party gets labeled a “moderate” or a “centrist”. There’s nothing moderate or middle-of-the-road about supporting war and corporatism; it’s actually a violent extremist position. Someone who sits between two corporatist warmonger parties isn’t a moderate, they’re a corporatist warmonger. But because so much wealth and energy has been poured into ensuring that both mainstream liberalism and mainstream conservatism support the interests of oligarchs and the war machine in the United States, the middle ground between them gets labeled moderate.

In reality it makes no more sense to say that the mainstream worldview is mainstream because it’s the best worldview than it does to say mainstream music or mainstream movies are mainstream because they’re the best. Hollywood movies are artless garbage and so is the conveyor belt pop music that gets churned out and marketed to mainstream demographics today. They’re popular not because they deeply profoundly move people, open their eyes, leave them changed forever, or take them on journeys into parts of themselves that they never knew were there, but because a lot of money was spent promoting contrived escapist candy to a stressed and overworked population.

The news media are owned by giant megacorporations and billionaires. The modern schooling system was constructed by plutocrats for the purpose of molding new generations to turn the gears of industry. Hollywood movies are routinely co-authored by the CIA, NSA, and Pentagon. Scientists have shown that popular music has become more homogeneous and formulaic than ever before. There is no reason to believe that something is good because it is mainstream, least of all information and perspectives. Across the board it’s ruling elites who dictate what’s mainstream, not the people.

And so now here we are, drifting through a psychologically enslaved civilization where culture is manufactured for the convenience of the powerful and everything’s shallow and phony. America is the bastion of liberty and democracy. Soldiers fight for your freedom. Capitalism is working fine. The TV would never lie to you. Everything’s exactly as it seems. Stop thinking and dance to this song about money and butts.

We float rootless in the current of power and profit motives which have nothing to do with us. Without any grounding in truth. Without any grounding in art. Without any grounding in depth or authenticity. An ocean of blaring screens and billboards full of idiotic nonsense being marketed to minds that have been warped by idiotic nonsense through a worldview which consists of nothing but idiotic nonsense, as far as the eye can see.

And nobody’s really fine with it. Everyone’s starving for truth, desperately hungry for reality; they just don’t know where to go for it because their entire field of perception is cluttered with fake, power-serving bullshit.

That’s really what we’re here for, at this point in history. To help point each other to the truth. To help one another sink our roots into something real. To expose the lies of the mainstream manipulators and show each other what’s really going on. To create real art and real culture that arises from sincere encounters with our inner leviathans instead of being cooked up by a bunch of suits around some corporate conference table. To help life blossom between the cracks in the concrete of social control. To create glitches in the matrix.

And there will be scoffs. Of course there will be. But we keep sowing seeds, keep throwing sand in the gears of the machine, because what the hell else are we going to do? Either humanity will rise to the occasion and move from the artificial hallucinations into a meeting with reality, or it will follow the mainstream worldview into the oblivion of extinction. All we can do in the meantime is try our level best to coax those eyes open.


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67 responses to “The Mainstream Worldview Is As Garbage As Mainstream Music And Movies”

  1. I consider normies to be subhuman trash and just block them. They’re incapable of independent thought, stupid, ignorant NPC garbage and I have absolutely zero concern for their well being. If all of these stupid wars only affected them I’d be pro war, because normie trash have only a negative value and when these people die nothing is lost.

  2. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the people who read Caitlin’s articles, take them to heart and don’t bother to post comments. I really appreciate it and I bet Caitlin does too.

  3. “And nobody’s really fine with it. Everyone’s starving for truth, desperately hungry for reality”
    And so are grasping at straws, but not looking in the places where truth exist. Because they have been trained not to. I could be wrong, again, but I seriously doubt that any public school history class takes a serious in depth comprehensive look at the Gulf of Tonkin. A treasonous fraud which is quite well known, among those who wish to know.

  4. The “The Weekly With Charlie Pickering” scoff.

    Or anything else on Auntie.

  5. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    Caitlin, this one is so good it almost makes me feel that I should be sending you some money.

  6. Have you learned to direct your anger at the root cause?
    If not, learn it and cause no harm.
    Then do something about it.
    Do it with conviction.
    Do or die is what
    I think.

    1. Excellent comment Buffalo_Ken

  7. NOT true that “Everyone is starving for truth, desperately hungry for reality.” Hundreds of research studies show that at least 85% of people prefer their religious fantasies or willful ignorance because that is more comforting and self-serving than reality. This should be obvious to anyone who experienced emotional disturbance, dismay, chronic frustration, and almost hopelessness when facing reality. But we have a brilliant, effective, secret strategy for defeating the evil empire: The world’s great Liberator Yeshua said that His followers must aim their revolutionary tactics at the monetary system. Criticizing, complaining and condemning is only the first step but not enough. Instead, start planning your escape from the coming implosion of our technocratic-military-industrial complex. Look out for and team up with those few wise, alert, well-informed, realistic, honest, responsible, frugal, cooperative people; a very small minority; but in collaboration with such types we can start preparing rural, eco-friendly, communities necessary to survive and thrive when everyone else is trapped in the global control system. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

    1. TANLAR
      You are wrong about folks desire for truth and I’ll fight you to the death to prove my point. I’d rather be dead then deny the truth.
      The rest might be accurate, but if you think 85% are unaware, then I’ll fight you to the death.

      1. 85% are partly aware but turn a blind eye to the truth. You can fight all you like but you cannot change facts.

    2. Normies are conformist trash which is why I don’t care about society. If you’re not a misanthropic pessimist you’re a fool

  8. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    1) I tried to share some Lefty YouTube channels with a (former) friend and she didn’t merely scoff, she exploded into a mainstream rant.
    2) Read An Essay on Liberty by John Stuart Mill for an excellent analysis of why unpopular opinions should be welcomed.
    3) In paragraph 10, you erroneously say that “no one wants this; they’re hungry for the truth,” but I disagree. In The True Believer, Eric Hoffer describes a type of person who wants to be led. Many of the people who follow MSM have been turned into true believers by the economic crisis in the US which has been happening since Reagan in the 1980s.

    1. I don’t know nobody who wants to be led like a lemming.

      1. Funny how my name changed but not my image. Oh well, it was me, but it shouldn’t have been. A warning was in order, and so now I’ll give out a warning. If Ukraine becomes a battleground, then we might as well all kiss our asses good-bye.
        So, how about a little truth being revealed instead? How about that?

  9. Yes, Ms Johnstone, we United States citizens just love our garbage; it keeps our minds and our bodies, and our souls swimming in the cesspool of depravity controlled by our owners and our masters. We love their shit, and we eagerly gobble it up without any questions!

    1. Oh Ron. Ha, ha.
      You are not the type of citizen I envision in the future, and thank God for that.
      Ha, ha.
      Flux like you wouldn’t believe is on the way….wait, I mean it is here!
      Get with the game or get got.

  10. Did you get wind on the newest hero?
    She tells the truth.
    Sally is her name and she suffers no fools.
    Reckoning is growing upon the heap of vaccination passports.
    Reckoning is growing. Meaner and meaner day-by-day. Oh, how the TRUTH hurts. Hurts so good.

  11. Theres something to be said for turning it all off and going about your life. Ignore the world around you as much as possible. Stop worrying about it all. Like worrying will change anything. Stop being curious about others on facebook or instagram. Stop wasting time on tiktok. Go do something productive. Learn something new. Stop worrying how others think.

    1. Listen to some soothing music. Yep. I agree.
      Still, the reckoning is coming. Do you feel it?

    2. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      I think yours is a healthy way to “ignore” the BS. I bet that it’s one that Caitlin would suggest, if she hasn’t already.

  12. The Ukrainians started to mass armor and artillery at the contact line with the eastern breakaway provinces some weeks ago. They started clearing mines in front of their positions to allow for eastward troop movements soon afterward, and a team that was in such a process was hit by separatist snipers, which led to the initial report of “Russian aggression”. The White House has given Kiev a promise of support in their upcoming attack, and while this all goes on outlets like CNN are sitting on the actual events so that when Kiev attacks eastward (as of yesterday there had been 7 violations of the peace agreement) and when Russia reacts, CNN et all can scream “Surprise Russian Murder-Death-Kill Attack on Poor Ukraine!”

    Of course it’s all about those pipelines. If they actually enter the war, should it spark, we’ll be “in the pipe, 5 by 5” and on that express elevator to hell.

    The mainstream is shit and it was destined to end like this.

    1. Putin is salivating.
      If this happens he will get Ukraine as well.
      But then afterwards he’ll think – is this bread basket worth it?
      Still, don’t look a gifthorse in the mouth.
      I can’t believe the disconnected stupidity out of DC.

      1. Russia actually doesn’t want a war. Why would they want Ukraine and its problems? They just don’t want NATO there.

        I see that CNN has taught you what to think of Putin. Quite a cartoon they’ve sold you.

        1. Come on. You gonna play the “CNN” card so quick? Seems childish. You’ve been around here haven’t ya? You’ve seen my other comments. Why would you think that? Or maybe, you haven’t read what I said. Hey – totally up to you. I for one appreciate all the comments here – even the ones I don’t agree with. If not for the comments, I wouldn’t be here. The comments are what makes this a community versus an echo chamber.
          Regardless, Putin ain’t no fool and neither am I.
          Get a grip gimme…..get a gummy bear if it makes you feel better. Give me a break from your quick to judging sentiment – that is a big part of the problem these days.
          Or ignore me completely. That ain’t hard to do. I ignore myself sometimes.
          I respect Putin. I might not agree with what he has done over the years, but I do believe he truly cares about the Mother Country and the citizens of said. Would be if there were leaders of that nature in the made up city of DC, but if there are, they have no power. Ain’t nothing good come out of that place in over 50 years best I can tell.
          Feel the flux growing exponential and get ready for the reckoning – it has begun.

    1. You piff yours. I’ll piff mine. Scoff this and scoff that. I like to scoff. Scoffing is easy and makes one feel superior, until the truth is revealed and then most of the scoffers will get their due. Ah eff it. Scoff it. Eye wan eat u up.
      The Truth will be revealed. It already has been.

  13. I just started calling these calling these corporate parrots –

    “Mainstreamidiots”. Or short MSI.


    1. I had some stock in MFI, but it was a deadend.

      1. MSI is what meant to type.

  14. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    To describe the intensity of any Social Contract, there is a continuum with anarchy on the low end and communism on the high end. Somewhere in the middle are the capitalists who viciously attack either end of the scale: they found the laissez-faire sweet spot where they can express the exact kind of liberty needed to justify extracting our wealth with few regulations. In this middle position, we are, conversely, beholden to the precise amount of laws needed to prevent us from pushing back. Capitalists are what Howard Richards calls Middle-Wing Extremists. When we stand up for ourselves and challenge the center position by going too far off to the left or right, we come under attack.

    1. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      Historians will write that we were trapped in a fabricated reality we could not control. They will say this was special to our time that we didn’t see about ourselves in the present moment. It was not that we couldn’t get a good perspective on ourselves like any society has struggled to do; it’s that the media frequently wheat-pasted over objective fact with subjective fiction, and we lived in these dramatic worlds. We didn’t ask to be cast. It became increasingly difficult to see ourselves if not because of all the false garb,6 then because they wrote their dramas into our quotidian lives. We could not escape their market-based stories any more than we could escape ourselves. This is what the conflict of interest looked like between the creator-subject-viewer media when we tried to sort it all out.

    2. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      They will unearth all the ephemeral crap we bought, and they will pick through the waste of our lives. Historians and archeologists will explain how we did not see the Reality Creators conflate our economic system with democracy and drag ethical notions of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality into the imperative of social responsibility that implored us to work, shop, waste, and fight for the right to enrich them. Historians will say that too much of the media created varying degrees of fictional reality more than real reality and that it made quite a muddle of things for them to sort out about what happened on earth at this time.

    3. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      The Reality Creators who own and control a significant portion of the political economy manage the vast majority of the media for their benefit, and thereby supplant our view we would otherwise have of ourselves with a fabricated virtual reality they create. They hijack our story through overwhelming brute force and insert their bogus narrative to interrupt and change the way we live, the way we treat each other, and how we feel about ourselves, all to profit off us.

    4. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      We endure the incongruence between what we hear, see, and feel for real and what we are told by those who financially benefit from producing a false narrative of who we are and what our life is like. We have become so inured to the gross misrepresentations of our lives in the media that we take these false portrayals for granted and don’t always see them as betrayals of our conscience, spirit, and character.

    5. Christopher Hall Avatar
      Christopher Hall

      These are excerpts from the first chapter of “The Reality Creators: An Epic Fairytale About Life On Earth.”

      You may email me at chris.dancefarm@gmail.com for a pdf copy; alternatively, it is available at Powell’s Books, AbeBooks, and, ironically, here as well:

      We all have our take on the world; unfortunately, most succumb to the Reality Creators’ narrative. And I mean succumb as a form of drama-induced somnambulance where we get lost in their story and go about our lives unquestioningly.

      I am most certainly among the “we” and when I caught myself I wrote about what I saw. My privilege has allowed me to be able to step outside of the narrative and see a view of the world from a perspective that is unsparingly critical.

      “The Reality Creators” is about populism and the struggle to make it work for the populace. I compare the ruling elite to farmers who run livestock operations and I call on the goats to live like deer.

      On my first gear, blade-down bulldozing critique of the existing political economy, I explore whether populism is anti-intellectual, why discontent is the ironic trade-off for the comfort of civilization, and what, if anything, can be done to afford the citizenry more agency in their lives.

      “The Reality Creators” tells a real story that will resemble fiction because we live in a fairytale world. I argue that the modern world is upside down, and too many people can’t distinguish between subjective and objective realities. What’s actually real is not readily apparent and can seem unreal. The reason for this confusing irony is that we live each day in a virtual, dramatic reality we do not ourselves create; the Reality Creators create it. As a result, we lack the agency to control our lives.

  15. to be honest, i scoff at any pompous, virtuous claim made the US Regime. And will do so until the Bush/Blair team are convicted of fabricating evidence leading to the attack on, and war crimes inflicted on iraq. .. And all other similar situations (Lybia, Syria, etc)

  16. “The Sting”

    Just another harmless retrospective thought about actual historical ‘conspiracies’ to add to the conflagration already raging:

    Kind of strange how after barely more than a week before the country of Jordan is to celebrate its one hundredth year as a sovereign state, this ‘bruhaha’ within the Jordanian ‘Royal’ family conveniently materializes and suddenly begins to dominate the media focus of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); at such an inopportune moment for Jordan; the installation by the British of the Hashemite family dynasty as the ‘sovereign’ ruler of this, newly created, establishment nation state.
    Perhaps a reminder of who is really in charge!

    Prior to this date, what thereafter became the country of Jordan, was an integral part of what had been known, since time immemorial, as Arabia – a massive undifferentiated landmass in south western Asia.
    The Emirate of Transjordan was founded on April 11, 1921, and became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan upon formal independence from Britain, on May 25, 1946. The name Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is derived from Hashem, which was the name of the great grandfather of the Prophet Mohammad.
    What the etymological root of the Hashem, in ‘Hashemite’ was, is beyond the scope of this comment.
    But by sheer coincidence, during research, it is discovered that the term ‘Hashem’ in the Hebrew language, transliterated into English, is the orthodox religious Jewish biblical expression applied to the unmentionable naming of the one ‘god’; which each separate religion, through its own narrow interpretation, sees as the paramount ‘One God’.

    Palestine’s Early Roots

    Historically, the Hebrew religion never predominated in the area then known as ‘Palestine’:
    Scholars believe the name “Palestine” originally comes from the word “Philistia,” which refers to the Philistines who occupied part of the region in the 12th century B.C. (more than 3000 years ago)
    Throughout history, Palestine has been ruled by numerous groups, including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Fatimids, Seljuk Turks, Crusaders, Egyptians and Mamelukes (nothing here about the biblical Hebrews being predominant).

    From about 1517 to 1917, the Ottoman Empire ruled much of the region.
    When World War I ended (closed – as in the curtain came down between acts) in 1918, the British took control of Palestine. ‘The League of Nations’ issued a British mandate for Palestine (guess who were one of its founders) —a document that gave Britain administrative control over the region, and included provisions for establishing a Jewish national homeland in Palestine—which went into effect in 1923.

    “All we can do in the meantime is try our level best to coax those eyes open.”

    We have to look back, and face real facts, before we can consciously and in good conscience, ever move gradually forward, with confidence.
    Fact: Time is of the essence today, in the now.

    References: 1.) Jordan History » Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan …
    2.) https://www.history.com/topics/middle-east/palestine

  17. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    I am with you 100% on this subject. I get the “scoff” thrown at me all the time. People unfriend me on Facebook for calling attention to corporate newslies. But I will continue to spread truth because I know that there are people out there in the world who want to hear it.

  18. Agreed, nearly.

    The smithsonian study is a classic example of research driven by an academic, white middle class viewpoint on a subject that is subjective in the extreme. They don’t look at rhythmic complexity, they don’t look at lyrical content and nor do they even ask themselves the question if more tonality and adventurous chordings necessarily lead to better pop music – mozart vs stravinsky anyone?
    And the whole loudness thing is also a non starter these days….. that’s been solved by the fact that we have standards in place now that didn’t exist in 2012.
    My point being, worldview and its manipulation are objective, provable things. Music quality is not and is an unusually weak choice of argument back up Caitlin. It’s not one to take forward…. other than that, of course it’s pretty spot on, as always….

    1. Cloud Tickler Avatar
      Cloud Tickler

      There’s no argument for taste but I think it’s safe to say we ain’t expecting another Beatles anytime soon, and that could be for a few reasons beyond simply the low quality of music. The conditions around how music comes into being and is distributed to an audience has changed. Many bands in the past got together, rehearsed and had time to develop ideas because their day to day needs (housing, food, heating etc) were met. Many of the great bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd met at art school or university. These institutions provided something of a bastion for the fostering of ideas and state welfare took care of their monetary needs. This situation no longer exists. We all know the evils of record companies ripping off artists but in some sense record companies did shelter artists from the need to manage their product and did provide them with a reprieve to concentrate on the act of making art. This too has disappeared. With the diminishing returns on all forms of art that can be digitised no corporation is going to invest in a product that is not going to produce a return. So to ensure profitability, formulaic patterns are adhered to to create art that has the best chance of being consumed. Reinforce this enough times and it becomes the preferred style or “sound” as is the case for pop music. This feedback loop of expectation and product has lead to a downturn in creativity. We are a culture not producing any (or very little) new ideas. There is a great poverty of originality and transcendent purpose right across the art world today.

  19. The last thing the wealthy want is NEW IDEAS…

  20. True nuff…
    lest we forget what has been attributed to Mark Twain
    “It is easier to deceive a man while near impossible to convince him that he has been deceived”
    It is their problem, one we cannot resolve with a rant or even the truth, it is the Dunning-Kruger effect. The evangelicals have the same problem with their program of the ‘great commission’ of orthodox conversion i.e. spreading awareness. very few if any pieces of bread want the spread no matter how delectable we claim it may be

  21. When I think of the “opinions” that come to be held by most of my fellow Americans, and how they are formed by a relentless barrage of lies from MSM sources – the old adage from my first university course in statistics and data analysis comes to mind – “garbage in = garbage out.”

  22. Timothy Michel Avatar
    Timothy Michel

    The fight in the United States right now is over the vaccine passport, if you can call it a fight, more like disapproving under the breath grumbling. Once the vaccine passport is mandated for access to resources, social, nutritional, or travel, then the right to descent against the main stream narrative comes to an end. if the people promoting the vaccine passport were honest they would have called it the social credit system; behave and you get access, don’t behave and you are cut off.
    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjxYR6WGapo

  23. We had a family garden party in Yoakum Saturday, with kids, beer, Easter-eggs, Frisbee-throwing and a barbecue grill. A contingent ended up spending the night, which was safer for them than driving, and we had the bed space as part of the plan.
    Everybody just came and engaged the space, the food, drink, and each other. We didn’t have to explain anything to anybody. The plan seems to be self-explanatory.
    “Thing One and Thing Two” who are very active brothers, aged 2 and 4 got a tutorial on the big vegetable garden, and did comparative tasting of the green bits of purple and yellow onions..
    They like the garden a lot, and are interested in how food grows.
    Phoenix and Hendrix went home with some black beans to plant.

    It’s not that I don’t want to drill down into the news and post it, but I am often forced to choose between life in the flesh, and searching abstract information for emerging threats to life, and possibilities for enhancing the meaning of life. It’s hard to work out the enhancement of life in the abstract, and doing it in person demands complete engagement, at least for me.
    I can think about things when I mow the lawn for 4-5 hours, but I still have to pay attention to all of the corners, edges of gardens, borders around 45 fruit trees, those stumps and the drip hoses, while my mind muses, and my heart reaches out.
    Jenny was back at her library this morning, so I dropped her off there at the school and drove down to Yoakum, to plant more replacements for dead fruit trees, make coffee for her sister, who is spending the week there, and make sure that she is able to cook things, and shower, and we didn’t forget something. She’s doing fine.

    The thought rolls over and over that this-is-human-life. We are living as humans, social animals with the capacity for abstract reason.
    We live and die as social animals, not as abstract-reason.
    In crisis, we save each other, and kill each other in person, not in abstract.
    There are killer drones, though, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were abstractions of killing for a few people, who gave orders, but did not need to attend.

    I feel that we have gone way too far into abstraction of life and all of the essentials of life. I feel that we are simplified and abstracted into confusion and frustration. This past year of isolation has taken people away from each others’ breath, warmth, tone of voice and tingle of touch. Social media, Google and Amazon have placed themselves between us, controlling our inputs of abstract information, our food delivery and our social prerogatives and group beliefs.
    Masks and electronic interface-distancing have atomized us. We are not whole. We are not “individual-humans”. Humans die in isolation.

    What am I? Who are we?
    We have to know with certainty, like we know when we’ll hit the ground when we jump those last two steps, not like we know the alphabet.
    You are bound to know what I mean. Life is the living, the engagement.
    This is what our kind of animal does together, and we need to do it, because our owners are abstracting us out of existence.

    1. The 3 million dead from covid are even more isolated than the mask wearers.

      1. That is an intentional crime against humanity.
        There is safe, effective treatment with vitamin-D, ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline:

        1. When you go to the store to get vitamin D, do you wear a mask? I do.

      2. Overall deaths from all causes in the US increased by 36,000 last year, not the 400,000 proclaimed caused by COVID. Using the same factor applied to the “3 million” and you instead get 270,000 deaths from COVID.
        There is not one shred of evidence that any of the restrictions placed upon us has any positive effect at all. There is abundant evidence that the willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health to contain a virus a bit more dangerous than ordinary, will cause far more harm than the virus. While the virus will pass, as it is right now, the effects of COVID tyranny will take a generation to recover from, if we ever do.
        COVID has played its part well, as it concentrates ever more power into the hands of the state/corporate oligarchy, at the expense of actual human beings.

        1. Those aren’t facts, those are feelings. I feel that you guys would rather piss in the well than admit you were wrong about the water.

    2. John Day – I’m with you. I share your sentiment. It rings true to me. So I reckon we are both here just now reading and typing for a reason, and I take solace in that.

      1. Hi Buffalo Ken – My Baby, before she came back to me was named Sally! I renamed her Onida, meaning, the one searched for. She came back with her brother Oya, meaning called forth. At this point I am confident ALL my loved ones and I will be reunited!

        1. Thank-you for sharing that Elaine. I’m still thinking about the story of Sally and the navigator, but I won’t trouble others here with the telling of it anymore cause when they got to Mississippi – everything changed and the story turned mighty fearful for some time…things got ugly….I have no idea how it going to end, but I’m going to tell the story. It just won’t be here.
          Did I ever tell you about a wonderful inspiration I had many years ago? Her name was Elaine and I still think of her fondly. I just don’t comment at her site anymore cause it turned in a way that I could not be part of……….still, I go back there every now and then just to see what she is saying now. I’m still learning from that – just not the way it was in the beginning.
          Peace and best to you,

  24. Here’s another absolutely clear example of The Mainstream Worldview As Garbage: The MESSIAH series writers/producers, etc. precisely managed to make the main focus one of a CIA officer, not the possible or likely Messiah. How far will they go to manipulate and manufacture? This far. Vomit ensued.

  25. Thank you for this piece! It was so exciting to see how it came around to creating real art and culture. This article gives beautiful courage to all of us.

  26. Well, see, I’m an abolitionist and originally from the UK, where certain things really, really need abolishing.
    1. The City of London Corporation
    2. The Monarchy
    3. The House of Lords
    4. MI5, SIS and GCHQ.
    5. American nukes and bases
    Those’ll do to start.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Right on, Pasha.

    2. Yeah. I agree as well.

  27. I have to quibble that I think the MCU gets dumped on a lot but did have some depth to it. Captain America struggles with the idea of individual freedom versus security in Winter Soldier.

    Stark in an effort to build a defense system accidentally unleashes a maniacal AI. This is hitting on themes Progressives lament on. Too much faith in military institutions leading to disaster. Sometimes those persecuted aren’t guilty or aren’t the main issue. etc.

    Thanos wants to half the population because too many people competing for leads to so many issues that sound similar to where a lot of environmentalists land.

  28. Caitilin,

    Journalists and political analysts working in the ‘mainstream scoff’ also hate the mainstream scoff. But the mainstream scoff will not go away by criticizing it. it will only disappear when politicians are no longer in need of lying to is and need the support of conspiring journalists.

    You are as guilty of the situation as all those who, with your same lack of interest and passivity, accept a militarised world. This forces politicians to practice the most immoral of activities: promote military sales and purchases, which can only and exclusively be done by dividing and subdividing the world, organizing social division, religious tensions, promoting the ascent to the throne of brutal military dictators, etc, etc.

    In short, all activities the vast majority of people disapproves of. The result: LIES. If you wish those lies to go away, work towards removing the ingredients that force politicians and their supporting Media to lie.

    The Universal Abolition of Militarism is the ONLY path to take.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      The Universal Abolition of Capitalism is the ONLY path to take. And with it its corporate propaganda outlets.

      1. Carolyn, see a dialogue between Pepe Escobar and Michael Hudson, also in Moon of Alabama:

        “The ‘resistance’ lies precisely with the way they’re trying to help each other. It is a mode of economic development. It represents the notion that any rent-yielding resource – banking, land, natural resources and natural infrastructure monopolies – should be in the public domain to provide basic needs to everybody – freely.”

        I agree, Capitalism is poisonous, I enjoy your comments.

  29. The first paragraph is somewhat deceptive. I’ve been scoffing AT mainstream arts, entertainment, & politics for most of my adult life; that’s what I thought at first that you meant by “mainstream scoff.” Decrying the banalities & fallacies & insufficiencies of the mainstream is one thing, but scoffing at it is overstepping? Is scoffing AT the mainstream any more or less odious than scoffing FROM the mainstream? Does this scoff make my ass look elitist? Should I even care?

    Otherwise, yes, this entry is a huge hunk of truth.

  30. Stephen Rauworth Avatar
    Stephen Rauworth

    Caitlin, it amazes me how consistently close to the center of reality you are, and how appropriately you express it, but this one today is a gem even by those standards.

  31. Robert Johnson Avatar
    Robert Johnson

    I haven’t watched corporate news for several years. It got to where the presenters weren’t really people, but fell into the category of ‘set design,’ just as dead and predictable of the desks they sat behind.

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