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The Aliens Are Not Coming

UFOs have been in the news again. Routinely seeing headlines about this phenomenon in mainstream news outlets would have been unthinkable a few short years ago, but now it just shows up as one more feature on our continually expanding haunted hayride into infinite weirdness.

So what’s the deal here? Are they military aircraft? Are they a cold war psyop? Are they natural phenomena?

Or are they extraterrestrials?

The preceding questions are intriguing, but we all know that last one is what’s generating the most thought and discussion.

For me, though, it’s actually kind of the least interesting possibility, and I’ll tell you why.

If there are indeed extraterrestrials, and if they have indeed solved the puzzle of interstellar space travel and noticed us and decided to pay us regular visits for their own secret alien reasons, I don’t think it would have any actual effect on life on this planet. We’re simply not mature enough as a species to ever interact with them.

I mean, look at us. We’re gazing up at the stars, wondering if there’s intelligent life up there, while rapidly killing off mysterious giant-brained leviathans who live in our own oceans, whose experience of consciousness we know essentially nothing about.

We’re gazing up at the stars, wondering if we’ll get colonize our desert rock planetary neighbor one day, while destroying our own planet upon which we are perfectly adapted to live. We don’t even know if humans are truly separable from their ecosystem any more than a ripple is separable from the pond, and we’re already thinking of space colonization as a sensible Plan B for when we destroy our home.

I mean, would you interact with us?

Seriously, would you? Why would you see that as being in your interest? Why would you even see it as being in our interest?

Because here’s the thing: a lot of UFO enthusiasts harbor a hope that at some point the aliens are going to intervene and help us. And they just won’t. That will not happen. This movie has no ET ex machina ending.

Extraterrestrials would not intervene to help us solve the existential crises which we have created for ourselves for the same reason we created those crises in the first place: we are not mature enough. Do you really believe an alien civilization would gift us with free energy so we stop filling our atmosphere with carbon or whatever? It would be like ten days before we figured out how to turn it into a weapon.

I mean look what happened when we discovered nuclear energy. We came within a hair’s breadth from ending the world, not just once, but multiple times. And we’ve still got those horrible armageddon weapons pointed at each other. What could extraterrestrials possibly give us that we wouldn’t use to make things far worse than they already are?

The only way an alien civilization could possibly save us from ourselves would be to forcibly stop us from doing what we’ve been doing, and does that make sense either? Could an advanced civilization become advanced without developing a deep respect for sovereignty? After all it’s a lack of respect for sovereignty that is causing most of our problems on this planet. If we respected national sovereignty military interventionism wouldn’t be a thing. If we respected personal sovereignty everything from corporate exploitation to government oppression to rape and murder would stop happening. Respect for sovereignty would be paramount in an advanced civilization.

I think if there are indeed ETs and deep space travel is indeed scientifically possible, they’d see fit to leave us alone and not interfere for the same reason you don’t open a bird’s egg to try and help it grow. We need to be left on our own to mature.

A very possible answer to the Fermi paradox is that we haven’t met the aliens because a civilization far more advanced than our own would have matured emotionally and spiritually beyond the need to sail around the galaxy molesting the natives like a bunch of fifteenth century Europeans. They, unlike us, would not be craning their necks scanning around the universe for more stuff to take.

No, we are on our own for this test. We have the total sovereign freedom to pass the test or fail it. Whether they exist or not, the aliens are not coming to help us.

Our species is like a guy whose personal life is complete chaos, but he keeps trying to find peace by chasing after a bunch of external attainments and accomplishments. Thinking we can flee to space if we trash this world is far, far dumber than planning on buying a new house because you can’t be bothered tidying up the one you have, and that’s really dumb. We need to stop looking to the stars as a path out of this mess, either by leaving our home or by being rescued by ET, and we must begin taking care of each other and our ecosystem. We need to stop trying to run away from ourselves, turn around, and face our dilemma head-on.

Forget close encounters of the third kind. We need a close encounter with us.


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  • Good article. I would like to share it on facebook but they don’t like genitals there (I guess even if painted so artistically as in the picture). So, I’m afraid a hypercorrect FB-AI would cancel it within a picosecond (brrrzzzz-tweeetz-deleted) and then block me for a week or so. Once posted a pic of nude performance artis Ai Weiwei standig in ‘Adam’s costume’ on Tien Anmen in Central Beijing … four cops already busting around hysterically in the background to arrest him. You cannot imagine how fast it was deleted and I got a nagging message from the great FB-censor, kinda: “Don’t do this again or you’re blocked pal!”

  • Respecting sovereignty? Respecting Germany’s in WWll if all the Holocaust happened in Germany? and even happening outside it? And other atrocities that happen in other countries – respect their sovereignty to commit horrors?

  • “… matured emotionally and spiritually beyond the need …” I don’t know where this ridiculous idea came from. Madame Blavatski? Some other spiritualist? Have wolves evolved emotionally and spiritually? Look, any species that becomes intelligent will be evolved from a predator species of some kind. Cooperation and altruism are survival traits, but they are applied intra-species, not inter-species. Predators are territorial and aggressive, and I cannot think of any evolutionary pressures that would lessen them in a species. My failure of imagination doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, of course, but I do not think the smart money would bet on it. There was some discussion of this back in the ’50s in science fiction circles, and I believe in what the consensus came to then. Any species that reaches control of nuclear fission will eventually destroy itself. We already see people in the government who believe radioactive fallout is not harmful and that they can use nuclear weapons without eliciting a devastating response. If that evaluation is wrong, and some species has lasted past nuclear fission long enough to learn how to traverse interstellar distances, I think we should reflect on what the more technically advanced people from Europe did when they discovered the New World.

    • Intelligence is founded in the orderly use of awareness and knowledge, not on lifestyle, nor on diet.

      The absence of a technology which supports and teaches trustworthy methods of using our awareness … is a sinister clue that our ‘leaders’ regard us as livestock.

  • Caitlin great article. I have often said Space Aliens: If they can get here…they won’t!

  • Wondering if anyone has considered the possibility that aliens are simply are demons from the pit of hell?.

    • Firmly believe this is the case. Book of Enoch. And they are now coming out… Huge eyes and pale skin? Almost like they never saw the sun, not like they traveled across open brilliant space! Their small craft are fine for our atmosphere, but could not possibly arrive from even the moon, so where is the mother ship? They are subterranean. They are not our friends, they mean us harm, and they utterly control many top world leaders already. There can be no peace until they are all destroyed, but that will cost most of humanity. So be it. Peace.

    • So you believe that the entire universe except Earth are populated by demons, that all life not from this one microscopic speck is a demon from hell. This is frankly ludicrous and offensive to all extraterrestrial life.

      • Th question I asked was -had anyone considered the possibility. Since we don’t know for sure, the possibility is as logically valid as any other, including the as yet unproven assumptions that there is extraterrestrial life, and that they would be offended by my question.
        If you are going to put words in my mouth, at least try to think critically first.

        • By sheer probability, extraterrestrials exist due to the universe being infinite in size. No proof of their existence is irrelevant, they do exist and it’s pretty arrogant to suggest that they don’t, as the implication would be that we are it when clearly that’s not possible. Also by posing the question that extraterrestrials are demons is offensive on its face since dehumanization is the first step in treating others as inferior therefore feeling justified in oppressing them/killing them on a willy nilly fashion (also an example of religious fundamentalism which continue to kill millions upon millions of people throughout history). I wasn’t putting words in your mouth, Fox News for example has the “just asking questions” excuse all the time to make people believe in horrible shit. So that’s my full argument on the matter.

          • Well, here is my final post on the subject -please try to follow what I am going to explain to you. You state that the universe is infinite as if it an accepted truth. Many Physicists disagree, and believe it is finite. The fact is – we just don’t know, so your statement is nothing more than a hypothesis… which cannot be proven or disproven objectively. Talk about arrogance…
            If the universe is finite, that would mean that the amount of matter in it is not only consistent (conservation of mass) but also theoretically quantifiable. Essentially, what a finite universe does is turn everything into a mathematical process that would be possible to map by an equation. If the universe is finite, we can understand our existence at some level. We can say that we exist because some specific thing(s) happened and that eventually resulted in me sitting here writing this; because I am the observable B, there must have been at some point an A. Unfortunately, given a linear timeline and our multidimensional universe, we’d never actually be able to test it to see if it acted this way, but in theory it should.
            However, in an infinite universe, there is more than one possible outcome. In fact, there are an infinite number, because when you take out the rules, things start to get very strange. Instead of cause A resulting in effect B, causes A and B are totally disconnected from one another. Just as we begin to say that some specific thing(s) had to happen for us to get here we stop and realize that we can’t be sure because in an infinite universe, every possible thing is concurrently happening, happened 5 seconds ago, happened 5 million years ago, and will happen 5 minutes from now. An infinite universe not only allows for everything, it requires it.
            Some scientists believe that an infinite universe is actually impossible because our universe is created out of matter, and matter is not infinite.
            My point is – the question is not settled, except maybe in your closed mind. I merely asked if anyone had considered the possibility that aliens might not be what they appear to be- who said anything about religion? It might do you good to try to set aside your social justice crusade for aliens and accept the reality that there are things we cannot know for sure.

    • I considered this 25 years ago, concluding that they are not the same. Demons are what individuals become when they allow self-importance to make their decisions. And we are in the pit of hell right now.

      Aliens are from a universe so big that thought cannot accommodate the concept. Coming from diverse origins and methods of feeding, nonEarth life forms can be predicted to be as endlessly diverse and adapted as are our known species.

      Aliens are already here, and interfering in our destiny.
      Public stupidity has never been higher.
      Forbidden knowledge remains ignored and meaningless, just as Jehovah (a humourless nonHuman) commanded, threatened, and punishes all who dare discern between evil and generosity.
      Denying this makes the alien interference easy.

  • And at the very worst , the UFO thing has moved beyond covering up military tech experiments to a sort of MK-Ultra style collective depatterning or inducement of mass psychosis to distract attention away from the chaotic state of the world and all the shit things the GloboCap Empire is currently doing
    Beware, friends !



  • Looks like you made it big this time Caitlin, at least as far as readership is concerned; why that might be should be an interesting thought investigation

  • Excellent article. The only minor quibble I would have is I could very easily see any extraterrestrials looking at the Earth as a whole as something worth saving, and the human species as just a virus/cancer that needs to be eliminated for the health of the Earth. And even if they were to take notice of us as a distinct entity, our current behavior would just indicate we have lost the right to develop and possibly mature due to our current course which may kill all life on the planet.

    On a more basic level, I truly doubt that any civilization which could figure out space travel would have any issues hiding their craft from us if they really wanted to. And it makes little to no sense for them to play hide and go seek: they would either remain hidden or make it very clear what they were.

  • Before I gave up on politicians enacting the solutions to global warming and saw how we’ve reacted to the pandemic, I fantasized about threats to the whole world that would bring us together. All these major problems separate us. That blows me away!

    • I thought the title of your reply was what you were going to talk about. June 25th is the announced day of the big reveal. Reveal WHAT, exactly? More fuzzy pics and thermal pics that prove nothing. Drones are everywhere and skunk works and DARPA and their counterparts in Russia and China have surely been up to some terrific advanced tech.

      So what is going to happen on June 25th? Nothing…it is what is going to happen within I would say a 20 day window that matters. June 15th -July 8th is the REAL reveal. The UFO reveal is just a massive, LOOK OVER HERE, while ‘they’ do something terrible.
      Wait and see, just know you better be ready.

  • The Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about is really founded in illegal UFO secrecy.

    The Pentagon is using UFO’s to build a bigger budget for Space Force, and to build the case for the hostility of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

    Hoaxed alien invasions can be staged with existing, classified technology.

    Rogue military operatives have been staging “alien abductions” and animal mutilations for decades as part of a psychological warfare campaign.

  • And the US is clearly sending overt messages with this photo-op. In Russia this will be viewed as an overt admission of who and what the US-centered Empire really is – the Fourth Reich. At home, any who say this will be gaslit and accused of being paranoid, and/or spreading Russian Propaganda.


    Mark Sleboda has an interesting take on all of this.

    hope this doesn’t wind up being a triple post…

  • And the US is clearly sending overt messages with this photo-op. In Russia this will be viewed as an overt admission of who and what the US-centered Empire really is – the Fourth Reich. At home, any who say this will be gaslit and accused if of being paranoid, and/or spreading Russian Propaganda.


    Mark Sleboda has an interesting take on all of this.


  • I’m surprised that no one mentions what l see as the obvious reason for this UFO information release by the US military. They are manufacturing consent to militarise space. What better reason to do that than a potentially hostile alien threat that we need to address! Also, why would you want to confront aliens whose civilisation is light years ahead of our own? We can’t even detect any signs of alien life even from unmanned spacecraft we send to the outer reaches of space that humans can’t go to so given the vast distances involved, if they are capable of coming here then they are infinitely more advanced than us and what would we have that they would want? Also, why do most sightings seem to happen in the USA?

    • Most sightings happen in the USA because the USA dictates policy to most of the world. Interfering with USA leadership is a priority in any takeover of mankind.

  • How to guarantee a war!!
    The irresponsible, tasteless and plain obscene action of United States Defense Attache to Kiev Colonel Brittany Stewart in publicly wearing a Ukrainian armed forces deaths head insignia in her visit to the Donbass war zone in a time of deadly escalating tensions on April 9 defies belief. Her action suggests that under President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin the Pentagon has fallen into the hands of deadly dangerous sloppy idiots.
    Ukraines Joint Forces Operation command said Ms Stewart had traveled to Donbass to assess the situation on the ground. In photos taken during her visit, Ms Stewart is seen wearing on her shoulder sleeve a “Ukraine or death” skull insignia, which is the patch of the 72nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade.
    Ms Stewart not only openly displayed partiality for the crushing of the secessionist provinces, she did so in a way guaranteed to enrage all Russian and Ukrainians whose grandparents and great-grandparents fought – and all too often were mercilessly killed – by the Nazis and their collaborationist allies during World War II.
    For the deaths head was the insignia of the SS, the most murderous, racist and infamous murder force of barbarians in recorded human history.
    This revealing article can be read here:
    U.S. Attaches “Deaths Head” Insult Fans Flames Threatening World War in Ukraine by Martin Sieff!

  • This is fabulous and common sense and real and eyes-wide-open writing Caitlin. Aliens and “probed” rear ends – and flying saucers and crop circles – lovely for fantasy – but otherwise – a children’s game. You have – yet-again – put all the nonsense back into perspective – so thanks!

  • All that’s needed for a human intervention is a Texas-sized spacecraft to park itself between Earth & the Moon for 1-2 weeks, long enough for the world to grasp its authenticity, and the reality of its extraterrestrial uniqueness. Then come back in 10-20 years and do an update. Nothing yet like that has happened, although there have been some rather large craft in & around our Sun. And let’s not forget the sudden & giant FBI raid on the solar observatory in Sunspot NM (2018), for that janitor doing kiddie porn [cover story], or all the other solar observatories worldwide that got the same natsec treatments. If there’s to be an alien intervention, ET controls the timetable, not the bicameral hominids.

  • they come to save the whales..so they will modify the coof vaccin code to eliminate pesky humans
    stock market will go up on this, so davosclub agrees

  • Those super smart Aliens will probably let humanity destroy itself. But it would a shame to let a species that was the result of millions of years of evolution to completely disappear so they will probably keep a few specimen humans for study and/or for modification and improvement.

  • THIS is not Fauci’s first HOAX !!

    AIDS was/is a HOAX as well !

    This documentary is mind blowing – features Kary Mullis as well – NO wonder they got rid of him !

    FAKE AIDS testing – Doctors used the FAKE tests to diagnose people and tell them they had HIV – gave the freaked out people DRUGS – the DRUGS killed them – sound familiar !!


    • So what do you think killed those who died of AIDS before antiretroviral drugs came along?

      • Well, Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling put forward the unpopular notion that recreational drug use (Amyl Nitrates, Cocaine, Speed, etc.), combined with a steady diet and overuse of antibiotics, along with the stresses of a hard lifestyle and oral-fecal transmission routes, might have caused much of the
        initial outbreaks… But even if we concede a virus of unknown origin, and means of introduction – PCR tests are not an accurate method of assessment of infections. AZT can deliver the same symptoms as some attributed to tge virus – and use of Amyl Nitratebpoppers are associated with Caposi’s Sarcoma


        • Amyl nitrite was popular among gay men long before AIDS came along, without any increased risk of Kaposi’s sarcoma. The first wave of AIDS in the USA predominantly hit gay men, so it’s hardly surprising AIDS symptoms such as Kaposi’s sarcoma were associated with amyl nitrite.
          As for that second link, ‘does-aids-cause-hiv’, the short and simple answer is no. It’s the other way round; HIV leads to AIDS if untreated. If they get confused about which is which, I doubt the rest of the article is worth looking at.

          I’ve known too many people who’ve died of AIDS, and it isn’t fun. I also know people with HIV still living healthy lives after many years thanks to antiretrovirals. Quite why you want to try spreading the idea that AIDS is a hoax beats me.

          • I see you’re pushing BigPharma”s genocidal propaganda, and dubious Science. (Profesor Duesberg demanded that his name be taken off of Gallo’s work.) In that cause you’re attacking the clever and provocative title a heterodox thinker – as a means of avoiding the substance of-, and science behind-, the arguments he makes.

            PCR tests are JUNK SCIENCE, and not meant for diagnosis of disease. It’s hard to know what percentage of false positive diagnosis patients – have been sickened or killed, by the medicines prescribed to them – which shared symptoms with the disease they were meant to cure.

            The Anti-Retrovirals used today aren’t the same as the highly toxic and profitable AZT, promoted by the Tavistock Institute’s Neighbor – the Burroughs Wellcome /Wellcome Trust. As with the current round of human medical Experimentation, with Eugenic elements – Fauci and BigPharma have been working both the supply and demand sides, of the often Terminal Human Medical EXPERIMENTAL treatments, without adequate safety testing, under the guise of emergency.
            http://web.archive.org/web/20190209023624/http://svvordfish.blogspot.com/2018/01/explosive-new-evidence-links-tony.html?m=1 the interesting part (for this discussion – is the covert support for ACT-UP groups, by AZT’s makers.

            Alive and Well, http://aras.ab.ca/index.php , and others, have dared to challenge the highly profitable orthodox paradigm, that a(n often dubious) positive PCR Test result = HIV = Death. Magic Johnson doesn’t take Anti-Retrovirals, as I understand it. There may be other effective pathways and modalities to prevent AIDS – post “HIV positive” diagnosis.

            My friend Christine Maggiore tested positive, then negative, then indeterminate. She went from the most highly booked AIDS Project LA speaker – to a heretical pariah, because she did her own research, and started reading the package inserts on “tests” and medicines.

            This looks like another instance when you may know much less than you think you do, despite your orthodox thinking and certainty.

            • *from a heterodox thinker

            • “There is no cure either for HIV or AIDS. Yet Johnson has lived with the HIV virus by keeping a strict daily routine. He prays and has a positive attitude. He works out. And he takes his medicine (he told the Los Angeles Times in 2011 that he takes three undisclosed pills twice a day). On CNN, Johnson added that he has taken what is known as the HIV cocktail. David Ho, Johnson’s physician and one of the preeminent doctors in the AIDS research community, is credited for coming up with the “cocktail” mixtures of protease inhibitors.


              • Well that may work for him. I’ve known others who have chosen to go.in other directions, with good results, as well. We still don’t know what Johnson is taking, and how much – and prior to those articles, he appeared to be exploring alternative methods for many years. He doesn’t show the lipodystrophy
                patterns common to most HIV patients being treated with those drugs.

    • Jack Oliver’s mind is easily blown.

  • I am almost always aligned with your thinking Caitlin, tho on this occasion, my thoughts differ…

    My belief is that Earth has been hijacked by beings who display dangerous sociopathic and psychopathic traits and have little concern for the well being of humanity. (yeah I know, “no shit sherlock”)

    These beings have used the vast tools of propaganda, indoctrination, manipulation and brute force to mould and condition much of humanity, in varying degrees to behave and believe in a specific way .. particularly encouraging a belief that “theres not enough to go round” which has lead to fighting one another, whilst they rape and pillage our Earth… (for reasons I cannot quite fathom, greed?, control,? eugenics? maybe)

    These beings propagate Sociopaths/Psychopaths and mindless leeches who inevitably climb corporate and government ladders, sweeping good people aside as they claim more and more power over our lives, the lives of the empathic and caring people of Earth …

    I have travelled extensively around the world and noticed that most people I encounter are caring and loving and just want peace on earth and do NOT support forever wars -. we are many … and the psychos are few, altho they are expanding rapidly these days with social media and the tech giants who appear to be shaping our young to embrace these undesirable tendencies

    So I believe that it is our innate nature to be towards love and caring, .. that a certain malevolent “species” has messed with our Psyche and that all wise and knowing Alien races may be aware of the tragedy our species is facing.. and that we are not all “bad”.

    For complete disclosure here – Even tho I admit its simply a deep life craving for humanity’s sake, – I have always entertained the idea that they might help us with some kind of intervention and simply “extract” the psychos at the top of the pyramid from our midst.. or preferably we manage to do it for ourselves somehow,… not impossible but would require many of us to transcend the indoctrination of our species and take back our sovereignty .
    I am enjoying the comments on this thread very much .. thankyou all

    • LOL, seriously? Humans have well and truly screwed the Earth over based simply on their greed, and the have not’s desire to live their lives staying silent. To expect Ailiens to come riding on their white charger to save our sorry arses, says a lot about the denial of our species to front up and own up to our stupidity. Let’s face it, what sort of suicidal Alien would identify themselves to humans? They’d be dead within a week, if not earlier.

    • Good thinking, Mia. What you propose is a forbidden idea, forbidden because the hijackers are weaker and stupider than us. They deny their own existence so we don’t oppose the theft of our heritage … being offspring of theCreator.
      For the best description of these hijackers, see the chapter Mud Shadows in the book “The Active Side of Infinity”. Although the information includes countermeasures, this remains ignored despite coming via a conscientious field anthropologist. Because of that alien influence … forbidden knowledge and compulsory lies make us more stupid than the hijackers.
      A typical compulsory belief is that we are defective, that without ‘divine redemption’ … all humans are unworthy of the freedoms of heaven.
      The defect is in mistaking the hijacker’s insistence for our own values.

  • Clif woo woo High predicting huge US government UFO exposure event in early June 2021.

  • Is it possible that the media/CIA could create a psyop/hoax that we are being invaded by aliens? It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve been setting this up since the fifties. Given all the other psyop/hoaxes they’re responsible for, I don’t think it’s far fetched at all.
    As Ariel noted in the first , concise comment on this thread: “LOCKHEED TR3B.”
    I decided search for the Lockheed TR3B and lo and behold I saw this video:
    At 36 sec the object splits apart to form to distinct triangular objects, extremely similar to to those in Caitlin’s video.
    From the military.com link:
    “It doesn’t exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. Interestingly, the plasma generated also reduces radar signature significantly. So it’ll be almost invisible on radar & remain undetected. This literally means that it can go to any country it likes without being detected by air traffic control & air defence systems. Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TR-3_Black_Manta

    • From the military.com piece: “It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship.”
      A field of anti-gravity? Gobbledygook.

  • Clif High predicting huge US government UFO exposure event in early June 2021.

  • Modest Mouse; Lampshades on Fire

    Lamps on fire right looking up
    Looking towards the heavens
    Towards the heavens above
    Waiting for the magic when the sound is played
    We’ll push, push, push, push, push it to the floorSpend some time to float in outer space
    Find another party, make the same mistakes
    Our mind’s so shattered when we plan to go
    Waiting for the sound as we find another globeUntil we’re moving on
    Better find another one because this one’s gone
    Waiting for the magic when the sound is blown
    We’ll push, push, push, push, push a little forward

    I’m just afraid, If they see that we are going to kill ourselves off anyway, Will they decide to eat us first?

    • “To Serve Man” Twilight Zone Episode #89:

      • That was pretty Creepy, Frank and here I am eating my pizza.

        • Well, “If they see that we are going to kill ourselves off anyway, Will they decide to eat us first?” sure triggers the memory of that episode.

          • I did enjoy it quite a bit. Good fiction and here’s to hoping it stays that way.

      • “The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab… “IT’S A COOKBOOK!!!!”

  • The best proof of extraterrestrial intelligence is the fact that they have so far avoided any contact with us humans.

  • Perhaps they are responding to our continued collective cultivation of the Reptilian mind. “If you build it, they will come.”

  • A somewhat anthropomorphic supposition on your part Caitlin. How could we presume what the form of an extraterrestrial consciousness might be? What their motivations may consist of. What they might consider ethical, or even if ethics is a part of their consciousness. They could easily be more similar to ants or bees. In an infinite universe, not only is anything and every thing possible, its likely. We have not the slightest notion from what point of view they may see us, or even if they see us as “us”.
    If they were to arrive, and if they had a consciousness somewhat similar to our own, they could solve the vast majority of our social problems by implementing a planet wide cure for sociopathy and psychopathy. If they are smart enough to get here it shouldn’t be a problem to recognize the need, and implement the solution. If such occurred, practically the entire cadre of all governments would quit and go find something productive or useful to do.

    • That is my only disagreement with Caitlin here, I do agree though that Elon Musk & Jeff Bazos most likely think that as long as they develop space travel/colorization, they have “permission” to rape/pillage/pollute/destroy as they wish.

      I do not think most of humanity thinks this way, I think the common thought process would be hoping to: get away from the monsters that took control of Earth, get a first contact that would teach humanity how to use technology responsibly and to respect all forms of life, get rescued by them forcefully getting rid of our entire political system and to guide us on rebuilding it, and then (and only then) giving all the technology we would ever need/desire that would most likely end all suffering on Earth.

    • Rendering everything meaningless is how aliens train us to be stupid … with jwk doing their dirty work for them.

  • I wonder if the alleged interference with launch controls at our SAC base on our intercontinental missiles, before the turn of the century, was ET showing us that they could prevent a missile launch in the event that we are stupid enough to let them fly. There remains no explanation for that event or events in Russia of a similar nature.

  • Two quotes: “Our species is like a guy whose personal life is complete chaos, but he keeps trying to find peace by chasing after a bunch of external attainments and accomplishments.” “Our species is like a [woman] whose personal life is complete chaos, but [she] keeps trying to find peace by chasing after a bunch of external attainments and accomplishments.”
    Beyond that, who among the readers here would be bold enough to come forward with their experiences regarding UFOs and Aliens to counter negatives with personal proof? If any did, how would they be cast off? Beyond this blog, who among them would be bold enough to come forward with their experiences regarding UFOs and Aliens to counter all the propaganda with personal proof? If any did, how would they be used, or be cast off? A stage is obviously being set, since worldwide controlled media does not act in such a concerted manner without a goal. They have “their own secret … reasons.” And, Aliens (say at least a million years ahead) would be aware of such manipulations.

    • Pretty much, perhaps my favorite movie of all time

    • Have you ever seen the Original version of “The Manchurian Candidate”? The scene with the Womens’ Club – intercut with the reality of some vaguely Chinese or Russian looking Generals comes to mind. And allow me to point out, that in that film, as well as in the news and popular culture surrounding that period – the Mind Control Programs and technologies that we were projecting onto the Russians, Chinese and N. Koreans – were EXACTLY what we had been up to, and studying – and were not really those of our adversaries.

      “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

      Sure – you’ll recount with great specificity the large headed, big eyed, Zeta Reticulan Gray Aliens that were probing your nether regions, and implanting you with advanced MilSpec microchips and devices… But that’s because of the power of hypnosis, and the suggestions of one of the men in lab coats, who were really doing all those things to you…

      Not to minimize anyone’s trauma…but some proper skepticism should be maintained about those eyewitness accounts… As with the testimony of those survivors of N. Korean captivity in that movie. They all told THE EXACT SAME STORY – too.

  • “…while rapidly killing off mysterious giant-brained leviathans who live in our own oceans, whose experience of consciousness we know essentially nothing about.”

    I’m glad you mentioned this, even in an anthrocentric way. But of course, the abomination that is the human tolerance for and participation in a system which brutally exploits, harms, and slaughters Billions of sentient earthlings constantly, would possibly be a bigger turn-off for the aliens. Hard to know what their reaction would be to such mind-boggling cruelty on such a massive scale. If you happened upon a civilisation engaged in such horror, how would you react?

  • Oligarchies are made up of people
    Just as nations are made up of people
    Nations are NOT sovereign
    Just as individuals within are NOT sovereign

    As humans we all are obligated to each other
    Yet there are those who have come to believe, by hook or by crooking it
    That they are the exceptionals
    And by this egotistical assumption they feel entitled to the power they have wrested

    Their conduct is
    The sovereign power
    Answering to no other
    More especially not to their own consciences

    • The American People are Sovereign – at least according to the written opinion of Chief Justice John Jay – in Chisholm vs. Georgia.


      (It’s the last opinion on the case )

      “The same feudal ideas run through all their jurisprudence, and constantly remind us of the distinction between the Prince and the subject. No such ideas obtain here; at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects (unless the African slaves among us may be so called) and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.”

      Sovereign doesn’t mean that you have no duties to others – it just means that you must willingly agree to those duties – as by Charter or Contract. The Kings and Queens of England are still bound by the Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest, and Confirmatorio Cartarum, for instance…and the rights protected therein are considered to be included by history and reference into the 1789 Constitution for the United States of America, the Ninth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, and all of the State Constitutions, as well.

      It is a pernicious misunderstanding and a grave bit of commonly promoted disinformation – to suggest otherwise.

      • So, thinking “another worldview possible” is the balm; citing from the thinking minds of those who concocted a document in 1789 – from the minds of ‘men’ who ruled, without second thoughts, more than two-hundred-and thirty years ago, is an expansive worldview?

        Their documents described their thoughts.
        However, their actions spoke louder than their words, as do the actions today, of their descendants.

        So, because we are incapable – for whatever the rationalizations, of looking in the mirror, at ourselves, let’s look for another worldview, in fantasy?

        Please don’t let me know the definition of escapism, nor what it
        really feels like!
        But thanks for the elucidation on the definition of sovereignty!
        What is one to do without any critical intellect of her/his own?

        Were the ‘forefathers’ even conscious enough to be aware of what they were really feeling?
        It seems to me, the more things change, in the highly conditioned – improper(gandized) mind, the more the facts on the ground – reality, stay the same.

        Citing a middle English phrase (1150CE – 1450), god speed, on the trip into phantasmagoria.

        Hope we’ll all still be here when the lights come on!

        • So then you believe men/mankind in a Republic to be property and subjects of the creature that they created? Did they willingly enslave themselves and surrender the rights endowed them by their creator? When was that, and how?

          If people aren’t capable of decisions on an individual level – does putting people within, and at the mercy of larger groups somehow create this capacity? What an odd notion!

          Or is there just a better class who can tell them what to do?

          Your WorldView appears to be somewhere between Statism, and elitism or the aristocratic. Either way, it is a betrayal of free will for mankind – and appears to discount the possibilities of voluntarism.

          I’m sorry that you wish to dispense with the history and philosophy of law – that would allow you to cede your sovereignity to fictional entities, or your owners/betters… Personally I’m not willing to concede my rights to fools like yourself. If you want ’em – come take ’em from me, as John Locke would suggest is consistent with the Natural Law – unless you want yo br consistent in eschewing such archaic reasoning.

  • They are setting us up, prepping us for another big time hoax, to further terrify folks. If CNN is now playing this game then its one big time phony scam coming up, with the usual actors, and then more lockdowns as the government begins to “fight “ off these aliens, and so on. The one thing we all just don’t get is that there are Van Allen radiation belts surrounding the earth. These belts protect life from very harmful sun radiation, and at same time keeps life at home, forever , never survivie passing thru those belts. Both astronauts and space aliens are unable to survive unless you are surrounded with 6 feet of lead. Poor Laika the Russian dog fried quickly when shot up there thus ending the Russian attempts to get to the moon, and we never landed on the moon, just a fairy tale, conducted by NASA’s Freemasons , another scam, stealing lots of money, making the whole thing up. It starts there. Fake moon landings.

    • Why wouldn’t the USSR have exposed the moon landings as fake?

      • That’s an easy one: because they had more to gain from not exposing it – like building the ISS with the US – than by exposing it, which the Western media would have immediately called gross Soviet propaganda and nobody would have believed it anyway. Same for 9/11 having been pulled by a caveman and a gang of drug and hooker-addicted loafers obviously incapable of doing what they were accused of, which can’t have escaped Russian intelligence. But Putin was busy rebuilding his economy and had no use for sterile polemics with the hegemon.

        • The Soviet Salyut space station began in 1971, without help from the USA. The Soviet MIR space station was launched in 1986, again without US assistance. In 1992 Bush and Yeltsin signed an agreement allowing one US astronaut to visit MIR.

      • Fun Reading, make of it what you will.


  • As vast as the universe is; it is highly unlikely that ours in the only species that contemplates traveling to other planets. If ET shows up here; they will either leave us alone to kill each other off, or they will exterminate us themselves to make sure our species goes extinct forever!

  • I used to wait for the mothership to come pick me up and get me out of here, but with covid-19, social distancing and all . nobody is going to want to mess with that. In any event I never felt like I was really a human being to begin with, it was always about trying to find out what the humans were all about even if that meant trying to forget why I was here to begin with so that I could truly experience what it was to be human, let those chemicals that the human flesh produces that regulate emotions take over to experience their effect on the human mine. More like than not if any other aliens come to this planet that’s all that they’ll be interested in as well, or more like than not, some other species to explore. Or, possibly, they’ll be a lot like humans and just enjoy killing things for the fun of it, that would be my guess.

  • If you want to know why a species has never evolved to explore the galaxy, look around.

  • Excellent article as usual. Here is another possibility. The planet earth, a garden planet, was developed by Aliens as an experiment. They have been watching us develop. Over the years, they realize they fucked up, big time. Now they are visiting and trying to figure out how to save an experiment in which a hapless primate has evolved that is about to destroy their handicraft.

    • Some kid’s 4-H project no doubt; plant a seed, wait 4 billion years, and see what develops; I used it as a pickup line once. It ended tragically.

  • So well said Caitlin .My feelings exactly .Besides we were told by Werner Von Braun that the alien invasion would be the last card that the spooks would play to keep us in perpetual fear .

  • I think it’s time to open the books

  • They’re already here …
    But seriously …
    E.O. Wilson: Aliens Are Out There and They Probably Look Like This

  • Although reported sightings of extraordinary lights in the sky go back into antiquity, it’s not surprising that UFO sightings dramatically increased as soon as we started blowing up nuclear bombs. The ET’s were saying, “Hey, you gotta get over here. You won’t believe what these crazy primates are doing!” While today’s sightings could be black programs, it’s hard to believe that we had anti-gravity propulsion in 1947 and yet we’re still using rockets today. While they haven’t landed on the White House lawn, the ET’s have contacted many thousands of people individually – hoping to nudge us in the right direction.

    • Why anti-gravity? Rockets don’t use anti-gravitational devices, unless you call thrust anti-gravity.

    • Yes, it’s “hard to believe that we had anti-gravity propulsion in 1947.”

      According to Wikipedia, “Anti-gravity … is a hypothetical phenomenon of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. … Anti-gravity is a recurring concept in science fiction, particularly in the context of spacecraft propulsion. … The possibility of creating anti-gravity depends upon the detection and description of gravity at the quantum dimension; as of 2020 physicists have yet to discover the quantum nature of gravity.”

      • Are you an expert in Black Projects Technologies?

        Let’s remember that Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source on anything controversial or Covert. Because even reliable sources like the Grayzone and MintPress can’t be cited there (but I’d imagine that Bellingcat and any other number of propaganda outfits can) – it’s unclear to me whether you’re getting the real story on the Douma “CHEMICAL ATTACK!!!”, OPCW whistleblowers, White Helmets, etc. – much less whatever we may have found in the Nazi space program, “Foo Fighters”, etc..

        To assume that unexplained aerial phenomena are automatically fraudulent, or from Extraterrestrial sources – isn’t rational. And whatever those TR-3B craft are using for propulsion – they are clearly beyond the capabilities of any publicly known technology.

        • No, I’m far from an expert in Black Projects Technologies, but if there were anything to this anti-gravity stuff, it would be a far greater scientific breakthrough than the Higgs boson; it would revolutionise our understanding of physics, or depend on such a revolution.

          • And Wikipedia is not my source, for this or for Douma and the OPCW. But in this case, it concurs with what I’ve learned about gravity from many other sources, and there’s no equivalent of Ian Henderson with a credible theory of what this anti-gravity is, just some writers who like to throw the phrase around in isolation in the hope of appearing scientific.

            • There’s no Ian Henderson – who has COME FORWARD, so far. But there have been researchers and alleged whistleblowers who’ve come forward with tales worth considering -!evennifnomlynas possinle cover stories and blackmptopaganda. That L. Rockefeller may have been connected to some of these programs is pretty well known.

              and there may be more going on here, than meets the eye.


              By law – people working on Black Projects face severe consequences for doing that sort of whistleblowing – from long prison terms – to death. Henderson has faced only character assisination thus far – and that’s merely a de facto affair, not de jure. Additionally – compartmentalization may prevent the the number of people with full knowledge to be extremely limited.

              Whether the craft (and the technology being used by them) being seen and filmed are terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin – the flight characteristics appear to be novel, and otherwise unexplained. What’s your answer to the Empirical data on those flight characteristics?

              • There’s no evidence for anti-gravity, nor is there any coherent theory of anti-gravity. It’s a word borrowed from science fiction.

              • The official narrative around Douma was absolutely full of holes and made little sense from the word go. In a way, Ian Henderson just confirmed what many of us suspected all along. Gravity, on the other hand, is a well tested theory that gets space probes to Saturn and (in the form of general relativity) makes GPS work. There is, as you say, no Ian Henderson who’s debunked the evidence for it, and if one does pop up, they’d need some pretty amazing evidence. Until that happens, I’ll continue believing in gravity, and leave anti-gravity for Hollywood.

                • Gravity is the missing element from the grand unified theory – it’s true… But you’re assuming that our Mikitary Researchers with Nationsl Security Non-disclosure Agreements, have shated everything that they know… We still have no PLAUSIBLE counter- theory – that can explain the Flight characteristics of observed aerial phenomena. WHICH, I’m guessing, is why you keep ducking that question.

                  Also Directed Energy weapons were considered Science Fiction, during my lifetime. You’re going to need to engage the points that I’ve raised – or concede at some point.

  • This is more likely what humans would do with alien technology.


    Still we have to remember, it would take 50,000 years to reach the nearest planet outside of the solar system with currently available technology.

    Seems like the movies have been guiding or obsession with aliens since at least the 70’s

  • Just thinking mathematically, there must be aliens.
    But how would humans react to aliens who were purple or green and looked like rats or snakes?
    Not well.

    Highly Evolved Aliens probably already have their hands full trying to help other less evolved alien species. The Universe is huge.

    Most likely they HAD made an attempt at communicating with us already, and were told to go away. Picture a huge neon sign just beyond Pluto, flashing the message-


  • Point of order, earthling!

  • Well said!

  • As always Caitlin, brilliantly insightful. The prime directive and human evolution are intimately interrelated.Though I do believe we constantly receive guidance if we are wise enough to embrace it, only we can solve the problems confronting us mostly because it is our own behaviors that are the source of those problems. When it is our own actions that bring harm to other life, that is a violation of the prime directive. When it is our own inaction that brings harm to other life, that is a violation of the prime directive. The prime directive embodies the recognition of the interdependence of all life. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is humanities first faltering steps towards codifying the Prime Directive into human law. All of our efforts should at this time be directed towards the embracing and strengthening those recognitions within all aspects of our cultures, from the political and social to the scientific and economic.

  • Aliens exist. And they will never show up here to say: What’s up? They have been out there and here much time before our civilization. So what s the point? To make sure we will never leave this place. They know we are jailed here for a very good reason. Wherever we go only destruction and chaos are our legacy. When we finalize this planet after exhausting everything and eating ourselves as an last act of despair, they will help this planet lab to get back on its feet again. Everything here is an experiment but not us. We were dropped in the middle of a perfect experiment of terraforming. We are the stranger in the nest. To avoid further destruction in other places we are tolerated to live here. They are not cruel enough as we are when the order to eliminate is in question.

    • Well, until the sun consumes this planet in a few more billion years.

    • Perfectly stated! I couldn’t agree more.

  • “A very possible answer to the Fermi paradox is that we haven’t met the aliens because …”
    Because they would know better than to get anywhere near this failed, volatile and vicious species.

  • If people massively start to have a close encounter with themselves, the suicide rate is gonna shoot through the roof.
    Phase 2 of Father Christmas red pill (aka your government ain’t here to help you or tell you the truth) is already unbearable for most folks.
    Without years of progressive training in honesty, who could survive realizing they’re made of exactly the same stuff but just don’t have the brains and/or the balls? :o)

  • No aliens and no resurrection… Fanatics of the after life thinking they are special… and some how will be saved from the sword of misappropriate behaviors. Nature has it’s justifiable integrity to remove the scum of the earth from living on such a wonderful habitat in the cosmos. Bad behavior???…. Stepping in front of a bus thinking nothing will happen! Then hoping for a miracle to occur to save then from in their behavior… Critical thought left in the clouds and reason thrown to the wind!!!!

  • I hadn’t seen the Lisa and the Stranger piece before. Over and over again I just can’t be awed enough at your writing. I consider your writing the most intelligent and pertinent thoughts I come across on a regular basis. Thanks for so much awe, validation and solidarity!

  • Right you are, as usual.
    If there are intelligent travelers out there willing to intervene to save the earth, we better hope they don’t find us.

  • Prolly just the US Space Force ginning up an “enemy” so they can increase their share of public loot.


    • This is on the money Ariel. I just watched a video of the TR3B and it is very, very similar to what is seen in Caitlin’s clip. Thanks for the heads up. I’m writing a new comment about it.

      • Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but there’s nothing in this video but airliners filmed with an out of focus camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r2oaQWmqkk

        No aliens, no secret military planes.

        This always happens with these ‘leaked’ government videos. The FLIR video was just the heat of a distant airplane beyond radar range. The GIMBAL video was the same thing, but the camera pod on the recording plane rotated. The GOFAST video was just a weather balloon drifting in the wind, halfway between the filming fighter and the ground.

        Either the Pentagon has really terrible analysts, or these are being released as a way to distract the public from events in the real-world.

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