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We’re All Weird Naked Murder Monkeys

We’re in the thick of it. Nobody gets to hold themselves as separate from the madness of our species. Not if they are being truthful.

Our minds are touching right now by virtue of an internet that is responsible for 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions, using expensive gadgets built by human beings who’ve had to work far too hard for far too little in return. We are in all probability sitting, standing or lying at this very moment upon land that was stolen by violence from someone else, perhaps recently or perhaps a bit further back.

Our entire lives are at this very moment interwoven with the suffering of other sentient beings. Inseparably so. Our whole lifestyle is wrapped around an infrastructure of suffering and death.

The gears of industry have filled our oceans with plastic and led our world into a sixth mass extinction that has caused a drop in insect life so precipitous that once-commonplace things like firefly-filled evenings and bug-splattered windshields have become exceedingly scarce just within our own lifetimes.

We cannot with intellectual honesty separate ourselves as individuals from humanity’s industrial ecocide. If our species had not been behaving in the way it’s been behaving on this planet, our parents would never have met. Neither we nor our loved ones would exist. There would be no one sitting here right now to sigh at the mess our species has made for itself. If we do sigh at the mess, that sigh is made of that same mess, and so is the one who sighs.

The people you look at in your day to day life are fed by factory farming and industrial agriculture. The cells in their bodies are literally made from the suffering and death of other organisms, and of the exploited farm and factory workers who made their food available and affordable to them.

We live in civilizations built by toil, theft, slavery, exploitation and ecocide. The things we wear and use in our day to day living, the fuel which powers our vehicles, the vehicles themselves, the roads we drive them on, the buildings we pass on the road and the buildings we work in, the cities, the nations, all are inseparably unified with this globe-spanning network of violence stretching back to the dawn of recorded history. All are built from resources around the world collected and assembled by exploited and overworked human beings, by processes which take a deadly toll on the other living beings with whom we share this planet.

If you live in a region that is part of the US-centralized power alliance, everything you encounter in life will also be inextricably intertwined with the lifeblood of empire. Your money, your goods, your fuel, your way of life. All will have come to you, at least in part, via a vast international power structure using violence and coercion to bend a very large percentage of humanity to its will in order to serve its interests.

We are not separable from this mess. We might reject it, but we do so with minds that are made of it. We might criticize it, but we do so with mouths that are made of it. We might cover our eyes, but we do so with hands that are made of it.

Humanity, at least at this point in its development, is inseparable from the destruction it’s been causing. A human opposing humanity’s destructiveness is kind of like a plastic bottle in the Pacific Ocean opposing pollution. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just an inherently absurd position, because it wouldn’t exist to decry what it’s decrying if not for the thing it’s decrying.

I don’t really have a happy “but” to add to any of this, and I don’t think I’d be speaking authentically if I tried to. It is a mess. It’s a big, violent, destructive, deadly, oppressive, exploitative, omnicidal, ecocidal mess. And we’re all part of it. We’re all one with it.

And that’s really the most positive and truthful way we can look at this: yes, it’s a mess, but it’s not like any of us are really separate from it. At least we’re in this mess together.

We’re all weird naked monkey mutants constructed from the fibers of murder. The most self-righteous among us is just a self-righteous murder monkey. The most wicked among us is just a wicked murder monkey. The saddest loser among us is just a failed murder monkey.

And there can be a kind of ego death in that. In not holding ourselves separate, or higher or lower or better or worse, or in any way apart from the sweet sloppy chaos of this blood guts and garbage adventure we’re all on.

And we can let go completely into our oneness with that chaos while also fully pushing toward change. Because of course we can change. Of course we can. Anyone who has changed knows this.

This isn’t our nature. It’s not how we necessarily have to be. There’s nothing inscribed upon the fabric of of our being which says we can’t transition into a peaceful and collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem; the only thing stopping us is a few screwy sociopaths and an advanced system of propaganda designed to enslave our consciousness to the status quo.

But we have every ability to drastically shift our consciousness. We have every ability to move into a wholesome relationship with mental narrative that’s much more fluid and fearless than the conventional psychology which propagandists exploit. Nobody who’s ever experienced such a shift can doubt this.

And we’ll either make it or we won’t. Whether we transcend our self-destructive patterning or float along this current over the waterfall of extinction, we’ll be in it together. We’re all united in this weird wild murder monkey adventure that our mothers birthed us into.

And I think there’s something strangely beautiful about that.



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  • Not a very good mother is she though? A mother that has made suffering the default position for life on Earth – see Buddha. I honestly don’t think mum gives a fuck or possibly even derives some perverse pleasure from inflicting a primate with a self reflecting consciousness just to see what will happen. Let’s all collectively die. It’s for the best.

  • Good article. I would like to share it on facebook but they don’t like genitals there (I guess even if painted so artistically as in the picture). So, I’m afraid a hypercorrect FB-AI would cancel it within a picosecond (brrrzzzz-tweeetz-deleted) and then block me for a week or so. Once posted a pic of nude performance artis Ai Weiwei standig in ‘Adam’s costume’ on Tien Anmen in Central Beijing … four cops already busting around hysterically in the background to arrest him. You cannot imagine how fast it was deleted and I got a nagging message from the great FB-censor, kinda: “Don’t do this again or you’re blocked pal!”

  • I love this … but I have one issue. The last sentence? I think our definition of “beauty” differs somewhat.

  • Uncomfortable truths
    Bravely unearthed,
    Unflinchingly regarded,
    Compassionately embraced.


  • “Whether we transcend our self-destructive patterning or float along this current over the waterfall of extinction, we’ll be in it together.”
    Suggesting it’s an “either/or” proposition. Yes, one of these could be the option that comes about, but most certainly not the only option possible. When any other species becomes so populous that it becomes self destructive, it dies back until it isn’t, or goes extinct. As painful as it would be, the former is quite possible for us. I would never condone, or agree with any depopulation plan. Such is cruel beyond measure. But a reduction in population is quite possible naturally, and nature is very often quite cruel. As I’ve often stated in the past, even if CO2 production is causing climate change, it’s a self correcting problem. Climate would change enough to reduce the population until it was no longer producing such quantity of CO2. Problem solved, naturally. Hard pills to swallow, no doubt. But as an advertisement once claimed, “you can’t fool mother nature”. The Earths biosphere has remarkable healing power, and if such a die back occurred, it would recover, eventually. At least until the Sun explodes.

  • Great piece! Life has survived pain and hunger until consciousness evolved to help alleviate it, which shows the power of the metaphysical. We must regain our humanity or the jungle law of capitalism will power our thoughtless materialistic doom.

  • Extinction is the rule. Species don’t usually bring about their own extinction, looks like homo Sapiens will be the exception.

  • https://dissidentvoice.org/2021/04/the-doomsday-glacier-lives-up-to-its-billing/
    Do we build an underground bunker on the side of a mountain or agitate for a worldwide revolution?

  • We are not all evil but we are all heading towards a crisis when only good people with the right uncorrupted genes will survive the coming implosion of the technocratic-military-industrial complex. The world’s greatest Liberator, (Yeshua: check the meaning of this Hebrew name) explained how we can precipitate the downfall of the corrupt, greedy, deceptive, violent leaders of the world whom billions of unwitting, trusting people have been tolerating and enabling for centuries. After the evil empire implodes, civil wars, revolutions, pandemics and famine will eliminate all but a small group of survivors who will repopulated the earth with only good uncorrupted genes. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that undesirable genes are the root cause of bad behaviour and of society’s problems and Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy aligns with that scientific fact. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in political, financial, and military crimes against humanity. He explained everything in detail but for 1700 years the Catholic Church twisted and corrupted His lectures and brilliant revolutionary strategies through translation errors and/or massive censoring of relevant ancient records. The Catholic Church is the mother of abominations, collaborating with governments in fraud, mind control, aggression and oppression. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  • Happy Earth Day!

  • If you need proof that God doesn’t exist, look in the mirror. In 1991 the US dropped 88000 tons of bombs on Iraq in six weeks. The equivalent of seven Hiroshima bombs. How many George Floyd’s is that? Maybe we should build a monument to Derek Chauvin and thank him for his service.

  • Do not worry. Our elites are working hard to save the planet (as they probably were before the flood in the days of Noah).

    I wonder if you are learning human anatomic terms in french.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand.

  • Ms Johnstone, how many people are actually capable of ” intellectual honesty “???

    • / very few

  • “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” #Henry da K. kissing her g’bye. {Mother Earth} this spokesman for the corpo state also called the poor [and us]:  “They’re all useless eaters.”
    Nathan Rothschild Exchequer of IK way back when said:
    “i do not care who runs the government labor of conservatives. he who controls the currency controls the government. And i control the currency.”
    J. Gould said, “i have enough money to pay half the poor to KILL the other half.”
    this is their mindset: ANYTHING the poor decide is thus appropriate. Anything.
    madame dufarge is knitting her list…we know the 3,000 billionaires who call themselves “the plutocrats” now consider the new world order their own, and [for now] they call it the World Economic Forum:
    Eco- btw, is Greek for home.

  • And to think all this happens because Eve ate an apple…
    Actually when you consider the endless wars in that light, the expression “as American as apple pie” does make sense.
    Let’s hope we find a way out of this miserable condition but we’ll still have to explain to the lion and his wife how to live their lives loving their neighbor like themselves instead of scaring them shitless while chasing them through the savanna, tearing their throat apart without anaesthesia and starting to eat them while their nervous system is still reacting. Might take a while but as Baron de Coubertin, the inventor of the modern Olympic Games (in which no lion is allowed for obvious reasons – or their wives for that matter) famously said, “One doesn’t have to hope to undertake nor to succeed to persevere” :o)

  • There are tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon where there is no divorce. Of course there is no marriage also or private property. The jungle belongs to all including animals and plants. The children are of the tribe. The fathers are all the men the mothers had sex with. The bodies of the babies are made of the aggregated semen hence a pregnant woman does not go without. Tribes regularly visit each other, share food and drink and bodies. They do not fight because you do not want to kill your father, brother, uncle, aunt, sister. I call them the original Hippy Make Love Not War tribes.
    When civilization collapses they will likely survive and proliferate. I hope so.

  • We need a viable alternative, a way forward out of the mess we’ve created and of which we’re a part.
    Some talk of small, self-sufficient environmentally-friendly communities, but would they work for the billions currently living in cities? Is there enough land to go round? And how would they defend themselves?
    Others talk of socialism, collective ownership of the means of production and so on, without being clear how this would solve our relationship with our ecosystems. Once we democratically run the economy for the benefit of humanity, what do we actually do?
    Me, I don’t know.

    • Certainly cooperative forms of interaction would be more efficient economically than combat, and thus many more solutions to our problems might therefore be available. In any case, ‘We’re in the thick of it. Nobody gets to hold themselves as separate from the madness of our species. Not if they are being truthful’ just isn’t so. There are people who have stepped out, and more could and probably will do so.

  • What is “oneness” without [a] spirit? What is “oneness” without [a] God? If the two are not brought together, as “one body,” as written, how fulfilled should one become? Yes, one could find complacency without the whole. But, why “enslave our consciousness” with imposed limits – instead of opening further doors to infinite awakenings?

  • I been on this orbiting madhouse for 71 years. I won the lottery by being born a white male in the middle of the 20th century in the USA. I was born in Alabama, raised up in Texas and I remember segregated water fountains at the local bus station. I was born to a couple of people who had to struggle their whole lives to make ends meet. One was an alcoholic, the other a tee-totaler but they stayed together and worked hard to rise 4 children. I joined the US Marines in 1969 just to get away from all that. After I came back from Vietnam my world view had change and I knew that I lived in the most hated, evil and destructive country on the planet. I probably should have killed myself but I didn’t have the fortitude. So I decided that I wouldn’t get married or bring another human into this world. I got a job and a career, worked hard and was lucky enough to be able to retire on a fixed income. I don’t own a car or a TV and I live alone in a house that the bank owns. Now I’m imprisoned in a decaying body in a rotting country. But there is one thing that keeps me going and gives me some peace…music. Maybe making music is the only salvation that we naked killer apes have going for us. And for me maybe music has been enough.

    • What an uplifting comment – thank you for sharing Alan.

      I hope the following music is something new for you and keeps you sustained. I hardly knew where to start this playlist but the mood took me here …

      • oops – please go to item #14 – General Star

    • Thank you, Alan. I am a bit older than you (78), and have similarly been telling people for years that I also “won the lottery” by being born in mid 20th century America as a white man to a couple who stayed together. I also have never had a great desire for children, and don’t have any, but I do have friends and a loving wife. I just like to live every day. Music is also the great art to me. I especially love J.S. Bach, but really there are just two kinds of music, good and bad. I feed on good music. Good luck to you, soul brother.

  • Humility is the key to the catharsis of the self.

  • A wonderment to beheld by all
    Thank You Caitlin

  • Well that was certainly uplifting and inspiring. Lol

  • Human brains have two hemispheres. One side is into connection and compassion, the other is into action and personal advancement. When balanced we are both compassionate and powerful. But often they are not, making us ineffectively compassionate or effectively cruel. Societies can become unbalanced too. You can see that our leaders are on the cruel side.

    • Yes, two hemispheres of the brain on the left nothing is right, on the right nothing is left.

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